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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 1, 1902

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Array M.ujttfMfr't^:
wtV    (\^<A
The people that save
money trade with
Ladysmith Leader
I For Boots and Shoes
I Sickle's is the store
VOL. 1. NO. ii.
You can't afford to lose |
an opportunity. I
ilJessup's Pharmacy
W. are olearing nut these Fall and Winter Goods at Great Reductions
prior to tho arrival ol Full Spring Stoci, which will be in at an early
See onr Dark Wrapper, reduced to f-LOO.
Fine Quality Black Sateen BlouBe, reduced to >1.00.
Special Lines of Dress Goods; reduced to 25o. per yard.
Darrlilsr, Solicitor,
Attorney. Notary public, Ute
sionayto Loan.
Nan.lmo. - •     .      -
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanade and Qatacre Street.
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   tt  ¥r
Prescriptions oarelnlly dispensed.
day and night.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
P. 0. Box 157
Fred   Poster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals ind Deer Heads Mounted and
for tale.   Furs made, altered, cleaned and stored
a-li.j JohoionSt..       -        Victoria, B.C.
News Agent,
Agt For San Franciaco Examiner.
Ye Olde Corner,
Government St,, Victoria, B. 0,
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Oakes and pae-
trlss ol all deicripiiont. Fruite ln
.i.^.+.r.l,.}.H.+.H-H»t"t»t''l':t'M"t"»"l"l'+  ********* HOlHIIMIIMt::
One fact is better than a Doten ;'.
Hearsays. II you want tb. ;;
choicest natali go to
Ladysmith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fiesh supply  of   Vegetables • •
alwayi on hand.
Special attention given to ihips' ;;
supplies. '
Finest Mei ten and Olay Worsteds.
' I Fall Un. ol imported Tweedt and
;) Woriteda. First-clast workman-
'' ihip guaranteed.
First Ave.,  Ladysmith |
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel haa been comfortably lurnisbrd and Ihe bar Is np to date.
Best accommodation for transient and permanent boarders and lodger..
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade, • Ladyimllh, B. G.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Stationers, Booksellers,
Bookbinders, Paper Rulsrs
88 Yates Si. P.O. Box 485
David    Murray,
Boiler Street,     '   ■       Ladysmith
Shop will b. open every Thursday.
Friday and Saturday.
McAdia [and Son
Undertaken and Embalmers.
Telegraph Order* promptly ."attended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent. v Telephone No. 141.
NANAIMO,      •      -      -      B. C.
Fire Insurance!
Why not Iniurt at homi andtavi
By insuring in the London Mutual, or
Ottawa,  Loweit possible rates.
D. Mcintosh, Agent
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
•'■'' Manufacture*
Soda Water, Olngar Btjer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Egsetlcei, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUMHINQ.        -        Proprietor,  ?.&,&.!.
Norwegian Seamen Enjoy a Jolly
Skylark on'Novel Skates.
Undoubtedly the eight nf the town at
present ia the splendid exhibition ol ski
running given by the hardy Norsemen
irom the steamer jTcllus. Those sport-
loving tars, failinr to get here the sixteen-foot ski of jbeir native country,
quickly improviscd.palrs which answered
the purpose vary well. An oaken cask
was stove iu an-1 each gallant tar provided bimsell with a pair, fixed on
lashings for the feet and climbed tbe
hill to the top of Koberti Street, where
they Joined the jovial tbiong of tobog-
The Norwegians, without a moment's
hesitation launched down the steep and
glassy Incline,'and sped with locomotive
speed right down to the Esplanade. It
was n thrilling sight tn behold thoie daring aklmen, without poles or supports of
any kind except their arms, flashing
down the grade like lightning. It wae a
mystery to moat beholders to understand how the: balanced themselves.
When a ski runuecsam. tn a hollow he
took it with a k' and leap, alighting on
the far side,';, steadying bimsell and then continuing Ub wild flight
to the goal far below Just above the
Grand Hotel each Bki runner eweivcd
off the sidewalk info the roadway, a feat
that astonished all beholders.
Captain Pedersen, commander of the
TelliiB, watched th. sport and described
to a group of interested spectators the
ieats ol the Norwegian ski runners on
tbe great ski used in Norway. It ie certainly magnificent iport, and worth going a long way to ase. The barrel
staves answered very well, and tbe
sailors bad no end of iun, not to men.
tlnn the spectators, wbo watched with
breathless excitement each runner
coming down the hill.
Sunday Service..
Methodist church — Services are
lielil nt 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7 o'clock ln this evening. Sunday school
at 2.80. Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
The Baptist congregation meets every
Sunday alternoon in Nicholson's hall.
Preacher, Kev. W. Tompkins. Everyone is heartily invited.
First Presbyterian Church—Regular
services,morning 11 o'clock; evening 7
o'clock. Sunday school 2.30 p. m,
Bev, W. A. Rae, pastor.
