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Ladysmith Leader Jul 12, 1902

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Array &
$ the people that save I
money trade with      t
i^-fr-H"! ^•_--|.-i-'i'-i--t*i-.ii'i-'t-'i-'i--i--i--t'i--i*''i*
22 Loaves for $1.00
Family Groceries
At Lowest Price
T ITMOT P-7T IMQ. A uew lot Just come t0
L.UNv'LiCUlVlO;   hand which  we   offer   at
Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery
To Select From
Leiser & Hamburger
t  Cnr   Dnnic   onr)   Phnn.  %
For Boots and Shoes
Bickle's is the store
Wholesale and
B   Esplanade and Oatacre Street,
Retail  Merchants,
ll. .T. .T. it. .t. .*f. .t. .T. .t. .*T. .t. at. .t.
i»\ i^i ill it,* IX* \P *X' 'X' 'X' **!*******'***£*'****■
It's going to be u record breaker.     Comtrtenciug at io p.m. on
Saturday, July I2fh
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
—Lots I liiiJ a iilock 43—-
Kine residential lots, Splendid view
Lots 2, 5, 0, 7, 8, 111 .ell 211; L.'i 1, 2, 3,
4, Bl ck HI.
Choicest Front Lots and Corners
Ou lit Ave. Kor prices and eaa* leruifl
apply to     '
baker «\ou Co.
Plain und fam-v bread,
trie-   uf
Cakes anil pas*
Member Can. Society of Civil Kugtneera
Member In si it nt ion of iClectrlcul Engineers
Electrical Bnglneer
I Stt8&8fc8S88S8S88SSS8SS8 •*%%!♦%!. V
Wm. (ieveridgo, Prop.
This new hotel bus been uiiinfuriably In-riiel cil end iln bar is up toilatr.
Best accimmiiihitioi] fur transient and permanent litmrilera and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade, Ladysmith, B. G.
White Tucked Blouses, Regular 85c Saturday 35c
Ladies' Fancy and Gray, steel filled, Corsets, low
bust, straight front, Regular $1.00	
16 Pieces Good washing Prints, to yards to each
customer, 2 i«ee yard.
109 Yards Heavy Linen Crost,  for skirts, Regular
20c yaid	
200 Yards White and Colored Corded Waist Silks,
Regular 50c yard	
500 Yards White Cambric Embroidery, good patterns, Regular 7c yard	
Children's Black Cotton Hose, Regular 15c	
Ladies'   Washing Chamois Gloves,  sizes 5 and
51-2, Regular $1.00 jjpir	
'■lor- "'"! '111,1-rI^.'ydtJvkfiWlJde, Regular 40c yatd
r JS raiHriajvjy ~.._„,i-(ril,thL»!'I)ro\vii Canvass Shoes,
'i^th^fihar'-faciiip, Regular $1.50	
Ladies' -ind Misses' Sailor Hats, Regular 25c, 35c
All Trimked Millinery Half Price.
Slaughter in Men's Ties, 65 and 75c Coronation
25 and 35c Derby Ties	
Filly Tramps Caught In
Race Riots—A British Steamer
WE HAVE a good quantity of all goods on sale. The
train arriving at 12 o'clock, Nanaimo, will be in
time to view the stile of goods. Nearly one hundred
of other lines you will find on our circular now being distributed
in Nanaimo. A post card vyith your name and address will
bring one to your post office Positively no sale goods sold
till Saturday.
Nanalmo, Cumberland and Extension.
_____________ -*l*. ■*!-. .*K A .,***. .*K .*K «*K .*\ .^ili.-i*, /K .-j*. .***. .*K /fa ,-fr. ."K .*K .*h „*R .-fa j
At least fifty tramps were caught in
tliH wreck of a freight trn'n or tht* Luke
Shore and Michigan Sunt hern railway at
Thirty-ninth street Chicago, Eight eate
were telescoped. Most of the men were
only Blightly hurt. OF ihe eeven aurt-
ouely injured, Frank Hunter, Fred
TromhruBki and Thomas Taylor, all oi
Cleveland, und Jtihti Pike, may d-'c
The greatest rain Bturm in years vlef*-
ed Glmira, N. Y., vnlky ihifl week In
twodaye 8.8(Hnchts of rain fell., Tuie
waa followed by a terrific hail rUhiu,
which destroyed matiy tobacco tirops
south ol tbe ulty, uprunled treeB,over*
turned outhouses ami deBtnmd much
The British eleamer Rappahannock,
Captain Burking, ie mi round at Holy-
hen i, Wales*, as a remit uf it eillleinti
wiih the British stuunier Delegurth
Ciptain Henry. The Rippabannock
has a lame hole in her port side, ntnid-
ahipR. The c -lllalon occured in a Io*- off
Soii-h Stack Light, on the [aland of.
Ilol.vluad. One man waa killed and
two injured on ihe Deiegarth, The ves-
eel'ri liuwe were stove in aud Iter font-
peak was flded with water. Site proceeded for Birkenhead.
A raes riot between tlm Slav and
Polish miners and coke workers oc*
enrrtd at the Paul uiitiee or thu Rainy
company near Vanderbllt, Pa. Alike
Hiivatehin wae kilhd. Victor Heunel
was fatally wounded, and thirty Slavs,
men and women, were injured in ihe
hand to-hand fight, th-u took place.
Thirty arret te were made.
0. H Curtis, representing the Ores*
I'en' Conl Mii-iing company, hu? a force
of men at wtrk on the eight-foot vein nf
mini in the cumpany's mine near Ola
Shortage of Coke as Result of
Fernie Strike Is Cause.
Shipments for the Week Reduced
Owing to the continued enforced
phnrtturi- of coke on account of the Btrike
at tin* Fernie eoal militr*, the smelt ere of
the Boundary hnve done lit'le ihe putt
ween, that at Bounder? Folia being the
only one now in operation. Ae a reflult
the ore shipments f r the week are only
about hull tbe nenal number of tons.
TheGrattby smelter at Grand Forks
has Hosed down pending n settlement of
tin- sirike of the Fernie coal miners.
The Company Io-h been carrying a small
refpive of coke, and row that the trouble
is on between tlie conl company and the
miner-', it lintle beelf in the pesitinn of
Ij-iiiu obltgi-d to eh ut down. There was
B'une talk uf securing a nupply of coke
from Ihe Vancouver Inland coke n
but even it" nee- pp-ip
way of cheap rate
from llie railway un
y concessions in the
s  cm Id  he  secured
rapnnltB to tide them
over tbbdifflcukieB, ihe tupply ol coke
from that
quarter wonld not he more
m\I. T. Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make a specialty of quality,  by buying largely and
prices' sell the very finest goods at low prices.
Sole agsnts for "Deckajulie" Tea, Lipton's "Finest'
anil Bacon.
;it close
V.M.V. V.V.V.V.V.V.V.-.V.V.-.
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
Proprietor,   ft_y£s
W. E. RUmniNG,
Thh r>,il*E*;tabll(«d, FIib'-OIhs- and
Popnlar Ho'el Is most, comfortably Inr*
iiisheil, centrally situated. Iltii meets
trains. V.x lolleut OiiUlne, Hnr >'tieked
witb Ihe finest wines, tiquora nnd ilgare.
get itif-uicd at once for it may be
ton late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD ami liKLIAItt.K Companies and
••atiinsurfl ynn at n moment V notice at
the lowr-Ht. possible rates. All leading
.■oiiipunieH charge the same rnles. Don'i
bt-misled into insuring with a cheap
I'nmpauy -It might tie dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. D'Hw-t-iiia, N-.t-alm... B.O.
Whnleaale and Retail Dealers in Meat
P-Jiiltrv    and   V'HetableH.   0 iinn  i
aioti.    HhipDiiu ord^M atfended i >
ort notice.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Pr-JjitriptloiH titref'illv illppfurtsd, Opi
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple. proprietor.
Firet-dasn nocomraodatlona for miners
and transients.   None hut.
The Best Wines snd Liquors
served   at  tlm  bar.    Give us  a nail.
Onr, Victoria Rd & Commercial St.
'NANAIMO.     ■     •      B.C.
■ When yon Smoke the
Best on earMi,   Manufactured by
Talis Strut, VICTORIA, B. C,
Birr liter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Htc,
Money to Lmn.
