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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Mar 29, 1902

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Array ' ■•*******w****w********* f
!- The people that save
!- money trade with
Ladysmith Lea
! For Boots and Shoes \\
| Biokle's is the storo j;
Ailiitnfiili it,,l,it,,t.,l,iLitiil.AlsAA.I.JiArliAAAsssiril
VOL. 1. NO. 58.
•> i*
We call your attention to our Clothing and Furnishing Department.    Our entire stock in those depart
iJessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefnlly dispensed. Open
day and night.
'meuts is  to be disposed of at prices which  will guar- 9
antee quick sales. The latest and newest styles in
Hats and Caps just received and to be sold at prices
which will surprise you.
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Qatncre Street
2 **£KU&^&9W9.-i:\-Vm.9il\KmJ.Ki-.».P".:P:i-:kr\^^^$.-^K^K^Pi^K^P{m^
Hnrrlttsr, Sullcltur,
Attorney. Notary Tublic, lite.
Mi-nsyto Loin.
Naualiuo, . .
n, C.
Representatives Have
Satisfactory Interview.
Member Can. Society of Civil Ttlngltieera,      j"        "* " ""' -—a-»-'
Member Inslit ut itin of Kketrlcal KtiEiaeera   gOO(l U9e oft heir   time   and   lak!
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. o. Box 357
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Fred   Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Bird*, Animal*, and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale,   l'tira made; altered, cleaned and Kturetl
341*2 Johu.ior.5t.,
Victoria, B. C,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and I.acy bread. Cakei and pastries of ail descriptions. Fruits .in
leuou. I
David;   Murray,
Blacksmith       >
Buller Street, •       Udys.nlth
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
Thli new hotel has been completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Kicellent table, white cooking. The
bar il supplied with the finest wines,
liquon and cigars, An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Fint Avenue,      •   ' Lidyimlth, B.O.
f One Let is better than a Dozen
*  Hearsay!.    If   you   want    tbe
choieest meati go to
I.'Klvsini.li, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh supply   of   Vegetable!
always ou hand.
Special attention given to ships'
J. E. sniTH,
Sign and House Painting,
Graining, Paper Hanging and K»I
eominiog.   Kstimatea given.   8.U
ft-factfen guaranteed.
LADYSMITH,      -      -      ■     B. C
On Wednesday afternoon Meearp. John
W. Coburn, William Beveridge and T.
L. Grahame representing the Citizens'
Committee and Board of Trade, waited
upon the Government at the Legislative
Building, Viotoria, and were very con-
ttously received.    Tho delegates made
smith's just claims and needa   very
strongly before the ministers.    Specie)
reference wae made to the questions of
Btreets, the trails from Lidyemith to the
neighboring   campa, the small debts
eonrt and the mining recorder's office.
The Government promised to give tbe
varioiiB matters submitted their earnest
consideration and to advise Ihe deputation in duo time rs to the course   to be
adopted.    Tho deputation took their
leave very much pleated and encouraged
with the result of the conference, and
they will make a report to tlio regular
meeting of the Executive of the Board
of Trade next Monday eveuing, and also
io the monthly general meeting of the
Board to be held the first Monday even*
ing in April.
The Leader is in a position to eay, as
a result of the interview reported in the
foregoing paragraphs, that Ladysmith is
distinctly "all right."
All Ready for a Good Time
Great praiso isdua to the committee
I of ladies of the Anglican Church, wbo
have nearly completed their arrangements for tiie funny dress bill and entertainment oa Tuesday evening.
It goes without saying that all wlo
attend that festival will have a thoroughly good time of it.
The ladies of the Ladysmith English
church iiave proved on several previous
occasions what they can do in tbe way
of providing a first rate evening's er j >y-
ment, but Tbe Leader Is confidentially
informed that the affair on Tuesday will
eclipee all the other entertainments ever
given under the eame auspices here.
Those who ean't dance, or don't eare
to dance, will have ample opportunity
to amuse themselves In the rooms upstairs in the Oddfellows' hall, where
bagatelle, checkers, carda and even the
spell-binding ping-pong may be found.
The tickets are selling very well, and a.
record attendance is expected.
Makes Speed)
E. aud N. Sntumer Schedule.
Ladyimith Skipping;.
Str. Tell us arrived from San Francisco
on Wednesday morning and is now taking on her coal cargo,
Ship Charmer will probably be ready
for sea next week.
Wm. Beverldge, frop.
Tliii new hotel bai been comfortably furnleh.d and Ihe bar it up (o .'ale.
Beat accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! and lodgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Ladysmith, B. C.
The Esplanade,
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    If not
get Insured at once, (or it n.. > be
Kfo late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
ean insure you at a moment's notice at
the lowrst possible rater), All leading
companies charge the eame ralte. Don't
be misled into inturing with a cheap
company—it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo, B, C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggs end Freeh   Vegetables mpplied
Daily.   Leave orders at the post office.
The summer Time Table Card on the
E, &, N. will come into eff-ini, today.
| There is no change lu arriving and departing time of the morning trains. The
Saturday and Sondaj afternoon trains
leave hereBoii'hbotind at 5.16 p. m. arriving from Victoria at 7.10 p. ni. An
extra train will also ho put on Wednesday arriving and departing at- the
same time as the Saturday and Sunday
afternoon trains, This extra service
will no doubt prove a great convenience,
passengers being able to go to Victoria
or Nanaimo or other points along the
| line and return the same day. Should
this additional service prove profitable
tbe Company intend running a double
! service daily throughout the summer
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
B. II, Johnilon,  Victoria, haa the
finest selection in the province.  See
sample! it Leiser A Hamburger'! store.
Pricei and estimates cheerfully given.
Roiei In great variety.
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
BBHSB^BB^BBBBJB^B^B^pBKv Manufacture
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbanated Beverages of all kinds.
Proprietor,  ft&JSs
Ws are Agents for
Lar,;e stock of English Fishing Tackle. Lacrosse aoods, Etc.
John Barnsley & Co.,
ATj:°T.y,or Victoria, B. C.
Fir. Proof Safes.      a—as.a— Kodak., Films, Etc,
. .I..,***************************************.****',
Ladysmitli Teaming Depot,
All kind! ol heavy teaming done
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Heals,
Poultry and Vegetables. Game in
eat on. Shipping orders attended to on
hurt notice.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm, Hepple, proprietor.
Fltit-cl.it accommodation! lor minen
and transients.   None but
The Best Wines and Liquors
served at the bar.    Ulve ui a call.
Cor, Victoria Bd A Commercial St,
NANAIMO,     ■     ■      B.C.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade,  -  Udysmlth, B, C.
Near araad and Frank Hotels.
Cowlchaii   Liberal   Association.
At the meeting of Cmvichan Liberal
Association this week, the report of the
delegates to the Convention at Vancouver was submitted, and tho actions of tlm
I Convention wero uoanttnou-ly endorsed
by those present.
