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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 18, 1902

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JtHMWW«W*'K-K-«' '
'.' The people that save '■[
'• '• money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
For Boots and
Blckle's is tbo storo
VOL. I. NO. 38.
* _ _      _
I really don't know what to give! $
This is just what we hear so many j
I say. at this season.   Let us help you. |
! We have some nice Rattan Ware just I
" received, Rockers, Arm Chairs, Cradles |
and other  Useful   Furniture just the *
thing for young people starting out in |
house furnishing and also for those |
renewing their out-of-date furniture. |
8'IS>fS'l^'iin»)'41*'ti.*'4;*'tefc'**'fe*'te».r4i »j^V*iU.-Kf&9ilk»llk*j*lt»!liKli*> *
Leiser & Hamburger
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preicriptioni carefully dlipensed. Open
, day and night.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, Hlc.
Money lo Loan.
.   Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Corresnondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed I'. 0. Dox .157
Eaplansde and Oatacre Street.
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi    &   W
Fred  Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted ami
for sale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned aud stored
141-1 Johnson St.,        ? Victoria, B
Merchant Tailor
Fineit Herten and Clay Woratedi.
Fall line of Imported Tweediand
Woratedi. FIrat-clais workman-
■hip guraanteed.
First Ave.,  Ladyimith
*♦♦♦, ♦♦♦«■» mttvMtvvtm*
One fact ii batter than s Doien
Hearsays. II yon want th.
choicest nieati go to
Lidyemitb, B, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop,
A fiesh supply   of   Vegetable!
alwaya on band.
Special attention giisn to ihips'
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Tbie new hotel hai been comfortably furnished and Ih* bar It np lo d.lr.
Beit accommodation lor tranti.nt and permanent boarder, and lodgen.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Tht Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Maru.re.ete, reel
Soda Water, dingier Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMfllNQ,        - Proprietor,  ftftfiSS
News Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Olde Corner,
Government St., Victor!*, B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Pl.in and fancy bread. Cakea and pastries of all desrriptioni. Frnit cakeia
peclalty for Xmae,   Finite in season
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulers
86 Vatee St.
P.O. Box 485
David    Murray,
Buller Street,        •       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Tbunday,
Friday and Saturday.
McAdia and Son
Undertaken and Knibalnten,
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent. Telephone No. 143,
NANAIMO,      -     -     •      B. C.
Fire Insurance!
Why not Insure st hems snd tivt
By insuring in th. London Mutual, or
Ottawa,   Loweit possible ratea.
D. Mcintosh,    •   Agent,
We Hi Mason,
Local Agent lor the
Firs, Lit. "and Accident Iniurance.
Notary Public.
OSes, Kiplanade.
1111 Mm. km ind pit sna
To ba held Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, January 21,22 and 23
Judges-Poultry, Mr, J, E. Bennett, Toronto; pigeon aad pet ttock, Mr. J.mci
Chalmers, Salt Spring Island.
Fur entry formi and prise lists apply to
GEO.   WILKINSON, ''• 0. bos SSfl, Nanalmo, B. 0.
get mimed at once, lor It may be
too lata tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD snd RELIABLE Com pan le. and
can Insure yon al. moment's notice at
Ib. loweit potiibl. rates. All leading
eompinlet charge tlie same ratei. Dou't
he misled Into Insuring with .cheap
company—it might be dear in tb. end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Draw.r 38, Nanalmo. B, C.
John Barnsley & Co.,
1 ATj.fT.y..r « o rla, B. C.
Fir* Proof Safe..      —in Kodaks, Film., Etc,
■? T+mm+t+mmfmtm ♦♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦+♦♦♦«♦♦■♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦■
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggt ind Freeh Vegetable, supplied
Dally.  Lssv. orders .1 the post office.
Strong Probability That a Wealthy Syndicate
Hay Establish Works Here.
For some months back it has been known that a paper manufacturing company has been looking around British Columbia
with a view to finding a suitable site for the establishment of a J |
first-class pulp mill and paper factory. The Leader learns that
strong pressure has been brought to bear on the company to found
their industry right here tii Ladysmith, which presents a larger J |
number of genuine advantages for manufacturing enterprises than
any place, either on the Mainland or on the Island.
It is understood that the heads of the concern have been very
favorably impressed with the proposals made to them; and that,
so far as tbe negotiations have gone, Ladysmith stands as good a
chance as any place in British Columbia of seeing the pulp mill
and paper factory established here. What this means to Ladysmith they know best who know most about such establishments.
The plants are most costly, aud tb,e number of bauds employed is
Around Ladysmith there is a fine stock of the necessary
spruce which is used in the pulpniaking operations, and there are
in other portions of the Island large tracts covered with this valuable wocd.
The Leader hopes to be able at no distaut day to announce to
the people of Ladysmitli that the syndicate have decided to settle
I Mr. A. C. Thompson, of Ladysmith, Held Up,
Knocks Out His Assailant.
]| Everything Indicates That Work Is To Be
Pushed Vigorously At Once.
Work on the Ladysmith-Extension short line will be recommenced and rushed to a finish as soon its the weather settles;
probably about the end of February. In preparation for this
work large quantities of ties and bridge timbers are being hauled
to various points along the line daily, The plans for the bridges
across Nanaimo river and Hiislam creek are now ready.
The most important piece of work on the line will be the
two-span bridge across Nanaimo river. This will be very substantially built. The centre of the bridge will rest on a pier
built on a small island nearly in mid-stream and there will be a
one-hundred foot span ou either side. Already a considerable
portion of the timber to be used is on the river bank, and more is j;
going up every day. ]
It is also stated that there is to be one rather heavy cut, but i
the only one on the whole line, near Extension.     Apart from <
this the line is practically level, all the way, and will permit of |
high speeds being made by the trains travelling between the two !
points. ]
The officials of the company say that but for the unfortunate ]
accident at No. 2 last fall the road would have been in full work- 1
ing order probably by the  New  Year.     When  the new line is ;
completed the present route to Fiddick's Junction from Extension,  ',
will, it is understood,   be  abandoned,   the   rails  ami ties to be 1
utilized for part of the new line. ;
; j^aatWW4tTtr-HW'(,t TWrHtW 1111111111111 Ht»'
Statistics Showing the Output of
lha Dunsmuir Collieries.
SncceMor. to Hubert a Son..
Funeral Director, and Embalmed.
Open day and night.
Orders by Telegraph  promptly  attend'
•d to	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone la,. P. 0, nos 39a,
Following ares the ixvot figures shewing the amount of coal tailed and exported Irom the Wellington Collieries
during 1001:
Welllnaton mine-Oulput lor year
lilOl, 418,580 tone i sales, 808,154.
Alexandria mine—Output (or year
1801,71,820; talis, "0,450 loot.
Oomox Mine- Output lor year 1801,
5(15,100; tales, 225,540; coke salts,
Tbe Wellington Colliery Co., opetatei
150 cok. event at Union B,y, turning
ont the hlgbett clan ol coke.
