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Ladysmith Leader Jul 30, 1902

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 . ■■-!'-l"(..H->M..H'-l"f>r-.Hi.M"-'-'^.M ***
| The people that save X
| money trade with      t
***. -I- .--M--l.**+++.H..l.+*+t+**-H.
Ladysmith Leader
{For Boots and Shoes |
! -Sickle's is the store J
VOL. I. NO. 91.
WEDNESDAY. JULY 3(1. 1902.
1 22 Loaves for $1.00
tilv Groceries
At Lowest Price
Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery
To Select From
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants*.
Bsplati.idenud Gatacre Street, - • Ladysmith
■t*    v   -qr   n.   Taj,-   ty -q.   ■.*.- -«|r -,i -ip-   •).- -.*-   ***   -+-   .**.- ■****- -**•    ♦*-.-
Wltett Visiting; Nanaimo Try
Choicest Frd.nl Lois anti Corners
11 Block. 2i), DO und 1)1.
Also Lots 0, 7, 8, 9 II) ami II in hi uk
211.   Above bio'nil ml fiill-i-nil Uia.
A'tplv in
at Lidvsralih WciluPBdriypandS iturday
or-toOory H. Ryder, L'tlta ebb.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescript ions carefully disponeed. Opei
day und night.
Member Can. Society or Civil  liiigtiieers
Member Institution of l-.k-rirk-'il Ungitieers
Electrical Engineer
L'*.ni.sitiiiiilt'in'e Sulifitttt
Woi k OUDrnnteetl r. o. noi .157
I.ADV-iMITH. n. c.
.,.«"• V.'a-V.
Wm. Beveriilge, Prop.
i'..s..,'w lintel lias ln»pn comfortably fii'i.lel.eil snl i|ii- ha. is nn l.irtilr,  &
ijs' Komimrrfbilatlon Inr traiiafiiiit Hnd ni-rinnnent hoarders s
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards
I The Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Savoy    Theatres
Cfuifida's Greatest Music Halls,
Tlie Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
So-iii Water, tiin.<•■■ Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
nml Cnrbannted lieverages of nil kinds.
VV. B. RUVirifNQ. - Proprietor.   ft&SSr
Tbl-- nhl-l'd ..Vised, FiraUOIass and
Popnlnr Hoi el 1« moat ehinfurlahly fur*
iilBbed, centrally slimtied, lUi'j ineelB
trams, Bs client i'uinltiti. H.M- ftiii'iit'ii
with the finest wines, lit-mira and idgara.
JOS. K0X,        •       ■ Proprietor.
g.-t 111 ni led ht uiicb for tt mny bt
ti.0 bite tomorrow. I represent Severn
DM) and I.KI.IAIM.K Companiesanil
nun InaUre you at ft moment's nut lee at
the lowest pnsBihle rates. All leading
i-ompAnies charge Ihe same rates, Don't
be muled Into insuring with a. cheap
company -Mmight be dear in tbe end
Wiii.   K.   Leighton,
P.O. Drawer ,18, Nanaimn. II. 0.
.♦a .*K .***_ .'I'i _T| a/4. Jft .*K .'_'. ,*^. ,■_-. ,-K ,*_*_ .-j1. ll. .'4, ,4*. .*t'. .'j*. .*t*l t'tt  __?_ _*_*.. _*_*!, lT-, ,lTl tT-t
ii •••
ii     m	
* ^ 	
it * "jsat
SB    __,
■tsrr **r
j '■*. Dry Goods, Millinery, Carpets and Linoleums   ™
H ___  _■_
4 4 If you require anything whatever in our liuis, no mtule
J '.    amiill we'would like a comparison of prie«s and quality
Gents' Furnishings, Boots and Shoes.
r bow    *%
Just a Tew Specials
I This Week's SefliiL
t t
ft*   Good WMfl'iiiifE Prill Ip  2j-j.e, and 5e, per yard   i$
W   Fine Black Brocaded l.n-tres, Ki-giiUr 35i jd,
4M Clearitttt a'	
4p   OlearinU Sale of till our Summer SunahadeB,-
ijl Ohildrpn'aSut'fihadu.s	
Y Othere reduced in proportion,
£.   Good Cambric Print Blouses, li-iMrnr tlfw, clear-
Y *»B a!	
Cambric Embroideries, Ritcular U,',_c and I5c
Clearing at	
* r   Chi'd ens' Washing Ohainoia Glovea, Regular $1
4 j* Clearini! a1	
i f   AGord Range nf Tapestry CarputH cold al S5c
i jj. Clearlr.gat	
4/f   A HoBtof Lidiep, and Children'') Sailor Hat*
j L Clearing at	
Ax   Men's Suits in Lisbt Tweeds and Worsteds nt a
™ Sacrifice  J20.00 i-uitB Ior *I5.00
$ 15.00 Hiiits for $10.00
a a  Other Cloth im: Balling at G-ent Reductions.
i i ''- .—.—*- -
i i The Great Merchandise Distribute) of 1J.C. H*
ii #
,. Nanaimo, Cumberland and Extension. X
c. i wmm 4 co.,
General De Wet Won't Lecture-
Coronation Date Fixed.
Lord Brassey Refuses! Government-
ship of Australia.
J-argeehlpmentB of steel for building
!.urpOf?ta in 8**n*h Africa have been
irdered from America.
Colonial Secretary Chamberlain ha*-
atarted on a weed's cruise on the At\-
mlialty yacht Enchantreaa.
Tbe Uuliz-irian Government propose?
to celebrate the twenty-flflb anniversary
of tlie battlu of Hie Shipka P*ss hy
elahnrate inili'ary uiiti muvreB.
A BriBbene Byndieale haa iffered
General De Wet £250 weekly end ex-
pem-eB for a leuiuiln-g tiinr in Aiij-t-Iiu.
Tlie next Viceroy of Ireland iu mic-
ceesion tu Ear! Ortd -khii. who bun re
blgued, will not bo a member ol tbe
Tne report that Lord Brassey bee
accepted theoffiea of Govaruor peneral
of tbe Australian Commonwealth is
ai*iin denied.
The official announeetnent (bat the
I'oroualiiui will occur on An..usi t);ti ii
followed by a revival of aciiviiy in tht
liiirl Marsbal's office.
Sevenly-alx Oathollo soboola in Paris
have been given a week's notice to close
fur contraveiiing tbe Law of Aseootatlous
by not npplyii g fur autltoi izatiun.
A Greek immigrant who purpost-s
following bi-3 avocation ae a farmer,
when asked at Melbourne as to bis con-
dillon produced testimony lhat he waa
wor h $120 000.
More than one London West End
music ball has offered the commander of
the stearaehip Roddam a large f-um ti
appear on the stage with some piotureB
if Martinique, But Captain Freeman
Several B-jer wnmin Hying near Johan-
tie.filjurg, v\lm inanii il aifain, nf'er bear-
TaktB the lerd Everywhere
litis Street, VICTORIA. B. C.
T    II. SIMI'StlN,
Hirrlilcr, Solkltur,
Attorney, Notnry I'lililic. Hit-.
Money to Lmiit,
Niniiiiino. - li, c,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread, C.tki-H nnd pas*
trie*1 ol all liescrlptioiiB. Kinite In
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Meals.
Poultry   and V ge'ablec,  Game In
ifl-m,   Shi) i iitti oi'iji i. .  . -1 .<    i
it not ite.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hrpple, proprietor.
Kirat-olasa   ilrnniiiiiioilBtlorn for   miner,
anil transient!.   None but
The Best Wines and Liquors
■erved at the bir.   Hive ns . nail,
Oor. Viotoria ltd A Commercial 81,
Harrison Hot Springs
Thi-. iieiit-lurtit iii'niiii nml pleasure
it-Miit, tht: lint-si In Ainerfcii, nil.-t--
Unrivalled  Advantages
Magnificent Scenery, Pishing, Bliootltig
I llontillK, Until inn.    Swiniinliig,  Vii|nn-
ami Private Dalhi with Massnge.
THE HOTEL I'i!* hMn completely
rcnov-itcil ami ri'linnisliiil tliroiiuhinii,
electric tf-*litliig; nrst-ctiUii oiil-tiiR';
bull niul Iciitlll groillldsi clinrmlttK
driven. .S|iliii(liil Mifct-HS in lii-nliiu-nl
uf Kticiininliriiii, ilont, Ki-.lnt.-y Trouble,
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Pliysican-  Rates; $2 a Day
f \M. T. Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make u specially of quality, by buying largely nud at close
prices' sell tlie very finest goods at low prices.
Sole agsnts lor " Deck.ijulie" Tea, Upton's "Finest" Hams
and Bacon.
