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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 19, 1902

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Array if J J,
i: The people that save %
'.'■ money trade with  .  |
jj   BICKLE!
VOL. 1. NO. 64.
' For Boots aod Shoes |
Bickle's Is the store!
*««8*,!8!i!iySS!J!.'«iW.!;Vi,..,i!.'..,.';,S fSSXXX»**XfmBCma^^
X I9th APRIL, I902. X
This is Our Millinery Opening Day.
Our Modiste having returned from the European
and American centres of fashion with the latest and
most fashionable styles in Millinery is prepared to
supply the most critical taste with the daintiest of j
dainty Spring and Summer Head Gear,
Come and judge for yourselves. We shall have
much pleasure in showing you our choice and varied
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale aud Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, - ■ Ladysmitli
t|M**a-Sn*i*i*an*a^^ •'•>••• ...-,■.-. •.;\'.%%^yCT
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   CK   W*
Tbii new hotel hai been completely
furnished with all modern convenience!.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bsrii mpplied with the ilneitwlnei,
liquors and cigars. An eiperienced bartender.
D. H. DAVIS, Prop,,   (
Fint Avenue,     -     Lsdysraith, II. 0.
One fact li better thin . Doitn
Hearsay!,    If   you   want   Ih.
choicest meiti go to
Ladjimilb, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh lupply   ol   Veget.blei J
always on hind.
S Special attention (liven to thlpi' £
Wm. Beveridge, Prop.
Thil new hotel haa been comfortably luinjstiid ltd the bir li up to ditf.
Beit accommodation lor transient snd permanent boarder! and lodgeri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade, Ladyimith, B. 0.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance-of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ol all kinds.
Proprietor.  ».&»..•.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preacriptiom carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Barrliter, Solicitor,
AHmcutf. IfotM-f PHbllc, Ktc
Maney to Loan,
Ludicrous Blunder by a Nanaimo
Wi in Agents fir
Large stock of English Fishing- Tackle. Lacrosse floods, Etc.  ;
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
■ 1111 "-■-'•- Films, Etc.
Agents lor
J. J. Taylor
Fir. Proof Sales.
Mtraber Can. Society of Civil Unginem
Member Imtltutlon of Electrical ttr-ginccrs
Electrical Engineer
Co-Tfupourlence SoHaittd
Work 0n«r«Bt«4 V. 0. Box 557
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakei .nd pie-
tries ol .11 descriptions. Froiti in
David    Murray.
Buller Street, ■       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thunday,
Friday .nd Salnrday.
get Insured at once, for it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD and RELIABLE Uompanleiand
can inaure you at a moment's notice al
th. loweit possible rites. All leading
companies charge the nme ratei. Don't
b. milled into imuring with » cheep
company—It might bs dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
Nsw Milk, Orismiry Butter, New Laid
Egjl sad Freih   Vegetable! supplied
Dally. Leiv. orden at tbe post office.
Sieds, Plants, Shrubs.
R. H. Jobniton,  Victorii, hai the
flne.t selection in the, province.  See
samples st Leiser & Hamburger'! itore.
Pricei snd estimates cheerfully given.
Roses ta great variety.
Thil nld-Eitibliied, Fint-Olait and
Popular Hotel 1. most comfortably furnished, centrally situated. Bun meet!
train.. Einellent Onlsine. Bar stocked
with th. finest wines, liquors ud clgan.
JOS. FOX.       •       •        Proprietor.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects: The advancement
and irnprovenient of Ladysmith.
Barque Gatherer.
Hulk, la hereby given that the owner., ageiita
or muter nttt not be responsible for .ny debt,
sonlricted by Ih. officers or crew of Ihe Barque
•alhsnrwkll. la tht. port.
J. 0. Younggren,
High diss picture frame miking!
■killed workmanshipl .all.taction guaranteed. Estimates cheerlully given. 0.
B. Robelee, Flnt Avenue and Qaticre
litest, Lidyimlth, B.C.
Wholesale and Rel.il Dealers in Meiti.
Pooltrv   and Vegetable!.  Game In
suon.  Shi pping orden attended lo on
hort aolios,
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.'
Flrit-clm accommodation, lor miners
soil transient!.  Nonobnt
Thi But Wlnu and Lights
served 'at the bir.   Olv. ni a call.
Cor. Victoris Rd * Oomm.rclil St.
Ship Eclipse.
Notice ii hereby given th.t tho owneri
agent, or miller will not be retpomlbli
for any debts contracted by th. officer!
or craw ol th. American ihip Eclipse
while In thil port.
N. Linen.
Enllnly rtlomlihed .nd renovated.
Flttl-clM. table. Every accommodation
lor Isdisi .lilting Nmilmo. Bin. T.J.
Thomu in chirge o dining room wlll be
tanwlo wilcSme ill old Wellington
uifLsdyimltb friends.
■% THOMAS,        •        Pioprlitor.
At a public meeting held in Nanaimo
Tueiday evening one of the speakers wae
The Leader's estimable friend, the liev.
W, W, Baer. Ho made serious charges
against the E. & N. Railway Oo. Ae is
well known to everybody iu this district
Mr. Baer dearly loves a j iko, and i-nn
make a gocd une on occasion. There
fore, it ie a source ot exquisite pleaiur
to the Leader to be able to turn tbe
joke on Rev. Mr. Boer.
A few mornings ego, Rev. Mr. Baer
told the meeting, he wae travelling to
Victoria, and when the train stopped at
Ladyemith he got out to admire the
icenery and moralize over tho ead fate
which had consigned him to reiidence
in Nanalmo inatead oi in this lovely and
salubrious epot. Walking meditatively
along tbe line oi can, he came to olo
next tbe engine which looked like a
freight car, and on examination proved
to be one. The keen, iquillno eye ol
the astute clergyman next caught sight
ol a label on the Bide of the car, and the
ipectacle made bii hair run cold and
hie Hood to eland on end lite tbe quills
upon tbe iretfu! porpentine, or bristles
on a brand new paint brush.
The label bore the awful legend
"High Eiploiivei, handle with care;
liable to go off any old minute; kindly
■tend from under."
Rendered speechless by tho eight, unable to enquire ol the conductor, station
agent, or other railway officials if Ihe
car really contained the political election material thus thundered In the
index, tbe reverend gentleman retired
to the rearmost edge of the rearmost
seat in the rearmost car of the train.
There he bung on by hie eyebrows and
the skin of Ms chattering teeth all the
way to Victoria, quivering with mortal
terror, offering up prayers at every 1-.lt,
aud thinking it was kingdom come every
time the train .n.d round a curve or
tooted iti whittle.
So tbe reverend gentleman told that
meeting in Nanalmo. His laat condition
when be tottered ashore at Victoria wae
infinitely woree than hia fint it Ladvimith. And all the way down he wn
dumb belore the man who could have
told him, the conductor, tbat the label
bid been lift on, overlooked, by trainmen, that the car was filled with tubes
for tbe machinery of tbe tug Lome, and
that the reverend and exceedingly credo-
loui passenger waa acquiring grey hair
and premature heart trouble over
highly non-explisive material.
But the great heart of that Nanaimo
meeting throbbed with virtuous indignation when they thought of the awful
peril Ihe rsverend speaker had gone
throngh iu order to eecuio a rattling
good, sensational story fur their entertainment, He icored the E. & N.