I In addition to the loregoing The
Leiderrnay quel, (ram th. excellent
review ol British Columbia mining by
Mr. W. M. Brewer In the J.nu.ry
number nl the New Yolk Mining and
Engineering Journal, the lollowing section dialing particularly with coal mining generally en Vancouver Island 1
I   Coal mining en Vancouver Island hai
been bent with a good many dlfBcnltiei
during HUH. Th. dieoovery and nil (or
fuel ol crude oil In California has uecei-
lirtly diminished.tho exports, and when
to this arc added tome labor trouble
with tbo llunimulr Collieries and the
disastrous tire during the summer at the
Extension mine, which hat caused it lo
be closed down since, it Is not rurpril.
ing that Ibe progress hit not been al
latislnctory ei during eome previous
years. However the building ol local
smellers, which will draw tbeir fuel
supply Irom the Vancouver Island Col-
llerles ought, with l.vorable condition,
in other direction!, lo remit in a largely
Increased output during 1002 The total
lonntge exported tor the lint ten
months of the put jesr, reached 689,-
007 tons, at agalnat 006,205 torn export-
ed In 1000. Th. tola! Inr the entire yew
during 1000 will probably reach 100,000
tons, while th. quantity consumed In
other pcrtlone ol Canada, lor cok*, and
al Ibe collleile. will probably be about
the time at daring 1000, vir-486,882
Last Tuesday morning, Mr. A. C. Thompson, who has been
foreman of The Leader composing room since the founding of the
paper, but who has had to remove to Nanaimo this week, and has
temporarily severed his connection with the Leader staff, had
occasion to go up to Nanaimo on the early-train, leaving here at
six o'clock. He walked up the railway track from Fiddick's to
the point where the old track leading to the Southfield colliery
passes under the E. & N. Railway. There Mr. Thompson j;
struck off eastward to join the main road to Nanaimo.
It was a bleak, misty morning, and dark as the inside of a !'
black dog, the traveller being just able to discern the track as he
walked along at his usual brisk pace.     When he came to a place j!
on the road where the trees and underbrush stand very thick and !'
close to the road, Mr. Thompson heard a slight noise at his left
which caused him to turn his head sharply.
Dawn was just opening, and in the shadowy light he caught
sight of the figure of a man looming out indistinctly against the J J
swarthy foliage.     At the same instant a rough voice exclaimed :
. "Here, hold up there I"
Mr. Thompson who was armed with nothing more formidable
than a natty little umbrella with a steel shank, which he carried
in his right hand, without a moment's hesitation left-wheeled and
dealt the fellow a blow iu the face with the umbrella, throwing all 11
his force into the cut. With a lightning twist of the wrist he
then plunged the point of the umbrella, bayonet fashion, into the
stranger's 'midships, causing him to double up with a sonorous
grunt and to disappear backwards into the bushes. The track
at that point is somewhat elevated, and the man made quite a
racket as he floundered down the slope.
So hearty was the stroke and the  punch delivered in true I '<
cavalry sabre style by Mr. Thompson  that  he was not sure
whether he had done the man  a  serious injury or not, and aa
' stood listening for a few moments..   Then, hearing nothing, be -
called loudly, but leceived no  answer.     lie   thought ItaavVataM ,    '
heard some one sneaking cautiously away through the thicketj'!
below, but wisely refrained  from  pursuit in such a place and in '<
such a light.
It was so dark that Mr. Thompson had no chance to get a
look ot the pad, if the stranger were one, and besides the whole < '•
affair was over in less than five or six seconds. It is surmised ] !
that the man may have been wanting to ask the way or to borrow 1 '•
a match or enquire the time, but he certainly received a sharp ' •-
lesson in daybreak etiquette and lonely road ceremonial that time. ] |
On the other hand he may have heard Mr. Thompson's rapid ! !
footsteps, and the  evil thought  seizing  him, stepped into the ' '
shadow with the object of assuming an undue share of the white
man's burden.
On arriving at Nanaimo Mr. Thompson promptly reported i I
the affair to Chief Crossan, and the police have now the matter in ' '
charge. So far no damaged wayfarer has reported himself for ! !
repairs, and to claim that he, not the other fellow, was held up, 1 '<
and this lends color to the belief that the man who attempted to '
hold up Mr. Thompson had felonious intentions.
Mr. Thompson's umbrella is much bent near the point, prob- < ■
ably from its spirited excursion among the vest buttons of the | ;
would-be Claude Duval.
WWfrH ■Willi 11M llllllt 11111, »♦  I
Interview by Miners' Gommittee at
Eitension Yesterday,
On ths noon train yesterday Irom Vic*
toria wat Hon. Jimei Duntmulr. He
did not itop at Ladyimith but pasted on
to Extemion. Mr. Harry Carrol ol tb.
Alexandria miners' committee boarded
th. train here to Interview Mr. Dunsmuir, but w.t Informed tbat Mr. Duntmulr intended totpeak with the members ol tbe committee at Extension the
tame afternoon. Accordingly the committee went up on tbe aliernoon train
and held a lengthy conference with Ihe
premier. Tbe Interview was in progreti
when The Leader went to pmi last
Tlils, Is pay day at Ladyimith; tba raon
ey arrived from Victoria on ycslnday'i
nnnn train and was put oil at tie. pay
office, the train (topping lor this par-
Captain D, Mcintosh ol Ladyimith,
hai been .ppolnted towmite agent .1
th. town ot Orolton, Oiborne Bay,
Captain Mcintosh will (Hum* hit 1
duties tt once. He will probably bs In
Ladyimith tonight.
Position of Superintendent Sebeel
Building Awarded li Mi.
Mr. Jam.i Auld, the wtlr-kaowa
Ladytmlth contractor Sad tvaudsr, ba*
jiiilbeen notified by the U.dltt Works
Department, Victoria, that hi* aaauice-
lion lor the petition ol npasMMwt
ot tht work on tha n.w tehool MMlag
•t Ladyimith had ban ippravtd by tfc*
Department. Tb. work ot etsaHaf tha
loti has been completed aad tha Meat lar
tho foundation it now oa ths groaad.
Work 00 building Ih. fooseeUea* aad
Itone courses will b. started early aaal ,
week. Tbe atone It la* qaallty lit*.
none, *nd whin thli portloa of tatwork
it finisher! it will present a tar* ptaaa-
Ing appearance,
Mr. Bnbelee wai alio sn espUuat let
thipotltionolinn.rlat.ndMt, att ..jjffcii
Anld't appllosllon wai pat la
Victoria Poultry ibow aad wis if
entries, N.nalmo't will hay* hMatM
800 sad 1,000. Th, mew will
ToHday naxt and eootiaa* netlt
'■■'-I aetata
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
l'abllshed every Wednesday and Saturday at
Til. Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French street, udyamlth, British Columbia,
T. L. GRAHAMS, EoiTom ANn paopaiBToa.
Bv Mail in Canada and united states,
One year (strictly in advance)... ,, oo
Ix months (strictly In advance)   I >s
TRANSIENT-First insertion toe, a line; each
subsequent insertion 5C. a line.
. Rates on application.    No wood cut. used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time wilt be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER may be .'obtained from the following Agents:
Ladysmith—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury St Co.
Victoria — Gcotge Marsden;   Victoria  Book &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;] Public  Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver-Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisement, must be received
at this office before 13 noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving- paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash in advance.
Will B. c. IS a failiihi:.
Is British Columbia a failure? That
il the startling queitiun which il beginning to awaken the people ol British
Columbia out of their deathlike torpor
andcauie them to esquire into tbe
causei which lead up to the very patent
(act thatthla province dote not ebow
aaything like tbe progress that it ihould
with the advantage, th.t it il said to
enj ly. We .ball in the following ex-
tract! Irom a masterly article on the condition of mining affair* in tbii province,
Irom theipan ol an undisputed authority
show the causes which are ruining mining in thla province.
The article il by Mr.W.M. Brewer, cor
l respondent of the New York Mining and
1 Engineering Journal, and   it   il hli
* nnuai report ol the conditions prevailing in British Columbia during 1001.
