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Ladysmith Leader Nov 22, 1902

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Array l-l+.M-l-l-l-I-t-I-1-.-
adysmith Leader
* A Oood 7-Koomed  House for  X
* Sale.   Apply to X
VOL, II. NO.   121'.
See yourself well clothed anil shod ami you can doty tho wet.
Alao ft large and varied assortment of
always on liiunl.
esi ji sts any j**,
ft ft
Wholesale  and  Retail  Merchants,
Esplanade and (latncrc Street,
jajigiBB^E-iDi.* -___i;__:! S:5S:'--T*Sri^^'E?Is!E_.ffif !_.
stmsiBsstisifpas^iis -rss* a-i; as-: i
When Visiting Nanalmo Try v
•-S8*-,        B gj if
WL     W£$Fi
1:: j, :jl^^.n«4s..:'»; jv.
We have decided to clear them out
regardless of cost.
Men's, Youths' and Boys' .Suits iu Serges, Tweads,
Worsteds, in fact everything you want.
tp Pair  Men's and  Boys' Pants,  Overcoats, 24 Boys'
Y Reefers.    Every garment marked in  plain figures
*T* Women,  bring, your husbands.   Husbands   bring
4 along your boys and get fitted out at about half ordinary prices.   We mean business.
New Vancouver Coal Company
Opens Up Deserted Workings
This Week.
Aline Has Beon Deserted More Than
Quarter of a Century.
On Monday morning last, Nov. I7tb,
a force of workmen proceeded from
Nanaimo to Ihe old mine shaft at the
northern end of Newcastle Island, overlooking Departure Rny, ami took tie
first steps toward emptying the wattr
out of the working-i, where it hae accumulated through quarter of a century.
^■iwvwwwwmv^ ilason ic Block,   Ladysmith
'™ Spanish.
T-K     i ~-i|». W  .■*,'** » -*3*l
3   Finest Comox 355 per lb.
1.1 & 28 Hi. Box Creamery 28c.
Choice Dairy Tubs 241:.
Holland,     Uniburger,
Queen's   Upton's.
Canadian American
This mine wbb opened twenty.five
yean* ago, and was worked for a considerable distance hefore being abandoned.
It was understood at the time that
the mine was abandoned that It was not
because there was uot coal enough to
warrant wot king it, but bemuse the
much more important scams then being
opened in various places in and around
Nunaimo required the entire attention
nf the Company.
The mine liap bpcn full of water nil
those years, aud It will need a good deal
of steady pumping to clear it, and a
considerable lime to place j), In a fit
state for resuming active work.
Tlm mine ie very well situated for the
lipwlling of ihe coal, being close to the
waters of the finest hai hor on tbe coast,
bar none—Departure Bay,
The Leader Inarm-, nn good authority
that I he working!* In the mine will be
greatly extended, and that the prospects for a lan*e production from tbiBpit
are exceedingly good
Work on the Hurewood property has
In First Presbyterian cburcb, Pandora
Avenue, Victoria, on Wednesday evening, by the Kev. Dr. Campbell, Mr.
James Stables, M. P. P. forAtlin, and
Miss Belle Netherby, daughter of School
Inspector Netherby were united in marriage in presence of a large number of
friends. Mr. J. H. L-imsden, Atlin, was
knit man, and Mies Vaughan bridesmaid. After the wedding a reception
was held at the residence of the bride's
parents, a very pleaeant evening being
spent by all. Mr. and Mrs. Stables left
ou Thursday morning by the Charmer
and C. P. li. for a honeymoon visit to
Winnipeg and Heater n Canada. Tbey
will return before Christmas and take
up their residence in Victoria.
Ladysmith Has Now a Literary And
Debating Society.
•^MfM^^MSMWM-M^Ml'bern' prac.lc.ll, Buspcnd,d, and I, Is
rnnsitlereil dniibtfnl whether it wlll sotn
iston &
Oener.il ilercluints. 55-
Ksryza •■vsym i
Wm. Beverldge, i?rup.
This new hotel lias been comfortably fnrnlMitd aid the bar te up lo dr.te. f!
Beat nccotnminlatiun tor transient ami permanent boarder*., ami lodgers, »;
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. [*
Tha Esplanade, - ladysmith, 13, C. •:
Savoy      I peatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
f% i
-_ _,_    *W3    «
g it insured at once lor u nmy In
too Ute tomorrow. I mprc-eeui Several
OLD am) RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you al a mnment'e noUcont
the lowest possible rales. All leading
companies charge lhe same rules. Don't
bt> misled Into hi Miring with ti cheap
company-it might he dear in tho end.
Win.   K.   Leighton,
SP.;0. Drawer08, Nanaimo, B.O.
ttarti.ky otanoRNit
Member Cnu. Soclcly <>f Civil   Hii-ahi'Tr**
Men-bur iiiiuiiiitldii «f Hlectriuol Rnghiccrt
I{ngluii-l. .
Consulting Electrical Engineer
* P, l). BOX 33?
Aliaotuioly the lin*'**' tea Mild tn 11.0. If you do not know
this it'I; om- cuBtomers. Or butler slill try one pound Rl).*.
Impo'trtl directly frrTm Diiokajulla Ten Gardens. O-dy
out selves between the grower and you. Your eeoond order
will be it poutids, price $11.25,
t W. T. Heddie A Co.
,„  Free Press Block.       *«% iSym\ii.,m Nanaimo 	
A __      * A * * Jta I,no ■l,-,,M,n» commisaloners, held ou the
X>^^<>00<^000^ll>0^0^00^^0^K gQt" ln-tant, as per advertisement in
_ ^-r-=TTr-. Lj, J___,     _ __^rT--:-*r_^-__-^^-r^=r-—■—■*-•-= ! The Lender, the application of Mr. John
be worked again.
It is generally hoped thai Mi'a nfw
nddl'ion to the New Vanccnver Cosl
CoinnflPj's extefl«ive field of npoiHlinn
will amply reward their entorprise in
npA-tlrg up 'he old mine, Work will
he p-shi'd nn vi-_oron*-ly and the mine
plarrd In working order ae quickly ae
License Qranted.
At a special meeting of South Nanai
mo lii'eiipiii*. commisnloners, held ou He
Oiganizi'ion was practically completed at a meeting of the Ladysmith Mut
nal Improvement Society, held fn tbe
Liader office on Thursday evening, Ven.
Archdeacon Seriven in the chair. Mr.
T, L. Grahame acted as provisional Secretary.
Mr. A. S. Christie reported, speaking
for the School trustees, in reply to a letter from Archdeacon Seriven, that they
were willing to grant the use of one of
the school rooms if the difficulties of immovable dt-eki used by the children, and
thenecee.ily of cleaning up after each
meeting the same night could be got
over. The selection nf a suitable meeting place was left in the bands of acorn*
It wae resolved to hold meetings twice
a month, and to make the monthly fee
lifty cents, for six months, as the Socfetr
will not woik during the epriog and
summer. Tiie following officers were
then elected for the year.
Hon. President, Hon. James Dnni-
lltllrrnn for a license for the HaHwnv
HoiiBP, it ihe heftii of LadyBintlh Bay,
waturan'ed, The next tegular meeting
of tliR.-VN. Mronilpg Board will be on
Pta-ember 1/>th.
hear Mrs, I'-——. I
siv Hull in my opinion Ii !
yoil like rich, (truilfftcn, I
;ply to >*nr Inquiry bs to-
-lithv.ui tin nine Kltib.
i lllue Rlblwii I-- nnilail I'
nnl'y, i ill ink lllue Kil.ti.ni i
mul :
Ii the best tea to
'.I would
i lhe In >t, luil slmnltl your lotto
o lelcpttoiiu lu your K""-'t'r fur n
lint-kti in iHuiiwiuii.   i Him f, i u)ti,n. <>■»!niuuvn. iu the lliohillig nail Motirwou at 5
o'clock, Imi lltcil, you know, l .111111 -arfL-ct crank nboul ten.
I        Vdins truly, BARAH OKUNDV,
:■"—"."■■ -....'... rare
Get the Best Work
E-jtlinateS Cheerfully imni-h-.t -m nnv
lung you tiny uecd iu the linn of puim
ingt paperliangtng. wall nml culling dec
orallug. The Star I'n'nt Shop, High
S, R012DDINU, Prop,
Km H-itrrs. Solictor* nml
O11I11 .i.iiii-.'i-*-	
otlicc: Oddfellow*' iiuii-Jinii. Roberts hi.
P.O. BOX 243
HUNTI'.U,   Thin le aln.-i.ly all right,
I'MAR — Can't help but be wheu you
smoke a Province.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain nnd fancy bread. Oakei mul ptiB-
trles ol all iteseriptioiiB, Km I to In
I...lsln lilo.-U-s. Bl). HO and 31.   A'h>.
ll.'i'.l Hll.-, ISOlfllO fi'ol,   Aim luls'l anil
2 Illock -IH, lllful tin) two.
Till!oltl'Kittblillitd, I'ital-Class ami
Pnpnlai llnuil is most oouifortabll Iur-
ih.'ii, I'enlriill)' liltialtd, Bii'i nifi'ls
trains, Kxi'i'llent Cuisine. Bar Itookod
with lliu fn.-.i wiiiis, l[i|iii)isand .i^sin.
NAN.UMO, 11. C.
.Ills. BIX,      •      ■       Proprietor,
< -,'i.it-.*. .r :-M' it'.nt'. M'. lit:lit :i«a,l
The Leading
Reviews _^^_____
Nlnelconlh Crnlnry   sod Alter
i    ,. ,„..„.„,.
