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Ladysmith Leader Nov 5, 1902

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*liiliitiatiti,tiiliiliilisiifcissi '   I   *   *   *   »   »   t. t.t.jL.l.t
rl I -T-l^T"**f ""ITP11 *^,'^'|^I"V"IMI '*
A Good j-Roomed Haute lor
..Sale,   Apply to      „ „..'.
VOL.11. NO. 119.
■ - ,•-*"•      r- '.■■**,
Feb Naptha Soap
Washing Made Easy
No more hot water needed.   TRY IT.
Only 80c.
a box and io bars
in each box.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Etpltntdiind Qtttcre Street, ■ ■ Udyamlth
WL;? Visiting Nanalmo Trj
Hi   tt   Wi
We Carry a Full Line
.  -    Of High-Class Groceries, Provisions,
Flour, Feed, Dry  Goods, Boots and
, .,  Shoes, Etc.
AR Johnston & Co,
Oddfellows' Block,
Wholesale   and   Retail.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.    '  i
Thit ntw hottl hit been comlorttbly furnlihed and Hit hir is up to date.
BttlMtommodttionlortriniltnt tnd pernianen((t botrdtrt tnd lodgtri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Thi Eipliudi, Ladyimllh, B, 0.
Savoy    Theatres
.'' Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
ft» imartd it once lor ll may be
too low tomorrow. I rtpmtnt tevertl
OLD »ni B-LIABLE OomptnlM tnd
tuiniart-foaiti mominl'i notice et
tbtlowMt poHlblt llttl. All lttdlng
tompenlMohtrg. the Mat rtttt. Don't
btBltlid Into laturini with eobtap
tomp»ny^lml|htbt dttr in tht tnd,
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
' P»jO. Ortwtr 88, Ktniimo. B, 0.
limber Caa.todrty or CMI Kn|lne«r.
H«ml-H.-*lt«lton of Rlectrlcal HotloMr.
''   Ce-unlUaiGltctrlcil Eniluttr
r. o. toiisi
8ai.lv—You'll make yourself sick, kid
lUaot-G'on, It't t Province, tee?
SiLLV-Qtt I dt iwtlli imoktt 'tm.
Did you say
A Christy Hard Hat
A Christy fedora
Or one of those New  York
Ties that arrive weekly ?
A pair of "Packard" American Shoes; "Hallow" Shoe
ior men; "Slater" Canadian
We have them. Every line
speaks for itself. No comment
"Stanfield's" Unshrinkable
Sweaters iu Red, Blue, Heather. Suitable for work at $1.50
"English" Fancy Sweaters
in Grey, Heather, White,
Blue, Fancy Mixed,*
-#,1.25 to $3.00
Boys' Navy Sweaters in all
sizes, Black, Red, Blue,
(foe. to $1.50
flasonic Block,   Ladysmith
Abioluiely tht flneit tu sold in B.O. If you do not know
thit 11k our customers. Or bitter ttill try one pound 50c,
Impoited dirtclly liom Deckajolle Tet Gtrdens. Only
ourielvei between Ihe grower tnd you. Your lecond ordtr
will be 5 pouudi, prlct 12,28,
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Free Press Block.
Ooods Deliver.! Pre.
at Udysmlth.
Dear Mr*. B.——, In teply to your Inquiry as to which In thc bunt lea to u*e, I would
say tliat in my opinion It rests between the Blue Ribbon and Monsoon racket Teas. If
you like rich, -stronglea, then Blue1 Ribbon is undoubtedly the best, but should your taste
be for a delicate aud very flavory tea I would advise you lo telephone to your grocer for a
packet »f Monsoon, Personally, I drink Blue Ribbon iu the morning and Monsoon at 5
o'clock, bill then, you know, I am a perfect crank about tea.
Yours truly, SARAH GRUNDY.
Get the Best Work
Estimates ohf erlully lurnlihed on anything you may need in the line ot paint-
inn, paperhauglng, wall tnd celling decorating.  The  Star Paint Shop, High
Barrister,, Solictor, ant
Olllc: Oddlellow.' Bultdlnl, Roborls St.
P.O. BOX 243
Baker and Confectioner.
Pltln tnd fancy breed.   Oikuandpii-
tries ot ill dtiorlplloui.    Fmttt   ln
A. L C. M.,
Teacher of Piano and Harmony, I. now formlat
classes In Udyimlth for tuition once a week,
blending pupils please csll at
W.H.Livel/1 Store. Plr.t Aveau ^X^t7S ii„ iiJ5
Thli old-Establlihed, Firat-Olaes tnd
Popultr Hotel it mott comlorttbly lurnlihed, centrally situated. Bui meeti
trains. Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
with the finest wines, liquori tnd clgtit,
JOS. FOX,       •       •        Proprietor.
Por Unmentionable Crime..
London, Nov. ,3 -Eiiteinint ovtr tht
reported flight ol t Peer to tht Oontlntnt
wu htlghttntd hy tht tnnuuncenitnt
tt-at t well known' London society men,
Bernard Fruer, hll been sentenced tt
the Norwich tliiiil to ton yatri ptntl
itrvltnde. With him wt! tlio unttneed
Arthur Thonld, tht ton ol a clergyman
connected, as Is Fruer, with ont oi tht
oldtit tnd proudtft limlliu ln tht United Kingdom, Tht prlioneri win ohtrged
with biting otrrltion tregultr prtctlct
lo dtprtvt tht mortll ol jouthi til over
tht country. An trrty ot prominent
Klng'i counitllori tppeired lor both
tlilet, but tht pritonin pleaded guilty
ot mlidtmtinori with apparently tht
ii mm wm
Statement by Pres, Mitchell Asks
More Pay-Shorter Hours.
(Associated Press.)
Htulton, Ft., Nov. -..-The itatement ol the anthracite mine workeii
die, which wit Bled wilb the itrike
commission on Sunday night wu made
public to-dty. Copitl ol tbt itatement
hive been published to tht operators,
who will reply in three or lour dtyi,
The minen' statement, in lull, follows:
To tbt Anthracite Goal Com mission:
The mine worktri make ol tht operator! the following demudi, which
were formulated by the- Bhiuiokin eon*
vention, held March 18;h lo 24tb, tnd
for tbe enforcement of which tbe itiike
wu inaugurated.
1. An inoreaae of 20 per cent, npon
tht pricei paid during tht year 1901 to
tmployei performing contraot or piece
2. Tblideinindiimadeonaccountof
the following reasons: (1) Tbe preient
rati ol wtget ll much lower thin tht
nte ol wtges pild In tht bituminous
coil field! for substantially similar woik.
3. Tht preient rite oi wtgei ii lower
than is paid in othtr occupation! le-
qulring tqntl skill tnd training.
4. Tin average annual aiming! in
tbt anthracite coil Heidi ire much leu
thin tht ivtrtge annual etrningi in the
bituminous coal fields Ior lubtlintially
similar work.
5. Tht average annual earning! In
the anthracite field! trt much leu thin
tbe tvtrage tnnutl tuning Ior occupations requiring rqual skill tnd training.
0. Tht lite ol wtgtl in the tnthracltt
coil fields ii insudijient to compensate,
the mine workers, io view of the danger-
oul character ol tht occupation in relation to tcoidenti, tbe liability to serious
and permanent disease, tht high death
rati and the short average life incidental
lo hit employment. ;,
7. Tbttnnual taming! ol the mint
worktri trt insufficient to maintain tht
Amarlctn standard ol living.
S. Tbt increUCd cost of living bu
It impossible to maintain a lair
•tan-lard ol lilt upon tht bail! ol preient
wages, aad bu not only preveuttd the
mittworken from ucuring any benefit
liom inertated prosperity, hut hu midt
Iheir condition poore- id "».,.■•• -,'
ft Ti.. wtgti pt tht tnthracltt mitt
wtrktnirt to lew that their ohlldrtn
an prtmaturtly forced into tht brtakin
educated-,upon*it_e ttrnlsfi ol their
10. Wlge,arebalow Iht lair tnd jilt
em .,inbB ol mint worktri in thii industry.
Second.—A reduction o!20 por out in
houn ol Itbor wltbont toy reduction ol
etrningi ior til employer! ptid by tht
hour, day or week,
Tha lecond demand ie similar to tlie
fint in that it ie designed to increase tbt
hourly rite of wages ol mint worktri
employed by the dty or week,-tnd all
tbe reasons applicable to the first demand tie liked to bt applied to tbe te*
oond petetton.
In tddltion thereto we lubmit tht
The Canadian Bank
—or— >,
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Otpittl Paid Up ....18,000,(100
Rait .1,000,000
Hon. Gto. A..Cox, President.
B. E. Walub, General Mtnigtr.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings link Dipirtmtnt.
10. Tht 10 hour day is detrimental to
tht hetlt'o, life,tafety and well being of
tbe workers. ,'"'.'!
11. * Shorter houn improve the phy-1,'
ileal, mtntil and moralconditious of the. .
mine worktri. .....
12. Shorter houn increase the intenr'
aity and efficiency ol tht Itbor. >.    ......",-
13. Tba tendency of national, nnd
itate government of orgtniied tradeand
ol production generally'!, toward shorter -
14. A working day oi 8 houn ia luffi-
cienlly.long for the but inttrmi ot the ..-
working men of the community.
- Tbird.-Thetdoptlon oi aiyitem-by. ..
whloh coil ehtll bt weighed ind paid lor
by weight whenever practicable; the
minimum rate per ton to be sixty cent!   •
of i legtl ton ol 2240 pouudi; the differential! now existing at the-various mU .
neito be maintained.  Tbii-demand it •'
mtde on account ol the following rea-
ton.i:'—           '_J- ■ •-'    -,--;   ;"-;
1. Measurement by tbe legal ton wherever praktioable is the, only honest and
juat system bi mttiuring.tht earning ol
mint worker!.      ',......,..
2. When tha operators sell or transport eoal It it oa th*. basis oi a legal ton
oi2,240pounds- ,,».-.
3. .Thte"**JWvt'..-Hn.waj Originally
intended to corhpeniate tbe otber .for the
weight! ol tbt. small iliei of c/iaj which
•ere thtn dltctrdedi but which tra now..
utiliisd and (old, tad. tberelore, there.- it-_.
no preient necessity lot' tht use ol any **
other thin |_p legal ton.       )A'-A    i
4. The adoption gi tbie lyitem would ;.
remove an incentive both to. tbe opera- ■*
ton and tne workerf, toward cheaiing -
aid dliboneity ind would tfray jul6us> '.,
among tbe mioett find prevent.uojii.t it-
discrimination and lavoritei.'- ' $
6.- The chute oi -the pittMMjatt-*'**
to the one asked (or wonld prove a strong -
factor in ..laying suepiciOD aad discontent amon< tbe mine workers.