Toe article, which la la tha January
number, li exhaustive, moat impartial,
ipeaki tb. truth withont bltterneti, and
il British Columbian! will only heed It.
candid advice they will tee to it tbat a
stop ia potto the abuses which are keeping this province In tbe background. We
resrrt that the lluiitationiol onr ipace
lor'oiil ni publishing the artlclo entire,
because we consider it to be quite ai
important ai anything which haa ever
been published about the affaln ot tbii
After a lengthy and critical review ol
.11 tbe condition, obtaining ia tbii province daring the part year, regard! mining, Mr. Brewer sums np th. reatons
which in hii opinion are operating to
the detriment ol mining development in
Britiih Columbia, al lollowi;
First—The pnrebsw pilceipild lor
mineral claim, by English and Can*.
dian companies have almost invariably
been from 80 to 400 per cant, greater
than should have been paid.
Second—Lack ol coniervalitm by examining expert, in measuring and valuing ore in light.
Tliird—Unrett among the laboring
classes, canted by agitation provoked by
co-oalled labor champion, amongit th.
politician! and walking delegate! ol the
labor unione. B	
F iiirlli—The fact that extensive areas and no doubt Vancouver Island
ol mineral bearing lands are tied up by
being held by men who have either not
sufficient confidence in tbeir own country, or sufficient enterprise, or who lack
the capital to develop their numerous
mineral claims, but yet! place such an
exorbitant value on undeveloped pros-
peeti that no experienced, conservative
operator can consider a proposition to
purchase. These mineral lands return
comparatively no revenue to tbe pro-
Fifth—Tbe fact tbat Ihe province ia
pasiing through the same experience al
have all older mining communities, and
wbich may be designated at tbe period
ol "teething in infancy," or that period
when heavy conservative operator!
await the remits demonstrated by developments, and the opportunity to ac.
quire properties at their actual value,
inrtea-l of the speculative values which
lie ve I .-en paid by lees experienced and
mi'e rptimistie operators,
PH'-ii nt reasons exist in different
districts, lor example—the prime cause
in the Atlin district haa been litigation
in the Similkameen district lack of
railroad transportation; on tbe coast
lack ol development, and prohibitive
pricee asked for prospects with possibilities.
Vancouver and Texada Islands and
the Boundary Creek districts Hand lorth
as exam plea where satisfactory progress
has been the order ol tbe day.
Vlewirg the troubled tea ol politics,
anil tbe commercial ditputei and rival
rie. in thla province, one is constrained
to believe that the statesmen ol Confederation made a serious blander when
they included in the Province of Britiih
Columbia the Island ot Vancouver.
Bow much better it would have been,
at least for thie island, had it been
erected Into a separate prjvince, like
Prince Edward Island, or bad it remained a crown colony, like Newfoundland. Ita desiiniea aeem to lie along
different paths from those which are to
be followed by the Mainland.
Vancouver Island aa a dislidct province would have pursued a courie Iree
Irom all the vexaliooi entanglement!
with the Mainland. The development
ol the resource! ol this island would
have been task sufficient for the energiea
of tbe finest people, and the reward of
their industry wuuld have been magnificent. The progren of tbii island
has been retarded by the interposition
ol Mainland affaire, which have engrossed to much ol the time of tbe legislature.
Had thit island bad ita own legislature,
and ill own system of development, il
would tank at Ihe present day ai one ol
tbe brightest jewele in the Imperial
crown. But as we have aatd, Islai d
affairs have been overshadowed by
those of the Mainland; while the Kool-
enajs, Cariboo aud ether districts of tbe
province have been exploited to tbe
fullest extent, tbe virgin areas al
mineral and loreit landa ln the Island
have barely been explored.
Ae tbe Province ol Vancouver Island
tbii would have been tbe chief centre of
maritime activity on the Pacific Uoait;
no doubt railway, would hive penetrated into all parti ol th. island, and
rich mining sreaa which have not yet
been tapped wonld be yielding their
wealth. But Vancouver Island tiemi
fated to be dragged along at tbe tail ol
tbe Mainland, and to be embroiled In
Mainland quarrels iu which it can have
little or no inter's',.
There waa a Utile impiilum In Ira-
perio here in Ihe West, had tbe slates-
men ol the dayi ol tbe Union only seen
tbat Ihe geographical position ol the
Island made it naturally Into a itate by
itself. But tbe damage hai been done,
have to make one ol an  ill-assorted
team to the end of time.
Now that the gift msde by Canadian
statesmanship to the British Empire,
the idea of Imperial two-cent postage,
hai been proved to be a good thing,
both for the people and for the Government, why not carry the idea to ill
logical [consummation and make tbe
postage stamps ol all countries within
the Empire the same? And when that
has been done why not make the coinage of tbe Empire one, instead ui in
many? II thoie things were accomplished it would pave the way lor tbe adoption oi a universal language throughout
Ills true, the English language ii
ipreading, with eo much rapidity tbat
the time cannot he far dittant when all
tbe race! which ei j ly the protection of
tbe BritiBh flag will apeak tbat language.
The moral effect ol using the lame
postage atamps and the lame coinage is
great; such uniformity eervei to impress
upon the people the British ideal
thousand times a day, and to keep
strong the Britiih sentiment.
The trouble would be, of courie, to
adopt a coinage that wonld be acceptable to all portlone of the Empire. Wo
on this side of the Atlantic, would
scarcely like to return to the barbarous
lystem atill in vogue in the United
Kingdom; and the prejudice over there
against the decimal system Is very
strong, Still, Borne compromise could
be arranged. The main thing ie to
unify the interests ol the Empire in all
things, There are now too many disparates io the imperial economy, and it
is tbe wisest lliiog to remove them
wherever possible.
Tbe motlo ol Prince Bismarck: "Ohne
kaiser keln Reich," no state without a
head; tbat iB, let everything within the
state conform to oue ideal, ib the best
idea. Bismarck found it tbe very best
formula for bis imperial projects, and
hlssucceu II proverbial. Make all
things in tho way ol public utilities
within the Empire uniform, and strong
links are lorged lor binding the distent
portions and peoples ot the Empire
more closely.
The time may come when these things
will be'eeen more clearly than tbey are
at present.
"Flannelid foils at tbe wickets, and
muddled oafi at the goal" la a line Irom
Rudjatd Kipling's latest "poem" on tbe
Boer war. He Is referring, il you please,
to the very tame gentleman whom be
hai to fervently apotheosized in former
•' poems"—to the officer! of the British
army. Well, we never had that auperior
intelligence tbat enable! one to admire
Kipling. Persons who were aforetime
insane, quite mad, on the subject ol
Kipling, now are "rial cross" with bim.
1 ♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦•♦♦♦«-♦♦♦♦ ¥++*+*+**+< ,mm+-m++4~H-v-Ht
f X
J Many a word my tongue has uttered |;
Haa brought ma sorrow at avontide. 4
And I have grieved with a grieving bitter
Over apeech of anger and scorn and pride,
But never a word in my heart remembered
Al I sit with myself at the close ol day,
Hal pierced with ropentance more unavailing
Then have the words I did not say.
The word of cheer that I might have whispered
To a heart that waa breaking with weight of woe,
The word of hope that I might have given
To one whose courage was ebbing low,
The word of warning I should have spoken
In tbe ear of one who walked aatruj-
Oh, bow they conie with a Bad rebuking,
Those belpiul wordt tbat I did not lay.
