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Ladysmith Leader Dec 27, 1902

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Array *.|,.^M-!,......-i
I ■   JuliN 111'
r-TT-STT 1 I I 1 1, I I I I l"l' S'W™-W~
|    A ilERRY XMAS
[f**Hp*i*4***4^4*i^4^ WATER PIPE AT LAST,
mounce that we are
and fresh
open for business with
f P
also  a  full
DGOtS   «ii"»ii
hope to hav
and we
of your
ises,   situate   in
k iMf ll
a new
'amify Gro=
ine   of   Dry-
Shoes, Sic,
our  new prem-
Xmas G
_  J LLlill
Wholesale aud  Retail   MercH-kuts
j tun! Gatacre Street,
Winn \
■' " B   I
Lo i-_-.J
■     _^^_________________________________________
ife We have them in great variety.   Everything
'S*- that }'OU can possibly want,  from the Baby up.
$4 Sometimes you find it hard to make a choice. If that
is your case come right along and let us help you
choose.   That is our business—we study it.
Read the following list and be convinced that
we have the right thing.
Golf Capes, 4 dill'.-reiit varieties,
from .ond lollOfO.
liia.'k Reaver Cloth Onpee, nicely
trimmed, with braid and nllk,
11.00 to $10.00
Lkiiics' Cuate, newest stylos, lu
blacn, OJttortl grey, and tweed,
IM.y Cat* in Aetrachan, Melton,
. Bearskin, Eiderdown. •
Silk   Bouses,
French    Flannel
Ladies' and 13ants' irold-plaled
and silver-mounted Uuibrellae;
Ibey are afuunera,
.aii'ysmitli Will Not Have to Walt
Much Longer for Supplies.
How The Day Was Spent By The
On Tuesday lit.it a pleasant sight
greeted the eyes of the diizana wheu
waiionloail-of pipe for thn oity waterworks w-are laid lhe length of First
Avpiiuo in rcadinetB for giving Llie resi-
dontH along tho principal thoroughfare
the loiiK-lotiki'd-for supply of water.
It Ie hoped that the work ol laying
nnd coiineuiiug the pipe will be proceeded with nt on tic, .lis many people have
put off tho digging of wells for vaiioue  __ ^ _ud ^     9
reasons, in many cases sanitary reseonB,  Association football team left by stage
and they are seriously incommoded loi | (nr Nniln,»in -.-, -.in- *».« i—■	
want of tt prober water supply.
It ia underctood that thie pipe lit
beon rnebed forward on account also of
tlio necessity of- providing somo better
means uf coping with any possible out'
breaks of fire than tho hand bu.-ke!
Owing no doubt to the foul weather
which was experienced both on Christinas day and the day preceding it, there
waB rot jib modi outing as there would
have -been had it been a white
Christmas. Nevertheless all Beamed to
enjoy the holiday thoroughly. A great
many private parties took place, aod a
few dances at whioh large 'numbers of
Xiiebis were present.
Early in the forenoon the Ladysmith
L idi-p-**.' Underskirtb, all colrmrs,
splendid variety, from $.1.-50 to
(5 00,
Ladlcii* Fancy Ties, Neck Ribbons,
Belle, Satchfila, Manicure Sets,
Hiiiidker-liltif and Glove Boxes,
Photo Frames, elc.
Ttii) finest Hfi*.-rtii-eiit of Men's
TieB ever nrwwn, Right from
New Yoik. No two alike. Yon
can go into this lot blindfolded.
We  wish  our
the    Compliments
Season,       X     «
. \i« J V.,,1 ......
Oeneral I
■&%uiL \*Ai\j0
WS'   Bt
real. -
Our Big Sale of Boots and Shoes starts on
See Bills for Special Announcement.
I flasonic Block,   Ladysmith 3
i^lr^**^***^^^^*^'^ 4 4 4 €- '".*- ^■l****?'-'^-?"*'1*
Ab_ulu;«ly tha tlnt-et tea fold tn B.C.    If you do not know
ttilit a.k «ur customers.    Or lienor still try ono pound 50-\
lm-in.(Hi ilin-utly   from   Deckajuile  Tea ttardeus.   Only
-   omselvee between the grower und you. oecoud order
will ha 5 pounds', price $2.5.6.
sat res
Canada's Cfgsj:*:gt M\tsic Halls,
.   The Master Amuseineiit Ailiiu.-c of the North-West
$. ii Vi li ly
fcMl.   lllHili.'-L   i^^^^^^^^^^^^M
tii. lateto-nnrmw,   I  rei it n i- ta
OLD and Ujil.lAHi.l'-,  .;   . paul.e  ou,
i:,'.ii Ineure v-.n tent1 ie -
thelo .eat pn siblo i ■. ' All 1 ' ■.
u'lmpauiUs eh ... the ■■ . i . . .. I1 '
be tnialeii Into mi na wit. iH'ticai
ctuninuy ~.i. mln'it be i) ar n: Ihl	
"\VN HOLD IIIKU sire.'.1
Wm;   K.   Leighton,
P. O. Until.., llll, N im.i. B 0,
ll i.v
(;!,!Hi-.,in-"'-i '"s- B-:tu
AKV/.iiv (stsuounu
Coitaultlug Hlectrical Giigineor-,
I,Af)YSMrril. II. c
tlrtrrlsiti-.-i, .Soiklor.i and
CniivuynnccM,   .... .   ,
Olllcet Oil-llellowK' lintWimr, Roberll sC
P.O. BOX 243
Tbls ol'I'Kst.ihii,'.mil, fflrspOlnas anil
Popular Hutol ia niost iioiiifurtniily Inr-
. nlehed, iientrally aiiiiiiied.   linn ni.iie
' trains.   rjvtollenl.Oiii.inti, But jitbrkeil
with the Quest wlnos, lit)ii(irs and olttai'B,
NA1SAIMO, 11. O,
JOS. FOX,       .       •■•;.:.. l'.oprietor.
Ill-nil llllii
ii I'.ild tJ,.„
„|H 000,000
.. 2 000,0011
Hon-. Quo. A, (Jnx, L'repiilyhl.
B. K Wai.ki'.h, Utive.'nl .Manniier.
A Branch of this Bank lias
. been opened at-
Savings Bank Department!
EnlorPfljt allp'ff.d on fjoposlja of one dollar ($1 GOjVi'iid upwards. The 'depositoi
te Pu'-j'tJt to no d-Ouy In dopoeltlng or
■U'll'li- -'.villi; furi'lH.
-AOuiTftit; Acconril-! O.ifincd.
Iviiiu-f NoiMtwted,
Diafte isenoil pnyablo In all parts of
thu world. .
For (tie ooiiyi'iiii-ijofi of miPlomera and
o'tiers thin bank wilt he open on the
evening of I*«y Day from 7 o'eiook until
8 o'clock,
olio. WILUaMS,
X VI/. T. Heddle
X Free Press Block.      ""SSS;"
T; W, Patsrson Wins With A
Substantial Majority.
On Tuesday the electors of North Vic*
wi ia umuict elected Mr. T. W. Pnterson,
general innuuger ol the Viotoria &, Sidney
railway, to repreueut them in tbe legislature, with a vote oi 1%, as against lo;!
dv'-n to Mr. R>bert_o», theG-vernmom
oi'.iidiiliifj**, bt-ing a majority of I'i,
This i. the first time that Mr, Pater
titui Imi: won an election iu this province,
or has eat iu Ihe provincial legislature of
British I'.-'lumS.-i... It is understood that
tiis upi'oeiuoii to thc preseutgnvernuient
not of the irri'c-jncilubie fsort; indeed,
that he is suongly in favour of much
ibfst they udvouate. - .
The vole in North Victoria, in detail [
was uu follows:
I'emlcr Island 0
toiiynclJlamL... <&
Uri.i**.u;i Island 17
ltiirgi..vuft liaj II
i.-iai'*»'K Hai Hor ib
l\UH.U 0.t.ti:li;.. -iS
Total  153
Al-ij ii'iiy lor Patereon -13.
ir Nanaimo to play the local team, and
did uot return until well on in tbe even-
Services were held ln the English
church aud were well attended. In the
Roman Catholic church, also the usual
Christmas services wore held,
By the evening trains on Wednesday
a great many L idysuiit'i people travelled to Nanalmo aud Victoria to spend
the day with relatives and friends.
The.weather was about at bad aa possible; excessively heavy rains accompanied by strong, cold winds lasted all
day nnd culminated toward evening In a
regular deluge, the wind Increasing to
half a gale. It was a good night to be
inside, in tbe midst of cheerful Christmas company.
_,   uatliL.-r.-i Much Information.
New York, Dtc. 2d.—The British In-
tluutiial Comui.bi.ion have returned to
New Ymk after a tl, ine viait to the uhiet
iuditstrial ueutres of the States. Il ia
baid lhat themembeisof thecoinmisiion
liavu oblaiued a large store of uimgestive
C/tU*, C*Ut, &<A M/?uLl4 A/Pxo ll$.4Hs
A.e My Particular Specially.
liitviiig engaged Mr, Humuel Hiddel1,
a S-joteh halter of great ability and ex-
periouce, I am prrpared lo supply tht
Ladysinlth puolic with   breiid,   pantry,
nakea, etc. t-n.-.h m ara ft-l'lmii < ff •led.
Q. W. SCOTT, City Bakery,
Id Avetute, Ltd-fsmtth, ll. C,
Ttifse are Province Christmas boxes ol
MR. KENNY, KipUnade, Ladyumttb
is Agent. ■
Qetthe Best Work
EHlltnates cheerfully fnrntsht*don any*
thing you may need iu the line of paint'
ing, pnperhRnglng, wall and railing den*
orating. The Star Paint Shop, High
Stewart'i choice chocolates at the Dm*'
106 dovernment Street,       VICTORIA, B. i
Kyes Tested. Frames Ki'-tcil.
Practical Soclallam.
