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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Jan 8, 1902

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Array 4^4'^if'f'f'<f'f>f<)''H''f'f>H''f*l^>HrT''f-f j;
Bickle's in Town.
Ladysmith Leader
Guaranteed—Bickle. $
VOL. 1. NO. 35.
I   I
$ ^ really don't know what to give!
- ....... i
| This is just what we hear so many §
I say at this season. Let us help you. |
I' We. have some nice Rattan Ware just |
I received, Roskers, Arm Chairs, Cradles j
| and other Useful Furniture just the I
I thing for young people starting out in |
| house furnishing and also for those J
I renewing their out-of-date furniture.     I
1 I
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and (latncre Street.
When Visiting Nanalmo Try
11, i. Mi
Merchant Tailor!
• Finest Merten and Clay Worsteds. $
i Fall line ot Imported Tweeds and J
[ Worsteds,    Flrat-claaa   workman- ^
• ship guraanteed. x
i First Ave.,  Ladysmith J
'I"t"l'lt"r*ll TTTTTT,H''rTt TTTTTTTTT
;      MARKET
|    Ladysmith, B.C.
| Robert Williamsoif. Prop.
++4++++++m+*»m4 Hm**
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
This now hotel has been comiortably furnished and Ihe car is up to date.
Beat accommodation for transient and permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
§ The Esplanade, • Ladysmith* B. G.
B«!«»8«S?8^?ai?88SSS!iSM.8!?iWi?iSJ, '»,';',:,',';',CT'iSKiW,'S5 5
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUmniNO,        - Proprietor, tj&gs
J. R sriim
Sign and Heuse Painting,
Graining, Paner Hanging endKal-
anrnlninif.    Kstlmatea git-en.   Set-
Iilaotioa guaranteed.
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Aiiiiunls And Deer Heads Mounted and
forsalc,  Furs made, altered, cleaned and stored
341-a Johnson St.,       -       Victoria, B. C.
The Nanaimo Steam Carriage Works
Stanley Cmlg, Proprietor, j
Is *he place to sat your carriage work dnne,   IIorsflBboelng, Miners' Hiohinei,
and every description of nirrinso work attended to promptly,
You gat a chance for the $150 rubber tired buggy for every dollar spent
, ,.mm+**m.-.♦♦♦♦♦♦+++♦♦♦■»-»-»♦■♦■■»
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispensed. Open
day and night.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney. N'olary Public, Etc.
.  iM'tncy to Loin.
Nanalmo, • • . p, rj.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
News Igent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner,
Ye Olde Corner,
Government St., Victoria, B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and lane; bread. Cakes and pal-
tries of all descriptions. Fruit caket a
pecialty for Xmas.    Frnits in season.
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulers
86 Yates St. P.O. Box 486
David    Murray,
Buller Street, ■       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
McAdie and Son
Undertakers anil Kmlinlmers.
Telegraph Order, promptly attended,
Parlor.,  Victor). Crescent.   Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 142.
NANAIMO,     -      ■     .     D..O.
If You Have Beauty, I Will Take It
If You Haven't, I Will Make It
Fort Street,
Victoria, B, 0.
Fire Insurance!
Why sol Insuri at horn, and iivi
Byinmrlng In tbe London Hnlnal, or
;    Ottawa,  Lowest possible rates,
D. Mcintosh,    •    Agent,
Wi Ha Mason,
local Agent lor the
Lady smith
Fir., LlfoTend Accident Inturance.
Notary Public.
OSes, Esplanade.
get Tntured at once, lor it may be
too late tomorrow. I repretent teveral
OLD and RELIABLE Companioned
can Intnreyouata mortient'i notice at
the I vweit possible rates, All leading
I eomp tolas charge the eame ratal. Don't
be mil'led Into intnrini with acheip
compel?*—it might be diar in the end
Wm.   K,   Leighton,
P, 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
John Barnsley & Co.
ctoria, B. C. |
 Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
PIm Proof Safes
Ladysmith Dairy
Nsw Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Ens snd Froth Vegetables tupplied
Dally.   Leave orders .1 tht pott office
rut t-roor sar...      mniiiisaaa_____r.cKiaKs, films, etc,  a.
Probability of This Institution Being
Established This Summer.
As is well known to tho people of
Ladysmith and Extension, Hon, James
Dnosmuir is very desirous of feeing- a
properly equipped hospital established
at Ladysmith, and he baa all alone
evinced the keenest interest in anything
connected with this subject. It ie now
learned tbat something will be done before long; toward putting the mailer on a
firm business bails.
Tbe merchant! to whom The Leader
hai broached tbe subject expressed
themselves as entirely In favor of having a first clan hospital in this city, and
have declared their willingness io assist
to the belt of their power. A site bae
already been selected on the top of the
hill, commanding a glorious view of the
Gulf and islands; and it ia ol easy approach from the level ground in the
lower part ol the city. BeBldes the fine
site therelithe bracing and salubrious
air of Ladyimith, just the thing lor convalescents and invalids.
From all The Leader has been able to
learn on the subject there it the best
of prospects for Ladysmith having a
first-rate, up-to-date hospital ready for
patients before tbe summer ol 1002 is
very old.
One of Nanaimo's Energetic Manu-j Meeting at Wellington Saturday
iacturers to Establish a Branch,
Nanaimo's Best Known Citizen
Passes Peacefully Away,
It came as a shock to many in Ladyimith to learn the sad news that Mr.
George Norris, editor and proprietor of
the Nanaimo Free Press, had died on
Monday morning, after a brief illness,
at the age of 57 years. Mr. Norris was
probably the beet known cltiten of Nanalmo, and be wai certainly one of the
city's most representative men. As the
editor of tbe Free Presi be wai known
from one end of the dominion to the
other, and he has left a place which It
will be almost impossible for his
snecenor in that chair to fill.
Mr, Norria had been in rather feeble
health for some month! back, but he re-
lused to cease work and kept at hit duties almost to the laat moment. He waa
at hit delk aa late as Friday last, and
when called up over the telephone by
the editor ol The Leader sent a cheery
Happy New Year along the line in the
old familiar voice,
Mr. Norria wai a native of London,
England, and came to this country quite
young. He lived in Ontario and the
United Stales lor some time bslore coming to British Columbia. He then settled at Victoria and for some years waa
fireman of the Colonial. Then he went
ti Nanaimo and established the Free
Preas, Hirst as a semi-weekly, later ai a
daily. The Free Press has the distinction ol being the only pioneer paper in
British Columbia which hai been owned
and raenrg'd during the whole course
of ill existence by one man.
Mr. Nsrrls was a perfect encyclopedia
ol local's oowledge, and had the history
ol Nannlino and vicinity at his finger
ends; ills tfHce was the Mecca of all
traveller, to Nanaimo; tharo all questions could be answered and all information supplied. With nearly every enterprise lor the advancement of Nanaimo's belt Interest,, Ihe deceased gentle,
man wai closely Identified; he was full
of energy, as is shown by Ihe erection of
the handsome brick block in which the
Free Press latterly lound a home. Had
he desired it he could have been mayor
ol tile city, but with the true journalistic Instinct kept hlmioll free from entanglements whloh would have taken up
ton muoh ot his time.
The Lesder joint with tbe people In
expressions of condolence to the bo-
reavtd family.
Mr. W. E. Humming, who li widely
known as one of tbe shrewdest and most
enterprising of the manufacturers doing
business in tbe City of Nanaimo, has
made up his mind that Ladysmith's
prospects are bright enough to warrant
him in seeking out a site for the erection
of a factory for the manufacture of ble
far-famed and dellciom aerated lever
ages here. With this object in view
Mr. Rtimming paid a visit to Ladyimith
last week, and it is understood selected
a suitable location for the proposed
The Lesder ie not yet able to do more
than announce to tho public the fact
that such an addition ia to be mad. to
the city's industries, bnt within a few
days the particulars will be made
known, Mr. Ramming, as is well
known to all citizens of Ladyimith, does
a very large business in aerated waters
and high-class "soft drinks," as they
are called to distinguish them from tbe
hard" liquors, which both cheer and
inebriate. Mr. Humming, who ie one of
the pioneers in the high-class aerated
water business in this province, is importing specially from England to Ladysmith a complete plant lor the manufacture of thoso beverages, and the
building lobe erected will be replete
with every convenience and improvement known to the trade.
Mr. Bumming has succeeded in working up a splendid businen not only in
Ladyimith but also all the way down
tbe line almost to Victoria, where hia
goods come into competition with the
Victoria article. Iu Ladysmith and
vicinity very lew other aerated beverages are used. With the establishment
of the factory here Mr, Ramming will
be able to cater even more extensively
and promptly to tbe waste ol bis numerous customers,
High Time one was Placed at Ladysmith to Accommodate Miners.