So many and sweet; if I bad but laid them,
How glad my heart would then have been;
What a dew of blessing would fill upon It
As the day's remembrances gather In;
But I eaid them not, and tbe chance for ever
Is gone with the moments of yesterday,
And I lit alone with a spirit bunlsned
By all the worda tbat 1 did not say. I
—L. M. Montgomery. X
»TmTTvvvvTm+vm4+»+»»**+»» +
Mr. ,1. W. Uawlhornthwalle, H.P.L.,
lias been dismissed from hia employment In Ibe New Vancouver Coal Company, bnt at tbe same moment he baa
gone up ninety per cent. In the eiteem
of Intelligent and thinking Nanalmo,
And It waa not "following in Ihe fool,
alepiol (that great man) Ralph Snillh,
.P.," that did it, but differing from
tlie laid Mr, Smith on a matter ol
oonecience. Yet some people say Ralph
Smith is losin* his influence,
We Have Them Ail Now I
All the New Season's Fruits
New Cleaned Currants      New Cleaned Raisins
New White Figs New Dates
Lemon, Orange and Citron Peel,, all cut ready
for use.
These goods are the very best in the market aud the
prices are right.
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Th. Coroimllon Oalb.
Editor Leader:—In aniwer to s re,
quett msde by "M" you publlihed in
your Lit inns" What Edward VII will
be reqiiesled to .wear at hit coron. 1
atlon." No doubt it mutt have been a
puzsle to m-ny ol tour reader, why thli
oatb hu railed inch a storm ol prolanr,
net only from Catholics hut .In from
non-Catholic*. Allow ms, therefore,
to aak you a. a favor to publish for the
edification of tbe general public what
Hit Majesty ba, sworn at bis accession
and, il t mlilike not, will have to .wear
again at bla coronation. It ii against
till, oath that all right-minded people
do protoif,
"I. A, B. by the grace ol Qod, king
(or queen) ol (lr.it Britain and Ireland,
defender ol tht fellb, do solemnly and
elncerely In th. presanceof God, proton.
that in the Sacrament ol the laird's
Supper there ia nut any tranmbilanti-
aliun of the elements of bread and wine
into tbe body and blood ol Christ, at or
alter tba consecration tbereol by any
person whatsoever, and that the invocation or adoration ot tbo Virgin Mary
or any other saint, ami the sacrifice of
the mass, as they are now used in tlie
Church ol Rome, are superstitious aud
lilotatlous. And I do solemnly in tbe
presence of God, profeee, testify and
declare that I do make this declaratiou
and each and every part thereof, in the
plain and ordinary sense of the wordt
read unto me, ae they are commonly
understood by English Protestants,
without any evasion, equivocation or
mental reservation wuataoever, and
without any dispensation already granted me lor thie purpose by the Pope, or
any other authority or person whatsoever or without any bupe of any such
disponsv.ion from auy person or authority whatsoever, or without thinking
that I am or can ba acquitted before
God or man, or absolved of this declar
atlon or any part thereof, although the
Pope or any other person or periont
or power whattoever, ihould dispense
with or annul the tame or declare that
it waa null and void Irom the beginning." >
Now, Mr, Editor, aa ie pretty will
known by intelligent nou.Cathi.lios,
Catholics do not adore the Blessed
Virgin, but honor her above all other
Saints, bocauie the it tbe Mother of
G.d, and ask ber to pray for tbem,
again more I ban any other Saint, tor
the simple reaeon that ebe it nearer and
dearer to Our Loid than any other
Saint, and consequently mure powerlul
to help them by ber Intercession.
What need ia there lor the King to
Ibm intuit and l.lse'v lo accuse million!
of bla loyal tuhjicti? Moreover, since
tbe ltussitn and tb. Riieto-Greek
cburciiet bold the Catholic doctrine regarding truuiubitantiaiion, the Invocation ol Ihe Saints and tbe mats, King
Edward virtually charges hia royal
brethren, tbe King of Greece and the
Cairo! Itossla, with idolatry, not leas
than his Catholic subjects. These little
amenities olten interfere with such big
things •• international Irlendlinees, anil
are not usually icorned by Ihe discern*
ing statesman.
Bel th. London "Pilot" (an oigan ol
the Church of England) points out a
Hill more serious aspect ol tbe cite:
Not only is the King obliged to make
the declaration tbat he holds tbei.
doctrinei to he luperititiout, while in
reality he doei not to hold them, but he
Il further required to confirm the declar-
atloo with an oatb, ln oilier words, the
King It obliged by the tyranny ol aa old
cuttom to begin bit reign nut only with
a nlemo public lie, but be must add to
it what Is known to be a eolemn publlo
perjury. The questing, then, it very
pertinent: What effort will tbe whole
performance have on tbe popular con-
caption ol the sanctity of the oath?"
Hoping yon will find ipaoa for thli
communication, I am
Sincerely yours,
Seattle Daily Times
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Editor Linden—Thank! for publication of Coronation Oalh ai requested,
but I may say th.t the oalb M given by
you Is not the oath I reler to, ur at any
rate, li only * portion nf the oath. I
■till maintain that tb* oalb ! r catba) lo
it. entirety bai objsetionablii portion!,
though I lee nothing i-nrlieniarly
objectionable In the portion you publiib.
A com million was appointed by th.J
Home ol Lords last year to examine and
go Into Ihe m.lter with * view to lug-
nesting any Improvement or alteration
of the oath dealing with th* objection.
ahleolauiet or expressions  relcrred lo.
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4, .>
I do not think thli repoit hat yet been
-^—,-2^^—^^^^^^^—^. brought belor. th. Home, hence, I pi..
lettify, and declare, that I do believe j«»»ll>i 'he petition to tht Common, not
Nanalmo B.C.
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/ \
">   w.
to "tamper," wLen tbe report is sub-
mitted. Al.
Ladyimith, H;li Jan., 1002.
[Probibly our correspondent will Bud
in Rev. Vr. Verbake'a letter the portion
ol tbe oath hnsei^s—I'M. Leader.]
Oa.lalu Murray Protest.,
Editor Leader:— In this town of gen*
erat improvement and go-aheaditlvouees
we havo a great want or need for local
eopervisiou, especially ns regards the
Issuing of liquor licenses; those should
only be issued to those who can aud du
maintain a control over the business.
They have no right to make people crczy
drunk and so annoy tbe public, and that
on cret'it, too.
All ship masters are raoro annoyed by
their men being undo ditink (on
credit) in thit port ol Lidyemith than in
Victoria or Frisco. The low system
tbat Borne two or three proprietors have
.1 giving any amount ol liquor to Bailors
ol ships on credit so aa to render the
men incapable of their duties, and
ultimately fleeco them, is too low. No
licensing authority should issue UcenseB
to such men—to retail tho chemical
concoctions they have, I feel proud to
number among my friendi some of the
Ladyimith proprietor!, those who acorn
to allow any business that would endanger the character of tbeir house or
would annoy tbe public, for a little
Ship masters coming to Ladymilh
have a small moral claim that they shall
not be annoyed, nor tbeir men bo made
drunk on credit. A drunken man will
eign anything bo he obtains the chemical concoction which passes under tbe
names ol whisky, etc, I am well known
,-iere, an,d I am compelled to Bay, owing
to what I style the low whisky mill,
there is more trouble, bother and annoyance in Ladyemith, than we have ln
such porta ib Victoria or 'Frisco. Yours,
Ship Kinross.
He Kocke at DIcKecltllle.