:*-)     Jlshcilltlitnssiilil
iitiviiii.il-. mul historical
Ciiill.mrinriiiy   Krvlcw,    Port" 'all
l)l,llllly   K.vlow.   Wrstnilnsi.r Tn
Hv.Ijw,    llUlnliurtfl,    Hcvliw, ff1
Un-ru-il, Ravl.w. Illnckwoud'. *»
lltllnliurglt Mi-irsrlnr, -^
Atrpiifr, slcrllilff. tlnu-ly. siiHreillve 4'
ntnl alllllollllvi-; jiisl ivliitl yon want fy
i-i in..iv ..I Itlc.yorld'.ildltiirltejtnetlv ti
.vllnl yi.il  necl I., ktlnwi ami lotit !\,
i.liin jun Irani ... Im.nvll   lliul-stlm *
wiieoftiicc rcvlstv. to v..n.   Tin- 4
sl.li.l ivrlli I., Hu- mo.1 ilm, u- ill,. |
ciiulolts; The sirlritsl i.rrsrillollou of _
Hi- worlil iiii.likms i.r llie ilnv n|i,,i at *
'IV tnnnlli In llie lisRes nf I
ivi'ly tnni
liiullllli re
'E I
inc pa([i-K ni  incite i.
The*J nri-tln-lCntt- •
in Auirrli-n nl rImt-iiI Jill
inn iu-i-i.ii * -.''ill I'm- 4'
nre. nml  liUlnricnJ S
lit- niHklii(r. jf,
m Publication Co., X
■■ warranst. NowVorkClty. y
flmlf price, ipwiincii copies st-nt o-ce
In nnyniii- iitivuhue.  mul   <-■----•
■a,    boeWtti loo, for tlie nukiiidr.
^     The I run-nl ."toll Publication Co
•^ Warren 51. New -York City
An- ion a good guesaer ? If «■', com"
over in Lively's aud try It. We have fl
pr****. i fo.r joit. Lively, the Leading Jew*
Tiie Canadian Bank
— OF —
Head (llllue, Toronto, Ont,
Capital Paid Up 18,1100,001)
Iteil 2,000,000
Hon, Oko. A. Oox, Prelfillftnt. *
II. E, Wa.kkii, General Manater.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed on deposits of one dollar I'M 00) ami np-Ani'dn. The depositor
It* HU'-jn'i. tn no delay in depositing or
withdrawing funds.
Our rent Account* Opened.
Liana Negotiated.
Drafts issued payable in all parts ol
the world.
Knrthocnnvcn'—i" of customers nnd
others thin hnnl vlM ho open on the
evening of Pay I * , mT o'olock until
8 o'clock.
President, Ven. Archdeacon  Seriven.
Vice Presidents Messrs, Thomas Kiddie and Hartley Gisborne.
Secretary Treasurer, Mr.T, J. Barron.
Executive Committee, Messrs Freel,
Ohiletie, Stewart, Marshall and Grahame.
It was resolved to open the sea-
eon'*) debates next Friday evening,
iu tbe pavilion, aud that the meeting he open to any of the public
who may be interested. On Friday evening Mr, T. L. Grahame, at tbe
request of Thursday night's meeting,
will maintain: "That Buccese In life la
mainly due to brule force." The negative propor-itiou will be strenuously defended by another debater, whose name
will be announced in Wednesday's issue
of Tho Leader.
Str. Quito, chartered by Laidlaw & Co.
to carry U. S. Government lumber to
Manila, left s.-tu Krancisco Sunday and
te now at P.irllaml loadiig at the mills
of Ionian, Puulieti AO)., Portland Lurn-
ler Company and the I' si-rn Lumber
Oainpany, She eailu in about two weeks.
Have your watch repnirt*d at Lively's,
itud.lt will b_ done right, and bound to
tlve Bdiisfaction; also get a guess at the
t*t«!a in llie pumpkin. II you're lucky
you will get a pm-3,
| We   can furnish
g any home from a
palace to a cot-
| tage, at lower cost
fi than   any   other
firm in the province	
Freight Puid to Ladysmith
J.   ti.  GOOD  &   CO.
The Groat Cash Furniture "'.ore LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 2?. 1901?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every \v*-dnwday and Saturday nt
.he Leader Building, comer of first Ave. nml
(*Tench Street, Utlysm'th, Urlti.h Colinuliin.
I1. I,. GKAHAM1-;, 1'lllTOR ANI>  PROI'llII-TOll.
Bv Mail in Canada and Unit-id Status,
Oue yenr (sttlctly in advauce)  p oo
Six months (strictly In advauce) .,„    i 25
TRANSIENT — Including liuslliesi nolices,
calls for lender.4, applications for mid transfer of
licenses, legal notice'*, etc., ioc, n line first in-
•erlloti, 5c. a Hue each wliseqiieut In.serlioii; 12
lues measure to the inch.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all tuetnl,
Marriage, Birth, Death nnd Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
lime will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
Events of momentous import to tbe f|f**JJ   PRESBYTERIAN   CONCERT
future of tbe Island are afoit. Thie por-1
lion of the province Bonus now to be on
the eve of> grand era of energetic development ond of unexampled progress.
Ladysmith will certainly share in the
prosperity, and be a centre of great' importance. Owners of properly here need
have na qualms.
I'HB LEADER will be found at the following
U'lyamtth—The Lender Office; The Ladysmith
Mannimo—E. Plmbury & Co.
."iotorlo—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vancouver—Public Library, and Holels.
New Westminster—Public Library,
A horse has been known to jump
thirty-seven feet in a steeplechase.
There nre eixty Irish peers who are
not entitled to seats in the House of
The British Empire is 40 times as
large ns Germany and her Colonial dependencies.
Quito, in South America, is sinking
faster than any other city. It slandB
now 80 feet lower than it did in 1780,
Au acute musical ear will detect bo
slight a difference in tone between two
notes aa the one 04.h of a semi-tone.
The specie strong-room of an ocean
liner is usually 10 feet long, 10 feet wide
and 8 feet high, and formed of '.-inch
steel plates.
Allcbaugesln advertisements must be received
at this office before 12 noon the day before
S'b-tcilbera not receiving paper regularly plense
1 eport to this office.
At! Ion work strictly cash on delivery,
.'r uiMeut advertisements cash In advance.
Very Successful Entertainment By
The Choir.
J Bubicriberi not receiving Tim ,-jj
<v Leader regularly will confer a •
_ favor by reporting promptly to J,
3 thit office. $
' 't
Some extra superline people affect to
eland alar off and sneer at tbe efforts of
t lew ttrvtnt lonli wbo try to lick things
into some sort nl shape. If the project
ia eucceufnl those inperior being! come
in with the applause, aod not infrequently cltim tbe whole ol it as tbeir
own meed. II dismal failure overtake
tht enterprise tbey are ever ready with
their rtvtn croak,"I told you ao," For our
lini are wt Iretted witb such specimens
ol wetk humanity. Now, Ladyemith
hti launched a nice little literary and
debating society, tnd the small band of
ttnguine pilgrim! who have done the
pioneer work trt jmt wondering whether
it will "go" or not, It thonld ii tbere
bt anything tt all in the deep sighs and
inttnaely-expreiied longing! of many to
whom wt htve spoken on tbe subject
thtt they wished eomething ol the sort
would be formed in Ladyamith for this
winter, to give the intelligent young
men a chtnee to pulverize one another
with the clnb ol logic tnd carve up their
opponent! with tht hip-joint kuivos oi
argument and rhetoric.
Now tbe opportunity ia here and next
Friday tvening the intellectual "mill"
will be opened for the season. Seriously
tpeaking, though wt do not know ol
anything which tbouid prove of more
iterling value lo the young men of this
town wbo reallp want lo Improve them-
eelvee, tnd we bona: lhat tbe Society
will meet with the euccesi whlcb its
efforts to provide rational..entertainment here deiert.
There never was a better concert given
in Ladyemith than lhat which took
place in Firet I'resbylerian Church on
Tuesday evening last; nor has a finer or
more representative audience ev.r been
gathered together on any occasion then
that which occupied every eeat in the
spacious ohuroh that evening. The concert waa under the auspice! of the choir
and the greatest credit ia due to them
for the excellence of their arrangements,
while they are to be hear ily congratulated upon the gratifying success of tbe
Mr. T. L. Grahame occupied tbe
chair, and in opening lhe concert briefly
outlined the purposes for which the
concert wae given, etating that it wae
the concert which ahould have been
given laet June, hut wae not owing to
the magnanimoua conduct of the cburcli
managers, who generoualy postponed
tbeir own concert to enable the cemetery commissioners to give theire.
Miss Bertram Iben opened tbe programme by,a brilliant and., dashing in
terprelatlon upon the pianoforte ol "The
Bluebells of Scotland," with variations,
which were skilfully executed, and
earned for Ihe talented lady a hearty
round of applause.
M r. Jesse Evens the gifted young Welsh
tenor, then delighted all with Ills splendid einging, although suffering from a
cold. Later in the evening he sane
again with equally marked effect the
lovely old ballad, "The Banks of Allan
Water," lor which he was generously
rewarded with welldeBerved expressions
of approval.
Miss John next introduced a novelty
In Ladysmith concerts, an  autobarp
-!-*-l"H"l-**-l"t"H"l-I»I"I-4--l"l--H-l-'I"^-t~!. nolo, u-hieh was a charming item on tlie
4.              ......... H> 	
It is while you are resisting little temp
tnllons that you are growing Btronger.
It ie while you are patiently toiling at
the little tasks of life Unit tbe meaning
and shape of the gieat whole of life
dawns upon you.
No man has come to true greatness
wiio has not felt, in some degree, that
his life belongs to hie race, and that
what God gives him ie given for mankind.