The following officers were elected for
tbls vear, Pres. J. M. Campbell; 1st Vice.
K. H. Whidd-n; 2od. Vice. E. H. For-
rest; Secy. Alex   Herd.
Sir, Victoria- i-t expected to
for San Francisco today with ber
cargo of Wellington coal.
Will Hoicbery Stand Firm?
Lord Rosebery (says he "World")bas
hitherto been a secretly disintegrating
force. He has now concentrated hie
energies into an act of open violence,
For the Qrst time since he retired from
the Liberal leadership be has enunciated
a definite opinion and taken a decisive
step. We will hope that the period of j
vacillation and chlllyshally of half-
formed opinions and hesitating and unfulfilled intentions, has come to an end,
"What I have said, I have not said;
what I have written, I have not written," has been tbe no avowed and un-
I conscious but not less obviously dominating maxim of Lord Koeebery'e eon*
duct. A period of distinct purpose, and
of steady action upon tbat purpose, mav
have succeeded. But it is impossible to
be very confident.
Sunday Scrvlcei.
First Pieabyterian Church—Regular
services,morning ll o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday school 2.30 p. in.
Rev. W. A. Rae, pastor.
Methodist church — Services are
held at lt o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock tn the evening, Sunday school
at 2.30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Cocos   Island
News Irom the Blakeley.
News has reached Viotoria from Honolulu that a boat has spoken the Blakeley at Cocos Island wirh one of the
treasures on board, and looking for another. Although not official, it is also
reported in the San FrancUco papers
, that they have found the treasure. If
'those reports sre confirmed nil the
Com ploy's stock will be cancell-rd at
If you want the best chaflce ever offered to make a fortune, buy a share of
stock or a putt tdiare at once, Price,
MO, |1W for ?tt j $10 for "4 N"t month
tbey eannot be bought (ur 10 times that
P. 8.
Remember each stock holder owns a
share in the ship and her equipment,
to tbst you practically rl' k nothing.
Tha Pacific Exploration and
Development Co., Limited.
89 Birdcage Walk, Victoria,
Don't fall to tee G.H. Civisi' samples
of wallpaper at Oaptain Dillon', office,
Esplanade, Choice new designs at astonishingly reasonable prices.
This oldEstablleed, First-Class and
Popular Hotel la most comfortably furnished, centrally situated, Bub meets
train"-. Excellent Culalne, Bar stocked
with the finest wines, liquors and cigars.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B, C., are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
-.lory ot a Scotch Scurry*
Colonel Shiel, who fought In Ihe Boer
ranks aud waa made prisoner, was asked
bow he had been treated by the Britiih
and he replied, "fairly well, with tbe
exception ol a young Highlander wbo
waa on sentry over me wben wounded.
The Highlander, each time he passed
me, ipat upon me, and I remonstrated, laying I was hia superior officer, aud
that I was wonnded in Ihe foot, that the
night was bitterly cold, and that I had
no blankets. Tbe Highlander at flnt
took no notice of my remarks, but continued to march up and down. At last
he stopped in fiont of me, took t ff hii
great coat and wrapped me up, bound
up my foot, placed aometbing under my
head, and continued hia 'sentry-go,
About ten minutes liter he itopped
again in front of me and eaid .'—'Look
I here, Colonel, a've given ys ma overcoat
an' a've wrapped yi up weel an' dune
ma best for ye, hut, mind this, we're no
freenal' "
A Ileal Imperial Navy.
The itatement made In ths Home of
Commons last night that at the cooler-
I ence which is to take place thli year between tbe British Government and tho
representative! ol all tbe Colonies the
queition will he raised whether the colonies should contribute something towards the maintenance of our naval armaments hae created widespread inter-
tereet and even enthusiasm lo Parliamentary lobby. Should it be decided
at the coming conference, as most people believe it will, thiitea-ih of the colon-
lea shall agree to t rov de a certain number nf men nl -var tho first slop will
have bean taken towards hrloaing out
. gre.it Imperial federation, Thil li .
giant subject, hut a large number of politicians think tbe time bat arrived when
it should he seriously considered. A
federation of all tbe Britain! would not
only provide a Navy of colossal power,
but would lie the h.-et Bafeguard lor the
world'e peace.
(Special Correspondence of The Leader.)
Victoria, B. C, March 28-Beal hud
work waa put in by the leglilaton on
tbe rediitribution bill on Wednesday.
Tliero was an evening session, extending
to midnight, mainly dne to the miadir*
enled eloquence of Mesiri. Smith Curtli,
Taylor, and the inevitable Hr.
McPbilllpe. Mr. Smith Curtii, ai
pointed out by a genial bumorlit, wai
talking for four persona, or conitituen-
clei, which ihould have been represented by three member!. Hon. Mr. Eberti
unkindly interjected in an undertone,
tbit tlie hoc. member ior Rowland
leemeil to bs nnder the impreision thit
hs waa talking for forty.
Mr. John Houston, the broncho of tha
Home, added considerably to the gaiety
of theaasembly by "dressing down"
member! of Ihe opposition who needed
The most itrenuoui oppoiition ,'to tba
bill came from Mr. Smith Curtii, wbo
wai lupported in hii captious criticiim
by Mr. McBride, wbo alio kicked, on
hii own behalf.
The Home wai adjourned until Men*
day week, Thil will enable up-country
member! to visit tbeir homei and return
in time for tbe re-opening of tbe Home.
Ping pone threaten! to dethrone the
intellect of Victoria. Temporarily, itil
to be hoped. The mini, is miking terrible inroad!, and even peraoni formirly
reputed to enjoy a fair ahare of ini.l-
llgence now jabber painfully in th.
itrange ping-pongete ol the day. Remembering tbat la grippe ran iti conn.
In due time, hopes .re entertained tbit
tbia terrible scourge will depirt from Ul
American! who itop to view the mil-
live wall being built across tha front oi
the fragrant Jamei Bay flat! .remark
wonderinglv upon the solidity/ with
which the ifrnctnre ll being pnt lo.
I gather. It ie certainly a good example
ofthe true British si) le ot building lor
luture generation!. When It ii completed
Victoria will have probably th. "nest
thorougblare in Ihe province,
A pirty of Victorian! were amused at
an old farmtr, who looked al if he hid
just itepped out of tbe pegei of Puck or
Judge, who approached them Ja day or
two igo and aiked them whit tbey
thought of that. The "that" wu a
large piece of high grade copper ore.
"Where d'ye find this, Pa?" enquired
an irreverent member of tbe pirty.
"Within twenty mile   o'   Victoria,
Son," ipoke up tbe patriarch iprucely.
"Much ol it?"
The elderly parly looked eeqniringly
around, then pointing to a peak ot the
Sook. range, "See yon hill, over thin?"
"Well, it'a blggei'n yon fellow."
" Yei, bnt how much copper il there
where yon got thia?"