Successor, lo Hubert & Sons.  .
Funeral Directors and Embalmera.
Open dty and night,
t Orders b, Telegraph   promptly  attended to	
Bastion St., Nanalmo,
Telephone 134- P. 0.110x396.
Shortly a petition ia to be laid before
the residents particularly ot First Ave.
for assistance to lay a three plank aide-
walk from High Street to the Hotel
Portland. Thii would be a great convenience to all cittern.    ,
Unfortunately tbe fine poem which
Tht Leader had Ihe "Insure ol publish-
ing from th. pen ol Mr, T. J. Barron,
tbe principal of the Ladysmith Publio
School, in list issue, contained one
•light mistake, which Mr, Barron overlooked. This wai tha un ol the word
Queen initead ol King. With this exception the poem wat all that could be
desired and spoke to all true and loyal
Canadians In the genuine accents of tha
highest patriotism. The Leader hopei
to publish other pieces from tha gifted
I pen ol Lidyimlth'e eiteemed Principal.
Repeatedly The Leader has heard the
complaint from mining men tbat there
ia no mioing recorder at Ladyimith,-. in
spite of the fact that this town ie surrounded with important mineral areaa
and that tbe owners of claims have to
travel all the way to Nanaimo! or Victoria to record and transact other necessary business.
Tbe time has come when an office
ahould be opened here ao aa to accommodate tho important aection ol Ihe
population who laro interested in rst-
talliferous mining. In tbe bills behind
and immediately contlguoui to Lady,
smith are some of the most important
metalliferous areas in Vancouver Island.
Prospectors are out all the time, and
the amount of business done in connection with those claims would astonish
tbe public did tbey know it,
It li unfair to the claim owners and to
Ladyimith tbat thoie men ihoutd have
to waste time and money travelling to
the far end of the island to transact a
little official businesi that might as well
be done here, Then, when the smelter
Is established and the prospectors and
claim owners begin to bring their ore in
It will be an intolerable nuisance to
have to waste half a week lo do the
boelness required in recording.
Tho government would be doing no
favor but a mere act of justice il tbey
were to establish here at once a mining
recorder's office. Ladyimith will be
known before many more months are
paet as one ol the most important metalliferous mining centres in the Province, and surely some provleion ihould
be made to meet the needs ot the
miners. The Leader hopes to lee thla
necessary office opened within a few
At half past one on Saturday after
noon in the parlors of 'he Wellington
Hotel, Wellington, a well-attended meeting of the Liberal electors of North Nanaimo wai held to elect three delegatel
to attend the Convention to be held in
Vencouver on January 30th. Oo motion
Mr. Walter Jones took tbe chair and
Mr. Theo Brvant wai choien as secretary.
The secretary read the call from tbe
Provincial Liberal Anociation.
It wai moved by D. Murray, seconded
by D. Gourlay and unanimously carried
that:      ■
1. "Whereas thla meeting has been
called by Liberal! for Liberal purposes,
therefore be it resolved that no member
of any Conservative or any other independent party be allowed to take part In
Ita proceeding!:
2. Tbat this meeting endorie the
action of the Vancouver, Nanaimo and
New Weetminster Liberal Association
ia protesting against editor! ol Liberal
papers and members ol the Provincial
Llbsral Executive being admitted as
member! ol tbe Convention, and Sec, 5
ol the Provincial Executive'! letter.
Moved by D. Gourlay, seconded by
D. Murray that the chairman appoint
the delegatel.  Carried.
The chairman appointed Messrs. W.
G. Fraser, D, Gonrley and D. Murray ae
delegate! to tbe Convention.
Mr. Eastman of NortbfleM, said that
Englishman's River should bs represented by a delegate.
Mr. Fraser Immediately offered to
resign from the delegation in favor of an
Englishman'! River delegate, explaining
that there waa no objection if the delegate igreed to pay hia own expenses.
The offer was not accepted.
Moved by D. Gourlay, seconded by T,
Bryant that the chairman be appointed
as alternate delegate.  Carried.
Delegate Fraser then asked the meeting to instruct the delegation regarding
party lines. He urgod them to advlae
tbe delegation whether or not to vote on
party lines.
Mr. George Taylor, who nominated
Mr. Dlckaon at last election, moved, seconded by Mr. D. Mnrray that the delegates be instructed to vote lor paity
lines.  Carried.
Short apeechei were made by the delegate! and others. The meeting was
enthusiastic and harmonious throughout and diipened well satisfied.
Preliminary Work is Almost Completed, Building Begins SOon.
Contractor Macdonald and bii force
ol men who have been engaged on tbe
extensive area to be occupied by th.
new echool houie, have nearly finished
tbe work ol clearing away all tbe stumps
and rocks with which the ground waa
encumbered to a surprising degree. It
i, expected that tbe actual work ol
building will commence at the end of
thie week or beginning of next. Anyone who visits Ihe site oan now aee
what a splendid situation the new
■cbool ii going to have. Tbe view la
grand, one being able to see into the
gull and all over tbe adjacent islands
and channels. As the tower of the
new school ii to be lixty feet high it ii
sot unlikely that the top of tbe tower
will become one of the most popular
coigns of vantage in the neighborhood.
Tbe children will have a first clan
playground and the belt quality of
fresh air. It la expected that tho work
of bnilding the school will occupy at
least a couple of months, if not more,
ae Mr. Macdonald is going to do a sub-
•lantial job. When completed tbla
building will certainly be ono of Lady
smith' principal ornaments.   .
Secretary Geo.Wilkinson Discourses
On The Poultry Show.
Seising a suitable opportunity a representative of The Leader put a few
questions to Mr. George Wilkinson, tha
energetic and courteous secretary of the
Nanaimo Poultry and Pet Stook Society,
with a view to obtaining some useful
and interesting information for The
Lsader'a hundreds of readers throughout this and adjoining district. Mr.
Wilkinson il an enthusiast on poultry
and pet stock and tew men in Canada
are better inlormed on tbe subject tnan
.he. Mr. Wilkinson's remarks were to the
following effect:
In regard to the show, I think we are
going to have the largeet exhibition
ever held on the Pacific coast. All this
last anmmer and right up to now fanciers have been importing birds from
Eogland, United States and Eastern
Canada. It is a regular thing every
night to see the chicken men waiting
with anxious looks tor tha Joan rounding the point, and when ehe land, tha
ahlpmenti ol chickens then you see
tbe smiling faces. My brother and
myeell have imported a trio of Golden
Duckwing Ex Game, tbe male ot which
ie off tbe famous Captain Eaton'. £100
pair, also two trios of tbe very best
game bantams that can be produced in
the old land, and also the 1st, 2nd and
third prlas winners ol the Illinois state
fair in tne black aud game bantam
hens. In Exhibition names and ban-,
there will be keun competition. '
Also, judging from the White Rock,
that have been raised on the Five-Acre
Lots, I think there will be keen com. .
petition in those classes. Also in Barred
Rocks; I know we can exptct some
good specimens, especially from tbe
good old reliable from the hospital. In
Black Minorcas I bear Mr. J. Nicholson
has imported some Palace winner.. .
Houdans. In tbe French class, are alto
coming to tbe Iront In Nanaimo, and
will figure conspicuously in tbat part of
I hear that tbe Fve-Acrea ihronah an
old time breeder, are -pnttim, n,,.-p**«-- -
hot eiuff In the ■ >. Game and aasae
bantams, and Mr. Jont. Thompson baa
quite'recently imported some Irom Ens-  .
l.nd.and tbe United S ales, and a. ate' '
sure the old reliable in that class (SI,. ;.
Stonehuuse) .ill be putting some'hummers in.   We also expect some 200 hundred birds over from Washington, in- j
which there ihould be some splendid
In Ibe pigeon class the flying homers
will be the prominent feature, lor which i
there are eight classes provided.    In --
pigeon circles in'Nanalmo tha flying \
homers is tbe predominating variety, of
which I tbink there are 100 kept, so ■•■
there should be some very keen work,' -
and any old.time lancier ol the old land . .
who has not been keeping them since he
came out west, cannot afford to mil.
this splendid display ol  Ihe kingot
Canaries should also play a prominent
part in the exhibition, There wsa
a splendid display ol these leathered
pets last year, and I think there will be
some Improvement on it thie year.
For judgei we have secured two ol (he
but Canada can produce, io fancier.
should not neglect this chance to bare
their birds judged by prominent men
like these. Mr. J. E Bennett is reckon-
oned one ol the moit expert poultry
judges' Canada ever had. Mr. Ohal-
mers.for pigeon and net iteck, i, aln an
old-time fancier and an expert judge.
