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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 26, 1902

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 :! the people that save |
:! money trade with      j
Ladysmith Leader
For Boots and Shoes j|
Sickle's is the store il
■ i
VOL. 1. NO. 49.
At those extra heavy, snag-
proof Gum Boots with leather
soles and Hungarian nails.
They are offered at factory
prices by
Leiser & Hamburger
, Esplanade and Oatacre Street.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Ni ft li
Mum nm_
Tbii new hotel has been completely
tarnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar is lupplied with the finest wlnei,
llquori and oigsri. An experienced bartender. ,
D. H. Davis, Prop.M
Fint Avenue,     ■     Ludyimitb, B. 0.
One fact ia better than a Dozen
Hearsay's. II you > wsnt the
choicest meats go to
Ladvimith, B, 0„
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh supply   ol   Vegetable!
always on hand.
Special attention given to ihipa'
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel has been oomfortsbiy lumiBhtd and Ihe bii Ib up lo dale.
Beit sccommodstion Ior trsnsient end permanent boarder! and Jodgeri.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
Ladyimith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling: Works, Nanalmo.
Manufactures, ■
Soda Water, fJIngar Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ot all kinds
W. E. RUMniNQ,     B3
3  WI   Mas  n...ss>.
Proprietor,  ?.&„..*•
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. ii
Kodaks, Films, Etc,
J   Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safes
nre trowi on....      -^—————
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully diapeaeed. Open
day and night.
Oar r Inter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Etc.
Muneyto Loan.
Member Can. Society or Civil Ktigiiieern
Member Institution of Electrical Kugitieerfl
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. O. Bor 357
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
fonale.  i-'urs made, altered, cleaned and stored
341-1 Jolin.on St.,        -        Victoria, B
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread,   (lakes and pastries of all descriptions.    Fruits   in
David    Murray,
Buller Street, •       Udysmlth
Shop will be open every Thursday
Friday and Saturday.
McAdie and Son
Undertakers and I'tubalincra.
Telegraph Orders promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent. .Telephone No. 1.(2.
NANAIMO,      -      -     -     B.C.
W. H. MASON, .
Conveyancer, Notary Public, Real Eatate,
Firs and Life Insurance Agent.
Ships' papers a specialty.   Forty years'
The Esplanade,     -     Lady smith t B.O.
ARE  YOU  INSURED?    If not
get insured at onre, for it may be
too late tomorrow, I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you at a moment's notice at
the IowfbI possible rates. All leading
companies charge tlie eniae rates. Don't
be milled into Insuring with a cheap
company—it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0, Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Egg! and Freih   Vegetablei supplied
Daily. Leave orden at tbe pott office.
Successors to Htlliert & Sons.
Funeral Directors and Kinbalniers.
Open day and night.
Orders by Telegraph   promptly   alien il'
ed to	
Bastion St., Nans'ino.
Telephone lis. V. 0. Bos 39S.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs,
B. H. Johntton, Vlctorii, hai Iho
finest tileotlon ln the province. Bee
umplei at Loiter 4 Hsmburgir'a store.
Prlcet and estimates cheerfully given.
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest paper In the Northwest.
Weeklv edition a complete record of
the world's news lo date. Sport,
poiitlcs, Boclety, women i, interests,
young folk's department, literature,
Bcience, art, mutic,
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kind! ol heavy teaming done
Wholstsls snd Retell Dealere In Hesti,
Poultry   and Vegetablei.  Gime in
eston.  Shipping orden sttsndid to on
bort notice.
Tlie Crescent Hotel
Wm. Ilepple, proprietor,
Flrst-clati accommodation! lor minor!
and trantlents.  None but
Ths Bsst Wines and Llqusrs
■erved at Iho bar.    Gin ui . cell,
Cor. Viotoils ltd A Commercial gt.
NANAIMO.     -     ■■■■    B.C.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent,
_ Offices™
The Esplsasde,  •  Lsdysmltti, B. C
Nor Qraad and Frsnk rlsttlt.
Provincial Government Wlll Garry
On Business Securely.
(Special correspondence of The Leader.)
Viotoria, B, 0., Feb. 26.-Oo the flnt
test of etrengtb in tho Legislature last
Thursday, a lest Bought by, Mr. McBride and hii followers, the government
easily demonstrated its ability to carry
en tbe affairs oi tbo couutry supported
by a good wurking majority. The ma*
jorlty on that occasion was two, but of
the four absentees, two are strong government supporters; so that tbe government Is perfectly life from the machinations ol Mesirs. McBride and Co.
But there ia no question tbat this
majority will bo considerably augmented
before the session haa laated a fortnight.
More than one of the Bo-called opposition
haa intimated that he is far from pleased
with tha manner in which the operations
against tho government are being carried
It is also evident lhat Mr. McBride,
the chosen leader ol the eection of the
member! who arrogate to tbemselvea the
title of" opposition," lias much to learn
in tbe art and myitiry ol leadership.
His extreme youth and want of experi-
ence, hii deficiency in organizing ability,
his want of a definite policy, are but
poorly counterbalanced by a certain
fatal facility of speech, and a bonhomie
which liaa won him, but it ia to le
doubted: will not bold ior him, friends.
The premier's rencontro with Mr,
Harry Lelmcken waa interesting, and
it .certainly did not strengthen Mr,
Helmcknn'i poiition. He lias proved
himself tb lie anything bnt a friend wbo
could be trusted to stand fait with hii
party, and consequently Mr. Helmcken
occupies a position in the house not unlike that filled by Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwaite.
The Labor member for Nanalmo and
Mr. Smith Curtis eeem to mako one
little party by themselves in the house;
no doubt.tbey will find it adviasble to
affiliate v, itli eome one of tbe numerous
bronche'! of Ihe opposition before the
session is much Older.
The speech from the throne hoe met
with general approval, and in tbe opinion
of most people, if tho promisee tbero
made are fulfilled the province is bound
to make satisiactory progress.
Important work ia expected to be
brouuht forward thia week, and lively
debates are looked for, especially as it is
learned that the faction led by Mr. McBride intend to adopt Farnell tactics,
and block and obstruct busiuesa ae much
Hon. Jotepb Martin snd the strong
party in the houie wbo accept hie leader-
ship, really hold Ihe balance of power,
and will assuredly make tbeir influence
felt very early,
Mr. Richard McBride, M.P.L., leader
of the ao-called oppoiition in tbe Legislature, oeems determined to prove the
truth of Ihe epithet applied to him on
Monday afternoon by Hou. Joseph
Martin, The member for Dewdney pre-
oipitated a conflict by usurping Hon.
