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Ladysmith Leader Jul 9, 1902

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Array ,
f l\
A    '•-■-
| The people that save |
t money trade with       |
I bickle!
I For Boots and Shoes f
t Bickle's is the store |
VOL. I. NO. 85.
22 Loaves for $1.00 I
Family Groceries I
At Lowest Price f:
Also a good line of dry goods, boots and 1
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery       ■:
To Select From |
Leiser & Hamburger
,N Wholesale  am
!»   liaplaiMdeaiid Oatacre Street,
Miners' Conference Adjourned Without Agreement,
Great Sale of all Ladies and Misses' Trimmed
Hati and Bonnets at
After this announcement to tlie public it don't
take long to clear out our Millinery.
Every hat is this season's goods and they are
the Latest Productions iu Midsummer Millinery.
To make it still more interesting, \vc will offer:
Retail Merchants,
Ladysmith   »■
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
3_*c. Ladies'and Misses;'.Sailors for	
fi.ooLadies' Sailors for '..'..
o'5c Children's Muslin Hats and Bonnets foi
$1.50       " ",        "     "       "
fjf.1.25 Ladies' Print Wrappers for    90c   J*
#3.50 Ladies' Print Wrappers for $2 50   *$*
t25 Ladies' Navy and Black Waterproofs. These
were bought at a Big Sacrifice :
$10.00 and $12.00 Waterproofs for $5 50   +§
Many other items of interest to the public are
*p open for inspection this week.
Special offerings ill Men's Summer Clothing.
—Lots I'ltllll j block -18----  ■
Fine residentiul lots, Splendid view
III; l.its 1,2,11,
I. its 2, 5, ii. 7, 8, III
■1, li.-11k 81
Choicest Front Lots and Corners
On lit Ave. For prices anil easy terms
apply to
Plain ami fat
trio-   of   nil
rv  Ir.',,
(Jakes ttmi uni-
tone.     Finite   ii
Member Can. Society of Civil (engineers
Member Institution of lfleclrlcAl l.ngiiiet
Electrical Engineer
Nanaimo, Cum! -rl.-mcl and Extension, 7
renpowlei.ee Si.li-.iutl
ik (Imiiantcetf
I'. 0. Hox *S7
I.AIIVSM1T1I, ll. C.
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
. lib's new hotel Ims been cinif-irtalily fiunisli'd end ihe ber is nr- loilate.
ili-st acci.mtoiiilatti.n Inr tratieiiint. and  perii.HT.ent lioardere and  Imlgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, • Ladysmith, B, C.
v.*.w?;**v.«.vi-.-.-.-.-.-.-.v.-.-.-.-.-r. .-.-.v.v, v,\v.v«w»t i
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Caravan Massacred—Fred Rice to
Be Hanged,
Co-l |«r now #7 a ton in London.
Tne  oak  tree  which   Kirn/  Ed* ard
planted in Central Park', New York, 42
rears «gi, is alowly dying.
B.iijjiniii Harris ofWhite Plains, Va.,
waa killed hy lightning while aittini* on
a box in which were Borne fruit jirp,
TIih clothinti *a«» nil huiuetl from hie
body, but Hit-re wen- no burns «li .ut
The Miehi_an roiifert-nee on mi
wages Hf-jun"iicd v, about any »%>•< i
having hfun reached, Tne whole
tor ufa new scale waa -_oi e over anil
b ith parties will report to their nepen
iv« bodies at home. The rt-tirmgeiiiK
ivea of the operators have left for iht-ir
homeB, hut the luinera will hold mmt her
ii (ere nee wiih Pieeldfiit Ml-uhell.
T. U. Bobinett'-'s ift'.rio ou behalf uf
Frederick L e Rice, ulio murdered
Constable Boyd in Toronto, have proved
fruitless, The cabinet, after piviug
careful attention to the argument, declined to interfere with the sentence of
ihe court, and Rice will be nhi._i-iI ou
July 18th.
Ata conference ol the clergy o( the
Catholic diocese of Bulla lo the advisability of the church forming a greal
organ Ziiiion fur combatliug EOcfaliBui
and anarchy wae discussed and unani-
mously -approved.
The atortn which ewept over Iwstern
8'iiith Dakota and and Norlhwefilein
Iowa ihe past week wae one ol the mott
terrilic in Hie history of that eeution am)
iliii incalciil-thie damage.
Eighteen members of the Striiclural
Iron Workers aud Bridge men'a union
returned n> work the pae' wetk, prHCtl
cally euilii'ii ihe strike, which liail Inn
J, G, Potter Arrives From the
Steamer Wellington in—The Coal
Hulk J.O. P itter was in Sunday for a
Ififtri of Wellington coal. She left for
Alaska the en mu evening.
Bir.'Chlailearrived Monday furaoargo
of Bui.knr cnal.
Tuk P'l't brought the Milk J. 0. Potter in .Sunday.   She tuck on a deck load
f pack una] for Juneau, Alaska,
ri r. Bern mi.i came in Sunday for a
I.m.i nf fuel.
Sir. Selkirk arrived on Wednesday
Iat" for a l<md of coal.
Sir. Or-ter called Thmeday for a cargo
of htinker coal.
Sir. Wellington arrived from San
Francl-co Monday morning for a cargo
ol Wellington cnal for California.
Str. PrinceeB May was in Saturday for
nl Saturday for
W. T. Heddle & Co. *
Particular Orocers, Nanaimo.
Make -,t specialty oi quality,  by Inlying largely and at close
juices' sell the very finest goods at low prices.
Sole ngsitts for " IJeckajulie" Tea, Upton's "Finest" Hams
and Bacon,
Pioneer Bottling Works,  Nanaimo.
Soda Water, (linger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds,
W. E. RUinniNO. - Proprietor,   ";«»«•»;
Thin nld-l'-it.ili.lfed, First-Ob-m and
Popular Hotel la most com fort nbl> furnished, centrally f-iiniiit-il. Una Wetfi
Iralnp. Ercelleut Onlaiiifi, Bur Htm-kMl
with ibe tineni winee, liquoi-B mid cfgare,
JOS. POX,        -        • Proprietor,
ARE;   YOU   INSURED?     "not
g.-r iiiHiued at once lor it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
01,1) and Itl'.MAHLK Uimipaniei and
min Intilire yoti at. a uiotnent'e notice at
tlie lowcBt 'pnHHibU' ratei-, All leading
■■ii'iipitnieri oharge the Rame ratea, Don't
ba milled into ineti'inir with a cheap
t'ornpanv—it iiiliibt lie d'-ar in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P.O. Drawer ail, Nnnalmn, B.O.
When you Smoke the
Best on earth.   Mannfoctur.'d bv
Yates Street, VICTORIA, B. C.
Editor of Die Freiheit Sentenced
to One Year.
Hurrlsttr, Sollcftiir,
Attorney, Notary Public, file,
Money lo Loan.
Wholesale and Retail Dealere in Menta.
Poultry    ami   Vi'iretallies.   Guii'»  tit
aBon,    Shi|ti'i"at orders attended w o
ort notice.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefnllv diBpenaeii. Opuii
aay.,„.nlsl,t. I NANAIMO,
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hopple, proprietor.
l-'iiHt-rltiHH  aci'omtrioiIfttioiiH for  mlnera
and Inuu-ii-nlH.   None bnt
Ths Best Wines and Liquors
served  at  the  bar.    Uive nn  a call.
Cor. Victoria Rd & Commercial St.
-     B.C.
