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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 5, 1902

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 The people that save 2
money trade with      |
Ladysmith Leader
For Boots and Shoes ii
Sickle's Is the store
VOL. 1. NO. 51.
At those extra heavy, snag-
proof Gum Boots with leather
soles and Hungarian, nails. ,
They are  offered at factory
prices by
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
i Jessup's Pharmacy
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi    tt   W
Pnioriptioni carefully dispensed,
day and night.
Eleven Extension Victims
Last Sunday.
tltirrliter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Ute.
Money ta Loan,
-   Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Klectrical l-.tigiuecrs
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed - P. 0. Box 357
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale.   Purs made, altered, cleaned and stored
341-3 Johnson St.,        >        Victoria, B
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain snd fancy bread. Cakes and pae-
triei of all description!. Fruits in
Tbii mw hotel haa been completely
lurniahed witb ill modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
birii mpplled with the finest wines,
liquon snd oigan. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,     -     Ladyemith, B, C.
One iact ia better than a Doien
Uearsaye.    If   you   went   ths
choicest, meets go to
Ladysmith, B, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh EUpply   ol   Vegetable!
alwayi on hand.
Special attention given to ihipi'
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thia new hotel hai beon comfortably fumiehrd ind tbe bir il tip to dale,   )
Beit accommodation for transient and permanent boarden and lodgers.   I
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. i
The Esplanade, Ladysmith, B. G.
Ladysmith Dairy
N.w Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eg|t and Freah   Vegetable! supplied
Dally.  Leave orden at the poit office.
ivoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amttsemeut Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, doer, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUftiniNQ.        -        Proprietor,  fcfcss
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
■111  '". Films, Etc,
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safee.
Ladysmitli Teaming, Depot,
All kinds ol heavy teaming done
Wholesale and Retail Dealen InMeati,
Poultry   and Vegetablei.  Game In
esion. Shipping orden attended to on
horl nolle*. IsJ* "'"
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor.
Firtl-clasB iccoinmoditloni lor miner,
and transienti.  None but
The Best Wlnss and Liquors
■lived at the bar.   Give sir a call,
Cor. Viotoria Rd & Commercial Bt.
NANAIMO.     -     •      B.C.
David    Murray,
Butler Street, -       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
J. E. sniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paper Hanging and Kal-
tomining.   EBtiroatei given.   Satisfaction guuanteed.
LADYSMITH,     -     -      -     B. C.
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    If not
get insured st once, lor lt miy be
too late tomorrow. I repreient iever.1
OI.P nnd RELIABLE Oompanlei and
ean iusii.c yon at n uiomcnt'a notice at
ths lowest possible ntei. All leading
ooutpaniee charge the eame ratea. Don't
be milled into Insuring, with a cheap
company—it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drswer 33, Nanalmo. B. C.
Nanaimo was the scene of a very ead
and unusual event on Sunday when the
remains of A. Reeves, 0. Noye, W.
Hamilton, J. Pollock, E. Lynn, K.
Hazel, 3. T. Patterson, J. McCallnm, A.
Boyd nnd F. Mottlibsw, victims of the
(Extension No. 2. disaster last October,
were interred In the cemetery in pres-
once of an enormoul crowd ol spectators.
Angui Boyd's remains were nuried in
the Roman Catholic cemetery, the
others in the Nanaimo cemetery. Tho
body of the late James Wation wai lent
to Vancouver by Meiers. McaAdie &
Son on Monday, for interment theie.
the members of the L. 0. L. took
charge of the burial of their late Brother
J. T. Patterson and alBO attended Ihe
funeral ol tlio late Frank Mottlshaw.
The lste Mr, Dolsn's funeral took place
from Messrs. Grant & Son'! establishment Monday afternoon. The two
trains which arrived from Extension
end Ladyimith were crowded with hundreds of friends ol the dead miners. The
funeral procession foil in behind the
three bearseB, and, headed by a bsnd
plsying funeral marches, set out by way
ol Fllzwilliam and Milton Streets for the
cemetery. The day wae beautifully fine
and the routo wee thronged with hun
dredioi sympathetic epectaton. Only
tbe body of tbe late William Blakeley
now remains to be buried.
Meeting This Evening in Gould's
Seede, Plants, Shrubs,
R. H.  Johnston,  Victoris, hai the
fln.it lelectlon in the province.   See
samples at Leiser A Hamburger'! store.
Price! and eetimalea cheerfully given.
Roses in great variety.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices-
The Esplsnsde,  -   Ladysmith, B. C.
Nasr Qrsna snd Frank Motel..
Cocos  Island
The Paelflo Exploration snd Develop,
ment Co., Limited, which have equipped
and tent to Cocoa island an expedition
to recover bnrled treaiun have only a
fewiharei lelt. II yon want one, or
part ol one make application at once.
Sliire. sold ■■ Block In thli compsny
which are uot ilsned by s director snd
ths iscretsry snd without the Imprint
ot the company'i teal ARE NOT VALID.
We make tbit itatement becauis it hai
been oircnlated that a hundred ihsrei
in obtainable st 120.00 whereas the
oompsny hsve not 1-10 part ol tbe
number. The price il 110.00 per ebare,
120.00 lor H share, or |10.00 lor j£.
Bur only the Ginuine and you are isle
to reckon on a fortune within a few
Thi PaoltiQ Exploration and,, ■
Development Co., Limited,
3D Birdcage Walk, Vlo'.orls,
A Political Rumor.
Naniimo Free Preu takei tbe responsibility of announcing that Mr, William
Sloan will be a candidate Ior the vacancy in North Victoria earned by the
death of the late Speaker. Also that
Mr.'Sloan may enter the provincial
eabinetea Minister of Finance. The
Leader has been unable to Bee Mi.Sloan
to obtain hii viewi. Mr, Sloan wonld
certainly aland an excellent ehance in
North Victoria. He beat Ralph Smith
in the district in tbo last Dominion
•lection though he lost in the city, snd
be would certainly have beaten Smith
outright but for Wolley splitting the
vote. Mr. Sloan would certainly he I
molt acceptable addition to the executive of thil province ai a minister of
finance. He ie the kind of man the
people want to tee in the legislature.
All who nro interested in the weifan
of Ladyimith are cordially requested to
attend the meeting in Gould's Hell at
half-past seven thia evening. Al hu
been announced tbe object of the meeting is to form|» Hoard of Trade snd get
it well etartedaean aggressive agemy
for promoting the interests of thil
The citizens have realized tbat unlsn
Ihey take the bull by the home and do
aomethiug for themselves the place is
going to Buffer. Nanaimo has wakened
np to the fact tbat it haa got to klek or
go under In the scramble for valuable
conceesionB such aa the Alberni railway
terminus. Victoris haa been temporarily galvaniied into a diBtant semblance
of life, and Ior the first time in 'nventy
yeara ia betraying a deeire to make
eomethlng of ita magnificent natural advantage!.
But Ladyimith, io far, has ihown an
apathy and indifference to ita iplendid
chancea which is amazing to the itren-
ger. Nobody want! to aee Ladyemith
fall into tbe comatose condition dii-
plavcd by Victoria for more thin hell
a century. Hence tbe meeting tonight.
Theeupportof all the people ol the
town ie earnestly solicited.
Premier Dunsmuir The Most Popular Man in Town.
To be Published in England and
the States,
A Great Runny; Player.
