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Ladysmith Leader Aug 16, 1902

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Full Text

 ^AO l   CU^frfy
iThe people that save t
money trade with       t
I For Boots and Shoes j
I Bickle's is the store I
4 4
VOL. 1. NO. 9<>,
.-. v.v.!.v.:.: v.-.v.v.-.v
0 T
• ••
22 Loaves for $1.00
• • 0
> Boar Generals in England—Interesting Latlor Notes,
liy o-r ocer ics
At Lowest Pi-ice
If    Midsummer Sole-
2* *¥
01'-  ALL- —
A new lot just come  to Sj
hand  which   we   offer   at  l<
;; Also a good line of dry goods, boots and j;
":". Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery ;)
;! To Select From I
.,eiser &.
Wholesale  anI
13a pin node -ind Clfttflcre Street,
Retail  Merchants,
Ladysmitli   "•
.-..*,-_-J..\--' voce..; :■.... j^:..:.t,*if^i^si^Si*VySJS&i.*si.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
-i *iu
Of Hoots anil Shoes Still in Progress.
"   *■ •    *
ivory Line of  Light Cowls and   Broken  Lines in   -it,
Shoes nre sellinc; 'ii man)' ei
fr  Any Stickers are being cut until t' e sn
'*  Knell anil I
•f  Boots and Shoes nre selling iiiniiauy cases at half price and   ,|t
'j  less. --ft
mil price deniiiiids the   4*,
I Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Bowie and Booth—Australia's Terrible Drought,
Tlie iiroiltiiniijii ol both hard and toft,
1! ..1 was but (10 000.000 tuns in 1880; in
llldtl It eras 210,000.000 toim-a fourfold
i!ii'ii-.«'> in nvuiij. y nrs.
lien. Kitcliinei ,\ill co lu Solltliampton
to ineei Untie. Botha, Delurey ami 11.-
Wet August 10 (to-day), the day ol the
navnl review jiieie. The King will r -
Nvetliei ul Enl I; rts ami Vis.
llOIIIlt Kitchener mum iliatclv   the   I', et
l.'silt is ariive.
The nw'eeri nf n ship ilne iu the 0 >i!e
In in Sydney, with a cargo nl wheal i.. ve
been oltVi-eil n iieitnt uf Ul .(IJ, |ur ton
in put lliu slii.i iil.niil nml seml her luck
iiiX w S'liuli Wales, where, owing lo
'lie great drought, grain ie iu big demand.
Thu number of ifes.1 in Ute coal mine
disaster si Johnstown, Pa., lost (reek is
sliile.l at III.
Hipnrls In.iii Butte, Mont., show llial
lhe copper niinee of Hint iliiririiit Ii-bi
$10,000,000 during tho year.
Oil. Lyuiil, N.,iii.nalisi M.P.,accuni
of high Ireaaon durlug the Boei war ant
wlm WilB Committed for Ilia! al London
Boots and Shoes, g:;:;::— va 0"""	
f I    Plie Aral letlni of old tge pen-'	
^1 .iiill.i-in .in Ibe Kl.ine ol 11
-Nanaimo's Hit: Store—■—
tJlioicost Front Lots anti Corners
In 111 i.-k ■ -20,110 ui' Bt,
Also lots", hi I-', il nit 29.   II et 1...1-
tb 11 S til in 1'i.vii.    Ahiliiu ate  . is It sir. il
Apply lu
at LtdvBmUh Wedn -h Inyaand Saturdays
or to Cory S, Ryder, Irdvsmith.
essups rnarmacy
Prescriptions carefully dlBpenatd, Oi
day and ni|ihl.
Member Cntt. Society of Civil  Kagtucers
Member Institution of lileclrlcnl I-Jilgtiieera
Electrical Engineer
Correfipoiidttiice Stilicltt-il
Woik OtiiuaiiU-cd P. O. Ihix 357
Wm. Heverldgo, Prop.
l-ii is iioiv hotel li ts lii-eii comfortably (in nisi ed nil 'In bar ie. up lo dele. Ji
lli.-it aiicoliiliiii.liiliuii |..r troneiant iin.t  permanent  hoarders and  lotlgi-re. ;**
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. !*
The Esplanade, • Ladysmith, 3, C. ::
Savoy     Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of lhe North-Went
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
Siida Water, (linger Bser, Cider, t-tuit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
nnd Cnrliontited Beverages uf all kinds.
VV. E. RUmrilNQ, - Proprietor,   ftftti;
.;.: I-I-I-1 I-1-,-l"M»l-l-l-l--l"l "l-l-l-l"!'l"l'■-
I 111 mm a. I
Nannlmo, B. C.
4. MANUPACTUltltltft ,OP THlt v
| Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer |
t and Porter. t
s faculties j
nl' iik-hIs. eirgSi noullry,
ARE   YOU   INSURED?     tf nol
g**i- 'I'-.uie-il at dik'b lor it, nmy be
uio ,**i■■ tumor n-w. I rc'pfe&ent Beveiltl
OLD nud RELIABLE OompsthleBflnd
can in- nr" you at ,- n.iiiiM-nt'a mil ire ai
iho lo-v-^t poseiblo raifH. AU IhuHiu:
i-.i'iiip ■•:'( ■■ oh ti-iii- lliesauio raien. Don1!
In* muled Into itiPtirlnit Willi Bcheaji
I'onipan-i -il lulglit-he dear in llit-trnd
".WE 1101,1) THRK HAFK."
Win,   K.   Leighton,
P. O Drawer .'13, Nanaimo, B, O,
Baker and Confectioner,
Pluin ami lam.)' bread,   (Jukes and pa-»-
trlon  ot  all   dt'si-.H'iiiiHiu.     fruit a   in
Wiioieaale and U&tnll Dealere hi Mt
l».,ailrr    a-.'i   V »tul)1 n   W-m,
e*o*ll.    Bhtpp(U|{ oiUbit. uUtl.dbd i
hud uolluu,
Tlihi nld- I'lst'ilillseil, FiiHl-Olass und
Popular lintel Is moit comfortably lut-
nlslieii, leiirnlly situated, linn'u.nria
tiiiuif. I>;x..'i'lleiii. Cuisine. Bur stiii-keil
iviih the lliiest wines, liquorB and i-iit.ne.
JOS, tox,
The ('.rent .Mfrtlinndiso Distributor of Ii.C
Nnnaitnn, Cumberland nnd Extension.
Tftki-e the h i d Rvi-rfnherfe
Yates Mrest, VICTORIA, B, C,
r   II. SIMl'SON,
llurrlutt-r, Solicitor,
Attorney. Ntitmy iiihlle, Kit-
.V.'-n-'v to I.'i,.it.
Harrison Hot Springs
This tlellgllMil lti'iillli inul |.k-(i>tn
resort, tlie fiiienl lu Aiiieriea, oilm
Unrivalled  Advantages
 l-ii The	
irtunlOcQiil Scenery, I'lBhliw, Mtoottng
nomtitlf, ltatliinif. hwiminini:, V«imr
iltlti private llnths ivitll Mtissflge,
THE HOTEL lias ,"'t'" wnipWety
rViimiiluliinTl rernriil*.hwllliroiii*lHiiil,
electric  llglnliig: llrflt-clnsfl  eu-Unt)
hull  and   IClllltB   gtOlinilfll   CllRHldlig
ilrlvL"-. Snli'iiiliil-iiicci-ss in Ircnltnt-iil
of Klit-iiiniilicm, (lout, Kiilnty Tioiilik-.
| W. T. Heddle Sz Co.
Particular Groceis, Nanaimo.