Liiulon, Den. 23.—The Countess »f
Warwick line arranged to employ during
Ih-' winter "d men of the rescafd clnse
from the s.ilvailon Auny I'mln-trlal
Colony at Hadleigh ln her p.iik at E-st-
on, Esbpx. The men will be accommodated ln wooden hats erected in tbe
park, and Ihey are to convert by spade
labour a long stretch of park land Into
Boer Concentration Camps.
Durban, Natal, Dec. Ud.—Satisfactory
progress is being oiaoe toward ihudepU*
lion tif uii' local concentration camps,
and families tue being despatcned tu
their h.mes daily, lt is expected that
all ihu women and children will have lelt
tne coast camps by the middle of December,
fir. Kruger'a Laat Wish.
Mr. ts-halfe liurger, who is leaving
London on his reluru to the TraiiBwaaJ
at thu end ol this week, will be the
it nit'f, it is understood, says the "Daily
Chronicle," uf a huuibly-worded .ippeal
from Mr, Kruger io Mr, Chamberlain for
permission to return to .South Alric
The uged ex-Frenident, in (net, holds out
Hie filivflifi-ncli tu the Brilisb nation
through ilia Majesty's Colonial Minister
Altera recital of his wanderings In the
European "wildcnie'-," he undertakes
loyally to accept British rule, and to
eschew politics In tlie future. "My only
wish," he Bays,' ie to be allowed to die
in the laud of my people."
At tbe residence ot the bride's parent.,
Mr. and MrB. Henry Blair, on Christ-
mas night, tbe Rev, W, Gordon Tanner
united in marriage Mr, Robert McMillan and Mies Belovia Blair, in presence
of quite a lar^e gathering of relative*
and intimate friends. Mr. Charles McMillan, brother of the groom, was best
man, and Miss Helen Blair bridesmaid.
After the ceremony all sat down to a
sumptuous wedding supper, after which
au adjournment was made to Goold'e
hall, where a wedding dance took place,
lasting well on Into Friday morning.
After the honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. McMillan will make tbeir borne in Ladysmith. The bride received a large number of han 'some and costly presents.
Tbe Leader odds congratulations and
best wishes.
The Christmas Trees.
Scores of happy youngsters came home
from the First Presbyterian and Methodist churches on Wednesday night, laden with gifts at-nt tbem hy Santa Olans
and gathered from the big Christmas
trees set up in the sanctuaries mentioned. At both churches tbe attendance of
parents and young folk was very large
and all had a most pleasant couple of
hours. Special arrangements bad been
made for entertaining tbe guests of the
evening, and) iu every case the programme wae carried out to their entire
satisfaction. Geoeroue response to the
-ippeal for subscriptions for the Christmas trees enabled tbe managers to deck
out the trees in a very attractive manner
with hundreds of handsome gifts.    *
Constable Thompson, of the. Nanaimo
city police, went down to Viotoria on
Wednesday 'a train lo spend the Christmas holidays with friends,
Mr. Alexander Faulds, minn manager,
South Wellington cullleriee, visited Victoria on business last Wednesday,
Mr. Simon Lelsnr arrived from Vic*
toilaon Wednesday's noon train to inspect progress. He was much pleased
with the manner in which everything
was progressing, Ue returned to the
capital on the evening train,
Mr. Henry Oolllneon of the Tyee
Copper Go's smelter stuff, spent
Christmas In Ladyemith, returning from
Victoria on -Wednesday.
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to L-dysmlth Friday, Saturday
 jjnd Sunday ol this week.   Dr. Moody
landscape gardens, an enterprise which I *'»■ ***ake «£»'m vit,(,lB fA°11Ud.£f,nU!''
h.rL.d,.h%hM.on,cont.*_*J..tWl.    (<gg&^^*^. V*0U""
Our 10 per cent, discount sale keeps
un hustling. We are handing out the
eilveiware. The people, know a good
thing wben they don't have to guess It.
Cory 8. Ryder.
Suitable Presents
For Xmas
Nothing ctn host i nict
piece ol
We have an elegant stock to
choose from. Oome np and
see our
At only $*J5 each
t's money wt wmt ind wt will
tjivt yon full value for lt,
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J.   H.
The Great Cash Furniture Store LADYSMITH2'LEADER DECEMBER 27. 190-3.
Ladysmith Leader
PublUhed every Wed-wday ond Saturday at
Ihe Leader Butldliig, corner of First Ave. aud
French Street, Ltdyimitb, British Columbia.
T, L. GRAHAMS, Kditor and Pkopribtoh.
Bt Mail im Canada and Uniti-p States.
One year (stiictly In advance) * pw
SI* monthi (strictly In advance)  i 35
TRANSIENT — Including busineai notices,
calls for tenders, application, for aud transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., 10c, a line first insertion; 5c. a line each subsequent Insertion; ia
iues measure to the inch.
Ratei cu application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal,'
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a Hpeclfled
lime will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
about the East coast of Vancouver Island as an apple-growing district, it is
strange that more of our orohardista are
not making at least oome sort of preparation for the near futnre. Ontario will
try to capture that market with its fine
fruit, but the demand from the United
Kingdom has grown to euch an enormous extent within the last few years,
owing to the careful packing and consequent fine condition oi the Canadian
fruit on arrival that it Is very doubtful
indeed if Ontario would care to drop
that lucrative market to "work up" tbe
Northwest one. At all events British
Columbia has tbe advantage of being
much nearer.
THE LEADER will be found at tlie following
Ladysmith—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Sanaimo—E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver—Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
nt ihis office before ia noon the day before
Issje.      '
Sfbsctlbers not receiving paper regularly please
report to this office..
All fob work strictly cash on delivery.
Tnnslent advertisements cash In advance.
*     Subscribers not receiving Tim J
Lkadbb regularly will confer a 4
to g
u inc. mono*   a
favor by reporting promptly
this office,
with all particulars; rb to trains, prices,
of admission and so forth,
It is only necessary, we feel sure, to
draw tho attention of tbe people ot Ladysmith to thla splendid treat to set
them pliinnliig for tbe event, which will
take place early in the coming year.
What fate should;be meted out to the
man who would deliberately side-track 8
carload ol turkeys, bound for Nanalmo
on tbe very back of Christmas, let those
say who had to fall back on goose on
Thursday. It is not only the young folk
who feel the sharp edge of disappointment enter their very soul un euch an
occasion, but tbe elderly feoster who
has taken turkey for years.
••"Tfifw wfl tV4 tki$ -rot Wfl*wf -w-w"V*ve^r»**_i
According to the best jndgta tbat wt
hive, not tho Orient, with iti teeming
million! and wealth, bnt onr own Canadian Northwest is going to he BritiBh
Columbia'! greatest tnd most profitable
market. We ire not speaking ot Canada
in thli matter, bnt oi Britiih Columbia
tl 1 producer ol food stuffs and i seeker
tiler markets.
Wo have convened with persons who
hive Jut returned Irom visits to the
NorthwMt Territorial, tnd they ire ol
ont tccord in the tmphitic declaration
thnt tlmoit it onr very doors, jnst
throngh the mountains, Britiih Colum-
bit hit t field lor its enterprise which
cannot bo beiten by tht claima ol China
nnd Japan. Tht great Northwest is
tilling np tteadily with the right sort ol
wttltrt: well-to-do Americana, aubstan-
till agriculturist! Irom the United
Kingdom nnd Scandinavia; men witb
imill capital in most cases, but great
practical knowledge oi farming.
It la estimated tbat within ten yetrt
tht Northwest will contain t population
ol upwards ol fl vt millions il tht immigration it maintained at the preeent
ratio. Wh'eit it tht staple product of
tht Northwest, with stock raiting i distant second.
Fruit, inch is the apple and the pear
they cannot grow. In email iruits, tuch
tithe rasp, tht itrawberry, cultivated
blackberry, currants, etc., thty cm beat
nt easily, because the climate li peculiarly adapted lor inch produoti. Tbere
il ibout one month ol moderately warm
wetther, then tbret monthi ol almost
tropical htat, followed by one month
mort ol moderate httt. It ii thii ind
the grind noil—black vegetable mould
tevertl feet deep, thtt causti the extraordinary abundance in small-fruit bearing; prolificness which breaks the stout
branches oi tbt saskatoon (blueberry)
and sends the rasp canes to the earth
nnder thtlr loidi ol juicy fruit.
But tht apple, the Anglo-Saxon's
ttaplt, hit "itand-by" lor many a century, tht Northwest ctnnot grow. Brit
lib Columbia ctn; md thtrt lies the
kty to mtny ■ lit fortune tbit will be
mtdt by tht threwd cultivators who art
tvtn now laying oul ltrge commerclil
orchards with tht, kind ol apple tbit
will Mil; tha ruddy, firm, juicy apple
thit ill! good for cooking is lor tht
Thtrt art mtn to-day in Britiih Col
nmbia who aro to well aware ol the
■pltndid proiptct thtt twain .thtm in
tht markets ol Iht Northwest tbit tbey
an linking all thtlr capital in apple or.
ohtrds, laid ont soleotiflcilly and not as
In the old dayi, haphazard.
With to many  favourable   reports
Victoria Colonist is pleased to be
merry at the expense of The Leader.
Well, we nre mnch cotniortcd by thc
well-teBtcd tact, as noted by Juvenal—
'risu inepto, res lnoptior nulla est"—to
which sage reflection tbe Colonist ie
with the other compliments of tbe season, welcome. The Leader's assertions
on the party lines question amused the
Colonist couBumedly, but for what reason it fails to elate, which ie a pity, as
The Leader is cimlitleut that tbere was
a deal mora truth tban poetry in the
remarks published ou this bead last
week. Let us reiterate one or two of
the main points:
liven if a miserable local squabble; is
in progreBB amongst the Liberals oi
Vancouver, that is a trifle to the dieal-
iection which exists amongst tbe Conservatives of lite province, as wiib clearly
Indicated by their love (east at Bevel-
stoke some months ago, when brotherly
love did not continue, and the agapo
broke up in something like a stute of
.war; at least, of armed neutrality.
And even yet they cannot get a loader. Chieftains there are aplenty; but
no chief. Mr. Charles Wilson, Sir 0. If.
