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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 30, 1902

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Array A
!: The people, that save *
I!" money trade with      |
% For Boots and Sfioes I
I Dickie's Is the store f
Vol. i.no. 67.
Ladies' and Childrens
Straw Hats in the latest styles just to
hand. Also Gentlemen's New Season's
Soft and Hard  Hats.
pssup's fmm
IVfecriptiona carefully illepecacd, Ojiph
dny ami night.
llarri-ter, Solicitor,
Attorney^ Notary I'ublic, Ktc,
.Money to U>an.
•Fresh Ground Coffee    !
While Vou Wait ij
And a Full Supply of Fresh Family Groceries. |
 K-U- ■ I
Leiser & Hamburger {
Wholesale and  Retail Merchants,
Member .Can, i-cciely of Civil l.ngiucers
Member Institution ofKieclrfial Hiiglneen
Electrical Engineer
Corrfspotnlence Solicited
Wotf* Gimraiitced r. o. nox -,-;
£** /"*• a*\*V"V
'Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. (JjkPB mid pas-
triet uf nil descriptions. Fruits in
ior Opens (he frivestigation on
the m
o'i:icr'k iast Bilurday aid rnoi i
rcellgutton Into the causes d( tbe
ion in Nn. 2 mine, Kxlena'on, ■....-•
01171 ■
by tlie coroner at Kxlensioti,
t! ivtro present Hon, .ls:..r-t' Duns-
Flon. C. IC. 1'. 1 y, Mr. Robert
y.Snpt.Frai k Little,Mr. ■■■   ■■   i
i, iiunsgei; 0 car  11   ■, oflkial
'allare SI,, Methodist
I. M iwton Powell, ol
Methodiel Church,
. A f. ul Seymour, Exit 01 ua-h, and Kev.
;.'ii,  president of the
. nit-
na ol
Esplanade and (iatacic Street,
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
David     Murray.
Duller Street, -        Lndysmilh
Shop will he ocen every TUurEdny,
Friday and Saturday,
gut ineiired at uinu |or n may ut
too late tomorrow, f represent several
OLD and'BELIABI,I3 Companiesand
canini>urttyntiHt.<i moment'*) notice al
the lowest possible rate?, All Ipsding
companies charge tlm same rated. Don*)
be muled into insuring villi n eherp
company—it.niijilit be d.ar in tbe end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo, B. 0.
IIRTF!  It—*'
HU    LL      f Or,, bet
Thin new hofel hua'beeri completely
furnished with till modem con von ten ce8;
Excellent table, while cooking, Tlio
bar ia supplied with tlio k finest wines,
liquors aud cigsre. An experienced bar-
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Aveuue,      •      LidyauiUb, II. C.
O.io fact is better than « Dchpii
+   lleartajB. ' IT   vou   want    the
I choicbat meat'i go to
X l/idvfinitli, B.C.,
I R. Williamson, Prop.
*  A fresh tupply   of   Vegetables 4
i nl wave on hand. I
j Speolal attention given to thips' t
f        EttpnlloB. f
♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*H4 ♦ ♦♦♦♦
New Milk, Creamery Buller, N
Egga ind Fresh    Vegetables i
Daily.  Leave orders at the |o;
•v Laid
; a Lei ii.1: .i, the time told hie expert-
% and  how  he met Griffith and
positively [hat Hie tho waa prolubly
tUifffd by » miner's lautp^ud not by an
exitlfijci'. In his opinion all tlio men
caujd have got out if they had gone the
Seeds, Plants, Shrab
B. II.  Joltnaton,   Vleietln, lots  tl
finept selection   in   Ihe  i nvlnre,   S(
sampleeat Lolaer-"* Hamburger's stori
Prices und estimates cheerfully given.
Roses in great variety.
llah", hrsttii
the i
Donald  M
i carry si naked
iLean   tlesiaibtit!
•i the
lire raging ii
i tho wine.
i). Joi
IL'.', liieuisi!!
, coulJ ;:ot (.H'ji
any (
ii ns lo what
cHiiseii the tin.;
ho ill
tho l
I no!
reply to Mr.
thBllier the
' caps iuighl
Caisldy'a ijufs-
nuked lighis in
not eot tiro tu
u it i
.   Uo euitl
thy cm tutu wss
tin .u
tie. Jo
nee, II,en.i
u, I'isiiini'il Ihe
>.   .Liiiu Johns,
■i.li In
ni .:   'i tl
,. to .'-' i. il coon-
ii i ;i ii.; ided lo hold another of
e attractive sales if work early iu
i tbe c-yi tiing Rev. Mr. Barraclougb
vend a m ibi Inteies big lecture on
eCdtacouibH ol Rome," lliuatratetl
stere i licon view*, to a well-filled
Be, Iv.cr.i 11 ry was much plfcr.st'd
i the lecture and pictures.
Steam Laundry Destroyed Saturday
One of lbs worst Area that have occur
roil in Nanaimo fur some time waa that
which swopt tha Nanaimo Steam Lain-
!ry building out ol existence last Situr-
lay night, Tbo fl.imtfl could he seen
with perfect dialiuctneEfl from Lidy-
Binith.   Unforluuftttly the water supply
ris totally iuetifllcient, and it wadfwitli
the utmost difiicolly that the surrounding propeny could Be saved.
The laundry building waa owned by
Mr. Andrew Unelatn, ot the Nanalmo
Saw MillB, and wan insured for, $5,000,
u companies represented by Wm. K,
Leighton. The plant, owned by Meesie*
Gardiner <.v: Malicord, whp valued at
J8,o00and was hit-urtd for $1,500 in
companies represented by Mr. Win. K.
Leighton and Mr. A, Thompson. The
origin of the fire in unknown; there was
no tiro in Iho building at >S o'clock,
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
ThiBiicv hotel has been comfortably furnished tud the I at Is np Ini'cle.
Best accommodation for transient and permanent boarders and lodgem,
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, - Ladysmith, B. G.
Savoy     Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
T\l (i n li rh u 111 re b
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ot all kinds.
proprietor,   *hSi&m
We aro Agents for
X   Large stock of English Fishing Tackle, Lacrosse Hoods, Etc.
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
■nr-.. Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Agents lor
J. J. Tsylor
Fire Proof Sales.
High class plotnre Irame makiniil
Skilled workmanship; sntlelactlon gu«-
smteed. Eitlmalei chcerfnlly given, 0.
IB. Robelee, Flnt Avenue and Oatacre
•treet, Ladyimith, B.O.
Wholeial.andIteti.il Dealera In Meats.
Poultry   snd Vegetable.,   (Innio in
•aion.  Shipping orden attended to on
bort nolle.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.
Flist-olata accommodation! for mlnira
and iMinlciila.   None but      ,-
The Best Wines and Liquors
served a\ tho bar.    oive us a call,
Cor. Victoria ltd &, Commercial St.
This ohl KiUbiliwI, Fiiat-Olcn niid
1'i.piilnr Hotel Is mnel rouifortably fnr-
niilicil, centrally ti'iiHlril. Ilns rupelB
trulnr. Kx'illi'iit Cnlslne, liar stmkcd
with the tliipst wines, llquora nml ulgan,
NANAIMO, 11. 0.
Citizens of LacHysinif^i
All Citizen:; of Ladysmith,
B. C.| arc respectfully invited
to become  members  of the
Ladysmitli   Hoard of Tradt.
Objects:    The advancement
and   improvement   of ►Lady
the men who pat
The enquiry. .
Saturday, I j .; I,
ihe etcnoBiauhei ...
tor the useol the j.i
declared that thorn
lated, nail ■ uiti,
linked I ■■ Is.
Examination of Site Proves Satisfactory,
|..,.i ■ ti i one of 1   ... in '■ iv tins.
Laura! Rebecca Locige Preparing a
Oa Tu, .'.:.'}■ evflnini*, May 20th, under
the auepicru ol   the   Laurel   Rebecca
:*,   l.adjemiih,   r.n  entertainment
r   l\     tu 0   ':'  lows1 ball which
of fadyEmith.
