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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 4, 1902

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 AaAAAJI..It.«.A.*..m..m..m..m.M..«..»..•..♦..» ♦..»..♦..»..
Bickle's in Town.
' *-t-'M*t-t-*++-l--l-++*-l-***-l--l-*-l-+*
Ladysmith Leader
I Guaranteed
VOL. 1. NO. iy,.
I     XMAS     j
i I really don't know what to give
I This is just what we hear so many |
$ say at this season.   Let us help you.
J We have some nice Rattan Ware just
" received, Rockers, Arm Chairs, Cradles
and other Useful Furniture just the
thing for young people starting out in ;T;
house furnishing and also for those |
renewing their out-of-date furniture.     |
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Uatscrc Street.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   1$   W
!!  I...MSB,
Merchant Tailor \
;' Finest Merten and Clay Woretods. %
!, Full line ol Imported Tweeds and *
I) Worsteds, . First-class workman- i
• • ahip gnraanteed, £
i i First Ave.,  Ladysmith |
*« ♦♦♦♦++0-t-vsv-et-v-
Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
This new hotel hai been comfortably lurniebid and the bar ienplodalr.
Beit accommodation lor transient and permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Tha Esplanade, •        Ladysmith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUIViniNa, - Proprietor,  ft&IKlS
J. e snim
Sign and Nome Painting,
Graining, Paper Hanging endKal-
aomining.   Estimate! given.   Sat-
filiation guaranteed.
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Hints, Animnls nutl Deer Heada Mounted and
for sale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned aud stored
141-3 Johnson St.i
Victoria, B. C,
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary I'nhlic, Ktc.
Money tn Loan.
Member Can. Society or Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed I*. 0. Box 357
News Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Olde Corner,
Goveinment St.,
Victoria, B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakes and pat-
tries of all description!. Fruit cakes a
psoialty for Xmas.    Fruits in eeason.
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulers
86 Yates St. P.O. Box 485
David    Murray,
Buller Street, ■       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday,
McAdia and Son
Undertaken and Itnibnlmcrs.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,   Victoria Crescent.    Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone Ho. 143.
NANAIMO,      -      -      -      B.C.
If You Have Beauty, I Will Take It
If You Haven't, 1 Will Make It
Fort Street,
Victoria, B, 0.
Fire Insurance !
Why aat Iniura at home and tava
By inmring in tbe London Mutual, or
Ottawa,   Lowest possible rates.
0. Mcintosh,    •   Agent,
W. H.
Local Agent for tbe
Fire, Lite Tand Accident Insurance.
Notary Public.
Office, Esplanade.
The Nanaimo Steam Carriage Works
Btunley Crnlir. proprietor.
I. the place to get yonr carriage wnrir done.   Horseshoeing, Minors' Machines,
and every description ol carriage work attended to promptly,
You gat a ohance for the $150 rufabar tired buggy lor every dollar spent
get insured at once, for it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure yon at a moment's notice at
the lows-it possible rates. All leading
companies oharge the tame ratal. Don't
ha misled Into insuring with a cheat)
compiny—it might be diar in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanalmo, B. 0.
John Barnsley & Co.,
* ^Irayio, Victoria, B. C.
Fire Proof Safe..      «■■ Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Ladysmith Dairy
Nsw Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggs snd Fresh   Vegetables supplied
Daily.  Leave orders at tbe pott office.
Mr. W. W, Southin Elected Delegate to Vancouver Contention.
There wss an excellent turn-out ol
Liberale in Gonld's Hall Thursday evening to elect a delegate in accordance
with tbe call ol the Provincial Llbsral
Association, to tne Convention to take
place in Vancouver, January SOlh. Mr.
if. 0. McKenelly was voted to the chair,
and Mr. T. L. Grabame acted as secretary, and read the call to the Liberals
and also the circular from the Vnncon
ver Liberal Association lo tho Liberal
Association! throughout Iho proviucc,
proteiting against certain clausce in
the call. The resolutions ot Ihe Vancouver and the New Westminster Liberal Associations were also read.
The following motion was put and
carried unanimously:
"Whereas this meeting has been called by Liberals for Liberal purposes
therefore bo it resolved that no member
of any Conservative or other Independent parly be allowed to take part In its
Mr. Walter Jones then moved, seconded by Mr, Harry Carroll that this
meeting endorse the action of the Vancouver and New Westminster Liberal
Asaociationt, in their proteat againBt
editors ol the Liberal paper! and mom-
bets of tbe Provincial Liberal Executive
being admitted as members of the convention.   Carried unanimously.
Mr. Walter Jones briefly explained
the purpose of tbe meeting. He said
tbat it was proposed that Extension
should appoint one delegate, South
Wellington one and Ladysmith one,
Mr, J, E. Smith etartcd a somewhat
lively discussion on tbe question aa to
whether Liberals who were not voters
in this district bad the right to elect a
delegate to Convention.
Mr. Walter Jonea and Mr. Harry
Carroll poinled out that there was nothing lo prevent thit, ae Ihe call specified
only that tlie delegate should be an
elector of the district which ho was
chosen to represent. Mr. W. G. Fraser
contended that resident Liberals
whether voters in this diatrlot or not
had the right to elect Ibe delegate, if
Ihe latter were en elector of the district.
Mr, Walter Jones then nominated Mr.
Wilfrid W. Southin ai the delegate to
represent Lidysmlth. Mr. Sjiithin
wat, so far as Mr, Jonea was aware, the
only elector of South Nauaimo district
resident in this town, Tbe motion was
seconded by Mr, W. G. Fraser.
A lengthy discussion then took place
on the st wding of tho delegate and the
Libarala who elected him, and what
constituted a voter, This debate was
t iken part in by Meesre. W. Jones,
Carroll, Fraser, Robert Allan, Bickle,
S. F. Mcintosh, D. D. Mcintosh, I.
Gould, Rev. Mr. Rao, and others.
To clear the matter up tbe secretary
alter explaining that the only authority
lor the Convention lay in the call of the
Provincial Liberal Association, which
had been road, and there it wai plainly
laid down that the delegate, not those
who elected him, should be a voter in
the district which be was to represent,
Ha road the clauses dealing with the
matter, which are at follows:
ClauBC (a) of Ssc. II—"Three dele
Gates for each member of tbo lotal legislature to be elected by Liberals in the
electoral district represented by tuch
Sec IV—"No delegate shall be accepted who it not an elector In tbe dittrict
he represents."
No mention ie mado of the special
standing of the Liberals who elect the
delegate. This reading was accepted by
the meeting.
Mr, Walter Jone'a motion that Mr,
W. W. Southin be tbe delegate Irom
Ladysmith, wai Una put and carried
Mr. W. G. Fraser moved, seconded by
Mr. Jones thai Ihe delegate appointed to
represent Ladytmlth at Vancouver Convention be Instructed to vote lor party
linei at the Convention on Jannary 30th,
The meeting then terminated.
While visiting Mrs, Oavid Jones a
dap or two ago Mrs. Morgan Jonet was
delivered of a fine boy. Both mother
and child aro doing nicely. The event
although, of course, not entirely unexpected certainly cams.as a surprise
happening where end when it did.
Opportunity for Ladysmith Fanciers
to Distinguish themselves,
As will be observed from advertisement in the Leader's columns todsy the
Nanaimo Poultry and Pet Stock Association are sparing no effort to make
Iho annual exhibition this year a great
success, This ie a splendid chance for
Ladysmith poultry fanciers to get their
pets judged by an expert whoseopinions
are worth much to the breeder. It
wonld be a lino thing to see Ladyamitb
well represented at this ihow, which is
the loading poultry event in the Canadian West.
The display of birds Irom Nanaimo
and neighborhood, ai noted in The
Leader a few days ago, will be finer this
year than ever before, and will include
classes never before shown in this country. Such, for Instance, as the Orpingtons of England, now one of tho fashionable styles of poultry in tbat country.
They are very expensive but several
beauties have been imported.
The pet slock classes will be especially well filled and some f rand specimens
will be on view. The bantam, canary
and pigeon classes are to be very fine
The Leader hopes Ladysmith fanciers
will rise to the occasion.
Interesting Contest With Surprising
Great interest was taken by tbe public in the prize guessine competition for
prizes carried on at Mr. W. H. Lively's
the First Avenue jeweler. The contest
consisted .in guessing the number of
seedBJo apuaipkiu which baa been on
exhibition in Mr. Lively's window for
Borne time past.
Each dollar's worth of goods purchased
at Mr. Lively's store entitled the purchaser to one gueBe. On New Year'.
Eve quite a large crowd of gueafere
assembled to learo tbeir fate. Tbe
judges were Messrs. A, S. Christie, W,
\V. Southin and George Gaesidy—two
justices of the peace and the head of the
provincial police force in Ladysmith.
This ensured absolute British fair play,
The count showed that tbe " pumpkin'
contained exactly 509 seeds. Tbe prize-
wiuners were:
lst.T. L. Grabame, 508; 2mi.T. L.
Grabame, 610; W. Agnel, 510; Mr.
Grabame won the draw. 3rd, 8. Horel,
C* B. Rnbelee, 507; Mr. Horel won draw.
4th, W. Nicholas, H. Brfgel and T.