Tnpper, Premier Trior, eacb has his
following, but tbe eeveral "tails" will
not emulate lhe oxamplo of the Highland clans, who could, on occasion, Bluer
deadly feud and act together in a surprisingly effective way.
Hence, when The Leader declaiee
that the Conservative party in this province is in no condition to meet such a
quostlon as that of party lines—does not
want to meet it just now—and Ib doing
its beat to avoid the issue with a success
which we regret, Tbe Leader is not to
be credited with tbe honours duo to an
arUBplce, as the Colonist would, ironically, but as one having ordinary, observation.
Time was when we looked to the Ool-
onist as something of an augur too, bnt
lately bo little ol Delphic wisdom has
proceeded therelrom that we fear tho
Colonist iB becoming quite ordi.iary, a
matter ol seriona regret to oe wo declare.
Perhaps The Leader should feel complimented to bo noticed by ite big neighbour. Maybe, though, were tbe facte
rightly understood—and it iB next to
impossible to see tilings in their tme
perspective in this life—the compliment
would clearly appear to be on tho other
side of the matter.
By the way, it occurs to us that some
very notable spots hnve appealed uot
Infrequently on tbls large sun which
abinea in Viotoria and objects to trespass upon its domain as oracle; we
shall have pleasure in poinling out oue
or two ol those maculae Bolis, from time
to time. Perhaps they will yield aB
richly In amusement as the Colonist'!
citation Irom The Leader.
Again the fact has beon proved that
thoro are better men out of the "riniz"
tban ever went into it. The mighty
JeffrlOB, champion blackguard of the
world, or beg pardon, pugilist; wel', it
iB much tho eame thing—has met defeat
at the bands of; an'obscure amateur,
who seems to bave been a bit of a steam
engine in his way, Tbe disappointing
thing abont the prize ring is the lew
liens, of the onlright killings.
Education In The Transvaal.
Johannesburg, Dsc. "0— Some cor-
respondentia between the Dutch He-
formed Church CommiBBion and tbe
Transvaal Colonial Secretary on the
subject nt education'Ib published today.
The Commission pnt questions relating
to the establishment of schools in all
towns and wards, asked under what
direction such schools would he placed
requested Information as to the ap<
poiutment ol teachers, and inquired
whether an opportunity wonld be given
for instruction in tlie Dutch language.
Tho Colonial Seerelary, in reply, pointed out tliat schools had already been established in most of Ibe principal towns
md wardn, while others would he opened as quickly as possible. With regard
to direction, tbo Colonial Secretary
staled that the schools wero under tbe
general administrative ccntrol oi the
Iilucotion Department. All poeaible
consideration bad beeu shown to teachers who served under the late Oovernment, und opportunity was being al-
folded in the Government schools Ior
thorough instruction in Dutch where
request for such instmclion was made
by the parents, llelieiou was also being
taught on the reqnesta oi parents, tbe
medium being Dutch as lar ib possible.
Tbe Colonial Secretary concluded by
Inviting tho Dutch Church to assist in
the development ol tbe moral aud reltg
ious character oi tbe Dutch children,
Failure of Crops Causes Terrible
-Suffering.   ,
St, Peter*-bur;.', Duo. 2(1.—Tho average
grain crop gathered in Finland te Valued
ut if30,lion,000. The estitnat-ed value ol
the 1002 crop is $20,030,001). While this
loss is generally distributed throughout
Finland, it is almost total in the north
em third of the country, whore are tin
Provinces of Uleabora, Kuopi, Vasn, Ht,
Michael and portions ol Vibprg, Peon
and beans generally have failed, and tie
potato crop has not beeu gathered; ihe
hay has rotted or been Bwept away by
The disaster Is due to tho late Sprint-,
the nearly continuous chilly raius md
the early frost, which waB recordtd
August 10. In the north there have
been only half a dozen days when it did
not rain. The rains also -spoiled the
fishing. So complete was the failure of
vegetation that dead birds by tho httir-
dreds have been found in tbe forest?.
The present crop failure ie the wortt
that has been experienced for* the latt
50 years. It Ib hoped, however, that
better methods of communication will
facilitate the work of relief end avoid
wholesale deaths hy huuger and typhus.
Thero are all fold about 500 parches
in Finland; 194 of these parishes ure
now nearly destitute. The AgrieuHiinil
Board has received reports firm 141)
parishes, showing thnt 106 hnve good
supplies which suffice until Chrie'im-iP
only. The unripe rye and barley which
the people are forced to use moke a bitter bread which even ihe hungry horeet*
refuBe to eat. In some parts of tbe
country breRd is baked from barley
husks and straw mixed with n lot of
flour, and is purchased by the needy
people with their hoarded Bavings. Such
bread contains very little nutriment,
and is extremely uuwholeeonie. The
peasants have expended all their money
for flour, and consequently are unable to
buy clothing.
>-**H**--t**f«> ,*-+*. ;
Dining  Room Furniture \
Mk at Law Ptjess-.
Sid.l.-aid, sii.ilar I., i-ir,
" J...M.-II qtlart. red us't
Dining; Tables- 1! ..it ami i.-tiKl-rin*** to match
siilcbftArtli t-x'eiHlIdj* to 8 or 10 few!*,
$_o.oo and $35-co   -f
O h**r H'd.dmnrds $12,00 in .HBO f0
O n<>r Diuii j* Tabic-*, :j7 Ul) to $7».G0
N lino the price you cnii afford for any piece of
(.iridium and write us Ijtr illustrations.
Liirueet Fundf-hor**  in
Western Canada.
Esquimalf &  Nanaima  Railway
Fare from Lady: with lo Victoria and U.turn only 010.   Excursion rales iu i fleet
to all other slat inns.
Tickets good for going j.-nrney from Dan. 24 h.lo'Jamirtry lit iu«lnr.'ve, reluming
* ' not later than January 2nd, 11)03.'
NOTE-All trains are cancelled on Christmas Day, Dec 25th, 1902.
Mr. Q. W.Scott.
Ladysmith, with its large proportion
of musical people, iB directly Interested
in the approaching musical festival in
Victoria, nnd we have no doubt that full
advantage will be taken of the opportunity presented by a service of cheap
trains to and from tbls place.
This will be a chance for all to hear
music something on the scale of the
magnificent performances given annually
at Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and
other large provincial centres in the
United Kingdom; wben the massed
choirs of whole districts sing the glorious
music of Handel, Haydn, Mozart. Men*
delssohn and otber great composers,
under the baton of famouH conductors.
The soloists on those occasions are from
the front ranks of the world's vocalists.
At the Viotoria musical festival, the
soloists are to be brought from Eugland,
so tbat for all who delight in great music
greatly done this is the chance of a lifetime. Ihe Leader hopes to publish before long full details of the performances,
By one of those annoying oversights
which nobody can account for, the name
of Mr, O. W. Scott, proprietor of the
City Bakery, wiih omitted from The
Leader's list of Christmas notice" In last
Issue, Although the notice, which fol<
lows, was duly writ en along with the
others, by some unlucky miichnnce tbe
sheet of "copy" wub mislaid und tbe
error not detected until thn pap.*r was
off the press. As Mr. Scott had undoubtedly one of tbe very beat displays
in town, tbe omission was all the mnr-3
to be regretted, and we make all apologies to him for the unfortunate oversight. What The Leader hud written
about Mr. Scott's display waB as follows:
Mr. G. W.ficnit.of tbe Oity Bakery,
First Avenue, r^ijoys the reputation of
being second to none lu his line In this
vicinity, and a visit to his fine Htore,
now filled up with choice Christmas
wares will convince anyone that his reputation in this respect rests on a very
sure foundation. Mr. Scott Is a caterer
of iong and varied experience, and ho
knows the Christmas trade as few do,
Fur a first-class -selection of fancy cakes,
uandies, choice fruits and all the delicacies and dainties without whiuh no
Christmas table Is complete, The Leader confidently recommends the Christ*
maB public to be sure snd give the City
Bakery a call, Mr. Scott can also supply the New Year's nun and cake to
Jeffries Makes a Kick.
Butte, Mout., Dec. 26.—In an interview Champion James J. Jeffries declared that the decision rendered against
him in his contest with Jack Munroe,
lhe Butte miner, had been unwarranted,
and all the young fighter waB entitled to
was the $360 forfeit.   He eaid:
-This is the first decision against me
in my whole pugilistic career. Had the
bout gone oue round more! I would
without a doubt have knocked Munroe
ont, The altitude affected me greatly,
m.d I was afraid of over exertion.
Munroe can stand much punishment,
and I believe if a tight - Is arranged between Sharkey and Munroe the miner
will win.   He can hit a stiff blow."     *
Manager Clark Ball tomorrow will
meet Munroe and endeavor to arrange a
go between Fitzslmmnns and Monro*?,
to take place ne-tt week. Several millionaires of tbe city have offered a wager
of $1000 tbat no man in the Northwest,
barHng Jeffries and Filzslaimons, can
stand against Munroe 10 rounds. This
wae announced late tonight.
Traffic Manager.
Smelting Work
I Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient to
I E. &N. or Sea. •
Thanking my many
customers for their
generous patronage, I
wish them all the
compliments of the
The Iron Cash Store, Ladyimith B. C.
Winnings nt Ingleslde.
San Francisco, Dec. ai—The first 31
days ol tbe.meeting at lngleaido ending
Saturday, the new California Jockey
Olub distributed 100 834 iu Hikes and
purses. Twenty-elgbt owners have won
over ,1000, while li others have over
1600 to their credit. W. II, Jennings A
Ou, bave been in the lead lor eome time,
but it was materially increased through
the victory ol Krishna in the luturlly
stake Saturday. Their total winning!
now are ,16,120, Green Morris is neit
with 1«,0H6, while llnrni and Water,
house are third with **,*'&. Tl.e other
owners who have won over 12000 are
Jameo Onir.iy, * 1,860; W. II. Ketch-
ernau, 13,760; Obarlrs Boots, 111,683; W,
O. McDonomth, 13,410; V. Gilbert, 'V
226; W. McUrane, p,W; O. Lind A Co,
18,186,          .