Harrison Not Springs
This delightful lieultlt nml -.iY-tsui-.'
resort, the finest lu Amcrk-u, oin-is
Unrivalled  Advantages
—To Tin.-—
fp one etaek
than eufficient, under the most favorable eonditlonfl, io keep
Roth   fitnuicea ol the li. C. Copper
 Uiiiij's smelter nt Greetiwrod were
supply of coke
^^^^^^^^ Aa  practical1;
ke I..." bee
blown oul on July 2, iht
hiving bren ash-mated.
i Fnicller
Pp tl luihie
hy the Oroa'a Neai Paea Coal company
tiiuce (he: ocenrrouoe u, Ihe dirai-ler at
UihI couipaiiy.'e coal mine hi May, it will
be aeen that Ibe company must have had
on hand a lartce supply ahead of immediate needs, otberwiee it could uot have
continued pmelling for more than a
nmuth i.Uu the eoal cuippany had
ceased shipping coke to (Jreentvood,
The amelter has uol ytt elneed down hi*
llruly, for the eainplliiK mill is running
an,! aillprobably cuiilliine work tin
out Mm week. S »m« work in
il'if t.n t.m li. C Cuppei t-i.iipMiy'ti
Mother L'nle mine, in preparation for
an InciesBi'd ouiput.ol on*, when ihe
8tneJ"n s-inll reEiiiuB rerlnolion woik,
hut foi I't-i nue mil ly all the men wlm
were eniploved bre«klii« tin
mine qimriy have been die
i rough-
t-nli be;ni-
ii. ihe
Mrs* and Miss Dunsmuir Among the
List at Buckingham Palace.
Tue London Mornirg Post of June 10
'iieutloiiB among the \foi of those pre*
Hetitf d ill the court held by the kinr
and queen at Um-kinuhum pataee niTthe
precedlniE Fiidiy, Mrs. Dutirinniir, pre*
8»iit(..i r»j Ho PiiuiitHfl (>f Otialoiv', and
\Jtt-H    Dun' tniMj,    pi. uMileil    by    her
Mngnlficeut Steiicn-, l-'lsliiii-{, Sliimtiu--
Hontlnff, Bathing. Swimming, Vn-K)--
and Itivate natlis with Mnit-iiige.
THE HOTEL hu been coHipleletv
renovatt'tlniitl lefuml-heil throughom,
electric lighting; lii-t i-lus-. cuisine;
ball nntl tennis gmnuiU; charming
drlvei. S|ilt']iilni succi-ss iu treatment
o( Kheumatirim, Oonl, Kltlney Trouble.
other,    Mie aei'-uilil niyi-:
" Mie. Jamee Duii'ijHili', the wife ol
e Premier of B-iiinh Coluinhia, wore
i osqiii-*ire dress, the fkirt In ivory
i\n '.villi hellia work of point tie givr-e
p\il!etii\ Qunneokd wilb j iweied chiflbu
oaei,-flounce and bauk panuel in pold
mil   diamond   ernbnidery,   and    Ihe
nod ice in (-ultl an I finhroidered patln
point dt  uirzi* und rca'e garnlto'i, 'he
train  io ruse  p'uk  panne liueti "ith
I Riled obiff-tn, the trail* id  La
loeee, and i-he rurrl'd a banquet
of L-l Fiapue
" MIbh Hhh
cream chill',
chill'm n
aalin;   It
Diin-mult'd t-kit' nfjut
emiiroiderftl \'wn m
llr-tied dllvernvet wli
n  e-oiiroitlareil   obilT
rtitbgairiiiuiu of Mlliee of thu valid ;
Tain In white ehill'm cooipoBed entirely
If diep »licks mi nnttd on Rloili ofeilver,
with garlnndeol Hll loo of Uui valley, and
she carried a bouqiitjt of the flame
If y
quuto, three mile- Irom Cheliuii*, acniBi
the ChehMli- river.
Five hundred panleiuakera and prer-
aers have gone on sirike ut Baltimore,
tying up 200 small shops, many of them
Bo-caMed aweat aitonc. Tbe men demand
of the contractors that they furinah
mat'tiiiiee autl toola hereafter. Trie meu
eay ihey are compelled to work for $8
Pursuant to the ultimatum given the
contracture and builder* at Balllnior
three weeks ago, about sixty carpenter
will Btrike io-;n or row for in.'.retued
Taking his revenge for a quarrel of
long finiitling, Theodoie O-uiiur, I
Chicago laborer, shot aid kilhd hi
■vift- sb she lay asleep in bed, lie then
shot hie baby son and hia stepdaughter,
Lizzie Stratum, who were Bleeping whh
his wife, wounding Ibe former probably
fatally, and putting a huMet in the tatter's shoulder. Oeufeur also fired at his
two stepsons but missed them. He
(hen bid iu an attic until the police nr-
its ed Mm,
The French have purchased thu
prow on to ry of Katal, near Macao, n
PorlngtieBe settlement near Hongkong,
ostensibly for a naval hospital.
L>rd RiberlB, epeaking at Altliorp,
:itid the country ehonld he gritteful io
Lord Kitchener and llie B'hish uimy.
Trince Louts Ferdinand ol BtVftrla
has composed an opera to ihe libretto of
Carmen is. Iva,, Queen Elia*,l.*etb of K- u-
m. lilt.	
On Wednesday evening the ladles ol
the Methodist church tendered the lt*-v.
W.U.aud Mrs. Tanner a reception In
I the church.   The evening wns«ccuphd
«'Aii!:i i:sx.\i;ss.
Kou rth
T. Bnk.
shot, fi    	
from Roberta street
seriotift  nalure,
at wot I: iiicting his house on
veiiu*?, "WtdneBtla-) t-veiling, Mr,
Whh Bhot in the shouldt r,  The
rille, seemingly came
Aliliough not of a
wound  will  cause
Mr.    Baker
Such in-
liutiot huh
nsthtn Bhnn'd he airennnusly
y llie uuthorltlep.
you want to g*-i a rilee rinv rimom. I    in -    _, ......        r
.      ' . '.,    ",K nmem  I wiih a progrsmme«nd re tea imentB.
bur we can make anything you want,'
VT. H. Lively, Juweler,
Every Comfort and Convenience. 	
__   .        .... __ _      _,.    _. Llvuly ropiirB all ki-i la of
Resident Physican-  Hates: $2 a Day' Swiss and American watches.
Mary bad a little ring;
If slum with beautv rare.
She said it was her engagement ring
Aud was bought at Lively's store.
Mr. \Vi Campbell, who has lately
opened a carpenter ehnp in tbls city, is
now ready to receive contraole of any
Mr- Phomas Kitohin of Nanaimo has
opened up nn office lu this oft**. It is
In front, of B. L. Wood's tailor Bhop and
consi--iH of a p icklng bos ami a chair.
| AWAY |
|i THEY        if
' GO I i
is i*.
& it'
*. Toilmflvya slntili.   We nii.el at 5*
,-. nncn rerluns tbe mini' lo one half, g
'.   I*.iii* id.ili-  ..mil vi iw im.-111-111',i k  •,
:• '   '      . I
1       FURNITURE,
I Cooking Stoves and Ranges
.;   Trunks and Valises.
J5 11bbv Ortrriflili-B, Go OarlB, Now's
,.' tbe titne to buy, Dnn't pnt it iff.
iS Bnl ,!u ii now.
We Pay All Freight to
Ladysmith. |
GOOD  &   CO $
The Great Cash Furniture Store |
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday aud Saturday «t
The Leader Building, coiner of First Ave. and
Wrench Street, ladysmitli, Brillsli Columbia.
T, 1*. GRAHAM K, liDiTOK and 1'itt
Bv mail us Canada anu unitbd status.
Que year (stt Icily in advance) P »•
lz months (strictly iu advance)    - -5
TRAHSISNT—l-'lrst insertion ioc. n Hue; each
•ubMquml hi--.rl.tm $c. a Hue.
Kilt** on application. No wood ■.nils used.
Cuts for regular use should be nil metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Puucral notlceB,
■fitch Insertion 50c,
A-lverUsementa not inserted for a specified
time wilt be charged for until ordered to be uis*
T*HT3 LEADER will be found nl the following
l Hysittith-The I.etuler Office; The l,nd>simtti
Nu.11n.n10—K. Plmbury & Co.
v"ictorta—-Public library; Provtucird Library; nud
Vd dcoit«r—Public Library', and Hotels,
Nnw 'Vestmlnster—Public Library-
All cnanges in advertisements must be received
it 1 his office before 12 uoou lite day before
ti- •■■r.tibersiiat receiving paper regularly please
ter-ortto this office.
Ai. |ui> work .strictly cash on delivery.
i't iniient ttdvertisemcnls cash In advance.
Mr, Leigh Netherby is uuUioriatd to
collet-t accounts and receive pay men I uf
monevB due to The Leader duiiug my
absence from Ladysmith.
iiuirs   which.