Provincial [.f^sed Attfnycr, lalennsoyer
VatiAnila-iiTH'll-i, la-li.tltk-iiimlv..; or
DreH,coiil!t?*ifc. 'rihi|ni't-iit- ninlMitipllnK
ul sinchV'-.M!pniiin*idt-.l. Wclg-hlSaud
r.-lnnis clltx-Kea,   Nr\l UVtlif l.iiwConrl.i
I', l).
4t> Lnngley Street, VICTORIA.
r..!!i.n'n Australian
Kreeb fruut da/./iinv' triumph in Victoria
, Tlio Novc'ty of 'be Age,
Monday Niirlit—"A Gaiety Girl."
B0—-Marvelouu Children—50
Tuesday Nlftlit—' In Tnwh."
WcdncBiirtv Nii'bl —"I'uittfure."
tYednetiday At'ieninnn -linind Mniinoe,
Adults 50e,   Children %<>.
Spoeinl iriii^-eiicli evenineif TO people
im i hii lee.* Uelurn faro L-tuhem th lo
Ninuiiinn, 50i) li'Pttta »t &0c and 75a are
tererveil wlthont further charge to any
wbn i-uarnni*■!-, •
Popular price*: 85a, BOo, nml 76o,  No
Ijiidysuiith peuplewho miafedtbo per-
tormnnce by tbe 1'ollflrd Lilliputian Opera Company may nt loaa nonwlo tbem*
nelveB with tbe reflection lhat tbey uiIbb
ed the lifnt thtm* eeen in theso p-irln lor
mmy mooiiB.   TonlBhtlstl elftjJtcbatici
Ibe time to adverliau Ib all the time,
ing thnt tbeir line'iaudri bud died on
Bomniando, havo learned fiinco tbe
tieiiarmi'iii of peace lhat ihe men are
still alive.
I \t niM-..niM'1'd tlint a new pnmpbl**l
ail| ahoftly ha iar-iit-.l Bhowlnu ibe ed-
vntitHBeB nf j lining ibe British iinny,
the conditions of Nrvice, and the rates
I nay.
Lord Kitchener is the Hut-st ol Mr,
ITenry WhltP, Berratary of ttic Amerleai
E'tnbaasy, snd M>s White', at Wlltun
Park, BiiKCnnetield, Bucks cptmly,
The direotnra ol the Prussian Mort*
g-nie Hiink, I'liargHd vfltll lalniiying
lmlni.ee 8beet!i, have b-tn sentenced t-
termi trnm dx yeara to nine inontbs.
I'tie p'pubitlon n( OklHlotta  ih jiiBt
liomtr-fll tO   he (HM) 000, with ore  ten-
Mfejitaviveifttr every 22,0(10 people nud
oub at natnr for every !15 000.
Tlie widow ol T. Bmque, n Monlr.nl
civic employee, who ofed of typhoid
fever, i-- tiling the city for $10,000. 81 e
ali'gep the city bull is in an insinittny
MUfi MeiMullr-n is dead at Saafnrlh,
O.it., from beluR Irigbtened in a mnj
away, although apparently uot Injurtd
by the accident,
W.T. R, Pieelon, accothpanied by 10
1 12 t (liters of lending old country
newspapers, will visit Cntimla mit
A Dunfermline, Scot , ina-.ifirtle,
Was eo much evcijoyed at the i caoe
neasthat Im not only tlitniiarged tie
prisoners ho was lo hsve tried, but, entertained them to dinnei'.
8 Midi's nt Leilb, Scotland, Mr. (Cflr
Hardin, M P., Ptnted that next i-lection
Wi'iild pee no fewer than 50 oiindidateB at
the polls iu the IntereBt nf labor.
Mount Sicker Ore Slw'pments—Quick
Work on Tellus.
Many Coasters Call—Ore From
Str. Princess Louise coaled here on
Sunday, leiviiii: for Victoria ln the
Str. Tellus ai rived .Sunday forenoon
from San Francisco and took 8,500 tons
of Wellington coal buck to tbe pame
port Monday noon.
Str. Selkirk luadt-d cualat tbe wham a
Saiurday night.
Str. dear has refumed taklpg oarsoee
of Mount Stuker ore from Ladysmith to
T-jcoma snjelter, the first trip on tbe
ue* de i| beingon Monday. It is under-
B'mi'l that the Onlton Smelter people
h-ive e gin d a contract with the Tacoroa
Btui-iler for 8,000 toiiB*of Leuora ore to.
hn Bmelted at Tauoma. The Oiuar will
make regular hips between Ladyr-mitb
and the Sound city.
Str. Amur arrived from Victoria Monday morning on ber way tu 8 bag way,
via Vancouver, Iu till her bunkers.
Sir. Mysiery trailed in for a load of
eoal on Sunday aud cleared tbe same
Str. Sidle arrived Salurday afternoon
to load eoal, leaving me eame evening.
Srr. Lome tilled her hunkers here on
Saturday evening ou ber way to Victoria, r
Str.Selkirb called here yes te lay to coal
nn her way tu Tauoma emelter with 170
tons oi ure from M..rl.lt Kay, Tt-xada.
Str. Thistle filled up with coal hereon
Local Woodmen and City Band En-
Over HOO citizens of
Cheinainua took sdvantavt-.
p'irioijltj eAbided hi tha eniei,
ihe b'tal let'ge of Woodmfn of tbe
Wo'bl and the Cuy B.ind to et'jiy oi e
f the (ii PBt moonlight ix>'ursionB
aniniiiJpt ihe ie'antU, last Sattirdny
night, that'ho"ever, been held in these
oarts. The r-tl'tir *■.■.« a eomplefe buc-
cabs, thaiiko to the Inlellieent managp*.
aunt of the exrellent coranlttee. All
the airangf-uieiiia v.ere faiibfully eer-
|ed out, and as a result nei>iimiy wri
niitfit-'d and will be only too happy to
patronize another "tiling of the same
kind, should ot e le got up ni xt umnlh,
laiial hiemi.t'i-  ,l-*m>  was en-
({aged for The otorbIou and took the parly
from Ladysmitli up amongst theirdandB
btttwiPit Ladysmith gnd Departure Bay,
jflftUlfl Btinset aid light of tbe rt'ir g
union. The scenery was lovely au*\ Ibe
weather all that could be wished,
Muilo was supplied by the band at in*
teivals; iflfreBhmenta were served and
ever? body was made happy.
I Is Price
•: Any Object?
% W.e carry the largest btucb of
H Furnltnreon the CoaBt.   We :
i*. nellnt B-d Rock  Prices.   Wa g
ti hsve only one price lor all.       §2
8 B
vrvone'fond  of good singles should ;
a'tetd   the  open   air  service  at tie |
ignon next Sunday.
« i- ili-liver all ynur goods free
to ill. slutimi iii Lsrlj'sniith.
VV.' want yonr trH.lt. ami will
giv.- vim every   satisfaction.
Conic and be Convinced
anil j'.iii the cinw.l nf btivers
at :
i J.   H.  GOOD  &   CO   I
The Groat Cash Furniture Store •;
.V.V.V.V.V. ■.V.-,-.!.V'AJ.*A-.*,!> LADYSMITH   LEADER JULY 30. 190".
Ladysmith Leader
l*nbltah***3 every Wednesdiy and Saturday at
Tke Loader Building, corner of First Ave. and
Breach Street, Lidysmitb, British Columbia,
T. L. GRAHAMS, Editor aud Proprietor,
■r Hail nr Canada aud United Status.
••jeyear (stiictlytu advance)  $100
ts wwUia (itrictly In advance)   i 35
TRANSIBNT — Including buaineai notices,
calk for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., toe, a line first tn-
lerUon; sc. a line each .ubsequent insertion; u
Iteea measure to the inch.
Bate* on application. No wood cuts used.
Cots (or regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death and funeral notices,
eat*. Insertion 50c.
Advetttterneata not Inserted for a specified
Hae will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
T*K I.KADKR will be found at the following
l.avt-sr-iilh—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nana.mo—R. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
V.1 iiLOiiver-Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at thia office before u noon the day before
A" tacilbers uot receiving paper regularly please
leportto this office.
Ail (uo work atrictly cash on delivery.
it ir-i-ient advertisements cash in advance.
places 1
Tbat tiro rifflani ahould stand up and
batter one another Into inrwniibility
with worie than tbe accompauvinn bor*
rora of a ilau|hter hound to add to tbe
brutal nature ot tba exhibition, ii not 10
disgusting aa tha (act tbat ten thousand
aupposedly civilised belngi can be found
•Vinton to pay eatravageut sums for tbe
privilege of witnessing such a light.