Attention Is called to tbe Government
Agent's advertisement regarding taxes,
also to tbe notice about the Court of
One ol Ladyimith's cillsani is mourning the loss ol a Sunday ihlrt, which
came to a sad end by being devoured by
a pet goat with a penchant lor laundry
work, A serious feature ol the case is
that the goat is not a member of tht
Ladysmith Government office is to be
enriched and embellished with a burst-
lar-and fire-proof eafe.
Gold, silver, gems, clocks; watches,
rings, bracelets, Lively has them all,
wonderful variety, price! right.
Bern spoons, pickle forks, sugar
shovels, gravy ladles, soup lets, cold
meat lorks, oyiler fork,, cream ladtoal
all II satin lined boxes, exquisite designs Anyhow, whst the F. P. calls a "scoop"
the very thing for a New  Yeir'i gift,, was no particular piece ol enterprise on
Lively, th. leading jeweler, j the pari ol the Newi.
Nanaimo Free Pren refers to a scoop
by? the Cumberland Newi on all the
southern contemporaries ol tbat paper,
"including the Ladysmith Leader,"
That won't do, venerable contemporary;
The Leader is content.,with a northern
limit of Nanalmo, leaving the papers
there lo watch tha northern beyond.
Association Now Looking for Mm
Suitable Quartan.
On Friday evening a hn.inets mealing of the Ladyemith Athle'le aisoeia-
tion wai held In the roomt, there being
a good attendance ef Ihe active members. All aoconnti agalnit the Association were passed for payment.
On motion it waa d-clded to give np
the present quarter! in Gnnld'. ball and
leek more suitable room's. Pending the
finding of the same Mr. Kent kindly
offered lo store the apparatus free ol
charge until the Anociation it initallcd..
in new quarters. The committee tp.
pointed to enquire ai to tha renting of
the Pavilion reported that they, had Nan
Mr. N!cholion;but it wis conildered
best, In the present circumstance., to
lay the matter over for a v'hlle,.
The athletic Associailoi Is, therefore,
now seeking a new home, snd until It
is fonnd the members wi 1 have lo eon-
tent themselsei with such iierclH aa
they can devlie.'; 35;
Ladysmith Leader
Welilugton-Extension News.
l'liblislieil every Weduead.y ami Satnrday al
The Lender Molding, corner ofl'irst Ave. and
French Street, I.udysmitli, lliitish Columbia,
Bv Mail is Canada and United States.
Oiieye.ir (strictly In advance) J. co
ix months (strictly in advance)    I 35
TRANSIENT—Eirst insertion 10c, a line; each
snbsequcnt insertion 5c. a line.
Rates on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage. Birth, Dealt] and Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
lime will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER mny bejobtaiued from the fol
lowing Agents:
Ladyamilh—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
N'nnainiu—E. Pliubury & Co.
Victoria —George Mnrsdeli;   Victoria Boole &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victorin News Co.;] Public Library:
Provincial Library*
Vancouver-public Library.
Nov Westminster—Public Library.
All changesiln advertisements must be received
nl this office before is noon the dsy before
Subscribers nol receiving paper regularly please
report to this ofTice.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
i'K<«'l,E   TO 1111   PITIED.
0; all the provinces of Canada British
Columbia ie making the greatest mess
of its home government. Tbe people in
this province do not seem to know any
hotter than a spoiled child what they do
want, and consequently such an ingenious gentleman as Mr. E. V, Bod well can
pn.=o ns a saviour of the people, and
"One Richard McBride" can strut the
pavement as a iiero who preferred private life to office, (but unfortunately forgot to resign bis seat in the bouse wben
he was forsaking tbo cabinet).
British Columbia hailed the advent of
the Hon. James Dunsmuir into provincial politics with considerable satisfaction, ns the ns.n-spapers of tho province
will show, il one have tbe patience to
turn up the files, Bnt tbat was nothing to the chorus of joy wben he accepted the premiership. The etyle of com-
mant nflii som.thlng like the following,
and even tho Vancouver' World, which
had just been fighting strenuously lor
Mr. Joseph Martin joined the other
papers in the note of approval.
"British Cojntnb'a may now look for-
ward to ii period of rest, because the
province has now at the bead ol affairs a
man whose interests are greater than
shoae of any other person in the province. It is entirely (0 his interest to
work for the intereste of the province,
and to Btrive to the beat of hit ability
to further ail plana tbat will redound to
the advantage of this grand, glorious,
beautiful bunch of natural reaourcei
known aa Britiib Columbia."
Or words f0 that effect; perbapa not eo
elegantly expressed in tbo peroration,
but the satno story. And so Hon. Mr.
Dunsmuir and his government reigned
in peace and so far as the statistics can
i-liow, with decided advantage to Ihe
Interest! of tbe province. Tha Hon. Mr
Turner went to E: gland and it became
necessary to pit!, a man in bis place al
finance minister. Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir,
ie:nembeiing the excellent lervios rendered by the opposition, and recognizing the sterling ability ol Mr, J. 0.
spirit that had carried him safely
through two years of rule selected that
gentleman for Ihe portfolio.
Then ihe underworld of partyism was
stirred to its malodorous depths. The
heelers saw that such a man ai Mr.
Brewn would never do for them; he
wai not pliable enough; he had too
muoh of the item unyielding Huff in
him which earned Mr, Joseph Martin
tbe implacable haired of every political
trickster in this provincr, The subsidy-
hunters saw their doom if Mr. Blown
entered the cabinet. Bnt more than all
those things, "One Richard McBride"
saw extinguishment lor himself and all
his youthful dreams of honor and power
if bis townsman entered that cabinet.
Tin-it- -jould be no room in the same
oio'n '', liirely in the same province for
two stii-li men aa John C. Brown and
Rich 11J McBride.
Tbe young minister prepared a melodramatic aoeolacle to add to the gaiety
ol nstionr, and after emitting a protest
that reads like a severely-diluted translation ol Kikero'a cratlon against
Catiline, he praccsd down th. front
steps of the Legislature Buildiuga and
out into the cold and rainy world. Many
and many a tims has "one Richard Mc-
Bride" been sorry for that egregious
pieos of foolishness, and longed to bs
back once more in front of the pay office with ths $333 33 gentlemen.
But the spectacle-loving public were
wild with delight at the splendid acting
of the young Roaciua, and    tbe    nobly
natriotio press of the province, which
has always been    euoh   an enormous
credit to British Columbia, (with a few
ahinlig exceptions,) clapped "Dick" oa
the b.ick aud swore he was   a    brick.
Then the lame  press which had, with
grovelling, adulatory phrases and spec'-
ous flattery, hailed the advent ol Hon.
j James Dunsmuir to Ihe premiership,
attacked him and bis ministers with all
the revllemanta of which it is undleput-
ed master.   The "Opposition" press allege, without proof or evidence of any
kind,all manner ol intrigue and sophistry
on ths part.'of the government ;reneirs the
I disgusting and temelesi abuia ef Mr.
Joseph Martin; perverts the truth;.lite
any pickpocket; lies because it dare not
tell the truth, and makes an exhibition
of itself before the Dominion   antl||the
world that forces the love.- oIJBritiih
Columbl 1 to wish that it bad no r rets at
Bnt ths press of British Coombls can
be left to stew ia ila own disgrace .which
baa bun accentuated by the resolution
of the Vancouver, New Weitnsiniter,
Nanaimo and Rossland Liberal Associations' resolution aneot the press—we are
sorry for the people. Tbey are to be
pitied. Rent into innumerable factions,
headed by selfish Incompetent!, each of
whom is madly jsaloui of all the otbeis,
and all actuated not by tbe noble sentiment of ."the greatest good to the greatest number," but by the narrowest,
meanest motives tbat can impel; men,
the people ara like a flock of wandered
sheep, Tbe picture is not sn agreeable
If the present government ;bs not silt
teinad in tha Legislature it will be a
disaster .for British Colnmbia. There
has beei more than a sufficiency of.thli
childish chopping and changing to allow
this, thit or t'other ixperimsnter ts
tr/hishani. Tho present government
il the best this province hil bad lor
many a year; tbe people will ha well advised If tbey sustain it and pay no heed
to the revolutionists who are clamoring
for office (and the spoils).
It li absurd to lay that Ihe premier
of tbe eager office-seekers; that i?, personal Hn/riuidieenieut.WiiJt is the salary
of that office to him? If he were n gel-
dull men be would not stand tho stupid
abuse that Is being hurled at him by
every blackguard who can write two*
syllable words correctly, and by every
political gamester wffo wants to see
Americans running this province with
British Columbia puppets in the cabinet
'offices. Nobody will miller more from
tbe disorder that will come upon the
province If the pretent band of selfish
demagogues succeed in their intrigues,
than Mr. Dunsmuir.
Let the people of British Columbia
think twice before they commit this deplorable act cf folly,
8. \M9.