It ib estiiuited thnt the Bjersbad
an army ol 80,HUD men. Tuis force ac ed
generally on the defensive, woe well
armtd aud knew bow to 'ride mul 01-001'
and take cover. Tuey were fighting in
their own country," where ihey knew
the lay of tbe land, anti had a banco!
euppliee in every farm bouse.
Given these condition?, nml it is douj)'.*
ful whether any European would ai-
tempt to conquer such an army with
even the force which Great Britain em
ployed, says the Daily Star. Tne ad-
Vantages poBees-ed hy the defence ie
now one of thet-oinmoitpiiiCtBof milltsrj
tactics; and we BbaU uot likely see an)
nation assume the oflenBive again unlets
assured of over wbel main superiority in
numbers or arme.
Certainly the British army in South
Alrica bae reason to be proud of its
achievement. It wns not a large force
pitted on even teims against a small
one; but a very euntll force doing work
which might well have taxed tbe ability
and courage ol a iar larger. When the
war comes to Iw contrasted with Borae
similar conilict, fought under modem
conditions, we will leu.ru in appreciate
fairly tbe magni fluent tliowing of out
army during the lust few years. Ami it
le doubtful whether we will properly understand it until s;e have some such tip-
to date war butWfleu well equipped uvt*
ltznd powere to contrast win .
European ofiicora who aceuinpuuiid
the British torees in tlie Held were frequently reported to have eivid tbat thoy
did not kuow any oilier troopB who
would have g-ine ahead ou some occasions when Tommy faced ''fearful oddB"
and overcame them, Thia cat easily be
credited; and otic ol the at-Bt-.B which
tbe Baitieb army will bring out ol the
Boer war is a epleudid army with the
prestige ul a splendid record.
'NaWFOUNDtAND    JS    BtlXiOUS    to   j .ill
Canada, and take ib slime of our
joyB and uorrowe. Brilh-li Columbia
■flit probably wahfcto secede ti tht Do-
mluiou Government does nit give ua
better treatment.—Ledge.
The Supreme Court and Editor Mao*
Adam nppear to hu sparling lor wind.
Unless the little iinplsasantnesH is out-
tied quickly It mav become necessary to
appoint ft new judge to attend to the
business of the court. If the rJIgi ity of
the supreme court of British Columbia
requires vindication the beat way would
be for the judgee by their conduct in
and out of court to inetit the ret-peclof
tbe public.   If the conduct ol our judgee
were without reproach, such crUluiaoi
as appeared in tbo Pay streak wottUl.be
received with contempt, by the public
In ihe oiher proviucea of Canada criticism of the bench by Ihe preflB ia not
Indulged ln, simply became the julgea
in their every dny action* show respect
for tbe",digulty of tne poslttone wbrcb
tbey are appointid to adorn, and not lo
Tin: Montreal Star, just io hand, gives,
a full account of Ihe Wi ■ttt-iiibter-Bliiun-
rcck lacroBea mutche for'tho Minto cup*
Ituppfiirs that the le.iuia were much
more evenly matched thnn the telegraphic reports would lead one lo
auppoae, Both gnmes wero closely contested from start to finish, but luck w..b
with the Kasteru team.
A GBKAT Borrow haa talleii upon Co*
routo, lb* good, and all the people i f
Canada wet p with ber. A riol occurred
tnete ibe imbt weft—a real, live ru*i,
daring which tbe rioters tulkt-d oaiHy
out loud and aimo tt came tu blows ttie
wkked, fliuful and brnlithted oreaMirei*!
This waB bad, ver) bad for Saintly Ti-
unit,1, VTiokedhebB at preeent appears
to be rampant in lhat idty, arid the utmost limit of buuifln tlegredhi'on -.v..a
reacbid laetSuudny wheu two <-i::k t-e
\k*?\v caught "red-handet]" selling soda
water! Just think ui ii; Belling plain
r-uda wnler without tbe necessary adjuncts to the stuff. Just Imagine the
mental status uf u people who would
drink audit water straight. Poor, wilful,
misguided Toronto I
7T    .+444444444444+4+4444444+44444444444444444444444+44444
r ■	
.-.-■  |JU  .:0.I U5i ■ ■ mX
X T. W. Fletcher, Sen., lias had thirty years' experience in sell-
t and repairing Sewing Machines in B, C. Ladies, to save you.
I unnecessary expense by exchanging your good machines, that cau
*. be n.iide as good as new at a trifling cost. Look into this matte-
J arid save money. Also bargains in household necessaries, Mm
I be sold.
Vint 11 niii iiiii
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Watlpap r, Curtains,
Crockery, Gliist-warc, Mu., Ute.
there Is Comfort In Our floods
Kvervihinv to iunii*»b a hf,me in
tnodesl o: t-labntate s'yb . Wrlle
for our large catalogue (free) illus-
trated aud priced (aBtore In itself).
it, **************************** j, I . 4ii+i,***♦♦»♦ »-.♦.--»♦,
Cor. First Avenue and Roberts Stre;t   i 11
tillltlfl )*+***-.**************♦,,>•! ,♦
..-rt:.::.t.:xt I..** ..-.ST.IStfV^.VHSV
Coal!   -   Coal!
Our entire;stock, of Millinery and Fancy Goods will be
sold Tor the next few weeks at Slaughter Prices, Now
Ls Your Chance to secure millinery cheap. Our stock
is well assorted, and we can suit all ages at prices that
will surprise you for cheapness. A cordial invitation
to all.
TitKhtteei news
to tho *■ fleet that
i-onvlri, -ill r.u eei
it, relieve the IT. 8.
lead i-uro will ha
n( Ma or.
Tuk 11 oi i r\   (
wood b. B. V   l» '
told ih. iiQin
Waehing'ou ie;
ty,  the escaped;
cotiiddo.ii mo.    Inn nipj.ly the ■ '■-[
maud,   tney k'-.i m .- - i ii -'fie ■•- : b a d
bad groittei  |.ii-eh   i rg  r» ■»■ r.     !•' ■ y i
veursa-io the pri e rl , n average  rl
placed upon the  "i!l ite    irtts iftori   'ii-''i
bull  wag»B.   To da)   I s  'lie Intra
tloii of imijliiui ij ib'at pe'ri-i iilu-'-^i-lii
■ luted   tu   le»s   tiinu   nne-riurtb;   i;-u|
workmflti'fl i-u chea lig p wer i* liniili ',
and the produ'-iou greatly excendB tie
demand,'  By the brgjttiizition ut true a
the sopplvia cunt rqllfid Uy the olijaiu_*
f fatitories and  ihe tliBmiesul ol eru-
ployees.   Now. nun Jie.Ing :\ human be*;
ing, has a right to exist,   II" received
his  being  froii   higher   than   lui.nan
power aud that higher  power uloitw t-sa
the right to take a.way.   If be baa a
right toexiel, bo doubtles-> hns might
to work, for onh by svork cau be exist,"
Fi-niiiliili-.it Jewelk,
Since solutions of imillne dyes poa- I
eess the property of imparting to gen- +
uiiie jinvela ns well as glass paste a I
deep, rich color If left long onong;b Im- T
morBed in tbem and since thoy possess 4
nlso the property of Injpni-tlng precisely 4
tbe characteristic color of n goimlue +
Jewel the swindler bus it not only in Ida +
power to dye cut glass paste, but also +
Inferior cut gems, of the color of a ! £
ruby, nn emerald or n sapphire, since ; +
fueb.SinG Is tbe handsomest ruby red j +
eliade, while bleu do Paris Imitates ab- j +
solutely that of tbe sapphire and anl- j r
line green that of the emerald, X
Such a fraud, however, enn be mnde
Btill more complicated by using genuine I ♦
off colored rubies, sapphires or inner- ! i
aids and dyeing thorn with tbe corre* j *
spending nnlllne dyes, thereby raising j *
tbeir value tenfold.   It is exceedingly i +
difficult to recognize this fraud because j X
tbo color of such a well corroded jewel ; +
can no longer be washed olT even with   *
hot water.   Only tlio bleactdng power 1-~
of sunlight might after 11 time assist In
revealing Hie swindle.
A  Cli-iin Cnw'i Tall.