Fourth.—The   incorporation   in in
agreer-enV between -the ■Uurte* Min*
Workewol America aud thejxaihraoU.i
coal fompiniei of the,wag^,.wbielii jfiam
be paid ,i|dv(^t conditiona piemplot-.,.
ment '#h'lch' inill ootti., together"vr'ith.'
latiilaetoTji tfirjtbo*i:ilor the arrjusliii'-Sif-*
of grlevtae.1 wMea may ivbe Irom fhmi*
totlm.,t»«id.*rh»,atiikei-anitlookootij.. -
miy hajMnfqsimi.. In-tuppaj^afcibir^,
demtnd^ijlMnlt tbt lfU'ii'4gJte*i_
eont:—   •   •}■■-'.".
1.' Tii-f tuiftfiH-eTtb >rbM*rt WottiS'nor*'
be comptlled td-nHketr ligii-iBdrHsluaH
agreemtntt, bat attcaM ban tbt -fight Oo
form notuugaaiiitien aiid.-eljoot. mc.Ii:.
agentt aod ofSctn ai thty deilie. lo.acfj
rolltctivtly Instead ot individual^ when
tiev deem tbat tbeir btttTn'ttreiti '.W-
nrvtd Ihtrtby.        '■'"'•■'   tMr;t*»l   "•'
2,- A.;ie«ojeati betwttn kBplotaw:
andemployeet Ihiough worjiliig pjwtof,,,
the orginiiulpn is the ordinary ruotfiod,
olregulttlng product and wigei in tjit
bltumiooui coal fieidi and'in OthMl.riJe*
iodultrieiand ara benefielalj'tirtlue-"
ctiilnl in keeping witb the ipintai itbar
times.    fc . -j.iisv.-^.
3.   Unions ol worklngmen tend lo.(be,,
better discipline of tbt men, md to.tht
tmperutmentcltbeir physical, moral anoT'
mental   eonditlont,' tod ro'-lbt-pre-
lervttion of friendly relation! betaeea,
employer,and employee.. .Experience   .
ihowitbtt tbe trade a^ree-nonr,. ie the
only effective method by which it ii poi-
libit to ngulttt question! arising'***-•
tween employer, and trnploytti WMut ■•
(Continued on pigt *.'|
Intereit illowtd on deposit! ol one dollar (11 001 and upward!. The depositor
li inhjsot to no delay in dtpMillng or
wlthdrtwlng Inndi.
Current Accounts Opened.
Lotni Negotiated.
Dralt. limed payable In all parti of
tbt world.       	
For tht convenience ol customers tnd
omen thi, hank wlll be open on tha
evening ol Pty fl y tmm'T o'clock' until
*"'M-      GEO. WILLIAMS,
Special Sale ;
i of Furnire-
.   Nov. 3 to Nov. I j. nj
.   .i-l1-
Too many hlgh-claea, exoenaive.
Cblnl Oabineie, Sideboard!, Cblf-
Ionian; Ladiet' Dressing 'Table,,'
B.oi OaiM, ,Exiension .T»blafl,,,
Hill Rat ke.   A greet chance Tor
fou now (so puroh.le aome ollh>r^(-
elettnt plei-ei.pf Fornliure .wliile^
thil Ilia lull.   Nut'ning tcllitses
a ws.ll-tnmitl.rd house.   An op-»
portunity to .choose from ont'jif,
the beet Milected itock, in B. 0.
DONT ' niSS ITI -TrrliV trio
goodtohinotito Let past by..A.
pleuurt to thow you aiound our
itore.' *    •"' •'-*■'"
"SATISFACTION" 'Tlil.liwbfit''
you gtt In buying. Furnlturi tiora-j
ui.  Only ont word, hut it mean,
a trentendoui lot,   WO Ml «ll«-
lorCath. , ... ....;•
Freight Paid to UdytmlHi.f
J. H. .oobp & CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Core LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 5. 190?.
Taal**X*t ***r, mlata*.j tai tatattaj el
, •>f^_-K|,^_-_f.«o)« *triral An. aad
0_f_u_fl, Borne am raonuant.
auMcamioif iatm.
Ovl*_a ns Canada _n> Uanaa tTATaa,
■B*.ra-^W-at«aet).i_^.-..... |>i
•aauatMatatticO,ta aM_wi _..___," II is
Aontnamo oatm.
num«HT-Iadad-| tmiam aoOm,
.allafertaidmarj-illauieu brand OT-Jerof
-waaaa, lent aMkaa, tic, nc. a Hat •« la-
Mslliai jeValla. wk ~bngual tanrtloa; i.
(aa.l_«ar.lo*i.l.ck.; '        """'.'.,'
comoniciAt, AtmiaTitiNo.
'IM.4aappt-.tloa. Ko wood cat. tued.
Ga-M'i^nalir'aMlkMU't.-'aaa-M.' '
_a-ktv, IWk, Doth aad Vaacral aotkaa,
MlHltKmmtlti: -■-;':-
IHmHiuii.il act -mm 6t a wadaeJ
a«-mis,«tari«lfccM_lord_-lt. a. _»
MB UUDI1 *tU be bud it tk. followUt
m*amlit TttUaAat CUkaj TU Udj-alt*
•taaiaur-a.M_b.-a_k   ..-.
la—am rami Hkitry, tad -.Wa
»« WMrj___rr-P.uk Mt-uy.
AUcbaafata advartlM-ea-. an- b.ne_tad
attklM-cttKftu ■> aeoa Ik. day bed*.
Imai   '■
erkaan^aatraeclvlai pkpir itjjvJarly plMM
Np«it«IU»a-*v;   -'
AU I* wMk atifctlp oakdlMlfap.
WllllOH ilnill—..ll sts> latdvaa-i
wwiowaV, -»b»*i_a» 1
a**»****--*-m-**i**a *-***-» W«i^
notice lo-m PUWC.
Iphterltttn oot rtetlvt-t Tn
"Wm ncatrwrtr' will eoaler a <
b*nr by npottiai promptly to
How thankful we an to be living
qnltUy la Ladytmlth lntttad ol where
Ihotl iwlngtlng (onmallitlc knock! wan
goto*; la Nanaimo lut wttk. It wu •
btttltolglanti, Indwd.
lilt not iuiltbout tlmt to iotroduct
tht Hallowt'tu Idiot lo a lute of good
llthl birth M a toolo lor hit relaxed
brain whloh tan tee laa la dettroylng
property or Infilctlnt pain oa othtrt?
•Tt have heard a good amy comments
irom Ladyimith ollluni tinot tht Slit
ult., tnd judging thertby wt feel toltr-
•bly oerttin wt oeuld enlist a vigilance
ittteo lor mn Hallowe'en that
oould to radically eon tht froiloiomt
praaktn agio make Ihe ensuing portion
ol that yew a ttaton ot uniltlve hnmlli-
Ont man ia Vanoouver hu hid
nit tyttlght dutroyod, ud miy loie hit
lift u tbt mult of 1 Htllowt'tn frolic.
What art the Donkhobon trying to
do ll oot to Un np, or down, to the
■tandtrd plilnly get lorlh io tht rtoord'
ad utttraneat of lhe Han of Qililte?
Unltti wt ire to belitvt that plain
wordi can htvt two mttnlngt dlunttri-
oaliyoppoud toon, anothtr, thit good
Iw auao bid, aad bid good, that
loiliot may tlto be Injnitioe ud right
wrong, thai reducing language to mean-
1 babble, tbe Donkhobon an
morally right * ud ail who depart jot or
Uttlt from tht itriot Injunotloni ol tbt
Matter ue wrong. All who do take
Ihonght lor tht morrow offtnd tgaintt
tht Nutrtnt1! own oom mind; all who
plan their Inul la rlchn, who gtt gtar
mywiy, who iln not a tenth oi their
good! to tha poor, an tre.pa.Mr.. II
Ut Doukbobon bad u eloquent debt'
lit amoagtt Ihem be eould pnt tome ol
ou nry hlghut chnrch inthoritlet in i
ptlnfully awkward fix ia a law mlnutti
oiaigaminton tbo plain bull ol tbe
Qot-pel Int.
Clever Decorative Work.
Editor ol a Local Paper Runs
But Is Discomfitiiiil.
Evoiyiiiins; Begins to show up well
at llie Works,
-UriUMHfbo ban thalnltnilaol
•enwaat-uartwlll-twiUidvlttd to
aHMt-imMtlagwUit. It to beheld
tttmtdIke**d.tf Trade wUl Ibea
nadee te the dMtwaul el Ikeir
•Mnrdtbip br t_»patl>aar,andlt will
be aw IU mttlUf t*;t»lBi nob Mope at
-^fba-M^ti^Uwud a-U-i
IkaBoatdal Trade t% eneateenpn-
toaMint»dpe>aa|laubtea. -'"'
Tke Sand butl-tyt Mod to do lit
beet-* Udymlth; ll kit aot oleeaed
ararrbodT, balta kit -MtompUtked
■tab. WUbaatULadlltal-iwoaldoot
be eaieylof today ttrlaia pcivHttatJ'1
w--hllpr_ti.Ulttl,taoatkhubaw^ ''
**bowalo prow iktl ftdt oommoalfc
tath ntmnletlvt ttiu'lutlna, The
■Mtlai an* Monday jUgkl la to anablt
Mr. Boaddieg, loo palntar, bu jntt
added anothtr lo hit lilt ol triumph! in
lalerior decoration, thil tlmt In the
dining kali ol tke Grand Hotel. The
dttifaii txcudingly pntty, ud will
railed le tha tin ol Ihe mom. The ool-
oot Mkeme oonld hardly bt improved
npoa and It will earrltd ont la til iti
detail*. All wbo ban etta tht Grand
dining room ilnot Mi. Boeddini hat
tompltttd kit work hivttxprewed their
admiralloaol tbe elivip work ol tbe ir
tilt. Mr. Rotddlng hu raoilved 1 num
bar ololhar linpottut orden ler early
titeuHoo. ^^
Opoilif Social ol Tki Siiton Is a
Ike peaplt lb oteif tfrtlr ttewioalbe
■•Mir aad plate la eMot toeb topi*
etaiatlntttmty '''mitt to Ikeaotliet
ht tht' it- "*t vrrtAiaf Ltdyimlli't
, aod MtaiiH at not- at
poestblt tor Ike plan.
