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Ladysmith Leader Sep 3, 1902

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Array j
C'rO    /.
| The people that save |
X money trade with      _
Ladysmith Leader
************************* *
' For Boots and Shoes |
Sickle's is the store j
VOL. I. NO. 101.
Results have exceeded our most sanguine
expectations and those New Goods we brought
to your notice last week are going fast.
Quality   and price are doing llie business.
Our full, varied and complete line ol
Family Groceries
also move so fast that we are compelled to replenish our stock weekly, hence we arc able
to supply Fresh and New goods at tlie time.
.***■ iti |T| iti if I A\ '4* ****** -a*, .■***. .'fr. .***. .i*1. ,"4, Oi .*t*. .*>■ .4. .'t*. .'4, .***. ."fr. ."4. ,4. .'*". ,4, ,'h
y"Vy ty ty '4* ty ty ty ty ty ty ytpi ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty * ty ty ty
Slaughter 5ale
Leiser & Hamburg er
Wholesale and Retail  Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, • • Ladysmith  .;
We Have Come to Stay.
And liave opened out our large
and well assorted stock'of   .   .
Groceries, Gents' furnishings, Boots and
Shoes, Tinware, Graniteware, Etc.
k TSie Oddfellows' Block.
Ji f,*.-.%VAVi?.rv»UW^V,% w.!.!.-^-.-.-.-.-.-.
Wm. Beverldge, Crop,
This new hotel line been tiotn'ortably (nrniehcl snd the bai is np to date.
I   Beat nocomuiodation for (..indent, and permanent boarders and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
ffl.KS'WW!^,*'**'.-^^ '
Ladysmith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Mastvr Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer BotiJing Works, Nanalmo.
Soda **ater, Ginger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Bev**ranes ot all kinds.
W. E. RUIViniNO. - Proprietor,   j^gg
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    If not
gel insured at once Iur it may bo
too late tomorrow. I represent Bovcral
OLD and RELIABLE Companies ami
-cmi insure yon at f» moment's notice at
tin* lowest possible ratee. All leading
■conipunicH uharge tbe same rates. Don'i
be minted Into insurim- with Htibenp
company—H mtttbt be dear in tho end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
. F. 0. Drawer 98, Nanaimo. B. 0.
This old-Estiibllshed, Flxt-Olnsj and
Popular Hotel is most comfortably lor*
n-thed, .unlriiily slttiatsd, Bns nml.
Ir.lnT. I'.x'i'llnntOnlslne. Bar stocked
w lb llie fluent wines, liquor, and cigars.
JOS. I't'X,       •      •        Propriolor.
0 OF o
Boers Return to South Africa-
porting Boilermakers.
Another Volcanic Eruption-Overcrowding of Transports,
* •
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
HI Boots and Shoes.
Sale Commences 9 o'clock, Wednesday, |
August 27th, 1902. |
-          •q?*1
_*K .*K .♦. .****. .*K .*K .*K .*_•. .*__ .'_•■ »*K .*_*. |'K it- .4, *4t i4t .**?. .**(•. *4, .**.- .*♦■. j*.. .4>. 4. jfr. __j-_
*V W V" ty tyty '4' ty ty ^ip-H*-**"* +  4* M* +   "^r ty 4* ty ty tyty'^Jf
Toe Canadian Northern Railway Com
p-^ny have brought twenty bo'lermakere
and mnoliibifiiBfrom NflwoastlB-on-Tyne,
England, to take the place uf tbe
Beginning Sept 1st, tbo poit offices of
Great Britain will accept parcels fur
trftuBmission to the United Slates,
Up to dale tin; Camiiliau tioopB have
been paid by ihe British Government
to gratuities a sum a-/gregating about
Phe profits uf tbt* Dominion I>nn &.
ratee! Company fur July amounted lo
$91,000. It is expeiiied that Au^u-i'd
(irdfilB will exceed that am mut.
Tbe Britit-i' transport steamer Staffordshire nailed from Hamilton, lier-
tnudti.ou Sunday for .Capetown with
I ObO K ii'.rB, wbo nad been prisooei's in
the detention cuiupt- on these islandb,
I'lm Brine'j G tvemment ii:.e accepted
tht invitation ol the United States Gov*
rnment to t«ke part in the Exposition
At St. Louis in 1004, but will, it is nn*
■jerstood, limit its exhibits to education
and line arts.
Toe meuioal member of the Buaitl oi
Inquiry appointed 10 examine into tbe
BgatioiiB of overcrowding of tlie iroop i
Grange, reports ihHi tm
I nct-om mod a tion in  'he vessel
adequate,   There was rb pro'vis* |
- e'oLtJigiouj eaeee, and u*is amoutit
t space assigned lor hospital pur-
oauned overcrowding.    Tne d.ug
,  moreover,  was  iUBOtHciont   to
i an epidemic.
Tiit naval conirar.iidant, in bia report,
spies-it'fl tlie opluion that the Admiralty 1 < f r-iit.it t regulations  weie luldllud.
Che  Victorian military eoirespondent
refers to the restricted deck urcomino.ia*
Lord Charles Beret*fird is goimt to
Amer,ica in tlm uiitnmo in order tu etui!>
tmt Oni'cii Smtea unvy  and  t-.i inquire
Jabob Kamm, After Investigation,
Thinks Well of I!,
- I'Ji
J ''ii Kiojm, f 1 ;i * rei m- 1. '
visit in Ban Frflnftieco, to i»vet*tigiite
tbt mutter ni tbe use of oil as fuel on
stwamera, said: "I found tbat it waa
very successfully used on the Oakland
ferry boats and ou the General Friable,
besides being the fuel on several of tbe
trans-raclflg liner**. I was informed
tha' It effected a saving ol (id per cent.
I made a trip myself with tlie chief
engineer of tbe Frietjje, and I bBlit-i-a It
to he ii-i- coming fuel,"
When asked whether Its use was detrimental to the bliters, Mr.Kamm stated
that it was not. "Tliere was one in-
Btunce tbatl heHrd of, and that was in
the cat-re of a rlearner where the jet wae
placed t'-o clOHfe to lhe 'crown-eheet. It
biiuamii overheated and gave way. On
iuveetigatioa it waB found that tbe
rivets bad been burn ml ay\ay by ibe
intense heat. Tlie remedy was simply
the placing of tbsi.'jet In such a way as
to distribute tiie hear, more evenly
through the Ore b;x. Of Oiinr-ie, in regard io the Saving oi fid per com, it must
be rtniembareri that ouai is higher in
San Franciaou tbau iicrc, and oil cheap*
6', In speaking to an iutoreated party
abont the tnmeponutjou of oil to Fort-
\^ad, I i-us tn.'d thai to ubo it ss cheaply
posaible we ehould have facilities for
kottpiMi llie crude oil in tanks and piling it from those taukB directly into the
veasel'a tanks.   To do thi? oil mnei Le
( ug'it here either in tank i-uu-ere or
(auk carB, not by  (he bairei, as ia
Mr. Kamm hinted that projects for
both tank care and tauk-stoamerB to
Portland were nitdet Be-*loiia cousidera*
Veteran em',,*e»» cay that whon thej
light up "THE rUOVINCE"oigar.
L-«dy»niiih bote! keepers known man's
Bond judge when he neks for "THK
Yates Streit, VICTORIA, B. C.
Barrliter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Rtc.
Money to Loan.
