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A Happy New Year
I A Happy New Year  ! i
To our Patrons
We beg to announce that we are
again open for business with a new
and fresh supply of Family Groceries, also a full line of Dry
Goods, Boots and Shoes, &c,
and we hope to have a continuance
of your support in our new premises,   situate in   the same   block.
A Happy New Year to All.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Biplauadttud Qitacre Street, • ■ Udytmltb
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. & W,
I*m4i44m44444444    MINERS' ACCIDENT FUND,
We wish all
our customers
A Happy
and Prosperous
New Year,
Amendments matte to the Bylaws at
; \ flasonic Block,
y 0 ''fr d)^ lt"$"$1 >3> <|"t' -l" »t' *^*$>v$H^t^4t^.^<|*HJ>^s I fi
Ladysmith f
Absolutely the Hnest tea sold in B.C. II ymi do not know
tbii ask oar customers. Or belter still try ouo pound fill -.
Impoited directly Irom Deiikajiille Tea Hardens. Ouly
ourselves between tht grower and you. second order
Will be 5 pounds, price 12.2li.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Kolloft-ingaro the amendments made
lo tho bylaws ut the hnlf<yeariy meeting
of the I*, stent, ion Accident Fund, or. 8at>
ilrday Deo. 20th., in Ladyemith j
All membeiB eLiall he considered on
duty while travelling to and from work.
Drivers Glial! ha coimidered on duty
from thu thus thoy lake mules out until
tbey return same toatubiu.
Member injured while getting on or
off morning trains, or wliilo lidiug ou
If-trine, or tope of care, eliall not he
untitled to any benefits*
Any unmarried member receiving
in-ill tiie from thie (und und undergoing
treatment nt a hospital ehnll have 75
per cent, of hie benefit--, (or the time be
receives treatment, paid to the hospital.
Any married member under the same
circumstance*} shall hnve 50 per cent, of
his bonetiie paid io the hospital for the
limy he receivefl troHimt-nt.
'fn' e« -lections elial! not apply to death
beootl le.
Auy un*other meeting n*i fa an acci*
iteut while ut woik whioh results in to*
t-1 disablement, ehall recoive a sum -of
-folk) from which at<tll be deducted any
silk bout lire he may have dm wn from
the fund. All disablement olaltua shall
bo certified to by Ihu Mediual Officer,
endorseil by the Medical Committee,
after which they shall be finally passed
or rejected at a general meeting of tbe
metiibere of the Accident Fund.
Art 1. Hoc 8,—Auy uieiub.r wishing to
leave the vicinity of K^leubiou or Lady-
•••with while diawmg b'-uetH?, muse obtain pei mia-don from the President and
6w, retary.
Cahtjb under treatment in the word-, of
Nairn tlio U-Juerul 11 ..ispital are e*»euip*
u-d. Minibei* violating this rule shall
Ijrfoft nil Dci^ti..- due them.
Arc 4. Sac I).—-»i[-iul-.-t*rM receiving ben*
eliw mutt remain indoors from b
o'utock p.m. until sunrise, from Nov lut.
to Ajtii-Ju: *wiJ f v..- '■) .'-.-ii-i-.i. jiju. tu
bimiifjo from April Und. lo O.it, JJlsi.
Auy member vijUtmh* thi. ml*, shall
lor ih<- flrSt offense, be viarutd, auy violin ion afterwards shall entail forfeiture
id all benefits due him unless he can
prove to the taiis.'iioiion of the Medical
Committee, that good reasons existed
for hia Action.
Free Press Block.     ""USSXZ!,* Nanaimo
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-iWest
ni luiund tt one* lor 11 may bt
loo late tomorrow. I rtprtsint Mvartl
OLD aod RELIABLE Companle. and
nan insure you tt a momiot't artlca tt
tht lo-itt pouibli riM. All IttiUnj,
oom**-tnletohirgethtiimtratit. Dool
bt mlfltd Into InsuilBi. with • thttB
orapaay-It might na dear Id tbt tnd.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawn SI. Neaalmo. B. 0.
The Canadian Bank
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
CeiuulUSf Btoctrlol Bafiaoai
CMrtynwrt. .
Dear Mra. I*.—, In icply to your iiii-tilry ns to which Is tin.- K-.it ten to iik, I would
My that in my opinion It rt-Ntsl>ctuv(.-it tin-iihu- Kil-liiw and Motlfton Packet Teiia, 'l'
you like rtcb, strong tea, then nine Kiblion is iiudoaMedly thc best', Irnt .should your tarte
be for a delicate and ver) flavory ten 1 wquld'advtieyoillo telephone to yonr j.uci*t for u
packet or Monsoon, tenwually, I drink lllue Kihtrrfiii iti th« iiiuriiiuj{ ami Monsoon nt &
O'clock, but then, you know, I am a tK.-if-.-cl crank ut»mt k-n.
Ladysmith's Merchants Report Best
Business For Years.
Thnt Ladysmith li iu a prosparout
condition is proved by tht replies rt-
ceived by a Leader reporter from tbt
merchants to the queition it lo how
business wat ou Wednttdiy tnd prtotd-
Ing days. From all the reply it tha Mmt,
namely, that tbey never did a bitter
business at any time thin they did
during the earlier put ol Iht prennt
week. In several oases merchant! fonnd
themselves cleared right of everything
in the way of Christmas goods.
Until midnight ou Wedneidiy, ud is
some casae ;umil an hour or two after
lhat, not a few of Ladysmith'i mtr-
obants were busy BBthey eould ht Ailing
orde.a, and delivering same.
Taken as s whole the Obristmat tndt
done in Ladyemith thil year provM bt-
yond question that this plant il lot mott
prosperous condition. Tht cltts ol goodt
In demand also shows thtt Ladyimith
people want and art prepared lo pay for
the best. The Leader's edvertisen win,
oi course, the greatest benefloiarin Irom
tbe good timet.
The Leider congratulates the mar-
clients and the people on tht evident!
given this week al to tht inbstantiil
character oltbe prosperity enjoyed by
this community.
Local Merchant Thunderstruck at
Comparison of Printing/rices.
Yours truly, saiuii ttRUNl.v.
Oipllll Fald Up (8,000,000
Uttt.;... _MO,O0O
Hon. Gto. A. Oox, I'niidtnl.
B, E. Walkbr, Oeneral Manaitr,
A Branch of thit Bank has
been opened at
Swings Silk Bs-wrHiHt
mi . .
lulgl 00)tnd upwudi.  Tht dti
Inttrvst illowed ou d.poilla ol om dot
lar If 100) and npwtrds. Tbt dtpotltoi
ll tuhjrol lo no .laity In dtpotltlng or
LADYSMITH, B.0,        P.O. BOX 243
Tbliold-Kiubllihad, rUtt-OliM and
Popular Hoitllimotl oomtbrliWy !«•
altbtd, ttnlrtll, tllntMd. But Bitti
train!. BlttHNlOtltlnt. Btr atotkad
wiih th* latal wli** !"!"*"** «■* dgan.
RANAtKO, B, 0.
JOS.FO-,      •     •
TbtMtnProviaot Ohrlitmis boies ul
MB. KBNNY, E.pl.nade, Udysmlth,
la Agent.
withdrawing Inadi.
Onrrtnt Aooonntt OptMd,
Loan. Ntgotliltd.
DrtlU iMoad ptytblt ll til ptrlt ol
Ibt world.
For tht oonv.nl.no. ol euslomtrt tad
otbtn tbls bank will bt onto oa Un
evening ol Pay Day fiom T o'clock until
8 o'olock.    '        >
Get the Best Work
Elllmitll thttrlully lurnlshed ou any-
Iblag yoa aa, and In iht lint ol paint-
IV, ptptrhinglng. wttl ind celling dec-
orttlBf. Tbt Stir Ptinl Shop, High
"*'     S. ROEDDINO, Prop,
SItwtn'i tholet ohooolalM al Ibt I)ru,T
Aro My Particular Specialty.
Having enjtaued Mr. Sttmnel Eiddoll,
a Soiitch baker of greet ability hikI ex*
pvrlt-me, 1 am prepnrod to stlpply thi1
li-idysmiiti -.mbllti with in-.-ad, pnttry,
cakes, otn,, nmib b" nr» poldnih off-red.
Q. W. SCOTl,City Bakery,
1st --.venue, ladysmith, K. 0.
tofi (liivtrnmrnt Sirett,      VICTORIA, B. C,
l.jy'fl Tested. Kramen Kitted.
•'How mocb," said a Ladysmith mer-
chant to a fepreiientative of The Leader,
"will you charge to print so mauy thou-
i-iiriisiif fii.!li-an.l-r-ii-:h albBl if couuter
stationery ? 1 msy fay iliat I have cot
a lot of that eort. fiotn Ivtt-iein houses,
hnvl dou't, of ("ourae, exfjeet yon to
meet iheir prices,"
Tm- l-Hitder man Hirured up the fob
lira uiinute or rwn and repiWd, "Ten
"VVhit I" txelalmVd Hie  met oil nn*-,
-tpparenvb ittoailysuritrlBedt "safe yoo
haven't n-arle a uiin'nke?   Your priof
m-ivti v iff from the K-n-toru liofis<-,
iiiuy tt-ll iou."
"Poii't cnie, ten dollarois the price,1
replied iho other, after !i.>niiitR np Hgttin
t<i iiinke (Hire.
Well, now, I'll juat compare nntea
with yon nml wt'11 i'i'o," said tho nier-
itmnt, promii'ini; tils iuvoit-e llie and
KoiiiH oyer the lint. The difference In
prii-'o between Xhe Leader and that Toronto hi.ii'io whs exaotly i-omt dou,ak**i,
on exactly the same job, and that left
tlie m 'reliant freiffht to pay from Toronto to Ludysmiih. The Toronto price
whs V inti'cn Dollare; Tho Loader's Ten
Yet, there are people in 'his town
who, for reneons beBt known to them*
selves, deliberately send oul. ol town lo
ci-l printii-ii done at two prices higher
than The Leader'?. They do any, though,
that there Is a certain amount nf r-atifl*
fan tion in the surgical operation of out-
ting oiTyoui; nose to spite your face, but
ititnuetlle largely In tbe Imagination,
certainly uot In Ihe pocket hooh.