Elbert   Hubbard,  the President of
Philietfa,says: "Every spirit mnlies
Ub house; but as afterward tho house
confines Us spirit; you had better build
How? ami docs it matter, after all,
whether the hoiu-e be a mansinu or a
hovel that coufltiee the clear epirit?
Whethorthe bodily tenement of that
fragmentary portion of the divine fire,
which we helplessly call intelligence,
conscious life, be weak and ailing,racket!
by pain and frail as a flower; or be rugged with abounding life; full of tbo
quick puleee of strength, performing
each function perfectly? Was the spirit
1 of Alexander Pope lees brlghtand strong
because It was encased in a body whoee
Infirmities en need him to write tho
much-quoted line:
"Thrurighout thie long disesne, my
ii'e." I
Did tbe foul (lend dyspepsia prevent
Thomas Carlyle frcm accomplishing all
that he could, end that nil as well as he
could? In fcliott, is ill-health ft bar to
genius or even to tho exerciee of (al*
ente? One is inclined to doubt it with
tbe lives of such mail ns W. II. Free-
cott, tho historian of the Bpnnlsh conquests, and of Park man tha historiim
of the dawn of civilization iu America,
before one.
Never was fteniuo more severely re
stulueuof iniuiitHbte beauty; so they
knew anatom/ aa well as any modern
professor, and so they rose to heights
of thought never afterwards scaled by
human beings with tbe single exception
of the hiBiia naturae, Shakespeare. Tbey
knew life better than your "praetie.l",
money-grubber with his ginger-bread
cynicism aud asinine cm.ceit. Lojiic,
philoBophv, the science of numbers;
poetry, sculpture (probably painting
and musle) physical culture, all flourished as tbey havo never flowered since.
Ancient Greece and her culture gleam
as a light of surpassing brilliancy snd
beauly across the horrid gloom of the
ages which come after tho extinguishment of Grecian civilization. From ail
we know of tbem the Greeks were a
I gay, clever, active race, and It was their
excellent physical training that made
tbem eo. How could it be otherwise
with a people who looked forward to
the Olympian games aa modern people
look forward to divUerd day? Half
the peevishness of present day people
arises from their want of physical training and exercise. We have no gospel cf
health as the Greeks had. Miss Agrts
Bspplier is right when she says:
'To appreciate tho Greeks is to understand the world."
Wm. Hcpple, proprietor.
Firat-cliiea  (tCTOinmoilHtitmij for mlneis
and transients.   None bin
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1 served at tbe bar.    Give un a call-
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For Seattle
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Ports, tike the Opposition
Sir." Stogie"
Sailing from Victoria, daily except Saturday at Da. 111.
E, E. Blackwood, Agt,,
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'  VOKEOflPlf j
Tim  L'oronalfon .Oath
Editor Leader.—A petition Is being
circulated in this place for signature and i
transmission to the imperial House of
Commons, requesting that annuel body
not to-'tampei" with the present form
of the coronation oatb.
An 1 am quite sure that 1T9 out of
every hundred pereons asked to sign
thla petition have not tho lea«t idea of
what Ihe coronation oalh consists, or of
the Act of Succession safeguarding the
rights of the people, etc., nnl in con-
unction with which this oath miiBt
1)3 taken, may I ask you to pnbliah this
oath, for the information cf those people who may hi called upon (0 sign this
petition, thus tfl'itding tlitui an oppor-
striated by physical ailments than in luuity of rpsding the o;i'h rind knowing
tho case of those illustrious men.   Vet, what they are about when signing this |
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Weekly edition a complete record of
the world's news to date: Spurt,
politico, widely, womfti,?ti» iotflreatp,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, music.
WI| Po5t=lnfel!isenccr
Seattle, Wash.
Noliotly can Hll'ortl to be wltllont it. All tlie
I tcle'.nipliii; news of tlie week. Kann, field, nar-
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Do You Wear Pants?
If So You Cannot Afford to Miss There   BARGAINS
T. H.
Brown, of New Westminster, apart air „„,,„„,„„,„ „,y nM ,ne premier
together from liis political position, the] t.a„ „e influenced by the same desire
premier actiutsd entirely by the earns thattsleiilingel'i|uenuetothe  tongues
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$SS!SS8aiS«W888t^^ SSSWaiSili'
thanks to the indomitable rpnit within
which diove the wretched bodies to utmost force throughout their lives, tbey
have left n glorious monument them-
sslves. There was no self-pity, tha
curse of ihe present namby-pamby ago,
in those dauntless wilters. Though
tortured with ceaseless and almost infernal anguish yet tbey strove. Mean
and contemptible the body appeared to
those great spirits alio recounted their
life work and would do it despite physical impediments.
Their history shames the able-bodied
whlners who shrink from exertion for
the sake of a cnt finger or a ebowor of
rain. Still, there can be Utile doubt
that had thoie great men turned a littlo
of their precious time from the grand
labors which absorbed their brains lo
remedying son.o of the defects of body
which they bad inherited, and had aggravated by. tbeir sedentary lives, they
would have dono even better work and
probably more.
It now Btetus unlikely tbat modern
races will ever attain to the lofty level
ol the ancient Greeks iu calture and
the appreciation of the Ihicgs if real
value In this {life,   Our I n-unca   now
goes out to what vie cill "practical,
harl-headed men."   Those persons i or,
orally pride   themselves   upon   their
materialism, and want of anything approaching sentiment.     The accumulation ol great lume of money seems to
be the chief cud of them; all else they
despise.     Place beside  one of those
nraolical modern men wilh ills abnormal acquisitiveness and contempt foi
everything that is not   connected in
some way with making money, a Greek
of tbe time of Pericles; one of those men
who made a religion of physical culture,
land believed that It was wicked  to l»i
dirty, or Iuhih, or decrepit or anything.
bnt lull of health ah.umdlng.   Is It not
the fact that thousands ol yaara after
this noisy and begrimed age shall have
pasasd Inlo the deeps of oblivion with
all its trumpery, that Greek man wilt bo
admired still, anil  i lint millions will
sigh to be like him, and try to attain to
something like bis clean-rut physique
and clear thinking?   Tho life of the
Gretkiwas liaiple, not complex and
full of "iiotlotib" as curs is at the present day,    Kverylliing was docided by
argument; fallacies were exposed   by
mean, of cross examination; they copied
nature's melhodi closely and so made
petition ? ^^^^^
Tho petition (in its wisdom) does not
publish the oath and though it is a long
time since I have read it myself, I am
very much under the impression, thai, if
in this enlightened age, the hint' inl-.es
the oalh in it! present form, be will insult a very large, Intelligent, wealthy,
influential and loyal portion of bis subjects throughout tbo empire, and I am
Bure so gracious and liberal minded a
sovereign as our present kir-g will he
alow to do Ibis.
I may say that I am not a Roman
Catholic nor, I hope, a bigot.
Youu truly,
Ladysmith, Jan. O'.h, 1903,
[The Lesder will have pleasure in
publishing the coronation oath in Saturday's issue, for the edification of the
genual public—Ed Leader!
Court of Ittn-lsluu.
The Court nf .revision of tin* South
NittiHimo HsHi-ssiiienft roll i» nilj ini-ned
from Hie 'JOili December, Hall, to tho
J5:li Jannar'-, 1111)2.
Judge ol Cuurt of Revision.
Pseernbcr 18th, 11)01.
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we ask vonr forgiveness, and trust that iu the future wo will be enabled to give every satisfaction.   Residents of Ladysmith will bavo all
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Here's lo Ihe man an wondrousty polite
Tbat he will stand with emilei ever
And listen to tbe anecdotes which bore
Anil never soy, "I've heard that yarn
The Leading
Nineteenth Century and Ulter,
liintempiirary Kevltw, Fort-
nightly ll.vitw. Wwimlnsrer i«
Review, ROInburgh K.vlew, 9S
^"'^'SJvtow.lllKkw.S:; I*
LMInburgh Magailn. 4ft
Strong,  sterling, timely, suggestive  At
iiim nitllionlive; Jiist wlint yonwatit   eVfC-
Cruelly lo animals Is a heavy tax,
not only on ranches or farms, but
wherever these biirilen.bearers are used.
Horses aro hall fed, ovor-loaded and'
Ihen beaten because Ihey can't pull Ibe
laid. We never ice n man beating bis
team without wishing (lie blowe were
on his own back. Tb-ero may be a little
cruelty In Ibe wish, but It has In it the
element of justice.
It II believed  til it ffro wi II lis very
warm Ibis winter.
eYi mm uiiuiunuve; just what you want
;JJi' to know of the world's tJolngu; exactly
f"  S wlmt you need lo  know; and tola i'a-:
t when ymi want lo know It—that's the T.'l
.k,h value oftliese reviews lo you.   The »?
