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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News May 21, 1902

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 ****************** :■:; * ;-i**
t Tlie people that save *.
't money tradfe with      ?
K. SU EL :
it   c-^J'A V k -ii   ;i   JI £,
| For Boots and Shoes f
| Bickle's is the store |
VOL, I. NO. 78.
DAY, MAY 21, 1902.
I V*
5 HA   I %jf\ r
f.-i'ii'-r "'- •   ■r.0'*'##::*#M,'!^'!l>##^H!4><|'
H When you go to c-lebi
i** Naitnttuo :lresscd in
«* •tiicin that -. ".'.;
fe Purchased l.'rom   ....
Ills (lav in  \
"bib or lucki
alH    'V
LEISER & HAMBURGER, Ladysiiiiiii
nre equal to or teller I
best GROCKRIKS n ■
ou hand at lowest ni ic
liing there,   Y.
. '.i line oi' u'hi
Aflcpr &   I
Wholesale and Retail
Of Hay Millinery.
; hayfi moved so .swiftly that we
raph.ior .1 shipment ol"
Business Continues Very Brisk In hlM Diiion Again—Premiers' Gor-
Tliis Port, oiiatinn Procession,
Ship Kinross Due-Movements of A Bicyclisis Terrible Death—The
Cther Vessels, Martinique Horror.
li  Esplanade and Oatacre
When Visiting faaiitio Try
\    !
li y will be here on Exhibit
■ 15,16 am 17,
ih.it (i-e lijM'c luiil the
i ::i tistie millinery on
n, Misses or Children,
■ Special Mny showing
.Mug previous.
f 'I'.'S Plain and Simple We want to show you
1    what Ihey arc wearing in  Torojito,   New
York and Montreal for May	
lJ>a   La   "3 '.' L
"an pin
Tnia new boh-1 haa licen completely
furnished with nil modern conveniences.
Kxcellont table, white qpoi.ir,;*. The
bar- ia supplied with tlit? Hneist wines,
liquora antl olgara. Au exporteuofitl bat>
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Avenue,      ■      LsdyBmltb, IL.C,
N twJl
*¥• *W
>3t office'.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain nnd fancy bread,    Oaken uml paa-
triea of ill  descriptions.    Fruita   inj
Wm. Boveridgc, Prop.
Thla new holtl h ta been comfortably furnished j i d U.< 1 er Ie
S   BobI accommodation for transient and permanent boarders au
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
.:.-■■" A
. A
■ \
\ '
-      '.!
,"' '
'""".'"Si    '
The Esplaiiack
Ladysmitli, B,
Stavoy     "]pjh»
Canada's Greatest Mjti ic Malls,
The Master Aniu'scnietil Alliance of the North-Wesl
Yates itreet
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Hitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. B. RUJViniMG, - Proprietor,   ',/'.„i:'.""
j ♦♦♦♦.-, T..T+-f + + + + f*rv+v. Hi(Hi,Jli.|,ii
t We are ApeiTis for
t   Lat'dO stock 01 Engllsll Fishing Tackle, Lacrosse Qbods, Rtc,   \\i
I   John Barnsley. £ Co.,
Victoria, B.C. ■
vvrv-. .
i'i' nml
Agents for
J. .1. Taylor*
•Pirn Proof Saf.s.       EIl^eekkks
—Kodaks, laliiis, I'tc.   * I
II  Ii-iiiHm-
Ira, Don't
'<  a up
a the onil
'".Vholoante nml lMnil Dealers lo'Mtiate
Poultry   ond  Vegdlablet?.   Hamo ii
'■aon,   Hliiiipin,- ordornRltendwl loo
nrt notice.
Jessiip's Pharmaeym*i*
PrcicrlptlmiBiMrefiilly illsiH-nsiil. Opon
day nnd uislil. ; f,AIIA!Mt
Win,   K.   Leighton,
1', ().' Drawer I!:;, Nanalmo. U. 0.
in?san<9 Liquors!
la  ,,',]  l'..l.|.,'i.'i-il,    l-ilSt-Oln:
• O.G,
uimforiftbly fur-
tnl, Una meph
no. Har atocl«!d*
I nors nad cigar a,
B". 0.
I'm j. lie tor.
Rapid Progress Being Marie With
the Clearing.
C.i p inters nro now Impy on the
temporary offico whioh la bolr-R rrecttd
for tie use of tlmTyt'o Copper Company's
ulerjcal tfatTou the site near the Lady*
•n.i:li Foundry,
The force'of men ongaRcd in clearing
he Bite Imvu made a great change in j
thQfllipcaraucec'f thelandicapo at ll:at
point, and a Btill further dilt-jreiice \.ill
bjod bo apparent wben iho excavating
KiintfKet to woik. it 1q nndcistood tlat
Boinelhinj; liku ilxry Ibonennd cubic
yards tf earth nro ti> bo excavated on
tlio tffi)*Ievel8 before tho oiectlon of the
Bnielter bnildlnR can begin. TIiIb will
require it very elrong force.
Tbo w^k of clearing lor tbo hinB and
roaalera at liiMgo 105 in going ou Bteadl-
y, nml lie alto hns been already pieiiy
ft'tll fllahbcd and cleared cfl*. Tbo blna
inul roaeUra ,ull luk« up a contlilciablv
art"n, neai tl.e rJUviiy'lrncb.
Tlm i'liililiiiiiot the branch lino from
thu M. & N. liillffay fcerpeoted lo be^lu
,vitbiii n (ew tby?. in order to ttiuilttatu
the worh of t siuvatlpii.
