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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 23, 1902

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!' the people that save
!' money trade with
/ j >
i; For Boots and Shoes ?
: Sickle's is the store |
VOJi. 1. NO. 65.
"mf^it^itiffi.Wil.l.MSV.'.'.'.l.i;!. '<*i\*i»<oV*&''i<*^^
X 19th APRIL, 1902. X
This is Our Millinery Opening Day.
Jessop's Pharmacy
Our Modiste having returned from the European
and American centres of fashion with the latest and
most fashionable styles iti. Millinery is prepared to
supply the most critical taste with the daintiest of
dainty Spring aud Slimmer. Head Gear.
Come and judge for yourselves. We shall have
much pleasure in showing you our choice and varied
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale aud Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street,            -           • Ladysmith
H*Mt^^*^^*^^*^^W^*Wj-^ • • ■
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Ban-later, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, Rte.
Money to Loan.
Amended Report of the Chamberiain-
Act as Amended and Passed last
Member Can. Society of Civil  linglncers
Member Institution of Electrical Itilgineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. o. Dor 357
Baker and Confectioner,
Pliln and fancy bread.   Cakei .nd putrid ol all description!.    Fruits   in
When Visiting Nanalmo Try
Hi   C«   W*
David    Murray,
Buller Street, •       Ladyimith
Shop will be open every Thursday.
Friday and Saturday,
Thla new hotel hai been completely
furnished with ill modern convenience!.
Excellent table, white cooking, The
bull supplied with the finest wines,
liquors snd cigars. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,      •      Lidyimilh, I). C.
One laet is better than a Ocisn
Hearsays.    If   yon   want   the 4
choicest meats go to
Ladyemith, B, 0.,
K. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh supply   ot   Vegetable!
alwayi on hand.
Special attention given to ihipi' f
i implies.
****** ********************
get Intnred al once, for it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD ind RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you st a moment's notice si
the loweit possible rates. All lesding
companies charge the same rates. Don't
be misled into inturing with a cheat
company-it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drswsr 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
Nsw Milk, Creamery Butler, New Laid
Eggs and Freih   Vegetablei iiipplled
Daily.  Leave orden st the roit office,
Wm. Beveridge, Prop,
Thli new hotel has been comfortably fumlihid ard Ihe ler Is np lo dale.
Beit accommodation for transient and permanent hoarder! and ledgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade* Ladysmith, B. 0.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
R. II. Johnilon,  Victoria, lias Ihe
finest selection  In the province.   See
samples at Leiser A Hamburger', itnrr.
Pricei and estimates cheerfully given.
Roses In grest variety.
Savoy    Theatres
Cauada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Thi, old Kstabliied, Fi.st.0liu and
Popular Hotel il moat comfortably furnished, centrally aitualed, Bus meets
train". Excellent Cnislne. Bar stocked
wiih the finest winei, liquors and clgaii.
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUlftniNQ,        - Proprietor,  .RfiJSS
A******* ****** ***************************************
We are Agents for
:   Large stock of English Fishing Tackle, Lacrosse floods, Etc,
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. \
ns-assaanss...- Kodaks, Films, Etc.   4
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Fir. Proof Safes.
High class picture frame ruiklog!
•killed workmanship; iitlilaotion guaranteed. Eitlmatei cheerfully given, 0,
B, Robelee, Fint Avenue and Gstaoro
itreet, Lidyimlth, B.O.
Wholeiale .nd Retail Dealen in Meats.
Poultry   and Vegetable!,  Game ln
eaion,  Shipping orders attended to on
Tlie Crescent Hotel
Wm, Hepple, proprietor,'
First-class accommodations lor miner,
and transients.   None but'
The Best Wines and Llquore
■erved at tho bir.   Give ui s call.
Cor. Victoria Rd A Oommerclsl gi,
NANAIMO.     -     •     B.C,
Citizens af Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Barque Gatherer.
Notice is htreby given Hint the owner*, agenti
or muter *tll not be reiponslblt for any dents
tontrtcted by the officers or crew of the Ilnrqiie
Oathcrer while In thli port.
J. tl. Yoiltiggreil,
Ship Eclipse.
Notice it hereby given thit (he owners
agent! or mailer will not be responsible
for any debts contracted by tbo officers
oronwof the American ehip Eclipse
while In thli poll.
N. Linen,
Entirety refurnished and renovated,
Fint-cliis table. Every accommndntion
tor lulls, visiting Nanalmo, Mn. T. J.
Thorns. In charge ol dlnlnii room will be
happy lo welcome all old Wellington
and Ladyimith li lends.
Amongst the Leader's many intelligent subscribers, the Leader Ib proud to
mt a young Irishman of intellectual
,. oclivilieB.    Like   thousands  of  hit
eels ir'A' countrymen this  young  lelluw
grieved mucli more sorely over John
-Dillon's extraordinary unreadiness and
willessncis than over the rudeness of
hi. retort upon Mr. Chambeilain'e cutting re mark.   Tbe Leader's young Hibernian Iriend cursed vehemently (in
the native Erse, of coarse, the queen of
languages for poetry and passion) when
he read ol how John Dillon had shown
the dulucss ol wit worthy of a Saxon,
When be ihould have let the world
haghlng at his opponent witb a rapier
thrust luch as   O'Connell or Parnell
[could have given,   And lie has handed
to this paper lor publication tbe following verbatim report of a driam he had
in which Ireland's reputation for wit
and ready satire is  amply sustained.
"I fell Bsleep, iike Mill, on the moan-
tain ot Bagdad," he writes, "sorrow and
shame for Dillon's stupidity and Ireland's name,  weighing me down like
lead, when suddenly I fonnd myself in a
scene of grandeur and great activity.
The hum of many volcei came to me,
wae tested at a sloping deek in a gallery
overlooking a great hall, sumptuously
appointed,  Gloriously the light streamed through tbe mullioned wiudows and
lit up with heavenly raidance the ei-
quiiite carvings in oak and stone, and
casta sainlly aureole around many a
bald head in the august convocation oi
grave personages Ecatcd in Ihe stall! and
benchel below.    It wai tbe   Britiih
Home of Common!, and I wai chief reporter for tb. London Dally Will, and
'special' for the Sligo and Ualway Annl-
bilator.   Shorthand li no name for mv
mechanical transference ol those speak-
sn' thoughts and words to my notebook.   Evening wote on and crimson
•nd purple splendours filled tbe chamber like a dream ot heavenly glory.   A
tall, tmootb-ibaven  man,   wearing a
monocle, bii nose tip-tilted, wonderfully like Pitt's; a mouth like a iword
■lash In the face, and eyes as bird ai •
raven'! rote, to ipeik,
"'Joe. first penon,' growled the old
grey chief reporter behind me to his
corpi of itenographers, 'two minute
gun; you liiet Smith.' And tff they
went, and le went and I.
"A line speech, bedad, but au un-
merciiul gait. Ah I he's coming to the
Beer war! Now for fun I Irish interiup
lions and inteijeoliona coma like popping shot! from a distant battery and
Chamberlain's temper wai rising. Hear
bii voice getting that hardware edge on
it; the Birmingham fighter is ready for
anybody now. Ware hawks I here it
comes :—
"Kt. Hon, Jos. Chamberlain—I may
say, Mr. Speaker, and I say tt witn tl..
greatest pleasure, that the Been who
nave been fighting ou the Britiih aide
nave done epletdid leivice, Thoy—
'Mr. John Dillon—Tbey ire traitor,
'Hi. Hon, Mr. Oiiatnbeilain, gszirg
fixedly at Mr. Dillon, and epeakinii
very ilowl. -The boo. member should le
a good judge of traitor..