"Alnt I tellin'ye? The pile', the lite
0' them mounting! over yonder,"
"tl'or.|" exclaimed the group. The
old mm marched off. Subsequent en*
qniry showed there wis a good deal of
truth in tbe old man'a itory, and now
Victoria mining men are beginning lo
feel itrongly intereilid in Island copper
"proposition!."  It wai time.
It ii said that Mr. Bodwell feel! to
badly over bii cruihing rejection by th.
Victorians at tbe poll! that he ba. decided never to try hii luck in politic!
•gain. He has not smiled since the declaration ot the poll!. Hii lilt wordi
a! a public man were: "AlasI Hid I
only known that lt wai the wrong end of
the machine Into whioh I waa looking!"
At Mirrwhih tbe other < ay a maali-
tiate submitted an interesting reason
why . child ihould bi vaccinated. The
child wu a girl, and for tbe like of her
good looki, he aaid, ihe ihould be vac
clu.ted, Inasmuch •■ 11 wai on record
tint ICO vein ago there was scarcely a
' good-looking woman owing to smallpox,
Ar th, I
... ih. L.i
Miss Burlrii-n h>.s si- ll   -I i II -
in the Bfry "I nk f r'e-rl-s-e-   .,..,.., a,.. i,| ,,.
•nl meet    gain .in Tueada, morning, sung r.y'ou.oi'in. iadwi'oi'lto'dn*,
IA-""lrt' '<"• ■lttd-'- Th. lervic. will be cboral.
r H i*i lav evrtnlnr air.vles
' III    Ol'llrch   of E'l.tsiid.
• "''/ 'A,ia"l-'-v-i '»rl«ht
Ladysmith Leader
'* -AND-
Welllngton-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
rhe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
French Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
r Bv Mail in Canada akd United Status.
On. year (strictly in advance)  ti oo
Is months (strictly ln advance)'    I as
TRANSIHNT—First insertion loc. a Hue; each
.ub.equ.nt insertion sc a line.
Bate, on application. No wood cuts used.
Cl. for regular use should be all metal.
M.rriage, Birth, Death aud Funeral nolices.
each insertion soc.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
tlm, will be charged for until ordered to be dls-
THE LEADER wlll.be found al Ibe following
Ladysmtth-The Leader office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo—E. Ptmbury & Co.
Victoria-Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
All changes lu advertisements must be received
at this office before is noon tho day before
Subscribers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.,,
All job work strictly csbIi on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
South Africa haa lost the man who did
more than all the otheri who ever tried,
to bring that vait and wealthy region
under tbe Britiih flag, While we frankly confen that we never could be counted amongit thoie who worshipped with
idolatroui intensity thia man and hii
method!, we ai Irankiy admit that he
had ln him many ol the element! oi true
greatness. More than any Englishman
ol the latter generation! he embodied
the grand ideali ol the Elizabethan
conqueror!. He law life on a icale nl
. magnitude comparable only with the
vilw of Napoleon Boniparte, on a scale
that often ap, lied hii associates and
earned for bio the title of dreamer from
the practical people who peep about in
thil world. Great almoit beyond com
putation were tbe service! ol Cecil
Rbodei to the Empire, yet bii mme can
never be Ireed Irom Ihe taint ol blood-
gulltineii; like hii great prototype,
Napoleon, ho would break tlie lew eggs
to have the omelette; and iike all really
grind mindi hi! wai thiroughly imbued with the democratic idea. He wae
a republican; he wai never airaid to lay
10; he admired the United Statei ol
America, and one oi hie dreimi wu to
make South Al.ica the same, witb
Britiih flag over tbat munificent country. That he wai the prime instigator
and mover in the Jameson raid li
questionable; that he bid more to do
than any otbei individual with bringing
on the preient Boer war ia now well-
known. Bnt like a man be bore hie
Ihire—even forfeited hii life; lor tbe
privation! endured ln tbe liege of Kim
barley undoubtedly cut short hii great
career. England hu loat a ton whom
like lb. will not toon look upon, and
the Empire a mm who did ai much Ior
ill glory and expansion aa did Julius
Caesar for Rome. And like Caesar be
hu been removed Irom the arena with
many ol hii great projecti unfulfilled,
leaving behind him a name and an example tbat will excite the emulation of
generation! of Englishmen yet unborn
"There are typei ol men whoie character! he who runi may read. The politician whole act! and purpose! are cor*
rupt il rarely misunderstood by men ol
fair intelligence ind information. The
statesman who ia thoroughly upright,
intelligent, (earless, and consistent la
segregated from other types without
difficulty. The mm lent readily rated
aright in the estimation ol the general
public li the man of upright personal
character and pure motive! wbo ii led
into error in difficult problem! oi Slate
by a lack cl that clear logical perception
which enable! ono to lee thing! in their
true relations."
The foregoing la a portrait drawn by
"An American," of the late William
MrKinley, In the March number ol tbe
Westminster Review. Had he bad in
mind Hon, Jamei Dunsmuir, premier cl
British Columbia, he could not have
done better in limning the character ol
the man. Llko the late aesaseinaied
preaidentoi the United States, Hon,
Mr, Dunimuir li distinguished above all
things ior bii upright penonal character and his purity bl motive. If be has
been led into error iu difficult problems
of State by a lack of logical perception,
he Ie by no meine singular in that respect. We wonld like to bear tbe name
ol the leader ol a Britiih Columbia Government aince tbii province had a provincial legislature who did not make
erron, and very icrioui error! too.
The foregoing extract from an interesting and ably-written article in one of
tbe greatest review! ii very appropiiale
at a time when the acta ol the premier
are to be made the eubject ol a royal
commission. Tho commission, we predict, Wlll find that Mr. Dummnir ie au
boneit man and that tlie charge!
brougbt by Mr. Curtii are groundless.
The extreme rarity ol'havlng an honest
man occupying the piaition hell by
Hon. Mr. Dunimuir inakeB it well-nigh
impossible lor tbe people of British Columbia (including Mr. Smith Curtis! to
understand him and hie straightforward
and ii likely lo be, peifeclly guiltless—
the premier has wrought in the mtnee
for his living and knows by bard experience what it is to earn hia bread by
the aweat ot his brow. It cornea very
poorly from the members of n lily-
handed profession to sneer at any man
who has toiled, md won by bia work
the rlght.to that respect which ia accord-
eJ everywhere to the dignity of labor.
But tbe result of Ihe inveitlgiti. n
will over.helm Mr. Smith Curtii with '
shame and confusion and will probably
bavo tbe result of making blm more
cautious bb to how,and regarding whom,!
he (lings around bia reckleit and ebame- j
fill aspersions and mean insinuations
THE   (Hills  (HAIUIIS.
Mr. Smith Curtis until recently held
a very high place iu Ibe opinion oi thote
people of British Columbia wboie good
opinion ii worth having; but he leemi
to have toflered something more than a
lea-change and has been distinguishing
himself lately by exhibition! of temper
and bad taste which have done much
to deatroy the confidence in him which
many people held. Hii latest attack on
the premier, and its accompanying tug'
geitiouiare nothing ihort of disgusting.
