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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 26, 1902

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jj~ utsU^,-cx
','■ The people that save I
1' money trade with .   |
I For Boots and Shoos f
I Bickle's is tho store j:
VOL..1. NO. 57.
! i      —-
I We call your attention to our Clothing and Furnish-
I irig Department. Our entire stock in those depart-
I nients is to be disposed of at prices which will guar-
| antee quick sales. Tlie latest and newest styles in
g Hats and Caps just received and to be sold at prices
| which will surprise you.
' Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary Public, lite,
illun -y to Loan,
Nanalmo, • . -
! Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescript ions carefully dispensed. Open
day aud night,
Member Can, Society or Civil  KiiRincers
Member Insliiiiliiiii of l-.leclriciil Jjngincera
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed r. o. Jlox m
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Aniiiifilsrtiitl Deer Hinds Moulded mid
Air sitle.   l-'ins innile, nlteicd, ckuued riiltl slotcd
341-3 Johnson St.,        • Victoria, II. C.
E. & N. SALE.
in tha Negofiu-
Proposal io Proceed Willi Organiz-
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
H, &W
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain Beitl fancy brew*.' Cukflflftmi pas-
tries of nil descriptions. I'ruito. ir
Thli pew hotel has been completely
furnlihed wilb all modern convenience!.
Excellent tible, white cooking. The
birii supplied with the finest wlnee,
llqaori and clgari. Au experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,      -      Ltdyitnltb, 1). C,
♦ ♦r.T.+TVVtt-t-l-tTttttftttt*
Ono fact ii bettor than a Dozen
llenr.-oyi. II ynu want the
choicest meats eo to
Ladysmith, I!, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop.
A freed tupply   of   Vegetables
ahvaye on hand.
Special attention given to tliipi'
♦TTTTT-rTT-ft+v4++ *********
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
This new hotel lies bcon comfortably fu.nishid ei.il the lar le nptodalr.
liset accommodation lor transient and permanent hoarder! and lodgen.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Ladysmith, B. G.
Thi Esplanade,
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-Wcst
Pioneer Bottling: Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMHINQ,        - Proprietor,   Ui&.ll
John Barnsley & Co.,
Agcnti for
J. J. Taylor
Plre Proof Snfea.      aaaat
Victoria, B. C. i
■ Kodak., Pllins, Etc.
David    Murray,
Bullt-r Street, ■        Ladysmith
Shop wlll ho open every Thunday,
Friday and N.itunlay.
J. E. SilITH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paper Hanging nnd KhI<
pornlning.    Estimates riven,   Sat-
h-factlon guaranteed.
LADYSMIIU,      -      -       .      ii. C.
According to tho Victoria correspond
entof the Nanaimo papers the transftr
of the E. & N. Railway roadbed to the
Canadian Northern Railway is not likely to take place for noma limp. He announced (hat there wae a hilch in tho
negotiations and that Ihfl ajjcnla cf the
purchasers were not prepared to pay the
prico asked. It waBalao aunon*.eed on
the game authority thnt a new lino lo
the north end of tho Island might he
built, ttie now company to take over the
charter now in possession of the c,vner3
of the E. it N. Railway enabling I hem
to baild to tho north cud, Tho fact of
iho matter is that the foregoing ia all
pure guesswork, aa nobody except tbe
principals engaged in the transaction
knows anything about tho condition of
the negotiations, which are bring kept
atrictly private. It is believed by those
in the host position to -know that the
uegotiationB announced hy tho premier
at the Victoria meeting are likely to he
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    D not
gee insured at onco, far it may be
tno late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure yoii at a moment's notice al
tho lowest pnfeiblo ralet'. Ail leading
companies charge the eame rates. Don'!
bs milled into incurim* with ii cheap
company—U might bo dear iu the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 3!., Nanaimo, It. 0,
LadjfssnitSi Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Hutler, New Laid
Eggs end Fresh   Vegeiablea tupplied
Dally.   Leave orders at the poat office,
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs,
R. II.  Johnston,   V.ctoi.o.  baa  the
finest selection  in  tbo  province.   Sep
samples at Leiser & Hamburger'.-: store.
Prices nnd estimates cheerfully given.
Rosea In great variety.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissinner Supreme Court of
B.C-, Estate and Insurance Agent.
- OH Ices -
The Esplanade,  •  Ladysmith, 11. C.
Near Uracil and Prank Motel..
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kindi ol heavy teimlng done
Wholesale and Retail Dealen In Meals.
Poultry   ami  Vegetable!.   On.... In
l.aion.  Shipping otderi atlended to on
t horl nolle..
The Crescent Hotel
Win. Hepple, proprietor.
Flrit-rlnss nccoioraoilatloni tor minen
and transients,  None hut
The Best Winss and Liquors
le.ved nt the liar,    (live ni a rail,
Cor, Victoria lid A Conimerclil St.
NANAIMO.     ■    ■     B.C.
Cocos  Island
News from the Blakeley,
News haa reached Victoria front Honolulu that a boat has ppokun lis., Wake-
ley it Cocoa Island wiih ono nf the
treasures ou board, nnd looking for another. Although nol official, It la nlso
reported In the Sun Francisco papers
that they have found tho treasure. II
those reports are confirmed ell the
Coin piny's Hook will In, cancelled at
II yon want Iho best chance ever offend lo make a tnrtuni-, hny n share ol
stock nr n part share at once. Prion,
140,121) lor ', ; ,11) lor Is.'. Next iiionlh
thoy cannot lie Iniiiplii lor 11) llniei Hint
P. 8.
Beinemher each ntoi'k holder owns
•hare In the ship and her uin'pmint,
lo thil yon practically rile noihlnir.
Address i
Tlie Pacific Exploration and    ,
Development Co,, Limited,
80 lllrdi'Sgo IVulk, Victoria,
ir a Lively Boating
Season Here,
Interest in rtjiiatics Iihb strongly revived in Ladyimith, nnd the nroepccls
now nre Hint tho hnrhor will liotho scene
ol a good denl of this hind of sport during the coming oeason. Numbers of Hie
residents nro going to puroiiaio row end
sail hontP,'ni;d it is learned llint several
gentlemen will invest in smart yarlits
ol moderate tonnage.
Ia this tha forerunner of tho Ladyimith Yacht Cluh? A liner yachting
course docs not exist on this coast, and
there is every inducQtnopt for those who
nro fond of Iho kingly rprrt to indulge
their hobby. Oao Renllt'inari who is
deeply Interested in ci|iialic sports remarked to the Lender tbst (hero ie no
reason why this place shciil,! not have a
big yearly regatta, to take place Eay in
the fall.