O'Connell, each 511; not yet drawn.
5th, T. L. Grabame and W. Agnel, 505;
Mr. Grabame wan draw. Oth, E. Jones,
5t4. 7th, W. Nicholas, 503; 8th. 0. B.
Rubelee, G. Sugden and W. Agnel, each
515; Mr. Rubelee wou draw. 9tb, Mr.
Gibb?, 601. 10th, Messrs. Stewart,
Lang, J. Bland, W. Nicholas, H. Thorn-
lev and T. L. Grahamu, not yet drawn.
Mr. Lively wishes the gentlemen wbo
have not yet drawn for their prizes to
call at his store at a quarter to one
o'clock today and draw for decision.
Mr, Hawthornethwaite Makes Clear
His Position,
Information to Effect That Active Operations
Are to Begin Soon
Mr. Livingston, manager of the Tyee  Mining, Company,
Says that the Ladysmith smelter will be completed within six
months, ami that work on the erection of the same will be commenced almost immediately.
It should be understood by the public that there are many
things to be done before the final arrangements can be completed,
as it is not a small or easily built  structure   that  is   to  be constructed but a most  expensive   reduction   works   reqtitritif the,
the greatest care and calculation.    The Leader understands that
the contract for clearing the site has been let, and that this work
will be started within a few days, just north of the Ladysmith   j
Iron Works.   Experts   from   England   are   to  superintend the   4
building of the smelter and works, and no expense is to be spared   J
in making them thoroughly up to date. *
Committee Eiamine One Near The
City and Find It Too Short,
Successors to Hubert ft Sons.
Funeral Directors and Emhalmcrs.
Open day and night.
Orders b, Telegraph  promptly  attended lo	
Bastion St., Nanalmo.
Telephone 134. P. 0. Box 356.
Messrs. Mills, W. Southin, and T. L.
Graharne of tbe committee appointed at
the meeting of tho Ladysmith Rifle Club
Monday night to look out for a suitable
fls range and report to the meeting to
take place Monday evening noxt
in The Leader office, went out to tho
alder bottom mentioned by Mr. Southin
in hit remarks to the meeting, and m ade
a thorough examination of the ground,
They procured a lino fifty yarda long
and proceeded to measure the distance,
cutting their way through the bruib,
which is very dense there. It was soon
found, however, tbat the distance at Iho
utmost would not exceed five orelx
hundred yards. They accordingly suspended operations and returned to town.
If the proper distance of one thousand
or twelve hnndred yards could have
been obtained there the site ie ideal,.and
would have made a splondid range, being only a mile and a quarter from
town. They will report the result ol
their journey to the meeting on Monday
night. Meanwhile they will try to find
another range, It is said that a suitable
one can be found alnng the hill Immediately behind Ladytmlth, where the
woods are thick. The committee will
pay a visit to tbat locality before the
meeting on Monday and report What
success they meat with,
A large number of new members have
joined the club since tho first meeting,
and tho membership is now close upon
tixty. If it can ba brought up to eighty
there will be enough to form two olnbi,
Mr. Harry Porter hai returned duty \m& ,|m, the material for the keenest
alter bit holiday at Cobble Hill.       _    Wn0 0| tiv,:,, wm bs established.
This is something that every man in
town able to carry arms should support;
it costs little or nothing, demands very
little time, anil, taking a broader view
of it prepares every loyal Canadian for
tbe defence of his country.
The Leader ie requested to issue a
ttrong and urgent call to all to attend
the meeting on Monday evening in Th e
Leader office, when all who wish will be
enrolled and officers will be elected.
To Wh.na lunar Concern.
We the undersigned, take thla
means ol thanking Mr. Wm.
K. Leighton, insurance agent,
for the prompt and satisfactory
tettlement of pur claim for lose and
damagea caused by the recent fire at
Extension; and wo havo much pleasure
in recommending him to anyone seeking
fire inmrauce.
Eatention, B.C., Dec. 33,10J1.
Sunday Service..
Methodist church — Services are
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock in the evening. Sunday school
at 2.80. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
The Baptist congregation meets every
Sunday afternoon in • Nicholson's hall.
Preacher, Rev. ,T. W. Williamson Everyone ie heartily invited.
First Presbyterian . Church—Regular
services,morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday school 2.30 p. m.
Rev. W, A, Rae, pastor.
Anglican Church.—Sunday, Jan, Bib.
Morning Service at 11 a. m., Evening
Service at 7 p. m.; Sunday School 2.30
p. m., in Oddlellnws' Hall, Roberle St.
Yen. Archdeacon Scrlven In charge.
lIBnd.omclr Itememborod.
Through an nnfortunate oversight the
note containing the report of the presentation made to Rev. R. J, Irwin,
pastor of the Methodist church was mis-
laid and did not appear last issue. The
leading facts are tbat the congregation
as a token of the high regard In which
In an Interview with Nanaimo Free
Press Mr. J. H. Hawthornethwaite, M.
P. L., makes the following important
I do not wish to discuss the political
situation from the provincial standpoint
at the present time. With regard to
Mr.Bodwell I will merely point out tbat
be is a Liberal endorsed by the leading
Liberals and his platform ii a Liberal
platform while I am a Labor representative and intend to remain one,
With regard to the local position it is
embarrassing and confusing and requirea
courageous and honest handling.
I believe there is no ouch party as a
Liberal-Labor Party and tbat combination In the local bouse as advocated by
Smith-Curtis and supported by myself
simply meant a temporary coalition ot
both partiee for a joint action against
the Duiismuir administration.
Tha Liberal and Labor parties a
quite diltinot both in principle!   an
methods.   The Liberal party doea not
believe in class legislation, and does not
advocate progreis along socialistic lines
The Independent Labor Party was formed in Canada, England and New Zealand to study economic subjects affecting
tbe welfare of Labor, and to obtain direct legislation for the benefit   ,of the
labor class, which includes    all    wage '
workers. The Independent Labor Parly
li not supposed to form a permanent alliance with either of tbe older parties.
In New Zealand the Labor Party persisted in this attitude until ii finally ob-.
tained oomplete oontrol ol the Government. Almost all tbo legislation demanded by the labor party is ol a die- j
tiuctly socialistic nature, such as tbo
government ownership and operation of
railways aud all public franchises; it
furlher demands tech reform movements as state insurance, old a*e pensions lor tbe laborers, the nationalization
ol tbe land and also too liquor traffic.
Tbe English Independent paiti goes
further intista that tbe labor problem
will only he solved -when tne land and
means of production, distribution- and
exchange ure held as common property.
The Trades Oingres* h°\ iAtaiatV •"*.-
I9H sustained ili.^teitTon W\ttJ iarge
Ullij l.ity 0' 298,000 «o;Oi.
0.1 joining tbe Labor Parly at Winnipeg InhichPuttee represents) Vancouver,
Vtjitona, or indeed wherever the party
id properly established, you are lequirtd
10 foreswear all allegiance; to all other
existing political parties" and rightly eo.
Dr. McKechme's position as j-rcstd nt
of tbe liberal association and of tha
labor parly is certainly anomalous, but
that gentleman has dono so many good
actions for our pany that but few of it.
members are dieposed to be critical,
1 need not say that I totally disagree
with the view of the oditor of tbe Herald,
and I emphatically protest against toe
position taken tbat wo organised tne
labor party, and sent Ralph Smith to
Ottawa "as an indication to the Laurier
government tbat the labor men fully appreciated the spirit and value uf tha
labor legislation placed on the statutes
during 1 lie preceding session and wanted
to have a man on the floor of parliament
to secure a proper execution of these.
Mr, Smith approached tbe Conservative party here for their support' ou the
around that he was an Independent Labor candidate, and Mr. John Mehan in
tbe district, and many other prominent
Conservatives whom 1 can name, supported him upon that and no other understanding.
I am quite aware tbat Mr, Smith',
views are different from my own In regard to these matters in many respect!,
the stand he takes being more moderate
and I freely admit that his interpret.
ation may be the more correct and acceptable ono. However, I propose to
stand or (all by these vlewa, and will
call a public meeting at an early date
and discuss then matter, fully and
Smith Curtit is the only Llbsral ol
any prominence in the province who
honestly intends to carry out reform,
for the benefit of Labor. Captain Tat-
low, among Coneervatives, ia alio a good
man. Ho introduced tbe Natal act for
the exclusion of Japs and Chinese la
the local house, aud I regret that tha
Liberal government has disallowed it,
I have not the elighteat intention of
dropping the Labor party aad joining
the Liberal party.
It was reported yesterday that lb,
Peter Fronlund of the E. & N. Railway
staff, Ladrimith, had committed matrimony iu Victoria on Januay 2nd. Aa
they hold Rev, Mr. Irwin, presented Mr, Fronlund had not given any wdl-
hlm with a horn 0! plenty at their oatlons of being thus affected soma
Christmas tree entertainment, the eai.1 I dimbt waa felt. If Ihe report wat aw.
born containing the neat little sum of 1 ,-ect Tho Leader join, all friend, la
(28. Rev, Mr. Irwin waa agreeably eur- hearty congratulation to air. and Hit,
prised and rendered suitable tbanki,       Fronlund. LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS, JANUARY 4. 1902.