Vancouver World hoi the following to
lay about Mr. E. J. Marshall, ion ol Mr.
snd Mn. Marshall of Ladyimith, ai an
exponent of the Rugby game of football
Next there ia the team'a great little
man, Edward Jukea Marshall, who fint
played with a rattle in Welland, Ont,
Manball li tbe hero of every small boy
in the city and la one of the greateet
three quarter, that haa ever played the
game ln British Columbia, He ii ai
slippery as an eel, as cunning ni any
old lux Hint ever did business in a hen
house, anil never loses hia held. His
work during the leiion just put hu
never been squalled in the hlitory ol
Rugby football In thia province. He
played leveral leaanni with Nanalmo
but haa been a reaident of Vancouver
but a year.
The forthcoming publication ii announced of a new Canadian journal, edited by Bernard McEvoy, the,well-known
newspaper man, under the breezy title,
Chances in Canada." The principal
field ol publication for<the new venture
will be Great Britain and the United
States, its object to advertise Canadian
advantages. It will be inued monthly
with the co-operation ol one of the lore-
moat English publishing firms, end thi
support of tbe Ontario Government* It
will consiBt of not leai than 32 pigei,
13 x 10 in., illustrated, and will contain
up-to-date information. Itwilisdvsnce
Canada'a Agricultural, Manufacturing
and Commercial intereiti by page! on
those mbject!; it will include bright Illustrated articles on Canadian Leaden,
People and Places; be non-political, and
will aim at giving absolutely trustworthy
Commercial, Mining and Financial
News. The subscription price in Csns-
da and the United States will be One
Dollar a year, ten cents single number.
In Great Britain, Five Shillings a year,
lixpence simile number.
Journals advocating the special inter-
ests ol other psrtB ol tbe Empire sn doing a considerable work in England and
U, S, on the lines Indicated, and there
seemi no reason why a Canadian publication should not have BucceBB.
Every effort will be made by the pro
moteraol "Chinees In Canada" to turn
out the periodical in a style worthy of
Csnaui.n progress. It li hoped that the
flnt number will be isiueil in April
riaa or thanks.
l.ndysiuilli Public  School.
Average daily attendance:
Divlaion 1,40; Division 2, 34;
ion 3,33,  Total, 112.
Pupils actually attending during the
month i
Division 1, 47; Division 2, 39; Division 3, 53.   Total, 130.
Largest sttendsnee in sny single
dsy 128.
A considerable number ol children of
Bchool ige era not sttsnding ichool, but
ths prennt accommodation would not
admit ol a larger attendance, even
though other parrot! might wish to
■end their children.
When furnishing your new Ladyimith
home, don't lorget tbe indispensable
mantel cluck. Lively, the leading
jeweler, Flnt Avenue, hu a select ion
tbat it good to look at, and the prices
won't frighten the moit economical.
A Grand Calloo Ball will be held in
tho Oddfellowi' Hill on Miroh 17th nn.
der the sniplni ol the Rithbone Sletere
ol Ladyimith Temple No. S. For the
belt drened gent, genl'i umbrelli, value
16.00; belt drened (calico) lsdy, (6,00
csih. Ad minion $1,00 a couple; Ior
■ingle ticket 60 centi. Lunch will be
provided tor 38 cents extra.
Mre. D. D. Griffith! deeirei to retnrn
sincere thanki to St. Jobn'i Lodge, No.
21, A. F. & A. M„ the Oddfellowi of
Lidyimitli, the Ladyimith Baseball
Club and all other friendi who so kindly
aniiled ..t the luneral ol her late
On Saturday Sheriff Drake iold by
euction tbe good! belonging toMr, Hugh
Thornley, tobacconist, etc,, Fint Avenue. There was s good attendance and
ipirite.1 bidding. A good turn wsi res!-
lied. /
Mr. W. P. Boyce went to Exteniion
last Friday and hermetically sealed up
the metal caskets containing the remains
ol the unlortunate minora taken from
No. J ilope, Exteniion.
Mr, W. W. Southin hu pott-carded
nearly every bmlnesi man in town regarding tonlght'i milting ln Gould'i
Hill to form a Board ol Trade, It li
hoped there will be a good attendance.
Al one merohant aild last night;. "II
Ladyimith doei not get a move on pntty
quick it will be too late; even Nanaimo is
giving tome tigni oi life."
Do you believe in your own goodi?
Then don't conceal
public.   Advertise.
Victoris, B. 0., Msrch st.—It wss tbe
Bight ol the deosde to see the changeable
Victorian! give the fineit imitation pot-
ilble ol a Pirieiin crowd when the announcement thst tbe Dunsmuir Government bed managsd to land the Canadian Northern for Viotoria wsi msde by
Hon. J. D. Prentice. Hitherto Victor-
ism, who hsve stupidly end perversely
misunderstood James Dnnimnir, have
gone shout growling st bim snd enning
fill government se il tbst govsrnment
bed done or wss doing tbem a personal
injury, Todsythsy are cneking him
up u tbe beat friend the province hu,
and a real friend to Victoria. Itii like
beiriog Rip Van Winkle commenting on
the chsngei during twenty yesn usn
by hii hilf-opened eyes. Everybody
with s hesd worth s button knows tbst
Mr. Duntmuir hu dons iplendid service
to the province; thit he is the trues
friend Victoris ever hsd, and that if the
Victorians wonld temporarily hold their
uoiiy tongues and keep their eyei open
they would tee thit he il tbe only nun
that can help their city to the poiition
which it ihould have occupied yesn sgo.
Ths ligning ol the Canadian Northern
agreement wai a masterly itroke of
business and meani much for thil Island,
Col. Prior ii once sgsin s popular
hero. He will mrelybe elected. Mr.
E. V. end E. Hill—Bodwell iilhsvlug a
bird time now convincing tbe Victoris.
publietbsths reslly wu plsying a
itraight game. Mr. Bodwell knowi he
il going to deleat.
Chief Jnstice Gordon Hunter hu been
heartily congratulated upon hii elevation to the supreme post on tbe bench.
The following statesmen attended
Spesku Booth's funeral on Ssturdsy st
Salt Spring Island r
Premier Duntmuir, Richard McBride,
H. D. Helmcken, Denia Murphy, Bobt.
Green, Joseph Hunter, S. A. Bogen
Jamil Stable!, Richard Hall, A. W.
Neill, W. B. Haywird, D. O'Hara, ser-
gisnt'St-srms, wu slao in the petty.
Rsligioui service! wen celebrated at
the family reiidence end St. Mark'!
In the honie on Monday Mr. R. McBride, io-cilled leader of the Opposition, sgsin attempted to diiturb or*
der by offering gretuitoni impertinence
to Hon, Joieph Martin, real liader ol
the Opposition. A motion wai mads by
Mr. P. Ellison seconded by Hon. Mr.
Mania, that Mr. Pooley bi Speiker.
Mr. McBride thought he si leader of
the Oppoiition ihould hsve been allowed to ncond the motion. Tbe motion
Prospects are excellent for more
Timely Protest Ends Queer Stall of
Some deyi sgo another instance of
the lenity arrangement! under which
mail matter nsehei thli town came lo
light, when lundry dutiable packages
arriving by parcel poit addressed to
Ladyimith, B. 0., wire sent to Che*
mainui for examination and elsim. Thli
■ort ol thing hss been going on for a
long time in spite ef protein, but Poit.
muter Southin hu at lut ncured tbi i
small concession from the Department.