Mr, Martin's chair, and Hon. Mr,
Martin ia hardly the kind of man to
itand impertinence ol that sort. He denounced Mr, MuBride aa a blackguardly
trickster lor taking hit teat. The
ipeaker had not taken hia chair then,
bnt after lie had done ao the row wai
reiumed, Mr. Smith Curtis committing
lavage assault upon Mr. Martin.
Messrs. Mclnnei, Giluiour aud other
members thiew themselves upon the infuriated member from Hoaslaud and by
main itreugtb pulled him off. The
ipectatorB ia the galleries Btood up and
howled lu their excitement. After tbe
riot bud been quelled Mcllride apologised
lor bi, disgraceful conduct, He con.
tinued to ait on Hon, Mr, Martin'a desk
nntil the home rote. The seat! have
Qtvr been arranged—McBride, Hon. Jos.
Martin, Curtis, Munro, etc.
Victoria hyc.oleolion has been pott-
poned from tbe 10th to the 15th,
it it alleged that Mr. Gordon Hunter
h.aa been offered tho attorney-general-
Miners' Union of Nanaimo Deals It
a Staggering Blow,
Nmalmo, B. C, Feb. 2d.—(Special)—
Last Saturday night a meeting of Nanaimo Miners' Union wai held, when tbe
yearly election of officers took plsce.
There was a very large attendance. Tbe
voting for the secretaryship resulted in
a terrible surprise for tbe Smith supporter!. Mr. John Fraaer, one of the
most popular young men in Nanaimo
received 70 votes, while Ralph Smith
just laved his bacon with 80, The remit
caused quite a leniatlon.
When it il remembered tbst Mr.
Fraser Ib a young man, that no ipecisl
efforts were made by his friendi to secure i meeting largely in hit intereiti,
but that on the other hand the Smith
faction worked hard sll tbe week to
pack that meeting, tbe remit ii moit
Again, two ol the tailors ol Tooley
itrest, Ralph Smith's blindest and most
unreasoning supported, Mr. W. Smith
and Mr. Neil McOniih, were "turned
down" mott ignominioutly. Mr. W,
Smith bai been treasurer of the nnlon
lor years and years, and hit defeat wai
even more of a surprise tbin the
practical deleat oi Ralph Smith. Mr.
W. Smith, who Ib a particular friend ol
Ralph's, waa defeated for three different
offices, bo he can be in no doubt li to
the opinion of tbat meeting on th*
Bubject of Smith. He was one ol the
anthon of the celebrated telegram 10
Ralph Smith st Ottswa: "Come home,
our honored chieftain, and we will elect
you," followed by the eignaturea of Ibe
three tailors of Tooley street.
It is hoped here by all who have the
beet intereiti'of Nanaimo at heart that
it will not be long belore tbe curie of
Smith rule will be lilted irom thil city.
The greatest delight was expressed
throughout the town on the result ol the
voting being annonnced.
Mines Opened and No Fire Found-
Good Prospects.
On Sunday a number ol men entered
No. 2 slope and went down as lar al the
water, which ii shout fifty feet from the
top of the slops. The fanl were started
and no evidence oi any fire wat found
anywhere. The woik ol pumping in the
water ceased on Sunday morning,
Entrance wai alio effected into No. 3,
and there alio the moat favorable condition! were found. On Monday evening six men were put to woik to clean
up and timber. There il a considerable
cave-in not lar from the entrance to the
slope; otherwise the mine ii in excellent
order. Mora men will be put to woik ei
the water recedei. Miny believe thst
owing to the very istiifaclory state ol
tbingi in the mine everything will be in
lull iwing again si it wsi before tbe dliaiter. by the end ol March.
The public srs wsrned not to place any
reliance in tho deliberately nutrnthful
reports of thli matter appearing in the
Nanaimo newspapers. The Leader'!
etntementi regarding tbe No. 2 flooding,
published in last lime, ire corroborated
in every detail by the officials at Extension.
Remains ol Timbermen Griffith and
Southcombe Recovered.
Siilo ol Work and Couesrl.
. Under tlie autplcei of Iho Ladies Aid
Society a Sale of Work >nd Concert wai
held iu the Preeby terian Church, Exteniion (Tunnel) on Tuetday the 18th,
lust., the object being to delray tbe colt
ol the church organ. Thanki to the unflagging Mil end. devotion ol the L. A. 8
the prooeedlngi sll through wen highly
successful. Nearly $100. were lealliid,
—more then the moit laugujne anticipated. The concert was molt enjoyable,
The matrimonial duet given by Mill
Heard and Mr. Thomas ol Ladyimith
being highly appreciated. Last July the
Presbyterian Congregation had neither
church building or organ, now have
both and tree ol debt.
Ou Monday afternoon the mm working in No, 2 ilope found the bodiei ol D,
D. Gilfflth and George Soutlicorab., A
metallic casket wis lent up on Tuesday
to oncollin the remains oi Griffith whose
funeral takes place tomorrow it Nanaimo
under direction of St. John'! Lodge, No,
21, A. F, & A. M, He wsi s nitive ol
Wales, and aged 33 yean. Arranges
menti are being msde lor the lunersl ot
G. Southcombe.
When you want scything ia tllvir-
ware, look in st Lively'! the Fint Av*.
jeweler; he hat a great itock, sud the
prices are right,
Now it tbe time to get yonr job printing done. The Leader can quote yea
the lowest rates on all eorti of bill htadi
letter heads, cards, circular!, tick.!.,
statements, etc,
Description of the American Ship
Edward Sewall.
Lying st Ladvimith wharves ii the
largest and finest sailing ihip tbst ever
vliited tbii port, the Edwird Bewail of
the famous Sewsll line, of Beth, Msine.
She ii s litter ihip to ths Arthur
Sewsll, and belong! to the line which
owni the three largest tailing ven.il in
the world, the Roanoke, Scaqnebanna
•nd the Shenandoah. The Edward
Sewall was launched two yean sgo, snd
since then hii been continuously end
profitably employed in fhe carrying
trade, eipeoially in tsklng mgir from
Hawaii to New York, and general cargo
from that port to the Pacific. The
Sewsll ia built throughout of iteel, even
to the masts, lower yardi, bowsprit and
deck houses. Even the deck! era of
■teel sheathed with timber. Ths arrangement ol the deck bourn with connecting bridge! across tbe intervening
apacea and running from quarter deck ta
foreesitle ensblei ths crew* to work the
■•ill in heavy weathsr without having
logo on ths msin deck, a great ad-
ventage. The uie ol white psint everywhere shout ths ibip give! her a .mart,
clean appearance like lhat cf a man of
w.r, F.w nilieg ihipi' dicks and
quarter! are io nsst snd tidy at thote
aboard tbe Sewall.