"Terrific uproar; hooti, cheers and
counter chccii. Mild demonstration ol
tbe Iriab,
"Mr. Julin Dillon—Crrtafnly, that is
per led ly true; I lave been making a
special study ot the Rt. Hon. gentleman
for lome years.
"Renewed uproar, wild and long continued cheering, by the Irish, in which
the whole opposition pined, The hon.
member for Northampton (Mr. Henry
Libouchere) shouted: 'Bravo, eir, bravo I
Mr. Chamberlain turned very white,
fumbled nervootly with his papers ind
appeared lo be much confused. Upon
lilence belrg restored.
"Rt. Hon. Mr. Chamberlain—Doei
tbe lion, member cell me a traltot ?
"Mr. Dillon.in a'deliberate tone-The
Rt, Hon. member's aclioni ipeik louder
than my words.
"An indescribable scene followed thli
remark, and Mr. Chamberlain nt down
—collapsed would be a better word. It
was impossible to teBtore order amongst
tbe Irish membeii, who frantically
oheered and applauded Mr, Dillon. Mr,
Speaker ruled that Mr, Dillon withdraw
his injurioui remark.
"Mr. Dlllon-1 will do so if the Rt.
Hon, member withdraw his equally In-
jurious expression. Both gentlemen
retracted snd neologised smld cheers."
Mr, Gilinoui'a bill to amend tbe
'MaBter aud Servants Act," with regard
to oinpli yuient ol medical practitioner!,
was reported by the committee of tbe
whole as complete with amendment!
last Thursday. The act now stands ai
1. Tnis Aet may  be cited  as   the
'Master and Servant Act Amendment
Act, 1002."
2. This Act shall apply only to cities
or towns of more than three thousand
3. Whenever thirty (30) or more woik.
men or servants employed in, on or
about any work or undertaking by a
master, request, in writlog, tucb matter
to deduct from their wage! a mm to
provide for medical attendance, it shell
h, the duty ol such master to give immediate ill'ect to such request; the
amount of such anui shall be determined
by such wotkmen or servant!, aud the
medical practitioner selected.
4. After the said r.quest ba, been
made, each workman or ecivanl employed in, on or about the work or undertaking, shall enter the name of a
duly qualified practitioner whom he
desires to be attended by, in a book to
be kept by the master for that purpose,
aud etich workman or aervant may, at
any time, alter tbe name of tbe medical
practitioner, upon giving one month's
notice to the muter, it iball bs ths
duty ol tho master to pay tbe sum 10
I deducted to the medical practitioner 10
named, and no other Bum shall be deducted Irom the wages uf a workman
or servant hy a master for medical attendance.
0, A master who shall refute to comply with the two pieceding sections, or
shall use any Influence or intimidation
or selection of a medical prictitioner ll
aforesaid, ahall be liable to a penalty ot
fifty dollars (.50) for each offence, to be
recove.ed on complaint of .ny penon
nnder tbe provision! of the "Summiiy
Convictions Act."
Items of Special Interest to This
Oa Friday tbe estimate! wen brought
before the Provincial Legislature, and
tbe following grant! sre selected si being oi special intereit to reader! of th*
Leader throughout thil diitrict:
Contiibution to Victoria towirdi con-
itruction of Point Ellin bridge, (30,000;
North Victoria, maintenance of road,
and bridges, (6,000; Sonth Victoria,
18,000; Efquimalt, (11,000; Cowiehso,
(8,000; Alberni, (3,000; North Nanaimo,
(6,000; Sonth Nanaimo, (16.000; Nanaimo city, outaide municipal limits, (1,710
Comox, (11,300; Vancouver Island main
Trunk road, |l),000; surveji generally,
(13,000; contingenclea for public workl
generally, (60,000.
Tbe following come under the bud of
Library, legislative, additlonal.to (1,600
voted, (236; library, travelling, additional te (600 voted, (125; refnndi, additional to (6,000 voted, (6,000; Board ol
Horticulture, additional to (1,000 voted
(250; lithographing mips, additional M
(1,000 voted, (160; Provincial Board ol
Health, additional to (8,000 voted, (26,-
000; reception lo T. H. H. tbe Dnk.
aod Duchesi of Cornwall, (11,966,211
compensation ior loss instsined in ongoing marble quarry on Texada Island, re-
lulling from error in issuing Int. for
Und previously Crown-granted, (1.7118)
! compensation to owner! of cattle lor Ion
sustained by tuberculosis, (800; Royal
Commission on charge! made againit
government by the member for Ron-
land,   (1,500;   Royal   Commisiion   r.
Chineie .nd Japanese immigration, ap.
proximate. (4,600; Atlln mining commission, (1,600; Coal minen' etamina-
tioni, allowance! to eximinen, leer.-
taties, etc., (2,000; Dairymen'! aiioci
tion, guarantee againit loal on impor
tion ol pure bred itock, (700.  Tot
Cemetery Site to be Thoroughly
At the regular weekly meeting of the
executive, Ladyimith Board cf Trade,
Monday night, it wai decided to iccept
an offer to link a number of holei at
different parti of the cemetery eite at a
I cost of (15. Thil work wai done yeiter-
day under direction of the cemetery
trnsteei. The executive, recognizing
that weekly meetings ore too trequent,
decided lo hold executive meeting!
monthly and have  general   meeting!
I quarterly.
Another Important Industry to bo
Started. Here.
Public Meeting Saturday Night Opens
In accordance with the call published
in these columns to take preliminary
action regarding the celebration ot Dominion Day in thie town, a email nam*
ber of cltlzsns gathered in Gould'l bill
Saturday night, and broke tbe ice by
paning one resolution and adjourning
until next Satutday night.
T. L. Grabame wai temporary chairman ind W. W. Southin lecretary pro
tern. H. Hughes moved, leconded by
W. W.'Soothln, that this meeting ol
citizens ol Ladysmith cordially invile
the people of Extension, Sooth Welling-
ton and other neighboring places to join
with them in celebrating Dominion Day.
Aid also that this mei tiug adjourn in-
111 next Saturday night to give repre-
lontatlveB from those places an opportunity to be present.   Carried.
Proprietor. **"■'
Nanaimo'e fashionable tailor, Caldwe
ol Commercial Street, hu just opened
out .rare display oi new leaion'i goodi.
Gentlemen ihould mil and in Ibe pal-
Oo several occasion! Thi Leader has
noted that Menu. Ramming Brother!,
proprietor! of Ibe well-knoan Plonur
Bottling Work! of Naniimo, intended to
open . branch cf their establishment la
thli town. It il now learned th.t this
will tak. pl.ee very soon. Ih. pl.nl
lor tbe minuficture of ths beverages pnl
np by Messrs. Ramming, hu iriived,
snd will bs forwarded to Lsdyimith in a
lew dayi. They have alio hid bniltfor
them st Mr. Stanley Crslg'i Stum
Carriage worki, Nsnsimo, a fine delivery wigon for lervice in snd around
Ladyimith. Th. firm expect to be sbi*
to start business here in s few weeks.
Dr. Robert Telford, lite reiident physician at Chemainus General Hospital,
hu levered hii connection with tb.t
institution. He puled up to Nanaimo
on S.turd.y on bii w.y lo V.ncoov.r.
Hii pl.ee hu been t.ken by Dr. Leiair.
nntil th. .nival ol Dr. Rogers Irom
Montreal, wbo will succeed Dr. Telford.
Dr, Lizslre will proceed to tba Yokoa
when relieved by Dr. Rogers, wbo hai
not yst passed Ihe B.O. provincial medical examination, which takes plac.
early in May.
