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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 15, 1902

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| the people that save
| money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
- it, J, ,fa J.,!, it AX!..!r I f lltnf■ ifl Il iti 1T1 iti it ill if I itnti all J. ,*,
* For Boots and Shoes f
Sickle's is tne store 1
VOL. I. NO. 37.
I I really don't know what to give! |
I This is just what we hear so many $
•j say at this season.   Let us help you. |
I We have some nice Rattan WaW just
I received, Roclors, Arm Chairs, Cradles
* and other Useful Furniture just the
I thing for young people starting out in
I house furnishing and alsb for those
I renewing their out-of-date furniture.
fc Esplanade and (latacre Street. 5
Leiser & Hamburger
Whan Visiting Nanalmo Try
Hi    CK   Wf
Jrjssup's Pharmacy
Pi ascriptions carefully dispensed.
day and night.
Dan liter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Etc.
jvi-.iiey to Loan.
Nat lilmo, *   -
M ember Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspc, ntlence Sol'
WorrkGu. Iran teed
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, A ulmals ami Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale.   Fu ra made, altered, cleaned and stored
a4t-a John ion St.,       -        Victoria, B. C.
Nlsws Agent,
Aet For Sao Francisco Examiner.
Va Old. Corner,
Govsinment St., Victorl*. B. 0,
Aerial Tramway Tenders are Now Under Consideration—Work to Be Pushed.
Cook of Ship Kinross Sustains Very
Serious Injuries,
>I> i|i ■ j.>g<,|,>|.>gHf> '{■|>'II Tx'rTTT T'l1'!1 T'W'T'I1 V
it I FRASER,  .
Merchant Tailor:
+ Finett Merten and Clay Woritedt.
I Foil line ol Imported Tweedi snd
J Worsteds.   First-class   workufan-
ahip guraantced.
First Ave.,  Ladysmith
T a .a. *  a  ■  a. a. a a  i .a. .»..■. a  a. .p. j..*_ a ifcili.lnfuliil,
'J'T I I II 'l"!'!"!11!"!1 'l"|"I"|"l *J 1 I'l I 1 11 •
+♦♦♦♦+■>♦,,,,,,,, I ,,,,,,,,;,
Ladysmith, B.G.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fane, bread. Cakes and pas
tries nf all descriptioas, Fruit caket a
prettily for Xmae.    * ruita in season
Stationers, Book setlera,
Bookbinders, Psp er Riilsrs
186 Yates St. P.O. Box 486
David    Mut Tay,
Buller Street, .       Lad ysmlth
Hhop will be open every Thi oaty,
Friday and Saturday.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop,
Thli near hotel haa been comfortably furniibcd and the ba r il up to dale,
Beet accommodation lor transient and permanent burden; and lodger..
Rates, $1 per Day and Upward s.
Ths Esplanade, Ladysmith, B. C
ussaaassaaisssasta^iSiswaa;^ .'.vv.-vasssai smbhommw!
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Great-est Music Halls,
The Master Amusemer.t Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
. MnniifucturoM
Soda Water, dinger eMit, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Car b« noted Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUNNING,,        - Proprietor,
P. 0, Boi 90
TalaphoM 10
To ta held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. January 21,22 and 23
Jadgjs—Poultry, M r. ,1. E, Bennett, Turontoi pigeon .ad pet slock, Mr. James
Chalmers, Salt spring Island.
„       ■   ,   El* TRIES  CLOSE  JANUA RV  14,   1902.
For entry forms and prls. list, apply to
  GEO.. WILKINSON, P. 0. boi 280, Nanalmo, B. 0.
4«»««»♦♦'»♦ I »..♦♦♦»+♦■»♦-»»♦*>+.+»-m+* ♦»♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦»,♦♦♦*
John Barnsley & Co.,
ito ri a, B. C. f
Kod alu, Films, Etc,
A genu for
J. i. Tsylor
Plre Proof Ssfes.
TTTfmmmt*mm*tmmm.v+T4*T-, tTitiiintml
From official sources The leader is informed that the tenders
for the building of the aerial tramway, which is to connect the
Tyee Mines with the E. & N. Railway, have been received, and
are now under consideration by the managers.
It is also stated that all details connected with the erection of
the smelter are being pushed forward as rapidly as possible. In
a very short time now operations will be commenced on the site
near Ladj-smith and the same energetic work will be done there.
The Leader's informants also said thai tbe Tyee mine never 5
looked better than it does today, and it is improving as develop-
ment is carried farther down. They are still driving in the solid
ore of the large ore body which was struck last summer. The
main shaft is down 345 feet from the surface, and a large force of
men is being put on, so as to get everything into proper condition
to ship continuously to the Tyee smelter at Ladysmith.
By those who are best able to form an opinion in the matter
it is considered certain that the smelter will be in operation by
the end of the spring.
' Chaales Asquith, cook aboard the eliip
Kinross, now loading coal at the wharves
for Kihei, Hawaii, left the vessel on Sat
urday night to go up town to Bee some
friends. He returned very late, and in
groping his way along the main ileus
fell through an open halcl-wa* unit
alighted on Iho ballast about thirl) feet
bslow. Tlie unfortunate man lay for
hourp where he liail fallen; in fact it wss
not nntil M-nnlay morning I'm! he was
found. Ur. Gordon wns called and upon
examinalion discovervd that Aequil.li
had sustained very serious injuries to
the spine, il' not actually broken bis
back. Asquith was made as comfortable
as possible, and yesterday morning wai
lent down to Obemainus hospital.
Officers Elected and the Members
Sworn in Monday Night.
Business Meeting Held on Saturday
McAdia and Son
Undertakers and Embalmew.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,   Victoria Crescent,    Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 14a.
NANAIMO,     -     •     .     B.C.
Fire Insurance!
Why not Iniur* it homi and snvi
By insuring in the London Mutual, or
Ottawa,   Loweit possible rates.
D. Iclnloah,    -    Agent,
W. IL Mason,
Local Agent lor tbe
Towi.; ?e
Firs, Lib "and Accident Insurance.
Notary Public.
Office, Eiplanade.
The following are the minuteiol the
Extension Relief Fond Committee meeting held on Saturday, Jan. 11th, 1902.
Metsri. M. Campbell, chairman, W.O.
Fraser, lecrelary, 0. E. Stevenson, F.
W. Hans, B. Hottlsbaw Jr., Wm.
Toier, P, Melon., B, E. Jamct, J.
Campbell, J. Jeffries wete pretent.
Moved and eeeonded that W. G,
Fraeer. be appointed general secretary iu
place ol H. Q. Sheppard mho hat re.
moved from the diitrict.  Carried.
Moved by J. Jeffries, esconded by II.
EiU'.mee, that the widows be allotted
four b undred dollars each ((400.00) from
lb. rtlk1' 'un(l ni ""■ *" *ecounti
guarante. " ' '""" "~
deducted Ir.
Moved by
4 by general committee be
wi said amount. Carried,
H. E, James, ssconded by
Wm.Toter, tb ,u,ter the wldowB have
been paid Ihe b.,I|H1™ oI 'nml beai'-
tributed between  -■•>-..
saeh and every child
from present »3« nn
•11 tbey attain the
age of fourteen years
gel insured at once, for Is may be
too late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure yon at * moment'* notice at
the loweit possible rates. All lending
companlea charge the same rates, Don't
be misled Into insiirin. with a cheap
company—it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 38, Nanalmo. B. C,
Ladytmlth Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggs and Fresh   Vegetahlea supplied
Dally.  Leave order, st lb. pott onto.,
'  Succewor. to Hubert ft Bona.
Funeral Directors and Kmbalmera.
Open day and night.
Order.br Telegraph  promptly   attend'
ed lo	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone lis. P. 0. Box j»6,
in equsl yesrly
aa,™at7tto™nai".iiu'ei, '•" t» be paid to
lb.par.nte or guardian, ««*■•»'•'»••.'
in advance.   Carried.
Moved by J. Jeffries, ssea T",ed 7 B-
MottlthawJr.,that all claim «. »*»"""
the Extemlon Mlnei lleliel Fu. «> Com-
mittee and allolalms for benefits a.?11"'
the fnnd aloresaid must he present'<■ •»
writing duly eertided, to W.G.Fra.-er,
Ladysmltli, B.C., general aecraterj.oo
or before 11.80 a.m., Jan. 26, b, 1902. Ou
that date the committee wil I proceed lo
dietribute the said fund aid the committee ami trustees will not L old tbeui-
selves liable for any claim i * cleiuit
alter the date aforesaid.  Oarrh J.
Moved bv J. Jeffries, secondi «l by S.
Motlithaw Jr„ that the proceori Inge of
this meeting be tent to the local IP'ess
and an advertisement for all claims
against the reliel land or commltti • be
inserted in the Nanaimo and Ladysu 'Mi
papers Irom 13lh to 24th Inst, Oarrit'd.