Nor can tbe community which tolerates those bloody spectacles be deemed
to have attained to the common level ol
modern civilisation-—to mention the
word culture In connection witb eoub
1 would be groturH-'ie, ludicrous,
little (or the advance wblcb
'has made in Ban Francisco
1 authorities can be found sanctioning an exhibition which has no
parallel unless we no back to tbe Roman
arena In tbe days of VespftBian and
Domltlan. wben trained gladiators
smashed one another to pieces witb
weighted glovei for tbe amusement ot a
populace wboae highest aspiration waa
"panem etoircenses."
It is to be doubted if the scenes in the
Spanish bull ring are more denrading
and demoralising than those of the
Anglo-Saxon man-nog. One thing at
least can be said for the Spanish * sport"
—the matador, tbe picadors, tbe baud-
erllleroa, can make no arrangement beforehand with the bull bo ae to tool the
people into belting un the chances of
tbe Mt, It is all danger; kill or be
killed Is tbe law tbeie. But the pugilists nowadays are adepts in gulling the
public which fondly iinagiueB that it Is
an fait wttb the machinery of the ring,
bat ia in reality the victim ol a class
wot noted for their intelligence,
And for Ibe thousands who gloat over
•very word ot the reports from the ring-
■Ide, detailing each blow, each gout uf
blood, each variation of the b* ,ujtly con
flict, little can be said. Vet it is the
duty of newspapets to cbroniele such
doings or suffer Ion.
The only way ln wblob lo it-move this
repioacb from the Anglo-Saxon name is
by tbe operation of the law, supported
by aclean and wholesome public opinion.
The United States has, we believe,- tbe
■nonviable distinction of being tbe only
country In tbe world where euch exhibitions can be held without police interference aud severe punishment for the
and Gilbert Parker are knighted, the
ormer, no doubt, for hii pamphlet on
the Boer war. but what has Parker done
to deserve this honor? What about
Herbert Spencer.George Meredith,Thoi.
Hardy, Qoldwin Smith, and one or two
more wbo have really done work tbat
riiei above tha level of railway fiction;
work that will live. Even wee Barrie,
or tbe fearsome Crockett, or that great
founder ot tbe Kaltyaird ichool, Ian
Mac Lar en, whatof them?
And is it not cruel to snub the Oroesai
ot the scribbling brotherhood, Hall
Oalne? He at least can content himself
with the aame eon temptnous shrug that
Holloway, the pill man, shrugged when,
on being introduced to the great William
Makepeace Thackeray, that frigid gentni
remarked, " Ali.'Mr. IT llowaj ? 1 hope,
sir, that you will have longer life than
most of the people wbo use yonr pills 1'*
"Ugh! "aaid Holloway shrugging bis
shoulders, as the immortal walked
haughtily away, " I could buy up
dt md like'you and sell you tomorrow I "
So could. Hall Oalne, wbose sheets of
copy " are as good aa hauk chi quea.
But then it is easy enough too, t«
understand why Herbert Spencer stands
without the gale in com.tinny witb
Meredith, Hardy, Barrie and the rest of I
the clan. Fur the same reason that
Oarlyle'e remar* abjut the blow to
flunkeyism wheu Cromwell cut off
Charles the First's head, lost him all
chance ol a handle to bis name, so Herbert Spencer's bold statement tbat the
British people obey no laws but those
tbey have made themselves; that although nominally a morareby Britain is
a pure democracy bae alarmed the advisers, Tbsse famous aiioma and one
or two more which caa be found tn that
entrancing book " First Principles,"
settled Spencer's case.
Hardy makes one uf the characters in
that charming novel, "The Hand ol
Etbelbarta," eay sime bitter things
against the aristocracy, so no honors for
Mr. Hardy. Meredith In srveral spots
In his novels hardlv veils his contempt
for the aristocracy, and he is the man
who entered poetic protest againat that
insulting and degrading nlckuame which
by the unthinking eud inartistic is applied to the finest soldiers lo the world—
"Timmy Atkins," Meredith serf of
tbat hideous name: " ham to tbe e*r as
an sbb's bray." Si much for Mend th.
Then Hold win smttb his taker nr
pains to conceal his aversion and con
tempt for the privileged classes, and his
hostility to the state chnrch is too well
known to need comment here, or anywhere etae. Hence, in spite of an Intellect that towers like the Himalaya
only at the expense of inferiority of
lasting power, wo naturally feel suspicion about eimilai statements with regard to other BritiBh trades."
Let the benedicts take heart. Here is
bow the Family Doctor, an Kngllah
periodical howls over a complaint tbat
has done much to make mariied men
bald-headed and prematurely grey :
All this talk nbout women heirij- ihe
slaves of the kitchen and nursery is the
uttermoBt cant aud nonsense. Why not
talk of tbe men being the slaves of office.
shop, or factory? It la no harder for a
woman to superintend ber kitchen and
nursery than for a man to superintend
Boers Trusted tying European Correspondents' Stories.
Very odd that a party of officers of the
'crack" regiment uf U (tarda b> ould,
almost simultaneously with the publication of the sensational and astounding
report of the commission of ei.quiry into
tbe education of British < flitters, give so
startling a proof lhat Bornethit.g ie
radically wrong with the system -a huh
is supposed to turn out. officers and
gentlemen. The conduct of thote officers
of the Guards who maltreated their
brother officer because he ia "sutilalh
undesirable," and, worse thnn that, a<
efficient soldier, is not what one wuuld
expect from officers or geutlemtn. We
ahould very much like to know iu what
society the perpetrators of bucIi blackguardism wuuld (he desirable. Huh ly nc
gentlemen would wish in ue-uciaw with
a person who had made one uf 11 ganjr
who committed a cuwaidly UBtiKiilt open
an unoffending brothtr officer lor the
extraordinary reasons given by the
assailants. Educated men, men of
tore and refintd Ittliiiys could nor tune
In en guilty of no shameful uu at".. Ftom
L uidu'i'ti II obgHh.-, or Glatgo*'-* Keel-
i. a one might expect t-uoh efltiduel; cet-
tainly nut from officers of Him Majuatj'•
regiment of Guaidt*.
Tlio Paris Figaro publishes nn Interview with a Boer mimed .Inn van W—,
who waa a professor nl the. Capo till the
breaking out nf the war. He then
fought on tlio side of tho Boers, and
was cnplurcd, but eventually escaped.
Ho says:
" The wnr would have finished long
ago it wo had not believed thnt tho 1 a
committees organized in Europe would t
come to our help and would intervene
with England, Moreover, tlio majority
of us did not know tho strength of. tlio
English. We did not auppoBo tbem
capable of sending so many men to
Africa and of constantly supplying fresh
troops fur those who fell, The Gorman
Emperor's telegram tn Mr. Kruger was
lvpeiiiedly quoted, it was snld thnt he
would not let us he cnuflicd- und hope
was rilsa placed in America. lt is 11
groat misfortune lhat Europe has done
nothing for us."
"Of his privations in Paris during the j t
^m»+++++++++♦♦♦♦ + ♦ ♦+-mm+^»+++-m++-m*m ♦ m ♦ t ♦ »a.
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpnp r, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
1 here ia Comfort In Our Good.
I'vi-mlii-li. tn 'urni-!- a linme in
lu.iil.ist of ,'la'nirate Blyl,'. Wllle
Inr nnr law.- ea'aloB-lle (fiee) illustrated anil priced (a store In itself).
Coal! i
tin. Edward li, ..I courie, entirely In
tk* bud. el hii au.Ti.sr. is to dls-
ptnlini decoration, ud other lienor, on
IHClal occaiion., inch as tb. Corona-
lion. Hue, no doubt, th. utterly bi>
-flid.ilnii isliotloui which .1. ollen
Tali., lor u.mpl., th. honors to tha
HUruy pwpl. thu time.  Oonu Doyle
tlie. refusal
lits'l   live  iniiiillis,  ami
assistance   'liy  iii'o-Roe
professed s.HiiiiiitliSr.i'i's, it Is neeillcss to,
spcitli.    Ill- is now tinxloiio to no nml 1
si'i' Ml'. Kl'llger, fill' lit! euillliii Ih'IIl'Vi'. in '
IKHliiu unless lie ie assured of it by tilt-J
i-x-l'liisiili'iit.—Loiuliiu Tillies,
From slums wlioi-o '.ml illsimsi-s lililu
Tlm frill' wliuls travel far an.I wliln.
Ills netted
lU-llllis  lit  ll
•li'ltl with -
i- viowloss
■ur* bri'utli
nils of .l.-;,lIt.