The simple dovice here Illustrated j
fan bo used    in nearly    every   cow j ,,
BtOjble    to keep the tails clean   and ; ''l
j'vovent   the    cows from   switching : I '
<i "ing milking   in tly time.    A pleco ,
ol  heavy    cord, with a loop in each
+ + + 4.-*.4> 4 4-4.4-4 -; 4.>,.). + + .-. f
-4+4 444
iimp ihu.|
GOMIWiYjlTi). j
Miilitirncliirers or nil kimla "l +
lea*! d Dressed Lumber j
Mouldiiii?,! a'lis. Shingles, Etc,   J
I Wellington Colliery j
Company, Ltd. X
Welliiio-tor Coal   Host hottselioldcoal on the Pacific
j  Coinox Con?—Beit steam eoal ou  the Pacific Coast
1 Alexandria Coal—Virst-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are  mined only  by  the  Wellington Colliery Company.     Wharves at Ladysmith,
,   Clyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Haynes Sound.
fohn W. Cqb'urn, *
.   ■        .,   -   ;   -   -   ■   a.  -.44 (.^444*444
A. G. Wilson,
.,sl   -V.nr -   1-. ,  IVul.lljfii lii.li.
- Ill TOT)  S     '"        t>  ll.".    '.I'   HI..-1
. ... 10 —N IN tl UO. B
Head Office
na, B. C   j
Stin   r***i*anblftoo Agency,
Xmwmuir's SorisCo'y x
340 Stenart St. j
♦ ♦->♦♦ ♦♦♦♦4 + **-t4*->**t
*♦-*«♦ .4f.«t4«fte>*«*t
Nuggets Galore Found on a Cariboo
One thousand dollars in utiirneu front
BO cflttti to $25 hnve hern nicked up
fnmi tbe bed-rock of dun Lnng ' rlaim
on Dragon creek, Cariboo distri . il ib
eeiji-D:!, uiiyp ilic ifheroft .1 un-.l. No
clean-i p li p been matlt, bnl theft' 1 a*.
getf were picked up whila-j taking mi
Binall pleceB ol bedrouk. Tiiia claim Iibb
a record us it nuirgeli producer, l-n the
I trgest found tbla teacon U oiJ,ly aboti
tin ounce Slid n It iff.
In almoBl every particular Mr. Lang
euvB hia mjue Ib doing bolter than it bae
ever done. Tbe dirt ia easier to wash,
lehn InmidetB to hai die, and he believes
the yield ie- increasing, lie will mi.vi
llfly per *:• hi. more gravel ihaii la*ty-etlr
if the water h mild Bli'c?cn now-; wfiirh
U.iaiibl llkeb lo do. l;'if' *n ih 'U and
dollan-iy n iii.iii(*r»'R eMima-ir. fot -le
yield this BenB«u, aud that with u..]\
one moniior woihinu
Tub mine enietfl he liet of tllvidcudr
paytTH liiiu aeaaon, *Vbiuli gobrtiophtiw
that it inn grind ittV-perrf, 1 -r ahb ■r.gli
Mr. Lwme brtL ri.".i] Avufkio' ll lor five
or aix yeare it w»b only fairlv opeuetl up
IuhI, Reason. The untio .irr.iwflin»r ih
are very i o'lnfm t hie mid Mr. LingOuUe
ol the kiriiiei-i uf hosts. Trie wagon rotfd
commuiu'ed Ifiat jt'ai;, Btbpped flhoijt.fl
mile from tbo mine, but, i'i wtn.ld.riot
have Btoppcil there if ibe minttjler ol
01 public workri bad to travel it,
h**M**f *■.'-."*
efrephlog di
Lasers and Stout
I llttisn Brewing •So.'s
t        Lag
I ii
X Nanainio, B. C.
.K-....H ■.•-.".•■.•■K-!--l--fr-H 1 - -
end, is fastened above tbo cow at
a, nnd the other end slipped round
bor tail na shown. When she lies
clown Ibis will keep her tull out
of the gutter nnd lilib. When about
to milk, hung tho cord o\or u booju
or hook at b, which will pull tho
tail   above liana's way,
Our reputation an British Oidunibln'n
premier tailor wan not won btt misfits,
or shoddy, or hold-up pricea; hut on fit,!
workmanehip, quality, apd reaeonablej
leeB,   Caldwell, Nanaimo. (
For Burly Ulinhi.il).
Give the rhubarb plants in tbo garden a heavy dressing of fine old compost. If you wislt a fow .early
stocks, place kegs or boxes over
some of tbe plants and heap over
them somo heating horse mnnnrn,
ruin-In Her riinti-ntiMl.
A lady friend of the writer who hofl
long been anxious to havo her husband sell tbe farm nnd move to
town because of the loneliness and
Isolation of farm life under tbo
old conditions hits been converted
and made entirely contented and
happy on her farm homo by tho
placing of a telophpfto in tho home,
the passing of a rural mail routo
by the door ami the Installment
of a small gas plant and WolsbaCh
burners in tho homo. When those
moments come, as lliey so often do
to the lives of women so isolated,
tbat it just seems as though thoy
must talk to some one and say
somoibing, tlio telephone gives every
opportunity, while tlio rural mail
route, bringing tbe daily paper, puts
ber in touch with the busy world,
and tho gus plant saves her the bother of cleaning those nasty old
lamps. Now our friend Is entirely
contented and would not sign the
deed of the farm even If In-r husband wanted to sell, There Is
BOinetblng for oilier men with discontented wives lo think of In this
Sillies of Ladismsth
All Citizens of Ladysmitli,
B. C, nre respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Board of Trade.
Objects; The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Notary Public*
M KM-I--!----HH-H-M^
rierely A Reminder \
Of tlie fact tlint the Leader Job Room is %
now doing all kinds of Printing—com- j
niercinl, lc|rul and society—at very reason- j
able prices.
We Print
i-l-:-. ■•■•K--M"H--r+-M.+-M"i.-M--.-M-
t -liener H-a.l.
5 -Bill ll-nils
j —S'Hniin.nis
-Note Hi-mis
—Mi' raiiilnin Heail.
- |.:-v-l..|i...
- —Iiiiflli.i'se C.i.'Is
—Si.,is Oililli-BH-s
— 1,'IMtl   Will llS
—VVitlilliiii li.viiations
; —Funeral Aiiii.ntnit'ineiits
. — Ttrlieia
- I'l'Mi.Hiiniiis
;.           - I'm, ptili-te
— l'„llli|..|!lll,S
-WlMli.W fu.l'
■1-1--M-!--M-I-H-I.+-I -I--I-!***** <■■:
HverythinK    -r
lliivitiK tlie latest type faces nnd borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the   best  work—Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room i
Ladysmith, - R, c.     |
**********#*** ig********4 .J. 1 +W.+.r.r+.V.MH>W.+*+H>+t+s>4V+++.*
Cimvsyaiicer, Ete.iDo You Know?.
Commissioner Supreme Court ot
It.C , Estate and Insurance Agent.
— Offices — i
ihe Eapijinatie, - i-udjsniitii, b c j Nfinalmo Clothing Renovntory
. Nesr llriinil nnil I 'rant, lintels.
lull tlio wult'ivi! i'ii is fine, vfi.v
lue.    All imr wink is ininritiiteeil.
Uanaimo. B. G.
Sheet   Music
llwanait. ail J Deit—Be. and lOu. .copy.
til Intent sonitiniul place..
ilusical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc,
Opposite Nstmitnu Hutel.
NANAIMO, B, C. P. 0. Boi 42(1.
I,eluer *st iiiimiiurKi-i■'»
Seattle Daily Times
The livilb-pi paper in the Northwest.
Weekly edition a complele record of
Ihe world's ne\vn to dub*. Hnorf,
liollHoi*, pnelt-ty, tvruneii's, lnti'n-i.tf,
young folk's ilopnrtmeiit, literntnrt*
science, art, music.
i Weekly M-mielliptr
SmIIIi, With.
Nolimly can niTotil to be wlthom ll. All the
I -ck's-rnr-litc news of the week. I'lirm, fielil. uar-
ilen, sisirt, anelety. lleaiillfnl llluslrallmis anil
liair tones.   Hnniple copy on nnrillcatioli.
All For Ont Dollar i Yiar. LADYSMITH LEADER.    JOLY 12. 190*.
■..«-.«...-e-.-o,.. ®..8e-.-e-.-©-.e • a.•*>..
/\;ND w * w
Many cows nre uot -worth keeping.
There Is no surplus of nun t cuttle In iho
huiil, but no desirable young animal
should be sacrificed Hint promises usefulness In tbe neur future even though
for a few months it Is kept at n disadvantage, says J. W, Yule of Connecticut, To profitably fallen u loan animal
or any other kind on purchased feed
Is an uphill business, yet the manure
is valuable and "might pay for the wire.
As for the best way to fatten much depends on the animal, us to ago, breed,
etc. I never am troubled to sell my
Devons nt n good price, wbieb, according to figures, ranges from .'j!25 to $-18,
and good beef too. I should consider
it impossible to make good ment from
some cowb I hnve seen. Many unprofitable cows could be put to raising
calves without any grain, This would
continue their usefulness and at the
same time raise cuttle for future use.