Railway most unmercifully, the local
papere laid, for their heinous careless-
nees with the live! ot tbeir passengers
In running a car ul cold iron tubes down
to Victo.la along with the passenger
Tbe Herald iwnltnwed the story, tins,
tall, class and all and also waxed exceeding wii.th at the scandalous conduct of this railway company in thus
treating their reverend passenger to a
pipe (tube) dream. The Herald came
out Thunday morning witb a rip snorting editorial ot tbe regular whirlwind,
Arizona type in which the Eiiix N. Railway Company ia kilt entirely for Ita
tublar oirelenneii. The editorial ll as
full of luti ii Mr, Bser'i narrative to
that greit public meeting,
At to the modui operindl of the railway company In handling cxplosiws
Never nnder any circumstance! ll ex-
ploilve lent on pinenger traim; only
on certain dayi ll it lent by irelgbt and,
then the moit elaborate care la taken to
pack the car with lawduii and other
materials to reduce the iffeoti of motion
lo a minimum. Ammunition tor the
Royal Navy, black powder and other ex
ploelvei lor merchanti along the line,
are handled wiih tbe utmost eno so
thit Ihe dinger oi incident ii leiseued
ai much ai possible. In ihott. on no
railway in America It thli clan ol
Irelgbt hindled with greater cue than
on the E. A N. Railway.
Reverend Baer, Reveiend Baer,
You muit really tike care,
Whin iplnning romance ol the rails,
o iee your n arret Ion
ai bitter (..uo. UsiM,
Than moit of yonr wonderful tales.
Nan, Henld, Nan. Herald
You are green to thia world,
To iwallow each pioui invention—
You must get at the facts
And not be io lax;
Or shortly you'll suffer luipenilon,
Trick by Which liisiiranca Companies Were Cheated.
Last winter nil Canada waa thrilled
witb horror at (he story of- the awful
death ol Colonel Bond, of Montreal, son
of Areh bishop Bond, the Anglican Bieli<
op of Quebec. The unfortunate gentle-
tnan was burned to death in his splendid
maneion not far from Montreal, and
only hie calcined bonee were found in
the ruins. These sad relics were doly
buried with all the honors that sorrow'
ing friends could offer.
Tho Leader has been piivileged by
Mr. Conway, of the Ladysmith Custom
House, to copy portion of a letter just
received from hie eon, Mr. E. J, Con'
way, who ia' studying in Montreal. It
foreshadows the big etory which will be
along next week in the Montreal papers,
and Ib worth perusal, Mr. Conway
"There ia a lot of talk here about the
clever swindle that took place eome
time ago and has just been found out.
Colonel Bond, son of Archbishop Bond
of this city, owned a fine country house
near Montreal, whither he went one
night laet winter. During the night the
house took lire and was burned to the
ground. Colonel Bond's bones were
found amongst the ruins a few days
afterward. Bath Bond and the houn
were heavily inEured, and aa a matter
of course, the money went to his wife.
There was a grand funeral, and that wai
the end ot tbe incident,
"A few daye ago a man who had been
Bond's partner committed suicide, and
papers, etc., found on his person go to
show that Bond ia now in Mexico, and
hia wife is on the way to join him,
How ie that for romance? I was
reading the epitaph on Colonel Bond'i
tomb yesterday. Alas! You can never
tell the contents of a sausage by its
Different Dramatic Critics Puzzle
Ihe Leader.
When a representative ol The Leader
waa in Ninaimo last Wedneiday he
sought some information regarding the
performance by a local company of am*
ateuri of tbe celebrated comedy, "A
.crap ol Taper," in the Opera Home .en
Tuesday evening. He got it, al follow!.
Oue gentleman who ii deeply tnteieited
in the eucceeB of ths little company, and
who took part with it iu the performance
"Athough I lay it myself it wai a
beautiful performance. Every member
of tha company did splendidly, and all
went well, ltdeeemda better home.
In ipite ot the fact lhat we ran a little
behind financially the play was an
ai-listic iticcess."
When walking down Commercial
street after hearing the foregoing interesting and satisfactory account of the affair, tlie Leader man almost collided
with another gentleman who waa alio
very much Entereitsd in that performance. He wn walking along with hii
head bowed in deep thought, and hii
brow corrugated ae II wrestling in flpir-
it with tome phllmophicil problem,
'Say, were you at that thow last
night! No. Well you're a lucky man,
Why? Well, of all the tottenest, bum-
meet, etlly exhibitions you ever law
that wae the champion. It wai a froit
[irom curtain to curtain, and ttitli a
wonder the audience did not itorm
the 1-Utform end try to lynch lome
ol those stills. I think any gang ot
barn itormere Is quite lafe to ihow here
here after that horror."
Iu great distress ol mind the Leider
mm went hit way with the itrong id-
jectivel ol the adverse critic ringing in
hii ears, and determined to wilt lor tbe
Free Piets, that peerless and Incomparable dramatic critic, wbieh takes precedence as inch even of the Vancouver
papere, which formerly held the record
lor gaucherie in that line. Iiereii how
the Free Preti enmi up the situation,
[ties gem ol neutral, nnn-commltta
j judgment; laying nothing and mean-
ing nothing, like a Victoria Timei edit
"The play proved a difficult on. to
preient by an ima'teur company snd in
comrquence member! ol tbe company
were in eomeimtancoi criticised rather
severely for what ehould possibly hsve
been attributed to tlie fault of the playwright. Mostof those taking psit in
the plav have before been seen In the
amateur performance, ln the eity, Snd
they laet evening acquitted themieWei
in their utml style.
Vast Shortage in The Imperial
The statement showing ths revenue
and expenditure! preianted In the ham*
Common! on Monday, by Ih. Chancellor oi tb. Exchequer, Sir Michael
Hicks-Beach, when opening the budget
innounccinents, showed a totil ordiniry
penditure lor   1902-3 eitimited  at
SI,150.000, with wir diaries amounting to £45,450,000, making a grand total
of £174,000,000, which il £18,W3,000 bs-
low the total lor 1801-J.
The Chancellor ol the Exchequer estimated the total deficit lor ihe p-eient
year at £86,324,000. To the deficit muit
be added eixteen to leventeen millions
additional wsr evpenditurei. The Chancellor sori il he hid hopes of a happy
remit Irom tbe conference la Sooth
Africa, he bad put them aside. Pie-
pintioni for tbe continuance oi th.
war were the best guarantee oi pesos.
The income tax ii incresied s pinny
in the pound iterling.
He eitimited the wsr revenue for thil
year on the bull of thi preient taxation
at £147,785.000, not including tb. cost ol
gratultiei at the end oi the wir, th.
transporting ol troopi home, .le.
Theie ii no increaie on Ih. doly on
Tbe sinking lund Is to be impended.
Tb. grind total ol the deficit li £«,-
The dalles on wine, beer, tobacco snd
tea ore not chinged.
A penny tax ii imposed on dividend
wsrranti snd two-penny stamp! muit be
placed on check! instead ol one penny n
A duty of five pence per hundred
weight il impoied on flour.
The eum ol £32,000,000 wlll be borrowed.
The Chancellor ol tbe Eichequir ds«
nied thst tb. registration ol dntlt* en
wheat (not corn is pre viouily bnllitinsd)
ind flour violated Ihe principle! ol IrM
trade, or wonld lncreue th. colt ot lood.
He thought the dutiei had beeu reek-
lelily abandoned snd declares thiir n*
minion did not reduce tha pries ol
The doty on meat ii five penes per
hundied weighr.
Tbe revenue from Ihe new taxation ll
expected to be £5.160,000. Aflir borrowing £32,000,000 tbe Chancellor ol Ih.
Exchequer will mike up lb. diflcll ky
drafti on th. exchequer.
A duty oi three peace per hundrad
weight it impoied on ill imported grain.
Important Resolutions Passu1 li
Thursday Night.