Inlutnrs msil matter and dutiable
packsgei addnned to Lsdyimith will
not be tent to Chemsinui or Chllliwsck
but will come here tor examination,
Poitmuter Southin hu received a
communication from tbe poit offlcs In-
ipector to the effect that the poitmuter
at Victoria and the railway mall clerks
on the E. A N, have been Instructed to
Ml thst in future any dutisble port
packages pining through their officii
addreited to Lsdyimith sn sent dines
to the office here aad not to Ohemsinui.
Lsdyimith ii hiving to fight hard Ior
Its rights, snd if it only kiep fighting
it will get all that ii coming.
Now ii tb. tim. to get your job arfnf*
ing done,   Tbe Lesder con quote yon
- """ «""■' 'the lowMtrstei on sll torttol bill hsads
tbs Hot from the |,,,.,, headi, cards, ciroolsn, tickita,
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday nt
rki. Leader Building, comer ofl-'irsl Ave. and
franco Street, Lndysinilli, British Colnuibiu.
T. I,. ORAHAMI-:, Editor and I'suskihtor.
Bv Mail in Canada and United States.
One year (strictly in advance)  $1 oo
is month, (strictly in advance)'    I .':.
TRANSIENT—First insertion 10c. a line; cucli
.sbMqucat insertion 5c. a line.
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cat. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices.
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to lie discontinued.
TMB LEADER will be found at the fpli -irlng
Ladysmith—The Leader Office; The 7 ..dystiiith
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
'   Hotels.
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster—r-ubllc Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
St this office before 13 noon the day before
Subscriber, not receiving paper regularly please
report to thla office.,.;
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
VICTORIA  AND  Till!  0. P. II.
It il said ths Victorian! are incensed
againit th. 0. P. R„ but what about
tbe 0. P. R. ? Victoria end its ohs'm
pion aggregation of noodles, its Board
ol Trade first besought the 0. P. It. to
put on a decent steamer between Victoris and Vancouver; the C. P. It.
thinking it was desling with sane
men, spent quarter ol a million in building the Prince Rupert, ono of the lines!
creation! of Clyde shipbuilding that over
lilt thit river. When ihe wu half-way
out to Victoris the Board ol Trade telegraphed the 0. P. R. that if that boat
Were placed on the Victoria-Vancouve
route they would boycott her.
Thil wu done, not by the inmiles cf
New Weitminiter Asylum for the insane, but.by the    Victoria   Board   of
rode. The C. P. R. had to tell tbe boat
at a terrible lots
Then the lime Bond of Trade again
dlitinguiihed itielI by worrying the 0.
P. N. Company into changing the timi
ol dsporture ol the boat for Vancouver;
then, when they had been obliged as demanded, they informed the 0. P. N
Company that they must change that
boat's silling time beck to tbe origin al
And now Jsmes J. Hili o! the Great
Northsrn is wsnting to have a taste of
Victoria'! fickleness. It would almost
beaeeid joke to let the foolish man
have ll by acclamation, but inch cruolty
unit not hi tolerated in thia enlightened sgs. Col. Piior who knows the Vic-
terlsni thoroughly, better than Ihey do
themselves, and knows just what tbey
do want, though he ii too polite to mention it ln public, il the man for    Vic-
Mrs. EiiaflMi AftfeF la a Detroit,
Mich,, lady irho hae juat heavedabomb*
Hili:] 1 into tbo iMiup of the British litterateur.?. There hai. been one explosion,
liiefly of wrath, though not unmingleri
with laujhter. Mrr. Gallup hat, liheov-
ereil that FranciB Bucon, Lord Yemlaro,
ffrole theplayB attributed to Wiliip.ni
Shakespeare; and olio im« nleo mado the
n'orestiup discovery that Bacon was
the son of Queen Eliziboth and Robert
Dudley, Earl of Leiueslcr,
Mrs. Gallup prokeaca lo havD dieoov-
eredais nllt?»cd bi*llteral cipher by
means ot whioh the v. hole secret is unlocked and BjiiQOH made tho father of
ffanilat, Laar, OilidlojCymlieline and
all the reatof^theimiuorlal crow*. Unhappily for lliio wonderful product of
American genius, tho literary critics of
Euyland, and perhaps still more, of
Scotland, hare succeeded in polnliug
ont defectB in Mis. Gallup's testimony--
which is in the form of a bulky volume
- that plr.ee her in a    very ridiculous
Asouo migh!, fear from a person
blessed with euiih a name, Mrs. GhIIu-j
is Bomewhat liaety in v-riivinj* at her
conclusion; and like the most of thoEO
who hurry,'.Bbo hae failed to observe ono
or two small facto which Momr. Andrew "Jang, Sidney Leo and Company
have not been slow to pounce upon.
The facto! Baton using unmistakable
nineteenth-century collcquialisms, just
like a brand new, up-to-dalo Yankee, is
ono of the amazing liiccoveriea (and
blunders) of Mrs. Gallup.
Then "Andrew with tho brindled
hair" Incomes croaa with tho litery
Amurrican lady and cailti her hard nameB
<ifter expotiioB ef|mo ol" her more flar-
■ni,*, b.ariojr; blunders in Eufdieh hiotory.
aw! ber crass ignorance of English literature. He says she ia only an "ignorant
Yankee,'* that she hae plenty of the
''smartness" of tho ordinary Yank, but
none of tho genuim) literary acumen
posseiacd in eucIi ample measure by
her famous countrymen,Lowell, llolmee,
Ha-fLhome, etc,
Tho other critics also expose with
mprcilces pen Mre. Gallup's blunders,
and reduce her argument to eomethinn
not uulika the fearsome victual known
lo readora of tho American "comic
paper, and to unhappy dffcllera iu the
American hoarding bouse as "hash,"
Mrs. Gallup and Ignatius' Donnelly
have juit.'miised fame for want of a
little more education and patience and a
iiltle less "cheek.'1
Nanaimo Free Press declares that
"tho majority of journalists in Germany
are illiterate blackguarda, whilst those In
Sew York City are educated gentlemen."
Such an opinion could come only from
Nanaimo Free Preac.
i:mToitiAL koti:s.
Tbe 0. P. R. hae rather a bitter cause
tor complaint against Victoria, and it in
no wander that tbe corporation is some-
what dubloua about receiving reproaenta-
I. .,,-•■
Hops from that city. If tho accounti
fren balanced It might be found that
the 0. P. R. bad done more for Victoria
than ever Viotoria did for the C. P. li.
Mr. James J. Hill, of the United
Slates, who ia contesting the Victoria
seat in the legislature against Col.
Prior, is sparing no effort to win tbe
election. If Mr, Hill bo elected matters
in the House will reach a crieia.
Nelson Tribune has suspended publication owing to financial dUHculties.
We are well within tho mark iu declaring that there waa not a better newspaper in British Columbia. Nelson must
ho passing through a very serloui period
ufadvfcrBilywhensur.hu paper fnila lo
obtain support; and wo notice, too, thai
our gossipy old friend, the Nelson Econ-
I omlst, baa shed He olive-green overcoat,
i and now cornet) out In bare black and
! white. For Nelson's enko we are sorry
to see the pasali £ of tho Tribune; and
we shall miss the clever editorial articles
which gave tho Tribune a distinction wo
(frankly) envied. IM ua hope that the
same pen will not be long idle.
V.V.V.V.% V.'.VA-iSWSi^^
On getting First-Class Groceries and   .