Tho matter Is commended to Iho best
cousideratiou ol ihe local sporlfinen,
It has been suggested that in view of
tbe statement mado by a well-known
Viotoria rifleman Hint the Ladyimith
rillo company, il formed, would bo cure
of receiving a riild for every member
and 200 rounds cl ammunition catb,
lhat a meeting of Ihe former signers o!
fio pelilion to Ihe Department of Militia be- called again at Borne suitable
place and tliat itepi be taken to form a
It has also been explained to Tho
Lender that (lie Uillicully abont th
ride range can be got over quilo easily
the job is not by any means Iho terrible
all'air stated hy some oi thoeo who attended Iho last meeting of the rifle
company. The range can bo niado
ready Ior uso at very low cosl.
Tlio Leader will be glad lo hear irom
any ol those who look part in the former meetings to form tho company, ns lo
what should he done, and will publish
the suggestions in Saturday's paper.
".IMljMUltll   Rlaliipliifr.
Btripie Antiope suited fur Kihai,
Hawaii, on Monday forenoon, with
about two thousand Ioiih of Wellington
Am. ship Charmer U now loading a
cargo of ooal at tho wharves for Ban
Str. Thistle cleared on Sunday with n
cargo of coal for the Mainland,
Shipping lutes on tho Transfer from
Vancouver In Lady em ith have been advanced ,
Aran. sir. Eltcolfifor, cf the Seattle*
Nomo iouo arrived in harbor yesterday
morning, f out I.or ling detention in
i|<iirautfue t Cook's inltf, near Jtimau.
Mho tr-ia on her wtiy to Sjntlle to rem me
h^r regular trips tn Gip9 Nonii), Sim
took ou 300 (oiia of coal nnd loft for tho
Sound at ono o'clock. Tho Excelfllor
carried no p&Mengera or freight.
Str. Viotoria arrived from Sail Frar.-
ciieo on Monday and immediately^ ixm-
raenced loading her coal cargo.
Tug Tyco called in Sunday and look
Ihe Antiope to sea Monday forenoon,
Ship Charmer haa 000 Ions of her coal
cargo now aboard.
Don't fail to ceo CUT. Cavlta' sntuplcB
of wallpaper nt Captain Dillon'ti cilice,
Esplanade. Choice new dee.gna al at-
tonisbingly reasonable piicee,
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of I.aclysiiiitli,
13. C, are respectfully invited
to become lnenibers of the
Ladysmitli Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith. *
Police Raid a Den in Ladysmith
Monday Night,
Provincial Police Constable George
Caosidy, accompanied by a special constable raided on Monday night a Cbin-
eao houso near the railway track, where
it wns suspected gambling waa carried
on. They were succosiful in capturing
tiro Chinese and all (ho toobi of the
game, which was fan tan. The culprits
were taken before Mr. George Thomson,
stipendiary magistrate ye.-teidny morning, and tho evidence being very clear,
they wero convicted and lined $20 each
aud costs, The apparntus was confiscated. Fan Ir.n has bieo going en full
Bwing for fome time back, hutConsUblo
O.tsefdy laid hii plans well for Monday
night, and managed to bag tho two
worst otTcHidere.
Deputation to Wait on Government
At the regular weekly meeting of tbe
executive of the Ladysmith Board of
Trade, held in Mr. Mason'e office on
Monday crenine, a good deal of important business wai transacted. The Bee-
retary intimated a considerable increase
in the membership. Communications
were read from Mr. Hartley Gisborne
and   membership
in    Eubatance, at
if it   covers the
£ iul)s:uii:iV. .Xrufr,!   Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs, D. II. Davis, the proprietors of the (loo new hotel which hae
juat been completed on First Avenue, nt
the northern extremity of tho townsito,
aronotBorry that their arduous task
over. Thoy aro to bo congratulated
ou the result oft heir labaurs, for tho new
Portland Hotel is certainly ono of the
beet appointed in the whole district.
N'-.i expense has been spared In making
the houso ai comfortable na passible,
and there can be no doubt that the oa*
terpritnng proprietors wiil reap their reward in due time. The work o[ clear-
im the site nnd immediate smrouud-
injiii of the Portland wa4 not light, the
Irees around tin ro having been* of exceptional ehw, but a first-cities jib has
b.'en made of iho work. Tho Portland
io newly furnished throughout; is provided with an ample supply of hot and cold
water; the bar is thnroiiRhly up-to-date;
thero in the most cnnfortablij accomtno-
atlon for miners returning from thoir
woik, whilst Iho tublo maiutnins its re«
patatlon asEocond to none in these pai U
The Portland ia well tUtiated to enpture
the smelter and repair shops trade.
Well-Known Nanaimo Mining Man
Yesterday morning Mr. John Dick
died at his homo in Naminto after a
short illness. Mr. Dick was about sixty
years of ago, and waB a native cf Scot-
hind. He was manager of Alexandria
mines before the late Hubert Fisher,and
had held other hiph positions with tbo
Wellington Colliery Co. llij brother is
Mr..Archibald Dick, inspector of coal
mines iu iho Kootenay district, Tbe
late Mr, Dick, who had lived in B, Q.
upwards of thirty years was highly re-
spooled by all who had tho privilege of
hia acquniiitanc*-.
Messifl, Fletcher llrolhcrs ol tho Nan
aimo in usic house, lave issued a neat
nnd Instructive catalogue at their sheet
iniitio Block.   Messrs. Fletcher l!rolh<
era carry tho largest 6tick in Western
p     • j ' ,  ! Caunda, and all wbo wist, lo know what
I \M1-Q  TfBTfWT    L        is lislna pnblislietl III ihe way of  songa
J/AML,3,  1 Klllilv, ami pclcoi should procure n copy ol tbl!
oomprehensivo oalalogno.
enclosing eulranco
foes. Hie Idler is,
A Board of Trade,
duties of a Board of Worki, can ho of
tlio treatesl icrviee in the village age of
our LJdyemllli aud !»vethounneeei!ary
eipcnscs of that greoteit tom-foolery a
lown government for what ia Hill only
a village, with iti mayor, town-cleik,
and other expensive Inxuriei.
A small place, Bnch as Ladyemith, in
which I lived in the Territorial wn
sncreialully ruled by juat inch a body
as you have formed and gave us good
streets, sidewalks, cemetery and everything needful at the minimum expense
without salaries piid lo unnicemry
officiate and figureheads.
I regret that my present occupation
prevents mo attending yonr meetings!
notwithstanding tbii I am still In
thorough sympathy with any action
taken for the furtherance of the welfare
of Ihe town, and ii at any time whllit
resident here my professional experience
can be of any assistance to the Board ol
Trade I shall ha happy to impart it
without charge.
K.coived and filed, and a hearty vote
oi thanki pasted to Mr, Qiiborne for hii
generous tff jr nnd hit advice.