At the idjourned goneril meetlnf ol
the Bond ol Tnd. on Thundiy sight
th. following rliololios wss moi.d by
Mr. W. H. Msion, iioonded by Mr.
Free! .nd uuanimoualy pa.sad i—
To the Editor ol The Lt«d.r;-R.-
solved thai thil Board do not agree with
nor recognise the siiettioni mid. in Ih.
letter signed, "U Nome. Olwright," in
yonr inns ol the IStb, ind deprssBM
the me of Mr, Dunimnii'i nim. In th.
Mr. Cobnrn'i motion wu also nnsnl-
tnouily pined ll follows:
"Tbst tbii Bond nk Mr. Ralph Saaith
M.P., to preii the claim ol lbs Oomox
snd Cap. Scott Railway for s Dominion
Tbs sierstiry lorw.rded s copy ol thi
resolution to Mr. Smith ynterujiy morning. The committee sppolnted to cotter with Mr. Dnnimnir reported thiy
hid not been able to ie. him, snd Win
Lut In tke Wm«>.
Newi wm brought to town on Thundiy evening tbst Mn. Seriven wn mining, hiving gone np to the wsterlsll nd
probsbly lost her way, A itrong search
party waa Immediately tormsd ud proceeded with linterni to lurch th. woods
near the ravine. Mn. Seriven wai
found about eleven o'clock quite exhamt-
ed ilttlng oa a fallen log a coniidenble
distance Irom tb. trail. Sh. had beea
preparing to apead th. night in th.
woods, and was overjoyed to hear Ih.
call! ol ths Hsrchsrs. Mn. Seriven ll
none the won. lor her unpleasant esse-
Archdncon Bcriven deilrei to thsnk
.11 who io kindly utlitsd ia th. mrta
for Mn. Scrlvan on Thundiy night.
II yon have any old silver plsts thst
deserves preiervation Hnd lt to me snd
I will mike lt «■ good si new. Lively,
lbs lsading jewslsr, Fint Awtn.i, LADYSMITH  LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION  NEWS,   APRIL 19. 1902.
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The I,eader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
Pt-ttch Street, Ladysmitli, British Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAME, Kditoh. aud Proi-kiktok.
a By il ail in Canada and United States,
Oat year (strictly in advauce)   Ja oo
fc months (strictly In advance))    i is
L»tRAN8IENT-First insertion loc, a line; each
aabsequent Insertion 5c. a line.
Kates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Opts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
••oh Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
Mmt will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
TUK I.KADgR wlll.be found at the following
ItSdysmlth—The Leader Office; The Udysunlh
Nsnsimo—K. Plmbury & Co.
Victoris—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vsusouvnr -Public Library, aud Hotels.
Kew Westminster—Public Library.
All changes iu advertisements must be received
at this office before u noon tbe day before
SsBacrlbcrsnot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All Job work;,trlctly cash ou delivery.
1a.nsl.nl advertisements cash in Advauce.
Again hu Imperial Parliament been
thwarted in iti benevolent dealgn ol in-
trodncing amongtt the minen ol tbe
United Kingdom tbe benefit! of tbe
sight hear lew, enjoyed by tbe minen
ol Vancouver Island lor yean past.
The Tory majority have given one moie
instance oi their hatred and contempt
tor tbe worklngmen, by dcleating tbii
thil important measure. The London
Timet damned the bill ln the phrase:
"It ii a trade union bill," and laid tbat
ths solitary argument lor tbe bill wai a
"piece oi blatant cant."
Ths Minors' Eight Hour Bill has had
a parliamentary history oi teventeen
years. Outside Northumberland and
Durham it enjoyi the lupport ol a
largely preponderant body ol opinion
among the minen.
It ii not rigarded by Liberal colliery
ownera si hostile to themselves. In
(set ths bill wai introduced by Mr.
•Taeoby, a Derbyihire coal-owner, and
supported by Mr, Markuam, a Nottinghamshire coal-owne, both ol whole
eollleriei would be effected, and
both oi whom ire Liberals. Tory op
potitlsu wis on the ground oi pity lor
ths oosl owuore. Labor opposition Irom
Northumberland and Durham wai on
the basis tbst the passage ol tbii bill
might interfere with their arrangements.
Both theie conntlei enjoy the eight
honn dsy,
Colonel Pilklngton, Comervati ve mem
berfjrthe Newton division oi Linca
■hire, ssld in the Home that the "miners
had s vory good time"! and a London
Tory newipiper »dded to thli that the
•'minen made a goinea a day, worked
hili the year, and made holiday the
Sthwh.ll; while aome who only made
l.v.n shillings a day look only three
nipnthi holiday,"
The ipeaker ud writer are evidently
ignorant ol the fact tbit thoie English
miners havi to work lying on their
back! in (lamp and contracted space!,
their semty clothing dripping with the
water from the roof and the iweat from
Ihe-r bodiei, tbeir eyes and lung!
Choked with duit, tbut out fiom ibe
light of Heaven and exposed to the risk
ot fatal accidents. But that is the real
Tory.way of diking about labor. Yet
lsboringmen will actually vj'.e for Con-
urvativei .Ud lupport a lyetem of politic! which hii kept tbe yoke on their
necki (or centuriei.
The Leader heartily compliments its
venerable contemporary, Nanaimo Free; SBnatOf TempleiM Will   llttrOClll09
Preii on the completion of Its twenty-
eighth year, and hopes that It will endure
ai long ai Nanalmo has a mme on the
map. Tbe Free Preii ii a remaikablo
paper; it haa braved more aud probably
laverer etorms oi adversity than any
other piper In the province. It survived
became it wai ths flttleit, and became
it wai managed by a ihrewd and masterful man thoroughly familiar with every detail of hie business, Tbe Leader,
not ono year old, wishes tbe Free Press
nearly thirty, a lorg and prosperous
caresr ol usefulness.
Moduty il not conspicuous by i !b presence in tbe Boer requests ior peace.
They seem to be under tbe misapprehension that tbey hive corns out Bt the
big end ol the horo, iillimalim writing has ipoiled their style.
Informed observers ol the labor question in tbii province, eepecially on ite political Bide, do not hesitate to declare that
we are within measurable distance at
last ol that unanimity of action which is
certain to exercise a most profound effect upon the personnel of parliaments.
True, at the Kamloops convention
there ure warring elements which it
will be next to impossible to reconcile; yet, one clear fact is observable—
tbe workiegmen are beginning to recognize their great power ae a voting body,
We shall not ba surprised if the result
ol the convention now in tbe session be
felt very markedly at tho uext general
election to be held in this province. If
that result be tbe coming to the polls of
the labor vote prepared to cast tbe ballot unanimously, great and far-reaching
will be the effects.
Year by year labor has been growing
more and more intelligent; more enterprising Making allarger grasp ol its enormous possibilities, until at this time it is
ai absurd ai itii gratuitously insolent to
■peak of or regaid the workingman Bl
one of inferior education or mental capacity. That epoch is passing away rapidly. Let anyone listen to the speeches
otsomeol ths workingmen'e leaden
and judge for himself if these men ire
not entitled to respect.
We earnestly hope that Labor will always nse Its giant power at the polls
and in the legislatures ol tho land with
wisdom, moderation and conscientious
care lor the rights of others.
Union Label Question,
Seven members of the preient United
States Congress are Canadians. Six of
them were born in Ontario and Ibe
b Tenth in Nova Suitia.