II there ia any-one power in tbe world
tbat will make itself felt, It is character.
There may be littlo culture, slender
abilities, no property, no position in
Society, yet ii there be a character of
sterling excellence, It will demand influence andsecuie'respect,
Dining Room Furniture
Superb Goods at Low Prices,
8 deb Aid, rl nflar to cu', beautiful style In
golden quartered oak, our best seller,
Dining Tablet—Rich and bandsnmt to match
ti.ieb_.id, exleuilldg to 8 or 10 feet.
$30.00 and $35.00
Olher Sideboard! 112.00 In $150 00
Other Dining Tables, 17.0010 175.00
Name (be price you can afford for any piece ol
furniture and write ua Iur illustration!.
Weiler Bros.,
Lamest Furnlihen In
Weitern Canada.
Coploui sealoolngs of sail tre tarn
tally recommended to the general public
intwtllowing tht political forecast! and
othtr letrful tnd wonderiul txport! ol
the Victorii corittpondent. Hi! guesaes
htve bttn til bltnki lately.
Jtpan, according lo the truthful newi-
ptper correipondente of San Francisco
ll going!to aend representative vessels ol
It! ntvy to the Esquimau station, Will
tht chrysanthemen Jackles bt charged
tht mutl Mongolian poll tax wben they
tnd to dissipate tbeir pay?
Even t multi-millionaire cannot steii
clear ol unsanitary cooking. Mr, An-
drew Otrnegle hi! eaten something at a
continental hottl which baa created
ttrtintd relation! in tbe Department of
the Interior. It It not often thil the
pltyful ptomaine! select the alimentary
canal of 10 eminent a gent al Mr. Carnegie lor 1 recreation ground, but they
tlwaye were tnch chummy little chaps,
iron ran
SasheB'are used on ball dresses, with
good effect. The sash may or may not
encircle the waiBt, bnt if it does eo it
should bu brought well down in front.
Tbe back portion consists of one width
of tulle or chiffon, knotted at intervale
and hemmed at tho edge. When tulle
is employed it is as well to finish it off
with a wide hem and two or three tucks
to give it extra firmness.
Bodices are so diverse in fashion that
a clever couturiere ia enabled to eait tbe
most exacting figures, and arrange trimmings in the most becoming fashion.
The blouse style still prevails, but tbe
blouse distinct in colour and material is
ouly worn with tbe coat and skirt for
country and morning wear. The evening blouse ie Btill fashionable, but, although lhe material may differ, the colouring must correspond.
Tasselled trimmings are used even on
hate, and a toreador shape of velvet or
smooth felt, with a rough felt edge or
a velvet band, may be trimmed with a
heavily •fringed scarf, a twist aud bow of
ribbon on the edge, and finished off witb
chenille "bobs," or a couple of pompoms
of chenille net-work, with a deep "boh.
hie" frinue. All tho hats are very flat,
i. nd wings,(paradise plumes, and brush
oaprey are used to lighten their pancakelike appearance.
The sac or kimono Bbape is fashionable for evening coats, and is most effective in lace over satin, with a quilted
lining of pale-coloured silk. The dinner
coat of chine taffeta, much enriched
with lace, a eoupcon ol velvet, and tiny
jewelled buttons, is a favourite hi Paris
and Vienna, and many lovely models
have been prepared for foreign water-
ing*places aud country house visits. A
ikiitof lace or net is much in favour
with these coats, or a limp, clinging
skirt of white or pale-coloured cloth,
daintily strapped witb taffeta to correspond.
Lost His Wife And Money.
Kkloke, a Japanese resident of Ladysmith, is mourning the loss of hia wi'e
end $30, both pieces of property having
been feloniously appropriated by Taka
bauhi. Jap cook on a ship now lying at
Chemainus, Ekloke knew not ;the
crafty nature of the cook, or he would
bave forbidden blm his home. When
Ektoke's back was turned the blandishments of Tiikabaehi were too muoh for
Madame Kkioke, bo taking thirty dollars of her huBband'a money to defray
necessary expenses on tbe pilgrimage
she and TakabasM fled to parte unknown. Kkioke telegraphed to Victoria
but without avail. He went up to Nanaimo on yesterday's train to bunt for
the misguided young people. He saya
If he can get back the |30 he will make
Takabashl a preeent of the Wife; thus
showing tbe refined cruelty of the Japanese in revenging themselves on an
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to L •dvsmlth Friday. Saturday
and Sunday of this week, Dr. Moody
will make regular visits to Ladvimith.
Ofllce at Nicholson's Hall, Viotoria
office, Old Poetoffice building.
programme, and quite captivated tlie
Then came another great treat for
Ladysmith music-lovers, in tbe line
singing of Mrs. George Williams. This
was MrB. Williams' first appearance on
tbe concert platform In Ladysmith, and
the lady received ample assurance that
she had quite won tbe admiration of all.
Mrs. Williams' voice ie a very rich
mezzo-soprano, and gives plenty of evidence of careful cultivation. It was unfortunate that'Uie firdt song she essayed
was not suited to the pitch of tbe instrument, and had to be abandoned, but
tbe substitute more than mnde up for
the disappointment. . It was Scottish
lilt, and Mrs. Williams may be cordially
congratulated upon tbe excellence of her
Scotch accent. The song completely
took the audience by storm, and proved
Mrs. WilliiiiuB to be one of the swiftest
and most accomplished singers on tbe
island. At the close of the concert one
could hear tbe wish strongly expressed
that Mrs. Williams would often he heard
in Ladysmith concerts, Mrs. Williams
was alto very fortunate in having as accompanist so exceptionally accomplished a pianist as Mts. W. A. Aubiu.
Miss Katie Johnston, the charming
young reciter of Nanalmo, needs no
press introduction to a Ladysmith audience. Seldom has anything more sweet
and graceful and clever been heard here
than Miss Johnston's recitation of
"Billy's Rose." One can safely predict
for this highly gifted young lady I
brightly successful career. Her dram
atic action is really: quite out of the
common for one so young.
Messrs. Thomas, Evans, KobertB and
Ballest, Ladysmith's male quartette,
then sang with splendid effect; It was a
revelation to many in the audience that
Ladysmith possessed eo strong a musical
Mrs. W. Thompson's vocal boIo was
greatly enj lyed, and was given with tbe
power and expression for which tbe
lady enjoys so enviable reputation.       ,
Another surprise to the largo and c il*    ♦^♦♦♦m+-♦♦♦♦ 4_f ^^^^^^ft^-H^^-H^^^ftt^t^H^^-H^
seal   audience,  numbering  amongst it, I
many tine pijinl.ls mid many who know  T
thoroughly what good music IS. was the.+
piano playing of Mim Vicky Gibfloi, of
Nanaimo.   The piece strongly rtF-mbled
one ot  those dUiit-ult.  hut  molt dims
compositions   hailing   from Poland or
Hungary,  tbo home of the   wild   hte*
music.-which has been so attractive ioit
musical genius of tlie highest order;
music in which Chopin  tii tamed   end
evolved esquUite things for immonal-
ity; in which  LUzt found  the  fullest
field for the exercise of his eitraatdin-
ary powers; miiBlu  which, interpreted
hy Paderewekt, Rosenthal, Kiiuellk and
Koutski hae sent countless thouBantls
into rhap.odies that took them neater
heaven than many of them   will  ever
reach   again—probably.    Miss   Gibson
displayed a technique aud understand*
ing of the music which are very unut-ual
iu young etudeuts, and it is eaBy enough
to predict.that if  she  persevere  along
the bard road to the stars, ebe is tolerably certain to achieve much in the musical world.   Later iu the eveniug Miss
Gibson delighted the audience again.
Mr. David Roberts ia a LadyBmith
favourite, and bin song on Tuesday, evening only added to tbe high opiniou in
which his talents as a singer are held
here. His encore, a comic ditty, "If
she'd but bu mlue," was much enjoyed.
An anthem by the full strength ol the
choir, "Ouward Christian Soldlere,
vealed a power and training that must
have astonished all wbo had not had
the privilege of bearing tbie excellent
organization before. Undoubtedly First
Presbyterian choir is one of the best in
the province.
Mr. G. Morton Walker then addressed
a few remarks to tbe audience, Inviting
them to attend Sunday evening service at
the church, when special music was
always provided. Hu cordially thanked
all for their presence.
The chairman then in the name of
the choir and managers, thanked the
audience for their attendance, and assured litem that this was auly the first
of a aeries of concerts which would he of
equal or superior merit to this, to be
given throughout the winter,
The concert closed with the singing of
the National Anthem,
It is understood that a very handsome
sum has been realized from tlie concert
lor tbe choir fund.
MiSB Herd, organic of the church,
acted as accompanist at piano and organ, and contributed her full share to
the evening's enj tyoient.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 45.
TrainB leave Ltdysmith Southbound daily at 9.10 a.m., and on Saturdays
.Sundays and Wednesdayr at 4 00 p.m.
Trains leave Ladysmith Northbound at 11,57 a.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays
and Wednesdays at 0.05 p.m.
Trains leave LadyBmith for Extension daily except Sunday a!6 a.m., 2 p. m.
4:35 aud 10 p. in , and on Sundays at 10 p.m.
Serious Stabbing Affray.
Iu one of the Finn houses near tbe
back of the town on Thursday night a
serious cutting affray look place, two
Finlanders being severely gashed witb
the knife. It wae alleged at the preliminary bearing held before Magistrate
Thomson at '6 o'clock yesterday after
noon that Hermann Makki stabbed Otto
Makki during the brawl. Otto was cut
aeror-u the stomach and Bide, had hie
clothes slashed; whilo Hermann had a
deep stab iu the thigh, infliuted, it is
supposed, when Otto seized his wrist
nnd turned the kuife aside. It was expected that tho accused would be committed for trial.