A good way to feed for beef Is where
roughage Is plenty go a little slow
at first, Increasing grain later ou. Any
kind of roots Is valuable. If their
analyses are not high, still their mechanical effects are good, assisting in
tbe digestion, counteracting the beating effects of grain and giving a good
relish for food. I would not use comment alone. Cobmenl might do, but
provender would bo better. A good
ration would be half Cornmeal and half
good wheat bran, and toward the finish add a small quantity of cottonseed
meal, according to tho age and condition of the creature feeding.
A CliHinplon  Sliiii-tliiirn.
The Shorthorn bull Duke of Cornwall was first nnd ehampion nt the
mnu:: of cuunwalij.
ltoyal Cornwall show, 1001.   lie wns
bred by \V. .1. Hoskcn, Loggnn's Mill,
lloylc, Cornwall, nnd Is the property
of Hacienda Kl Pnrral, Chile.
How to Fim-iI Cot ton Need Menl.
It Is uot wise to feed cottonseed men]
excessively to fattening cattle, says
.Professor W. A. Henry In Breeder's
Gazette. Tbls Is done In the south,
where the meal is comparatively cheap
and com relatively high. In some of
tbe feeding establishments in the south
fatten tug steers are allowed leu or
twelve pound;- of eotlOnsoed menl daily
as their sole grain feed mul have cottonseed hulls ior roughage. The steers
on this allowance fatten rapidly, bi.i
after eight or ten weeks feeding they
are liable to become blind from the excessive use of this single rich feeding
stuff, lt Is most unfortunate for one
tu feed lu this manner. Far better Is
It to mix cottonseed meal uml comment together than to feed either one
Concernliiir Sorirlnim,
We have never known of a enso of
either first or second growth sorghum
or Kafllr com injuring cattle after being cut up and thoroughly dried, says
11. M. Cottrell of tbo Kansas oxpet'l*
ni(*tll station. We have hover known
of n i-nse of either first or second
gl'nwth sorghum or Kaffir cum Injuring
bos, fed either green or dry in any
stage of maturity. Sorghum buy Is not
nearly so good a hog feed as either alfalfa or clover, but where neither of
these Is available lt wlll pay to feed
the sorghum.
Curl up: of TootliNonie tlncon.
The night before meat Is snlted down
make a strung pepper tea, anys n Ken*
tuekliiii lu Farm and Home. 1'ut n
strlug of red pepper lu wnier nml lei it
stand ou tbe stove until ready for use
next morning. If you haven't ti, cayenne wlll do. Add two heaping ten*
spoonfuls of sollpcter lo every two gallons of ten, and pour the hot lea ou ibe
salt. Salt lightly to mu (be blood off.
Let the meat lie packed In this throe
days. Then overhaul the meat First
put on a teaspoonfttl of pulverized saltpeter ou the flesh side of bums and
shoulders and rub It lu, nnd as you put
tbls on salt down with common molasses, bluck pepper ami suit mixed. It
should be about the color of brown
sugar. Pack close for ten dnys; tbeii
take lt up aud rub it and pack It back,
Tbls will be the third handling. Sometimes It Is necessary to mid a little
more salt. Hang iu about three weeks
from time bogs are killed. Before
hanging wash the meat and roll in
hickory ashes; then smoke with hickory wood nnd corncobs. Canvas the
hams lind shoulders fn February. Never let meat freeze before malting the
first application; It Injures the tissues.
Wheal ni n Hon; Pood,
Results obtained at the WlscoitslU
experiment station show Hint there Is
practically no difference In tin* quail*
tlty of pork produced from Ibe same
weight of wheat or com. In four trials
an average of 41)1) pounds of ground
wheat wero required to produce 1(H)
pounds of gain In live welgbl. In two
trials with comment 4!>.s pounds were
required to produce UK) p minis of guin.
When a mixture of equal parts of
wheat and corn wits fed, better results
were obtained thnn when either wheat
or corn was fed alone. It required 480
pounds of mixed wheat aud corn, half
and half, by weight to produce 100
pounds of train lu live weight.
7 ron.vriniii, 1002, iij- tin- T
? S. S. RluClnru Comjmn>   f
Young Bliss hadn't exactly turned
tramp when be first met with old Merely of the Biliglium County bunk, but
lie had been out of work for n year or
more and "was seedy nnd discouraged
uml wandering If lie hadn't belter go
and bang himself. At tbe Snllai'svllie
depot be pulled old Morely out of the
way of n wild engine and saved his
life. The old mini looked him over and
"Young mnn, ccmo up to Grafton tomorrow and have u talk with me.
You'll (Ind ute at the bank."
On tbo morrow, having stolen a ride
on a freight train, young Bliss appeared nl the bank, and old .Merely said
"I'll give you a place ut $!"> a week.
You ean go to work in tbo morning."
That wns the old man's way. Ho
never required h bond or asked for
references, It1 lie decided to take a
new man on In the bank or let an old
man go, it was all over in five minutes, lie expected n man to be prompt,
honest, .mil to work for his Interest
alone, and be never bud a word of
praise. In addition to the brink, he
owned a woolen mill, n big stone quarry and u flouring mill. Young Bliss
went to work lu the woolen mil) as assistant to the manager, and for six
months lie seemed to hnve dropped
out of the old man's sight. He bad
Inkeii held with great earnestness and
more than earned bis sulary. lie was
hustling' around one day when old
Morely came in and said:
"There seems to be more In you than
I thought for. I am shifting Mr. Craig
to tlfo biuik, and you can take his place
and salary."
Mr. Craig was the office superintendent, subordinate to tbo general manager of the mill, atitl young Bliss bad
(tiled the position for several months
without criticism when three incidents
happened in a day.
The lirst wan his rescuing Joe Hover,
on Idiot whom a lot of other boys were
harassing and annoying. The Idiot
looked at Bliss a long time, as If seeking tu impress the picture on his mind,
and turned away uttering a queer gab-
ble of words.
Tlie second was a dispute with
[antes Richards, tbe hank cashier, over
ins uuNoit.
ii bit of carelessness some one else was
responsible for, nnd tbe third was
mooting Minnie Morely, tbo old man's
daughter, for the first time as she returned I mm ;i school lu the east. Much
incident was but n trifle at the time,
but each was to have a bearing ou bis
Richards, who was a single man of
thirty, nt'rogaiil mid overbearing by
nature, demanded servility from all his
subordinates. He elected to look upon
young Bliss In that light, ami the few
hut woids lhat passed between tbem
made iiim ilili-st for revenge, lie had
imped-In his own mind for two or three
years past to lind favor lu .Minnie
Morely's eyes and become the banker's soii-lulaw. Qucerly enough, he
hud made nn enemy of the fool hy
roughly bouncing bim off the bank
steps on two or three occasions.
I wo weeks after the day uf Incidents
young Bliss had to call at llie Morely
residence on a matter of business and
was. Introduced lo the daughter. During the nexl four weeks lie met her
.several times, nud lit length the jealous
eye of u third parly eame to the conclusion lhat it would develop Into n
case of love If not broken up. Tbat
[bird party was the bank cashier, and
he did not have to go far for a plan
All the hands al the quuiTy nud tit"
mills went paid onco u month. The
monthly pay roll amounted to between
SH.UU0 and tfUKH), and In tils new pusl
lion young Bliss made up the roll,
placed Ihe cash iu envelopes anti hand
ed It over lo heads of departments.
Tho quarry was two miles from town,
the mills n quarter of a mile farther,
nnd tlie trip wns made in a buggy. Aa
lite country was opened ami settled the
Idea of robbers was absurd. Tbo mon
ey mib always placed In n satchel nt
the hunk on the lid of the month, pro
vhliiig llie date did nut fall on Sunday,
and Bliss carried It to tho mill tu place
It In envelopes.
lie hud gone through tbls programme
three times and had driven out for the
fourth when a circumstance occurred
lhat sltook llie town of- tJraflon to Its
foundations. When he opened tbe
satchel nt the mill to take oat tbe
money, he round nothing but newspapers In It. Lie miturally argued that
lite cashier bud made some blunder
and was not at all uneasy In his mind
ns he drove back to have it rectified,
To bis amazement, however, Richards
insisted that the money bud been inclosed as usual, and almost ul once he \
dunged Bliss with trying to work a
Protestations availed nothing. Tbe
money was not produced, and young
Bliss wns arrested. The conclusion
was reached that he must hnve met
and pussed'tbe money to u confederate.
Old Morely was satisfied that tbe
young man hnd yielded to temptation,
nnd the cashier was particularly bitter
against blm. Before the day of trial
came there appeared to be but one person In Grafton who doubted bis guilt.