S 'titt'o' T ir'p'f min*.' f (,.(■ 0 nvnlnit
!■• im , li union 1*1*1 t!li>ini(.um, will
fijjaiu introduce the queBtiuti at the pie-
sent erebIoj), Although the honorable
gentleman has accepted a portfolio in
the Dominion Cabinet, he does not relinquish hia eeat in the Senate. A hot
fight will be made this year to have the
Trades Mark and Ded;-uB Act so amended as '0 Include union labels.
Smith OurtiB accuses Judge Walkem.
R'.yal Commissioner of gross unfaimeis
and favoritism. The dispute may go to
Qua a a.
unsFnvoni !
Smith Cnrtii threw down hii gun and
relowd to play say mors st ths Royal
Commission builnen, snd Richard Mc-
Brids is two leet shorter since Ihe Home
njectsd hii no confidence motions. Ths
■ and ths country havo no confl.
1 la Mr. McBride.  We have eon-
Lawn, ioulsrd linen, muslin, of whioh
costumes sre already being made for tbe
lummer, contain the most charming ap-
pliques imaginable, when broderie ie not
nsed. Braid, ribbon, buttons, lace, all
are employed in the moit fantastic designs.
Princess petticoats erenow madequlte
straight in front, and without ao atom
of fullness at the back. Empire petti-
colli hav. short bodices in camisole
fashion, faitened witb a drawing ribbon
below the bmt, and tiny straps form tbe
armholes. The skirt attached to this
ii straight and ungored, and trimmed
with frills at tbe edge.
Flowers will be much worn during
the summer leaion, and even the toques
prepared for quite early ipring are
bright in color and much trimmed with
foliage or blossom. The wreath ol roses
ippeir in the tiny Bankiia variety, and
alio in quite full-sized crushed roses,
without foliage. These latter In a.
blush-rose tint are charming when par.
tially dr.ped with black or ivory lace.
The flower hat ii the ieature ol tbo
moment; there are flower turbans,
ihipei entirely covered crown and brim
with flowers, also broid low toque! ol
chiffon and tulle or of straw encircled
with flowers. There aro alio larger and
picturesque hall flower-covered, and on
Bach and all one notion bowi ol ribbon
velvet, usually st the back. In itrswi
there ii a pretty novelty—chrysanthemum straw—something woven in a loopy
chryeanthemum-like fashion, and that
ii very, very pretty, and will mre to be
Many ol the neweit evening and dinner gowni have a shirt' yoke; that It to
lay, that the flips are Imprisoned in a
ayokeof niiseOicnliiii', a trellis woik
of velvet ribbon or lace, II the material
is very thin, such ■■ orepe de chine ot
gauss, ths yoke, whioh ii pointed or
rounded socording to ths wearer'e fancy,
(ormi the heading ol Irom Ave lo leven
flounces, eiub edged with a liny ruchette,
Ths tendency to tunlci snd bodies dra-
perlei will prove very useful lor renovating purpoie, ss * fsnoy material can be
Died over s plain skirt and bodice, and
vice vena,
Two hundred and eix smallpox patients wero uuder treatment last week in
The largest floating dock in the world
545 feet long and 100 feet wide, wae recently launchod at Newcaetle-on-Tyne
lo supersede an old dock at Bermuda.
Government are aakiog tenders for
370,000 pain of army bools.
It hai been resolved to eetablithh a
Conciliation Board in Dundee Ior the
settlement of disputes in the textile in-
Iu addition to tbe 40,000 or £0,000
troops to be drafted into London for the
coronation, there will be a naval brigade
of 1,750 officers and men, comprising 80
ofliuors, 170 naval cadets, and 1,500
petty officers and men.
Only tbe steel bullets of the Austrian
Mannlicher rifle, it has been lound, can
pierce the bullet proof coat of finely-
textured silk recently invented by M.
Szizspanlk, now in England.
Tbe Executive Council of Ihe United
Kingdom Alliance has pemed a resolution recording ill hearty approval of the
Government'! temperance bill.
1'aesengers may now travel two and
one-third miles for a penny on the Glasgow Corporation tramcais.
Andrew Carnegie oll'.is New West-
mlnsler |15,CO0 to build a library, and
$1,500 a yeir for maintenance.
During the year bill a million Oregon
salmon egg! were sett to New /suland
and successfully hatched.
After falling 300 feet down a shaft at
Hibernls, N.J,, Andrew Hichseliqnn, s
miner, is still alive and ebsncea are
good for bis recovery. There wss no
obstruction whatever in the abaft and
tbe miner bounded Irom tide to aids.
The Ohio legislature hai repealed the
Garfield Oonupt Practices Act, aimed
to secure purity in elections.
Reciprocity with Canada ii becoming
in insistent question in the Uuited
States, particularly in New England.
-*'     ""' Ih. Understood. "";'''p '.
"Ignorahce," remarked young Borem, 2
"they sny Is lillBs.'" 1E
"Oh, that probnbly accounts for 't," ji
rejoined Miss Cutting. 'I*
"Accounts for what?" queried the I
youth. |J
The contented and happy look jrou $
uiunlly. wear," she replied.
An Offset. --.-.-.
A asks B to lend him CO cents. I)
has but 25 cents nnd gives that to A.
A accepts It, remarking thnt be will
trust B for the balance. B Inter nsks
A to settle with blm, whereupon A
clnlms thnt ns B owes him 25 cents
lue debt offsets the other. .What is tho
The Leading *!
Nineteenth Century  and Alter,  fclf
Contemporary   Review,    Port-   •Jjjf
nightly Review, Westminster
Review, Edinburgh Review,
Quarterly Review, Blackwood's
Edinburgh Alagazlne
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ami iintlioritivc; justwllttt you want
to know of the world's doings; exactly
what you need lo know; nnd told
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presentation of
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sit*ll book,et>to0' for tm: ftBkl"8'
XT, The Leonard Scott Publication Co., , vl(.:
S.g       Warren SI. New York City. *J
Tramway Company  Incorporation
Notice is hereby (jit/en by the Tyee
Copper Company, Limited, of 4& Lead-
enhall Street, London. K-igluml, and
having its registered "Hit,.* at O level an da
Cotefild, in thu Provinco nf British
Columbia, pursuant to section 3 of the
above Act, and section 2 h< "The Tramway Incorporation Act, J90O," tbat the
Company propones to build and operate
an aerial tramway from a point on tin*
lands of Company, known an the "Tyee"
Mining Claim, Minute on Mount Sicker,
in Cheinainiis District, to a point at or
near Stratford's crossing, on ihe line of
thoK-'quIraalt and Nanaimo Railway,
heing on the land known as section 13,
Range lV.HomenoB District.
The general route of the said tramway
will beln a straight line between the
poiiitB above mentioned.
Dated at Victoria 1!. C, this 21st day
of March, 1902.
I»V tha Att'irnpv-in-Kact.
Happenings In ths World of Sport
and Pleasure,
The Weitern Leigue will open on the
23rd April.
The Eaitrrn Leigie la offering large
salaries to induce player! to jump from
the American Association.
TI.B New York National Club offered
Lijole |7,000 a yeir Ior three yean to
deiert tbe Philadelphia American, He
The National mignitei wonld not
deny tint s fund of $100,000 hsd been
■et spirt to light the American organisation.
The National League anion will open
April 17 snd eloie October 4. The
icbedule hai 140 games, ten st horn,
with each ol the others, The lenon will
open in the west.
The Montreil Hncotti expect to pot
s team in ths Northern New York
There srs 40 conflicting d.lei between
the National and American Lssgu.es.
An attempt is lining made to re-organ
ize the Canadian League circuit of last
80 YEARS' .
Truuw Mama
Cobvrioht. Ae.
