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Ladysmith Leader Aug 2, 1902

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). i-crv'
X  I
4 l-l-n«n«|-n-1.++1.*+-!"H.-l-l"H +++
f The people that save |
? money trade with       |
Ladysmith Lead
___^_^_^_^__    *Y******
! For Boots and Shoes {
I Dickie's is the store!
* *
VOL. I. no. a-UfT/
22 Loaves for $1.00 |
Family Groceries  I
it -fl* -$•a **} **) it* iii -fi i|i <$> $&&%*$*$***$*$ *$ty$****i**ifr***
At Lowest Price
LIJNOLbUMo'   ha,,d which  we   offer  at
p Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
|       Shoes, Hats, Caps aad Millinery
j- To Select From
| Leiser & Hamburger
«5 Wholesale and  Retail  Merchants,
'•   Esplanade and (iatnere Street, - - Ladysmith
| r
***  If our Suggestions tolill your wants lust week were not exactly
IF riaasisBoes 3&ta&Mti3Siagmaa*waEaiiit*t:
When Visiting Nanalmo Try
Choicest Front Lots and Corners
In Bloaki 20,80 iii'il 81.
Alan tints'), 7,8.1) I0.ii.il 11 In blouk
21).   Above am all mil full-Blue I Luis.
Apply to
at Liilp.~init.li WedrteadavBand Saturday?
or in Oory (■*. Ryder, Lstlia nittt.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preflprlptlbna carefnlly dispelled, Open
(lav and nlirlit.
Meinher Can. Snciely of Civil   Kiigitieers
Member institution uf Kledrlcnl Knjritieeni
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. O. Box 357
i,Ai>YSMrrn, n. c.
Win. Beveridge, Prop.
I'ltla nmv hoti-1 lias lii-i-n ti niifiirtalily futniibeil si.il llie t-ar is up lo I'str.
Brtfll ftf!i:on.n.oi1i.tioii Inr translenl. ami permanent lioarderB and loilners.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Ladysmith, B, C.
.'.v.*. .*.'.••• •* -.".-;I.V.Vi*AS*i*J!.*«aJ
Ths Esplanade,
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Malls,
The Master' Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
M tint ir.ictii ret,
Soda Water, (linger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverat-es of all kinds.
W. E. RUiH~llN<3, - Proprietor,   ftftSSS
.!-, ,■ |.-^■|.^•-^•*rd'■^**^•^*^*^•^'^■^*'l••^^''l••^*■l•
Nanaimo, B. C, T
Choicest La-jer, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
COLD STORAGE-i-'trnt clans Aulltdcs
for tlis storage of meals, eggs, poultry,  4
vegetnble.i, etc., ete. *^
444444444444444441 i-H+V'l-H-
g-t. niMiit'd at niitte lor It may Ih
iho late tomorrow. I represent at-vera'
OLD am) RKLIAIILK Oompanteiand
can insure you at a moment's notice at
the lowest pneaible rates. All leading
companies charge the aame rates. Don't
be mi pled into inmnim with a cheap
company-it miiiht be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. O. Drawer 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Uakes nnd pastries ot all deacriptionBi Fruits Iti
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Meats,
l'jultr*)*'   and   V _»''abl if.   ii nn
BPt-rnn.   S'linpuijj oidura aUt.i-.diu. io ui,
.hurt notice.
This oliMi'stsbllied, Kitat-Olaii .ml
Popular Hi til le must comfortably fu,.
tiisliinl, rentrally slluaied, Bus meets
iritins. K.'iti'ellent Outline. Bar stoeknt
wiih I lu- attest wines., liquors and I'ljats.
JOS. FOX,      -      •       Propri.tor.
<*$!  3-4 BJoeked Table Linen, Sale....
what you were looking for
20 Dozen White and Mixed Straw Sailors, Regular 35c, Sale	
15 Dozen Ladies' Rough Straw Sailors, Regular
75C, Sale .'	
25c Flowers, Sale
50c Flowers, Sate
35c ea
ioc ea
:5c ea
25c yd
$1.00 ea
ioc ea
50c pr
15c pr
25c pr
45c yd
ioc yd
50c yd
yard wide
sell nt 50c to 85c si- yd
Gentlemen—We're clearing mil our Light Felt Hals that sold
at $3.00 and $3.50, your choice at Si.50.
When shopping in Nanaimo secure a Hutteriek Metropolitan Fashion Book, you know the big kind that sold at 25c,
reduced price ioc each. Fall hook just in. We keep machine
needles of all kinds; Butterick's Patterns; Garrett's Stumped
Mats and the Famous Duchessc Shoes for Women.
Our Big American Crochet (Juilt, Sale	
Ladies' White Summer Vests, half sleeves, Sale..
Ladies'   Lisle  Thread and Silk  Plaited  Hose,
Regular 65c to $ 1 pr., Sale	
5   Dozen Mace Cotton Hose Heeuisilrof Dye,
Regular 25c and 35c, Sale	
5 Dozen left of our Children's White Chamois,
Washing Gloves, sold at $1, Sale	
50 Yards 24 inch Black Satin, Regular 75c Sale..
You can choose any of our Summer Sunshades
that sold' at $1.50 and $3.00 for Si.oo.
12 1-2 and 15c Cambric Embroideries selling at
ft,  75c and $1.25  Black or While all-over Laces,
Selling at ^^^^^^^^
Just received 25 pieces of 16-4 or 4
Linoleum,   around the  Horn
—Nanaiiito's Big Sin
C. E. S1EVENS0N & CO.,
The Great Merchandise Distributor of B.C. V
Nanaimo, Cumberland and Extension, _T
iTl iti iti iti iti iti it, it. it. iti iti iti it-''' iti iti 1T1 iti if; •ft i'1'i 1 ti ill iti iti (ti 1 tt
-4" t*tl "sj.1 ■*,■ I*,1 **> I*11*.1 a4.B'V -+1 lV '4- 1.-**'*•■ -It1'+,**t**** '+* W '■*•''+' -K '-J-'***
A.Southern Auto da fe—Honors for
Senator Templeman,
Pope Leo's Approaching Jubiioe—
France and the Convents.
William Ody, a negro, who attempted
io assault Nfies Vir-jjnia Tucker, of Clayton, Mies., wns burned at the stake at
midnight-. The assault wan inrtHt brutal.
Tie voting lady waa rtdloiE in tbo country when ahe.waa attached end was eo
violentlv pulled from her 'buggy by the
negro that both her lenn were broken.
James W. Carroll, i f Metiden, Onr.,
was Bpeared on tlm back of the light
band hy h rooster, the Bpur striking a
vitii aii'l cjusing Carroll's iIhijIi.
Tne abandon man l uf ibe South A f i i-
nan, Keinblii-i now fairly unn>i -Any,
means throwing on the British labour
market a very hu_t- Poiy of unemployed
Iribh latdowners have formt-d a com-
binatiou, with a capital of J5HO.0OO, to
(iriitut thcinBolvea aiiaiust the Uniiid
Irirah Le gue.
Should the Pope liveutftfl 11)08 be will
celebrate bin diamond jubilee as n
Biabop, bis toltlfii jubilee ae u Cardinal
ami bia silver jubilet-i h.« Pope, nn unique
record iu the history of tbo oooupanta uf
the Pap-il throne. f
0 i oor.ioation day ii royal palate o
tweiltr-dne anna will be iirtt.l at tl e
diffsrfnt artillery centres.
China h ill have -control of Xleu-l'-sln
ctiy Aug. 16th.
The French Seonle will prubal-Iy
aboliah capital punishment,
It ib reported that King Edward will
visit the Cair In the latter part of September. *
Mexico haa Bent ageutB to hoi hind to
indui.e the leading Dot-re there to c-'U.e
to Mexico.
Lord Salisbury has been gazetted hb a
Knight Grand Gross of the Kojal Victorian Order.
The MotjiHu eomblno must complets
Iht* • urcbhee t ftliw White Star line by
Diiieiiiber til, ar.d oAiu'g   tb   Hie   bad
Brisk Business Being Done at the
Bunkers With Northern Liners.
Wellington in from Frisco—Another
Fleet of Coasters Call.
<•#> CDS.....'
Takes the lend Kvtrywbire
Yates Strett, VICTORIA, B, C.
Hart-liter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary I'ublic, Kic.
Money to Loan.