Provisions at the Lowest Prices if
you buy from
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
BepUaadeand Oatacre street, - . Udysmlth
Vancouver World winda up an editor-
ii] article with thiaqueation,
"Is it to he iSir James Dunsmuir, or
will the King say : lliao Sir Richard
Willi all true British Columbians we
say in reply to the lat'.er portion oi the
qnoBtioii:   ''God forbid I "
A copy ol the Glasgow Evening Xewe,
phiiiily addrfssed tollila olnV, "Lidi*
smith, B. 0.," Ijsb just reachwl hero after a trip out to Lndysmith, N.»tal. The
workings of the poat-olrke intellect are
almost beyond the comprehension Heaven itself; and the marvellous strokes of
cievornesB perpetrated by that "Intelligence Department" are not by any
means confined to Canada.
Victoria Times wonders if "Cowardice
ia to be added to the long list of Hon,
Joseph Martin's political sins." Might
just aa well; and seeing that additions
ofthia kind are popular with Hon. Mr.
Martin's courageous enemies why not
also add murder, forgery, mayhem, in-
CRiuliarism, horse-stealing, cattle lifting
and lose rur.j«te? There ia nothiug too
had that a fool press can say that the
fool section of the public won't believe.
Aitaliitij;   the Order*
The following pathetic lines were
written by an old British soldier on visit*
iug the grave of hia wife, alter a long
term of foreign service:
Thou'rt in tho kingdom, darling,  now,
with those whom Jmus blast,
Saying "Come ye heavy-laden, come.
and I will give you rest,"
In fancy now, my loving wife, e'en now
thy face I see,
Aud thy old husband's heart is down,
'lis deep down there with thie.
Oh thoi wert high and noble, lovo,
though one ol lowly birth;   -J
it nerds no sculptured monument, to tell
tko world thy worth.
Ths green gra?e grows npoi  tby grave
the daUT lifts its head.
And but a simple sraveatono marks  the
' spot where thou art laid.
I'm not alone, my darling wife, lam not
far Irom ihsc,
1 feel the spirit of thy love le keeping
watch o'er me;
I soon shall follow, for thou wart the essence of my life;
Hot tears are falling on thy gravo,  my
loved and loving wifo.
TUliI   LOVUti   DEAD.
We hold our sacred dead aloft,
We put tbem by like treasures old.
No more for them or hearth or   roof,
But narrow dwellings lone and cold,
The dear warm heart that fell asleep I
Wby shun them In onr secret thought,
Why ever at a distance keep,
Ab if some change was   in   them
They cease not from their constant lovr,
Tht-v are not strange and far away;
Their presences about ns move
Closer than presences of clay.
How it must grieve tbem when they
Heart close,   and dud   no welcome
there I
Or whisper love, and find us dumb,
Forgetful hedged with senile carel
Oh, let us hold our dear ones clone—-
OljDSer and closer, when they move
Beyond tho veil I   For no ono knows
The preclousnees of human love.
—James llmkhasn.
I'ba EfbHa of Eittltti.
Not the least interesting part ol Mr*
Harry Kumiss's "Confessions" is that
in whioh he explains how It was that
"Like Joka" failed, or at least did not
succeed, or at any rate ceased to appear.
It was too good for this world, like tbe
child of whom It was said "ere sin could
bight, or sorrow fade, death came with
friendly care." In this connection the
following extract will no doubt attract
attention t
O.eof ihe youngest and most snr«
oesslul newspaper proprietors once call
edmoa fool. 1 wrote and asked him
wby, We had an Interview, He said
frankly. "Yon are a fool, in ray opinion, for producing too good an article
for tbe money. Your staff le too good;
yonr printing Ie too good; your paper
!j too good. I am a success because I
know where to buy paper cheap, and
sell It for a profit. I have thirty publication!, but their names, their contents,
writing, or art I never think about, nor
doei the public either. We Ink boi
thing on the paper, and ssll It at io
much a pound profit,"
It wonld be interesting to know who
takes so slight an Interest In tbe tone
ud   contents of the publications he
owns—and the fact that he is young and
that he owns thirty publications narrows
the field   of  inquiry  considerably."—
London Leader."
xne oaiiKiiif- uusiness in canniui la
on n different plan from that In tbls
country. The headquarters of most of
the banks throughout the Dominion li
In Ontario, either nt Hamilton, Kingston or Toronto. Each bunk has Its
central office, generally In one of the
cities named, nnd ns many branches ns
It cures to maintain In different parts
of Canada, some of theso branches being as far distant as Dawson,
Ttmc'n Change-*,
"Diogenes was n great man," said
tbe contemplative person, "nnd yet he
had no use for money. He was content to confine his possessions to a single tub."
"Well," answered Senator Sorghum,
"a tub might have been all right In
those days, but what a man wants
now la u bar*!."
There Wert Ho More Complaints.
A curtain Benedict waa In the habit
of troubling bla father-in-law with
complaints about his wife's behavior.
"Really, this Is too bad," cried the
Irascible old gentleman one day, on
bearing of some of bla daughter's delinquencies. "If I boar any mora complaints 1 will disinherit her."—London
A Hn*tier.
Junior Pnrtner-1 see you hare en-
gnged a new assistant.   Is he a good
Senior Partner— Good salesman!
(■rent makes! 1 had to send far tbe
poller' to prevent him from talking me
iuto tiiklim blni Into imrtnershlnl
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathe, etc.. Wedding Bouquets in every style. Ordera promntlv
Httended to. -NANAIMO, B, C
. Mama
CopvrtiQHTt Ao.
Anyone i-omlln,- n pketrh nnd dosertptlon mar
'-■  ■• *—-vhetlier tui
 „..,  -  on Paten
lent rrod. uldew sienay loriocuriiwwu«nti.
I'ntotiti taken tbrouBh Munn & corwcelvt
qnlnklv ititiorinln our nriltilun fr»»'
Hivi-iiiinii IsprobiDivtifttenuble. C  .„
lldonllnJ. IlwdbookonPavtenU
'   o.OW   ' 	
Ipfriiiltiollct*, Kitliout,elitnw, lathe
Scientific flimricoit.
A hnndintnotr lllnntr-tlrf weeklf. Lintett dr-
fiilutlmi nf nny Buluntllln Inunml. Termi, U ■
yenr: Iniiriiitmtlii.ll. Sold brail newidttlnn.
MUNN & Co.38,Bfo"-' New York
Brunch OIBee, 6a V PU WHblDutou. D. C.
I        Ths Best
I Lager and Porter |;
f     In town at the hotels is manu-
% factured by the
t Nanalmo, B. C.
S The Leading I|
| Reviews ||
■jl Nineteenth Century snd After,
Canlcmpur.ry kevlaw, Port.
nlihtly  Review,   We.lmln.ler
Her,  *f
.. Review,    l-dliiburgli   Review, [\m
£% Querteriy Hevlew.lllKlcwood's ?,?
* ■» tidlnburgh Megazlne 4ff
|*|lV Strong,  eterlliig. timely, luggeiitlve v>%
• ."'i am) Rutlinritive; just wuat you want 4jf
.-..'jt- tokiiuworiheworkl'Hiloltign;riactIr ail
ke., whiii you need to know; end tola jfip
Zx when you want lo knowft-lhit'athe Tl
VSm value of lliese reviews to you, The i*™
S):j| ablest wrilera, the mom timely iti.-- 4'A'
:\'t\ ciissloiis; The swifte-sl presentation of -jf<p
4'.\j the worUI-|>rol>lems nf the day appear afff
5*S every ..lonlh In the pagea of these S£
K» lL-ptliiiK reviewn. Thee a.etheHng- gj
•>.iU lidheiflHoiisHild In America at about 4r
.';jj huirjuiir. S'leciiiieucopiet*KutTrer $1
4'TC to anyone anyVrliere, and hiaterlw1 "*■-
'JEitv '""'■'"■'i.'u". lurtlip nski|ig.