A neat letterhead or billhead with
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good advertisement.
Traffic Manager.
Smelting Works
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I B. & N. or Sea.
i   -
Ladysmith Hotel
FirBt'daea   accommodation;   excellent
table board.   The bar Ib supplied
with  the  heel  wines,   liquors
and cigars.
First Avenue,-   ladysmith, B, C.
it un
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Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Stieet, .; ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. Smhupos, Pitoe.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobaeco and Cigars, Candies, Nuts, Pastry, Tally nnd Still Drinks, etc.
A. H, G.iniui.ii, Manager.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regularly Choicest
Apples, Butter, Freib Egg,, Ac,
at current market pricei.
Seo that all boxes of apple! and butler
are marked "S, 8.1."  That means
llrst clan quality,
The public ere reqtieeted to apply fo
their dealer! for our produce.
0. W. Scoffs Store
tint Avenue,   :    t   Ladyimith, B. 0.
Wellington Colliery!;
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household coal ou the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam aud household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
;; lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
; Oyster Harbour, aud Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San  Francieco Agency*
; R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
Brotherhood of Man. Flowers and Fruits,
V™ "lintilil read "Th. New Oettrv" pub-
1    Hailed hy tin Universal Brotherhood, AIM
l.iniia, Sim Diego, California, anil keep In touch
Willi the most Advanced thought of modem
Hums, -{very Hue lives with human Interest.
Opinion, of tne licsl thinkers, lit-lo touch. Two
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tiy, Ontarlor.nd get a monthly copy for a year
of Ihe highest etas.  •j_.I_-_H- «...
published fa America
horticultural ~u>juit>i LADYSMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 22. 1902.
* T
tu the morning, when the work mnn
arrived at tbe shop, they lind itcoldaml
black witb the sorrow of ruin. At the end
of tbe great hall the machine with iIs
thin arms and motionless wheels stands
dumb, lending a still mure penetrating
sense of desolation to Ihe room winch,
until then, bad reecunded with the
cheerful clatter and whirling noieeeol
the big machine, throbbing like the
heart of the mill,
from bis little office aod says sadly to
the workers—
"My men, theie Is no work—to day-
there are no more orders; instead, I am
receiving countermands on every side,
an 1 all tbe merchandise will be left u -ion
my bands. This December, the month
of such heavy work in other years, and
upon whlcb I had counted go much,
threatens to ruin the strongest concerns.
We shall have to sunpeud."
And ae be sees the workmen looking
at each other with fear in their eyes of
returning empty handed to their hornet-,
a fear of hunger on the morrow, he adds,
In a lower tone—
"I am not selfish, no, I swear to y-hi
tbat I am not. My situation ie as terrible, even more terrible, perhaps, than
yours. 1 have lost fifty thousand francs
in less tban a week. I am stopping the
work to-day eo as uot to deepen tiie gulf.
I have not tbe fit ut sou towards my bills
of tbe 15th, You see I am not hiding
anything from you; I speak to you aa n
friend. To-morrow perhaps, tbe bailiff.
will be here, That is not our fault, Is
it? We have struggled.to tho very end.
I have wished, from tlio bottom of my
heart, that I could help you over this
hard time: but the end hascome, I have
lost everything, and I have no longer
any bread to share."
The men shake it silently, and for
eome moments remain there looking at
their useless tools, their handi* clenched.
Every other morning tbo liles had sung
and tbe hammers had Bounded rhythmically, aod now it seemed as though
all that were sleeping in the dust of
failure, There were twenty, thero were
thirty families, wbo would nothave anything to eat during the following week.
Some of tbe women who work in tlie
mill wipe away the tears from the corners of their eyes. Tbe men try to look
more firm. They Bpeak bravely, saying
that one doee not die of hunger in Paris,
Then, whon the muster leaves them,
and they see him walkaway, bent and
stooping within eight days, crushed by a
disaster perbapi greater tban he will tell
them, smothering In that room, they go
out, oue by one, their throats choked
and their hearts cold with sorrow, as if
th^y were leaving a chamber of death,
The dead Is their work, tbo huge, dumb
machine whose skeleton ia ghastly in the
Tho workman Is outside, in the Htreet,
on tbe pavement. He has tramped Ibe
sidewalk for eight dayB without being
Bnoeeeeful In finding work. He has gone
ffun door to door, offering bis aims,
i ll'iiug bis hands, offering his whole
body for any work, eveu the most revolting, the hardest, the moat deadly.
Every door i-i shut,
Then the workman has ottered tiiworn
at half price. The doors will not re open
He would work for nothing if thoy would
ouly tako him ou. It ia tho Btrike, the
terrible strike that Ib tolling the knell of
the garrets. The panic haa stopped all
the industries, nud money, cowardly
money, Ib hidden fearfully away.
At the close of eighth day the end bns
indeed come. The workman has made
one last, supreme effort, and now he Is
coming slowly back, his hand empty,
bowed with misery. It Ib evening, ami
the ralu Is falling heavily; Paris is fun-
crenl in the mud. lit) walks beneath the
heavy shower without noticing It, feeling
only his hunger, loitering, thai he may
roach home less quickly. He IcauB over
lhe side t,f one of tho bridges of the Seine,
the rising wuter ruah hy with a continual
noise and the spurts of while foam break
against the piles of the bridge, lie leans
further over, the mighty tion I ptirsts
uuderaeath him, throwing him a furious
appeal, flu draw-* himself up nml I time
.i.Vitv, muttering that he juuut bo strong
a little longer.
The rain tine stopped, Thn gas blisses
in the jeweller's windows, lf he could
break the glass, he bould seize bread
enough in one handful to hist lor years.
The restaurants are lighting up,'and
behind the curtains of white muslin ho
can ate the people eating,* He hastens
hia step, be goes along the street once
more, iu front of llie butcher's, the
cook's .hop aod the baker's, in front ol
all greedy Paris who feasts iu the hour
nf lamiue.
When the wife and tho little oue wept
that morning.
UK I'ltOMlKlil) TO imiNG TIIBM It It BAD
that night. He dares not tu go home
just yei und say that lie lied. And while
ho walks, he ntka himself how he will
return, what he will sny lo make them
patient a little loi.ger. They cannot go
many more ilaye without eating. He, he
can do very well without food, but the
wife and tlie lit tie one ute too week.
For an instant, the idea of begginif
couies to him. But wheu a lady or a
gentlimau passes beside him aud he
thinks ol stretching out his hand, hie
arm stiffens as his side, and hi a thront
lightens. He remains rooted to the sidewalk, while the ptoperly clad people
tuni away Irom him, bclievitig him
drunk us they look upon the ugly face ot
The wurkmati'H wife, leaving the little
girl uel^p, has come down staira to lhe
threshold of the door. TIib woman is
very thin and clad in u gown uf printed
calico, Sho tin vri* iu lhe icy bretzeu < I
She tniK nolliing more iu the house;
sho haa carriud everything to tho Mont*
de-Plete. Eight days without, work ure
enough to strip the little huuee. The
night In.-!' .m,' she sold the teal haudlul of
wool iu her matlresB to nn old cluthte*
man, tlio.tiiHttiess itself hai gone uow;
there is nothing but the cover left. Sbe
has hung that un a* hook before tbe
window to keep out eoitia ol (be cold
blast* for
Without saying anything to her husband, she loo has looked for work. But
thu strike has struck th. women even
more heavily than the num. At liter
stairhead there nre poor unfortunate
women whom ahe henrd weeping the
whole night through, Sho met one standing at tho corner of the Btreet, oueia
dead nml another haa disappeared.
Happily for her, she has a husband
who tbea not drink—a good man. Thty
would lie comfortable if the dead seasons
has not despniled them ol everything.
She has exhausted her credits, she owes
the baker, the grocer, lhe fruit man,and
she no longer dares even to pnss by their
shops. That afternoon the iiad been lo
borrow twenty boub of her sister, but
thero, also, she lound such mifBry that
without snying a word b)ib began fo
weep, nnd together with her sister Bhc
wept for a long time. A nl when she
.vent away, elm promised to bring lu
morsel of bread if her husband came
back with some.
The rain ie falling heavily; Phe takes
refu.-e under the door, the big drops
ej-Ush at hor feet, a stream of water weia
her thin dress. At intervals, Be zed with
impatience, slie goei down the steps, in
apite of tho heavy ---bower,and mnsaway
♦ -^♦.-^^♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦'■^♦♦♦♦♦O* ♦ ♦■f++*f+**tt*>-ffff+*f-f*<k*H*H^tt
•     • •   •
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matter what kind, let ifs give you an estimate. We have the facilities for turning
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Neat an
Artistic Work
of which we can show you samples. The fob Room
is in charge of Skijled and Competent Workmen.
Modern Type and Best Facilities. Prices the Lowest   consistent  with First-Class   Workmanship.
The Leader^  Ladysmith
to tbe end of the street, to ate if she cau*
not somewhere In Ihe dletanee catch a
glimpse ff him for whom she Ib waiting.
Aud wiien she comes back she is -soaked
through. S-ierub- her hands over ber
thin hair to dry it, and again settles
down patiently, though sbe Ib shaken by
heavy fits of fever.
Tue coming and going of the passers
by j istlea her. Sbe tries to make herself
very small, so as not to tronble any one.
Some of the men peer closely into her
face, and Bometimes she feels a warm
breath touching lightly her neck, All of
suspicious Paris, tbe street with its
mud, the brilliant lights, the rolling
carriages, seem to wish to take and
throw her into the seam of it all. She is
hungry. She belongs to tbe whole world,
Iu front of ber is a bakery, and ihe
thinks of the little girls upstairs asleep.