Moved end seconded that thie ineeiin g
i al j turn tu meet on Jan, 26th at 9 30
•m. at Ladysmith, B.C.  Carried.
The Complimentary Dance.
Last Friday evening :be dance eiven
to iilin Norman Swoid ol the Olind
H ovel by hor many friend* and admirers,
tool place tn Gould's Hall. It was in
every way successful. Sam Sbouldlce,
the nonpareil floor manager, wat in
charg s, and wortbily acquitted himself.
Tbe o mipany numbered upwa rdi ol 100,
and .all eojoyed themselves to the utmost. Dancing rai kept up nntil quite
a lata 1 our un Saturday murniug.Messre.
Roblroi i and Crcsler lurulnhed the
music. . It midnight a tilt, little supper
waa wi ved and tlmrou, hly enjoyed
San Sua uldlc* cutting tbn cake with a
tpoon, a nd Mr. Moltran hit with
George Washington hatchet. Mies
Sword was completely surprised by
the p'.easai it Affair.
Mr. P, H, Marshall's Fine Conservatory Destroyed by Fire.
When tbe old gardener employed by
Mr. P. H. Marshall, manager ol Meuri.
Laiier & Hamburger's establishment,
went into the new conservatory recently
completed lor Mr. Marshall la the
grounds at the south tide ol his residence
Saturday night, he found to his alarm
tbat the place wai filled with smoke
and that the futures were in flames.
Summoning assistance he succeeded la
extinguishing tbe fire before it had
taken too firm a hold upon tbe frame*
work of tbe building. Tbe inside of the
conservatory it a total wreck, the
damage to tbe woodwork, etc., amounting to upwaide ol two hundred dollars.
Strange to say very little glass was
broken, not more then half a doaen
plates. But tbe destruction of tbe
choice plants contained in tbe conservatory at the time bl the fire lathe
most eerloui loss. This represents a
cash value of full; $350. Mr. aad Mn.
Marshall, who had woiked so hard to
bring forward tbe flowers, amongit
which were numbered eome rare and
iieautilul blooms, feel the loss of those
fine plants very keenly.
The fire is supposed to have begun on
the under side of one of the lower
shelves, which was dangerously near to
the heating pipe. It ia supposed that
the wood became charred from th. excessive heat, and that a draught fanned
the glowing wood into dame, which
quickly epresd to other portions ol the
liot house,
Mr. and Mrs, Marshall were looking
forward to having all the Hosiers In lull
bloom early in tbe approaching spring,
so thejr disappointment at the annoying
accident may be imagined. Mr. Marshall had drawn attention to tbe dangerous
proximity ol the pipe to the shell, bnt
the matter was unfortunately overlooked,
and this oversight has cost over five
hundred dollars,
The conservatory will be reconstructed
and refurnished with plant,. The
property destroyed was uninsured.
, Takes
Mr. Ralph Smith, M, P.
Prompt Action.
Mr. John IV. Ooburn, acting lor the
petitioners, laid belore Mr. Ralph
Smith, M. P., on Monday the petition
of the residents ef Ladyemith liking
for the Dominion Qovernm.nl to take
steps lo light the harbor here. Mr.
Smith at. once wrote the government
pointing out the urgent necessity of thii
harbor being properly lighted, Th.
letter sent wai a itrong one.
Nanaimo .aad Cedar Farrai iri' Inttltute
holdt Ma ant mal meeting in theCounoll
dumber, Ni niiimn, un Saturday next,
Ja.nn.ry lSlh,. at 2.30 p.m. T ae meet
will be a very Interesting on», and all
ns.aabert.nd other, era In, lied to be
Entries Surpass all Records in
Number and Quality,
Yeeterdsy the time lor accepting en*
tries for tbe tecond annual exhibition
of poultry and pet slock at Nanaimo,
terminated, and Mr. Geo. Wilkinson,
the secretary, is glad to annonnce tbat
all records have been broken both i
number ol entries and in quality and
variety ol birds.
All donbtt ai to the success ol the big
show can now be set atlde. It will be the
finest poultry thow in Western Canada
and probably on the whole Pacific
Ooait. A very handiome lilt ol ipeeial
priaet is published.
In all tb. other chutes substantial
prlcei are offered. Tbe Leader learni
that all the leading breeder! and fanciers
hive entered their belt for thli thow.
So .11 who want to know what Ant-class
pinltry lookt Ilk. ihould visit thli exhibition. There tbey will see many
birdt that are champions ol their elai
ia Canada and Un United State..
Many Ladyemith snd South Nanaimo
diitrict people are taking a keen intereit
In the big thow it Nanalmo next week,
Laayamllh Sklaplaa.
Th. barque Kinross arrived in port on
Friday night last, from Kihei, Hawaiian
Islands, for coal. She bad a very good
passage making the run la eighteen days
bom sachorage to anchorage.
Sir. Oscar, which waa reported to have
gone down in the gale un Chiittmai eve,
il now in Victoria.
A Bachelors" High Tea ana Canaan
Will be given by the ladies ol the
Methodist Church on Tuesday events.,
the 21st, iiiBt. The committees at work
aie aiming lo make this event on. ol
great delight and satisfaction to tba
public The high Tea will be flrst-elatt
and the concert to follow exc.ll.at.
Further pirtioulari later.
|.t. Milt 118
"j *
The North Star will resume .hipping.
Qui Lund hai a contract at the Eva
A 300-foot shaft i, to be rank on the
Montreal-London itock haa fallen
from 95 to 1,
Eosslaud shipped 291,093 tons oi ore
lor the pait year.
The 700-foot drift on the Hljhlander
at Ains worth is all in ore.
The Silver Hill will snip 15,000 tons ol
ore Irom Crawford Bay to Trail smelter.
The Trail smelter will be enlarged
and improved and a lead refining plant
The losses on Wall ttreet throngh the
slump in copper aggregate $100,000,-
A granite lefinery ia being established
at the Black Donald mine, at Renfrew,
Owing to the previous small attend*
ance Rostland school of minors will not
be re-opened this winter.
The Klondike gold yie'd to date Ie
106,000,000, of which (22,003.000 was
produced last year.
The reduced ratet ol iho Trail Smelter bring the pries paid to mine-owners
to the average prices ol lead oi rectal
Manager Aldridge, ol the Trail smelter, tayi ths fall in prices of metals is
equivalent to a loll ol 1600,000 yearly lo
Kootenay mines
It ia believed that the drop in metal
price, hat reached bottom. Withlo th.
pait year copper dropped from \1% to
12H cent! ilesd from £18 to flO; and
■liver Irom 62 to 64 cents,
Another satisfactory meeting ot the
La.lysinilli Rifle Assoeialinn wat It- Id
in Tin- 1,1-Hili-r nffl.i- on Moixla} piglil,
Tliero was an excellent attendance and
muoh interest whs Bhown hy all  in   ihe
P-   llf.ll't-S-,  -, ■  '«'.     H ■■'
-lii.r«liv     \|.   :'  L it a'   in	
■ Iiechsir. anil Hi. VY. W-, «.n - in    .
-■ecieUri.   Captain  I).   Mi-Iiiio-li   wi.o
present, had will: him all tin-  i--'-.psnry-
'ocumeuis and liioot wwsvfn'i'i expl ni-
k! Io the ini-e'i.,-.
After eome discussion tlie ulecuoii ol
officers was proceeded with. Capliiii,
Mcintosh and Mr. I'. L. li-ariame m-r-
nomiuaied furcaptai., of'h, Aaso'nVi--' .
On a ballot being taken CaptaCn Vto-
Io'osli was dec'ared elected, Mr. Rcbert
Allan was unanimously elected i.h secretary, and Mr.T. I.. Grahame, irtos-
urer. Messrs. T. C. McKenelly and IV.
G. Fraser, committee.
The membership ia now souietbing
over forty, and it Is published ai a
special request from tbe captain tbat all
members who were not pretent at Monday night's meeting call at the office ol
the secretary, Mr. Allan, j. P., the
Ladyemith Lumber Company's office,
make the official declaration and aiga
the roil. The sooner thie done the
sooner tbe application will be forwarded
to Ottawa, Quite a number of the
members express tbe intention ol pur-
chasing rifles ol tbeir own, and Captain
Mcintosh, who left for Victoria yeeterdsy w.t to enquire at what rat. they
could be bought. He will report to a
futnre meeting,
Mr. McDonald reported regarding a
posiible rill. ung. along the hill behind
the town, and It la possible tb.t a rang.
may be ahosen in tbat direction.
Members ol the Anociation who have
not signed on are urgently requested to
call upon Mr. Robert Allan at ones aad
do so, in order thst the application form
may go forward.
The Victoria Lumber and Ma no-
factoring Company'! law mill clotsd
un 6th inttant lor alteration and repair,
and will probably start work again
about tbe 20th.