Tho following letter has been sunt lo
Nanaimo Free Frees by a Coinox Liberal
who believes in avoiding circumlocutory
diction. The Leader might answer that
it is tbe very same identical Dr. McKechnie, aa marked in tbo invoice:
Editor Free Press:—A Dr. McKechnie
in Nanaimo bat written rue asking me
to call a meeting ol tho Liberals In thla
diitrict for the purpose of choosing delegate! [to tbe Vancouver Convention.
Please Inform me II this Is the tamo Dr,
McKechnie that is tho head ol tlie Nanaimo Company Labor Party, nnd who,
as euoli, has opposed Liberal candidates
in Ihe put two eleclioni ? Also, il it
il the tamo person who, alter tbo Lib
erala ol Nanaimo decided not to send
delegatea to the Liberal Convention lu
Wettminiter in 1M7, sneaked over to
the convention and nail himself placid
on the Provincial Literal Kxecutlve,at;d
ai such now claims the right to he
member of the approaching Convention
without election?
If it ia the eaino doctor vou can inform
your leaders that he Is not recognized
as a I.iluiinl In thla district, and we have
no intention of being led by tho nose by
him or any of his Company clique in
Nanaimo. The Liberals here aro competent to make their own preparation!
for th. convention without the euggee-
tioniol tbie party straddlcr. I don't
feel complimented that ho wrote me,
thinking I was so ignorant ol the pollti-
eil hlitory ol Nanalmo at to be a willing
parly to hie Impertinent intarferenee.
Coinox, Jan. 0lh„ 1032.
mean he!bs at tbat, I conlend every
man being a true British Columbian
ihould hold up both hinds in support ol
tbe men who are tbe flint la Ihelr position thst have had the courag. to place
a plain statement ol facte belore tbe Dominion Government as to tbe treatment
wo have received.
No man, be be a thousand times *
Canadian, can feel a warmer glow ol
pride than myeell when I think ol our
great noofederacy#froin ocean to ocean
with limitlera possibilities lor the fostering ui a great and happy people. But
alae for wo British Columbiana, there is
more poetry than bread and cheese in
the idea and there it at all timet ait
underlying thought that chilli uur patriotism, and tbat il that the Dominion
Government has hitherto treated ui aa a
careless If not at a harsh ttop-mother.
Think ol the facts—ISO millions bor-
rowed to which we affixed onr band and
seal, bat not a cent of benefit derived;
12 millions in a score oi yean wrung
from atew strugglingjiloneerejfor these
also wo did not get a eingle stiver.
Happily men are to tbe fore now who
will persistently lorce these facte before
the Dominion Government.
I sav again that a man who will not
support these men ie recreant to his own
interest and the wellare of bla children.
Ladyimith, B. C, Jan. 10th, 1003.
knew that the thief would not pnll the
mula'a tall lor (ear of a kicking. So
what did Ida? I limply put sonic |
fume on tbe tail, and in examining the
handiloould tell by tho smell that
Belkaitem wai tbe tblel because he had
not touched the mule's tail; he wos
alrald to be kicked." I must add that
Ihe old Sheik had tbe reputation, which
be jaatly deserved, ol llBlni: a very wise
man.-Karl   Mellte In "Akbar."
T+V+++++++V++V ♦ * * , t * , ♦»♦ t*
The Premier's Letter
Editor Leader—Every reasonable man
in British Columbia, more particularly
those who are British Columbians by
right ot birth, or long years of residence
In the province most be more than eat*
■■Bed with tbe programme as recently
given by onr present local government,
of course we except the plate- bun to rn,
thoBe who have exes to grind and raib
way charters to gain or peddle. After
luohasigntl wiping oat of all their
objections, alter etich a hick In tbat part
that Hudibras says hurts honor tbe
more, I was curious to see to what form
their dying venom would txhale Itself.
Only jeers, gentlemen, with a pronoun-
ced shirking ot every question at issue.
There Is one question I would dilate
upon In this communication, that is
the position of our province financially
with tbe Dominion. Thousands of men
in thli provincs have been convinced
for many years so far ae confederation
Is concerned that we are paying too dear
(of onr whistle. Seeing tbat whatever
resources ihe province has are, Inherent,
to itself, to none do wo owe one jit ot
gratitude for these advantages. At the
risk ot being branded a traitor and by
the way some writers have a very facile
way of slinging epithets of whose broad
meaning they seem to be Ignorant, I
assert-that we have sold our birthright
for ■ rjsss of pottage and a pot ol very
While surveying the country round
Nf grin, at the entrance ot the great
desert, south of Tunis, I had one of the
funniest experiences of my life. The
Arabs, as all know, are tbe shrewdest thieves ou earth, and the Bey of Tan-
Is, to prevent me from being robbed
and possibly Idled, gave me an escort of
"goums" or independent cavalry from
the tribe of the Ouled-Nails. This er-
cort, composed of twenty well-mounted
men, was commanded by an old Sheik,
Sl-Mobatnmed-El-MoHar, who thought
It more convenient to ride a mule. It
was the only animal ot that species In
camp, and to my great surprise I discovered that tbe Arabs always kept at a
respectful distance from their chief and
his long-eared steed. I hand alto that
Mohammed took particular care of his
Ono day a box of instruments and a
gold watch disappeared from my tent.
We were In camp, many mites from an
oasis, and there was no doubt I had
been rubbed by a man from the escort.
I twin plained lo the Sbetk, who" at' once
oilled all the Arabs Around he tent ant?
told them of the theft, requesting the
culprit to return tlie stolen property
within au hour. I could do nothing
without any instrument*, and as I had
little confidence in the Sheik, who did
not appear to be very much concerned
about uiy lots, I wanted to search tbe
touts. The Sheik, however, objected,
Bayiug; ''Vou wait one hour, and if
tbe box and wat oh. are not returned, ay
mule will find the thief,"
As I expected, one hour elapsed, and
neither hex nor watch were in sight*
During that time the Sheik had led bis
mule inside his tent, where he remained apparently holding a secret conference. All the meo saw the performance
and begin to be nervoui. When the
Sheik left the tent at tho end cf tbe
hour he called again the escort around
him, aud aeked for the thief to produce
the box of instruments aad the watch
Nobody answered, notwithstanding the
thieatsof a Bound Hogging. "Very
well, " said the Sheik, addressing Ibe
man, "I'll have to refer this matter to
my mule. Erich one d you will go in
il le n y tent and pull tbe male's tail; If
he has stolen tho Uoutm'a property im
will ho kicked bo high that he will remember the occurrence all his life.'
When I hoard* that astonishing
ineech I began to believe that tha chief
of my escort was having some tun at my
expense. But what could I do? Tbe
men went to the tent one by oue as
directed, bnt from our position we could
not see the pulling done, tho door ot the
tent being closed after tbe entrance of
each Arab. As a matter of course, tbe
mule kicked no one, aud I was ready to
search the camp Instead of waiting any
longer, when the Siielk ordered tha meo
to face him in single Una. Passing
slowly In front of this line, be examined
closely tbe bands of each man until 1 a
reached an Arab   whom   be   nailed
"You nro the thief" he laid to Belk-
ai'Cft.: "what have jou done With tba
box and the watch?"
The accused vehsmentjy denied the
accusation, but to no avail, Tha Sheik
ordered him to be at once flogged until
he would tell where the stolen property
was, In a few minutes Uslkassam confessed, aud my Instruments, ai well as
the watch, were fonnd burled in tha
sand outside of the camp. I was dam-
I did nnt believe for a m Inn to In tha
super-nature.) |m*erotthe mule, hut I
wanted an explanation. "Kasy enough,"
told me the Si El Moktar confidentially,
"bnt do not give the secret awaj. Alt
the men of my tribe believe that my
mule poetesses the gift of divination.  I
Chief Justice Angus McOoll died in
Victoria yesterday.