Then, when her husband appears at
la-it, veering away from the houses like
a poor wretch, she rushes to meet him,
"Well!" she stammerB.
He does not answer, but bends his
head oven lower.  Then, pale as death,
she mounts the stairs.
Upstairs the little girl is not sleeping.
She lias waked up and Is thinking,
watching, the end of tbe candle ai it
tlickera ou a corner of tho table. No one
knows what monstrous, heart-breaking
shadows sweep aoross tbe face of this
little girl ol Beveu years, with the sen-
ous, withered features of an old woman.
She is silting on the edge of the boi
which Eerves her aa a bed. Her feet hang
down shivering!)*, her sickly, doll-like
bands are holding against her breast the
rage tbat cover her. She leels a burning
there, a tire tbat she wonld like to put
out.   She Is thinking.
She haa never bad any playthings,
Sbe cMild not go to a school because she
did not have any shoes. When she wae
very little, she remembers bow her
mother took her out In the sunshine,
But tbat was long ago. They bad to
work, and after that it always seemed as
if there were a cold wind blowing in tbe
house, She has not felt very comfortable,
She has thought a good deal obout
th.-tt, but sbe cannot understand. Is
everybody always hungry, then? Sbe
bag tried very hard to get used to it, but
ahe hae uever been able to, She thinks
she ia too little, tbat one must be bigger
to understand. Her mother knows,
though, thffl strange thing that is bidden
from little girls. If she dared, sbe would
a-jk her who It was put you iuto the
world to be hungry.
Then, too, it ia homely in their house,
She looks at thewiudow where the empty
cover of the mattress Haps in the wind,
at the bare walls, tbe broken furniture,
all the shame of the attic which the
strike soils witb despair. Io her ignorance abe thinks she has dreamed of warm
rooms, filled with beautiful things that
shone; she shots her eyes again to ate
them, aud through her thin eyelashes
the light of tbe candle becomes a great
resplendence of gold, into which she
would like to go. But the wind comes
blowing in, and there Is such a current
of air from the window that the ii seised
with an attack of coughing, and wheu
it ia over her eyes are filled with tears,
She always used to be afraid befoie,
wben they left her all alone, now she
doea not care, it doesn't make any differ
once. They haven't eaten anything
since last night, so the thinks her mother
has gone out to look for some bread. Tne
Idea amuses her. She breaks her bread
in small pieces and eats a few slowly-,
one hy one, then she plays with It.
Her mother has come back,father has
shut the door. The little girl looks at
th ir bauds, very surprised.;. Then,
w ten they do not Bay an) thing, at the
eud ot a long moment, she repeats tn a
mechanical voice i—
"I'm very hungry, I'm very hungry."
Her father, holding bis head between
his bauds,
he stays there, utterly crushed, shaken
with heavy Blleut sobs, The mother,
stifling her tears, again puts tbe little
one Into the box. She covers her with
all the clothes in tbe room and tells her
to be good and go to sleep. And the
child, whose teeth are chattering with
cold, who feels the Are in her breast
burning stronger, becomes very brave.
She puts her arm around her mother's
ueiik and whispers softly—
"Tell me, mamma, why are wo always
hungry?"—KmlleSSnla.   *
sundav - Nonces.
Catholic Ohurch—Services every Son
tinv ne follows: Mass at 8.30 a.m. and
10.30 a.m.   Benediction at 7 p.m.
First Presbyterian—Nov. 10. morning
service at 11, Sunday school 2:30, evening service?, Subject, "Why I bt lie-fin the Bible."
G. Morton Walkkr, Missionary.
Methodist Ohurch-Rev. W. G. Tan-
ner, B.A., pastor. Sunday: 11 a, in
Sabbath School. Evening service 7 p.
Church of  England—November 23rd
---Suuday next before Advent,   lU.m,
-Matins   and   Litany.   2.80 p.  m.-
Sunday Scbo-Jl.  7.1.0 p. m.—Kveneong
A. Schivbh.
Don', .borrow tbe Leader; subscribe
(or it yourself.
Association Football.
On the bunker grounds whioh, through
the kindness of Mr. Hubert linden,
hav-been specially cleared off for the
occasion, the Oowlchan team nud the
LadyBmith Leaders will meet in the
return match tbla afternoon at i.l-'i
sharp. The Oowichane ure much
Btronger this time than when ihey met
and weie defeated by the Leaders a
week ago. The game' will he a warm
one and well worth see-in,?. Ladysmith
team will line upas follows:
Goal.T, Leahy, full bucks T. O'Oou-
nell, Jas. Adams, half backs 0. McMillan, J. Euo, J, Campbell, forwards IL
M.iMillao, W. Manuel, A. Morrison, W,
Clark, T. Barns, reservee A. ICerr, J.
Blakley, referee Jaa, Haddow.
Amateur Boxing Champions.
Victoria Athletic Club ia doing good
work in the way of reviving thu line old
sport of clean and sportsmanlike amateur
boxing, and the club is to be congratulated upon its success in that direction,
Even amateur b.sing in this province
had (alien into Bomething more than
disrepute owing, doubtlesB, to tho unseemly conduct of eome of those who
pretended to be davoted to  ita interests.
Thanks to the determination of ihe
club lo resuscitate the sport and place it
on a proper footing amongst tu • manly
pastimes popular with the young
men of the province, and assisted by tlie
patronage of a number of gentlemen who
recogniz*- in boxing, properly conducted,
a Bpleudid corrective to tie nam by*1
paiubyiem which threatens to overwhelm our youug men and render it
imperative that they should adopt petil-
coats, ond face powder, boxing is coming
to its own ag-iin amongut thc youth of
Brltieh Columbia.
Oa Wed need ay evening last contests
to decide the amateur championships of
the province took place iu the gymnasium of the Victoria Athletic club, iu
presence of a large and enthuciaatlc
gathering of admirer., of amateur sport.
The contests were all capital exhibitions
ofthe manly art, nnd the gentlemen
entitled to call them-ekea champions of
tbe province for ouo year are:
Feather and Mr. Warburton Pike's
challenge cup, Mr. Ted Bailey, Victoria.
Light *k Mr. G. Gillespie's cup, Mr. A.
Jeffj, Victoria.
Welter Mr. A. J. Rayuton.
Middle & Victoria Athletlo Club's cup,
Mr. Frank Stevenson, Victoria.
Hea**y,and Mr, OUva Philllppa Wol-
ley'scup, Mr. W. K, Fisher, Victoria.
Hill ofthe Rjyul Navy woo tbo bau*
tarn weight championship of the Pacific
station after a fine ennteet with Met'a'f.
Mr. Clive Pbillipps Wolley nnd IV.
Baker ot Salt Spring island were lhe
referees, aaaisled by Messrs Shads and
W. E. Fisher as jiidges. Captain Lnngley
acted aa manager and Mr, C. A, Bury as
Ten Eyck Was Vulgftli.
A promineut oaretnaa speaking ou the
reason of the refusal of Ten Eyck's entry
by the Henley etewnrds said this morning tbat tbe queetion of fear ofthe
American's prowess Lever entered into
tbe matter at all, The atewarda always
reserve the right to reject any entry
without giving any reasons Tor so doing,
and they simply exercised that right.
Tue real reaion for the turning uf-the
American down arose from his lust-octa-
tlons of the yr-nr before. Instead of
putting up at a respectable hotel, according to the Kiuliah Men of what nn
amateur and a uentl-riuan should do, he
took up hisqunrteis sruong thu watermen and made nsaociatea uf them und
professional oarsmen. Thli, ho snld,
was the real reason for the rejection of
the American's entrv. Tbere was notb
ingagaiust hia amateur stand lug.
Hon. JamoB Dunsmuir pnsGod through
Ladysmith on Wedneiday on hia way to
Wellington, ncei mpanhd by Mr. Dan
Mann, of McKenzle ,fc Manu, Mr. Joseph
Hunter and Mr. Courtney. They returned the same day.
Miss Katie JobnBon ami Miss V. Gibson, of Nauaimo, wbo took part In the
concert in connection witb First Preeby-
terlan Church on Tuesday night, lull for
home on Wednesday's train,
Miss Birdie Forcloiiuer visited friende
ln Nanalmo on Wednesday.
Mr, G. Fletcher, of Nanalmo, paid
Victoria a visit on Wednesday,
Mr. W. W. B. McfuniB, went down lo
Victoria on Wednesday (o a!tend the
wedding of Mr. Stables, M, P, P., aid
Miss Netherby, daughter of Inspeutor
Mr. B. M. Yarwood, of Nanaimo, was
a passenger to Victoria on Wednesday,
Mr, Vyvyan Walkem nnd bride returned home on Saturday from Victoria,
where their honeymoon waa spent,
Mr. F. Melt. Young paid a business
Visit to Ladysmith Thursday morning.
Mesarr. I). Fiircimmer or Lndjanilth,
and George Fletuher, of Nnnnlroo, re<
turned home fro u Victoria Thursday.
The Leader printing office Is at the
crfrner of French and Flint Avenue.
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railway fares anti freight on your print-
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t mercial, legal and society—at very reason-
|- able prices.
We Print
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4 —Legal Blanks
T —Wedding Invitations
*£ —Funeral Announcements
4 — Ticket a
j* —Programmes
5 —Pamphlets
4 —Catalogues
4 -Window Cards
* —Hangera
Having tlie latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the   best   work — Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
B. C.
Philip JampB Bailey.