Snow Ten Pett Deep.
Denver, Colo., Dae. 20,—The billiard
that raged on Friday and Saturday in
Eastern Colorado and Wyoming and
Western Kansas aud Nabri' ska waa the
most seiious in years to the railroads
as (ar as the Interruption lo trolHc ia
concerned. All trains on the Union
Pacltic and Burlington Roadt were delayed at least 24 hours, aad some trains
due yesterday morning are Just getting
into Denver to-night. Thit ii trnt of
traim over the Kansas Oity branch ol
the Union Pacifio. Along thil line mow
drill! Irom 6 lo 10 feet dttp made Iht
movement of trains Impossible until tht
track could bt cleared.
Heavy Milli.
Tht poa.maeter ii wrestling daily
with ox'ra heavy loada ol mall, tnd in
tht restricted trace at hit disposal hit
task ol distributing tho tamo il no light
ont. It il eipeuted thtt tho mills
ntit week will bt exceptionally lietvy,
owing to tbe terrible storms on tht Atlantic hiving delaytd Iht European
mills, tnd io caused a grttt accumulation at Mow York,
I Coal!
I Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
| Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
l Comox Coal—Best steam coal ou the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam aud household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
J liugton Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
I Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban FranclBco Agency,
{ R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
Is nil right, but hnuiw pnlut Im ln-ttcr. Wc carry n itock of
littfli-clanH pnlnlH, (ill», vnnilBlicH, etc,, etc.. nmlTlo the
beat work.  Try US : _	
J. HOICKA & CO.   -P-O- Box *w, Ladysmith, B.C. LADYSMITH LEADEB." DECEMBER 27. 1902.
Copyright, loot, bu M. 8. CuUUty
Juliet snt by the window with hor
hands folded In hor lap. Stic wns
waiting for Mr. Barnflrd. Kathleen
smiled ns Bhe passed through tho room.
"Juliet always wears white and violet when Bomebody is going to propose
to her," she wild to Jerry ns she Joined
him on thc venindii of thc log camping
houso. "It's bo fetching with her violet* eyes nnd hnlr. I've seen her wear
tho combination just three times In the
lust mouth. It makes her look remarkably young nnd Innocent, doesn't ltV"
Jerry toughed.
"I ehould any bo! She can make
twenty-llvo show for seventeen better
than any ono I ever saw. But does
she ulwuys refuse her offers, doesn't
Bhe over accept unyhodyV Just for a
littlo while, you know!"
"No, but Bhe ■•'fuses mon bo tenderly, bo tentatively that they hardly
realize It nt first. She would love
them bo dourly, you know, hut for that
"Uli.   BAllNAltlV   HUB   SAID,   "I  AU NOT
cruel coldnoMs thnt debars her from
tho hnpptnesa which others face. Oh,
I heard her! And they marry olher
girls afterward, mid idealize- her forever, Sho is realty an artist In that
"I'm glad you're not," said Jerry,
putting ono arm around bla littlo flun*
"Hush!   Hero be comes 1"   '
Eni'iinrd wns tall and dark. His
walk, the swing of his arm when walking, tho poise of bis head-all spoke of
a virile energy. Ho gave a courteous
greeting to the two on the veranda
nud passed within. In a fow moments
ho en me out again with tho girl In
whlto and violet, and they disappeared
In tlio direction of the woods, Im very.
hi't'Ot and straight shouldered, alio
nwnyliig n little toward him, with ber
hend drooping.
Kathleen und Jerry looked at each
oilier and laughed.
"What do you bet that she accepts
him, Kathleen?"
"I bet that she refuses."
"All rlghtl I'll wager you a ring for
your little linger against 11 pound of
your chocolate fudge that I wlu."
"It's a go," said Kathleen (solemnly,
and thoy kissed In rutlticatlou of thc
Tho trees thnt withhold Juliet from
view drooped over u shelving rock, on
which she Bat, with Itiirnard stretched
nt- her feet. Below the rock was a
nearly sheer descent, where ouo looked
down on tho graduated lops of pines.
Opposite row; another pine clad mountain. Tho camp and log verunda seemed a hundred miles nwny lu these
primitive fastnesses where primitive
feelings might also hold sway.
Barnard was the first to apciik.
"You know what I wanted to say to
you, Juliet."
"Must you sny it?" Bhe Interposed
pleadingly. "Cannot you leave mutton
ns they nro?"
"No, I do not want to leave mntters
(is thoy nre. I want tbem entirely different 1 nra tired of seeing you made
love to by other men." #
"Is that all?" She raised her oyo*
brows with n quaint surprise and then
smiled nt him tenderly.
"No, thnt Isn't all. I wnnt to make
lovo to you myself. More than that, 1
want you to make love a little—to me."
She sat up aud looked at him won*
"But you're .very Impertinent to
speak to mo llko that! Have l-evor
given you the slightest cntiBe to think
I'd make love to you?"      '
"Oh, yes," he spoke confidently. "A
great many times when you didn't
know lt. Don't think I'm pnlpltntlng
now with, fear, many of thoBe humble
emotions which your otber lovers have
professed. I mn de sure before I
. brought .vou here today; I know you
fur, fnr bettor than you know yourself, my Julrot"
"Mr. Bnrnnrdr She hnd reddened
from forehead to throat as she jumped
to her fcot nnd looked ut him defiantly.
"Sit down," he aaid gently, laying
his baud on her arm. "There; that Is*
better.   -No, you cannot draw your
hand from mine. Do. you wonder at
being spoken to like thin? I can tell
you tbo truth because you belong to
me, and thero Ib* no need for you to
blush at It."
"Mr. Barnard"—she spoke with a
chill composure of tone, although the
hand In his trembled—"you nro
strangely deceiving yourself. I urn not
like othcr gilds. Many men hnve loved
me—you know that—but It is my mis*
fortune thai: what menus so much to
others means nothing to me. I would
willingly f'eol wlmt others profess to
find so beautiful, hut I literally can*
not. Underneath this tight exterior—
It Is Hie truth I nm telling you'uow—
there dwells a mocking devil that will
not let me give way to emotion, that
analyzes and dissects everything lu
those who profess to cure for me. 1
don't suppose I will ever see a man
who is perfect—I dou't suppose he ex*
lsts—but he Is the only man who will
ever satisfy me. And I am called
henrttess, I am called a coquette because in each man who loves me I
hope to find the perfect thing thut 1
seek, nnd if Ihey aro disappointed I
nm mufih more so. Oh,' believe
thnt, Mr. Barnard. Is it uot the saddest thing lu the world to go through
life with nn Ideal thut can never be
realized V"
He was wntclilug her narrowly.
"No; It Is not the saddest thing. It
would. be Builder If yo.u could never
love without meeting thnt Ideal. But
vou can. I am far from perfect, but 1
lure swear that you will be my wife—
ny very loving wife. And I will tell
sou on my side, Jul!at, why this will
ee so—because 1 will not tnke 'No' for
uu answer. Don't speak yet! I wlll not
tnke -No" for an answer, though you
should say It ten, twenty thousund
times. Whatever you say shall mean
'Yes' to me."
Ho rose to his foot and drew her to
hint, She looked at him dazed, yet unresisting.
He put his arm around her nnd kissed
her on tlio mouth. "Say 'No' to me
uow, my sweetheart, If you can!"
"Oh," she sighed ns they walked back
to tho camp an hour later, "it Is what
I had dreamed—to be taken In spite of
myself. I did nut dare .to think—to
hope—that you would."
"Even if I am not the perfect lover?"
He laughed down nt her.
"But you are!" she flashed back at
"Hello, you two!" Jerry and Kathleen
greeted them from the veranda. "Why—
not really?" This from Kathleen, with
a questioning glance at Juliet and Barnard. "Oh, you dour things!" us they
smiled assent to her. "Let me congratulate you."
"I'vo won my bet," snld Jerry, rising
md shaking Barnard's hand heartily.
"I bet against Kathleen that Juliet
would accept yon,. Barnard."
"But Bhe didn't," said Barnard, laughing. "She didn't accept mc, although I
own that wo're engaged. You've both
of you lost your wager, Jerry, . 1 wus
the determining factor In this easel"
1 Cupjirt*jhUJ001,buA. S. Rtchardson
In the office of the Dunedln Dally
Rush the reportorlal staff wus busily
engaged, save perhaps Topson. Ho had
just strolled In, planked himself down
In Ills chair, and after scribbling off a
short "two header" passed It Into the
city editor's room and resumed his
usual lazy attitude, feet cocked over
the top of his desk, hat ou the hack of
bis bead, while be stared Into space
and slowly puffed away at his pipe.
Topson was naturally lazy. The boys
claim be wus born thus. He was not
altogether "a good fellow," though no
oue seemed to have aught to sny
against him. He wus reserved, hnd little to say and always did his work
well, though he did take much longer
to accomplish lt than any of his colleagues.
The telephone In the city editor's
room rang. In a few minutes that Individual walked Into the reporters'
room, looked around quickly and
caught sight of the figure.of Topson,
the only Idle man lu the room.
"Topson!" he called, then hesitated a
moment. The city editor wauled some
good work accomplished. He wanted
It quick, and Topson was anything but
quick.   However, he continued:
"Go over to No. 1 and report to Pox.
He will be In tbo detective department
Got a murder story. See what It Is
wortb. Ring me up ond let me know
what it needs in the way of Illustration
and so forth. Make a good spread of
ft. but none of your long theories.
Want this thing short und breezy,
I-'lrst murder ln a month. Now, hustle!"
Topson douned bis coat and, after
slowly filling bis pipe, left tho room
with apparently no further thought
tban lf he bad been sent across to get
a paragraph about the annual mooting
of tbe.soclety of Know Nothings. Such
things as murder stories, social gatherings or pluk teas occur as mere Incidents In a reporter's dally life. It Is
all work to blm, and that Is the wny he
figures It up.
An hour bad passed since Topson left
tbe office and uo word came from blm.
The city editor wns getting restless.