Mill Jonea, who hu filled Ih* office of
matron to the hospital 10 well snd Isith-
lully lor lome yesn, li sin leivii g, 10
tbe great regret ol everybody in Oh.*
malnus. She hu gone to reside In Vic-
toil., snd it is expect*! wii: Hill b»
connected with hospital woik.
As announced in the Leader a I.w
day. .go, Min Fraier, sister ol Dr, R, L.
Fraeer, of Victoria, hu accepted tha
petition of matron in mcciiiion to Mil.
on Ammo i«i vicToniA.
In the Metropolitan Methodist church
Victoria on Wedneiday evening' lut
week a choir of 150 voice! nnder the
leadership ul Mr. Gideon Hioki give
Haydn's masterpiece, "The Creation,'
with fine effect, There wai, unfortunately no orchestra, an enormous drawback,
but Mr. Jeiee Longfleld at the organ
did well, MIsb Bradley, soprano, of
Tacomn, and Mr, A. T. Goward, tenor,
ol Victoria were the cbtef tola-
Ills. The chorousei were ai s
rule given with spirit snd correctness.
Tiken a a whole, tbe performance wu
attiitlcally successful.
From an intim.t. Iilend ol Dr, Mo-
Kechnie, 1.1. phytloUn lor the Now
Vancouver Coil Compuy, Nsnsimo, II
li learned thst the doctor will villi
(Hindi In Eastern Canada, tiki a pmt-
graduate courie in one of ths Nsw fork
hospital!, probably Bellevue, snd then
return to Vsnconver, where bs hill
icttls down to practice, Dr. McKechnie
li very will-known in Vancouver.
Now'e ths day .nd now'i ths hour to
got yonr watch cleaned up lor iti long
spell of day snd night duty throughout
ths euauing year, I mike . apecialty ol
grooming watohei, Try me ind be convinced.  Lively'1, lesding jeweler, First
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
rkc Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
■i Street, Udyemith, Britlah Colombia.
T. r, ORAHAMK, Bnitos Asm FionuBToa.
Oss year (rtrtctlylnadvai.ee) - I1 °°
Is months (atrictly m advance)'  . *5
p TRANSIENT-Flrst insertion 10c. a tine; each
.abstu.ii.iit insertion sc. a line.
Rites on application. No wood cuts used.
Cats for regular use should be all metal.
Msrrlsge, Birth, Death and Fuueral notices,
sack insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
Haa, will be charged for until ordered lo be discontinued.
THS IgADSR wlll.be found at tlie following
IsdysBlth-The Uader Office; The Udysmlth
Kaaauao-E. Plmbury 81 Co.
VWorni-lPublic Library; Provincial Library; and
V.ncouv«-Publtc Libraiy. and Hotels.
Kew Westminster-Public Library.
All changes in sdvertlsements must be received
st this office before 11 1.001. the day before
Subscriber, nol receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All Job workjnrlctly cash on delivery.
TWnslent sdvertiseraents cash in advance.
Msny smonait the citizem think that
too eirir a itart ii being made with preparation! for the celebration oi Dominion Day here. Thoie excellent penoni
sn mistaken, u they will quickly find
ont when tb. committee! are appointed
and ths work begin! in earnest.
Fortnnstelys lew havetakfln hold and
began the work, but it is earneitly
hoped that next Ssturd.y evening will
in a thoroughly repietenUtlve meeting
ol th. people ol Lidyimilh ud a good
diionnion ol the important queition.
Thil town can get mignificent idvertlie-
m.nt lor itself il the celebration ol the
Fint ol July !■ hindled properly, th.t ii
in a broad and generous iplrit, .nd be-
lidu th. citizem can have into the bargain a nrit-cliii holiday. To enmre
luccMi sn urly start ihould be made so
tbst nothing msy be overlooked.
The Leeder hopes to h.ve the pleu-
ure ol publiibing ths namei ol tbe
virions committeei next Wedneiday.
Toronto Evening Telegram remits!
that "not everybody can hi ai rich 11
OhII Rhodei, but looner or later every.
body will be just bs dead."
Scientific Amnion Bays an ingenious
chemist hi! discovered thst every hu-
'-' man body is worth abont (18,300, Thii
il do. to th. calcium, about 3 pound! 18
ounces, in th. body; .nd caMum li
worth (800 an ounce jut now. Anybody willing to pay cash lu advance and
waitalewyein, can have 3 It, 13 ou.
eilclum in excellent preservation st this
office for (260 in onnce. Thli clfar il
only good lor one month.
Mn. Rilph Smith, wife of the labor
mem bet for thli diitrict In the Common!
WU thi cynomre ol eveiy eye st a grest
social (unction in Ottawa, a lew even-
.i -
Ing! ago, uyi the Ottawa Citizsn.   Mrs.
Smith won a pearl grey satin New York
gown, trimmed with old lice.   Mr, and
Mn. Smith will ipend the summer in
| IE Of I PfOPlf  j
Editor Leader:—Referring to the letter
ol "Reildent" in the Leider, 1 may uy
that Su, 2 ol tho School Act, "Interpretation," »>a: (2). The expression actus! resident shall inclml. any penon
wbo either actually d.ells or has hll
plici ol bush.!,! within a school district,
IMS e 43.03, The point by "It™ dent"
ll wlll taken.
Lsdyimith, B.C., April 17th.
Editor Leader:-1 saw in your issue
ol lbs 16tb s correspondent with such a
compound non-de-plunie llmt I wai pnz-
stsd to fix it! true etjraology. No
matter, however, whether Latin or Chi-
■whit mmt puiln Lidyimlth. Thit
Ht. Vltoi'i d.nce ides sunt chlnwigg-
ing wn good, very good. Still in a
•mill community like tbla a man doei
not like to be robbed down, publicly,
with iteel bristles. Io speaking further abont our Board of Trade he insinuate! thit my. delegation from this place
to place before the member of tbe diitrict any known want, will be met with
a rebuff for mre, il In that delegation
a certain man should happen to have
been chosen with the crowd. Now the
man, with the cumberous non de plnme,
shows a little of tbe toady In writirg
such a thought. I consider it an insult to our number, and a belittling ol
the intelligence ot the towo, What?
Because oi a little personal pique tbe
public needs must be treated with the
capricious whim ol a echool boy 7 Pickles I
Old man, nixt time you write give us
something that won't make ui laugh at
it! puerility S.
Ladyimith, B.C., April 17tb.
The Kinross's Rough Vovage-Many
Ships Arrive and Depart,
Thil port is beginning to asinine once
more the activity and importance which
marked it up to a lew month! ago,
wben the shipping dropped til could-
erably, A large number of iteamen
and sailing vessels have been chartered
10 take coal from Ladyemith to foreign
pjrts and those craft are coming in
batches of two and three at a time, lt
il tale to eay that Ladyimith wlll he the
buiieit port on the island during the
coming summer and fall.
British ship Kinross, Caplaiu Murray,
which lelt this port some weeks ago,
bound for the Hawaiian Islands wilb a
cargo of Wellington coal, encountered
frightful weather all the way tcroES.
When theKinross reached Flattery ha f
a bnrricane was blowing and all tort! ii
cratt were running ior shelter. Captain
Murray determined to proceed; and
wben last seen by the pilot the Kinross
wai plunging into it under close-reeled
storm sail. It must have been an exciting trip, ior the vesiel wu partially
diimaeted belore she reiched the calmer
water! near the islands, and the lelt ol
her gear got a tevere etralning. No
live! were lost. The bad weather made
tbe voyage a long one,
Str. Wellington's steam launch took a
party around the Islands on a pleasure
uruite Monday lorenoon. The little
vessel can go a fine clip when under full
Str, Annniion sailed last Saturday for
San Fnnclieo with 3,200 tool of coal,
Str. St, Paul left Thursday morning
for Ounalaiki with nearly 2,000 tons of
cosl, 76 tons of it were io sacks for the
Aluks Commercial Company.