Harrison Hot Springs
Tills ilt-iit-iiii'ii! Iiealtli mul pleniure
resort, llie linrst in  Atncricn, offbfl
Unrivalled  Advantages
Mngnilicciil Beenerj'', Plaliiiig, Sltootltig
nontiufr, llfilhiiiK. * SwimttiiiiK, Vnnor
nnd Private MalliB with Mnnwige.
THE HOTEL I""1 hceii cgiiipUlely
rcilui'tiU-iiiiiiil it'lm nislinl tlmni-.|ii)iif.
electric   lij-liiiiiK;   tii-t i'lii-.,-i   eiliBinei
ilrlvtM.   Sp!i-ii,liiW
of glieuniiillaiii, t'.i
il,   Ki.ln.
ill In
' Ttnlltilr.
,1 il ann Must, ihe aua/ohlst, edllor ol
llie Kreihth, waa rc-Benlunccd to one
yciir'r! linprlBonuiPIil in iho penitentiary in the Omrl ol Special S--PMnn8,
New York, on Prlday bu-t bv Presiding
.lu-tijce MrK'.iU) mul J tint Ices Wyatt and
II iKiinnk.
MiBi wiib tried lett f .'I fur puhliflblng
a teditioiiH ariiule In hia paper the day
before Preflideut .McKinley was im*
'BBeihaiotl. Th*- anlcle advocated tie
drat!) of ktugfl and rulers. He waa sen*
tunned on October 14 to one year's Im-
prlaoomeUt, but apiicaled on the ad-
•ice of counsel. All the cotirta allinned
the fli'iiti'ii'-n.
Aflcr M -t hud hi'cn le-sentenct .1 and
waa bcii t; led from ibe court tin tn he
shouted, "ilile is ihe dual day if 'lie
Sir. Champion
Wcii, gloii coil I.
Baiqtie Autiupe, (Japtitin Q. Murray,
Jr., i» waiting at (be hunkere iur ner
turn to load coal for Hawaii.
Ttii: L"rnt came iu Monday for a load
of fuel.
Following are tbe foiejgn coal ehip-
itierltB for the month eudiug DOth June,
lililU", lor tfia port:
Diiie.    Veseel and Dejgtinaiioo.     Turin.
1—SS. Alki, U. s   A    161
8--SS. Bertha, U. S. A    305
(l—Victoria, Aloaks ,-14111
7—S-.ip Saiiin Oiara, U. S. A  ' 1055
S—Ship Selkirk, U. S. A    liiti
8 S S. Holyoke, U..8. A      22
10-Pilr.f, AlaskH     116
10-B*r«a Bicbard Ul, Alaska  1700
12-Ship Meteor, U. 8. A 1000
12-Holyoke, U.S. A        *»
[8—Baiqne J. 0. Peters, U. 8. a
I8-Shlp Me;vil*I)illar, U.S. A
l7-«*8. TVHm. U S. A	
24-SS, Wellii-gion, U.S. A	
V4-SS, Alki, AU-Hhs*	
27-So. Kinross, U. S. A	
29-S3. Berth, U.S. A	
. liVM
. 1203
. 3768
free prc-u in A merit
ooiild eay Bhythlfiu n
outl.iy the oftlcera,
but bef.-re
"e be was bua
Frederick S. Doiim-ll, of Br okl,n
preeldeni nf :..,• port Jurvla sfrt-,et riil
way, Is in Jul at Bpbthu, cbarg.d will
slealiiR I5LVUUI worth nf bonds.
Mi'ppi'P.   Humming    Brothers
suda faciury U. all but, opiiiplated
Every Comfort nnd Convenience.
Resident Physican.   Rates: $2 a Day] isW* year
The riveraRe number of liven lost by
Ih-htnitiK in  Buiain so far as recorded
in i fft't't. for Botne rime in Colorado.
Foreman licit, nf the American Britlue
company, announces that lie will pay
[40 centfl nn hour and make the woikilny
nine ltiinrj, bnt that this rate will onh
be paid to skilled nen. The helpers
and 'aborers now tbreaien to maki
Joe Harbert.an trial for his life; Bill
Kdeon, the VicenneB outlaw, and other
prisoners bn-ke j--.il at WaFhlotttou, Ind,,
and the wlio'c country has been aroused
in pursnit, Kdtton m the prtanier hIio
uarr.'wly eBcapeit lyiicliinu recently at
Trie Kelt" de Orrtn annouocen Until
small caravan wa« m tssuured b> bri((Hnds
on ihe night of ihe 13th ult,, at Halief-
heitti, iu the same place where five men
beloniting toa convoy were murdered h
year ago. The maraudera ire, the Euho
adtle, very numerous in FiKrig district
jtiBt now,
Louis Disbro, who eurreudered him-
pelf to the authorities at Kiverhead,
1.. I., to answer charges uroitini! outol
die deaths of Olarerno 0. Punier anti
Miss Sarah Lawrence at timid uround,
L. 1., haa been takui lo SnuUiauiiiton
for ariBiunment.
The Uitai return til the population bl
il.timn, inclu.linii Fouunaa nd the PcBca-
doreB, it-ves a total ol 40,444.524.
Filteen thousaml bkilled anil tint-killed employees of the Ui-ttetl Stale?
S'eel u-jmpAliy at the varioua niilla in
and about Plllebnrg have liad lliere
wattes increased 10 percent.
I **d H11 ---dicaiiiui of tbe loseee to mer-
™ chains in Loudon by ihe ptifltpotiemetl
ol  ihe coronation, a  lendiuu linn  in
of meat at a halfpenny a pound
The Britannia,, the Drat Ournarder.,
aud the tliflt ship ol any Atlantic line,;
under government contract, made her
maiden trip from Liverpool to Boston in
Total foreign fdiintnenre 20^63
Th* Woodmen of thu World nnd the
L<ulysitiith bfttid will itive a moonlight
excursion on the ss. J,,«n the 26th Inet,
"icketa Hre on B.ilt- bj ihecomuiittee etui
i differ*cl stiirea.
If it ia n nice clock vou are looking for
we have them from (LOO in (16 00. W.
H. Lively, L-tdyt-m nh's Leading Jeweler
The winiiititt number at thedrawirg
for tie (tip to Harrison Hot Sprinne,
iliven l»y the t>. D. Scott On., »ae won
by Mr. Charles Clieaiwnnd, Central
hotel, Nanaiui'i, with ticket No. (1,380.
Lively repairs all kiulB of English,
Swiss ami American watches,
The general meet Urn of tbe celebration
Committee will be held on (he evening
of ihe 1C* I *, An accounts are r-fij ties ted
to he hat.(led in by that date
contractor expects jo turn the bMlldlog pl lhe 00ro>*»H'»-'i « leading tirm in
over to litem next, week, The machinery S,nlu,ti,1,(l  ,,n,'ket JetWrday eold a tou
will thru be inelnllcil ami bv ibe 20th of "* ■m),,tia •■ hallimnnv n nmtn.i
thia month will bain full running order.
Toibeavya stock.   We must at
." oncn reduce tbe same to one half. »J
K Price made to anil your po.-ket bonk
:• Cooking Stoves and Ranges
Trunks and Valises.
IS Baby Carriages, Go Carts. Now'a ^
$ the tiiin- to'boy.   Don't put It (ff. g
Bnl do tt now. 'K
1 We Pay All Freight to i
Ladysmith. |;
J.  H. GOOD &
The Great Cash Furniture Store LADT8MITH   LEADER JULY.  9. 19<W.
Ladysmith Leader
[—and- '
Wellington-Extension News.