Harrison Hot Springs
This (lellfthtful hfiiltli ami pleaiare
resort, the flnest la Amerk-n, DtTcrs
Unrivalled Advantages
—Tn The—
Magnificent Scenery, Ptshtna, Shooting
Bonting, BathiiiP[. SwimtnliiB, Vapor
and Private ltallis willi Mns-uige.
THE HOTEL hnn t.een compl.Uly
renovali'iintiil refiirnishctltlirmiRliotil,
electric llg|lllug| first-clnss cuisine;
ball and tennis pound*| olinrmiiig
drlvcH. Siilciitliit RttcceM in treatiiicnl
ofKlicutnnlisni, (loiil, Kidney Tronhle.
|   Every Comfort anil Convenience.
Resilient Physican.  Rates: $2 a Day
MM. T.  Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make a specially of ipiality,  by buying largely and at close
prices' sell the very linest goods at low prices.
Soleagsuls for "IJeckajulii*" Tea, Upton's "Finest" Hams
and Bacon.
Provincial t,i« used Aiwnyr, r, tnti- nasnyer
■ x'ihi Anda BincUcr,   RellnWeanalyauior
ures, coat*, etc, .-illi|iiik-nl-inul-.nin|i!m .
nl siiu-irvi-, -iiptriiiU-iiiU-.l. Wcit-M-aml
rrttiriK checked, Next to the Uw-Court*.
P, n. Ilox By.
10 Unitley Street,   '        VICTORIA.
lliirrlslcrs, Solictor, nml
P.O. BOX 243
Important Gathering Scheduled For
This Town,
The first ecoleBlast.ical Ooint to convene here will am'iuhlt-in tbe MelbodlBt
Ohurch when the mhiMers and elected
laymen ot the Vletotia diBtrict will bold
tbeir "Kinaiicial Dldtrtot Meitlug" iu
the rhuritb here.
There wiil be two I usineBE tesbinne,
v'a., Wedmeday afiernoon ami TbnrB*
day morni'g. nent week, Boib BfBiiona
are to be ojii-n, but lhat of Wednesday
evening will conslet nf a platform mnel-
ing to whloh tbe public aro parlliuilat ly
invited, AddresM-B are In he given by
Rev. R. Newton Powell ol Nanaimo ami
Rev J. P. Weeimau ol Victoria, Rev.
K. S. Rowe, I).D., chairman of district
will preBide at nil nl (be Bervices.
The Ladit-V Aid ol the church will
provide ''the cup that chee-s" at the
close of the Wednesday evening meet*
iug, when a eo'cial hour will be Bpent.
This la the first chinch cunieience to be
held in Ladysmith,
stH'e of the (iiinncial matkel, may have
Bomu difficulty iu tloirn; en.
Uih L«rl'B Dav Alliance is pulling
forth a vigorous eff.irt to stop tha run*
nlt'g of Sunday Bireat cars from Berl'n
Hrtftgeport, Ontario.
Moth the Allan and Bllder Dampater
Ootnpaiileb' representative*) at Montieal
knoll' nothing of the C-iovt rnnient'e
negotiations for a hnd Attantio service.
A provincial school of Instruction for
infantry oirlners will be held at Vanconver, commencing tbe lBib Sfp'ember
next, and will continue for two twonthB.
The line helwfpn St. John Hnd Oaje
Town, which has Inen in operation for
SOUie time bin- I-*-en diecotirinut-d, ta
there \? not the need in South A'rica lor
ttie sbipriionts now.
Him. J. I, Tart a viei'ed Siunta and
Point Edward on hie tour of ibe lahts
on the.Uovarnnient steamer Lord Stanley, and was surprised that ttie O.T.I-.,
had not built the elevator tbey agreed to
at Point Kdwiiid.
WinnipiV*- exhibition lias attracled
so many people that the hotels cannot
accominodate them.
The French Premier baa sent < ut
notices to Ihe pit-fed*, inviting these
officials to give to eome i.iKUl convents
ami other relit-i-ms* . BtabllBbments a
week's notice to disperse,
InU'U'ft in aniuxi.t'o ' to the Dominion nf OaiiHilaisInurensingiii Nealnu. •--
The crop in Mmiiudia it is now e>-
ppolfd will be largir ■ h.tn laet year.
Senator Temple-nun, of Victoria, nic-
leeeds Hon. R. W.Scott as -Secreiary of
State, Hon. Mr, Scott succeeding  Sir
Oliver   Mowat aB Lieut.-Governor  ol
Sir William Httlovk, it is reported,
will succeed Lord Slrathcona as Onna-
liinn High Commissioner, pruhably thia
Str. Roanoke anived Thursday morning to loud a full cargo of Backed coal for
Cape Nome and St, Michael's.
Sir. WelHncton arrived- frcm San
Fraucifco Wednesday night to tase a
oargu ol Wiiiingion c. ul south.
Sir. Thieile am veil on Thireday
iimi-jiii.L' for iii-i regular load of coal.
S^r, Selkirk took a loud ol coal to Ant-
cortee, Wash., yt-Bierday,
. St. Trau-iler, chartered by Mr. J. S.
Wilkinson, of Mill Baj to take a party
oi Mien a uvt-1 to Point Oumturt Hotel,
to a dance held there. Called in litis -.-n
d u wav b.iuk t'i Cuwiehan, lor coal. The
parly .-.pent several liouib here.
S i. Rttanuke Balled jes:erday morn-
un* wiih a hill cargo of Wellingion coal
tn parka ior Oape Nome, via Si-tittle, A
{>any ul ii'diet) aud gumlemeu cauitt ou
her irom P .rt Towubbu8 nud returned
to ibe BuUlid on llie tsicaiiier.
Sir, Wellington cleared jester-day
morning Im ban Fran. Isco with a lull
uatgoof loal.
A Plain Warning to the Public Tbat
Should be Heeded.
Oi late ihe number ot persons, in-
eluding man) ludii-s aud children, who
have mail*- a prat-licc tl vibilliiif ihe
buukera and coal btupplug .vbarves baa
oj laigcly iut-reabt-u that there ib a
greater liability to a lamentable accident than before. Itshuuld be pointed
out that there is great danger Irom
moving trains on eo many tracks, as
well us from walking along u.e t.d-*e of
the docks*, a fall from which wuuld mean
Instant death. It, is impu. sth c ior the
rjffitiais Jiini woiktucii to keep an eye on
tin, Ui'jVt-a-tiittJ of sttanaeiB, wbo thua
wander into buch dan^t-r-jua placet). The
pu'Jtic should know itut< tliu compauy is
n-jt responsible in the eveut'ol any nu-
(jimnait accident iu ibose people, wbo
a ill im .. Ibe to ao don u amnugbt the cual
tiiiins and up. u tin wharves only wbtu
hucii.ctt! calls them and at no ulber
Thu time in advt-rtise ie all the time.
Rev. W. G. and Mrs. Tanuer and Ms
G, MoFtun arc uiiderfaKlhg au open
air tortg service on Sunday (tomorrow)
at tour o'uloi-k, somewhere in the shade
near the lagoon if ttie weather p-jrinits.
At thia rata ehc'lriti cars f-timot r»e far
dlslitut. N -ii',iii.t people ami invalids
are not invited. , I
Digby, N.S., wants to be made a port
of call by tbe fast Attuntic line.
The Inapeotor of pHnltehtlaries will
visit all the "peiib1' in the west shortly.
Montreal detectives are to ride bioyolea
.ml to patrol Ibe etreete Ibroitgb the
I Is Price ;•
| Any Object? |
J» We carry the largent Stork of S
S3 Furniture on "the Coast,   We §
3 ceil at lied Rock PrlceB,   We ;
*• have only one price tor all,
jjj WeeelL.
We deliver all your goode free
t" the Btation at Ladypuiith.
We want your trade ard will
give you every    satisfaction.
;.    Come and be Conv inced   %
"*        and join the crowd of buyers *,i
% J.  H. GOOD  &   CO I
•' The Great Gash Furniture Store |
,%V.V.,.-.%!.!,V,!.V*«i-aA' LADYSMITH   LEADER AUGUST 2. 1909.