Tue dimensions are vast. Shell 330
It. long; breadth, (moulded) 45- it.;
depth (moulded) 27It.3in,; 2016tons
net register; 3,200 ton! gross. Csrrylng
capacity 5,500 toni deadweight. Bha
ipriadi 13,000 yardi ol c'anvai; snd with
lair wind mikei 13 to 14 knots. She ha.
frequently gone over 300 mllei in a day
Tne Bewail carries • crew ol 34 .11 told;
22 belore tbe toast and 4 boyi. Ths
officer! srs Captain B. Quick, thru
mitei snd s boatswain.
Everythingabout thuhip il thoroughly up-to-date, even to th* powerful
•team engine amidahipi, uied for all
tort! ol work, from hauling hawten to
pumping water, The accommodation
for theorew li sn immense improvement
upon tbe old-time lo'c'ile. The men's
qusrten ere In s commodious, well-
lighted snd well-ventilated deck house
lorwsrd, which II most comfortably
fitted out; very different from tbe stuffy,
cramped, evil-smelling aad gloomy
hatch in the bowi formerly allotted ta
Jack. The galley ia alio quite modern
ia iti arrangement! and appointment!.
Forward in the bowi ii the farm yard,
where pigi .nd poultry remind the tare
of the joys ol country life. Ta* Interior
olthe vessel looks like a great pablie
hill, to luge ii the cargo spsee. At tea
the daily observations ar. taken from
th. top of on. ol th. deck houiei amidships, where tbe blansel. Is placed, u
being the ipot moit equally influenced
in the whole ihip. Alt la the wheel
home ii snother specially adjusted corn,
pen, one of L-trd Kelvin', numevon.
niuttesl inventioni. The steering (Mr
ii alio a very clever invention, tb. pow.r
irom wheel to rudder being transmitted
through a powirtut icrew, equalising
the action in all weathers. The officer!'
quarter! are model, ol comfort ud
•legance, Thi captain', acconimodationi
in particular, reminding one ol • mite in
s flrit-clsii hotel. Tbey ere fitted with
every comfort, and inch quarter, must
help to rob long voyigei cf moit ol their
terron. While Captain Quick il the
nominal commander ol the Sewall, tha
real "bon" li Muter Quick, aged two;
a very imperious and uneompromlsing
gentlemen. Captain Qnlek ii accompanied on sll bii voyages by Mrs. Quick
and the little boy.
Th. Tree Snaellsr.
Victoria Ooloniit publUawd oa Son-
day an interetting illsssttated descriptive article oa the pieposed Tyee imeiter
st Ladyimith, ta ths lorm ol an interview wiih Manager 0. Llvlngiton, ot the
Tyee Mining Company, and im bodying
neirly all that Ths Leader has publiibed
snout thst comisg laduitry.
Then ii nc doubt list ths .miller
will be built, sad on sn .vsn larger scale
then wsi at tnt announced. The Leader learn, that contract, hav. alnsdy
beta lit lor timber! required, end that
lbs work will be started in the comiag
ipriag. Thi Ooloniit lays thst about
100 mm will be employed at tha imeiter.
A Grand Calico Ball will be held to
the Oddlellowa' Hall on March 17th under the auspices ol the Rstbbone Sitters
of Lidytmith Temple No. 5. For tha
beet dressed gent, gent'a umbrella, value
(5.00; belt dressed (calico) lady, 15,00
cash. Admission ,1,00 a couple; tar
tlagle ticket 10 cant,. Lunch will b»
provided for 25 cent, extra.
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
umbia hat reached that depth ol folly
■orry indeed will be her caae.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
rke Leader Building;, corner of First Ave. and
Franco. Street, I,sdysmllh, British Columbia,
Br Hail in Canada and Unitrd states.
Oseyesr (atrictly In advance) p«
Ik month, (strictly ia advance)'.   i is
TRANSIENT—first insertion 10c. a Hue; each
■utMequcnt insertion sc. s line.
Kate, oa application. No wood cuts used.
Cats for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THS LEADER will be found at the following
Ladyamllh-The Leader Office; The Ladysmrlh
Nanaimo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Provincial Library; and
V.acouver-Pubtic Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
AU change. In advertisements must be received
at thi. office before la noon the day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to thi. office.
All Job work strictly cosh on delivery.
Transient sdvertisements cash in advance.
Poiilbly the fiction in the Legislature
led by Mr. Richsrd McBride, era new
tttiifled that Ihey sn powerless to
bring abont the catastrophe which an
other election in thil province would
mean, The"governuient will carry on
thebuilnen of ths country supported
by . good working majority. Th. only
court* left to Mr. McBride and hii following, li to pursue a policy of obstruction, aad Irom what we knowol
the gentlemen, this li exactly wbst they
Wetruit thst ths people will follow
with attention th. course of thoie
person! in the home, snd whsre they
And them depsrting from the lines of
fslr opposition snd offering merely
factions obstruction, to liinify their die-
ptessure. Britiih Columbia's legislature,
unfortunately, already enjoys a moat nn*
•nvllble notoriety for .thia childlihnen.
Fsblie .pinion unequirocslly expreiied
would sppssr to be the only cure for the
evil; and this we hope ,will be forth-
The prennt government boss good
record ol service rendered; their pro-
gramme as announced in the home
on Thondiy, will bur elimination.
The policy outlined !■ worthy ot the approbation ol tho people, No doubt lt
will receive tbst. Net a few ol the
member! of the opposition ere fsvorsbly
disposed towsrd the government; snd lt
ii vsryldonbtlul I! Mr. McBride will be
able to ssducs sny of those gentlemen
from the plain psth ol duty to the belt
interim ol thi province, which we un-
hnltstlngly ballets to be the policy
enunciated by the government.
What baa Mr. McBride to offer thst ii
tatter or more sensible then the prennt
.government programme? Mr. McBride,
see fsaoy, will hivs enough to keep him
buiy in the attempt to prove to the
people ol Britiih Columbia thst he ii
not s mars agitator, eigsrly seeking hii
ewn advancement at the expense ol the
good of the province. He Is already
under grave mipiclon. Goulp unci-
ates hii name with smbitions towsrd
ths premlsrihip.   Whin Britiih Col.
It ii sn axiom thst the euence oi wsr
Il violence, snd thst moderation in war
li imbecility. Herein lies the best argument lor the moit vigorous prosecution
of the wu againit the Boere. And,
paradoxical ai it may leem, the excesses
which are charged againit Ihe Britiih
army by continental critici (snd wbieb
hsve been utterly disproved by competent vtitneiies) would be fir leu reprehensible than the moderation which,
unfortunately, ii actually being
practiced, and hai been practised from
the beginning of tbii war.