A dance was held at the Hall, Well,
holme, on Wednesday last; a number of
yoong people attending from Duncan,
and Ohemainue. Everything went iff
well and all bad a most enjorahtu time.
A large quan'itv of salmon have been
caught during tbe past week with tbe
troll in the bay in the vicinily of tba
Ah Pina who wat sent no for tinralar*
on 23rd last wat taken before Hi, Honor
Judge Harrlaon on Thursday to "elect."
He pleaded guilty and got two yeara.
A newly-wedded couple arrived by
the Nanalmo train Friday morningwnd
were duly and successfully bombarded
by the school children with rice.
Tho meeting of the Liberal Association
in Thursday evening in the K. ot P, hail
was well attended. A'7.15 Mr, O. S.
Rydor, president, called the meeting to
order after which copies of resolutions
pissed by the Liberal Anociation at
Vancouver were read A short discussion then followed on party lines, when
Mr. P. Dunn, gave some stirring nnd
forcible remarks on political an" i™
and matters generally.
Mr. Barnei wat appointed delega'c-
to attend the Liberal Oonvontion at
Vancouver, and Mr. P. Dunne wat elan;
ed preaident ol the association lor tha
year 1902. The meeting was then ad-
jonrned to into: atain after the convention.
ACrnel Falaehwaa.
Yesterday in ruing Nanaimn Hxrald
declared that the committee whloh
waited on Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir on Saturday tald Alexandria mine, wonld opaa
thli week. That Is' a downright (also*
hood. The committee n.v.r made aay
■uph report. A representative ef tba
Leader saw th. committee at OohMa
Hill lest Saturday morning, aad tbey
told a wry different iiary. Wall* the*
had (wen kindly received by Mr. Das*,
malt, no hops ws, held oat of Atm-sdrta
being open toon. Thar mid thai Nfe,:'
Dunimnir was to think thai
iV1 'I ^SSmmUKaammWBm
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension Htws.
i'ilbllihied ever}'Wednesday arid Saturday at
,$!«! I,-iul^r<Puildir(g, copier pf.H'l-li AV, *nd
French Street, La'ilysmith, British Columbia.
Bv Man. in Canada ano united states.
One year (strictly In advance) t» °o
Ix moiillis (strictly In advance),.^.,.....,.,.., i. .5
TRANSIENT—First insertion 10c. a line; each
jBUbseiiueiit insertion 5c. a line.        .    |;||jtti
com.mi-:rciai. advertising.
Rntea.on application.    No.wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
' Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time will be charged Tor until ordered to be discontinued.
two sides of the ttory aad they can, indeed, tbey mult," judge for tbemttlvet
which it the better, II British Columbia listens lo its conscience it will turn a
deaf ear to Ibe clamoring, jilace-rjllllteis.
who are beseeching the psople'a vote to
turn the present government out cf
power, but it will sustain with ila
atrong approval thit government which
has come eo creditably throngb a most
critical juncture In tbe hlitory 01 Brit'
lib Columbia. .
THE LEADER may be .'obtained from the following Agents:
I. adysinilh-Tlie Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo—E. Plmbuty & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Book &
Statioueiy Co.; Pone Stationery Co.
Victoria News Co.;] Public  Library:
Provincial Library.
Vancouver-Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at Ibis office before 13 noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All jop work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash in advance.
i'Hi:-iii:h DUNsmuiR's letter,
Whatever delecta tbe carping critic.
0' the Government, and particularly cf
the premier, may find in the remarkable
, letter which was published over tlie
aignature ol Hon. Jamea Dunemuir in
tbe Colonist of Sunday, its frank, npeh
honesty will baffle tbem. They cannot
explain away that, however, much tbty
injy try,       ■      1 1 .■
It is one of tbe fairest snd cleverest
" declarations Of policy we have ever had
lbs lortune to read. To anyone with an
unbiased mind it cerriei conviction that
the man who ligned it it absolutely
sincere and believed every ward that he
ha 1 written. The explanation regarding
the railway policy ot the Government ie
, such as will satiily tbe people ol .BritiBh
Columbia that the Government .acted
with wisdom and courage in a most trying time.
., Tho reply to the allegation* regarding
Mr. Joaeph Martin'a "mytteriout con-
nemiun" with the Government ii quite
n sufficient Slid dignified antwer to the
, worthless .scandal-monger* who (Originated and disseminated th. story.  ,
We earnestly and heartily commend a
tnrou-si of this letter to all British Columbian, alio have the least intereit in
their province.' It il the Statement ol a
■serfecily honeit man, the greatest rarity
possible to imagine in politics. And being soil will prove a bard nut to crack
for the critics, who have not displayed,
an alarming amoont ol brain power in
their dissertations upon the Government
and ita 1 policy. We .lull await tbe
0,'erationi ol this, gentleman upon this,
letu-r with some impatience and not a
little amusement.
Meanwiiile we join the right-thinking
portion of the population ol British
Columbia in expressing unqualified admiration for tbe maaly stand taken by
■Hon. Mr. Dunamnir, and tor th. plain
.statement of facte which be has laid be-
torn the people. It has done-much to
dispel the gloom and uncertainty which
certainly   did overhang   the province.
while tbe opposition pretl snd agitetore
bad sway.   Now the people   have the * came we still have something to shoot
With ro many grave possibilit it
fore thla nation it la the manileat duty
ot every man ln Canada, no matter what
hia sta Ion in life, or his profession, to
trrin l.imsell in tbe all-Important art of
rillti slii'iiting. From the premier down
to tiieuinbgest apprentice working at
tbe lorae or in the coal mines, all should
be good riflemen, and the practice cf
this art ehouid be made compulsory, or'
at least as attractive as possible to all
Mr. Baillie-Grobmau, the famoua
expert in rifle-shooting, who used to
live in BritiBh Columbia, and whose
article! in the Nineteenth Century Review on this subjsct have attracted
wideipread attention throughout the
world, has noted the iact that rifle-
shooting it something ol which the ordinary British man is not fond. It il a
tatk for him to take upthe practice, and
it is difficult to keep him at it long
enough to give him a chance to periect
hit aim. He is not like the Swilser or
the rural Austrian, Or the Tyroiese, who
practice the art ol rifle-shooting Irom infancy, and are certainly the surest shots
in tlie world at tbe shorter distances.
In Canada, however, it should be different, lor there arc eo many incentives,
even in the well, settled Eaaf, to going
out with tho rifle lor a little shooting.
And that ia the very belt kind of ihoot-
ing, that in tbe woodi or field, where the
marksman has to judge hia own distanre
and fire at a moving oh j sot, just as he
would have to do in war. Thie sort ol
shooting tbe military authorities wish
to encourage;itip one oithe lessons of
the Boer war.
The man who can take lid place in
the wood! or on the bare hillside and
make every bullet find ita billet it the
man who ia wanted by the nation when
it cornea to ineetirg enemtei. It .will
not matter much whether the excellent
■hot' be a hunchback, bowlegged
knock-kneed or wanting an eye, if he
can prove that he is a marksman. It ia
probable that there will be no hesitation.
But, oi course it is better tbat the rills
man be a perton of fair physique; lor
skirmishing rations are scanty; it la a
long while between drinks of even the
dirtieit water; great nervoul tension
■trust Ml expected, for the itakei betwern
the contending sharpshooter! are life
and death, and a man has need nf tie
steady, hand and cool brain at that game,
and seldom are these the property of the
fellow who loafs his muscles into mlt-
neu. and who pampers in ieediqg.
If Canadjans should ever b'l called
upon to defend their home land againat
the invader ihey will have no cause lo
regret the time they spent in making
themselves expert with tho rifle; (or It
iion that weapon, io the handi of her
hardy tone, that Canada's lafety must
rest if it ihould come to war. In British
Columbia almost every man hie eome
acquaintance with firearms and there ie
probably a larger proportion ol good
■hots to the popniallou here than In
any other province in tbe Dominion; be
at; whereat the game hat been terribly
thinned out "back East,"
Consequently iu the event ol a struggle !or the detejice of the country the
BrttsliCohimbiaeorpawould.be lound
as effective aa any under the British
flag. We hope tbat the terrible, day I it
iarofl'wher. Canadian! will hay. to
drop their useful tasks of peace and
buckle on the bandolier, seizs the trusty
rifle, bid "good-bye to the folks" and go
on commando for Canada's sake; but
when it does come we are sure that the
Canadian! will astonish tbe world with
their alacrity in springing to tbe call'
and their proweas In the far-flung fighting line.
Let alllhe Canadians,then, young and
old, look upon it aa a duty to their
country to learn to shoot well.   '•'
EDlTliniAl,   NOTES.
Possibly the fact may have no interest
for anybody, bnt ae the Victoria Post-
Outlook seems to think it has, we might
remark that the 0. P. R. hat not tbe
slightest control dr interest in this paper,
the Victoria Poit-Outljok's assertion to
the contrary notwithstanding..    .,
hem. Ail who want to lead "The
Little England" tide on the Boer question, will find Mr. Stead's'annual for.