Nittinliim, • • n. c,
Metalier Cnu. Society of Civil  PJnglllMrs
Member Instltntloii of Ijlertrlcnl RilgtilcerE
Electrical Engineer
Oorrestioiidcilce Sulicih-il
Work Guaranteed P. 0. Box 357
I'rovlnclnl Uccuscil Asravcr, tnle nssaycr
Van Andn Smeller. Reliable nitiilysif; of
ores, conls,etc. Slii-nncn!-nml siLtupIinja
at smelteiH nii-jifi-iiiteiuk-il, WelRhtM mul
rrttinia checked. Next ml hi- I,awCotirlH.
P. O. »ox 89.
46 Ungley Street, VICTORIA.
Barristers, Snllclors and
Conveyaii. rn,	
Oilier:  OJiUi-lliiws' Hulldln., Kobcrls St.
P.O. BOX 243
Lois l» l.ln.'ks 21), SO and 81. . A'so
Hotel Blip, 120il'20lsn'. Alsn lot"I nnd
2 block 48. f«fi0.1ii.|»o.
SEASOfi's Scaling catch.
Abanln'ely the liii'-at tea -old in B.O. ff you do not hro-v
tlitit as=k our (tub omen. Or be t«r still iry nun pound *i0\
Tin pot ted itirei'tjy frmn I * - ■■ * k h j i»r i * * Ten Garden*-. Oily
onrselvt-'ft hoiween the grower and you. Your second oidei
will be ij pound-", price ■?!■* .5
IM, T. Heddle & Co.
Free Press Block.      """., S,vSti,Pr" Nanaimo
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preauriptlotisc-irefitih' dlapenaed. Open
day and night.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and faney bread. CiikaB anil pas-
trlriN ol al! d-'HiTtplions. Fruits in
Harrison Hot Springs
Tilts (tcli-*lttfii! bcuttb nnd pleaKine
resort, .the iiin\st in America, olTi-rH
Unrivalled  Advantages
 To Th.	
Magnificent Scenery, Pisbinp, Sliooting
Bonttng, Bulbiiiir. Swlniinlii.t*. Vapor
ind Private llnllis with Massage.
THE HOTEL hn*. been completely
renovatediimt reftirni"lie(l ttirouglioui,
electric liglittnt*; fiititclnss cnlsiiie;
ball nnd Icimis grounds; cliariniiif;
drives. Splendid succesn in trcatnietit
of Kbemnali.-im, Gout, Kidney Trouble,
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Pliysican.   Rates: $2 a Day
more into the woiking ol the Atlantic
Shipping Trust.
ThetiueenaUtid Kiilway Department
has notified, all i'-1 e nplnvtei wbo arc
sixty-rive years of age and over thai
their services will he reqntrod no longn*'
those employeeeJbettVBen sixty and sixty
tlvo who have been reported as failint,
in i>bysique will nlso be removed from
the service.
Within the pant week a volcanic eruption visited the little Island of Tonthuua
andobliterateilall BignB of life, The
ernpiion jb Btill continuing, ami tbe ao>
companyinu submarine diBtiirbancea
make it dangerous fir vessels to np-
prom-li the island, TiuriBhuna te oneol
acliain of i.lauds lying nearU-mdo, tbe
larg»Hf. of the Jttpitiese gron/i, Is inhabitants numbered about 150,
T* n JapnueBe trade ft-mmission"it.
havit arrived at Dublin with a miseiou
from their Government to report on tbe
condition of the trade relations between
Japan and South Afriua,
Atidiew Onrne^ie has made ;in offir
to D*wson to supply a freo library for
tbe oity conditionally thnt the Govern*
munt pledge itselt to A perinanent
miiintenance nt tbe rate of !t-;:,'>l)0 a
yeai, The offer will probably be
■Ori'ff dust-ice McGuire of the North*
west Territories hue arrived in KIujib*
ton, for a vi-miUimi in his old homo,
There is no truth in ibo report of bis
intended retirement.
Nothing is known in oflu-ial oirfllea
rpsi>ecticg nny propositicii to tettle
30,0u0 Penoaylv-iQirt; miners in tt.e
N inhwest. Hon. B. W, Scott, Secretary of Stete, eay,H n"..ono wne aulhor-
i»j*l to uaiike t-noh a proposition ou b ■
half of tt-e govemninnt M,b th'-tii-bt
aome one bud been dfrtWinu n l.i-. \\u.
Tne crops iu lieliiud promise well
oo the .vhoie
Brunswick Takes 22,243 Skins to
San Francisco.
Tl.e I'ttle summer Brunewink, wbiub
univeil nt Sua Frituoisco from Dutch
Hm'tiur, tu.ili.ik inul tin st*it 1 islan.ls of
Si. tlsurge sn-i St, l'mil, liivuirlit iu her
nolil lh« seas'in's iiati'li of seiilskiiie.
ritronu nf o.lur and not pnrtic.ul.irly Ijt-an-
titnl In aupenranre, Iln. furs n-pre-Mint
tlio oulslde uoveiiiiuB cl 112,11-iy soals. and
in tin. inatktits of Ills wuilil, oilorift-R-us
and uuBititiily hs tlitiy are, tiiey will
bni'H in lbs nelgiilwrliood oi $300,000.
Tlie Brunsffiuk's i-arg.i represents ibe
sensou's work of s.-a! sIsuKliter nn aud
around Si, -.(piirye mid St. Paul It'suds,
Tlio time In aluirtiseis all llie lio.i
■'..-( .1 ri>,lBIM..
J. Carting Kelly, an Ottawa promoter,
It-sB uuder way ttie organisation uf an
ImnieiisH papi-r uoiubine wbiub Will Include eleven nf tbe largest paper mills
in England, wiib nver fill.000-000 eapi-
Ll,' Tin)-', mill iiiHi'i-qiii. 2,(IO0.ii.i-b
ui pulp, wiu-'li i= U'citi.i-ii ne«' O tsAii,
an.! un wbiub tbe proposed uombination
holds .in option.
i Go Carts and
$ Baby Carriages.
Why tire yoursjelf out
carrying that baby of yours
when for a few dollars you
enn secure one of our pretty
Go Carls which are built so
light and that run so easily?
We are running. off our
stock of these carriages, as by
some error this spring we
overstocked ourselves, but this
is your gain.
We prepay all freight to
Conic up and see us.
J J.  H. GOOD &  CO I    .NI||
"" MANAIYW. * ^"
I The Great Cash Furniture Store g
'^M,'.uu*'M,*-.*viim&sBmaB& LADYSMITH   LEADER SEPTEMBER 8. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
MWlrted *mry Wedneiday aad Saturday at
rhtLeat.tr Building, comer of Pint Ave. and
ll Street, Udyimtth, Brittah Columbia.
Ladyemith, the county town of sm-h
Nanalmo district, where they ean hear
both: aides ol the cue fairly. They
cannot do so by holding that court ia a
distant city.
T. L. GRAHAMK, Editor and Pbopribtor,
' It Mail ix Canada and Onitkd Status.
Omeyear (etilctly in advance) I- «
1k month! (strictly ln advance)    * "*5
TRANSIENT — Including buninesi notices,
cilia for tenders, applications for and transfer of
license*-, legal notices, etc., ioc. a line first in-
■ertle-n; 5c. a line each mbsequtnt iuaerlion; u
Unci measure to the inch.
Rites on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
each insertion joe.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
litue will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued,
The 1-kadkr ie Informed that a great
deal ot grouse-slaughter took place in
the closing days of August, not only
around Ladysmith but in many otber
places. There il only one way to deal
with tbe selfish ei-onndrel* who tbui
break the law, aud that le to shut them
up in jail for a few mouths without the
option of a flue.