Make ji specialty of qtiality. by buying largely ami nt close
prices' sell the very finest goods tit low prices.
j?  Sole ngsttts for " DeckajuIIe" Tea, Lipton's " Finest" hams
ft and Bacon
X><&QQQ<&CGt*Wl>L)$<>$G ©*sJ^K*4KSk
Auiliiioris to Ladysmith's Scholastic
On Wedneeilay evening a meeting ol
tnu Ladysmith Bjard of School Trustees
was held, Mr MiKenelly presiding.
Truelee A. S. Christie reported that
lie Inul seen tne Superintendent of JSdu-
iia-Uou, Mr Itohiutou, in Viutoria iu re-
«ard lo luoreased school aeoouiuiudation
aniladaiiioual teachers, m. B„hiiiiou
Willi..Ktj agu-ejl iu Brttiullou me in 'lease
ol teachers lo six ou the reureEeu..itiouB
made by Mr Christie, who tried to get
seven, and said tbat more could he Hp-
puiatod as needed, lie was muoh sur-
p lied ... learu rjui Mr ChriBiielhat lhe
large ;i..ij,ii j, iuse uow neariug cumpie-
tlun -in   i,lu-.ii.y   Hllnost   loo   small   for
t.. .,..,.i,,ii Ladjimiih.
die i 'dowiug additiooal teachers weie
liien appoluied lot the Lady-smith
.ehoul: Hiss Alice John. MlSb Million, bom , f L,ujeiiiiiii; .\i|M Niobolai,
oi Viuiijiibj Miss Frame of Naualmo.
liii«»Hi.iie been learned that Mies
i'...iue hud actopied another .chool.aud
will proliaoly uoleoiue lo Ladysmith,
lhe Board iheu appoluied Mt6 Pat-
tersuu, ffidow of ope of tueiniuers killed
in I'ix'.ii.iou last veal, as eaiotaker of
lhe new school building at Soil a uioulh
to start; Hue will he lunreanid wheu the
stoves aie put lu and tinea. Thu eehoi 1
Is 10 be brstt-il wilb itoves ihie comirg
»iuler, but tbe following winier it ii
iopt-ii ti,.a ibe furnace, will he installed
lot but air.
Il was intimated at ihe meeting that
llie nuii.hei uf cliildien in Lady.miih oi
s.■..,...! ij,,. \ias Doosiderably more than
linn announced aud published in Tub
LKAPBft,    tl is Well over 3110.
Anglican School Church Formally
Opened hy Bishop Perrin.
40 Langley Street, VICTORIA
llnrrlstcrs. lollcters anil
Olllcei Oddlellew.1 Building, Robert. St.
Tomorrow's Outing Proniisos to be
Well Patronised
There t-houhl he a large rwwdt f Lad
-iiiiiih it* op'u ahii,t-:f iho tit am er .lean! pre
a.situ there Ior a tv-i) Ion hl»i*i furnate.
lit wil be Ihi liit-i ...l-ii. ui blitbt furnace
Icrerled 61 ll ePa>ifie Ooatt.
j    D-wi. in i<i .1 iMMtui \\ nt. Botdh ol
: thi   BalvatliT   A.try.    He  taj-i '-he
Qen 1 il ard !><-> < (Been I av«- raid mo
: many   l-nn-h   tiili jj*.  abtmt   '/, 1 n, and
thai ' .wt alter 11 il tins In patience, the
, tin 1 hai r< iii»* iii Btrike hack,"
j   it h eetimnltd Umt alli.wieg H.venrly
outpm '!' Ut-.OOQ.l'OO loiia Hie Block ol
1 mitli' uitfl  !-■   I'i 1 Ufrjhania   v.i.1  htt
I HO yi if.
r V'i d 1* ■'ni.kt'-.j took a dfli's holldflj
will out leave hum then enipli ymiut al
a putterj mar Poiitttfiact, England.
Their bnt ion etopitid one tide if tht
woiliP, thu h lorij un 11 tdlt, and de-
crcHffi; the value td lhe laotofy'e output
fm 11 k wttk b) Mime fl,100 Al V-iu-
Irad iiu* meu have been urdoicd to pi-y
AUttvailiihlfl nun oi the .Hid Di»v<»
Gliarda, .Btli   Drajiount*, S h  and 1*1 h
Hup ni€fti 1   ■•!'  -ii  n  il ■- .-     lo
1 Sim-h Mricu I    j 1    -     r
Every Comforl find Convenience.
tomorro* morulnR wi-ni ehe e-'ilt* Iur
StBVSBtoh on tht I'raaer. The weather
•ivaa ptoinUttuIhoinit all that cbu'd be
ilecirt'd, ami with truod mueif, beautiful
scenery aud br-tcluiri-oi air ol lhe Guif
thc trip ahould hu tptit« an idf'al.one,
AtStevcBtun will be wltheand neaeno
of aolivlty'and novelty that will iiBtouiBl-
nll who have nevvr vlalted '.he FraBei
dutliig the lutcrefltiott time ul the -al*
tmrn run. Every duiillty will he given
tolho vitilota frnm Ltidyf-mith id view
the whole operation of;dealing with the
llah.   tt itj an ImprOBBlve Bpectacto,
Around Stevealon are plenty ul fine
apots for plculflklntf, where lumh can lit-
enj-iyed and ttporlG ami panics held,
Tiie return voyagB ie to be mnd*) by
thdlight of tha luituu and Lady em lib
will be reached lugQOd li.nti 011 tinml.ty
Ptoptietor. Resident lliysican.  Rates: $2 a Day | *mm^
F ,r unlawlnll)  us
ngs. In epiug a cun
ing anil ittal he.l.
lege nitil dog, and
employing threo niale suv-m-e wi'ieui
iuivini lhe ii.i'ifsa.y llteuses, k ibetl
William Urow,., ol N.iwton-bj Ihe-Sea,
Suriliuiuberlautl, baa been ll .ed t;u lu,
exelnslve ..tiio-ii.', ui Alnwick.
Ill 15,(10(1 iinlgronli who sailed Irani
Liverpool met mohtli, 0,402 wenl lo tin
Oil teil tSt.lt, B Hint IHI37 in II lllsb Ni.rll.
As Iho rt-sulliol ibe efforts ol n n,e,;i„-
mr, ii is li(i|'i.l ilipli iinilu- iiluliiiis he
tiviin IibIv and Swim ilnntl will sUoitl)
he rcsmna.1.
nt.. llnilson riiilioiil the Aineilc.it.
ultla u who run over n sheiihuil nuai
Paris .ui ilntiti 1*1 Iihb bean eentanued to 8
dsjs iini.iisi.riii'ei.i aod n Hue ui f60.
1'holiluii to a.lve.ilia.1 ill all the liuin,
In pieaence ul a congregation tl-.at
i-o,',,:.ui,ii.l\ (llteil tilebuitdnnrili'3 new
.ih,., l-il.inili juel liniil.eil by the Aug-
I'man congreiation ol Lndysmiih was
Biileiiinlj iltiiiiaiul to the beivli-e of God
ij L'Hil liibh.ip I'eiiin of Coluinhia on
Wednesday evening last.
His Lordship waB assisted by Ventr-
lili- Archdeacon Seriven, incumbent;
Rev. O. E. Cooper, M.A., Nanaimo, nud
II' V. Mi Obli turns, St, Pblllp'l, Oedar.
Ttie iniigii us c-ivice waiot an appro-
iniitle uliaiactet and was eoilduettd by
ibe Ijnrd Bishop, who, in hie address,
unrest!d iln, hope lhat prosperiiy
siould attend the Ludysmilh congrega-
linn, and thai b-foio lung they  won'd
'uive the pleasure of erecting the church
building proper, the present one heiiiK.
of .lOtlrle, iienl fur cliiiieli pnrpuseB turn.
tin t. S mile with the Buy of Nanaimo
aext Friday aud seo K!Iib oavort, tlie
slgbl ol a life lime. S .aula wi I be at i'i
beat tlnft I.?, ll.ily sy.'.M rouud trip. D
Hallway, Abbotsmrd Huiol kIvi-b all
Inioiinuiiou, tells tirketi and books
!)■ i In.