1001 chief .advocate.
"Tbe editor ol tha Lsdysmllh Leader
will hays, a more difficult job on bit
hands than tbe fellow we read of who
once upon a time moved a mountain
If he still persists in scribbling away
at George B.rtley, of tho independent,
on labor matlers. George handles tbe
theme of "workinsmen's rights", in a
fearless and learned manner. The Independent is strong as the rock of Gibraltar in advocating what it considers
Ibeneedi ol those who labor."—Vancouver Ledger.
The Leader preeente complimente to
the word-carpenter who hewed bnt tbe
foregoing elegant piece of eyntax, and
would respectfully rrquest him not to
make an an ol himself any more.
Many complimentary remarks have
been made upon the able essay on party
government which appeared in The
Leader's newi columns on Saturday latt,
It was from the pen ol a valued contributor, and we hope to publish other
article, on important subjects from the
same hand,
Tim jroua souls should take heirt ol
grace and not peer into the "near Iu
Hire" too apprehensively. The government will be sustained iu the Legislature by a handsome majority, Tbe
people ol Britiib Columbia, notwithstanding eipert and amateur" testimony
to the contrary, are not all mad.
We Have Them All Now I
All tlie
New Cleaned Currants       New Cleaned Raisins
New White Figs fJeW Dates
I<einon, Orange and Citron Peel, all cut ready
for use.
These goods are the very best in the market arid the
,',, prices are right.
Counti yon Bnelow, the Herman
Chancellor, hat had excellent opportunities to ttudy the Britieli at first hand.
Therefore, bis frankly expressed opinion
in the Reichstag the other day weight
far more than tb.antl-Brltlah mouthing,
men and newspaper! who know nolbing
of British character.
. Nanalmo Free Press publishes, del-
patch Irom ita Victoria correspondent
to the effect that; "Mclnnee had not
been sworn in as Minister ol Mines at
noon today," Only in this amazing pro-
vines could people be got to eland each
idiolic "rumors" mil reports. Mr. Mc-
Innes'a enemies work in a peculiar way
their venom to inject;
Rumor ii again busy with the name
ul Mr. W. W. B. Mclnaei, M. P. L„ in
connection with a cabinet position. The
public can lake it Irom The Leader that
there ie no more in the rumor than in
the heads which originated it. Beside,, the .Impossibility of it-hat not
British Columbia stolidly tet its face
againit anything like brains figuring
"prominently" io ita public life ? Is not
thla the province which condemne its
beet and highest thinkers tn the obacitr
iiyoi.ii irate life, and prn.nl. the
anomaly of rural writer! running ill
metropolitan prets, and metropolitan
writer! running ill rural press? But
the Serboniau bogs have ere thie, sheltered better than the intellectual lightweights who prank it ao garishly in the
shadow of the Capitol.
If the Armenian massacres may be
properly dcicribed at tbe crime, par ex.
cellence, ol the nineteenth century,
surely tho extraordinary 'behaviour ol
"Good Words," tbe One old magazine
established by the tareV Norman MacLeod, in inciting and abetting the
"poele" of Ihe Empire to do their utmost regarding tbe coronation of our beloved King, deserves to ba. described ai
the ciinie, par excellence ol the Twentieth Century Commitment tn the Tower
of London for life would be tbe only
fitting punishment.lor the enemy, of the
rue who devised this fiendish torture,'
We leel like taking airship for Mars
until th. world has regained ite sanity,
and those "poem," and "poets" have
dissolved Into dust and left not a wrack
Ferguson Eagle Is 10 Indignant over
what it takes to lie tbe insult to the able
editora of Liberal persuasion, contained
in tbe Vancouver Liberal Association's
protest, that, alter icreaming through
twoalieki if leaded copy, It flui.be. up
with a pyrotechnic Invitation to tbe
people of British Columbia to olimb into
the socialist wagon and have their
trouble, cured at rock-bottom rales.
Mr. Smith Curtis, M. P. L., ie now
quoted as saying numbers ol nice things
about a genllrman by the name of
Joseph Martin, M. P. L. The last-nani
ed gentleman, however, Is a person
whose rnulpoiro ii nut disturbed by any
amount of nice things said about him,
or by all the vituperation and abueo of
a hostile press. They change, but he
rcuului the lama
& Hamburger
■ ■     1 ,,    Ladysmith
Uacontcioui humor never more do.
lighttully displayed ittell than In the
artistically printed programme! ol tbe
concert given by Herr Pele Storck and
his company io Nanaimo laat week,
Much .pace was given to excerpts from
lb. divinely-inspired writing, ol the
mostesl icrilici" ol lb. .Vancouver
Newt-Advertiser ami tl.a Vancouver
Worjd! No wonder Ihe concert war,
financially, a failure—the folie was too
much for Ha'nalmo, -  ''''
"The Ladysmith Leader ii trying Id
justify its existence, by indulging iu personalities againit Mr.-McBride, In one
paragiaph it speaks of Ibe native eon aa
"emitting a protest that reads like 1
leverely-dilated trnntlatjon ol Kikero'i
oration against Catiline,'; in the next it
call! him the "young j Rotclui." The
Leader appeare to be desirous of making
known Ibat It has tome acquaintance
with knowledge, but lo ita writer Mr.
McBride might well leplyj -Fortune
and victory tttaop my helm.' "—Van
courer World,
If Tbe Leader bail no better juttifl-
cation (or ita existence than the World
reveals, alter1 careful perusal, a. jrittifl
cation for that papei'i existence, The
Leader would expire tomorrow. To be
attacked tor so called pcrtonalitiea by a
paper which ii facile pi inc.pi the of-
(eniivelj-perional paper of British Col-
niiilii., it delicious, Then, Mr. Me.
Bride with all till faulls would never
put a singular verb with two substantives-jttaket the World to perpetrate
lucli strokes.
Eiplanad.and Qatagra Strati,
Mr. W. T. Stead wbp II braeketted
with G.rman "William the Suaden" as
•'WIllHun the Unexpected," hat Issued
hit annual for 1001, being a review' ol
the llllb century ri titled "Leit ws for-
get." ■ ft.il )n II. Stesd's h.ppiett
vein; brilliant, will;-, fori?,'nl, crammed
Willi facta- (and fanelei); lull'of high
grade philosophy and low-grad. patriot-
lim. JjitoWs tbe British people, the
government »ti4 nt/jen, bss vivid
lielchsa of great men and a/aah/p flar-
rativesolgreat events, itii wall WOrhb
lh.forifA.nU charged. The Victoria
«vra?.»;?sf'am^ aad Stationery Company have
aW'i'.    ....... ' *'  '"' ""'
Puffs Prom The Pipe.
(By Lue Vernon.)
Some of my le.ideis may Imagine that
Puffs Irom the pipe," li not a place of
vantage Irom which to view the world
and iti doingt, jt suggeiia age, coip-
lort, toll sllpperi, and optimism,' Vet
this li only a hall truth, Indeed, th.
puffi vary with the moed ol the imeker,
Atllmis it Is wtlli keen delight I
scribble off fanelei that fill In my mind
while watching th. ring, ot smoke float
away «|tb ineji carelessness, grace and
eat. j anil al otheri It ii with npreit sup)
disappointment, generally spoking,
turnover, whan my pipe lis, begun Ip
sand lortb clouds of .moke, I flad.lt tb.
ideal time in which to wor I reflection.
Polling away, on. eso look; ai it wen,
over all tb. world with a calm and dispassionate mind which would: not be
ponlble at any other Urn..' Aad, Lady
lllcollne-my rntl-tobacconltt friend,
notwjthitandln,-add, greatly lo the
potency o| the charm. There ii scarcely
a mlliet under Ihe sun which npe 'can',
not jib or dig out without asking il if,
will pleat. "Who, him, or bar." Even
so oli,cnre a tiling a. ritual it not b.r
yond ope', imps, At Last, one cip
look it It In all II, pbsigi, sad lorm
that rllual Is bnt another name for or- f ^  !-/%»'/—.,, — . "•"*■;.
der or arrangement, 0,1 nuiy teo It to \ It&lW&M        rOR   THE.
heji'tJie projogte 111 a lifeless and iisbIcss '' '     '
lormalily'i'jiist as onr fanvy is Inclined.
I sometimes .tnuder1 how sVoeibhi.-traiil-
heaided men ihould make so much ol
ceremonice.when them ia seik-us woik
at hand.
s Thenew a'rike In the Payno Ib sti 1
wiileuing anil now ehuws lour feet of
h|gh grade ore.
W. Kirkup and.Lew Thompson have
lelt tor.England to iol*i*Bt;f.»p,,<iiIiJp
tbeir placer properties in the Big Bend,
The Scotch syndicate represented by
T. II. Steoart, M. E„ expect 10 ' have a
smeller and refinery running at Kisln
by Aug. 1.