W« boot tbat tke people ot-tdyua'th
wffl1_*w' it. oert Meadar tvtniag't
nee-dag iWlkey do aot dttemtke
wpttaih whItfahailitubnMktttalati
Km* - thai thty de oot ran lay thing
Mr the lataniti ol Ike tewa at a whole,
Wt*Hyl»r their awe lndlvidotl inter
lwa-Hi-Weeat*tflMf| Ike mala
^%_£ <*!____
•gaily at Vltftrla onr th. eaapMiw
Ml Jul u wood, ftp-tgh wt tkowei tl
Mtiaadtkewtaelo Vltloria thai loot
towa-alt-tit (Mat ttbtnltlttiooi (ram
■mIU.' tht tttoapUthtif tf thla gnat
tl M-peal au«tiUui who attd lie ealn
•^-.Mtol tb. ibmo. oi u -_!■
Mlllk taUt. TatlrttoapaUoa It (tin
b^,lr«ir» 1-d-aoc-Mi*, .«*_«
War tf Mh e ktfe la Ma BtOl'i
MewtntaitbwtBiydllir In polll-
lall t»Ul«« <«■ Vtotoavat World,
-Mltltdtolkte-BMtkpil it nteivlag
eaetlittoai a -trail ot tke Mnier.'
ery.lbtPravlaet. Wt kin aevtr teea
-oatwUrai itttati lowtr la Ike mln
ta NUgkOtlaMbla or uyvbtn tin
gua bjr Ike raOaat wke in aew la
Mr. B, J. Buido, editor o( X.-iiniiiin
Free Press, took dinner at the-hotel
Wilion last Friday evr-iiiiii;. He ivhs
drunk, aud offered an exceedingly liruteV
ud dilguiiing insult to one ol llio wail-
rtiHi. Tbe itewart), a delicate little
mm, wtrned Mr. Burtio to ili'sisl, but
tht editor abused him rutin.Uy, and
wanton with bis nieui.
At ita conclusion be went up. to the
atewtrd who wai at the em] ul the room,
tnd without a aign or word nf wttrnintr
ttruck him a heavy blow in tbo face.
Theittward, who had no chince to-defend himself, bslng entiroly -till' It ia
guard, fell atnnned to the floor. - As In-
tried to rile Uunle again etriuili tho 1111-
iortnmtt little fellow a frietitfu 1 blow in
tht face, again knocking him down.
Burde then went into tbe hotel reading room,. While standing about indulging in a good deal of loud talk Mr.
Ohariei Trawford, proprietor of 'tlie
Wilion eame In, having"been"iiiloi'inod
ol the occurrence in tbo "tlMiini; room,
Mr. Trawford ia-ex-nhnmpi'on lightweight ol Canada. He Immediately uncoiled Burde, laying:
-What do you mean by striking my
waiter? Why don't you hitnomebody
about your own sine? Why don't yon
hit a mat)? Why don't you bit me?".
tnd bt put hia bands behind ihia hack
ud itood with liiB.lace close to Burde'l.
'You cowardly, hulking bruto, 1. could
lick yon to a standstill without my
htndiitnll; you wretched, tiiiseriilile
our; you daren't put up your liiimlu tii :i
Probably not knowing very, clearly
wblt ht wai doing, Burde h.i.i the in-
concelvtble lolly to throw bitnstill into n
poeture of pugilistic tltifi'tice. In an infant ht wis on bia buck on the Hour, a
quivtring heap, from a terrific emiisli on
the point oi the jaw Iront Mr. Trawford'a
terrible fiat, It waa eome minutes before tht imllten editor regained power
to riseand take liinintli i ll'.
It ia alleged that Burde li.ul" been in
the habit of bonBtlng of tiie prowess as n
pugilist, wben in hie cups, whloh It in
alio alleged, was prelly frequently. He
hit .levered bis ttounocllon Willi Hid.
Free Preii. The Leader long tico noii-
fied the Nanaimo people of what wae
coming, tnd has come.
Credit ll dot to Ibe entertainment
amlttoo tf tbe Wellioglon __-_e, No.
2, _.tt P., lop the tneoeu whloh at-
ttedtd Ike flnt tocial enUrtalnment
Ibe pnteat utton, glvm in Iht Outle
Ball, Oddfellowi' block, on Friday
inning lut. Evtrytblng wtnl oil mott
utiitt-torlly, and ell who atteaded, ud
than wut big crowd, wen mon thin
Mr. Tom Spntt oocuoltd Ihe
ehalp, iod folllled tbt dutiu witb bit
Tbt affair wat
under tbt mmigtminl oi Brothtn
Ltwli, MeXle ud Morgio. Refieth
•■tali were rarred during the evening.
A deoided feitnn ol tbe tvtnlng wu
IbiipttehbyMr.T. Weblejr, on Pyth
iaaimi ii jw IMrooihly enjoyed by all
Ohalrmu Bpratt'i nmtrki
wen alto lo tke point ud met with a
btartyrttponu, whlltBro. Aion'i mtt
Ibe blkrwiag flat progrtmmt wu
Bra. 9. Ltwit, toot; Bra. T. Tbomu,
MHi Bn. John Haddow, tong; Bra. B.
Ivy, toon Bra. Ju. Vin, tong; Bro,
Wm.Mt_iy.ioog- Bro. Wat. Aogtl,
ton; Bro. J. Bla wart, tong; Bra. Hu-
ny (barqot Antlopt) »ng; Bro. Hntoh
llto, tobg;l
;Bro. Sat, BlMk, tong; Bro.
'  Me«HlihlJt. Filth
Loadoo.'INov. 1—The Doke ol dm-
bridn'i grand daughttr Mn. Olga Ha-
mllto* who it a. dangbter tf Ool. Ao-
gailaiCbu Frederick Flitgiorgt wat
DeathofMrs. Williamson.
Altera loop Rnillini;i'riiii'iH''.t'Br', Mre.
Wiltiameon, wife of Mr.Kubfrt^'iiliiiiii*
ion of (he Oity Mmket, died at lin>
family reeiilence on Saturday litet,
about one o'clock, The ituix-iai*-*! Indy
had been 111 for yeara, but bore her elllii!-
tion with p-itlence anti resignation. Tlm
deepeat sympathy ban botm expr-poaeti by
all with tbe bereaved buQbanii. The
end, although not unexpected-, oame
quite Buddenly, and tho eufl't-rec pncui'd
away quietly and peacefully. J in: funeral took place to Nainiinn cemetery on
Tueiday afternoon, atteudeil by tbo
brethren of Banner Lodge, I, 0, 0. F.,
Ladyimith, of which Mr. WitlUmioii te
a member. The remains '-.ure liken to
Nanaimo by special train.
The lervice being conducted by Mr. Q,
Morion Walker. Tlie funeral arrangement! were in charge of Mr. A. ilillmrt.
adlTOraa today oa tht ground
*£&tfh"!wd wif wSOf of Stoot
doei with u unknown woman.
Thoeowt Mom wai filled with wclety
p»pla, maay of whom wart prtnnUn
1617, it tha manrian ol Wm ElUgtorga,
who wai a aoUd baaoty., Among thow
wbo mt gif ti aad aoDgratolationi to tho
bride wan thePrlnoa and Prlnot#iof
Walai. Hf.Ham1IlooiiaionofSif K.
ai* Hamilton, Barontt, and li a diiUnt
ffkUto of tba Pnka of Abaroorn,
A Beautiful Residence.
Mr. Thomas Kiddle's hotu-e ie wepect*
ad to be finished ami ready for r*-ccupn*
tion thii week, the workmen having
been rushing operationsiiiiiiovitioiouHly
of late. Thia flue re.idom*u ban' been
greatly admired by all wbo hnve visited
lt In tbe course of erection, and by common consent it is allowed to bn tbo prettiest and mOBt commodious in Ladyimith.
The situation ia arfm-rablt-, commanding a superb view of the harbor, mul
sheltered from all tbe colilor. Hinds,
while the loil around it is excellent tor
garden! n a purposes.
Tha design of the houso Is artistic and
chaste, and color scheme being niost
pleasing. Entering the main door, from
a wide and ample verandah tbe spacious
ball itrlkes the observer by its dimentions and arrangement, At the left is
tba drawing room, connected with tlio
dining room by folding doors, which
when thrown open make a splendid union of tbe two rooms.
The arranrement of the kitchen, scullery, pantrlei etc., is skilfully matuiged.
A fine staircase conducts to the second
floor, which Is divided into bedrooms.
Numerous wide windows give nn abundance of light In all parte of tbe house.
Tha heating is done by a furnace, while
electric light is naed throughout tlie
house, An avenue through the bait of
woods asperating the house from the
imeiter gronndi will nll'-ml easy access
to and from the works. Before completion tbe house was visited by many
Ladysmith people, and the opinion is
unanimous as already noted Unit it ie
one of tbe handsomest, most comfortable
and well-constructed In this part of ibe
Iiland,.,.,:,,.«*-._--». - • .•■' '  r *   >'
tAfit.ffliik'a'great deal of important
woik wns Accomplished'" at the Tyee
smelter Bite, and lhe buildings begin
tb present quite a /iiiisiivll appearance
from nl! pplhtfl..
Tlm big 00 fjot Rmoke_tmk was safely
hoisted into place last week, und makes
an imposing addition to the aspect) of
the smeller. It has btien securely fast-
cued "into plii':'*, and it is hoped that the
(lay te Mil■ inr diiiltth't when it will add
its quota to il'Viiklnelriiil smoke which
te liggiriidg tb hover over Ladysmith
Air, Hartley I'-iisbirue-, 0. R., ia bually
engaged itiH-.-iririg the whole works for
tbe eliictiii: lij-M, which will be used In
very defitirtrnQrit, tbe Company putting
in a special instalbuiou of tbeir own for
this purpose. ,.   - .   -.'
Tbe placing of the heavy machinery Is
proceeding H ■■' *■-llp l>u-Bihle In tbe reev-
ei,alliuudiug*_,and will, it is expected,
bo completed, within .a few weeka.
Tiie iiew iti-sity ofllce, Bituated some
dietape'e Bouth.of the head office, will be
Ijiiiebi*'.-! nerst fteek, ao far'as the exterior
iacoucLMiiei], , This ofllce will be fitted
op'wi'tK'all tlie iatcat appliances for as>
saylng, aiid will I>b in ehitvge of Mr.
Watson) tlie Tyee Oompany'a asaiiyer.
1 .uyi week saw also ibecompletion of
the railway running from the roset yard
io the bins al the smelter bnlkiiuga,and
very booh the roasted ore will be sent
along steadily ii'om the yartle to the
smelter tuuuices.-
The wuter main from the big tank
near Ihe rosBt yards is alBo'all laid and
uonnected.'ieaily for service.