I Bpeak unto the young, ior I am of them
And always shall he,   Whnt are years
to me 7
Oh for lhe yuung heart like a fountain
Flinging Its bright fresh feelin_a np to
tlio skies
It loves and strives to reach—strives,
lovea in vain;
It ie of earth and never meant f.r Heaven,
We )atigh at love, nnd make a jest ol
While we fear each, and seek. Tl e
sphinx like heart,
C insistent in its inconsistency,
Loathes life the moment that life's riddle te rend;
Tho knot of our existence ia untied
And wo He looeeand useless. LifoiBhad;
And then we sigh ami say, Can thie be
all ?
It is not- what we thought—it is very
But we want eomething more—there ia
but death!
Ami to die young  is  youth's  divinest
To pass from world fresh into nnother
Ere change hath hut (he charm of soft
Ami  in*!  iho immortal Impulse fr^in
Which iDHk'Rlhe cumin*.', life—cry nl-
wajs, nnl
And follow It while strong—ia Heaven's
last mercy,
The ttittly only  shines   when  ou  the
So it is with the mind; when onco we
Wu darken.   Oul said   God   unto  the
As to the earth for ever.   On it goes,
A rej-lining native of the infinite—
Aa is a bird of air—an 01 b of heaven,
Just a Case of Soap.
A poet there waa anil he wrote his rot.
I-Iven as vou nnd I;
And he thought 'hat thn Bluff he wrote
Was hot,
Even as yen and f;
But hifl fortunes failed nml hie luck was
For the editormen eent  him  back his
Whioh lhe poet thought waB rightdowu
Even as you and I.
Oh, the ink we waste aud tho think we
And Ihe shocking ill lock we  know
Before we can write the things tbat are
lhat biingaintbegood old dough 1'
But Ihe poetry man ha plucked up hope,
Even as you and I;
And he wroto ninny "ads" for a new
kind of soap,
Even Rayon nnd I;
And now he resides iu a palace eo grand,
IIitH iiioiiey nml jtswels and  wealth  at
cum maud,
And dines each dav on tho  fat  of   the
.   Eveu as you and I,
A moral you'll Bud in this little grind,
In mngnKine verBo is no hope;
You've got to fly low if you rake in  tbe
dough,   '
You must write all your Bonnets of
—Ohicngo Chronicle.
The British ColumbU Cold Storage
Company ie arranging to charter a
Steamer to entry 2500 tons of wlieitt from
British Columbia to Australia. So far
aa known, this will lo lhe first cargo of
wheat to bo ship * 1 to AuBtralia from
Artistic Job Priming at The Leader afl.ee
No. »t,
/. O. O. J*.
Meets every Wednesday evening lit 7.30 o'clock.
Visitors cordially invited.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meets every Friday in I. O. O. F. hall at
7:30 p.m.
J. W. LEWI8, Sec.
Ladysmith Orangi Lodga, No. 1768
meets in Nicholsou'fl Hall, Firat Avenue,
every alternate Saturdav in each month,
commencing firat Saturday In October.
Visiting Brethren are invited to attend.
+44w4H44+i i»4 H ♦ ♦ H 4 ♦>•>♦+
Manufacturers of all kinds'ot
i;ii and Dressed Lumber:
Mouldings. Laths, Shingles. Etc.  -'
A large stock of thoroughly seasoned _
lumber— island and class constantly on *'
hand.   All orders strictly attended  to. **
(.nutations cheerfully given.
John W. Goburn,;:
**************** **********
for the finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
Made and repaired. All woik
Gtiaranteed. Irjapection invited.
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
Nanalmo, B. C,
Choicest Laj-er, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
The Weekly PflsNimellpcer
Sailllt- Waah.
Nobody can nlTord to be without ■»■ All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society, llciintifiil illustrations and
half tones.   *-,niii|.lc copy on application,
III For Ont Dollar a Yiar.
to do the best, and wa do Iht beat w«
know i—Ladysmitli Leader. LADISMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 22. 1002.
What we
we do
"When you rend it in our advertisement,
-o per cent, off here mentis -io per cent
off. Oiir goods are nil .narked in plain
$t.oo gloves for45c, 50c. underwear,"25c
nil wool sox for ioc. $8.50 rain coals, f.*.S5
$13.50 raincoats $10.00.
Our I!ig Sale is the Hit of the Season-
a Ireitiendous success—Don't miss it.
WANTED*—Boom or rooms, with ur
without hoard. Address A. L , post-
office, Ladysmith.
The iiuiitlsoiiie piano used at the concert in First Presbyterian Church Tuesday evening wns lent for tbe occneitfn by
iMesera, M. \V. Wuitt ife Oo., through
Mr. W. H. Lively, their representative
BooksI Books! 'Inst received, a bia
consignment ol popular -flcllqp, well
bouud, well printed and chimp. Call
and look them over. At J-Geuu'. Pharmacy,
Excavations for the Ward-Soutbin
block, corner ol Roberts Street and First
Avenue, is point! oir steadily. Meesre.
A, R, Johnston A'Co. will occupy the
large store in the corner of tlio now
building. This store will meft&tirc 50 ji -J 0
leet.      ■
Mr, G. Morion Walker draws special
aUe stion to tho lecture which he will
deliver to-morrow evening at First
Presbyterian church, "Why I believe
I the Bible." Sjinethiiig of uncommon interest will be henrd ou that occasion,
Big to aonminc-n lhat they have
flppolQtodW.lt Lively, of 1st
Aveuuo,raa their local agent for
Ladysmith. A full Block, fresh
and clean on hand.
Ten prizes given away this Xmas nt
Lively's Jewelry Store.
Mr. Colin Campbell is erecting 11 new
building on his property next, to Mr.
McKwan'B shoe store. First Avenue.
Caldwell, tbe Nanaimo tailor, ip showing a rare selection of tweeds and cloths
for winter wear.
MrB. David [Murray bus moved iuto
her new residence, corner of White
Street and tbe Esplanade. It is one of
the prettiest homes in the city.
Indians and scientists predict a hard
winter. Get inside one of thnso comfortable suite Caldwell of Nanaimo ean
build you.       	
The postoffice returnB for (be current
quarter will show tbat Ladysmith is one
of tbe moBt important offices, in s line
respects, in the Dominion of Canada,
Fine tailoring at moderate cost te the
motto of Caldwell, the Nanaimo artist-
cutter and fitter.
They are ruBhing up tho Happy Homo
very fast on Firet Avenue. The build-
ing Is expected to he ready for occupation in about three weeks, or leas.
Din't forget our XmaB pumnkin. How
many seedB aro thero in it? Every dollar's worth of goods purchased in our
store you get a guess, nnd possibly capture one of the ten prizes given nwny.
Crockery of nil kinds, white cups and
saucere, from 80o per dozen. Onlored
cups and saucers, from $1 to $1 25 per
dozen. Clover leaf pattern $1.25 per
dozen. To; be had at D. Taylor's, opuos
ite E, tt N, railway station.
Mr. Dan Mann, of the famous contracting firm ol McKenzle & Matin, expressed surprise at the splendid condition of the K. A. N. roadbed, when ho
travelled over it with Hon. Mr. Dans*
muir last Wednesday, Thero are few
better roadbeds on tho continent.
Mr. W. H. Lively, tho representative
of Messrs. Waitt & Co., in Lady?mith, is
certainly making n very elrnng bid for
trade. Last week he sold, between
opening time Monday morning and Saturday at midnight, no fewer than five
high-grade pianos ami one orgnn. This
Is ■ record that will be hard tn beat.
It's Stove Tim
FOR SALE—A good paying business
on High street, chfiiip. Also houBfl and
lot, good Veil. Occupants leaving on
account of ill health. Apply to T. G.
McKenelly, High Btreet restaurant.
Evangelist Coleman's meetings in tho
Methodist church are still going on and
interest increases. There will he meetings Friday and Saturday evenings', aud
on Sunday morning at eleven and evening at seven o'clock. Tlie audiences
have been increasing every evening nnd
a large audience ia expected ou Sunday
g. -:,--*----. **
JUST RECEIVED. Englhih and
Canadian 1 Guaranteed the Quest
football hoots made. OurEttgllBh
j1 boot Is especially suitable for Association players.
Mail orders promptly filled.
gjj gj ttjj
Paterson Shoe Co,,
s, urgens an
School Rooks, Statlo'nery, Fancy Goods,
Etc., Etc.
PianOB for sale on easy monthly payments.   Come and see us,
n. W, WAITT & CO.,
Victoria,  Nanaimo,   Ladysmith, Cumberland, B, 0.
London  Mob   Makes Anti-Boer
Tho lender must apologize to the
Rathbone Sinters for tho slip which
elated thai (heir highly fiiiece.fcfull man
qnerado hall waa held iu Gould's hull,
whereas ii took place in Oddfellows'
ball, Gould's hull had hern engaged for
thc occasion, hut Mr. Gould, for reasons
known to himself, cancelled the engagement, thus compelling the Lodge, at *he
eleventh hour to seek another ball, This
led to the error.
LOST.*—By n workitn.tr.an n sum of
money representing all his wages In hank
notes. Hnudsome reward for return to
Leader office,
Thursday evening a splendid extempore uoncert taken part in by musicians
and vocalists ol well-known ability took
place In Mr. W. H. Lively's stute, First
Avenue. Mr. Herbert Kent, Professor
Auhin, Mr. W. II, Lively and others
sang. There were violin find piano solos,
ami altogether sni'h n ftaat of melody
and flow of harmony as te seldom heard
even at carefully arranged concerts.
Loudon, Nov. 21.— The "Express"
slates that on Baturday tbe Boer Generals—-Botha, DeWet-, and Delarey—
narrowly escaped being the vie'ima of
a very hostile demoustrelioii after they
had left the County Caincil'a Trafalgar
Square eland, from which they bud
viewed the procession of tho King.