Publtihed erery Wednesday and Saturday nt
ttie Leader Building, comer of First Ave. mul
Preach Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia,
T. L. GRAHAMS. KuiTOR and Phociuktoh
Bt Mail in Canada and unitbd Statkb.J [
Oaeyear (stilctlylu advance)  p oo
tx tnsntbs (strictly in advance)	
TRANSIENT—Pirst insertion toe, a line; each!
tubtMqutnt insertion 5c. a line.
Ratea on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be nil metal.
Marriage, nirtlt, Death aud Vuueral notices,
-Mck Insertion 50c,
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
Mtae will be charged for until ordered to be ilis-
PHU LEADER will be found at the following
t 1 tysmilh—The Lender Office; The Ladysmitli
Nmitumo—I*. Plmbury & Co,
*'it.ioria—Public Library; Provincial Library; nml
V.t ..waiver-Public Library, and Hotels,
haw "Vertmlnster—Public Library.
Allcaangeshi advertlsemeiils invisl be received
it this office before 12 noon the dny before
8" isci ibers not receiving paper regularly plense
ter-orl to this office.
At; tun worltjUrictly cash on delivery.
1't in*..ent advertisetnents cash Iu advance,
tbem talk eloquently about the necessity for reforms of all sorts in tbe War
Oflice and elsewhere, and thin to eee
them flatly refuse to enter upon thoBe
relorma.    ____„,________,___________
Mgr. PaBaaini, vicar apostolic nf
Southern Shen-ei, China, haa arrived at
Rome, aud lie expresses the gloomiest
views regarding China's future. He expects "a vaat anti-European uprising,
all the more terrible because it is being
patiently and ayatematically prepared."
The Spectator, London, confesses that
nothing aannds more probable or agrees
'ire clo-tcly with observed facts in 10-
Li-.l to Chinese than the ceaaelesa
Wuikiim lor another movement, this
time to ba   Ooal, against the 'foreign
Esquimalt &   Nanaiind   Baiiway
Time Table No. 44
Trains letve Ladyemith Southbound daily at 0.10 a. m.
Sundays and Wednesdays at 6.16 p. in.
Trainsibave LadyBmitli norlbluund daily at 11.57 a. m.
Sundays and Wednesdays at 7,10 p, in.
Trains leave Lady smith for Extensio
und 10 p.m., ami ou Sundays ut 10 p.m.
daily except Sunday ut 0 a.
Furniture, Carpets, Uaolsums,
Wallpap.r, Curtains,
Crockery, (llassware, Etc., Etc.
there li Comfort In Our Good.
KverytLina to Inrnieb s boms la
modest or elaborate style. Writ,
lor onr larje eatalnsue (Ilea) lllui-
trnteii snd priced (aitor. in itull).
0eo, L. Oourinay,
One of the newspapers ol the province
notes the arrival of a diatinguiahed German "etytnoioglat" and  liirniBhea Die
oniiotiB iuformatiou lhat ibe intellectual
Teuton   made  un excurtim   into   tl.e
neighboring wooda and captured quite a
number of apaciuidus iof etymola?) for
hia   collection.     We    wonder    if    he
Btiuuhled upon any Parting (minuses, or
tine  speckled   inalapropiems.
he bagged   some  Boleuiam   m
"slip  the   pen" butterflies.   Most i
teresting, indeed.
Mr. Leigh Netherby is authorized to
collect accounts and receive pcyment ol
moneys due to Tbe Leader during my
absence from Ladyemith.
There diul the other day iu Dublin a
strange eccentric old man, who, many
years ago, went to Ireland's capital from
British Columbia immensely wealthy.
He, used, to wheel a fl perambulator
down S.tekviile street, aud in the baby
buggy was au iufaut whuse lingers were
jrusted ibickly with costly rings. Tlie
queer old man became bo poor that he
had to sell newspapers and oraugeB to
rnnke a living.
thing was agreed lo and arranged for
with tbe ono exception nf Biguing arti*
tiles, when the buys caiuu io a itili nop
Oii-liiB question of wet*1 t. Brit;, wbo
recently defeated Kid Lavigue, iuaiateu
tbat tilt beat he -. onld tin wan i:l.'i pounds
at 0 o'clock, whereap P ny, not wishing
to jeopardize his ohauees of success, ie*
ItiRtid flat-footed io make better >lw
loo pounds at 8 o'clock. Ami there the
matter stands.
Dick Cane and the Kir by Kid, bulb of
of Seat'le, will meet hi a 20-round scarring exhibition ut, Snohomish,    in view
of hit. experience, Case t-ti-.nht   win and
Pet-hups; ju K0 easiiy, although   Kiiby   ie
ilbs and  known aa a last and clever boy.
.lack Herman, mauager of the Fort
Erie Boxing club, announces that he
has secured signatures from both Kid
McCoy and Kid Carter for u tight in
***************************************************** -■
thi: silver i.ikiivu.
lull it
Interesting Game of Baseball Last
In commenting on the South African
war the Montreal Daily Star saya:
" The Silver Lining which every cloud
li said to have is not always bo easy
discern ae In tbe heavy clouds tbat in
recent years have hung over the British
empire. The war cloud has passed
away, and while it has left behind only
too many tangible evidences of ite de*
•*.ractive force it has also left undeniable
proofs of beniflcent influence. We not
only have a loyal and united South
Africa, bnt we {have acquired a prestige
among tbe nationg worth great sacrifice.
Ibe dark cloud caused by the king's
alarming illness BeeraB to be passing
away and Is leaving in its wake
memory of kindly sympathies from
abroad tbat will not soon be lorgotten
by the British people. Especially have
these sympathies been manifeuted in
the United States, and there ie no country nnder heaven whose friendship ih bo
valued in the Empire aa thst of the
United States. Even papers usually
regarded as the most hostile critics ol
Great Britain and ite institutions have
published the most kindly and sympathetic references to our national anxieties and troubles.
"Our esteemed contemporary, tha
New York TimeB, recently published an
editorial article calling attention ta the
manner in which Great Britain hae been
able to stand tbe financial strain of ihe
war* On Wednesday the Times had
another article on tho improved post
tion wbieb Great Britain has attained iu
European public opinion ae a result of
the war. Admitting, as we ourselves
admit, that we were caugbt unprepared
and that tbe war developed terrible defects ln onr military organ nation and
'training, the Times sums up the situation by quoting from a German historian
of the Napoleonic ware: 'If the English are tbe last at the beginning of a
tight tbey are tbe last at the close ol
•very war.' It also quotes from Dr.
Delbruck, a German authority: 'Now
England will soon be In a position to
appear on any transoceanic battle
ground with a hundred thousand first-
rate, war-bardened troops. No other
power Is even remotely in a position to
de so much In world politics, England le the absolutely strongest
power, only held In bound by the possibility of a European coalition threatening her at home'."
The baseball match Sunday afternoon
between the Railroaders and the Ituet*
lerB resulted in a victory for the littler
by a ecore of 7 to 5. Conductors Shoal*
lico and Fietcher werB the battery for
the railroaders, ond DaUon and Stacey
did the curves and elope for tha other
team. Tbe umst startling Incidents ol
the game were a Hy catch by tbe tire*
man of No. 7 in lull field and one by the
firemun of No. 10 iu center. IJ,ith buked
Ihe surprise tiny lelt when the ball
atopped right iu their bands. The engineer of 7 blocked everything tbat
u-une his way in right fluid, and also had
a ^ two-bagger to bia credit. Trie eon.
ol the local, through an error tn judgment, located one nf Dalloii'B curves,
making a ihree-bujtger, and bringing a
pie of sleepers in * ft the Imtei-. Da
ton's curves were the wonder and admiration of the spectators, while bis
alcher etopped everything that hit his
(nit. Oi course a catcher can'i be expected lo cover all the ground between
I et and 3rd, Dal tun struck nine men
out and Shouldice seven, Tim railroad
team was very much weakened by the
Irontaback of Ihe coal train esraping in
n row boat, a few minute-* before Ibe
game was called. This necessitated
playing an outside*:, who uuiy made tlie
home plate three times, It is hinted
that be threw Iha game. Deacou White
oiu'Hit'il tlie name saiislacionly.