Tbe new rates ol Trail smelter'are:
00 per cent, to be paid on sale of metal,
and final payment at 00 daya alter;
zinc limit to'bB 'reduced from 10 to 8
par cent; Bmeltlng ratea to be reduced
by $4 on oree under 8 per cent, sine aud
$8 over.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Meats,
Poultry   and  Vegetables.   Game in
Season,   Shipping order! attended toon
short notice,
Seattle Daily •Times
The livt-liABt paper in the 'Northwest,
Weekly edition a complete record of
tltti world'., ne'we to tl;»tii. Sport,
politic, ■oointy, wotaeo'q, {ntereeti,
younn folk's department, literature,
science, art, mueic.     >
,...,.,. Snttli, With.
Nobotly can nffojii to M wUhouVlf. Withe
telfgrniiliicnctvs'of till* iVrek. Farm, Ik-ltl.gar-
ilsii. sport; society, licniililiil: llluslraUons and
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For Om Dollar i ,Yur.
sonrir nanaimo district
Court of Revision.
The Court ol Revision Ol tin Snulh
hTunaieio assewnient roll, is Ki'jiurned
from ibo 20t.ii'D«ierbli« 1001, tithe
15-.li Jannarv, 1904.
-,..'K. HAREISOS,^   ,
Jililge ,if Court of Revision.
Dscember 18th, 1001.       ,., ( ...
*' ' "Tht tttl
Lager and Porter j;
1 town at the hoteli i
tired by the    •'       :
Nanaimo,. B. C.'
loal and Wood     I
Nwtt Coil $4.76 Ton
Best Stove and Cord wood at lowest
prices.   General Draylng, Teaming, etc.  Leave order, at L. ii H. Store.
KMSSSft 1 JoluiUMk
& Tl)e Leading. ..„„,.u||
Ji Reviews <   J|
i';S Nlnel.inlh Cealury and Alter, iif
.'s'4' Contamporary Review, Port- i'tj
4'5 nlshlly Ravlaw, WnlmlnaMr jgj
¥!.        Revliw,    Edlnhurah   Review, ■!!
j*t> titrpng, ,Bltrlltiir,.ti»ifly,,f.iigBestlve  #J
• J and uullmritivtr; just what j-onwaiit   fff'
#£ toknowiit tlif wor!irii(liiiiiKS;(.XHttly   j4
4'.it wliitt  you  need to know; and told   >•'„-,;
Xj* wftcii ymi want to know ft—that's lite   TX
i,*) vutuc ufthcue reviews lo yow. ; The , i*™
•>4' tiisnlmis; Hie iiwlttest |ireseiitutlon of $m
4'T tlie wortd-problen,is of the day appear  »#
li palillb »
0»4l/ Unit edili'iiissdld fn America at about   CA'
.'#4' hull' price.   Sprcinien copies seat fre». ij*
k'X lo anyone anywhere, and  historical   k J.
|J. (KK»kfrt,tod,foriWartiiiH.' ?J
S| TM^^»*r,.^J,,^v,y:c?•• • If
,- t» >';-■"':.:. ••' 1 ■ '.i'j'l<t"ii"(y
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Chairs, $10.00 |n $23.00
nre found through our entire stock The 2
five floors of our lafgr stoic nre filled i
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T. H. McNichol,
High Street, - - Ladysmith
Will be in Your House if You Select Your
Irom our large and varied stock,   Early   lo January will lee ui in
onr new quarter., and tor whatever mistakes we have made innnepeW'"\
we aik vour.forgivsniMs, and trust tbat in the future we will be enabled to give every ntiafaction.   Residents of Ladyimith will'have all'
freight charge! prepaid. '   	
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New Bank Building Nanaliho, B. C.
Manufacturers of .all kinds of
ijh aad Dressed lumber
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hnnif,   All orders strictly niteiitanu,1
(JiUilatluus 1 hci-i fiflly given.
j- rterely A Reminder
,-..ii,il.s»6ii; -- s v,.,m
tttll |||||4.rs>^a..|.4^..r4..(.s>jr1.4.ar4.j.^4.4.j;j.t4.<,j.
, i- ■'. '■"~?~
We Print
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reason-
■able prices.   • i. ' " *i'. *    ' '-
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[\ :■ lt.ri, mandolins! violin strings i anything and everything In the mnslg Jhj.,
Tha Leading Music Hotiii, ,:
Girhardt Helnlsm.n Pi.nor, Oanada'
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Having the latest type faces and borders,
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the best' work —Printing that attracts     ;;
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Ladysmith, ^   '.■''>.- .*»'«» ,1 i   n»fj/^:
f f+H«+M ^4♦♦wi■^^^ll,^l^^^^:t♦♦^swi
1.mi mm.nun 111, ■aa» M.i|M j>l i i , 11
'-•■ «<*3 ■'■   ^~ 1
--•-«      ....iaMJJtll-li-t-*'"      '•'■      "'"
If you've anything to. offer that, will aid Ibseaunof
'■'■'     -"right,' '"'  '-'"■■	
Speak it out,
If you've any truth withln'you that will lend the world
.a light,
Spink it out. ' ...     ,
, If theflre.is in,vonr spirit and the-passion to create;
You will feel il, You will know it.   Then to labour.   Do
pptWalt,    .   .       t .-..,■-..'.   i ■■   '      ■! ■:   :*'■■
Go about' it with a purpose that will conquer Time and
-„.,-. ; Wi-Uii stMilia i Mi ■ >■•■■ >•   ":i--'i
Speak it out.
Should your heart contain a message, make it ten. and
make it clear ■'
Speak it out,       •' '-'■'■!   V;-:
II it's new and il it's true the world will listen, do net ;,,
<&>    i.'tfel,{r''-';-'-       """-•'" "'*'■* ■   '■'' ■
Speak it out,
Ia the realms of lonl,' expression -ii'thb dominating
need, ;.,'. w    .'
- Tell your thoughts hy art ur music, by a word" of by a' ' "
deed; „ ,..  -
II there'e light, or love, or beauty in the product, men
will heed,    "
Spegk it out.
Dj not say there's nothing new?  Some thought! bear
telling o'er and o'er.
Speak thorn null
Just bo suro you say them better than tbey e'er were
said In-fore,
Speak them out.
Do you   make tho    weakliue's   plea that    all the
changes have been rung?     j? .
Still wo are 'out,babe|lnvErogreBs\for Oi»^rorld%V« W"
it young; **
On the Future's ilpi are tweeter tongi than ever have
been lung.
Speak tbem out.
There are other meaiiB, than topgue qs pjin.to tell the
"thingsyou (eel,
Speak them out.
There'e the chisel, there's tbe brush, by which your
dreams you may reveal, -,.   ■ ','■, i ,
: ...^...,,*,-.-^:-«pMMIr««-trn*^''I-it^' "!
Should you have nu gilt lor those, yet do not deem your      .
quest in vain; „   ^
Be a worker, tor by actions men their ends miry tils'
Let the Deed be your interpreter to make your meinge
Speak it cut.
Da you thrill with God's great purpose, (bat impel, yon
to aspire?
Speak it out.
Doet the hope of something better burn within yon Ilk.
'11.1,   " " Speak.itout.
Never called tbe world lor leaden, teachers, propheti,
aa to-day.
II you have, 'or rove of humankind, .'cheering word to
If your brain contains a thought to help upon tbe upward way,' ' "     ' "
Speak it out.
m++vlttVTtt,yymt»yy+t*++rH,.;t 1
li.had In America are aorlhless; bcoaiiie
they are not honeit, or are written by
percent not competent to iorm a judgment, and who are ignorant ol critical
method, Too often th. American critic
il afraid to offend either the author or
th. publisher; sometimes be dare not
express in honest View nnd damn a
worthless piece ol rubbish in crimson-
snd-gold covin snd sdorued ai frontispiece With the portrait pi tho he or she-
sn who emitted tbe four-hundred-page
bray in printer'! ink, because the publisher would stop landing tbe free copies
"for review." So it ii that the American people can hardly get honest9 crit-
icitm. ■ ■ ' ' '
It U all, lite British Columbia musical
notices, pitched In the key superlative
and ilrapty a f mtaila'ot iynohymy on
the word "excellent." ThSV'ii 'the
reaton why muiio occupies to low i
place in Brlli.li Colombia-the-'artislB'
and .their Iri.uds .would boycott tbe
paper that dared to say-tbat -
"Min HacSqually wai evidently ont
ol ber depth In attempting to difficult •
piece., "Angels ever bright end Fair
Or that wonld venture the opinion
."Mr. Roarer quite failed to observe
the niceties ol time Snd key,, .and made
rather a men ol th* long;"
Or that wonld even hint that
*'Mln Heva Thumperre ihoulii learn
(to play and not to fight th. piano; the
execution of tbe piece waa painful, and
might eatllv have led to the execution
of the executant by a more musically-
sensitive .ndlence."