TFIR LEADER will be found at the followiiiK
i,-*, lynmlth-The Leader Office; The Udysmlth
Namnuc—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; •""■*
Vd-.icc.uver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New -.Vesttnltister-public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
nt this office before ia noon the day before
fit* iKiibers not receiving paper regularly please
ter-ortto this office.
Ail |un work strictly cash on delivery.
Tr iritent advertisements cash in advance.
L.-.D.B regularly will eonler a C
j_ lavor by reporting promptly to 2.
5 thi, office.
1 —
J     Subscribers not receiving The
In common with many others who
' make ft practice of studying character,
we were giving Mr J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M.P.L., credit (or tbe possesion
of en uncommon amount of common
■•nee end discretion.
Thie Impression we are bound to confess has been completely shattered, nay,
obliterated! by hie extraordinary teh-
gram to the Hon. the Minister of Minis,
regarding tbe Royal Commission of enquiry Into the causae of eiplosions in
coal mines.
That telegram reveals traits of char
aeter which we never suspected had
lodgement In the mind of Nanaimo's
labor member, and which immediately
place him In a category far different
from tbat which we believed he deserved. -.
Mr Hawthornthwait*-*' says the com'
mission will be a royal farce, and that
tbe members of the commission are not
flt nnd proper persons to conduct such
an enqfllry. Witb only one of the com*
mttsioneri are we personally acquaint'
ed, Mr Tolly Boyce of Nanaimo, and we
Ihould just like to hear tbe name of
man who Is better quali6«d than that
gentleman to BU auch a responsible position as that to which he hae been appointed. We believe the other two
commie-doners are equally well fitted
lor tbeir duties In this reape-1', and we
are confident that the enmmi-'alon will
do most important service to tbe pro*
vlnce tn thie enquiry.
Tbe Hon. Col. Prior's crushing re*
joinder to Mr Hawthornthwait-"'a tele*
gram was folly warranted by tin con*
tents of that brief despatch; and if the
biting sarcasm indulued in by the Hon.
Minister of Mines bae made Mr Haw
thorntbwaite the IangMug-stock of
British Columbia, tbe labor weuibf.r has
certainly no one to blame but himself.
His ftitlon tn this matter ls most oharl<
tably described as a piece of shocking
Nanaimo'e Labor Day celebration
committee should not bave allowed a
part y of misguided persons to offer coarse
and gratuitous insult to 61K) Udyt-mitb
visitors who went there to celebrate with
Nanaimo, Ladyrsmith's next contingent
to a Nanaimo cel&bration will, ae bar,
number nearer 0 titan 500.
We in robe, silver cake stand; Hiss Mc
Mullen, mat; Mrs Uren, silver fmit
dish; Mr and Mrs Greaves, silver hotter
dish; Mr and Mrs Wm Junes, silver U-a
set; Mr and Mrs Cory 8, Rvder, silver
cake dish; Mrs Nicholson, silver ph-kle
jar; Mr and Mre Joe, Tate, pair linen
towels, pair blue chenile table covers;
Mr Wm Home, silver pickle j-it;  Mrs|
a'(tnoilfttrmliiK ootiu'ry,
nf. the fa-it that the mi
running into the ii-lawl
country for the paid, si? j
easily count the 1111 tuber ■
h*va found  tht* conditio
ennii|_h not to give them
danadlim .-,-.-,..'•
I lull. ibxcGi' tnwav.
Iway   ban   been
port! m nt the
yi-ars, you (•■ill
<f Bottlers wbn
ih  HutUfitiilory
l-J llll.I   JfO   lilt
um> r Preiuiei
tbe crop will
Iiu   In
Hirst, silver celery jar; Miss Hattie ami  of Manitoba, edit)
Gerald Hirst, napkin rings; Mr and Mrs ■ average twenty-five
John Jones, bedspread; Mu and Mtu] 17ft ofHU-.-jOd'aures ont,
Treloar, linen towels; Mr and M-ti 1*-L;    The Democrat n of Ohio are determln-
The Hou, E. G. Prior baa Bent the following letter to Mr J. II. Hawlhornib-
waite in reply to bis telegram saying tbe
peiHunnel of tho Royal Commission to
inquire iuto the u-auae of the coal mine
explosions waa a royal farce and an in*
suit to the miners of British -Columbia.
Victoria, Aug. 20,1902.
J. H, Hawthon-thwatte, Erq.. H. P. P.,
Sir,—I did not net your telegram of
the 23rd inet., until this morning, on
my return from the Kootenaya. It certainly Ib a great disaster to the minimi
community of British Columbia that
you were not appointed one nl die coin*
miaeloners, but I trust Ihe industry will
Burvive the shock. Xonr great practical
knowledge (?) nf under ground wonld
have eminently fitted yon for the position, no doubt. I t\o not think the
miners nl British Columbia will endorse
vnur Instilling U*l-*grain to me, but
whether tbey do or not will make no
difference In any action I may take. Ar
minieter 61 mines T am responsible for
tho personnel of tbe commleslnn, and 1
am glad to say that t think no belter
KMitlemeu could be found <n British Columbia for snch a cemmi'sion than the
three appointed.
Ynu do not give any reason why ?<n
object to them, sn I can only presume
they cannot, hn very aerinns ones. I am
quite willing to sbooider tbe responsibility of th* appointments feeling snre
they are'satisfactory lo all reason-'.hlf
and unbiased men,
I bave the hoiwr to be, ilr,
Your obedient servant,
Jonea, silver butterdish} Mm Gillespie,
Silver cruet stand; Mr and Mrs Gillee-
pie, dozeu silver tea spoouB; Mr and Mrs
Sloane,doaensilver knives and forks;
Mr Robert Pr ingle, pickledish; bachelor
friends, silver claret set; Mr and Mrs
Wm ThompEon, set of mats; Mr T.
Mauion, gold enamelled hat pin receiver; Mr and Mrs Dixon, pickle jar; Mre
Diekeeon,.sllvpr htitipr l-nift** Mr R.
Fitelv. bedBpread; O. R. Stevenson A
Co., silver Btigar bowel; Mr and Mis ,1,
Bickle, cover and scarf; Mr apd M ih
Forcimmer, handsome etoebj Mr T.
Wescoti, Walker's porit<v; Mr and Mia
1. Jones, blanket, •(•nip brisket und mn1
Archdeacon and Mre Seriven phutoBj Mr, Goo, II
and fancy frames; Miss Nett-o M, Herd, Rrmngh 11 t 'i
hat pin piishinn: Mrs T,   Vforgwi  nnd' Johnptnn & t
ed to make Tow Johnaon their nominee
for President.
Chief Justice MoGulre ol the North-
wont Territories, saya good bind can be
hnd at from #3 to -Sli nn utira which
would cost $J0 or $f>0 over ihu border.
Hu thinks there are not enough North*
ffost Mutinied Police,
Sin' captivated 1
tor, il,"■:-.,.1,
. who beard ber.—
!>;;itsn ,11,.
Miss 8, Morgan, water set; Mr and Mn
T.Ouwen. table"olatbj Mi W, Morrison
table cloth; Mr and Mre T. Ofaig. U0.
Hams of Interest in the Shipping
on W.i
I    Ralph
to  11...
i train,
I    Mr. O
I on 8 tn
Mi. I
11  Anrtcrsi
I llll-il'.CSs   l|i|l.