Bitterly and to their besvy coit the
Britiih hsve lesrned in tbii protrscted
wsr, thst the field ol battle, the military
campaign, are neither the place nor tbe
time to thow moderation. Had cur
general! in the beginning of tbe war
acted upon the examples supplied to
them by fir greater Britiih general! ol
bygone timei, they would have itruck to
annihilate, and long ere thia South
Africa would have been united under
the Britiih flag.
Marlborough and Wellington, our
grestiit military commsudere, never
dilly-dallied with the enemy; they never
failed to follow up sn advantage won,
snd florcely punning the shattered battalions ol the enemy msde each victory
a decisive trlnmph. Thia is not only
win lor one'i own lake, bnt it ia actually merciful to the enemy, because it
obviates many conflicts which would inevitably take plsce were the enemy lilt
in s poaition to : reorganize his lorcee,
Had the conqneit ol our Indian Empire
been in the hindi ol somo ol tbe generals
who have been entrusted with the
conduct ol tbe war in South Afrlcs, the
•mill Britiih lorcei would hsve been
driven into the ie. or cut to pieces
Tike tbe sanguinary battle of Sobraon
al nn example of a hard-won victory
being followed up properly. There was
s little srmy ol British numbering
fifteen thouiand againit s well-armed
snd strongly entrenchtd host ol thirty
thouisnd Sikhs, one ol the moit gallant
tribei of mountaineers in India. One
eiter the other tbe entrenchmente were
itormid and taken by the Britiih, who
at last drove the Sikhs off the field, the
nstivci loting 13,000 killed ln action,
Did Sir Hngh Gougb then lit down to
reit, snd lerve or 1 comfit! snd cocoa to
hii mm? No, thoie were the diyi when
Britiih generals ud loldiere itruck
home, undeterred by the declamation!
ol Exeter Hill. Uediihed ecrou the
Sutlej with hii srmy snd completely
scattered snd broke up the Bikh power;
a nsl, s glorious victory.
Oenenl Kitchener ihould be allowed
to finish tbe Boer war on military
principles—lt would be a merey to the
Boen themielvei.
Alva in tho Netherlands committed
deeds wbieb cause the modern reader's
blood to run cold, even after the lapse
of three centuries of tiuio since thote
things happened. Carles and Pizarro
lei tho Conqulatadoree not only to the
subjugation of Mexico nud Peru, but to
the practical extermination of tbe
ancient races who then inhabited those
No other eoldiera of Europe, nay, of
the world, ever rivalled the Spaniards in
ferocity and cruelty. They presented a
living contradiction to the proverb that
" ihe bravest are the tendereet;" for no
troopo ever displayed more dauntless
courage than the Spanish bands under
the great leaders we havo mentioned I
yet, ae we have said, none ever excelled
tbem In the infernal Ingenuity of
tortures upon the hapless vanquished.
Very unpleasant to the English mind,
are the characteristics which Bcem to be
peculiar to the Sptnlard. With all
their grand manner!, their lordly
courtesy and affability, tbey have ihown
in tbe put, ai they are Bhowing In the
present, s capacity for inflicting pain,
and lor enjoying it when Buffered by
others, which ii revolting to tbe Anglo
Saxon, Nothing in the nnnali of the
Teutonic race can he compared with Ihe
conduct of Pizarro toward the unfortunate Atahualpa; orot Oort.B toward
the Mexican princce and princeeaeB;ol
Alva toward hu prisoners in Holland;
ol Weyler toward the Cuban people,
The Spaniard doei net fight for fun.
Even when it il necessary to ihow
severity towpid his on 1 kith r d kin
slaughter seems to him to be the "aeiett
way oi settling tbe account. Iu the
grim fact lhat "dead men tell no tales'
and have no complaint! t, make, tho
Spaniard tnkea no little comfort.
But could anything else bo. expected
Irom a people who, in this oLllghlenetl
age, still derive the keeneit delight from
witnessing the dying agonies of bulls,
honei and men, butchered lo make a
Spanish Sunday afternoon pass
pleasiuilh ?
Quite the moit shocking itory which
hu appeared in the press lately hu been
thit describing the conflict! between the
rioter! it Bircelona, in Spain, snd the
military. Inwbstotbsr country would
the authorities conceive ol inch
fiendish method ol quelling a popular
tumult •■ by the uie ol artillery at
close rsngs in itreeli crowded with
human being!? The ferocious cpi.it
which his diltinguiibsd the Spmiard
lor ill ths centnriei during wbioh hii
exploits hsvs been chronicled in hlitory,
lesmi to be si much alive today si it
wsa wbsn Spsin was tha dominant
empire of the world, and the soldiers of
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able number in n meeting of 15rl. Will
Mr. Smith be as good as Ills word? We
Blinll be mightily surprised if he io. It
will be a Btartling nrvelly.
f <rWe?\<e
I,1*s»w^ir*L'nirTii"i'aitil;'  '
A. W. Neill, M.P.L, Supports ihe
Contention of Walter Jones.
At a public meeting in Victoria Hit
week, when the board of trsde conferred
with a number of prominent men on the
subject of the proposed railway to
Alberni, Mr. A. W. Neill, M.P.L.;
pointed out that the rniul could not
possibly run by way of Nanaimo; there*
by sustaining completely tlie position
taken by Mr. Walter Jonea, of I.sdy-
Btnith, at tbe oltiusns' meeting here on
Monday the 17th instant.
Probably no man In tho country
knows more about the country lying
between Alberni and the Ksst coant
than Mr. Jones, and his judgment baa
been confirmed by Mr. Neill, who also
knows the country well,
Everything appears to point to the inevitable result that the eastern terminus
of that road must be at Ladyemith,
which seems destined to lo British Columbia's moat important shipping port.
The attention of the province ie now
centred on this town, and the advent ot
the Alberni railway here would probably lead to great industrial developments.
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No industry in this province renins h
as to have s fairer future than that of
agriculture. With the steady growth of
population in town and country, the
farmeie ere bound to find a wider scope
for tbeir energies. Those who are now
importing tbe beet grade! cl itock are
acting wisely; their reward i, sure.
"Socialism is organised co-operation,"
lithe lateit definition ol the cult. II
tbat be bo, then socialism haa achieved
s wonderful victory In England, where
the organised co-operative system lias
attained msrveiloni proportion!. Thin
ii not the liigbtsit doubt, judging by tbs
figure! and facti publiibed, thit cooperation there has lion successfully
That war Is net good lor commerce,
particularly while wsr li going on, ii
proved by the atate cl thing! st Durbsn,
The unclearsil cargo waiting to be lint
up country, ii repreiented by a solid
mass three milts long by • qnarlerofs
mile broad, end the height oi the heap
il Increasing daily from iheer lick ol
literal accommodation. Score! ol cargo
ihlps are waiting their turn at tbe slip,.