Christian DeWet was the central figure of tho incident. A number uf people
were pressing iirouud the Boer gentlemen, when DeWot suddenly found his
hat rammed firmly down over his eyes.
He tugged haul at ir. to.get U hack in its
place, wheu tbe crowd taking their cue
from the unfriendly act, began to close
j in ujion the Utile gmup. A demonstration that was decidedly hostllu was Le-
ginnlng to assume shape, when a large
force of police—aome of tbem mounted—
came to the rescue. About twenty-five
in number, they formed a circle round
the Boers, and, gradually driving the
people hack, Ihey escorted thu ex*Geo-
eralf* out of the crowd.
Aa DeWet ami tho others moved
away, they were greeted with mingled
cheerB and moans. There were many
witnesses of the scene, anil the incident
has been brought to the knowledge uf
the Ministers of the Ciown.
Mvlbs—Oii Wednesday, the 10ih Inst.,
the wile of Walter My lee, Lady-
smith, of 11 son. Mother nnd child
doing well.
111 nmy Out of Order.
London, Nov. 19.-—Andrew Carnegie,
who was affected hy something he ate
while on tho continent, ia rap! ily recovering. Too doctor saya there is no
cause whatever for anxiety and that he
only needs rest,
tf)(f Advertise in Tne Luder now.
The mining outlook in thn Kootenny
is steadily Improving.
Trail smelter will not be sold; reports
that it would are groundless.
Aid. McCiindless of Victoria, has announced himself as u candidate fur tbe
mayoralty of that city.
George R. Maxwell, M. P., died at his
home in Vancouver on Monday evening,
The funeral took place Thursday.
Hon. Joe. Martin, K. C, M. P. L\, te
recovering satisfactorily from the surgical operation which hu underwent some
days ago in Vancouver hospital.
Annua McLeod, Conservative M, P,
for North Ontario, died in St. Paul's
hospital, Vancouver, Tuesday night, of
typhoid. Uo wan a partner of T. Lud-
gate, in lumbering enterprises.
Owing to a difference between theoity
council and Ihe contractors for the new
bridge at Point ElHoa, Victoria, work on
that Btrunlore has been postponed, Victoria Machinery Depot, the contractors,
say the conduct of Uie council haa been
Following arc Ihe offleers of lhe Quat?
sinoPowerand Pulp Co., Ltd.: l'nel*
dent. Henry Howllt, Tacoma; vice-president W. G, Dickinson, Victoria; snore-
lary, C. H, Lugrln, Victoria; treasurer
E, E. Welsh, Viotoria; Bolllcitor 0. H.
Lugrin. Additional dlreotors, \V. I\
Bust, IT. G. Moulton and John Hewitt,
The bead office in Victoria.
Viotoria Colonist's Ottawa correspondent snys: Ool. Pinault haa gone to
British Columbia to report upon the advisability of acquiring mutt land (or defences at E-i'inuult. The Imperial
authorities desire to extend the present
works. If their wishes aro carried out
it will involve tho purchase of proport*-
from tlm Hudson's B'.v company to llie
value of $200.0-10 Tho Militia depart-
ment thinks It can gel along with considerably lees.
Tinsmith, i'luiutier, Hardware, Stoves,
John Wuuamaker, tbe mutti-millloti-
airo merchant prince of Philudelphia
gave aa his opinion the other dny,on the
fliihj"ct of advertising, and no mnn in
the land can speak on that mutter with
more authority:
"There ia only one way to advertise,
nnd that ia to hammer your name, your
location, your bttBineBS, BoCrmelutitly, so
perBifltently, bo thoroughly, into the people's bead a that if they wnlk in their
Bleep they would constantly turn their
heads toward your Btoru, The newspaper is your best friend in npite of your
criticism. It helps to build up the community which supports you. When the
day comes lhat thu newsp ipers aro dead
the people are near the edge of the grave
with no one to write tholr epitaph,"
riinij'bof prlnLlng you admired so
much was done by the Leader,
Volcanic Eruption.
Panama, Nov. 21). — Passengera from
Central America who arrived hero yesterday report the complete destruction
of the territory surrounding the volcano
of Santa Maria. Province of Q*ieselteti-
a»f.'o. Guatemala, In consequence of ihe
recent etuptlou. The adjacent villages,
lhe rich & flee plao'allono, witli over
(300,000 .vorth of coffee stored In h-ms
nml hundreds of live- were lost, llefu*
gees art) arriving at the port of ObBtn-
pBrioo. Over 200 fugitives sailed for
8an Joso deliunleinala on thc Pacific
Mail SLuamer,
The time to Advertise is alt (he time.
Columbus Burial in Spain.
Seville, Spain, Nov. 20, — The ceremony of,depositing the ashes of Christopher Columbus in a special mausoleum was carried out in (he Cathedral
here today with befitting solemnity. The
coffin containing the ashes o( the illas<
trioni navigator wai birue on tht
ahouldera of a party ol naval seamen.
a mi behind il walked in procession the
Archbishop of Seville, Iho Cathedral
Ci i! filer, the Minister of Marine and e
number oi othor dignitaries. After mass
had been said, tho Captian*()ont*ral of
Cadiz and tlib Archbishop took (be coffin into their charge, and it was deposited in the mausoleum, where it will remain permanently.
Buslners men, don't, send onluiiprint
ed stationery; Ibe recipients will class!
fy yon ns a hayseed.
For salt) al Ahbotelurtl 'lintel and  at
Jabiup's Urng H'.urii,
m ei m mm
It ton Alfoi--..-
fou ivnit impatiently the <Jay,
Poor boy,
When you mny put yonr toys away,
Poor boyi
Through   careless   chlldlinoil   you   have
Ah, if ynu might see nn nlicad,
I ween that you'd ahrlnk bach In   dread,
Poor boy!
—Chicago Hecurd-llorald.
A Patient.
In tlio doctor's office; Tho Doctor's
Fi-Iend-Wiiy didn't .vou tell thnt Indy
to leave olT that fur collar? Vou know
woll enough It is tho cause of her tnk-
liif! cold.
Tho Doctor—I didn't toll (hut simply
because I don't want lo lose n pitllent.
She'd give me up before r-ibo'd.glvu up
thnt ei/hir.
Tlie Hot Time Cumin".
Vloleta'll unon be pcepln'
From winter's frosty bud;
Keep your way, believers;
Mot tlnie'u ju.'it tiboadl
Bloriny sky Is clear-In'!
Bc-o the rainbow rod?
Keep your way, bellcver»|
Hot time's Juat ahead!
We beg to Inform the purchasing put -
lie nf Ladysmith lhat wo have moved
Into our iwx shop in the Stevens block,
ti itaore gin et, oppoil e 8levenson
i-. Co'e s'ore, it i.e. o "i> will keen eon-
slanllj nn band a full supply of the benl
nieaiii In the market. Wo hojm to r*co
nil our old customers, nud tbankli-g
them ior pafil favors wit hope tn merit a
fair share of the public patronage iu the
LidyBiiiilh Meat Math't.
rinsiutthing and   Plmnhlng in all ill
brauolves.   Tools ami plumbing material always nn hand.   Repairing a specially.   Prompt attention givi-n calls Irom
Victoria Oroscsnt,   tianairnoJ.G,
Tpndfrs will bo rerelvod hv the un
den-lgtied up lo ihe 25 tii Instant Inr lo*
000 hewn lies to be dollvered on the line
of the Esquhnajt and Nanalmo Hallway
or on tho Transfer wharf at Ladysmllh
In nccirdaiice with spei-ili-ntiona to he
Been with tho aecllon foremen or at railway stations.
General Superintendent.
60  YEARS'
llj.iilrll If fit,', IVillK
iliHit. null (lc-'irltitIon mny
..ii- i.mini,,i If'-.' •.■.lii'Micr .'it
-l-.-l ,i,ii,i.Mi*.   ' iiiiii'lni-
■u::„).  1l,ii,.ll."ill   lll'iitt'lilB
i in V (i.rM'Ciiinii't'lilt*"'"1'
'.hi.:i:)i  Miimi A l.'c vci-olt*.
nirito, In Hi-
Al   lit)   13, proprietor.    '
|l. I  llll   II". (il ,    II  11 .IHU'.   I.-IK.I U IT)   »,  —'■
Scientific Jftttcricait^
*y ...   	
aimniisi.iiirii' iiiiisiniii-ii ™mr. ','.;JJ°J(0^;
,»i'n'}nn.'rrarl_tl°l,°i'l,' IoM'w"lb»".*l*lfl«"l.
Mill -iteirstoJflf* M^«'"»i»ni
III.,null Olllco. Its V Ht., WmIiIBIIW, u. v.       I VlMorlll, II, C„ Julll oflulicr,
If J on »n. I ..il nl ii-i.l.r, jnlnv eli-uks,
cl.'iiis in- j iii.is, I i:,ni in,i|il> ii.it.
Try" f'y Delicious ^a_sage
made hv itw---i e'- r i-'-il in ci.ini ii
from e'l-olfi s1 m - - *■ • i h i -.. Phpeti paiifiigps
are iv. ii. pirF. il iu ibe pi'iiv-mit*. One
trial wi 1 t-.ii vh ce \' u.
Fb ^ iSarkaf
Heals i Vegetables
First Avenue, : Ladysmith. B. G.
Soof&li Bakery
•Tkiiomi! Wn.so.v, I'ihii-.   NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
I-unertil Dlr;ctnr,
['rompt attention given lo all calls, night
or day, Ling Distance telephone No, 124
Bastion St,, Nanaimo, B.C.
d Soo Pacific
Transcontinental Paseenger Train ruin;
daily,equipped wiih S'andard and
Touilst Sleeping Car".