Everyiliinii in itnck It Imported
direst from manular.!urera or rnado
at onr own factory,
40 years in our builuess measi
When visltiiiii \ia ir-ii cwinoUi snd ret, our larije md modern ealaliliih-
mint ind nttiaotiv* an ot—you will not need to buy. If you cannot come
lend your name on a pint card and vie will mail yon a catalogue—free.
Platte   your   order   for    a   spring    suit   with
New goods arriving. Finest patterns in Scotch
and West of England tweeds, mertons, cloths, etc.,
Coal!   -   Coal!!!
; Wellington Colliery I
r **************************
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Caul   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Firit-class gas, steam and household coal
The above cools are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
The Leonard Sc.lt Publication Co.,
Wsrren SI. Nsw York City.
Nanaimo- B. C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapen and Beat—Si*, snd lOe. a sopy.
All lateit long! and nieces.
Musical Instruments ol All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths. Shinties, Etc,
A large stock of thoroughly iw»Boned
lumber-island and class constantly oa
limit*. All orders strictly attended to,
ijnutations cheerfully given,
Ban Franclaco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
**************** *tn,,;:
;WI 1141H1111 j j| j j 11W1 IH-HT*il-i*-lTil 1111111U1 in,,
jj ilerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
-Letter Heidi
-Bill Heidi
-Not. Hasds
-M.aor.ndum H.sdt
-Buiinm Osrdi
—Stoek OertlflMUi
-Ugsl Blanks
—Wedding Invitation!
—Funsrsl Announoiounti    !
-Window Cards
Everything   |;
Having the latest tytle faces aud borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the best work—Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladyimith, ■ b. C.
The First "Strati" Sent la London
Conltl Find No Purchaser.
Italian violins havo not always held
the supremacy thoy now enjoy. It was
not indeed till the beginning nf the
nineteenth century that they ciiino into
vogue to any extent outside their native laud. Previously Jacob Stelner
(1021-83) was the fnvorlto maker, aud
his high model had been almost exclusively copied by his fellow Germans
nnd tlio different makers In Frniiccnnd
England. When tho elder Corvette,
who had been n merchant bcforo entering; tbo musical profesBlon, came to
London, ln 178S, lio brought with blm
somo Instruments by Stradivari. Ths
result of this endeavor to Introduce
Italian work into England nils one with
pathetic wondor. It is almost beyond
belief. As be could not get ns much as
iH ($25) for a violoncello he wns obliged
to send the Instrument back to Italy
for a bad speculation. Five pounds for
a "Strad," and not a single purchaser
to be found!
This Incident tn Itself furnishes sufficient testimony to the slavish following
of the great German maker and the
strong prejudice of tlio violinists of
that period In favor of the high model.
It Is indeed tbo players who arc most
to blame for tho slow adoption of tbo
flat model, for tho creator must malco
what is necessitated by the demand;
but tbe eighteenth century fiddlers, nt
any rnto In England, Franco nnd Germany, seem for tho most part to have
been content that their violins should
possess a small sweet tone, never realizing the lack of power and sonority,—:
lion.lor Bel,.
I Jinny ot the Islands of the western
| Pacific have In their streams and lakes
large numbers of eels of immense size
which seldom nro used as food by the
unlives, wbo seem to have a horror of
tlio snnkrliko creatures.   Tho eels of
Strong's Island, one of th. Caroline «"»„ 1?"K.2?.
The Reason.
j A German professor who Is given to
great deliberation of speech nud bus
never been known to Increase Its speed
{under the most compelling clrcuui
istances had an amusing experience lu
group, are peculiar In that tbey hibernate regularly nnd seek for their place
of hibernation tbe loftiest places which
they can find.. ,'
These eels sometimes wlll climb
mountains 2,000 feet high aud select
tho summit as the place for their winter's rest.   They select or make a de- I!
Tbe waiter bad brought blm raw oys
iters, and, to bis dismay, he saw that
jthe professor had apparently no Intention of tasting tbem.
| "I cannot eat these oysters," said tho
,Germsn slowly, without raising his
eyes to the anxious waiter. Tho man!
seized the plate and boro It out of,
sight In an instant.   Ho was a newj
presslou In tbe safe most covered soil '„?„'" "aiZZl.th V „ I
and fit themselves Into It snugly, rs--* l*!"1^1*''*
mnlnlng for month! st a time sbso- ^L^L?'?„^",uTTt "IP1"5, °'i
lutoly motionless and Inert Sometimes j %£" before ""» """'""""ting pa-
the eels nre covered with moss er vege- , -<i'„„.,„„..,.,».,. „ , „ ,-,„ I
table debrl. and nt other time. th£Oj^"°'°Is ilTtT^*^M.tt.°
arc, round exposed to view with tbei'. Kj?v",°L f . fT" ?? tbe pl"te
broad, flat heads doubled back upon j "«¥\b^n'.°"" "?,,bo?i? Um-,, , J
..a,..     ..... .v.,   ..'I    '—I tblnli you'd find them nil right,
sir," fsltercd tho waiter.
their bodies.   After their season of
rest upon the mountain topi ths eel! thLk «, ' ,„   ''",,,
wriggle their way down t. th. vat- tWnk tbete* a05'tlll"!! wr
ley. and, plunging into tho riven and
lakes, begin to feed upon tb. craw-.
fish, for which crustacean tbey hav. a I'^ZTolTZ""^ pa"nD "lwe. "?
fondness which Is shared by tb. ns-, ^'<lnd murt b° we" ond <•»«*&
"I cannot eat these oysters," an-
"I don't
s about
them, sir."  Ho looked miserable; hav-'
Ing been told that tho C.ruinn wns a'
frequent and valued patron of tbe rcs-
tives. These eels are excellent eating,
but nothing will induce tho natives to
touch them, allvo or dead.
It was a long rldo through a desolate
and dangerous country, and the politician sought to relievo the monotony by
philosophic musings ou bis recent victory nnd embarrassments tbst even
success brings.
'Hold up your hands!"
nounced tbe professor for tbo third
time, with the calmness of chorus in a
tragedy, "because as yet you havo furnished me no fork."—Youth's Companion,
Chinese, Points For Host., " ' I
"Don't cat with your cars," says'
Yuan Mel, a Chinese writer, "by whlcli
I mean do not nlin nt bnvlng extraordinary out of tbe way foods, Just to
astonish your guests, for that is to
oat with your ears, not with your
mouth. Bean curd, If good, Is actually
nicer than birds' nest And better than
sea slugs, which nre not first rate, is a
dish of bamboo shoots.
"Tbe chicken, the pig, tho fish and
tho duck—these nro tbe four heroes of
tho table. Bert slugs nnd birds' nest
havo no characteristic flavors of their
own. Tbey are but usurpers in tho
house. I ouco dined with a friend wbo
gave us lilrds' nests in bowls like vats,
uoldlng each about four ounces of tho
plain boiled article. Tho other guests
applauded vigorously, but I smiled nnd
said 1 camo hero to eat birds' nest, not
to toko delivery of lt wholesale."
He Understood.
Anton Rubinstein, tbe Russian composer, tn his autobiography tells of the
confusion which overcame n certain
architect of bis acquaintance who had
a habit of interlarding all his remarks
[with tbe phrase, "You understand."