Fox had returned from police bend-
quarters with another story, but beyond the fact tlmt Topson hnd reported
to blm and bad been given the detail
be knew nothing of bis whercn bouts.
Two hours passed and no Topson. It
was now 1-30 a. m., and the city ed!*
'He repenfed of his rush act.'" The
city editor laughed outright.
"Oh, what's tho uso of writing rot
like thut? The woman was killed instantly, and uo one has Been the murderer since. Havo you Interviewed him
or her, whichever it Is? If you have,
you had better say bo and I will feature It. Topson, you make mo tired,
You have got to quit this nonsense or
you go. Now tnke this copy and cut
out all thnt sort of stuff. Wive you up
to Hie house?"
"Yes, sir."
•■Then give the artist an fden of the
place for n three column cut. Walt n
minute, nnd I'll bring him down hero."
He rang the bell; the ofllce boy responded.
"Toil Mnck I wnnt him down hero at
"Yes, sir," snld the youth, uud
added, "Two gouts outside want to
see you, sir."
"Oh, show them Ul," replied tho city
editor, looking ut tiie cards. The men
"Hello, Rossi Shako, Frlls. What's
"Oh, only thla murder affair. I want
to auk you something, Duncan. You
know all the city newspaper men
pretty well and"—
"Bui," Interrupted the city editor,
looking al Topson and then contluuiug
sarcastically: "If you want to kuow
anything about (his murder, ask Tup-
son, Ue Is on thc case for us. I was
just roasting him because he seems to
havo had an Interview with the murderer, and '..e"—
"Topson!" uiuttcred Detective Boss.
"Topson! Let me nee. You weren't one
of the boys up at tho house viewing
the seene with mc. How the deuce did
you get ln? I just left the place, aud
tt Is all locked up."
"By heavens!" exclaimed Fritz, nnd
he scratched his hend. "A literary
man, Topson. No, uot Topson, hut
Thompson. Ain't that what the woman's husband was—Thompson—a literary man? Whew!" And he whistled.
"Great God!" cried Duncan. "No,
surely not Topson, speak up, muni
Don't you bob what Fritz moans? You
the—the"— Tho city editor could not
'bring himself to say It
Topson never llluehed. He wan vory
I pale, hut tbat was all. He simply
! ii tu I led.
"I am not good nt making guesses,"
ho replied firmly, "and I theorize too
i much, but you nre on to a scoop. Mr.
| Duncan, so make good use of It Thc
nud loft
llerely A Reminder
Ofthe fact that tbe Leader Job Room j?
now doing* all kinds of Printing-—cojm-
mercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
t   We Print   ,
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Harry J. Rogers
Johnston Block,   Nanalmo, B. C.
Kodaks and Kodak SuppiUs
A Nation'* Detente.
One of the younger poets of England
bns written:
Oct yo thc sons your fathers got,
And Uot) will save the queen.
The idea of thoae lines comes oui
graphically In a story told by Mr.
Harry de Wludt In his book, "Finland
as It Is."
Years ago un Englishman mnde thc
acquaintance of a Finnish schoolmaster In the town of Oulu. The traveler
expressed surprise that Russia should
have allowed Finland to keep her currency.
"Russia dare not take lt from usl"'
was tho reply.
"Dare not! Why, you could not fight
"Oh, yes, we could. We make gnus,
and very big guhs, right hero lu Oulu.
We hnve nn Important foundry. Do
you care to see It?"
The l-'ngllshiiian followed his host
wiih doubtful curiosity until thoy
reached the gates of a large brick
building, from which came running a
troop of children.
"There," Bald the Finn, pointing to
the building, a sehoolhousc, "there ls
our foundry, nud there aro our guns,
nt present on their way home to dinner. The weapons of my count 17, sir,
arc civilization nnd humanity, and they
will be victorious over the deadliest
engines forged at Kroiistadt"—Youth's
'fturnl CourUn-*.
On the shores of tbe Moray flrth-the
spot need uot be more specifically lo*
call wed—there Ib a flourishing littlo village of some 1,400 Inhabitants, consisting chiefly of Usher folk. Tbe young
mnn and maiden do not court In the
orthodox fashion. Their method Is
much more prosaic, ami what Ib characteristic of ono case may generally be
accepted as characteristic of them nil.
Thero .Is of course an occasional In*
stitnco of genuine old fashioned court
ship, but that Is u rather rnro exception.   ■
"Mother," snld one young mnn on his
return from a successful herring.fishing, "I'm goan to got mcrrld." "Wee},
.looms, a' think ye t,Yd just gang nn
link yer cousin Maraci.'" And AA he
had no particular prefer, iice, he went
straight awuy to ask ber.
"Willi ye.tnk me. Marack?" *vas tho
brusque and businesslike query ."liich
he put to the young woman In the
presence of hor sister Bella.
But Mary had promised her hand to
nnother thnt snine evening. "I canna
tak yo, Jeems," was her reply, and
then, turning to her Bister, "Tak ye 'Im,
Delink," And the sister took him.—
Chambers' Journal.
I woman was my wife—once,
j mo when I needed ber most. 1 met
j her tonight for tlio first tlmo hi five
years, nnd I nm even." He gritted Ids
'tooth. "Want me to finish up the story
'properly?" He tried to smile again as
i Duncan gazed at him In horror.
j No one spoke, pctcctlve Ross, look-
I Ing tit Topson, shifted his eyes toward
: the outer door and left the room. Top-
-son understood, -turned Into-the reporters' room, got his overcoat, walked
toward the door and out, followed by
1 Fritz.
"Well, he's n thoroughbred," remarked Duncan to thc artist later. "Make
a 1 wo column cut of him."
s 0. Suuili
Don't Read This I
Ilolplo, "ill 5(1 fier .Bnt. Hlnri'G ,2 50 p. c.
DivellinK Houses, 7f.ii. per cent.
|   The Leadihg ,;|
_   Reviews
| Company established 1859,   Doing the lorfj-rsl
business in Critiada of nny Canadian company.
•**2,-/x),oco puiil |:i louses.
Write to th- Malinger,
Farmers' Produce Association
mid In: wlll call iiik.ii yon .villi lull isirticuliirs.
111. Luck.
Mr. nulls—I tbtuk, my dear, 1 htvt
tt Inst f.mnil the key to suctess.
Mrs. llotla—Well, Just na likely aa
not you'll uot bt aid. to Uud tin key-
boh, __	
tor was . furious. He v,-.-is wading
through late oo|iy when boiiio one on-
hired tlie room by tbo outer lull! door,
nod then the city editor wns iiwnre
tbat n buncb of something ciiine down
with ti thud upon the desk nt his elbow.  Hu looked up.
"VTbore have you been, Topson?" ho
called angrily aa that itidlvldunl iniide
to leave tbe room,
Writing the atory," replied Topson.
"No good for illustrations, so I did not
phone. It's all there, the whole yitru.
aud It Isn't a bad one either.1'
Tbit wai ■ new role for Topson. Tbe
city editor wiih taken nbiiek. Topson
had actually wakened up, nnd hero,
nfter a two abort hours or ho, Inul returned with- the Blory fully pi-cpitred.
Well, If It needed Illustrating it could
yet bo done.
"Very well," wild tbe cily edltori
''that will do, bnt In future I wnnt you
to phone me whon I any to."
"Vet, air." And Topson left tho
room.' Throwing off hit overeont, bo
resumed hit lounging nltltitit.. ut the
desk, und nnt In silence until he heard
the city editor yell:
"Whnt the deucel I my, Topson,
cotne hcrel"
Topson went
"Thla ninkes tne tired," went on bit
chief, "Vou will run In yonr own Infernal theories. Now tnke that whole
yarn out and cut II down to good,
bright common tense, nnd be quid:
about It line whlll Listen lo tltlsl"
be went on, raving at Topson und
reading from the reporter's copy:
" ""'lie milt.lcrer, nfter milling to the
victim for about lifteen minutes, ncljoil
her by the arm, dragged her Into .lie
front pnrlor, and In n ht of temporary
Disunity allot ber through the bruin,
killing her blatantly, lie then repented
of hit rttti act.' B»i:«u Utar, T-dnonl
Dttrk Dntntpt,
When any one nuked littlo Mrs.
Pratt her opinion on tbe question of
equal Hllffrngc, she Inul li"l- ni.s.vi-i-
ready, "1 don't want to bear 'nuy-
thlng nliout It.'* the would sny pious-
lilltly, l.t'.l llrmly, "111111 I'd Juat as noon
tell you why. it's because (here's got
(0 ho n concenlmeiit und mystery nbout
voting, nnd I lllie things open and
nbovelt.inrd. It's the way I ivna
brought up, nml the wa? 1 shall al-
ways feel If I live to be 11 hundred.
"I've hnd 0110 experience, and that's
all I want. A friend ol' mine tallied
and talked (0 me about voting on thp
educational qur-Ktlnn llll at last I said
I w.nild I atiso I was brought up to
think a gt't'tlt deal of education, and 1
always Hlutll. So I gave np nil engage-
ment to go to tbe polls and reglator
(and (lie dress wim almost spoiled on
nt'coniit of my missing Hint trying ou,
loo, because she didn't wait to set;
whether K titled or not, but Btltcbed
tbo senilis right lip), nnd tin 11 I tool;
the greatest pillns lo go and vole Just
as they'd loltl me to, and wlmt do you
suppose Henry Pratt told 1110 lifler-
wiirdV My vote wiih thrown out nocturne I had the I'i'iiiiIiiii'kh lo write my
full niuuo ami iiildi-ciis un Id
1 told Henry Hint nothing would
surprise me nfter (but—ttothiltgl"
First-class 'accommodation;   exfellenl
itilile board.   The liar Ib supplied
will)  the lit';.!  wines,  liquors
snd cigars.   .
First Avenue,    Ladysmitli, B. C.
id Meats at all limes
I    Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Street,  : Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. Snkwm.v, Pnor.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobacco bikI Ui tiara, Oaudlet, NntH, Pae-
Iry, Tn (ly and Sift Drlnke, etc.
Wln»n Ahii'Mlli-ftlcN Were Kctt.