Mr. Smith Cnrtii now enjoys tho unenviable distinction ol being the lint
man in or out of the Legislature who hai
dared to impugn tbe boneity ol Hon.
Jamil Dunimuir. Mr. Curtii haa made
a naity, indeed an abominable insinuation in hinting—be did not dare to make
a direct and lormal charge—in alleging
even in tbat oblique manner lhat tbe
premier bad uied bii official position to
make advantageous dieposal by sale of
the E. A N, Railway.
Tbe inveitigation which we under
•tend ia to be held, will ihow tbe faliily
of Mr. Curtis'a contention, but we might
lay that it comu with very ill grace
from Mr. Smith Curtii, whole own
record in the Bimilkameen il far from
ipotleli to dire to make reckless charge!
of thli character.
And it doei not lie ln the mouth of
Mr. Smith Curtis, a lawyer, to eneer at
Hon, Jamei Dummnir, who bai had experience! ol which Mr. Smith Curtii ii,
Beautiful Spring.
Garden Tools, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Spades, Shov-
els,etc., etc,
Wide, lneidum and narrow Poultry Netting, just
the thing you require for fencing up your grounds, we
have them..
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Eiplanadeand Oatacre Street, • ■ Ladyamlth
Ping pong aud tbe Boer war are dividing tlie earnest attention of the British
people at the present time, but principally ping pong. And we bear that
Rudyard Kipling ia preparing another
fools-arjd-oafe' fulmlnatlon.
So the King's oath at coronation is
not to be amended or altered in any
manner from the ultra-Protestant and
vigorously anti-Roman Catholic form
found proper two centuriea ago. Both
aide, woiked heroically.
in March,
The Russian literary statisticians have
been commuting the influence ot Tolstoi,
based upon tho number oi hia woiks
publiibed. The flaurrs ludicale lhat
tha "barbarian" haa Hie ear ol the
world, Tbo complete edition nf Ihe
pbiloaeiibic novelist, In lillten volumes,
and eold for about live shilling! a
volume, reached tbo astonishing figure
of two hundred and eighty tl.otisaid.
OI the general wotke there have been
wo hundred German translations, oue
hundred and fifty French, tweuty-fiv
English, filly Danish, Iwanty-flve
Swedish, eeveral in Tartar, Japanele
Hinduatanee, and Turkish, Some (I
tho woiki least knowu outside Russia,
or not known at all, such ns ' Tha Prli-
oner ol the Caucasus" and "Mailer and
Servant," havo reached a million oopiea
each, while a child'a etory, "The Fint
Book of Reading," ii in tbe second
Victor Hugo is revered ostensibly ae
the post whose romantic genim broke
the letter! of classical trtdition, but
really ae the exaggerated incarnation nf
all the moit characteristic qualities of
I the French genius and temperament.—
Graphic." -
40 tears in our hueine.i menu!   't.;j
lomethlng. J?
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£    ment ind attractivu aiool-ycu <i III not need lo buy.    II yon cannot como
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eend your name on a post card and we will mail yon a catalogue-fieo, 3
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direct from mannfactuiera or made i
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K»eVt>j'«*K«t«V-,'«»;ftiiiV^ *
From tbe email library of blue book!
which hu reached thia office from Ottawa einco the present union opened,
we gather tbat Canada, under tbe
Laurier ministry hu enjoyed increaeed
prosperity, Liberal Government ia converting Canada from a awampy wilderness into a gnat country.
British Columbia muit advertise or
remain undiscovered by the big outside
world which has money to spend. Tbe
people ol this province mar keep their
dollar to look at and try to feel rich
looking at It; but if they spent tbat
dollar fu advertising tbe province far
aud wide they would loon have more
dollars than they could Bee all at cne
Writing in the March number cf Ihe
Weitmimtir Review, Mr. P. Barry discusses reform of tbe British Home of
Commons. Itii ilgniflcant that be
given in bia amended classification very
prominent place to representatives of
labor, His first 100 ol the 400 me nbers
would be comprised of representatives
ol "worker! on tbe land ln all capacities;" "workers iu and abiut mines;'
"workers in and about Bear, livera and
canals." Next would come wage-earn-
era ol all gradee; tbe unemployed and
the paupers. Lut of ill would come
titled penom, army, navy, volnnteeri,
and reiervu ol all grades. Ia Mr. Barry
giving . fancy sketch of tbe millennium?
j  IE Off PIE "
utility ol Singing.
Ediloi Leader—It may be interesting
to your reader!, in view ol tbe conlro
veny now being carried on in musical
circle, ll to the effects of tinging on the
general health, to know that it li inert'
ed by leading luthoiitiei tbit tinging ii
a corrective ol the too common tendency
to pulmonic complaint,. The Germans
are seldom afflicted with consumption;
and it il in part occasioned by tbe
itrength which their lungi acquire by
exercising them in vocal music; lor Ihii
constitutes an euentlal branch ol their
education, I could give eeveral instan*
res ol persona who were strongly deposed to consumption, but who were re-
itored to health by the exerciie of tbeir
lung, in singing,
Ladyimith, B. C, March 28th, 1003,
Mr. Robert Bair will be repreiented
by two n.w novel! thli leuon. Messrs
Cbittodc Windua ire to iisue very
ibortly bii nsw hiitorical itory, "A
Royal Tramp," while hii iludy ol American political life, "The Victor!," ii
alio (O. O. in the "Sketch" believes) to
bi publiibed In thii country .early thli
yeir. "The Vlcton" has been a great
incceu in America.
Mr. Richard Harding Davii hai jmt
completed the manuscript of a new detective itory of the molt thrilling description. The scene Is laid in London
and the book will be publlihed in April
by Mr. Heinemann and will contain a
nnmber ol coloured Illustrations.
Mr. E, F, Benson's new novel,
"Scarlet and Hyuop," will be pnbliihid j
Tramway Company Incorporation
Notice is hen by [riven by tlie Tyee
Copper Company, Limited, of 45 Lead*
en hall Street, London, England, and
haviin, ite reuietered office At Cleveland!
Goreflld, iu the Province of BritiBh
Columbia, pursuant to sections of the
above Act, and section 2 of "The Tramway Incorporation Act, 1900," that the
Company proposes to build and operate
an aerial tramway from a point on the
lands of Company, known as the "Tyee"
Mining Claim, Mtuateou Mount Sicker,
in Cbemaintie District, to a point at or
near Stratfuril'e (-roHfintr, on iIih line of
theEnulmt.lt and Nanaimo Hallway,
lie ing on the land known an section 13,
Itinge IV, Somcnos District.
The iiorer.il route of the fa id tramway
will he hia straight Hue bttrYteu the
points above mentioned.
I) ited at Victoria II C, this tJlst day
of March, 1002.
i'y tin* Attorney In-Pact.