Ladysmith Leader
Weliington-Extenslon News.
Published every Weduesday and Satarday at
The Leader euildlng, comer of First Ave. and
French Street, I,adysinith, British Columbia.
sunscniPTioN hates.
By Man. in Canada and united states.
One year (strictly in advance) |3 oo
U months (strictly in advance) «    I 35
TKANSIENT—First insertion ioc. a line; each
subsequent Insertion sc. a line.
Rates ou application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, nirth. Death and Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
time will be charged Tor until ordered to be discontinued.
next election simply because be has bad
tbe courage and the manliness to tpeak
the truth. It takss pluck to tell tbe
truth, pluck and honetty, and one man
of aversgo physique could wheel all of
the two qualities to be found amongst
the politicians ol British Columbia to
the top of Spion Kop in a wheelbarrow
without endangering hie cardiac apparatus.
Till-: LEADER may be'obtained from the following Agents:
tadysnillh—The Leader Office: The Lniiysmitb
Nanaimo—E. Filnbury ft Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Boole &
Stationery Co.; Pope stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;] Public Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver-Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before is noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash in advance.
Mr. J. II. Uawthornthwalte, M. P. L.
the representative ol the Labor party ol
Nanaimo in the Provincial Legislature,
has stated hia opinion regarding the
attempt to wed Labor and Liberalism.
He is unequivocal, aa we thould always
expect Mr,Hawtbornlhwaitotola,and
his statement entirely bean out Tbe
Leader'! contention that the union or
attempted union ol thoie two Interests
is immoral.
Mr.Hawlhcrn'.hwaite ,ay. that Libor
and Liberalism are quite separate and
distinct, tbat he ia not a Liberal bnt a
Labor representative, ond that he intends to remain true to hit salt. Well
done, Mr.Hawthornthwaite, it it indeed
a pleunre to find that Britiab Columbia
contains still another man who Ii not
alraid to apeak hi. mind.
„JH> Jl««thornwai!» will find tbat be
is one ol a ema'ijtjlnorltv, howerer, and
that inch papers aa Nanaimo Herald
will spare no ptinj, milt no ebance to
.lander and abut, bim lor Ihe faUb that
ii in him. Tha Herald hai clearly, by
tbe announcement ol ita manager,
placed itscll outaidn the pale ol Labor.
It ie no longer a Labor paper even by
implication, as we have contended all
along, time proving.ue right at last, but
the mere organ of a couple ol political
adventurers,who are lapldly being found
oat by the electorate of Nanaimo.
How fine is the position ol Mr. Haw-
thornthwaite compared with either that
of Dr. MoKeehnle or Mr. Ralph Smith
M.P.Mr. Hawthornthwait. will aitured-
ly suffer for his boldly txpratiei opinions, bnt tbe Labor men et Nanaimo
will look around for a good long while
before they get another man so honest
and itraightforward as their pretent re-
presentative, who ie every inch a man
compared with tba two gentleman we
have mentioned,
Nanalmo labor men seem to have some
difficulty ia distinguishing the chaff
from tbe wheat, and in picking men
worthy to represent them, aud it wonld
not at all lurpriso ui to see them give
Mr. Hawthornthwait. bis conge at tbe
We have the verbatim report of Loid
Roeebery'i speech at Chesterfield on
December 17th last, and it is a splendid
bit ol speechifying. Having heard Lord
Rosebery on other occasions, it ie so
easy to conjure up again, while reading
that report the smooth boyish face, tbe
cultured voice with its pleasant accents,
and tbe expressive eyo adding piquancy
lo hia sly shots. Ills a trne Rosebery
ipeech, but what it contains for tbe
Liberals ie not a great deal. There ie
some platltuuinoue advice, such as any
member of the parly could have offered.
For example, ho laya this to the Libera
party 1
" First, you have to clean your elate.
It is Bii years since you were in office;
it is sixteen yeare eince you were in anything like power; and it does seem to
ma tbat under those circumstances tbe
primary duty of the Liberal parly ia lo
wipe its slate clean, and consider very
carefully what It ia going to write on it
in future. I hope you will write on that
elate a policy adapted to 1001 or 1902
and not adapted to 1802 or 1893,"
Tbe speaker, Inrtber on In ihe apeech
continue! much in the lame strain i
" My third piece of advice ii that you
ahould not move very much fatter than
the great mass of the nation it prepared
to move too. If you move out of
relation, if you move far iu front of the
nation to which yon lock lor support,
yon will find yoursell isolated, ae to
many ol our troops have been isolated in
South Alrica, cut oil and become a prey
to tbe enemy. If tbo Liberal party In
affliction has learned nothing, if lthaa
learned nothing from ila years of ad-
veraity, I venture to lay that ill proa-
pacts of power aud influence In thli
country are infinitely more remote than
any, than the darken I conld venture to
Lord Rosebery iu hia speech rather
severely ciiticiaed the War Office, but
he warmly defended the British eoldien
from the chargea ol barbarity brought
agalntt them by continental critic! and
Contrary to expectations, however,
the speech has not produced any very
profound effect either on the party or
tbe nation.
Oae blushes tor the ioberent moan
nets aud ourasdness cf human nature
at reading ol tbo epiteful thing! that
were said about Marconi by so-called
scientific men, alter the successful
transmission of wireless telegraphy
signals across tbe Atlantic. Thote jealous scientific men are the same breed
exactly who jailed Galileo, roaeted Set.
veins and made it hot for eeveral other
dltcoverere. Fortunately thoee pitiful
creatures have been effectually silenced.
Nothing Is more [punting to the real
Liberal than the stampede of the Canadian Liberals after the Tory party
England. Tho two parlies have nothing
in common, yet the Canadian Liberals
are yielding what looks like tlavish
homage to tbe English Tory party ir
almost everything. The so-called Liberal press ol Canada, now howling
plaudits oi Tory bungling, will doubtless
attune He howl to fit tho next administration, of Great Britain, which will be
Liberal to the core. Canadian Liberals
should take aomething for their back
bone—a pair of etays would suit not i
tew of tbem.
So Mamma Holland hat paid Prince
Henry 'I debt!, Had tha taken her
alipper to him as well tbe Homeric
justice of the act would have provoked
Homeric laughter aud applause rlgbl
round the world.
One thing teems to be certain in old
country politics, and tbat la tbat the
people are tired ol th. Saliibury re.
gim. snd ot Tory rule. It is etrongly
probable that the Liberal! will sweep
Ihe present adminittration out ol the
field in the next general election,
Happy day lor the British people when
tbat iball befall.
Nanalmo Herald eayi that it ii a
"plain paper and accuracy li Iti aim,"
Certalnl) it ia a plain paper, mure
plain, even,than paper; but It could
not hit Mount Baker at ten yards at
noonlldo if it took ila alleged accuracy
for ita aim. Many look upon the Hei-
aldastbe Coast edition ol the New
York comic papers.
We Have Them All Now I
All the New Season's Fruits
New Cleaned Currants      New Cleaned Raisins
New White Figs New Dates
Lemon, Orange and Citron Peel, all cut ready
.   for use.
These goods are the very best in the market and the
prices are right.
Leiser & Hamburger
t'brlsltna.    Ill   Australia..
Too hot to eat,
Too hot to drink,
Too hot tn talk,
Too hot lo think.
Too hot to live,
Too hot to die,
Too hot lo love,
Too hot to irr.
too hot to read,
Vo hot to wiite,
Too hot for day,
Too hit lor night.
Too lint to smile,
Too hot to frown.
Too hot for field,
Too hot for town,
Too hot to hunt,
Too hot lo fish,
Too hot to bave,
Too hot to wish.
Too hot to laugh, i
Too hot to err,
Too hot to sell,
Too hot to buy.
Too hot to elve.
Too hot to keen,
Too hot to walk,
Too hot to sleep.
Too hot for work,
Too hot for fun,
They'll all be glad
When Summer's done.
—S. H. Bertram
The house ii full of arnica
Andmyttery profound;
We do not dare to run about.
Or make the slightest sound.
We leave the big piano shut
And du not strike a note;
Tbe doctor's been here seven times
Since father rode the gnat.
He joined the lodge a week ago,
Got In at 4 a. m.,
And sixteen brethren   brought    him
Though be rave be brought them,
HI. wrist wee sprained, and one big rip
Had rent his Sunday coat;
There mutt have been a lively time
When father role tbe goat.
He's reeling on the couch today
And practicing hit signs—
The balling signal, working grip
And other monkey shines,
He mutters password! 'neath hie breath
And other things he'll quote;
They surely had an evening's work
When father lode tha goat,
He has a gorgeous uniform,
All gold and red and blue,
A hat with plumes and yellow braid
And golden badge,, loo;
But, somehow, when we mention II,
He wean a look so grim
We wonder if he rods the goat
Or II the goat rode him.
—Baltimore Am erlcan
t^plartsasaed Ostacre Street,
tlnenipl.red la Ueriamsi}-,
Rrsulti are bow delisted upon the in-
qnlrlet Instituted by Berlin Municipal
Council iu regard to want ol work.
These show certain trades, including
brewing, printing, and building to be
normal. However, tbe pessimistic re.
ports on the metal induatry are confirm-
ed, being computed lint only 28,000
isre In employment, whereat, in
October, 1000, tho number was 73,1000.