• Go Caris and
1 Baby Carriages.
■'        WJiy   tire  yourself   out a
.* carrying that baby of yours p
■J when for a few dollars you Si
.; can secure one of our pretty H
j ('... dirts which  nre built so t*
; liglil und that villi so easily ? ,'•
'        We are running oft* onr
a slock of these'ciiniuges, ns by
$ some  error  this  spring  we
• overstocked ourselves; but this
'.i is your gain.
| We prepay nil freight to
1 I.uiljsinilh.
Conic up and see us
We e,-l
8 J.   H. GOOD  &   CO
The Great Cash Furniture Store |
;,.-.'.-.-.%-.:.v.".,.%v.vv»%v*H&*ss%!iii LADYSMITH   LEADER AUGUST 16. 190".
Ladysmith Leader
Pibliibtd every Wednesday and Saturday at
"The Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
Vreruh Street, Udy.tulth, British Columbia.
T, L. GRAHAMS, Hditou and 1'kovrietor.
■v If ail im Canada and Umitbd Status
•aeyeer (stilctly iu advance) p oo
UmaBths(atrictly lu advance)   i 35
TKANSISNT — Including huaincs-j uotices,
calls for tenders, applications for and transfer or
ttceaKs, legal notices, etc., ioc, a line first in-
■erttoii; 5c. a tine each -.ubscquctit insertion; 12
Hum measure to the inch.
ftsln on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be nil metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices
each insertiou 50c,
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to, be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found at the following
i, 1 lyamiUi—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nfliicnno—K. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Llbrr ry; Provincial Library; and
Vristcouver-riiblic Library, and Hotels.
New 'VestmiuBter—Public Library.
All changes hi advertisements must be received
■itihiri office before 12 noon the day before
8" tscilbers not receiving paper regularly please
ler-ortto this office.
At: )oD work strictly cash on delivery.
Ttwient advertisements cash in advauce.
tempt to bamboozle tbem Into tne belief
tbat he Ib a great man. He haa thought
and he haa done something, the beet
ever done for labor in thia province.
He did not come back to Nanaimo
seeking a fat job or to take hia ease; he
did not get a chance to stick his right
hand iuto bia manly bosom, crook hia
left knee and pivot oo hia right leu,
elevate his Roman noBe (we auppoBe it
must be that kind of coi.qttering conk)
and say to a group of gaping newspaper
"Gentlemen, I have been offered a
portfolio aa minister of labor at five
thousand a year, but I won't take it,
(sensation among the teportere) No,
gentlemen, not if it was fifty thousand
would 1 break my word If by doing bo
I m-glit make a taetluel mistake. And,
geutlemeu, (uet tbiaduHU, please, jnt-l
aB I say it) ae a champion uf labor 1
bave other sacrifices to make fur the
dear workingmen who have given me a
leg np to tbe lofty perch you now admire
me 00. J would rather be plain labor
member holding the lalance of powei
between capital and labor, than a gay
minister at five thousand a year, free
huuse and coal."
Keportere deeply t fleeted and much
burrowing of band kerchiefs.
No, Mr. Hawthornthwaite just got out
bis pick and shovel and went out to
work, Bometbing that the illustrious Mr
Smith has not done these ten years back
and doea not intend to do if he can keep
on looting the workingmen of Nanaimo
as BuccesBlully as In the past,
Plain Talk by a Miner on the Med* What Happened to Gregson of the
leal question.
Life Guards,
The time to advertise ia all tbe time.
From legislating for a people to pick
ud shovel work le a tolerably far cry tn
those days of comlort-loving and high
feeding; of cheap swagger and jaeka
napery where every man seems to be
trying to impress hia neighbor with bis
own Importance, and when tbere is a
distaste amounting to horror for earning
a living by handwork and the sweat of
one's own brow.
Mr J. H. Hawthornthwaite, the only
consistent labor member ever chosen by
the Nanalmo people to represent tbem
in the provincial assembly, Ib tbe man
who, having done his darg, and no
unimportantone, In the legislature, baa
taken np tbe tools of horny-handed toil,
the pick and shovel, because uther employment was not at the time to the
fore, and la eiercising his right to earn
bla daily bread by honest toil.
It reminds one of tbe old Roman,
Oinetnnatua, wbo waa persuaded by hie
fallow-countrymen to forsake his turnip
nnd onion beds and come to Rome and
extricate the Btate from a pickle. He
disliked the notion of deserting his little
farm and going np to the roaring city
eren for the leered sake of Rome; but
like a man, he went, did what he could
—sufficient for all relief then wanted—
and then went back to his neaps and
Mr Hawthornthwaite, who has given
a degenerate age au example of this
stern Etruscan or Hpartan resolution,
accomplished more during the last sen*
■Ion of tbe provincial legislature, mure
to the rmlld advantage of the worklngmen
ol thli province, than Ralph Smith has
accomplished in all hii years ae a public
man* and with all hia selfish Intriguing
tor hii own ends. Mr. Hawthornthwaite
may take the Workmen's Compensation
Bill in bis band and cni,lld< utly await
the eober and sensible judgment of his
feliow-workingmen. Legal men will tell
the enquirer tbat that' hill represents
quite the beat bit of work ever done in
tbat Legislature (ir the special benefit
and behoof ot the workiogmaii,andlf
the workingmen do not eee it they deserve to have the old man uf the sea,
wbieb bla name it is Bom bastes Furloso
Smith, M.P., ollng to their shoulders for
What haa Mr. Smith done tbat can
lor one moment compare with tbe
iplendid achievement of Mr, Hawthornthwaite in securing the passsge of that
bill? How he did work lo get it through,
too. Tbe Leader Is not able to iee eye
to eye with Mr, Hawthornthwaite al*
wayi»| bnt an active sense of fair play
oompela ni tb do honor to tbe man who,
•looted ai a labor member bae acted like
• labor member, hu not waited bii
precloui time palaaverlng and soft
■awderlng hii conitituenti in the at.
Nanaimo's lues is Europe's galu—Ur.
R. K. Mi Kei hnie, the eminent medico*
political sptcialiat iu diseases uf tlie
pocket book, sailed (rum Montreal fo>
Europe on the 7.h insi. Vienna, it it
understood, gets the plum. Ou tht
lame date, according to Nanaimo'e Court
Circular, the Herald, England was bereaved of the brilliant presence of R-ilph
Smith, M.F., who could nut be induced
to oblige the king by waiting for (be
Coronation and the free dinner alter.
Mr. Smith ia said to be heading Iur
Ottawa where a fat government job le
waiting fur hie gracious acceptance.
Ralph line no intention of acting on iht
Nanaimo gaa cumniitu-e any men 1 i-eu
bia uwn patent acei)lebe can light, bin.
to the happy-land uf "suit auaps."
Tbe Leader mils the f-dlowlng from
Nanaimo Herald of all papers un a snb-
ject hitherto onlj venti'ated in tin' Ladyemith Leader:
Editor Herald—
Sir,—A great confab ia lining on at
present respecting the MelCechuie* Bogle
deal and it is about time we, na Ihe meu
who have to pay the piper, ehould have
something to say reepeuiiug the tune.
It is a fact as published that McKechnie ib still drawing our pay while in the
east Improving himself Iur hie own good
tben we ought to know about it.
Ou the other hand, if he only sold the
zood will of hia bueii-.r-sa to IIoj;lo hr a
certain Bum, 1 don't kmw il wu can do
anything about ae it is something that
happens every day and every doctor considers hia practice has a commercial
Ou the uther baud, if Hogle bit off
mure than he could chew, and now that
we are face to face with dull timte he
wants tu squeal, we are the people who
ought to kick. I fur one want tn see our
money spent in such way as to pr01*11, e li r
us a first class doctor who will not entrust any department uf his w irk to an
unqualified man. Surely the money we
pay ought tu ensure us that. I have no
kick aeainBt McKechnie ixcept that he
was a monopolist. I have no kick ag*un
st Hogle except for  the eame reason.