The lo'lowing was read from tbe lee-
retary of tho Vancouver Boird of Trade i
Dear Sir:—
I am in receipt of yoUn ol 1811k and"
have pleasure in sending you a copy of
the by-laws, and alao of the last report
of this Board. Regarding the matter of
a public wharf, may I sugtest thit tbe
proper course wonld bs for yonr Board,
aa tho parly principally intereited, to
pass a resolution of memorial to the Local government and send a copy to tha
various Boards asking for their support,
which so far as Vanconver ii concerned,
I am euro will bo freely given,
Wishing yonr Board success,
yonri truly
After a discussion on the importance
of urging the Government to lend some
aid toward putting Lidyimilh itreetl
into proper repair nnd regarding the
making of trails (o the neighboring
cimps, tlie following member! of the
executive wore appointed ai a deputation to wait on the government at Vic-
totia at theearliost possible opportunity
and urge upon them the necessity of
loing the lliinga suggested: Messrs. J,
IV. Coburn, William Ileveiidge, Walter
Jonea and T. L. Giaiiamc.
The iinaitions which they were to lay
beioro the Government relate to tbe
cemetery, Chemaintia road, triili,
streets, small debt! court, ind a public
whntf. The deputation wiil go to Vic-
loria this morning, and try to ne the
Government thie afternoon.
The secretary read a letter from Mr.
ltilph Smith, M, P., to Mr. J. W. Co-
hum respecting Ladyemith harbor. Mr.
Smith laid lie had urged upon tbe minister (be necoisity ol the cue, and he
wae glad to say that order! bad been
given for an officer ol the government to
go to Ladyemith at once and make a
thorough examination. It ll expected
that (his official will be bore in a day or
Thli was all the business ol public intereit.
Mr. Freel yesterday received • letter
Irom Hon. Mr, Dunsmuir slating lhat h.
expecled to be In Lidytmith next week,
and would gladly meet a delegation from
tbo Board. It Is probable that th. dtp*
ntntion lo Viotoria will await Hon. Mr.
Dunllullil'a visit.
"In Spring the young man! incy
lightly turni to thought! of love," bnt
II ho hasn't got ono of thoie nobby Ipring
mils McNichol the High Street Uylor
le building ho might ni well Hay at
home. It la the well dressed lover thai
wife tho prize, ■*#
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday atul Saturday at
rhe Leader Building, comer of First Ave. aud
Brcncb. Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
opposition on this bill with a good deal
of imuied curiosity. They are certainly confronted with something which we
think li rather beyond tbe combined
intellect of a number ol somewhat
simple gentlemen,
i bvMail ik Canada and united States.
Ouyear [strictly in advance)  |. w
Is. months (strictly ln advance)'    . .5
TRANSIENT-FITS! Insertion 10c. . line-, each
•abaequ«nt Insertion so. a line.
Bate, on application. No wood cut. used.
Cat. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Death and Funeral notice.,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
tlm. will b,ch«rg«<l for until ordered lo be discontinued.
THE LEADER will.be found at the following
Ladysmith-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
N«w Weatmlnater-Publlc Library.
AU change. In advertisements must be received
at this office before ia noon tho day before
Subscribers not receiving p.per regularly please
report to this office.,
All Job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash lu .dvance.
After a careful penual oi the redistribution meaiure brought down in tbe
Leglilature last week,we are constrained
to remark tbat it would be impossible
evin for tbe clamorous critics ol the
Government to devite any redistribution
bill which wonld be fairer, or mon
iternly impartial to all parti of tbe pro-
vince than thla one.
The charge hai olten been laid igau.it
the prennt Government that it wai too
much of an Island Government, and
that it wai working rather in the intereit. ol the Island, at the expenie, ol
courie, of the Mainland, Yet thil Island Government has had the courage
to do whit other government! never
learned to be able to dire; that le, to
deprive tbe Iilind of a portion ol it!
Thil hu been done, to be sure, for the
reaion tbat the Island ii not entitled to
the representation which it hai hitherto
At the tame time the undoubted right
ol the Kootenayi to increased representation hai been recognized and goner
ouily accorded. Tbe increase in tbe
number of member! In the Home, Irom
SS to 42 will, no doubt, provoke a good
deal ol criticiim, but on the principle
that in the multitude ol counsel there is
wiidom tome Juiti&cation may be lound
lor the enlarging ol the Legislature.
We have no doubt that the gallant
Foity Twa will do their duty ai well and
truly aa the Iimoui regiment which won
renown round the world under that
number. It is a good omen, at all
Tbe moil interesting part ol tbe
measure to residents ol thil diitrict ii
th. radical alteration of the boundarlei
and even tbe title. We are now in tbe
Newcastle diitrict, North Nanaimo, io
long aud io well represented in the
Houieby Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnei, M. P.
L., having been, to me an elegant Am-
ericinilm, "wiped out," the diitilot to
be known bencelorth ai the Newcutle
We lhall look lor the criticiim! oi the
Ai One an example ai one would wish
to offir in evidence oi tbat thinly-veiled
malevolence with which many United
Stitea people occupying high positions
view tbe affaire of Great Britain, was
that supplied by a lenator of that coun-
trp the other day regarding the alleged
decline ol the commerce of Great Britain in China. Thil pereon'i remarks
were copied into nearly all the principal
newipapen in the United State!, and
the editorial comment! thereupon were
clearly Indicative ol anything but regret,
Tbe senator, we forget his distinguished name at present, declared, wilb all
tbe aplomb and certitude ior which the
member! ol the lenatorial body are
celebrated, that tbe trade oi Britain in
China and throughout the Orient, wai
falling off, very rapidly, whilst that ol
tbe United State! wai increaiing at an
almoit equal velocity. He bad been, be
laid, in China, and be deicribed a viiit
which he paid to the Britiih port ol
Hong-Kong. He saw dozen! of Ameri-
can'.flags flying at the peaks of ai many
American vissels, but there wai scarcely a Britiih ensign to be seen. Then he
went on to give statistics to ahow tbat
Britiih trade in other potti besides
Hongkong wai declining.
Shortly alter tbii interesting addreer,
ind its widespread publication throughout the United Statu, the London
Times, a iairly respectable authority,
published the official statistics oi Britiih trade witb China and' tbe Orient
generally, as compared with that oi foreign countries. Britiih trade amounted to
Sixty per cent, ol the whole; United
State! trade lo only Nine per cent.;
whilst tbe next country to Great Britain
in value ol trado waa Japan, with only
Fifteen percent.
Then are the fact! taken from official
report!, and we ehould like to know
where that American senator got hii in-
lormatloD, A man occupying ao exalted
a position would hardly dare to trifle
with tbe Senate by deliberately trumping up ialse statistic! and attempting lo
palm them off as genuine. But be must
hive done 10, or be must have been exceedingly careless iu accepting the
itatement! of lomebody else, who knew
as little, apparently, about tbe matter
aa be did himself.