Anyone .ending a sketch snd description ma,
quickly ascertain our opinion fre, whether sn
Invention Is r-rohnlilr patentable. Communion.
lloiissirlctlycaiiUdeiitfsl. Handbook on Patent,
loot Iron. Oldest fluency for securing patents. •
l'slotits taken Ihrouult Munn A Co. receive
tjwclaJ nottet, without coarse, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. largest circulation of nny lelentlflo Journal. Terms, 93 a
gonr; four months,It, Sold brail newsdealers.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc., Welding Bouquet! in every etyle. Orden promptly
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nt rur own factory.
40 yearn in our- business mem J
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fend your name ou a post card and we trill mail vou n catalogue—free.
ICoal!   -   Coal!
\ Wellington Colliery]
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Cat!   Best household coal ou the Pacific|
X Comox Coal—-Best steam coal ou the Pacific Coastl
X Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house-|
hold coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-I
t lington Colliery Company.     Wharves at Ladysmith, |
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
t Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San Franoltsuo Agency,
| R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y!
340 Steuart St.
Herely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
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Iid.no. hs will grow some too,, and Enlruityonr watch tomeandl will flx
learn muib yst. | it Ior yon at reiionsble prion.
Thil svenlng on the Bunker Grounds
the Shamrocks snd Rushers wlll egiin
try tbeir mettle in a game ol Anociation
football. Thfl losers will hsvs to pay
for a recherche supper In the Brand
Hotel, and lb. winners will kindly .1*
slit them to git .way wilb tbe wittlei is
gunli ol the evening.
At Belfast 12,000 penoni witneeied
the annual football match between rep-
roientative tesmi ol the Irish ind. Scotch
Associations. Long belore the start of
the game the crowd Invaded ths fleld ol
pl.yand coniideratjly delayed the proceedings snd hampered tbs ■ players.
The match ended in s victory ior tbe
; Scotch turn by Ave gosli to oai,
Nanalmo. I. G.
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************************\ All Far On* Bsllira Yar.
Seattle Daily Times
Ths liveliest piper In the Northwest.
Weekly edition s complete record of
the world's newi to dsts. Sport,
politics, society, women's, interests,
young lolk'a department, literature,
Do They Lack Ihe Clinrn. ul .'.liiiim-r
Men Admire f
The question of tlie college girl In society I. of equal Importance will. Hint
of the college mini In IiiisIiiokm, for un
business ls the vocation of must mon
bo "society," using the word In its
broadest sense nnd Including In it ull
the "social" rclntions, cliilms so much
of the time of tunny women that the
few who take to "public, careers" can
sufcly be left out of tlio discussion.
They aro exceptional cases nnd do
not affect the main point nt issue. It
is In her duties ns friendi hostess, wifo
and mother Hint woman usually finds
the lnrger part of her existence, nnd if
her attractiveness nnd usefulness in
the discharge of these duties are impaired by ber devotion to purely Intellectual pursuits most men feel nml
express an unqualified dissatisfaction.
It is asserted thnt mniiy college .\ o-
men nre found to Inch that cliiu'in of
manner and those graces of* everyday
life which men desire nnd demand. A
woman may ho lenrnoil, hut if she enn-
not tall: small talk, which Is the largest part of talk. If she cannot manage
a crowd of men nnd women lu her
drawing room, If sho Is without social
tnct nnd If sho 1ms no interest nnd
skill In the smnll things of ordinary
existence, but ls continually tending
the higher life, lt Is n snd but Indisputable fact that her men friends will,
to use their own low expression, "pass
her up." Tlicy do not want Hint kind
of woman.
In n until nil corresponding defects
would bo excused fop tbe reason that
his life work lies In other direction'..
This Ir perhnps exceedingly unjust;
but, like other things in this world, lis
Injustice Is no proof thnt it does not
exist. A mnn who foils In his social
relations may still ho a useful person.
Such ls not the ease with the vast majority of women.—Chicago Tribune.
Mlllsina* n Itecess.
How to tastefully dispose of a recess
fn a room Is ofteu a vexing question,
yet the Illustration here given shows
how It nmy bo easily and cheaply
done. Three shelves arc plncetl at Intervals In tho proportion of those
shown, nud the front is Oiled In In a
manner which gives opportunity for
the Introduction of fretwork. The bottom space would he a very convenient
People Who Hnve Small Houses or
Bonrd Can Do Their Share.
Smile people sny they are not situated
so they can entertain. Certainly their
nil nation must' be peculiar. Eiitertainiug
Is hard work and to some extent unselfish. Now, human nature is Inclined to
shirk ivlion it can. Almost anybody can
do something, It need not cost much.
Your house is ton small? (Jive Small
things. Society Is very lenient nud growa
good u.itured over a sandwich and a cup
of tea. It is "entertaining" to hand lemonade to a culler now and then. It Is odd
how such tilings nl'e remembered. A
matinee ticket does not cost a fortune,
or when you meet a friend up town how
hospitable you can be hy simply Inviting
that friend into whore you cun rest, get
an iee and smell flowers—all for a trifle.
Be ashamed to receive forever and
give nothing. And don't Imagine far a
moment that your selfishness is not noticed, says the Philadelphia Press.
How much meanness and laziness hide
behind the "Oh, I am boarding, poor me!
1 can do nothing." Indeed! It is ever so
much easier and cheaper for you than for
those who keep house. You can ask a
friend to your hotel. The dinner will be
nl most a dollar aud a heir, and you nave
neither trouble nor responsibility, whllo
your guest will enjoy the change just as
you do "this good homo cooking" wben
somebody spends $5 to get up B'meal ei-
pecially for you.
Another tiling. Dou't be offended when
you nre left out of smalt affairs. In a
busy plnce most women in society know
several hundred people, nnd possibly like
a hundred very much. It Is a great puzzle sometimes to know how to choose
twenty out of tbat hundred. Even an In-
liniiilc opposite neighbor can't expect to
be nslied every time.
Of course If you never entertain at all
you should be doubly tolerant. Aud
never ask Invitations for strangers unless they arc visiting you or the circumstances nre exceptional. Do something
for them yourself, nnd don't use your
friends to nninso your acquaintances.
These friends perhaps prefer their own.
Does this sound sharp?
These things and worse happen every
dny, and every one of us Is more or less
Cultivate Tl.ndlni Habit.
Bonding should form a considerable element In a young woman's recreation, tor
not only Is it a pleasure while oue Is at It,
hut there Is nothing thnt wlll educate one
so quickly. Oue or two hours a day la
none too much to spend with substantial
literature—essays, history, poetry, political economy or historical romance—and
the rending habit, onco formed, is a joy
forever. Possessing It, ono need never
known lonely hour; one's books become
one's friends, and from the hour or two
spent in rending one unconsciously acquires n studious disposition.
Beading nn essay, for instance, you
come across n name or a word that is
cither entirely unfamiliar or is remembered dimly. The name or word perhaps
appears frequently, and you naturally
wish to read uudcrstandlngly. Your only
course to acquire your end la to spend a
few moments with tbe encyclopedia or
tho dictionary. In those few moments
the searcher is certainly richer In knowledge hy more thnn the Information she
slnrted out to find. Such reading cannot
help hut he educational, aud a self search
for Information Is a dozen times more
beneficial than knowledge sought and
gained without personal effort.
The rind of a fresh out cucumber will
give relief to tire/1 feet.
A strong solution of borax applied
twice a day wlll cure ringworms.
It la said that raw eggs and milk are
a sore remedy for poison of any kind
taken into tbo stomach.
Soft linen bandages saturated with
s 1 per cent solution of carbolic acid
Is excellent for a blistered finger.