It was predicted thnt the most bo*
rlotis malpractices would follow tho
Introduction of the ttutesthetlc nrt. It
was feared thai the art would lie unod
by the robber, by tbo murderer, by
those who wore desirous of committing doedii of violence, aud that, iu
short, It would he a moans of putting
tlie most dangerous and ready weapon
of evil over dreamed of Into the bands
of the evil disposed, the worst disponed of tho whole community.
It was nrntieu' that the practice, how-
over safe nnd siteoftiisful If- might he,
was iilnl'itl, was opposed to tlio divinely
appointed decree uud could not bo bus*
tallied except In direct dellnnce of
righteous law; for, wns not man born
to Buffer, and wns not pnln a part of
the curse that had fallen on man by
his first disobedience to the Almighty
It wns Instated on by o more practical group of objectors that ns tho
pro-ims of nmciUboalu bocnuie general
lu its application the mortality Induced
hy nnicHihcHlu would of Itself he tho
death warrant of tho declared advancement uud.bring all Ub glory to
the dust
Tnr W«*■*••>.
"Alma nnd Clara hnvo not spoken
since they took part In private theatricals."
"I boo; professional Jealousy."
"No; worse,   Amuleur."-Kew Xork
Pnm ■ ___
A, H, Gauuo.u, Manager,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Bupplles reyii!;! • ly Choicest
ApplnB, Butter, Fresh l'lgvc, Ac,
at otn rent market prlcm
Bee thst nil boxes of upplca and butter
are marked 'S.S. I."   That means
firet oliittH quality.
The ]Jnb!ic are requested  to apply to
their dealers for our produce.
GiW.SooH's Store
First Avenue,   :   :   It-adysmfth, B. C,
Nineteenth Century   Mi*J Alter, j~ .
Ctintemporery   Review-, .Port"
itliihtly   Review,   WeetmlnsUr
Review,    Edinburgh'   Review,--
Quarterly Review, Blackwood's
liillnbursh M-gazlne. 'J*
Stroiij*;,   Rtorllug. timely, Btij-geatlve-,:
nnd niillioritiv**; just what you want
to know of the world's doings; exnetly
wlmt -you  used to know; and tola ,
when yoii want lo know it—that's the
value of iliese reviews to you*.    The'' '
ablest writers,  tlie moat timely dis- -;
Clisslons) The swiftest presentation of
the world -prol.. :111s of the day appear
every mouth in the pages, of these
laid 111 kreviews   These aretheKng- ■"■
lish editions sold iu America at about,,
Imlf prk-e.   Sjieclmen copies seut free-
to anyone nuywliere, and historical   -
liookk-t, too, for the asking,
The Uona.A Scott Publication Co.,
Warren St. (Sew Vork City. ....
60 YEAR**
AnTOno senifln*. n skfteh at
qnli-klf nsfLTt-iln onr oj>mlt..i
luviiiiilnn is prohnblj'pfit-entaL...    _	
donaatrlotlyt OdttittiaL llandbopkonPatanti
sent fii'o. 1 Hilost luteno]- for securli
I'-ili-ii-s iaki-n Ilirouuh Munn *
tpecUUnatiee, witlmutchnnw, in
 jfic Jmiencupt
Lhrtntlsonielfllluslrntwl Wfleklj.   I-traraitdi*-
iiiiititin of siir H'Jlentiflo Journal,.v$«ni;||»
mr; four mi.niU, *L Sold by all rewiflealara.
UriHii.li (.i.llc-a. (TS V BU Washinaton, 1>. C
Lid.smith Mutual Impro.emiitt Secltt*/
Meets in Nicholson's hall every Thursday i even*
ini.nl S o'clock, for discussion of iutereaUuf
topics. Lectures at frequent intervals by-prom-
incut -**■*■. Dues ,-joc. per month, for al> monthi
ofycat .esii'enis of ladysmith over 18 yaaoa
of age ure eligible for membership.'    ' '  -"
Vkn. AK-.11U1-ACON Scriven, Praa.
T, J. BARRON, See.-Treasurer,    ,
 __ !     ,*. .
No. ,#¥,
j. o.o._V
Meets every Wednesday evening al 7,30 o'clock
Visitors cordially invited.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of r.
Mipts every Friday in I. 0. 0. P. ball at
7:80 p.m.
D. GOUBLAY, .0,0.
.!. W. LEWIS, See.
Ladysmith Orinfi Lodft, ft. 1751
meets in Nicholson'. Hall, First-Avenue,
every alternate Saturday In each month,
commencing first Saturday1 in Qotober.
WM..ROLSfOl-T. W- M.
E A. HUOi-iARD, S^c.
Visiting Brethren are invited to attend.
Ik Ml» P05M
Sutlli, Wash.
Notiody can afford lo be without It. All the
telcgiaphlcuewsiif the week. 1'nrm, field.gnr-
tlen, sport, society. Beautiful lllustrntlons and
hnlf times.   Sample copy on application.
All For Om Dollar a Yoar.
l'lml j il. of printing yon admired lo
mush wtt done bj tht Loader.
Mnnufhclurersoratl kfnda ot   '
i^h and Dressed Lndxr:
Mouldlnss, Laths, Shingles, Etc. \\
A large stock of thoroughly seasoned
lumber— tstniid -md class constantly on
hand. All orders strictly attended to.
Quotations cheerfully given, *****
John W. Coburn,
Managing Dibbotob.
Don't.boim* tht fisideri inbtoribt
lol lt yourself. LADYSMITH LEADER. DECEMBER 27. 1003.
How often you'll hear tbe remark at this season of the year,
especially. "What on earth shall
I give him?" It's a vexed question, and that's a fact.
May we offer you some Xmas
Neckwear, a.c, to $1.75,
Initialed Handkerchiefs, 95c. to 75c.
811k Mufflers, Dressing Gowns, Fancy
811k Suspenders, Smoking Jackets, Fancy American Shirt, Hat or Cap, Suit
Cases, Hand Bag, Trunk, Suit, Fancy
Vest, Overcoat, Raincoat, Jewelry, Sec,
&c, &c.
We are giving away a Billiard Table. A
Chance with every f 1 purchase.
Wednetdny's weather waa frightful,
and the only remedy man rubber from
head to foot. Some even added the neck,
to be in tho. fashion. It was neither a
green or a white Christmas, but an
aquatic one.     	
Hundreds of young men say it w_n
tbeir neat appearance when Rpplyin-* for
a position that aot ib fur them, Consult
Matht-Hon, Ladyemith'. fatuous tailor,
he knows the secret.
The Bank of Commerce branch In Ladysmith took only Christmas day ns n
holiday, instead of the four days which
are allowed in Ontartti,thereby enabling
all the clerks to spend Christmas nt
homo, no matter iu what part of Ontario
they may be stationed.
Mr. Geo. Flttohtr, ol Messrs Fletcher
Brother!, Nanaimo, wai here yosterduy
on holiness.	
Fresh Htlibut and Ki ppers nonet the
Flsh Market.   	
Mr George Lewis, master logger Ior
tht Cowichin Lumber Company, viiited
Ladyimith ior Cbristmaa.
Election wai on Monday—you know
tht remit? And Ryder will give away
tome more oi that beautiful silverware.
Mt Chtrles A. Htynes, representative
ol Bcribner A Sons, pisBed down irom
Nanaimo to Viotoria on yesterday's
train. ,	
Mr.'Mainwaring.olMosirs "H. AW."
Naniimo, wat in the city yesterday on
Every bov and girl accompanied by
tlther ol their parents will receive a nice
itory book fret tt M. W. Waitt A Oo.
Lively'i J twelry Store.
Yeslerdty't traint wtn somewhat de-
ltytd by a without at No. 102 bridge,
oath ol Lidyimilh.
B.B.B., G.B.D. pines at the Drng
Store.   Every pipe guaranteed.
Oitiieni need have no apprehensions
ol a doll Ntw Year's night, since a con-
ctrt it announced in the Methodist
ohnrch lor that evening. Sea announcement! later.
All kindi ol Musical Inittumenlt it
M. W. Wiitt A Co., Ladyimith,
Tht Mutual Improvement Society has
adjourned until the third Thursday in
January the 15th. The aubjeet will be
announced In these columns.
All ichool ehildrtn will [receive one
letd pencil iree of charge Saturday if
accompanied byeither parent.
Lively and M. W. Waitt A Co.
f Mr. Bowet, telegraph operator at the
O.P.R. office, resumed duty this morning .Iter a prolongtd vacation due to
Proprietor Bates ot the Happy Home
Home Hottl Is living In hopes tlmt he
wlll bt tbit to welcome all his friends to
a houn wirming belore tbt death of the
preient year.
We're just unpacking
our Christmas Goods.
Gome and see
what we've got.
Idum.tk, Vfauotwr, Hardwire, Stoves.
Books 1 Books I Juel. received, a bit!
coneigntaeut of popular fiulion, well
bound, well printed and choup. Call
and look them over. At Jeeeu-j's Pharm
Whispers are already nfloat rcgardiug
the propriety of holdiuis a grand celebration of tho anniversary of the birth
of Robert Bums on the 25th of January
Last year this honour to tho memory of
the immortal bard was omitted, to the
great rugret of nil bis admlrorir-in Lndy<
smith. It only needs some one to takt
the lead nnd there nre Scots enough iu
this camp to make thoaffnir in glorious
Crockery of all kinds, white cups and
eauccrp, from 80o per dozen. Cnlored
cups and saucnrE, irom :fl to $1 25 per
dozen. Clover loaf pattern *%i,2b per
dozen. To be had at 1). Taylor's, oppou**
ite E, & N. railway station.
South Nanoitno District Licensing
Court meets here today, whon the Ladyamith, Portland, and Wm. Morris licences and application will be considert d.
The moBt complete line of silverware
to cbooBO f**om in town for Xmae
preeents.   Lively the Leading Jeweler.
Only nine men played for LadyBmith
against Nannlmo full team Christmas
Day. The result was a draw, one game
Have you tried a book ont nf our
loaning library? M, VV, Waitt & Co.,
Lively's Jewelry Store.