British Labour Gazette Describes
Conditions for Artisans
The Labor Gaaette, the official organ
of the labor department of the Board
of Trade, London, England, says there
Is a good demund In Capo Colony for
mechanics, especially men iu the building trades, and iu Natal for skilled
iiriiztins, more especially for carpenters
and those in the building trades, On
llie Cape railways, clerks, shlintera nud
ir-iiu firemen nre wanted, and the cosl
of their passages will be advanced if
uuiessary aud    be    recovered    out of
above tbatol the mass ol the king's sob-1 wages.    Clerks begin ul £120 or iV.ixi n
at  ' year, according to iiuuli lien tion.    Appli-
nmst be made by letter only to
feats, he cannot enter in and be a
with Doyle and Parker.
A fellow has to be careful what he
writes nowadays If he is after glory aod
not the troth. One thing that tbe
honors committee did though, will meet
with the approbation cf all men of tense,
and tbat was tbe thorough good snub
niven to the London journalists who expected that they would get tbe reward
of their truckling sycophancy In a title,
or string of letters like a kite tail lo
their names. A titled newspaperman li
an abomination. He Is generally a prig
before be gets the handle, and a ead
the Agent-General for thc Cape of Guod
Hope, 100 Victoria Street, Westminster,
Loudon. S. W.
Itnihvny meu of various descriptions
nre wanted by the Natal Goverumeoit
railways. Free passages are provided.
Engagements nre for three years. Candidates must apply by letter only to the
Agniit-GeneraI for Nalal, *>0 Victoria
Street, Weetuitiifr-ter, London, S. W-,
enclosing particulars as tu age, height,
whether married or single, with medical
certificates and testimonials. Good platelayers are wanted between 21, and 40
yearn of age, with live years' experience,
wages £11 to £15 a mouth; carriage
and Wiigun examiners having three
years' experience, wages 0s, a day;
machine men with five yours' experience
lu shaping, planing and shilling machines, wages 10s. Oil. per day lirst your,
afterwards lis. Oil. per dny; snwyers
or machine   men   between li-1   und 80
It is delightful to catch an American
paper miking a mess ol  geography.
They are so (ond of railing at British j years at ago, to hu able to work circular,
ignorance   ot   American  place-names.!baud or long ruin, wages 11«. Oil., rising
u        •_   .1     u i_._.i.i.. a\«_,_.._.._ i_ .'"to 12s. 0d. per day;    holders-tip accus-
Here is the Scientific American in a _      , _   ,        ..     . „ ,
Homed to locomotive boiler work, wages
heavyweight article on tbe new turbine |H!l_ p_r ,,nyi Ti(tilIJP t(J 10tli {m ,j||y nf.ftl.
boeta pi) log ou the Clyde, saying this: l*. months1 siitisfuctury service;   litters
"The largest turbo*motored steamert|»111"    erectors,   turners,   coppersmiths,
afloat, tha Queen Alexandra, hat re*
cently been launched at Dumbarton,
What a shindy the American pipers
would make if an English paper laid
" Chicago, North Carolina."
braMs-ifinishers, eoach-luiilderH and wood
machine men, able tu do general jollier
work, wages li!s., rising to Ills, per day
after 12 months' an lis factory service;
woud wagon builders, Us. 0d., rising lo
12a. per day; saw doctors, to bruise
hummer saws und cut teeth, 12s, 0d. per
day; signalmen, having one yenrV, experience, wages £10 per mouth (must bo
under !10 years of age ami over 5 feet 7
laches In height). Cost of passage out-
words will be advanced tu signalmen, to
bo repaid by monthly deductions,
From an interview which Mr. Ralph
Smith, M.P., has given to a North of
England paper, It ti evident he did not
forget to pack hii self-esteem and flexible imagination when filling blsuratoga
for that visit to Buckingham Palace.      |   " •« ■"*"■*■» «■«■ »«"!™ •'«! «*
.tage to the widow who   has lost   Imr
i , ami;    It Is nollilon   to   glvo   food ami
medicine   to   ttie   workman   who   1ms
How llttl. need th«r. ii lor uy .lariii, ,,„,,„,, ,,,„ nnil| „,. M|(, (|(,t,|.1.|l|,| wtmm
nf.rdin( Britiih tr.d. .nil Indoitry In *wnatlin: In ilobneii,     But 11 Is winin-
eompetltlo.  Willi  A«.rlii.n muni...' llllll« to 111. yonr tlmo and itrengtli to
..... ..luAiu. wnp     w"'.     tl"'     waywni'iliii'ss    anil
tnreiliwillexpreiHdln tbefolIowln|,thmwM|((HHmiKH  .f   |iwj|Wji(||   to  ^
excerpt from tbe Hongkong Dally Preii: ihe ,.ri.i„K workinnn in your aervlco till
"Wben we are told that, owing to the, you have made   1dm an uur-rring nn,.,
unprogresslvenesi of British mannfac*>nd io direct your follow-morcluutl  lo
torers,theAmerl»nlo«»notWelidrlv-1t'l»'   opporlunlly wbleli   bis   Judgment
ingonttheBrUUb,»ndwbenweinbe^j™«»l'l have lost.—John Buskin.
dutntly learn that this la by no mean'	
tbe esse, tba American being cheaper    The time to advertised all tl.e tlnr,
Tin; uiirBon wonders,  ton, nml  prays.
And talks of Uod's mysterious ways.
Iini know, O man ur high estate,
Yon*re liniiiiil up with   ttie imor man's f-itu
The winds that enter t
Have crept across ids
If you would hnve all well willi yon
Then must yen Book his welfare too.
If even Hclllshnes* were wise
It .vi.iilii no oilier life despise.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmitli,
B. C, arc respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmitli Hoard of Trade'.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Lady
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices —
The Baplanade,   -   Ladyimith, IS C.
, Near (Irani! anil Vrank Hotels.
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington 'Coal    Best household coal on the Pacific
Coinox Con?—Ilest steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal— ^inst-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company- Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, mid Union Bay, Bayncs Sound.
I Head Office
X  '
Victoria, P.. G   {
Han   Pranoi&ci) Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y \
340 Steuart St. *
1 ****************************************************
* j
fierely A Reminder
Of the fact that tlie Leader Job Room is 3
now doing ail  kinds of Printing—com. 1
raerciiil, legal and society—at very reason- J
able prices. 4
We Print
MAN'l'FACTrm'its in' 'I'm-: f
t Choicest Lajfer, Ales, Beer |
i           and Porter. 1
i COLDSTORAGE-i'lr»ldiissriii..||ltk-s I
*   forlhc stnrns.1' of mcnls, chki. Imiilliy. *
f   vi'yt'lalili-s. etc., clc. t
****************** I II-I -l-l-l-l'
inufiicliiifis of all klinlijil
? —Letter H-^nds +
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4* —Weddiue I- vitatiotiB f
— Funeral AuiKiineementfi J
1 —Tlrkels I
•f —Protrriimmee 4*
t —I'Bii'pbletH T
'i —CalalonneB *
—Window Tarda *
*!* —Hanttere t
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Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the   best  work — Printing tbat attracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - B. C.
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Etc,
A tinge Hlfick  of  tlinroilgllty sfnuoncil
lumber—ist and .-mt class Constantly on
liatiil.  All order!) strictly ntleiided lo.
".nn.tutiuti- clieeHlllly given.
I Do You Know?
1 John W. Coburn, X
I .VIanmiim. IliiiaiiToii, 4
J ♦
A. C. Wilson,
Pimi-ral Wreatlis, ..In, We.lililn Hun
i|iiiils in every it) In. Orliarl nr-miptly
tnii.lBil to. -NANAIMO, B, t)
tliat the tvi.ik wh i'ii la lli.e, vt-.y
fine.    All our woik istinirantspil,
Nanalmo Clothing Renovntory
o.'i'iititi'. NaurtiuiJ llji.l.
P. 0. Bun 42«.
I>iser tS: llnmliin-jfr's
Seattle Daily Times
The Hvi-liest paper In the Nm-ihweBt.
Weekly fdltinn a complete record of
the world'a news to date. Sport,
politicp, Bneipty, women's, intcrcptp,
yoitni' (oik's depart ment, literature
Bcience, art, muBic.
The Weehfy Post-ielp'r
Siaftli, With.