Sir. Selkirk ielt Monday morning li r
Tacoms witb 170 tons oi copper ore Irom
the Mable Bay mines, l'exads Island,
after coaling here.
Str. Wellington, Caplaiu Salmon, arrived Monday morning from Skagway.
She will load coal for Juneau, to th.
order of the Tread well Mining Company.
Tbe Wellington brought down • steam
yacht recently purchased by Mr. It .bin
Dunimuir. Tbe yacht, which li In
three sections, Is built, ol steel, and Is
uid to iteim 10 knoti an hour.   I'll ■
11 one of tbe craft taken up to Skagway by Maitland Keney for uie on tl s
lakes, The sister vessel li now In lervice
and makei 17 knot! an hour on the inland waters, Mr. Diiniinulr'a Jacht may
be pnt together here,
Str, Viotoria lelt San Francisco last
Friday, but it li not known yit whether
she ii coming here or going to Union.
Barque Githeier took on her load
oleoal the beginning oi thla week, and ii
now ready lor seo.
American ihip Eclipse, Captain Lar-
sen, li now nnder the clintei liking on
her cargo cl coil. She leavei at the
end of the week for Port Towneend to
clur for Alaska.
Los* Vessels.
Nearly a thousand vessels ar. lost
every year. Nearly one half are
Th. T Rail.
The T rail was Invented In 1630 by
Robert L. Stevens, the president snd
engineer of tbe Csmden and South Am-
boy Railroad and Transportation company, and T rails were msde In Wales
In 1880 on Mr. Stevens' order and laid
down on a pari ot his road In 1881.
Wonderlnl Eeho.
A wonderful echo ean bo heard In a
room In tbe castle of Slmonotta, near
Milan.  A lond noise, sucb as a pistol
shot, Is repeated sixty times.
Versatile I'uliiomen.
Policemen In Vienna must be able to
■wlm, row a boat and understand telegraphy.     	
First Wire Brldse.
Th. first win suspension bridge In
the United States, If not In the world,
was thrown across tbe Schuylkill river
near the falls ot Schuylkill, In Philadelphia, In 1816. Its use wns necessarily restricted to foot passengers, and
only eight passengers were allowed to
be on the bridge at once.
p    Ik H.p.7 Mediant, ~"Tf]
"Was their marriage n success*1*
-Oh, yes; through It they both mil
others whom they really loved."
Belful ls Inland's richest and most
populous city. ._„  .. ....
John Oldcrshnw and his wife, Margaret, lived on the bank of the Mississippi
river. They had everythlug they desired except children. Margaret after
waiting years for the advent of a little
one fell Into one of those perversions of
the maternal Instinct, tlie lavishing of
her affection on n ilunili brute.
I'll" irlopled u puppy which alio nnro-
'1 S;iui. Il grew up to be an ugly littlo
benst, nnd John hated It Margaret
yave It a crib to sleep ln, the choicest
food, a bath daily, and when John was
not present even brushed Its teeth.
"What do you want to mnke s child
ef a dog for?" John would ask snappishly.
"I love Spotty deirly," Margaret
would reply.
One morning John overheard his wife
talking to tbe dog: "Spotty, dear, I
want you to go nud bring me a baby.
You'll bud It louiewhere—tn the wood
perhaps. It wlll he ln a silk handkerchief, tied at the comers. There will
be a bit of paper pinned to tbe handkerchief, giving the baby's name and telling why Its mother left It In tbe wood,
poor woman!"
"That's a likely thing to happen,"
muttered John.
"Take the handkerchief In your
teeth," Margaret went on, "where th.
tour corners are tied together .nd
bring the child to me."
John went to Memphis to a foundling
asylum and applied for a baby to
adopt. There was none to be hnd
whole parentage satisfied blm, for be
was somewhat particular ln tbst re-
•pect, bo ln went back to Margaret
disappointed and empty handed, aad
Margaret went on maklag a child of
Soon after thli John was reading In
the local newspaper a telegraphic dispatch stating that the river was rising
rapidly above and fenn were entertained that th. levee at several weak
point! would not itind the pressure.
His bouse stood on ground above tbe
highest flood mark, io he dtd not fur
for bii nnd Margaret's ufcty, but be
dreaded thi flood for bl. neighbor.'
take and tb. destruction »f Ul ow»
.ud their property.
"John," uid bii wife, 'lut night I
dreamed that Spotty had gone away
and come back witb a baby tied up It)
a ■Ilk handkerchief."
John groined.
"Spottyl Spottyl Come, gat year
breakfast!" lb. called.
Spot didn't respond, and Margiret
went out Into tb. yard to look for him.
Shi called, but without reply. Sin
bunted among the rosebushes nnd under the magnolia treei, la the barn, tbe
woodhouu, everywhere, hut there wai
no Spot. Then iho let all tlie fiogroei
hunting, bnt when th. .un went down
tbit night tu«r« wu no sign ef th.
The flood proved the highest iver
known. The leve. bunt above th.
Oldcrsliiwi', and tbe country win covered with water, Margaret wrung her
bind! and gave np Spot for drowned
end pleaded with John to take a boat
and go In uarcb of hii body, John refused nntil be uw thit hi* refuial wa.
downright cruelty. Thin he get ont
the oari, unchained tb. bolt ind after
taking bl. wlf. In with htm puILd
.way Into the wood behind tbe home.
John Olderahiw f.lt lik. a fool, but
h. 1. not tbe flnt huibind who hai
acted stupidly snd wisely st the sums
time ln pleasing hll wife.
Tbey were met by .rerytntng that
could float, animal, and Inanlmst..
Furniture, dwelling!, icctlom ef fencing, barm, were floating about la profusion. A wee kitten on a board mewed to tbem plteouily. A lamb on the
root of an outhouu bleated. Malt
dreised people wbo bid e.ciped In
boat! at midnight wen pulling for dry
land. John Oldersbnw raw tbs wreck
about blm and remembered that be
wu looking for a drowned dog,
"See tb. lltUe arkl" Mirgaret exclaimed.
Whoever bii aot Seen on. of thote
old eradlu, now obsolete—ai ill cradles
sre, for tbs matter ot that-made of
wood, on. end covered with the lime
material, cannot understand ths exclamation. What Margaret ww was ons
of then cradles, sad, what was mors
wonderful to relate, ihe heard a bsrk,
and a dog's sue protruded above ths
gunwsle of the cradle-boat about when
the silts for handles were,
"It's Spottyl" cried Margaret la
"So It li;" raid Joho.
"Why doeia't he put hll paw. on tb.
■Ide and ihow himself?" raid Msrgs-
"He', afraid of upsetting his boat,"
said John.
John pulled for the cradle and wai
■oon alongside of It. Margaret seised
the tiny craft, and there, lying on soft
bedding, wns an Infant When It uw
Margaret looking down at It, thoclilld'i
faco broke Into a smile. Its cyei
laughed, aud Iti little armi and leg!
vibrated llko shuttles.
Spotty sat snd barked snd when all
fear of overturning the cradle was at
an end Jumped Into tbe boat, kissed
Margaret and In all rcipecti equsled
tho Incessant motion of the baby.
So few people will believe thli itory
tbat I scarcely have tbe heart to finish
It, but the reit of It ll of more Importance thnn what I have told. The baby,
a boy, was adopted and reared by John
i and Margaret Oldcrshnw, and not till
I ho wns grown did he discover that ho
was tlie son of a rich planter not far
I up tho river, both of hll parents hav-
1 Ing been drowned when he was swept
sway by the flood,
John after tbe advent of the little
stranger treated Spotty with especial
kindness, though Margaret, strangely
enough, never afterward considered
him anything but a dog.