Cornmeal poultices aro too heavy
whero there ls great tenderness. Flaxseed and slippery elm should be used
A good chilblain lotion is made by
dissolving nn ounce of muriate of ammonia ln half a pint of elder vinegar.
Apply lt frequently.
When a cold first appears in the
head, three drops of spirits of camphor In water every three hours will
arrest the cold and give Immediate
A slice of bread soaked In boiling
vinegar applied to the throat ns hot
ss' yon can bear lt tbe last thing nt
night, It ls said, wlll cure sore throat
before morning.
A simple remedy for n sore throat is
ono tescupful of wafer, one tnblo-
spoonfut of vinegar and bnlf a tea-
spoonful of red pepper, mixed together
and used as a gargle every half hour.
One method of curing n corn is to
tie a small pad of cotton wool dipped
In linseed oil over lt every night after
washing tho feet aud leaving it there
until morning. A bit of oiled silk tied
over the pad will prevent tbe oil from
soiling the sheets.
Frenchwomen Hunt Froas.
One of tbe favorite amusements of
French ladles at Constantinople Is frog
bunting. A large party h organized.
The ladles all appear in culnty Parisian toilets, with very high heels to
their boots, nnd each carries a long
bamboo rod. The gentlemen nre got
np In proper costumes for "la chaise"
and bear sticks. Then tbey all adjourn
lo some marshy spot where frogs
abound sad begin fishing. Tho bait Is
s piece of raw meat tied to a string at
thu end of the bamboo.
The ladles do tbe fishing, and ns soon
is one feels that a frog has swallowed
the bait she gives a violent Jerk to the
rod, which brings the frog out on to the
land. Tbe attendaut sportsmen then
fall upon the ferocious animal and slay
lt with their sticks. Tbo Indies sometimes slso Join In tbe last fatal act,
bnt the men nlways try to dissuade
them, aa tn their excitement they frequently mistake a man's head or foot
for tbe frog, and the sport becomes too
dangerous.—London Telegraph.
position for a trash basket. In tho
center division a cupboard could bo
constructed, the handles npd hinges of
which would look well in copper or
brass. When finished, the whole could
be stained and varnished of enameled
according to taste.
Fonr Women's Jn.t Complain...
A young woman lingered In a sloro
elevator the other day nfter It hud ills*
gorged Its crowd. "Seventeen is tlio
limit," she said to tho elevator man;
"you took In inoro thnn twenty." "You
hnve collected six fares without ringing np one," said a lady to a street car
conductor. "I am responsible for two;
please ring them up." "I do not euro
lo discuss the matter here," snld a tall
college girl to a buckmnn. "I wlll pay
you what you ask, take your number
and moke Investigation Inter." "Walters six and eleven," reported a wonmii
IIow often wo hear these words:
"Well, what's the use? I do the very beat
nud yet never hear a word of encourage-1
incut." They are echoed and re-echoed
In every walk of life. How many wires
there are in the world who have hung
over hot stoves until they were half
cooked in preparing something nice for
John, who gobbled It down In . silence
that was Ihe only proof ot bow well it
pleased him. There are men who have
been toiling for years tbat those honored
nnd beloved beings, their wives, might
enjoy every possible luxury, and yet in return they hear nothing but complainings
nbout the hnrdness of the life to which J
they arc condemned. Aud ao it ii on every liiind, men and women longing tor j
ono kindly expression from a grateful
heart that would menu new llfo and redoubled effort to the stragglers. Too
often we forget to apeak our feelings until It Is too lato and tho ears that have
been listening so long for one little word
of praise are deaf to all earthly Bounds.
Better one appreciative sentence in life
than n whole volume of eulogies,—Pitta-
burg Dispatch. .
A Week's Menu.   .
There was once a woman wbo begged tbat when she died there should
be engraved upon her tombstone not
"She hnth done what she could," but
"She hath tried to do what she could
How msny poor tired housekeepers
feel thst they are preparing for themselves a similar epitaph as the oft repeated, aver recurring question greets
tbem every morning, "What shall we
hsve for dinner?"
An excellent plsn which was given
by i dear, delightful old Creole lady
and s moit excellent housekeeper of
thli city, who has used it for years, is
to write out a menu for the entire
week and have lt pasted upon the pantry door. It ls thus handy for reference for cook and marketer snd saves
a great deal of worrying questions to
and from dining room and kitchen.—
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Be Affectionate ant Don't Mind.
Charlotte Bronte's word et advice io
women, matrimonial wise. Is every bit ii
applicable today a! It wai when It wai
first written:
"I know thnt if women wish to eicspe
the stigma of husband hunting tbey must
act and look like murble or clay, cold, eg.
pressionless, bloodless; for every appear-
aaco of feeling of joy, sorrow, frlcndll-
Th. Id.nl 0edro.ni,
An Ideal bedroom ihould be provided
with the essentials for healthful sleep.
The room should be as nearly as possible kept Meo from anything thnt
would contaminate the nlr. Tho windows should be so arranged ns to open
at top and bottom. The floors should
be bare nnd the rugs used on them so
small that they can he taken out of
doors with ease for cleaning and airing. Everything abont the room should
be washable. Tbe bed should bs light
and fitted with strong caiters, so flint
It can be readily moved, Tbe mattress
should not bo too soft, and, above nil,
the room should not be ovorfumlsked.
r      ,Ti  ,  «!   ■»""™M " »"'"«"   noss, antipathy, admiration, disgust, li
to a hotel clerk, "fall to servo me civil-: ,Hko' conitrned by the world Into In ,t-
ly when I do uot fee them."
These four complaluts, all overboil rd
In ono day, seem to confirm the rumor
that American good minimi liidlffor-
ence Is waking up.—Youth's Compuu-
tempt to hook n husband.  Never mlndl
"Well meaning women have their own
consciences to comfort thorn, after all.
Do not, therefore, bo too much afraid of
showing yourself ss you sre, atlsetlonate
and good henrted; do not too harshly repress sentiments nnd feelings excellent ia
themsolres because you fear tbat somo
Thine, the College Olrl Missed.
A girl who hnd been very clover at' puppy way fancy tbat you are letting
college came homo aud snld to her them out to fascinate blm; do not con-
mother, "Mother, I've graduated, but ,,c1"" l™nrself to llvo only by bilyei, be-
now I wish to take lip psychology,   C°IIS0 lf_.s'0l!. Bli?wfd «!»■»"» -"I""",™
philology, blbll"-
"Just wait a minute," snld the mother. "I have arranged for you n thorough course In ronstology, bollolbgy,
Stltcbology, darnology, pntchology nnd
general doniosticology.   Now put on
some pragmatical thing In breeches
might lake It Into his pate to Imagine
thnt yon designed to devote your life to
his Inanity."
Dress Rules,
Siyi a French writer: "Then sre
two methods that n woman can adopt
for being alwayi well dressed. The
first li extravagant, constating In being
s slave to fashion and ln ruthlessly
spending time and money, Tbe second
Is economical, consisting In hiving n
few dresses well chosen, appropriate
for the occasions that compose one's
life, nnd these gowns should be bo
few that they last only as long as the
season and permit their wearer to enter the following one with a new model! supply. Following tbls rule, one
can always be In tbe Intcst fashion
and always freshly arrayed,"
Plants nnd Flowers.