In half of tbe factories the working
hours have been reduced. .
Dr. Jaitrow,. in hit Labour Market
Oorretpondaoce, esijinatei the number
ol unemployed In the larger towns ol
Oainany at Irom 7 to 10 per cent, fa
the northern cities the want of fork I,
not computed to be so girat, bat In
Breilau Ihe report estimate! the num.
bar of unemployed at 10 per sent, and In
Dresden at an even higher percentage,
Taking Germany as a whole, Ihe es.
tlmate glvei the number ol unemployed
at 1100,000, or about 4 per cent, of the
total number ol workmen and artisans.
Instrument Thoroughly Tested In
Recital By Expert.
Congratulations are strlcilv in order
to tbe good peoplo of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Nanalmo, and all
others who joined tbem In raising (lie
funds necessary to install the splendid
Vicloiia Memorial Organ, which now
fills the nlcov behind Ihe pulpit in that
flue church. The tut of tho new organ's
powers, which took place on New Year's
Eve at the hands of Professor Baylies,
of Vancouver, wai most searching, and
calculated to exhibit tho Instrument's
varied qualities in the most I borough
manner. The programme ebowed that
the intention was to make the first
recital display everything that wasiu
the oigan which wai built by the ICarn
Company ol Woodstock, Oat.
Professor Baylies, who received hia
training In tbe Royal Academy ol Music,
London, England, from which famous
institute be graduated with distinguish-
ed honors, is considered to be one of tho
best organists on the Pacific Coast. On
Tuesday eveaing he certainly showed
that be ia master ol the instrument, and
thu admiration of his really splendid
performance will be enhanced bv the
fact that the stops were not iu proper
working order and that tho inetrumeut
next day had to receive tbe finishing
touchea from the builders. In spite of
those drawback! Professor llaylissgavo
a recital equal lo anything ever heard
in tbie province.
Beginning with a prelude and fugue
by J. S, Bach (not the famous and
gymnastic fugue on St. Ann's luue,
hut one with plenty of curvet and curly
work in it) lie paised to three movements from the worke of Batiste, tho
andante in ™, being particularly fine,
and showing off the softer tones the
reed and flute effects very well. It two
selections from I.emmens, a fanfare and
triumphant niaiob, tbe heavier powers
of the organ were brought out admirably ; tbo bourdon and diapason proving
rich and sonorous and splendidly el-
fective in the pompous etraine of the
Next came two famous pleas, from
Wagner, " The Evening Slor," and tbe
great march from "Tannbanser." The
weird and mournful beamy ol tho
"Evening Star," with lis delicate
tremulous cadences, musically depicting
the rise and reign ol He glittering
luminary, were ixhihlled with rare
skill. The pure military swing of the
"Tanuhatiaei" march awakened tbe
jntbiislasm ol tbe audience1. Although
considered one uf "thoie popular things',,
tbat any piano thumper ieat liberty to
massacre after tea, thla march iB us ex..
cellent a lest of technique and tempo as
can be selected from the whole range of
music. Professor Bayllta did it full
Handel'. "Largo," and "Hallelujah
Cnoius" were alto charmingly given.
Of online, to thote accustomed to hear
tbe "Messiah" selections on tho great
urgansand with the accompaniment ol
hundred! ol voices at the musical
festivals the famoua "Churns" would
siiind rather thin nn tha Victoria
Memorial Organ, hut it must bo re-
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor.
FirRt-class occouiniodutlorii for miners
and transients,   None hut
The Best Wines and Liquors
served at Iho bar,    llivn us a call.
Cur. Vicloria Rd & Oommerciel St.
NANAIMO.     -     -      B.C,
Wholesale aud Kefail Dealers in Meats,
Poultry   and   Vegetables.   Game in
Rt'opnn.   Shipping orders attended to on
hurt notice.
For Seattle
Port Townsend and Puget Sound
Ports, take the Opposition
Str." Rosalie "
Hailing from Victoria, daily incept fiat-
urday at 0 a.m.
E, E, Blackwood, Agt.,
100 Government St.
Seattle Daily Times
Tho liveliest pnper in tho Northwest.
Weekly edition it roiii|i!etfi record of
Urn world's utiws to date. Sport,
politic^ poi'ieiy, womrn's, Interepic,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, rntiuir.
The Weekly Mipr
Siatilt, Wash.
Kohodv can ndbrd to he without It. Alt the
telegraphic news of Hie week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society, neniilifiil Illustrations uud
half tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar a Year.
Court of Revision.
The Court of Revision of tii* Sotilh
Nanalmo assessment roll is adjourned
Irom the Siltli December, 1001, to tbe
16th Januarv, 1002.
Judge of Court of Revision.
December 18ib, 1001.
Ths est
Lager and Porter
.  In town at the hotels is manufactured by the
4, Nanalmo, B, C.
oal and Wood
John Lsask
Best Housi Goal $4,75 Ton
Beet Stove and Cord wood at lowest
prices.   General  Draylng, Toam*
umbered tha, .he full power ol ,h. | ^J**?" " ^ * "' ^
inttrument waa not available onTuet-        Teamsters.
day night.   Both those characteristic
ploces were given with great effect. ftfe*'«*-tet>-feS¥lrVS>Ss*,-u*'ts*H^-4i*
In hie selections Irom "Faust," the I ffi**WM*h^%^™^
airy plnlcato and Ihe "Soldiers' Chorua" I |rf The Leading
presented s pleating contrail in style. J J, Reviews
The recital ended with the "Futtivo ' i*
March" by Smart, a delightful study' ?'&'
delightfully played. 11-<'
The vocalists who assisted at  tba SJ*
recital were Wlis Orosby. who iang IS
"Unlit o( tbe World" by Adams, In jfl
faultless style. Miss Crosby's volt» la; k*
one or the moat admired in tbe province; j 5fc
its parity, richness of tone and rare j j|
culture tin ing eiceptlonal, even where
io many line singers are to be found,
Hies CrcBhy added to her trininphsin
Nineteenth Century  and After,
Contemporary   Review,    Part*
niahilj'   Review,   WeitmlnMer  ay*:
He view,    ..diiiliurgh    Review,   XX
Ouirlerly Kevlew, DUckwood's  £"
Edinburgh AUgislne
Strong,  sterling*, timely, suggtstivc
nml atitlioritivu; jimtwliat you want
wlniL .vim licet! to know; midtolil
wlu-n you WHiit lo know lt-tliul'Hthe
viiliirofilnvsi- reviews lu yon.   The
nlilesl writers, the most timely dis-
cuhkIoiim; The Ntvlftest iirexeutHtloii of
h'i'ii curxIoiih;
j" the world
■orld-pn.Wems of ihe day apttenr
- month in lite page* of llit-si-
ii; review*   These nre the Hng-
Unit eilitioiiH sold In Aiui.-rU.-ii at about
.,    , .  *     ...        . .   , . .  I Pa!  hiilf (irlie.   HjieclttieHcopiesKM free
the beautiful selling of " Just as I am,", 4* l0 anyone wivwbtrtj, ami historical
tiv (Intter \%<L 1>onl»eMi», for the nuking. »x
\*M    I        -i .  .        . £*[ ThtLMMrd Scott PubiicitlnnCo., .4*5
Miss Agnes Qlabolm, who poescesei a IS      Warren St. few York ciiy, is
voice of great natnral beauty, and wbo ^5^g§S§8S5SSSS[SSSS
is one ol Nnnalmo'a molt popular young
vocalists, did lull justice to Adam'i
famous song, "Star of Bethlehem." It
It alwa vi a treat to brer Mill Glaholm,
aud she fairly lurpasied herself on Tuesday evening.
Mr. Evsn Miles had an excellent opportunity to display the qualities ot hit
resonant baritone In Handel'a heroic
"Arm, arm, ye brave I" which he give
In splendid style. Mr. L. Wllllamt In
the recitative and solo "The Good
Shepherd," by Parry, pleated everyone,
He hai a fine voice.
Tbe recital Irom all standpoints was
eminently lucceetlul. Otheri will be
given, the nest one probably by Mr.
Jenningi Burnett, tbe talented young
organist ol St. Andrew's 1'retbytcrlan
Church, Victoria, and compnier ol one
pi tha grandest letting! ol "Nearer my
Ood to Thee" which lies appeared. This
would bs a treat no Ladytmlth mutlo
loveri should mils, The Leader congratulate! St. Andrew'! Church, Nan-
almo, on its spl.ndld Victoria Memorial
Mr. W. II, Lively ipent New Year',
day and Thursday with .hia family ip
Victoria.   ,      .    ,
■ •m****m*-H*+m*T+s>Ttv*
Manufacturer* of all klud* of
P 1
:   Mouldings. Ltltis, Shlnsies. Etc.
A liirge »tock of tlioroiiH'ily •caiWRid
liiml.i-r -islaml iinl ctin.ii constantly on
hand. All orders strictly attended to.
Quotations cheerfully given.
Columbia Ailjn-i!,ii>:o   I.any
Chairs, $10.00 to $35.00
Our China, Glass, end Silverware display t»urpasses any before shown by us
exclusive goods not shown elsewhere
nre found through our entire stock The
five floors of our large store are filled
with the productions of the best makers.