+444.4,+* ♦♦♦.♦*♦♦♦♦ ^♦♦'♦♦m++ ♦ HimffHI^IfHlHH^
Coal!   -   Coal.!
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Ct*l   Best household coal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household cool
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Unioit Bay, Baynes Sound,
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
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Oppoiite Nanaimo Hotel,
NANAIMO, B. O. P. O. Box 426.
Seattle Daily Times
Th. liveliest piper in the Northweit.
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world'! newi to date. Sport,
politic!, society, women'!, Interests,
yonng folk's department, literature,
My brother Tom tins expected from
the city, and I waa sitting lu the summer house waiting for liiiu. A man approached whom I recognized ns oue of
the attendants at tho Insane asylum a
few miles away.
"Have yoii seen anything of a young
man nbout hero who doesn't belong to
..he placeV" he nsked.
"No. What does he look like?"
"Handsome; black hnlr nnd eyes
with n glitter In them. lie escaped last
"1 haven't seen him, and I don't want
"If be comes, wlll you please telephone me?"
"No. I'll hide in the attic."
The keeper had scarcely gone when I
saw a man lu the distance coining up
tho rood. Great heavens! Could it be
the Insane man? I stood my ground
bravely to see If ho answered tho description till he crime within a discriminating distance. Ho was walking rapidly and cnrrlcd n suit case. To my
horror he walked straight to the gate
and entered. I peered with nil my
strength of vision at his hair. It was
black as night. I looked nt his eyes.
They, too, were black nnd scintillated
like pin wheels on tho Fourth of July.
"I beg pardon," ho said, raising his
hut "Is this Old Oaks?"
"No," I gasped. I lied. I would have
lied to an angel from heaven.
"Singular," he Bald, looking about
him. "I surely can't havo mistaken tho
place. I followed tho mala road—the
only rood In fnct-and tho gateway la
of stone, a rouud hull ou each column."
"You will Ond Old Oaks a nillo down
the road."
He looked about him, every moment
more bewildered.
"Are there two such gateways?" he
i asked presently.
"A dozen."
■My heart wns beating wildly. My
-strained imagination showed me only
a madman who would murder mo If I
did not succeed in turning him nwny.
"Theso are tho asylum grounds," I
•cried. "Go nwny at once! They nro
looking for you. Tho keeper wns here
this morning. Ho has been gono only
nn hour. He told mo If you earner to
telephone blm, but I won't I hope
you will get nwny."
By this time I hnd become hysterical
nnd begun to laugh and cry by turns.
Tbo young, mini looked ns badly fright-
cited ns f. Ho cast a quick gtiinco
nbout blm, ns if for some one to take
me in chnrgo.
His action reassured me. Hail I
mado a mistake? I looked again at his
hair, tbls time through eyes uiitcrri-
fled. It was auburn. I remarked Ids
eyos. They wero hluo anil, Instead o(
BClntlDntlng, were very mild.' 'Menu-
while the mnn wiis studying me. Gradually ho emtio to look upon me ns sane,
after all, for ho snld;
"I am Arthur Andrews. I wns to
como to Old Oaks for over Sunday
with my friend Tom Wlnslow. I hnvo
evidently got Into the wrong place."
Ob, my stars, I have mistaken Tom's
friend for a lunatic! I would rather
suffer any torture than confess my error. I must get rid ot him before ho
discovers who I nm.
"Old Oaks Is the next place to ours,"
I sold. "Doubtless you wlll easily find
it If you keep right on down tho road."
"The gateway?"
"Just like ours—u ball on each post"
"Are the columns brownstono or
granite? lours, I see, ore granite,"
"Theirs aro granlto ton."
"Squnreor round?"
tfn this I mado no reply. Somehow
I didn't llko his tone. Besides, there
was no necessity In being so minute.
"Thanks," he said.. "I wlll doubtless
dud tho place. I am sorry to have disturbed yon."
Ho departed. I arose, went to tho
houso ond shut myself up In my room.
In tho afternoon I beard Tom talking
with some one ou tbe piazza. I looked
throngh tbe blinds and saw tbt—tho
I rang for tbe maid and when sho
came told ber to tell my brother that 1
had ono of my sick headaches and
would not be well till Monday—after
tbe train had gone.
Tom came to me nnd found me with
n wet cloth on my brow.
"Awful sorry, Luey; have brought
Arthur Andrews up purposely to meet
"Oh, go away, Tom! You don't know
how I suffer."
Tbe next Saturday Tom brought "tho
lunatic," as I called htm, for another
Sunday. Before I met cither of them I
overheard n conversation which Indicated tbey bad explained my action to
their own satisfaction. I went down
stair, and walked out on tbe piazza
as cool ns an Iced encumber.
"My friend, Arthur Andrews," snld
Tom, "of whom you have often heard
me speak."
"Think I have had the pleasure of
meeting you before," said tbe gnest
"When!" I asked, with well feigned
"A week ago today."
"You must be mistaken. Last Saturday I was confined to my room with a
sick headache."
Arthur Andrews made frequent visits
to Old Oaks, and we took many n stroll
through tbe grounds. I always dreaded
to pass the gateway, for Arthur would
Invariably ask mo about that counterpart, which stood at tho eatrance of
that other CJJd Oaks a short distance
below. I met theso sallies with a dignified silence, hoping that In time bo
would become tired of them. When be
cboie tbe ihndow of this gateway as a
plan to propose marriage, I rejected
him. He afterward selected another
ainot, and I accepted him.
' Wind and Temper.
There Is a closer connection between
wind and temper than at first sight op-
penrs. A coldish wind has a hrnclng effect nud on the whole Is beneficial. In
, countries where hot winds occur perl-
odlcally, ou the other hand, these nre
regarded as a nuisance, If not n curse.
Every ono utmost gets cross, weary and
dono up and has a headache dally.
In Egypt the season when crimes are
commonest ls when tho hot khuinseen
blows. Nearly always during a severe
sirocco tho Arabs in Algeria were restless, If they did not attempt au actual
rising. The solano, which now and
then rushes ncross tho Mediterranean
In Aery blnsts from Africa, upsets every ono In Spnln nud ls the worst wind
lu that country.
I Aud even In tho "Pearl of tho An-'
tllles" tho fierce hot wlud Is such a pest
, thht It Is recorded of a family llvlug In
{ Havana that tbey made it a rule In the
household to preserve absolute silonco
until the wind disappeared. It was tho
only plan they could think ot to avoid
family quarrels. -1
She Rend tire Slftnal.
Thore Is a romantic stoiy about Lord
Kelvin's second mnrrlnge. In tlie early seventies he, then Sir William Thomson, was ln West Indian waters, on
board his schooner yacht, tho Lnllu
Rookh. As a recreation he took up tho
question of simplifying tlie method of
signals at sea. He had been talking
of it at the dinner table of a friend In
Madeira, and the only apprehension
that seemed able to grasp It was that
of his host's daughter, a lady he greatly but silently admired.