Al the rpaat yard new.piles of raw ore
are being laid daily for roasting, and
already i-uite a largo quantity of the
cooked ore ie awaiting for further treat*
inmij.ftt tlif,furnaces. -Meanwhileabun-
tlitnce of ore is being sent along from the
bins ut the end of the aerial tramway,
In fact it may Imsnid thai everything
ia working to perfection and only waiting for the compV-Mo'i of tlm Binelter
buildings to have the whole proceBS go-
Ulg fuH-fiiiing,'
Full adyaulace is being, taken of tbe
pi'OBOiit' BpiSlI oi line weather to rush
wbiU'iemaitiB-tobi' iloue to a linish.
BiiBincsa nit-ii, don-'t send out un print
ed etaiioiiory ; Ibe recipients will classify yep as a.hayeeed-
Dfjminion Express Office.
, Jlr/AV.', :J: KiV^by,- represeutlng the
nomjiiioii-'i'IxpieBs Company, stopped
off at Ludyemitii for a while on Satur-
dny wiih a view of loolting into tbe local
.oiuliliona and aa to tbo advisability of
ojiiMiiiif- here a branch of the Dominion
ExjiVefifl: It appears (hat negotiations
are now iu pro-',ess between the 0 I'.R,
Tolegrapb Oolaipftny and th^ Dominion
Kxpreen Oomp.iny regarding the estab-
liiihment at eiiitable points on the E. &
N, Hnilway of express oflk'es. The want
of some hu uli convenience has been felt a
good,deftl lately, and if a mutually Batii*
factory arrangement can ba entered into
by the two tMiirp-sniea.lt is unite likely
thatthpBO.offlces.will be,opened at no
distant ilrtte. t*"toin eiujuirina made here
it is alleged thnt there is ample business
to .justify, the opening of euch an office
in 1,-iUfyamitli.
Schwab's nil Right.
I/mifon, Nov. U. —Tlio- last newi received her^fron^Qbarlps M> Schwab ii
that hu is at Como, Italy, thoroughly en-
j tying his holiday. No mention is made
of his being in bad Itenltb or of his hav*
in)- ibeint*ntion to resign the presidency uf the United StftteB steel corporation. A. -J. Dt-tmVi steam yacht Margarita, which wasTcuenHy- docked and
.repaired at H mlbampiton, has been
chartered by Mr. Hchwabandheialikely
to crniBo-oii hot* in tbo Mediterranean for
atveral nitmtba. ■ • <■ . ■ '
Furniture, Carpets, Llnoleuma,   ;
Wallpaper, Curtain*,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
There la Contort In Our deed* ',
Everythinc* to furnish a home In   ' '
modest or elaborate style.   Write
for onr large catalogue (free) Illustrated and priced (a store In itself).
A neat lettei-liiHil or billhead with
yuiir inmi.% addiosii -and' bUBineas, ia a
good advertisement.- " '
direct from the NORTH POLE.sayi
John Proat has started' south with
Iho heaviest line of chills seen In
this country in |ialf   a   century.
.    READY
'Buv Slovi'D and Healers et the IRON
CASH STOKE, and you nan give
■l.iuk i'-riist, the Iniporlal Smile"ell
the lime.
Cory S. Ryder
ITlrst Avenue, LADYSMITH, B.C.
Ladysmith Hotel
Firit-olut   accommodtllta;  tietlltnl
table board.  The ber-tt tnoplftd
with tbt bnl wlaM, ll-|ien
ud tltart.
First Avtaut,    UtyiJII, 1.0,
Meats fill Tiiis
Hone Cured Baeea aad Santagu
High Stint, : La-jyaaltk, B.C.
Wti. Siaoooi, Flop.
Not Gblckm Tiiiln u Tap
Tobicoo ud Olfin, Oudlu, Ititt, Pu-
try, Taffy and Bel| Drlaki, tie.
1. H, Out-ou, Utaaitr.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Suppllu rKulnly ObeltMl
Apple., Bailer, Fnok Bnt, Ae,
■I oirnal auuktt pritu.
ii 'V 'li ' .
See that ill bone ot aeplw and baiter
are marked •'•. $. I." Tbal
Intuitu (jailily.
Tht pablie an n*iaMtod lo ipply to
Ihtir duliri top oar prodeee.
.     H»«DQumtT-«o,
FlntAvtant, :   :. Udytmltb, B. 0.
To the Citizens
of Ladysmith:
1 tpteltl mulltt of Ladyi-llh Boird
of Tridt wlll be btld ia eoold'i Ball ou
Mondty ev.nlaf, ■ove»ber Mlh. 11 It
earneitly nquultJ that all OitlMol ol
Lidyimlth tlltad tbla ntttiai wbtn
mitten of irul lapertaoet will no (
ildertd. ',
Not Respoiulble.
Notlet It hereby (Ire. thil Iht Bit-
ttr, tftatt or owaen ol Ike Buqat Antiope, ntw la Ibli port, will nil be to-
iponilblt ior any dibit tealiaited by
the erew of uid nnel.
Huttr, Beie.ee iallope.
Maple Lodge, No. Al, 1.0.«, r,
Meeti every Wtdnudty evenlni la
Niebolion'i Bill. Viilllai mtaibiii
are cordially Invited.
. -.,: : i. :*\r.
Meet.,t«tWe4a«_ur nmtltfX *.*>.'tlati,
vl.ltor.««rdlallrlaTll«l.      ™  • 'T     .
WelllngtM Latlte B«. 2 K. nf r.
Meeti every Frldty la I. 0.0. t. ball al
7:80p,ai. ;  .-,.,   -.,,_,-  ,.;; '
f 8P*i8tt6-S&'
• a   We   LB WIS, 806.
meeti In NIobolKa'i Hall, Fin! Avtati,
tvtpy illtrnatalatirdn lataeb laoith,
commenoln, flrtt SaWrday la Oetobet.
B. A. HtTOa.BD. die. i
VIsltlntBrtthrtttn Invited to ttttnd
All ptrtoat ol 8tMII_i birth er uot,.
lngl qiirMrly,
trytrttllglbltler inelibenblp.
•     Fop all oarlleelan id
T. _. QBA1AUB,
Tbit job el piiatlH -oa adnlnd to
muoh wudaie by Ibe -eider.
Ilanuftcturenofall klntl*}*4
; Rou.h and Dressed link::
Mouldings, Laths. ShlB'lii, Etc. '■'■
, A large stock of thoroughly ■etMBcd '
- lumber—ist and 2nd class couitantljroa  '
- ■ baud.  AH orders strictly ttteodca to.
• ■ Quotations cheerfully giveu,
::JohnW. Coburn,::
Hanaoiho DlBICTOI.
ki S. Christie,
.   Dqiuty Commissioner of und. laa
Uud. and Work. Department,  - 7
vkiori., B.C.. aoihoaotsrr, .art.
Nanalmo, B. 0.
* MANUFACTURSat OF T(U| ;,      _
; Choicest Lairer, Ales, Bter:
and Porter,
. COLD 8T0RAQE-Hrrtcia»
iftrthe atorate of muta, iaja,
w-nHable., etc., etc.        '
For the finest Butter
and Fresh Egos
Made and repaired.  All work
Outrtntted.   IntpettUa la*
Rtntti Rtpalrlt, a Sneclalty.
Tax SajrNoticf
**• unpaid taxes will take place oa Satantaf,
the 8th day of November next.
Assessor, South Napatmo EMatrlat.
October 16 th, 1901
NOTICB Is hereby given that.%11 ummmiI*
ated Crown binds •■! Jstrd -llhlu the boMdlirM
orthe following areas are hereby return* frora
prt-emptlon.ialeorolherdltpoiHkm, a_tenUt_f
under the provisions of the mining lawt oTlha
Province, for two yean from the date hereof,
pursuant to the provisions of subscctloa (s) of
lection 41 of the "und Act," -aa aneoMM
section 6 of the "Land Act Amendment Acs,
Si," to enable the Quatslno Power aal ftip
mpany, Limited, to select therefrom -Umber
limits for wood puip and paper manuGNtariaff
Brpoaea, as provided by nn agreemeat baeriM
te the MB day of October, 1901,-ris;-   _
Sections 1, j, 3,10, n, ia, 13,14 and 15, la Tern*
ablp j8; Sections, 1,5. 6, 7,8,9, 16, 17 and il, U\
Townshipji, flections 1,11, ij, 13,14. ij,- —   ~
¥111 luwiimiijj in, acniuna ito jo, ib
ownshipt**; sections I, a, 11, tt, tj, ■«,
ana from u to 36, Inclusive, In Township s6; See-
*•«" 4. S-«, 7, S, q. 16.17,18, aj, 36, 3*. u aad »
la Township 31, Sections 4,3,6.7 endSjn Tosra*
•alpji: Sections t to 36, inclusive, Its Towtttblp
10; Sections 1 to ia inclusive, and I3..H aad ll.
aad the southern half of Sections aj-aad aa, fit
Township 9; sections 3 aud 6, ln Township 1;
Sections to, 31 and 33,3,4,3, and 6, la Township
4; the ungrauted land in Township 11; Township
ti, eicept Sections 33 and 36; Sections 1 to sa, la*
elusive. In Township 13; Township 14; ScctMM I
to 3, to and it, in Township 9; Sectlou t, 1, tt,
11, 14,13, 33 and 36. in Townsnlp i<- alio the IM*
lowing described piece or parcel of tana, oamtly:
—Beginning at a point on the prolokgttloa of
the Muthern boundary of Townsnlp 16, eae alia
castof the south-eastern,cora«r-,of Section 1. la
Township 16; theuce in a' southerly dlreetloa
about seven miles, or to a point one wile south
and one mile west of the southern cod of Victoria
Lake; thence east two miles; thence north one
mllei thence east one utile; thence north Ire
miles; thence east two mild; thence aorta oaa
mile; thence east two mites; thence north oat
mile; thence east two miles, or to the ;*
tremity of Kathleen Lake: thence ao*.
mile; thence east one mile; thence _,_._ __._
mile; thence west one mile; thence north half a
mile: thence west one mile and a half; tbeaca
north half a mite; thence west one mile: thence
north half a mile; thence west half a mlk; the. ja
north one mile; thence wert. one mUti tiiaoa
north two miles; thence west along the smith
bouods-rr ofTownshlps t» and It lo lb* SoMh-
•ait Arm, and thence along the abore of Iha
Southefcst Arm, In a southirly direction, to tha
aantheme-rtremityofr-"" -*----—!-
to the place of beginnlt
"""«"■. ntau, ■•> ■  auwuiiif   uiicvtlVK. W ISV
rath-i. .Mremlty of the Arm, and Hutu Mrtk
to the pl.ee of beglnnitw.