Catalogue with tooo illustrations cent free on rcfyiicst.
r«J^M^r»i<»i!iwas!»ffi!iv^!8ssiwffl q
Do You Wear Pants?
If So You Cannot Afford  to Mies Tbeio  BARGAINS
Wait of England Trouseringe Worth $12 for $0 U
Hair Line Worsted Trouserings     '«      10 "    8 3
Canadian Wonted  Trousering"    "       0 "    7 '-*■
Tweed Trouserings     «       7 "    0
T. H. Mcichol,
The Ladysmith Tailor
High Street, - - Ladysmith
Peace, -
Will be in Your House if You Select Your
Etc., Irom our large and varied stock. Early in January will sec ns in
onrnew quarter., and for whatever mittakci wo have mado in the past
we atk your forgiveness, and trust tbat iu the future we will be enabled to give every latiefaction, Residents ol Ladysmith will have all
height charges prepaid.
Watch lor Onr Notice of. the;
ii flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
Nanalmo, B. 0.
Pianos, Organs, and Sheit MhsJb,
Gultan, mandolins, violin itrlngij any.
thing and everything In the music line,
The Leading Music House.
Qirhardt Halnlsman Pianoi, Canada'
peerlett Inilrumeiit.      \
—Letter [Heads S
-BillHeadi J
—Statements 7.
—Note Heads
—Memorandum Heads
—Business Cards
—Stock Certificates
—Legal Blanka
—Wedding Invitations
—Funeral Announcements
-Window Cards
Having the latest type, faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
tbe  best  work —Printing that attracts.
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, - B..C.
HMt«WWH«m«M«»t*r+ '
3*VM<^i^*WW.*M^%**MM^^^^*'^*>±**'*i**<** Besides the large number o! couples
The Cheapside!
Before stock taking we will reduce all onr goodt.  We offer tbe public
.   ol Ladyimith and lurronndlng diitrlct tbe benefit ol our
Wholesale Prices!
Come and take the opportunity offered by tbe cheap sales.
Weinrobe's !
General Store, |
High St, Ladysmith Extension Tunnel    I
Holiday   Goods
When visiting Nanaimo Just call on
Sampson for anything yon need in Celluloid, Pluab or Leather Goods.
Chtistmss and New Year Cards in
endless variety.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
New Year's day patted off in Ladyimith quietly. There wai a good deal
ol calling to exchange greeting!, and in
the evening a number ol partial and
dances. The weather wai mild and
wet. The weather-wise lay we shall
have to pay lor this geniality belore the
prcient month takea its leave.
+4+TT-»>-t-m-H+*. t-tm+iH-
Mr. Robert Bryden returned on
Thursday's train Irom his vltit to Victoria.
The latest styles in heir cutting and
baard trimming at the Ltdjsmlth Shaf
ng Parlor, Uigb itreet.
Mestri. Wymondand Vyvysu Walkem
apeutNewYear'iDayat Ibe home of
their parent! in Nanaimo.
Nothing finer turned out anywhere
than thote winter lulls and overcoate at
Oaldwoll'i, Nanaimo. *
Tbe finlihing touohn are being pnt to
Dr. Waiaon'i reildenee, which It expected to be completed about the end ol the
Caldwell, the Nanalmo tailor, ii ibow-
t the finest tweedi and clothe io» "]••
Mr. J. 0. Brown.of Victoria, tho well
known contractor, wai a passenger to
Nanalmo on the Thursday express.
Mr. Brown, takei a very hopelul view ol
the political aituation in Victoria and
aayi that Mr. Bodwell is not so strong
aa he war, and that he is losing ground
The Burgomaster Co,, who played in
Nanalmo Wednesday night, occupied
two cars on the Thursday morning express. They were a jolly crowd and
enlivened tbe jrarnev with songs and
laughter, The favorite ditty was "I wai
lb. only one left to respond to the latt
roll call." with full ohorui by tbe entire company and other passengers.
Mr. B. Forcimmer is confined to bis
house here with a severe illness.  Hi.
«,t ny frlondi hope to tee him ont again
before long.
Where am the people stampeding to?
Why to Lively tho jawele'eol courts;
bo's goto siock that draws tbe public.
Another panther hai been seen cruii-
ing through Ibe buih between town and
Flddlck's Junction. The man wboaaw
it bad neither gun or camera.
Do you believe In your own goodt?
Then don't conceal the hut from th.
public,  Advertite.
Messrs, William Henderson, ol the
Dominion Public Work. Department,
Victoria, and J. 0. Brown returned from
Nanaimo to Victoria on yeiterday morn,
iug'i train.
Gold, silver, gemi, clock), watohet.
rings, bracelets, Lively has them all,
wonderful variety, price, right.
Polities is once mora becoming the
absorbing topic ol conversation in mart
and atreet. Speculation Ii rile on msny
point! and men are being aikadtodt-
vlare themielvea,
Berry spoons, plekl. torki, ingar
shovels, gravy ladle., toup cats, cold
meat fork., oyitar folks, cream ladles
all I. .alia lined boxet, exquisite detlgnt
the very thing lor a New Year's gift,
Lively, tbe leading Jeweler,
Several detective, and polloemen are
•pending lime In South Wellington tn
the endeavur to discover ths person who
tried to murder Mr. Alexander Feulde
last Sunday night. Ne .tone will be
left unturned to find tha would-be
Mr. & Mrt. Tally Boyce viilted
Wends lo Ladytmlth Nsw Year's, returning to Nenelmo on the noon train
Thursday. Mr. Boyct was muoh struck
with the eoailng metropolis ol the
North PaclBoCoatt.
JohMteii Block,     •    Nanalmo, B, 0,
The Company'a carpenter! are building a new work dhoti.
The old pay office li to be converted
into a dwelling place lor Robt. Bryden
and Supt. F. D. Little.
The preparation! lor flooding No.
and 8 mlnea are expected to be complete
in about three weeks. The masons who
are doing the mason work between No,
1 and the tunnel are meeting with considerable difficulty because ol Ihe great
amount ol rock.
On ououay morning last Mr. Bert
Knlght'i boarding honse caught lire be-
cause of a defect in (he chimney. It
commenced about three o'cloek in tha
morning and had made considerable
progrett belore it was noticed, A. toon
a. It was discovered quite a large number of men turned out and succeeded
with much difficulty in extinguishing
tbe fire. A great amount of damage
was dona to the intlde ol the building.
Quite a number of Ihe yonng people
from here attended tho Masquerade ball
at Ladytmlth on Tuetday night.
Ven. Archdeacon Scriven visited Ex.
tension on Tuetday lor the purpose ol
making arrangementi with hia people
toholddlvin.itrvlc.with them. Tbt
Metbodlit cbnroh has been secured snd
it la expected that the work will soon
commence here.
The Oheapilde ii telling eight-day
wooden clocks at (3,75; Tattoo alarmi
I1.85; Briitol alarmi at $1.00.
At the latt meeting ol tbe L. O.L.,
No. 1007 of Extension the following ol-
fleers were elected:
W. M„ Bro. H. McKemie; D. H„ 8,
Fnrtong;Sec.,0.Thompson; Chaplain,
J. Allied Seymour; Treat., J. Doherty;
Fin. Sec., J. McLean. The officers are
to be installed at the next meeting by
the Patt Master, Bro. J. Doherty.
Don't lorgtt that Welnroba't itore li
the place lor clocks, watches, jewelry,
silverware, ipectaclei, Me. 22-tl
' Ou the second Tuetday ol this month
the District Lodge ol the Orange Aa.
aoclation will most in tht K. of P. hall
at Extension. It is expected that tht
representatives will bt pretent hem sll
the lodges ot the district.
Opsli art nut unlucky when purchased
from Lively tht leading Jeweler.
Ntw Year'i pitted off very qulttly
here except at the beginning ef New
Year's morning, when all tht whittle.
In the camp were blown to th.tr fullest
capacity and lire cracktr. barmoniied
with tbe mutic.
from Ladysmith there were goodly con
tlngentB fiom Extension, South Wellington, Nanalmo and Chemainus, and all
were equally delighted with the entertainment which was splendidly managed. The Boor was io fine order for
dancing, and the music waa all that
could be wlihed for. The assembling nl
the masked danoera waa molt interesting and io well were tbe disguises arranged that very few were detected.
Amongst tbe mora ttriking costumes
noticed none presented a prettier or
more original appearance than Mrs.
McKenlley.wbo was drened to represent
the Ladyimith Leader. She looked
ms jestio in tbe unique costume and was
very greatly admired. The Leader felt
proud to have lo handsome and amiable
a representative at the fettive gathering.
Mill Birdie Forcimmer as Topiy was a
picture, acting tbe part with the greatest
ipirit and cleverness. Hor dusky
partner, Mr. Beal, played tbe "dandy
oallabed coon" to perfection. It was
no wonder tbe pair won the cake walk.
They would have been hard to beat anywhere. Another striking and cleverly
toitiined character was that uf Mrs,
Harry Lee as the old granny. Mrs. Lee
did the part tu the life and deserved the
praise and admiration lo freely bestowed.
Mrs. Pelkey as the charwoman waa
dathing, and most attractive, Mre, B.