On one occasion ho was explaining
csrtuin architectural matters to tbe
emparor, and, according to custom,
made freo uso of his favorlto expression.
"Good heavens!" exclaimed Emperor
Nicholas at Inst Irritably. "Of course I
understand! My dear fellow, bow
could I help it?"
Bow th. Natives Treat Gorillas.
Nntivcs ln tbo countries Inhabited by
great apes regard them always as human beings of Interior types, nnd lt Is
for this reason that for u long time It
iwos found Impossible to get bold of
an entire gorilla skin, because the savages considered It religiously necessary to cut off tbe bands nnd fcot of
tho animals when they killed them.
Just ns they do witb tbeir onomios, possibly for tho purpose of rendering tbem
harmless In case tbey should by any
chance come to life again.
Bl. Choice ot Sacrifices.
"It 1. true," said tbe person of high'
Ideals, "that yon have attained pros-
pertly by yonr writings, but you hnve
produced nothing that will live."
"Well," answered tbe comfortable
litterateur, "wben it comes to a question of which shall live, myself or iny
IwTltlngs, I didn't besltata to sacrifice
my writings."
Ber Comment.
Mrs. Growolls-My husband Is con-
tlnually quarreling about trifles.
Mrs, Howclls-Well, my dear, tho
less ono has to quarrel about tbo bet-
ter.-Chlcago Nowo.
The best way to niak. a man no-
knowledgs tho corn Is to stamp on Us
Smallpox Sean*
' No method bus yet beea devised by
Ivhlich smallpox scan may bo removed.
| Batter la China.
European butter Is used In Shanghai,
It comes In one-half, ono nnd two
pound cans. California butter soils in
London Park Restaurant..
The restaurants ln tbo London parks
»ro under the control of tbo London
county council, the govcrnlug body of
greater London, which fixes tbe schedule of prices on nil articles sold,
Hew York's Tenements,
Now York Is a city of tenement
houses.  Thcro are In the greater city
In th. neighborhood of 100,000 tenement houses.
, Th. Insect Tree.
Tba Onlenchang vnUey, which is
about 6,000 feet nbovo tbe lovel of the
sea. Is the great breeding ground of the
White wsx Insect The very prominent
tree then Is known to tbs Chineie as
. Ih. Insect tree.
I Card l-lnylna Hatred.
I All persons found playing curds ia
railway carriages In Russia are subject
| lo heavy penalties.
The Pobllo Taste.
Several kind Workers pooled tbeir
Efforts to Insure tbe Waifs a happy
Holiday.   They rounded up the littlo
Th, stagecoach gave . lurch snd' £**££» ^ *££** Tm
stopped. Tbornyof.lghtth.t.botln.,piace;aW'a SonZay Nlgn GnC
to tho vehicle turned the .pattering God, so tbo Church Talent was going
rain into myriad, of cvaneiccnt gimi.   a(taIn8l a ,„,„,    Propostt)on.
•What do you want?" asked th. pal.;    A palo y        ,»„„ ^ „mb    p
,tlCtan' ^fLS= .1,I''"'""  *«"■ WW * ■*» of Parlor Magic
that ho had faced danger before.
"Your money."
"Here lt Is."
"lour watch and diamond ring."
"They aro yours."
"I must say you'ro good natured anyhow," suld one ot the highwaymen.
tbat would have queered even a Supper Show. The Bnncb advised him
to back off tbe Dump. Wben a Young
Lady with Glasses tackled "Stabat
Mater" on the Violin tbey broke her
up with Cat Calls and told ber to
I tear off some Rag Time.  Tbey bleated
J'T h t   *■ y°U ""• """'" "", ■* «•» ^n Elocutionist nnd acted
.",,„..   ...   ..    „..        .., ..        Bowa* Wuen » Stout Woman got up
"What In thunder did you tblnk we  to tmi a FalrJr TaU from Uans Chris-
.,, „   ,..,,      , ...        ltlan Andersen.   Then they began to
, . T.",,r° ?,'.« '".f •"""""•."Jl yell for Mulligan and Hicks to come
voice-trembled; a little-"vou wanted oa and mve the ghow. maKmn
nn oince.       ., j two p„g facea K|d8 came forward an|j
  did a Hottentot Song and Dance with
Insect Pests In Srasll. " Buck "ml  Wln«* 0nlsl1 tbst killed
I should take a small gang of prsc- tu™ Af6'    „
tleal coffee planters from Ceylon witb Moral.-Tbe Waifs cannot be expected
good digestions to bo not afraid of *° "" Ureniselves man. Notches above
chigoes, ticks and Demo fllci, to ssy tbe Public Taste.     .
nothing of tb. dear little mosquito. ~~~~~~~~
Tho writer bad extracted during four * Testimonial Worth Having.
years In Brnsll no less than 200 cblg-1 An mventor, having produced n won-
oos from underneath every toe nail derfu' ba,t invigorating fluid, sent n
of both feet.                                      I c"ss of bottles to a bald editor, with a
Of all the vile Insects on earth the request for a testimonial, Ho got lt lu
Itoruo fly Is the worst   She lays ber °"ae *erm8:
eggs lusldo yonr flesh aud  batcbes "A llttl8 "PPl'ed to the inkstand has
three very ugly Insects an Inch long «lvcn " " eont ot bristles, ranking a
with throo rings ot bristles round tbo splendid penwiper at a small cost Wo
body nud with sharp nippers.   Tbey »WjUed the lather to n twopenny nail,
take abont six weeks to develop un- •"" the nail Is now tho handsomest
dor your skin, then commence to turn ,havlng brush you ever saw, with
somersaults Just when you wsnt to beautiful, soft hair growing from tho
go to sleep after a hard day's work In aMl o( " som &ve or six Inches in
the sun.                                             j Img">.
The nstlvei of Brssll adopt a novel' "Applied to doorstops, It does away
way of extracting tbe brut, wben foil wltn the ure of » mntj applied to tbe
grown. They tie on a plcco of raw pork floor- " wl" a>ose to grow therefrom
aud tho Berno comes out of your skin lialr sufflclent for a brussels carpet A
nud takes a header Into tbo plecs of '""" wcok Istuor sprinkled over n shed
pigskin. makes It Impervious to the wind, rain
  or cold.  It is good to put inside chll-
M iinna Cunnt-s "Souvenir." dren's cradles, sprinklo oa tbe rond-
When LI Hung Chnng was In Paris, side or anywhere that luxurious grass
bo went to visit tbo Credit Lyonnsls '■ wanted for use or ornament It pro-
nnd showed lively Interest In Its halt!,; duces tbe effect ln ten minutes.
Its stairs, Us safes and the room where
the bonds of tho last city of Paris loan
nro kept. He was first shown bonds
of 500 francs and 1,000 francs and then
of 5,000 francs. Taking tbem In bis
hands, bo scrutinized tbem, exclaiming
Alrl.au Wash, bnt Never Wipe.
Great attention li given In most of
tbe African tribes to tbe core of the
body, Tbe teeth are cleansed with
frequently, "Joli; Jolll" Then ho Anally: » stick which bas been chewed Into
thrust tlicui In bis pocket, saying, * kind of brush. The hnnds are
"Souvenir do Paris!" The governor of washed frequently, not by turning and
the Credit Lyonnnls went to the mln- i twisting and rubbing them together
Istor of foreign affairs witb n Hit of tbe i OD0 within tbe other, as with us, but
bouds and asked whnt ho was to do. by a straight up nnd down rubbing,
lt wns agreed thnt It would not do to' *uCu si II given to tho other limbs,
ask LI to give them up, and tbo foreign
office refunded bii "souvenir de Pirlil"
Firearms In Russia.