AnptLer piece of wmk hi Couueutiou
,viUi the Brntltei* Unit ttiowa itood pro-
gresfl in tbe aerial tramway irom 1I.0
I'yco mine on ML .Sicker to Sonicuca
aidlup. There is every piubability lhat
ii will bo romly for operation in JunOi
A very eubatautiitl jib it being nii.de of
fctum wilb the to mallere it
nny huauid lhat Iho Inyiug of lb» (nun
Wiili'i-Winlib is liktly tu bo conimeu-ett
Immedlaiuly, as the 1 inciter will ntiuiio
very largo cuppllee before Stpiemlier
thelflt. Tho citi/. ma can iberofurt* look
forward 10 obtaining a plentiful supply
ol Mm finest ivliter in ibu oountiy at no
r. Joan,  fresh  from tho paiiitcrt'
bandain Victoriabnrbor, whereaho 1j*-'b|".'
juet uudergoho her   aprlog   cleanlny, t '
carae inio Ladyamllh wharves Sund/ri
on ber way to Nanalmo, looking like a
britlo 011 a sunny de.y.   The Joan took I
on ooal hero for bor lrip lo Vancouver
oa Miitdty.   Thia ia the first time tint
tho Joan has conic to Ladytmlth   for
bunker conl,   Many wonder ii it ia lo ho
a regular call.
Tug Albion took ctinl here 011 her way
Irom Nelson Island; Sunday, with a low
of alono for Victoria.
Hulk Potter left Sunday night in low j
of tho tug Pi let 1  wilb a full cargo of'
Wellington coal for (he Tread well Mince, j
Douglas Island, near Juneau. Al.ttk
Tug Flyer camo In Sunday to late t
bunker coal.   She left again the Bamel
day for Blaine, WaBb., with 200 lona of
Blonu on a euovv.
Sir. Victoria left for San Franehoo
with a fuli caig) of coal on Monday
Str, ABCunslon is expected to arrive in
port for a cargo of coal thia week, from
San Francisco,
Tug Larue arrived iu Port Sunday
night for sixty tons of nut conl.   She
Bailed early Monday morning.
Str. Cottrge City called here for bunker coal Friday on the way from Seattle
to Ketchikan, Alaska,
Str. Amur called in Sunday for coal
on her way to tho north via Vancouver.
Sir. ALkl took on coal hero Monday
going to Juneau from Seattle with n big
load of passengers.   She bad 100 for
Str,  Yoeemiic   put inlo Ladyeiuitli
wharves Monday   through   atresa HI
weather in the ?ulf.
Str, Pleiades ia on her way from Al.ic-
kit for another cargo of Wellington coal.
Ship Kinross, Oapt, Murray, la due in
Ladyemith from Knltii, Hawaii, on Sunday.
Tug Czar coaled here Sunday mi her
way to Viotoria.
Str, Thistle took a load of inlnerfc'
bjxes from Lrdyemith to Union wbftif
Sunday was the Imiest day at Lady-
siniih coal wharvea for more than a year.
Ten ships and strainers wtr j aidledi
Big Goal Mines in
State Close,
1 tiis unUtrtukn
dialant date.
WIhmi tlieOmnil
i" Ida li.mi
M'l settled v
KciiRqn for I
Whichever cc
It)    il«slsi,    ||(V
owing In Mii>
1 Ih
I'tfneliert Plymouth on
Uoni Aiislraliii, Mr.
boat, mid journeyed
u uiisiiigetoke. li is nut
licMicr he will play tills
nucaalilro or Iliimiuliiiv.
uuly lie makes up his min,1
••over, In- is determined,
aUito ol his wire's healtli,
tin- iiiuili. There ia, how-
ohnbility of his playing for
That lluglishmeii know how to onlrr-
tuin hint beou well drilled Into tho
Toronto (cam.
On account of tin ineicnsing competition caused hy Ihe introduction of crude
1 aa fuel Ibrotighou1  O, ifrru..., ami
a Introduction into tic luigo bttmner
in s from Sau Pranoleco lo Iho Hawaiian Islands nnd other jilnt.cn in ll e
I'ai'iih: tho coal mines nt Carbonado,
Washington stale, havo been •compelled
to cease working indelinitcly.
The managers in a etalomCnl given to
a press roprefienlatlve, some days ng>,
said that, (hoy did not know whether
ihey would ever re-open the mints, and
that (he oitllouk for coal, especially in
the Pacific, was exceedingly gloomy
Tho report circulated somo limo ago
that a check bad he;-11 given to the introduction of oil iu curtain Industries in
dtltforula, owing to tho difficulty if
m iking iho necessary changes, has
lurned out, unfortunately, t> ho totally
unfounded. Mora and more of tho
larger InditalrlfiB are converting Iheir
cjal lurnacea into oil bnrnera, and ihere
ii ae vet not thtfEtlghtCBt sign ol tha oil
supply diminishing.
Oa the contrary new oil llehls are ba»
lug opened every day thioughont. Cali-
lornht, and tho muda oil can he purotatB*
ed at as low as sixty ccnle a btr.el, 1 nd
lower than lhat in large quantities.
Don't fall to bpo till, 0ayU;'a samples
of wallpaper at (Ji.ptiiiti Dillon's oilier,
lisplanado, Choice new designs nt as-
uuiipliingly reasonabio priors.
Dade and Henry two of Ibe cloverrat
men on tho Shamrock homo havo j lined the llrantford club.
'•■ Ihe end of this month all the
iilia hattaliona which went from 13ng-
d lo South Africa in mot) will havo
lit*, the Cape for home,
t Ihe cerrtspondenco in connection
with tbo Mackenzie & Mann Yukon
Railway claim has been brought down
in the House of OommooB.
The Dominion Government has mado
contract with Ihe Halifax and VTestln-
diaSteamahip Company for a monthly
eervico between Halifax and Jamaica,
The Hallway Committee at Ottawa
hae reported the Canada Ceutral Kail-
way Company's bill for a line from
French River in Ontario, to Jenuo
Cache, B.C.
Italph Smith, M.P., and A. W. Put-
lee, M.P., left Ottawa to-day for Montreal, en rotile fo Krg'a-id, to study Iho
i labor movement.   [They will also attend
the coronation.