"I quite understand It, Sir William,"
she said.
"Are you sure?" be questioned, bait
doubtfully. "If I sent you a signal
from my yacht, do you think you could
rend lt and could answer me?"
"Well, I would try," she responded.
"I believe I should succeed In making
It out."
. The signal was sent, aud she did succeed In milking It out and In transmitting tho reply. Tho question was,
"Will you marry me?" nnd the answer
Was, "Yes."
, tazi^igrTa*7rsr--sC
i Webster's Income.
i   Tho legal profession of tho present
day will bo surprised to learn that Mr.
Webster, tho greatest American lawyer of his time, made but $15,000 a
year by his practice.   But the fees of
counsel between 1810 and 1850 wero
not what they havo beeii since,
i    In ISIS I ncconipanled a client to
Mr. Webster's office In Boston nnd nsked him to name a retaining fee ln an
' Important patent case.    Ho sold' ho
, thought a couple of hundred dollars
1 would do.   When the case was tried,
his fee wns only $1,000.   On another
occasion I paid liiiu a retaining fee of
$2,000 for tho proprietors of the Goodyear India rubber patent,
|   Ills fee for nrgulng the great equity
i cause of Goodyear versus Day In tho
' circuit court of the United States for
tho district of Now Jersey, by which
ho established tho validity of tho Good-
year patent, was $5,000.   This was In
tho spring of 1S52, nud was the lait
case ho over argued.
A llomelr Greeting-.
' According to Alnslce's Magazine,
wheu the governor of Newfoundland,
Sir Henry McCallum, K. 0. M. 0„ went
ashore at a small harbor of tho cast
coast he was met at tho landing place
by a grizzled  old  flsbcrman,   wbo
. sought to make the stranger welcome,
' whocvor he might be.
1 "Be you couiin' ashore, sir?" be asked.
j   "Yes," said the governor.
' "Be you here about tho lie (seal oil)?"
the fisherman pursued.
j   "No," said the governor.
"Bo yon ono o' 'Sam' Lewis' men
from Red bay, sir, como about tho
i timber?"
' "I am the governor of Newfoundland," Sir Henry announced, with
some show of dignity.
"Bo you, now?" Bald the fisherman,
with a friendly offer of bis hand.
"Well, 'tis a mighty good Job—If you
can hold It. An' I hopes you will.
Would you like a cup o' tea, sir?"
Tho question was onco put to General Wheeler:
"General, what was the most foolhardy llilug you ever saw on tbo field
j of bottlo?"
I   "I didn't see It on Iho field of bnttle,"
■ replied Oeneral Wheeler. "I sow It one
I .lay when a young woman tried to en-
I tor a revolving door lending n dog by
a very long string. Sho pnssed through
In safety, but not so the dog. Tho rushing public euiue along, nud the dog
was ground both ways aud chopped lip
as though he wero lu a sausage machine. Kncli time ho escaped his nils-
trcss tugged madly on the string and
pulled III in Into It again. She got him
I through nt hist, being a very deter-
■ mined girl. The Jnnitor of the building
] wrapped him up In a newspaper for
! her, so that sho could carry him home,
Tlio way she clung lo that string wai
Iho most foolhardy thing I ever saw."
The l.nby's Nniiu-.
"Naino this child," said tbo clergyman.
"Superfluous," replied young Mrs,
Verdigris, the mother of tho cherub.
"My dour .nudum," snld the preacher
in n whisper, "Hint will never do. I
can't glvo tho baby such n name as
that   What suggested It to you!"
"My husband's brother."
"Is he a married man?"
"No, sir.  He's an old bachelor."
"As I suspected. Madam, we wlll
call this baby 'Blessing.'"
"I've no objection, sir, but I llko tbe
sound of tho other bettor."
Costs In India.
Tho barbers of India rank with th.
washerwomen. The sou of a barber
must he a barber all his life, and his
wll'i.' must be a barber's daughter. The
Hindoo shaver travels about lu search
of customers, and the bni-bcrlng Is doue
lu the street. There lire no stools, both
barber and customer squatting on their
heels while tho operation Is performed.
The Hindoo barbel' is a manicure and
o chiropodist as well, and his pay Is
wretchedly small. They often net as
surgeons, aud they make a specialty of
piercing the cars of young girls for earrings, while barbers' wives are almost
always hairdressers.
Like Sltuollntf (.basts.
The Impression wheu hunting paddy-
melons, a species of kangaroo found In
Australia, Is of shooting nt ghosts,
what with the dim, mysterious light of
the "bush" and the straugc appearance
and swift movement ot the game. Pad-
dyincloiis, like all the kangaroo tribe,
are useless for food, except so far as
their tails are coacorncd, which, being
largely of glutinous texture, furnish
material for capital soup, very like ox-
tall, but with a peculiar and agreeable
gamy flavor,
"Our church fair was a splendid sue-
cess," sold young Mrs. Torklns.
"Did you sell lots of things?"
"Yes." .,
"Anything useful?"
"Yes, Indeed! Everything was ever
bo useful. I can't think of n single ur.
tide that couldn't be saved up ond donated to be sold nt the next fair."
"A tot ot -air."
The Inhabitants of the little town
ef Somcrsby, In England, where Tennyson was born, nre frank ln giving
tbeir opinion of their distinguished fellow townsman. One old woman thus
related ber Impressions of tbe poet to a
" '11 was a very quoiet man. 'E seemed as If 'e was 'alf asleep, with 'Is oyes
'nlf shut au' peepln', an' 'o used to
poke at ye, lolko I' fun, wi' Ms stick.
'E 'ad Buck a lot of 'air an' a long |
beard, an'," sinking her voice confidentially, " 'o never looked very clean;
no, 'e didn't."
And this somewhat startling testimony was promptly confirmed by ber bus-
band, wbo added:
"If you'd met Mm gooln' along this
duity roond, you'd 'a' takkeu Mm for a
tramp gooln' to Brlgg for n night's
It Reminded Hint,
One sharp November day, says the
Philadelphia Record, a boy entered a
car, leaving tbe door open, much to tbo
discomfort of an old gentleman who
■nt next As the wind chilled bis marrow bis temper rose. Leaning across
his seat aud taking tbe kid by bis ear,
be snld: "Were you brought up In a
barn?  Why don't you shut the door?"
The boy suld nothtug, but closed tin)
door, coming hack to his seat lu tears.
This sight moved the old man to relenting pity. "There, there," he snld, "little man; I didn't really mean yon were
brought up lu u ham."
"That's Ju 't,.," retorted the kid. "I
was brougbt up In a barn, and every
time I see a Jackass It makes me think
of it"     	
An Interesting' Coin.