As an Illustration of how closely
everything Is watched In Russia, take
their system of registering firearms,
Wlii'ii a weapon of any kind Is pur-
This manner of washing Is so characteristic tbat an African might bo distinguished by It from n European without reference to tbe color, Tbo sun is
tbeir only towel.
Th. Earliest Clear..
Ths earliest mention ot cigars In
chased a permit must be secured from' Engllib occurs In a book dated 1735.
tbo local authorities. Tbe name ot the A traveler In Spanish America named
mnn who mnkci the purchase, with th. Cockburn, whose narrative wni pub-
number of tho weapon, Is recorded. If Hihed ta that year, describes bow be
tbo purchaser ever wants to dispose i met three friars at Nicaragua, wbo, he
of the weapon he must notify tb. au-1 snyi, "gave us some secgars to smoke;
thorltics ond enuse tbe transfer to be, * * * tbeie ore Leaves of Tobacco
recorded on tbo books of the Arm  relied up In such Manner that they
.which sold It
H. Bad th. Requirements.
Wife—What are some of tbe requirements necessary to make s successful
poker plnyor, my dear?
Husbnnd (thoughtfully)—Well, a man
must be cool, calculating, crafty, deceitful, solOsh, sly and bsve a touch of
meanness In bl! disposition.
Wife (shockod)-I shouldn't tblnk you
(would care to play with such people.
Ilusliiind-Oli, I nearly always win!-
Vole. Trar.llnc,
Eighteen miles Is said to b. tho. longest distance on record at which a
man's voice has been heard. Thli occurred lu tbe Grand canyon of ths Colorado, where ons man shouting tb.
nnine Bob nt on. end bl. vote wss
plainly beard st ths other and, which
Is eighteen miles Sway, Or, Young records thnt at Gibraltar ths human
voice has been heard at a distance of
ten miles.
H. Wa. th. Only Oa*.
"Did they have a goat when you
Joined tho lodge, Dozer?"
"M'ni-woll, tbey bod a Mspegony-
riilliililnbls Bulletin.
servo both for a Pipe and Tobacco it'
self; » * * tbey know no other way
hers, for there Is no snch Thing ns a
Tobacco Pips throughout New Spain."
A Chan...
"Wo must economize," b. said per*
"I'm so glndl" bis wife exclaimed.
"You take the announcement mora
good noturedly than usual.
"Yes; It'i pleasant to hear you uie
ths plural pronoun. Ordinarily, when
there Is any economizing needed, you
expect me to do lt nil,"
Unit. Load.
Tudor-Harris gets sll his clothes
resdy msde now.
Sutton—So be told yon too?
Tudor-H. told mo nothing. B.
didn't hav. to,
A white object enn bo seen at n distance of 17,250 times Its own diameter
In strong sunlight-Hint Is to sny, a
white dl.lt a foot scroll con be seen
17,250 feet away.
Ths Koreans as n people nre better
developed physically than tbe Japanese. They sre taller and mentally
are llbuallj endowed,       _
-,-.   sx* I  "".'--«-.■ I)
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
————— - - ■     ■     '*■*  -i.u j    '■■  " T-^-a
Smelting Works
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
When la Naniimo don't forget to call at
J. Sampson's, Commercial Street, snd
is* th. new lines in
■+++++♦♦♦♦ *X**
Str. Fsrsllon called Monday on her
way from Alaska to Seattle Ior cosl.
The latest itvles in hiir cutting snd
oosrd trimming at the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Mr. George Lewis liitlll getting out
pllM Ior Lsdyimith imeiter.  Tbey sre
irom 20 to 60 leet long,
quantity will bs needed,
and a large
All kindi ol watch and clock repairing
•killnlly executed at moderate prices
Llvtly, th. lesding jeweler, Fint
Some Lidyimlth settlers who have
votas ia Victoria are going down to Victoria to vote ior Jim Hill. The majority, however, will stand by the old flat
and vote lor Ool. Prior.
Drop Inst sny time and ice the fine
collection of gems and jewelry at
Livilj'i, the lssding jeweler, Fint
Anno.. A pleasure to thow goodi.
Nsgotistiom sre nnder wsy by the
manigiment ol the Ladyimith Freiby-
terlsn Church to bring a couple ol infant
muiical prodigies to Ladyimith this
month give ons oi their interesting', en-
Rings, chains, brooches, itick pins,
chsrtni. Lively, the lesding jeweler,
Flnt Avenue, has them in great variety.
Coninlt him before deciding.
St. Patrick'i Night ii to be honored
with a calico bill nnder the snspicei ol
Kathbons Bisters, Lsdyimith Temple, in
•Oddfellowi' Hsll.
Jobnrton Block,     -    Nanaimo, B. 0
P. 0. Box, 37, lei. 145.
Peter Tooabmet, supposed to be tbe
patriarch of ,Nauaiti.o River Indian
reserve, died last Friday aged 80 years,
Grand MaBter Mason F. McB, Young
of Nanaimo will lay tbe foundation atone
of the Garnegio library, Vancouver, on
the invitation of tbe civic authorities.
Wanted to purchase on or below
First Avenue-, ti full sized lot. AddresB
with full particulars aste improvements
or building, etc, to X. Y. Y.„ Leader
Rev. Eliot S. Rowe, pastor of Metropolitan Ghurcb, Victoria, preached in
Nanaimo on Sunday, at Wallace st.
Methodist  church.
The event of the season will be tbe
St. Patrick's Night Ball in Oddfellows'
hall, given by tbe Ratbbone Sisters.
Ball a dollar, supper two blta extra.
The Welsh banquet in Nanaimo Hotel
on St. David's night, last Saturday, was
very successful. The chair waa occupied by Mr. D.J. Thomas of Ladyemith,
There wae a ftuo gathering of
Welshmen, and the programme did honor to Welsh  musical taste.
If yon have to get up early in the
morning, you should have a faithful
alarm clock. Lively, the lead
jeweler, First Avenue, has a great
variety, at prices that defy competition,
Manager Livingston of the Tyee Copper Company, and Mr. Kiddie, manager
of the Ladyemith Tyee Smelter, are expected to visit Ladysmith tbie week. -
Rev. W. \V. Baer and Rev. Eliot S.
Rowe aro down with nervoua prostration
brought on by severe application to duty.
They are convalescing at tbe Harrison
Hot Springe.
Provincial Constable Harry Macindao
of Nanaimo went down to Aloxandriaon
Monday with tho formaldehyde disinfecting apparatus to fumigate n house in
which patients had just recovered from
scarlet fever,
Mr, C. D. Robulee hae just finished a
deed box for a gentleman In town, and
tho workmuneliin displayed baa been
greatly admired. The box Is made of
Canadian curly inajflo ami Australian
blue gum, with brass mountings and
llttingfl. The tray Ib lined with purple
velvet, presenting a very handsome appearance. The box is entirely of Mr.
Robeleo'a design, and aa a specimen of
high-class carpenter work would be very
hard to beat.
You'll Want A Gun
To make room for Spring
Goods to arriye in a few days,
we have a few Guns and
Rifles that I will sell at cost
prices in order to clear out.
ladysmith,        -       B. C.
jtuotii.r 1'cacticr wmiicri.