The finest line ol stationery in town
at M.W. Waitt & Go's. Lively's Jewelry Store.	
Leaders for sale at the Drug Store
and Lively's Jewelry store, and
Hartley's Candy Store.
Just come in and see
our toys and Xmas
goods. Santa Glaus
hcadquar.ers. He
will buy his goods
here and give them
to his boys and girls.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Holiday tei
Silverware, Chinawnre, Rise
Ornamentp, Fanny Vases,Carving SetH, Table pottery, Toys
nf all kinds, ObriRiiiittii uud
New Year Cards, Oftli'ndnre.&i!
wan era st
That Love Letter.
"Writing poetry, Johnny", inquired
tny sister Emily, looking over my shoulder. "Love and dove, and Cupid and
stupid, and nil that sort of thing?"
I repudiated the insinuation with
"It Is a letter," I replied.
Emily dragged a chair close to mint)
and Boated herself.   "Read nwny, Johnny," sho said calmly.
jji"It ia private," I eaid.
"It will be the more Interesting."
"But it is to a lady," I added,
"Oh Johnny I But why didn't you tell
me before? TIiourIi, or courpe, it io not
ottledyet. You ure only paying mailed attention, I suppose, And I wtiB'.'t
tbeie to see the fun I Wi»ll, uhe'tt a nine
elrl, I always liked Phyllis. But I never;
thought that by juBt leaving you without a sieter's earn for a week you would
be caught".
I "allowed Kniily to aontlnua without
interruption. I considered tlmt. her
curioaity deserved punishment—nnd tbe
etarB lonjht for rae. Emily tapped
the paper lightly witb her finger and
Lively's Annual (.missing Contest,   How many hboiIb in the
Pumpkin. Ten Handsome Prizes Olven Away.
For every dollar's worth purchased in onr store yon gut n gnosa at
tho number ol oecds in tiie pumpkin Iu our window.   You not n
ticket with the number nl seeds vou anw« maikml on It.   A  guess ft,
Ior ovory dollar.   For instance-Ten Dollars. T. n Tickets.        V
1st prize, Gent's Watch, Gold Filled, value..* (Wl UO
2nd prize, Lady's Wiloh, Gold Filled, value  25 DO
3rd prize, Parlor Mantel Olock—eliht.lay—value  WOO
4th priM, Gent's Watch Chain, "Ullftd," value,  10 00
Dth prize, Lad j'a Watoh Chain, "fllled," viilim    H 00
Otli prize, Lady's Gold Killed Bracelet, value    0 00
7th prize, Lady's Silver Watch, value    4 5U
R'.h prize, ilov's Walch, value    3 50
0:h prize, Lailv's Lace Pin, Gold Filled, value    2 50
10th prize, Gent's Cuff Links, value    2.00
SeedB to be counted by three prominent business men.   The nearest
guess taking llrst prize and eo ou until the ten are fivu away.
P.O. Box 345. W.H. LIVELY,The Loading Jeweler
Catholic Church-Services every Sunday as follows i Mass at 8.30 a.m. und
10.30 a.m.   Benediction tit 7 p.m.
First Presbyterian—Deo. 28 morning
service at 11, Sunday Bc.honl 2:30, eveniinj
service, 7. Subject — -Looking backwards."
G. Moiitoh Wai.kb», Missionary.
Methodist— W. Gordon Tanner, B.A
paBtor. Morning service at 11 a.m. subject "On Eurth Peace." — Evening, 7
o'clock, "Tho crowded Inn." On Now
Year Eve a Waliilinieht prayer mooting
will be held commencing at 10:45.
Church of Uoglnod—December 2Stb,
1st Sunday'alter Obrialmae, 11 a. ni.
MatinBand Litany; 2 80 p.m. Sunday
School; 7. p.m. EvenBong.
A. Soihvbn.
Ten Mistakes to Avoid.
To set up your own standard of right
and wrong, and judge people accordingly,
To measure,tbe enjoymentol otheri by
your own.
To expect uniformity of opinion in this
To look for judgment an4.eiperiei.ee
lu youth.
To endeavour to mould ail dispositions
To yield to immaterial trifles.
To look (or peilection in our own notions.
,To worry ourselves and otheri .with
what cannot be remedied.
Not to alleviate all that neeilB alleviation aa far as lies in our power.
Not to make allowances for the infirmities ol otheri,
Flowers and Fruits.
TJAVIt you n gnnleu? Are yon fond of fruit
•n nnd flower culture? Do you want lo "keep
pouted" on the latent inetliofla ? Then send otic
-Inllnr to The Caihidlan '.lortlculturlat, Grim*
"Can I help you?"
"I am unexperienced," said I cadly.
"Then I must. An ill-judged reuiaik—
a want of warmth—a single false Btep
In fact, might—"
"Don't!" I exclaimed with a shudder.
"Oh, it'sluvely, Job.hoy, to see you
like lb it-!" said Emily, oi-stit icslly,
"How far have you got?"
"S. Y, Breeze. Latitude—"
"That's ridiculous," she iniemipt«d,
"Yon won't nllow me nny latltiidt?"
"Don't be silly. You timet not put any
address or date, but stint right away.
She muul think you agitated, you know.'
"Certainly" naid I.
'■B-igln, My darling, darling Phyllis."
"Two darlings?" I enquired busy with
my pen.
"Ye—68, two will do, You're not engaged yet. Afterwards I should recommend three."
I wrote as dlctnted.   13 oily continued
"Although a thousand cruel _ail.s of
sea Hep .'rule us—"
"But we're not a hundred?" I ex*
B'-Please believe :me  to know bout,"
said Emily.
"But the men who make the geographies—"
"Are not the men wbo make love. Put
it. down."
1 jbtdlenlly placed mymdl a thonsaud
f!iS-,*itf^',^W'_i^l:'^ *»ta »' AM«"«'""* Hottl and at
miios nw-tiy, uud 1 wV*ltetl t )i :u. .-■<■■• in-
"Yet ymi nro never uevei !■-- !.'. fn w '
my thoughts' for H.eii)..... in.no ,'' i he
continued i I
"Do yen think a third 'never'?" t en-j
quired anxiously.
■'Wo, yon ehould taceftdsa some re*.
9lrin-.it ni. tiu-tr. Vim might, buvttvi-r, |
uhderline them. Nogigodh^-'S . iiul-ilt
makes my life Intolerable. Kaiih i.-io*
tneut Hero is a year, eaiih dny s con-
I looked up in poiuo ciutizuuunit, I
knew things won*- not usually hko that
bhdttrllttle crniae-t But EinilJ Son*-
"Ab, bow I long to see jou again—to
touch your band—to look into jcar
"That's beautifully agitated.' So ditt-
coiineetfd--uiid—Huil—jcriiy, " I murmured BOribb'llua Vi^brtu-jly.
"Oouldh't you put In it little totiuh *_,_
hiinioi?.Iua'- Lo hi-thon it up 11 bu," I
aBked, laying down my pen.
■"John," oiiid Emily hiem.y, "a lover
has lio-se'tiBu (-1 humor,"
I Blghed,-I'fcli if-e character to Lo
difficult, Iiu*-. I have i-diiuy timeu watched t-'-c cA.iv;tK of tme Itivn n-uiiiitf
iii-ioolhly, and i imcw that Emily w-ijb
"I am ipyourhandB," Isaid Badly,,
Emily r'Sinsiaed In deep liiuugtit loi* u
momedt.' Theil1In8piratlon—*o,i memory
—caul-, to hor altl.
"I livo only for bur niratlng. I r.m
Inteiis-niy wtetohed Inn'-*," alio diolah d,
I loofcfd at my eprjronudlagii. t e
water sparkled iu tlietun-ini''o; agontlg
brei'7,3 crept under thu awning aud tampered the noonday tout, I waa lying
ooinforlably in a ilt-rk olniir, wbllO tho
yaubtelIppBd;ih_r5ugb tba water witli a-
gentle, tev.y roll.
But I wrutu "lam imuneoly wtutnh*
Bii," UB -Smily L-.HUI11*Ih1l'i1.
" Ynu havo ntver composed tiny
poetry, I suppose?" the i^qpired, I
blushed. We have till been young.
''BL'.au-o a verBo* would bu efftotlve v*i
this point."
Bhtldared not, do the thing. And
Emily afu-r .oiiki refl-BCllon, decided
thut 1 wr.a right,
"Even In tbo byei of lovb,1' eho eaid,
"might—" Woll Bhe spoke » littlo unkindly on tho mntti-r.
The letter fliled throe ptiges wbt-n
oompleledj nnd nry ourfklnly a work of
art. (Art 1 obaefvej te usually astranged
from sidento and absolute accuracy.')
"Now," said Emily, When in-r ideas at
1-ktgaveoiU "-.lie cud is the uioa! im*
portant pari."
■ !J)oyou rsoooipiond t*i*o**aCQ—for k'B-
nee, you know?" 1 ncquired. ■
"Oertaiiily uot.Tbey are vnlgtiri .Vrhe
—A thoaeend thbiieand klsiva, my dar*-
"Will ihey all go for a penny?'''J
asked, '.villi aixioua hesllatioi..
"Uj try und b_ ei-'iibitile," ahu implored. I
"But will the letter carile? deliver
It?" Iobjeclad,
l-jtnlly took nonbtlcp, but coutinuod—
"You bad bfctter p'ttt 'YOar devoted lor**
or fortwr and nver'."-
"Thedetoriptioh ia oxaot," naid I,
wilb great dietAltofaction.
"rStui has a pet mtitiu for yon; I "Suppose?''
"1 will si-^ii it T'louuiii JonOr,
"What|" HXfjlaiiued Emily, "Sic
oaDs'yoij that?"
"li ia tho iininfl of the yr-nng pailor
whom you nmy obsorva^l&anlnB tbo bin-
nacio. At hU rej nil [ nn writing lb id
I H*]]-1.. hia s'.vtn Lht-itti, his u.tn edufltt-
t|mi baylqg been suin-jKhat nogk-citd.''