It will contistcf tha acting by clever
local pc ; lec/ihu I ro r mrlqgly funny
-m d bs ' rhe Two B mtirds," and
;,L'i q M \ ci u X gljet," .1 Is Bufficb
.■,. i y th .! tbo pli j ■■ are iu the
bi\ndsoi thi Ladyi mitb D/atuatio Aeeu*
olalion to prophecy thnt eminent euc*
!65S wiil attend tlioprcMulatiou of ll.ose
.; ;, , al ■ are uoa | oing ua, at d
,i bi aho arc privileged lo wltnees Ibe
min' mi.,   that Ihe little company do
j   Lovers of tl.e drama aud a uuml Luinb
should makt a uoteol iltudaie.
Events of tlie Hour Everywhere
Briefly Told,
Boundary eHetricf, B.C., turned oat
12,850 tons of ore laet week.
ft is proposed to make Toronto tbe
grain shipping centre of Canada.
Thousands of immigrants poured into
Canada last week through Montreal.
Lml Kelvin; tbe eminent Scottish
scientlat, ia visiting New \rorlt state.
PIr lead was manufactured for tte
first time in British Columbia list week
at Trail Biuelter.
Sir Richard Cartwrigbt proposes as an
amendment to tbe Immigration Act not
lo impose any increased poll tar, but to
giant B, C. fifty per cent, of this tax
Col. Denison, M.P., strongly tdviies
the Imperial Government to fight tht
Morgan Shipping Trust by taxing everything brought Lo Britain by the trust'*
boata und accepting duty free all produce
"roin Canada.
London papers are afraid th? new
shipping trust will swalloir the C. P. R.
and Canadian shipping lines.
Mai quitj of (JueenBberry, notr being
examined in bankruptcy, admits having
squandered ou his pleasures since 1800,
wheu le inherited the estates, £206,000
and tbe 500 acres of the Glen Stuart
Ono hundred excursion trains were
run from all parts of England and
Scotland to attend the football match at
Crystal Palace, London, between Sheffield United und Southampton. Over
100,000 witnessed tbe game,
Tbe Marquis of Dowm-hire has been
granted deuree of divorce. Mr. haycock
a wealthy captaiu of the Yeomanry, wai
tl.e co-respondent.
A War Office return shuns that there
are 277,120 voluuteers in Great Britain,
ur 790 leee than last year.
O.i Siiovwlou, Wales, n bonfire is to be
lighted un Coronation Kvp, tbat will be
■ seen from Kogland, Scotland, Ireland,
i rVaie-Htnd ttftrlsledf Man,
Maj ir-Qeneral Sir ChaB. Parson*, wbo
' Is to command tbe Britieh troops In
Canada, arilved at H.iliin from Liverpool Inst week, and was ieceived with
unlitary honors.
The Pope, in conversation with Father
Lorei.sn Peroai, the Italian composer,
inn! week, abked him for news of his
friend Ciirdinnl Ouitieppe Sarto, tba
patriarch of Venice. "Hold him very
dear, Perosi," Bnid bia Holiness, "as in
the future bfi will bo aolo to do much
for you, We firmly believe hu will ta
our successor." Cardinal S*rto is an
I-.iui.in. He was born in 1335 and waa
created n cardiu&l iu 1803.
Barque Gaiiierei'.
Notice is hereby given tint ilic oivnci s, osenti
or master wlll not Ije responsible for any dcMi
MntractwlbyllicolllceranrcrMV of the Uflrqw
Qalliercrwhile In tiiu poit.
J.O. Vounggreti,
Ladysmitli Breliiern Celebrate on
■ Saturday Night.
I    : ly  i \< ry  mi rob r of  tie local
0 '.'■'   n !■ '. '.■ i ts i osenl at the in*
1 i held in 0 blfi'!.,«j."
,  t last, the evoninK
1'! e pall pring to* k tlio form <f a
n.iiMj i-1 nerved i.i oxcollent style
Ample justice was done lo the viands
und then nn interesting (oast list wsb
entered upi u, with songs, Fpeecbesi
rccUftlione, etc., lnlcreperBtd,
Tho festivities were kept up with
b itrit until mlduieht, when "Auld I-ang
tMMMMMMMMMMBtMMMMMa-—m^—m^—m^^—mm^^^—t$yM\''    I   '1      H      B H H 1      11' Ut? 111      COll-
Mr, tionliif'.iw 11 in. James Dantmnirlni
re. few iniuuteu when tbo haiti ar-
b.'lnif f.u  1 o
,'.■   .':
.     A
s inn ss the . tl
rworks .
lor uli
an ample sbpp
y 11 i...
er w.ii
he on
nnul (ur th... na
sol lilt
The cemotery trii?!ce3 will m&ke a
report to tlie 11 ard ol Trade nt thu
(Irs: uultol le oppertunity.
Ship  Eclipse.
Notice is hereby given that tlio nwnerp
agents or master will not bo reeponalbli
for any debts contracted by [\iq n(Hcen
orcrewof tbo A mortem ebip Gel Ipso
while In this poit.
N. Larson.
' Ma-ter.
lived on Halnrday, ei.d txplained ilr
p-tltlon ol affairs. Mr, \)-i- einulr ix-
nny'i'il hissallEfaclio.il,andd i c od Mr.
Gould to bave the eite yuvtytd as si ou
:i' poafcibie. Mr, Gi nld wi), Kccording*
ly, it va this matter sttt cded to at m e.
Ab b 'on a- Ibecemeterj n surveyed it ib
[probable that Ihe wot It uf laylngowtlhe
plots will be oommencud,
NANAIMO, 11. 0,   .
tried a very pleamul evening*
Again Postponed' Until Temniorow
Hi few turned   out to the meeting
called for Saturday night in Gould's
lull lhat il was considered by those wbo
diil attend advisable to poBtpbue iho
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ mc'lii |f until   lo m»iro»v   (riiutPiliiy)
Ladysmith Methodist Church Hok's o-..u.ar.t
Successful Bazaar,       j Aa ™ |,"'""nl 1>I"bv ",;ml H|","k"
! ers, Siturdav ulnht wae tho worst in the
liaat Ki'il y iifti n ..ii.-. ii.i- ladies of week torn incellnrot thli kind, ns "none
the Lidjirultli Molhoillit church had'°-f"18moroll»»lBcmftsMytoattend,
tlnlr rah'11 v.uil, m.il ivi'io Bucceisful
U'nl li iniiny people have oiicaui-iniuta
on Hint ii'miil.
Bntlrely rcfiirnlsbed anil  rcnnviird.; 1" "leaiMiK fiir.il.mel overjthlngon lho|   It is hoped bj; those whtinri' Irying to
il tho
u-niiri'iv ii in. in-. ..  o...  , »        ---|     ...k....   ^ j..
Fiiit-eisai tahlc  Kvitv iiwn.niii'iiliniiiii. tsli'm.   Thentiendscce was vi-iv Rood do soiiiothlnu for Uiljiuillh'e ui
for ladies virlliri; Ni"nin'n.    Mrs. T. .1.       .,    , ,  .     , ' .,  ,.,       nill ho n aood turn utit h
Thomas In olinrpc of dinlnsinora -111 he »'"11,"",u"6 «■" ' """ " " « "'■ ! "" " '!' "    \ .  " ,, '„   ,"    "
h.ppy to weli'nmc r.ll old Wellluglo.jolsslllnii
snd Ladytmlth liismls.
Ainocasi llioie incscnt wero IInv. IV
 B'. H thai tho
| general cominittee wlll then ho eieotcd
und got to woilt.
Handsome Edifice to be Erected In
Xi.vt wetk tbe contract for the new
Anglican Oburcb, to bo built on the two
city lots at lit' corner of Third Ave. and
Duller s'riet, near the new echcol building, -aill be let, and it is expected .tbat
work will proceed without delay, Tha
congregation will put up a building 00
by 24, und wiih a Beating accommodation ol 'JOO.
Tin; tfl'.irta made to raise funds for
this purpose have been most Eucceisfol,
and 119 lion. J .tinea Dunsmuir, With bis
iifliial generoetly, presented the congregation with tbe building site, tbey m
enabled lo make a good start. The do*
termination of tbe managers not to pro-
cue>l wiih tbo building until they conld
do bo with a reasonable prospect of
meeting all obiigatisns promptly, hai
been very favorably commented upon by
tbo citiaeiis. Tbe Leader heartily con-
gralulfttea Van. Archdeacon Seriven, tba
congregation and the citiKans of Ladyemith on ibis bamleouie addition to tha
archltcotnral bea;itieaof the town,
TII!} NMIXTl.ll t ilium;.