But il McKechnie, in the role of mon*
opoli.t made a deal with Ho«h\ Hogle
is as much to blame aa MrlCeuhuiu,
because it wae Hogle who took the rink
uf making these paynnnts and niviiig ns
d first class service.
Men of Nanaimo can we nil' -nl to hit
bought and to'd in this way? I sny uo.
L*t us throw the whole business up and
divide the work among the other quel*
ified meu iu the town and then we can
siotutir piearijitiouc diept-need where we
think piuper.
(oigtieil) MINER
* ho *i m aid the towardly i
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AT Till'*  NI*IIIN»N.
The time to advertieeia all the time.
Tbe latest uiteiaute fiom Mr. Koike
feller's Uuiversuy ol Chicago ie found
in a lecture on art and literature >>y
William Not man Guthrie.   He declared:
'Shakespeare aud Homer are not im
mortals, and I ahould be bitterly disappointed if tbey were, 1 hope that in
the near future the human race will so
improve in its taatte and accomplish-
meute that Shakespeare will be held unfit to read."
Professor Guthrie might take a postgraduate course in English grammar to
begin with, and then grieve about the
unworthiuuBB of Shakespeare. We have
seen boye flagged fur milder breaches ol
grammar than the emasculated Gutbrit-
perpetratea Iu the fort going deliverance,
Wheu the human race finds Snakespeare
"unfit to (be) read" it will be because it
has mure Outlines than men of senile.
The time to advertise is all the time.
Nanaimo Free Press's Victoria corres
pondeut usis tbe telegraph to announce
tu an awe-struck public that Miss Agues
Ddami Cameron of tbat town has succeeded in worrying au autograph letter
out of one Rudyard Kipling who used to
write hooks aud things. Mies Cauerou,
It seems, composed a panegaric on Kipling aB a writer for children. (0 Lord I
have you read "Stalky and Co?"—more
piquant than Rub-di-l-); and the splty
delineator of swearing soldiers and barrack room brawls thanks the clever Victoria school ma'am most effusively.
British Columbia ia proceeding.
Following Is the lint nf truer.Is at St
Alice Hotel, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
during week ending Aug net 10th, 1902:
From Vancouver:—Geo. Laumrre, .1,
Burnet MacLaren, Mrs Harry Wilson
E. Bernard, Mr and Mrs E. P, Davis,
governess anil ihree children, Mr ami
MrB R. 0. Davie, Miss Kathleen Duvia,
M. W. Nolan, Mies A. M. Freer, Mr and
Mre H. C. Ackruyd, W. (•>, Rose, T. V
Rnuneefell, A. V. Crisp, Mrs Field, Mies
Stickney, N. Cleland, II. W. Welsh,
Geo. Higgme, 8. T. DuPencier.
From New Wee'minster:— C. B.
Sword, L. A. Day, Eweu McMillan,
Charles R.nlrigue, A. IS* Beetles, J. 0;
Armfitrorg. L. Mi-Q-iarrie, Mrs G. A,
Onlblek, 8. Malcolms m, J«o. V-'BHttiHi,
M, MeCaskill, Mr? D. J. McQuarrle, D.
i. MiQuarrio, Miss 'Margaret Lbwu*.
\\'m Head Calhick. D. J. McQuarrle,
W. E. Vane-one.
i-Mnn Nanaimo:—Al. McKinnon, J. J.
MMCinnon, M. MeDmig-ill.
From Whatcom, Wash:—Mr. nnd Mre
Hush Eldridgp, Mr nnd Mrs Myers and
8"i,-leo E. Qnge, T, W, Lane, D. E.
U. Spatiger.
From Seattle, Wash:—J. S. Latham,
H. E. Slmond, Geo. Simmons, Mr ami
Mrs Geo. E.Bradley.
From other points,—A, H Tyeno,
Victoria, 110.; W. Ii. Uartl.ll, MlflBion
City, B.O,; T. M. Hughes, MiiiBiori City,
B.C.; J. CneBsen, Morris Valley, BO.;
MiflB E. McGill, Neepawa, Mini.; Mm
M. ArmitPge, Minuedopa, Man ; G. Ii,
Allifl, E quimalt, BO.; Mr and Mrs F.
G, OrUp, tiiWBori- Y.T.; F E. Curtis,
-igara's, B.C.; Mia Marshall Hroiib,
BMner's, B.C.; 8. Miller, F.iirhaveu,
Wash ; Peter NulWii, Ferndale, Wash,;
Edwin KHngberir. Fi-rndale, Wafih.j L.
Martinson, Hindi B-vy, Wash.
KOM.1   Ml. It V HI..
duct of the young hi ark guards,
aeBfltilted Lieut. Gregson of lhe 2nd Life
Guards gives the following accouut of
what happened:
'About half-past eleven," he said, "I
Im aid ehouts on tho lawn mar the
officers' qunitoie, and, thinking it »as
eome of tbe troopers I went to the spot
but lound it vraB iho officers setting
about Lieutenant Gregsp'Ui
'Tbey chased thu in* for lunate man
round the barrack->urd with their wbipe
iihlug must foul 1. i *_.u g° 'Ip whole
time.   1 heard a i:h petite, i*-.* an 'No ,
you , wh have got you I' and 'lake
that, you !' and ei/'ou,   l-Wemu-
ally they took hold ul Gr>*g-ou ami
rplied him in the gravel, nf.er which
they put him iu the water I rough. The>
turned him over And over in tne water,
and he ii".i out ol thi* trough more dead
thnn alive,
Fh'e oftteeia iliqn made fur Gre-s-ait.'. :
quarter, widoh the. turned compleUl'
Unaidf down, hrenkio-^ the Wiiitlu**B,
and pitching thu lurniiure into the
yard. They Un-.-w his bouts "ii I • the
roof of tlie ipi.-rtt-r**   and deiiorftietl Ids
(looi with iiiu'h, etc.
"After it wiih oil i ver, lie y.on lieutenant returned iu Mb aparlinentB, atid
be passed a bid night wrapped iu his
"His brother offltieia had destroyed
lhe whole of hin ki', and the next m irn-
ing he had no regimentalB to go on
parade with."
Lieutenant Gregson, who bdonga to
A squadron Ib one of the most popular
i-tlii-nt! with the men In tbo regiment.
He is a thoroughly good Boldier, but he
will not) >iu iu any ol ihe bmitu by the
junior otlii.en-i, und that is why thiy
dislike bim.
It ia undeistood that LteulenantOreg
eon went to London and reported the
facts to the War Oftii.u. Mnjor Gregson,
Ida uncle, haa alao inlerviewid Colonel
Aiidlty Ni fill on the subject.
It doei' not appear that any of iIm
teninr i Hirers had a hutid iu ihe iff ir
and Colonel Neeld, who lives at Qatetia-
mend, Bumo dielauce ofl' the haira'k?,
did not kit.iiv nf ibe affair until lhe next
morning. He hi a had the officers before
bim and nn inquiry is to be i.eld.
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Wallpnp r, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
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for onr lame t'-t'ttl'-une (heal illustrated and priced (a store in itself).
I Wellington Colliery
' Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal    Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Vimtclass gas, steam aud household coal
The above coals are mined only by thc Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, trnd Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Sun   Franciticc* Agency,
On theoccaeioi-ot Mrs Smiven's birthday a social meeting waa held in the
Anglican chinch on Thursday evening.