Tlio clearance ol the goodi will occupy
•n army oi clerki leveral month!.
All mm who have attained to eminence
io their profession are distinguished by
mine peculiarity which, in a mtitore,
explain! their lucceti. We wen not
mrprittdto learn tbat thst splendid
cavalry lesder, Genersl Fnncb, il almost insensible to bodily fatigue, and
tint liter the longest end hardeat day
intheiiddle, he csa lit down to ir
•mount ol writing thst would sppit any
clerk fresh from breskfsit. He cm sin
dlir.li! snxisty finm hii mind st the
•Ion of tbe (lay, nnd attack with un*
clouded mind the problem! which in to
confront him next day.
CopvaiOMT. 4e.
Anrono sending a .ketch and dMtrlptlon ns,
onlcHIr nKorulii nnr opinion rnro whether an
itsbte. Comrounlrn.
s probably patent
 .Jreonfldentfal. II,	
act Iroo. Oldest iwoiicy for socurtngpat,
I'ulimt* taken through Munn A Co. rsoslrs
rpflttl notice, without cliarso, lu ths
Scientific American.
A Imniliinmelr lllurtratetl weoklr.   I-Slirast dr*
fulittiun <>f 'iiiy- ndcntlUft ionrnal.   Tents, 13 ft
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Smith his now a splendid opportunity
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It. Outline Remain, an Unparalleled
Idea In Architecture.
The greatest of the architectural en*
terprlscs Michael Angelo wns culled upon to take up was tbe completing of
Bt. Peter's, nnd he devoted himself
through pure obedience to tbls tusk,
refusing all compensation, offering his
unpnld services lu tbat way both to
his master and to tho service of religion.
He bed to struggle against the opposing ideas of tho architects in charge
of the monument, who held by later
plans than those of tho first deviser,
and their enmity and misapprehension
of whnt was best aimed at a continual
thwarting of nil bis Intentions. Ho
managed, however, to bring back tho
building to its original plan, that of
his greatest enemy, Bramanto, upon
whom he has left this noble Judgment.
"It cannot bo denied," sold he, "that
Bramanto laid tbe first plan ot St. Peter's clear and simple, and all who
have departed from bis scheme have
departed from the truth."
We have not the great cathedral as
. Michael wished lt, nor can wo see ln
lt tho creation of his genius. But tho
ono thing thnt Mlcbael Angelo left to
his successors ln tho work is tho cupola, whoso outline remains ns an unparalleled idea, as important a landmark
ln architecture as his other records of
achievement In painting and sculpture.
It Is tho mark of Rome nnd tho expression of Bome's grandeur. -
The Pelican Smiled.
There is n sly old pelican in Central
park which has an almost human way
of noticing whnt goes on about him
without seeming to do so. Tho other
day two herons ln the snnic cngo with
him fought over a fish. One had mado
tho catch, but tho other had undertaken to wrest tbo morsel from its
rightful possessor.
They squabbled over It like two boys
who have hold of tho sumo baseball
bat The scufllo brought them Into tho
neighborhood of tho old pelican, who
stood, apparently nslccp, with his big
bill tucked away under a Wing. Then
tho heron dropped its fish, mid the buttle wont on.
No sooner bud lt been dropped than
the great bltl came out from underneath tho wing nud the fish went Into
tho pelican's pouch. Then tho bond disappeared again. Tbo pcllcau wns
plainly asleep.
Wben ono heron gnyo up tho fight
and flow away, tbo other looked about
for the prize. It was nowhero to ho
scon. Tho keeper of tho bird cages solemnly asserts that ho saw a twinkle
ln tho eye which tlio pcllcnn opeucd to
give a glance at tho retreating hcron.-
Pccnllnr lto.es,
Ono ot the wnrs of tho roses, tho
fiercest nnd deadliest of them all, was
fought on a field where, curiously
enough, a roso peculiar to tho spot
grows or used to grow. It is n rare
plant now, and the reason Is explained
by Mr. Lcndnian In his account of
[Yorkshire battles, After describing
the terrible battle et Towton on Palm
Sunday, 1401, ho says: "I cannot conclude this story ot Towton fluid without an allusion to tho littlo dwarf
bushes peculiar to tho 'Field of the
White Koso nnd the Bed.'
"They are said to have been plentiful at the commencement ot this century, but the visitors hnvo taken them
away In such numbers that tbey havo
become rare. Such vandalism Is simply shameful, for tho plants are said
to bo unique nnd unnblo to exist in any
other soli. The littlo roses aro white,
With a red spot on tho center of each
of their petals, and ns they grow old
tho under surface becomes a dull red
color."—-London News.
car. Animals.
No animals whatever are found ln
the dry parts ot caves. Dampness or
a certain degree of molsturo seems to
be essential to their oxlstoncc. Under
the stones one finds white, eyeless
worms, and ln the damp soil all around
about are to be discovered blind beetles
In littlo holes wldch thoy excavate nnd
bugs ot ths thousand leg sorb Theso
thousand leg bags, which In tho upper
world dsvour fragments of dead leaves
and other vegotablo debris, sustain llfo
in tho caverns by feeding upon decayed wood, fungous growth! and hats'
dung. Kneeling ln a beaten path ono
can see numbers ot them gathered
about hardened drips of tallow from
tourists- candles. There in plenty of
crickets also.
A Varnlahlna Tl».
When varnishing wood, the work
mult be douo ln a warm room nt a temperature of at least 75 degrees F. At a
lower temperature tho moisture In the
air will give a milky and cloudy appearance to the varnish. On the otbor
band, at the higher temperature the
moisture Is not precipitated until tbo
nlcohol of the vnrnish has sufficiently
evaporated to leave a thin smooth film
of shellac. The durability aud gloss nro
dependent on this.
Mystery Both Ways.
Pauline—Just think of tho awful
things we know, about people whom
we don't knowl
Emcilno-Yes. Isn't lt wonderfull
'And Just think what the people whom
Ure don't know may know, about usl
Stimulating Contributions.
Mrs, Von Iilumcr-Tlio minister
preached tho most touching sermon I
ever heard.
Von Blumer—How, much did he
now They Aro Cnnirht and Pressed
Into Bricks For Shinning;,
Grasshoppers are being put to a new
use out In Nebraska. The farmers
have killed Incredible numbers of them
by the help of a machine which Ib perhaps tho most effective ever devised
for tlie purpose. It Is called a "hop-
perdozer" and Is nothing more or less
than a large flat pan with a small
amount of kerosene contained ln a depression In the rear part of lt. The
cootrlvauce, being attached to a horse,
Is pushed along In front of the animal as the latter Is driven across the
fields. Pretty nearly every grasshopper encountered jumps upon the pan
and Is promptly suffocated by the kerosene.