Books 1 Books I Juet roc ni vert, a big
-onsignment of popular Action, well
hound, well printed and cheap. Call
and look them oyer. At Jesiuu'i Fharm-
acy.  ■
II. S, Courts Repder Important Decision.
(8t Louis, Deo. 80— "Capitalist, ban
a right to do ti Ibey please with tbtir
mime., so long as tbty do not become
public charges.
"A man without capital may labor, or
refuse to labor, so long as ht kttpt out
ofthe poorhoutt.
"Capitalists bavt the right toeimblm
capital in productive enterprise, and by
awful competition drive individual
producers and small ones out of boslness.
"Laborers ind trtlsani btvt tbt right
to form nnioni tnd fight thli
combination ol capitalists by lawlul
This statement ol tht right ol combination on the part of capital and labor
wea handed down hv Judge 0.0. Bland,
of tl e Court of Appealr, today, in a da-
nlsiou in favor of Joseph E. Walsh, wbo
sought an injunction to prevent members of the Master Plumbers' Association from cnniliining in tht refunl to
sell hitn supplies because he wtt hot a
member. Judges Marcliy aud Goodt
concurred in the deufsinn, wbieh wtt t
reversal ol the decision in Judge Wood't
Our ID per cent, discount lilt kttpt
na Hustling. We are handing out the
silvei mi,n. The people knnw a good
thing when Ihey dno't have to gum it.
Cory S. Iivder.
Humors uf Ihe wildest aud most absurd uftiriiiter ire heard everywhere in
Nanaimo about the probnhle doings ol
the new eoal company, Ono Is to Hie
efleet that no more noal la lo be shipped
through Lad.smitli; that, all tlie output
nl Evlenalon is lo go through Nanalmo,
and that l.-ulysmltli Is lo be Ihandoueil.
Thers must be a ileal ol Ind wlilske,
inlaid np with inch <inordinary bal-
Fresh Halibut tnd Kippers nonat tbe
I'ub Uukit,
Cnjllah Church Treat.
Lust evening III Ihe Kngli-li Church a
large gathering of .voung folk and Ihtl
pareuls limit place on the occneion oi
the annual ('In islm-is tree and treat to
the Sunday school scholars, The tree
was laden wiih all sorls ol nice things,
which were ilistilbnted amongst thn
young people In their great, .delight, A
pleasing entertainment wns carried
through aucoi-ei-ln'l). The rir rte of the
committee of indies who arranged Iht
affair wen in every way happily rt-
A New Year's
During our itocklaklng sale, which
we commence today, wa ara run-
ning off our sideboards it rally
absurd low prices. Wt invito you
all to come tnd inspect the flout
line of Sideboards tver Imported
on Ihis nnasi. Likely yon will
want lo give yonr wile or motbtr
t New Year'i OKI. Thtrt ll
nothing hall ao accepiablt it om
ol the ibovt.
Selling only for "Spit Oalh" it
the tto.'tt of onr litlienloos low
pricei.  Ask to Mt our
At only $**5 each
-. PrtlKhl Paid to Ladytmlth
Tie Oreit Cash Furniture Stare
aiiiwtwwmiamiiiiriiii i niiinn— LADYSMITH: LEADER DECEMBER. 31. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
* PublUhcd every Wedneaday and Saturday at
Hie Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
French Btreet, Ladysmith, British Columbia,
T. L, QRAHAME, Kditou and Pkopriktor.
By Hail ui Canada and united States.
One year (stilctly in advance),.... ..,..„ p oo
Sit monthi (atrictly in advance) ,.,,«..,- 1 35
TRAN8IBNT — Including businest notices,
calls for tender., applications for and transfer of
Hceuies, legal notices, etc., ioc, a line first lu*
serttoni 5c. a line each wbscauent insertion; 12
mea neaaare to the Inch.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Guts fi* regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
lime will be charged to nntil ordered to be discontinued.
THB Z.BADBR will be found at the following
Ls'ly-mith -The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—'B, Plmbury ft Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vnucouver—Public Library, and Hotels.
New Wert-Minster-—Public Library.
Their wives' Ignorance of cooking IAQYSMITH
drove several hundred Chicago bus*
bands to desert their home., during 1902
If tbe wife who can't or won't cook only
knew how great a factor her unpalatable messes were In ruining ber home
happ.neaeBhe.wpiidlearn.tif ebe had
to ratay up whole nights to do it.
Applications and Transfers Granted
Commenting on the . flight of the
Crown Princess of Saxony from Dresden
an American newspaper ; cogently remarks that "the royal.Oourt ol Saxony
ie no place for a decent! woman." How
many of the loyal courts ol Europe are?
Robert Louie Stevenson must have had
the Saxon court tn mind when he wrote
that little masterpiece "Prince Olto."
One ol Jaines J. Hill's sons, employed
inooeoi his father's offices has been
discharged lor coming late in tho morn,
ings. Some people seem to think that
young Hill will be well taken care of
juat the same,* by hia father and family. Theroin.they show that>bey know
uot James J. Hill, Unpunctnnlity with
Mr Hill is one of the cardinal sine.
Ou Saturday last, the 27th instant, the
Sonth Nanaimo Licensing commissioners
met in Ladysmith to take action on the
CBSES of the Ladysmith and Portland
hotels and the transfer of William
Morris's license from .intension to Ladysmith, The Ladysmith hotel license,
which tbe commissioners bad under
their consideration since tho regular
meeting ol the Board, was granted, the
commlseinners at tbe some time admonishing the proprietor. Tbe same
coarse wbb followed in the iiaee of the
Portland, the commissioners especially
emphasizing the necessity ol putting
down Sunday drinking. Mr, Morris'
application for transfer was granted.
Calendars Received.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before ia noon the day before
B'-bscilbera not receiving paper regularly please
teport to thla office..
Al! lob work atrictly cash on delivery,
l'rinsleat advertisements cash In advance.
i   The Leader   f
wishes all its |
far and near
mn 'i-w 111 h fri * w w*»
Under the new.English liquor'bill a
proprietor charged with permitting
Irunkeuness on his premises muBt prove
that he und his employes did their lies
to prevent it or bs convicted. Saloonkeepers are punished who knowingly
supply liquor to anyone who has been
eonvlcted ol being a habitual drunkard.
ThiB law also giyes tlie wife of a habitual drunkard protcctlou againsthor husband, aud grants lhe husband of a habitual drunkard protection against his
All Ladyemith citizens rejoice to know
that the Tyee Copper Company'! great
smelting plant is now ruor-'ng nightand
day with a emoothnosB that reflects tho
highest ercdit upon Mr. Thomas Kiddle
and ills able lieutenants. This industry
is only In ite infancy in Ladysmith as
yet; not many yearsthall have passed
away belore we Bee it, perhaps, superseding altogether our principal induelry at
present, tbe coal. II the mountains
around Ladyemith yield an expected,
such a state of things is easily imagined.
Br'er Lowery oi the New Denver
Ledge pointedly remtrka;
"Prepare yourself lor tbe woret. The
country editor il about to write tbt history of the yttr Jut ptit."
Will, lu Britiih Columbia we are all
country tdlton; tvtn the guguit ocou.
pints ol moll iiati oi tbt mighty as the
editorial chain ol Ihe Colonist md News-
Advertiser. Hence, tbe application ol
thtngtoi Ntw Denver's caustic remark ll void ol tht particular, and ap-
plltt with equal Iorct to all oi "Ub," in.
eluding himself. We bavt, however, no
intention ol Indulging in the pernicious,
tnd BOniBWbat idiotic, practice ol torn,
lag off a column ol Old Moore's Almanac lnvtrted.
It just tttmt ptrtluent thtt professional gossips, inch ai editor., ihould note
briefly In pining, the chief data ol the
year; for it li tht chief, becauea while
miny celebrate Christmas, all celebrate
tht Ntw Yttr, tvtn tbe Chinese.
No mm ol tny fineness ol feeling can
obtervt tht pissing ol a yttr withont t
stirring ol.miny memorial tnd « curious
lnttnit tt he turnt involuntarily toward the ntw yttr. While ho Audi him-
nil standing on tht threshold oi another
diviiion ot time tht vision ol dttd Itces
burled somewhere back in thoie months
-lading now into the dim vigueness ol long
ago will coma up and solemnly call to
his rtcollection tho possibility that the
ntw yttr upon whott irontltr he stands
wilting miy tee-him, alio, put away lor
The new yeir miy witneat a change
iu hll iortunat; tbt good resolves he ii
taking may carry him to conditions
greatly different Irom those he now enjoys. It it a tlmt lor rttrosptclion tnd
Introspection; for taking a Hand against
besetting evils In one's life; Ior deciding; lor inolvti—it it better to make a
nidation, tvtn Hit never bt cirrledout,
thin not lo make any at all. Nothing
can do a mtn mort good thtn self-criticism, trying to tto himself aa otbtrs
Nt him, tnd thil seems to be the chosen
ior tbat disillusioning aad invigorating
May all Tbt Leader's rttdtn rise Irom
tbit itlf-itarchlng strengthened for tht
yssu'i march btfort them.
J*r. T. Gltndon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladvimith Kridty, Saturday
and Sunday of thli wtek. Dr. Moody
will mtkt rtgnltr viiltt to Ladvimith.
OfBot at Ntcholion'i Bill. Victorii
OHM, Old PoMoffloa building.