Sir Thomas,
Sir Thomas feci, lull confident
IK-MI Hit tlie scud cup Irom US
Whatever else till, mnn may be,
lie's not a doubting Thomas
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Sj Reviews
f$        Nineteenth Century   nnd After, &'lf
4>        Contemporary   kevlew,   Fort- $J
Dl ■heartening; D Inco very.
Nothing worries a girl more than to
discover that the man after her own
heart Isn't after It at all.
. l
The Womrtii of It.
If women wore JihIkpiI only f.:;.'".
By other woint'ti, then '"■ ';
It'e ten to one tlie angeli [ '
Would every one be men,
...-      ,.    .....        *-*nhlctg» »«■.
Contemporary   Kevlew,   Fort-
nightly  Review,   Westminster
Review,    Edinburgh    Review
Quarterly Kevlew, Blackwood'
Edinburgh Magazine
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H book'el' t00>Ior,nc nski»e- \X
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co.v:ple E.
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ft "iir own factor**.
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Tramway Company Incorporation
Notice Is hereby (■iv-m by the Tyee
Ciijippr C'liiipinv, I/iiiiti'd, of 45 Lead-
enhall Street, L union, K inland, and
niivinir ite rei*iBrered "(Ike at Clnvflat ri»
Ootfllld, in the Province of BrUIah
Columbia, pursuant to pectinn ,H of the
above Act, end pt'Ctinii 2 nf "Tlm Tramway Incorporation Act, 1000," that the
Company proposes to build and operate
an aerial tramway from a point r-n the
lands nlOiiinpniiy. known in- the "Tvee"
Mining Claim. -Itnate on Mount Bicker,
In Cbemninun District, to a pnlnt at or
near Stratford's cr im-lng, on ihe line of
the M-'j'timaU and Nanaimo Railway,
hehtg on theland known aa section 18
It-hi lie lV.SmnnirH Diittrict.
The general route of the said tramway
will be In a straight line between tbe
points above mentioned.
Dited at, Victoria 11 C, this 2lst day
or March, 1902.
Hy the Att'.rnev-in.Pact
gout, rii'o. (illicit iitioncjr forseeiirlnHpatetili.
I'ltta-ita taken throuDh Munn 4 co. receive
tpttint notice, without ohanro, ln tne
Scientific American.
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Naniimo, B. C.
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Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
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Wellington Colliery j
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Wellington Call   Best household coal on the Pacific
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Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal   .
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban  Franciiseo Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y 5
340 Steuart St.
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hslftonn. Sample copy on application.
All Fir On Dellar • Yiar.
Seattle Daily Times
Ths liviliest pipe,- in the Nerlhvnt,
Weekly edition s 00mpiste record ol
lbs world1! newi lo date. Sport,
politloi, lociety, women1!, Interests,
young folk's department, literature,
The richer the cuke the slower should
he the oven.
Lima beans are delicious fried a
goldeu brown after being boiled until
Vou can Improve tlie flavor of Iirus.
eels sprouts by boiling a buucb of parsley In the saute water.
To prevent eggs cracking while boiling pierce with a pin tlie broad end before putting tlicui Into the wnter.
When mnklng Join tarts, brush the
pastry thnt will he under the juni with
white ot egg. It will prevent it from
getting sodden.
In frying doughnuts a lnrge slice of
raw potato ehould be put In the fat,
nnd It wlll prevent tho black specks
from appearing on their surface.
To retain the Juice In a fruit pie
while cooking make a siniill In.le In the
center of the crust nnd stick into It a
straw or a paper funnel. The stenru
will escape through It, nud tho Juice
wlll be retained In the pie.
Iu preparing n snlnd wash whatever
green Is used very carefully, and see to
It that It Is dried perfectly. A few wet
lettuce leaves will let enough moisture
gather in tbe bottom of tlie snlnd howl
and ruin the best dressing ever mnde.
A Japanese custard Is mnde with
baked apples. Press through a sieve
until a tcacupful of the frothy pulp Is
. got. Stir in oue teacupful of powdered
sugar and tbe stiff whites of two eggs,
beat for twenty miuutcs aud eat with
whipped cream.
A Patient's Room.
People who nre not disturbed by disorder when well are often disturbed by
the least confusion ln the arrangement
'ot a room when 111. Everything In the
room should bo carefully ndjustctl to
the best advantage, for a sick person's
fancy Is most capricious. Nothing
should bo allowed to He around carelessly. The tablo should not be Uttered
wlUi books and papers. Flowers should
be kept no longer thnn while nlmo-
lutely fresh. Medicine aud water glass,
es should be carefully wushed nnd kept
from the sight of the pnt lout. The
sight of medicine Is not only trying lo
nn Invalid, but often nauseating. No
food should ever be prepared in the
sickroom. If only a small howl of
broth, It should be served ns Invitingly ns possible. Nor should a bowl of
broth or gruel or n cup of lea bo cart-led to the sick person In your luinil.
Plnce It on a trny covered with a clenn
napkin. Bring but n little qiinntlty nt
n time, for n large iiiinntily Is npt io
take away the patient's appetite, ff
possible nlways serve too little, reserving n supply until nsked for more.
-Womnu's Life.
The First "Strnd" Sent lo London
Conld Find No Purchaser.
Italian violins have not always held
the supremacy they now enjoy. It was
not indeed till the beginning of the
nineteenth century tbat they came into
rogue to any extent outside their native land. Previously Jacob Stelner
(1021-83) was tbe favorite maker, and
his high model bad been almost exclusively copied by his fellow Germans
and the different makers In France nnd
England. When tho elder Corvette,
who had been a merchant before enter-
lug the musical profession, came to
Loudon, In 1738, he brought witb hint
somo Instruments by Stradivari. Tbe
result of this endeavor to Introduce
Italian work Into England fills one with
pathetic wonder. It ls almost beyond
belief. As he could not get as much as
t"5 ($25) for a violoncello he was obliged
to send the Instrument hack to Italy
for a bad speculation. Five pounds for
a "Strnd," nnd not a single purchaser
to he found!
This incident in Itself furnishes sufficient testimony to the slavish following
of the great German maker and the
strong prejudice of the violinists ot
that period in favor of tho high model.
It Is Indeed tbo players who are most
to blame for the Blow adoption of tbe
flat model, for tbo creator must make
what is necessitated by tbe" demand;
but tho eighteenth century fiddlers, at
Buy rate In England, France and Germany, seem for tbe most part to have
been content that their violins should
possess a small sweet tone, never residing tbe lack of power and sonority.—
An Effective Trick That Will Inr-
prise Yonr Plarmntes. |
Here ls a trick whlcb Is always very
effective at a party or any gathering
of young people.
Take a tin cup or a cup of some other
metal and fill It almost full of spirits
of wine. Into tbls put a tenspoonfut ot
common table Bait nnd stir It thoroughly nntil the salt Ib dissolved. Place this
upon a wire frame and fix tbe frame
over a spirit lamp or a dark lantern
so tbat none of the light from tbe Ian-
•J,'         '
",'■' '*\
Chineso Points For Hast..
"Dou't eat witb your cars," says
Tumi Mel, n Chineso writer, "by which
I mean do not nlm at having extraordinary out ot the way foods, Just to
astonish your guests, for that Is to
cat with yonr cars, not witb your
mouth. Bean curd, If good, Is actually
nicer thnn birds' nest And better than
Ben slugs, whlcb are not first rate, is a
dish of bamboo shoots.