Ladysmith Leader
*.bllak-sl--MryW«lne«liy «nd Batunl.y .1
Ik. Leader Building, comer of First Ave. and
■"reach street, Udy.mltb, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAMS, Kditor Ann raoraiHTOR.
tbieit countries in th. . world, bai uo
very rich nun. Millionaire, are vary
fan, and there are ao beggars. Th.
wealth ot the country li not concentrated in Ih. handi ol * few; it ii
spread over ao luge an .re. th.t
nearly .very man hai. competency."
One year (atrictly ia .dvsiice) I> °°
la month, (strictly in advance)   1 as
TRANSIBNT — Including business notices,
Mil. for tenders. Applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal nolices, etc., inc. . line first Insertion; 50. a line e«ch nubsequ.nl Insertion; »
lines measure to the inch.
Rale, on application. No wood cut, Med.
Cut. lor regular use should be .11 metal.
Marriage. Birth, Deaih and Funeral notices,
wl Insertion 50c.
Advertisements uot inserted for a specified
line will be chargea for until ordered to be dis-
THE LEADER will be found at tlie following
I slyamlth-The Wader Office; The Udy.it.ilh
N.nalmo—B. Plmbury & Co.
v-iclorla—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vucouver-Pubilc Library, and Hotel.,
Neir Westminster-Public Library.
All cn.nges In advertisements must be received
ut I hi. office before 1. noon the d.y before
«i> isciibers uot receiving |mper regularly please
teiort to thi. office.
A,l lull work strictly cash on delivery.
I". ip.'ent .dvertlsements cash In advance.
With every confidence we commend to
Ih. attention of the people ol Ladysmith
and neighborhood a careful perusal of
th. ixcellent interview whioh Hon. Jae.
Dnnimnir, Premier ol Britiih Columbia
ud member ior tbii constituency, hll
(Ivan to th. Birminghim Dally Puit.
Thi itetementt of Ih. premier .re
plain ud buiinesslike; be avoidi sny-
thing like eiigger»tion, .nd with the
■kill ol on. who hn mad. . alnily ol
bii .abject h. lay. apecl.l emphuli on
th. reionrcei which ire ol greileit im
It wonld be mightily interesting to
Mbject khs ol Hon. Mr. Dnmm.lr'i
molt r.bid critics in preii end legiala
tnre to tbe ordeal ol an interview on tbe
mbject ol Britiih Oolnmbi. with an
Engliih reporter, ud just iee what lort
of a flit they mad. of th. builnen. We
wonld Hike a good deal on th. certainty
ol .very on. ol th.l. Nlf-wonhipperi
making 10 deplorable a men ol the job
that not only themielves bat the pro.
vine, would be the l.nghing itook of tbe
Empire lor a week.
Then cu b» no queition thit Hon
Mr. Dommuir'i vilit to England a ill
produce molt beneficial results (or tbii
province. Th.t intirview io the colnmni
of inch a paper ai the Birmingham
Dally Poit ll worth mor. to tbii pro-
vine, thu cu be reidlly calculated.
Aad there will be more ol inch interview!,
Hon. Mr. Dunimuir bii done an im.
mini, lervice to Briliib Columbia ud
he ihould receive lull credit for it tram
the people ol Ibe province.
Mr- William Sloan ot Nanaimo wlll
h.v. to interview Mr. Ralph Sinilh.M.
P. wben the great itatnimn returni
Irom hll trinmphal lonr ol the United
Kingdom. Mr. Smith lias h.i been
giving lnt.rvi.wi pretty fn-. ly to the
Engliih pr.il, and tome ol them make
highly .musing reading. In one which
appeared in . North ol Eogland paper
Mr. Smith telle the reporter that at tbe
hit election "he opposed an ex.remely
wealthy returned Klondiker ud the
nominee ol the Conservative party ud.
won with a mijority lhat surprised even
bii mott ardent lupporteri." Mr Sloan
WM Ih. nominee of the I.ib-ral party
aad bnt lor th. presence ol Capt. Wol-
Ijy, th. Coniervatlve nominee wbo split
Ib. vol., he would have beaten Ralph
the Romancer "heads down".
Mr. E. 8. Clou.tou the noted Canadian
finucier, would make a first-class emigration agent, judging Irom bii remarks,
quoted in Engliih piperi. In an Interview which be gave to th. London
Morning Poit Mr, Olomton thui discoursed nf aiding Canada:
I'-Outda,   though on. ol the weal-
Interesting Interview Given to a
Leading Newspaper.
British Columbia's Merits ara Eloquently Advocated.
Hon. Jamei Dnnimnir, premier ol
British On'umbli, spoke ii followi lo •
representative of the Birmingham Daily
Post, one ol the prlnoipal provincial
newspaper! in England, of which th.
Colonial Secretory, Rt. Hon. Jnsenb
Chamberlain, il part owner. Tha interview took place in the Hotel Metro-
pole, London. Hon. Mr. Dummnir
"The m.tt.ri to whlcb you reler are
being discuised at the conference of
Colonial Premiere, aud I do not eire to
sav very much about them. My ..wn
opinion il th.t very much could be done
toward, atrengtbening the connection
between tha varioni parte ol the Era
plre bv attention to many details oi
simple, yet practice' natnn. Imperial
penny noatage, tor instance, li in line
with whit I have in my mind, and •
number or thinne in thai nature, If carried out, would do more to hind the
Empire together than some of the larger
project! which are illecuesed. I flii'l
tbe English people very oomervaiiv.
and im-lineii to go on in the way tliey
have always goue 011. It would be a
good idea for them to take more interest in the vi'iiy oilier countries, ami
.specially Ibe other parte ol Ihe Empire,
do things, and by studying their want!
and conditions, adapt their niethotle to
them. For instance, I do not re. why
there should not be a common currency
for Great Billelt', Canada and Aus
tralia. It would be a great convenience
•nd tend lo promote trade and communication. For thii ud other pur
pole!, an Imperial Bund Bank might be
organized. Thli ii .Imply an llinitra
tion of Idea, that could be developed
"Then again the Imperial authorities
•hnnld give every advantage tbey can
to Colonial industries. I am nn' referring now 10 preferential Ir.'1" s.
much as to ordinary contract,. 1 am
inlormed that llielr ageiiii vent < v. r
to Pugel Sound In the United IStrtii
and purchased largely nf inferior gi wli t
of tinned salmon from the canneries
there, when they could hive obt.i ,u
hundred, ol tlioniai.de nl British Colombia'MlmOn in London. It li absurd
to buy supplies in the United Stan
or other foreign countries (or the use
of tbe army, when they can be bought
•■ cheaply ud al good in Canada. 01
courie, . good deal oi war material
lor South Alrica wm obtained in the
Dominion; but not nearly to the extent
to which it wu possible.
"In onr country . good deal ot .Hen
tion li being paid to the development ol
trade on th. Pacific Ocean, ud very
fear have any idea of whit il ponible
b.-aeen Canada ud Ohln. .nd J.pan,
India and Australia, ud th. Sonth
Americn Republics. Th. Britiih Co.
Inmbi. gov.rom.nt il preparing an ei
bauitive report on subjects ol pirtlcu
l.r intereit to that province, inch ••
iron nnd iteel, copper, lead, fish, tlm.
ber, wood-pulp, and manufacture! thereof, ud in three linn we muit look lor
markets in the countriei referred to
ud for obtaining which we have eapeo
ill meui of communication ud unequalled aouicea of supply. By the
way, It itruck me that material might
be ohleln.il by the municipal authorities
in London for block piveuient, which
conld be ihlpped very cheaply Irom
Vancouver .nd Victoria round Can.
"There il alio a grant tr.de to be
developed tbrongh the whole ol Ou.de
.nd tbe Empire in tbeie direction!. The
importance ol tbe Oiieui.l trade i.
fully realised by th. United Slam, .nd
Jamei J. Hill, preiident ol th. Great
Nnrtb.rn railw.v, .nd .0 allocate ol
J. Pierpont Morgan, In a speech bs lore
. Chamber ol Commerce, recently
prophesied an lmm.ni. traffic tor iteani.
srs tunning from Paget Stand, which
he, .lung with others, propose! to operate. With communication eitihliehed
.1 propoied, through th. Northweit ud
Britiih Columbl., north of th. Co..
dlan Pacific lint, it ll easily ponible
that a dally steamer ihould leave our
porti icron the Pacific,
"Vmcouver ud Victorl. In Briliib
Columbia, are In line with thie traffic,
and Ihe whole western portion of Can
•da li deeply ud Inteniely intereiled
in it! development, I fully agree with
my friend, th. Hon, Q, W. Ron, premier of Ontario, th.t quick, ohup lr-.ni-
portatlon, and . mor. effective lyitam
of tilde agencies throughout Ih. Empire are th. principal want, ol th. country at tb. present Urn.. An.lr.li. Is
equally lntereeted with ni In tbii, and
. f.11; Atlantic lervic. in oonneotlon
witb tb. Pacific and trui-eontlnuLI
lines means  muoh to those Sotulierii luin In-sn ai.il   ivhs  iu ii'iif  I"  r-*lur.i
Colonies, and I am glad ,lo lenrn Irom , The -lampera relumed late nt uijli' l""u
Australian representatives that Ihere ie visiting accompanied liy a young gen.