Roman Catholic Church—Dsnotliclion
at 7 o'clock p.m. Rev. Father Veibeke,
Church of England—Setvlces at the
usual hours, Oddfellow's Hall. Van.
Archdeacon Soiiven In charge.
Conveyancer, Notary Public, R..I Estate,
Fir. .nil Lib Insurance Agent.
Ships' papers a specially.  Forty yean'
Th. Esplanade,     •    Ladytmlth, B.C.
Expected to Arrive From Victoria
Provincial Librarian ScholeSeld, when
receiving the order for one of the Provincial Qovernmeut'e travelling libraries for Ladyemith, said that he would
have it ready lor despatch to Ladyimith
thie Saturday. It la hoped that the
library will be in on the noon train
from Victoria. Mr. JesBup will lose no
time in getting the library into working
order. It baa been suggested that it
would be wise to have a meeting of the
subscribers to the application lorm
some evening next weak, and complete
the arrangements for the proper management of tbe library, besidee, there ii
a email matter of finance still to he
Coudor and lUalteuvvau,
Seattle Times advances the theory
that H. M. S. Condor and the steamer
Matteawan may have collided in tbe
hurricane on Christmas night off Cape
Flattery. The Matteawan, which left
Nanaimo the day previous, overloaded
with coal for San Francisco, is supposed
to have turned back off Flattery and on
entering tbe Straits, collided with the
Condcr, which was steaming out from
Esquimau about that time. Wreckage
from both vessels bae been found along
the west coaat of Washington and Vancouver Island. No email boat could
have lived in the sea running at the
time of the supposed collision.
The Ifeallhteat Race.
The Swedish census shows the lowest
death-rate ever recorded by a civilized
nation, During the last decade it has
been 16.40 per thousand. Norway comes
next with 16.9, then England with 18.8.
Thus the Scandinavians are tbe healthiest race in the world. One hundred
years ago the death-rate of these countries was 20 22, Considering tbe differ-
ence in distribution of population which
exists between Sweden and our own
country, it cannot be Bald, observes
Science Sittings," that we. witb so
large a proportion of our reaple in
crowded towns, come out very badly jn
comparison.        . ?~
Still meu Hesitate.
A great Englishman some time ago
ventured a description of married life In
golden contrast to bachelor life in
Look on this picture and on tbat I
Matrimony:—Hot suppers, comfortable
slippers, hot coffee, buttons, redeemed
Blockings, happiness. Bachelorism:—
Sheet-iron quilts, bine nose, frosty
rooms, heel-leas stockings,, guttapercha
toast, leather Bteak, coughs and colics,
nobody to care for yon, misery.
John Barnsiey & Co.,
Agents for
J. J. Tsylor
Fire-Proof Safes.
gsl minted at once, for it may be
too 1st. tomorrow. I represent tever.l
OLD .nd RELIABLE Oompanlei and
can lnture yon at a moment's notice at
the loweit possible rates, All leading
companies charge Hi, same rates. Don t
bs milled Into Insuring witb a cheap
company-it might be dear in tbe end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawn 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Victoria, B. C. .;
Kodak,, Films, Etc,
Origin ol n t'umou. Hook.
The brothers George and Edward
Dalslel, who have just given to tbe
world a record ot their filly rears' work
as engravers and publishers, have an
interesting story ol the oiigiuol that
fainouBvoluuio,"The Book of Nonsense,"
by Edwaid Lear.
Mr, Lear told them that when a young
man he studied veiy much in the Zoological Gardens in Regent's Park.
While be was engaged on an elaborate
drawing of some parrotl a middle-aged
gentleman used to come very frequently
and talk to him about bit work, and by
degree! tnok more and more iatereit in
One day be iiiil "I wish ycu to come
i a visit to tne, for 1 have much that I
think would interest yon." The strainer
wa, the Earl of Derby. Lear incepted
Ihe Invitation, and it was during hit
many visits at   Kcowsley    that the
'Nonsense" drawings were made, sail
the Inimitable verses «eie written.
They were generally done lu the even
lug to please tho earl's young children,
and caused so much delightful amusement that be re-drew tbem on stone,
gnd published them as bsf ire stated.
Tuat is how this cltyer, humorous
book came into eiistence,
The sailors off the Tellus found a spot
for ski running which took their fancy
and suited all rsqulrements except as to
length, on High Street, They started
opposite the Pharmacy and abot
dowli tbe slope past Mr, Marshall's
home, then took the leap oi fifteen leet
into the air off the edge of th. road into
tb. snow below, where tbey continued
until they came to th. railway track.
A number of local Anglo Sixone tried
the game, hut it Is hard tn beat a N irwe-
gian at skiing,  They used barrel slaves.
Ladysmith Iron Works are very busy
with orders at present.