And there li nut a newipaper in Brit-
lib Columbia-today that could endure
a boycott ol even one month. Yet, why
ihould our equalling hall-trained una-
teure—if they can be (railed amateurs
who love not earnettly enough to learn
to lunch .bant the art they affect as to
be .hie to exhibit at lent some olitt
beauties decently ia public—continue
to harrow the souls ol all those who
truly love music? Why should tbey
continue to dettroy can vat by smearing
it ridiculously with varicolored paints,
laid on without brains, and insist upon
thrusting their crude , work before
infftring public? Why ihould they
continue to writ. -innnTerahle doggerel
and get It printed-why?
The an.wer II easy—all those cruditiet
an "tarred with the same brush." It
il th. inline detire 'for praise that animates, nay, "spurs them with gory
spur," Vp attempt what nature never'
intended them lo attempt. Tne man or
woman wltYa Voice more ' ralcous than"
that of a Coveot Gard.n colter, Is wired with tbamanl. fa.' public tinging,
tibeknowna* "that charming voiial-
ivt."tlie poileisorof a voice oi "rare
rings and flexibility,   wiih   tlngul r
Luxury to Art.
in.i ■   . -   " >!.'
Danger of Self - Satisfaction   and
"l.iiC! ilniii .
Vigorous Measures Needed, to, Keep, Amateurs  on
The Right Track.
I , „ ,      . | I | 1 I i ■ I I   I. ,"W     11    "-.I,!
Amuloa'i grealeit need li critici.
Hanh, biting, cynical, uiprc|less critics,
who will do for American literature, art,
music, thought and opinion what that
terrible band ol Edinburgh reviewers
at th. beginning nl the Nineteenth Century did for British. They found British literature maundeiing and drivel-
llng; Ibe dalle Cruicani and tbeir bathoe
infecting tbe people; danger ol * return
to won. then the Euphaei ol Lely.
They left It vigorous, virile, sane. So
it lilted through three generation!, to
witness In our own a relapse into abeer
Inanity—behold th. cataclysm ol non-
•ente drowning Ihe WSfhT1 fif shape*"of
"novels" with and wilhont a purpoie;
here and there ln the deluge of literary
slop,, soma solid oiustt, nameablo on
ths fly. fingers—all else weltering main
oi Infant food; tips, pip, caudle; glrllih
imagining! ind nnrie'iiiald romance'.*
Whatab.rdolwrtt.re—and nearly all
sow.I   Nay, inoitly calve,; for taste ol
veil one cannot remove Irom one's
mouth altar partaking, save by manlul
nibbling at ^tjieb.ull.^eef provided, by
inch .1 Hardy, Meredith, Tolitol, 7. il.,
BntAmerlcii In parlous can; be-
oaun though veiralnoni with novtlltti
and anlbon, America has anion, writer
•*b baav np th. maallt ol Nathaniel
Hawthorne, Henry Therean, Jams.
BaM.ll L-iw.ll, Dr. 0; W. Holmes,
Emerson—no, anion.. True, America
• w—»'.'"."•     tr?'
hta prodigiea who can, with on. rubbing
ol Aladdin's womlerlul lamp, the print,
ingpreti snd an uncountable public
which rum more to bee! thin to brain.,
provide themselves with gorgeoni palaces, steam yachts, race horsn worth a
princa'a ransom, all ia one teaso
Wrilcn whose "workt" nil by th. mil-
lien—all because America lacks orltlei
to counterbalance with lorn, common
■int., tb. lunacy ol ths million,
America it in tome danger ol becoming Irredeemably vulgar In Its literary
tastes, and Iti muiical, artistic tutu
unless there shalljrise.aoon, thoM who
can apply the lash and wield th* bludgeon. Lsl the reader who' dlugrwi
with tb. foregoing view pick np my ot
the "popular" nuveli issued from tb.
Ame'rimn preti and let bltn hithlqllr
and conscientiously, wUh sympathy, il
hebavo'Ylio fortitude and s itout Intellectual pneumcgaittlo narve, rssd
Ihem. Then let him also read Ih. revlewt
and notli-ei ol'tns book In thenaw.pap-
en, magazlnei and other publleatloni toward which tbe man l.swrlw*frjidsnr.
u to what to buy. Alter thou reading,
il he sn, net'with King David ol I.rael,
•nd not.in hi. wrath, bnt with ctlmnen
snd deliberation: "All men are Hart I"! crown ol ladel.il amaranth Irdra
either mn.l he be klndly.n.inred to th*, hisvealy vale lar btlow, is
vtrgeol weakness, cr no batter than
■trength and purity iu Ihe upper register," ate.; vide tbe'Bedlam jargon of the
rural muiical otitic. Orb, or the ht
teen a lithographic copy of a work by
Michelangelo or Hume Jones and forthwith the diseased fancy and Ibe mania
lor applause do the rest; tbe nightmare
Inapiring "ilndle,"^ lojo|)iy |rj|'\>alfr
colon" pour out from the "tlndlo'
the "aleUeii'tOl. tha dauber, and the
whole family connection have spasms
and convulsions ol joy to think that
they b.veglven lo the. world another
Thla ensy itch for approbation ol no
value because It II unlnttrncted or deliberately teilaceiiVli the merit serious
danger with wbioh tbe tiue amateur haa
to contend. Ob, il some real friend
with knowledge and kindliness would
only point cut Ihe d.fecti ol voice, cr
picture, or vena or ensy 1 But who to
bold? Bow lnoidl.ale la the sell-lov*
ol Ibe aving. ameteori, and how pro-
loandtheliilaenl How linage, too,
that they ihould be to blind at net tb
■N that the difference between them.
Mlvn and ths gresl srlitt, musiclin,
peat, writer, IS not neatly eo much in
taint a* In' patl.ul' pirHVetKtct. The
muiical amateur cravea the applaute,
bnt shrink, from   ths   pnetlec that
...   . ...i, ... i  - ii i   ..-■  I" -
mil"the flngui bloody; the arllit-
amateur pipit lor Ihe- plaailltt ol tlie
world, but ihndderi whan th. formal.
which genius bsi lollowed with grim
bittllngi alter perfection—lio llur id
aitra—I. pointed out to him; th. lil.rary
atplrant, hot .a Hotspur to win the
(lory, li appalled by ths   grids, Ih,
penitentiary diet, the cyclopeap toiling
upward In th. night' duly to 'and Ibil
tbsNwsrdnpon tb* niount.ln'i brow
ol Olympus which looked   to   Ilk.   a
what he hai icad. .        .',,,.
Moat ol tba ao.aallad- ciltiqnn
.,,.,1,,   in. in viiilii iMMgillu
a.het sad appiei ol Sodoaf t6 btiote him
with dliappolntm.nl.
How much mors ml to th. literary
-artist' la Balmo In'liis Sixth Btory garret
at two o'clock in winter mornings, legs
cold ai lead to the thighs, his hssd a
furnace and seething with tbe phantasmagoria of cafe nbir; or CharlesiDiokeni,
Immured from ail human contact writing wiih demoniac energy and coming
forth with the imile ol victory, but pale,
emaciated, haggard as a murderer at
the end ol It all; or Oiway, chased by
bailiffs through London ln"'wipler, eul-
faring tbp fierce tormente of an incurable dieease yet snatching time toihdlto
fragment! the like of which Ihe latter
day sybaritic novellas''dilettanti could
not, with agaregated brains, match.
Yes, these are .the realities of literary
life—orJlyUerealwin.tbrougn, When
will amateur! learn the immortal truth
that "excellence is painful"? Back to
your studioB, your garrets, your woods
even—aisrSy a'gr-and artist hoc 'conducted his praclii* with, pnly tbe trees and
high heaven for' audience and issued a
linger, an orator, a thinker; even,
(greater than any of these), a seer.
Back, hack, ye amateurs to your painful
practice—till the voice crack, till the
Angara bleed, till the brain throbs, till
the inner consciousness.says: -,'It is
well"; then .come forth1 and, tbe world
ill yield you as respectful a hearing, as
itdld to Bismarck anil Disraeli, at whose
oratory it laughed at first hearing; or to
Willy Burmelster who'fled to tbe
swamps ol Finland with bit violin, and
practiced like a madman for ten yean,
coming forth at last Germany 'a premier
When amateurs learn to do (hat ln
America, thla country will no longer
itand in need of critics who write slashing critiques.