• Itrong feeling there lu favor of join- tlrman, who departed a little later. .
ing with Canada in securing snub a     0.0 the ladies, win. on vi-iv i-nml rt.
lervice, which  wmilil be the grimiest _,,,„„.,.
.».,     a-   . .   .. ... able emotions, saw the sun set orwipon-
ponible off-set to the recent  Morgiiu ,   ,    ,
Steamihlp Ouniolid.il..n. '" '" the WMl' "h" "»1*"1 I'1"-1" "'"""
******* ', ** *********************** t,T+.{<.vi.f**<,->****4***.
this time of year) nnd n-nd nil eorta o
teacun progtioBtit'iiliot:. id coming evil
Irom the elmpu of ihe. cipude.   Even the
wind atnongat the, trees had nn e*rie
Hough about it nf it moaned thunigh
the brunches.   Everything before lurn* j
Ing in time hud at-t-muied to the minds
of  the   ladies the   proper  gliost etoty
attuocphcre;  even   a   child  eJiild tell
thine wai* mischlel iijootthat nigh*.   Ml
retired with heavy heart*, lut prepaied
to sell tlieir liver- dim I.  m heuame tho
descendants of B mil-        -■■■■■ '•■■ n
Upon tin in tu 1 i-i d
i.llU'll  flttt! Mill j
exietei ett
Ir. IlitlM
WlUI'll    . I
vi- lint'ti ahf.iit tin-
u night   vvliftj 1 nn
wasa - iiketo'it liy tin
l0lillitt*p8   UtOVillK    i
'The hulldiiig of another railway line
through Canada to tho Puuifio Qjean,
north of the Canadian Piielflti ratl-Aay,
and more direct, ao far au Btitiuh Columbia and tlie North .vest are eomitrn-
ed, will—il tarried eut—give a direct
Western outlet to the great grain-neldo
of Manitoba and the North weel; and
we look to see large elevators being built
at Victoria and Vancouver in connection with the lurwaiding ol wheat. So
far, the Pacific Statua have, had tiiu
monopoly ol that trade. It was with
pleasure that we learned of the British
Columbia firm eecitring from the Imperial auihoriiieu a lai^a contract fur
supplying grain lo the army in No mi,
Africa, and that is one of ttie practical
ways I havesuggebttd ul accomplishing!
tbe real unity ol the Empire.
"I have uothiug bpeoiiil to t-aj 'ubuut '.>o..n. I.uin-
potltlua in BritishCtluuihia.   Tiieru bui-i j 0f  stealthy
been a good deal ul uncertainty aud huehoB ii-eai bj, Hurrhdly ehe rt.iut*i
unrest In pulitital circlee, but tins Ib the rtfitol ihecHiupere.aid all rupAliid
one of the matters, which, iu a new to tbo arsenal,' 'Where shot gnu*., ill .-.-
country, wlll regulate haelf, and the ami a Blout tlnh «et« ni ?. d tiv
prospects now are that atabllity Is as* j trembling liantle. A >:*.-•:> t -tn 1 i
sured. British Columbia btdug a new j w-hi w«*> held, on-* of ihe Bianie.-i L.iit
country, in paeeing hum one mute of j„ thu ulisir. Toe »dvatitttg**i u| the
tbiogn to another, aud mure prominent [e illy (not the Indy iu onr alto/, or nl
ones, and owing to the prominence it threa atiiea a penny) and tlm good t/t'icte
haa attracted aa h tidd ul enterprise fur uf a uhitige in solid [oimalluu at- up-
Invest meats, many m-utera have been postd to the thin red line ivure ilia-met)*
greatly mlerepretenled and txsggerated ed. Meanwhile the looieU-p-i nine'
through thu pies*. Mining did better nearer and nearei in Ihe hileuee durlt*
last year than ever before, and under  i *-.. •.
0 :h of inn laiiiet! v,ti spered ii» honor,
etfiikt-n im i-i-:
"Ii'b r pnnthm I A mouHierl IcitnBei1
iisejeH Oun-ii ! '
The entire paity loik eior-c order nt
once, whilst every Ultimo wnt- iiointeo
in the diioclliUi u! ihe nppritrti-iiii v
horror, Bv ilnn tluia tlie ynii t* ladt
wli.) t'oul'i t-ei-t|iiit« uii-siriy in 'he ilaik
(tht- eye ol faith «gai' J d elsied me pan*
titt-i na big ;ib a siiihII < lephsnt, and hud
f tn:;- ii loot lung, wiih a monstrous inn
with  whloh   it   wr-a   lastiint*  Ita  eldee
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wnllp.ip r, Curtains,
Crockery, Olnsswii'e, Etc.. Etc.
t KeM In Comfort in Our (looils   t
Everythim* to riii-ui-t- ti homo in   •**•
iuudeet or flahornte siyli;'.    Writo   J
for onr large eAialogUe(fiee) illu»-
trateil and priced (a Btnre In itself).
*****************4***************4****************** *
Coal!   -   Coal.!
eircuinBtancea which at llrat were not
at all proniiHniit. Thu mil put of the
mines for 1901 wat* $..0,1)81),780, as cum-
pared with $10.344 761 iu ltdni. wulcli
lo Us turn i-iHH $4,000,000 iu excess ul
the previuUB >ear, so thai ihu progrefcB
haa been steady and auliH'.uullal, Up
to the present time, lor 1002, I am nut
hi a position to give tlm tiguiee, hut
nave no reutoii lu doubt lhat the rate
uf increatie will be maiutslutrd. Tue
timber industry is 111 a fl inritdnng un*
ditlon, etpecially ui regard to hnme
supply; the nil I In lindin-j an Inoreafied 1 (tiietqultoes
and remunerativ ) maiket iu the North*
weat Tt-nitorieH and Encttru Canada,
whloh jint now are ei.J.ying unusual
prnsperhy. AiiHeulture in BrlllBll Columbia, Iv ptil.ap- the mmt Homiahing
of alluur iuduatile?, iiAing to the huge
and exclusive local maikc-ti* ei.jojt-d,
and for a man with Bouie oiplial to pur*
cha^e an improved, or paitiatly imptuv-
ed farm in Botne fuvored luusllt-.v, thire
It no place 1 eould rf-uointuutid with
greater cunDdenoe, The eRlmou ean-
ning indubtiy htifl largely passed into
tbe handsof a largH tltiaiiclul combination organised In EiBtern Canada, and
with the probable adoption of fieh-trapa,
will he placed on a auiiuder and more
proBperuuB basis In tlm 'u ure.
"I may nay that notwithetatiiliuii iln
alvir*eerilicuiB which have iippt-ured
in Loudon and eUtwhere reiinrdlng
Uiitich Columbia, that iia etetlit haa
iwen ppleudidly maintained,ind an com*
pared with the pricetf BHiich ConsolB,
wi luh Is the only utautluid of com*
p<ri*m, our position la savur.tl points
b tin-than it waa two or three yean
ago, aod 1 am pleated to observe that
In the London markets, Url-i-h Columbian securities show a Met-dy upward
tendnney. And the denuir.d for Invest-
men"* has been demonstrated lo me hv
themiinerouseiiqiiirtt-a I have ltccivnl
respeotiiig the proprsid new loan.