The bachelors employed by the Wellington Colliery company havo accepted
tne challenge it sued by the married meu
of the same company for a name ol baseball. The mutch will likely be played
Nelson, third, JMnity'a stroke, dido-
located his shoulder ou July 4.   Tne nc-1
ciilent alters lbs aspect of LhecontcBt fit
the Grand Challenge cup.   Tbe Canadians are the lavuiltee.
Third Trinity rowed over the
Henley course Saturday evening in 7
miumes <t aeuoutls, notwithstanding tbe
(act that Gibbons, the new stroke, was
not in training.
The N. P. A. 0. regatta takes plane at
NeUon, li. C. this mouth. Orewa from
Victoria and Vancouver have e .Ured.
Nanaimo defeated Victoria ai; cricket
Saturday, (join* to but lii-t N -m-iiim-
iu the Orel inulng made 70 to Tcj (> r Victoria. Whin Nanaimo reached 105 in
the second inning for only eight wickete
Victoria acknowledged defeat, the home
team thus winning* by 18 , nn-.
Vancouver won Saturday Irom the
Seattle ciicket club. The euuro whs,
Seattle 72 in the first Innings nntl 'Jo in
tho second, Vuiicutiver made 80 in ibe
first inning and 80 in tho t-tctmd tor flvu
Iu ihe annual Cricket match wilb
Cambridge, which b.gm Thursday, Urn
Oxford playeia wore all uut-yesterday
for 201 runs lu their stroud Inuuig.
Cambridge won by 7 wicke-s,
Trade Marko
Copyrights Ac.
iio-H'itrtltiir n Hkr-li-li nml ili-f-er.pt tun tuiijr
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si'iii tr.'.>. Dliii'-.i -m.tiii'v 1i>i-i-i'ciii-|iii*|iiiIciiIs,
Pulenis inlii-n Mtriiiiiili  Mutin A Co. rueulvo
rj.i-r-l.ti iiiifit-c, -.tilimit clinru-o, Intho
Scientific Hmerlcati.
A hnmlsomfity I Iln-1 rut ml wiw-kly. I.nrucsl. elr-
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vtvic; li.nr in.nillis, *].  Sulilliyull ni'ivnit.'-ili.f.i,
MUI.** & Co.3610"--"1""**- New York
Ilrmii-li OilUio. I12J 1' HI., Wniililiij-luti, 1). U.
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I Coal!   -   Coall!
| Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
._._._._._____._._._   uB
The Tecumteh  has been telet
thejudgeBof tbe Bridgeport trial
♦   hand.   Ml orders strictly
|   QuoUiltons chcerOilly tjiveil.
j John W. Coburn, j
T M.INA.1INH   DlllKCTllU. ♦
Wellingtor Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam aud household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, mid Union Bay, Bayues Sound.
{ Head Office
Victoria, B. C
A. C. Wilson,
i      Florist,
Kuiieral Wri-nt'ie
line's in every
attended tu.
, WeiluiDK firm-
utile.    O.dprs promptly
-NANAIMO, 15. (1
What makes tbe people of tlie colon ire
leel hopeless about the future of lie
Empire .nd almost deipalr as to the
lincirlty oi our lesding men, is to hour
nitre 8
as challenger Ior tlm Sewaithaku Cup,
now held iu Canada. Tbe poin's ol ibe
first four bouts were: Tecumseb, 04;
Mesas lot, 01; Crusuder, b'A\ Steress, 47.
Tbe total eliipbcd tlmo was: Tecumseh,
8.54 24; MaaiuoU, 9,08; Crusudtr, 0.03;
Seereae, 0 14,81. Tue T-'cmneeh was
boi tatOiiikosiii Wisuouciii,
Tne Wnle.iwaku ol Violuiia won tin
Key City trophy at Port Towufcund on
the  4ih   lust,
iMary bad a little rimy ;
It.t-hou wiiti beautv rare',
She rhiti It, wns i.er eng igemeut ring
Anil Ad* bought al Lively's a lore,
\V*iF*-!iIliirc   WOOlCtlRi
Nearly all woolen kooiIb will wash
well IT the work Is done rapidly, but
no Boap should be rubbed over the rubric, nor should It be rubbed on the
washboard. IIuvi* llie suds well mixed
and the soap well ben ten to u hither,
Then wnsh tbo iiintorllii by rubbing between the hands; iht'ii rinse In verj
blue water und Icon on the wrong Bide
while dump with hot Irons,
The members of tbe executive of the
Nsw WestmiUBier lacrosn club state
thai there is no foundation for tbe report that the team will be short in funds
for their expenses. A sulemeut was
published in a morning paper that the
new Westminster filiate of the gate receipts was $1500 and expenses of their
trip 18,000. li. was added that New
Wcstmiuster had only contributed f 1,010
to the funds, leaving tbe team $500 short.
It was auserted that the amount to
Manager Keary's credit was more than
double thu amotiut stated.
In the lacroase game .between Kv.*rett
ami Seattle on Thursday laet, Seattle
was shut out by a score of 7 Lo 0,
Vancouver plays Nanaimo at Nanaimo
on Saturday next.   Ai both teams have
a game to tbeir credit an exciting match
is expected.      ______
Iu all probability Pjrry Queenau will
not meet Jlmtuy Brltt in Seattle after j gi' ^
all.   The fight waa tine to take place on | JiJ tmlK
the nUhtuf August 16, permission hftTf|f,_,
 - - U t       w,ir"n St- New York City
- For a nice cool refreshing drink <4
i Unisn Brewing to's j
Lagers and Stout
lill CO.
Son   Pranciftco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
flerely A Reminder
Of tlie fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society~-at very reasoa-
able prices.
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Houra from B a. ut. lo 12 tn,   Terms
$2 per month"! two Irom fame family. -Hi
Cifizsns of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmitli,
B. C, tire respectfully invited
to become members, of the
Liidysiiiilli Hoard of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmitli.
p. h.*ma1shall,
n-ririiKi-.-aYi'.ri;.*''--*-.' ►■■:■:►■*-.••>■• ;»i
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isaion hav-1 ft The (.ennard Scott Ppblkatlnii Co., t
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Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate und Insurance Agent,
— Offices —
The F.splannde,   -   Ladysmitli, I). C.
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Kanaimo. B. C.
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Leiser & Hamburger'a
Seattle Daily Times
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Weekly edition a complete rernrd nf
Ihe world's new* tn date. Sport,
polltlcf, society, women's, Interests,
young folk's department, -literature
science, art, mtiflic.
Tbe Weekly taMdpor
Siittli, Wash.
Nohtxly enn niTord to he without It. All the
telcRrnptiiciicwsof the week, firm, field, pr-
den, nport, society, Heaiitiftil IthiHtratlona and
hair lones.   Baniple copy on application.
All For Out Dollar • Yur. LADYSMITH LEADER.    JULY 9 190S.