"The chicken, the pig, the fish and
the duck—these are tbe four heroes ot
tho table. Sea slugs and birds' nest
have no characteristic flavors of tbeir
own. They are but usurpers In tbe
house. I once dined witb a friend who
gave ns birds' nests In bowls like vats,
holding each about four ounces of tbe
pin In boiled article. The otber guests
npplnuded vigorously, but I smiled and
mid 1 camo here to cat birds' nest, not
to take delivery of lt wholesale."
Wnshlna Pishes.
While n lovo for dishwashing Is
hardly to be expected, still n poslUvo
distaste for ft mny be mlltgntod If not
prevented by doing It In the tight wny.
First collect nil the silver, wiping off
nny gronso Willi n soft rag, nnd stand
It In a bowl of hot water. Next gather
the glassware nnd cups and Biiucurs
nnd stack them according to their kind
on n largo tray. Scrape the plates ns
clean as possible with bits of broad.
Stack them und then empty nnd scrape
tho platters and vegetable dishes. Provide two large pans, one for washing,
tho other for rinsing, nnd hnve plenty
of bot water ready. Put the silver in
tbo rinsing pnn and, pouring In hot
water, wash it with tbo bands, wiping
dry with a soft cloth. Next wash the
cups and saucers, the plates and tho
larger dishes In the order named, using
hot witter plentifully throughout. Ft-1
nully innke n good Binls of tho rinsing
water and In It wash tbe glassware,'
wiping dry with a towel thnt wlll not
lint. Then put them nil nwuy In their
proper places and clean up tho kitchen.
He Understood.
Anton Rubinstein, tbe Russian composer, In his autobiography tells of the
confusion which overcame a certain
architect of his acquaintance who bad
a habit of interlarding all bis remarks
with the phrase, "Vou understand."
On one occasion bo was explaining
certain architectural matters to the
emperor, and, according to custom,
made free use of his favorite expression.
"Good heavens!" exclaimed Emperor
Nicholas at last Irritably. "Of coarse I
understand! My dear fellow, how
could I help It!"
How the Natives Treat Gorilla..
Natives ln tho countries Inhabited by
great apes regard tbem always ss hu*
man beings of Inferior types, ond It is
for this reason tbat for a long time It
was found impossible to get hold of
an enUro gorilla skin, because the savages considered lt religiously necessary to cut off the hands and feet of
tho animals when tbey killed tbem,
Just ns they do with their enemies, possibly for (lie purpoie of rendering them
harmless In case they should by any
chance como to llfo again.
tern can shine Into any part of tns
room. This sbould be done In one end
of the room and the company seated
In a line as near the center ot the
room as possible.
As soon as the cap gets so hot thst
you cannot rest the tip ot yonr finger
against It hold a lighted match near
the mixture of spirits of wine and suit
A very small yellow flame wlll arise
from tho surface and gradually Increase In slue. Now pot out the other
light In the room, and In a moment yon
wlll observe a most peculiar effect.
Everything In the roam, whatever Its
previous color, will new be a most positive yellow. If tbe yellow light from
the cup Is not quite strong enough,
throw some more salt In the mixture,
hnd then the yellow flames will be
sUll stronger tn color. Reds, blues,
blacks, whites, greens, everything wlll
lose sll Its previous tint and become a
ghastly solid yellow.
You wlll hardly be able to recognise
yonr little friends, and they wlll
icnrcely know yon. Their hair, faces,
clothes, the chairs tbey lit on and all
the rest of tbe furniture, the carpet-
In fact, everything ln the room will
look as If It had suddenly received a
thick coat of yellow paint This Is a
very quick way of changing brunette,
to blonds, and there will not be a single laddie or lassie with raven tresses
ln the room.
Now place an ordinary light nt the
extreme other end of the room, and
tho effect will be two light!, ono whlto
and the other yellow, You must be
careful not to have tbe white light
stronger than the yellow one, and then
while one-half ot each wlll appear In
its proper colore, tbe othcr half wlll
still be a vivid yellow, and tbe dividing
lines wlll be sharply defined.
To get the best effect of this yon and
your friends should be seated ln two
lines facing each other, with a light
on each end of the lines,
A little girl with black balr and a
(ray dress, for Instance, will present
a most peculiar appearance, looking
perfectly natural on one side, while on
tho othcr side she will be yellow from
head to toe.—New York Herald.
Children's Questions.
To those who find It difficult to glvo
Information on somo of tho subjects'
that children ask questions about it Is
a comfort to renllito thnt very often the
better plan ls to let a child keep nn in*
foresting question In mind Instead of
satisfying curiosity wltti some com- j
monplaco reply.   Such a reply, by kill-'
Ing tbe desire for knowledge on n pur-
tlcular theme, takes away Just so much
of the child's Best   Teach the questioner bow to obscrvo and to rely upon
his own observation for answers to ]
most questions.   Thnt courso wlll develop mental alertness and make everyday life more entertaining.
A Bedroom Hint.
If yon are short on closets or the
best bedroom hasn't a plnce for the
visitor to hang her t'other gown, Bet
tbe bed with tho head across the corner and stud tho hack of tho headboard with hooks. With the Iron bedstead you cannot do thnt but you enn
have two or three shelves fitted Into
a corner with hooks on n clcnt below
the lowest ond a cretonne curtain
hung from tbo top. Put a picture, a
bust or a big vase of grasses, etc., on
top ot tbe upper shelf, and tbe effect
Isn't io bad.
Ills Choice ol SnerlSees.
"It Is true," Bald the penon of high
Ideals, "thnt you have attained proi-
pcrlty by your writings, but you bsve
produced nothing that wlll live."
"Well," answered tho comfortable
litterateur, "when It comes to a que*
tion of which shall live, myself or my
writings, I didn't hesitate to sscrlfics
my writings."
tier Comment.
Mrs. Growells-My busband Is continually quarreling nbout trifles,
Mrs. Howclls-Well, my dear, tbe
less one bas to quarrel stoat the bet-
ter.-Chlcago News,
Tho best way to make a man acknowledge the corn ls to stamp on his
To Hang Flat Plaster Cnsls.
When walls nro not of tho right
shado to bring ont the cast, cut a piece
of paiteboard In such a form that
about two Inches will project on nil
sides boyond tho cast Then cover the
edges about three or four Inches deep
with plush. Hang this on tho wall
and the cast over it Tho best colors
to use are deep crimson, black, maroon, dark green or gobelin blue. Flnt
bimiies may be hung In tbo same manner.
Seoreh.4 Mnen.
Never despair when linen seems
hopeteesly scorched from nn overheated iron. Soak tbo stain In lukewarm
water, squeese lemon Juice on it, sprinkle a little salt over It and place It ln
the sunshine to blench.
Smallpox Scan,
No method has yet beea deviled by
which smallpox scan may be removed.
Mailer In China.
European butter Is used In Sbsngbsl.
It comes In one-half, one and two
pound cans. California butter soils In
London Park Reslaor.nl,.
Tbo restaurants In the London parks
ire under the control of the London
county council, tho governing body of
greater London, whlcb fixes the schedule of prices on ull nrticles sold.
Men' York's Tenements.
Now York Is a city of tenement
houses. There aro In tbe greater city
In tbe neighborhood ot 100,000 tenement houses.
Th. Insect Tree.
Tho Cblcncbsng' valley, which I.
about 0,000 feet above the level of ibe
sea, is tbe great breeding ground of th.
whlto wax Insect Tho very prominent
tree thoro is known to the Chinese as
the Insect tree.
Card Harms Bam*.
All persons found playing cards la
railway carriages In Rusit. srs subject
to heavy penalties.
Hnnled th. Hunter.
Th. hunters wero telling how, hunting
ths hare,
It doublsd and doubled and doubted
Until little Tommy, a listener there,
Was sent off to bed with the word In
his brain.