"UrlMsh Columbia Is a O'.mntry which
depamla very largely upon moieextended
means of communication, whioh is ex
pensive to supply. It has, however,
made remarkable prugieis in that re-
Ipect, considering expouse and ditlhuiity
■if Ihe in w railways, ami tic houn an the
'sveral pr<>j"tits for tthhihatlthuilly wuh
obtained during thu reeent tPBtloii of
he Legislature, are carried otii, ae
ntiali ae« Mill grfsier and mom iftpld
development. We may look especially
■er Important tlevelupmentH on the
Cnaat in the manufacture nf irnn and
ii'ee', and paper and Blilp'huildlngi
The*e are Ihe indua ries tuuuled wi'l
the (tommsree of the Pacific, which will
give liritiah Columbia an importance
greater than that of any uf the other
province-) of Canada. I may nay that
the market for Iron and Meet in Ihe
flountriHa bordering on thu Pacific
Ocean, la very great, and that lu 1000
Ui those countries directly triinrabln io
British O'llumhla, them wer"exp-rted
to Great Britain alone products of iron
and iteel suc'i as conl I Im hMaou tbly
manufactured on the Pacific Coast io
the value of £13.270,000. Ih> time
countries imported, ofpapir aid i u p.
loth-rvalue if £5,77*1,102
probably), Sua vowed
ouohlng for it-j etrrlnit nnd
•npltt of lainb>tail Bhattee
j whole party at uuu fell
thnt ii. was u
wonld in n <
annihilate it
Just then something broke om nf tii
Ininlier and trotted up to the htdiea who
were too petrified with tenor tu siir
liand or foot or pull n tritjunr. It was t-
dug; jitBt a common, yellow, unhand*
soma dog, waggfug tils 'nil and a-iving
as plainly BB KiigHsh tiould pay it thai
he ttad come tu guard Ihe camp for the
ladles, and had ihey a bit of a Ix.uu 'Inn
a fellow ruuld luuiiiiatn on ---. an hi
or en?
Sn the friend uf mini (ffi woman)
wae duly entered on the strength} th
cominiaeiariut department charged Up
one more ration to expense account.
The artillery wuu put oway with sundiy
little langlitj and excusatory nm,tika
about being ''ready, aye ready," and
that had it really been a panther whnt
short work wonld I aie lit en madu of
the brute.
In the morning it wati found that not
a guu iu the party had been loaded.
The Leading
■Jlneleenlh Century   aad Alter, fff
Cpntcmpijr.ry   Review,    Fori- iw
plglllly   Review.   Westminster *7-
8Review,    liillnliurgl,    Review, *i
u.rltrl, Review, lllackwra.'. !*"!
dlnburgh Magazine A;*'
StrpiiR,   sternum. Ilnii-lv. snggesllve *9
li-- -
».|j anil  in  live: , ivliul vim wiinl «.'
.■Jt l'iklii.w..lllli-,v„,l,l's,l„iii,;v,siiellv -ii
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J_ wlien yi.iiwniil In kinnr II—Hint's tlie 71
_* vnlllci.rillese reviews lo vim.    Tile ■>**
Weird Adventures of a Camping
Party at Nanaime River,
Upon the hanks of tlie Nsimlmo liver
not lar from the rallwav llieie l» a .inn-
mer uimp mainly i-omposul nf me . lieri
ol the lair sir The oilier evening the
mere man who snvei ai laithftil it g
Ti.y, lo guaiil ran p li) i leht, | ail to go
Ji linlf inlv,.. gpcclnicn copiesscui free
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1***• 'rUt '■ H4-• ,.sf -.■>»■-.-}.sf ...*» .;3 -. ,51.>5
A liiriti- slm-k of lliorauglily sensmieil
Inlnlier-isl nml anil i-ln-s coiisliintly on
llnllil. All onlers strivtly iillellileil to.
Quotations clieeifully given.
I John W. Coburn, 1
T *
•     I
j Wellington Colliery j
X Company, Ltd.
i  Wellington Coai    Best household coal on the Pacific I
X             Coast I
t r
, Comox Coal—Besi steam coal on the Pacific Coast X
* .
t Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house- *
* hold coal .
- ,
The above coals are  mined only  by  the  Wel- t
lington Colliery Company.     Wharves" at Ladysmith, *
* Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baylies Sound. t
I Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San   FYanclwco Agency,
| R.  Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y j
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I ON THE        1
<"•in.vi-iftiit, iona, by
k 8, S. ItleClnr.
Heglnnld Blue It more, Bocond son of Sir
Roland Black more and umiingor of hia
father's ranches In (he southwest, burl
beon visiting ut the Bronlo home for
ton days, bis third visit In twelve
months. Mr. Brome wiih a rich man
nml ambitious, Arthur Reglnnld Black*
morn's elder brother wiih nt the Itlvie-
rn for bis lion 1th, nnd Arthur Rbgltmld
himself was returning io the somhwesl
-and his ranches on the afternoon express.
The vessel was gliding from tbo dock,
.nnd the young people rushed to the mil
enjoying tho amazement on friendly
fnees nt sight of Nell situ ou hoard.
Mr. Humphreys wns not looking nl tho
.crowd on the pier, but ut .luck linn ler,
studying bim with the keen, calculating glance of a nimi of business, nnd
jet In tlmo his glance softened, und ho
took Ihe young mini's arm Impulsively.
"Come along, .lack, and we'll mnko
everything sure for your trip" buck to
New York. Girls, wben you gel t hrotlgll
waving those absurd lings nud have
wiped your eyes, go down to-tbe saloon
nud see the flowers nnd fruit your ox-
trnvagant admirers have sent you."
Rut the two men did not turn right
ln to sec cither the captain or tho pilot.
They walked to tt deserted corner of
thc boat its if by mutual consent, and
the elder mnn began Beiiteniiously:
"lOver been out west, Jack?"
"No, sir."
"Then you don't know whnt grub
Btaklngls, do yon?"
"I've n pretty fair Idea, Mr. Humphreys."
"Well, Jack, my hid, I tliltilc I'll grub
stake you In this deal. 1 believe tbe
Investment will pun out nil right. If
you keep things running smoothly
while I'm gone, you'll have an Interest
In the concern when I come back.
Thnt ought to put you on your motile."
Hunter tried to sny something, hut
tlm words choked him. Hu looked hia
"There, there. Don't make promises.
.Work,   And 1 might u well bt frank
enough to sny thnt, while I like you, it's
for ihe girl. I knew her mother—years
ago." Then with a sudden chuuge of
rummer mid something that bordered
closely on a wink he added, "Now for
tho pilot!"
1 o
 in «>■  st
u 0
"Do you really think it could be arranged?"
"Arranged?   Of course it could."
"Indeed, Nell, I think you might. It
won't bo half bo hard to sny goodby
here as to see you in the mob ut tho
pier.   Pupa, do toll her she must got"
A gray haired man turned nwny
from a couple of reporters to whom ho
hud been Insisting that he wns taking
his two duughtcrs around the world
purely for rest and pleasure nnd that
he had not tho slightest Intention of
Blurting ti branch house nt Calcutta,
"Dour mo, whnt Is nil this excitement about? Wbo must go whore?
Blanche, there goes another bunch of
American Beauties. I witgur they nro
from ono of those callow college boys."
"Ob, bother the flowers.'.' exclaimed
a petite blond, bugging the iirm of
stately Nell Brome. "We want Nell
lo stay on board with ns as far ns the
pilotbout goes and then come buck on
that   Do sny she must!"
Mr. Humphreys smiled into the eyes
of Nell Brome, but something he saw
there mnde his heart contract suddenly. He hnd seen that heart hungry
look In ber mother's eyes years ami
yours before, und it had changed the
Whole current of Ills life. But perhaps
It bud been better after nil. And fiuit
other Noll hud never known whnt it
cost him.
"Pupa, for heaven's sake, ure you
ash-op?   There goes the bllglo!"
And the spoiled younger daughter
hung convulsively on her friend's arm.
The man spoke hastily us one roused
from a dream.
"Of course she shall go with us-to
the ends of the earth, If she likes."
Then In a gentler tone: "ft can be easily arranged, my dear girl. And tbat
you may feel entirely comfortable in
the matter I'll keep Hunter, too"—waving his band toward bis confidential
mnn—"and he shall escort you hack."
He did not catch the grateful gleam
In .lack Hunter's eyes.
"You nre quite sure 1 can make It,
Air. Humphreys. I must uot disappoint father. Uo will ho expecting me
for lunch without full."
A silence fell over the group. Of
course  they  all   understood.   Arthur
The Inst farewells hnd been spoken.