Thi sentence of one year;bae been
confirmed by tbe New York Court of
Special Sessions, and Johann Most will
•aro hll living (or that term. One
year Is tbe lesst any conscientious judge
could possibly do (or Most.
It is said that tbe Hon. Smith Curtis
and his following In the house, which
consists ol tbe member (or Rossland,
will endeavor to amalgamate with tbe
. Independent Progressive party. This
will be one under the belt, for the new
partv if rumor le correct.
Borne S tigs-eat l oar, From   v.   iv.  Hmlattn,
Dominion Live Stock Com ni Union tit1.
to make the best ease of whatever queB
tion arises concerning tbe interests of '
its owners.   Tbe Canadian Socialist is I
only a weekly^-at present—but thered I   The question aa to which    is    tbo
are no strings attached to it."  Th   ,most    P|_oiltab,a, cow    ■» one that
_..    .        .      . cannot    be decided in any oibiluiv i
writer of the foregoing does not appear j manner.    There are so    many   cir- \
to take into consideration the fact tbat   Pu"-st-Anc«f    and contingencies to bo i
taken    into consideration,  ihai, nf-
Owino to the vagaries of one Tracy, an
•soaped convict, it Ie not improbable
that the U. 8. n-m # in the Philippines
will have to be recalled. Already Tracy
Is master of the st.tt.-a ot Washington
and Oregon and may in the next few
days capture the uavdl station at Port
Orchard, and hidden-ally any battleships, cruieere, etc, tbat have not already reaobed Ksquimalt. Ic Ib believed
that Tracy Intends to capture tbe whole
Union and becume tbe Napoleon of/he
"the greatest nation on God'e green
Birth." Two companies of the Wash-
ton national guard U.ve been routed by
Tracy and his army. A number of
deputy sheriffs and policemen have been
alanghtered while they slept, and the
bluest kind of blue ruin is hauging.over
tbe great republic to tbe aoutb of ub il
a corporal's guaid is not dispatched at
once (rom Esquimau to captuie and
hang the very.erratic Mr. Tracy.
Ins first number of thu Canadian
Socialist, ipuplished iu Vancouver, has
reached this rni..e. G. Weston Wriglvy,
formerly of Citizen and Country, Toronto, is editor, and. K. P. Petiipiece,
until recently publisher of thelrirdeau
Eagle, is busiuesB manager. In tbe
editorial announcement to,the public it
saye: "In making our- bow to the
Socialists and advanced thinkers of
Canada and.Vancouver, the future place
ol publication (or the Canadian Socialist,
we desire to outline tbe policy to be pursued, and ask for the support of all who
recognize tbat the present social condi-
dions are intolerable aud are willing iu
join with us ln .endeavoring to agitate,
educate and organize to bring about a
state of society where it will .be possible
(or men to live as brothers." We must
congratulate Ibe editor on tbe nice die
ttnutlonin the opening sentenceof-his
announcement, when he makes bis
"bow to the Socialists and advanced
thinkers." There can be no question aa
to which of tbe two classes tbe intended
educating process is to be applied. Tue
Leader hopes tbe new publication will be
successful In educating the socialism of
Vancouver up to a point of brotherly
feeling among themselves. If it succeeds in enllgbtniug, even in a small degree, die socialists of tbat city, it will
have accomplished .wonders as an edit-
patoi. As (or the advanced thinkers,
they will probably go on thinking not*
wihstanding the fact that tbe Canadian
Socialist has been Issued. We wish the
new publication] success financially as
well.as In tbejpolicy it.bas.outlined.
persons wbo do not believe in socialism
as tbe panacea (or ell tbe evils, social
and political, of oppressed humanity,
may have a different opinion as to whom
the ''strings" are attached. Tbe socialists of Canada may possibly be the one-
hundredth part of one per cent, of tho
t.ilal popoulatiou. Ie it reasonable to
assume that this small percentage of tbe
people have acquired all the knowledge,
that tbey alone are capable of thinking
clearly on questions hOVcting ihe welfnrt
uf the whole, and lhat the vast majority
of the people ate mere nonentltler-
moved by a system of strings and pulleys, and incapable uf coining to any intelligent conclusion ou questions t>fleet*
ing tbe manner in which tbey Bhould be
governed. Tbe editor of the Canadian
Socialist is the one "uustringed" writer
in Canada; tbe other hundreds of editors are mere automatons run on the
semaphore principle. The editor of tbo
CiUiidian Socialist will never be audi id if  v t n.ti.ii -.'v.
UlrfNtration Showlm* the Proper De-
vclopint'iit In I'uMteelor Rett lima,
This illustration nml accompanying
description of the proper development
of posterior regions of tho dairy cow
are taken from frit-mere' bulletin No.
M.'l Issued by tbe United States department of agriculture: The figure shows
Ihe proper formation of the hind quarters und bnrret of tbe dairy cow. She
ebould> be cat hummed and thin
through the lower thigh.   She should
Whin one looks carefully into the
matter, the strained relations at present
existing between Editor McAdaiu ul
* the Saodon Payetreak and the Supreme
Court ol British Columbia, the difli-
culty Is easily accounted (or. The editor
Is evidently a Celt, and In every person
oi Celtic origin there is more or less of
belle! In fairies, brownies, and other
"wee folk" or "good folk," We once
knew a couble of Irishmen attempt to
kidnap an organ-grinder's monkey in
order to extract from it tbe secret of tbe
"pot o' goold" hidden somewhere ln tne
the earth, simply because the animal
won a red tunic trimmed with green,
and the Celt, as a rule, Is suspfuiousof
•mall people gusdily dressed, lt may
ba that Editor MscAdam has seen one
ol the judges In all tbe gorgeousnees ol
scarlet and ermine, and that was to the
Celtic mind a sufficient cause for suspicion. 	
Sohiohw Clifford Slfton, Balph Smith,
Arthur Puttee, Smith Curtis and Chris
Foley wen overlooked when coronation
titles wen being passed around.
The Canadian Socialist says: "How
many editors in this province, or even
Canada, an free to discuss questions affecting the Interests of the people as thev
wish? Tbe dally press simply Voices
the withes of privately owned corporations and its leader writers have becume
mon Ilka lawyers, wbo ara hired simply
have a long quarter und for the greatest utility and service be wide at tbe
pin bones nnd particularly eo In tbe region of the loin and pelvis. Tbe angles
of the body should be evident and
clearly dellued, nud there should be no
sign of any surplus flesh, while tbe udder should be wide, deep, capacious
and strongly attached blgb up on tu*e
posterior side.
IiMR Cheese In Canada.
At a meeting of the Montreal Dairy
and Cheese association a resolution
wns adopted authorizing a circular to
tbe dairymen of Canada strongly advising tbem to turn their attention to
butter more generally and to discontinue the manufacture of cheese entire
eacb year after Nov. 1. Tbe reasons for
this course are thnt fodder cheese on
tho market reduces consumption, and
It Ib only grass goods that are of a
quality sufficient to Increase demand;
tbat the consumption of cheese Ib diminishing, while that of superior
creamery butter ls Increasing; tbat tbe
price of butter Is higher on un average
ell the year round than thnt of cheese;
that the manu fact ure of butter Is more
profitable than cheese. These are all
good reasons why tbe Canadian dairymen should make less cheese nnd more
Wnltera  on   Horaebaek.