That was old Morely's daughter.
Their oequuhitoiiee bad not gone beyond admiration ou bis side and esteem
on hers, but she gave him credit for
sterling qualities and was persistent ln
bis defense. When tbe trial finally
came off, tbe cashier swore to having
deposited $8,450 In the satchel and
handing It to young Bliss, and tbe accused could only assert that when be
opened tbe satchel after reaching the
mill there wns uo money iu It. This
was no defense.
The jury was being charged, and
there was no doubt in any one's mind
as to tbe verdict, when .Too, tbe Idiot
arrived with a pnekuge under bis arm.
The officers tried to put bim out, but
be resisted vigorously and walked
straight up to the desk of the Judge
and handed up bis package.
"It's tbe stolen money!" exclaimed
bis honor us be tore off the wrapper.
There was instant excitement, and a
dozen men begun to question tbe boy,
Joe stood with a smile and pointed
from the money to the cashier, who
was in court to hear tbe verdict. When
pressed to talk, he giggled and beckoned tlie officers to follow bim. He led
them into the dark alley on oue side
of the bank and Into a side door open-
lug un a room UBcd for the storage of
fuel. Then, thrusting his bnnds deep
into A barrel of straw, he mode motions that tbe money had been found
there. He went further. He mnde It
plain that be bud been looking through
tbe barred window on tbe alley side
when .lames Richards bid the money
weeks before.
lt was all so clear, fool though he
was, that tbe cashier admitted lita
guilt. Of course public opinion whipped about In no time at all, nnd young
Bliss walked out of jail with bis chap
acter cleared, but only three or four
people could understand why tbe cashier should have put up such n job to
ruin an Innocent mnn. Bliss flgnred It
out, old Morely caught on after a bit,
and the young lady In tbe case blush-
Ingly admitted that she half suspected
from the first. The idiot owed one
man n debt of gratitude and another
mnn tt debt of hate, and be paid tbem
both nt once and caused people for
years after to shako their heads nnd
"Yes, Joe's n born fool nil right
enough, but don't you go to believing
tbat be hasn't got brains hidden down
the bnck of his neek!"
Kind neat Did More Thnn Moua.
Broadway cars and vehicles wore
blocked In tt jam. The old horse
wouldn't move. Ills driver stood niter
niitoly storing nt him in despair and
beating him with it heavy whip, but
neither blows nor words would move
him. lit; laid buck Ids ears and stood
stock still. A crowd gathered, watched
and commented.
"Build a fire under him," suggested
one. I
"Stick a pin ln him," advised another.
Again tbe driver laid on tbe whip
more heavily than before, but it was
no go. dust then a man stepped out of
the crowd.
"Let me have a try," he said.
lie walked up to the old horse and
laid bis band on his head.
"Come, old boy; buckle down to it,"
and lie patted blm gently. The horse
turned his old head nnd looked at the
stranger. I
"Come," he continued; "havo another
try; buckle down to It," and ho stroked
his neck.
The old horse understood at last.
Ills limbs gave n quiver, uml tbe truck
moved ahead.—New York Tribune,        ,
Tlie Sciential*' Oetit to Prnnklln.
Benjamin Franklin was one of the
most em-nest and tireless of scientists.
Ills discoveries nre classed among tho
must remarkable of his age. They wero
ns extensive aud brilliant as tbey were
deep ami mysterious. He outran the
most celebrated English electricians In
the race fur new discoveries. He gave
form nnd dignity to the science of electricity and raised the science lo a high
rank among the must useful aud distinguished nnd also gave It n philosophic standing second lo none of tbo
discoveries of the eighteenth century.
To Benjamin Franklin are due many
uf the must useful discoveries In electricity. His clear eyes of prophecy saw
the glorious triumph of his favorite
science, and somewhere he may be
watching the grand illuminations resulting from his successful efforts In
boll ling u Hash of lightning. He was
the Hist mail to succeed in Imprisoning
the mysterious currents of electricity.
Cnt» Among the KtrriHinnn.
The tutelar deity of cats was Dlnnn,
nnd, according to Plutarch, tbo cut wns
not only snciid to the moon, but wns |
an emblem of It.   Hence cuts weru |
iron ted with peculiar consideration in
tho Inml of the plnil'iiolis, the death of
one being regarded ns n great family I
misfortune.    13g>plltt.)   cat   funerals
wereccleluated wiih llie greatest pomp
nml ceremony, their late owners show* j
lug respect by shaving off their eye- I
brows apd wearing stiekcloth for nlno j
days.   In Mm time of Muses It was n
capital crime to kill a cut, and we nro
told by Dludorus how a Roman soldier
wbo killed one was tiled,
and finally put te death.     ,
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex-1
ceptional advantages
Headquarters of the  coal   shipping  industry of the Pacific Coast.
I It is the largest railway centre in  British I
1       Columbia. !J
I    l i —l . —an—
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
duciion works to be erected here.
First class water  system,  electric  light I
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 tuoudis.
livery facility for manufacturers and nil |
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysnr^
The Dominion Express man
dropped in hernlheothere-jenini*
five parcels of neckwear, .Sf) dozen in the lot.
408 TieB to ehooae Irom. They're
in half dozen boxeB, three patterns to eaeh hnx. il'M ehaneee
tocateh your idea of a pet feet
tie. We get new ueekwear every
week regularly.
25c to 75c.    Wash Ties 10c to 25c
To arrive before Saturday — 8
dozen more of those American
fthirtB — They'rB coming from
The Henley Regatta-Titus Defeats
x x
In coiiBequenue of the unusual num.
ber of competitors for the diamond rtculls
and in order that none of the eleven
et'iiUeia will be obliged to.row two beats
the same day, three preliminary bents
were decided Thursday. Titus of the
Union Boat club of New York beat
Louie ScIioIob of tbe Don Bowing club
of Toronto by a length and a half. Time,
8:83, Tbe send-off watt beautiful, Titus
'. caught the water first, but Seholee, put-
ting more power into bis wirk, afler a
few hi rod en had the lend. They weie
pulling 37 for the first minute. Si holts
gradually increased hia lead and was B-x
feet ahead of his opponent at Temple
island. Titus, however, spurted levul
wilb llie Toronto oarsman several times,
and the biggest load Suboles ever hud
; was three quarters of a length. The
; bulf-way mark, was reached in 4 minuteB
j aud 0 seconds.
j Going along the meadows Tllus put
j on a great spurt and abuoBt got up even
! with hie compeiitor, but Scboles got
lawny again, it wae a grand race to
Phvllla court, when Tit us fairly spurted
to tin* front. Scboles responded gamely
but was never able to get on even terms
again, At tho grand stand TittiBilrew
clear aud went away, winning a very
flue race.
J. Bereslord. of the Kensington Rowing elub, beat EC. Juhnson, of the Twickenham Mowing cluh, by two nnd a hall
lengths.   Time, 8:47.
II, B. Etheriugton-Smlth, of the Le.
antler Rowing club, heat L, X F. Pro-
val, n( the Club Nautique, of Nice, Italy,
easily.   Time, S:43.
♦♦f*m+-m*m*"* ♦♦♦•*■♦ ♦ ♦♦>■♦♦■+
To-dav Is pay day at tbe New Vancouver Coal company, Nanaimo.
The grading for tbe siding for tbo Tyue
emelter is being rapidly pusued lo completion. 	
Mr. Davis, late ol the Portland hotel,
will shortly open hi<a new boarding In.nre
on First avenue.
Don't fail to Bee G.II, Oavin's samples
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon'!) oftiue,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at as-
tonlihlngly reasonable prlceB.
It Is rumored tbat W. T. H.ddle & Co.
of Nanaimo will open a branch stoie in
Ladysmith In the near [mure.
A surprise was given to Mr. aud Mrs,
R. Dunsmore on Thursday evening last,
a number uf their friends were titere
(orthe evening and had an enjiynble
Procrastination has loet many a man
hii life's opportunity, but men clothed
ip Caldwell's Nanaimo elegant Bummer
suitings have oppot.uuiti thrust upon
:jThe well-known Nanaimo dressmaker is piepared tn make skirts
from $2.oo up. All work personally supervised, guaranteed, and
McADlE BLOCK,       Victoria Crescent
Johnston Block, '   ■     Nanaimo, B. C
P.O. Box,37,Tel. 145.
Visits   Ladyemith   every Saturday.
Hours from 0 a. m. till 5 p. m.
Abbotsford Hotel.