All oTwhlch salil land, .re .United l> 1
m.lrla, Vancouver laland. i ._ - > LADI8MITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 5 . 1902.
Untitle Story of a Oisoovery And
Ai Expedition.
He* aa Old Man Expect! to Make
a Fortune.
Oaptain Macltod, tht genial ancient
■urietr, who wai to will known in tnd
aroood Ladyimlth.Ihi. lelt thnt parti
Iff abont at ler tooth on thit hrtct of
•Wlhunli it ht.ind hii party of merry
■•aeeaeat without wetting their feet.
Tha captain bade farewell to hii nu-
menu frltndl In Ladyimith on Tueiday
•llMUOo-i, tad accompanied by hll ion
George, nt nil in bii imtrt Utile giso-
lint Innth, "The Lieder," (or Victoria,
whtn ht Intended to And I purohaaer
bt Iht trail, hiving (ailed to do io here,
tllhoogk hi. offered htr at a ruinous
ntrlflct. Thty Hopped over night tt
Obtaiilnaj.proceedlngeiillr on Wednei'
day lo.Victoria, which they expected to
retch nrly ia the afternoon. The cap-
tele'i dMtleetlon |t Portimouth, Na*
Tht region tor tht Gaptein'i departure
li fill ollnUrtlt, and wit Imparted to
Thltudirby Ibe Cap ain himself. Ii
ItllktiHOtloa Irom Cntcliffe Hyne or
Clarke -until.
Once upon I tlmt, to tht Ctptaln
huajoroualy tlaiM Iht yarn, be wai
toiling through tht Strtitt of Htnellan,
atmiiler of t tcbooner, when It became
niimiry to make tome repairs. The
venal mi moored it I nolnt'tomewhere
hetteeafoala Arenai ind Desolation
Itlaad, aad all hand, nt to work to
■ale- her up, The Oiptiln, with a
■■ill pirty, wtnl tihoro tnd while
Wllklng on tne btaob ht accidentally
taniedovHB iloot ind beheld to bis
MUttaul lltraordloary indication! ol
■It -M la. nugget! ind coarse flake,
atblaiBeirentlyiln prodigal abundance,
Hi ImBidJittly called io bis men md
pel off loi lhe iblp, end Nt nil without
nyliga word to uy man about hii
woaderrel And.
k.tayait tlm liltr.wndi, In one ol the
aHaU|A-Dan<-nporli, Captain Htcleod
net ap old Cape Breton chum ol hii,
■afHtofibrlg trading in thoie waters,
eftdstrar ijoomfortoble glaii ol grot, the
lalltrooalldtdto Oaptain Macleod that
kakad I grwt Herat to tell. It leemed
Ikat Ike Oapt Bretonir had bean- In the
•Mil oily.a thnt tlmi before, tnd bid
gtiMtibip tibore et ilmott tht loot
■lotted hy Oepttln Macleod. In try-
lag to work bir off all writ ol Ingenious
ttbtlllllwtrt Ultd, tht.Captain order-
III a Maple oi.lrenehee to be dug along-
*M|)^l-eidMUii>«tbat the riling tide
meld, with thie minuet, float off tbt
Al.tht man wire flinging ont tht
tktlglt Iht ctptaln noticed tomtthlng
Ham*** tbeel Iht ipptarinoe ol Iht dirt,
e-^-u-eB-.le-M-k-.mt ol it very oloiely.
ly bt ordtrtd ijtry mm to got
tbtaro tail itty thtrt, which tbey did,
a-dhtB-ttrtod tbtlr cnrloiity by net-
(do* wl hit Mgee end other tickle
mtaMf, hum hinl. Fortunttely the
ihln-Hi off whan Ihe tide flowed. He
tlto^dlttovtrtd that the whole beach
laana.mll It limply   "rotltn   with
--*-'*.  "- '--
When Cipttln Macleod met hint be
wat on tht eve of hurrying beck le Cape
Breton to orgtnlit an expedition ol hit
kinsfolk to go down and exploit lhe,
beach goldfleldi ol tht Siraila ol Migtl.
Ian. Captain Maolton wo i enlitbtlned
hlilriendai to hit own knowledge ol
the fitldi then, and tht two agreed,
lhat ti mon ii cireumitiucel wonld
permit they would go logathtr, with a
select pirty of friendi. ind gtl Oil tbit
A year or two passed md nelthtr had
the opportunity that Ihey wlibtd for,
but now it hn comt, Cipttln Macltod,
before letving Lidytmith, Motived na-
meroui letter! tnd telegrami from; hit
friendi in the Ent, who ere ail ready
and waiting lor him lo eome to. them
and lead tbem to the lend ol gold, Ool
gentleman hai resigned tht Doit ol elly
treasurer of a large city, al a tilery ol
more thin three thousand dollirea year,
to become one of the perty, Othan
have alio given up lucrative petition to
join tbe bind ol gold bnnttn.
But Ctptaln Macleod baiotbir Itrllgi
to hii bow, tnd it not relying tatlrtly
upon the gold to rcoonp him ler hii
lung journey tnd executive oolnV although he li dead certain ol the geld,
which ii in abundance aud eety to work.
When in the Eait ha will puc-eie ■
ichooner tnd i lull nil bnnling oatAt
tod will, whenever he neehea toatb
watenmake formal application lojoia the
Chilean mercantile marine. Be bee influential friendi In Valparaiso who have
promlaed to ut le thli pan el the programme.
The point It thtt no foreign venel it
permitted to catch teal in. Oblliaa wa-
teis; tbe privilege ii renrved far Chilean veiiela alnnt, The Captain knowi
a group ol island! nttr thi wtttlra ta-
trance to the ttrailt whtn hi na All hit
ichooner with seal ikiui in ■ atoatb
with tbe minimum et trouble-ht efM>
matei at an average eott ol Ally cant! a
ekin-ilispoie oi thtm to in igiat in
Valparaiso at anything Iron lam to SI-
teen dollar! apiece, and olear thereby e
handsome profit on tht Iraanetloa,
The gold-nnntlng pirty will oontlil ol
not mora than lix or eight mea. Tbey
expect to bt abnnl from the north li
lean two yetri. The Capitis waa la
high ipirltt whtn he lift Ladyimith,
and promised to coma back tomti day
and vlilt all hii old Iriendi here.
The Letdtr printing office li it Ibe
corner ol French tnd Firet Avtuee.
Write or call and get prion ud nee
railway lares Ud freight on yonr printing.
He Blamee Caaada,
-Washington, Nov. 8.
Oeneral Sargent, pi the Immigration
Bureau, has made public I report Ireea
Robert Wttchoru, ipeeial teunlgraliea j
imppctor, dated Ptrlt, Aagnil 32, oa Ibe
emigrttion to tbt United Btitet by;-way
ol Oantdt. Hr. Witoborn tiyt tba)
Enropeani who obvlontly ale Ineligible
to enter tbe United Slattt fat, n tare I
ytin bavt bnn dlreottd by tgtttl to
Canadian polnti, witb a view letffeoUna
t turrtptiliont tninnct Into the Called
Stated .cros, tht international, bond-
ary. Intending Immigrant! who by
reason ol lome disqualification ere rejected by the linet ronoioa la United
Statei porli are tumid over lo the linn
tunning to Cantdi, md with t flu tx.
ccptioni they trt tcceptcd without qun-
tion. Thouundi evtry year thai Aid
their way into Canada and them to; the
United Statei.
Flnt-claii buggy lor lilt i (70. tiled
only a few monthi, coil $1H, All* baft,
nen In guod order.  Apply Liader o»et.
i^ilerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room la
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and societyv-at very ■
able prices,
We Print
a a a  a. a  a .a. a  t a a .a. t  i.
—Letter Heidi
-Bill Heidi
—Note Hea.il
—Memorandum Httdt
—Builnen Cards
—Slock Cerlltlcatei
—Legal Blankt '
—Wedding Invltttlont
—Funenl Announeementt
—Window Oirdi
Having the latest type faces and bordert,
and modern machinery, we product only
the best work —Printing that attract!
Bmptttr Heaera Foverite. Wile.
Tokokena, Nov. 8,-Tbt Bmptror of
Ooree hu mind hit favorite vile to tbe
: -Hat-ale ef John Bright.
Loidoi, Oot, Jl.-Tbt itatute ol John
Bright, which hat joil bun placed in
Iht houn tl coamoni. it Iht gift ot An
4n*>. Ceruilt.
Jaeaa Navy Scheme.
Yneehfii May.l,—Thi Jipenne Ot-
Maelhet adopted the piepend nneme
leriuvelupu-dea. It involve,an an.
null eipeadltere of (lo.asO.OOO ior 10
Siherlu Cholera Decreatlag.
; H-r-etonenii.ITov.S.MJhOitreltdis
onnlaglat-eAU-iTditlrletmdln ill
the other dtilriett lofecled. There hai
bnn eaiy one fatal can ol inipteitd
plague at Odnta time October 21.
.-..•■ m*t*mj]pvmp.mi v*w# ..Ot w*>yH*
Hew York, Oat. SI .-Tht Xlieoni
Wlrtlan-Ttltaiaph Company today re-
nlveda laltgrem fracn Olaee.bay,, Cape
Breton Iiland, wbieb reported' thit the
Itallaaeraltte Carlo Alberta, with It.
Hamnl aboard, had bnn lighted at 11:
Do WtUe Oaato OMtlala.
Berlin, Nov. t.-Tfte Tageblatt today
prialo e dltpateh Iran Sit Ptllnburg
nytaglhat Fiatan Mlnittor dt Willt
din-Blind MO oUclali employed nnder
tbt riaaaca HieMfy daring thi far-
nllare iaipttlloa trip, far Irrtgulatltle..
Coffee Flelda tMMi-oyed.
Sap Fiaialno, Hor. S,.-Tht. latlre
eoflneeHol flnalettala bai bnnde-
tlreyed by Iht flaniti md imoke Irom
Sanlt Marlt't gaping month. Eruption
it-eaten the. dettrneiieaof tviry living
thing wllbU reach of tbt famn aod Ara
thai pour iron tht burning mountain.
Royalty to Wed.
-vTenaa, Her. f.-fhe bttrotbal li
aBaouaead oflhe ArchducbettKllaabeth,
dMghtw et ttie late Archduke Karl Lud-
wig, brotan of Emperor FranoliJoteph,
to Prlact Aloyn tu Llehleneteln. Tht
a reigning home o
Hail birth with Ihe Heptbargt.