The German Reichstag has pa:eed the
second reading of a bill abolishing tie
law by which actions can I>b brought
againtt newspapers, not only where
they arc published, but in any town
where they circulate,
Oeneral Vlljoen, who lias been on
parole over buicc his arrival at St. Helena, is smnouliflt n*umpu!ar wilb tie
!'■■:> r iiii: nerB, M he t -d tbem eome
disagreeable uuiiis wnn regard toSou'.h
The new British cable steamer Colonia,
which is to lay a cable from Vancouver
Inland to Fanning Island, in the mid-
Pacific hits sailed (rom Sjiolde,,F jglaud
for Vancouver laland.
Only the miscarriage of plana now
being formed would prevent the Premiers of Greater Britain beiug a distinct
feature of iho coronation procession.
An iiivilalion has been extended to the ,
First ministers of all the colonies lo
form part of the royal cortege for the
proareefl through London on June 27,
ihe day after coronation, aud It ia intended that each shall have aa an escort
a body of troops of his own country. It
IS suggested that to prevent tbe Canadians heing tnken for tho Britiah regulars, aa in the jubilee procession, be-
cause of the similarity of uniforms, they '
provitlo IhciuEiives with a distinctive
uniform eo that they can be recognized
without difficulty.
A serious outbreak e,f measles is reported on Kayak Island and the adjacent Alaska mainland, nnd many (hatha
among the Indians have occurred, Aa
yet tho disease has been confined lo the
native popnlatiw, but Is particularly
[laving been nolilicdthat further hope
for the esiMpMof her hatband from death
at St. Pierre waa useless, Mrs, Mogirati,
wife of the captain of the steamer ltorai-
mu, ia prostrated at her homo in Brooklyn. Physicians are in attendance, but
there Is said to bo Blight chance for her
An additional appropriation of $300,000
was mada by'the United stales renate
fir Iho etricktn people of the French
West Indies, in nocordance wiih the
recommendation of the president that
$500,01)0 ba appropriated.
The final distribution cf James O.
Fall's eelalc has been onlered by Judge
Troutt. Uy this decree Fair's three
children OhV.rlea'L. Fair, Mre. Virginia
Vanderbilt and Mrs Oelriche, are given
about (17,000,000 worth of properly.
That is the remnant of tho property.
Tho larger part of ihe estate was given
io thrill by partial disbursement somo
months ago.
N..P, Ii. Hatch, a wall-known Nome
attorney 11ml mining operator, enys the
gold output from that region this year
will hn five times that of laet season,
IL* euvs ihe mild winter proini:ee to be
followed by Ihe longest BOfleOn for operations that hae been seen in tbe north
for many years. Many claims which
were placed on a paying baalB last year
will now produce i|iiantiLies of gold.
Archie MclCrichran, Ibe well-known
Toronto bicycle rider, while being paced
by a motor at Atlantic City, N.J., was
thrown BgaiaBt a fence by tbo breaking
of the motor chain, hnd his jugular vein
torn open ami died iu ten minutes,
John Dillon, MP., suggested in the
British Commons lhat Great Britain
should adopt relief meaenres for the St.
Vincent suderers. Mr, A, J. Balfour's .•
reply wns considered very unsatisfactory
Mr. Dillon will bring Ibe matter up
Tho proposal to erect a bust of Cecil
KhodcB lib thu Guildhall, London Ib
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
I»rtlUhwI every Wednesday nml Saturday  nt
rht Reader Building, corner of First Ave. ami
art-ach Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
cUtMail in Canada and Unitbd Status.
Out-year (strictly in advance)  fJ w
ix months (strictly In advance)!    > **.'
* TRANSIENT—First Insertion inc. n tine; each
ittfcsequcnt Insertion 5c. a Hue.
Rates on application,    No wood cuts used.
Outs for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death nml Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be di
THB LEADER wilt be found at the following
La-tywiuith-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Pharmacy.,   .
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria—Fuhlic Library; Provincial Library; und
Vancouver -Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westmluster-Public Library.
looking wife and child, makes Ibis
crawling plea: "With yonr permission,
Sir, I would like to spend fifteen cents
of my-or rather our--money, on a hair
cut," and labor looks aa if he would
grant thia unreasonable request .witb
considerable difficulty.
Promptly and generously Uncle Sam
subscribed $600,000 to tho relief of the
Martinique Buffdrers. but France, tbe
mother land of the stricken colony, displays a callousness and indifference tbat
shocks everyone. France le one of the
richest nations on earth, if not actually
tho riciiest, in proportion, but then,
meet cf Martinique's population wae
colored, and thai may explain a good
deal. But it ia a black disgrace to
France nevert! dees.
Al! changes iu advertisements must he received
at tills office before ta noon the dny before
8" isctibers not receiving paper regularly please
, ief.ort to this office.
Ai. |ub work'slrictly cash on delivery.
Ti utsieiil advertisements cash hi ndvnuce.
WEDNESDAY MAV-rl,.j)c...
1W0 In the Colonics honr only a faint
echo of the storm which has been raised
by the latest imposition of the present
British Government, the tax nn thread.
■No blunder which that govermnout has
committed since it look ofilco somo years
ago has so profound!] stirred tho British
people aa this Infest orto of taxing the
bread of the people.
Already the iniitleriug.s of Iho coming
storm which is lo hurl tho Salisbury ministry and the party ihey represent from
power, are heard, and all who wish for
the security of the Empire will hope that
it will be many 11 long year before that
party, which has exposed the British
Empire to tbe bitterest humiliations ami
•disgrace thai, it over endured, is over
again entrusted with tho power it line b.)
shamefully misused.
Under a Tory administration British
people have, for the first time in hundreds
of years, been forced to hang their heads
in shame for ihe follies of their government; nnd now cornea nn enactment
which ia bound to add liorce popular
linger to the scorn and contempt with
which the government has covered itself.
The people of the United Kingdom real*
i-iti that the newly Imposed tax on foodstuffs Is .simply another blow al tho poor,
"Every British mother knows that the
Tory government has levied 11 apodal tax
on her children's food; for it ds uot flour
only that is to he taxed, hut articles of
necessity in every nursery—sn go, tapioca,
rieemenl, groats, oatmeal and macaroni,
The poorer the household ihe greater the
proportionate consumption of broad.
Nine moulhfults out of every ten in the
poor muu's household will ho taxed* one
out of every tcu In (lie rich man's.