He dreamed that he hnd roused a liars
And, mounted on his rocking mare,
Waa riding swifter than the breese,
Gaining on It by degrees,
Until, exactly when he thought ,
Ills prey waa certain to be caught,
Behold, before his very eyes, i
11 doubled-lnto twice Its slsel .{
While Tommy wondered what to do
Off again the creature flew.
Again he rode and, bit by bit, |
Approached and nearly captured It, \
And once again, to hia dismay, J'
It doubled hnd pursued Its way.      i  .
And so throughout the wild career  *V
Ths hare, whenever he drew near,    '.„
Doubled, doubled, doubled still, ,
Larger growing yet, until              i   v
Finally, with malice grim,
Fierce of aspect, huge of limb,
Th. hire turned back and hunted htm
Th. Foot ns a. Sponge.
Csts, large and small, make the most
careful toilet of any class of animals,
excepting somo of the opossums. Lions
and tigers wasb themselves In exactly
the same manner ns the cat, wetting
tbe dark, India rubberlike ball of tbe
forefoot and the Inner too and passing
It over the faco nnd behind the cars.
Tbe foot Is thus at the same tlmo a
face sponge and brush, and the rough
tongue combs tbe rest of the body.       .
Bors and Bad Habits.
We know a man who Is trying to
quit tobacco. He hates the habit and
really want! to get rid of It but tt Is
almost an Impossibility. Boys, don't
begin bad habits. There never was a
had bablt that wasn't a curse, whereas
good habits are always a blessing.-
Atchison Globe.  j
Kites For Towing Boat.. I
Kites sre being used on the French
river Moselle for towing boati. An experiment was tried with a kite six and
a half feet long, which toned s boat
containing six persons and mode good
hesdwsy against a strong current       I
Wllhnnl n Name.
|   Tescher—Anonymous means wltbont
a asms. Write n sentence showing you
understand bow to use the word.
Small Girl (wrltei)-Our nsw baby It
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith!
A few oi those 13 foot Greenhearl
Rods lo diipose of. The only rod
suitable  fur   the Expert Angler.
Commercial St. NANAINO, B.O,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Na-
■aimo, B. G.
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having bad the roomi comnletely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
soaidenlwith or without rooms. Vis-
itore Irom Ladyimith will find moit
■a-mfortable accommodation at very
rawnable ratei. MISS KEITH.
|  THE cin
Nothing more taeteiul than those
beautiful new designs in tweeds aud
clothe hai been leen in Nanaimo
thoie at) Caldwell's, Nanaimo'i leading
The ladiei ol the Ladysmith Methc.
dilt church will bold a sale ot work it
the chnrch on Friday afternoon.
Watchei, chains, jewelry of .11 kind!
en view at Lively'!,, tho Reading jewel
sr, Flnt; Avenue.
"WTH, Boyce, ion ol Mr. W. P. Boyce,
ol thil town, hll won the championship
in hia class in tbe Roiilsnd ping pong
tournament. He is onlvTiIteen, and bl,
cleverness at the game ie shown by the
lactithat he wai fourth in the men'e
clan, is well ai top:icorer in his own.
They all come back. Who? Why
Caldwell'! cmtomeii. They know where
Ihey can be certain oi getting suits that
It, look ityliih and don't coil outrageoui
Don't tail to iee G.H. Gavin's samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade. Choice new deiigni at ai-
toniihingly reaionable prices.
Mill Birtram will open her drawing
claim on Saturday alternoon Irom 3 to
4 o'clock and continue them every Saturday thereaiter.at the same hour.
For fit flniih and style go to Cildwelll
the well-known artistic tailor ol Nanalmo. And tbe pricei are right.
Cumberland newi says an eight loot
nam ol coil hu been struck at 03 feet
at No. 8 proipect, Cumberland, snd tbat
the pit will bs opened without delay.
Time Is money, and msny a man hae
lost a fortune through putting up with a
wstch thst got clogged up lor wsnt of a
little oil and a iprlng cleaning. Lively,
the leading Jeweler, Fint Avenue.
Rev. C. E.and Mn, Cooper will attend the coronation ol King Edward.
II yon have any old silver plate tbat
dsiervn preservation lend it to me and
I will make it ■■ good ai new. Lively,
the leading jeweler, Flnt Avenue.
LOST—A P.ii Book with the Hlber-
niaSavingi and Loan Society, of Sin
Francisco, in the name ol Donald J.
Woodman, NO. 207.1202. The finder
will plsaie return to bank or Leader
Johnston Block, - Nanalmo, B. 0
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Vliiti Ladyimith every Satuidsy.
Hour. Irom 9 a. m. till 6 p. in.
Abbotiford Hotel.
Have just received s complete itock oi
the lst.it goodi manufactured by Spalding ind other makeis consisting ol
B. C,
Asint for 8. W. Paint,  HcOlarj'i
glove, and Rangei.
Happenings in the World of Sport
and Pleasure.
hi siii:hs v. rovers.
Tbii wis a well played match ol Association football on the bunker grounds
Satnrday night, in presence ol a large
and enthusiastic crowd of spectators,
in fine weather; aud resulted in a win
lor tbe Ruahen by one goal to nil. The
teams were as follows:
Rushers:—J. Dunbar, goal; 0. Hewlett and T. O'Connell, backs; J. Eno, C.
McMillan and Ed. Leahy, half backs;
Joe Sanderson, centre; J. McMillan and
B. McMillan, right wing; A. Kerr and
S. Oonlin, lelt wing,
Roveist—J. Mauuell, goal; Campbell
and Burns, backs; W, Mauuell, B, eraser and Fraser, half backs; A. Morrison,
centre; H. Munuell and S. Kerr, right
wing; J.Blair and A. Sanderson, left
Referee, Mr. Fullerton; Linesmen,
Mr, Slacey and Mr. White.
Spirited play was witnessed from tbe
kick-oil', both sides working well together, bnt without result! in scoring
until a few minutes before closing the
first half, wben C. McMillan sent in a
baiutlful long-range, straight kick
which pnt the ball clean through tbe
centre of the goal, The second half was
marked by good strong play, the Rusher! making every effort to add to their
success, but without avail. The Hovers"
deserve great praise for their determined
work in trying to equalize. Another
match is talked of for one night this
week probably Saturday.
The following are the team! which
took part in tbe big international con-
test at Ibrox Park on April 5th:
Scotland:—Doig, Sunderland, goal;
N. Smith, Drummond,Glaigow Rangen,
backs; Aitken, Newcastle United, Rail-
beck, Liverpool, Robertson, Glasgow
Rangen, half backs; Templeton, Aston
Villa, and Walker, Heart of Mid-Lothian, right wing; Brown, Tottenham
Hotspur, centre; Campbell, Celtic, and
A, Smith, Glasgow Rangen, left wing
England:—George, Alton Villa, goal
Ccompton, Blackburn Roven, Molyneux,
Southampton, backs; Wilkes, Alton
Villi, Formin, Notts Forest, and lioul-
ker, Blackburn, half backs; Hogg,
Sunderland, and Bloomer, Derby County, right wing; Heats Wolverhampton
Wanderers, centre; Settle,Everton, and
Oox, Livarpcol, lelt wing I rwards,
Releree—Mr. J. T-jrrani, Ireland.
Linesman—Mr. J. Albert, Kent,
In reporting the election ol officer! of
tbe Ladyimith baseball club an error
wai made. J. Mottran is secretary-
treaiurer, and W, Manuel captain ol the
second nine. The club expect to hive
the moit prosperous season in their history thli summer.