It would really eeem that tbere is not
a newspaper in tbe United State! that
hai the journalistic acumen to examine
and verily itatement!. Tbey ire all so
wrapped up ln tbeir abnormal sell-
conceit and mutual admiration ol their
own wonderful clevernen, that they
havo no time to do what the Britiih
press, which tbe American press holdi
in derision and contempt, alwayi doei
—prove! before publishing.
The American newipaper managers
■hould lend tbeir men over to the United Kingdom to learn at least the rudiment! of journalism. The America.,
newipaper men would find it "a bard
row to hoe," but they wonld come btck
without a particle of conceit in tbem and
nil workmen; not "wonderful writer!,"
or "marvellously giited young men,"
but reporter! who could report without
editing, and editor! who could edit.
Beautiful Spring.
Garden Tools, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Spades, Shovels, etc,, etc.
Wide, liieidum and narrow Poultry Netting, just
the thing you require for fencing up your grounds, we
have them.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, - * Ladysmith
Canada and Great Britain at tbe prei-
ent moment preient a remarkable and
very significant contrast in their Govern*
ments. Canada ii governed by tbe Lib*
eral parly; Great Britain by the Conservative. Canada ii making • magnlScent
euccese of every great undertaking to
which it il putting iti band; n.vir in
tbe history of tbe Britiih people was a
more lamentable, a more dreadful men
made of government than the preeent
Salisbury government ii miking of the
Empire'! affaire.
Oanada'a government is nltra Liberal,
Liberal to tbe core; Liberal in every fibre.
The Canadian people have confirmed by
a vote which was like the ancient Spartan ihout of acclaim, tbeir conlidence iu
thli government iu reluming them to
power for a lecond term; the complete
disintegration ol the Canadian Conserve
live party at tbii moment provei that
the teneti ol th.t pirty find no lavour
with any considerable portion oi the
Canadian people.
Here, ln thia greatest British colony,
11 we may still call the Canadian nation a
colony, the principles of Liberalism
flourish splendidly. Tin present government hai made the name of Canada
admired throughout the world.
Bnt it ia laddening to obaerve that the
Britiih name wai never brought into
greater danger ol contempt than through
the blunder! and obitinacy or want ol
statesmanlike conduct on the part ol
Lird Salisbury'! ministry. These remark! have no connection whatever
with tho preient Boer war, bnt are bated
on the facta touching the management
oi the internal and general ill'iiri of the
United Kingdom. It ii a spendthrift
Government; waitelnl, unskilful in
management ol finances and It hai lue
cieded molt thoroughly by iti attitude
on various occasions, aa Lord Ilaaebery
has pointed out, in alienating tbe sym
patby oi nation! which have been our
allien lor generation!.
In 1893, the last year wlttn a Liberal
Government wt! In power, tbe ordinary
net expenditure of tbe country wai
£03,000,000. For 1001-2 the ordinary
net expenditure of tbe preient Comer
valive Government amount! to £97,200,
000, The reader must be careful to note
that ai we have laid, thli enormous in'
crease ol £33,000,000 hai nothing to do
whatever with the war expenditure,
which ii all ovtr and above. The other
night, in the Home ol Conrcons, Lord
Stanley, the financial secretary ol the
War Office.said that the cost of the war in
South Africa to December 1st. last wai
£181,081,000, and ill estimated cost
from that dato till the end ot March
wai £15,000,000, miking nearly 150 mil
lions ol poundi sterling up to tbe pre.
ent date.
No one can ny, ol courie, that a Lib
eral ministry would have maniged tbe
Boer war any better than Ihe preient
Conservative one has done, but they
could not ponlbly hav. managed it
What ii the eecret oi Conservative un
success? Weill know the dinger ol
easy generalizations, bnt It would bi
Interesting to hear tba negative argn
ment to the proposition tbat sheer sell
iihneii ii at tbe bottom ol Connrvative
failure throughout the Britiih Empire,
Not lo weary our reader!, let ni cite one
example which hai occurred within the
preient session ol Imperial parliament
—the rejection ol the Eirly Closing
BUI. It tbe killing ol thit humane ind
moit reasonable measure doei not prove
beyond controversy tbat tbe Conservative party il ever thanklnl to avail Itself
ol the help ol thoie who entertain a belief that reform! ire evils, nothing will.
Richard Cohden wai not exaggerating
to an extravagant degree whin he uttered tbe axiom that pure Comervative
doctrine was that "moit men are tent
into the world to be bridled and saddled
and ridden by the favoured lew."
Mr, Ilawthornlh'ivalle'i position in
the legislature must be very hard lo
determine. He seems lo be "agin" not
only tbe government, but everybody
elie in tbe assembly, wilb Ihe posiill i
exception ol Mr. Smi.h Curtlr. Thli
caonot ba comfortable—or nieful.
We bear tbat Mr. Smith Curtis, wben
the Government took him up io ibarily
on the investigation question, looked ai
li he wai about to say: "But I waa only
in lun, Mr. Speaker; I didu't know It
wai loaded." Mr. Curtis haa placed
himiell in a painful and humiliating
"Seml-oQIcially announced," ii tie
way in which a Victoria correipondent
reporti certain matter! In connection
with tbe eale oi the K. & N. Railway,
What ll "semi-ofHcially" ? And ii theie
lucb a thing as "demi-semi-offidally" ?
Seeing that the phrase cornea from a
Vietoiia correspondent, perhapi it li
newipaper semaphore signal lor "cum
grano aalla."
^♦WcMsXIaWj ».'-J^..«*^^
Everything in stock is imported
direct Irom manufacturers or made j
atourowulactory. '
40 years iu our busmen mean!
When visiting Ylc'oria come in and teo our large ind modern eslablith.
ment ind atlraciive aiccl-you a ill not need lo buy.    II you cannot come |
nnd yoar name ou a post card and wo wlll mail yon a catalogue—frte.
Coal!   -   Coal!;
Two American! rowed In the Oxford
boat, which wu badly debited by Cambridge lor the fint time In many yeiri.
Would it be unkind to inggeil?—but,
no, let it go at that,
Nanaimo Herald kecks at -'live ill
bacon," asking il it ii not a "trifle inelegant," Maybe, but how appropriate
applied to the Herald, which glvei more
evidence ol bacon thin of another delicacy beginning wlth"B,"uiually nrved
ai an entree, and considered by lome to
be indispensable in newspaper or any
other kind ol writing.
John Dillon hai diegraced himself by
using in tbe Imperial Home oi Com'
nious language better suited tu tho lips
oi Ralph Smith, ol the Canadian House
of Commons. Dillon must have been
reading Nanaimo Hernld'a report ol
Smith's lateit meeting in Nanaimo,
Poor ould Ireland, another ion oi thine
lor tbe gratification ol momentary wrath
esto back thy .ause ten vears at lent.
But then, upon the shoulder! of Mr.
Chamberlain haa descended the mantle
ol blm who wae known aa the -'Red
Indian ol debate," and whose tongue
cut like a scalping knife.