Ivn'iy jcbb aud*alood over ino. 1 cua-
"You—" Shn _topped,
Kmily had be*.» br.mght up amonit. t
strict, propc-r penule (indeed 1 Iniva bt'pn
bor ctirBianL companion), and wards
foiled ber,
Bui l-know wlml Bhuthough'-t
Pa nit's Photographic 8 udio is qpaij
PianO for imle -r.ii eaiy mnnUiiy Install'
nit'nt plan.   M. \V. Wi'iiit &, Cu.
S'uii]! You Livo!
All kinds r.l Xii.as toys at M. W.
Waitt 4 (Jo.	
Old imperii fur p-'i', Bultabie lor wri'.ji-
ping (>,ii ji.ir- h, nl 20. a bundle.
Try ono ol Turti.r'y litis us f.ir t'lify
iiliitving, Every rat4r g.uiitni.-ul. At
the Drus; S nte.
WANI-13D—A J..1...1 ,.l.l lo d. giner.1
htiiiSHvio k in iniiiiiv t.f two. Apply J1'.
II., P, O. Uox 48(1, Victoria, 11. C.
All kinds ol Xiilrvn Toys, Suhnol flmtr,
Sheet Hueln, Gamin uic. SI. W. Wullt
publlslictl lu America
Jcbsup'B Drug Siore.
Provinclnl 3ccretnr>'B Office,
His Honour llie 1,1. ii'i'iutnt Goverpor
In Ciiiiiicl) has liicii pleitsad to make ill.
following upiiuliiliiii'iits:
ll'.li ll'-'cinlii-r, 1002.
Gj-orge Thomson, i,( Lsdyimith, IC.-
qnire, 8. M,, Gf.vtrnmeiit Agenl, 'o be a
Ui g-ietrar for tlie jmrpiioLB of tlie "jVinr-
rlogn Act." '     »
10 li lliici'inbnr, HM:.
George Thomson, nl Ladyeioilh, Es-
nuiri', S. M., Government Agenl, lo bt a
Dennty, u( Li.iyBinlllt, ol the Disliiot
Hcglstiar ol ISIrths, Dca.hs and Mar.
tinges at Niinaluio.
Itej-cns Illock, OnljiiriBt. I,ti.ly..milli, II. c.
Y.IB, fir, 1 IniV  1 .    Al*.iysiiu  liairtl  a-
III" ",;-.! I....
*ja_nd m 6mm
ii-.i-i   Mu?!.-.   mil   Mm-i.'iil
ite*ri'.li»niliee.i-iilli.n.l  . 'ns
I %., ■*. :: V-.-..-.. i      ».fiS'._»y'.|
ii. loiicin her, A„cnt,
>n. I-- Ave Sii..:,! St.,   Ladysmitli
Clnflmithing  nnd   Mn'uiblifg in all it
bran.ibe.fl.   ToiiTattnd plqtuhjn'n nui-
terlnl always i-n ii. nd.   R-pnIr-  **-'
Oitiaa Cifar raster*!
M.ii...f.|inir.i-. uf the Eunioii-
*S(.f,c t-ui Ui-icn Labir employed.
yicioiia GiGSSjiit,  ilaiisimo, B.O,
U, UO-> K, I'l.'i.'.-ii'ior.
If )on p.r-p ftnul oi tender, iuloy ateaka,
cbona nr julutfl, 1 oah supply i"0.
Try My BciiGiciis- Sausage
nii-do by iTweJ, elociiical in urdnfry
tain) ebdcual matei-iale, ThoM fJunBrtgef
nre.iiUEtiif'p'fissed in Iho provlhoei O*.*
trial "III eonviiH.'' you.
r-j r ,*'*- ■* ji        f n      **     .
Minis I Vegplles
SIIII'I'I.NC OIUIH11S Hlir.lCM'lil).
I i!"'!ia-;i:-   \     B-'/1'-' r --■■.-
I iiayitilsuy     KHSim V<i Ifiii!
First Avenuo, : Ladysmith. B;C,
* *
T 1
| mm p \m\_ fa !
Nnnaimo, 13. C,
■> 7.IA3rln'ACTURHRB 01f Till'. f
1 Choicest Lager, Ales, Hccr j
and Porlcr. •?
Ordenlikeii for CiitM:!..w lit |br Olirlilnint. nl
TlioUr-'cnli'iiise, corner o- lli|:Ii Street
nnJ B-ipUoatf-s, up tn Mondayi
Dicooibcf Zand.
Tlyncbiths, Karclssiw, iiu.
Brothtrlioocl of Man,
VOU iili'*-itifl rtufl "Tin Nn
i Uiliedlit ilm Unlver nl ft
Loiiiii, toil liic; >, -.'nUlomia. .i
with llie inns! i.'lvnnci-.t Ui
ttlUCH, L-vin lim -. ■ i Itli
li|ii.iiim'iiirdi«-!n ■■
Dollam n -fi -t.   w
-.   Ua in toacli. TW<
frufi snniiilc copy
Ai.il Soo Pacific
■   V-T vSOfl^i/ .»r'-;'ji .n.
lt uu.l T.ip n.kn'i', O ij I ro i'i,.l third
liiLieen nil-talionr. I).. K-l.- li o SUI
ti'Ji'i'li inn, tl.'i'. 110 ai 1'iitl Jan. 1st,
Kootllo ii'tilrn until Jsn. Dili.
Km t-artli'iilnm cull or a.lilrcsn noitiosf
(I. P. ll.iii.'.-nl,
II. H. AIII'.OCl',       IV. MiiQlRR,
Agoi.l, Vi.-tiirlii.      jViienl, Ntintiiirn.
K. ,1   ('l)YI.K,
Aitsl. Geiil, Pnfet.Avtt.iit, Vancouver,
i'i* 'priotor.
^. O.
Of!; |
if is
lll,llc   Of
ejiilal oi
bla l
Oral t
utitnl Oollege ami
ice 111
'  :i;.v\'.
.. \
d> nil
ii    ev'i ry     Snlur-
Vcoamcu'B Hiill.
siiirj's .v...k a Scaclally.
II "■ : -' let,,. Is nil its lirrtnciics.   .--1111111111-
1,    :| .;-', ",';'"|.l.     i.i.'U'r:,'   Tools   i-.HLltilly
liiiiit'r _iit'cci, .        Ladyifmlth
It* A % °
*■-. '.." * It ..' - "■ -S\
*3 s. U ll a .J
Photos will ha taken tiu'tl nnxl Wctl-
ueadny itiiiht.   b.,ll and ciainlite v.i.ik.
$ iikmm .V.AR3LE WOHKS, I
is»    ,<^ l'or   l-'irsl Cuss work
*    S uv.-ijrO. gOta
.                'M\ Ladysmith    ■
-;1J-.-''.- '"■ ■:•■' vO Shaving Parlors
"Lkmi)\ m fn'' •».««-
'!)-l' Bnlrcilllluirnoil lksr.1
*.        "'"' "s " Sl'l,c,»"--.
8  ■ I. O, WINSTON.
is nor,- preparer} (ogive lessons on tlie piano nnd
violin.   All nppllealltiii, lor luilion con be l.n at
W.  11.   Lively's  Jewelry   Slurc
Funeral Director,
'lomptaltenilunijlveii lo all lalle, ni»ht
■i day. l/.ug Diilance telephohtUp. 121
. Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
led down lani
rt he r-::.,,.
.v-iv.-n ttinl 1,11 iiiinpiiiYtiirl-
lllliOt, Iwllhtathe l.ra.i.lalus
..i-ii'c ln'i.l.y IL'.-.-ivwl rr.im
irMntrdtantislllon, Mctiilinn
....lliu- uijiifnH laws itLilio
'.-nn,  In.i.i   Hit- .trite  llen-of.
■efltontrjf ilia  'ijuiii ,vn Amtnrjnieiil ah,
1 ..1. 10 enable tbe Qiinis. 'ou-cr nml l-i.li,
Coilipony, I.tollcil to aelcct IherelVoui llniln.
I""'-"' ■•■-.'"■   |i;.'|. r.n.1 |i.i|.rr niiiiiiilMnil,,,,
1 1.' in-'-.-t'l'l '  '■' "Hiveincnt bearinS
.'..'..! ii'i.'--
..1 ji, in
,-iislil|i (.;
-.•"-•" i.;i.
1 I'll.:' Ibb
. li.n.u-lyi
Hie I-	
J, 1  nl
ion 1, In
.'in .111   11
'If   SO,llll
1 I'iili.iia
, llrenc. 1
Iil'iweeii i-'i nml 80 koros slillllld nM Is
l'lenii'il;.lire|.lly i.j'I'i.sb tlr.'|.,,il.ii liom iin-S'vai" "' "'
).«ilysmlui, about one iiour'i wiilii.l ' """"""■'
Firtt.clABB (nil' linitl. II'use, fi-iiei'p,! Dcpnlv'Comtnltsloti
nil nil (10 Filial) (iil'l (in* anil o'lier Im- '."".t-i ijn-l lVi.il.. i,..,,,
irov'unenis,   A ureal hniaalu.   Apply I -__..:„il'"'
X, Y. '/.., !■• 11 ler,.Ih,...
11 lo llie Small-
li.' sl|Qi. of lite
illrt-ciloii, lo tbe
nnl tlience north
ln.il.-l In Rupert
Visit tf'dli.'B'Vii Isili'll.ii- (.slnbllsll.
moot nml ven his unrivalled r-inir" of
wlntei tmUiiit'i. I'llca ilrTdtly n.uiecl.
Moor.. li'.iii„|,ilu lVnu al the Drtlg  ...,..„■„.„„,,.,
Bt.ire,   Jirury peu guaiiuileed. |.E.' ?^!°?4j?l^^'^w"watl*ffiw\
OOTAINCI)      "
nook "HoiHi.ouiiiiiii.|iXcn(o" u Er.p.
*J" moto-i... Nnlhi llll patol Is seen ml!
_L..|l.-Mjil)il,pllj-£o,,h^ll,|.j,   AO-lress^


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