                   ... No modern homo Ii complete Without
your apron and pluck that chicken."- Ils ".uota of tropical follago plsnti ind
Modern Society.                                  I flow'" for decoration, and, while Ibe
  great majority may not he nbls to stock
rtrnnvntinir , i,in„n " conservatory lor their Individual use,
;......       ,         * .       ,           - Wt no woninii whose desire is to make
Chiffon when soiled caii by a process „„,„„ ,,,„ „,„„, „,,„„,   ,r,, » £ ""J8
of stcsmlng bo mado to look almost as t0 ,„„ nil,,„bers of her own family should
well ae when new.   Tako a sheet of „,,sloct to add tbo dainty touch to the
cardboard (tbe lid of nn old box wlll dinner telilo thnt a centerpiece of term
do) and pin the fabric length by length will glvo If sho cannot afford to purchss.
on to It.  Stonm well, nnd when nearly flowers In midwinter.   Pnlmi, rubber
dry remove it from the cardboard and P|mil» nl111 "•""" specimen; from the
Asnes Reppller'e Cats,
Agnes Hcppllcr, tbe essayist, has a
remarkable collection of cats, only one
of' which, a prize Angora, Is alive.
Some of the others ore relics of an*
dent Egyptian rites, and others again
aro souvenirs of Holland, Switzerland
and Japan. Miss Rcppller says tbat
the reaion tho cat Is not more generally extolled for fidelity and Intelligence
"I. partly her own fault-.be is so uncommunicative."
press under a heavy weight.
tropics nre not so expensive If purchased
when tho plnuts aro little mora than
shoots, and It Is surprising how rapidly
they graw If properly cared for, and ilnee
we havo taken to camping on our own
doorsteps In such n wholesale fashion In
While Petticoats,
It yon draggle a white petticoat In
muddy weather, don't let the mud dry 	
In It   Blnio It out linmcdliitely and summer wo ennn.it have too 'many' of
rlnso It thoroughly. Mud on wool goods theso decorative plants to mnko the pi-
should dty, then bo brushed off and azzns s trlllo less public,   A beautiful
tbe stains removed Willi soap nnd hot Plant In a pretty Jardiniere make, li
Water If the fabric wlll bear It.
suitable gift for tha inlilreii ot >
Ollr Hollies,
When you wish to use a glass bottle
that ba. contained oil and desire to remove tbe traces of oil, till the bottle
with ashes nnd plnce It In a kettle ot
cold water. Put the kettle on the flro
snd let tbe water como to a boll gradually. . Keep It boiling for an hour nnd
allow tho bottle to remain ln tt until
It gets cold, then empty out the ashes,
•rash with «oa»iud» and rial* Jjlth
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in ,7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ledysm««il
Alewol thoie 13 loot Greenheart
Bods to dispose ol. Tbe only rod
luitable  for   the Expert Angler.
Local lovers ol cricket are talking ol
meeting one ot those evening! to form e
club and try to get into the series ol
matohei now being arranged.
Commercial St,
McAdie Block, Viotoria Crescent, Na-
mimo, B. 0.
Having leased the McAdie Block, and
having hid tbe room! completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
hoarder! with or without room!. Vis-
llonfrom Ladyimith will And molt
w.mlortable accommodation at very
mionable ntei. MISS KEITH.
♦♦♦VH-r-f ***** * ************
i cm
"All ii quiet along the Chemainus.
General Oorreipondent.
Nothing more taitelul than thoie
beautiful new deiigni in tweedi and
clothi hat been teen in Nanaimo
those .1 Cldwell'e, Nanaimo's leading
Report comes Irom Victoria tha
Sonth Nanaimo district gete $10,000 in
ths estimates, and North Nanaimc
Wstchei, chsim, jewelry ol all kindi
on view st Lively's, th. leading jewel.
er, Fint Avenue.
John Mahrer and George Mottiihiw
ol Nanaimo viiited Lsdyimith Thunday,
Mr. Mottiihaw ii locking ior a borne
here, II h. contemplates moving down
Thoy all come back. Who? Why
Oaldwell'i emtomeii. They know where
they can be certain ot getting luiti that
It, look ityliih .nd don't coit outragtoui
For fit flniih and ityle go to Caldwell,
ths well-known artistic tailor oi Nana
imo.  And the pricei are right.
Time ii money, and many a man hie
loit a iortone throngh pntting np with a
watch thst got clogged np lor want ol a
little oil .nd a iprlng cleaning. Lively,
the leading jeweler, Fint Avinne.
N.nsimo'i luhionible tailor, Caldwell
ol Commercial Street, bis just opened
out a nre display ol new aesson'i goodi,
Qsntlimsn ihould call and iee the pat.
Wednesday afternoon's train collided
with a call nssr Shswnlgsn, and ons ol
ths passenger! pnt the wounded animal
ont ot mliery by smiting It on the held
with an ax.. Th. call ran on the track
at a own., and wai ciught by the pilot
Th. litest styles In hair cutting snd
stsrd trimming st the Lsdyimith Sbsv.
ing Parlor, High itreet.      ,.
17. B. Eevenue cutter Grsnt cilled in
at Nsnsimo harbor Wedneiday with a
party ol notable people aboard. Mr,
Consul Smith ol Viotoria wmt to meet
them snd returned home on Thunday
morning'! trsin.
0. B. Robelee hsi moved out ol Camp,
ball's old ibsck to the Berry block,
First At.,, where be li better prepared
to do work. 0. B, Robelee.
Johnston Block,     •    Nanalmo, B. C
P.O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits   Ladyimith  every Saturday,
Bonn Irom 9 a. m, till 5 p. m.
Abbotiford Hotel.
Are now plentiful. But you
•Wist have the proper Flies.
I've got 'em.
Ladysmith,     , •        B, C.
Tbe new school houie now loom! up
like s cithedrsl with its spire, and li
certainly one ol Ladysmith's lions. It
will be ready for occupation early in
Don't fall to leo G.H. Cavin's samples
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade. Choice new deiigni at astonishingly reasonable prices.
Many Nanaimo miners are eeeklng
work at the Exteniion mines. All the
men who have gone up are flrat-claii
Lumber lor the eight feet high board
fence to be bnilt around the Company's
property at Extenaion, Ib going in there
by carload from Fiddick's junction.
"Now's the day and now's the hour to
get yonr watch cleaned up for its long
spell of day and night duty throughout
tbe ensuing year, I make a specialty oi
grooming watobei. Try me and be con
vinced. Lively's, leading Jeweler, Firet
Mr. and Mrs, Davis, ol the Portland
Hotel, are spiring no expente to make
the ground! around tbeir popular hostelry ii pretty as possible. The huge
stumps are being blasted out, sods are
being put down and shade trees planted,
and the place is already presenting a
moit attractive appearance,
A Game For Two.
Onco upon a tlmo a young gentleman'
and n younger lady were alone In-a
bright parlor in front ot n cheerful
open fire, with a table between them,
playing cards. As tbey continued to
piny and chat the table wsi not so
much between them, for they both got
nearer tb. flr. and played th. game on
one corner ot th. tabls.
Ih.y bad started lu to plsy ouches,
but after an hour and a halt they
foaad that they wero plsying hearts.
Moral-W.ss»notalw}t« got* fl*at
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices-
Th. E.planade,  -   Ladysmith, B, C.
Ne.r Qrsnd 'and Frsnk Hotel.,
Miners"! Mention!
limn I Mii.ie Pit Stiocfl at tlio same price
SB t heap f.urtorv itimle. (Ionic In ami ace.
All work guaranteed.   Hepairinn dour.
A. S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M, 3. BOOTH, -        rnprletor.
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesilav evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Visitors cordially invited.
The donble train on Wednesday continues to bs well patronized all along
the line, Tbe traffic last Wedneiday
wai the largest, locally, since the commencement of the lervice.