Noturtty enn niTordto lie without tl. All the
telegraphic ilQWif Of1 lite week. I'nrin, Ilvlfl.gAr-
dcn. s|i..n, HiK'ii-iy. lleniillfiit illuslrntloiiH and
hull tcii.'s.   Hntnple copy on nppllcutlon,
All For Oni Dollar • Yur. LADYSMITH LEADER.     JULY .10. 190*.
j Bagging a j
§ Husband    f
| By Charles Curtz Hahu |
Copyrlirht, 1903, by jjj
S. S. McClnro Company   K
"I mn going to hnve n husband If I
have to bring one to his knees nt the
point of n revolver. Some girls nro
nslmmod to say they wish to get married, but I acknowledge Unit I do and
that 1 mn not going to die nn old maid
unless all mon are braver thnn I think
they aro."
A merry peal of laughter greeted this
sally, for the speaker, Mny Wilding,
was a favorite with the girls as well
ns men. per auditors were n group of
.voting women who bud arrived that
duy for n visit with their college class*
mate, Gertie Slanders.
"Wt shall hear of your prowling
through the woods next with Dick's
rifle over your shoulder, looking for a
man, I suppose," said Gertie. "But to
come down to realities, girls, it la tlmo
we were in bed if we intend picnicking iu the morning." Aud tbe matrimonial discussion wns closed by a
scattering of guests to their different
"You never would guess where I
shall put you tonight," Gertie remarked to Mny us she ushered ber down the
ball. "Dick has boon nwny all summer, and us we are just a little crowded 1 am going to put you in bis room.
It liiia been well fumigated, so that it
docs uot smell of tobacco or guns.
But I forgot—you uro it huntress yourself!"
"Yes," laughed Mny; "I can bit tbe
target, although 1 never won a prize
by my shooting. By tlio way, Gertie,
let me show yon something." And,
opeulhg Iur trunk, she look from It nn
old fashioned revolver minus u lock
und with only the stub of a trigger.
"Oh, what do you carry thnt with
you for?"
"To scare away burglars when I
meet thorn," replied Mny, displaying
tlie Innocent weapon which ber small
brother bud dropped in as a Joke while
she wns packing ber trunk.
"Well, there Is no danger of yonr being disturbed by them here," laughed
her hostess.
"One never knows," snld May, with
1 pout and n shrug of her shoulders,
as she bade her good night and tossed
the untlquntcd relic carelessly on tbo
Three hours Inter, whon the whole
household was wrapped In sleep, u
young man walked rapidly from Ungate to the front entrance of the Mnn*
tiers residence, drew it latchkey from
rusty old gun was pointed at his heao
and n feminine voice called:
"Don't move or I will shoot! Throw
up your hands! I've lilt a smaller object than you many u time."
Tho burglar paused, but did not
throw up bis bunds, and the girl In
the bed, realizing the usclcssuesa of
hor weapon, begun to weaken and wish
she were uot so entirely at his mercy.
"I bog your pardon"— came from the
"Oh, he's one of the polite klhdr
groaned the girl.
, "I bog your pardon, but I Aid not
know this room was occupied. Excuse
me and 1 will leave, although I don't
like to wake up the folks In the house."
"It would be rather Interesting for
you If you did." But tlio burglar did
not seem to catch thc drift of her sarcasm nud continued, "I assure yoa I
had no Idea any cue was ln the
"I do not doubt your word in the
"And ro, If you will excuse me, I
wlll leave and bunt up mother or Gertie."
"Mother or Gertie! How do you
know Gertie's name?"
"Because I happen to be her brother," was tbe amused reply.
"Her brother!  Dick!"
"Yes, Dick, at your service. And
now, as I have said once or twice before, if you will excuse me I will go
and limit them." Ho passed swiftly
through the bathroom, nud n moment
Inter she henrd bim feeling his way
along the bull to Mrs. Mandcrs' room.
"Can It be Dick, or ought I to glvt
nn alarm!" Before sho came to a decision she henrd Mrs. Slanders exclaiming:
"Why, Dick! What do you mean by
coming home nt this tlmo of night?
We nil thought you would remain ln
Montana for another month."
"Quito nn adventure," murmured
May ns she dropped to sleep half an
hour Inter. "But to think thnt I threatened to shoot the man Gertie Is so
anxious for me to marry!"
"Oh, 1 am so glad that you like
Dick!" wns Gertie's greeting the next
"Llko him! What do you mean?"
queried the bewildered girl.
"Why, didn't you try to bring him
down with your revolver, the way you
said you intended to get your husband V" Gertie asked, with a fine assumption of innocence. "I naturally
supposed It wns a ense of love at first
Never during the following weeks
were Mny and Dlek together that Gertie, the tactlesB, did uot appear with
somo senseless remark about guns and
game until her friend began fairly to
Ion the her unfortunate adventure, ber
visit and everything connected with lt
Her manner to Dick became dally mon
constrained and chilly. He was ll
despair as to how he could please ber
und at hist founded In his Bister.
"So you are really In love with ber
and are desperate because she will
hnve nothing to sny to you!" was ber
consoling exclamation. "Tell her so,
you goosyl"
He acted so promptly on her advice
that Gertie henrd, the welcome news
that very night In a bedtime conlidence,
"But, oh, Gertie," Mny whispered,
half laughing, half crying, "how could
you tease mo so all the time?"
"My friend," wns the oracular response, "for all your bravery with a
gun I don't believe that you would
have bagged your husband If I bad not
made you think you did not want to."
Ills pocket, opened the door and slipped In so cautiously that he could uot
have been henrd hnd any one been
nwake. Ho paused In the hall a moment to hang up bis hat and then crept
silently up the broad carpeted stairs
and softly tried the door of tbo room
lu which the husband hunter was reposing. Suppressing nn ejaculation nt
finding It locked, thc young man turned away, hut paused again at the head
of tbe stairs, muttering:
"I forgot the bathroom. They mny
have left that unlocked." He retraced
his steps, passing the barred door and
trying n second one a littlo farther
down the hall. Here he was success*
ful, and, passing through the bathroom, he entered tho room of the Bleeping girl.
"Queer that door wns locked," be
said aloud as he lighted the gas. Then
he sat down lu an easy chair facing the
wludow while he unlaced Ids shoes.
May had been lu a light sleep when
her door was tried and was dropping
back Into a doze when sbo beard (he
bathroom door open and steps Issue
' from it to her own room.
"Who can It beV" she snld to herself
and was about to call Gertie's name
when tbe Intruder struck a match and
■he saw that It wns a mnn,
"A burglar!" she thought. "And
Gortle said there wns no danger!"
Then she remembered the revolver
■he bail tossed upon the bed and forgotten to put away. Softly she slipped
ber hand down over tbo bedspread until sho grasped the weapon,
"It was lucky 1 forgot to put It
away," sho thought as she saw tlm
burglar making himself at homo. "lie
Intends to take olT his shoes here and
then rob the bouse."
As she came to this conclusion tho
burglar arose and turned toward the
bed. ei look of surprise flashed over
kit teak but before bt could novo tba
A Dewn lut Metheil Whloh In Very
Clearly Ueitirlhtiil.
In grafting a seedling one or
two years old tho graft is put
on just above the ground und but
one cutting is used To gruft a
tree to change the fruit is another
matter and instead of cutting the
tree off below the limbs throe or. four
of the lower limbs are cut off eight
or ten inches from thu trunk
or the main branch and two cuttings or grafts arc placed in each
limb. Should the operation prove
successful the following year all
tho brunches above the grafts
may be removed with little danger
of losing the tree. A tree of
most any age may be grafted in
this way    and in    a few years    be
Doing Their Arithmetic,
Children believe so confidently what
they hear thnt If they do not bear accurately their minds sometimes run
into queer fancies. A well known professor remembers tbat when he was a
child ho Bang "Glory, glory, had a new
year!" for "Glory, glory, halleluiah."
A story of a similar childish misunderstanding of sound Is told by a Sunday
school teacher.
The Infant class was reciting tba
Christmas lesson. Six-year-old Harold
was called upon to tell the story of tha
Saviour's birth,
"Well," he began, "the shepherds
were out ouo night doing their arithmetic when thc angels came"—
"But stop, Harold," interrupted tbe
puzzled teacher, "and tell me what you
mean by that,"
"Well," replied Harold, "I don't see
how they could do arithmetic In the
dark, but that's what they were doing."
"Now think, Harold," said the teacher, "and tell the story as nearly as you
ciin In the words of the Bible."
So Harold began again: "One nlgbt
the shepherds were dividing lu tbe
"Ahldtng" hnd sounded to bis ear like
"dividing," and dividing waa "doing
their arithmetic."
Frandnlent Jewels.