.sin town Satiinlsy
iiei.iil! nl   A.  II.
liny iiinriiiiH-
Str. Amur caller! in Sunday
on ber way north,
Str. Thistle called Similes
usual careo of conl.
Str.  O.imr  took  nn n i-arpi
Sicktr o.r for Taeoma sim-lti-r,
8(r. Wcllittalon will iilsitr I'm-aii.-y
nilllit for Sun Fri-.ni-isro ..i'li s full chiiiii
•if Wellinglon conl.
Sir. Aikl Hrrivnl   Mm -Isv
Sir, rortlmni took nn ... ra
on but tt'tiy In Ci.[iii Nome.
In. I
In-   hi
ul Ml,
■ bunk
..I 1
DilJ- I'D
ni;.M '
A.  .1.
-I, v
1' N'snsi
..] Ijiikn Snnilsv rh.
,- lo lowt. nil Tiu-iifli
nnieil o-i  M
mo i-el"lir«!i'
barrlsUir,  ,v!silpil
ai'l of h-ii1."-
l w or 1 m, \
if if
8UOHTUANU  Ml.lll'LI)'li:it.
Mr. W. T. Moon, < f KU-g-ton, ba-* Introduced n new Byatuui o( sburtbiltid
called ihe Byllahic System. Thin ti>s(em
wan iuveoieil iu 1901 by Mr R. It'-'!,
B.A ,of Witiulpea. Guo of t'm WBi-n-
tial featureB of the eyi-tem ih that the
sin im do not represent 1-uiers, or cijuiKiB
but each oign repteaents a BjHubli'i
Another great advent ago claimed bu
tbls eyetem Is that h has no poslttuu, no
shading, nn dote. It I.as only ilnre
rules and nine different itbaructers, aud
three few cbaraeieta am m flv'sleiuallcAl*
ly ai ranged ttiat they form [i'i t-yilables,
•ibichwriteany wnd in the Bngliel'i
l*n*<urtge 11 «■ i!y.
Traoe Marks
sit el .li i111itrtp.1erlptl01iii1.1r
iliOP nn
Scientific American.
sin-tiMy Illustrated wp-jtilv.
1 t»f iinriclmiiltli" luiiiml,
-.i-, n.i;i;,.i,:ji. tjoidbynll
IS .^C0.*"5ll,r'"",'-K'y'l
A hnttrtsiimtil*/ lllusi ruled v
iml.iti< 11 of jiny ctiniiltli* 't.iinmi.   Terms, tf 11
- niinil.u.'Jl.  --kilil bj- nil hcwm1*j:iIi.|'»
ich 1 .lice, m V St, WnslilDitton, D.
WfMW'r.to -■>* -:-i.-fl^>.-«.
The Leading
Next Saturday the Uontb Nanaimo
license commission ere will meet In Nanalmo Oity court home to consider
whether they shall grant five more
licenses to sell intoxicating liquors in
this town, where six inch licenses already exist. Our earnest advice to the
commissioners le to adjourn that sitting
to meet at tbe earliest opportunity In'
Editor Leader:—Over five hundred
people from this city attended the labor
celebration at Nanaimo, Monday last—
the lamest delegation from anyone place
iu the province, thus materially helping
oat our sister city in her endeavor to
make a success of Labor Day, How
were we received and how treated by the
Nanatmoltes? Our band, which, by the
way, Is only a new one, Instead of being
encouraged In their efforts to contribute
to the pleasure of the occasion wae
booted and jeered and a float that was
an insult to every Inhabitant of Ladysmith, gotten up by a sore head of Extension, representing a kennel with a
dog chained In it, thus comparing people who moved to Ladysmith Irom Extension to doge and their homes to ken-
TE1INGN Ti-OUI'H !k.V.»tVIV.-i.
nells, received the second prise.
Such treatment should meet with the | J,'^ m"™ |^q^^e\'pJJJ^inda of
J din R, McVicar, ot Boston, i-> the
flnt white child born north of ihe Arc-
tii.- Oircle. He celebrated bin golden
wedding Hiiniver**ary tbe o'ber day. He
wae Imni at Fort Revolmtitn, Giva't
Slave L*ke, January lSl'tt. nml waa
christened bv Sir Jotiti Franklin.
0,0, Fuller, ft civil engineer, bu* uo*
centeil nn appointment an ftO'uIatbin
missionary in S-iuth AMiia.wtieiehnw M
take cliHi^e of Industrial nork In S.mih
RbodeeU, He if a Rim btilii.vt'r Uuit
bftblts ol industry prepure n pi'i'plo fur
tbe regi-ueraiiim influ tutiof thu Ginpel;
Rev. Thotnas Hagerty, ottenf thfini >i t
widely known Catholic iir.eplt* i'i l.u
country, a/lip ben bren nfb i <id ■ uti the
dioceitetif Dj-IIob, Tex., im* -.unt in bis
resiifitftt bm ns >t prlefi- 10 Bishop'Qiiune,
nf that city, biid naa also wittidia^n
from tl■f m.inbersbip of the Catholic
cburel'.   He has taken the step in order
NIiieteBnthCunttiry   nnd After,
Cdhtempurary   Revi.,-w,   Port-
nistluly   K. vlivv.   Weslmiitster
Review,    l.dlniiurtli    Heylow,
Qiturletly kuvlew, Ulackwuml's
litllnburuh iMHKitzlne.
siroiiK, Bterltng'. timely, Hiiggeatlve
ami itiillmnlivi.-; ju-it whul \u« waul
lo know uf tlie wurM'siiniii ■;.■.; i*\iiellv
what you need to know; uud tola
wlicii ymi want lu kiiDwit—Uuil'stlie
wilue ofihese redmva iu you.    Tlie
nblesl writers, iht.* must tbiicly ,dts* .
ctlBBtomi; The swiftest iirei-eiitutlon of $tp
the wuilii-piolilfiiis of 1 be dav npnenr _.><:
every month in tht* pint's nf ilicse "'._.
leadniKrevtcwa   These nretheHng- _*.™
lisliedilinussold in Antricant abonl m'A
half price,   Bpcctliu 11 ■-■■■■jiit d sent free $,"?
tfrmlyoue anywhere, ami  historical '4,-.
booftlet, too, for-.lie asking, m,l
Ihe Leonard icotl Publication Co., .-'/:
WurreuSt, .\«v,* York Oily. *_■
*-W'v»!'1;-*'-i,i^..,.»s**'.-*^v: w'-va-V'-f*
. :* . H4!m4: ,\m' 04'- A4AAm". .•.**« :A.4
r+H< l+A -tfl-l-l
resentment it deserves and next Labor
Day should ba celebrated at l-adyemltb
where there ie,unity instead of at Nanalmo where there are tbe Ralph Smith
workingmen, th*** Haw thorn th walte worklngmen, tbe Socialistic workingmen aud
the Trades and Labor Congress working-
men. Another thing the citiaons here
would  like to know—what   was the
LiH'i Derby, former Prime Mini-ur of
Great Britain, was looking for a book in
his library on** evening in the presence
of Linl  Arthur RuseeM.     l-Win-/ tbe
ruii-.SU- along tbe ibclves ht c-auip to the
poems of William Morris,   'If I hnd
known that he was goim* lo mm social
1st I wouldn't Save gone t'» lhi> 1 xp-n-e
meaning or significance of tbe carriage I o( Mlid,     h)m ,„ rfl|. mo        „ ,
witb the banner "Ladysmith Skinners?" i ^ . Un, ,)(,rbv
Itlsimderstwdherethatit was gotten     m ,)Bflt M| o(* ^ (|
upby Nanaimo men.    The cltiiens «l Wton to ,i,e iot 0, My Engliah prelate
Ladysmith as far as I have been able to of -^ ,„ %% the (,lfl(KWH, ,„ „)n R, ,
find out, fall to Bee tbe point and would
like our "fat friend" from Nanalmo, who
seemed 10 much "tickled" about It to
explain. CiriZEN.
wkpdiiii ultra.