II there are iu Lidyimlth any oars
men who wonld like to take np again
the practice oi single sculling, or arrange lor pain or lours, and ;;et to work
at once, a line addressed to "Oanman,1
Ladyimith post office, will probably
bring tbem lome interesting information. The contention is that Ladyemith
with a courie which Is without a peer In
the province, should have at least
dozen good oaremen—tingle icullen.
"Oanman" can inloim any meeting
■cullen which may be held as a remit
ol thil notice where outrigger! suitable
for practice snd racing may be had "for
along." First cost is usually a draw
back in tbe formation of a sculling club,
but in tbii cue the difficulty ii reduced
to the irreducible minimum.
Good iport li still being enjoyed in
the w.ten near Lidyimlth by the ang-
ieri. One or two good catches were
made last week, the average weight be
ing well up to the local standard, Oo
Sunday quite a number took advantage
ol tbe line weather to try their look,
Tj.morrow evening nl 7:30 a meeting
ol all interested in Canada's national
game will bs held in tbe Leader office,
with tbe intention oi forming a lscro.se
club. It li hoped that everybody in any
way intereited in Ihe iport will be
prennt, and that potion wlll be taken at
once to put a couple uf good teami in
tlie field (or practice thli summer.
Mrs. Woo.iile.il, of Victoria, sister nf
Mrs. Stephens ot the Ladytmlth Hotel,
aud her daughter nre here on a visit.
0. E. Shepherd, G.E., Nanaimo, hai
returned from a six months' visit to
New Zealand and Australia. Mrs. Shep
herd and the family are reluming
Mi I". Wilkinson wbo lias been spend.
Ing a few days visiting Mrs. B. Koicim-
msr relurntil bonic Saturday,
All 1'l.uvuul Nighl.
Thursday miming last the uncommon
spectacle wss witnessed of four steamers
aud one coal bulk, leaving the harbor at
the eame moment bound for different
port!, laden with Wellington coal, They
were the steamers Pilot, Otter, Tyee,
Champion, and tbe bulk Richard III.
bound for Juneau.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplsnade,  -  Udysmlth, B. C.
Nesr tjrand snd Frank Hotel..
For a limited time only
Cabinets at $2.00 Dozen
Larger sizes at low pricei, Carbon
Cabinet! at |6 per dczsn. Elegant Ar.
tilt Proof! at >9 per dozen.
N.B.-It Will pay you to visit Nanaimo at tbeie reduced prices.
Brooks, Photographer,
Finn wa1'
Eiilr.1,1 ',.
it 1,-r J111 s
v s.n-i-laltv,
• I I »ili. li-c
Going to throw that old tnit awav?
S«ml it to tbe Nanalmo Clothing
Renovator*- and have it Gleaned or
Dyed. Commercial St. Opposite
Nanaimo Hotel,    .  ,   .   .   ,   .   ,
l« hereby Riven thet application will
ba made to tho LegieUiive AMBtubly of
tbo Province ol British Oolumblti, at its
present session, for an Act to incorporate
a company with pnwur to construct,
equip, maintain and operato a single or
double line of railway, to be operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
power, at and from tbe City of Victo-in,
iu tbe Province of British Columbia,
thence north-went, by the most feasible
route to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, in tbe said Province of British
Oolumbla, and with power to conetruct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry etearaebip service for the purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight cars from the said point at or
near Sevmour Narrows in Vancouvei'e
Island, to a point on the Mainland of tbe
Province of British Columbia; aud with
further powers to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the said railway
from any point on the main line thereof
to any point in Vancouver. Island: and
with power to build and operate tramways in connection with the said railway; and with power to bnlld, construct
equip, maintain aud operate telegraph
and telephone lines in connection with
the said railways and branches and with
powr to generate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and lor all,
any and every other purpose mentioned
in Sections 80, 81. 82, and 83 of the
"Water Clauses Consolidation Act,1897.
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out of ail or any
of tbe objects referred to fn the said
sections; and witb power to exercise all
the powere given to the company by
Parts IV aud V of the ''Water Clauses
Consolidation Aot, 1807." and with
power to build, own and maintain sawmills, and to carry on a general exprers
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridge?, roads, way*, ferries,
wharves, docke, steamboats, steamships,
coal bunkers and other works, and lo
make trallic or other arrangements with
railway, eteatmhip or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose ot the
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or otber aid from any government or municipality, or other persons
or bodies corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to be used fn tbe
construction uf such railway and in advance of same, end to levy and collect
tolls from all persons usinir, and on all
freight passing over any of such roadi
built by the company, whether before
or after tho construction of the railway,
and with power to sell out ita under*
taking; and with all other usual, neccB*
eary and incidental rights, or privileges
as may be necessary or conducive to the
above objects, or any of them.
Dated at Victoria, B. 0., this 24th day
of March, A. D„ 1002.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Maple Lodgu,  No. 6i. I.O.Q. f.
Meet* ivitv \Vr*(|it> H-iv tvp-nlnfr in
Nluh''l|itiii'n It II Vi-iiii>it mt-niberp
are«. rdlally l».V'h'il.
R.NUIVM)  (1 T.
P. 0. Box 4
—Agent For-
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in ill ill branches.
Fine metal working a specialty. Pluml-
ing,acetylene gas, hot watir and hit
sir heatldg. Work done with despatch
and at reeionable rates.
22   LOAVES  22
Delicious Breid.
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake when you can get such
value aud delivered at your door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J. KENNY, Ladyimith Bskcry,
Esplanade, Ladyimith,
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
-TO —
Jspan, China,  Hawaii,
First-class Sleepers on sll
-TOST. PAUL, Dally.
TOHON TO, Tueidayi and Saturdays
For pamphlet! and all inlormstion apply
to my G.P.R. sgent.
H. H. ABBOTT.      W. McGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.      Agent, Nanaimo.
E, .1. COYLE,
Ant, Genl. Pan. Agent, Vancouver.
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
Chris Stephens ol tbe Ladysmitli Hotel ll seriously ill with pnenmonla and
a complication arising Irom a strain Mr.
Stephen! underwent in trying to lift a
heavy load a lew dayi ago.  Dr. Turn-
bull bis been in comiant attendance.
On Monday Mr. Stephen! wu very low,,.
■pitting blood and ihowing other alarm- |
log lymploni.    The Lesder Joins the 9
many Iriendi of the family In hoping j J   ♦*•»•■""■'■*'■■ ■ "■• ""•" w"> *
that Mr. Stephen! will won be hlmielf '£ „, *^*^**y^*y^a>tuM*^aei!Ji
*°"|B" F I i*VX*-'*mft*WtYT*!4M*W4*!t>!to KLtA^tatmetmtVAmm^a^a^mtkVhktl
Painti g, Peperhanglng and
Mattress Making,
Leave mi*f>?» for ma"'"* inn king al
Capt. lniUiiV Offli-H, U'pUnadi', where
saiupUs can be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Plrst Avenue and Qstscre Street.
Cabinet woik ol all kinds.
All kindi ol soft wood turniture made
and repalnd.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes nt tin* m\w* price
as cheap factory mnde. Omit, in and eee.
\I1 w-'rk itin-Aniiifl.    Impairing done.
A. S. Christie,
Cuban Gigar Factory
Manulacturen of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
No. 31,
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
Lady sm ith
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 44,
t^Lm^fmmmTm't^  ^  ' ^ ** ^   *"   ""
Tralni lssvs Lsdyimith northbound dsily st 11,67 s. m.
Sundiyi snd Wtdneid.yi at 7,10 p. m.
Saturday. ,
and on   Saturdsyi,
Tnlni leave Ladysmith lor Eitamlnn daily eicept Snndiv at 0 a
and 10 p.m., snd on Snndayi at 10 p.m. ' :   •
m., 2 p. m.
fleo, L. Ooartney,
Trafflo Manager


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