• :,V ablwl writers, the most timely dis- tfjffi."
;ilfc eitfiivitins; The swlflciit ptt'sentnUoii of j|]f
 "       '"||
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ij- cunlaiis; Themvlfleat mtsratatfcn of
4-S lift worlil-nralilenis „f tlie,l„v nmirar
K fiery HlDllltl In tile pages fif I ese
EJ ending reviews.   Tliesc nre the ling.
 ,- America at iil'mui
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I mppose why sortie people nsk Ibe
Lord to give Ihein daily bread, iile
came tbey waut it fresh,
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j£ll lending reviews.   T
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A backman named Sam Ohildi died
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and waa buried by Bonney & Stewart
undertaken. The funeral procesiion
wai headed by Wagnsr'i famous band.
Chillis was of poetic mind, for, shortly
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Ing lines and Ihey were given to the!
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Walk who will fit deop of noon,
Or stroll fantastic in the moon;
I would take the morning earth,
New flu »t creation's birth,
Air uiihreftlhed, and grass untrod;
Where I cross the dawn*lit sod,
Making preen pal tin in th« ,mt.V
Of the dew thiit's brushed away.
Would some depth of holy r/ight,
Sacred villi its Blurry light.
Over ail my brenst might roll, .*,
Bringing dawn into my soul, ' ♦
That its consecrated dew f
Might refresh and unlit', me new! X
Then tlmt thou and I might pace T
Some f.ir planet, poised in apace, , 4-
Fresh aa children innocent, T
In each other's love content! r
There our feet should recommence. +
lightened by experience, J
Morning ways ou dewy elope, j
Winded with wonder and with hope; I
All the things we'd thought or done, 1
Of felt before, forgctt^save one I" ' j
+++-v^+++*+-f-» •.++♦++■.++■♦ #M«ttt«HHttttttH
What bt First Seem. Difficult Soon
Becomes Seeond Nature—Somethlna
That Ever? clrl should Know.
Talk With a Speelallat.
;a warm welcome.
The Old War Horse Who Hade Bis
Iteturnlna MoNtcr'* Heart Glad.
. Old Spot was General Kilpatriek's fa-
To any one who has not studied the vor!te war ^rac. After the war the gen-
question It seems a very easy tusk to ! CPfll wns 8ent t0 South America., H* 1°"
teach a class of well brought up girls to the old horse at the farm, with orders
walk' properly, but when you stop to an- that he should be kindly cared for. Re-
olyse the subject you must be struck turning after an absence of several years
with the first difficulty which is bound to the general reached home near night and
present itself to the teacher. No two *•» tov fom* time occupied in exchang-
girls are built alike; consequently no two j JjW greetings with his family and friends,
girls will walk exactly alike. j S_?lLn-0A.bowlB^p» lonff -negle^ toin'
In. order to bring about a perfectly correct walk tho Instructress is obliged to
      .._...    .—.    ruouuillLCS    ia    UUlljjUU    IU
study each girl Individually. Some slouch,
some walk siiiliy, somo bend at tho knee,
some sag from i he hips, others have round
shoulders ami others badly curved backs.
The foliowin*: rules have been suggested
by a specialist upon the subject of correct carriage.   They are so sensible and
__« -.« «»», uvuvivi) auiajj uc^ivvi lu iii-
quire after the old horse. Learning that
Spot was at pasture in a distant field, the
general sent fer him, and a little later
was told tbat his favorite stood tied to a
post at the entrance of the grounds some
distance away. The general hastened
out on to tbe piazza, whence, peering
through the evening, he saw the form of
the old  veteran,  who  stood  demurely
The Great Reviews
Brief Extracts From the Chief
Articles In the December Magazines
.•tt A1, ."j*. e*i*a .♦« Af. Jti eft, A a*K      ,*frL Aft .fr. At .'K a*i*. Aft »*K .♦. Aft .'K JT.
reet carriage.   They are Bo sensible and ,ne °M  "t™"'  w?°  lt0°* aemu«*
easily followed that after studying them ^Sow.',°? " "". pMt'.i, J,°8t "MO*1,
every reader ol this column shoiid be- . "Spot!" rang out oyer the lawn.  Like, an
come a walking exponent- or grace. ! «*» ""■» •"><* «Je •JW™1"/ »'•*•
Says the lady: "The filial poise I teach Witu '■".'J1» h°und the old charger
for the purpose of obtaining, an easy, snapped the halter, cleared the fence at a
graceful carriage is c.U..d the harmonic   ^ «* w'* "f^ ™k »" ?««»
poise, nasi its object is to limber up tbe *^J^JSL,*%1* £'<&'%.
hips.   A great majority of women have !*?*-^tll.&<j'sSK H.m2:*£
wf,, T -„,. . .,.'__ «__,_„-_*!,„_ in. bead on his masters breast.   Added the
tfelrhlnr..a and break       S ^eral' "w* "»^ *»« ear«ed each
™b.« ™ «■«. .».n . »„mo„ _k» other like lovers, and I am not ashamed
Have you ever seen a woman who .    „„ ,.,.   .   '   ,-A„. » „„,.!„, ..,„..
stands with one hip higher than the oth- £ «S.M S?j8#hlR
er, as If they were of unequal length? &££?* my beart mon than that of
Such women walk like pointed dolls.   om "V01, 	
First one hip goes up and then goes {          The „,.„„ D    ,, ^
t^A?^™™ "ww?«* ?'the The picture shows how a little boy who
l»dyfrom0the"hip.lo'^^ JJ*yS?^T^
keep the body in the cent,* nnd have   £lBluY«^^
the line from thn t™*h™A ,-.« A*™ nn   t»Jk.  He can hear, and when hta toad.™*
I'reasureof other matters prevented
the usual notices of tile teadin;; reviews
appearing in any of Tho Leader's December ieatieH, but these fine articles are
flood reading tit any time and consequently do not suffer by a slight delay
Few livea are more worthy ol romem-
bntnee than that of the bile Alfred
Nobel, nnd most interesting ia the tribute to Ms memory written by Mr. A.
Edmund Spender. Although the in
ventorof the most terrible destructive
agent known, Mr. Nobel left iu his will
in receiving the tumble and respectful provision that all who are to enjoy his
meed of prniao and notice which Tbe
Leader can give.
In tho Westminster Review the think*
or will find much upon which* to ponder.
Tliiri, one of the most outspuktm of the
English renews, uml publishes articles
which go very boldly to tho root of tlie
matter, whether it hg the Government's
policy in Soitt-i .Uric;., or orthodoxy.
The lending nrtici) in the December
number is from tho pen of Mr. S. V.
Kerr, who deals with "Tho paradox of
Liberal Imperialism," in a masterful
way, and from the negative Hide. Ilia
argument ia at all uveuts ingeiiioue,
That there's not u little epice, too, may
be gathered from siii-h sentences as:
"And now the unfortunate British
worker is to be called to farther sacrifices; he is to come under the most
hateful and despicable of all tyrannies,
the tyranny of the military man. The
tragedy of iti Here wo have arrived at
a time when all our energies should he
bent 011 education in lie bast and hraad-
est pi'tt.'--*; when tho proper equipment
of the H.-itiih worker iu all spheres
should ha engaging our most strenuous
attention, our moat watchful care, in
order to cope with the llercu competition
about to assail us; aud wtiat do we find?
A ministry determined 00 crippling
education in order to please n half-educated priestly caste; money being poured
out like wator in order to eoiza a country
which it will hardly pay us to hold on
any terms; and behind, the shadow cf
compulsory military service. The thing
itself is dishearteuing."
Sir Walter S. Cohen advocntes tho ad-
ptioa of the German L.indechaft, or
Provincial Land Bank, aa a meiii.o of
affording aid to the ruined farms of
South Africa, The originator of thin
Land Bank was Frederick tlie Great,
who Introduced it with splendid efftet
at the close of hie wars. |
Mr. Herbert M. Vaughan puts in a
strong plea for an Anglo-French alllnnce
and one Is reminded of the efforts of
Gobden In tti.it direction In reading this
able article. Mr. Vaugiun says that the
German comic preen surpassed the lowest Parisian gutter journals In vilifying
the British during the Doer war, the
piper which mist difl>inir.d itself in (his
respect baing tho Berlin Lustige Klaet-
. A flue article Is that on the Eighteenth Century Delate, by Mr. J. W.
Attenborongh. He points out how the
Continental thinkers have done justice
to the gnat work accomplished by thorn
English champions ot freedom of
enormous wealth must oonsecrate them
selves to tho promotion ol the peace of
the world.
These are tho moat important articles
in tho Westminster /or December.