Nanalmo is carrying ont considerable
improvement! on Commercial Street
near tbe bank block. Tboie Improvement! had long been needed.
Min Agnei Deani Cameron, principal
ol th. Sonth Ward ichool, Victoria, ie
the authoresi one of the molt interesting
and amusing ot the articles in tbe new
first readers, used in all Canadian schools
and issued by Gige A Co., ol Toronto.
The article is entitled "Bumble Bee,
Lady Bug and Other Friendi."
Serious cause lor complaint li being
lonnd in the lection ol the town known
as the Chineie quarter, between the
railway track and the bay. For a coniid-
erable lima back tbe Obineie have been
doing pretty much as they liked with
their unitary arrangements, and thoie
are fir from satisfactory from a civil
ized itandpoint.
Duffy McGregor left lor Mount Sicker
Wedneiday afternoon. He will work
lor the Lenora Copper Company,
Robert Allan went down to tbe eapb
talon Wedneiday alternoon's train to
attend tbe performance of Haydn'i
"Creation," by local talent.
Jobn W. Coburn, manager of tbe
Lidyimilh Lumber Co., paid a bu tines!
vilit to Nanaimo Wedneiday, returning
on Thunday morning,
William Beveridge, of the Grand Hotel
wie in Naniimo on Wedneiday, He returned on the afternoon tnin,
Mn, Stephen! ol tbe Lidytmith Hotel mide a trip to Naniimo on the
Wedneiday train, and came home tbs
tame day,
Charles snd Mn. Young ol Wellington
bsve moved down to Lidyimlth snd
hsvs tsksn up tbeir reiidence here.
Mr. Webiter, the will-known miner,
who lelt Lidyimlth lome month! igo,
hu returned snd will go to work in No.
3 Exteniion, where hii took,, a brand
new outfit pnrchued jurat belore the ex-
plosion, have been lying evei lince,
Naniimo Moiquitoi defeated tbe Sixth
Regiment (Vancouver) team in ths op.
.ta horn. Wedneidiy night by a icore
of S3 to 15.  Tbe loldiers were poor shots.
The Csnidisn team easily defeated the
Kent County, Engl.nd, in the match st
Ostlord Tuetday afternoon, the score be.
ing 14 goals to 2. Tbe pining ol tbe
vliiton was the wonder ol ths Engliih
pliyeri snd inectatori, Th. Oinidlsm
have to meet Oxlord, Cambridge, Leedi,
Mincheiter, Belfast, Glaagow, Elinburb
and other Britiih teams.
Ie hereby given that application will
bs made to tbe Legislative Assembly of
tbe Province oi British Columbia, at its
preient union, for an Aet to incorporate
a company with power to construct,
equip, maintain and operate a single or
double line ol railway, to be operated by
steam, electricity or any otber mode of
power, at and from the City ot Victoria,
in the Province of British" Columbia,
thence north-west by tbe moat feasible
route to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, in the uid Province of British
Columbia, and with power to construct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry steamship service for the purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight care from the laid point at or
near Sevmour Narrows in Vancouver's
Island, to a point on the Mainland ol the
Province ol Britiih Columbia j and witb
further powere to build, equip, maintain
and operate branchee of the laid railway
Itom any point on the main line thereoi
to any point in Vancouver Island: and
with power to build and operate tramway! in connection with the laid railway; and with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines ln connection with
the uid railway! and branches and with
power to generate electricity for the
supply of light, beat, power, and tor all,
any and everv other purpoie mentioned
in Section! 80,81, 82, and 83 of the
"WaterClauees Consolidation Act,18!)7.'
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out ol all or any
ol tbe objecti relerred to in the uid
aectioni; and with power to exercise all
the powere given to the company by
Parti IV and V ol the "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1897." and with
power to build, own and maintain sawmill!, and to carry on a general expieu
busineu, and to balld, maintain and
operate, bridges, roidi, wiys, ferries,
wharves, docks, steamboat!, iteamihlpi,
coil bunkere and other worki, and to
make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
otber companies; and with power to expropriate iandi tor ths purpoie ol tbe
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other personi
or bodiei corporate, and with power to
build wagon roadi, to be nted In the
comtrnction of inch railway and in advance ol lime, and to levy and collect
tolls from all penous using, and on all
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0. a. I.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Visiting members
are cordially invited.
Painting, Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattress making at
Cipt. Dillon's Office, Esplanade, wbere
esmples can be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
) Pither £ Leiser
I      Direct Iiiipcrlers and Wholesale Dealers In
I Wines,  Liquors  and  Cigars.
J All tlie leading brands kept by us.     None
i but the best imported.     We solicit your
| patronage.
J G. H. Mumm's Btctra Dry Champagne,
f Kilmarnock Scotoh, Lretnp's Extra Pale Ale,
a- ft, Louis Beer.
I Flaying Cards, all leading brands including
I Bee's. I
) 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. I
1 Telephone No. i48. |
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue and Oatacre Street.
Cabinet work oi all kind!.
AU kindi ol solt wood furniture made
and repaired.
Going to throw that old mlt away?
Send it to the Nanaimo Clothing
Renovatory and have it Cleaned or
Dyed. Commercial St. Opposite
Nanaimo Hotel	
P.O. Box423.
ireight pining over any oi men roidi
built by the compiny, whether belore
or liter the construction of the railway,
and with power to sell out iti under,
taking; and with all other usual, necessary and incidental rights, or privileges
si may bs neceiesrv or conducive to the
above objecti, or any ol tbim.
Dated at Victoria, B. 0„ thil 24th day
ofMsrcb.A. D.,1902.
Solicitor! for the Applicants.
22  LOAVES 22
Delicious Bread,
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bike wben you can get inch
value and delivered at yonr door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J.KENNY, Lidyimlth Bikery,
Esplanade, Ladyimith.
-TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. 5. Points.
Steamship - Service
Japun, China,  Hawaii,   Austratula,
First-class Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Dslly.        , n      ,
TO RON 10, Tueidayi .nd Biturd.y..
For pampbleti and all inlormstion apply
to any C.I'.R. igent.
H. H. ABBOT",      W. MoQIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Ag.nt, Naniimo.
Ant. Genl. Pan, Agent, Vancouver,
•  -'.OU.
atit U
Smelting Works:
llllllJ .'..
Similar  Services.
Flnt Pioibyterian Ohnich—Regular
unless, morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday ichoJ 2.80 p. m,
Itiv. W. A. Rse, psitor.
Methodist chnrch — Service! sre
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7,10 in tha evening. Sunday school
.12.80. Prayer muting on Wedneidoy
evening st 7.80 o'clook.
Hiuloniry lervloei will bs held in the
Vlithodiit chnrch next Sunday evening
Church ol England—April 20th, 3rd.
Sunday alter Euter, 8 a. in. Holy Com
mnnjon; 2.30 p. m. Sunday tcbool; 7.80.
Evensong; No Ssrvios at 11, a. m,
A,   Seriven.
Mllltonary-ln-chirge, j
$  —
j Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
&  Nanaimo  Railway
Tine Tabla No. 44,
Tnlni leave Ladyimith Southbound dslly »t 9.10 ..in, and on Saturday.
Bond.yi and Wednesdays at o.lC, p. m.
Tralni leavi Ladyimllh northbound dally et 11.57 a. 01. and on Siturdsvi
Sundsys and W«dnssd«yi st 7.10 p. m. "
Trslni lute Lidyimilh lor Exteniion dsily" sxc.pt Sunday at 0 a.
and 10 p. v., and on Snadays at 10 p. m,
,, 2 p, m.
Traffie Meniger


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