Following ie a partial list ot most
beautiful and useful presents given to
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. W. Murray, two of
LadjamlLh's most popularyonng people,
on the occasion of their wedding last
Wednesday evening at the Ladysmith
Mill Manuel, gold enammeled Ink
stand; Mr Tom Jonea, lilver fruit Hand;
Mr W.W.B. Mclnnes, silver tureen; Mrs
Oxford—llie Arobdea>iont) ff Ox'nrd,
with citnonry of Ohrisl Uhimth aililnl,
the stipend being £1,200 a yp.i-. with
residence, 'Ibis fifth*'- bun jmi buen resigned by Bishop Randall, the mff-agan
of the diomise, who was upputnltd by
Bishop Slubbfl in 1805.
aii a.!
I umllure, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpnp.r, Curtains,
Crockery, Olassware, Etc., Etc,
There Is Comfort In Our (ieod.
Kvi-ryibini. in tnrnisli ti hi me In
in.iilcst or iilahoraie styli. Write
for our Imuf cati.lov.uc (freel Illustrated and priced (a store in itself).
I Coal!   -   Coal!
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellingto** Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Coinox ConP—liest steam eoal on  ttie Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Wirat-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayues Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San   FranciHci, Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
************************* 4
flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—Commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
Nanaimo, E. C,
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t COLD STORAGE- 1'itsi class facilities
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u. o.
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endeavor to  wyrest tltp I'.Uin.i trophy
Irom (lanada, are at O'tnirn, and sill
be In (lanada until September 18.
M.'ir-deneriil  Bnplnvnnd,  vrl.n   him
jnsi iitiiriip.l to Montreal (mm Nflv?.
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lie Weekly Post-mre!li$encer
Stattli, With.
S,Trt' "i"-'"1.-   »™.i'if«l illintralkna'aod
lialf touca. Sample copy on application.
All For Om Dollar a Yoar, LADYSMITH LEADER.  SEPTEMBER 3. 100*.
Copyright, 1801, bj
Eugonle Dlilrlch
The old Indy snt very still. The
hands that usually made tbo knitting
needles (ly had uot moved foi full ten
minutes. Her eyes were Uxod abstractedly ou a somewhat worn spot In tbe
bt'Ight red aud vivid green ingrain carpet. If by chance she had been asked
what was lu her in Ind, sbo probably
would bave replied testily that it wan
about tlmo those carpet strips were
woven nnd put down. Whnt with the
tracking in and out and sitting round,
winter wns harder than summer on
But wheu the howling wind gave a
fresh blast and tbo coal in the base
burner sputtered np with an answering
glow she turned toward tlio muslin bung
windows, nnd one might* bave thought
that she wns having a little strugglo
to Bit still on her chair. The old man,
smoking by the stove, looked at her
furtively every once lu uwblle. Now,
wheu u stronger blast shook tbo house,
he pulled closer the black silk miifller
under his coat collar and turned to bis
"It's a cold night for New Year's,
mother. I mind It was nliuost as bad
whon Johnny was married"—
She did not answer or even look at
blm, but a tightening of the lips show*
ed that she bud hoard.
The old man had learned tbo danger
signals nud was silent for the time.
There was something unusual In mother's mood, but bo did not know for certain which way tbe signs pointed.
"Now Year's night do be lonosomer
thnn any other night," bo oontiuued
tentatively, "with no children nnd
young folks to see the old year out. I
saw Johnny's boy the other day"—
Then the old lady swung round In her
chair so bard and quick that sho Joggled the lamp at her elbow, and the little fringes on her silk embroidered
shoulder shawl trembled.
"Johnny's boy, Indeed! Arid you saw
him, of course. And whose fault Is it
but yours thnt Johnny's buy isn't here,
I'd llko to know? You were always giving the boys tbeir way nbout everything. That's how they came to marry
those Qulnlnn girls, far downs like
tbem, tbo Lord save us!"
"Well, mother, they always scoin»d
good girls to me and are good housekeepers now. Of course there's theoi
that may be bettor to our way of thinking." The old man never snld "yum"
wben making an nsscrLluti which motn
IT  WAS TOMMY   Mm.Ll.NY   WITH   A   SO'l'E
vitoM ins msTon.
er might Question. "There's tbem that
bad more money, ond everybody can't
come from Limerick. Hut, then, it's the
lads who have to live with the girls,
and they ought to hnve something to
It was a long speech for the old man,
end tho old lady was gasplug when be
"Yes, and you dou't mind me having
to think of my own children's children
being brought up In tho ways of the
Quintans. It wasn't enough when
Johnny married Nellie, hut you hnd to
be that nice about It that Ulchnrd weut
and married Kate."
He tried to turn tbe stream of Indignation Into less Immediate channels.
"It did seem aggravating," ho said,
"though Johnny's boy seems a nice little fellow for seven. Hut of course,
mother, you dou't kuow him."
Didn't she know him? Wasn't sbo
going to church every Sunday Just to
see the children march lu for Sunday
school, and Johnny's boy with them?
She not know Johuny's boyi But she
said nothing.
The old man walked to the window, ;
a gcutlo, deprecating figure In a shiny
black suit tils white hair wns combed
forward over thc thinnest spots In
front and parted carefully toward the !
ears In the hack. The mild blue eyes \
•nd rosy skin gave blm a look of nl
parry, and all the children are still
there, I can see their little heuds bobbing up and down where tho curtain's
up. I shouldn't wonder If Johnny's
boy was there too."
The old lady did not answer. She
knew vory well that Johnny's two
boys and Itlchle's one were there, and
she had been listening ail evening,
with her heart In her mouth,, to the
sounds of wild weather.
"I don't know, mother," the old man
went on after ho was comfortably seated onco more, "but we ought to make
a wlll"-
"A wllll What Is putting things Into
your head tonight of all nights?"
"You see, it's New Year's," he answered, "and there's them who are
younger than us who won't bo here to
see the next new year In. Seeing the
way you feel about things, we might
leave most, ur considerable at least, to
tbo orphan asylum, tt would be doing
a lot of good"—
Sim jumped round in her seat again,
but whatever wiih Iu ber mind to an*
ewer was not said, for there was ft
knock at tho door.
"Mercy allvel" site said, snd "Gee,
but it's blowing!" came from without.
It wns Tommy Mulleny with a note
from his eldest sister. The children
who lived across the river could uot be
taken home In this blizzard. Word bad
been sent to the pa rents hy telephone.
Tbe Mullenys could take care of three
little girls, but there wero some of the
hoys whom they would like to send
over to the Moyuibana If It would not
be too much trouble. Somehow the old
nutu did uot look so astoulshed as one
might havo thought lie would.
"To bo sure, mother," he said. "I'll
Just go over and help Tommy bring tbe
children. 'Twill be like old times"—
' A vague expectation that mado her
heart beat and her bands tremble bad
seized upon the old lady. She set the
lamp in tbe window ns a guide and
strained her eyes to seo Into the howling swirl without that shut off even
thc sight of trees lu their own garden.