President Roosevelt aijd Hon. W. W,
B. Mclnnea, tbe new provincial secre-
tary, bave this much in common—they
have cnnviclioiin, and thoy are absolutely fearless In carrying them out aa
the occasion arises. Hon. Mr. Mclnnee's
aotionin prohibiting two Government
offlcinia Irom participating as candidates
In the Victoria municipal elections, is
applauded even by his opponents as the
sort of thing that b«s been all too rare in"
the public life of thia province. Hon.
Mr. Mclnnes begina hiB distinguished
career aa a minister oi tho crown in t
manner that stamps blm as t strong
Mr. John Bickle, Grocer, ie handing
out tbie season to his numerous customers two very handsome calendars tor
1008, They are of tho colored photograph order; elegant in design and
mounting. One shows a lady playing
the harp accompanied by a little girl
while the other is quite a study In grace
f.l posing, ontitled "Unhappy", show-
ing a lady pensively touching the piano
and evidently lost in painful reverie,
Mr. Bickle bas reason to be proud ol his
season's choice in calendars.
Mr Cory S. Ryder has chosen as hit
souvenir to hie customers this year a
unique colored photo study of children
playing blind man's buff, Ihe one wl o
is "it" being the dog, tbe effect is very
good. This oalondar cannot fall to be a
MeesrB Waller Bros., tbe household
furnishers of Victoria, are presenting
their many'patrons with a memento o'
tbe season at once ornamental and useful, in the aliape of a wall bracket in
cmboSBed board, the dosign showing
thiee jolly,old inonke enjiying their
tankardB of ale.and laughing over a, no
doubt, naughty story. A folding flap
makes this wall bracket ueelul.lor filing
away letters and other documents.
Mr John Rowan, the Nanaimo grocer
hai shown guod taste in bis choice of
1008 New Year reminder. A lervent
Scot himself Mr Rownn.knows the nffoo-
tlonB ol his customers, and his souveuir
takes.tbe.,form.oi ^beauliiully ^designed
and color-printed cards, each one showing the tartan, arms, motto, slogan,
Bept, dependents and,badge ol a different Scottish Highland clan, The accuracy ol these.ie vouched.for In tbe uoine
ol the famous Edinburgh publishing
house which;-, gets them_up,A. A W,
Johnston, Mr Rowan has certainly
Btruck-a happy Idea iu importing these
fi ne cards, and all b'.s Caledonian customers wiil weleoine„tlieni.
A Be-lrealllnsr Rasa,, Tnntelol Serv-
lee and Dainty Menu.
The summer tnblo, us Indeed the table at uny Bonsou of the yenr, should
be personified daintiness. If ono little
thing ls ninlss on n hot dny, how easily
It will mar an appetite, ivlillo cooling
quiet and a prettily set tuble will ef ton
make one. Tho butter should always
bo served with a bit of ice. Silver und
glass ware should be bright and spar
kllng, the wntcr In the glasses should
be ice cold, nnd.everything that can be
done to deceive hot humanity Into
thinking Itself cooler should Hud means
of accomplishment
Many people have summer bouses or
mny be refurnishing their rooma. Let
me suggest to them thnt nothing is
more refreshing or restful to the eyo
than a summer dining room finished ln
green. Green mntting on the floor, either light or dark green cartridge pn-
per on tho walls or a paper of white
background with a green pattern, dell-
cute hi its traceries und design, will
lend the suine graceful shade to the
room that nature's leafy green does
uuder tho blue sky outside. Lot the
white muslin curtains nt the windows
be Blunt ones, looped high. Even a valance curtain Ib graceful iu summer, aB
it ndmlta of mora fresh air when tho
shutters tn the absence of sunshlue
can be opened to allow entrance to the
fitful breezes.
Dinner, the one formal meal of the
day, should be at night lu summer always, preferably so at nil seasons to
most pcoplo, but even for those who
from choice or necessity havo n winter
midday dinner It seems nn nbsiirdlty tn
keep to tbls household habit when all
humanity wilts beneath a burning sun.
When the brightness ot the western
sky says Its goodby to tho sun uud the
faint breath of evening stirs the grass,
all mankind feels more llko partaking
of a formal meal served at a formal
But even with tbls hearty meal of
tho day, while in number of courses lt
may correspond with tbo dinner of cool
weather time, Its simplicity shonld
take tho form of qnallty-of food, not in
absenco of quantity—light soups, sub-
stautlnl mentfc nud vcgotublcs-but losi
pastry and hot desserts, fruits served
ln abundant ways, cooling custards,
whipped cream, the many ices or doll-
cute gelatin desserts nre equally palatable and mor.. nutritious.
As all slimmer food has to go more
thnn hnlf wny to meet tho average appetite, so tomptlngncss Bhould bo its
chief characteristic.—Table Talk.
Dining Rdbm ;.Pu^il_^f
Stqiarb Bdbds at Low Prk»Sh
Bideb-aid. ri<»flar tn ent, tM-Aatlfal itjrlt Is
goldtin qiiarureil onk. onr bwt stdler,
Dining Ttbltt-Rcb andh.ndJimttomttoh   ''
plntboMd, txltodldg.KlSorlOfaaK-      - *
I jo.oo and $j|.oo
Oibtr Rktebotrdi IIS.M to (HW(H)
O htr Dliilng-T.hltiil7(W»»T,7'i.M
Name ihe prlct yon mn afford nm iky pteoaol
lorniiurt and writ* ui lor illuitratlom.
Larieat Furnl.bert ia
Western Canada.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Fart Irom Ladyemith to Victorii tnd Return only 13 00.   Bxourilonrtttt In affect
to all other atatioht.
Tlckttt good (or going J mrnty Irom Dec. 24 b to January 1st toelaiive, rtturnlng
not llttr than January lad, 1908.
England lends in Invention.
Washington, Deo. 30-Tho statistics
ol the Patent Office for the year ending
December 31 next show:that more patents have been issued to resident! ol
England than to^peoplB oi any othor
uountrg ol Europe. The patents Usued
to English Inventois during the year
numbered OHO, with Germany next lu
rank with 743.
Mascagni'*. Misfortunes.
Ohicigo, Deo. 30—The American tour
ol Pietro Mascagni and ills Italian opera
company came to a sudden close tn this
city with the cancellation ol all dates,
Theculmlnatlon oi M. Mascagnl'a woes
came last evening, when Bn attachment
was made on his personal effects by a
conBta..lo representing a local claim for
$134. A-a result of the financial difficulties, Mascagni is now Buffering from
nervous prostration. The oompany was
sceduled to leave Chicago at 0 this
morning Ior a ton: ol the West.
Mr. Lively's Pumpkin.
Quite an extraordinary amount of
public intereit has been taken in the
contest provided by Mr. W. H. Lively,
Ladysmith's jeweller, whose annual
pumpkin contests are becoming one of
Ladysmith'a institutions. This year he
has Becured. a bigger pumpkin than the
one which caused such a sensation last
Yuletide, tnd the guessing has been
unusually brisk, i'retty nearly everybody
in Ladyimith hai had a guess at thc
number of seeds, and the Ignesees run
all the way from .20 up to 1,000. Mr
Lively chooses a pumpkin for his guessing contests becanse no man can fool
Nature, not even .iii% Thus the contest is absolutely beyond the power oi
Interference, and ia pure chance work;
the lucky gueesei has no mora reason to
leel proud than the most distant loser
bus to feel ub! anted. The matter will
be decided tonighjin Mr Lively'! itore.,
wben a committee ol responsible oltlnus
111 hold t post mortem on the pumpkin
and count the Beed" ~r ihe ten! prises.
Tbere is sure to be a large and interested
crowd at Llvely'a tonight,
Crockerv ol all kinds, white cups and
saucers, irom 80c per doien. Colored
cups and saucers, irom 11 to 11 25 per
doien. Clover leaf pattern 11.25 per
dozen. To be had it D. Taylor's, opposite E, 4 N. railway station.
Local Students Successful.
At the examination last week ol the
etndenti at Victoria Collegiate School
Mr. J. W. Laixo, M. A. principal, in
which Ven. Archdeacon Seriven of Ladytmlth took part, Mr, Marshall, son ol
Mr, P. H, Marshall, manager, Messrs. 8.
Leiser A Co., Ltd., Ladyemith Branch,
passed with high honors in hll class,
Mr, Faulds, (son ol Mr, Alexander
Faulds ol Sonth Wellington), who is also,
attending Collegiate school, made a most
creditable pass, especially in the mathematical division ol hlsclasB. Both young
men give promiie of exceptionally brilliant attainments.
Trench digging for 'the water pipe to
be laid .long First Avenue bas commenced. At preseut there fl no pressing
scarity of water; in (act some peoplo art
praying for web feet or life preservers.
II the present deluge continues L»dy
smith will have to Invest iu a lifeboat.
Thanking niy many
customers for their
generous patronage, I
wish them all the
compliments of the
Vtfetablo., Bt.b> the "Left Oven,"
Mar Be Mud© Tempting.
Let ub consider potatoes. Even the
left over mny be utilized. Mushed potatoes may be made Into croquettes the
shape of a lamb chop. Put half a toothpick ln tho small end of each chop and
cover the end with a pretty twist of
green tissue paper, then arrange tbem
around the edge of a platter, with a
mound of salmon lu tbe center. I'otu-
tecs cut ln slices and cooked In milk,
then covered with grated cheese and
browned In the oven, are very nice
when no vegetable but the potato Ib
available. Plain boiled potatoes may,
with a few dexterous strokes of tho
knife, be cut lu tho shape of u poor
with but little loss of material. A tiny
stem such as Is used for paper Sowers-
Bhould be stuck ln the top of tbe potato pear.
Stuffed tomatoes are always an attractive dish which ls sure to be np-
precluted nnd land a charming bit ot'
color to the table. Sliced tomatoes
witb a border of sliced- cucumbers
around tbem are far more appetizing
than tf eacb be served separately. Co-
cumbers which hnve their edges cut
ont to as to resemble the teeth of a
saw give a smart appearance to tht
dish which could never be Imparted to
unevenly, thickly sliced cucumbers.