9nlc of Work nnd .Lecture,
The ladies of Iho Methodist church
are preparing for a sale of work to be
held about the 17th nl Ap.il. There
will be a good supply tf Indies' and
childretia' iprlng and summer clothing.
Ou the srim occasion tbe Rev. W. H,
Barraclotijh, B.A,,will deliver a iletiop-
tican illustrated lecture. The subject
and other particulars will be given later,
•am* ^.'««.<Vi.«-i!..sl'.^slrt.'«'.->.->HT.-am.-«
The Leading
J Reviews
Nineteenth Century ind After,
Ccn.'emporary Review, Fortnightly Review, Westminster
Review, Edinburgh Review,
Quarterly Review, Btickwood'i
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.„• value of these reviews to you. The
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Thil old-Eitibliied, Flrit-Olan
Popular Hotel li moit comfortably
niihed, centrally situated. Bui n
train.. Excellent Onlslne. Bir ,to
with the finest winu, liquor! ind cli
JOS. FOX,       -       .        propt| LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS. 311111 e   C, 1902.
..ON A..    '
By Morrill Hazzard.
Copyright, 1001, bj A, S. Illcliardson.
It was to be a clandestine meeting
with Elaine! If Vincent thought of his
duplicity nt all, he simply hugged himself for the Inspiration of it. He wns
elated by the change in her altitude
toward him since she Imagined him to
be the man wbo had curbed her fright-'
ened horse in the park.
Springing from tho train, lie glanced
I up to the overhanging bluff and saw
ber outlined against the autumn landscape, firm and erect upon ber own
Kitty and leading the ninre's riderless
-companion by the bridle. Ho hurried
to ber side, blushing crimson, ns ho always did in her presence, with tbo
thought of tbe lie he was acting heavy
upon him.
In tbeir greeting was tho brevity of
good fellowship. He swung into tbe
saddle, and she smiled tit tils strength
and agility. Surely, she thought, If be
were not her preserver lie hnd been
most wonderfully endowed to piny tho
part She was satisfied to believe In
him, whatever the violent skepticism
of ber Aunt Buford.
She studied blm as tbey rode along,
but be was like the sphinx, unreadable. Again sho strove to, draw him
forth regarding bis gallant deed.
"Whnt made you run away from us
after your splendid conduct?" she ques-
1 «JW**-Jr''Hrt    ■ --< .-^....v
.'ul risk, a pace like that among treacherous rocks, but be wus overtaking
Leaning farther forward upon Iho
rigid neck of bis Hying horse, straining tbo animal to the limit of its
strength nud speed, he saw only
Elaine, thought only of Elaine.
In places the road was like a ruined
staircase, the level pike beyond separated from tbe gully only hy a low
stouo wnli.   Here Elaine would pay
i Altihnl and Gye.
Tlio story of Mme, Albnnl's first London engagement Is as follows; Colonel
Mnpleson heard of her singing at a
thenter nt Malta, and, thinking that
she would be successful, he made.her
an offer, through an agent, of a contract
to sing In Her Majesty'* theater. She
agreed to It and went to London; but
ou arriving there, she told tho cabman
to drive her to the Italian opera house.
He, lnstend of going to Her Majesty's,
for her rashness with her life unless   took her to Covent Gnrdeu, which was
sho fell before they reached the wait,   also devoted to Itnllan.opera.
for the runaway would certainly leap
to destruction.
Into the broad, white road the mare
shot like a living projectile and made
for tbe wall with the thunder of hoofs
She was shown up to tho manager's
office and stated that she bad come to
sign tbo contract which Mr. Mnpleson
had offered her. Mr. Gye, thinking to
play a joke on his rival, Mnpleson,
behind ber. Taking the obstacle, she made out n contract, and Albanl signed
swerved from the force of equine hab- It Mr. Gye then told her that he was
it. not  Colonel   Mnpleson,  but that bo
Tbat wns the moment. ' could do much better by ber.  Ho offer-
Vincent's horse crashed upon tbo   ed to tear up the contract If sho liked,
mare, and both animals reeled from   but told her that Nllsson was singing at
the shock. The fugitive went over the
wall, but Elaine was safe lu the arms
of Vincent. Her foot providentially
slipped from tbe stirrup, hut be wns
bard put to keep ber from slipping to
the ground.
He beard her mutter incoherently:
"I did it on purpose—to see—if you
actually would do it—nnd she—she
really ran away. Oh, Vincent!" And
thus they clung together while tbe deluge poured upon them.
"There tbey come ot Inst," said Mrs.
Buford, with satisfaction and rctrlbu-
Her Majesty's and would brook no
- Albanl decided to let tho contract
stand and thus became one of tbe stars
of Covent Garden, eventually marrying
tbe son of Mr. Gye.
Honed, with true womanly persistency
fn pursuing an intensely personal topic.
He bantered tier.
"There was no room for me upon
your horse, wns there? Besides, I did
not stop the horse."
"Oh," sho laughed gayty, believing in
blm nnow, rejecting his disclaimer as
he knew she would.
And yet— Sho bit her lip with vexation, Sbo wished Unit Vincent would
avow the deed more earnestly. She
wished tho glory of his deed rested on
something more" substantial than tlio
testimony of ber younger nnd nioro romantic sister Evelyn. Moreover, sho
could not forget the persistent skepticism of ber aunt, who openly branded
.Vincent as a fraud.
She tried to put her doubts aside.
She scouted the notion that Vincent
would stoop to false pretense. Aud yet
*-he smiled so oddlyl
•       ••**••
As though enraged by tbo lingering
of autumn, long blasts of chilling wind
swept down from tlie west and north,
shrieking nnd ronrlng nmong the hills
and proclaiming the reign of another
king throughout a conquered laud. The
gaunt remains of the wild Mowers were
beaten down upon the fnce of tbe
fields by angry scouts of the tempest
and bung quivering In one terrified direction. Across the ground like routed
armies Innumerable companies of dried
leaves scurried madly bcforo the fierce
Invader' Tbe mournful trees bent low.
At Inst the dusty road was mottled
with raindrops, aud In tho nlr was tbe
ddor of moistened earth.
Blaine was riding ahead, and her
pace was Blow. Behind her Vincent
marveled that she did not press her
mare to a faster gait, for they were
still far from a place of shelter.
On tbe brow of a sharp declivity
she checked the restive Kitty. Below
the country road wound tortuously until It joined acutely with a broad white
pike. Vincent, overtaking her, was
startled by tbo changed expression on
tier face. Sbo raised her whip high lu
air just as the black dome split, revealing a universe of fire. Tho crash
of tbunder and tho cruel blow from
Blaine's whip fell simultaneously, nud
tbo btgb strung beast rose upon tier
rear hoofs, stationary, but n-lrcmble.
The clean fore limbs hung motionless
In tbe air.