Tin; kim.\
Ground ban been broken [or the erection of the temporary arena Bt Fourteenth and Valencia streets, S.M Francisco, .where Champion JanwB J. Jt fines ir, to meet 1, tb Fuz-iinimoiis on .Ink
26. The San Frahoisco Athletic club,
which ie to bring ulT the clnimpionabip
battle, han a contractor under bouds to
complete tbe structure by July %
Tho ,.'!aua for_the new arena embrace
eeveral novel it.novatioiiB, and tbe
ring itself will be in plain eight of all
wbo attend the light. There is to he. a
seating capacity of 8,000, with th** «
facilities for lighting ihe ring.
From Harbin i-vrm^a, where Ob'
plou Jeffrti-D is trebling, and I *>m
bkagga Springs; where Lanky Bo'
preparing fur bis lile'n fituijigle, oontpf
the report tbat boili pugilists are be. it-
ing to their woik witb iucraaEed zeal,
and tbat Bines (heir momentary relax i*
lion on (hu Fourth of July, hsve be« n
early on Ibe highways for their accustomed Hpins, and late in the gymnasiums, where tralnerB pit their ekill
BgaUiBt the fighters. Harry Corbett,
wbo iw now boj turning in the neighborhood of both training places, eaye he ex*
leets bis brother Jim there anon,
A laige contingent of sporting men ie
gathering at.Harbin nml SkaggB.
Sanitary Warranio.1 Wall Paper;
Plitin Ingrain anil Figured Paper!.
All with Borden anil Ollinss lo
match. Fall Hue of nil kinds kept
in stock at,
Commercial St. NANAINO, B.C
If it is a nice clock you are looking Ior
we have them from $1.00 tu $18.00.. W
H. Lively, Ladyemitb'B Leading Jeweler
Ladysmith hae before it, andjj if by hia
own endeavors and personality he can
in any way ennMbutp fn tbr- ***ihnil(lirnr
of the city, he will make it lilB pleSBtir-
able interest to give hie beet energies to
tbat end.
Sheriffs and Bloodhounds Cannot
Catch Him.
It, aeeniB that neither a Walla Walla
bloodhound nor a Cudihee apecial can
catch Tracy. The Oregon convict is like
Waring, uf whom tbe poet of confusion
asked, " What's become uf Waring since
be gave tie all the slip?"
So the cry in Sea'tle ie, " What's become of T.acy?"
And Cudihee says. " Dou't bother
Tbe flu-rill" went to Madiron on the
lug Sea Lion on a chase alter the con*
vicL but eent word bark to Seattle that
be could secure no clue to the man's
wberea hunts.
The move of the convict from Ititbell
to Meadow point, thence to Port Madison ami down Admiralty inlet flustered
the oflicers, wbo Innocently thought
they bad Tracy cooped up In a barn at
linlhtdl. Tliia move by him demoralised
their plans and thoy sent to Walla Walla
for more bloodhounds.
Tlieqnestion'uow le, is Tracy in British-Columbia?
The probability seems to point to his
being in the bounds of the province, It
Ib thought by a good many people tbat
the outlaw will bead for the Island.- of
the gulf, II indeed he is not biding ntnuriE
them at this "moment. The provincial
police have received instrui'llona to keep
a fbarp lookout for bim among Ihe
islanda and if he does noma on this aide
of the line bin capture nr death bhould
only be a (.neetiou of a few hours there1
i fter.
Seeing that the police of Spalt'e have
]..i!ed to find tbeir quarry, thev have
had to turn to another olaas of pro-
f B-loual man-hunters, tboae of tbo In-
d'8*; Territory. Tho Wilson Broa., who
ue among the fotemoat in thia claes,
),.,. . derived ou ibe const with iheir
LuootlhoundB and will got on the trail of
th   in .u from Oregon.
in sm '.  in imvei.r.
!'.. i football match played between
the Winnipeg touring team nud Gait,
resulted in a lie, neither aide scoring.
Trie game was well played on both eidee.
C'jt.sidering the vtrv warm weather, tlie
attendance wae uuueui My good.
Tin:   WHEEL.
At the Coliseum, P.ttBbmg, Howard
Freeman broke the worjd'e record for
iwenty miles by going the dietaneo iu
211:08 4*5, as bgainst Hairy Klkea' time
of 20:10, Tbe race wan twenty miles
straight, away, motoi-p:\ceil, between
Freeman and Tummy .Hall. Hall waa
given hall a mile handicap. Freeman's
lime for live miles wae 7:00 2 5, ten
miles U.2S 2-5, fifteen miles 21:47 U*6
twenty mllea 20:08 4-5.
HUM.   Ol'   HIAI TV   IK A.Mil
The SncRwtN-WiLum P*mrs
Ladysmith.       - B. C.
Agent for S. W. Paint.   McClary'a
S JFee and Ranges.
We bud ihe pleasure of a call from Mr,
Tu.maH Kitcbin un Thursday, who has
heeu taking a general look around thu
townaite, and be expressed the pleuatue
im felt at the fight of the many tine
buildlnga aritiiiiti on all sidea, but aa he
uttkVtl na to point out, aa the heading
Indicates, that a thing of beauty is a joy
forever, ami in no case Ib it moio applicable than to the style of building ol
liHiiee. and be uoticea in eeyeral directions where for a simple outlay of $50 in
a little bit of taste bow many places
could have been made a lasting pleaeure
to the owner and to the general public,
inatead Of U.ing ae tbey are lo*day, au
eveaoie and a dt.trin.ent to ihoae who
have spent their money and done their
duty to Ladysmith and added to tbo
value of their properly by putting up so
many nice buildings which are ornaments to the city.
Mr. Kitcbin ia well aware of tbe position of many who could not do as they
would wish to, aud trusts they will take
thia friendly hint In the manner in
which it is intended.
He says he cannot but Bee unmistakably the brilliant future the City of
It is dlflloult to get at tbe truth nl Liu
internal condition ot Russia, but it.ere
is growing evidence, il il con be depended upon, that the state of the
country ia one nf considerable unrest.
For example, It ie stated that Bala bos*
-iiu if, the student who killed the minis-
ter of the interior, statd at lis trial
that he had a host of accompllces and
that llu-y would wage war against the
anthoritie". until their wrongs were re-
d re wed, Incidentally be a tilled that tbe
czar was safe, fur the people llkt-d hlni
and his pergonal eafo'.v would ha loyally
respected. Tbe spirit nf many in Hni-
aia is no doubt echoed by tho acouaod'fl
words. "I am In your hands," hf *aid.
" T)t> with me what yuu like, We neither
expect nor aak for grace or me-rv.. We
are working for those wbocome aber on,
We expect nothing lor ouraelveB."
Str, Indiana Makes Her First
at This Port.
Catholic Church—Set viceB every Sunday aa follows: Mass at 10 a. in. Benediction at 0 p. ui.
Str. Indiana from Seattle frr No-re
ports cubed here Thurf-day for a load to'
fuel aud a cargo of back coal.
Str. J. L. Card waB in Wednesday for
a cargo of coal for tl.e iS.---.t river can*
Sir, O'ler airivtil Tmred-tj fit. i load
of bnnl  f coal.
Str. lldatle tailed for Union with a
load of Wellington coal Thimday.
Tug PiImn sa arrived Wedtn-nley with
a eeow lor a loud ui bunker coal.
Batque Antiope completed her cargo
yeBlerday and will be luffli d to sea loiiaj
Str. Tellus is hIiiul duo here fir a
load of Wellitigibn coal.
1*1 It SOW I..
Mis. Seriven went down tu Ward'a
ranch Wedneaday for a visit.
Mv, T, Kiddie paid Victoria a visit
Wednesday laat.
Mra. P. IL M..raball vteited the capital on Wednesday.
Mre. Wateon ia making a visit lo
friends in Vancouver nnd New Weet*
Wm. Beveridge viallcd N.-uiaimn Wednesday,
Dr. Tunibull viaa in Nanaimo Wednesday.
Mr. W, Rawllnaon of Nanaiino vielted
Ladysmiih Wednesday.
Mrs. Oasaidy and children have gone
to tbeir ranch for a lew  ilaya'vacation.
Mr. J. W. Coburn returned from the
capital on Wedneiday.
Mr. T. D. Conway went down lo Oho-
niftiiitia Wtrdiieaday.
Mr. F. Kelly of Nanalmo paid Ladysmitli a vlait nn Touraday.
L. O. McKiim ol New Westminster
wae in town hint week,
Dr. VVaBBau returned to ISxtension on
Thursday 11101111111*.
TiilMjiK ivoutii  Kssivn:..
Gold la Seventeen times heavier than
An ordinary piano contalna a mlh) bf
piano wire.