Vigorous work Is b.'ing done In cleat*
ing thu Bite Ior the Tyee Smelter,
Already a largo area has been cleaned np
with tbe exception of the stomps, wbieh
are being iilaBted out. It will not ba
Ion ii before tbo work of erecting the
buildiuge will bo commenced. It li
probable that tlie store will first ba
e'ccled, tbo other larger buildings si
Don't fail to see G II. Cavia'i sample!
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Keplauade. Choice new designs at M*
touieliinely.reasonable prices. LADYSMITH   LEADER AND WELLINGTOS--EXTENBIOM  NEWS,  APRIL 30,  1801,
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
l*ubHihKl every Wcduemlny mid Sntiirtlny al
HUe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. nud
French Street, I.ndysmitli, llrilisli Coltnubin.
T. L. GRAHAM!., Konou a
sojourn at Duncan'?, where be was employed on a contract.
Mr. T. ,T. Barron occupies tbo pulpll
of Welllogton Pret-byterina Churcb on
Sunday. Mr. Morion, tbo missionary
there, filling tbo sume nt. First Piesbj-
terian Ohurcb,, Lftdysmlth on tbo name
s<-++*-H.- + *+*m+>*-m-Hm*
dByMail in Canada and Usitbd Stati
Oueyenr (strictly In advance) I
tax months (strictly In advance)	
TRANSIENT—l-'lrst insertion ioc, n Hue; eiicli
■ubsequent Insertion sfi. a Hue.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death nnd Funeral notices
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not   inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to lie
THE LEADER will be found at the following
Ladysmilh-The Lender Office; The Ladysmitli
Nanaimo—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Provincial Library; aud
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
AU changes in advertisement*] must be received
at this office before ia noon the day befor
Subscribers uot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
AH job work strictly cash ou delivery.
Transient advertisements cash iu advance.
No monarch in the world wields tiny-
thing like the power now in the bands
of J. Pierpont Morgan, the monarch ol
thetrustB, the modern colossus, who haa
S3t one foot in America and tbo other In
Europe, and ia beginning to reveal some
of his vast plans.
Whatever his ultimate aim maybe,
quite enouah has been dieclot d so far to
awaken apprehension in the minds of all
British people. He has shown wnat
money in. the hands ofn atarewd, bold
man—and certainly he ia that-may be
made to do: aud here we have a man
Who Is master of untold millions and ambitious to an extraordinary degree.
Judging from bis more recent manot»u-
vres in tho financial wot Id hie plan ap*
peat*, to be to concentrate the Buipping
of tbe world under the American Hag;
to control tbe transatlantic traffic, and
thereby secure the control of the Eutop-
em markets and make tbe United Stat
es dictator of tbe commercial as wellai
the floancial world. Already Europe is
fully awakened to the Bealoutnpsa of the
position, and tbe question now facing
the Continent and Great Britain is
whether they unite to resibt the encroachments of the sUr-fijMBglcd octopus or
allow bim * nd hia money jjpower to
place the trade of tbe world umlor the
American (bg.
When No. 2 Extension disaster occurred Nanalmo Herald published apathetic
'articleatotit a mule which camo up to
the itoppii.tf just bid j re it was cloeed.
Prompted by a fellow feeling the Herald
spoke eloquently on hr-half of this unfortunate mule, tbe only modem Ir-
' stance on record of 11 repetition of tl.e
miracnloua convcrealiunal   no was   of
Balaam's talkative burro.   IS range lo
.eay, wben the stoppings wute taken out
(sometime ago, no trace of the mule,
/     body, boneB or bIiocb, could bo found,
' Probibly another case of an unanswered
. brayer.
Rt. Hon. A.J. Balfour promigCB peace
in South Africa for June 1st. It would
be the happleet event in tbe coronation
Robart KiMmlriek w«a repiili'il to be
very ill iu Victoria on Monday, and
fears were Ii-lt that he could not recover.
Architect llioper of Viotoria visited
Ladysmith on rJalunlay to look over U*e
new si h'iol buildlr.p, with which ho ex-
pressed Mimel! well plttm-d.
Rev, W, W. Baer and Rev. R, N.
Powell relumed to Nanaimo On their
wheels on 1'iidiiy evening,
Walter Thomatm, oldest enn of Qov<
ernment Agent riiutnauu paid Luly*
smith a visit on Monthly, and returned
to Nanaimo on Tueaday'd train.
Rev. W, II. Uarraclot-gh returned lo
Victoria on Saturday inn: nit..'.
Chris Stepbemt, who has beon critically- ill at the Udyamllh Hotel, was
reported slightly Improved yesterday.
Mr. Wm. RubboII ami the Mi-Jem Hup.
tell, moved into their now resldtoci
near the pay office on Tuesday,
Ur. McKenelly baa returned Irum his
f-H+fH + + T + + * + tt4-4++tfntt
Organlned workers ih Illinois are ei
deavoiing  lo  havo tbe machinery n
moved from the State penitentiary in
order to lesion (he pr due-tit n of cou
viet made goods.
The Sheet Metal Wurkcia' Uuion of
Toronto nre very hopeful of a settlement
with their employers for 30 cents an
Toronto cur pen lers have about settled
.ui oO cents an hour.
The demand of the building laborers
m* Boston for UO cents an hour ia likely
lo bo granted by tho Master Buildeis'
Association without n ettike.
Mite Mollio Wei tier, 0* Cincinnati
has b?en appointed a special deputy for
Ohio, lo investigate child and womtn
labor in factories anil workshops. She
U a Bhoo worker, and haB been active in
labfit's ranks foi fifteen years.
Secretary Morrison's report for the
year lilOl shows an unprecedented
growth of the American Federation of
labor, 801,000 members having been
aided to Ihe rolls of altlliutcd unions
und tbo tot;il membership of the Federation now being moro than 1,000,000
.■age-wot kere.'
The Dapartmeot of Labour ia Bending
out b'anks to iht'. various labor organizations throughout tbo province. Tbey
aro atkin; lor Information aa to the
totol membership of the Boveral unions j
theavftraj.0 earuinga of the members;
tbo number of working lours tlutiug the
i\ml live days of tho week and on Satur-
lay; thenumberof days idle and Ihe
cautie of the Idleness; the dilference between the wsgoa received by union and
non-union men iu the different trades,
LnrgtfHt  City  Hall.
Philadelphia has the largest city ball
In tbo world.
Nnmcriil Nino Snld to lie One of the
Mont Fortunate.
My particular Idiosyncrasy, says a
writer in Notes ami Queries, in in favor
of othl numbers. How I acquired the
harmless passion happened In this way:
Among my school fellows was n Turkish lad who was tin: lli'flt to point out
to 1110 a curious law of numbers. Wo
would tnku a atrlng of figures at random,
which wo added up hi linos till they
lotted to a resultant number nine or
not. If thoy "showed up" nine wo tic-
clarcd them lucky; if not, not. For ex-
amplo, tako numbers 1872-1*) equals 0.
So ingrained is this meaningless habit
that I never buy a railroad ticket with*
out"submitting its number to this ridiculous scrutiny. Many 11 time I have puz*
tied myself as to tho origin of this Billy
habit, yet it woiild appear tbat Ihe nf-
foetlon fur number nine displayed by
liiis lad retched 'Turkey via "Arabia.
According to the otionymous author of
"TableTalk," published hy Charles Knight
iu 1S.",(!, Ion;: residence In Cairo by the
famous tmvoter .T.L.Biirckbnrdtliad nlso
rendered him susceptible to tlio Btrango
fascination of odd numbers. He spent
many years iu collecting n storehouse of
Arabian sayings lllustrntlvo of the man*
tiers and ctistomH of this enlightened people; but, Btrango to say, he stopped
short at tbe number 000, "adopting?*
says my authority*, "a notion prevalent
anions tho Arabs that even nmnhcrs
are unlucky and that anything perfect
In its quantity is particularly affected by
the evil eye," Whereupon the writer
proceeds to rIvo nn Instnneo that came
under his ou-n notice, At that lime
there lived iu Isllngtou a wealthy row-
keeper 11 rimed lthodes, who made, many
futile attempts lo keep 1,000 cowa on
bis premises in n thriving condition at
one lime, but was invariable baffled. Ho
could, however, keep 000 without experiencing any loss of stock.