The Nijitiim;iith Garitury Review, ae
uanal, omitaius it number of papers of
surpassing interest, tn tho" thinker aud
student of current history. Tbe leader
fa by Sir Weans* R'id, describing his
tlyluir visit to the United States, and hie
impressions of the country and its pea-
pl.\ We have not room for any more
thun this interestin<*deacriptIoa of his
reception by President Roosevelt and
hie cabinet:
'I was received by Mr. Roosevelt immediately before a meeting of his cab
inot, and [had the honor of being Introduced to the several ministers in the
President's own room, It would be im
pertinent on my part to give anything
like n personal description of the holders
of the great Administrative offices In the
United States; but at least I may record
my impression that, mini for man, they
wilt compare not unfavorably villi tbe
members of any cabinet in Europe. The
lack of any kind of formality la a private
reception ut the White House is, to an
Englishman, its most striking feature.
President Rccisevelt's bearing Is so frank j
nnd hearty, nnd hia intelligence 10 keen,]
that no one can meet him without feeling that ho ie In the presence of the
ehoEcn of the people; but he is hedged
in by no restrictions uf Court etiquette,
nnd he greets hia visitor with tbe cordial
simplicity of a gentleman welcoming a
Another very important and Interest'
ing article in that by Sir Robert Ander
soii, K, 0, B.( on ''How to pat an end to
professional crime,". His plan is,
(simply, tn deal with the criminal In*
stead of tbe crime. That Is, only car-
tain expert members of the criminal
classes cm do the tierious work of crime;
tho author's idea Ie to hunt thoie doan
and detain them for life. The rank and
file of criminals are not dangerous. The
men competout for the task of safe-
breaking and the like are so few thatthe
police generally know them perfectly
well. Sir Robert wculd have all thote
gentry safely locked up for life; this
method would lead to the extinction of
crime, ^^^^p,,,—
0:U«' flue papers are "Marriage and
modern Oiyllls*tlont'* by W. S. Lilly,
"Itsiktolho Lind," by Earl Nelson;
'Bigoda' " by the Counless of Warwick; "Child settlers for south Africa,"
by F.Steveneou, and "The White Peril!',
by G. Maunlay Trevelyon.
the line from tho forehead liin down as
, though It were a plumb Hoe. The upper
part of the body, not the loi rer, must go
1 first. Hold the abdomen in and expand
the chest. Nine-tenths of ths women we
see on the streets walk with the heel
first, the arch and ball of* the foot afterward; the abdomen aggressive and the
head sunk between the shoul den.
"A good exercise for acquiring the
walk which comes from the, ltmberness
of the hips Is to swing the leg ahead
and bring the torso with the leg 3n order
to keep the perfect line of th* body. Tho
chest line should be over ttie toe. Hold
yourself very erect, tbe muscles supporting the body, not the bontis. J oiways
cite the following rule to my pupils: Tho
arch of tho foot corresponds to the arch
in architecture, and tbo weight is always
carried on that; therefore the forward
weight of the body should mine on the
arch or ball of the foot. j
"A woman's arms should hang at tho
sides,' slightly relaxed, but must never
swing.   Nothing Is more ungraceful than
this pendulum 1st 1c movement    I  copy   -.v —- ~i~~r. "TV■"
tho Parisian, in their method, by harvbig   S™',,»i "StrtSS
my pupils learn to walk on narrow planks | "M*' «» nttcr.-Bxchan,e,
or cracks.  The body balances just as it
would ou 0 tight rope—by the hands—and
it sways to and fro from tbe hips.   One
foot !b placed directly in ti out of the oth-
speaks he lays his hand on her throat to
get the vibrations. Then bo imitates the
vibrations and that makes the Bound he
I do ithls for a reait o vory littlo   J" humor by the very worst of the prob-
known, because so many   women walk   temi In long division. After he had failed
With their feet Verv far nnn .*. wltlla nth.     On the lUmS the teacher wt lm nalrml ham.
A Triumph In Division,
A lesson in arithmetic is no joke—a
painful reality, rather—yet a Boston
echootboy is alleged to have been inspired
to humor by the very worst of the prob-
with their feet very far apa if, while oth-
ol-s fall all over themselves', and others,
again, stub the toes on tbe b eel ot the advancing foot, I don't want to any that
the majority of women ore knockkneed,
but It Is a common condition,. and I think
the heavy cloth skirta are oft ssn responsible. Limberness of the hips la on absolute necessity. It fa really th as pivot and
Is the first motion taught. IDe appiei so as to give each child the
"I have my girls sumetimei \ satk around same number. How did she do it?"
with weights on their head l I train ' Tu0 cl""» hadn't got along to fractions,
them to look sideways, ha, rxward, to ,ai Ihe boy insisted that bii aunt knew i
turn their heads slowly and q sickly with nothing about algebra. So the puzzled
the weight always carefully p, Msod. This teacher finally asked, "Well, how did she
motion to bo correct must cou as from be- -divide the seven apples so as to give each
twp»» tha ahn„M«. k,..I  » i  Of the elffllt rltllilrnn an annnl -..ml....jM
on the sums the teacher set he asked per
mission to give one ot his own. The
privilege was granted. "My aunt has
eight children," he said, 'land she doesn't
like to favor one above another. She was
at the market the other day and she
bought eight apples for tbem, one apiece,
bat wben she got home she found she'd
lost one apple. All tbe same, she divided
tbe appiei so as to give each child the,
twecn the shoulder blades."
Somo time ago I had a mo it Interest-
ng tolk with a Philadelphia v romun who
la less celebrated for her beau ty than for
her walk and apparently a eontaneous
poses. But It appeara from i Iho confessions of thla candid lady the.t grace of
ugure has no mow apontauei ly than, aa
a usual thing, bounty of facf. She her-
aclt has acciulrf -d both and f lankly tells
at what cost. Vo acquire pnwry of movement, my boo uty says, go to tho theaters
and study t)JB best .xtresseli. Literally
study tliem,. jjore „,„ be learned in one
evonlng ft»jm „ graceftsl woman like Ellen Terry, wn0 rea||. j ,, no Kreat beau-
ty> lhaa from hours of practicing before
the mirror, which shpuld come afterward,-
when t'ae principles of irracaful motion
end pose have been master ti by observation.
Th'i secret of a good wall t ii even simpler. Find a poem with a particularly
grnr oful rhythm and say a si *nn or two
ove r aud over as yon walk. Necessarily
n rhythmic walk mult be uV, mkipcd. A j
girl who walks with poetry ii i her mind
and ou her hips will ahow poe toy in her
of the eight children an equal number?"
"She made apple sauce."
The Children'. Hoar.
When the nunery tea I. over,
And sticky we. Sneer, clean,
And hslr .11 brushed and tidy,
What nun. call, "fit to be Men."
When th. tors-woll, th. dolls ind th. soldiers,
Th. fannyard duck. «nd the ceese,
Th. tops, the train, and Noah
Are granted a little peace.
And the rooking horse, poor fellow,
That has worked 10 hard all day
b .Hawed to rest on his rocker.
And dtn. la Li, wooden way.
For . distant bell I. rinsing-,
And th. children caper and crow:
"We're to go down al.ir. to mother;
That', th. bell for us, you know.
"She'll read to us lot. of rtorlee,
And game. w. shall play a. well,
And ,o you can quite imagine
llnw w. love th. downstairs bell."
Solomon Ihe Saow While.
Jobann Peter llcbel, the German poet
"T,""^" ""!"' "':;".'""' T "''..i'-"^ who flourished In the early part of the
walk. For a beautiful face th, »a«i pn Is vlmttmib „„,„,, had better luck than
not so new, though it la one mat has h.. ,„„„„ ,„ Mmc w ^ He be.
much in Its favor. Read good I joks end am a b|sh mi |MpKtor 0, .choo|„
encourage beautiful thoughts. 1 *»°w He took pains with the children. Once
bad to habits of mind which en mot but h. .jked . dllM wbat go|omon w0, fa.
leave their Imprint on the face and, m<ra, (0r, but none could tell. Pointing
concludes my friend, "these a re rules ,0 ,he snow outside, In tho hope that'the
which have never twa anown to tail. •   | wh|W (BC|u) „,,„. mtsbt ,|,e them the
cue to the word weise (wise), he said;
"The snow la white.   Now what was
Solomon?" Came pat the answer, "Snow
SoIllooalM In it e Shad.es.
When a man flatten himself that he
«»°ws a woman, ue-ftattori hlnuelf.
Iho most effective argument a charming woman can use to nvrinn la an ap-
penllng "Don't you thiaklo?"
When a girl says emphatically that '
Clause Udlnbiirgh.