There was a very goud attendance and a
firat cites programme nf eouj-e and read-
inns.   Everybody enjiyed it.
ln passing an unuiually severe ten-
tence upon a rnftiau wbo had been convicted of gross cruelty to a bone which
he was driving, an English judge remarked that ninety-nine timeaout of a
hundred the meu wbo abused horses
which tbey were driving, did so to bide
•heir utter ignorance of the art ol driving, A ikllltd diiver very seldom mal
treats bla beast, became he ean manage
the animal; whereas tbe untrained man
cannot, and to escape ridicule abuses
the horse, Besides which downright
(ear of the horse often causes tbe unskilful driver to moit to cruelty.
The second ol the t-ummer open air
services will he conduc-ed in the same
place as the last one, two weeks ago, near
the lagoon, hy Rev. W. G. Tanner, ol
the Methodist church,and Mr. G. Mor'
ton nf tbe Presbylerian. Music will be
furnished by organ ami comet. The
place is shady and cool. Service begire
a' 4, p.m., to-morrow.
till it< ii m:uvi< i;s.
Methodist Church-Rev. W, G. Tan
ner, B.A., pastor. 8titida>; II a. m.
Sabbath School; 7:110 p.m.. evening
service, Biibjact ' O'd E-iemlefl I'uri-u-
Chnrch ol England—Atigdel 17-.li,
twelfth Sin day after; Tiinhy. 8
a, m., Holy Communion; 11 a. in.
Matins and Litany; 2:30 p.m., Son
day School; 7:110 p,m., EvetiBohjfi
The tnupic snug 11 the opening BCivlt'f
on We'iio'd iy Mi'!i be teiieatijl at tl.e
evening H'-rvic■■.
A.Schivkn, Mlealoniiiy in Cha*gp.
Catholic Church—Services every Sunday as follows: Mass at S a.m. ami
10 a.m.   Benedictkti at 7 p.m.
First Presbyterian—-Aug. 10, in-lnih g
servlcp.at 11, SiuiHsy seln)ol2:80 ev*n
itig eeiviec 7:80. E\ flu ing enhjet*
leiclier of l.niijttmKe.s, Aluslc, Slnjjlr.j:, Painting and Drawins.
Sinping, S leut'one, prr inontb  $3 00
Music lessons, per month    8 00
fainting, per leeBon      oO
Drawing, tier lepS'i'.....       fit)
LaiiKUhj-ep, French and German,
per lesion       50
Hours from 0 a, in. tn 12 in,   Terms
$2 per mouth; two from eame family, pi
■4:A^^^',=fyt .-■.■«-..*4?>.■*« .-f.-J-^^l-.-f'f^-**
|| The Leading
** Reviews
Ninrteenlh Century and Alter,
Con turn piirary Review, Port-
nljftnly Review, Westminster
Review, Etllnlitiiffh Review,
Ooiirlerly Review, Blockwnoii'ii
(■idlnbiiruh Maeizlnfl
tn Una
Wlllll .
w ofthe
yon  net
• t
i'T UK wiiiiil-iimliliinsof llie iliiv niil.i-n:
ji» cvtn. iiinnlli In tin- pngai bt tlies.
-_* k.i :!,,« ii-virw.    'I'lic-i- nn-llu-lt„K.
..IJI llsli t-.liiioilS Sr.1.1 lu AiniTli-ii ill iit.iiul   m\-
.'-Jjt' linlf |iri.'s.   S|i,:i-iiiien i-o|iii.-s si-nl fren   .-JJ,
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How They Do It In Vermont—ir-roin
Sup Out bur lit K tn Simarlim Off.
Maple Biignr nml sirup nro favorite
sweets the country over"; nnd this fact
gives n general interest to sonio in forma Lion about tlio maple sugar industry
which bus practical value also for the
scot Inns where this particular kind of
sugar making prevails, An American
Cultivator correspondent supplies the
following details:
Some sugar places in this Immediate
vicinity number over 7,000-trees.
The evaporator is lhe first nnd most
iinpurlnut.consideration. Tlm point to
be-considered in un evaporator is tlie
A BUQAIt IKirsi:
one thnt can make the best sugar tn
the least possible time with the least
amount of fuel. Evaporator**, are mnde
of galvanized Iron or steel, copper or
tin. Tbey are usually supported on iron
arches lined with brick, but sometimes
the arches nro made entirely of brlelt.
Storage tanks, draw tanks, sirup tanks,
buckets and palls two of gatvnnlssed
Bteel, tin or wood. Wo consider galvanized steel the superior article becnusO
It will not rust. Bucket covers can he
of wood or tin; spouts, steel or tin.
Tako n sugar place of 3,000 trees or,
rather, one that uses il.ouO bnekets.
When the "boss" thinks It Is time to
"sugar," tbo meu are set to tapping the
trees. A three-eighths or one-half Inch
bit ls used, nnd In large trees the hole
Is bored about two Inches deep, in
BiiiiiHer trees only about one and a half
inches. Spouts are driven or screwed
In, buckets hung to each spout and
covers. If they have thorn,
Some trees are tapped in two or three
nml oftentimes four places, hanging n
bucket to each spout of course. Then,
tbe weather being right, the sup runs,
and the tennis are started ns soon as
possible, for the quicker tbo sup is
made Into Bpgar tbe better the sugar is.
Men with palls holding slxtceu
quarts go to each tree, collect the sup
and empty it Into tho draw tank,
which Is being hit tiled about on a
"sugar sled" by a pair of horses. These
tanks hold anywhere from twenty-live
to fifty pitlll'uls, Wben a toad fs so-
cured, the team is driven to the sugar
house, and the sap, hy means of four
Inch pipes, ls drawn from the draw
tank to the storage tank.
Tho storage tanks nre placed on n
staging on tho outside of the sugnr
house aud connected with tho evaporators by rubber hose or iron pipe,
the flow of sap from storage tntik to
evaporators being regulated by auto*
Ultttlf valves. Thus tbe sup enters one
end uf tbo evaporator, working buck
ni:,t forth through partitions and cor*
ni.-.liloiis till It reaches the other end
oi' the evaporator, when It is drawn off
as "sirup."
The sup Is not "bandied" any from
tho time tbe men pour it into the draw
tanks until It comes out a finished
article—1. o., maple sirup at eleven
pounds to the gallon.
This may bo put away in sirup tanks
and allowed to cool and Bottle, nud
then, If the augar fa wanted, this sirup
Is put Into tbo "sugaring off" putt on
a separate arch and boiled down until
tho right pitch is reached, when It Is
taken from* tho tiro, stirred gently and
allowed to cool and then put Into tin
cans or wooden tubs, and It is thou
ready for market In thc form of maple
Ho* Peed nnd Firm Pork.
Pood is thought to greatly determine
tho firmness of pork. At the Canadian
experimental farm n ration of equal
parts of outs, peim nud barley gave the
firmest pork. Tho longer com was
fed the greater was the tendency to
Mftnarlnj! For Whent.
Manuring for wheat Is not advised
In most parts of lown, as a rank
growth Is liable* to result nnd lodging
follow. It Is beat, according to an
exchange, to apply tbe manure to oom
or grass crops.
The Kind of Feed Given Ilin-tn't Aiit-
thlittf to Uo With It.
A correspondent|.vritea lo Dairy and
Creamery to ask how bo can so feed
his cows that their milk will be richer
In butler fat, The old belief Unit cows
will produce milk rich, or poor In butter fat according to the food tbey are
given has a strong hold in this country.
This belief led to tho saying. "Nothing
comes from a cow's teals lhat bus not
gone Into hor mouth." While this Is
true In every sensu of the word, long
continued anil careful experiments
have proved that except within very
narrow bounds It is Impossible to improve the quality of the milk of a cow
by feeding her.
The quality of the milk Is a characteristic of the individual cow. She
gives milk that is rich or poor in butter
fat from some natural tendency which
Is not well understood. This tendency
Is ti'iinsmlllnhle to her descendants,
and by careful selection It is possible
to improve the average quality of the
milk from n herd of cows to a wonderful degree.