Ladysmith,B.C.,Jin,Hth„ 1902,   .
ili'l'le1   ' '.   Irs'tWii-i'«'»»■
Snowed Her Nice Things to the Noa-
, vlalllnes Ncigbbor.. ,tl ...n
-'Tlie mysterious ivorkinga of a woman's mini! are unfathomable;" remarked
the auctioneer. "I don't claim any originality' tn the remnrki but' merely put it
forward as an'observation.- I was engaged last week by a woman1 to-auction.
off her household goods, neighbors turning out in force, pawing nnd handling
the goads in al way that always reminds
me of ghouls in n graveyard. There Is
something irreslsttblo.to the average woman in being allowed to rummage among
tlie goods belonging to a neighbor.
"The'bidding started off briskly, but I
Boon noticed tlmt n certain man waa getting everything that waa"put up.' I
thought nothing ot it at the time, taking
it for granted that lie was some one desirous of furnishing a' floiiao and thought
the opportunity a good one to do It cheap.
Whon the sale ended, he had bought everything in sight, and I congratulated the
lauy-ofithi-houte on having soId-rH! her
goods to ono man and thus simplified
closing matters up.. ,.,■ .,,, ....
'"I hired him'to do the bidding,' she
answered calmly,
" -Yon hired him!' I gasped. 'Wasn't
itliaf bidding'eatlsfaetoSy?'
" 'I hadn't tho slightest Idea of selling
my goods at auction,' she answered so*
"I looked at her In blank amaaement
Snd' then' managed to ask her what she
had intended to.do, , , .•   ■ <
"-Well, you see," said she, 'when I
moved here the neighbors completely Ignored me, and not one of them called to
aeo, all'the'beautiful, things that I had
filled the house with, so I mado up my
mind that they would see them if I had
to drag, theiftihcrry.1 Then the'Idea of
holding an auction occurred to me, as I.
knew not one bf them would mis. ihe
chance to see what I had,'       	
i "Wc|l, l.gpt my,fee,.and she get the
satisfaction of knowing that at Inst tbe
neighbors had seen sit ber beautiful
.   Notable White Houe  Iaidle.,
Mrs. Lincoln took part In many or the
public dinners and receptions during tho
war prcslilcnt'a service, but she was not
especially popular. Johnson's wife, an
Invalid, was Bclilom seen on the great oc- j
caslons during his presidency, but ber
daughter, the late Mn. David T. Patterson, did the honors during moat of ber
father's service, .lull. Dent Grant made
Blhney HrlcnilSdnrHig'the eight years of
the general's stay in the White House,
Lucy Webb Hayes during tbe four years
ot her husband*, service Introduced the [
Mnbvatkutbf shutting out wine from tho
White House table on all occasions, I
which created much comment, good na-
tured and otherwise, at the time. Never-,
theless Mn, Hayes was popular In Wash,
ington society. Tho stay of Mrs. Car-
field, waa. short in the White .Bnute; as
Gnrfield'i death took plnco a little over
halt a year after hli inauguration. Arthur wns a widower, and the bouon of
the. White House during his time-were
done, and very acceptably done, by his
lister, Mn. McElroy, The mlatresaee or
the dxccutlvo mansion since that time-
Mrs. Cleveland, Mrs,. Harrison, wbo died.
Just before General Harrison's term ear),
ed, and Mrs. McKlnley—aro all bo near-
ns In time that they are well remembered. Mn. Cleveland, waa. tho most popular mistress which the presidential gau,
eleu hat hag since Harriet Lime.
■    ..amah W..U1.M.        ,,' |
The favorite Instrument in Spain I.
the mandora of tbe guitar family. It
Il usually provided with alx pain ot
wire itrlnga,
Oar rival Oarflasass,
^•iT-s'.ty ,VqNB»i*eih*ne*«
bavlhg made the tint carriage manufactured In thla country. Several wen
built |n 18)4, and the event, waa duly
poted at .tho1 time na an evidence of
the spread of United States enterprise.
Be      C
This beautifully situated town offers'ex-
ceptional advantages.
dqtiarters of the coal shipping 'industry'of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Columbia. " " ",i'
Tyee Mining Company's smelter a^i reduction works to be erected here.
First class, water system, electric light
and power plant about to be .instalte.dr'
Fine public school building,,, now being
Every facility for manufacturers and'all
■"    needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
im b. c.
I.- i -*   ? s
i, u p.y i
.,.,.,s.Vti1  ...  .."tv*/
■sssissisate Z2^
The Cheapside!
y     Before itock taking we will reduce all our goodt.  We offer tbe public
j, of Ladysmith and surrounding district Ihe benefit of our
! Wholesale Prices!
Come and take the opportunity offered by tbe cheap sales.
I We in robe's
|    Hl«h st> Ladysmith Extension Tunnel
Removed lire Obstruction.
Tbe Lanora Mining Companr last
week built ecrosi the E & N. Railway
track at a point where the Mount Sicker
siding Is piaced a light atructure preparatory to erecting the permanent
bridge for tbeir'line to the proposed
Osborne Bay tmcltor. Mr. Joe. Hunter
and a force of men pulled It do wn Satur-
j day bight.
General Store,
Annual Clearance Sale ol
TwHtity pur vent tliecuuQt for Che next
two week?. Heal snaps in odd liner.
Come with tlm crowd and net first
i-11oirt?-ol the beet patterns before tbey
pre ai! Hold,
Sampson's Cash  Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.
THE tin
♦^■»4+-m-H-v-m* ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ,+++■»
t   ;: ™
Sir. Tellua arrived on Friday and com.
plated loading for Frisco yeiterday afternoon.
Toe latest etylei in hur cutting and
b3a.nl trimming at tin Ladyimith Shav
ng I'arlor, High itree..
Captain Mcintosh went dowo to Victoria oh yesterday'! expren, He will
bo absent. day or two.
Nothing finer turned out anywhere
than thote winter suite and overcoats at
Caldwell'i, Nanaimo. t
Mrs. Perry ol Duncan's is in Lady
emith oh a visit to Mr. and Mn. Harris
Mrs. Perry haa many Irlenda in Lady
. Cal.Ove.il, C-e Nanaimo tailor, is show
ing the finest tweeds and clotha for winter garments. •
Mr, Walton, formerly of the Grand
Hotel, Ladyemith, is now living in
Honolulu. He sailed Irom Ladyemith
last fall on the ihip Kinross.
Do yon believe io yc.r own goods?
Then don't conceal the fact from Ihe
public,   Advertise.
The concert and high tea to be given
by the congregation of Ihe Methodist
church will take place on the evening ol
the 2l>th, instsnt. The ladies are pre.
paring A fine programme.
For highlit clan jewelery and skilled
repairing go to Lively, the jeweler.
Many .re looking out their skates in
anticipation ol a good time on the lakes
and pond, .round Ladyemith. The
weather hat iully warranted those preparations.
Watch and clock repairing ii my
specialty. Send them to me and I will
make them like new. W. H, Lively,
First Avenue.
Mr, Charles Trawford, formerly pro'
piielor of the Shades, Nanalmo, is now
proprietor of tbe Wilson Hotel, Nanaimo. Mr. George Raymond, late proprietor, it ia understood will shortly go
11 Australia with hia family.
Mr. Thomaa Kitchen,'formerly town-
site agent for Lailysmith, writing to
Nanaimo Fete Press soys: the Alberrii
railway will lie built, not to Nanaimo,
direct to the smelter at Ladysm-ith, Mr.
Kitchen is one of tbe best-imforuied men
in Ihe country.
Sana-a Last Reque.1.
"Now I lay ma down to rest;
To my fellowman 1 i.lwaya tried to do
my beat;
il I ihould die before I wake,
I want Bonnev & Stewart my bod, lo
And plant me out In Masonic ground,
Where mv memory shall Bleep o'er
grand Puget Sound."
St. Paul, Minn., nut to be outdone by
Seattle claims "boss snd boss" with the
Queen City on tbe Sound, by producing
in thit line, a fellow named 0. I
Chrletenten, who having had trouble
with hit wife, thinking that life was
only * vale ol trouble and weariness
stood ln front of a mirror In his room
and while singing that beautiful song:
"D-j du, liegst mir im Hertzen," fired a
bullet into hie mouth, dying instantly.
Now let some other city hurry up and
win tbe " buggy," Surely these two
cases are ones In which the sensational
minister can obtain enough text-food
lor a couree of winter eermoue.
Mr. C. E. Stevenson, the famous
merchant of Nauaimn, visited Ladysmitli
last Saturday, for the purpose, it is
Is rumored, oi selecting a elle for a
business block to be occupied by a
braucb of his great establishment in the
Diamond City.
Still a lew bargains left at Lively's,
the leading jsweler. Christmas and
New Year didn't take them all.
Captain Gaudln, agent of the Department oi Marlue and Fisheries at Vic-
toria, visited Cliemaluue and Lady
smith on Tuesday. He spent some time
sbiard tbo ship Kimo'se, visiting
Captain Murray.