The Humphrey girls had clung tearfully to Nell as their lust link with tbe
homeland which had* become inexplicably and suddenly dear lo them,! the avenues
then pushed her away with messages' puss    before
aud (lowers, consigning her to the ten
der mercies of .lack, the pilot, and a
saucy little tug,
Nell and .lack had been silting in the
diminutive cubin talking of many
things and thinking of but one when
suddenly the girl glanced at her watch
and uttered nn exclamation:
"Where are we? I'm dreadfully
afraid we won't get to town in time."
She rushed on deck and gave a dismayed I'tflo cry.
"Why, we're not going back to the
city at all. We're still In tho Narrows.
Jack, .lack, whatever ahull 1 do? Mr.
Blhckmoro will never forgive my rudeness."
.hick led her back Into the small
cabin safe from Inquisitive eyes.
"Do you really care, Nell, whether
he ever does forgive you?"
Her honest eyes fell before his.
"Father—you know how he feels"-*-
"Whnt I want to know is how you
feel. Are you willing to wait? Oh,
Nell, .Mr. Humphreys is going to do all
sorts of things for me If only you'll
wait.   This was his plan"—
lie stopped guiltily, ami Nell's eyes
opened wide.
"Do ybil menu —Jack, Jack, you're
noi kidnaping ute?"
A Waraltif lo Canadian Onurtri Sent Out
by th* Dominion I)«*iitJ-tnirul or
Afrl-r-ultiirt- at 011 awn.
The following article is from the
pen    of Mr.    H. G. Clark,    U.S.A., |
Chief of the    Seed Division Depart- :
ment of Agriculture.
If tho farmers of Canada wore ae-
quuintcd with the sources of supply of their root crop needs, und
through which they
reaching them, they
would be a great deal morn particular when making their purchases.
Practically all thu sued for our
root crops is grown in foreign court- ;
tries. However important it mny
bo that the seed for such crops bo !
grown in the country where it is j
wanted for Bowing, the cheap labor ;
in those European countries, which ■
havo become tho seed gardens of the
world, has made the seed growing ■
! Industry unprofitable to Canadian :
I /aimers or seed specialists. j
Our supply of foreign grown seeds I
is bought and imported principally
by our  larger seed firms. They may
make their purchases either by paying ,
a commensurate price to reliable 12u- ■
ropean seed growers, men who grow '.
seed from selected   pedigreed    stuck.
or, they may buy seed at a     much
lower price—seed thut is grown    Ijv ;
men    whose chief aim has been    to
produce     a large qutintlty,     Independently    of the quality    of     tho
crop it will produce.     In the former case the seed is grown from    selected plants—from    roots      which
have    an ideal    sue    and     form,
and are known    to be true to name.
For instance, un ideal turnip     is
one   having a small neck, nud    top i
growth.     Such a root when planted    will  produce     a comparatively
'Gracious,- not" came the astonished/smal* growth   of stalks, and conso-
i-oply,    "uv-l-v-jtt see-tbe captain ,U«wntly a small    amount   of seed,
,•„',       , ..." ... '. 11,111     tlm aiinrl     tun.*.*.     salt..!.     -        ,. * 1..
of this tug ami the pilot want to hang
round the harbor until tbey pick up an
Incoming vessel. That's only business,
you know," he added hastily. "It's
entehiug money coming and going,
don't you see? And by the time we do
catch a vessel I reckon the afternoon
express will be headed toward Pittsburg: that's nil,"
"Ob, .luck, you're so clever!" This
In muffled tones, for Jack hud followed
ti]) bis advantage In true lover's fashion.
He sighed even In his moment of
"It Is only tho first move. I'm afraid
that Arthur Reginald Is still In the
It was dusk when a hansom stopped
before the Drome residence and n
soinewlint nervous damsel was restored to the bosom of ber scandalized
parent, .laid-: Insisted upon making the
explanation, and bow well he did It
hut the seed from such a root is
apt to produce a crop like thu
mother root which was planted. On
tho other baud a small turnip having several root prongs, nnd an
excessive growth of top coming from
two or three separate neck growths,
will transmit its like through Iho
seed to tho next crop, Hoed can
be grown from such roots much mnro
cheaply thnn from selected roots,
because, in the first place the mother roots are culls, and are not ns
valuable for feeding, and consequently; thoy will produce a much larger
quantity of seed.
During the lust ten or lift eon yoArs
the seed trade has, to a great extent, been passing from the hands
of seedsmen who devote all their
time to a study of seeds and the
seed trade, into (he hands of local
dealers. Unfortunately, fair competition In tho seed trade, is practically impossible, since thc appearance of most commercial seeds is
but    a slight     indication   of their
enn best be Judged from this extract! vua\ value." The competition has
from n letter which followed Mr. Hum-1 been, und is too largely confined to
phreys by the next mull: j prices    alone.    Farmers     continue
Tlio first move Bcored. Mr. Brome rntsea to patronize the local dealer who
tlie embargo. I nmy call. I rather think | is able to quote a low price for
ho waa Impressed by the fact that n man his goods. The local dealer du-
who  will  gamble a  month's salary on!        d j       p,   a       d    f      ,,
br blni' n tug p lot nn   cap a ft to outwit,     .   , _, .      a.,     '       j .       _        ..
n rival has tlio right stuff in him to make   wholesale   firms, and in    turn there
a flntinolor, | '*aS l"-'L'11    u ("-"''owing    strife mining
  wholesale   seed    linns In the     buy-
A Joker Amnn-f lilrds. ing of  cheup goods, with which    to
Tbe bluejay Is the most persistent | »*Wl*V; looal -dealers.
practical Joker In the feathered kingdom. He will conceal himself lu n
clump of leaves near the spot where
small birds are accustomed to gather,
and whon they nre enjoying themselves In their own fashion wlll suddenly frighten them almost to death
by screaming out like n hawk. Of
course they scatter in every direction,
nml when they do so thc mischievous
rascal gives vent to n cackle that
sounds very much like a laugh. If
he confined his pi-auks to such Jokes
as this, however, he would not be such
a bud neighbor to birds smaller than
hluifidf, but when he amuses himself
hy breaking the eggs In their nests and
tearing the young to pieces with his
bill he becomes a pestilent nuisance,
It is well to mention, however,
that through the progressive spirit
of some reliable seed houses a limited trade of the best stocks of root
crops seeds has been fostered, and
there Is little dltftc.iiIty experienced
among Intelligent farmers, in getting the best quality of seeds
provided they go the right way
about it, and willing to pay a com-
inoiisurato price. But much of tho
root crop seeds sold in Cun-
I ada ore retailed to the far-
1 mer at a price quite as low us
| our Canadian seed houses hu-vo
to pay reputed European seed
growers for tho best seed from
■elected    pedigreed stock.
Appeals have been made, both hy
seedsmen und farmers, to place such
restrictions   on the    seed trade   as
und tbey often combine their forces to[ will    serve to    withdraw    the
drive hint out of the neighborhood,   aponslbllity      connected   therewith
They do not always succeed, for he
Is its full of fight ns of mischief, hut a
severe coufilet tenches him thnt they,
too, have tbeir rights, nud this Induces blm to mend his manners.
The  nineovery  of p-rnnmlte,
Alfred Nobel as far back as IMS,
during n residence In Prance, produced
the first nitroglycerin powder that was
then known, It was lu Hamburg that
he   discovered  by   chance  dynamite
giilir. Some of his powder had trickled 	
out of a cask on to the damp soil and jjft*p~ thTmost" striking example
become spoiled by the Infusorial earth. 0f where leglslution hus hem ap-
Thls was a hnppy accident, for as soon plied to improve the conditions nuns the moisture hnd evaporated he der which oommorcinl seeds are
round tbat one part of this earth lo sold, is in the State of Maine,
thr'ce parts of nitroglycerin not onls   whore mil seeds sold     must    be nu-
from the hands of incompetent local dealers. With root crop seeds,
this aim may be reached by nl-
lowing only reliable seed bouses
or seed Importers the right to place
such goods on tho market: by allowing them to place goods iu
sealed packuges, each package to
be properly labelled, and to boar
the name and consequently the
reputation of tbe seed house; in
the hands of local dealers to be sold
on commission only. Official interference in tho seed trade imiy
have   objectionable features.      1't
improved its substance ns nn explo
sive, but mnde It safer for handling.