Vincent cried out hoarsely, but
Elaine again used tbo whip, nnd the
gathering energies of the animal were
released like the second bolt, which
suddenly reut tho bulging clouds with
a streak of fin me.   Eluding him, the
maddened   tnnro   plunged  down   tbe
grade.   A cry from Elaine was borne
bark to him.   Tbo uiare was beyond
her control.
Already Vincent hnd spurred on tits
Bleed In pursuit,   Tho brave animal
en light the man's spirit lt was a four-
A Short National Anthem.
Japnn has perhaps tbe shortest of all
national anthems. It Is called "Kind
Ga Yo," from Us first three words, and
consists of thirty-two syllables, which
count iu poetry, however, ns thirty-one.
The exceeding brevity Is due to tho
national fondness for conciseness' of
tlon mingling In her tones. "Ho Is a phrnse and for economy of expression
stupid Impostor, and be cannot deny In all forms of art -
tho proofs I now have." I   The patriotic song* Is what tbo Japa-
Two rain soaked figures mounted tho neso call a "tanka," or verse of flvo
steps nnd came into the house. Like lines, the first and third being of five
nn avenging angel, Mrs. Buford barred and the others of seven syllables. Be*
their entrance to the library. In ono low Is given the anthem In Japanese,
band sho held n photograph, in tho with an English translation:
other an open letter.
"Mr. Vincent Merrill, I believe you
call yourself?"
That Is my name," was bis proud
"I mny inform yon, sir, that tho detectives whom I employed to find tho
real savior of my nloco declare that
you arc simply masquerading ns tlio
Individual in this portrait" Sbo drew
herself up several inches. "The genuine hero turns out to be n poor denizen
of the east side suspected of some petty theft nnd anxious to avoid publicity
through fenr of tho police. Tbat Is
why we wero unable to locate and
properly reward him. My younger
niece's unfortunntc blunder has placed
Elaine iu a most awkward predicament. In fact, sho has been, your
Elaine gasped, but Mrs, Buford continued remorselessly:
"And now, Mr. Merrill, whnt have
you to sny for yourself?"
Vincent's glance fell to tho floor,
whore water was oozing from bis boots
In muddy puddles.
"Well, to bo perfectly frank, Mrs.
Buford, we wero caught In n frightful
storm nnd Bought shelter nt tho Methodist parsonage, nud—nnd while wo
were there wo just thought we'd bo
married; that Is all."
Klmi Ga To.
Klmn ga yo wa I
Chlyo nl yachiyo nt
8nzo.ro lshl no
Iwnwo to narito
Koke no musu made.
Mny our lord's dominion last
Till a thousand years have passed
Twice four thousand times o'crtoldt
Firm as changeless rock, earth rooted,
Moss of ages uncomputed.
—Japan and America.
' TDfi'ri
An Empire Sold at Auction,
Tho Roman empire was once sold to
the highest bidder. On tho death of
Pertlnnx In 103 the Prmtortnn guards
put up tho empire for salo by auctlou,
and, after nn animated competition between Sulplclan and Julian, it was
knocked down to tho latter for 0,250
drachmas. The Romans held auctions
of various kinds, the proceedings being much tho same In all cases. The
auctlo Bub bnstn, which was a sale of
plunder, was held under a spear stuck
In tbe ground. The mnglstcr nuctlonls,
or auctioneer, was chosen from among
tho orgentarll, or money changers, and
bis assistants were tho cashiers.
How Glims In Polished.
It wns formerly thought that the
processes of grinding and polishing
glass wero continuous, but closer investigation of tlie subject has proved
that this is not the case. Glass grinding is effected by the use of emery
powder of various degrees of fineness.
But It has been shown thnt tills grinding cannot be carried beyond a certain
point, however fine a powder mny be
used. In fact, n continuation of It undoes the work and breaks the surface
up again.
Tbo most finely ground plate, If
largely magnified, Is Bhown to be cov-
, Perhaps!
How many people wben they marry
carefully put aside their Joint love letters as ono of tbo most cherished possessions of their future life, and in
bow many cases afterward do they
ever take them out and look at them?
Now, why Is thts? Tartly perhaps
because the time of romance is over
and practical, everyday life has begun; partly, also, we wlll hope, because
now they can sny bo many nice things
to each other, and there Is no need to
read over tho past nice things tbey
havo written.
fn a Fa*.
A befogged Individual was groping
bis way down oue of London's sldo
streets lending off tbe Strnnd wben ho
ercTwIt^^ uumP*d "P »e»--"t a man
will remove.   Tho work Is therefore   »*°"**l.*B from the opposite direction,
continued with rouge cnrrled on a pad '    "Cou,d *ou teI1 me where tWs fitrcc*
of  resin,   which   gradually  Braooths   ,eadf Co?   he Inqulretl after tho neces-
down tho elevations between tbo pits. . «nr** apologies bad been made.
Hydrofluoric acid gas corrodes glass '    "Certmnly," replied tho other.   "It
very rapidly, but a weak solution of tt, lefld8 lntJtne rl™r* "I bave just come
melts away tho roughened surface and j v-tot It'*
leaves a line polish underneath.   This i '
method Is used where very fine adjust-  ■ Crossed Vegetables.
incuts of the Burfiice nre requlred-ns,! A cr0M between a headless cabbage
for Instance, In lenses for telescopes fln«" tbo turnip produced tbo rape plant,
and microscopes. I Cabbage aod turnips themselves aro
'  relatives; the lettuce plant nlso claims
Diet nnd offMurin*. | nenr 1:ln to tbem, and far back In plant
A veteran lumberman told the fol-  Hfo 6rew a parent plant with some of
lowing story tho other day.  It mny bo tbo  characteristics  that   each   now
recognized by some as a familiar acquaintance In new clothes:
"The commissary of subsistence in
a large lumber camp In the northwest
drove 150 mites to get a change of faro
claims as Its own, from which all
three, and many another plant also,
I Crashed.
and returned with two crates of live I,,"*;"" Jf? '^SJillmmtm*1^^^
n™,..m-   n™.„ iir-inr, „„. „r ti,„ ni,™. eMer|J' bllt we.u Preiervod adorer,pole
poultry.   Grnln being out of tho question, the fowls wero fed on common! «.._,..  .„,,. .. ......   , ,
ami. ,.,.„ .i„„„i,    n>h». ^.„,.i„„ ,.„.„ Cup ds, with a hundred nrrowB cock,
nwdo Into dough.   That proving very ml^ ,;„rm „„,, n „,,„„„,,,„ „,„„„ ln'
with anger nnd mortification. "A doien
expensive, our commlssnry mixed saw-  _.„. „,„,„ t„...„,
dust villi It In.tho proportion of throe ( *%^H {j"",rtlm
could never And a vulnerable place In I
.    .      , . -  .   ,       ,   . i     ..us ,. they used nn old beau to
parts of meal to one port of sawdust.    h   ,    , b„ fm       „ d „   j^,
Tho chickens ute ns usual, nnd the , ,   ,,     ' '   ■"..,
hens began to Iny. | ™ ■'"•    	
"By and by ns the meal grew scarcer
the proportion of sawdust wns Inercas-
Bitremca Meet.