Olven u cow that naturally glvei
good milk—that rich in butter fnt—nnd
breed her to u bull that Is from a cow
that gives good milk, nnd the progeny
ls likely to be better than the dam, although this is not Invariably tbo case.
Buller fat docs not differ from tallow
In nny essential way. it is animal fat
nntl Is elaborated from the feed given
the vow that produced the milk from
which ll is separated. One cow will
turn the fnt In her feed to butter fat,
and another will store It up in her
body. Tho one cow will be a good butter maker and the other a poor one.
It Is now pretty generally conceded
thul milk is elaborated largely during
the process of milking. That It is sep-
nrtited from the blood In some way Is
certain. Feed u cow more of the elements thnt go into the composition of
milk, mid she will become fat. The cow
thnt gives poor milk will fallen much
easier than the one thnt gives rich
According to recent exhaustive experiments made hy Professor Ilaecker,
It does not make much difference wlpit
is fed to a cow If sho is given a plentiful supply of sound feed. Give a cow
nil she needs of sound forage and
grain, and she will produce to the utmost possible limit butter fator tallow.
If she turns her feed into milk nnd butter fnt. she Is u good cow. If she turns
it Into tallow, she Is a poor cow from
tbe dairyman's slundpoint,
If our correspondent will follow this
plan, he will got more butter fnt from
his cows, but not richer milk. His cows
will give more milk than they would if
poorly, fed and every 100 pounds of
thai nifll; will contain just as much
butter flit as Is natural for a given eow
lo give. If sho gives 3 per cent milk
and only 100 pounds n week, tbo milk
will contain three pounds of absolute
buller fat, or about three and a half
pounds of butter. Peed her so she will ;
give double the quantity of milk, and
that milk will give double the quantity
of butter fat. but will not he richer
than the smaller quantity, Tbe way to
get more buller fill is to feed the cows
better. Just what it ls best to feed
them is u matter on which learned doc-
tots disagree nt this moment However, It Is safe to feed them enough, even
if lhe ration Is not quite balanced.
The Queitlon of Food ond lu I'l-ena-
ration Fur Dulry Cnttle,
Since dairying has becume one of the
prlnclpar agricultural pursuits, especially in the east, tho supply of fodder
or the raising of forage claims almost
the first consideration of the farmer,
says T. II. Mitchell of Cayuga county,
N. Y., in American Agriculturist. We
have tried on Oakland farm the various forage crops recommended and
hnve come to the conclusion that tbey
nre all too expensive on account of the
necessary labor. We except rape for
pigs and sheep and ensilage, which we
have for some years past used practically thc year around. Ensilage is just
ns valuable in the heat and drought of
summer as ln the winter's cold. If
when you cut your new crop In the fall
any Is left tn tbe silo, cut right on to
the old. We are now feeding out of the
smaller of our two silos shown In the
illustration corn put In in 1000, and ft
Is just us good as that put In lust fall.
When building the first silo, place it
convenient for n second one. You mny
need It. Tho photo shows that ours are
bo placed, and It Is uot necessary to
move from one to the other while tilling, This Is not only u saving of time,
but allows one to get much more forage Into a given space, as it has tlmo
to settle. I believe that every one Is
agreed thnt ensilage corn must have
cultivation nnd light and not be planted too thick. But I believe that It Is
not settled thnt grain in the silo is of
as much value as the same grain dried
and fed as grain. My experience leads
un; to believe that by chemical action
or hy somo unknown cause to me, nt
least, the corn put into the silo with
the stalks Is not of ns much value as
the same would be If dried, ground and
fed aB grain. This subject our experiment stations should Investigate more
We nre so well convinced of this that
this spring we shall plant and raise as
good a crop of Held corn as we can,
striving especially to raise n large
quantity of grain, remove tbe ears and
cut the stalks Into thc silos. If it
proves a failure, we wlll lot tbe renders of tbls paper know why. But we
don't Intend that It shall prove wrong.
On the contrary, wo believe It a decided step In advance, the serious question being how to get the stalks Into
good ensilage If put iu as dry as they
must be if left long enough to mature
the grain. Our Idea Is to have plenty
of ensilage for winter feed, enough for
summer and some left over. Wc will
do nwny entirely with green forage
crops, us they cost too much labor and
do not produce enough per acre.
The hot wave Inst summer struck the
dnlry portion of Iowa more severely
than any oilier part, snys Tho Creamery Journal. A study of the weather
maps Issued from lies Moines during
the summer showed that n strip running south by southwest from near the
iior.theast corner of tho stnte received
uo rain at the critical time when the
corn needed It most, and consequently
this strip Buffered extremely. This winter l'armers living iu this strip are feeding shredded corn fodder almost exclusively, tho high price of grain and
of bran and even of hay being practically prohibitive. What Is tbe result?
Not bankruptcy, There Is not enough
protein la the fodder ration to make
lunch more than half n mess of milk,
but (he feci! cost of this half mens Is
practically nothing compared with former methods of wasting the fodder.
And, furthermore, n big fraction of the
fanners when they did feed grain fed
It so '.'unbalanced'' that the milk yield
was little greater than It Is this winter
with no grain.
To Feed a Cow For Milk.
We keep a few cows, so I am most
Interested In tbem and want to make
It it specialty, snys "Subscriber" ln National Stockman. Our cows look welt
aud do well. We feed onts nnd corn
ground together; also sugar beets, some
of which weighed seven nnd three-
quarter pounds. They ent them very
greedily, u peck npleec. I would uot le
without tbem. Also fed timothy nnd
clover mixed. We hnve no fodder, but
It Is equal to grass If It can be saved
green. I have a bo*-: for Bnlt on the Bide
of the born, where the cows can help
themselves. I think the best time to
feed a cow for milk Is when It Ib n calf.
Peed It well, keep it growing, vigorous
and healthy until It gets to be a cow,
nnd you can be assured of a good cow
If tbe stock Is right. I think as milch
of keeping a calf In good order na I.do
a cow. Everything Ib stabled nnd ln
stanchions. In this way we keep two
more than formerly in the snme apace.
It ef line From the Cow Manger,
Cows which nro producing milk under heavy feeding should not be compelled to cat up forage too close. Let
them eat what they wlll readily, then
glvo what ts left to young stock. They
will do well on' It, nnd the cows wlll
not be compelled to eat material which
la not palatable.
The Stemlj   Milker.
From testing the best milking cowl
are found out, and It ls wonderful .how
animals are discovered to be good milkers wheu a whole twelvemonth is taken,
whlcb yet havo never yielded n very
large quantity at one time, while, ou
the other hand, animals which have
yielded an enormous quantity over a
short time nnd have hud great notice
taken of them are really poor milkers
when their total yield for twelve
months la summed up. Tbe cow that
yields a moderate quantity over nine,
ten or eleven months is the sort to havo
aud breed from, nud it is only by a record that this is found out. in addition
to this, the quality of the milk must bo
taken Into account, and It Is desirable
to test thla from time to time nlso.
To cure n hard milker couttne the
cow so that you will be safe tu Insert
the tent bistoury Into the teat, then cut
the small opening lu four opposite directions, Thli will make a free opening nud nllow the milk to run on Its
own nccord for n short time, hut It will
soon close, leaving an opening sutll-
clent to nllow tho milk to come easy.
In fact, milking In Itself will keep ft
from closing too tightly. Above nil
things have your instruments clean,
also the tent. [
vi lint Ktlli Clover.