In 1870 Nobel dissolved nitrocellulose
.In nitroglycerin, which guve It n more
gelatinous substance. After this he
found (bnt the more gelatinous eellu-
compnnied with a statement,
showing tho percentage of pure
and vital seeds. They have extended to their seed trnde a modification of the act which is used
in Canada to regulate the quantity    o* commercial    fertilizers, nnd
lose was mixed in the nitroglycerin the  tho"    results    have clearly    demo
more sulid It became and the more  strated    that, whatever evils     may
slowly It burned, both of which
Import nut discoveries, Of this sub-
stiiuec be mnde a fuse, only to find
tbat it was hardly satisfactory hecnuse
It bad not sufficient strength to act as a
driving force.-Westminster Kevlew.
accompany an enforced guarantee
system in connection with the
seed trade, lt Is an effective Way
to improve the quality of commercial seeds, especially of clover
and grasses, of which a great deal
is sold tn somo districts in Canada, that contains large quantities of noxious weed seeds and
decided    injury    riot    only to
Herbert Spencer nnd Billiards,
Herbert Spencer  used  to  love  his is  _  -______________________________^_____________
game of billiards, at which he was ex- the farmer who buys It, but to the
ceptlonnlly skilled, and his was u well locality where it is grown.
known figure about the billiard tobies * '—' ~
of the Athonmuin club.   In one of his Ka-.Hr Made cim-ii**.
characteristic letters Youmnns, while     nrick choc80 cnt, bn mnro     easily
In London, given un umnsliig account of mndu on the ordln try farm thnn nny
bis experience wilb Spencernt a game other kind, ns it  is simple and the
of billiards: "I play billiards here wiih outfit Is less expensive.    If n homo
Hpoiicor   every   night   nfter   dluiier. ninrket can    bo obtained it Is more
Scratches here are called fiukeH.  Spen profitable thnn ally other kind. The
cor gives mo thirty, and I get fifty first process is about Iho somo ns making
about onco In three. But I do a stupon- "l"*1*' cheese except  thnt the     milk
dons amount of fluking, sometimes to! ,nusf- ho sw,vt ,uul f™0 f''?11, m,y in7
Spencer's great disgust.   We started. 'e,:tion *ml to.°_milc" "   , mmi „*?
the other night, and I fluked up to flf J » ^'T' '"^.iTSSL tSi
before ho get one.  He standi^ Kdt« nt iW.'S
1 assure lilm It la my usual way." ,[m,    "»«■»■** » •*
B. C,
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping  in- §
dustry of the Pacific Coast.
f It is the largest railway centre in British
| Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
|        ducrion works to be erected here.
First class water system,  electric light
and power plant about to be installed. |
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
i-very facility for manufacturers and all
j needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm*- LADISMITHILEAOER. AUGUST 2,   190?.
Here? I
Better try tin a little—in time
you'd have more money.
We really ought to have as a
customer every man In this district.
If *"iu'rfl a customer of ouib we
thank you for your patronage.
We're planning dny and night
to have here for your approval the
latest toggery that the hraineet
men of North America and Europe
produce. Anything that's new,
you'll find it in our store firet—
Then we shave the prices a little
finer, tool Because we sell for
cash. A Camera with every $10
I IG. D. SCOTT CO.,  j
x x
4*f** * * ,4*****************
Don't fall to iee G.ll. Gavin's Bamplee
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon'i office,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at at-
toniihingly reisonalile prices.
On Wedneiday night Wellington
HoAlpine, . young miner, bad hit right
urn broken In two places in Extension
tunnel, by coming in contact witb the
electric motor. McAlpine lately came
irom Victoria. He ie progressing favorably under Dr. Turnbull'a care,
H»y had ■little ring;
It ihon witb beantv rare.
She mid it wai ber engagement ring
And wu nought at Lively's atore,
Mr. B. B. Andenon oi Nanaimo hai
the contraot lor putting in the bath and
plumbing work io tbe Davia House,
Fint Avenue. He was buiy on it Thursday and yeiterdiy.
Th. tim. to advertise is .11 the time,
II it li a nice clock yon are looking lor
we have them Irom $1.00 to (18.00. W
H, Lively, Ladysmith's Leading Jeweler
Visitors from Ladyemith and district
will find In this wel I'appointed houso all
tbe home uomlorts. Lunches fur lady
shoppers a specialty. Terms strictly
moderate, Servicj and cuisine llret
MISS B.KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johniton Block,      •     Nanaimo, B, 0
P. 0. Boi, 37, Tel. 145.
Vt.it.   Lidyimlth   every  Saturday.
Houn Irom 0 a. m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotiford Hotel.
The Shekwim-Wiuihk Pants
Ladysmitli,       • B. C.
Aunt for B.  W. Paint.   McGlaiy'a
gftbvM wd Ranges.
An attempt has been made lately to
open up Buller atreet, to save the long
j u: at present taken, Buller street Is
the natural acr.esB from the Esplanade
ami station to First Avenue and all the
north end.
The time to advertise is all the time.
The very latest is a proposed automo
bile line between Nanaimo and Lady
smith and Cumberland, The matter Ib
actually being taken up in Nanalmo by
a nuuili-r of gentlemen.
I'rof. Charles Culley, late of the Toronto Conservatory of Music, wilt start
a class here, commencing on August
2nd, for tbe purpose ol leaching violin,
piano, mandolin and all stringed instrument**. Parties wishing to rpHvMn-
si ructions will add rets Prof. Charles
Culley, JNnnainm, B. C. '
Lively repairs all kin.Is of English
Swiss and American watches.
Another butcher will open up a first*
class shop in Ladysmith In a few days.
The butchers of the town will Boon have
to start an agitation for a slaughter
house of their owu. They are busy men
these days.
If you want to gH a nice ring remember we can make anything you want
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
Tne New Vancouver Coal Company's
foreign cnal shipments lor July amounted to 30,1118 tous, according to the returns published in the Nanaimo papers,
which, however, are incomplete.
Mr. E, J. Palmer, manager of the Chemainus Lumber Mills, has compromised
the lawsuit which Pr. Kobert Telford
had brought against him for #2 000 (or
professional services rendered. Dr. Tel
lord has accepted $750 in full of bis
List of Subscribers to Fund to Provide Hose Shelter.
Following ie the list of names nf sub
ecribere to the fund to build a boie and
reel shed for the newly-acquired property. All householders and properly owners in Ladysmitli aie earnestly invited
to help in this matter, the smallest donations being welcome. Tiik Lk.iti.it
will gladly receive and add to Mr. J. E
Smith's lie. any stuns entrua'ed to i I
uare.   Tbe list is hb follows l
Leiser A Hamlinrger t '. 00
J. Mottrati    1 IH)
Lot Junes    ) i0
W. H. Mason    2 f0
Mr. MnMiiririe    6 10
C. Stevens    2 10
(j. W. S-oll     1 (HI
Cory 8. Ryder    2 iO
0. A. Campbell    1 00
W. H. Lively    1 00
C. Daviee    1 00
T. C. MnKeuelley    2 00
A. S. Obristli-    2 00
V. Baby    1 00
R. II. Oardner    1 00
John Bickle    1 00
B. Welnrobr    1 00
E. Rolston    2 50
W.Southin    1 00
C. W. Mills ,.  1 00
Mr. Coiubalv   1 00
McNichol A Wood  1 00
It. Willlamion  1 00
T. L. Grahame  3 00
Total tn dele »40 60
William Wilson Asleep on Railway
Is Seriously Hurt.
When the .pedal (nun Ladyimith to
Nanaimo carrying the people who went
to aee the Pollard Opera Company, wai
pulling out of South Wellington on the
return journev, Wedneiday night, tbe
engineer fortunately law juat in time
a man lying acroas the track, evidently
asleep, The train was brought to a
stand still, hut uot before the unfortunate man bad received rather serious injuries abont the lege and back. Had
the train bad time together way nothing
could have sav.d the man, wbo wai
lound to be WillUui Wilion, * miner,
who v, oiks at E.leiisjon. He wa. taken
to Nanalmo Hospital, where his condition wai coniidered ctitical. Dr.
ilrysilalo dreaied tbe injuries.