Olives aud radishes ihould be served
ou cracked Ice.
Spinach served on a platter and gar
nlshed with rounds ot boiled egg Is far
different In nppenrunco from boiled
spinach served lu a bnl Ing dish,.
Boiled cabbage has Its dollcate green
tint enhanced lf bordered with sliced
Potatoes and turnips are much to be
preferred when rlccd Instead of beiug
mashed with a spoon. .
Cauliflower mny bo served as a salad
with a mayonnaise dressing.—What to
A Good Shortcake.
Though the strawberry leads In
shortcakes, these are by no means confined to that fruit, nnd the blackberry
has many warm friends whon served
in this guise. The Bostou Cooking
School Magazine gives the following
Sift together three cups of pastry
flour, a tablcspoonful of salt and six
Traffic Maaagtr.
Smelting Works
Tht Iron Cash Store, Ladyimith B. C.
level tcaspoonfuls of baking powder.
With tbt this of tbe augurs, well
floured, work In a third of o cup of
butter, wet witb about a cup and a half
of milk and water and mix to a soft
dough; spread In two buttered pans,
smoothing the dough with a knife or
spoon. When baked, butter the under
crust and put together with two has.
kets of "blackberries that hnve been
•tending with ingar tprlnkled ovei
I Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient to
E. &N.orSea.
: ' , .'gggjaagafaatetiaea
Coal!   -   Goal!
Wellington Colliery |;
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific ;;
Comox Coal—Best iteam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and hottae*
hold coal ,
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Whanrel at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, BC
Ban Praneiaoo Aganoy,
\ R. Dunsmiiir's SonsOp'y ;,
340 Steuart St
Brotherhood of Man. Fiowet*«i!|n**'jBrmM
VOU Bhould wad "Th* Ntw GmImv" jmb*
■>   llaheil hv the UnWcrttl Brotherhood, iWnt
-0, California, md V( *"
advanced thought
.... Kvery tine Uvea with hum__ ._ ...
opinM* ofthe be-* thinker*.Bt In touch. Tm
I,omn,Haum™,'t*'*tlBri ..._r
with the. moit.advanced thought of
keep In touch
  tne moat ativanceu ihoum"""   " -—*—
I*11'1-" * J_»Mi. Writ* fcr At* Mtapl* cop/,
inllan a Tear, writ*
BeauUfultylUtutnUd, mt*m
.. ....a....**.....
OopgrtoM, Ml, ng Helm Wood
Hdltb Dean entered ber Aunt Mnrcy-t
room witb i great bunch of violets on
ber Jacket Tbey filled the room with
their perfume and teemed the spirit of
their wearer, a Blender girl witb deep
bine eyes and a pretty, pensive way of
carrying her bead, Mm.. Murray greeted her niece affectionately. They were
ttrlklngiy tllkt-the tame eyei, lint
and wavy hair and'the tame quick,
nervous way of speaking.
"How beautiful yonr violets arel"
"Oh, yet,", replied the, girl carelessly.
"Jimmy always sends me lovely flowers, bnt I'm getting to tired of vloleti.
I don't tee why be didn't get American
Beauties Instead today."
Bhe totted ber coat carelessly on tbe
couch, crumpling and crushing the violets. Her nuut looked up quickly and
thon drew the girl to the stool nt her
"Edith, your wordt remind me of a
ttory.  May I toll Itr    ■■„• ■   ,   J,i
The girl nodded her head delightedly.
"It wot ln the spring of 1801. 1 wat
a guy, spoiled girl, like you, and Lang,
don Murray, to whom I bad been engaged for tevoral monthi, was my
helpless stave. While our todal pleasure! differed slightly from those of the
preient day we, too, loved .pretty
gown, and flowers, so when Langdon
promised to tend me, for a certain
dance, tbe prettiest flowers be could
find I naturally expected something
quite haudsome In the way of a bouquet Inatead of the rosei I bad boned
for there came only a buucb of violets,
not violets de Par ma, like yours, but
tht ilraplest of fragrant blossoms. I
waa in a flue temper, tossed them aside
and went to tbe dunce unadorned witb
nny flowers. If Langdon felt hurt, be
•bowed! uo tlgn, and bit very telf re-
ttralnt annoyed- me tbe more. I wot
. disgracefully pettish all evening and
on tht way home bad little to lay to
my long suffering escort.
"Tbe next evening he called aa usual,
and In tne meantime mother had rescued the dlacorded vloleti and placed
tbem in a nte.- He crossed to the
piano and touched the half faded flow-
en whimsically. Then ht turned to
mt with unusual gravity, "fud tender
■"So yod didn't Ilk. my violets, Mar-
cy, dear!- -":'
"Ohildlibly I thook my head.
'"I thought deareat tbey were tht
reflection of your eyes.That's wby 1
nothing of his fate, nor could the Inquiries Instituted by my father tolvt
the mystery. 1 railed at fate. 1 prayed
to die. If only I could visit bis grave,
know where he was sleeping with my
violets over hit heart, at be bad said
they should always lie.
"Tho weeks dragged Into mouths, and
thon suddenly came news from Nashville that he lay tbere in tbe government hospital; with other Federal prisoners he had been recently exchanged,
and if I wished to see him alive I must
come at once. Of the borrora of that
trip and the Cays among the. suffering
and dying you can never know, but I
nursed Langdon back to Ufe, and wben
we reached our northern home It wat a
more sensible, thoughtful woman tbat
be led to the altar, and, my dear, lu (hi
flrst few years of our married Ufe
whenever the old thoughtless words
rose to my lips 1 recalled.the vloleta
which he bad worn over his heart
through the battles and the marches,
and whenever I became selfish and
(bought my hatband was not doing
everything he could to make me happy
I would steal away to my room and
look Into tbe pages where these withered flowers lay. Violets may be modest, but they can recall memories whlcb
no haughty American Beauties can
. Edltb was very thoughtful tt tht
kissed her aunt and went to ber room,
There on her tea table the maid bad
placed a vase filled with American
Beantlcs, She flushed as she looked
at them. What had she said to Jimmy
about hating violets?
' That eveulng when Jim Barber called on bit fiancee Edith wat wearing
tbe violets. He elevated bis eyebrow!
slightly, then beut down to kits tbt
tender, upturned face. Edith wat look-
lug unusually pensive.
"I thought you bated vloleti, Dldu't
you get the roses this afternoon?"
Edith smiled.
"I won't fib, Jimmy. I do like* rout
best hut when you lend the violets-
why—why, that makes tbem different,
you know."
Jim, rather surprised at the tudden
"tenderness and gentleness of bit whimsical sweetheart, held hor dole to bit
heart. At last she.raised ber bead and,
pulling tome violets from ber corsage,
fastened them on his coat Again hi
stooped to kiss her handi at the wblt-
"You don't think, Jimmy, tbat
there's going to be a war—very toon?"
Jimmy, who belonged to the national
guard, glanced at ber curiously.
"No, dear."
She sighed happily and murmured,
"I'm very, very glad,"
Bovqvpr or »a»bd nomas.
eboaa tbem.   Perhapt, aa you don't
care for thtm, I may take a few?"
"Take tbem, of count,! I at Id nonchalantly.
-"No; I want yon to give tbem to
"Wondertngiy I eelecteU a amali
bunch and handed tbem to blm. Then
I laughed nervously.
"-'Dear me, Langdon, you look aa to-
rlotu aa IT you Vara going to a fo-
"To eomething wont tban thai
ltarcy, dear; to-war. And thew wlll
remind me of the aweetett girl In tbt
world, my ilender, bint-eyed violet
wbo It going to bt bravo till I coma
"A chill crept over tne. 1 saw my
petttib folly, my one ilded quarrel, In
tbtlr true light What a penitent girl
I vat, and bow complete wtt our
reconciliation, how tender our parting!
Then, when ht bad kitted me goodby
for tbe Itit tlmt, I took what wat left
of t-t fib-eta and pretacd them lu tills
Mra. Murray opened an old fashioned
collection of vemetand ahowed Edith a
small bouquet ojf Witt-end, dowen tied
with white ribbon,
"Yoa of toddy cannot realise the hor-
mt of tbe civil war. Mother and I
tewed Incessantly for tbe eoldiorv It
waa all we could Ao, Thla labor of
love, with frequent letten from Lang,
don, wbo waa with tbe weitern army,
kept nt alive. Separation .hid taught
me bow deep waa my love for bin.
"Alter tha battle of Stoujr Ittdgi
eame wont tbat fcattgdau bid been tor-
rlbly wounded and left on (ho (lild until aid could bt tept to blm, but when
Ibe botpltal cofpa a«|vt* he wai not
ta bt found, and. til* gnttmite wbo
Mot* th* lttttr Md bt*a *Mi to Mara
Hj- &
COLIN S.   if|
roi.l.i.vs   %
Coptlrloht. 19QU by A. 8. Ittcltanltiim    *8
The New York-Boston game was re-
iponslble for the quarrel.
Alice Bvertou. tho sonbrette of the
"Star of the Desert" company, was au
enthusiastic "fan" and would have
staked the last cent nf her suliiry on
tbe result of the game. Hugh Trus-
cott business uuiiingcr of the cbmpii-
ny, accommodated the young woman
to the extent of a small wuger and,
losing, paid tbe price, a two pound box
of bonbons, without a murmur. Etlim
Brink, the leading Indy, who was Tins-
cott't fiancee, wus not Interested In
baseball and resented tbe presence on
Miss Everton's dressing table of anything sent by her Intended.
Without stopping to Inquire the motive of the gift she returned Truscutl
hll ring with tbe following note:
My Dear Mr. TruBcott—Since you find it
necessary to make gifts to Miss Evcrloi.
may I suggest that th. Inclosed may
prove meruit It ls valueless to me. you
need attempt no specious explanations. 1
will reed no letter you may semi, nor will
I listen to you should you he Insolent
enough to engage rat In conversation.