Forcimmer ae tho parlor maid was
strictly up-to-date and cleverly played
the part. Mr. Pclkey made up as
Fatigued William ol the King's Highways (and byways) waa capital and so
wai Mr. Ed, Stacey in the character ol
Dnity Rhodet, bti costume and acting
ol the part gaining him tbe prize.
At a suitable interval the drawing lor
the lour splendid prizes offered by Mr.
B. Forcimmer the jswelor took place,
aud nothing could have been fairer-
Strsngeia carried out the arrangements,
and the wlnnen were declared to bs as
1st prize, lady's gold Waltham watch,
valuo 130, Mr. T, L, Grahame, ticket
No. 01.
2nd prize, gold albert chain, value
810.60, Mr. T. L. Grahame, ticket No.
183.   '
3rd pries, lady's gold ring, value (7.50'
Mr. F. T. Portor, ticket No. —,
■Hhprto, silver cake basket, valui
$3, ticket No. 455, not yet claimed.
Muoh interest was evinced by all iu
the drawing. Toe prizes were duly
handod over to the lucky winners ou
preienting themselves at Mr. Forclm-
raer's itore. The competition was a
complete success.
The prize winners so far ai The Leader baa been able to aecertain were as
Mri. Talt, comical character; Mist
Morgan, belt tuttained character;
Miss Dickenson, nurse; Mr. Wanlets,
comic; Mill Canon, best sustained
character. Miss Birdie Forcimmer, best
cake walker,
The Leader understands that tbe ball
waa a great success financially.
uoiii lu mam.
The statistics compiled by a Government Departmental Calcutta show thai
development ol mining continues to
make good progress, the outpnt of nil
the principal minerals In 1000 having
been greater than in any previous year.
Ai regard! to coal mining, tbe report
stales that "the indnetry li expanding
so rapidly from year to veer that a
statement of the average production over
a series of yeara would not convey a
true idea of tbe condition!. ' The output haa increased from 3,510,000 tone in
1895 to 01,118,000 tom io 10C0.
Indian coal ii now extensively,in some
cases exclusively, employed for the
railways, coasting and river steamers,
mills, and factories; but, a a Inthe esse
of salt, the condition! ol tramport are
not yet sufficiently developed, though
they are being greatly improved, to permit of the exclusive use ol Indian coal
for industrial purposes. The quantity
of Indian ooal used in India ia therefore supplemented by an importation
which hae averaged 383,000 tons annually In the last five years. Imported
coal is mostly landed in Bombay, the
mills iu that place requiring large
quautltiet of fuel, snd being too remote
from the Indian sources of lupply to
find the use of Indian coal economical,
having regard to the easy conditlone on
which steamers carry coal to India as
freight. Most of the imported coal is
English, a small quantity being received alto from Japan.
Another Brilliant Sman to tin
CreAt ef the Ratbaoae SUttrt.
N.verdldOddltllowt' Hall pretent a
prettier or mora latltlng light than on
Nsw Yiar'i Eve on the occasion ol tht
meiqulradi bail given by ths Rath bone
Slsteri ol ladytmlth and Kilentlon
Hii; -'iu-:.
Desirable bouse and fiillnlr-eit city lot,
Whito street, Lailysinith, apply .lames
Hong, at the holier. 34 lit
For North OjBter School, South Nan.
ainio  Dlslelol.     Anply   by  Saturday.
January 4th, at 12 o'clock noon, to
No. 31,
I. 0. 0. P.
Meets every Wednesday evenings! 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
Maple Lodge, No. 6t, 1.0.0. r.
Meets everv Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's" Hall. Visiting memheri
are cordially invited.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the same price
as cheap factory made. Come in and see.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
At S. Christie,
CJIiemaluu. Ilencral Hospital.
Chemiinui, B, C, Dec, Slit, 1801.-
Will yon kindly acknowledge with my
Hanks the following Hit ol donation!
lor Dec.: Dahlia bulbi, Mrs. Fry; pair
el vans, Mill Nana Hlggim; old linen,
Mrs, Raymond; }i doe, fanoy baskets,
donor unknown; reading matter, Mra,
Blythe, Mrs. Raymond, The Victoria
daily Colonist and Times, the Nanaimo
daily Herald and Free Press, and Ladj-
imith etmi-weekly Leader.
The; Women'! Auxiliary provided
Obriitmaa tree for   the   patients on
Cbrlstmai Eire, whloh   they enjoyed
very muoh; they were alio able to enjoy
the umal Christmas fare.
I am youri faithfully,
LOST.-Sable collie with a dark back
and white feet. Antwera to name ot
Tnwttr. Lost on Monday. Return to
S. Shore. 32-1
Opens os Monday
And your children will require the
Laissl School Books
We have Inst received a
large contgninent ol
E Rolston,
Stoves   ■
Plumber •
•   Raneea
Tinsmith j
Jill I Willi
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels   and bars in Ladysmith and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Pither & Leiser's,
$ Victoria,
Beautllnl Calendar..
The Leader acknowledge! with thanks
the gilt ot the calenders for 1002 Irom
The Union Brewing Company, Nanaimo, and Mr. William K. Leigbton,
representing the Royal and Confederation
Life Insurance Companies. The Union
Brewing Co',, thowt a grand dame descending a gorgeous palace stair-way attended by her maida of honor, who are
bearing up bar train of crimson, satin,
nod ermine. The lady is carrying In
her hand a salver with a bottle of tbe
famous lager and a glaee. The picture
is a striking one.
The Confederation Life as usual
issue a fine calendar, tbe datoi being in
large and easily read character. The
coals of arms ol tbe Canadian provinces
embellish the upper scroll. The Royal
la a splendidly patriotic picture, allowing a fair-haired, blue eyed British Jack
Tar leanipg reflectively on his arms on
the breech of a monster guu aboard H.
M. S. Royal, and gazing earnestly out
over the stormy lea into the eunset.
The motto, "We bold thee sate," is
most appropriate.
A. C.Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc, Welding Bon-
quete in every style. Orders promptly
attended to. —NANAIMO, B. C
80 YEARS' ,
A bill introduced into the New Zealand Parliament provide! lor the In-
crease of the pay uf members from £200
to £300 per annum. If thit Is meant as
a real living wage, and not a mere sub.
lidy, New Zealand M.P.'i must be easily
satisfied, A good many British M.P.'a
probably ipend more on subscriptions
tochiritiei and cricket clubs in their
Tfutoc Mams
Anyone sendlns a sketch and dMCTlptlon ms,
quick), ascertain our opinion free woollier an
ln.s,,ll,.n IS pr.,b.Wr >laiaMs<>i>lav
tlons strictly conOdetituUV Handbook on founts
sent tree, oldest fsonirr forssonrrnajsmu.
Pntents taken through Munn A Co. rae.lv.
rpttlat notk., without onaret, la tn.
ScienfiHc American.
A handsom.tr Illustrate ™«tr. JjSS?.?';
Co.M»"—--New Tort
losTOI r St, Wuutnalon, D. 0.
Teacher of Languages, Music, Singing, Painting and Drawing,
Singing, 8 Lessons $3 per month
Music, 8 Lessons 3 "       "
Painting, per Lesson 50 cents
Drawing, per Lesson ....5,0cents
Languages—French and German—per Les'n, 5«
Hours from 9 a. tn. to la nt. Terms fi per month.
Two from same family $3,
All kinds of heavy teaming done
Dili PNIIDl, PH li Iff STOCK
To be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. January 21,22 arid 23
Judges—Poultry, Mr. J. E   Bennett, Toronto; pigeon and pet slock, Mr. Jamee
Chalmers, Salt Spring I land.
ENTRIES  CL08E JANUARY 14,   1002.
For entry forms and prize lists apply to
GEO.   WILKINSON, P. 0. box 280, Nanalmo, B. C,
Coal!   -   Coal!
;! Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
»♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦>♦ mmm+t+r+m+t+t+m*.
: Wellington ۥ*!   Best household coal on the Pacific
:: Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
:: Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound,
i Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban Franclaco Agency,
:: R, Dunamuir's SonsCo'y
340 Steuart St.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimalt & Nanaimo  Railway
Tiaa Talli Hi. 48.
Traim leave Ltd)
Snndayi at 3.1
Smith south-bonnd, dally at 0,10 a. m„ and on Saturdays aad
Traim leave Ladyimith north-bound, dallv at 11,67 a, m., and on Batnrdsy. aaul
Sunday, at 6,67, p.m.
Traim leave Ladyimith for Extanilon daily except Sunday at 6.00 a. a., tifttasal
10 p.m., and on Snndayi at 10 p.m.
Excursion Ritas to ill Polits, Seed Saturday aad Sudiy
8io, L. Qurtiey, Traffit Itaigar
m u
AND *»
Went   Farther   Into   the   Klondike
Than Any Other Will to Woman.
No other White woman litis ever penetrated so far into ilia interior of the
Klondike ns Mrs. Kliahn I). Burr.