Day Coaches and Colonist Cars
Lowest Safes
— AND—
Fastest Tims
To and from Winnipeg, Toronto, Hall-
fax, Montreal, Boston, New Yoik,
Ohicsgo ami St. Pmtl, mid all E-Stern nntl Olil Country points.
Foi pnmphleln nnd all information apply-
to any O.P.It, ngent.
IL 11. ABBOTI',      W. MoGIRB,
Agent, Victoria.      Atieitt, Nanaimo.
Aiot. Qonl, Paes. Agent, Vancouver.
hll iiiiiiiiiii'ii'irl-
i tlie boundaries
<■ reserved (Voni
Itiati, exccntlng
NOTICH is ht-K-liy rIvcii Hint
ill.ll    I'lllUll  l.llnlr.Sllll.lk.1  Willli
(■rilii-fi.lliin-iiiUiii-uit.iiR' turd
pre*ettipllon, Bitle m-oilier <ii-1"
midtirlHeprovisions nl Hit- tnium-, inwn oliiiv
PiuWncc, for two yeftr. from ihe dale hereof,
piinunnttu the iirovisloiiB «f Biibicctlon (s) uf
section it of tlie 'Lntnl Act," nn niiK-tnlcil by
Section Oof itu- "Lund Act Am. 11.Inn nl Act,
njoi/'to t-iiiilili- tin.- uiuii .inn Power mid Pulp
Coiitpfijty, 1,1 inited, to st'lcct tli-rcfroni Unibt-r
limits for wood ihiI-i mul |mper iiiiiiiuiin-tiii-iiii;
-juiipiiHtri, ns priii-ldi-il bv 1111 ii*,-ixtinctil ht-nriiiK
date the tolli dny of October, 19m, vis*—
Sections 1,2, -j, 10, it, 11, i.i, i.| mul is, In Town-
snip 38: Bectlons, i, 5. 6,7,8, g, K>, 17 and ill, in
Towiislilp.u, St-ctmili 1, ll, 1 J. 1,1,14, is, 12, __,
14,95, 36,17,34, 33 nnd .id, in 'l"(iivtislii]i "ij; Hcc-
llniii 1, j. 3,4.9, l0 3i 'I- '5' lfl- "i -"J- *Hi a5.
."., ,r- ittnl .in, in Tuwii-liiji .7; mciiniis *-^, jfi, 37,
A .it, ,'i.;is mid i'i. in 'I'ownship ri; SwtloiiH 2,1
tu.i'i Incln-iv*.-, In'I'owu.-slili) 17; stctluiiN 1 tni.,
luel 11 ii vi- in 'I'owiisliiii i'i; iiImi Si'i-UiitlM il In -jfi,
liictiii.i-.-o. hi Tniviiiliip iS; Sections 1 In 36, incln-
slvf, in Tinviisliln |.j; Strlitins 1 1, 11, 12, i\, ij
111.1I fin.11 ;.'tii,n., iiiL-liislvt:. In Township ili; Kcc-
tiiMiit l, 5, fi, 7,S,y, id, 17, iH, **.■-, afi, ,it, JI ailll 35
In Tiiwn*-lii|i.ii. Siciions |,5,f., 7 nnd H, InTuivii-
i4ip .-,.': mt! inns 1 In ,if., Inclusive, 111 T(iwii*sftl|i
toi eecll]>ii-. 1 lo i-j IticliiHlvc, mid 13, 14 unit is,
mid Un-xoiilhiTi! liiillofSi'diimii 3i ami ij, hi
Township 0; Hi-clloim 5 mid f.. In Towinthl'i fi;
Sections 16,31 nnilj?, 3, .1. •;, nnd 6, in Towtisltlp
4; the nni-riiiili'il Inn.I in I'ownslilp 11; Toivnshln
1-. c\cc|il Sci'lloiis.i-iiiiid.ifiiKiTtloiiHi to,to, In-
clnnivc.ln 'lownsliip i.i: Tuiviinhl-i 14; Scclinim 1
to3, loninl 11, la Ti»viHlii|w; scciionii 1, 2, 11,
ia, i), 15. s.HHifl .ifi. in TmviiMiip to: nlso Hit* fol-
lowiiii; a, .■.ci ihctl piece or pnn-cl nf I11111I. iiiimcly:
— Hcjpilllliiff fit ii point 011 the tit'iihitiK itttiti of
Hie south. 111 bum nl n rv of Ttuvtifililp ui, one tiilk*
e;nlofthesiiiiih-inslein coiiier of rtectlnn 1, In
Township in; tliiiicf lii n soiitlii'ily dbi-cllnii
nl. i'il -cvi-n miles, ortoa point one mile BOtllll
nml one mile wt-nl orihesoiitlinii 1 ml of vit-lnrin
Lake; thencecflBl hvn miles; Uiciicc north one
Hi Cl tliCHCs Cftsl one mile; thence north live
111 eSllieilcc CM! Iwo inilcn; Ihence norlli ono
ml ej tlience cost two mllei; ihence norili oue
mile; tln-me eiH two mile*, or lo llie easlcrlv ck-
tu-inilvof Knililteii Liiltc; thence soillh half n
Utile; flietice COil one mile; Ihence mntli one
liiji'l tlienccwcM one mile; Ihence north hnlf 11
mile-tlience west one utile mid a half; ihenci-
noi-lli Inilfii mile; Ihence west one mile; Ihence
lioilli Imirii mile; Ihence west hnlln mile; tlience
ii'Hlli one mile; tlience west one mile; tlience
in-rllilwn miles; llmnee wcsl ulnii,; (lie soul li
Iminiihiiv (in*nivns|ii|is 1-nml 11 tn (lie Sonlli-
enst Ann, nml 1 ht-iu-c- nloiif,' the Klmie of Urn
Soiitlien^l Arm, inn jinnlliirlv illiccllon, lo the
Hinlherii exlit-milv ..Tllit- Anil, nml thence north
AllolwliichMii-llniiifsme Hllimlcd ill Rupert
VllMl-|.ll>i.|-  f'.lllllll.
W, rt. nonii,
Hcpnty Commlssloiiei o| l.miih tiiut Works,
Is llie inline that stands for
tlie Best Piano raniiufactiir-
• ed lo-iluy. Beautiful to look
ul; exquisite ill tone. Perfection in Pianos, Don't
buy till you see nnd hear it.
HanJmo B. G.
VLItors ftom Ladyemith and district
will lind in thie weli-appoinlmi house all
tho home comlortp. Lnnches for lady
shoppers .1 specialty. Terms strictly
un'iitrn'e. Servicj aud cuisine first
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
Qnutlinlc of I'hlliidelphln Deiitnl College nnd
Ilospilnloj Oral Surgery,
Old Post Office Building,
(inveriiment St., (Uitstalr-*)
Pbone.-tHoA.OIllcP, \/i-*-._.J*  13 I*"*
"    37BA, Residence.     VlCtOfia, D.-U
Dr. Moody visits Lndysmilh everv l-'t Idny, Sntltr-
day mid Sinuhiy.   offlce, Niehnlsoa's Hall.
The Ladysinilh Market is ready to
supply the public with fresli fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Coiner Rolicrts and First Avenue
Ship's Work a Specialty.
IIorsC'BlioehiR ia all Ita branches,   l-'mni Implements  itp-ihcd.     Miners'   Tool:
ilinrpeiicti inul tempered.
Buller Street,
Tools   emefiilly
At l/iilj'siniili will mmuin opni until
next Mqmiay i'V-iiiIiik tu iiccoiiiniiiiatt
tltose .lesir.ms of trtkiii|r ailvitnURe ol
our stiiy. Inn li«pt at liuma o-loi lo tl.e
Innleuttnoy of'llit wuatlier. It-menibtr
cloudy .viuihi-r just aa goml aa Ann anil
ait ...nl; firsl. olitsa.
Marble nud Ornnlle Monuments,
Tablets:, Crosses, Hie. KKliinnteH
nntl Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
l*or  I'irst Cans work
Shaving Parlors
High Street.
Ilnlr culling and iieard
trllUllllllg n Specialty,
Is lion- jirt'imr.il It, give tcssotis on lliL-jilalio nml
violin.   All n|.|.lii.'fttlolis for tiiltioli tnn lie k-a n
W.  11.   Lively's  Jewelry  Store
Muorn Brnnku'ln   Valokuvle.
Tlio (Seat Are lhe Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO.B.G.
In the Matter ol the WuterClaus-
es Cniisoliilnli.iii Act, 1897, and
Amending Acts,
And In the flatter ot the Ladysmith Water Company, Ltd.
(iOTICI'l is linreliy Kiv.<» lliatianpllca-
lion will In. iiimk. to a 'mluo ol Iho
Siilirr-inii Oiinrt of Uritlsli Oalninuit at
Hit) Court Hnnit, Vmtorla, 11.0., at 10,10
o'clonk In tne forenoon, on Sniuniay,
Ilm 2l):li day of Nnveniber, 1D0I!, or in
soon tlitirimllor as the Applicant can be
lii'iinl on belinll ol (hn l-mivsinitli Water
Oiiuipnny, Ijlmltiid, (or leave to con-
Btiiii-I, intlntiiln anil uperate a water
works nynlcm to supply water (0 the Inhabitants ol the unincorporated looalliv
In nml annul 1,'i.l.iaiiiilh, In tbe County
ol Nnnalinj anil for purpose! necessniy
mil inciileiilitl thereto.     -
Tills nnllce wns published on Ojlnber
IH'h, 11)02. for Ilm (lrstli.no,
Victoria, B, 0., Out. 23,d, "002.°*" 'cf'


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