For three days Truscott hail nniili
tvery effort to explain the affair and
renew hit happy relations with the girl
whom ho really loved Willi the strongest emotion of his life, but he hull
failed Ignoiuinlousl.v.    And now hi
Fourth Century- Bhortkaat.
That shorthand was used In the an.
dent world Is well known, but our In-
foriuiidon Is still scanty, and any addition is welcome. It may therefore
be worth knowing that there la In the
Armenian "Acts of St Ctlllstrttus"
a reference to tbe employment of stenography, A translation of tbla tt included lu Mr. P. 0. Conybeare'a "Armenian Apology and Acts of Apollo-
nlus and Other Monuments of Early
Christianity." The .account of Cal-
llstratus was probably written In tb*
first bait of tbe fourth ceutury. It includes several loug addresses of Oallt-
strntus to his fellow soldiers tn explt-
natlon of tbe mysteries of tbt new
faith for which he and- forty-nine of
his comrades became martyn. Perhaps with a view to giving tbem authority at verbatim reports, tbe. compiler says:
"But there was a certain scribe ot
the Itw court who waa netr to tbo
prison, and be listened to tbe discourse
of Calllstratus, and he wrote It down
In shorthand on paper and gave It to
ut, aud we let In order with all accuracy the record and outline of hit
thought" ■-   '
Thackeray*, racial Appaavaaee.
In 1848 or 1800 Charlotte Brontt
wrote of Tbuckeray: "To ma tba broad
brow BoeuiB to express Intellect. Certain lines about the note and cheek balmy tlie satirist end the cynic; tbe
mouth Indicates a childlike tlmpllclty,
pcrhups oven a degree of Irresoluteueti
iu consistency—weakness, in thort, but
a weakness not unntnlable." And Mr.
Motley, writing to bit wife ln 1858,
mid; "I bellevo you hive never •
Thackeray, He bat the appearance of
a colossal Infant-smooth, white, shining, ringlety hair, flaxen, tlat, with advancing years; a roundish face with a
little dob of a nose, upon wbieb It la a
perpetual wonder bow he keep, bis
r_*c'aciei.','  -
Thli broken note waa alwayi a source
of amusement to Thackeray himself.
He caricatured It In his drawing, be
frequently alluded to It In bla speech
and In bla letters, and he wat fond ot
repeating Douglai Jtrrold'i remark to
blm when he wat to itund aa godfather
to a friend's ton, "Lord, Thackeray, I
hope you won't pretent tbe child with
your own mugl"
A Tender Hearted Dear, .
A alck dog took up bit abodt la tha
Held behind our house, and after seeing the poor thing lying then for tomt
tlmi 1 took It food tnd milk and water.
The next day It wat still there, and
When I wai going out to feed It I taw
tint a tmall pug wtt running tbout it
so I,took a whip out with me to drive
It away. The pug planted Itself between me and the tick dbg and barked
at me savagely, hut it laat I drovt It
awty and again gave food aUd milk
and water to my protege,
The little pug watched me for a few
moments, and as soon aa be felt quite
inured thtt my Intentions toward tb*
tick dog were friendly It ran to me
wagging Its till, leaped up lo my
•boulder aud licked my face and hands,
nor would It touch tht water till tb*
Invalid bod bad all It wanted. I- aup-
pose thut It wai satisfied that Ila companion wat bi good handi, for It trotted happily away and did. not appear
upon the ten* igtl"—Oor. Londoa
We Print
"Don't bold this mlBi'i'fililG inlfl-atiaor*  .f    " im"
standing ngtilnst im\" lio .urged, -'you \v
wouldn't glvo mo ii ehtmee to explain. ;*£
I lost n bet on tlie Now Vork-Buatun *f
game, nnd I lind to bo decent and pay %
It. Minn Hvcrttni wlll tell you ao. She j
In liotblug tu mo." j*£
Polite surprise In Edna's eyes. (J
"I give .vou my word,"* lio'declared %
Impetuously, "1 bave cured for no wo* -:-
mnn rjlnce I met you. Have you bud ';■'.
cause to doubt mo before?" j •j*
Tlie eyes wore ixpn'ssioiileHs lignlu,    J,
"As n mutter of fact, Miss iflverton '*!•
ls engaged io marry Clnrk of tbe Hll- X
son Opei'fl company, It wns only on 4
Clark's account tbat I was polite to ,'\
hoi'." i j-
Tbe eyes looked perplexed. Truscott £
began to hope. [j*
"Show me you forgive me," he plend* %
ed. "We were so happy. Don't you 4
remember the night you promised to t
be my wife? You snld you'd never |
misjudge me." i X
The eyes were reminiscent, !4»
"Don't send ino away witb malice In t
your heart. Haven't w.e both suffered 4
enough In the past three days? Let J
me sleep on the train tonight, happy 4
tn the kuowlodge that you slill love T
mo." ! 4
There were tears In the eyes now.     ■ j
"If you forgive me, close your right, X
eye." : j
Slowly the lid drooped. A tiny smllo 4
cropt round her mouth. ! j
"If you love mo vory much, close X
both eyes," he murmured. jt
Both blue eyos wove now shrouded X
by the lids.   Truscott sighed happily.  ! T
"After thnt," be declared, "1 must *
kiss you. My time la almost up. Quick jj
-If you can, roll over tbo trnp." IX
Ednn glanced nt the stage manager. jT
His back w.13 turned.   The audience  4
flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that'the Leader Job Room is
now ing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reason-'.
able prices.
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stood fingering n telegram from tin
New;York backer of the conipntij' or-' saw Iho captive roll over, apparently
derlng him to report to the metroiHill-
tan office for the purpose of organ!*-
Ing a No. 2 company. He lind twenty
minutes to effect a rcconclllntlon .villi
Edna; and he know tbat If ho loft tht
company without making his pence
be need bave no hope.
He rushed back on the stage, determined to speak with her at nny cost.
The curtain had Just risen ou tlm third
act, showing the encampment of desert
robbers. Miss Brink, as tholr captive,
lay at tbe rear of the stage. Por the
climax of tho act the comedian would
cut her. fetters, and nfter a sllrrlng
scene they would fight their way to
liberty. But In the inenutlnie she muni
lie there, aud Truscott itood helpless
In tho wings.
Ht sought tbe tttge malinger. "Ash-
ton," he whispered, "I leave for New
York In twenty minutes, und I must
tpeak to Miss Brink," •
"Don't tee how, old mnn. She's on j
tbere now for at least twenty-live min- j
utta."       .
Truscott grasped him by tlio shoulder. "I tell'you I must Don't sny I
ctn't It meant all the world to mo."
to enso her strained position, but to
thc man beneath the trap thc move
had n dilTcrcnt meaning. He stood oil
tiptoe, nnd for one liri.-l' Instant tbeir
lips met in n kiss of reconciliation.
"I will leave tlio ring for Asbton to
glvo you. ami God hless you, sweetheart," ho whispered. One more kiss,
and the li-np was closed. Two uilnutca
Inter Truscott was on tho singe.
I'Ashton, glvo Ihis nackngo lo .Miss
Brink whon she comes off and tell her
I'll wire from New Vork."
"Sure, old man, but bow did yoa
ninniigo It?"
Truscott's eyes wore dancing with i
happiness nml triumph.
"Thnt wns easy. I trapped her
through—a trap."
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - B. C.    |
..I..I..H.j..I.|....|..H-1.+-l-I-l"!"H-l-l~H"»-I *************
Harry J. Rogers
Johnston Block,    Nannlmo, B. C.
Kodaks   and   Kodak   Supplies
D. Dt.rn.ne 0. Suulli
Don't Read This
Tile 1-ller.linnl In Ancient Hlatorr.
The word used both in Assyrian mul
In Hebrew for tho elephant ls hahba,
M-hlch survives to the pri'sent day lu
tbo vcrnnciilnr of tho .Mnlitbar coast I
aud of Ceylon ns the inline of th*iHotels,$850percent. .Stores 1250p.c.
Indlnn elephant,   This Itr usiiully re- j       r>iv,.||i„p. Hmtses, iiin. percent.
garilcd as conclusively showing that 	
Solomon must hnvo trailed with Indln, company Mttbllshed tSs. Doing the largrsi
but tbo ctirloiTs fact rciunltiB tbat the liiisluess in Canada or any catuidiau company.
Egyptian iinmo of the elephant Is nb <j.9«i,ooi|ibIJ in losses.
or abu, which appears to be the same w,lte'» "i« Manager.
word for tho apes which Solomon's rSFIflfifS  i fflOliCB flSSOCOliOII
traders brought from the wist, I. kopb,! i anvciuiTU   n   r-
which has been compared with the'    ,,    ""'"""lm. B- **-.
Tamil inline for tho monkey.   It also : ""a l,e "■"cn" "'"'" >•*" """ A|U •»,r,l':uta™-
occurs In lhe Sanskrit as kiiiil, and was
adopted by tbe Greeks as kepos or
ki'lins uml by tho Latins ns ceptis, but
hero nlso we nre confronted by the!
fact Unit I ho Iiigyptluu word for upo it
sliiiiliir. j
Possibly tho Afrlcnu elephant waa '
not known till Intel' limes lu Egypt anil I
bonce received an Asiatic nnme, ns tliil   _,       (
lliu hiuvw nnd Iho ciiuifl.   To the Assy-; MrSt M'SHUB,
l-lnlls both tho two humped lliii'lrlnii '
aud the single humped Arab .camel
wero well known, itiitl Iho former may
have o'rendy boon used by traders iu
Asia Minor, where it still Is found.
First-elnss    hrcmiunodHiion;   exi'elleut
tabic hoard,   The h.r is supplied
with  the  beet winoB,  liquora
nml cigars.