.Verily, "To liiiii Hint hath" tilie landlord) "shall more" (tlio amount ol' tho
tax) "be given; but from him thnt hath
not" (the poor) "shall bo taken away
■ even that which ho soomotli to have"
(the cheap loaf).
' Sir Michael Hicks-Beach says this tax
iWlll l>rovo a remedy for waste. Itm Mr,
ltowntree has shown that -7 per cent, uf
the population of a prospermia English
provincial town never have enough food
na It ia. How, then, can this lux he .1
remedy for waste, where there cannot ho
any waste?
Truly, truly, every BritiBh workman
who cast his ballot for a Tory candidate
nt the laet cloctlou has his rownrd.
When will the British workman lorrii
sense V
Ladysmith people now have their op*
portunlly. IF tbey inn it wleely they
can make a great ii fluenllal centre here;
but nothing at all ciiii be* achieved without bard woik, confidence and harmoniously working together, • The prospaolu
of Lady smith neverl-ioked brighter than
they do to-day.
Toronto Evening Telegram gives a
nasty jolt to labor In a cartoon which
■bowi labor in the year 2002 poraonifltd
in a huge, bloated, arrogant mom ur of
a man fanning himself and Bucking a
prodigious cigar, whilst a wretched,
withered-up person labelled "capitalist,"
Accompanied by his equally mieerable
Certainly no o'her nation ever pro*
dticeil a man liko Andrew Cirnegie, who
every day gives the He to the idiotic
sneer that the Scots are more "near"
and Btlngy than their neighbors. Car
negie now wants to buy the Philippine
Islands nud then make a present of them
to tho unlives of those Islands. Bnt
surely tbe United Slates is going to do
thnt nf er tho water cure lias taught
tho   natives tho  beauties of   western
Contract Let and Work Wiil Proceed
In June,
crowd of laborers, can Id a iliort time
see who !■ earning bii dollar.
Ladyimith, H.v 10th. Z.
Editor Lesder:—In your issue of 17th
ia.t., I notice an effusion headed "White
Labor Alsrmed," hut which oa perusing
I would Slimiest ehould hive beea ."A
Whit. Loifer Alarmed," as no hornet
white workman need ba alarmed by the
Chinese, as It hink Ihey urn nt lis.. ,s
good aa tw-. Illiin "ii'ii uny ds.}', aid II
'Citizen" ...Uid let his 'blood boll"
s little mors by tome extra physical exertion be would find • stronger srgn-
maut in thit Ior keeping out cheap
labor than all the malicious slander bs
ciuld write lor a century, but it ie ever
the nme, the "loafer" does the talking
and the bou.it workman tbe labor, and
hu not time to prate of his mislortuie
an 1 hard work, and Soda consolation in
the fact, that it la the hand (not tie
tongue) ol tbe diligent that maketh
Lidysmitb, May 19:1..
win honors in tl.is
mi live home  of  the 'fs.17.
WW* r». J .-,-< '.,.S»'9.it*«a?»lta*,iMa «W.sM
Mr, A. Buckle was the successful tenderer for the building of the Humming
Block on Firet Ave., the tenders for
which were advertised in The Leader
laet wet k.    There wero eight tenderers
Sporting Season Opens on Saturday
With Surprises.
In spite of the wintry weather and the
slashing downpour of vain, several Important athletic events were decided In
and around Ladysmith ou Saturday
afternoon. In conseijitoiiee of Ihe bud
weather the attendance of speetalors was
very limited.
In the match of association football
played on thu bunker grounds between
the Ladysmith ami Wellington teams,
Ladysmith won with a score of 2 to I.
Chief Ci'ossan of Nanalmo refereed the
grtino hi his tmiial olHcicnt style, his decisions giving entire satisfaction.    Joe
•» *~*-"""ia'*1 ** *****
Vancouver defeated Vietorl-i tit the 1 titer city ou Saturday in u first-class exhibition of the game, In a score of ft to **.
The full number of innings was played,
so the result says much for the fluetruiu-
ing of the teams.
Secretary Mott ran and the oilier officials ot the Ladysmitli club ure working
hard to put the club iu good condition
for the coming Reason, They expect to
have on the local .team one or two very
good men, and to make the team almost
as strong ns it was last year.
Nanaimo baseball club has been
thoroughly reorganised, and -they look
forward to a good season. They have
managed to secure a few stars for their
senior team.
In the fi a' of the I-Mi ladies' gnlf
tonrnam nt *«r tl.e cha p'outhlp it
Newcastle, County Down, yesterday,
Miss Adair, tbe bolder, beat MIbs E.
S uart.
Association football is very much in
evidence in Toronto this spring. Twelve
gimesaretei-K played this afternoon.
Jeffries, tlie big fighter, is suffering
from the same complaint which has
proved to bo the.heavyweight pugilist's
worst enemy, namely, corpulency. He
finds it almost impossible, even with the
severest training, to keep down the tendency to Iny on flesh, Jeffries now
weighs 231*4 pounds (peeled).
Mr. S. M. J. Woods, the Somerset captain, playing iu a minor match at Bridgwater, took all ten wickets on his opponents' side, At n cost of only 2ii runs.
Ten thousand   persons, including the
King, the Prince and Princess nf Wntei
witnessed the Toronto   team at Lord's
heat   the Puke   nf   ArgyVs team at
lacrosse by 11 goals to 8.
At the Crystal Palace ihe London
County bout Surrey by 100 runs. The
end came nt fi o'clock, nn interval of nn
hour having been allowed In order that
the ntavers might see' the first hall' of
the English football final.
Mr. A. C. MacLnren thinks Hint the
Australian team now In Em-laud Is uo
stronger (ban its predecessors. Their
succors, he fancies, will depend largely
u.hhi the wleket.  -
Arthur CapeR, of Nolls Forest, 1ms
been transferred to Sloke, The sum to
he paid the 'Forest club Is n- handsome
one, and in consideration of the fact
that Capes has heeii such an excellent
servant, the Forest club'have decided to
make bim a present or the amount.