Since solutions of aniline dyes possess the property of Imparting to genuine Jewels as well as glass paste a
deep, rich color If left long enough Immersed In them and since tbey possess
nlso the property of Imparting precisely
the characteristic color of a genuine
Jewel the swindler has lt not only In his
power to dye cut glass paste, but also
Inferior cut gems, of tbe color of a
ruby, on emerald or a sapphire, since
fuchslne Is tho handsomest ruby red
shade, while bleu de Paris Imitates absolutely that of the sapphire and aniline green thnt of the emerald.
Such a fraud, however, can be made
ttill more complicated by using genulue
off colored rubles, snpphlres or emeralds and dyeing tbem with, the corresponding aniline dyes, thereby raising
their value tenfold. It Is exceedingly
dllllcult to recognize this fraud because
the color of such a well corroded jewel
can no longer be washed off even with
hot water. Only the blenching power
of sunlight might after a time assist in
revealing the swindle.
in good bearing. The grafting outfit is simple, comprising a jack-
knife, small saw and a dish of
grafting wax. in selecting grafts
only the last year's growth of now
wood    should lie chosen.
Figure A shows how to mako the
scion, says the American Agriculturist. They may be several Inches
long and contain two or three
buds each. The bottom end which
ls to be inserted into the limb
should be wedge shape. Figure B
gives an idea how the limb appears
with a split top In which the
grafts are set. Two cuttings
should be placed fn each limb
to be sure of a good stand. After they aro placed In position
some orehardists bind them in place
with cord or twine lo make
them secure bcforo tho grafting
wax ls applied, This answers an
a safeguard, but is not absolutely
necessary. In placing the scion
It is important to havo the
inner bark* of the scion und stock
come together so that the sap will
flow from the tree to the cutting.
After thia is done tbo wax should
be applied so that tbe joint or
splice la well covered, thus keeping out the air and water. Should
all tho grafts live the weaker ones
should be pruned away.
UunUllMB  11 tenure in Cold Weather.
An article on tho handling of manure in a recent number of this paper
interested me greatly. I have obtained the best results by hauling
out manure and making lu piles lu
tho fall, when other work is not
crowding. I clean out my stables
thoroughly, adding nil the loose
chaff and struw of tbe threshing
yard. It Is not at all nouessary tbat
the straw be rolled when put out.
I put live loads in a pile. With a
road scruper 1 go over my barnyard and with the scrapings cover
the piles to a depth of about six
Inches, leaving them flat oa top tbat
through the winter tho water may
soak in mul rot the immure.
After plowing in the spring I run
the harrow over to level the ground,
then spread the uuitturv and dirt
from tho piles. It gets well mixed
In tho handling. I spread as evenly
as possible, then go over with a cultivator ami follow this with a harrow. This leaves the ground in oa
Ane condition as can be desired. This
past season on land prepared this
way I raised three acres of aa fins
tobacco as I have ever grown, The
land was In corn tho year before
ami was not vory good land at that.
I grew my tobacco one season by
putting my manure in the hill. It
did well, but tho year following when
sown to grain, the latter grow in
hunches and was not satisfactory,
simply because the fertilizer was not
evenly spread. Tbls trouble ta obviated by the method described.—American Agriculturist.
Te Grade llltclien nnd Drain*.
A device for assisting in getting
the grade while digging drains is
described by W. It. Smith, Somerset
County, Me. ln Orange Judd Fm-wr
he says: I took a piece ot board a, a,
4 foet long, 7 Inches wide, and nailed
ou two three cornered pieces, b, b,
cutting out tho section uf tho board
bot.we.-n them, us shown in the illustration. Then I nailed a piece of
lath across tho tops of the three-
cornered pieces. A piece of clapboard,
d, 3 feet long, wns sharpened nearly
to a point ou (he thin sldo and nail-
ed diagonally to tbo side of tbo 8-
foot board, thin edge down, ho thnt
the point of the chipboard would bo
about 20 Inches above the centre of
thu lath.
A plumb line and bob Is suspended
from tho point above the centre ■ of
the lath. If tho lower edge of tho
hoard is strnlgbt and plflcod in a
level posh inn the line will hung at
right uiigles with it. Have tlie edge
of tho lath planed. Take a sharp
pencil and murk each sldo of tlie line
and cut a notch on tho Inth. To illustrate the use of the device,when
tho board Is level, ll n U-lnch block ■
Is put under o nd and a notch cut
behind the line, the plumb Hue will
Indicate the grade end the operator
will get a a-lucli full for every H foot,
S foot being ihe li-mt'h of the board.
Atri-milHtrtil N«t«»
Gleaning up tho rondstdos costs lit- ,
tie and menus n pim-ri deal.
English walnut is best tninsplnttl-
ed In tho spring- The root Is very
soft und tender.      , j
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
i;j Headquarters of the   eoal   shipping  in- |
dustry of the Pacific Coast.
| It is the largest railway centre in British
I       Columbia.
'■: Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
.'•;       duciioti works to be erected here.
i-rrst class water system,  electric  light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in,B.C.. .'Seven hundred vessels entered and cjeared in 7 months.
ui Every facility for manufacturers aud ill
■-   needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
[Keep Your Eye on Ladysn?«
»   Ui   Oi ae;
Our reputation .a British Columbia's
premier tailor wu Dot won on uiiiftti,
or shoddy, or hold-up priori; baton fit,
workmanship, quality, and ra.aon.bl.
feei.  (Jaldwell, Nanalmo.
Here? £
% Better try us a little—In time 4
1 you'd have more money. ft
? We really ought to have ae a
£ customer every man in this din- -~
£ trict. ■}
k: Tf you're a customer of oura we j
9 thank you for your patronage. ft
3! We're planning day and night jc
£ to have here for yonr approval tbe |
§ latest toggery that the brainest x
men of North America and Europe k1
Anything that's new, %
men of North America and Europe
**. produce.    Anything that's new, .
9 you'll find it In our store first— ft
£ Then we ahave the prices a little $
'"  finer, tool   Because   we Bell for *
cash.   A Camera with every $1(1 ft
$  G. D. SCOTT CO.,  I
t ■■■■•?..
TIE cm
Don't fail to iee G.H. OivIb'i samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon'i office,
Esplanide. Choice new deiigni at .a>
toniihinily reasonable prices.
Hll Tate's boirding home, one oi tbe
largest in Eiteneion, will be moved
down to Ladyimith next week and er-
rooted ior oie in the lame capacily.
Mary had . little ring;
It ihon with beauty rare.
She uid it wai ber engagement ring
And WW bought at Lively's itore.
Th. population of Ladyimith ii now
nearlng tbe three thoueand mark, .nd it
keepi growing at. great rate.
Froor.itin.tion hai lost many . man
hii life'i opportunity, bnt men clothed
In Caldwell's Nanaimo elegant summer
■ailing! hare opportunities thrust upon
The time to advertise Is .11 th. time.
Ii it ia . nice clock you are looking Ior
wii have tbem Irom $1.00 to $18.00. VV
H, Lively, Ladyamith'e Leading Jeweler
Visitors Irom Ladyimith and diitrict
will Hod in thii well-appointed home all
tbe home comtorts. Lunobei for lady
ihopperi a specialty. Ternie atrictly
moderate. Servlcj and cuisine flnt
MISS B, KEITH, Prop, md Mgr,
Johniton Blook,      -     Nanaimo, ti. C
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Vliiti    Ladyimith   every Saturday.
Hour. Irom 9 «, m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotiford Hotel.
The Shehwin-Wiluaks Paikts
Ladysmith,       - 8. C,
I ud B.ng.i,
Th. Lidyimlth Lumber Company
have the pl.ni lor tb. n.w brawny at
their office, .nd they ihow . h.ndiom.
md substantial itrnotnre. Work will
be ruined when . start ii mail..
Nuaimo people believe that it i. more
tban likely that th. double tr.'.n lervlca
will be put on shortly.
Tbe time to advertise il .11 the time.
Henri. Bamming Broth.ri.re having
the machinery lor their Md. w.ter plant
in Ladyemith set ap by Mr. Roliton
Mr. VV. P. Boyce, engineer with Mr,
Roliton ii luperintending tbe work.
Mr. CoHineon, Victoria lateassayer hr
the Van And. imeiter, ll making a
specialty of assays ol oral, Min. own-
on, prospectors .nd .11 otheri who have
lock on which llev wmt in expert
opinion ihould coniult Mr. Collinsiin.
Prol. Charles Culley, late ol the To
ronto Conservatory of Music, will Hart
a elan here, commencing on Angnit
2nd, tor the purpoie oi teaching violin,
piano, mandolin aod .11 itringed iniiru-
menti. Parties wishing to receive instructions will addresi Prof. Charlei
Culley, Nanaimo, B. 0.