Mayor Hanson was elected mayor of
Nanaimo for the second term.
Mayor Ifivwud wai elected mayor of
Victoria for t'w t!»Inl consecutive term.
Sociali-'f <>f X maimo refused to vote
but wrote'Sjiuilst" across the face of
tbe ballot.
Rossland Ubor party failed fo carry
the day in that ramp.
It Was a Job.
From all points comes protests against
the holding of a Liberal convention at
Vancouver on the ltnea proposed by tbe
provincial executive of tbe party. This
does not bode Rood to the party, lorif Kb
leaders Insist on a policy that does not
meet with the approval of the rank and
file, the party caanot hope to win in
a contest. The leaden at tlie Coast do
not want to conduct an election on party linrs. They want to gain power
through forming combinations that will
make them independent of a mm named
Joseph Martin, who today Is the strongest Liberal in ths province. Hia personal following ie double that of all such
would-be leaders as Templeman, Bod
well, and Davles combined, and they
know it, hence tbeir attempt! lo stifle
the party's wishes in a convention made
ap of delegates in no sense representative of tbe party.—Nelson Tribune.
He Sympathised.
Recently In a Perthshire town a lady
was driving her husband down a narrow
lane when on turning a sharp corner
they encountered a brewer's cart Neither bad room to pass, and in most disagreeable tones the lady said:
"Ho must go back, for I shall not. He
ought to have seen us before entering the
"But, ay dear," replied her husiiand,
"how could he, with this sudden turn In
tbe road?"
"I don't care," said the lady haughtily.
"I shall stay here all night before I give
way to him."
Tbe driver of the cart overheard all the
conversation and said resignedly:
"A' ricbt, sir; I'll gang back," adding
sympathetically, "I've got just such an-
ither one at home."
Mistress ui Maid.
Nothing amuses me more than to see
a woman who is under the thumb of her
house girl. She is common enough, for
she has a horror of housework and does
foolish things to keep a competent girl.
Now, girls who are forced to battle with
tho world for a living are no fools, and
they feel the fear of on employer, and
they recognise the weakness, as horses
and dogs will, and sometimes take advantage of It When hiring anybody, It
Is well to state just what is expected snd
what will be given In return and then
live up to It A worker wants her wages
when they are due; she wants her afternoons and evenings when tbey are promised. She appreciates any little favor
that can be extended on the hard dnya
when there Is washing or Ironing. She
likes praise and resents unjust censure
and altogether requires much tact In the
handling. I have seen women to whom
no servant In tbe world would think of
being anything but respectful. I have
seen others who could not command a
respectful bearing from their own children or their pet animals. Think this
over and try to find out in what class
you belong and If In the bad class begin
tbe reform right away.
SB Few Slnsale Bnlei,  Incladtnr SS
Little Self Denial,
To grow old pleasantly and gracefully
It is necessary to recognize tbe fact that
one ia getting old and that therefore oue
should spare one's life accordingly.
To begin with, to be beautiful one must
have a contented mind, and as this has
very much to do with the bodily health
this should be taken care of.
One need not be a faddist or a fidget,
but even the youngest girl ought to begin
to prepare for a beautiful nnd healthy
old age by using discretion in diet.
Indulgence in quantities of unwholesome, though perhaps pleasant, sweetmeats and other Indigestible foods will
slowly but surely ruin tho best of complexions, which as time goes on will become thick and coarse or, even worse,
To retain a good complexion and digestion, for tbe two generally go together,
tbe food taken should be simple, but
nourishing, and at regular hours. Promiscuous meals are to be avoided, and as
a general rule stimulants should not be
Warm milk will be found an excellent
pick me up when needed.
The elderly woman must remember
that she cannot pndergo as much fatigue
as she could a few years ago and that she
should while taking regular walking exercise be careful not to overdo it.
She should also bo careful to have sufficient sleep, and If she should chance to
have to keep late hours she should take a
rest and a sleep during the daytime.
Cold, too, must be guarded against, and
therefore tho elderly woman should wear
underclothing of wool or silk.
Wrinkles of course will come, but no
woman as she gets on in life need wish to
be without them, for they really give
character to the face. If after forty
years there were no lines there, it would
surely denote a want of intellect If not a
want of heart.
For the complexion there Is no cosmetic to equal rainwater, and tbe daily
tepid bath should not he forgotten.
As to the hair, that should he the color
nature intended it, for thus It harmonizes
with the complexion, and dyeing It Is Invariably on artistic mistake.
Sleep eight hours every night If you
can. Few people realize the value of
sleep. Take a wnrm sponge over every
night before going to bed. Use a small,
hard pillow only or if you can do without
one altogether. Attend to your general
health aud take regular exercise every
day.-—Home Chat.
Didn't Find Her llonej-,
A young married woman from the
south who was visiting New York with
her husband left him in their hotel room
one morning while she went on an errand. She was not accustomed to big hotels nor to big New York, but she got
back without mishap In halt an hour and
knocked at the door. There was no response.
"Let mo In, honey," said the young woman, knocking more vigorously.
Still no response.
"Honey, let mo In," called the young
woman, redoubling her exertions. "Honey, honey, let me in."
She rattled the knob and shook the door
and pounded with both fists,, but there
was the silence of tho grave on the other
side. The young woman's volco rose to
half a cry.
"Honey, aren't you there? I want to
get in. Honey, open the door,"
Then arose from the other side of tho
door a deep bass voice with a resentful
note In it.
"Madam," It said, "this is not a beehive. This Is a bathroom.'1—New York
Sun.       _
It Tame Mnste.
An automatic music leaf turner has
long been desired, and tlie want seems to
be supplied by tho invention of Robert
O. Hammond ot Depew, N. Y. It is so
arranged that the pressure of a key with
one finger causes a metal arm to turu the
leaf over. Another touch will cause th
leaf to turn back again if the player on ,
■nllcfeteaea Motb.arl.ood.
The time is coming wben an exalted
conception of motherhood will prevail as
tho most Important and sacred of all tho
functions given to woman. Enlightened
motherhood will be complemented by enlightened fatherhood, and scienco will
come to their aid with all tbat It has
learned concerning parental being. Invention will have simplified household as
It has agricultural labor, or co-operation
will have extended to housekeeping as It
has to business, and the home will then
become a sanctuary tor tbe young child,
whose surroundings will be ideal and
who can be traim 1 and molded aright
from the cradle. Then will "the statelier
Eden come again to man;" then will human fatherhood and human motherhood
take on something of the fullness, tenderness and dlvlneness of Godbood, and
then will tbe children born Into the home
have trooping about them such divinities
as were never, never throned on old
wut Dow the Dabr Woiakf
There is no specific detailed table of In-
(ants' weight from day to day; but, as a
general rule, a child doubles Its weight at
birth by the fifth month and triples it between the twelfth and fourteenth months.
If a child is without fever and no apparent disorder of digestion, but falls to
gala In weight, It points strongly to consumption, and the feeding should be
forced. If the Infant Is nursing, It wonld
be better to try bottle feeding, as no
doubt the mothsr Is consumptive and will
Intensify the tendency In the child. The
fact that neither the father nor mother
has any apparent symptoms of consumption Is no proof that the child has
not tbe disease. By a strange freak of
nature diseases may skip one generation
to appear In the second—that Is, the father and mother may be apparently well
and healthy, yet It the father or mother
of either parent has bad consumption or
other similar diseases it may appear In
the children ot their chlldren.-Loo An-
gtlw Herald.
piano or any other musical Instrument
desires to repeat. By an ingenious arrangement of springs and wires a piece
of music of considerable length Is made
to present itself pago after page to tho
performer simply in response to tbe
touching of two or more keys.