An Interesting coin has Just been sold
In Germany. It la ono of the few coins
In the history of the world which can
bo accused of having a humorous side
to it In 1070 the Danes descended on
tbe port of Hamburg, but their attack
on tbo famous House town proved nii-
lucccssful. The inhabitants of the
town struck a mcdul to commemorate
the occasion. The legend on the coin
was as follows: "The king of Denmark
has becu to Hamburg. If then wouldst
know what be achieved, look on the
othcr side." It Is needless to add that
"tbe other side" Is a blank.
Ills Man Was Appointed.
Al an Instance of tho ncnteness ef Al
Daggett the former Republican leader
of Kings county, N. Y., the story Is told
tbat when Scth Low was elected mayor
of Brooklyn some years ago he wroto
to Mr. Daggett, offering to nppolnt as
commissioner of elections one of any
three men ho might name. Al wroto
three lines to the mayor, as follows:
"Charles Henry Cotton, 0. II. Cotton,
0. Henry Cotton." Needless ta say Mr,
Cotton was appointed.   .
nls Opinion,
The Dour Girl—I am really astonished to hear you advance the proposition
that a child should not bo corrected In
the presence of'Btrnngers.
The Savage Bachelor— Ho should not
be, because ho should never bo In tho
presence of strangers; that's why.
Her Pet Fad,
Mrs. Jones-Mrs. Robinson Is the
greatest woman to stick to a fad I ever
Mrs. Brown-Why, I never heard
anybody mention tbat before,
Mrs. Jones-Can't help that It's so,
all tho same. Just see how she ha.
gone on admiring thnt husband ot her.
these twenty years and more.     ...
Taken Serlonalr Now.
Bunker-I used to get considerable
amusement out of golf.
Ascum-Ah, then you don't ploy any
Bunkcr-Ycs, Indeed. I wns referring
to tho tlmo before I began to play.
There nro scores of references In the
Bible to the uso of perfumes by the
Hebrews both In their religious services aud In private fife.
Mild C.e.
Wife   (anxlously)-ls   my   hniband
Tery 111, doctor!
t»r. Stlekum-Ob, no. Only nbout $100
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmiftl
Full line of goods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J. SAMPSON,     -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Victoria Crescent, Naniimo, B. 0.
Having leaeed the McAdie Block, and
having had the roome completely renovated, lam now prepared' to receive
boarders with or without rooms. Visitor! Irom Lidyimlth will find mosl
comfortable accommodation at very
reaionable rates. MISS KEITH.
the cm
**£******* ******* *********
t. x
Quite a large crowd ol Ladysmith people lelt yesterday for Victoria lo enjoy
the Gaiter holiday!.
The latest styles in hair cutting and
oaard trimming at the Ladyimith Shaving Parlor, High itreet.
Local dealen lay the huiinoai done in
fishing tackle this season haa been the
bait in the history ol Ladyimith.
Watch repairing, cleaning, and altering are ipecialtiei of Lively'e, the leading jeweler, Fint Avenue.
Mr. Henry Reilei of tbe Union Brewing Co., Nanaimo, went down to Victoria
on Wedneiday'a train.
Toe public ichool will he closed neil
week ai tbe teachen will be attending
the Teachen'Initltute at Victoria  on
lit, Snd and Srd.
The new Quamlchan Hotel, at Dun-
cam is well toward completion, The business of the hotel ii being carried on
temporarily in a email building near the
Wedding presents, birthday gifts, fine
selection at Lively*!, the Fint Avenue
jeweler'e. Call and ice hii stock before
purehaiing elsewhere.
Rapid work is being done on the new
school building. It is hoped that tbe
roof will be on next week. The building
is beginning toibow up well as the chiel
ornament oi Spion Kop,
Nanaimo hai decided to celebrate Vic*
tori, day with the neual festivltiet thli
year, The celebration will probably extend to two dayi.
Mr. W. II, Lively, the leading jeweler, Flnt Avenue, hai laid in a fine Hock
ol high-clan jewelry, which he il taking
pride in showing to nil numerous patron!.
Attention ie called to the advertisement
of the Victoria A Seymour Narrows
Railway Company, appearing in tbii issue of the Leader.
Fancy Costume ii not compulsory at
the Carnival Bill next Tueiday evening.
Thoie going in coitnme will pleaie write
tbeir namei and character repreiented,
on a card and hand it to tbe door keep-
The boat-owneri on the mil are busily
preparing for the coming season, painting, patching and repairing.
No me putting up witb thi oranklneis
ill that clock. Take it io Lively, the
clock doctor, First Avenue, and have il
Tha surroundings ol the Portland Hotel are being beautified by the planting tt
a number ol ornamental treei.
8m thoie elegant Scotch and Engliih
tweedi tor business .nd .Iteriworkiniti.
Wtavren of tbemarealwayi well-dressed.
McNichol, the High Street tailor.
Probably the luckieit fishermen
eroond there parte are the Japanese,
who are making heavy haul! ol cod and
othit deep sea flsh and piddling them
abont town,
High elan pioture Irame making;
ikilltd workmanship; iitlitaction guir-
antMd. Estlmitei cheerfully given. 0.
B, Bobelee, Flnt Avenue and Oatacre
■treat, Ladyimith, B.C.
lib learned that than an on. or two
mora local Chineie houses where Ian tan
1. a popular evening putlme, .nd they
will probably receive an inlormal villi
from tha law.
For giving a diitingue appearance to
th. entrance hall of yonr home nothing
but! a handsome hill clock, inch ar
Lively, the leading jeweler, Flnt Ave.,
il lolling at luch reasonable pricei.
Mils Weinrobo is ipendingithe boll
dayi with her parent! here. She came
from St. Anne's Academy, Victoria, on
Thursday's train.
We pnt our beat work into every
suit turned out of our eitab-
iiahment, hence our popularity amongit
the gentlemen of Ladvimith and neigh
borhood. McNichol the High Street
Manager John W. Coburn of Ladyimith Lumber Company, ret the Nanaimo Herald right yesterday ae to certain
point! connected with the business ot
tbat Company.
Mr, William Beveridge ol the Grand
Hotel, caught thirty fine trout a lew days
ago, when fishing in a itream a little
south ol Ladysmith.
You ihould not let your watch go
more than a year without a thorough
cleaning by an expert. II you do, it
gumi up and then the trouble begins,
Lively, the jeweler, Fint Avenue, li the
Mr. Thomas Kiddie, manager ol the
Tyee Smelter, Ladyimith, came up to
Lidytmith on butineei yesterday on the
noon train from Duncans, where he ia at
Johnston Block,     -    Nanalmo, B. C
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Villi.   Lidyimlth  every Saturday,
Bonn Irom 11 a, m. till 5 p. in.
Abbotiford Hotel,
Paint Paint Paint
Painting season is now here
and they all want
Nobody cm leel easy in aiuit of clothea
tbat looki ai if It had been made with
an axe and a claw-hammer. Mendreited
in McNichol1! suits en j ry peace ol mind,
became they know tbey look like gentlemen,
MesBrr. J. W. Coburn, Wm. Beveridge
•nd T. L, Grabame, representing the
Citizens' committee and Board of Trade
oi Ladyimith, went down to interview
the Government by Wednesday's train.