This Ingenious instrument has been
ln use for a number of years in parts
of the west, hut hitherto lt has not occurred to tho farmers to make any
use of tho dead grasshoppers. Most
commonly they wcro burned, though
some more enterprising agriculturists
turned a portion of them to account
as poultry feed. They found that the
lu-iis liked thorn exceedingly, for lt is
a fact that a grasshopper Is to a hen
what a canvasback duck Is to human
epicure—the very choicest and most
esteemed of delicacies.
Ilence the idea which is now being
developed on a commercial scale. The
grasshoppers, after being killed by the
hoppct-dozor, nre left ln windrows ln
the fields, where they are soon dried.
When they have been exposed to the
sun for a sufficient time to reduce
them to a properly desiccated condition, they arc gathered up with rakes,
shoveled Into carts and conveyed to
a shed, where they nro put Into a
press somewhat resembling an ordinary cheese press aad converted into
solid bricks.
Tho bricks aro shipped In quantities
to poultry raisers, who find this new
kind of hen provender most satisfactory, and they nre anxious to get more
of it Apparently tt is a great en-
courngcr of egg production.
It Is not necessary to grind tbe bricks
before feeding the stuff to the chickens, but merely to break them into
pieces and soften with water.—Saturday I'lveulng Post.
The I'e-kin.
A Breeder of the Single Comb Variety- Slnaa Their Praises.
The single comb Brown Leghorns
have earned the right to be classed
among tbe best utility fowls since they
have attained sufficient size to make
them valuable as a market and table
fowl. Tbls quality, comblaed with
their great ability as layers and tbeir
beauty, places tbem ln the front rank
as favprltes of the farmer as well os
of the fancier. They have been considered a nonsittlng variety, but that Is
not a fact In an experience extending
over twenty years I have found them
to make, excellent sitters and mothers.
Pullets batched ln May or June or
even so late as July wlll begin laying
by November or December, and they
need not be affected by cold weather,
but should continue to lay throughout
the season. Tliose hatched In February or March will begin to lay ln tbe
early fall, aad when the change from
warm to cold weather takes place they
usually cease laying and perhaps molt.
Consequently the early hatched birds
are not as valuable for winter layers
as tbe May or June hatched chicks.
These two months seem to be tbe natural months for hatching, as the
weather Is suitable for incubating tho
eggs and raising tho chicks, and at
that time nature provides the vegetable and animal food that is necessary for the rapid growth of tbe birds.
T|ie usefulness of tho Brown Leghorn female as an egg producer extends through a period of three or
four yean without any apparent falling off, and some birds five or six
years of age continue to lay well. I
have a bird of that age In my yards at
present that will lay as well as the
younger birds, bnt nS'S rule three to
four years is their average length of
It Is claimed by some that pullets
which develop large combs ore better
layers than those with smaller ones.
My experience Is that the chick hatched earliest develops flnt, consequently
she lays sooner and naturally has a
larger comb, but so soon as development takes place in tbe one with tho
smaller comb sbo wlll lay equally well.
lt Ib also claimed tbat certain types of
females wlll lay better than other
types. I cannot see any difference In
the laying qualities of the stout, short
hen and the more rangy one. The condition of tho stock is the main factor,
becauso unless In prime condition you
certainly cannot get the best results
The single comb Brown Leghorns
have taken their place among the general utility fowls because they produco
more eggs of larger size than the Asiatics and most other breeds and becauso they begin laying sooner, do not
consume so much time in sitting, are
hardy, caally raised, do a lot ot hustling and conaequently can be raised
at much less expense. — William F.
Brace ln Reliable Poultry Journal.
Tho illustration shows ono of the
"big kind" of Pekln ducks This one
was bred by William E. Knight Flih-
klll Landing, N. Y. The picture II reproduced from American Poultry Journal.
Fattening Poultry- la D.lclam.
Consul lloosevclt of Brussels gives
this interesting account of fattening
poultry ln Belgium: In fattening for
market at about three months old,
coops of peculiar construction nccom-
modato twenty chickens, They are
twenty-four Inches high, twenty inches
wide, standing on four legs three feet
In height The bottom is made of lath
so that the droppings faU through, the
top an adjustable board to allow free
circulation of air, tho front lath two
to two nnd a half Inches apart and the
receptacle for food a triangular shaped
wooden box. The food consists of
ground buckwheat mixed with milk,
forming a paste not too liquid and fed
twice dally. At noon milk or milk and
water is given them, If any refuse
to tnko tbeir food, they are not forced
to cat, but nro removed and killed, as
they wlll grow thin and lose their market value. They aro usually fed four
or live weeks.
Don* Well With Turkey*.
The farmer wbo Is always decrying
turkeys and tho expense ot raising
them will bo forced to admit that the
turkeys havo withstood the drought
better than anything elseon the farm,
and the food they have eaten he wilt
not regard as so much waited. He
will And that tho largo drove cf turkeya his wife has to sell wlll materially
aid the family when everything else
Is so scarce. Turkeys may be lower
ou tho market than usual, but I
doubt It Tbe scarcity and conseqaaat
high prices ot other meats probably
will keep up tho price ot poultry even
If there Is a large supply. There Is
always tho Thanksgiving and Ohrlit-
nine demand, nnd add to this the num.
bers required to grace feasts of different kinds and you wlll And tho turkey,
will bo In demand at good price..—
Mlas Bettlo 0.. Mackey In Reliable
Poultry Journal.
Feeding Bran.
Bran Is excellent for poultry, snd one
point In favor of bran Is that it con.
tains a much larger proportion of lime
than any other cheap food derived
from grain, and, as the shells ot eggs
are composed of lime, It Is essential
tbat food rich In lime' be provided, lt
may be urged that the use of oyster
shell! will provide lime, but it wlll he
found that lt is the lime ln the food
that Is most serviceable because It Is
lu a form tbat can be better digested
and assimilated than carbonate of
Clover Is also rich In lime, and when
a mess of cut clover and bran Is given
the fowls they wlll need no oyster
sheUi or other mineral matter. Do not
forget that in- maimer, however, all
kinds of foods should be used with
judgment If the hens have a free
range, glvo no food at all ns long as
they are laying, but It they begin to
fall oft let bran be the leading Ingredient of the foods allowed. In winter
tbe bran and clover are even more es-
sentlsl, a. the fowls cannot then secure
green food on the raugc.-I'oultry
Feeding Ground Boa..