In great French houses of days gone
by dinner was unuounced by tbe blowing of hunting horns, and It Is on record thnt at certain gula fensts tbe
dishes were brought In by servants In
full armor, mounted upon caparisoned
horses, a practice we could only took
for during the reign of chivalry. Of
the itttendniits nt dinner the carver and
server took precedence over all the
others. They stood probably on each
side of their lord. The server, lt may
be mentioned, was tbe officer wbo
placed tbe dishes ou tbe table.
Peed In« the Baby.
Very young babies should take their ■
ter all is said und written ou tho
subject, each man must decide thu
question largely on bis own judgment. He will And it necessary to
consider the nature oi his farm ;
the suitability uf his buildings und
implements; the cost uf hired help
if such is required; the proximity
of a good market for his ttuished
products, and many other details.
The comparative advantages of beef-
growing and dairying would probably be the first point considered
by a farmer who was just about
to make a start in cattle-raising.
Men who have hud long experience
in either of these linen, are not likely to change lo tho other line,
involving us it docs, chunges In farm
routine, in variety und munugoment
of crops, In buildings and equipments, without a good deal of deliberation. That beef-product ion can
bo curried on wilb a smaller expenditure for labor and utensils is
perhaps true, end it certainly docs
not require the constant attention
to business that dairying entails.
Next comes the question of breed
It will, I think', be generally conceded by fair minded nun tbat there
is no "best" breed. Everything depends on circumstances, A breed
tbat proves highly satisfactory in
one district, may be found entirely unsulted to different environments. Only four breeds of beef
cattle, viz., Shorthorns, Ilerefords,
(lullownys and Aberdeen-Angus, pave
( attained popularity in Cunada, and
only the ihst mentioned can be said
to be generally distributed. The others may equal the Shorthorns for
beef production, nnd oven surpass
them under certain conditions, but
tho superior milking qualities of
the Shorthorns, and particularly of
tho grades, have given them an unequalled popularity among our fanners. Where feed is plentiful, and
the country not too high or broken,
they are likely to prove satisfactory beefers, and in addition will
produce a fair amount of milk.
The ease with which good bulls of
this breed c&u be procured for grading purposes, is nlso an argument
in its favor. Breeders of tbe other
sorls are comparatively few, nnd
the opportunity for choice is small,
when oue desires to select a bull,
ln the colder parts of Canada, and
on the bare pastures of the mountainous districts, the Galloways
and West Highlanders, should prove
serviceable on account of their hardiness and activity.
Among tbe dairy breeds, the Ayr-
shires, Holstelns, Jerseys, Cittern- :
soys and French-Can ad ions are al I
held in considerable esteem. The
latter have been almost unknown
outside of the province of Uuobec
until the last year or two, but
they are now attracting consider- .
able attention. Under adverse cir- ■
cumstances, such as scanty pastures, lack of proper winter foul nnd
care, etc., they will probably yield
a greater percentage of profit than
those breeds which have for generations been accustomed to good fo0d
and care. The Guernseys, although
highly thought of in the United
States, have never gained sufficient
foothold in Canada to enable our
farmers to judge their suitability
(or this country. Doth thoy, und
their close relatives the Jerseys,
are especially adapted for the production of fancy butter or cream
for a high-priced city trade, and
the majority of Canadian herds of
these two breeds are, 1 thin'-:, used for this purpose. The Ay> shires
and Holstelns seem tn he gaining in
popularity among the general dairy
farmers who support the cheese factories and creameries, and with
the dairy Shorthorns, aie likely to
divide tbe greater part of tbe dairy
Held between them. The Holatolhs
are likely to do better on tho
level lands, with Hush pastures nnd
plenty of winter food, while the
Aryshires should, 1 think, Hnd more j
favor on rollfng or hilly hinds, be- |
causa   of their great activity,
But, while certain well defined
differences may characterize the
various breeds, yet It may be well
to remember that there is much -
greater difference between individual animals of the same breed
than between different breeds. A
good      cow is    a    good cow     no
matter     what    bor breed may     be. ;
Therefore,   let each  man    sulcct  the '
breed that he considers best   suited
to his    conditions, and sticl,   to it. ■
Let bim buy, or breed to, the    best '
available   bulls of tbat breed,    and
continue    to grade up his    herd to
a higher   'degree of excellence   voar
by year.     The practice followed    by
some farmers of using    bulls      first
of one breed nnd then of another is
fatal    to «H    plana of building np
a handsome      uniform   "ml profitable    herd of grade rows', and that
Is juBt what    most farmers require; ■!
The average    man does    not.    need j
pure    bred    females;   in fact   will (to .
better     with good       grades.     Tho j
'    id
Mb at. time between-wa feedings. {£*« ^Zn. not' tr"X lie
When tbe process Is well over and tho "t ,„„,.,„, a ,ov„ ,-,„. „n|,na|„
bnby Ib Incused in Boft, clean ebange Wld „„ aptlltitk for handling tliom,
of dainty garments, be con hnve bla, otherwise Ills Investment will
milk nnd go to Bleep, to nwnlien later prove iinprotitalilo, mill nil bis ol-
fi'iuly to go for the outing that keeps  forts a disappointment,-^. W. Hud-
tbe little cheeks rosy.
aoti, Live Stock ('oiuiiilsslonei'.
Yonr Glorea. Pr.unri.tlnn °1 ■"* so"
. * TCl!,.a^|Cd,.WOmJn.b!!ttT„0." The testimony of mccsisful fnrm-
icrglo obwltti the.rest of ber toilet. „_    the world over confirms     Iho
It Ib snld that the Fi-enchwomnn pitta .trtteiiK-nt     Uml. tlioroiip.li prepares
.in her gloves In her dressing room, the tIoll   0r ti,,.. soil   not onlv lu.-r<>iim-s
Amerlciiu woman In the lobby aud the the yield, but. ia Ilia   host     fnown
Kuglli.li wonuiii ln the street
A writer ln a medical Journal has
advanced tbe theory thnt women's
heavy lints are responsible for women's Jniigllng nerves and proverbial
quick temper. „
If women vers not so unduly enthusiastic over small matters, them
mould not be so many nervous wrecks.  Jjj'
inotlimi of defence against, adverse
seasons. It Is in tact tlio only
known method with noncultivntod
crops mid un esSRlltllll    Pni't   of tlie
protective    treat "I nl nil I'lilllriit-
ed crops. Thorough iii'o|m.i'atloit
and ciilliviiiinii cosl labor mul money, but not n-'iii-ly so Hindi ns .a
partial or 'oinl failure of Iho crop'.
And yet. many limners, atrntigo lo
eay, ilo not    prepare iboir lands al.
B. C.
| This beautifully situated town offers ej
ceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping  industry of the Pacific Coast.
I It is the largest railway centre in British
—       —asl
i Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
k       duction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm*th
The Dr-minion Express man
dropped in hem the other evening
five parcels of neckwear, 30 dozen in the lot.
468 Ties to choose from. They're
in half dozen boxes, three patterns to eacb box. 234 chances
to catch your idea of a perfect
tie. We get new neckwear every
week regulttrly.
25c to 75c.    Wash Ties 10c to 25c
To arrive before Saturday — 8
dozen more of those American
Shirts — They're coming from
x x
i *************************
Don't tail to see G.H. Gavin's samples
ol wallpaper at Oaptain Dillon'i office,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at astonishingly reasonable prices.
The Ladyemith Lumber company received aa order Monday morning irom
Winnipeg lor a consignment ol lumber
lor that city.   	
Witche , clocks, rings, etc.. to be eold
at great reduction at B. Koreiinmer's.