■ B. u.
ntnoort inbtnmn tub taiu.e add bowman fBS TIIAl'UUOll.
Athlon bad heard of the broken engagement He waa sympathetic, but
not resourceful.
"Can't I go ou at tn Arab nnd got
tpeecb with her?'"plcniled Truscott.     j
"And break up the aceiie? Not on
your llfo. Look out, there's my cue!"
And away hurried Asbton,
Truscott groaned. Throe minutes of
tbe precious twenty bad ulready been
wasted. A stage hand, seeing the iron-
bled look, ttkod If there wns anything
be could do. Truscott grasped at tbls
ttraw of hopt.
"I want to apeak Immediately with
Mlu Brink. Can you figure out auy
way?"   i
Tbe itage hand thook hii hend. then
suddenly grinned.
"Come onf and he drew Truscott
down the dark stairway leading und. v
tbe etage. Preacntly they paused directly under the center of thu stage.
Truscott could hear the scuffling of
tho stage robbert' stops overhead. The
Huge baud wss pushing a ininll table
forward and ttudylng tbe beams above
"There," he laid, "ll Ihe trapdoor
tbey nsed tor 'Fnuit' tail week. Drop
It carefully, and' you'll be looking niftiest Into MIbs Brink's face. She'll
bear what you any nil right: only for
the love of heaven and my Job don't
thow your bead above the hole."
Tht ittge hand slipped away, lingering t crisp bill. Very gently Truscott
mounted the rickety table nnd lowered
tht trapdoor. Edna turned slightly nl
the iound, and ber eyes expressed
grett displeasure aa they met his
pleading gate. More than this she
could not do.  She faced the audience.
IIBdna," he whispered, "I must leave
here In ten nilnntct for New York. The
govenior'e sent for mc. Write mc al
tbe Criterion. Tell me you're nnt all-
Tbe face ao tantiillslngly near kit
(rtini that ol tbt ishliw.
A Ms. .il Animals.
Here Is a list Hint ought to be In your
icrttpbook. It tells you bow lunny
,-cai't certain itnlnutls live under ordinary conilillons:
The elephant, 100 years and upward!
rhinoceros, 20; camel, ItJO; lion, 25 lo
60; tiger, li'tipaiil. Jaguar nntl hyena (lu cniiiliii'iii.'iitl about S3; beaver,
fin; deer, ikl; wolf, 20; fox, H lo HI;
llama, 15; einiiiiuis, 2.'.: niniiltcy and
baboon, lt) to Hi; htire, X; squirrel, 7;
rabbit, 7; swine. 25; sing, iiiulor 50;
horse; 80; ass, 80; sheep, under 10;
cow, 20: ox, 110; swim, pnfrot and raven, 2011; onule, 100;. noose, 811; hcu
nud pigeon, lu lo III; linwk. llll (o .0;
crime, 21; blackbird, 10 lo 12; pencoek,
20; pollcuti. -10 to .10; thrush, 1 lo 10;
ivr.-n, 2 to 8; nlghtlugnlo, 15: blackcap,
15; linnet, 14 to 88; golililiicb, 20 to 24;
rcillneasl. 1(1 to 12; skylark, 10 to SO;
titlark, 0 to (I; clutlllnch, 20 to 24; starling. 10 lo 12; carp, 70 to 150: pike, 80
to40; salmon, 10; codfish, 14 to 17; eel,
10; .crocodile, 100; torlplBO, 100 to 200;
whole, osiiiiiniiil. l.otiii: quecii beet
live 4 .win's; drones, 4 months; worker
pecs, 0 monllts.
Choicest Meats at all limes
Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Stieet,   : Ladysmith, B.C.
Shkooo.v, Pnor.
A  Mixllt-M'dl  N-irvlY-*,!.
The lnhnliltaiits of n fni-nwfly village
In Surrey hnvo been enjoying a quaint
medlrcvn) survival In the snle by miction of ft local mciiilow. Lung nco,
when lhe world was not so busy na It
Is toilny, thu landlord of the Whlto
Hi-own luendow at Hoi-tuie bequeathed
the nit'iidow stibject to an miction sale
which every now nnd a.-jiilu ndds to the
ptyety of litis rii:-a) pnptilnllon. At
euch bid n boy '-els out to run to a
given point; nntl the White Hrown
meadow Is let to the bidder whose of*
Jar Is unchallenged when the limt boy
Kqit.illy curious Is the candlelight
nuetl-jii ni: Wlinrlon, In Warwickshire,
where the right of grazing itpDii the
rondsidn and tbe rommen Inuds Is sold
raeh year to the man who bids highest
before the Insl Dicker of a candle dies
nwny. As the tallow eaiulle burns
nwny blddjng begins, and thc road stir*
voyor, who nets its auctioneer, encourages the bidders with such phrases an
"Oot on, gentlemen, please: the light's
bu*fuUl*M-St. JiD-M 0«M*tte _ j
Hot Chicken Tomafos on Tap
Tobacco nnd Citttis. Guinlles, Nnle, l'as-
(ry, Taffy ami Sjlt Drinks, ete.
■    '■    ■    i    ,L ., „   j?**qggg
I   The Leading J
Nloeteentb Cmtury god
Contemporary   Rcvlaw.
nightly  Review,  WtjttmtatUr
Review,    h-.inbi.rf_ . Rsvmr,
Quarterly Review, BlaCkw*Ml'e
Edinburgh MagailM, '
stroii«,   stL-riiiig. timfly, nggeett*t
and am luiritivc; juat what you want
to know tiftlit-world1-doings;-ttMl-r
what yon need to know; and tola
when you wnnt to know It—thr-Mtfct
value ofthe-xe revl.tri to yon.    Th«
nlile.it writers, the moat timely dii-
ciir-Kionn: The swiftcit prcaenUdora-of ,
the world-problem** or the day appear
even- month in the page* otf tncne .,
liadmjf review*    These arc the Bag-.
list** editions sold In America at about
half •■ii..*-.. specimt-n copies sent fret,.
to anyone anywhere, and historical '
booklet, too, for the asking. "    i.
The Leonard Scott Publication Co.,.,
Warren 5t. Ntw York City.
bo viAiir
- Anyone tenflhiK a "ket rti
lUTontlon is probably
Bout free. Oldest rurant
rnttiiiu taken throueli
Mucin-! nottttJ, without chsi
A hnnflsomeiy llliintrated weekly,
rhlnflmi ■.*•* sny m-ier""- '——'
riiiir;   niir months, I
imneh Office, fa r BU Wwbtn
Ladysmith Mutual liprtnsiit t«l»t|
Meets in Nicholsou'a ball c*irry. Thurtday. «vn-
fugat 8 o'clock, for dis«is?jfon of tatcitaUfec
topics, i.cciure* at frequent intetfatt fcy pr**
Incnt men. Dues 50c. per month, for alx apaaUffi
of year. Resii>ents of Udysmlth owr tl yatsa
of age are eligible -for membership. ' —
Viin. Akciidkacoii scatraK, fnt.
T, J, Bakkok, Sec. Treatarer.
i. o* a f.
Meets evcrj* Wednesday evening at 7Jt o'd
Vlaiton cordially invited.
HUGH FptTOir, 0
A. H, Gakdoh, Miuinuer,
Ladysmith, B. O.
Supplies reiitila.ly Clinic, st
Apples, lllllter, Fresh Kscs, At..,
at current market prices..
See thst sll boxes of soples sntl butter
nre marked "S. S. I."   That meant
flist class quality.
The public are requested  to apply to
their dealers lor onr produce.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. nf r.
Meets every Friday in 1. O. O. F. hall at
7:30 p.m.
D. GOtJELiY, .0.0.
J. VV. LEVIS, See.
Lidyimilh Oraaga Loifi, l*.IIW
meets In Nicholsnn's Hall. Firat Avianr,
.vary alternate Satnrday laaach month,
commencing first Satnrday la October.
WM. ROLSTOr*. W. if. ,
Visiting Brethren art Invited is atfcad.
■ lljiiiiAA-....... ........
G.W. ScoH's Store
First Avenue,   :    t    Ij.dy.mlth, It. 0.
Si'tlli, Wssh.
Nobody can utlbnl to Ik- without It, All the
li-tt-niiiplilentwHorilir week. I'nrni, field, pir*
den, h-k-H, society. Uertnttful Hliistrntlotis nml
hnlf louts.   Hnui|ilcci)py on appltcntlon.
All For On* Dollar a fitr.
I'tiiitj.bot iiiluting yon admired lo
muoh wat dout bi Iht Laadw.
"MatiufflCttireti of all kl-di'at
and M-to;;
MlllilRCl, Lltlt, Slilfllt, Ete,
• "•
A large slwk of thntottghlj* l	
lumber—ist,ind md class constantly e_
hand. All <mlcrs strictly attended ».
Uiiolatlons cheerfully given'*
John W. Coburn, ■
HAKAoimt Diatcwa.   -
Don't.born* Ida _«adtr; tal
lor it yourHll.
., -.',_ i ■ ■*" ■-' *—*-■ ■ LADISMITH LEADER. DECEMBER 31. 1902.
shall I give ?
Howolten you'll hetr tbe remark at thil season of the year,
especitlly. "What on earth ehali
I give him t" It'at vexed question, tnd that'i a fact.
May we offer you aome New
Year suggestions?,
Neckwear, 25c, to ,1.75,
Initialed Handkerchiefs, 25c. to 75c
811k MulBet., Dressing; Gowns, pantry
BUk Suspenders, Smoking- Jackets. Fau-
cy American Shut, Hat or Cap, Suit
Caaea, Hand Bag, Trunk, Suit, Fancy
Vest, Overcoat, Raincoat, Jewelry, &c.,
be,, Ac.
W. ar. il vim awas.a BIUI.rdiT.ble. A
Chance, with .vary ,. purchase.