A similar prejudice tbo nuthor discovered to prevail in his journey lugs through
the remoter districts of France, Spain,
Ilnly and Switzerland, dews havo for
ages paid special veneration to thorium-
bo'r seven and ita multiples, though a
strong partiality for mlnynn, or number
ten, has boon fostered hy tho rabbis In
the dictnt of Ethics vi, 0. This prayer
Is impossible in syntiBogtio without a quorum of ten. I was told a funny Btory
nbout It the other day hy a seliolnrly
contributor to Notes and Queries. Some
years alto, being in Prague, he Strolled
one Sunday evening Inside the old synagogue to havo a quiet look around. Suddenly tlio voice of prayer startled him
out of his musings. The beadle liiid mistaken him for n regular worshiper who
was Into In arriving to form the regular
number, or miuynn.
Anii Aro Mosqnlto Kntrrs,
"Tho most Interesting thing to me Is to
bco nn nnt handle a mosqnlto," said a
Now Orleans physician. "Somehow thoy
seem to bo fond of uiuctiultoeS, nnd they
pounce upon them with great vigor. If
a mosquito happens to get wounded near
tho ant nest no bo cannot get Into the
nlr aud escape, wop unto tho wlngod Insect. Tho ants will pounco upon him
with vigor, nnd bo will wind up in tho
nnt storehouse, where ho will bo duly
seasoned and put nwny for winter food
or probably devoured on tho spot If the
members nro mosquito hungry. In my
observation of.tho nnt and tho mosquito
1 havo found that anta nro very fond ot
tho wlngod posts, and really tbey aro
great mosquito destroyers, and no doubt
thoy would destroy many more for food
purposes If they could got to them. .Thoy
havo tho strength, tho courage and tho ,
inclination, and I expect they would Iho
9n mosquitoes If tbey had a, chaueo to
II ■■< On (line Rcmtilltfl an Uupm-nllclcd
I den In Architecture.
The greatest oE iho arcliitoettiral enterprises 1U Ichael Angelo was called upon to tako up was tlio completing of
St. rotor's, nnd ho devoted himself
through pure obedience to this task,
refusing all compensation, offering bis
unpaid services In that way both to
hia master and tu the servlco of roll-
tie had to Brrmrpdo nj'.ilnrd Un** op*
1. :... ,..1 rumen!, who luMil by Inter
plaits than ihcse of the {Irst deviser,
and their oninily and misapprehension
of what was best aimed at 11 con tl mini
thwarting of all bin Intentions, He
managed, however, to bring back tbo
building to Its orlgluul plan, that of
his greatest enemy, Brauaaute, upon
whom be has left Ibis noblo Judgment.
"It cannot he denied," snld he, "thnt
Bvamaiito laid the Ili'Bt plan of St Peter's clear and simple, and all who
have departed from bis scheme havo
departed from tho truth."
We have not tlio great cathedral na
Michael wished it, noiuean wo stio In
it the creation of his gonitis. But tho
one thing that Mlchajd Angelo left to
bis successors In the work Is tho cupola, whoso outline remains as an unparalleled Idea, as Important a Inndinark
In architecture as his other records of
nehieveinonL in painting und sculpture.
It Is the mark of Homo and tho expression of Rome's grandeur.
I Tlie t A it (fit-11  l^exlfi-ftf.
I "flood eyesight Is necessary for a
' caddie, Isn't UV" asked the boy of no
"Ob, I don't know," answered the
experienced lad, "There's some couples in this club that'll pay you mora
for looking the other way on' not Beeln*
anything than they will for flndlu' the
balls. You've got to learn when to
have the oycslght an' wben not to have
A Hlodel Child.
Dickie—rn, were you n goodor bey'n
mo when you were as little as me?
Father—Yes, indeed, Dickie. I waa
always n very good boy, but somehow,
or other I had n great many serious
nnd painful misunderstandings with
my parents.
. *<a ^#^*ft*^.^mw4>*M
The  Pelican  Smiled.
There Is a sly old pelican In Cbi.^rnl
park which has an almost human way
of noticing what goes on about bim
without Booming to do so. Tbe other
day. two borons in tlio same cage with
him fought over a tlsh. One had made
tlio catch, but the oilier had undertaken to wrest the morsel from its
rightful possessor.
They squabbled over it like two boys
who have hold of tho same baseball
but. The scuffle brought them into tho
neigh I ior hood of the old pelican, who
stood, apparently asleep, with his big
bill tucked away under a wing. Then
the heron dropped its lish, and tho battle went 011.
No sooner had it boon dropped than
the great bill eame out from underneath tho wing and the flsh went Into
the pelican's pouch. Then tho bend disappeared again. The pelican wns
plainly asleep.
When ouo heron gave up tbo fight
nud flew nwny, the other looked about
for the prize. It was now hero to bo
seen. The keeper of the bird cngCB solemnly asserts that he saw 11 twinkle
In the eye which the pelieaii opened to
glvo n glance at the retreating hcron.-
Peeiillar IIiim'm,
One of tho wars of tlio roses, tbo
fiercest and deadliest of'tbem all, was
fought on ,n Held where, curiously
enough, a 'rose peculliff to the spot
grows or used. In grow, lt is n rare
plant now, and the reason Is explained
by Mr. I.cndinun In bis account of
Yorkshire battles. After describing
the terrible battle at Towton on Palm
Sunday, 1401, be says: "I cannot conclude this story of Towton field without nn allusion to the little dwarf
bushes peculiar to the 'Field of tho
Whlto Rose and the Red.'
"They are said to have been plentiful at the commencement of this century, but the visitors have taken tbem
away In such numbers that ihey havo
become rare. Sueh vandalism Is simply shameful', for tho plants are said
to bo unique and unable to exist iu any
otber soil. Tho little roses are white,
with n red spot on the center of each
of their petals, and 11s they grow old
tho under surface becomes a dull rod
color."—London News.
Cave AnliiinlN.
No nntinnls whatever nro found In
the dry parts of caves. Dampness or
a certain degree of moisture seems to
be essential to their existence. Under
tbo stones one Hilda white, eyeless
worms, and in the damp soil nil around
nbout are to be discovered blind beetles
ln little boles which they excavate and
bugs of tho thousand leg sort Theso
thousand leg bugs, which In the upper
world devour fragments of dead leaves
nnd other vegetable debris, sustain llfo
In the caverns by feeding upon decayed wood, fungous growths nnd bats'
dung. Kneeling In a beaten path one
can see numbers of tbem gathered
nbout hardened drips of tallow from
tourists' candles, There we plenty of
crickets also.
A Vara I nil I tiff Tip.
When varnishing wood, tbe work
must bo dono in a warm room at a temperature of at least 75 degrees F. At a
lower temperature the moisture lu tho
air will give a milky and cloudy up'
peiiranco to tho varnish. On the other
baud, at the higher temperature the
moisture Is not.precipitated until tho
alcohol of tho varnish has sufficiently
evaporated to leave a thin smooth film
of shellac. The durability aud gloss nro
dependent on this.
Myriterr Both \Vnjn.
Pauline—Just think of tho nwfnl
things we know about pcoplo whom
we don't knowl t
Emetine—Yes. Isn't it wonderful!
Aud Just think what tho people whom
wo don't know may know about ubI-
etlmnlntlnft Cnntrllintlona,
Mrs. Von Bluiuer-Tho minister
preached the most touching sermon I
ever heard.
Von Blumcr-riow much .did he
nlso?—Judge,   :
Weight for weight, oriental rubies
are valued ten lo twenty fold the price
of diamonds. The best come from
Cblmi. Cevlon nud India.
m The Leading M
%l Reviews £|
»>-■ ' Nineteenth Century   ind After, •"£
,V        Cuntcmjioriiry   Kevlew,   Port- $,9
t.l[jli!ly   Review,   Westminster k'«f
MevU-.v,    Edinburgh    Review, IX
Quarterly Review, Blackwood's ■«.