Iu connection with Ids proposed half-
mile match with Harry Cnlhim, of Cardiff, E. €. Bredln, of Northampton, says
ho la willing to decide their race at the;
Rochdale athletic grounds, subject to one
certain condition, apart from those til—
ready agreed to.
The well-known American sculler, C.
S. Titus, sails for England on June ft to
compete for tho Diamond Sculls al Henley recall n.
L. O. S. Poidevln, the New South
Wales cricketer, who played so well
against MnoLaren's team nt Sydney, and
who Is going In study in 'Riurland. Iiub
jol I the .London County Orlcket Olub,
"lid plnyeit hl<t first mutch for iltotn
against lite M. (\ C. and Ground at
Lord's on May 12.
It Is said thnt Mi\V, an old "Lnnrh-k
I ad," bus declined to sign on for Derby
Comity for next season. It Is rumored
that he Is going to n prominent Southern
"I have lost my pet squirrel." Can yon find him?
and all wero very close in figuring on
tbe work.
The l.ndyemilh Lumber Company,
Limited, have been eucceeeful In aecur-
ing Ihe (entrant for the lumber for the
building. Work on erecting the hand*
euaie addition to Lnlysmitb'a industrial
blocks will uommeuue the first week tn
June, ni Messrs. Humming Bros, wish
to see tho '.nth celebration in Nanalmo,
their busy day, over bi fure undertaking
this important work.
I m of i m |
a iill'l.l  TO UiTiaBBW.
Editor Leader: —Io reference to a
letter that appeared In your last Issue,
wherein Ihe writer alleges tbat a pir
rinlent tffirt id being made by a few
boaincefl mon h:ro to get. Chinamen employed on Iho emelter site. Now this
statement is false and needs no contra*
diction, for common sanse teaches that a
Ciiuaiii:u;,(h'adoraiivo. Ib very email
(loflt to a worlriiiginait or a trader. A
white nun is suppoiel to bring to all
lihir to lift ilnne hy him superior lultl-
llgahuQ and more perseverance, and last
though not b■«-■!, to do a fair day's work
whither the eye of thetrnplnyer is there
or not, more eo than any Chinaman yen
nny get. But It is ad in It! a hi rt that in
lie drift that comes to these western
siorea there are a number of Weaiy
Willies, men, that, If yen give them employment, look upon It as a slnecuie
after looking hours ahead for quitting
time. I have no hesitation In saying
nml M*iug In Ibis class tlio Chinaman
h is the hold be has to-day In B.C. One
good thing, however, is that lo-day
plenty ol approved men can be got If
wanted and tbe otber undesirable element will have to fall In line or starve.
In conclusion let me eay tbat most men
coming, as It were, prowiflcously upon a
Sanderson did the trick for the home
(earn both times, aud he played perhaps
the strongest game of Ihe day, Ladysmitli showed good combination, the piir-s
illg aad dribbling being quite clever,
Wellington wns w-ftak in defence, and did
not seem lif he hi ns good coudllfpu as (.lie
home men. They nre not discouraged,
however, by ihe result, ami will take an
early opportunity uf revenging themselves.
An old football player now resident lu
Ladysmitli has made an excellent hiik*
gesllou fur the Dominion Day celebration
here. It is that suitable trophies nud
prises should he offered for short ma<teliea
between fivc-a-side teams' of root hall
players from different parts of the prov
Inco; Mine-limit, sny, ten minutes each
match. This Is n splendid drawing card
ia other communities, und would create
any amount of Interest among the spoc-
■tiiiors here,
Victoria disposed of Nanalmo with
great ease iu the mutch ou the Caledonian grounds on Saturday afternoon, In a
steady downpour of rain, which made the
ground like a mustm-d plaster, Victoria
show finer form this season than has
been the case for some years back, and
should be strong rivals for the ehampiou-
siiip (hia year, Nanalmo disnppofuted
their supporti 's by prifoticnlly going to
niece* under Hn. wejl-siistulned nitnek of
the visitors, who finished with n score pf
IO goals tu Nanaimo's 8.
New Westudlister, tho world's champions, mnde n disli-cluth of Vancouver
mi Nairn-day afternoon, and dusted that
section of the universe known as Brockton Point with the mortal remains of the
would-be laerossists of the Terminal
City, The Vaueouvers were never In
any danger of being ''lu it" at any stage
of the game, although they -took three
goals. The Salmon Bellies just |o,vud
with thorn, and romped through Vancouver's gwil thirteen times, until it got lire
some to see the red sliirls travelling so
often hi Ibe same direction,
Toronto's fnttripg team nearly met tin ir
Waterloo when they encountered that
pnek of husky bannoek-chewers (lie other
day. The North Britons piled up four in
the first half to Toronto's one, nud It
Inoketl as If .Hie Canucks were to Im
heartily whacked nt their own national
game hy iho toughest team tliey have
yet encountered In the Old Country. It
Is believed thnt If -the Scots had had the
staying powers of tho Canadians they
would hnve certainly have won the day:
but the Tnroiitos woke up in the second
half and scored six more goala to nothing
for their opponents. The Torontos say
llm English teams were absurdly easy
compared with the Scots, ami thnt if
tlio Ifliller team really take up lacrossn
seriously they may reasonably hope to
K/eiyiliing in Block ir imported'
direct from uiiuuifactuii.rr.oi made
at our own factory.
■I l years in our business means
ii and ice our largo aid modern establish*
n «ill not need lo buy,     1 f you cannot come
£   send your name ou a poet card and wo will mail vou a catalogue—free,
Coal!   -   Coalll
Are called lor the erection on part ol
1 its 1 ind 2, Block 70, Lsdyimith, ol s
ehuirli ichool houte according to s plan
and specifications lo be seen at tie
office ol Leiser A Hamburger.
Tenders to be sddreised to P . II Mar*
■hsll, Ladysmith,up to 0 o'clock p . in.,
on Wednesday, the 31st. ol May, 1902.