The advantage! ol a residence In Ihe
city ol Edinburgh are numerous and
well known, and are by nono more ap-
predated than by its inbabilanti, who
are never weary ol expatiating on Ita
great euperlorlty over ail Ilia other cities
61 th. world. Ill architecture and its
alte, its streets, and the scenery in
which it is imbedded have nu rivals in
Europe. It is Ihe centre ol arts end
letters, the natal place ol the "Edin
burgh Ilevlcw" and ol "Ebony," lbs
scene ol the "Nodes Ambroslanio," and
the homo ol the philosophy ol Sir
William Hamilton, In fact almoat all
fho wenponi of civilization and ol culture
havo bscn shaped and polished iu |>, j,
bat another advantage, which li perhaps
even more keenlv leit at tha. nr.ient
time. It ia in the immediate neighborhood ol Dalmeny, ol which la a political
and social sense it may be oonifd.red a
""Penj'euoj ,»d   a  lubnrb.-Londoa
rieketwlre River.
An odd derivation baa been furnished
for a itrcam In Colorado which used to
when ibe iwj eh" will s.lll alio? 2™,Iu 'fji",nmt ln SP»»1"1'"«»"
The greatT,, lack .hole", dlsplaycxl   SL^Lil^JrlT* T"* L' ^
The gaiidy tinsel of adm irntlon Is a
aurer bait for woman than tlie • gold of devout love.
Man h.ves to be praised for' bis Intuition, wemaa for her logic. .As a rule,
neither possesses either.
It ie always a matter of aui ttIbv thst
others should take their worrle i so much
to heart, alio that they make s o llgbut of
ours.—L. de T. M. In Smart Set. .
Toar Canary.
Never lei a birdcage bang lu a room
Where the gaa la alight, unlets It la exceptionally well ventilated. The air near the
celling Is alwaya the most in ipure at
night. Make a rulo of alwoy i setting
dlckey'i oogo on tho table at nl slit, and
his health will Improve. After the gal
tins been alight some lame put j our own
bead near the celling and mo bow yon
would lis* to daw Ila sack at
— — .— ...»* «...■>«- .s-.it.ius •fitters became Plcketwlre, and by such title
It il aald to have been long known.
How Blephant. Ave r.s.
Elephant! ln the Indian army are fed
twice a day. When mealtime arrives,
they are drawn up beforo piles of food.
Each animal's breakfast includes ten
noundi ot raw rice done up In two pound
package.. The rice Is wrapped in leaves
and then tied with grass. At the command "Attention I" each elephant raises
its trunk and a package is thrown Into Ita
tsnacloua month. By this method of feeding not a ilngle grain of rice is wasted,
The Primrose*
The 20th of April Is the anniversary of
the death ot the Earl of Beaeoniteld,
better known ae Benjamin Disraeli,
prime minister of England. The anniversary is kept In England under lis,
•>•.,,•«# Pslmmao daw.
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
] It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants   and
professional men.
Kmd Vaur Ejfa m Ladysmitsi
'^ <' 7
The Gheapside! I
J     Before stock taking we will reduce all our goods.  We offer tbe public    J
of Ladysmith and mrrounding diitrict the benefit of our
Wholesale Prices!
Come and take tbe opportunity offered by the cheap sales.
kIhbs, box peifume; best, comic gent,
Mr,Baal, writing companion; beet comic
lady, Mrs. Tate, sliver-mounted perfume
bottle; best just landed, Mr. Horn, 1
box notion!, 1 box cigars; best weary
Willie,Mr. E. Staoey, leg of mutton;
best lady wallzer, Miss Teuss, 1 pair
shoes; belt gent waiter, Mr, Hern, gold
watch chain; belt lady cake walker,
Miss Forcimmer, 1 cake, 1 lb. tea; best
gont cake walker, Mr. Beat, K. ol F.
gold locket,
General Store,
High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel
Holiday   Goods
When visiting Nanaimo just call on
Sampson for anything yon need in Celluloid, Plush or Leather Goods.
Christmas and New Year Cards in
endless variety.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanalmo, B. C.    -   -
All who are interested in the subject
of tuberculosis (consumption) can learn
a good deal about it and it. prevention
and cure by calling at the Government
office and getting one ot the pamphlets
now thoro for free distribution.
, The latest styles in bur cutting and
ibeard tjhnniing at the Ladysmith Shaving Parlor, High itreet.
A project is on loot to petition the Do-
minion Government lor lights for Lady,
smith harbor. They are needed more
than anything else lu tbiS harbor. Nanaimo harbor has jnstbson provided
with beacons, which are proviuglof great
value to navigator!.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer has got out
a novel kind ot gueising contest. It
consists ol counting tbe number ol dots
in a square. It looks easy, but like the
celebrated fifteen pusale, "it ain't."
^irhose-wlMn wmeed in eountlng tbe
correct number shouiu communicate
immediately with the P. I. and get a
suitable reward lor their industry.
Nothing finer turned out anywhere
than those winter suits imd overcoats at
Caldwell's, Nanaimo. t
Members of the Ladysmith Athletic
Association are now sporting the club
button which wae procured through Mr.
W. H. Lively, the First Avenue jeweler.
The button ie very pretty; the desian ii
a bicycle .wheel in maroon and gray,
with a maple leaf in the centre, and the
letters "L. A. A." on the lsaf. Those
who have not yet obtained their button
may do so by calling on Mr. Lively.
The police have ascertained the calibre
of tbe bullets fired by the would-be
murderer of Mr. Alexander Faulda at
Alexandria a fortnight ago, This is at
least a clue. If they could now find tbe
gun, and than the man, the tragedy
would move in strictly orthodox linn to
the grand denouement, the court of justice and the place where the oakum is
picked and the atonea are broken.
Caldwell, tbe Nanaimo tailor, il show-
ng the Quest tweeds and cloths lor win-
tor garments. *
Efforts are bains made to iorm a literary and debating society amongst tbe
young men of Ladyimith, The sugges-
tlon le admirable, and ihould meet with
all favor. There are lome remarkably
good public speakers living here, bnt
snch a society would do yeoman service
in discovering the budding Demoethen-
eiei and Kikeros and Borkei that Inrk
"unbeknownst" in what tbe rural reporter lovei to call "our midst." Let
the promoters rememberi "Tempos
Where am the people itampeding to?
Why to Lively the jewele'sol course;
he's got a itook that drawa the pnblie.
Do yon believe ia your own goods?
Then don't conceal tbe fast Irom tbe
public,   Advertise.
DR. ].  GRICE,
Johnston Block,     ■    Nanalmo, B. 0.
P. 0. Box, 37,1.1.1«.
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦+♦+♦♦♦♦♦mf»m++e
South Wellington
Ejbt. Bryden was in town Monday
Harry James and William McMillan
and Bred Wilson spent Saturday and
Sunday in Nauaimo.
There were two firci in Cranberry
district Saturday and Sunday. Oa Saturday the residence of Itev, Christmas,
Church of England minister, was burnt
to the ground, Sundav evening York'd
barn was burnt, a total loss, there being
juet time to get the boraee and cattle
Mr. and Mrs, Chaa. Fiddick spent tho
New Year holiday! in Vancouver,
0. G. Griffin, eupt.  of the Safety
Powder Works,    went to Vancouver
Monday morning.  He will return via
Miss Ettle Harris was a passenger to
Nanaimo on Saturday evening's train.
Misses. Sidonia and Licsie Richardson
were on Saturday's afternoon train io
Victoria, en route to New Castle, Wash.,
where they intend to take up their residence in future.
J. Dick was renewing old acquaintance! in town Sunday aiternoon.
Geo. Richardson intends moving to
New Cattle, Wash., this week. The
reitoftbe family went Sunday, Mr.
Richardson remain! to dispose of the
furniture and household effects.
No further developments havo come to
light in the Faulds shooting caie. Harry
Mclndoo, Provincial Constable, is in
town attending to the matter,
Beviloekway A Co's. delivery wagon
ran away Friday morning while going
down the hill to Gillett'e. Both shafts
were broken and the wagon considerably
damaged,    ,,.
Jas. Robinson, who had his leg smashed a couple ol weeks ago at Extension,
has recovered sufficiently to be able to
work again,
The'ItalleHotel was burned to the
ground on Sunday morning. It has not
been learned bow the building caught
Mlsi iKnight ipent New Year's at
Opala are nut unlucky when purchased
from Lively the leading jeweler.
Mill Stickney, who for tbe past two
weeks has been visiting her sister, Mrs-
Dickinson, returned home to Vancouver.
Mr. Joseph Deroiey left Externum on
Monday on a pleasure trip to Vancouver,
Westminster and other places.
Mr, Harry Shepperd and J. Dwire,
who were taken to tbe hospital for trait,
meat, are improving.
Don't forget that Weinrobe's itore li
the place for clocks, watches, jewelry,
silverware, spectacles, etc, 22-tf
Mr, Ryder i, erecting a building along
the side ol his itore in which the post
office will be kept.