While sliding along a plank on Saturday, Mln May Hawei, daughter ol Mr,
F. W. Hawes, manager of tha Company's wharves, slipped and fell sustaining a fracture of tbe arm. Dr. Gordon
wat quickly in attendance and rendered
every aid to tbe unfortunate little
sufferer. She it recovering nicely from
tbe shock.
Have your watch make a good resolution to keep correct time throughout
1(102.   Lively will atlend to It for yon.
A raost'lnleresllng letter Irom Rev,
Father Verbeke on the Coronation
Oath, received too late for today'e pa.
per will appear in Saturday'e issue. It
is a reply to statements made by The
Leader's correspondent "M," and shows
tbat there is very muoh more in tbe
oath than The Leader wai enabled to
Many people have laid to Tbe
Leader that there seems to them nothing in tbe Coronation Oath published in
Saturday's Leader to "kick at." Maybe
tbey think so, bpt they should jus1
have beard tbe other people who found
plenty to "kick at" in tbe oath. Judging from thore statements Ihe Bible
itself doea not present a richer field for
tbe exercise of controversial talents.
Owing to an unfortunate oversight
The Leader failed to note that very high
honors bad been won by a charming
young daughter of Ladyemith in the
domain of scholarflhf p. Mlsa Beverldge,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beveridge ol
tbe Grsnd Hole1, has bad tbe proud
distinction of winning tbe highest place
io tbe recent examination In the Nanaimo schools. Misi Beverldge, who has
tbut early shown ber powers ai a
student, will undoubtedly achieve etill
greater triumph* ia the higher fields
which ber present bus less his opened lo
her. The Lsader wishes the talented
young lady all success.
All ,-lalms against Ihe Extension
Mines Relief Fund Committee and ail
claims tor benefits agsinst tbe fund
aforesaid must be presented in writing
duly certified to W. G. Fraeer, general
secietary, Ladysmith, B.O, on nr belore
9.80 a ai., Jan. 25th, 1002. On uid
date committee will proceed to distribute
ibe said lund and the committee and
trustees will nut hold themselves liable
for any claim or clalmi after tbe date
37 4t General Secretary,
Desirable house and full-sized city lot,
White street, Ladyimith, apply Jamei
Hogg, at the boner, 94-31
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathe, etc, Wedding Bouquets in every style. Orders promntlv
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. 0
To lie! Winter Egg..
The pullets that we want to be good
layere this winter must be well raised
and kept growing Irom Ihe start with
the intent that they are matured and
commence hiving belore cold weather
overtakes them, says Poultry Gisette.
I have 200 spring Barred Plymouth
Rock pullets, which are commencing to
lay. I iced them every morning a slop
of akimmed milk and eoelded wheat
chop, Sometimes I add a little Venetian red as a preventative ol cholera
and feed soaked oats. I feed wheat or
corn at night, II possible I have a rye
patch lor them to roam on. I keep
plenty ot fresh, clean water and coaiee
land and lime lor them, I paint tbe
dropping boanls, roosts, netts, neit
boxes and all tha cracks and crevices ol
tbe poultry houee with thli formula.
Thia will destroy all body lice and red
mites, it applied in the evening before
tba fowlfl go to rooeti
Formula—Carbolic acid, crude, 1-3
pint; hltulphate ol carbon,1-2 pint; tar,
North Cirolina, 1-2 gill; petroleum oil,
crude, 15 pints,
Mix the first three liquids together by
•hiking well, then add to petroleum oil
by deareea and agitate thoroughly.
Keep in an airtight jog and ahake well
1'iiefore using, I apply with a paint
brush.' Since I have made it a
practice to clean poultry home once a
week and occasionally nting this formula, I have no trouble with diseased
fowls, and they are so bright and
healthy looking and lav ao many fertile
eggs, which hatch well, and tbe chicks
are to healthy, I have no tronble to
raise tbem, and II you readeri wonld try
doing ai I have yon will not complain,
Know Your Fate I
Taaot Marks
Co.vhioht* eke.
No. ai,
I. 0. O. F.
v&stt™1"" Moo'c""k'
Maple Lodge, No. 6i, 1.0.0. r.
Meeti every Wednesday evening In
Nicholson's Hall. Vliltlng member!
are cordially Invited.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoe! at the same price
as cheap factory made. Come iu and lee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Christie,
Anrone lending a iketch and daaorlptlon mar
nlcklT aioertaln onr opinion frw whether an
iventlon li probably jwtantablt. Gommnnlca-
qnl _    _
invention li probably patentable.	
tloni itrlctlr conOdentfal. Handbook on Patents
lent free. Oldest ngency foraeonrlnapatentl.
Patent* taken through Munn £ Co. recalfl
tpttiai notice, without charge, In tha
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllnrtratad weekly. Larm.it dr-
culatlon of any wnintlBo Journal. Tenni, 13 a
year; four month!, |1. SoldbyalinewidMlen.
Braucb Office, bt I Bt, Washington, D. C.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.
First-class accommodations lor mlnera
and transient!. None but
Ths Bail Wines and Liquors
lerved at the bar.   Give us a call.
Cor. Victoria Rd & Commercial St.
NANAIMO.     -     -      B.C.
J. E.SniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paner Hanging and Kal-
eominlng.    Estimate! given.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Teacher of Languages, Music, Singing, Painting and Drawing,
Singing, 3 Lessons ...fc per month
Music, 8 Lessons.. , 3 "       "
Painting, per Lesson... .......50cents
Drawing, per Lesson , ,„ , yi cents
Language.*-French and German—per Lea'11, 50c
Hours from 9 a. in. to 13 in. Terms ft per mouth.
Twu Irom same family $3.
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,
AH kinds of heavy teaming done
j. Mclennan, ladysmith, b, 0,
Notice is hereby given, in accord
mice with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
arid Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, in terms of law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Ladysmith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902,
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all |
hotels  and bars in Ladysmith and Extension. *
In case or bulk at jjj
Pither & Laser's, |
, Victoria,       - -        B. C. I
The greatest known Palmist of j
the age,
Will be at the Abbotsford
Hotel for a few days.
X ' 1 .. J. J. I..I. j.i.J,j.J,ll.t.t-t. r.i. 1 I...I,'«. j, ,|, J1 ,|, ,|, ,|, A\,, 1,11, j, ,a, ,s, ,s, ,a. ,f. ,a, t,i|L1|..|ii|i.|i.|i,Liliiliiliali
hoc    ALARM CLOCKS    80c'
i I
• ■   We hive received a large shipment of Alarm Olocki which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guusntee them for one year.     All our other goods In our huge
stock will be sold at gnat roduotloni before moving into our new premliei. J
+   Now is your time to secure bargains.
i The First Jeweller,
..» «„■■ t>. ■ .St. 1 M.At. ..................... ,s» m
T rrrTT ttTTTtTt TTTT T ttttTt
Your Past and Future Told
II yon detire to lie more successful lesrn
your vocation and get a thorough
diignosis ol your disease.
Tie Baseball clnb are making great
preparations for the dance end concert
to be given by them on tbe evening of
the 21st instant, Tuetday night next.
An excellent programme has alnady
bien arranged, but a few specialties are
11 Im aihleil, Tba affair will take place
in Gould's ball.
Mr. Sam Shore moved lo Union on
Monday, and will reside therein future,
Mr. Shore was deservedly popular In
. Lidynaith, and his many friend, hop.
to in him back again some day. Mr.
Shore was unable to find hit fine collie
<>og, which wis lost tome weeki ago. It
il thought that tie dog went upon the
steamer Bristol and probably perished
when thit ship wai lest.    $
[Coal!   ~   Coal!!
Johnston Block,     •    Nanaimo, B. C.
P.O. BtW,'ST, .«.-«•.
Heating by
' Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
E.   ROLiTON,    Lh
Hardware Merchant,        - Ladysmith, B. C.J|
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
I Wellington Ca*!   Best household coal on the Pacific
Coinox Coal—But steam coal on the Pacific Coast J
t Alexandria Coal—First class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are niiued only by the Wei- I
t liugton Colliery Company, Wharves at Ladysmiih, |
J Oyster Harbour, ind Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
'*    -'—- — — m
The very best
I r
f Head Office
Victoria, B.C  f
Ban  Francltsco Agency,
R. Dunamuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
:Ttwtt»ti 11 ii 111 itttttwttTtHttmwfttttmtt
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody*
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
H Tim Talli No. 48.
Tralnileiv. Larlviollh wnth-bonnd, daily at 0.10 a. m., and on Saturday! sad
Sundays at 8.5J p, m.
JTrala. leave Ladyimith north-bound, dally at 11.17 a. m., and on Saturday! and   a
I      Sunday, at 6.57 p.m,
Trains las?* Ladyimith for Exten.lon dally except Snndty at 8,00 a. m,, 3,00 aad
10 p.m., aad on Sunday, at 10 p.m.
Eicuulon Hitit le ill Points, Good Saturday and Sunday
Die, L. Oonrtniy, Traffic Managir


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