Wo are asked to give, some of tho
reasons why clover kills out. Under
ordinary conditions clover Is a biennial. Mown in the spring, it lives
over the next winter, produces its
lead tbe Bocond year and th>n iIIub,
its mission being ended. .Somo
plants, failing to produce wed, will
live over another season. This fuel
oxphilns the loss of tho clover to the
muny who do not know tlie history
of tiie plant.   Many ileitis are killed
out tho first, sum ■ by the too groat
affection of the uul'so crop. Then, if
pastured heavily the Ilrsl, fall, muny
fields will winter kill for Want of
cover, while oa clay soils alternate
winter thawing and fitwalng will
heave tho soil uud brcuk the mots. ■
Meant nurse crops and plenty nf cover the first winter will usually insure
tbe crop*
A delicate perfume for the gown Is
I made by dropping n tittle lo vender into
boiling water aud holding the garment
|over the Mica iu.     ,, j
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
f- It is the largest railway centre in British
ji Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
| First class water system,  electric  light
j        and power plant about to he installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in j months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm^bl LADISMITH LEADER, AUGUST 16. 190i
I 5,
| If ycti were a clothier and J
J had too many light suits ou i
| hand—would you carry them "j
_ over to another season   and |
| have your money thus tied i
9 up?  Or would you mark a jj
, small price on the lot and sell |
£ them now? 4
9. 4
i     Well we've put ou the small ii
_ price—We'll sell them now. |
*. i
9 815.00 suits for JS9.50
$13.50, & $t2.50.suits for$S.75 j
ft S13.50, &s>t
J $10.00 Suits for $7.00. |"
i     Some of tliese suits are dark jjj
if enough   to   wear   into    the -j
I winter. - 'J
9 i
—'IHE  ;J
*'feft'aR'e*'fe*'feK'Sir''ift-fe *-*•-*•« *
t J
,♦.,♦ + + <. ■ i+T<.-» + ***********
1 cm
: ♦
Mr Elliot, late of Chemainuu Lumber
Mills, Iiab succeeded Mr Robert Allan bb
eeeretary to tbe Ladyamlth Lumber 06,
Mr Allan 'ib now bookkeeper Ior tbe
Tyee Copper Company.
Lively repalra all kinds of English,
BwiBB and American watches.
Attention is drawn to the E. & N,
Railway Company's advertisement of an
excursion by Str, City of Nanalmo from
Ladysmith to Seattle on tbe 32nd inst.,
the occasion of the ElltB carnival theie.
The steamer leaves here at 10:80 p.m.
Friday, returning the Sunday following.
Prol. Charles Culley, late ol tbe To
ronto Conservatory of Mimic, will atari
a class here, commencing on August
2nd-, for tbe purpose o! teaching violin,
piano, mandolin and all stringed instru
mentB. Parties wiflblng to receive iu
Btroctiona will address Prof. Charles
Culley, Nanaimo, 11, C.
If you want to get a nice rin-i retneui-
ber we ean make anything you want.
W.H. Lively, Jeweler.
You will be neglecting the opportu
nity of a lifetime if you miss the grand
excureion of thu Woodmen and band to
BteyeBton tomorrow. Round trip one
dollar and a good lime gin ran teed.
Viiilors from Lady ami th and district
will lind iu tbie well-appointed hou*>ei,ll
tbe home com lor ts, Lunches for lady
shoppers a specialty. Terms atrictly
moderate, Hervlo.i ami cuisine (Ithi
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr,
DR.  J.   GRICE,
-Johnst n Block,      •     Nanalmo, U, C
P.O. Box,37,Tel. 115.
Visita    Ladysmith   every  Saturday.
Hours from ita. m, tiil'i p.  m,
Abhotaford Hotel.
Shooting Season will soon lie here
and you'll need a new Gun or Rifle.
Have just received a full line of
the latest make in Guns, Rifles,
Ammunition, Etc.
Ladysmitli,        - B. C.
Agent for 8. W. Paint.   MeOlaiy'a
Stoves and Ranges.
Aspeuial meeting of the Board ot Trade
la called Iur Monday evening at 8 o'clock
promlly,** to eousider urgent business.
All members of the executive are expected to be present,
All members of Orange Lodge, and all
Orangemen resident in Ladyemith are
ieqnested to meet in Nicholson's hall on
TuesJay evening uext at 8 o'clock on
vary important business.
Chinamen inter vie a id as to whnt tbey
think of the "move ou" order take the
matter resignedly, like Chinamen, and
and say they aro ready to go whenever
the'Oompany says ''March !" which
tbey expect any day.
Mary bad a little ring;
Il ehon wlLh beauty rare.
■She said it wua her eiigHgemet.' ting
And was bought ttt Lively's **j,ore.
Mischievous boya have burned nearly
alltliogiaea ill' the spit,. iluodlnmi-in
of ibia sort ie going to lonea tbe public
ttie privilege now enj-iycd of UBtng ttiat
portiou of the water front unless more
care iaexerriBed.
''It wan reported tirsl by Mr Wtliitiui
Ward aud afterwards hy Mr Dry.it-de,
president of tbe Puj-et Smud P.u:kerB'
Association, that there wits IS solid
miiaaoi fish in titiuipet't) I'-itc thai bad
evaded the Lrups uinl were beading fin
the trustir."—C-jiuuisl Aug. 12,
Tne Woodmen have at ranged to have
these lisb iu tlm livt-r tomorrow, Sunday, August 17lb, Dou't fail to tnkn in
the excursion and sue them.
Shotguns, Rifles
Ammunition and all Kinds
of Sporting Goods. .   .   .
Commercial St. NANAIMO, B.O
to be missed, The flue steamer Oily of
Nanaimo will leave here at 10.30 p m.
Friday next; returning leaves Seattle,
Sunday 10. a. m. -3rd. AugUBt. Mr D.
Galloway ia selling tickets and bus tbe
Bteamer'a berth plan at AbbotBford Hotel
Buck your berths early.
CRptnin Mocked, formerly n frequent
vitdtor to Ladysmith und one of High
street's property owners, waa iu Lady-
smith ou Wednesday. Hi? ebip is loading lumber at Chemainus.
Mr Moore, echool ttauber, Nortbfleld,
visited Ladyamith Wednesday.
Mr A. 8. Cbiistie relumed from bis
trip to Vit!toiia_on Wednesday night.
STOVE FOR SALE-18- cost $12.60,
ouly uaed two months. Apply "B''
Lender office.
Wheelmen are advised not to try the
Ladysmith-Nauaimo road at present, li
is quite unlit for bicycling.
II it Is a nico clock you are looking lor
we have tbem Irom f 1.00 to $18.00, W
11, Lively, Ladysmiih's Leading Jewelet
Str. City of Nanaiino'fjgraud excursion
to Seattle next Friday will be the only
one from here thia Suinmer. Don't fall to
seize tbiBgooil chance to sue ibebubiliim
American city, and the Klk'eOiunival.
O.U1 on Mr D. Galloway, Abhotaford
Hotel, early, nbout your ticket and berth.
TiekelB round trip *f2,60.
Still tbe lumber old ami new pours
iuto io wu on long trains every ilay ; sutue
from ibe lunlber mills, and some Irom
thah'Utth pullt-d tiowu at ISxte^-i n
Ait-xm tliia, Kaiihiiiio and oihi*r p.ucefc.
Salmon are now runoing plentifully
in the harbor. Boaiegood etucbes .,vu
been made.
Marble and GrniiUe Monuments,
Tablets, Crosses, l*,lc    MsUiuhIl-h
nml Designs givtn on A-iplk-atloii
A. HENDERSON,      Proprietor.
Gul tlm Ural 25c. Jlmil in tin- Cily
Bastion Street,     -      -      -    Nnuaii
Mr ,lo>> Hunter supeiinteiidant ol ibe
K, & N. Railway Co, waa in Ludysmlth
on busiuoHB on Wt'dnebday.