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-:'. ,-* . >tf'.. .<«'..-.-,'. 04'. iMfV* 3..i*»mS
y ills- Bj
Ion of $$
Tramway Company  Incorporation
Notieo io hereby given by the Tyee
Copper OiHiipwv, Limited, of •Jo Letd-
euball Btfeet., Lmdon, England, ant)
nuvinp ltD'i.egiflttired efiicaat Clevf-ltuidi
Ooteflltl, fn tJie Province of -British
Columbia j-pursuant to sections of th*
above Act, and tjeeiion 2 of "The Tram
way incorporation Act, 10t)0," that th*
pompaiy propoaes to build and operats
an noriaf tramway from a point on fhe
binds of Company, known ae ?be"Tf«e"
Ulntng Claim, ffluate on Mount Stoker,
In Chemainus Blat riot, to a point at or
near Straiford^croeMuKi on the line of
the IS ijuimalt add Nanaimo Biilwav,
being mi the land known as etction la,
Uange IV,8omenos Dint riot,
The general route of the snld tramway
will be in a ftrni^bt line between tbe
po'nts above nientione>L.
Dritert at Victoria It. 0., tbla 21st day
of March, 1002,
Hv th*. Aitornev-tn*Faot,
Trade Marks
Copvriqhtb Ae.
AnvonO ffiiiIIiib n sketch nnd *1«--Tlptlnn msj
-— ipmlon frtewhet 	
iitentable.  Co
J, llandtiookc
t for nenirlngj
I'lil'intN taken tliroush Munn A C
.•r.Tfjil ii'iltsr, wu limit ennreo, In tbo
nriicitlr MMruln iiur <iiiiiiiini free nnother en
litviiiiil-tl Irtiirn' - •'"    '	
 _'. OMOHl llBOl—, -  ,-...-.._.
I'ni.'iiiH taken tiirouiili Wniui A Co. rtoelve
1 ntablo. Conimnnltm.
 titlyniiiiiiiotitlal. Handbonkont*»t«ntf
•em fine. Olitnsi iiiiiHii-y fin   iTiirlnsMtants.
A liaiiflnnrnply llliiBfratoil Weeklr, Irnreost Nr*
fiiluMoii of iinv m'lMilltli* Jiiiirnal. 'l/oruis, |S •
yi'm ; In'iv immllia, IL Suldbpnll neniiileslers,
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Uraneu otace, ins t* St.. Wuhiogton, d. c.
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Coal! 1
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington CtWl   Best household coal on the Pacific
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Alexandria Coal—•First-class gas, steam and house-  X
hold cod X
The above coals are mined only by the Wei-  I.
lington Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
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Weekly edition a complete record ol
Ih. world', nsw. to date. Spoil,
politics, loclety, women'!, lnter.Hi,
young folk's department, llleratare
iclence, art, mniic.
An Atielcnt On,.
The oldest public house In England
.\. Yo Oldc Seven Stars, standing ln th.
ficurt of Muuclicstor, which has
licensed for, or.i.i yean.
Hnll Cnlnc'H Wonderful Mnht, Dick-
etm* StiiMoiiar.v Star, Utile* Hjih:-
Kiir. . V.oniU'i'inl I'fIIi»h«- nml Cole-
rldKe'n  Iniiiiimillilo  Crciieent.
It Is curious to note In how many Instances stntngo astronomical errors appear in works of fiction quite unnecessary to tho requirements of tho story
nud resulting apparently from sheer
lack of observation. As a modern
example of such gratuitous blundering tako a piece of description from
Mr. Hall Cnlne's "Scapegoat:" "It was
n wonderful night. Tbo moon, which
was In Its first quarter, was still low
ln tho enst, but tho slurs wore thick
overhead." A wonderful night, Indeed! And strange that such a lover
of nature ns Mr. Hall Cubic should
not hnve reflected that when the moon
In Its first quarter is low In the cast
It Is broad daylight, with tlio sun high
In the heavens!
Nevertheless on this point ho erred
In good company.    The young moon
bns proved n stumbling block to many j
n writer who has attempted to Intro- '
duce It as a picturesque adjunct to his
description of evening.
In   Dickons'   "Our  Mutual  Friend"
Eugene Wrayburn, In his walk along
the river bunk, finds It lias just risen
when "the stars wero 'beginning to
shine In the sky, from which the tones
of red  and  yellow  wore flickering."
Dickens, in truth, was sublimely su* I
perior to astronomical niceties, cspe* j
etnlly whon tbey In any way Ititer-!
fercd with the artistic effect of his
stories.   In his "Child's Dream of a
Star" the point turns upon ono special i
star, "larger and more beautiful thnn '
tho  rest,"  whlcb   always  camo out
every night In one particular plnce nud
nt ono particular time, thereby behaving as no star has over conceivably
been known to do.   This is undoubtedly taking n liberty with the solar system, but It Is small Indeed compared
With tbe license sometimes claimed by i
nutnors desirous of calling hi the aid |
of astronomy to assist their plots, but
wbo nro either Insufficiently acquainted with their subject or count It no
sin to twist nnd convert facts to suit
tbeir requirements,
A very famous and noteworthy Instance of this Is afforded iu Rider I laggard's "King Solomon's Mines," where
the phenomenon of a total solar ocllpso
Is employed witb most hoppy and dramatic effect ns far as tlio story is concerned, but witb n perfect disregard
of astronomical details which In Its
audacity4Is almost startling. Here,
again, as in so many other eases, the
difficulty of the young moon conies
In. and the sun has scarcely set before tho "line crescent" rises In the
east Within a wonderfully short space
of time uftor this curious event fife
moon Is full, and only a day later tho
total eclipse of tho sun takes place,
despite the astronomical fact that it
Is at "no moon" (or, more accurately
speaking, tho last few seconds of the
old moon nud the first few seconds of
the'new) that a total solar eclipse alone
Is possible.
Hut perhaps the most Interesting
feature of this altogether remark a bio
eclipse Is that the total darkness lusts
for nearly an hour. Alas, under tho
rarest nnd most favorable conditions,
seven minutes alone Is the utmost limit
of time during which the sun's faco is
totally obscured, ami Ihe observer tin*
der ordinary circumstances counts himself Micky If ho Is rewarded for a journey of some thousands of miles hy an
uninterrupted view of tlio corona for
three minutes, two or even less.
Some years ngo one of the magazines
contained a story called "The Portent,"
tho motif of wbieb was a certain
strange seeming In tbo heavens which,
Whenever It appeared, boded 111 to a
particular family. This prophetic sign
was none other than tbo npponi'ilheo
of the crescent moon with a slar between tho two horns. Nor was this a
particularly novel Idea, for It will ho
remembered that In Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner" tbat voracious seaman
relates how at one period of his adventures there roso
above tho eastern bar
i  The horned moon, with onu bright star
1  Within tbo nether tl|>.
In a purely miraculous nnd fanciful
creation llko this famous poem It
would be ridiculous to cavil nt such
a detail, though In the enso of tho
story It might well be questioned how
tho star could manage to appear in
Btich a position. We may perhaps refer to the Hue in "The Burial of Sir
John Moore" where the great soldier
Is represented as being Interred "by
tbe struggling moonbeam's misty
light" whereas, ns a matter of fact,
the moon was hut a day old nt tho
time of the buttle of Cortina aud therefore Invisible. This seems like hyper-
criticism, especially In a poem that
lays no claim to astronomical accuracy.
The case Is different when an author
deliberately makes a statement which
be Intends shall he believed. In "Innocents Abroad" Mark Twain draws
special notice to the point that on tho
voyage across tho Atlantic they ob*
served the full moon located just In
the same spot In the heavens at the
fame hour every night. He accounts
for this by the motion of the ship,
which gained enough every day to
keep up with the moon, but ho seemingly forgot that, though for this reason the position of the moon might not
greatly alter, her phase certainly
would, so that It could not havo been
the full moon which was visible night
II(er night.-London Standard.