Nanaimo Herald published on Sunday
• regular screamer of a letter signed "Vis
avii" giving the Leader particular HI.
for laughing at Ralph the Ranter. "Vis-
avli" ihould keep hie wig on,what lbs
Leader bai published .bout th.t truly
greet .nd painfully truthful genlui li nothing to whit ll coming—nothing it .11.
Lively repair! .11 kin Is ol English,
Swill .nd American watches.
Amongit the new hotel! which .re
now on their way to Ladyemith to be
erected andhav.their licenses Iranslered
from their hist place of. reeid«nce, may
be mentioned the Alexandra Hotel, Mr.
T. Beveridge, proprietor; the Happy
Home, the Pretoria, the (jnetra'e Mr.
George Jdbniton'i »nd one belonging
to a Swedish gentleman, to be Dalit next
to Mr. Cory 8. Ryder's Iron Caili Store,
Pint Avenue. Ladyimith, when those
arrival! are all in pl.ce will bivn 12
excellent licenced houses.
II you want to. get. nice ring remem
ber we can make anything yoa want.
VT. H. Lively, jeweler.
Messrs. 0. E. Stevenson A Co., ol
Nanaimo, and Messrs. A. R. Johniton
A Co., of Ihe urn. city, hafe definitely
.rrsnged to open brliictelf bt 'their in.-
portent and flmrishlng bosinossi-e in
Ladyemith.1 Mesirs. Stevemon' 4 Oo,
will occupy the lower portion ol th.
Masonic buihlirg, and MessrI. Johnston
A Co., the RrWer:floor of th^Oddfellows'
hall, aod both of them right .way.
Mr. J. 0. Campbell bai returned Irom
• ihort vacation in Victor).. He wa.
surprised to iee the move Lidyimlth il
getting on.
Mr. A. R. Johniton ol Nanaimo arrived Mond.y morning to look over tii.
ground lor hie proposed Udyimllh
Mr. Faulds, J-, of South Wellington,
vlilted Lidyimlth on Saturday evening,
Mr. T. Kltohln ol Nanalmo .nd Ladyimith, arrlred on Mond.y morning in
Mr. Clermont Livingiton, general
manager of the Tyee Copper Company
arrived to-d.y Irom Dnnc.ni.
Mr. Horn, ol tb. Free Presi, Nanalmo,
visited Lidyimlth on business yesterday.
Mr. John May of Nanalmo was In
town yesterday looking np his cmtom
Remainder of Pipe Now on the Way
f ran tho Eaot,
Agent for_ S. W. P.int.   McClary'i
In .bout two wieki the w.ter pipe re
quired to ooreplete the Ladyimith i.ti
tern wlll be dellverd hire. It will be
laid immediately by . itrong itaff, ud
it ll confidently upeoted th. w.tir
worki system will bl completed ud
reedy for the ul. of th. citizem before
September 16th. It li learned that th.
pienure will probably be sufficient for
•II mecbulml and commercial purpotw.
For domestic me th. Lidyimlth water
will not bo lorpaiMd in .xo.ll.ac. ol
quality by uy In Ih. prorlnc, ud th.
■apply will be abundant at all nu
ol th. ye.r. Tb. Are dapirtmint an
certain that Hay wlll hav. .nongh pres
lure to operate a very efflel.nl lervice
from hydrant! in all pull ol town.
Thetlmetoadvertli.il all th. time.
Kuuning In full forco In
Ladysmith Hay.    .    .
Get the Double Tacoma Spoon Halt f-r
Trout or Salmon, A Sure Killer.
From 30c to fiOe Kach'at
Commercial St. NANAIMO, B.O
Party of Distinguished Citizens Endure Hardships at Sea.
Last Saturday the smart gasoline utenm
yacht, owned hy Mr. Harry Blair, cleared from the port of Ladysmith with a
party of distinguished gentlemen aboard
bound for Point Roberts to inspect the
salmon traps snd any other old trap-
that might be lying round waiting for
Included in the party were Mr. VV,
W. B. Mclnnes, M.P.L., W. G. Fraeer,
Walter Jones, Hugh Fulton, David
Gourlay, D, W. Murray, J. Purdy, Poat
master Southin, with Mr. Blair aB chief
engineer and navigating lieutenant,
Tbe wind waa aou'neat ami there wae
gentle beam sea that made the voyagere
pleasantly aware that tbey were not
travelling in an omnibus. Mr. Miinnee
asked the chief engineer not to steam
falter tban eighteen knots tinder any
eiroumstsnces, ss the party wanted to
flew the scenery. The little vessel went
along at a tidy clip, winning the highest
opinions for her qnalltlea aa a eeu boat,
when, kerfluuiuiux! nwav went something In the engine shop and the vesnel
eitnetoadead stop. The unforlunate
voyagers could Bee nothing but the
mighty derp and tba still deeper blue
Mr. Gourlay recited with touching
"Roll  on, thou deep  and  dark   blue
ocean, roll
Tan thousand flee ts sweep over thee in
Man  marks the land  with   ruin—his
Stops when hia gasoline launch breaks
Mr. Jones in seconding thin  welt-put
motion  expressed  the feelings of tb
whole party by remarking:
"Alone, alone,all all alone,
Alone on a wide, wide boh."
Whilst Postmaster Southin guya ii aa
his solemn as well Ha candid opinion
that the vessel was
"As Idle as s painted ship
Upon a painted ocean."
Mr. Puidy bnuimrd in a minor k
"A life on the ocean wave.
A hone on thc rolling deeps,
II -e don't get tbe blawetedei nine fixed
I guess we're here for kiet/.B."
Mr. FraBer looked Badly around on
the tv dterlng main ard sighed :
"Water, water evarywbere,
Nm* any drop to drink."
This was too much tor tbe generous
heart ol the p'pul-tr member ''or Nana|.
mo, who trngireBted that the captain
serve out one round of grog mid Imid
tack tn keep up tbe iplrlta&f the flop's
company. The motion wub seconded
with eloquent smiles.
Mr. Murray reported a Bttit on Ibe
starboard bow, bearing down ou the
ship. All eyes were fumed nu tbe
swiftly moving craft, wjhlch Poon ran up
undrr the counter of tin-* disabled steam-
er with a "ebipalioy! whai Bhip's that,
and where ere ye biond lor?'*
"The Sasolinefn'tii Liulysnilth, bound
for Point KobertH, disabled, Who are
you 7"
"The Mabel nl Oh* main its, do you
Por  First C'nsH work
Hi) to
Shaving Parlors
(Hrii  Street.
Ilnlrciilliiiiriimt Henrd
lrimminn n Specialty,
want help? Tow you in for the 'ove of
it"    '
"All right, my hearty, pa?s your
hawser aboard and heave away."
"Luff, luff, von lubber,'•* roared stuff*
commander Fulton to QuartermaBter
Southin, who upa and gays* "Why blow
me blooming eyes, d'je think thie a
game of ping pout*?" ■
''Put him in irons," bowled tbe com.'
m under,
"Aye, ayesir," repll-d the chief cm
gineer, elapoinp tho darbies on tbe
postmaster quicker ihan iiial.
So tlo C-iasoline wen tak«-*M in i uv into
Ohemnit it* where i oiliim-r could -exceed
tbe kindness nt Captain Gibson toward
the abi. wrecked mariners.   Phe  Ma he]
Hfterwa'ilp   ti wed tbe  parly  down  to
Crfifion,   where   they   also   received   a
"royal welcome.   Alter a day nl muc
enjoyment spiced with the dangers of
the deep, tlm party returned  to f^ndj
smith on the evening train    Ir isntidei
atond that tlmy will make another a
tempt,  to   vii-it   Point   U ibprtB,     Tb
damage to tbe I sun eh i*> only  infl-ng
and can be renaired easilv.
Important Business Meeting Monday
In Gould's liullon Monday evening a
meeting of tbe Ladysmith lrira Brlgndt
wap held, J. W. Coburn presiding, T. L
Grahame secretary. There was a vejy
Binnll attendance.,
Mr, Coburn reported for the commit*
tee, whlcb was appointed some time ago
to interview tbe government with refer-
ence lo tbe transfer of the hnsn formerly
the property of tbe corporation of Wellington, now in hands of Mr. Marshall
Bray, Government Agent, Nanaimo, to
Ladysmllh. Me waa glad to report that
last week the committee bad peon red an
order from tbe Hon. Mr, PrentioP,
throngh Mr. Gore, of the 1,b.*i<1p nnd
Works department, and Mr. Joseph
Homer, that the hose wns to '■? banded
over to the keeping of the Ladyemith
Fire Department for the lime being,
pending the formation nf pouie sort of
civic government in this town.