Price IT White Star Uh-    '
Lotsioe, Her. 1.-11 wu omeitlly to
aoawd todw thil Ihe purchan price
ollbe WhlteSla- Line (oo lit,. Joining
" ileiaM^ajal. Marine Oompanyl it
7,116, tl.whlch |U,7M,1W, li'pey
iblalntaati; nfl.17-1,000 la prelwenet
Tbe1htot_leldtrt Ihurenlveover IM.
DIKI lei eHa (WO grmrtti
rlt,Ktv, 1—Tfctmmtgera ef coil
■Innlalhe Dtpartneat da Hord have
wrillialolhe rnltelol the' Dtpaii-
■Mn the nbjeetolerbltia ion ol the
Ilia|ly tht jarw fwrmi atthonagrttd lo
by the wpianntalltnol 10 oeal mining
em-Maitt ia Ua^u de CtUU in! the
inter net yatttrdiy to, the. Perfect el
Bejchttoff Weraijee Free Trade.
BtrlU,Hdv.S.-Tht Btlchitag today
John Wanimtktr, the multi-mlllin-
alre mtrchtnt prian ol Philadelphia
■nre u hii opinion the othtr dty, on. thi
inb'ect el idvtrliilng, ud no mat in
the land can ipeak oa that metier with
more authority:
"There il only ont wty to advtrlln,
and that it to himmir.yonr.ntmt, you
location, your buiintn, to con.tautly, to
penlit.nt.ly, to thoroughly, into thi peo-
plt'ibeadi tbit it thty walk ib thtlr
lltep thty wonld conitintly tarn tbtir
htadt toward ytu .tore. Tbe na
paper it yonr bait frltnd in tpite 61 yonr
criticiim. Il belpi to buildup tbt«
mnnlty which inpnorli yon. Whin tha
dty comet thit tbt aewipaptri ire dead
the people ere inr the edgeol tbe grave
with no one to write their epitaph."
dinamd u eneadaut propond hy
the SoUiHilt tad UhmH empowering
Ibe Bladnrelb to pet goodi on tht free
IM vbtpmrlhi Otrasm tyadlcatn nil
laihgfwhibroadohnptr Ihin thiy do
il beaei Attn ipteebn la rapport
the mtUoa hy Harr BtratMo lad Htrr
Octhtii, Ihe B«ue edjoemed to Tew.
Mtttm Africa Hoaoro*
Loadu, Hev. I.—A itatlUI el henen
udpiowMeMleiitiognllioa of lobth
Afiitu twvion wu gutllad today.
LerdMelhiultiudea height ol thi
OreedCrenel lhe Bttbi MiJ. Gin.
-l-bntt (ttolbh order *U' Compulon
ttlboSetbi Ma|. Out. French nd Iu
Uia-Uoa entailed te Iht nat el Ilea..
Haul gutttli. Coll. Kthtwieb tnd
!tf sPIbu-mt nawtnoled to tie mfor gta.r-
alt| Brif. Ou. Btaaul il appolatod u
htaertiy en)ir geetnl md Liul. Oot
rim ud Oapt httetllkaof the Oantd'
lu nr»t united the dnntllta olOam
el lhe -BitUmlthtd
The Leader Job Room
■m__i_i H_*-r_w M__t__.a_sbf*W' '
^mjww ivw nmapvmmamT/a
rerkeavH. W.T.JOtl, l-"Mhlek
II li hayead h*« er naeoa to parity
with the Ptahklkin uy longtr. Kx;
•ktsT-rttWkc-N-Wf t* tlwliitaen h»»i
rendered latir toadllle, inch thil thty
ftnafl l^iha^ifijl .•na.. I hlvt
w»kedai|blaad day with tht mlnnl.
ded-Mo-plt, i»d ■uteoalteiaeltatn
far u htdailig thtm to retu.a to tbtlr
ttmmlHfitfnm- 0»'»^•h|f»,,■*.•-*•,
'tola, toe-Oonkheeoii ■"t hi **keactn
oj, IhfnaotHtd lhaulMUn a» *JJ.
tota If Slw ft* ««"*Jf>a ,<%(r eudl.
•O^lhttnit nrloetotaildtretloa. 'It
uiuitoMdW-^un.iw ftlleiir il
, Thlattaltettel eiOelealtetln Agtei
Speeailedaylaaiaawairel the ilia
allUiT^-ihePtethehen wetwaart
MWhriflMilual-f. T*i«i»He«lla
4ltoaw aad u nllaiy Iruu fail eight,
a*aMNh»had to to Ma *»Hheere lathe
Hen Jamei Duntmuir visited Ltdy.
tmith on Saturday afternoon.
Hr. 8. Finnegao, Victoria, arrived on
a villi to Ladyimllh, ynttrdty.
Mn. Dr. Grice, Nanalmo, li the gnut
oIMr. ind Mn, B. 0, Jump, High
8n*»»...   ■',
Aid. PlanU ol Nanalmo paid hll nn-
al buiinm villi to Ladyimllh laat
Captain Glob of Seattle arrived; belie
on Saturday'i train on bntlnen eonnnl-
td with Iht thlp Einron.
Mr. Juan Btllord, Vancouver, wit i
visitor to Lidyimlth on Monday. He
wu here oo I builntu trip,
Mr. W. M, Bobtrlton,provincitl min.
tralogitl, arrived, on Tnndiy irom
Vlctorie to spend i day or two.
Mr; Jamn Galloway ol Ibe Nanalmo
pnblie ichool inching tuff, returned
homo on Saturday tvtning't train,
Mr. John Mthrer, nnlor partner of
thi Arm ol Mthrer A Oil., Ntntimo, Tit-
ittd Lidyimlth on Monday on builnttt,
Mr. B.J. Burdnlatt of tht Fret Pren,
Nanalmo, Ml for. Winnipeg thii wetk to
tike I petition on one oi Iht ntwtptpui
Mr. Dia. HcKentitof GUngarry.Ont.,
wu hire on Saturday looking round for
e location. He wai mocb lnprtaatd
with Ladytmlth.
Principal Huntir ol Nanalmo High
School, ip.nl Silurdiy afteraeoh ia
Ladyimith. He visited the ueiler,
rout yird ud whuvn,
; Captain Uib»n, U.8. Counl it Oho.
intlnui, arrived In Ladyimllh oa Satarday nlght't train, to dientn ctrteln
polatt ia marine law with Captain Murray ol tht ihip KinroM,
OapUIn McLtod, tndhli en Georgt
hire lift Lidyimilh far Portimouth,
Htw Himpthiro, where Ihey will join a
gold-hunting iipedltl in bound lor the
Slralti oi Mtgillu. Thty go dona
w Victorii oa thtlr gueline luneh,
"The Leader," thli ahtmoon.
ABTI8TI0 PBINTIHfll-We know how
to do Ihe bnl, ud we do Ihe bnt we
1 knowi-Ladyimltb Leader.
WAHTED-From 80 to 40 tern of good
land on the trettrlront wnth ot Ladyimith, oi on tdJMtat liludi; partially
eleered aad with dwelling prelirred.
Apply titling prim ptr ure, term., din.
atlon, ete., to K.O.B., Leader offlct.
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tims Tsbls Ns. 45.
Tralni letve Ltdyimitb Southbound dtily it 9,10 a.m.,. and on Saturdtyi
Snndayi and Wednttdtye it 4.00 p.m.
Train! Invt Ladyimith Northbound it 11,67 t.m. ind on Saturdtyi, Sundays
and WodnMdat.at6.06 p.m.
Tralni luve Ladyimith far Exteniion dtily exoept Sunday ltd t.m., 2 p.m.
4:3S ind 10 p.m., ud on Sundiyi it 10 p.m.
Ass, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manager
Smelting Works -I
Prepared to purchase -'ores.   Convenient to
E. & N. or Sea. I
Don't borrow tbe Lttdtr; lubtcribt
lor II yonnelf.
The Leading
■Mn.   Ulttiu-k* «....».
i loktww of tbe world's dointa;e-tart I
And Soa Pacific
booklet, too, for tb. uklag,
nttnaiil Stan PaMkallMCo.,
MiAJk.. Iiiii'.-risjli,
MlUrnJ*-    -sun JHIl.s. ss
Company, Ltd.
Wellinf-ton Coal   Best household coal, on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas,, steam and household coal
.'_. The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San Francisco Agency,
R. Durismtiir's Sons Co'y
340 Stettart St.
Flowers and Fruits.
tlAVB you a garden I Are you fond of (rait
11 .nit do—er culture? Do you want to "keep
posted" on the Islest methods ? Then send one
dollsr 10 Tk. Camtlta Honkullurin. Orltns-
by, Ontario, .nd .et a monthly copy for. year
of Ike highe— ct.as   hortlcultur.f  magatine
nttl Pamagt' Train rum
dtily, equipped wiih Standard ud.
TpnuM Unplug, Car*.
lay Oaaafeaa aMtOalaalttOara
-fXB- ,_,
Faitut Tims
Toaad irom. Wtiolpfg. Toronto, Hall-
fax, Meatreal, Botwn, Hew York,
Chicago tad St. Panli ud ill E«t-
era end Old Country polnti.
for paaehlett and all inttrmilioa apply
to uy O.P.B. tgtal.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIRB, -
Agtnt, VlUort.,     Agent, Nuaimo.
\**_.j;cpr|a,.' ,-
Ami. Gul. Pui. Agut. Vaaeuter.
published ia Jtmerlc
Brotherhood of Man.
YOU should read ''TIn New Catrtary" pub-
Hihetl by the Universal Brotherhood, Point
lona, san tflego, California, and keep In touch
with the moat advanced thought of modern
times, Bvery line Uvea with human Interest,
opinions ofthe best thinkers. Be in touch, Two
Dollara a year. Write for free sample copy.
Beaullfoly Illustrated. ,      ,
Ik M kU
ftaHls, Wsik.
Nobody can afford to be wlthmtt It,' AH the
teletraphicnewaof the week. Farm, field,garden, apott, aociety. Beautiful illititrationa and
halftcnea.   Sample copy on application.
Ml Far ess Dollar a tut.
Pattrtl plrecttr.
Prompt attention given le-illetlli, night
er day. Long Dliltnce ttltpbone No, lit
•  lattiM St., NhiIm. BiC. ladtsmTh* Leader, note__ber s,- 1902.
Two or three
pointers, in fact!
There's just as much difference In suits ns
in the men who wear litem. Some men
nrejusln little behind tlie times, others
just a Utile ahead of Hie times- Ditto
If you want the snappiest, up-to-date,
single or doilble-hreasteuaull to be had,
you'll find il here.