The Wheat Ply.
' The wheat fly feeds upon fl| Uo\ *er
of the wheat, while tbo hesstan   *. lay*
Its eggs In the stem.  Tito fermw ftsaa  pitmcbefl When t rtoe
renders the flower abortive, while die  tlie attendant* at the f
Injury done hy the latter affects
whole plant
...  *wM tfVCVUA ftOOt.
I traa flttUf m Mm ntt*
nor hw.se waning to Hal i. man ap-
iptiKa as me ot
Insane atrium a
few miles away-
"Have yoa sew earthing of a young
man about here whu doesn't belong to
the place?" be aidfcd.
"No. What dees be leek like?"
"Handsome; Made hate aid e#ea
with a gllttec la thean. He escaped last
"I haven't pe» him, and I dem't-jflurt
"If be comes, w*i tot* pleaae tele-
phone me?"
"No. Ml hide in the atiieV*
The beeper had scarcely goo? wtitn I
saw a man Ih the diatujee ceqjlnj Up
tbo road, Great bt*M»T Obflld It be
tbe insane maaj I "fted tag ground,
bravely to see ff be a«Mren3 two de-
scilpticro till be camp wltbfa a dlaarln-
mating distance, fie w*s walkta* rap-
Idly and carried « SOf c*Jfc » n*
horror be walked tMfht1 <$l Ute
and emoted. 1 few* ujfc afl nf
 _iw . strength ot Viatel at jftMjME *P
Tlie district sh7c7n«a7rom"iaT,i« SS JL^SL liST^JmrnSZ
known from the manner In which she  ^f.tl^S^. *,W-*^i ■™"!fitfi
does her hnlr.
Silent, bat Jolly.
One of the jolllest clubs In Paris, It
Is stated, Is one formed exclusive!/ ef
deaf and dumb persons.
A Hornet's Stlnff.
The pain produced by a hornet's
sting Is caused by a poison Injected
Into the wound, and so Instantaneous ll
Its effect ns to cause the attack of this
Insect to resemble a violent blow tn the
Facts collected by Insurance companies show that the danger from Inheritance tu the case of cancer Is aet eo
great as Is commonly supposed.
Chinese  Women's Hnlr.
Dressing the hair Ib tbe most I re Mr
taut part of a Chinese woman's tenet
married or single, wear cues, tell lag
up their hair as their western sisters
do ou attaining n certain age.
Britain's Granite.
Leicestershire Is the greatest granite
producing county ln the "United Kingdom.
It sTso Indlcatm SI 6*> *» «•■* •* m I*"* <* *■*
.tn. Ion in llfo.   Youn, girl., wkathor  J« *| JJ^Mf* "**"* "?
"NO," 1 fninnt f I» ( WTJSld »•»
fieri to on ssftA tnm M-m
"Unffdnr,- Irs -all ft*** gmt
kin. "I isrelt «*'t tors t*m*& m
pkun. I MMt4 tt» esits rsMMfti
Mir read ID fae*-ao* Ha gatawar a
of stone, a round Ml an tack pv
"tn win ind Sid (mm « raft dsir*
tto looted snoot Ida, enqi MsHtt
"i.r» ijattjsn am $f#tmf Mr
istsd -jrenMsf.
"A dOssSt,"
Mr im w«i wn mm. m
ltrrJ.«l tmtmlMm ssM •» m%
a imdnsa wt* maaMmwim m II
Opnqtte Olnss.
A linthroom window or on. having
nn objectionable outlook msy k* mat*
opnquo nt little cost. To s pint tt .tii.
flic ndd a hnndful of epsom sslts. MIX
well nnd npply with a brush. Tkls
mu lies n hard finish thst wll.jfll.
Indefinitely or If deilrsd may k. rs-
moved by scrubbing at any tlsi.,
The nmount of sugar consssNI I*
the civilized world last your Was ••**
0,000,000 tons.
Keeping- M.at.
Ment, It Is snld, can b. It.pt frisk Cr
n wool: or two by putting It 1st. sstsc
mill; or buttermilk and plardng tt IB st - - .    .
nml I'i'lliir. It must of couno be rlaud  ft» t**t "AMI IM»S*aa %%mj **«**>
well before It Is used. " ~
tots nsrsts*. f. ku ks*M 0m Mt>
an hour, tt Wd sM M fv» *\m tt
tiritboM Mat, IM I sM-4
ran win i« «*ar."
By tkls Has 1 kit tl—I'
sat ktsfiat* tatit ai* m
llnnleh Br.vr.rl«fc
A single browory in Mnnlck am IU
railway freight cars of Its sirs kssttai
28 belonging to the state. Other, ktsw
cries liuvc 143, 00,80,100, 80, .to.
To Polish ainss.
To polish glass of any and all Midi
there la nothing equal to nowipiper.
Wlniloivs, looking glnsHM, globes, lamp
dilnnii'.vs and spectncles, all nay be
clcnucd with It Wash flrst dry and
thou rub with newspaper. It is fte
In-iliter's Ink thot docs It
nnbltcr Trees.
A rubber treo fou» feet In diameter
yields twenty gnllons ot sap, making
forty pounds of dry robber.
Mid us I.  B. nu, » «sMt «as«»
attnt Mn, aa ft tea mm M tt Mk
■rata enaffe,
Sia MU-k ***#**$ htMt
audi a WfMWt tjtmi a-altl*
Mtt, vne Mi ttsrfennBa eyeji wvns^
fM. nrn.rt.jm t rlnttff ail
ttmitafei-a r    —
ttnil. tt. isaa
anllr k. «IM til MK
amr nil, fw ta said:
«t on Aitjjirr ABdraira, c **■*»
ctmo ft Old t*-i*ai tjft **/*» aWfim*.
vrlfj mj ttf*j**fl ttm WliMv*, I thvd
rvltfui.trj. gp* fan, tt. vslrMf Aiox-
0*. tn* JBrl*, f tWft MttMl
Irletid ttlt a RnattM ff -fvM Mfltl..
ttltfer nny to-t-rrb flR*| 0Wltlt•Jrt, ♦-
I Itn—I gH fn". 61 fflm trsfbtt nt
" ?rs frtfo t itn,
I said.  -Purft-ratji jfAiwfj AJaWt --i*i
8/"LiSLSfl? -   eianTi Ifc 1-MsV
**tte -Mrmt/P
-•mn Ma m*-» M «MMl*
graollat Jsara. I*a-S
■WTjnTre w fvinenr
was no ornnff f* *««• m M.
-tt.nl*- b*mlA IftttMMw
faitteftsjb, tm\tm*mnm.
Trafhen fee*
a.itgmtx iMnmto
tcnin sm •** mjffm ft m wm.
IP file t-crffs^aTiU m**mgtt
**»™Z    V^^Srt9mVmmm\
I,. .In..   Mm.    2J*3JJ  "* ,Xmn **" **** -***W
i ran for ft.
tad m *t ssf r   -
Tlto Cow's Horn. -■! ■"—' "-*-Ir--*
Throughout Afrlcn th. covr". kaa to     «**<**'•**•'
n fiivorlto Instrument, being aitst tl' *g****L*L*-li.-  _». m^atA.
connection with others oa all fMtfr.1   . J*T7*t g**6 111 *K*\ PSJW
Artiat sB-A-sTrl ^ s^P-MTs* • sfstI
SsaA fata tsTsft ft-Ar
Sweet Potatoes.
The southern way of cooking svrost
potutoos Is to boll them flnt, tk<a all*,
tho long way In slices a quarts. H M
Inch thick, lay In a dripping pas wftJI
tills of butter, spi-inkl. wltk .agar,
dust with cinnamon aud brown ia Ibe
It Is a great mistake to Imagla. that
enso' Is conducive to longevity. It «a>
Joy life and prolong It occupstM tt
sorno sort ls absolutely necessary.
A Dnnsreroos Tr...