Tbe loweit or sny feelers will not
neoesiarily be accepted
Church Wardene,
A. C, Wilson,
Funsrsl Wreaths, etc., Welding Bouquets in every style. Orders promptly
sttended to. -NANAIMO. B. O
For s nice cool refreshing drink
ii Union Brewing Cot
Lagers and Stout
Nsnsimo, B. C.
Nanalmo. B. G.
Sheet   Music
Oheipeit ah I Beil-Sc. ami 10.:. a copy.
All latest toogs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc.
. *************************
MannfnplMren, of nil kiwis of
Roo{l. aid Dressed Lunber
Mouldings, Utll, Stliiln, Ete, ::
'. ', A large stock or IholOTghly lessoned • ■
. . lumber-..! and and class constant y on
. hand.  All orders strictly attended lo. ■ -
Quotation, cheerfully slveu.
i '♦♦♦♦+4++T*mT4+T*4+ *****
Wellington Colliery j
Company, Ltc
: Wellington C«*»!   Best household coal on the Pacific
'•'■ Coinox Coal—Best steam coal on
• *
\ Alexandria Coal—First-class gas,
hold coal
The above coals are mined only  by the Wel-
: lington Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Uuiou Bay, Baylies Sound.
the Pacific Coast
steam and house-
Head Office
Son   Francisco Agency,
Victoria, B. C  1
•     !
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
********************************************* *n+++*'
j| Herely^A Reminder j
Of tlie fact that the Leader Job Room is !J
now doing nil kinds of  Printing—com- 2
mereial, legal and society—at very reason- J
able prices. 3
We Print
—Loiter Heads *
-Hill Heads t
—Statements $
—Note HeailH *
—Memorandum Heads T
—I'liivelopes X
-r-BllHiness CardB «f
—Stork Certitlcaleo J
—Legal niankri 1.
—Wedilinv riivilittiiir.B v
—Funeial jlnnoiiticenicnll    £
—Ticket! 1,
— I'rosiri. limn h +
—I'tuniilili.la T
—Calaloaii.H 1
—Window Car.la T
—Hangers T
—Pollers *
Having the latest type faces and borders,'
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best  work—Printing that altraels
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - b. C.
H>s>a *]***. h-i••[.•!-1.1-1 -M-H-H. .!..H'.H'.|.H.H..M-I-M-|..|.*
*. Mattresses, Lounges,
9      Beds, Avrninsi,
,* Tents, Store  Blinds.
rioTiins   ■   ,'imiiNii
a tiie.ul illy.
Of all deic.lpiiona
ewrnted In Flnt-
Clan S'yle   .   .   ,
Cabinet Ma leer ami llpfiolslcror,        '!
Skinner St.     NANAIMO, 11. C,   ;'!
Opposite City Hull!   P. o. Box 2Jtj. N
»K**fi*.*«.MVS^.^^ "', '
The Mil PosNintellieencer
SmIIU, With.
Nobody con afford lo be wlllioiH II. All I In;
tcIeKrniililciu-wiorilie week. Pnrm, field, (inr-
den, upon, Hocltly. UeBtitff.il illiintintloiis mid
Imlf (ones,   Bamnle copy on applicallon.
All For Or* Dollar • Ytir.
Seattle Daily Times
Tlio llvillest paper in the Nnrlhvreil.
Weekly edition a complete record of
tho world's news lo dale. Spoil,
politics, society, women's, Intcroili,
young folk's department, literature
science, art, music. ■f**.
r> A K-::
iipsT HA i   V-
V'ffill AN!) WI
I/ -a v.
r-9" 4 S'-VA
4 i
H fei      I
H   BsP
i  m
B    H
a Grand
D ft lV; ' v
ssa r
B    ^J'
Don't Fail
Warriors Oi"
One of the
Struggle Amongst The Hardy
n Their Great War Canoes. This is
7.   .■ TT'J  '   - ■     ■       .     .
i km
|j W ti  %(S   '--; -
. .■":..":.. ;r "s;^s?es
i ' ni
[■<■ i
i!    ';
"!    s
•oauaerclal St. NANA1NO, B.O.
TO served at all hours
lay and Saturday,  May
r"24th,      Ladysmitli people
Tig  Nanaimo   will   be  made
heartily welcome.
****************** t ********
THE cm
m44-H"T+-H* ♦ *♦*)♦♦♦ f-t-HJff
"Clothed and in Ma risjlit mind," remarked the poet, or somebody, after
seeing ona of Caldwell, Ibe Nanaimo
fashionable tailor's, customer iu bia new
Dining and Rawing room Klox. Prices reduced for cash for ten days, at Lively's, the Jeweler.
Mr. Dan Nicholson did tlio excellent
stage carpenter*/ iu Oddfellows' hall for
the Ladysmith Dramatic Association's
production of "The Two lluziards" and
"The Mischievous Nigger," last night.
For one week only will we sell eight
dav clocks for $3.00 each. Strikes tlio
hour and half hour. Gunrantecd for
flys years.   Lively, Ladysmith's Jeweler
Nanaimo is spending thousands of
dollars in improving tlm waterworks
system in modernizing the civic chambers, and on the streets.
At the Cheapside, great variety Of
skirts and shirts and shirt waielB. Inspection invited.
To-morrow evening promMly at 8
o'clock a meeting of the General Committee In charge of the arrangements
for the celebration of Dominion Day in
Ladysmith will be held in Gould's hall.
It is reported that owing to a certain
turn in events lately the prospects for a
very successful celebration are much improved.
Our stock is now complete in fancy
drygoods, boots shoes, gents' furnishings
etc,, undoubtedly the finest showing on
the Island. The Cheapside, High St.
Van, Archdeacon Seriven went down
this morning to Victoria on bueineea
connected with tbe church here.
Mrs. Wardell. sister of Mrs. 11. G.
Jeastip, arrived last week from uimcoe,
Onti on a fortnight's visit to Mrs.
Mr. Noel Ellison, travelling representative of the Scranton Schools, for Vanconver Island, arrived in town on Monday, and was busy enrolling students.