$10.00, $12.60, $15.00 to *20 00
Come in to-day. Try oue of our suits and
The idiot with the rifle waa very
much in evidence on Sunday at the. harbour. Stvertl narrow escapes were recorded. 	
HOU8E FOR SAIjE.-Ou Filth Avenue, cloao to the park, live roomsdown-
stairs and one upstairs. Apply ot The
Leider office for lull particular!.     2t
Thil evening (Wednesday) a meeting
il to be held in First Presbyterian
Ohurch lor tht purpose of forming a
Ltdlei' Aid.	
intelligent girl recently Irom the Gait.
Highly recommended from p,evious
placet,  Letve addrest at Leader office.
Min Teusz hu opened a small store at
tbt corntroi Firat Avenue and French
itreet, for the lale of candles, tobaccoi,
cigar!, tto.      	
FOR SALE.—100 acrei near Lady-
imith. Small clearing and building.
Good land, eaaily cleared and drained.
Price $1,000. Small cash payment, balance monthly, to arrange. Apply tbia
Mora lumber, new and old, atarted
Monday morning pouring into town
irom all quartere; and the carpenters,
alter a abort breathing spell, owing to
the wet weather, began work with re
doubled energy. Ladyimith ii growing
more like a city every week.
TO TIIE PUBLIC—The in '<•" .ned
have decided to keep their barber shops
cloaed all day Sunday from tbie date
on, hut will remain open until midnight
Saturday! for accommodation of patrons
Pbea Evans, Gatacre Street; I. O,
Wlmton, High Street Shaving Parlors,
Citizens of Ladysmith Strongly Urged to Stand Together,
By -advertisement in another column
the attention ot every citizen of l.mly-
fiiuitli who has the true interests of this
pretty anQ progressive little town at
heart is ear-neetly druwn'to the absolute
necessity for immediate union and united action. The Leader is authorized to
announce to the people of Ladysmith
that if, they will he pleased to attend the
meeting in Gould's Hall, Monday nisht,
November 10th, each and all of them
will bear something very much to their
advantage. Statements will be made
then by fellow-residents who have studied out the matters to he laid before the
meeting. It will be money in the pocket
of every citizen .of this town to be present at tbat meeting and take an active
share in the business to be brought forward. Let every citizen make a special
note of Monday, November lOt-h,Gould's'
Hall at 8 p, in.
We are pleased to announce to yon
tbat we are again going to have another
Pumpkin Contest this coming Christ*
mas, which is less than two months
away.   Lively, the Jeweler. -
Government Agent Thomson is a
busy man these days, the work accumulating In a manner that taxes hie energies to keep pace with. Ladysmith's sadden growth has made it practically impossible for the Government agent single
handed to deal with the m ass of business.
Kindly remember tbat every dollar's
woith purchased In our store entitles
you tn a tfue.B at the number of seeds in
the ChristmnB pumpkin. The closest
gue&Rer getting the lirat prize, and so on
until the prices are given away. At
Lively's, the Jeweler.
Hallowe'en was celebrated by a number of the town boys, who played sundry pranks with the neighbors' fences,
galeB and doors, The custom is dying a
natural death, however, and ia less observed each year. Several boys of older
growth took a hand, too, and tli-j tome
damage to property,
Or. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Lidysmitb Friday, Satnrday
and Sunday of'this week. Or, Moody
will make regular visits to Ladvemith.
Ollice nt Nicliolaon's Hall. Victoria
office, Old PostotBce building.
Improvements to Ladysmith postofflca
are completed, and are appreciated by
the public. The money order office ie
now a separate department, at tbe right
hand on entering the front door. It is
private in so far that hunint-us can hv
transacted away from the crowd who are
merely after their mail. A considerable
number of new boxes has been added to
the accommodation. The public room
Is now much larger than formerly.
Books 1 Hooks! Just received, a big
consignment of popular (lotion, well
bound, well printed and cheap. Gall
and look them over. Al Jessuu'n Pharm-
It's Stove Time
-rtusiititb, rlunibcr,. Hardware, Gloves,
Caused Sensation. ,,r
London, Nov. U.-Very Kn.:Wn)!i_
II. Freamantle, dean of Ripon, address
log a meeting ot the Churchmen's Union
ou tbe ambient of "NaturalCbrlBlianity,"
created h actuation by luggeitiug that
the idea of the Immaculate conception
ahould be lull out oi account,
because, except in St. Matthew tnd St.
Luke, the virginal birth ol Christ la not
mentioned in the New Testament. The
ipeaker then proceeded to ask whether
it wai irreverent to believe that Ohriit
in the matter of miracles, such ai railing
the dead, etc., could not have (ailed to
make a distinction between'death and
various furuia ol unconcioumeai. Witb
regard to the resurrection, tlie dean ol
Kipon aaid lut considered that wai meant
spiritually, and not materially.
Tke Klirhen.
"Tlio boat and urnst beautiful room l»
the house alioulil lie tho kitchen, when
one's friends hlii.ulil gather while tht
hospitable pi-cpuration goes on, and I
Would have tin. cooltlng done hy my
wife nnd daughters nnd myself," inyi
Professor (lullelt of Brooklyn.
"Tito modern chafing dish la n health)
nnd praiseworthy reversion to thenar
Iter social aspect of eating, and It ninj
bring buck that finer element of hoop!
liillty which hns been lost In later luxurious nnd iirtllleliil modes of living.
"Some of ua hare experienced tu
camp life perhaps the delight ot entering a spacious room with a great Are-
Iilnec above which wero ranged the
gleaming vessels .and watching thi
preparation for the meal to which w«
were Invited. The feelings of t guesl
under such circumstances ore vnitly
different tnd the enjoyment vastly
greater than If ho were ushered first
into a drawing room, then to a dining
room whore unseen bands bad prepared the formal dinner."
Growing Paint.
Children suiter n good deal from pro-
mlBctiotis aches nnd pains which ln the
days of our youth wero classed under
Iho generic term growing pilot tnd
mot witb but a leant meed of sympathy. Nowadays the other extreme ll
ruihed to, and the merest suspicion ot
a pnln la mado much of.    '   *   '•■
'1'lils ii a mistake, Pnln ls I very
real thing and ahould bo remedied, but
tbo mite Bhould early lcnru to endure
hardness. Growing pulns usually mean
rheumatism, tnd n tendency to this
should be guarded against by clothing
tho little ones In flannel and by gently
massaging littlo limbs night nnd morning. Generally It will bo found that
thore la too much acidity lu tho system,
so Hint attention- to diet will be necessary nnd positbly lome mild alkaline
medicine, whioh mutt be prescribed
byiiWctw,''  __.._!—_I?	
Science Corroborates The British
Columbia Indians' Prediction,
Last Week Nanaimo Free Pren pub
liehed an interesting article reporting
that the Indian! ou the Nanaimo Rt'
nrve had predicted that tbe oncoming
winter would be the severest lor thirty
yean hack: Tbe Free Fren then del-
crlbed the piecautioni taken bv the Indiana, wbo are now bunting and fishing
in order to have ai much food itored-ai
ponible againit the long monthi Of tbe
piercing frost and imotbering mow,
Now comei from far-iway Vienna
lingular corroboration by one ol tbe
moat eminent meteorologist! in the
world, Prof, Ledochowskijof the Imperial Auetrian Observatory, tnd I famous
and wonderfully-accurate weither pro*
phet, He declare! thtt tht coming win*
ter will probably be the coldeit known
ior fifty yean.
Prof. Ledocbowiki, like all other iclen-
title meteorologiiti, snivel at hi! conclusions concerning coming weather by
meana ol comparative data, accumulated
by former obierven and added to by
hlmiell and otber trained students, assisted by varloui philosophical '.instruments of marvellous delicacy tnd lenii-
tivenen, which record the faintest variations in the atmosphere and enable the
skilled meteorologist to arrive it correct
deductions, at to the weather lor I con-
■iderable distance into tht iuture. Thil
interesting and iiseinl branch ol iclencs
hn been reduced to an exactitude tlmi-
lar to that by which the astronomer
measures the distance! of ittn to within t few yardi.
But how do the untutored Indians,
without mathematical Instruments,
without other training than tbe hoary
tradition! of the tribe, tbeir own rta-
oning faculties and acute observing power!—how can they till with certainty
that a coming winter will be hud or
mild? Their myiterioui lagaoity in
thli respect it quite as wondetlul ti the
achievement! ul the initruments in the
meteorologist's conning tower, it ll
akin to that extraordinary power whioh
the Indians ot this coast htvt possessed
Irom time immemorial ol transmitting
newi over van distances altnott with
ted ol (olegraphy—the grett tvtnt
that occurred on. Paget Sound'wai
known in an incredibly short lime
where "tht lone, woll howli on Uni-
laika'B shore." How wai it done? No
one ha'i yet bee*, lound who can txpltln
the myitery, ' Ptrhips Slgnor Mtrconi
could; but It might baffle bim, too.
The Leader bit liked itveril old pioneers, who have lived amongit tht Indian!, traded with them tnd studied
them, and- they Bay, regarding Indian
weather-wisdom, that the Indian!, wbo
have time to watch the mitvtllonily
interesting chtngei ot Niture, not being
harassed with business care! or iteam-
englning through lift like to uitny tout,
leu machine!, note a number ol tblngt
thit recur; certain phenomena oi tha
atmosphere during inmmer tnd early
fall; tymptomi ihown by the lood-bear-
ing plants tnd ihiubi; tha behavior ol
the bird! tnd bents oi Iht woodt tnd
Uelds-they, tin, myiteriouily know
when to Sll their grintritt tnd itore-
housei to overflowing—-thttt, and othtr
signs not io easily delinable, give the
Indian hii warning aud let him packing,
lt behoovei tbe white people lo tike
thoie warning! ol science and natural
iigacity and prepare now lor a polai
spall oi lome mouths' duration.
It wai a slip ol tha pen thtt made the
Leider tend the Str. Wellington to San
Frauoiico laat weak initeud.ol to'Junetu
where iht now it.
Ship Kinron, Oaptain George Murray,
did not got away on her voyage to Ha.
wail until Monday.
Barque Antiope ia now taking.on ber
coal cargo at tht bunkers, and will be
ready tor iea about the end ol the' week.