The bofie and reel are niw in Lidy-
smith, Tbe report, wbb Bilnpted and tbe
committee thanked for  their exertioni.
Another question tbe chairman wished
to bring up was that regarding tbe
Bull-ah'n houslug of the appiratns. It !b
suggested that, a temporary building be
placed on Third Avei ae, The Wellington Colliery Com-uiny hnd gnnrnntefd
a ready to place three fire hydrants con*
necttng with tbe present pipe line, lending from the washers, and bad also
agreed to shut, off the water from the
washer In case of fire pressure helm*
ncedetl In town. .-< AiytjplauDe.) One of
t'lOHO hydrants would be plaited on the
Esplanade, one on Set-bud ami one ou
Third Avenue.
Mr. Coburn, then offered, in tho name
of the Lndysiiiith Lumlier Company,
that bis compauy will immediately furnish sufficient lumber to put up a build-
ngand wait until sufficient funds are
collected to pay for the same. As a
subserlptlun to the fund be would de
duct ten per cent, of the price of tne
umber, that might lie required.
Mr. J E. Smith moved that a committee be appoinled to interview the
(littsens for tbe collection of the nccei-
flary funds to defray tbt* (-xreuses <f
erecting a small shed (or tbe bone, etc.
Seconded by W. G, Fraser and carried.
.-IeBBtc. Smith antt Frtser were then appointed a collecting committee, and the
meeMng terminated.
According to intelligence just received
from Irkutsk, enormous numbers of
-jRpp'e out of empoyment are Hooking
into that to-.ii. Their position ia rendered critical because the cost of livb g
m Irkutsk and surrounding country lu s
has never   been so high as atprei-oiit,
Teacher of Language-;, .Music, Sinj-lnu;, Painting nntl Drawing.
Singing, 8 lessons, per month  ^3 00
Muslo lessons, per montb,,    8 00
fainting, per ieuatm        fiO
Drawing, per leas-m       50
I.Huguages, French and Uoruian,
per leBFOti , ,       fiO
Hours from 0 a. m. to 12 m. Terms,
■?- per mouth ; two from seme family, i-i
Ouban Cigar Factory
Manufitolnrerfl of the Fnmoiis
NmiH but Uiimii l.uhiir einployed.
M. ,1. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest au.l Best—6c. and 10c. a copy.
All latest songs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattrepH making at
Oapt. plltpn's Odii.e, K-iplai.ade, where
pampas can be Been.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmitli.
Trade Marks
Copv rights &c.
Anyone ^riulliii* n Bitot oil mid rtOBOrtPtion nmy
iliili-tilv ii»''i-i*tiilii (iur ii|>iii!iiji freo ufiuthi>r mi
iiivtiiiiiti is in-.itint.lv iiiKoiittililo, ('iiiiiiiiiinti';i-
lioii-inrli'llyi'^'itliltifitlfil. IIiitiilliiM)ki)]i I'ulmiUt
ai'iit Iii-i*. (il'tc'-t UL'f'iit'y fi'ir-cfiiriii-,'inilcntfl.
Pmoiits I'lU.'i)  llii-iiiii'li Sluiitt k l.'o. t-ji-'.'lvi'
[..... Jul mince, witliiiiitclmreo, In tlio
Scientific JUner lean.
A hr-Hidsotfioly illiirtrnttirt tr-aokt**.   Iii'iruput cir-
i-il!:iliiiii ni' n- hi ii'iititlr JoiiNiiil. '1'i-i'iitti. *?:t »
voir; i'liii- iiiuitiliii, II. Soltl byull nr.-iY-nlivi1i-.i-"*.
MUNN &Co.'6""'*"- New York
lliiiiitli DIH.-ii. ins V Bt, Washlnston, D. U.
Maple Lodge,  No. 6s, I. 0. 0. r.
MuetB tiv.-iv Weiiufs-lay eveninst in
Niobolnin's Hall. Visiting membsra
are cordially invited.
R. N1MMO I). T.
1,1. Mil KIN LEY, Sao.
No. 31,
I, O. O. F.
...ti-.ncn.y \Vciliii--.iiliiy fveuttis; nt 7.30o'clock,
Viiitiitsciinliiillv iiiviti.l.
lll'C.II lfllI.'1'ON. ficc.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
M.Pts every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. ball Rt
7:30 p.ln.
J. VV. LEWIS, Sec.
Agent for li. C. Pot/orv Company.
C limnev Pino, Hewer Pipe, Gulley
Traps, Ts, Yb, BbiuIb, Tilea and
Hi<jh St., Ladysmith
Made ami repaired. All work
Guaranteed. Inspection invited.
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
S. Christie,
Saddler and Harnessmaker
Mailorders promptly attended to,
FriiiPB rea«onable. I.iugv harness
Imoi iJS. Kxpress barnesfl from i}l8.
Team barnefs from $30	
.Big stock of trunks nt.tl valise*,   Trunks
from $2.    Valises from fiOu.
Tlie Crescent,        — NANAIMO, B.C
Ice cold Lemonade, Soft Diinks of
all Kinds.    FrrittB, Pastry, Bread,
— i-tiit—
Finest Tobacco and Clears
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in all its brsnehoa
Fine metal workinga specialty. Plumbing, ecftylene gits, hot watar and hot
air healldg. Work done with despatch
and at reasonable rates.
A good spaimlitiou for Mining Com
p n es Knur Minna! G|» ms foi sale or
tibiuid. All true QuBuri v.-lhs running
patallol, carrying chuloopyrl e aud lion
: ore on surface.
|    Di«tm ce from Ladyamlth S miles, aid
eaev uihiIi'.
j   hor (urtht-r partlmilars apply by letter
htidvbiiii't., B.O.
Smelting Works
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Uencral Jobber.
Corntr l-'lrfit Avenut- uml Uutacre street.
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
t*v'. *' ;;>•■.'. i>' :■ ka. * *■ nn. m *-*■,■'<=•--*■----■ P>
■ - ;^.•4^1■t.*<-n.■4-^.•4n.■«'^*^.•4■H.■»«'.-f■.-»l
The Leading
Nl m: I ten Hi Century nnd Alter,
Contemporary Review, Port-
nlRhtly Review, Westminster
Review, Hdinburtj-h Review,
Quarterly Review, Hlnckwood'f
litllnbnrtcli Ma-fai-lnc
Btrpng,  Bterllng. timely, silgKCHtlvi
uml   '   ■ ■   ■
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist 'j
| Convenient to E. & N. or Sea. f
I   I
litlirirltl'/-.-  jnsl .vltat' v'Wvviiiit   \{,lf
iftht!Worli|,sittiiii-i.s;exiiL-lJ.v   $9.
il l<> know; ami lull!
■.vino ynu want t« know ll—Hint1
value orihesf- reviews to you	
nlilest writers,   llie most fiuirlv (lis-   4iV
ciisHion.t; The* su-iTif-,1 |ii-t.-sriiiiitltiii of  *»
Ihe worltl-pmlilctns ol' llie tlav appear   y- '■'■
tvcij- mtnitli in tin. p„Kl.H ;,r these
kiKlint: revit-wrt    Tliese mt- tin-1.;„,..
i-"ti,-ili(n)iisM,lf| jn Aiiieriea al uliiiut
tuttr pnif.   Specinit ii enjdi's sent five
liintiviincniiywlicre,  nud   lilslnricfll
booklet, too, fur llie imklug.
Tlie Leonard SCfttt Publlcntlnn Co.,
Warren St. New Vtirk City.
Hold    <Mt
•athe  JI
Hie  S;"
4   ^
David     Murray,
Buller. Street, .        Udysmlth
Sliop will  he open every Thursday,
'liiliiy anil SitttU'lay.
Best Service,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Tlrke'r. oi. Hitln
Fin |iatii|i!ilats anti all Information aiiplv,
to nny 0.1'. It. BBHit.
H. II. AIIBOTI'.       W. MutilRB,
Aiienl, V'iiitnria.      itveni, Nuunlmr.
E, .1. (JOY I.E.
Asel, (li-nl. Pass. Avent, Vanrnuvar.
mi  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 44.
Trains lei v-> Uilysmith SmUhbonnd daily atfl.10.. m, and  on Salunlava
SiiinlaysanilWediiPsiUyaatfi.l5p.ro. '
Trains leavB Ijstlysmllli nnrllihinnd dally at 11.57 a. m. and  on Katiinla««
-iiinilayB ami Wednesday, at 7.10 o. m. ■>uro»ya,
TrainB leave Milynnith lor Kxlenslon dally except Sunday at Ila. m   2 d m
-ml HI p.m., and on Sundays at 10 p.m.                          . >    m «.
'Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manager


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