When she ami her Iiusbitml plunged Into the frozen wilderness in the spring of
1808, Mrs. Burr lintl never soon a tent
pitched in her Ufa nnd had never cooked
a meal, says the Los Angeles Times, giving an account of her experience;'. Shu
was a city girl, bom and bred. Sue not
only learned to cook, but she learned to
cook on a few sticks of wood piled on fin
iceberg. She not only slept in a tent, but
she slept in a tent when tho thermometer
went sliding down to (10 degrees below
Tbe Burrs started from Cincinnati In
March, 1808, a few weeks before tho war
broke out. It wns not until months after
the fighting was over that the news of
delighted appreciation. Of recent months
we iinvn soon her entering Itaddiffe college nnd taking honorablo rank there.
Unending effort,baa even given her tho
faculty of .speech, though she can hear
no syllable that she utters. When chosen
vice president of her class, slip rose ut
the freshman luuchcon nnd sail) distinctly: "Classmates, it Is a great pleasure
and I esteem it n groat honor to be present bete and speak to you, I ma glad to
have an opportunity to thank tho class
for thole kindness in electing me their
vice president, and 1 hope that I may become acquainted with many of you.
Though i i/annot nee you, I will soon
know ynii liy touching your hands."
"Miss Keller," said ono of her teach-
eis the other day, "is really the happiest
person I know of. And why? Because
of tho great obstacles she has overcome."
Now; isn't that a secret worth knowing nnd practicing? We all want to be
happy. Who is there of us that may not
iiinl tills pathway to happiness—obstacles
to bo overcome? Fortunately for our feebler wills, they will not be Helen Keller's
obstacles. Wo have those priceless possessions— onr live senses. But ns soon as
wo try to do things wo shall run up
against obstacles in sufficient abundance.
The main thing Is to try to do things.—
Christian Endeavor World.
Cnrlons Bridal Omens.
In provincial' England the cook pours
hot water over the threshold after the
bridal couple have gone in order to keep
it warm'for another bride.
The pretty custom of throwing the
slipper originated in Franco. An old
woman, seeing the carriage of her young
king—Louis XIII,—passing on tho way
from church where ho bad just been mar-
tied, took off her shoo and, flinging It at
his coach, cried, " 'Tfs all I have, your
majesty, hut may the blessings of God
go with it!"
There is an old superstition la Germa-
1 Queen  Victoria   Hod   Three  Royal
Headpieces, but Seldom Vied Them.
Her mnjesty Queen Victoria had three
crowns, but it was very seldom indeed
that she wore one of them. Dining the
long series of functions that accompanied
the celebration of her last birthday, for
instance, there was only one occasion on
which the royal head wns graced with n
crown. This wns the drawing room
which her majesty attended. The tiara
which tho queen then wore wns made
nearly forty years ago nnd weighs about
eighty troy ounces. It is n light shell of
gold, thickly Incrustcd with diamonds,
there being no less than 2.G73 white diamonds and f>-.» of the rose brilliants.
This was designed for use with the long
strip of tulle used as a veil by her majesty on state occasions, cuch as weddings
and drawing rooms. The queen wore it
well back on her head, and It forms a
pin to fasten tbo ceremonial' veil, which
floats away from it to the hem of the
The gold circlet was tbo successor to
tho circlet of gold which may be seen in
the earlier pictures of tho queen. The
jewels in this nre very beautiful, being
choice diamonds matching perfectly in
color. Tho general effect of tho crown is
shown in some of the coinage, although
the veil was not worn until after tbo later tiara was adopted. This diadem and
another of similar shape that preceded it
were used when her majesty opened and
prorogued parliament. It wns ulso worn
during the ceremonies attending the wedding of the princess royal (tho Empress
On every occasion on which the queen
visited the house of lords the state crown
was taken out of the regalia room in the
Tower of London and was borne before
her majesty on a cushion. Except for
this purpose the crown has only left tho
tower twice during her reign, once for repair, some part of tbe setting having be-
ny. against May marriages. t,„..) „v„,H ,„„, „„ luv owl>„U|J M„,,ulJ UK.
A favorite wedding day in Scotland ia f coroe ]00scncd, and once in order to mod-
Dec. 31, bo that the young couple can f |(y tue crmjne. The queen never nctunl-
leave their old life with the old year and jy wore tho state crown since It was
begin their married life with the new one. placed on her heud at her coronation*
This crown was made over a century ago
peace came to them In a enmp on Franklin creek, far In tho interior of the gold-
fields. She was here for a year in this
camp In a cabin, often all alone, white
her husband was mining. The loneliness
was something deadly. She amused herself by picking wild flowers, of which
there was a profusion, and by taking long
walks in the woods.
At one time Mrs. Burr wns alone in n
camp with 600 men, her husband being
away on a mining trip. She was treated
with the highest consideration by tho
miners, and her every want and dosiro
was anticipated. Sometimes she. used to
go out nnd pan gold with, them, so that
she has a chamois bag with ?,!0i) or ¥400
Worth of nuggets to show for her outing.
The Italians permit no wedding gifts
that aro sharp pointed; from which
practice .emanates our superstition tbat
the gift of a knife severs friendship.
One of the most beautiful of all marriage customs is that of the bride, immediately after the ceremony, flinging her
bouquet among her maiden friends. She
who catches it is supposed to be the next
Care of Children's Hair.
Nothing la more charming than a beautiful head of hair. Some authorities recommend that a child's hair should never
be cut till it is five years old, and certainly tho first hair is soft nnd silky and
quite unlike the later growth in appear-
nuce and texture.
After washing a tiny baby's head brush
the hair up the wrong way with the softest of soft brushes. In a good many cases
this will Induce n natural curl and save
many harrowing experiences with curling
pins and tongs in the future.
Regarding curly hair, If n child's hair
is curly naturally never curl or wave It
In any artificial way whatever. It is absolutely fatal and will take out the
"kink" entirely.
After a child Is five or six years old
once a fortnight Is often enough for its
hair to be washed. The process should
be as follows: If possible, use rainwater.
Falling that, add a tcaspoonfut (no more)
of liquid ammonia to a. basinful of hot
water. Thoroughly lather the skin of the
head nnd tho long hair with some pure,
nnscenled soap nnd rinse all tho soap
carefully out. If the hair is thick, repent
the process. Rinse the soap out most
carefully and do not stint clean water.
Rinse nnd rinse till the water remains
quite clear and finish up with a sponge-
ful or two of cold water to close the pores
of the skin nnd prevent the child taking
Do not wash the hair at bedtime nnd
never In tho wnter tho child 1ms been
bathed in. Use a basin that con be filled
nnd emptied frequently In preference to
a bath which takes ail tho hot water at
neat m* a Home Remnlr.
There is scarcely any simple ailment In
which heat may not bo advantageous If
used understand Ingly. Bruises nnd
sprains nre better treated by heat than
cold. It may bo applied as a local bath
or as a fomentation.
Colic pains in infants are quieted by
tbe application of dry beat after the manner of our grandmother, who knew tho
value of hot flannels and the importance
of warm feet nnd hands. If tho heat applied over the abdomen decs not still tho
pain, try it on tbe spine. This often produces a quieting effect at once.
An Incipient peritonitis or pneumonia
may be checked by hot applications, accompanied by rest and fasting, or at least
abstinence from solid food.
For earache or toothache heat, either
moist or dry, will usually giro much comfort
If the child cannot breathe with the
mouth shut, heat applied over the nose
will be apt to open the nasal passages
and give relief.
In headache a hot foot and hand bath
are often beneficial. A hot.water ling
over the stomach will promote digestion.
Spinal irritation and sleeplessness are
frequently relieved and permanently benefited by applications of heat, and no
way of administering Is more practical
than by tbe fomentation.
A knowledge of the value of hent Is of
great value to tbe mother of "crbupy"
children.-American Mother, Ann Arbor,
Mich.     -f    '
Why Helen Keller In Jpsenr.
Who tires of rending nboufiSelen Kol-
ler? This wonderful girl—deaf, blind and
dumb, or at least dumb untlf recently—is
perhaps tbe best known ant' best loved
young woman In all'the land; We have
followed her from those early days when
the Indomitable perseverance and marvelous skill ot. her teachers pierced
through the shell In which a sad fortune
had Inclosed her beautiful soul. We have
Watched her progl-css stop toy step ns
the watld has unfolded Itself before her
Lore's  Symptoms.
To be In lore Is to know anxiety la tbe
hour of his illness nnd apprehension over
his weakness, to feel responsibility,which
you must hear for yourself. No one can
even share it with you to lighten your
burden. To be in love is to have half
your Hfo go with him when tbo door
closes and to lire only for his return. It
is to have nil your selfish desires lose
shape nnd resolve themselves into ambitions for him; it is to find your happiness
]u his, for your Ideals to take a more virile form, your hopes a loftier aspect; it
is to forget yourself nnd your eager search
for happiness and to merge your whole
cxistenco into a prayer to do more, to
give more, to be more, not for the approval of your little world, but closing
tho door on all In tbo great without, to
pour yourself and all that you arc nnd
all that you hope to be into tho small and
sacred within for his sake.
That Is to be in lore.
Aro you?— Lilian Roll in Harper's Ba-
To Improve Old Belts.
Nothing detracts more from an otherwise neat appearance than n Bhabby belt,
yet there are few who can discard one
simply because it has become a little
worn in appearance. There nre many
who do not know that the appearance of
tho old belt maybe improved with little
trouble or expense. Black and tan belts
may be restored to their original freshness by brushing thorn over occasionally
with the liquid blacking sold for shoes,
black or tan ns required. While belts of
ribbon, satin or leather should be colored.