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes, M.P.L., went
up to Nanaimo from Victoria uu Saturday's train, returning to the capital on
Sunday evening, Mr. Mclnnes expects
tbat the legislature will prorogue early
in June.
Miss Sarah Philo ot Nanaimo, the
clever young pianist and vocalist, is
likely lo be heard in concert in Ladyimith at an early date.
Johnston Block,      -     Naiiaim.?, B, C
P. 0. Box, 87, Tel. 115.
Viiiti   Ladysmith   every Saturday.
Houn Irom 0 a, m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotsford Hotel.
"Ayard ol preveiilivo is world
miles of ou re."
in ni in
"A yard of prev
miles of cure."
Mosquito Netting
Screen Doors and  Windows all Sixes
i    E. ROLSTON,
Ladysmith,        - B, C.
Agent for S. W. Faint.   McClary's
typei and Ranges.
Snturdffy ^vWBLp Mni'j/fvM^j or the
relief tl Mafekim but-nba only
The LeM^encooMterad who seamed to
be lA^wtko fact was Mr. W. W. B.
Slclimolii^wflo waa toting hotua to Na*
iiaiino from Victoria a Mafeking balloon
' " ' Ich to celebrate in patriotic style
one ol* the most interesting nud picturesque hlstorlcni events la British hls-
Summer draws nigh, having taken
lessons in the art for some aeons back,
and Caldwell, another artist in decking
out the human form, (divine or lay),
has a selection of summer suitings un
equalled in this province.
Nauuimo Herald Bays .—"Mr. Sam.
Shouldice and Miss Isabella Busbby,
b ith of Lidyimi h, were married yeater*
dty afteruot- , .Saturday)at the Presbyterian uiautt in this city. Rev, W. B.
Cummiug performirg the ceremony.
Mr. John Dunbar tujip^rted the groom,
while Miss K. Tens* acted as bridesmaid.
The couple returned to Ladyemith on
the evening train."
Mr. aud Mrs. Shouldice have received
from their many Mends in Ladysmith a
grt-nt number of very handsome presents
along with tl e very best wishes for their
happiness and prosperity, in which The
Leader heartily joins.
Not many men can afford to throw
awny thirty dollars on an ill-fitting suit
of clothes. The ordinary man wants fit,
material, stylo and value for his money
when he clothes himself. Caldwell, of
Nanaimo, was never known to disappoint a customer. Get him to build tbat
Buityou want bo badly.
Nannlmo's latest club Is thu Green-
wood, a ti amateur dramatic society composed or talented ladles and gentleman
resident in Niinaimo. Its membership is
now 25, but increasing rupidly. One of
the moving spirits iu tho club In Mr. Dick
ltiinl, editor of tho Nanalmo Frea Press,
n very capable itmuteiir. The club will
shortly present smite high-class pieces in
tlie opera house, ,    , ,
One Imuioi'lsl iu Ladysmith referred to
the heavy dowupour of rain on Saturday
ns "heavy dew, likely to lurn to rain
somo lime during the dny." This ia
rather bettor than the Yankee version,
"somewhat moist."
All kinds of watches repaired; English,
Amerleun, and Swiss. Work guaranteed
and d -no by a practical mechanic. W.
H.   Lively.
Entirety refurnished and renovated,
Flrit-.-li.si table. Every accommodation
for ladies visiting Nanaimo. Mn. T. J.
Thomas in charge of dining room will be
happy to welcome all old Wellington
and Ladysmith fiiendi.
David     Murray,
Buller Street, .       Udyimlth
Shop will be open every Thurtday,
Friday and Saturday,
and Tiijai, Land.
NiITI0K la hereby given tint ihe re-
servationon loreshore and tidal lend,
notlco whereof wsi piihllihed in tb.
British Columbia Gazette .nd dated
15th March, 1890. is caiicellml. Any person ilueirouc of acquiring, leaioof any
foreshow or tidal landi muit take itepi
lu ncquiro the eame in the manner pro-
vided hy eectlon 41 of the "Land Act,"
alter the expiration of three (3) montbl
Irom tho date of thia notice,
W. 0. WELLS,
Ohio!  Commissioner', ol   Landi snd
Works.   Lands and Worki Department,
Victoria, B.O., 8th April, 1902-
J, McDonald,
Agent for B. 0. Polt.ry Oompsny.
Chimney Pipe, Hewer Pips, Guilty
Traps, Ti, Yi, Bendi, TllM snd
High St., Ladysmitli
Laurel Rebecca Lodge
Grand Dramatic Entertainment
Tuesday Evening, Msy 20tb.
A Talented Company Will Preient the
Screaming farce
"The Two Buzzards,"
And tho lide-ipllltting comedy
The Mischievous Nigger.
Specialties, Songs, etc. The Trest ol
tho Season. Don't Mils IL Oommine.
Ing at 8 o'clock.   Admiiiion 60 centi,
Mr. Andrew Brylsn to Reside In
Mr. Andrtw Bryden, manager ot the
Extension mines, Ul dealdad to remove
his handsome resident, new at Bitenslon
to Ladysmith, to tak. up ills abode lu
thia town. He wis hen oh Saturday,
•ud .villi Mr. Archibald McGregor, the
towualte agiiiit, .elected-', suitable lot
for the building. This ia situated ou
Warren street, between the residences ot
Mr. William Bussell .ud Ur. T. L. Grahame. It is expected tbat Mr. Bryden'.
houso will be moved down thla week,
and that Mr. Bryden .nd family will be
able to occupy it early in Jane.
Another ot th. Bitousioii Imnsus, Mr.
David Wilson, II ilao moving down le
Ladysmith, Mr, Wilton hu ilways desired to reside In this beautiful spot, atl.l
lie is well pleased thit til. -wish is new
to bo gratified. It is understood that nil
tho Extension managers and foreuien ex*
cept Mr. Sharp will weld, in Ladyaniith
from thi. time forward.