After a long fifteen minutes tbe stamping of feet told thnt they had come
back. The old man mumbled something about going around thc house to
look after things Tommy Mulleny held
tbo hull door open for three little boys,
nml then he said something nbout not
wanting to track snow all over the
house and vanished.
As for the old lady, she beard not.
She was looking nt the three little boys
who blinked-ut her. blinded by the
darkness without and the sudden glare
Of light within. Then tbe biggest oue
pulled off hia cap.
"Happy Now Year, grandma!" be
sang nut, and even as be did so be was
turning to peel off his little brother's
cap. "Jimmy's too little to take off bis
own cap. nud Cousin Richie, too, and
we all brought some cookies uud candy
from tbe party for you. My, I could
hardly walk, and grandpa bad to carry
ItIchlo, and Tommy Mulleny helped
Jimmy. But I'm glad It snowed. Mamma always said I couldn't come to set
you until I wns as big and as good aa
papa, but now I guess we Just bad to
come before we were big."
The old woman's trembling bands
were turning down bis coat collar.
"Look nt the curls of him," she aiur-
uiii-ed, bending over him hungrily—
"just like Johnny's! It's this long time
I've wanted to feel them, bless b!ml"|
And she kissed Johnny's boy again and
again. I
When the old man came In, puffing
and snow whitened, she bad tbe two
littlo fellows ou her lap, and Johnny's
boy leaned against ber, feeding ber
biles of his cooky.
The old man chuckled softly, "I
thought It would bring her round 1"
then aloud, "Well, mother, 1 guess we
won't have to leave everything to tbe
"What'H that?" sbo asked sharply.
"I was Just thinking we ought to
have a fire In tho boys' room for the
little laddies."
Tbe Kind of Peed Given Iln "n't Any
thin* lo Do Wilb it.
A corresjpoiideiit|.vrltes to Dairy and j
Creamery to ask how he cun so feed .
bis cowb tbat their milk will be richer J
In butter fat. The old belief that cows [
will produce milk rich or poor In but* j
tor fat according to the feed they nro j
given has a strong bold lu this country. ■
This belief led to the saying, "Nothing I
comes from a cow's tents thai has not ■
goue into her mouth." While this Is |
true In every sense of the word, long
continued and careful experiments ;
have proved that except within very j
narrow bounds it Is Impossible to im- ;
prove the quality of the milk of a cow 1
by feeding ber.
Thc quality of the milk Is a elm rae- !
teristlc of tbe Individual cow.   Sho j
gives milk that ls rich or poor In butter
fat from some natural tendency which
Is not well understood. This tendency t
Is tintisniUtal.lt> to ber descendants, I
and by careful selection It Is possible
to Improve tho average quality of the <
milk from a herd of cows to a wonder* .'
fill degree.
Given a cow that naturally gives '.
good milk—that rich In butter fnt—and j
breed her to a bull that Is from a cow j
thnt gives good milk, and the progeny
Is likely to be better than the dam, al* j
though this Is not invariably the case,   j
Butter fnt does not differ from (allow
In any essential way. It is animal fat
and Is elaborated from tbe feed given
the cow that produced tbe milk from
which It is separated. One cow will
turn tbe fat In ber feed to butter fat,
and another will store tt up lu ber
body. Tbe one cow will be a good butter maker and tbe other a pour one.
It is now pretty generally conceded
lhat milk is elaborated largely during
the process of milking. That It Is separated from the blood In some way ls
certain, Feed a cow more of the elements that go Into the composition of
milk, and sho will become fat. The cow
thnt gives poor milk will fatten much
easier than the one that gives rich
According to recent exhaustive experiments made by Professor Hgecker,
it does not make milch difference what
is fed to a cow if she Is given a plentiful supply of sound feed. Give a cow
all she needs of sound forage and
grain, and she will produce io the utmost possible limit butler fnt or tallow.
If she turns bor feed Into milk nnd butter fat, she Is a good cow. If she turns
It into tallow, she Is a poor cow from
tbo dairyman's standpoint.
If our correspondent will follow this
plan, he will get more butter fct from
bis cows, hut not richer milk. His cows
will give more milk than they would If
poorly fed ond every 100 pounds of
that milk will contain just as much
butter fat as Is natural for a given cow
to give. If she gives 3 per cent milk
and only 100 pounds u week, tbe mill:
will contain three pounds of absolute
butter fat, or about three and a half
pounds of butter. Feed her so sho will
give double the quantity of milk, nud
that milk will give double the quantity
of butter fat, but will not be richer
than the smaller quantity. The way to
get more butter fat fs to feed the cows
better, .fust what It Is best to feed
tbem ia a matter on which learned doctors disagree at Ibis moment. However, ltis safe to feed tbem enough, even
If tbe ration ls not quite balanced.
A HntnnlBff Oboac.
On the postrond In southern New
Hampshire stands nn old house whlcb
was ome famous for Its ghost. It had
boon n tnvi'i'ii, owned and managed bj
two brother, and two sister, named
The youngest of tbo family, Hannah,
had In-cn Jlltod In ber youth. After ber
dOBortlon Bite hud nover entered any
door biivo that of hor own home, but
gnvo all hor strength to hud work.
8ho would hntehol dux for weeks, .pin
uncraslngly and wear, on a hand loom
without apparently a thought of ire.L
Sho dlod after a short llluean, and
■till travelers wild that tholr slumbers
wore disturbed by tho whir of tbe
wheel. Soon It was whispered about
tliut the Mason houso was haunted.
Strange souuds were board from the
garret, where Ilnnnnh hud always
worked, and plainest of all ,wa. tb.
hum of tbe greut wool wheel.
The brothers henrd tbo story and at
once sot out to solve thc mystery
Joseph went to tho garret and watch-
ed. ,uter a time tbe wheel began to
revolve. He otruck a light On tb,
rim of tbo wheel was a great rat. running around.
.."rcqiictit visit, to tho garret ren-
mo"tt""li.¥ntir.¥ndlh;™%ave"tor°a SoulcYl^,»I,,„",t HVT'4
certain furtive shrewdness that nmy |e,, and ovwaUthJ« 1-*°'b)r *i"y"
bave como from yours of watching tho uh/ o™ to take „ 1. in,." "v"",'0""
(dorm signals of bis wife's moods. ! If  it  were   '   1T»„,    ° Wll°f'' "
"The old lady's all right," bo replied   Youth's^Companion"***  namtt<>a-
wbun any of bis relatives bad tin, to.
merltyto glvo him advice as to Ills do-' Th. l.-r i„»..t„,    •
K!l!,*riTT "S"°!" ""' ■""" °" ■""" 'Mea »• «i. Atlantic emiallv
land In sickness and a good manager,' tho Intei-ciihitlon of fo,,m«ed Zoaa
but she docs like to have her own way, boars nnlhratlo witness to tt- •»»»-
and It takes her awlillo to come found  Ing over tho Ian 1lot two. J& Zi
take. But she docs come round If yon grew where the glncle7. wZ
«v. ber time enough. „„,lth„fs„,„ro   Again tho glacier.      p" hrward to
«v,r.b, '»&^j£ssas
It has got to bo all at oncel Now, Iln,,.. OpHlens ar,. much.liriSL ..
that', toe bad for llttl. Kin, Multa,',,  Its tl-uo slguifanco 'VMeffl "",0
The hot wave last summer struck tbs
dairy portion of Iowa more severely
than any other part, says Tho Creamery Journal. A study of the weather
maps Issued from Des Molues during
the summer showed that a strip running south by southwest from near tho
northeast corner of the state received
no rain at the critical time when (he
corn needed lt most, and consequently
this strip suffered extremely. This winter farmers living in tbls strip are feeding shredded com fodder almost exclusively, (be high price of grain nnd
of bran ond even of bay being practically prohibitive. What Is tbe result?