Ho  Srmpathlaed.
Recently In a Perthshire town a lady
was driving her husband down a narrow
lane when on turning a sharp corner
they encountered a brewer's cart Neither bnd room to pass, and In most disagreeable tones tho lady said:
"He must go back, tor I shall not He
ought to have seen us before entering the
"But, my dear," replied her husband,
"how could he, with this sudden turn in
tbe road?"
"I don't care," ssid the lady haughtily.
"I shall stay here all night before I give
way to him."
The driver of the cart overheard all the
conversation and said resignedly:
"A* rlcht, sir; I'll gang back," adding
eympatbeticnlly, "I've got Just such an-
Hber one at home."
For Btalnotl Plater*.
Moisten dry starch with glycerin, two
parts starch to one of glycerin, and rub.
upon stained fingers, Tbo result Is magical. Some stains require frequent applications of the remedy, but even so it is
good to know something which removes
the traces of soil from fingers which have
ripped old dresses apart, scrubbed stained
woods, peeled potatoes, dusted looms and
)i-,...K.>,';,iu.'i.',v ■..r.^fsL^AfAuLva^-.,
D.   C
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
Before stock taking we will reduce all onr goods.   We offer the public
ol Ladyeuiltb and surroundln, diitrict the benefit o! our -
Wholesale Pr ces!
«       "xPI AI I.
Com. and lake the opportnnlty offered by tbe cheap Bales.
m i
General Store/
*     High St., Udysmith
Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale ol
T-.vsntv per cent discount for One
Week More. Real snaps Inoddlinee.
Oouie with tho crowd and get first
choir., of the best patterns before they
are all sold.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
*****+***+** **** 11 V * V ♦ lit ♦
rllfHi ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦* ♦>♦ fft ft**
i *
Captain Mcintosh spent moil of th.
week in Victoria on business.
Mrs. Dr. Wasson visited Ladyimith
yeBterday morning, and went lo Victoria
on the expreil.
The latest Btylet in hur cutting and
beard trimming at the Ladyimith Shav
nil Parlor, High ttreet.
The Hotel Portland,Will it ii expected,
be in full running order next week
under the management of Mrs. Davis.  *
Nothing finer turned out anywhere
than those winter suits and overcoite at
Oaldwnll'i, Nanaimo, t
Mr. W. H. Mason, towntite agent'
has returned from an extended business
trip to Victoria.
Caldwell, the Nanaimo tailor, il show-
ing the tln.it tweeds and cletha lor win'
ter garments. *
Mr. Foster, ol Meitri. Fuller Brother!
aaddlere and harneas-makers, Nanaimo,
visited Ladyimith Thursday.
Do you believe in your own goodi?
Then don't conceal the fact from the
public.   Advertise.
Mr. William Henderson cf Ihe Public
Works Department, returned to Victoria
in m Nanalmo, Tt.ur.day morning.
For higheat class jewelery and skilled
repairing go to Lively, the jsweler.
Twoyonng Nanalmo people well
known in Ladysmith, Mr, Will John-
eton and Mies Bennie ol Central School
teaching slab" are to bo married on tbe
18'.b intt.
Watch and cloek repairing ia my
epeeialty, Send them to me and I will
make them like new. W. H. Lively,
Firtt Avenue.
The ladiei of the Ladyimith Church
ol England, intend to bold * concert to
he followed by a dance and tupper on
Wednesday evening th* 20th lost., in
Oddfellow.' Hall.
Slill a few birgaim left at Lively's
the leading jeweler. Obrlitmai and
New Year didn't take them all.     . .
A. McGregor, ex-Government Agent,
Ladytmlth, W. M. Brewer, ul the New
York Mining and Engineering JJournal,
Dr. Tolmle, V. S„ Victoria, wore pas-
•enters to tbe capital on yeiterd.y'i
j Have your watch make a good renin ■
tton to keep correct time tbVoughont
1902.  Lively will attend to it lor yon.
Itsader, ol The Leader who skip the
"Voice ol the People" mill tome ol th.
best things In the paper. The Leider'i
correspondent! are well worthy ol paras.!. This ittue lill Mm. ipeclilly
good letters.
Johnston Bioek,     •    Nsasuno, B. 0.
P.O. Box,37,1.1.146.
v,...---,?.NOJlCB, .»n»i
, All claim,   naainst   Ihe Extension
Mines Relief Fund Committee and all
Something Worth Travailing From
Ladysmith to Behold.
Upwards ol eight hundred entries
have been received by Secretary Wilkinson for the great annual poultry exhibition to be held next Tuesday, Wednesday' and Thursday in Nanaimo City
Hall, Amongit these .are all the
grandest birds on tho Island, Mainland
and neighboring states. That Nanaimo's
ahow ia the premier exhibition ol
poultry on the Coait is proved by tbe
tact that while Victoria could scare up
only 400 entries Nanalmo will have close
on a thousand. All interested in poultry will do themselves a serious injustice II they miss Nanaimo's big show
next week.
Extension; Sec, Bio, Mclunea, Extension ; Tress., Bro. Doherty, Extension; D. of C, 11. D. Mcintosh, Ladysmith; Lect,, McKeozle, Nanalmo.
After the election of officers the
Scarlet Chapter was opened and a tew
remark! given by Ibe newly elected of*
Seen, wben tbe lodge closed to hold its
next annual session at Cumberland.
The Good Templara are going to have
a social on the 21th init,, and have extended an invitation to Onward Lodge
No. 2, ol Nanaimo, to visit them on that
On Wednesday evening there will he
an at home at Knight's boarding house,
given under the auspices of the Ladies'
Aid of tbe Methodist Church. There
will ba games, recitations, tongs, etc.,
after which refreshments will he served.
Mra. Davie intend! leaving Extension
on Friday of this week and moving to
-Ladyamiih -where she will take charge
o' the Portland Hotel,
The mason work in No. 2 mine has
been completed and tbe water will 'be
run ln next week. It is expected the
mine will be filled iu about two weekB
it rainy weather comes, otherwise it
will take longer. Immediately the
water begins to run into Iho tunnel
work will be commenced ou No. 2 slope,
No, 31,
I. O. O. F.
K^**:*rii+uK<*KtMMtwi* *mm*§t*K*wwmM*KtiA)M*y**
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
claim, for benefits against tbe iund
aforesaid most be presented iu writing
duly certified to W. 0, Fraeer, general,
•eerotary, Ladysmitli, B.O , on or before
-" am., Jan. 26th, 1902.  On tild Maple Lodge, No. 61, I, 0. 0. t.
date committee will proceed to dietrlbute
tho said fund and the committee and
trustees will not hold themselvee liable
for any claim or claims after the date
aforeeaid. ,
87 4t General Secretary,
 t .   Sunday  Service,.
Methodist church — Services are
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday school
at 2,80. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
The Baptist congregation meets every
Sunday afternoon in NicholBon'i ball
Preacher, Rev. J. W. Williamson Everyone ii heartily invited.
First Presbyterian Cliurch—Regular
services, morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
u'clock. Sunday ichool 2.30 p. in.
Rev. W. A. Rae, pastor.