Trains on the Bl. A N. tre running
through again today, alter the interrup,
tion canted by two serious breaks down
tha line. 	
FOUND.—Clinker bnilt boat with oars
and rowlocks. Owner can have same by
paying expenses. A. E. Blanu, Lady
Anothtr examination for certificates
ol competency nnder the Ooal Mines
Regulation Aot ia to be held in the
Company's office on January the (ith,
Tha annual gtntrtl mteting and election oi officers ol the Lidyimlth Board
ot Trtdt will take place early in the
coming month.
All ichool children will receive one
laid pencil Iree ol ohtrge Saturday II
accompanied by either parent.
Lively and M. W. Waitt A Oo.
It ia believed that a number ol vessels
bound for Ladyimith harbor are storm
bound outside tht itrailt. The weather
bat beta very etvara around Cape Flat.
Hundreds ol young men lay it wea
thtir neat ippearance whtn tpplylng ior
a position thtt got it lor them. Consult
Matbeton, Ltdyimith'i iamous tailor,
ba xnows tbt secret.
Excttilvt nlnt'on Monday night; and
Tueiday "morning' larlously increased
the difficulties ol tha E. A N. repair
gangs, and may result in the tlternnon
train today (being cancelled.'. Haaiam
ereekllalrialng steadily aud is' now not
many inchtt Irom tht bridge door.
Try oat ol Tomer's Baton lor, tasy
•hiving. Every rater giurtntetd. At
tbt Drug Stort.
A special train will leave Ladysmith
lor Nanaimo tonight at G o'clock.
Have you tried a book out nl onr
loaning library? M. W. Waitt A Co.,
Lively's Jewelry Store.
All kinds ol Musical Inttrumenti at
M. W. Waitt A Co., Ladysmith.
B.B.B., Q.I1D. pipei tt tbe Drug
Store.  Every pipe guaranteed.
All kindi ol Xmas Toys, Sihool Books,
Shut Muslo„Uames, etc. M. W. Waitt
We're just unpacking
our New Year's Goods.
Come and see
what we've got.
Vrnrntk, Hanbo. Uardnn, lima,
Some good Hints from an Export
J. W. Olwall, ol the firm of Oltvell
Bro.)., the well-known npple-growers of
Southern Oregon, rutnrned last evening
from a ten days' visit to various sections
of Eastern Oregou and Washington,
where be went to Bee what he couid learn
about fruit-growing and packing, "We
are generally credited with being quite
successful in apple-growing nnd marketing in Southern Oregon," Bald Mr. 01-
well InBt evening, "hot I'linvo observed
that there is muoh to be learned by visiting other people and observing tbeir
ways, No community has n monopoly of
tbe best methods, and mere visiting
around might do us all a great deal of
good. Last year 2500 acres of apple treee
were eet out in the Kogue River Valley
and nearly as many will be Bet out Ibis
season. In 15 years from now every
acre of good npplo land in tbe Rogue
River Valley will bo covered with apple
trees. With an industry growing like
that it Ib well for people interested in it
to take advantage of every opportunity
to learn.
"Tbe best apple growing regions east
ol the mountains, according to my obeer-
vstions, are at Hond River, Yakima and
Walla Walla. I am convinced that the
greatest success oi the apple-growing industry depends upon producing a variety of fruit which will be a favorite on
the market and can be grown here better
than in any other place. That iB tbe
ailvanli.ee we have in Southern Oregon.
We grow Newtown PippmB ond SpilzBn-
bergs principally, and our climate, altitude and soil enable ub to produce a better apple ol that variety than can be
grown in the Eastern Statee, For that
reason we can demand and receive a
higher price Ior our fruit than can the
Eastern growers, Tbere is always plenty
of the common grades oi fruit, nnd it is
by raising something extra good that an
extra prico is obtained. People who go
into fruit-growing Bbnuld study the conditions of their localities so aa to determine what variety of Iruit will do best,
and then not be content witb growing
anything interior to the best that the
conditions will permit."—Portland Oregonian.
Ho! Ho!
Just come in and see
our toys and Xmas
goods. Santa Claus
headquarters. He
will buy his goods
here and give them
to his bo3's and girls.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Holiday Goods
Silverware, Ghlnaware, Blee
OrnauientP, Fancy Vases, Oar*
ving Sete, TableOnllnry, Toys
of all kinds, Christmas and
New Year Carilu, Calendars,Ac
Mia. W. J. Watson has returned from
a short Christmas visit to friends on the
Mr. John Mahrer ot Nanalmo paid
Ladyemith a visit on Monday.
Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M.P, P„
is to be editor of Nanaimo Clnrion, The
prayers of the newspaper fraternity are
offered in all sympathr.
Mr. F, Me B. Young, the Nans.mo
barrister, was in Ladysuiith on Saturday
on business connected with lhe license
oases before the Commissioners.
Mr. Hubert K ml, formerly of Nanaimo, and lately relieving Mr, Bowes,
0, P. It. telegraph operator here, hae
taken up bis residence permanently in
Government Agent and Mrs, Thomson
spent the Christmas vacation with
friends in Nanaimo.
Conversation as un Art.
Tho moBt complete line of silverware
to . choose f'om in town for New Year
presents,   Livelv the Lending Jeweler.
WANI'ED—A gnoilgirl to do general
houeewo.k in family-til two. Apply P.
IL, P. 0, Box 480, Victoria, B. 0.
Lively's Annual (.uessine; Contest.   How man,' seeds in the
Pumpkin. Ten Handsome Prizes (liven Away.
For every dollar's worth purchased in our store you get a guess at
tbe number of seeds in the pumpkin in onr window.   You get a
ticket with the number of seeds vou anoss marked nn it.   A gueBS
for every dollar.   For instance—Ten Dollars, Ten Tickets.
1st. prise, Gent's Watch, Gold Filled, value , ISO 00
2nd prize, Lady's Watch, Gold Filled, value  2"t (11)
3rd prist, Parlor Mantel Clock—eight, day— value  18.00
4th prize, Gent's Watch Chain, "rilled." value 10 00
5th prize, Lady's Watch Chain, "Oiled," value    S 00
(Ith prise, Lady's Gold Filled Bracelet, value   0 00
, 7th prize, Lady's Silver Wnloli, value    4 fill
8ih prize, Boy's Walch, valne    il 50
Oil) prize, Lady's Lace Pin, Gold Filled, value .'    2 dO
lOih prize, Gent's Cuff Links, value    2,00
Seeds to bo counted by three prominent business men.  The nearest
guess taking llrst piizo and bo on until thu ten are elven away.
P.O. Box 315. W.H. LIVELY, The Leading Jeweler
Ladysmith Football and Basketball
Men Journey to Comox.
New Year's day will l.e signalized at
Cumberland by tbe playing ol two Interesting matches, one nf Association
football for the championship of 11. C,
and tho otber ol basketball, the opponent! of the Cumberland learns in both
eases being Ihe Ladysmith teams. The
latter will truvel north tonight by the
evening train, ii there is one, and if not,
probably by a special. Tbey will catch
the City ol Nanaimo Thursday morning,
leaving Nanalmo at (I o'clock and reaching Comox in lime to play the game and
return with the steamer on her regular
trip. The Ladysmith Association football team for Cumberland Is as lollows:
Goal, W. Manuel: Backs, J. Mutter,
(Duncan's learn), A. N. Uther; Halt
backs, O. McMillan, J. E. Noel, W.
Roughead; Forwards, R. McMillan, W.
Clark, ,1. Adam (centre) T. Bums and
J. Stanhope (Duncan's team).
The Ladysmith basketball team (or
Cumberland to play tht Cumberland
AthleiicB, Is at lollows:
Guards,B. Reld, A, Morris; centre,
T, Harrup: forwards, O, ltosewall and
J. Adam (capt).
All kinds ol Xinns toy, at  M.  W.
Waitt A Co.    	
Piano for sale on easy monthly Installment plan.   M. W. Waitt „0o.
Every boy and girl accompanied by
either ol their parents wlll receive a nice
story book Iree at M. W. Waitt A Oo.
Llrely't Jewelry Store.
Report of Important Developments
on Newoastle Confirmed.
Some tveoksugoThe Leader published,
exclusively, a statement to the effect
tbat the old mine on Newcastle Island
was being pumped out with a view to
opening up the seam known to exist
there. This report was laughed at (as
usual) by all the people wbo come under
the description expressed in one word of
one b. liable, and including, of course,
the un-to-date Nanaimo newspapeis,
which knew nothing about tbe matter
until they saw it in The Leader, and
then, (also- of course), denied it, to save
But it bas turned out exactly as the
Leader staled. Great developments are
to be made there, anil Ihe Nanalmo
"newspapers" confirm The loader's
reporl at last, it is evident that the new
company are golrg to Intioduce some
novel methods into the workings tt No-
nuiuio, snd there is no doubt that mtny
important changes will be effected.
Butler times lor Nanalmo, it Is agreed,
will be the result ol the American company's vigorous system ol operations.
For tile at Abbotsford Hotel and at
Jtssup's Drug Store.
It Ib astonishing, if one oomeB to i hie k
of It, how few really good conversation
ailsts one meets witb. Many people can
talk, but utterly fail to bring out tie
eloquence of othem.
The really brilliant man nr woman Is
the One who draws out what Is beet in
his hearers, and brightens them liy his
uwu wit and ready sympathy. Ntver
try and be witty; wit Ib biiIii, not au art
to be acquired hut ff you possess the
gift, be careful never to exercise it at tbe
expense of another's feelings. Observe
tbe expression of those around you, and
learn lo guide your conversation Into
tboBe paths which will not bring a look
ol either disgust, boredom, or auger ioto
tbeir faces.
The best talker le generally the best
listener, lor only in proportion ae one
takes in from many Bourcefl can ono hope
to let out from une's own individual
Most people have eome hobby; if you
are Biiddeniy brought iuto coolant with
a stranger, try and discover what his
particular hobby Ib, and then direct
yonr couversation iuto tbat channel.