The average coat, of a convict in prieun
ia £'J'2 10.-. per annum.
The must prolific fiah ia tho cod. It
lays 45,000 e-jge yearly.
It taket nearly four pout.da of giapea
to make a bnltlu of wine.
It ta said that there Is never an odd
number of rowa iu an ear of euro.
A chimney 115 feat high will, wlthoUi
tlariKi-r, si!ay ten Inchon In n wind,
In a lite time ol 70 yean the blood
driven by « ojan'a heart travels *i.202,000
An average pair ot engine driving
ft heels ruu*60,77B miles before they are
worn out.
A eing'e I'or.oun of tue ordinary t-ilk
worm will frequently give a double
thread 1,100 fei-l in length.
Morn aoldiera commit fmtuide thai)
men of any oilier prufe.alon. Brer
aellera come second and doctoiB third.
! A pair of giovea p.ise through about
I two hundred harxla from the moment
I the skin leaver* the dressers until the
gloves are purchased by llie Intending
I wt•■•■'t"'•
j Work on the new school house bae
started again. Mr. Am.I, the omtrac
tor expects to have it completed lu a
1 couple of mouths.
Church of Kiglaud—July 13, Seventh
Sunday after Trinity.   Morning service
LL a. m.,8unday echool 2:30 p.m,
A. Hcrivkn, Mlflsionaiy in Charge.
Firat Presbyterian—July IS, morning
service at 11, Sunday B'-hool 2:30, evening Eervice7:30. B"eningeut'j-..i: "Tne
proportions uf life."
Melhodist Chareh—Bev. W. G. Tanner will conduct the service here in the
evening. In the morning he will be at
South Wellington at 11 a. m.; and will
address the Ladysmith Sunday school
n 3 iu the afternoon.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but. Ui.li.ti I^tlior employed,
M. J. BOOTH, -        Briprletor.
All aecounti against the Ladysmith
Celebration Committee are rtqueeted to
he handed tn the secretary not later
than the 15.h inst.
J. W. l\iburn, Chairman.
W. ,1. Martini), Secretary,
Sealed Tonders for supplj ing iee cream
anil pott drinkB for moonlit-lit excursion, Saturday evening, July 2ttth, (dance
nn board), from Ladysmith and return,
will be received by the undersigned up
• 0 Saturday, July ltlth.
Low-et or any tender not m-cRRparily
accepted. F. D. PELKKY.
P. O. Box, 338, LadyBinith, B. C
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattreBe making al
Onpi. Dlllou'fl Oflit-e, Esplanade, where
aamplea can be seen.
Guy H, Cavin, Ladysmith.
Maple Lodge, No. 6s, I.O.O. r.
Meets every Wednesday .veala* la
Nieholirln'i Hall. Visiting m.mbere
nre cordially invited.
banner LODGE
No. 31,
Meets every \Ve.liitsilnv evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Visitors conllally iuvitetl.
• IIUI1K ItUM'ON, Bee.
tVeelii-tjtofi lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meets every Friday in I. O. O. F. ball at
1:30 p.m.
J. W. LEWI8, See.
J. McDonald
Aj-nt 'or B 0 Pilfer. Company.
C ilmn-v Phi., 8n»er Pipe.Hullry
Traps,,-!., Y«, Bi-mls. Tllei and
Grates. .    ..,'...	
High St., Ladysmitli
Made and repaired. All work
Gnarauterd. Ir.specliun Invited.
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
Saddler and Harnmmaker
Mall nrdern promptly attended to.
Prices reasonable. Buggv harnens
Irnm $8. Ktpreaa harness from $18.
Team hariieeB from |30.     .   r   .   .
Big stock of trunks ard valise--.   Trunks
Irmii $2.   Valiaea from 50c,
The Crescent,       —       NANAIMO, IX
Ice nol.l l.niii.iiiKile, Sufi I)i Inks of
all Kimls.    Fruits, Pallry, Bread.
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
CAI.I. AT Till:
Copyrights *&c.
,v-iiiiii-,i i* probably nat^UwIo. Cuiiiiiiiiiilcii-
immi'ii-it'iijrci.iitliltaiilitl. IIiimliinok-Dii I'litonti
frt-i-., iMih-Mt iip'iit-v f.iri.".'iiiiiii;iui:i'iiii'.
 ...i inliuii tRrouall MUlin k Co. receive
ij'rcnil midri', * It limit uhiimo, In tho
Scientific JUncrican.
A linmlnnmcl,- llltmlriitftil Wt»Wr.   f-ar-iMt cir-
I'.iliiili'ii i-r nny... it'iiiiiin jnnriitil.   1 t-i'tiis,|H a
tour i rmir montlHi ft, SoiJ byaii ntwitlMlan.
MBKS & Co.3B*B«"«,"""'*New York
Hi-.i..'li tlitlco, iKa V r<t.. WachtOKiott, I). U.
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
T Mi
'i.-eBi ,vt •*.4"Me--'i»f-fs.!* fisil:
-yj ^.f»-t^-ii#i-*^-t^-«i*'t*''**'41*'*i*'**i'
,    $
ll   j
Cnrpenti r, Joiner and Undertaker
(kneral Jobber.
Comer First Avenue and Oatacre Street.
Cabinet work of ah kinds,
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
Teacher tif tflnttuagea, Munlc, Singing, Painting and Drawing.
Singing, A lessons, par month  $3 00
MtHic liMBOin', per montl'    9 00
Painting, pet leaeon       fiO
Drawing, per lesson       50
Langu:ig..«, French and (iermail,
per lesron       50
Htiura from 9 a. ni. to 12 in.   Terms.
fr-' pft month; two from eame family. f3
»■i-r^i,:. 9*. I. ■> v>* i • r ■■!-'. Pi. ■-, mil; #i. ■-#»■« m
ll The Leading
*j Reviews
4j.'lV Nineteenth Century   and Alter, ilf
~i*i Contemporary   Review,    Port- :j9
4'Tl nightly  Kevlew,  Wcatmlnater k-fr
K. Review,   Kdinburgh   Review, tl
fi* Quarterly Review, Blank wood'i f _g
^A[ Hdlnburgh Magazine
S4 StroiiR,   Hti-rUiuj;, timely, migKestlve .- ,.
• .Ill mid nutlmrltlve; juftt what you want *lf
■llij to know iirt In-world'Htlolngii; exactly *iljp
f._ whnt you need to know; ami told __»_
__ when you want to know It-thni'-* the Tl
_-,• valueoftlieae reviews to you.   The S*5
%$ tilitest writers,  the most timely dis- Cl*C
.If ciiKBtoiiH; The Hwiftest prtrieiiUilIoii of $9
4'S the woriii-probleitiH of the dav"lipnt
■jji- pvery iiiiiiith lu the pngeH of tin
"3 ,	
4' liitlf jtrk-c,  apcciinencoplcfl Kent free
lonth lu the pngeH	
iiu reviews.   These nre the Rag-
_-,- ii-iin i nij. vt'vit'ws     iiu-sL- nre tut liiiff- »»__
*-* tali edftloimsold In America at nbout 4_--
$£ hnlf price.   Specimen coptcHncnt free jljf
4'.iS 1° "iiyoue iiiiywhere,  and  liUtortcal i**;
;l»i. iMioklet; too, for the aakiiig. ?X
!| Thev/.rr5.^.v,wc,ciioy,:c'''' If
—■Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in all ite ltr.ncl.ei
Fine melal worbinit a specialty. Plumb-
Inn, anrtvlene ess, lint water and hot
air heating. Wnrh .lone wiil. deipateh
ai.il at rt-ssnii-.tili; rales.
bastion ar..
David    Murray,
Buller Street,        .       Udyunltti
Bhop will he open every Thursday,
Friday ami Satarday,
 Hy The	
Lsevee Vancouver at 13:30 o'nloek
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Tlansconttnental Passenger Dally
Elegant Equipment,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Ratea,
Foi pamphtete and all Information apply
to any O.P.R. agent,
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoOIRR,
Agent, Victoria,     Agent, Nanaimo,
E. J. COYLiE,      ,
Ant. Genl, Pise. Agent, Vancouver.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Tabla No. 44,
Trains letve Ladvimith Southbound dally at9.10a.m. and on    (Saturday.
Sundays and Wedneedayi Bt 6.15 p. tn.
Tralni leave Ladyimith nnrtlihonnd dally at 11.67 a. m, and on   Saturdays
Snndayi and Wedn.id.yi at 7,10 p. m.
Trains leave Ladyimith lor Eitenelon dally eicept Sunday at 6 a. m,, 2 p. tn-
and 10 p.m., and on Sunday! it 10 p.m.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffio Manager


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