JJJot bankruptcy. There Is not enough
protein In the fodder ration to make
-uucli more than half a mess of milk,
but the feed cost of this half mess Is
practically nothing compared wilb former methods of wasting tbo fodder. |
And. furthermore, n big fracilon of tho
farmers when tbey did feed grain fed
Jt so "unbalanced" that Ihu milk yield
was little greater than lt is this winter
With no grain.
* To Feed n Cow For Milk,
We keep a few cows, so I am most
interested in them and want to make
lt a specially, says "Subscriber" In National Stockman.  Our cows took well
and do well.  We feed oats and corn j
ground together, also sugar heels, some !
of which weighed seven and three* |
quarter pounds.  They eat them very,:
greedily, n peek apiece. I would not be '
without them.   Also fed timothy and
clover mixed.  We bave uo fodder, but j
Jt Is equal to grass If it can be saved j
green. I hnve a box for salt on the side J
of the barn, where the cows can help j
themselves.  I think the best I line to I
feed n cow for milk Ib when It is a calf, i
Feed It well, keep It growing, vigorous
nnd healthy until It gets to be a cow,
and you can be assured of a good cow ]
If the stock Is right.  I think as much i
of keeping a calf In good order as I do |
a cow.   13 very till tig Is stabled and In
stanchions.  In lids way we keep two
more than formerly In the snrae 6pacc.
HifiiKt* Prom thi) Cow Mrtnfter,
Cows which nre producing milk under heavy feeding should nnt be compelled to cat up forage too close. Let
them ent what tbey wlll readily, then
give what Is left to young stock. They
will do well on It. nnd tbe cows will
not be coml-olled to cat material which
is not palatable.
| J las beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping  in- g
dustry of the Pacific Coast. a
wm&?ts^iKmV£iapmam 11 j Hi 11 h
.-wiiiE^as-****-^^ $
It'is the largest railway centre in British i
|       Columbia.- -
ixtezxttr.-:?, PA*-Ht ^rtT^&^-^sskvam'''
$ Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re- I
y        ducriori works to be erected here.        i
First-class water system,  electric light
and power plant about to be installed
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months, f
Every, facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladyst#'
> f
Your Hatter?
There are some men wlin never buy a
becoming hat.
There are some halters who think that
"any old thing" will do, and they simply
don't care a rap whether your hat becomes
you or not.
Wrong shape for your face;
Not the right size.
Might look well on your aged father or
probably suitable for your son or younger
We tell you candidly If a hat is unbecoming. Some new arrivals to show you
to-day. Distinguished Americans—New
York hats, $a.oo, $2.50,13.00, $3,50.
We give uway a Box Kite with every
$5.00 purchase.
111 cm
Mr. John May of Nanaimo, bt, ob-
Lined tbo contract for th. bnilding ol
th. Union Brewery building at bridge
M.ry had a little rir.v;
It ebon with beantv rare.
Sb. old it was ber engagement ting
And was bought at Lively's store.
The Grand hotel bas had its appearance improved by a new coat ol paiat.
II it Is a nice clock yon are looking Ior
w. have tbem Irom $1.00 to $18.00. W
H. Lively, Ladysmith's Leading Jeweler
Messrs A. R. Johnston A Oo. bave
opened an important branch ol their
large business here, in the Oddfellows'
hall, Eoberts street. They are now
busy removing their goods from Extension. 	
LOST-Fenian Raid medal, 1866,
silver, with name W. Hi'born engraved
on the edge. Finder will be rewarded
on returning same to W. Hillioru, Ladytmlth hotel.
Tbe air around the Free Press Block
must havo been uncomlortably warm,
Saturday afternoon.
Visitors from Ladysmith and district
will find In this well-appointed bouse sll
tbe borne comtortB. Lunches (or lady
shoppers a specialty. Terms strictly
moderate. Serried and cuisine firet
MIS. B. KEITH, Prop, mil Mgr.
Johnston Block,      •     Nanalmo, B, O
P. O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Vlilt,   Ladysmith   every Saturday.
Honra hum 9 a. m. till 5 p. ni.
Abbotsiord Hotel.
Get Married
and bay one of the following:
Dinner Sits, Tea Sets, Table Sets.
We an just unpacking some ol the
lateit patterns ln China and alnsswsre,
tea .nd coffee cups. Oome and have
first choice.
Ladysmitli,       - B. C.
Qnns, rifles, ammunition oi all kinde
at Rolston',.   	
At tbe regular meeting oi th. Miner.'
Union ol Nanalmo, on Saturday afternoon, lt was unanimously decided to
appoint a committee to take a vote at
tbe pit head, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, to ascertain whether they
should continue to affiliate with the
TradsB and Labor Oengtus or not.
FOR SALE—A good paying business
en High street, cheap. Alio hons. and
lot, good well. Occupants leaving on
account of ill health. Apply to T. C.
McKenelly, High street restaurant.
Several weil-known'^sportsmen ol
Ladysmith returned en the noon train
yesterday with bags wall-filled with
grouse which they had bagged In the
vicinity of Olitmaiuua. (jams ts said to
be plentiful,iu that district.
FOR.SALE-On.Hia-b.elreet, a home
suitable lor boarding bouse ur hulel,
two 8io.ey^„buililing.w,.Teima easy.
Apply tu C. H. McLeod, High street,
Ladysmith, B.O.
What a difference in tbe attitude ol
Ralph Smith towards Socialism at J. H.
Uawtbornwaite's meeting and tbe meeting of Monday uigbt.
Those dinner sets at Rolston'. are
Mr. W. W. Walkem returned Saturday from a visit to.the Sonnd.cities.
Re Mr McRaye—He is . worthy successor to Mark Twain—St. Luula Dispatch.
Mr. li. E. Jurgensen, thediangbtsmau
wno has drawn tbe plan, lor th. Tyee
smelter works, left on Saturday night
ior a fortnight', sojourn in Viotoria. Mr.
Jorgeneen expects to return to Ladysmith at au early date.
See those pretty glass table sets .1
Mr. and Mr,. D. W, Murray returned
(rom their honeymoon trip on Saturday
He scored an immense) success.—To*
' Although an arrangement was ■'■■
.' entered iuto by Tu. Lkadxb with .
! the C.P.R. Telegraph Company *'
' tor tbe Associated Press report T
< twice . week, Tax Liamr hue j
', been unable, so lar, to obtain any %
J despatches.   As anon a, they ar- j
* rive Tn. Lbadir will  publish ?
' tbem in full. |
■W-W-H..W* W **'♦< I l"M"M-H"l-
See those nubby toilet .ets at Rolston's.
Ctrs, filled with old and new lumber,
are stilt pouring iuto tbe town.
Mr. W. A. Aubiu, Deputy Consul ior
tbe Canadian Order ol th. Woodman ol
the World, has been In Ladysmith lor
tbe past week forming • ramp ol th.
above order. He Ins been very sue-
cessful in his canvassing, having received 22 applications (or membership
iuto Ibis popular order. Mr, Aubln expects to remain in Ladysmith iur two
weeks yet; so all wbo wish to become
Woodmen oi the World ought to send iu
ibeir<appl!cationa without delay.