The fruit of the umgann In. »f liotk
Africa  yields n  strong  Int.iteastag' JSSi'L.',?
drink for tho nntlvci.   Gl.pbsar- —»  "     m™
fnnil of It, becoming quit, tipsy,
goring about, playing antics, acre, ss lag
so its lo be heard for mllei aad Saving
ti'cniciiilous lights.  When la tUa Slat*,
the nailves leave thorn ulono.   1
Fireproof Doors,
Ksporlmcnts havo demonitrstll
doors of wood covered with tin
die better thnn thoso niadi sf Im,
nalrt    a*M
Soiled   Ploner   Vs....
A little powdered pumice it... will
remove tho ring of dlicoloratloa la a
flower vnso that does not yield tt rlas-
lng wllh nmnioiilii water, If Ml at
reach of tho lingers, the powder nay bt
applied with a dump cloth Uid It Ik.
oud of a littlo stick.
t tawytaaamm *r*Mft ■*".
Lnrsest Art.slnn Well.
The largest nrtcsl.n well la It. w.rM
Is 14 Inches In diameter and fit Ml
deep, lt Is at Ccrrltos, In California,
The Chines. Lnnth.
The Chinese luugh I. uot a. tsartf tt
as expressive an the Eurapesa ar Asl«-
lenn. It Is oftener a titter thu a (Maine outburst of merriment Start la
little character of fore, la It
tjtn ft-V ttd ts^Vvsrva tat aajffat a*.
ftsw -rvra ls*iafstn*i&  t f-iat tts'a
mm aad »itk»« mt m (bt iRittii
aa fool ii in r«td etnab*-,
-Mr ffimd, iMtt Mm'_ttW
Ton, -of wtoat ftt fttfv rtttt tttra
. -TmbI I imipj tt* fMmn «
trnri-Iar goo ■Vr-era,- fan Usl .-****.
-frtta** i mm, en •«•
lay I wu ttalwi ft m
liond  fmprov.n.n*.
In 1874 n rood club for tb. Ir.,r.v»-
ment of country roadi In Englisd wss
oslnbllshcd by n society of person! M.
tcrestcd in coaching.
In  \i,
Ilii-So your innri'lcil life Is not hnp-
(i. V   Well, ynu hnve tny regrets.
she- nil. I iloii't ni'i'il thviu; I havt
eniiii.'li ol my oivu.-Juiliie.
tenllter nnd Psrlnm*.
A few drops of nny perfumed oil Wtt
secure libraries from the consuming sf.
focts of itintilliii'ss nnd damp, Ruiilsn
leather, which Is perfumed witb tbe ta,
SU!i0 '.'IE'10*3! i1".™ I
'■ s     f    a '   »
ft m* O.H tt* «a Mt nur •
ttrtigt ttt irautr, I alwa-a tn
ft pasa ftt ffftwaf, Ift ARM «tMI
lavsrlsbtr an ■• attal ftat M-dsl-*-
aart w»M MaN at ftt Mtna« at
(til tCts* •II •it* a ssrJft f IStMH
! m» am falttoa tTMk a #
D.   C-
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of t^e Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's emelter and redaction works to be meted hire.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed, j
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 snoathe.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for
professional men.
merchants and
Keep Your Eye on Lady
Bi Ii
flSHING imi
a WW
Rods tu diepi
. SHitabl*.   fpr
I Ir-.-r iibt-ni I
n un]v rod
'rt' Angler.
Coiiiiucrelsl St.
Short Stories From ths Field and
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Na-
nairiio, 13. C.
HsvineJeaeedthBiSlcAdli Block, ond
having hArl therroi ms. ..i..i ' tely u'liuv-
ateil, is.m now |in-i,'i i'. . 16^' receive
soiirttvrs sHtli pr wilut iit'roomB. ' Vie-
itorirftamjLadySnltb- mil find inosi
.nmfolStAllle Besom modal] Itv iilfc. very
i-rriso'ijsblii rates...     ■',•   511SSTKE1TH.
♦ ,T++«H-v+++v
+ -H + T +
Ndlhlng more
il   than
beautiful new designs
in tweed
s and
elotha   haa been
in      Nanaimo
those'at Ottldwel
V, Nanaimo's1]
■ A. It. Rombaner, of Butte, Monta
has been engaged as head chemiat ut'
"OrolLon eiucltcr.
They'-all.cbme bacJfc. \Vho? W
Caldwoll'd cutjtomeis. They know where
tbey can be certain ol getting suits that
fit, look BtyliBh and don't cost outrageous
Nanaimo S. P. C. A. .have begun a
crusado against all ofleuSers. Tilling
has taken the plnce of talking.
■ Aa there is a.sum of $S\,000 in th
estimates for public works generally, it
is considered not unlikely that Ladyimith may get a share for the erection
of suitable public offleuj ..court house,
jail etc. 	
Amn. ship Eclipse will Le ready for
her voyage to Alaska thia afternoon.
She goes firafc to Port Townsend to clear.
Tho English laeroeee men nro enter-
tuning the Torbntoa" right royally-
Luncheons, dinners, banquets and opera
parties are eome of tho forms.
London, Opt., wants a fast lacrosse
team, and.do not^enre bow much it cosle
and players all over,the country  ate
there" with the apyclaaa -on the Forest
Oily as they sing; in unison "I'd leave
my happy home for yriiv.V »
Toronto's visit to England helps to
show that lacroBEe is getting better
Tim Englishmen aro not new to the
game and physically they would probably compare with the Canadian team,
but they p*ay on the old long throw
system, and got po tired chasing up the
Toronto's "combination" tbat they are
titally run to death before the llrst hull
h ever, People who rant about the
splendid lacrosse of other days should
bear this in mind.
i« US
I |    l"i
I.clscr & IIiiiii1iiiii;i-
IMS 111, il
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent
Jack Eumobr, of Fort William, and
John Hackett, of Rainy River, will issue
n challenge to all comers (or tho double*
sculling champtunahip of America.
For fit finish arid stylo go. to Cahlwelll
the well-known artistic tailor of Nanaimo,   And the prices aie right.
Str, Al-ki called here for coal Monday
morning on her way north.
Time is money, nud many' a man
lost a fortune through polling up wit!
watch that got clogged up for want of a
little oil and a spring cleantpg.   Liyi
the leading-jeweler, First Avenue.
Hpn. James Dunsmuir, Hon. C. E.
Poo'tey.'-Mr. R. Caeeidy; Mr. W. \V. B.
Mclunej; M.P.L., and Mr. Oscar Bass
official Government stenographer, war
amongst the diBtirfgnlahe
tsaturday'a train from
wedt to Extension esce]
if you. have ai-y.ohl eIItc
deflervoa preservation send
I will make it ae good aa i
tbo ieuding jeweler, First &
Provincial Sanitary- Ina]
Molndoo, of XanaimCl, arrl
morning witb t*ho lorms
paratrJH to disinfect whoutji
latelw-occupled hy a fiver j
i ;-;i' aengera on
Victoria. All
. Mr. Mclnnei?.
:<:r. plate that
d it to me i-nd
Ruliliu ia anxious to tight Sharkey.
The latter expresses hiniBelf aa greatly
Terry McGovern haa abeady begun
training for hie match with Young Cor-
hott. McGovern'9 style has changed
greatly, and he now adopts long range
tactics, showing considerable- general
Parr won bia wrestling match ,ln
Dnffiilo agninst Dan McLeod. The
litter undertook to throw him three
timee in an hour. Neither secured a
Till! Tl lit.
Announcement is made by the Coney
Island .Turkey Club that this year's
Futurity will be worth $70,000, It is the
most valuable race in America.
The Esplanade,   -   Ladysmith, IS. C
Near (Irani! nnd Frank Hotels.
For a limited lime only
Cabinets at $2.00 Dozeln
"y pttPt!lalt\,
1 I * ill ii.
Larger Bines nt low priccB. Carbon
Cabinets at $0 per dozen. Elegant Artist Proofs ut $0 per dozen.
N.B,—- It Will pay you to visit Nanaimo at these reduced prices.
Brooks,  Photographer,
Victoria will put the best team in the
Sold this year it hae had since the
famouB Amity team held champiouBhip
honors. -
Ladysmith ia to get back "Dulchy"
who was such a big help last year. This
town will probably play Vancouver then
on May 2-ltli.   Practice has begun on
both fides.
lo-^lv-a Ptif»iW &!S* ■
nia Safvlngfl and L ian Socis
Fram&cf',  in tho gam    df
Wondfian,  NO.  207.1*02,
will i™.u.o return to  i...
office.!1 J ' '.
summ.i -rr^—■-
ar, Harry
hydo ap-
lliia town
i in: him.i.i,.