„,..., ,   Peter Ciinnlghnra wns tolling one
cd until tho food beenmo n mixture of evening whore bo had been dining nnd
tbreo parts of that woody product to wul,t hc got ..Wc ul,a „ thing I never
ono of inont. Ono of tho oldor liens ,ow boforc-n soup mado ot calve.-
manifesting a deslro to brood, twelve  tnlls"
eggs were assigned to her, and nt tho .•jjj'Itr(in,es mcct," wns tbo remark
end of twonty-ouo days whnt do you of Doug|n, Jr,rr0.u nt that tlmo tbe.
suppose she hatched?   Eleven wood- prince of wits In England.
peckers and a chick with a wooden  , i
log."-New York I-resi, „,, ,,„„„
n ,   Toung Jones-1 mean to so live that
,,v„. t s..°i ?,, It .7,' . .. ' wben I die nil tho greot cities of the
sllrs*!,'^™1 ln ,"° *»rtb shall quarrel over the queitlon
place for my rivals when I va. court-  ot „, „lrt„p|'nce.
•is.,',. ..„. „»,, ™_, a  ....     ,   ...     Young Brown-Yost each one wlll lay
"And yet you earned off tho prlic?"  „,„ bloule 0D Mme othcr.
interrupted hi. enthusluatlc friend..
"Well," corrected the othcr ilowly If
not severely, "I don't altogether know
nbout that, bnt I married the girl."
Sot In Iho Piece.
Irate  but   Unmusical   Fathcr-For
gracious sake, Mary, giro us a restl
Danghtcr-Can't do It, pu.   There'.
Her Anthorltr. , .   „ ,
Mnmlo-Buo Ib trying to keep her D0M |D tba """""•	
mnrrlngc n secret I —————
Maud-How do yon knowl Tho tndlvltluol who get! Into tbe
Mamie-She told me ao-nnltlmnn.  habit or giving way to depression Is on
the broad road to ruln.-Cblcngo Newi.
.,.,....sj.iuaaii.asisu.Mujia »^iTt||fgW
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in j months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmithl
Fishing Tackle oi all kinde. Splendid assortment of rode, reels, flies,
baite and ill anglers' requisite!, at
moat reasonable prices.
J, SAMPSON,     •     Oommerclal St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Na
naimo, B. 0.
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having had the rooms completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
boarders witb or without rooms, Visitors from Ladysmith will find molt
comfortable accommodation at very
reaionable rates. MISS KEITH.
Special service! will be held in all
the Ladyimith churchei next Sundiy,
which li the Enter festival.
Wedding preienti, birthday gilti, fine
selection at Lively'a, the Fint Avenue
jeweler's. Call and see his itook before
purchasing elsewhere.
i cm
There will be a variety of amusements
at tbe Carnival Ball, Ping Pong, Bagatelle, Checker! and Oardi for thoie who
don't danca.
Excursion ratea are to be in force on
the E. A N, for the Enter holiday! as
will be seen by a glance at that company'! advertisement in The Leider,
It Is laid (hat fan tan la aisuming
proportiens 11 an after-dark eport In tbe
local Chinatown which willioon requlie
the attention ol ihe police.
One Ladyimith angler caught a three
pound trout on Sunday while fishing up
the bay.
The lateit styles in hur cutting and
oeird trimming at the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Mr, B. Welnrobe of Exteniion, visited
Lidyimlth on Sunday, returning on
Monday morning's train,
No uie putting up with the crankiness
ol lhat clock. Take It to Lively, the
clock doctor, Fint Avenue, and have it
It ia expected thit the repreientativei
ol the Ladyimith Smelter Company will
villi the imeiter lite igain thli week,
Watch repairing, cleaning, and altering are epecialtiei ol Lively'!, tho leading jeweler, Flnt Avenue,
Captain Murray ol tbe barque Antiope
■pent Saturday and Sunday in Victoria
on business. Hii ihip wis loaded and
ready Ior sea on Saturday morning,
See tboie elegant Scotch and English
tweedi Ior bnitneu and alter: work suits,
Wearers ol them are alwayi well-droBsed,
McNichol, tbe High Street tailor.
The Nanaimo delegation on the Al'
birni Bailway returned home delighted
with tbeir reception by the Government.
Mr. W. H. Lively, the leading jeweler, Fint Avenue, hai laid in a fine itock
ol high-clni jewelry, which he ii taking
pride in showing to nil numeroul patron!.
Work on th. Crolton imeiter hu been
indefinitely postponed. There li a lull
alio in building and in builnen. The
Lenora mines are alio closed.
High clan pictme frame making;
■killed workminship; satistaction guaranteed. Estimate! cheorlully given. C,
B. Bobelee, Flnt Avenue and Gatacre
itreet. Ladyemith, B.O.
Nobody can feel eaiy in aiuit of clothes
that looks ai if it had been made witb
an axe and a claw-hammer. Men drened
ln MoNichol'i tuiti enjoy piece of mind,
became Ihey know, tbey look like gentlemen.
Johnston Block,     -     Nanaimo, B, C
P.O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Vialta    Ladyimith  every Siturday,
Hour! Irom 11 a, m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotilord Hotel,
Fishing Season is
And we have just unpacked the latest goods from
Birmingham. Fishing Poles,
Nets, Baskets, Bait Hooks,
Wading Pants, etc.
See the latest Trout Spoons
Large quautitiei ol ties aud 1 ridge
timber! are being unloaded here for uae
on the ibort line to Exteniion, which
will be itarted early in April,
You ihould not let your watch go
more than a year without a thorough
cleaning by an expert. II you do, it
gumi up and then the trouble begin!,
Lively, tbe jeweler, Fint Avenue, ii the
An exodui ol fishermen took place
on Sunday morning, aud aome etringa of
fine fiih were brought home ai tbe
shades of night were falling. Tbe most
popular bait is bottled.
Fint Avenue il clearly the favorite
promenade with tbe Ladvimith people,
Many took advantage of Ihe beautiful
weather last Sunday to stroll to the
bridge and beyond.
Mr. 0. E. Stevemon, of Nanaimo went
down to Victoria on Monday morning1!
train, Mr, Stevemon takee a very hope*
fnl view ol Ladyimith's future, and ri-
marked upon the amount of building go
Ing on here.