II cirelul preparation it ol any avail
the entertainment to be given on Enter
rueiday evening ln Oddfellowi' hall,
Ladyimith, by the ladiei ol the Anglican
church, ihould be lucceiitul. They
promise lomething of quite unninil
Ib hereby given that application will
l>3 made to the Legislative Arwmbly nf
the Province of BritiBh Columbia, at lis
present eetieion, for an Aot to incorporate
% company witb power to cntirtruct,
equip, maintain and operate a single or
double line of rail we y, to he operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
nower. at and from the City of Victoria,
in tbe Province of British Columbia,
thence north-west by the most feaaiblo
route to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, In tbe said Province nl British
Columbia, and with power to construct,
establish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry steamship service for tlie purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and passenger and
freight carB from the said point at or
near Seymour Narrows in Vanconvei's
aland, to a iioint on the Mainland of tbe
Province of British Columbia; and with
further powere to build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of tbe said railway
from any point on the main line thereof
to any point in Vanconver Island: and
with power to bnlld and operate tramways In connection with the said railway; and with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
and telephone lines in connection with
the paid railways and branches and with
power to generate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and tor all.
anv and everv other purpose mentioned
In-Sections 80,81. 82, and 83 of tbe
"Water Clauses Consolidation Act,1897.'
and to do everything necessary or incidental to tbe carrying out of all or any
of the objects referred to in the said
sections; and with power to exercise all
the powere given to tbe company by
Parte IV and V of the "Water Clauses
Consolidation Aot, 1897." and with
power to build, own and maintain saw-
mills, and to carry on a general erpreEB
buainesB, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridges, roads, ways, ferries,
wharves, docks, steamboats, steamships,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose of the
company, and to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other persons
or bodies corporate, and with power to
build wagon roads, to be used In tbe
construction of such railway and In ad
vance of same, and to levy and collect
tolls from all persons using, and on all
freight passing over any of such roads
built by the company, whether before
or after the construction of the railway,
and with power to sell out its undertaking; and with all other usual, necessary and Incidental rights, or privileges
as may be necessary or conducive to tbe
above objects, or any of them.
Dated at Victoria. B. 0., this 24th day
of March. A. D., 1902.
Solicitors for tbe Applicants.
Miners! Attention!
Hand Made Pit Shoes at. the same price
aa cheap factory made. Come in and lee.
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
At S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manulacturere of the Famoua
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
No. 31,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
*V^yrK*JM*t*y*i r'^-fii*'<>YWt!r*ytt*-M«wV^^ nj
Pilber £ Leiser!
Direct Imitrters and Wholesale Dealers In      I
Liquors  and  Cigars. |
NOTICE ii herby given that I Intend
to apply to the Board of License Com*
mieiioneri for tbe Town of Duncans, B,
C. at their next titling for a tramfer ot
my license for the eale ol Wine! and
Liquori by retail upon the premleei
known ae the Alderlea Hotel, Dnncani,
B. C, to Joseph A. Rogers, ol Duncans,
Dated thli 4th diy ol Much, A. D.,
Fancy    Dress   Carnival
Ball and Supper
To be held in Social Hill, OJdfellows'
Building, Lidyimilh, on
Easter Tuesday, April ist.
Tioketi to dance and lupper Ior lady
and gentleman, $150; tingle ticket!,
11.00; ip.ect.tori, 25c. No masks. Proceed! in aid ol the Church of England
building fund, Lidyimilh.
McAdie and Son
Undertaker, nnd Kinliiiliticrs.
Telegraph Order, promptly attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent.  Telephone No. 142,
NANAIMO,      •      ■     -      I. C.
Maple Lodge, No. 61, I. 0. 0. T.
Meeti every Wednesday evening in
Niobolion'i Hall. Visiting member!
are cordially invited.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattress making at
Capt. Dillon'i Office, Esplanade, where
Eamples can be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladyimith.
$ All the leading brands kept by us.     None |
k but the best imported.     We solicit your |
|. patronage. ,♦
I G. H. Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne, '(
I Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale, |
£ St. Louis Beer. |
J Playing Cards, all leading brands including §
I Bee's. I
j 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. I
I Telephone No. i48. |
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue anil Oatacre Street.
Cabinet work of all kinds. "•
All kindi of loft wood fnrniture made
and repaired.
1 VttUi Post-lntteer
Saatllo, Wash.
Nobody can afford to be without it. All tlie
telegraphic news or the week. Farm, field, gar*
den, sport, society. Beautiful illustration-!, and
half tones,   Sample copy on application,
All For Oni Dollar a Yaar.
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Servioe
Japan, China,  Hawaii,   Australasia,
First-class Sleeperi on all
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TORON ro, Tueidayi and Saturday!,
For pamphlet! and all information apply
toany O.P.R. agent.
If. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoQIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Aunt, Nanalmo.
Ant. Oml, Fan. Agint, Vaneonver,
Also a "Paint Brush." We
have all kinds, ,
Ladysmith,       • B, C.
A meeting ol the Preibyterlim wai
held Thnrsday evening to dlicun th.
question ol keeping Rev. W. A, Rae In
Ladyimith. The meeting wai nninirn
ou., except one or two, and ileni will be
laken at once lo teoure hii re-appointment.
Things Worth Ka.vriui
To keep the world'! cables In working
eoadi loa call! for the conitant employ
ment ol forty cahle snips.
Tbe grcitest ocean depth yet recordtd
is 6,2011 lalhoma, 11:1 d hy Ihe United
Stales vessel Nero utu Ouan. Island.
The carrying-power ol Brltlih-owntd
vinili ii now over thirty nillion ton,
ai compared with three and a half milll-
iSilence li the laleit rciponii for .11
the contradiction that irliei irom Impertinence, vulgarity or envy,
I It il aomewbat noteworthy tint the
only riflei lighted up to 2,g00 yardi an
he Mauieri oi the Boon and Ihe Lee-
M.tlord ol the Britiih,
During the put hundred yein ihe average duration ol human life hai in-
criaitd thne y.an for men and three
and a hall yean for women.
Smelting Works
I    • I
I  *
$ I
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea. I
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
.fearless. Something
to interest everybody
to   offend
The Leader
&  Nanaimo
Eastor Excursion.
JjL,. DOUBLE TRAIN SERVIOE Good Friday, Saturday and Siind.v  M.,*i,
9. 28th, Mtb. and 80th.  Southbound tralni leaving Udyimlth at 010 a   m   .wh
6.18 p, m. and Northbound tralni at 11,57 a. B. and f'lOp.m, each day''
loodlrom Filday, March 88th, nntil Baiter Monday, MarottaittVB,,.*
Ooo, L. Oonrtnoy,
Trafflo Managor


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