Sh. Is an excellent reclt.i—Dublin
Evening Telegram.
She haa taken Boston by storm with
reolial. ol her poems."—New Tork Sun.
FOR SALE—House .nd Lot situated
on French street, opposite P.y Office,
lot tight, block six. Apply to Leader
office, ______
Lively repairs all kin Is ol English,
Swiss and American watches.
II yon want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything yon want.
W. H. Lively, Jeweler,
Agent for 8.  W. Paint,   McClary't
Mws ud Ranges,
Bang! Bang!
Our guns .re arouse Hitters. Try
one Monday and tee the leathers fly.
Ammunition cheapest lateit and
best | shooting Jacket,, bait., gun
oust and covers In vatt variety.
While we can supply GROWN-UP
SHOOTERS with all tb.y want w.
teach the young Idea how to shoot
Shotguns, Rifles
Ammunition and till Kinds
of^Sporting Goods. .   .   .
Commerelal St.
Wideawake boys can make money Belling the Ladyemith Leader, Apply nt
Leader office.
STOVE FOR 8AI;K-$8, cost $12 50,
only used two months. Apply "B"
Leader office.
P.O. box 008,
a. aud *.. ^^^^^^^^
TO allcoxgekked:—
Mr. H. N, Pillsbury is hereby nnthor*
ized aa my representative at Lndyemltb
and Union to receive and receipt lor
eoal curgoei acnonnt of the Pacific- lm
prove ment Company.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lu Meati-
Poultry   and Vegetables.   Gtimo In
season.  Shipping orders attended to on
short notice.
Inventor of the new eyatem of car
bide for _ acetylene lighting the
20th century light. Far cheaper
than old system, maiitiifl.-ient re-
suite; no waste of iras; 100 per cent,
pure white soft Unlit at trifling coBt.
Plumblos and metal workim; io ell
its hraneliPB. Gun rep-ma. Correspondence solicited.
Dyeing, Cleaning and Repair in jr.
Send your work to me. Saliefao*
tion guaranteed. I p-tv freight
one way.   Firel clasn work.
Ed. D. Hill, Prop.
Punaral Director.
Prompt attention given to all cnll«, night
or day, Long Distance telephone No. 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
Iu the matter of tbe estate ot Robert
Kilpatrlck, deceaecd,
Notice Is hereby jiiyu ttiut ell pei-Bonn
j 'Vimt iilaime asalusi. tlie estate of tiie
itb ve aamed Rooeri KilpattioK deceased
-vliodied on or about the 21-it i|uy uf
.Inly, 1902, are required "ii or before the
Im day of October, 1002, to Ben) by
lion*., prepaid, or deliver to the niu!«»r*
hi_i,*-..| aolieitoi for Dnnlt-1 Kilpatrtnk,
wplinn Riit<**ell, iiud Kith' Galena Ki]
pn'rii k, the Executors of tbe last Will
aid l" 'Btamenti of the Bald deoeased, full
partiuulars of the clafniB, duly verified
and the nature nf the pecuritieB, il an)
held by them.
Notice it further ffivcri rtvd nn snub
last rnpntlriud day il-< mbl es-t.nto?-
wlll procee-t to disuihuti* the n>iH*t!
of tbe dtrt-ufeil aniongfit tb < pur
ties entitb-d thereto, Irnvftig rejtiml
only to tlm ci-'iiiiH wtii.,*)' ibey elm.I
have then rei-i-tvi-il. and tbat the
eaid Executor*) wilt not be liable hn
the eaid estate or any part. Ihoteof 'o
any person or pereuns of whoau itlalm
notice Bhall not have been renelveil by
tbem at the time of such distribution.
And Nnthv iti fui-Uier given that all
peisonn Indebted   to  the  bite   Robert
Kilpatrlck,' nre   reipieote I u> p„y the
eame to the nnderBltced fni tiiwlth,
Sol id lor tot tlie Bxecutbri,
Nauiiltno, B.O,
Dated the Mud day of August, 1002.
I*or  first Onus work
Shaving Parlors
High street.
Hair ciitthif* nnd Heard
trimming a Specialty,
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Hanging lumps all the InteEt -JenignB
at RolBton's.
Marble and Granite Monument*,
Tabids, crosses, WC,    listitiiutea
nml Deslgua given on Application
A. HENDIitlSON,      Proprietor.
Gut the Best 25c. Meal in the City
Bastion Street,     -      -      -     Niillail
Nanaimo. B.C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest au J Qmi—bo., and 10c. a copy
All latest bongs ami piecBE.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc.
One second-hand horizontal boiler,
with stack, injector aud littiui*i! complete, all 111 good onfer, Size of boilpr 2
ft. 11 din. bv 11 ft. 8 in. long; .lome 2 ft.
dia. hy 21 in. high, witb 34 tubes, 21,
in. dia. Reason for selling, naini! gne
insLt'inl if eteum. Price $200if taken at
once.   Apply to
Nanalmo Steam CinriHiie Works.
i'.O. Box 188, Nanaimo, B.O
The Nanalmo Fish Maiket Wagon
will he in Ladysmitli every Thursday. Halibut, Sainton, Smelts, Cod,
Sole, Flo u ml er, Orabt*. Silt Oolaeh-
ans, S.1II Salmon B*dl|ee, etc., etc.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturer!1 of the Famous
Maple Lodge, No. 6., 1. 0. 0. 1.
Meets ttvwrv Wednesday' evening in
Nicholson's Hall, Visiting members
ure cordially invited.
I have them In great variety, all p'z ■»
nd at reasonable pricei*. Call aud inspect tbe stock.
J. McDonald, High St., Ladysmith
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue ana Ojtacre Street,
'iibinet work of all hinds.
\ll kinds of soft wn -d furniture mad.
and repaired.
No. 31,
M   /. O. 0. F.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.300'clock,
Visitors omlially Invited.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. ot P.
Meets every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. hall at
7:80 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec,
David    Murray,
Duller Street.
Best Service,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Kates,
Tickets or, Siilo
For patmihleti. nnd nil iiifnriiiiitiou npplv
to any O.P.R. ogent.
Agent, Victoris,.       jluoni, NniiHirtio.
13. .1. COYI.U,
Asst. Gmil, Puss, jlui-iii, Vnnonuvor.
1 It
I Smelting Works
1 body who wants to save mones'
on Printing that this shop's prices
are lower than those of any other
office in the country. Having
satisfied ourselves on this point we
shall be pleased to compare notes
with any who doubt,
The quality of Thb Leader's
job work is equal to anything produced in the Province.
The Leader employs only skilled union workmen, receiving the
full union scale of wages; its prices
and qunlity are always up to the
accepted standard.
Ladysmith merchants and others
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
aud other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and annoyance by
investigating The Leader's statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work we tell you so, we do not
take your order, hnve it done else
where and charge you middleman's
Our Motto Is i—"Square dealing;
one price for all; our best work in
every job." No trouble to estimate.
Call and see us about that job
printing work you are wanting and
we will save you money.
The Leader
School Book, aod Supplies  Galore at
Bock Bottom Pilots.
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
■ i
I   i
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Special Train Service.
To Nanaimo For Labor Day
MONDAY,   SEPTEMBER    1st,    ig02
Trains will leave Ijsilysmllh.t 9i30..m. and 11:67 a.m..  Belurnlr, -in i„„
,        Nanaimo at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. f.      ' '"*"*
I' "
Fare for Round Trip,   only   SOc*
fiio, L. Courtney,     -     Traffic Manager


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