But besides these officials upwards of
two hundred ot the Extension miners
havo determined to make their home,
here, sud •• a cooaequenisa thi real estate
agents have been oaueually busy for •
few dayi past. As msny ss forty lot!
changed hand, on Saturday, snd on .11
of these lota houses will iw built w won
as possible. ■
Mr. Adam Thompson, tb. hulling .gen!
from Nsniimo, hai been making a number of important sales, and by a glance
at hi. Interesting ndrertleeuient on ihe
front page of The Lesder to-dsy it will
he seen that he hu Mm. bargain, to
offer yet. Mr. W. H. Munn, ot ILady-
smith, hai also been kept busy .luce the
rush began, and reports some very mtia-
factory transfers ef Mil eat.te.
This sudden briskness in business has
taken many by surprise, bnt not those
who have beeu keeping their eyes opsn.
Tbe Leader baa been savagely criticised
day after day by local .cynics for publishing statement, thit 'Ladysmith was
all right, and that ita day was fast approaching, if ths people would only have
patience. Every time Th. Leader printed any statement, always on tha best
authority, that some Improvement or
other waa going to be made, these loudmouthed critics of th. corner snd the
hotel store would bitterly denounce tbe
paper aud condemn the statement .. only
another lie.
Tbe allghteet hitch ia, the arrangements, .ny •ccld.nl that prevented >uch
Improvement being carried out' on the
exact date specified by The Lander wui
•ure to be nailed with, "1 told you ao."
Yet everything foretold by The Leader
haa come or la coming to pass; the ahort
line will be built, the emelter will be
blown in ou September 1st, the waterworks will go in, Ladyemith will get all
the Improvement, promised. In spite of
tbe lamentation, of the do-nothing..
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheal repairing ia all ill br»nehn
Fins natal workings .peclilty. Plumb,
ing, seelyln. gu, hoi walar aad hot
air bsatldg. Ward doaa with despatch
and at rmonibls rata..    .
22  LOAVES  22
Delicious Bret4. f
$i.oo ONE DOLLAR $i.oo
Why bats whan yon cm gal lath
veins asjri delivered al your door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Yuri' Experience
J. KENNY, Lidytmith Bakery,
Eiplanad., Ladyimllh.
H. A. Bill
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Ete.
Commissioner Supreme Court ot
B.C., Batata and Insurance Agent.
— Offlcea-
Ihe Eaplanada,  •  Ladysmith, B, C.
Near Oread ud Prank Hotel..
laple Lodge, No. «., I. 0.0. r.
vteet. .vary" VVed..e.d«y eve I-» in
Nichuleou'i Hall Vi.illng ineu,b»ie
cordially Invited.
-':>   H.MSIMO fl T.
" ' M.Mor.I.Nlr;,Y,8.ic.
Painting, Paperhanglng and
HWtress Making.
Leave order, tor matlresi Inakinir at
Oipt. Dillou'e Otlice, Esplanade, .here
samples can Iw seen.
toy H. Oavin, Ladysmith.
Letter ft Hamburger's)
Carpenter, joiner and Undertaker
I Oeneral Jobber.
Swwr Plat Avwa. aid Oatacre stmt.
Cbln.t WMk of all kind..
All kinds ot soft wood furniture made
aud tapalnd.
GEE WHIZ! ^r41^
Maria—My deir, you shouldn't ui.
•tiong language, I can't a-baer II, Bnt
•ee wbat ha isyi.
To reduce my itock ths following ex
trsordimry pricei srs now
Cabinets     ...     %i.jf Doj,
Panda     -     ■     •        Ji.oo   "
Blagant 6xio Ovsls •     $J.oo',<"
Brooks,  Photographer,
W. do not new clothing out ol yonr
old clothes, bnt we certainly do
make th. old ones look 100 per cent,
better—Dyeing, Cleaning snd Be.
Nanalmo Clothing Renovntory
NANAIMO, B. C. P. 0. Bos 120.
Winnlpeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
Steamship - Sorvioo
Japen, China,  Hawaii,  Austrslasla,
Flral-elaas Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Dsily.
TORON TO, Tueid.yi and Silnrdiyi.
For pamphlati and all information apply
lo an; O.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIRR,
Agent, Viotoria.     As.nl, Nannlmo.
Ant. Gaul. Pan. Agint, V.nconv.r.
Smelting Works
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
i*W» *-l.wW.sl»f.w»».S«V».<«*,l«W*,.<« »^%**aAyt#it#*M*M*letM
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Fit Shoes at the sum-1 prim
-t« < Ih-h-i factory made, rnme In t-nd ate.
All Hurk i;tM"aiitt*t*i1.    Kt-jMiiitiK done,
A. S. Kuistio,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufdclurers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed,
M. J. BOOTH, ■        Proprietor.
No. 31,
I. O. O. F.
Meet, every Wednesday evening at 7.10 o'clock,
Vlaltora cordially Invited.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
©f city and district.
Lattst foraign Intelligence. Accurate
reparte. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
elean, independent,
fearless.   Something
to interest everybody
• 11
Nothing    to   offend
anybody.   Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimalt &  Nanaim  Railway
6rtnd CeUbrations at Nanalmo and Victoria
FaiDJtr AND SATURDAY. MAY 23rd and 24th
.«.J.!^",I**RJM^^^ 7.61 p.m„ra.
turning leave Victoria a< O.fW. «., and 7 p.m.
Tr.lna lasts,. I.A..*.,.,. ,... u....l«. ls..J._ u._
•Ing leave Vlstorla af (i.fw. ".. and 7 p.m. -......-..,..
Tralni laasa Ladyimith lur Nanaimo Friday May 23rd at 11.57 a.m., and 0.*
Baturday May Stth, tralat leave Ladysmith for Nsnsimo st 0 80 a.m.. 11.57
a.m., and t.u p.m.
*EM.***ffi»u^ *«h at 10
a.m., ana 11 nooo. _ ;*,
Fare from Ladyimllh to Vlstoriaand return $l,jo, Children under la 7ac.
Pare tram Ladyimith aid Bateaekw to Nanalmo and return soc.
J5tbT'*k«* !«-* HOlai Friday aad Saturday returning not liter thia Sunday Hay
Cso, L. Ooarf aoy-
Trafflo Nanagar


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