The Oheapside is tolling eigbt-day
wooden clocks at *2,75; Tattoo alarmi
11.86; Bristol alarm! atll.OO.
A meeting ol Ihe Liberal Association
will be held in tbe K. ol P. hall on
Thursday evening, beginning at 7.30
o'clock, for Ihe purpose of electing a
delegate to attend the Convention at
The lflasqiierado Winner..
Following li the lull list of prise*
winners and prizes at the Masquerade
Ball New Year's Eve; ..
Beit dressed gent, Mr. Wsnleu, 1 pair
gent's sleeve links 14 karat; bait dressed
lady, Miss Oarron, silver butter diabf
belt national character, lady, Miss
Morgan, dressing case; belt lustained
gent, Mr. 0, W. Mills, aocordiou; belt
■Detained lady, Mil. Dickenson, hand-
A Splendid Putillcullon.
The Leader ie in receipt ol the Scientific American'e supplement, devoted to
tho growth ol the United Statea navy
since the Spanish-American war. This
la one ot the handsomest prcductions of
tlin American press The Leader hue ever
had the pleasure of examining. The
illustrations, which are very numerous
and exhaustive, are done iu the superb
style for which the American press haa
won deserved celebrity throughout the
The froutispiece, showing tbe new
battleship Georgia (and class) steaming
full speed, is a grand example of American color printing. Tho plate showing
all the vessels of this formidable navy
collected io one great fleet, giving tbe
beholder a bird's-eye view of the sea
power of the United States, is another
specimen of artistic workmanship which
would be difficult to match in the preas
of the world.
The illustrations ol details, such ae
armor plate teste, engines, projectile,
special devices, guns, the Internal
economy ol tbe leviathans, and many
other essential particular! connected
with the naval science are; beautifully
done, and are most instructive.
The Scientific American certainly deserves tbe warmest praise for its excellent enterprise, and the present issue ie
in all rcipecta worthy of the treat navy
which 1b being placed upon the ecus by
Ihe United Slates, That navy now
rank! very high In the list, and wben
the present building programme shall
bo completed the American people will
have tbe satisfaction of seeing their
navy ranking next to that of Great
Britain in iiz°, power and efficiency.
A Berlin tailor, who rent the Kaiser
aea present, a eupeib dressing gown,
has had It promptly returned with tbe
message—"Hohenaollerns never wear
such things," Wbat a picture of heroic
industry I
The tobacco war, whatever else, Is
printing grist lo the newspiper mill
(remark! a London correipondenl).
Both tbe British and the American
companies are advertising largely, and
it is said tbat tbeotber day Messrs, John
Haildnn & <jo. spent between £0,000
and £7,000 on behalf of the Imperial
Tobacco Syndlcato in advertiaemenls in
about 100 paper,!.
An extraordinary mistake Is reported
from Australia, where it bas boon discovered that ths new federal tariff will
yield, CI 1,01X1,000 per annum instead of
£0,000.000. There Is nothing like being
on the right aide—bnt an excess of over
20 pur cent.
Desirable house and full-sized city lot,
White street, Ladysmith, apply Jamn
llogi, at the house. lit lit
For North Oyster School, South Nanalmo  Dlslelol.    Apply   by  Saturday,
January 4th, at 12 o'clock uoon, tn
No. 31,
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Wednesdny evening ot 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
HUOir rUM'ON, Sec.
Grant White struck quite a bonanza
while placer mining lately at Tvauchton
taking out over a hundred dollars in a
couple of hours. Gib Ward also struck
some good pay streaks. Several Si-
washes lately have brought down considerable coarse gold from tbe section,
W.'.J, Gilchrist and partners are doing a
150-foot tunnel and expeot (0 reach bedrock soon; all of which goei to ihow
tbat there le good placer ground in thie
district and lots of It.—Llllooot Prospector.
Maple Lodge, No. 6i, I. O. 0. r.
Meets every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hilt. Visiting members
are cordially Invited.
R.NIMMO. O.T.   ,
lulere.llug Itcuis.
A Wellington telegram Bays that the
gold yield of New Zsalaud fur tho month
of November amouoted to 39,185 ouuees.
By a resolution passed in the
Australian House of Representatives,
the majority of linen and cotton piece
goods, including calicoes and shirtings,
will now be free from tar ill', and tbo
remainder subject to a duty ol 10 per
tent.' '
Dr. John Warren Edgar, who is
believed to have been tbe oldest member
of ({ie medical profession, has just died
at Monkseaton, in hia 00th year. Three
brothers, all doctors, lived to tbe age of
80,04 and 05 respectively, eo tbat their
longevity would seem to bs rather a
matter ol family constitution than ot
the special lengevity ol doctors as a
Some disquieting reflections are in*
spired by figures given ol the British
national consumption of drink. Thia
year it, is stated we are manufacturing
30 million barrels ol beer and 45 million
gallonaof spirits as compared with 38
million barrels and 30 million gallons iu
1890; while the State's profit hai grown
from £35,000,000 in 1800 to £43,000,000
ln 1001, Is it, as some of our friends
assert, that at a nation we are going in
more and more lor continuous tippling?
It il not Ibe least promising sign of
Japanese prosperity that tbe number of
European and American firms established in Japan'is decreasing. At Yokohama in 1809 there were 30.1, in 1000
only 248. At tho same time Japanese
mercbanta are multiplying in Gbina
and Korea. It does not sound loo encouraging at Urst for onr Eastern trade,
but It may well enough be that the
Japanese will open up markets for
otheri besides themselves.
C. G. Griffin, auperintendent of the
Safety Powder Works, returned on tbe
morning train from Nanaimo Monday.
LOST.-Sable collie with a dark back
and white feet. Aniwere to came ot
Tnwcer. Lost on Monday. Return to
S. Sbore. 32-3t
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the statutes, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for tbe year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nanaimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, In terms of law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Ladysmith P. O.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902,
Miners! Attention!
Hand .Made Pit Shoes at tlie eaase price
as cheap factory, made. Come in and see,
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done,
AS. Christie,
Funeral Wrraths. etc, Wedding Boil
quote in every style. Orders promntlv
attended to, ,        -NANAIMO, B. 6
Anyone Rending a sketch end doMrlption ma?
........... _.„___.„ ........ *_1ir(|rt,>. .
ik i
Patent* taken through Munn 41
ipteioi notice, without char»e, In tne
qnlokly Ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Camnonlfll-
Idetitfal. Handbook on I'aUintj
  namoj for securiujrpatentii.
Patents taken throuKh Munn 4 To, reoelft
Scientific American.
I woeklr.  Lanreet elr-
Journal.   Terms, as a
.. -old by all newsdealers.
"ranch Offlca, an, V St* Washington, D, C,
— _ .  - a »
•si  7.
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels  and bars Hi Ladysmith and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Pither & Leiser's,
f Victoria,       - -        b. C,
Teacher of Languages, Music, Sing-
Ins, Painting and Drawing,
Blueing, 8 Ussoufl.,.. ,$3 penmonth
Music, S L,e>wons .'. ;„,.. ,.„ 3 »o)r   •■
Painting; po- Lesson......
Drawing, pt. : "ssmi......
50 cents
....50 cents
jAttguiwes—l-rencti mid German—per Les'n, 50c
Hours from 9 a. m. to 13 tn. Terms fa per month.
Two from same family fc,
Ladysmith Teaming Depot,
All kinds ol heavy teiming done
Opens on Monday
And your children will require the
Latest School Books
We have lust received a
large cons'irnment ol all
E. Rolston,
Stoves"-   and   .   Ranges
Plumber - and - Tinsmith
Ta be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 'anuary 21,22 and 23
Judges-Poultry, Mr. JE. Bennett, Toronto; pigeon and pet Stock, Mr. June.
Chalmeri, Salt Spring Island. ■■      -
For entry forms and prize list, apply to
         GEO.  WILKINSON, P. O. box 280, Nanalmo, B. 0.
,  i  ■
Coal!   -   Coal!
■ •
i Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington £m(   Best household coal on the Pacific
:: Comox Coal—Beit steam coal on the Pacific Coast
:: Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house-,
The above coals are. mined only by the Wei-''.;!
lington Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Spund.
■ ■
: Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban Cranclsco Agency, '.■
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
A newspaper for the
people. AH the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
&  Nanaimo  Railway
Tlma Tabla Ho. 43.
^^a^sU^j2n!tB.,OTUl'll0I™<l• d,li».lrtl,'?»'i-*-i »ud on Saturdays end
•T™^!li.BWaft^.m■rth■b^, d'"!'"' "•" *' n" mi on s»t0"i»»« »»A
Excursion Rates ta all Paints, Good Saturday and Sunday
8m, L Ooyrtnay,     ■     Traffic Manager
"■   ■i:^*-^,ir""'


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