Above all, do not talk whilst other
people are talking. Striving to make
yonrseil heard by yellit-g across people
is bad lorm, and also most tiresome to
everyone present.
Tomorrow is New Year and Ryder
will give away some more of that beautiful silverware today.
The flneBt line of stationery ia town
atM.aW. Waitt c. Oo'e. Lively's Jew
elry Store.       	
Leaders for sale at the Drug Store
and Lively's Jewelry store, and
Hartley's Candy Store.
Queer Story of the chanirlnsr Colaa-
ot lb. Newborn Bird..
I have not learning enough to know
whether ln the earliest times ravens
wore accounted "unlucky." If so, why
were tbey chosen from among all tht
blrjls of the air for the merciful errand of currying bread to Elijah In the
wilderness? Did they steul it? They
arc glvcu to theft! Also In the wrltteu
word we nre ussut-ed thnt "God hear-
eth tbe young ravens when they cry
out unto blm." And nothing of this
Is snld of doves or of any other white
or heavenly kind of bird. An explanation ls given ln tho Egyptian com-
uienlury on St Luke In tho Coptic
script by Eplpbuuius, A. D. 80S-401.
The pnBsage Is certainly very curious,
and I am permitted to transcribe tt
here: "Why, then, did the evangelist
locution no name umoug tbe birds except ravens only? Because the hen
raven, having laid her eggs and
batched hor young, ls wont to liy
nwny and leave tbem on account of
the hue of their color, for wheu
hutched they arc red ln appearance.
Then the Konrlslier of all creation
Bends to thorn a littlo swarm of insects, putting It by their nest, and
thus the little ravens are fed until
tbe color of tbeir body Is, as It were,
dyed and becomes black. But after
seven dnys the old ravens return, and,
seeing that tho bodies of their young
hnvo become perfectly like their own,
henceforward they take to them and
bring tbem food of their own ao*
It Ib for naturalists to ascertain
whether or no this strange account
of tbe young raveut holds good in our
dot • Uarirnln.
Years ago, before the corrupt practices net when a Scottish parliamentary candidate wus canviisulng bis constituency he called at tbe houso of an
aged couple, Finding the old womuu
iilone, he entered Into conversation and
usked her to use her influence lu getting her husband to vote for him,
While tbey were conversing tbe wonld
be M. P. noticed a kitten playing about
on tho floor uud Offered £0 for It The
barguin wus struck, and ou leaving he
agalu expressed the hone that the
would secure her husband's vote for
"Wool, ilr," answered the woman,
"ns I eaid afore, John's a man o' hit
alu mlud and Just does what strlckt
his tin noddle, but at ony rate, sir,
you'vo gottcu a real cheap kitten, for
yer opponent was In nne hirer pnt
than yesterday, an ho gled uie £10 for
Its brttber."-London Answers.
Tk. (lenn.n Soldier's Wan,
One of tbe peculiarities about tha
military service Id Germany Ib the pt*
tcrnal Interest thnt the officers are required to take In the frugality, of the
men. The pay of the soldier It only
6 cents n day, but the army regulations guard It jealously. Bach man It
expected to keep hit money In t littlt
bag suspended from a string around
bis neck, and any officer during In-
npecllou muy demand to have tbe bags
opened aud their contents shown. If
It be found that a soldier Is spending
his pay too freely-tblnk of that with
the pay at so low a mark-he la reprimanded and punished. Ht It compelled to make hit pay cover bit ei-
Smoked Salmon.
Shimon Intended for smoking arc
Drat scrubbed und dried, after which
tbey are hung up iu the siiioliohouwi.
whore a slow Ore Is kept burning. One
week It required for lhe smoking precast
go Diversion.
Nervous Employer -'thoniiis, I wish
you wouldn't whistle i. <our wink.
Ofllce Boy—I ain't working, sir: I'm
only juat whistling. - Uostou 'Iran-
HT***!**  ._..      .....
Mr. George T ...iiiBo.ii has received
...notion, trnni lhe.-dn.liilsir.triief
K-i'a'e ol tl.e late Captain Salmond
sell i hi., desirable property situated
Block ill, li.win.im.il Ladyimith.
Eat The Bestjfliile You live I
—The place to buy It is nt the -
Ladysmith Meat Market
Stevens niock, Oatacre St, Udysmlth, B. C,
Yes, sir,' I bave it.   Always on hind at
the trains.
TlnsQiithiny, and  Plnmhim* in all Its
branehes.   Tools and plumbing material always '-n hum).   R 'pair-
in K a specially,   Prompt attention given calls from
Victoria Crescent, Nanalmo, B.C.
M, HOWE, Proprittor.
If yon are fond of tender, juicy steaks,
chops or Joints, I cm supply you.
Try My Oslicious-. Sausage
made by newest electrical machinery
from choicest materials. These sausages
are unsurpassed Id the province. One
trial wlll convince yon.
The Oily Market
Meats i Vegetables
First Avenue, : Ladysmith, B.C.
Nanalmo, B, O.
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer
and. Porter.
Orders tiikcn for Cut Flowers for Christinas at
The Omonhouss, corner ot High ittott
.and esplanade, up to Monday,
D-ctmber sand.
,   Hyucittthn, Narcissus, Wc.
And Soe Pacific
B-und Trip Tickets, One fart md third
between ill. tations. On Salt Dso. tin
to 25th inc. Dec, 80 81 tnd Jin, 111,
good to return until Jin. Sth.
For particulars call or address nearest
C. F. K. agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoOIBB,
Agent, Victorii.     Agent, Nanalmo.
Asst, Otnl, PastiAgtot, Vtnconver,
119tertt ol excellent firming lind:
between 25 ud 80 acres iltibed aad
cletred; directly acroil tht harbor from
latdyimlth, about one hour't wttk.
First-class Irnlt laud. Hon,., fancM,
about 00 small Iruit trees tnd other Im-
movements. A gnat bargain. Apply
X.Y.*'., L-tJerofl.ee.
Villi Mithetnn's tailorlag titabllih-
meat and iee hii unrivalled range ol
winter suiting,, Pricei strictly ooritot
Moon Fountain Pem at Iha Drug
Stotf. IS very pea guarantied.
Piano or Organ
Sheet Mutlo tnd Mnileal
Mtnhandltt, call ind let ul
B. FORCIi-IMER, Agent,
Cor. 1,1 Ave A Oattcra St., Ltdyimitb
Cuban Cigir Fiotory
Manufacturers of tht Famous
None but Uuton Labor employtd.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprittor.
Graduate of Philadelphia' Dental Colkfe aad
Hospital ol oral Surgery.
OWPo.t Of Ik. Building,
Phon._8oA.OIKc., Vt-*j*J* D ft
" otm, a-uMitc*.  victoria, B.t_.
Dr. Moody visits   trejr mlth   every    Saturday and Sunday, t Bo , Woodmen'. Hall.
Skip'. Was* a aoMlalty.
Horseshoeing la all lu branchea.  Vara Im.
Pie.»'?_u.-*J¥!^-»""*•' Too" au-Ally
incuicuM   repaired,      mil
sharpened and tampered.
Buller Street,
Pbotot will bt taken until ant Wad-
netdiy aight.  Oall and aiamlat work.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Croaaes, UK. Ratlmatee
and Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     frff-fet*.
Por Hrst Clase work
Shatlng Pariora
High Btreet.
Hfl'Mttltgand Beard
trimmlng a Specially,
Is now prepared togtveleeaooa on Ih. plana aid
violin.  Allappllcallon,rotlolllo.ca. b.lell.1
VV. H. Lively's Jewelry Store)
Prompt attention given lo all call., algal
or dty. Long Distance tiltphoni No. IH
Jistlsn St., Niiilm, 8,6.
----...„ -,na<-arc nCIX-T  rCSeivna  iaw__
-prc-cm-rtle-ii, -isle oral hir dUposltkM. ucttdlu
H.iuv.   .... uiu.uwn.UI
.-«., ...v„u...s ,.e Qutslno Power .ad Pule.
J-oiiipaiiy, Mailed, to kIm thtTtfrom tl_nw
IH.,11. for wood pulp and pap., m.iatKiSiaa
purpojrs, .. profuSl by .n Sgmmn1 SSI?
date III, Ml day of October, IsoaTViS. ^^
Been. • i, a, a, to,....,,,,, 14 and IS. ta Tow*,
•hipjtiBet-Jo;,.«,j.if,7,'Cj. ■«, il aal W&
Township ...iMtloa, i.iiVffi * 14, \TtivS.
ai, is, US, 17. ji, js and jt, fa ToSaaalp jai sS
alvj,h. -l-WMUpl.! W-offfTM,",? SX
and Irom n lo«, Inclusive, I. foWttahlp'aSm>
io. s-.1l,,os i lo i, l„.lu.l... aad ,j" umti,
-S***rHei9',,.,!*<M(tni corner of BecUoa - '-
Towaihlp 16; Ihenc la a «o«lserty dh
about seven miles, or lo a point oae ■_,
and one mile »«oltbesMb-aiidrfV
Ukei.heocM- Iwo mlu,; (StaYaant oa.
n,l,;.lh.neeasl osiilk; Utm MU In
.....it * ocVwesl M. "mile .at . h.lf thaaoa
north h.ir. oil,: Ihence wn, on, mils tiSSi
north hair a mil, lh£cT ZS Ml?." |_, |S*_2
north one mile, ikenc, _« 0.. __? ***mt
mn*i iwo -Ik.: Ihence wm .longTi.tSsS
tKHjodary orTowoshlpa I, and II to Ik. tSK-
e.sl Ann, and Ihence along Ihl 7a2f aTtt*
--tSeMi Ana, la a ecMairt. , * ™*
AUoTwhlchMndlaadaateattNatad la laMrt
Diatrict, VaneoamlatanS. *^


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