Str. Quito hai been chtrtered by the
United Statei Government to carry lumber Irom Portland, Oregon, to Manila,
Philippine Island!. .'She wilt probibly
go to Portland titer discharging the coal
cargo lhe ii now about to take to Bin
Ship Kinron did not till, ior Hawaii
until ont o'clock on Monday, owing to
a dispute with the autboritlH ai-'to the
amount of cargo iht had aboard. It wu
charged thtt iht wat overloaded, Oaptain
Murray asserting the contrary. Captain
Gibsou, Chemainui, ind Captain Gibb,
Tacoma, came hen to looki-lnto the
matter, and on their reoommindalioa
thirty toni wit unloaded irom the —In-
roil into tht Antic*t.
Str. Quito trrlved in harbor irom Bin
Franclico at hall pait three o'olock
Tueidty morning, liter rather a iformy,
passage ntrth. Ctpttlo Bhotten wit
tackled immediately hll veiiel got into
Sin' FranciBco biy regarding the celliiiop
wiih another steamer when leaving ior
the north on hll previont trip. Tht
damagid veiitl tailed tor the United
Kingdom (hedty baton thfQutto entered'Sin Franclico. Thi repHtS to tht
veiiel coit 1160, showing thtt ibt wn
not io tirlouily damaged li wa. .t flnt
reported.' Cipttln Shotttn givti i hu*
moroui description of. the way in which
he waa beiieged by the Fritco rtporltri
seeking lor a ttittmthtii to tht accident,
Ont ol thote curiont iptclmtni ol humanity croti-examined tht otpttinip
the manner if • crofOcounte.il "Hew
did thii accident happen, Cipttln?" and
■o lortb, but he did 'not learn much
Irom tha Oaptain, who quietly took a
good deal oi ion off tbe crowd-oi "itory"
Following were the foreign, shipments
from Ladyimith for October^. '■'. -.'
The Car. et Shoe..
Don't forget thnt ihoci are greatly
tho bettor for a thorough airing every
tlmo after wearing! They ihould never bo ttowed nwny In a cupboard directly they aro taken off. A little
French chalk sprinkled in every time
before wearing ll good for pcoplo who
ire troubled with excessive perspiration.
A corlmt rial*. .
The following It a recipe for a curling fluid: Take an ounce of borax, a
dram ot guln arable, a pint of hot water and two tublcspoonfuls at cam-
pbor. Tbei camphor should be added
after tbe other Ingredients are dissolved. Before curling tbe hair slightly moisten lt with this mixture,
Draw a Thread.
Before cutting linen' or damask be
euro to draw a thread, tor otherwise
no matter how straight it may Mid lt
will probably only look to till It it
washed. It cut by the thread, you
may be wire of ita winking ttralght.
i;, -  oi      ■
--For Sale by JOHN BICKLE	
'    Name.   ,..,' '   Toni.
-Str, Quito   .  "     4,730,
" San Mateo      4,31().-
12 ' *"
" Finllon'<."-■    SBO.-
"iBi|nito(   [,'      467.'
Ship J**. H. JUoy   8020.
Tug Plbheer j?-'  :1Q0.
Ship AIM .   ...     812.
''■,9«i%!>   >,«oo.
" ,mm.'--. *o°°-
39 -.-.    .
»jtijai'.-'-. 8-660.
Id Iftlllojrtpn   ifiO,
- ■-■. ■
"•;•"    .*r.-ToUK»,78».
FOR SALE—A good -paying business
on High-meet, cbetp. . Alio houjt ind
lot, good wall. Occuptntt leaving on
account oi ill health. Apply'to" T. G.
McKenelly, High Street reitaurant.
WANTED.—An experienced Women
wiihei nurilng.   Addrtii
Mrl.X.iEilentlonjB. O.
Another French "Duel,"
Pa.iij Nov. 4.—The.-duel" be'.wten
lti,» - Ouu*'<i'-t(ie>Dloii,ipreild«nt ul llie.
Aui__bilt Uiuo and apii'iuiiient spuria-
man, ttLli Al, (jtitaUU til.Ui.iril tout l-l)t..t
linjaj. M..it.ouulu tii. MjuUuUeU.lu iuu
• • W   ,   ,,._,.
Ths, City Marks.
Meats I Vegetables
SHII'riNli'.ORDl'RS aouciTEn.
First Avenue, : Ladysmith, B.C.
Loti in .block! 29, 30 tod 31, Alao
Hotel Bite, 120x120 leet. Alio lots 1 and
2 block 48,1060 the two.
Applv to
Jkrom« Wii-son, Peoi..  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Huorn BroDka'ln Valoltuvia.
induitiiei, and that • trf.de agwemtnt
lt the only ponible wiy to, titabjlih tht
reletlom between emplojivi and' tbt
wtgtt worktri in tbt anthracite Heidi
on a just and permtntnt bull, ind it
lar at ponible to do away with any
causes lor ,tht recurrence ol inchdlffl-
cultiei it thoie yon (tht antbrtolte coil
strike commiision) bave Men called in
to settle. '-- - -       ■:-.*•< .-.
Raapectlully tubmitted-    '
(tiined)  JOHN MITCHELL,     .
repretentttivt ol the anthracite.
coal work.il.*,..  .
Sir Tea Llpton't Boat.
London, Nov. 4 -"H Sir Thoi. Llaton'!
new boat ii fliteen minulei letter thin
the Shamrock II overt 30 mile none,
the cup will in my opinion, rttnrn
toEnglmd." O. Oliver Italia made ibji
itatement to tht Atiocltttd Pren today
prior to bii leaving tor Liverpool, wbtrt
be will take pintgt on "White Stir
Liner Oceanic tomorrow tot Maw York.
Mr. Iieiin naturally deollned to divulge
the ptrtioulm oldeltndtr but told: VI
leel cjdlte' confident wtwlll tun out e
boat which «ill be filter thin either tilt
Oolumbii or thb Oonitltution."
nurclet by Wholesale. .;.
Boston, Man. Ndv. 4.-0*lng to the
fliteen murderous assault ctltl Which
btve occurred In Otmbridge, Brooklyn
tnd Som'srvlllt within-the put ttw
monthi, two ol wn'lcV hate resulted
la'.ally,tbe Hate |wl~o today aireited
Allan O. Maiod.i welf known abd wealthy builneii mid, member ol tbe piano
mmulaoturing llf m'ol Maton and Hamb-
lln.a prominent elob tatmbir and a
Harvard g.iduiit. Tht-poliet'jntptot
thtt Mr. Mttonnat lieeirToTorvkrii
ntiiIyillottt*wltiw*l "*» •*•**«•*■ •»
each can Iht attack hat beta. Hmilit.
Mr; Mttoii who it • mlddlt •feed, mm
wu tht victim ol I' mentel dertngtmtnt
(or whwh he wit trtitodit lhe McLeen
iiylnmitWiyt.1**,- -bolt • y»" ho
s{noe thit time it ii mW ot hll bttn
permltltdtooomeinil &'*\ffl-AB*
bat bttnlrequently ■**','„'^"1^-,0,,_;
itiei In which tbe aniulti occurred., led
to luaplolon againtt him.        „„.„ -,
The Beat Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO.B.C.
la the Matter of the WaterClaus-
' ti Consolidation Act, ifjo7, and
' Amending Acti,
And in the flatter of the Lady-
- smith Water Company, Ud.
NQTIOE is hereby given that application will be made to a Judge ot the
Supreme Court ol Britiih Columbia at
the Court Home, Victoria, B. 0., at 10 30
o'clock iu tht forenoon, on Satuiilay,
the 29th day ol November, 1002, or eo
toon thereatter ai tbe Applicant can be
betrd on bthtlf ol tbe Ladyimith Water
Company, Limited, for letve to construct, mainttin and operate t water
worki system to supply water to the in-
htbitantB ot tht unincorporated locality
In and about Lidyimlth, in the County
nl Nanalmo tnd lor purpoies necenary
and incidental tberetn.
Thla notice wat publiibed on October
26th, 1002. lor the flnt time,
Solicitor! Ijr Tbe l.adi stnitli
„.      .   " Water Co., Ltd.
Victoria, B. O., Oct. 23rd, 1002.       Ot
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-dny. Beautiful to look'
at; exquisite in toner Perfection in Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and tear it.
Nanalmo. B. G.
Viators from Ladyimith and district
will hnd in this well-appointed home all-
tho borne cotntorts.   Lunches (or lady
shoppers a specialty.    Termi Hrtctly '
moderate.    Servicj  md   cuisine flnt.
MISS B. KEITH. Prop. Hit UKr,   .
Cuban Cigar Fastsrf
Manufacturera of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH,     -   .        Proprietor.
HANAIMO, B. O.. ..,
cradii-itc of rhltnttelphla Dental College and
Hospital of Oral Surgtry. .
Old Poat Ollice Bnlldlnf.      -
Government St., (Upstair*)
Phone 380A, Office, V-U-Jju-U D *****•■
"    375A, Realdence.    ▼ lC\QnZ\t 0- -U
Ur. Moody visits Uilysraltb ct-ery Friday. Batiir*
dny and Siindny.   Office, NicliolBon'i JUIl,
The Ladysmitli Market is really to.
supply the public with fresh fiih.'
Salmon, Codfish,. Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts 'and Fint^AvVnue
Ship', Woik a SpacUttjr.'. ,
llorsc'Slioclag ln all Ita branches. Pstnila-*
liU-iiu-nts repalietl. Miner.' Tool, ctcflarr"
Bhat-pened and tempered. ,  .   ,.   .
Buller Street,
AL1, SIZES.    6|ty 13.15;   4 ft., ti.aj.   UOC*
"■""^ " •*-■>" ft.*4 ft., nnd 5 it. Alao am-
alsea of Beat -Btok'. Mia-m.
miiiiitioti and	
Diivcrs' Lamps and Caps to be bad at
Opp. I!. 81 N. Station, N.nalmo, B.fi
Marble and Grauite Monument*, '
TaliMs, Crosses, lite.    Kstitnatea
and I itsigus given on Application ^
A. HENDERSON,     Projrietflr.
Por Flnt cliMVorli
Ladytmlth   '. /'
Shaving Ptrlort
Hlgh. street.
H.lr euttlog aad'BMet
trliumiug a SpRlsltr,
Is now prepared to gtve lesson, on the plana .ad
violin.  All application for tuition can be left'.at
W. H.  Lively's Jewelry Store
ii ■*******.******************; ******************,*,,,***
•        • •     a
When you are in need of Job Printing, no
matter what .kind, let us give you an estimate.   We have the facilities for turning     *
out work promptly, and, what is more, we
have a reputation for doing
Neat and
Artistic Work
of which we cau show you samples. The Job Room
is in charge of Skilled and Competent Workmen.
Modern Type and Best Faciltties. Prices the Low-   ;
est   consistent with First-Class  Workmanship. :.
The Leader,   Ladysmith


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