Ladyimith School truateea aro making
a strong application to the Provincial
Education Department for the appoint*
ment of the fourth teacher provided for
in the estimate! for tlio year. They aie
steo urging upon the Department the
great need of more sceommodstlon for tho
scholars, and endeavoring to get the Department to agree to the renting of the
lower portion of the Berry building hi
a fourth Bchool room. It is hoped that
tnoio eflorti will prove luceeiiful.
Dr. Joseph Grice, lie well-known
dentist of Nanaimo, is v orklng up a fin.
practice in Ladyimllh iwing to hii Sit-
unlay viaits. Dr. ClrLe ia reckoned one
of the most skilful practitioners in tb.
province and lilts' enterprlee in visiting
Ladysmith once a week is meeting with
its. proper reward.
Tho Heal stood.
"Whnt ie the teal good?"
I ask in muelng mood.
"Order," aaid the court!
"Knowledge," said the echool;
"Truth," said the wise*man:
"Pleasure," said the tool;
"Love," said the maiden;
"Beauty," Bald the page;
"Freedom," laid the dreamer;
"Home," said the lege;
"Fame," said the soldier;
"Equity," laid ths Her,
Spake my heart full Badly,
"Tl,e answer is not here."
Then within my bosom
Sadly thisl heard;
"Each hemt holds the lecret;
"Kindncsi" ii the word."
-John Boyle O'Reilly.
Certificate of litspssHon.
I bavs this day examined tbe following
duoribed milch cowe belonging to Wm.
Ward, ol Ladysmith, and coneider them
to De Iree ol disease, via:—
1 pure bred Ayrahire.
1 grade Ayrshire.
1 red and white Jersey grade.
1 blaok.
2 fawn Jersey grade.
1 red.
The dairy premise! are eitustetat
Ladyemith, snd the condition ol them il
Dated at Victoria, thil Slat dayol
Dec, 1001.
Inspector ol Contagious Diseases (Animals.)
NOTICE ie herby given that I intend
to apply to tbe Board ol Llcenio Com-
miBBioneri for th. Town of Duncan!, B,
O. at their next litting lor a transfer ol
myliiceuie for the ni. ol Wines and
Lionon by retail upon th. premise!
known ai the Alderlw Hotel, Duncans,
B. 0., to Joaeph A, Kogen, ol Duncsni,
Dated thil 4th day ol Msich, A. D,
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hsll, Oddfellowi'
Building, Ladyimith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Ticket! to dance snd rapper lor lady
and gentleman, $1.60; lingl* tickets,
$1.00; spectator!, 25c. Nomaiki, Proceeds in aid of the Church ol England
building fund, Ladyimith.
Barque Antiope.
Tbe master oi tha Barquo Antiope wlll
not be responsible lor sny debts contracted by his crew without an order
elgned b  yim.
Muter, Bsrqus Antiope,
Ladyimith, B.C., March lit, 1002.
McAdie and Sen
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlor.,    Albert   Street.      Reiidence,
Victoria Crescent. { Telephone No. 149.
NANAIMO,      -      -      *      B- C.
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest piper in tb. Nerthweit.
Weekly edltioa a complete record ol
the world's a.w. to date. Sport,
politic!, loelety, womin'i, int.ruti,
young folk'i department, llt.ratars,
science, art, music.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Mad. Pit Shoe! at the sams pries
ai eheap factory mad.. Com. in .ml iee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
^'MrtVW'ltsWSi'.rl*;**^^ 9
Pither £ Leiser I
Direct Importers aad Wholesale Dealers la 1
,  Liquors  and  Cigars, j
All th|e leading brands kept by us.     None |
but the best imported.     We solicit your |
patronage. *
G. Hj, Mutant's Extra Dry Champagne, if
Kilmarnock Scotch, Jump's Extra Pale Ale, |
St. Louts Baer. I
no. n,
m i. o. o. #.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.aoo'cl.ck.
Visitors cordlelly invited. .   L
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0. a. T.
Meeti every Wedneiday evening la
Nicholson-i Hill. Visiting members
are cordially invited.
Painting, Paperhanglng sad
Mattress Making.
Leive orden for mittren making at Mr.
I, Gonld'i itore, when ssmplei can bs
Quy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Pint Avenue aa. Oatacre StrMt.
Cabinet work ol all kinds.
Ail kind! oi 10ft wood fnrnltur, msde
snd repsired.
Tbe Ml) Post-lntdlipr
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afford to be without it. All the
telegraphic newa of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Beautiful illustration* and
half tones. Sample copy on application.
All For Oni Dollar i Year.
-TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian aad
U. 5. Points.
Steamship • Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,
First-class Slsspsrs oa sll
-TOST, PAUL, Dsily.
TORONTO, Tuetdiyi snd Ssturdsys,
For pamphlet! and all information apply
to any O.P.B. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. M.QIRIt,
Agent, Victoria,     Agsat, ■ansltns.
Ant. dial. Fan. Agent, Vancouver,
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Dslsyi, Yon Get Your
Aniwer Instantaneously.
An Aerlnl Target.
Some experiment! with artillery Are
directed ngsimt a oaptlvo balloon have
been recently carried out in Germany,
sttho School ol Initructlon st Alten
Grobov. The balloon wai allowed to ae-
cend to a height of 300 metres (084 feet),
and the fire was opened upon it a range
ol 4800 metrei (very neirly 6000 yards).
Sixty roundi were to hive been fired,
but at tbe seventeenth the balloon wis
itruck, tbe envelope wai torn, ind thi
gu ignited, tbe oar filling to the ground
Do you want to avoid thst buiinm trip snd thai ssvs tinis aad money?
Do yon want to order goodi, and be lure ol Ihipment to-dsjt
Do yoa wsnt to talk with frlindi at homo?
Do you wish lor sny reaion, a personal intsrvtow with psrtlei st s dlttsnnT
Then nn
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff irom Ladyemith for Two ■Initios OoavorsaUos
ToNsaaimo 16 cents
ToChemilnni i "•»    "■
To Duncan "**
To Shawnlgan Lake (Koenlg'i) »    '
To Shswnlgan Lake (Strithoon.) »     '
To Sooke Lake • »    '
To Golditrnm M ,
To Viotoria : 40   „
ToSasnicbton w
To Sydnsy •?
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Worda In ■ 1-4 of a Minute.
(Equsl to 240 words In two mlnutw.)
Try tha following 80 wordis-'-Id'd not W*gWbJ»'l%^*V*i"5!i™,i!W2'
Oouldnotipsretret'metosoupon tram. Most hsva yonr deolilon now,
■o called you by telephone."
H. W. KIT, a.n.r.l taps.ia.and.nl.
Playing Cvtrfls, all leading, brands including
| 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. S
2 »..—..-_- ...  ... 9.
Telephone No. i48.
•aWasB**i"iasMi"rWl"fSoj^ '.T,>aV^.w^'sf-^.'#'W.-at
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Thie LseeLd&r
Tine TeMe He. 43.
Tralni Isavs Ladvimith tenth-bound, dally at 9,10 a, m., snd on Saturdays and
■nadayi at I.H ». tn.
Trslai lesva Lsdyiblth north-bound, dslly at 11.57 a. m., and on Situidiyi and
Bnadsys »t 1,67 p.m.
Tralai leave LadyimUh for Bxtsniloa dsily iio.pt Sunday at 6,00 a. m,, 1,00 aad
Envrilin Ratea to all Points, 601. Saturday and Sunday
lee, L. Oenrtaey,     -     Traffie Manager


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