Mr. L. wants to know whether to
feed ground eut bone In the mash or
separately, bow often, how much to
100 hens, whether It can be fed to
growing chicks. These questions have
all been a.swered several times within a year, but then are always many
new subscriber! for whom Information
muit be repeated. Green cut bone can
be given either in the mash or separately, but I prefer to feed It separately and as a separate meal or a "bite-
between meals. Wben hens are getting It regularly, they may lately be
fed sll they will eat ot It The quantity wlll vary with the composition of
the ether food. The usual estimate Is
two ounces of bone per hen per week.
It Is best to give It two or three times
a week, Green bone, If cut One enough,
can be fed to growing chicks with profit They need meat food, and there Is
certainly none bottor.-Farni Poultry,
Weight for weight oriental rubles
are valued tsn to twenty fold the price
of diamonds. Tho best coma (rem
pains, Ceylon and India.
The Turkey Croa.
Tho crop of turkeys, It Is estimated,
wlll bo fully 15 per cent short of lsst
year, or about 85 per cent of a full
crop. Last year wns con.'dered about
a full crop. Tho crop Is about the
same ns during the year 1808, pout,
bly n littlo larger. Report! ln nearly,
nil instances claim tho turkeys are
much poorer than usual thli year, and
tlie scarcity of feed, it Is argued, will
bring lu a large quantity of turkeya
of a poorer quality than last year.
Christinas turkeys sn likely to bring
good prices.     ... ......  ..'«.
Corn For Fowls.
D. A. Mount In Rural Now Yorker
says be thinks corn part ot tbe time
Is a good grain for fowls, even It they
do get a little fat on It He further
says: "An excellent toed for Light
Brabmas part of the time Is wheet In
the straw; they will hustle around to
get the grain snd lay right along.
Another breed I find takes on fat read-
lly Is the Plymouth Rock, while White
Wyandottes wlll keep In good condition
and shell out eggs with a feed ot lots
of com. The Leghorns snd Minorca.,
with unlimited range, could be fed almost wholly on corn and would do well
and ley nearly all the time."
Belgians Hot lo High Prised.
Belgian hares can now be bought at
considerably less than s thousand dol-
lsn per pslr. But that doei not Infer
that Belgians are not profitable.
B. C,
This beautifully situated town offers ex'
ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
Tlie Cheapside!
No Fire! No Smoke! No Water!
We ere offering tbe Ladysmith public snd surrounding!
bigger reductions than have ever been offered bstore. We
ere giving the stock a thorough ont cleaning and everything muit go at a big reduction, owing tbat we need sll
the room for our spring stock. Remember we offer you
'J. sll new goods right from the wholeaale houses.   We believe
£ that Ladyimith is entitled to fint ohoice.    We have a
5 lsrge stock of Dry Qooda, Boot! snd Shoes, Olocke,
$ Jewelry, Etc.
j. Weinrobe's
* General Store,
|     High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel    jj
lor a load of coal [or the same port.
Ship Edward Sewall wont alongside
'o load 2,500 tone ol coal lor Honolulu on
Barque Santa Clara has nearly completed her load for San Francisco.
Str. TellliB cleared for San Francisco
on Saturday night wills Iicr usual oarco
of Wellington   coal.
Sir. Victoria is expected in sgsin thla
week irom Frisco,
Str. Thistle called in Slonduy for n
cargo of coal.
Str. Amur touched at tlio wharves
last night to load bunker coal for her
trip to Skagway.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
When in Nanaimo don't forget to call st
J. Sampson'!, Commercial Street, and
■•t the new linn in
March 16th ii ths dste nt lor the bye-
election In Victoria.
Some important transfers of real citato are now in progress in Ladyimith
Mr. and Mn. Robin Dummuir viiited
Exteniion, returning on Monday morning's train to Victoria.
Lively, the leading jeweler, hai a tan-
itarium lor invalid clock! and watches,
Skilled doctoring makei beslthy time
Hon. Joieph Msrtin, W. W. B. Mcln.
nn, M. P. L. snd Mr. Stables of Osiilsr,
M.P. L. were in Nanalmo Ssturdsy
St. Patrick'! Night is to be honored
with a calico bill uader the sutpicei ol
Rithbone Siiten, Lidyimlth Temple, In
Oddlellowi' Hall.
The latest styles in hsir cutting snd
Dtsrd trimming st the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High street.
Good nie li being made ol the new
publie library, Mr, Jeisup hiving already iiiued quite a large number of
membership cards.
Un. B. Quick, wile of the csptsin ol
the American ihip Edwsrd Sewell, ac-
compsnied by ber little hoy, viiited
frlsndi at Ohemsinui on Saturday.
WANTED to pnrohaie on or below
Flnt Avenue, a lull sized lot. Address
with lull particulars ai to improvement!
or buildings, etc., to X. Y, Z„ Leader
Ur. & Mn. Q. W. Scott were "iur-
priied" by s lsrge pirty ol friends lilt
Friday evening. All present had a
thoroughly enjoyable time, ae the mr-
priie party cams well-prepared.
I.ndysiullli  Nlilai.lng,
ShipAntiope Cspt. Murray, arrvied
Sunday night from Kalui, Hawli, after a
pillage of 28 dayi. She ran Irom Hawaii to Cape Flattery In li dayi, wai
beaten back by advene windi; returned again and wsa sgsin driven back
to in. Sixteen days wen spent tbui.
The Antiope would have broken the record Irom Hswsii to Ladysmith conld
ihe hive picked up a tag on arriving
Johniton Block,      -     Ninsimo, B. C. |' Four-mailed icbooner Nicomsi, ar.
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145. rived irom Sen Frsnelico Saturday night
All kind! of npslring done st Lively's,., the Fint Avenue jeweler, neat
work, prompt delivery, correct prices
•Ir. j. grice,
Dr. McKechnie ol Nsnslmo, will tske
a post graduate courie in medicine st
Vienna, Austria. Dr. Hogle succeeds him
ai medical adviser to the New Vancouver Ooal Co,
Do you believe in year own goodB?
Then don't conceal the fact from the
public.  Advertiie.
The event of the season will be tbe
St, Patrick'! Night Bail in Oddfellows'
hall, given by the Rathbone Sisters.
Ball a dollar, lupper two biti extra.
It pays to get a good alarm clock,
Lively the leading jeweler, Fint Avenuo
sella no other, snd at reasonable prices,
Messrs. W. W. B. Maclnnei, snd Stables, (Osniir) M. P. I,„ visited the
cimp on Saturday, proceeding to Nana!
mo on ths evening trsin. They went
down sgsin to Victoria on the Sunday
afternoon train.
Fancy pins, sleeve-links, cuff-buttons,
chains, brooches, rings, bracelets, great
varisty in gold snd silver st Lively's tbe
Fint Avenue jeweler.
By the omission of the word "not" in
the repoit of Mr. Walter Jones's remarks it the citizens' meeting on the
17th init,, he wsi made to ny the very
reverie to what he did lay, He aaid he
had examined the freight charge! irom
Victoria and lound they were not higher
to Ladyimith than to Nanalmo.