II careful preparation ii ol any avail
the entertainment to he given on Easter
Tuesday evening in Oddfellows' ball,
Ladyimith, by tbe ladiei of the Anglican
church, ihould be luccenful, They
promise something of quite unmnil
A little Nanaimo boy while playing,
fell through tbe openings in tbe Baition
Street bridge, which ia now under repair, dropped a distance of sixty feet,
aud escaped without, oven a bruin,
The Austrian, Oinchye, wbo stole
some money from hii host at Exteniion
lut week, wu promptly captured by tbe
police and ai promntly sentenced to 18
months'imprisonment at Nanaimo on
Tbe Long Distance Telephone Com
piny hive found it necessary to put up
notices on their polei warning the evil
dlipond and mlechevioui lhat any
damage done thereto will be severely
We put our belt work into every
init turned out ol our eitab-
lilbment, hence our popularity amongst
tho gsntlemen ol Ladvimith and neighborhood. McNichol tbe High Street
Fancy Costume is not compuliory it
the Carnival Ball next Tueiday evening,
Thoie going In coitume will please write
their natnea and character represented,
on a card and hand it to tbe door keep
Messrs. Milli have recovered their
lost bull terrier. It returned homo on
Thursday night with tbe chain still attached to iti neck, and seemingly none
the wone lor iti briel lojourn In the
company of thieves and ilnnen. It ii
believed that the thief became icired
and releaied the dog.
For giving a distingue appearance to
tbe entrance ball of your house nothing
beite a handieme hall clock, inch ai
Lively, the leading jeweler, Flnt Ave.,
il telling at inch reaionable pricei.
A full line of Baseball
supplies now on the way froni
New York.
ladysmitli,       * B, C.|
Mr. William Sloan of Nanalmo will
deliver the third lecture in the teriei to
be given belore the membsn of A. and
B. companies of the Sixth Regiment,
New Westminster, during tbe spring
Mr. Sloan win iec'tirn on rifle-ihooting.
He il one ot the lending Oinidim auth
orltlei on the lubjeot, and the Sixth aie
fortunate In securing a lecture Irom
llnlanrian Brig-anas.
The Balkan mountains havo been
the homes and haunts of many brigands through centuries of Bulgarian
history. In the sixteenth century a
national movement against the oppression of Turkey fell Into tho hands of
brlgnnd chiefs. They were known by
the name of Holdutln. Thoy wero rep-
resented as friends of the poor, the protectors ot tho weak, the allies ot Christians and the foes of the Mohammedans. In legends nnd In songs their
names and fame were perpetuated.
Tbey Increased from the ranks of the
avengers and tlio worthless. Onco
Identified with them a brigand's safety
consisted ln continuing with them. The
Turks blocked the way to return to tbo
ranks of common citizenship. Villagers often welcomed tbem as deliverers
from their oppressor..
Short ot Experience.
Herbert Gladstone while yet a single
mnn was addrcsstug a woman's suffrage meeting In Leeds ono afternoon,
and be paid a graceful compliment to
the eloquence of tho ladles who had addressed the meeting. He gallantly remarked on the great pleasure which It
gives the other sex to listen to women
Pausing tor a moment after this observation, Mr. Gladstone, like bis audience, was thrown Into an unexpected
slate of merriment by a male voice
which proceeded from tho back of the
hall and proclaimed in the broadest
Yorkshire dialect, "Eh, Ind, thou'rt
nonn  wed yet,  I  aee'itl" — Londou
Miners! Attention!
Hand Mado Pit Shoes at the same price
as cheap factory made, Oome in and eee.
All work guaranteed.   Kepablog done.
At S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Minufaclurers ol the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Fr.prl.tor.
i-.'feaitvai't-aiiia-* •v^'fe*),^'^'te»-fla*-t*««i,'w^
Pither & Leiser
Direct Impellers and Wholesale Dealers In
Liquors  and  Cigars.
No. 31,
■   I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially illvltcd.
All the leading brands kept by us. None
but the best imported. We solicit your
G. H. Muinm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Letup's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer.
Playing Cards, all leading brands including
j 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria,
I . Telephone No. i48.
Maple Lodge, No. 6;, 1.0. 0. I\
Meet! every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Visiting membin
are cordially invited.
NOTICE ii berby given that I Intend
to apply to tbe Board of Llcenie Commissioners lor the Town ol Duncans, B,
G. at their next litting lor a transfer oi
my.license for the Bale ol Wines and
Liquors by retail upon the premises
known as the Alderloa Hotel, Duncans,
II. C, to Joseph A. Rogers, ol Duncans,
Dated thil 4th day of March, A. D„
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hall, Oldfellowi'
Building, Ladysmith, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Tickets to dance and supper for lady
and gentleman, 11 CO; single tickets,
(1.00; spectators, 26c. No masks. Pro-
ceedi in aid ol the Church ol England
bnilding iund, Ladyemith.
Barque Antiope.
The mailer of tbe Barque Antiope will
not bs reipomible for any debts contracted by hii crew without an order
ligned by him.
Muter, Barque Antiope,
Ladyemith, B.C., March lit, 11102.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave ordera for mattreei making at
Cipt. Dillon's Office, Esplanade, where
samples can be eeen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and (iatscre Street.
Cabinet work ol all kinds.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
The Wlj Post-lntelp,
Statlls, Wish.
Nulioily can nfl'orrt to lie without lt. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, Meld, gar-
den, sport, society, lleuutifiil illustrations aud
half tones.   Sample copy un application.
All For Ont Dollar i Ytar.
McAdie and Son
Undertakers and Knihnlmcrs.
Telegraph Orders promptly! attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent., Telephone No. 143,
NANAIMO,      -     -     -      B.C. I
Seattlo Daily Timos
The liveliest paper in tbe Nortbweit.
Weekly edition a complete record ol
the world's news lo date. Sport,
polities, society, women's, Intereiti,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, music.
-TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York -
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,  Australasia,
First-class Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Daily.
TOItON TO, Tuesday! and Saturday!.
For pamphlets and all information apply
to any 0.1'.II. agsnt.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. McQIHR,
Agent, Victoria.      Avent, Nanaimo.
Ant. Qenl. Fan. Agent, Vancouver,
no n.WM. to ...vs.
Beggar—Won't you glvo me aome
money, professor? My money ia nil
gone, and I can't live.
Professor—How old are yout
Beggar—Forty years, sir.
Professor—Forty yearsl Don't you
know that according to the latest mortality tables the average ngo of the
male population of Europe reaches only
thirty-four yean nnd Ave months? Statistically you have no right to live any
longer any'wayl
ter.   ,,_,1..,:   .   iJit
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Eaitar Excursion.
DOUBLE TRAIN SERVICE Good Friday. Bitnrdar ami a„.j~ a, ..
Mb, 2Mb. and SOth. Southbound train. l..vln*J Lidy.mlth at 0 WV'Ynn
5.16 p. m. ind Northbonad tralni at 11,67 a, m. and 7.10 p. m. each'day.
good Irom Friday, March a*, until Enter Mond.y, March Ji.t! ffiv.?     '"
$**vWM*4>>«-ntj^TM»^^ k Qonrtnay.     ■     Traffic Mma***


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