On Wedneiday last • wedding in which
Lidyimlth people ire intereited look
place ln Vancouver, wben Dr. Telford,
late physician ol Gb.rn.lnn. Oeneral
Hospital m.rried Hill Ellen Maude
Muuro, daughter ol the luperlntendent
of the Victoria Lumber Oompuy'. mill,
at Chemainm, Th. couple will ipend
their honeymoon io N.w York, On hii
return to Vancouver Dr. Telford will
assume tbe m.nag.m.nt ol a private
hotpital, which ll neirly 6niihed.
Running in full force in
1,-itiyniiit.il Bay,    ,    ,
Get the Double Tacoma Spoon Bait for
Trout or Salmon, A Sure Killer,
From SOu to 50** Each at
Shaving Parlors
lliiih Street.
IJnlr eiilljnir nnd ltt-nnl
trimming it Spt-'ciiilty,
Commercial St.
Methodist Church—Rev. W. G. Tanner, B.A., {.actor, Sunday: 11 a.m.,
gabbath School; 7:80 p.m., preaching
service and administration ol Sacrament
of Lord's Supper.
Chnrch of England—Aug. 8rd, tenth
SuLday after Trinity,   11 a.m., Mnllna
and Holy Communion; 2:30 p.m., Sunday School; 7:30 p,m., liven snug.
A. Sorivkn, Miseiomuy in Chaigi*.
Catholic Ohurch—Services every Suu-
day as follows: Mass at 10 a. m. Benediction at 6 p. m.
First Presbyteri-Hi.—Aug,' 3, morning
service at 11, Sunday school 2:30, evening service 7:30. Evening subject:
"Second-class Religion."
Nanaimo- B. 0.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest an.1 Beat—Bit. and 10c u ropy.
All latest Hongs und pieces,
Musical Instruments of HI! Kinds,
in Strings, Etc, Etc,
Made and repaired. All wink
Guaranteed, Inspection in*
Captain Yates and Captain Chris-ten-
sen came from Nanaimo on Thursday
morning's train on piloting uusiueeB,
Mr. R. B. Anderson, the well-known
Nanalmo engineer and electrician wns
io Ladysmith Thursday attending to
some work.
Mrs. McAlpine, of Victoria, arrived on
the noon train Thursday.
Mr. A. R. Johnston, of Nauaiuio, arrived on yeBteiday morning's train and
spent the forenoon in Ladysmith.
Mr. John Mahrer, of Nanaimo, was
one of the visitors to the coining industrial metropolis of Vancouver Island
Mr. Mottishaw, of the Five Acre Lots,
Nanaimo, la in the town on bu-jinet-B
feeing many of his former Exteniion
Dr. William McKechnie, brother of
Dr. R. E, MtKechnie, lalephyaician to
the New Vanconver Cnal Company, was
married this week in Vancouver.
Mr. A. J.'tCitto, a Victoria barrister,
will open an office here. For the present he can be found at the Ab'ioteford
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c,
nrtlpjj n skotfltl nnd (loser Int Inn mny
llniit.nlndlynmilili'iiMiil. ll.itiillii.uki.il I'ati'iilH
linn ir.-.-. ut.I.mi m-i'iift- fin- nei'iivini: initi'iii-..
I'jiliniis t-ilmii ilirmittli Munn A Co. receive
■t-irrliil untie-*, wltllout t'linrno, In tlio
Scientific American.
A hiiiid-mitipl-y- llhmt ruled •woeklj'.   t.uwf-t elr-
-iiliill.Mi .( i,.it ■>. I..II1III.* J...in.ill,    Turin*. 1.1 n
: i-.iii-limiiiiiH, ijt. Sola liy nil novidonion,
.._r"I & Co.as,B™***~'*How York
llmni-li Ulllco, (125 V St.. Wi.--.ii I out on, 1), O.
One second-hand horisvmtn) boiler,
with stack, injector and fittings complete, all in good or-'er. Sine nt boiler 2
It. 11 dm. by 11 ft. 8 in. Iiuitr; .lump 2 fi.
dla. by 21 In. high, with 34 tub??, •-■*,
in. din. Reason fur seHim*. using gas
instead of steam. Price $200 if taken at
once.   Apply to
Nanaimo Steam Carritge Worki*.
P.O. Boi 133, Naiittimn, B.O.
Ice colli Lemonade, Sofi Drinks of
all Kinds.    Fruits, Pastry, Bread,
— FOB—
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
T-- riders will be received a', the office
uf tl--' Ladysmith Lumber On,. Ltd,, up
k* fi i; m. on Anguft 5th, 1002, for clear-
It g u lot for tin- Union Brewing Co.,
Nttuaimo. Toe plan uf the lot can be
seen at tbe above mentioned office any
time durint- business lu urn.
Tl.e lowest, or any lender nnt, necessarily nciepM-il
By order of
JAMES KELLY, Amhilect.
Best Service,
Fastest Time, ..
Lowest Rates,
A good aperiiitat Inn fur Mining Com- Tickets nn Sale
ponies   Futtr Mineral Cla iimf-ir saleor Tn    .. .     ■,;.CT..DW    ..a,,™,
to bond.   All true llssure veins, ninnlng T0    ALL    BASTBRIN    POINTS.
parallel, carrying chalcopyriie and iron
ore ou mrfine. j I'oi p&tnphletfl nml nil information apply
Di»tntice from Ladysmitli 8 miles, nud I       tu any C.I'.K. agout.
emu-Rile, ill. U. ABBOTT,      W. MoQlRtt,
For further particulars apply by tetter       ,     , „  . ,        »     ,
t0 ' '."   ' Agenl, Victoria,       Agent, N-iiudmo.
13. J. COYLE,
Aest. Gen I. Pans. Anent, Vancouver.
Lndysuiith, B.C. i
w^w^WMfu-i intm**m» %^%^%tm*fi% w 9,% pMa4ju\*9,%*,% *%■&* ■
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
1 I
<t fvavfinprvt i*m -•»■«•, tn nnttt* **'mw**i*^*&K***i*i*i^^****b*&*
Cuban Cigar Factory
£ Manufacturers of lh>- FnmmiB
None hut Union Lubur employed,
M. J. BOOTH,        ' - I'r.iprletor.
Painti.ig, Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
[.eav.i iinlers Inr inaitresB limiting at
(Japt. Dlllnn's Olhcei Esplanailp, where
-umplsa .ian be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Outset, street.
.'KbitiBt woik uf all aimls.
All kindi i.l anft wo-il furniture mmlr
anil leinilroil.
Maple Lodge,  IN... 6., 1. O. O. T.
iVlueis every Weilui-sday evening in
Niuhotsiiii's' Hull. Visiting menibe.s
nn- tmnliully iuvili'tl.
H. NIMMO (l.T.
No. 31,
Meets everv Wcilliesitily eieintin lit 7.30o'clock,
Visitors crdtiilly iuvitcit.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Mpete every Friday in I. O. O. F. hall at
7:80 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Seo.
David    Murray,
Buller street,        -       Udysmlth
Shop will lie oni'ii i-vury Thursday.
Friday im   Si.hir.luv,
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of eity and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimalt &   Nanaimo  Railway
Reduced Rates and Special Train Service to Victoria
S'"!,f»S' RE-UN,0N-*,f,»,«l""l» P«ik»ltl, Atlilello.nd National Sp-.il.
Orand Flower Carnival, Championship Baseball and Lacrosse Match
BOXINa TOURNAMENT-Betwean numbers ol H M. N.val and Mllltarv forr.1
I. M. Ships at Kiqnlmalt wlll participate in the Mlebrallon StMlU. N..d*S.
Viotoria, Oamdlau Artillery and other band. In attendanci ' *"M'm*
«m.t.^.,„D,.!;LuniNAT'ONa-0,1'''rll,u,B,,,B"ll,li-'»'' to*™ H°°-«. •»<-
FRIDAY—Trains leave Ladysmith .1 0.10 a.m. and 7 60 n m
_ATURDAY-.Tr.lni Leave l..dy.n,i.h at 0.10 a.m , and BM[p.m.
Returning Trains Lesv. Vlmorla Friday Aug. 8th at 7 00 o m
t"y.a5\\bAm'B'b"9°°"'ni"*'M*°d 10'80P'm- "°(1 'm8UNDAY * 0-M
PARE FOR THE ROUND TRIP ONLY ll-sO-Chlldren under 12  7» ™,„i.
rickets good going Frld.y .nd Saturday r.larning ZM«™b.a 8BDdM, AiiglOU,
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manigtr


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