Anglican Church.—Sunday, Jan. 19th.
2nd alter Epiphany. 8 a. m. Holy
Communion; 11 a. m., Litany; 2.30 p.
tn., Sunday School, No evening service,
the Archdeacon being at Extension,
Ven. Archdeacon Scrlven in charge.
I,adr.mllh  fthlweln*.
Str. Tellus tailed for Siu Francisco on
Thursday with her usual cargo ul Wei.
liogton coal.
Ship Benjamin F. Packard will be
leaded aud ready for aea on Monday,
She ii bound for Sin Francisco.
Ship Kinross will probably be reidy
for her voyege lo Kihei, Hawaii, next
At a meeting ol the subordinate and
district lodge L. 0. L. the following nf.
Acer* were installed for Western Star
No. 1667 by A. Anderson, District Master: W. M., Bro. II. McKenzie; I),|M.,
Bro, 8. Furlong; Sec, C. Thompson;
Chaplain, A. Ssymour; Fin. Sac, D,
McLean; Treat,, J. J. Doherty; D. of 0.'
D. McKenzie; Lent., MoCollugh. After
the instillation oi officers tbe District
Lodge session commenced, when some
very important questions pertaining to
the advancement of the order were discussed. Tbe work for the year shows a
good lncre.Be ln membership throughout th. diitrict. The District Lid,,
officers lor the year 1002 were then ap.
pointed and installed by Past Master,
A. Anderson; D. W. M„ Bro, Grant,
Nanalmo; D. D, M., Bro, Mof.eod,
Cumberland; Chaplain, Bro. S eymonr,
Clly Police Court.
Mr. George Thomson, stipendiary
magistrate, lined a sailor off tho eblp
Kinr.es (2 tor drunkenness this week
The same day Cbarlas Borgcaa was
charged with having etoleu some Bails,
blocks and ropes from a boat belonging
to Joeeph Ferguson, Oyster Harbor.
Th. case was dismissed on account ol
Inefficient evidence to convict. The
articles alleged to have been stolen have
been recovered and restored lo tbeir
rightful owner,
A. Anderson, B. L. Troulfer, and Gui
lev Larten, teamen belonging to tbe
Britiih thip Kinrots, were charged with
refuting duty, being absent from ship
without leave, and drunk and disorderly.
All pleaded guilty. The magistrate
ordered them to duty. They lorfeit two
days' pay and pay costs. J. Anderson
of the American ihip B. J. Packard, waa
fined for being drunk and disorderly.
Beictkelora- Entertainment.
A Bachelor's high tea and concert will
be given by tbe ladles oithe Methodist
Church on Tuesday evening, Jan. 21st,
to be held in the Oddfellows' Hall. Tea
will be served from 0 to 8 o'clock, and
the concert will begin at 8 o'clock. The
ladles are endeavorlna to make this
hlgh-clast lea iu every particular, and
the concert will be a mixture of choice
entertainment,rtnging from the etiblime
to the lidiculous. Tbe belt local talent
are on the programme and some from a
distance. Tea and concert 60c. Children 25.-.
H.wtburnthw.ite and Smith clash to
night at Nanaimo for the heavyweight
championship aod the black diamond
belt. Dr. McKechnie it timekeeper for
the Labor-Liberal; Gerald H. Cross lor
the Labor champion. Dogberry rules lo
govern. OJdi are offered on Hawthorn-
Tbe Matter of Ihe Ship Klnrosi
will not be responsible lor any
d.bti contracted by his crew without an
order signed by bim,
38-31 Mailer, Ship Kinross.
Tb. Government of the nrovince ot
British Columbia hereby nffara a RE-
($100 00) for such evldenio as will lead to
the arrest and conviction ol Ihe person
or perioni who, on the night nt the
twenty-ninth ultimo, fired three rifle
bullets through the window ol thedwell-
ing house occupied by Mr. Alexender
Fantde, mine superintendent, situated
at South Wellington, Vancouver Island,
By Order,
Provincial Police Department,
Victor!., B. 0., Jan. 11th, 1002.
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,    '
Steam, Etc
Estimates given ou all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware. Merchant,        - Ladysmith, B. C
A. C. Wilson,
Fnneral Wreaths, etc, Wedding Bouquets in every style. Orders promntlv
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. 0
Wholesale and Retail Dealert in Meats,
Poultry   and Vegetables.   Game in
Season.  Shipping orders attended to on
short notice.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's' Hall. Visiting members
are cordially iovltrd,
Miners! Attention!!!
i price J
,d f-   *
Hand MarleJ'it Shoes at the same price
as cheap factory made. Come in and see.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing dooe.
A. S. Christie,
LADYSMITH, * • B. 0.
oal and Wood
Teacher of Language?, Music, Singing, Painting and Drawing,
Singing, 3 Lessons (.1 per month
Music, 8 Lessons  3 "       "
Painting, per Lesson. 50 cents
Drawing, per Lesson , .....soeents
Lnngunges—French and German—per Les'n, 500
Hours from n a. in. to 1: nt. Terms J 1 per month.
Two from same family $3.
But Housi Coil $4.75 Ton
Best Stove and Cord wood at lowest
prices.  General D.-aying, Team-
log, etc.  Leave orders at L. & H. Store.
John Leask
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds ol soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor.
Fliit'Claii accommodations for miners
and transients.  None but
The Best Wines and Liquors
served at the bar.   Give ue a rail.
[Cor. Victoria lid & Commercial St.
NANAIMO.     -     -      B. C.
J. E. SniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paner Hanging and Kal-
.oraining.    Eslimatee given.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,
All kinds ol heavy teaming done
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, in terms ol Ir-w, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
taxes. ,
Assessor aud collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Lady;
smith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan,, 1902,
.1! '
!r I
Victoria,      - -       B. C. *
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels  arid bars In Ladysmith and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Pither & Leiser's,
li re1-tii tti iti il, li 1 a stisli 1I11I11 Is XXX -a.-»~e..a..a. ■*..*. ....a.
We bsve received . large shipment of Alarm Cloeka which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them lor one year, All our other goodt in onr luge
atock will be told at great rednctloni before moving into our new premliei.
Now II your time to secure bargains.
The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith.
1X J,. si, it. .ti ,t. J. if. .1.1t,X if.,1,11. ,!■■ I. X ,f.
♦♦*♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦+♦♦ ***** ******** *************
Coal!   -   Coal!!
Company, Ltd.
Wellington GMt   Best household coal on the Pacific
Coinox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Finn-class gas, steam and household cool /
The above coals are mined only by the Wei-
I. lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
* Oyster Harbour, and Umou Bay, Bq,ynes Sound.
Head Office        -        Victoria, B. C
Ban  KrunuiHiHi Agency,
R. Dunsmulf's Sons Co'y :
340 Steuart St.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
ligence. ,
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau & Nanaimo  Railway
T™Suadayi«u?i8fc,i.'8"tt'",KMI'd' m'*'tM*'™" wions»"»a«'ni
T,risjBd.JI^or"ni.ll0,U''b0alia'*"lr "' """ "'m" mi on s,""d,y'm*"
Tralna lean Ladyimith lor Kittnslou dally except Sunday at 6.00 a. tn„ 2.00 aad
10 p.m., and on Snndayi at 10 p.m. . .»..,..y.»»»
Eioaralan Ratts to all Points, Good Saturday and Sunday '
HMvmm«vfHvvvvvvvmvvvvvt,|lili !•• OeirlMj/,     ■     Traffic Hunger


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