Vancouver cyeliata hnve arranged a
big meet for Victoria Day, at Brockton
Point grounds.*
de; J.  GRICE,
JolmsiWtJWri;' ' ■'
HP, 0, Bos, 37, Tel, 1
Visits! Ladysmitli every
Hours (|oiii 9 n. ni. till ii j>. i
■ Abboftford Hole!.     .
re j&st
■cMbo latesi'aoodB man
'jr'-ing arid oihqr make;
ii fact u i
i uonflli
lete stock of
a by fipald-
Rev. W. W. Baer, when in Lady smith
last Saturday morning, "got even" with
the Leader by tacking up on the front
door of thia establishment a huge placard inscribed \ High Explosives, Danger-
iiis!'' How many harmless persons
tbia gruesome sign Ecared away, and
muoh cash businesa The Leader lost
thereby ia not known, hut tho Leader
SUIT did'not discoV&r the bill till after It
had been up a couple uf hours.
No'.v's the day anil now's tho hour to
^el your .watch cleaned up for ith long
spell of day and night duty throughout
the ensuing year, I make a specialty uf
grpomlng watches." Try me and beuon<
viricedi Lively's, leailing jeweler,Fiist
, Of.,Dii'ken«on,.of Vancouver,'represent-
IBg the Pioneer Laundry of that town,
vlalted Ladysmith ou business on Monday, Mr, P. R, ilohtiBon of MeEsn,
Leiser k Hamburger's establishment
iiiiti been appointed local agent for tbe
Pioneer Laundry.
Rev, W. A. Rae haa resigned from the
ministry of First Presbyterian Church,
LadyBtmlh. lie went to Exlenaicn
Monday and tlience to Nanaimo and
then to Vanconver where be will remain
Borne time.
i;:LAUREL Rebecca Lodge
"'tmmy. 'i'.t-.y*.
jfltadysmitli,       - B, C,
I |1ardware,
| . Stoves,
Pi u subs fig,
r.Asent for B.  W. Taint.   MtOlary'a
fjjjves snd iVangei.     .
,' Ladysmitli.
(Iriinil Drum alio KiilerlalnmsMt
Tueiday V.ii nlnu, May 201b
A Talenlcd Company Will Present the
Screaming farce
"The Two Buzzards,"
Aril tlie side-spllltlirii! comedy
The 'Mischievous Nigger.
r/peolnltlca, Soncs.elc. The Trsat .
' tbe Season. Don't Mils Iti..,Oommiinii
j injit 8 o'clock,   AcTniieiion OfJ'cenli,
We do not new clothing out of your
old clothes, but we certainly tlo
make tho obi onec look IHO per cent,
batter—Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing.
U hereby given Hint application will
Id iii;idp,tf) the l/'gifclaUve. Assembly of
'ioVitu'ti cl Uritiaii Columbia, at lie
preeeo't HfE'siuui, for an Act to incorporate
i eomji.iity vij.h poVer to construct,
H'lip,'rm.inl.iuj tind npnrate a elngle or
double line ol rallvVi-y, tu be operated-by
Htenui. eleiitricfry or any other mo'le of
i)'nvtfr(«l and from the City of Victoria,
in the- P.iovinee of Briliijh Columbli
{.lifiicu north-west hy tlie most feasible
route to a point at or near Seymour Nar-
rtiwfl, in tlie said Province of British
Columbia, and with poxeT to construct,
establish',' math tain and eontiuiully
o'perate » railway ferry steamehip ear-
vice fi)t* Hie purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight cars from the said point at
near Seymour Narrowa in Vancouver's
Ulaml.-toa point oU tbe Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia; and with
further nowert) io build, equip, maintain
and operate brunches of the said railway
from any point on tho main line thereol
to any point in Vancouver Island: and
with power to build and operate tram*
ways in connection with the Bald railway ; am) with power to build, construct
equlp.'m'aiiitain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines in connection with
th<> Bald railways aud branches and with
■p.iwe.r to trenerate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and lor all,
anv «mi every other purpose mentioned
i:i SfjctioDB SO, 81. 82, and 83 of the
" Water Olanses Consolidation Act.1897,
and to do everything necessary or incidental tn the carrying out of all or any
of tbo objects referred to In the Bald
sections; and with power to exercise all
iho powerB given to the company by
Parts IV and V of tho "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1897." and with
iio.vor to build, own and maintain sawmills, and to carry on a general express
business, and tu build, maintain and
operate, .bridgef, roads, ways, ferries,
wharves, docks, steamboats, flteamehipa,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make, truffit, or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose of the
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other persons
or bodies corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to bb used In tbe
construction otfitich railway and In advance of same, and to levy and collect
tolls from nil persona uaine, and on all
freight passing over any of eneh roads
built Ivy the company, whether before
or after the construction of tbe railway,
and witb pjpwer to sell out ita undertaking ; and with all other usual, necessary mid incidental rights, or privileges
as may be necessary or condueive to tbe
above objects, or any of tbem.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, tbls 24th day
of March. A. I)., 1902.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Maple Lodge, No. 6a, I. O. Q. T.
Meets cvrv l\Vli,. div evening in
NlchnlfHiiV 11 JI . Vi-Hing members
aretiordiaily IbvV.I,
R. NIwWO n T.
M. MuKINl.KY.Sii-.
Painli g, Papsrhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave (•"**-»« for  niH't'^g   melting at
Gap,. IWlm.'s OnW, KpUnade, where
lanipUs can be teen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Plrst Avenue aad (Utters Street.
Cabinet woik of all kinds.
All kindi ol soil wood furniture made
snd repaired.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Mads Pit Sboei st tbe nm> pi lee 1
si chesp Lotory msde. Oome in aud iee. ]
All work guaranteed,   ltepairinit done. |
A. S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famoui
None but Union Labor employed.
M.J. BOOTH,.        -        Proprietor.
Nanaimo Clothing Rcnovntory
P, 0. lbs 426,
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wb,eel repairing in all its branches
Fine metal workings specialty. Tluml*
ing, acetyleue gas, hot wntar nnd hot
air healidg. Work done with despatch
aud at reasonable rates.
22   LOAVES   22
Ddiciuus Broad,
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake wben you can
value anil delivered at yo
t) Bach
don 1V
— TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Cliina,  Hawaii,
First-class Sleepers on all
T. . -TO
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TOKON 10, 'I'uesdavs'aiid Saturdays
MOSTilliAL A BOSTON,Tburedayi,
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
For I'litniililefs end all information apply
to .im\Q,V>JI. anent.
II. II. AilBOT)'.      W. McQIRIt,
\t;»'iii. Victoria.      Avi-nt, Nanaimo.
H. .1. COYLK,
Asst. Usui. I'nes. Agent, Vancouver,
i ■   	
W.;.>sl '.J.** rf.st TtUTiH-Tm-rr.* '.>,<« ».VI K« KiifiO.**rl>'t* ►«-»)'<4»l'*»>'ett>i'44*»
Smelting Works
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
4^!W!*Vh!4>j*<4!n<*=!im*>!l!*Vf*!4'?l!* V^kK^^^*^*^^^1^**^*!
1; Ll
No. 11,
Meets every Wednesday evanlng st 7.30 o'clock,
Victors cordially Invited.
Hugh ptntcm, sic.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information, Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 44,
Irelai 1stvsLsdyimith Southbound daily at9.10a.m. aad ob   Sittrdavi
Sundiyi sad Wednetd.ye at 5,11 p. m. "
'   Tralni l«*v. Ladyimith northbound dilly »t 11.671. m. and on   Satnrdns
Sundiyi aad Wedne*Uyi at 7.10 p.m. oaioroa-i,
Tralni ltav. Lsdyimith for Eiten.lon daily except Sunday at 6 a. m„ 2 n. m
•nd 10 p. m,, and on Snndayi at 10 p. m.
Qao, L. Oeurtney,
Traffle Manager


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