Comments ol the moit favourable
kind are heard around town upon tbe
clever ringing ol Mr. W, H. Lively, the
jeweller, at the concert given by tbe
Laurel Rebekaha last week. Mr. Live'
ly'i ipeoialty la the comic long. He has
lew equals in the province in that difficult accomplishment.
For the information of the general
public who may be milled by tbe reck-
III! itatement! ol irresponsible papere
ignorant oi the facli, it may be stated
thst th. itopping in the tunnel at Exteniion, which ii retaining water poured
into No, 2 slops, I, not built ol solid or
any otber kind oi msionry but ol lumber supplied by ths Ladysmith Lumber
Cocos Island   Treasure.
DmtbuvOocos Island shares until
you Bee the Oompsny's full advertise'
ment in thia piper next Saturday.
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given oil all kinds of irou pipe work and. sanitary
plumbing. <
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        ■        Ladysmith, B. C,
Fancy    Dress    Carnival
Ball-and Supper
To be held in Social Hall, Oddfellows'
Building, Lidyeiuitb, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Tickets to dance and supper for Intly
and gentleman, $150; single tickets,
11.00; BpectatorB, 25c. No masks, Proceeds in aid of the Church of England
building fund, Ladyemith.
Amendment let, 1895,
Certificate of Inspection.
I have this day examined tie following
described milch cows belonging to Wm.
Ward, of Lidysuilth, Bud consider them
to be free of disease, vir.:—
1 pure bred Ayrshire.'
1 crude Ayrshire.
1 red and white Jersey grade.
1 black.
2 fawn Jersey grade,
The dairy premises aro situated at
Ladyemith, and the condition of them is
Dated at Victoria, this Slat d*yol
Deo, 1001.
Inspector ol Contagious Diseases (Animals.)
No. ]l,
I. O. O. r.
Mccls every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordinlly invited,
eun'ti.v&tvi^MMrtsm^ 9
All the leading brands kept by us.     None I
but the best imported.     We solicit your §
patronage. |
G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne, '}■
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lamp's Extra Pale Ale, |
St. Louis Beer. §
Playing Cards, all leading brands including |
Bee's. I
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers In
Liquors  and  Cigars.
I 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. g
Telephone No. i48. fc
Neither the Owners, Agents or Master
will be responsible for any debts contracted by tbe officers or crew of the
Am. Ship "Edward Sewall" while
laying in thia port.
R. QUICK, MaBtor.
Ladysmith, Feb. 10th, 1002.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  Between the B. C, Jobbing
and Confectionery Company, plaintiff; aud Hugh Thornley, defendant.
By virtue of a writ of fieri faeiaB issued
out "of the above named court, and to me
directed, I will Bell by pur-lic auction on
Saturday, the 1st day of March, 1002, at
10.S0 o'clock a.m., at the store lately
occupied hv the defendant at Ladysmitli,
the following named goods of  the defendant, that ie to say cigars, tobacco,
candy, eliow cases, pipes,  lea cream
churn, paper bags, stow, etc., etc.
Terms—Goods to bo delivered at fall
ol hammer, cash ou dcliverv.
Ladyimith, B.C., 21at Fob. 11)02.
Board of Examiners.
Notice is hereby given that the following constitute the Board of Examiners
for the Wellington (Extension) Mine
during the year 1002.
Appointed by II. James Sharp
2. Alexander Bryden
il, Alexander Shaw
(3, John John
Appointed by)
the Lient-Gov - John CunlilTa
in Council)
Elected by the II. Benjamin Ilerto
Miners (2. Sani'lKMotiialiaw
n,„. .,„■ jl. William Anderson
Alternates j.,_ ,„,,„ „,„,,
NOTE.—Alternates act as Members ol
the Board in the absence of those regularly appointed or elected to net thereon.
All persons interested may obtain lull
information by applying to the Secretary
to the Board, Mr. John Ounliffo, ol Extension, B, C.
Dated thia 20th dav ol Fehruarv, 1902.
Secretary, Department of Mines.
the owners 1
Alternates -
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0. O. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson1! Hall. Visiting. member!
aro cordially invited.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orden Ior mattren making st Mr.
I. Gould's itore, where eamplei can be
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner First Avenue snd Oatacre Street.
Cabinet work of all kind,.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
1 Weekly Post-Intelligencer
Seattle, Wash.
Xoliotl v enn afford to he without it. All the
telegraphic news of the week. lfarra, field, garden, spurt, society. Beautiful illustrations and
hull" tones.   Sample copy on application.
All For One Dollar a Yaar.
. -TO-
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,  Australasia,
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at the same price
aB cheap factory made. Come in and see,
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
Ai S. Ghristie,
First-class Sleepers on all
BOSTON, Thursdays.
TORONTO, Tuesday! snd Ssturdsys.
ST. PAUL, Tueidayi, Thursday! and
For pamphlets nnd all information spply
to any C.P.R, agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      VY. MoGIBR,
Agent, Victoria.     Agent, Nanaimo.
AiBt. Genl. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
-TRY   THE—-
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Delays, Yon Get Your
Answer Instantaneously.
Do you want to avoid that bneinen trip and thus lave time and money?
Do you want to order goods, and be Bun ol shipment to-day-
Do you want to talk with frienda at home?
Do you wish lor any reason, a personal Interview with psrtisi it s diitangj)?
Tben uie
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversation
To Nanalmo 15 conti
To Chenialnus 10 "
ToDunom 20 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Koenlg'i) 25 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (St-alhconn).,..,.,., 25 "
To Sooke Lake 80 "
To Golditream 85 "
To Victoria <0 "
To Na-snlobton 60 "
,    To Sydney, , 60 "
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words in a 1-4 of a Minute,
(Equal to 210 wordi In two minutes,)
Try the following 80 wordi i-" I did not telegraph, leering you were out ol town.
Could not spare the time to go up on train,   Host have your decision now,
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The l^eetder
io called you by telephone."
H. W. KENT, Gsnsrsl Supsrlntsndsnt.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 43.
Tralni leave Ladysmith sonth.bound, dally st 8.101. m„ snd on Saturdays and
Sundays st 1.52 p, m.
Train, leave Ladyimith north-bound, dally at 11.57 a. m., snd on Ssturdsys and
Sundsyi st 6,57 n.m.
Trslni leave Ladyimith lor Exteniion dslly except Sundsy at 6.00 a. m„ 2,00 aad
10 p.m., aad on Sunday! at 10 p.m.
Excursion Rates to ill Points, Good Saturday ind Sundiy
See, L. Courtney,     -     Traffic Mana* er


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