The eleven gold locketB to be presented
lo tbe Lidyimilh football team hy the
celebration committee are on view in
the window of Mr. W. H. Lively. They
epeak for themaelvei aa to the manufacturing .bliitv of Mr. Lively,
Den't forget B. Furoimmer'B sweeping
A large number oi families moved
down irom Extension laet week and
mors are coming every day.
Procrastination has lost many a man
hii life's opportunity, but men clothed
la Caldwell'! Nanaimo elegant summer
euitinge hav. opportunities thrust upon
The well-known Nanaimo dressmaker is prepared to make skirts
from, $2.oo up. All work personally supervised, guaranteed, and
McIDIE BLOCK,       Victoria Crescent
DR.  J. • GRICE,
Johnston Block,      •     Nanaimo, II. 0
P. 0. Bos, 37, Tel. US.
Vlilt*    Ladysmitli   every  Saturday.
Hours Irom 0 a. in. till 5 p. tn,
Abbotiford Hotel.
The Nanaimo Thistles 60 Down ti
Great Enthusiasm and First-Class
On Saturday last th. Lsdyimith As-
Bocl.tion football team defeated the Nanaimo Tbietlee in what proved lo be the
fastest and molt exciting gam. ever
witnessed in th. province. Th. game
from start to finish wu {oil ol qnick
paning, close cheeking sad hard shooting ou the goal. Time snd time .gain
tbe goal keepers on both side, w.re
called upon to save and nobly did they
Tbe game started st 5:30, wben A.
Morrison kicked off for the home ti.m.
The ball was sent down to the visitors'
goal in short order, aud D. Morriion
succeeded in Hopping a hot on. Irom a
kick by B. McMillan. B. Blakley lor
tlie vieitore then kicked from goal .l.I
tbe home team were called upon to defend, J. A.lamB stopping ruth .iter rmh
by bis cool and reliable playing. Alter
somo hard checking in center Held and
by clever passing on the part ol tha Nanaimo Thistles, liarbard secured th.
first goal. Time 18 minatei.,
Nanaimo 1; Lsdyimith 0.
From tbe kick-off th. Lsdyimith team
■tarted some floe team work .nd again
the vliitote' gosl wsi in danger, bnt
Blakley again uved and alter soma
snappy combination by the viiiton VI-
poml made Ibe lucky kick, Tim., 3
Nanaimo 2; Ladyimith 0.
The rest of the fint ball wai marked
by close checking and although tha
Ladyimllh boyi pressed hard neither
team scored.
At tbe commencement oi theiecond
half It waa plainly seen that th. home
team wae beginning to rmh mitten aad
playing the game of tbeir Uvea. J "Adams
was moved up to the forward lint and 3.
8anderson took bii pile, on th. hall
backs. The change wm . good one .nd
the play became last and exciting. Nanaimo tuibed the bill into the Ladyemith territory and Ed. Labay neatly
eaved. The ball then traveled to tb.
other end aud J. A.lame iicnred it Irom
a pais Irom Waity Claik and with a
iplendid rush scored. Time, 16 minute.,
Nanaimo 2; Ladyemith 1.
With only 16 minutes to play the
boyi bucked up and In three minatei A,
Morrison did the trick, .nd .mid tb.
cheering of the lerge croud tied th.
Nanaimo 2; Ladyemith 2,
The game now became one of tbe beet
extiibitioni ol lootball ever eeen here,
and although tbe Thinks strained every
nerve to score again, the horn. boy. pal
forth every effort to prevent and nobly
J. Kichardi secured snd ths ball was
lent dangerously near ths goal, bat J.
Sanderson snd T. O'Connell got in the
w.y and with nest combination quickly
relieved and 0. McMillan wai given a
chance. Oh.rli. wai on hand and with
a neat pate gave tb. ball to hll brother
Bob, who wai playing a itrong, steady
game, and he secured Ladyamitb'i third
goal in five minutes, and tha crowd
weut wild.
Ladyemith 3; Nanalmo 2.
With only leven minatei before tlmo
the Tbietlee tried hard to .v.rtd.lwt.
but the furioui pice wee beginning to
tell on them .nd they eould do nothing
with their opponent!. Cilei ol " play
defence, Ladyimith," oould be heard
Irom all points, but the boyi w.r. not
satisfied, and with clever puling .ad
good checking pressed th. viiiton' goal
hard. Eno, Crosier and McMillan in*
ilulged in aome fine combination and
gave tbe ball Into the car. ol W, Clark,
and Watty d.llveied tbe goodi in fine
Ladyimith 4; Nsnsimo 2.
The rest uf the game wu fought ont
bard, but the Tbietlee eould not improve tbeir icon .nd th. whistle blew
lor full time, .Iter on. ol th. grand.it
gimes in the hlitory ol Ib. nrovino.,!
It wonld be nnlair to mention eay in
dividual player, u both team, pat up
the belt bill that they could. A. Fat
ton made a very satisfactory referee,
and although soms ol hll decliloni
seemed very close to Ih. ipestaton, on
the whole they oould not be questioned.
The team, lined up as follow!:
Thirties—D. Morriion, gsslj Blakley
nud Wllllimi, backi; (illmour, G.r-
bird and Brooki, hall-back.; Vipond
and Kichardi, lift forward!, Booth,
center; Blnndel and Graham, right lor-
Ladyimith—Ed. Lah.y. goal; T,
O'Connell and Burns backi; J.Bandar-
ion, J. Kno and 0. McMillan, hall-
backs ; 3. Adami and W. Qlark, lelt for-
«aids; A. Morriion, center; B. MoMll
Ian and B. Crosier, right forward!.
Sinitiry Warranted Wall Taper,
Plain Ingrain and Figiued Tapers.
All with Borden and Ceilings lo
match, FnlllineoIsllklndik.pt
In stock at
Oommorclsl St. NANAINO, B.O
An Interesting Event at Plumper'!
On Monday laet the large. V!' rrr-ntly
procured by Canon Paddon, pastor of
St. Mary Magadelene, Plumper's Pass,
Mayne Island, wu hoisted to the belfrey
.nd fastened securely in place. This
ball will prove ol great service in announcing to tbe people in Mayne and
adjacent iilindi the. hours of service. It
wu formerly uied on one of the large
mogul engines which run on the mountain seetions ol the transcontinental
railways, and li a massive affair, weighing mors thin 260 pounds. Iti tone is
sweet and dear and in the oryrtsl-pure
atmosphere ol Plumper'e Paea It will
Hnd its mellow tones far over the
iil.ndi on Sabbath morning, and even-
The work ol railing the bell was ae.
cotnpllihed by the aid oi a few stalwart
membere ot the congregation, and it was
quite an event in tbe enug little Immle
at the Pus- Canon Paddon superintended the operations and wee much
pleased wben the bell at lest ewnng
safely irom III lolly perch in the great
heliry ol 81. M.ry'i.
It il . point worth noting that St,
Mary'. M.yn. Island, baa the distinction ol being one ot the moat beautiful
little unctuaries in tbe province. The
interior il .iquiiite in its simple yet
artiltio details. A very fine organ Blip
pl.rn.nti tb. chor.l portion ol the eer-
vie. most acceptably. The little church
m.y be uid to bo in a very flourishing
W.J. .      	
rant, copper, brick iliist, roynl lilue or
seal brown, which is taking the place of
lilac, yellow iu eulphur or banana tints,
and indeed in .11 ite various shades,
leepening to orange.
Dothlnkof poor baby's feelings inst
one little bit before putting her into a
starched bonnet, with starched rasping
tringi, a starched petticoat that acret-
chei arms and neck, knicken with
starched frills that tortnre poor little
lege, a Marched white frock and starched
peliue that attack and redden all the
unprotected bits of baby at once I
trimming black gowm, and ecra lac. ln
deep Vandykes or waved icrolli is also
adorned with velvet and jet.