Any good dye sold for such purposes may
be used. The clasps must be removed,
before the belts are dipped In the liquid,
and is kept in the careful custody of tho
tower. It includes 2,783 diamonds, 277
pearls, 16 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 4
rubies.       ^
Delnttlens of Home.
England carries off the prize as the
country of homes. One of tho first descriptions of England tells of tho curious little villages of huts built of mud
and wattles, where each man lived by
himself and made a home. This isolation of families kept England from developing a national culture like that of her
neighbors across tbe channel; but, more
important still, the home feeling took
root in each Englishman's heart, and his
house became his castle.
London Tit-Bits ottered a prize for the
best definition of home. Some of the answers which contain sentiments too beautiful to be lost are quoted:
Home, a casket containing most precious of all jewels—domestic happiness.
The blossom of which heaven Is the
A little hollow scooped out of the windy
hill of the world as shelter from its cares
and vexations.
The central telegraph office of human
lore, Into which run Innumerable wires
of affection, many of them extending
thousands of miles, hut never disconnected from tho one great terminus.
The only place on earth where the
faults and failings of humanity are hid*
den beneath a mantle of charity.
The last and truest of all:
The place where one Is treated best
and grumbles most.
The Kid Tlint Lost Its Life by Not
Following Its Mather's Advice.
One day ns a Goat and her Kid were
grazing in the field tho latter sniffed the
air nnd sagely observed:
"Mother, I have a curiosity to know
whether I smell wolf or crow."
"We'll call it wolf and not get any
nearer the forest," replied the mother.
A few minutes later the Kid stared
hard at some tracks in tbe soft soil ant)
said: /
"Really, now, I'd like to bo sure whether these nro tracks of a coon or a wolf."
"We'll presume that a wolf passed this
way nnd keep our eyes peeled," was the
It wasn't ten minutes before the Kid
looked fixedly at the forest aud remarked:
"I certainly saw something moving
among the trees, and I'm dying to know
whether It's a wolf or a woodchuck."
"If you'll paste it In your hat that It's
a wolf, It won't hurt no woodchuck's
feelings," said tbe mother as she nipped
at another thistb
The Kid thought the matter over awhile
nnd then concluded on a closer investigation and set out for the woods. The
mother heard her bleat as the wolf
sprang out upon her, and after clearing
her throat of prickers and wiping the
moisture from her eyes she said to her
"Of course we didn't know for sure,
but if that Kid had only inferred that It
was a wolf she'd have escaped being
Moral.—It's no use to touch a buzzsaw
with your finger to see if it's revolving.
,   Sonny Got.
A tunny little lad was Guy:
The sunbeams glistened in hit eye,
The sunbeams nettled In his hair,
The sunbeams kissed hit forehead fair
And mingled in hit laughter were.
Light Colors.
Few women understand fully the beautifying effect of light color near the face.
Only the most perfect blond complexion
can stand a dead black frock, and tho
average woman, be she ever so lovely, Is
rendered still more, lovely by delicate colors. This is one reason most women look
better In evening dress than lu their ordinary high necked gowns. The expanse of
delicately tinted shoulder puts the face at
its best. For this rensou nil house gowns
should have light yokes or vosts, or perhaps n collar with long ends or a bow In
Sewing on a Dress Urn Id.
In sewing hrnid on the edge of a new
skirt or in replacing it when worn, after
running on the braid tn the usual way,
take a ncedlo ond strong thread and secure It by n few overcast stitches at intervals of some Inches, fastening each set
neatly off. Then when the braid meets
with aa accident It will not rip far.
Minister Wu Ting Fang Is of tbo opinion that American girls are too particular about the men they marry. He thinks
tbeir tendency to dismiss easily admirers who are not,.to their liking'a very
grievous error. "Woman," he says,
"ought to marry; that Is what she Is
made for." Chinese girls are different;
few of them remain single.
Klee For * Present.
To the person of an Ingenious turn of
mind many different ways of making pincushions will suggest themselves, and ns
a present the pincushion never comes
amiss. The sketch shows a pretty and
unique pincushion designed to represent
Master Bunny and hia littlo sack.   Mas-
Tho tmnbeami helped him tn fill ipeeclt,
And all hit smiles were tunbeani each;
In fact, tbe boy from top to toe
Wat full of mubeams—tbat we know—
And so beloved by high and low.
Dear little children, II you try, ,•)
You toon may be like little Uur.       '."''
Rays of sunshine will peep through
If your heart it kind and true
And gathers it each day anew.
—Anna. D, Walker In Christian Work
The  Dutch   Language,
The Dutch language Is of a good old
fashioned tongue. It is not so difficult
that English speaking people cannot
without difficulty acquire It In fact,
some folk say, It Is more like unto English than It is to German, Tbo Boers of
Booth Africa use tho Dutch language as
It was spoken 200 years ago. It is a lingo
that is bound to stay, though It shows
littlo powers as a wanderer.
ter Bunny is made of white velvet, stuffed and scented with sachet powder,
while the sack 1b made from a pretty
shade of green velvet, Bc'.ii Bunny nnd
the sack are decorated with bows of red
j ribbon. This makes a very ornamental
pincushion.—Woman's Life,
To toast bread on n blue flame oil or a
gas stove of any kind put the slices of
bread In a wire holder, lay the broiler on
n griddle over the flnuio and turn frequently until the slices nre nicely browned on both sides. Re careful not to pile
slices of toast on each other. If so piled,
l.iey will become moist and lose their
crjspness and flavor.:.:..
Clean children's woolen dresses and
conts with ground rice, . Take a clean
cloth, dip it In dry ground rice and thoroughly rub It over every soiled part, using
n fresh piece ot the cloth ns often as it
becomes at all soiled. End tho process
with n good shaking, when the garment
ought to look like new* I
A soothing drink for a soro throat that
Is recommended is made of a pint of bar*
ley water brought to a boll over a hot
fire, to which Is added, while stirring until dissolved, an ounce of the best gum
arable.  Sweeten to tttsto,
Cheap varnish Is excellent for attaching labels (oi enalRterV spice or starch
boxes and all glass bottles, A glass bottle should never be left without a label.
Core of Brashes*
Aspeclalist says that hairbrushes should
be washed once a week and It used on
hair in which there is much dandruff
twice a week Is not too often. The brushes should be washed In cold, not hot, water, to which cloudy ammonia has been
added in the proportion of a scant table-
spoonful to a qunrt ot water. Care
should be taken not to wet the baoki of
the brushes, and when washed and rinsed—a good way to rinse them properly Is
to use a shower spray on'.tbem—they
should he put oft edge In the air to dry.
Dressing eemba, too, should be frequently cleaned, a comb cleaner being used for
the purpose,	
A flood Pair of ShoaMert,
There Is nothing mora necessary to a
fine figure than broad shoulder* and a
high, fflll chest. Breathing exercises
will do a world of good and should always- be Indulged In, A correct, well
fitting, loose corset Is absolutely necessary, since stays that pinch at the waist
line—or pinch anywhere, for tbat matter
—will nun tht loveliest figure. Learn to
hold the head well nnd keep the chest on*
j high. Breathe deeply, and go In for all
aorta of outdoor snorts and exercises.
Wonderful Trees.
The largest tree In the world Is to be
seen at Mascall, near tho foot of Mount
Etna. Its trunk Is 304 feet In circumference, Tbe largest tree In the United
States is said to be the gigantic two near
Bear creek, on the north fork of tbe Tulare river, in California. It measures 140
feet in circumference Tbe famous giant
redwood tree In Nevada Is 110 feet In circumference.
Mlsunder stood.
Harry's littlo cousin, Mabel, was paying him a visit, and he undertook one day
to teach her to play croquet. After a few
strokes tho balls lay quite close to each
other, and Harry said:
"Now, Mabel, you must hit me."
"But, Harry," said the matter of fact
Mabel, "tbat would be fighting and not
playing, I believe I'd rather not learn."
A Tumbling Mat.
A reader of The American Boy sends
to that paper the following concerning a
tumbling mat for amateur acrobats:
All boys know that tumbling on hard
.ground Is not pleasant, so I have thought
ot a plan by which a tumbling mat can
be easily made, having made one myself
that is very satisfactory. First dig a hole
about a foot deep of the size you wish to
make tho tumbling ground. Flit the Iota
about three-fourths full of dried grass op
straw packed well. Lay tn, old piece of
carpet or sheets of heavy paper over this,
Then sprinkle an Inch or two ot shavings
|nd over all sprci.d about three Inches of
soft dirt mixed with shavings. This
makes a soft and elastic ground.
' How Pigeons Travel.
The carrier pigeon, when traveling,
Sever feeds. It tbe distance be long, it
tes on without stopping to take nutriment and at last arrives thin, exhausted*
and almost dying. If corn bo presented
to It, it refuses,to eat, rontentiag itself
with drinking a little water and then
sleeping. Two or three hours later It hernia to eat with awdtratioa.
B. C.
This beautifully situated Wnoffera exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system., pi pptric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now  being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
plendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
'.,-, '%MP/Y<ii-,^ld^:-ii


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