InTlieOtiunty Court of Nanaimo Holden
al Nitnaiiuo,
In the Goods ol Buoch Barron, deceased
Take notice thai I have been appointed Administrator of iho tff-jota nnd
ui edits of Kuni. 1 Barron, deceased, tn-
teslate. All perfume having claima
against lhe estate are required lo eetio
the particulars thereof to me on nr
before ihe. 15th day of September, 1001
■Inly veritied, after which date I will
distribute the estate amongai those per-
boob only df whose claims 1 then shall
have received notice. Any persona.indebted to the deceased ere required to
pay ibe Bains forthwith.
Nanaimo, B.C., Annual 5 b, 1002*
,1. a. MoALONlSY,
Official Administrator,
Nanaimo, B.C,
British Columbia is the greatest salniun.
packing country in tiie world and Sieve*
aton is lhe capital of the indueiry. You
can mo lhe modua operandi for one dollar ten.0;iow wheu the ateamer Joan
takes tbu Woodmen and Band over for
tbe day.   A never-to-be-forgotteu eight,
Mr George Roberts, butcher, late of
Kxleueioti will open hia new shop ut the
corner ul Roberts Bt. aud First Avenue
to-day, Mr J no. May.et Nanaimo, parting up the building.
j Notice it. hereby given to the public of
JL ;ysmith thnt owiiiir to the change in
niraiigemehts regarding the Mason'
II ui :t will not be possible to re-onen
1 e 1 ublie school in Ladyemith until the
the new school building Is ready for oc*
cupalion, wbieb will probably be hi
about six w-. etifc or two mouths from this
For Lad) smith Public .School trustees
A.S. Oh rift in-
L.idysmilh, B. C, Aug. 12th., 1008.
Somo light-fingered goullenian walked
off With a cual oil tin HIM with bard-
ware for a building being erected ouFiiBi
Ave,, whiuh had bteu Ml outside Wednesday night. Tha carpenters aaid tilings
in eeveral languages wben tbey discovered their loss in the morning.
Au improvement whiuh will be welcomed by the travelling public is being
carried oul, at lliu railway station, where
the bank leading irom tbo Kaplanaile to
tbo platform Ib being cut down for the
reception of a eloping sidewalk.
Ladysmiili Lumber Company are simply overwhelmed with orders for all
sortB of lumber.
it. II
dia. 1
in. dl
1 BRCond'hand horla mini boiler,
Black 1 Inj-iutor and flu!age com
, hII in good order. Bias of boiler 2
din. by ll fi.Sin. long | dome 2 ft.
y 21 in. high, with 'M lubfiB,
i, Ut'asoit for Belling, u iiu: gna
nd nf steam. Price $2i'<0 if inken at
Apply to
Nunaiuio Steam Carriage Works.
I'.O. Box 183, Nanalmo, B.O
Shaving Parlors
nigii siR-t-i.
Hair cuiliiiK n'"l lii'snl
Irlmtllilia h Spcclnlty,
Nanaimo B. G.
Sheet   Music
Ohcaptiet au 1 Beet—Bit. ami 10c, n copy.
All latest Bungs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of 111 Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc,
IS 190S
Made and repaired. All woik
iln:irunletd. luspoclion invited.
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
I. S. Ohristie,
50  YEARS'
f*i Trade MftRKs
CopyniGHTs &c.
■nilmliii- imli'iiitililiJ.   I'.'inmiiiilcii-
iiillili'tiliul. M;inii!m'ilti)ii I'n'fiilH
t-sl ji-tini'j- fiirwrnrtii*' |uiiniini.
.cu tliriiui.1i Miiiui & Co. rtscolvo
wlUii.iitcli.ii'-.'O, In tho
otiltly,   Liu
A hnndti-ntnoly llluntrnin'i w
liraiieh oillco. 035 V Ht., Wiieliliititon, I). C.
Ice cold Lemonade, -Soft Drink-' of
all Kinds.    Fruits, Pastry, Bread.
- rou—
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
Cuban Cigar Factory
ManufiietnreiH of the Fammitt
None bill Union l/ilmr employed.
M.J. BOOTH, - I'r.prietor.
•     NASAIMO. B.O.
I have tbem in great variety, all p'z'b
and at reasonable prices. Call aud inspect theBtock.
J. McDonald, High St., Ladysmitli
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenuu snd tlulacre Street.
1'ilbinut woik of sll kinds.
Ill kinds ol sift .void furniture mttils
• nnd repaired,
Maple Lodge, No. 6-, I. 0. a. T.
Meets tivrry Wednesday eveninj in
Nlnholsnn's Hill. Vieitillg member.
nre cordially invited.
H. NI\OIO (1 T.
M. MuKlNLKY.Sin.
-^jsr^-i    no. 31,
^fea» /. o. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.300'clock,
Vlsllins L-ojdinlly iuvitvil.
IIUt',1! lUlLTON, Sec.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Mi-ets every l''riiliiy in I. 0. 0. V. ball at
7 ISO p.m.
D. GOURUY, 0.0.
J. VV.  LEWIS, Sec.
David     Murray,
Duller Street, -        Udysniitli
Bnop will lie ciown i very Tliiitsdny,
friilny an ' Satin 'a-.
Best Service,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Tickets on Sale
Pot pamphlets ami all Information apply
to any C.I'.R. agent.
II. 11. ABBOTT,      W. Mc-UIRK,
Agept, Victoria.      A'^eni, Nanaimo.
12. ,1, COYLE,
AsHt. ii.'ul. Pass. Attent, Vancouver.
(Jii-arinc (or thu Union Brewery building nt bridge K'f» is g'dng on briskly,
Tnu elevated railway to the Binelter
hint.' haa been tiitiahed, and trains ean
now run on top ol llie biua.
Mr Rolf-inn baa riueivud frmn tbeKast
a 1*1(10 i-oiiHiHiimi'ti! ol corrugated Iron
for u«e on tlie lotiol tbe Tyee Binelter
Sir. Otter arrived in port last Thursday lor a cm i;(i uf eoal.
BarqiieuiineO.B. Kenney will Btart
loading next week.
9. ■.
iNexl 8i.lur.lsy, Auk. 28rtl, tbe Kirst,
1'iesbyteriali Huiulny Soliool will hold
tbeir annual plcnlo loOb.nialuus River,
MiBH Bertram wlll open h.r school on
Monday the 18th Inul.. in Mr S. Lander-
baiib'B house, Esplanade.
Ai, opportunity to see tba great city
ol Seattle anil tho KlknOiiruival lor $2.50
return from Ladysmith la eometbing not
Smelting  Works
J Prepared to purchase ores as Irom August ist |
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea. j-j
i I
it body who wntits to suvc money
on Printing that this shop's prices
arc lower than those of any other
office ill the country. Having
satisfied ourselves on this point we
shall be pleased to compare notes
with nny who doubt.
The quality of Tim I,i-:aih'r's
job work is equal to anything produced iu the Province.
Thi! LiiiMiiiR employs only skilled union workmen, receiving the
full union scale of wages; its prices
and quality are always tip to the
aceppted standard.
Ladysmith merchants and others
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
and other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and annoyance by
investigating Tim Lhaihir's statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work we tell you so, wc do not
take your order, have it done else
where and charge you middleman's
com mission.
Our Motto Is:—"Squaredealing;
one price for all; our best work iu
everyjob," No trouble to estimate. '.
Call and see us atout that job
printing work you are wanting and
we will save you money.
The Leader
4'rt!tWMtWt%taimiamH,nrt'n!t*!t tr*j&*zmi&mi:V'*ii!<*>'**iis*!i*Pi*i**:ri
Friday,    August    22nd
For The Elks' Carnival.
The popular exiniiRinii h'i imur Oily ol Nittiiiittio will enll from Lnilysiiiith
l-'ridnv 22nd inst. nt 8.90 p.m. Returning wlll sail from Nestile .1 10.00 a.m.,
Sunday 2-IUi.
Nanaimo Silver Cornet Band in Attendance.
Fare for the Round Trip, $2.50
Children Under 12 years $1.25


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