When the rumor that day dresses
were to be cut ihort wu olrcnlsted, th.
woman wbo droned on small allowance
trembled. But than wu no truth in
that rumor, snd ths dsy gown ol to-dsy
le II snything longsr tbsn thst ol lut
iei|on, anti there ll .yen mora reason
lor the complaint ol th. man who .aid
that he might be old-faahinned, bat ha
didn't ere to eee women walking In
Bond etreet at 4 o'clock in the afternoon
in their ball gowns.
***** *********************************
Bros, a a .
T. W. Fletcher, Sen., has had thirty years' experience in sell" ;;
and repai-ing Sewing Machines in Ii. C.   Ladles, to save you ;
unnecessary expense by exchanging your good machines, that can  ;
be made as good as new at a trilling cost.   Look into this matter
and save money.   Also bargains in household necessaries.   Mus
Ik sold. ' Cor. First Avenue and Roberts Street
tt4444****4***4*********4*4 ***********444, , ,, , ,eV>*i
Maple Lodge, No. 6 s, I. 0. 0, t.
Meet, .very Wedneiday evening in
Nicholson'! Hsll. Visiting msmbsn
sre cordially invited.
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
Weelington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meet! every Friday iu I. 0. 0. F. ball at
7:80 p.m.
D. GOURLAY, 0.0.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
J. McDonald,
Mr. S. Roedding left yesterday for a
Villi to Duncans.
Mr. Hughea went to Chi mainue Monday lor a month'! hunting and fishing
Mr., and Mill Brown of Victoria are
vieiting Ur. and Mrs. P. H. Manhall.
Mill: R. Beveridge of Nabaimo is
epending the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mn, Wm. Beveridge of the
Grand h.tel.
Mn. D. Orowtber ol Viotoria ii visiting Mn. J. Blind.
Min Welnrobe il ipending her holiday! with her parent!.
Mill M.yne Clark of Faiihaven,
Wub., ll viiiting her slater, Mrs. Morgan ot thil city.
Tha Mines Jukee ol Chllliwack are
•pending tb. holidays with Mr. and
Mn. P. H' Manhall.
Min Lauretta Morgan returned home
lut week to ipend the holidays. Mies
Morgan has been attending the What,
oom, Wiih., normal school f.r the past
year and expeeta tu return at the end ol
the holiday! to resume her itudies.
The Shsrww-Wiuimis Paiht$
Udysrnitli,       - B. C,
j lar s. W. Paint.   McOlary'i1   Forcimmer li offering B-d.y olooki for
sand Ranges. ,$2.60.   See them.
II you went to get a nine ring remember we can mike anything yon want
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
nn voi. t
• ■H^^^^4ttH>r+t+t+-r+'.--l-1--l--r+
Etamins ll a charming classical ma.
teri.l much seen in shades ol red our-
We have still too much stock on hand and in order to reduce same
we are offering our large stock of Watches, Clocks, Rings, Chains,
Jewelry and Silverware at a great reduction. We will mention a few
S-Day Striking Clocks  Jjj 50 :
Alarm Clocks        go
Watches from     1 50
All guaranteed to keep good time.   Don't miss this chance.
Cor. First Ave. end Roberta St., Ladytmlth.
Agent for B 0 P-"en Gnmprinv.
C inii.cv I'n-f, tifW¥r I*i*h*, ItullfV
Traps, Ts, V-, Bend*, Tllea and
High St., ladysmith
Mnde and repaired. All work
iTiMreiMefd. Inspection invited.
Harneii Repairing a Specialty.
I. S. Christie,
Saddler and Harnessmalrer
Mall order, promptly attended to,
P.ices reaannable. Bnigv harness
from $8. E.press harness Irom $18
Team hamese from $30	
Big rtock ni hunka ai d valise-.  Trunks
Irimi |2.    Valises from SOil.
Tk. Creiceit,
—        NANAIMO, B.C
Ice cold Lemnnmle, Soft Drinks of
all Kinds.    Fruits, Pastry, Bread.
— for—■
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
Tlie new f-niltraide.ries on gauze are
especially suitable for evening toilets.
These form scrolls enclosed in frames of
lent', and are embeliBhed with colored
jewels, beade or BequinB, sparingly employed. Medallions of embroidered
liese or painted gauze or satin nre arranged in similar fashion, forming a
continuona trimming, which can be detached for sprays, groups and motifs.
Since the advent of chemical cleaning,
the mercerized lawns, eateen foulards,
and other lovely cotton goods are made
iu Ihe moat elaborate fashion, and
trimmed with handsome lace, and are
difficult to distinguish Irom washing
Bilks and foulardB. Art linens are died
in the moat artistic tints, and tbe delicate blue, soft pluk, or dainty biecuit
toneB ntnke up prettily with stitched
Pienemente, iib tbe makers describe
timee trimming- mud** to shape for vari-
oiih portions of tbe gown, are shown in
ibe samu combination of lace, mi*
broidery, ami beads, und the berthe
shapes, boleros, and yokes for semi-low
gowns are delightfully smart end attractive. Kern and Pttris-tiutad lace Is
worked with jet Iwadi and set-ulna for
Smelting Works
Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
r §
The single men ol Ladyemith, not
being satisfied with tbeir defeat ot lut
week, intend challenging tbs benedicts
to a game for next Thursday.
All acconnte agatnat the Ladyimith
Celebration Committee are requeited to
he handed to the eecretary not later
than the 15th init.
J. W, I'nbum, Chairmen.
W.'. Marshall, Secretary.
SealedTenden for enppljlng refreshments on SS, Joan tor moonlight excursion, Saturday evening, July 20th, (dance
on board), Irom Ladyemith and return,
will be received by the undersigned np
to Saturday, July 19th.
Loweit or any tender not neceturily
accepted. F. D. PELKEY,
P. 0. Box, 338, Ladyimith, 11.0.
Painting;, Peptrhanglag and
Mattress Making.
Leive orden lor mlttre:. miking at
Capt. Dillon'i Office, Bjplanad., where
samples can b> nen,
Guy N. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corn.. Pint Av.au. ... Oasaer. etreet.
Cabinet work nf .11 kindi.
All kindi of loft wood furniture mad.
and repaired.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of th. Famous
None bnt Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, .        Proprirtor.
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in .11 lie branches
Fine metal working a specialty. Plumbing, acetrlene gas, hot walar ud hot
.Ir hutldg, Work done with despitch
ud at reuonable rates.
*Bm2-    NANAIMO.
David    Murray,
Duller Street,        .       Udysmlth
Shop will be open every Thuredey,
Friday and Sitnrday.
941-2 HOURS
 By The	
Lei.es Vanconver at 13:30 o'clock
Tuesday., Thurnliye and Saturday,
Tlansconttnental Passenger Dally
Elegant Equipment,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Ratea,
Foi pamphlets and .11 information apply
to any O.P.R. .gent.
H. B. ABBOTT,      W. MctllBR,
Agent, Victoria.     As.nl, Nuaimo.
AMI. Oenl. Pan. Agent, Vaneouvar.
Our entire|stock of Millinery and Fancy Goods will be §
sold for the next few weeks at Slaughter Prices. Now Jala Your Chance to secure millinery cheap, Our stock i
is well assorted, and we can suit all ages at prices that i
will surprise you for cheapness. A cordial invitation £
to all, ' j


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