Largest Assembly Ever Held
Gould's Hall,
Congratulations are iu order to the
management of tbe Ladysmith Baseball
Olub for the success which attended
their efforts on Tuesday evening, wben
the dance announced for some time
previously took place. The attendance
was the largest on record at any dance
in Ladyemith, there being hardly room
fir another conple in the hall. The arrangements had been carried out in good
style, the music was, as usual, first rate,
the floor bad been prepared witb great
care and wa, iu fine condition for
dancing. Refreshments were served
about midnight. Quite a large narty of
ladies and gentlemen came up from
Chemainus to attend the dance, while a
party also came from Nanaimo. A good
many Extension people were aoted in
tbe room. The fun was kept up till
quite late on Wednesday morning.
Mr. Horace Shepherd, ol Salt Spring
Island, died laat Wednesday at hia home,
aged 81 yeara and 11 months. He had
lived at Salt Spring thirty yean. Tbe
funeral will be held today from Salt
Spring Metbodilt church. Messrs.
Grant & Son, ot Nanaimo, are in charge
ol the arrangements.
Peter B, Holcourt, ropeman, War
Eagle Mine, Rossland, was killed there
Thursday afternoon, He slipped and
fell down the ahalt.
It is reported that A. B. Gray, ol
Victoria, a traveller lor R. P. Ritbet A
Co., has died at Nelson. Mr. Gray was
well known throughout the province,
and at one time took a leading part in
Victoria affairs.
Bulkeley Valley, Caseiar, is to be
settled by parties ol colonists from
Washington State, under direction of
tb. provincial government, A number
ol families will be sent to Queen Charlotte Islands.
Ralph Smith, M.P., has severely cen-
eurtd British Columbia cannere lor declining to testify belore the Fisher;
Commission until the other evidence is
Satisfactory Arrangements Made
For Tuesday Evening,
On Thursday evening in the parlor of
the Abbotsford Hotel a meeting ol tbe
committee in charge of the arrange-
ments lor making a presentation to Dr.
Goidon, on the occasion of bis leaving
Ladysmith for bla home in the East,
was held. Mr. D, McLean was voted to
the chair, and Mr. T. L. Grahame acted
as secretary.
Mr. W. G. Fraser reported that tbe
committee had collected a sum which
would enable tbe committee to r urchase
a very hcndBome token of Ibe citizsns'
regard, and alto have a good time on tbe
occaiion oi the premutation. Messrs.
Fraser, Spratt and Greaves were appointed a committee to make the selection and purchase.
On motion it wai decided to have tba
presentation take place In Oddfellows'
hall next Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock,
and all citizens of Ladyimith are cordially invited to be present. It was resolved tbat a suitable address should be
drawn up and read at the meeting, and
then be presented to Dr, Gordon. The
following were appointed a programme
committee i Mesne. D. Gourlay, M.
Dunsmuir, T. Cowan and T.L.Graham..     J ■
It was agreed that th. married men **
should bold themselves responsible for
tbe supply of cake tor presentation festivities, while the bachelors should provide the sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc. It
is respectiully intimated in the name of
the committee that il any ladiei care to
bring cake with them cr lend it for tba
occaiion no offence will be taken.
The mieting adjourned to meet again
on Monday evening in the same place to
report progress and mike the final arrangement.
B.C. Mill NEWS
Now is Ihe time to have yourwatch,
clock, old or new jewelry repaired or
altered by an expert, Lively's First
Avenue jewel, watch and clock depot.  •
Mr. G. L. Oonrlney, traffic manager
of the E. & N, Railway, pissed down to
Victoria on yesterday morntng'i train
after a visit to Nanalmo.
Don't fail to bear the great comic
singer Mr, Scott at tho Church of
England concert on Friday evening,
F.by, 7th. t
Ladysmith Teaming .Depot, I jj|g CreSC6llt Hotrf
111 U.S. „l l,o.„. l.smini ,1,1110 I IIW     »l»W»»lll     ■ „»■•»
All klndi 01 heavy teaming done
j. Mclennan, ladysmith, b. c.
Wboletal, and Retail Dealart in Meats.
Poultry   and Vegetables.  Game ln
, eaaon. Shipping orderi attended to on
phot* aollc
Wm. llepple, proprietor.1
First-elan accommodation, lor mln.ri
and transients.  None bnt
Tha But Wines and Liquors
■arved at tha bah' tilts aa a call.
Cor, Victoria Rd A Commercial St,
NANAIMO,     •     •     I.C.
Ladyimith Dairy
N.w Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Egti and Fieth Vegatablei mpplied
Dally. Ltava ordiri at th. pott office.
Successors to Hllbtrt & Son..
Funeral Directors and Etnbalinera.
Open day and night.
Orttr.krT.lrgr.pli  promptly  .tuna'
Button St., Nanalmo.
T.lipkoa.1... P.O.Boijas,
lliill.ll.-lii stannic,,
Statistics jutt published show tbat
430 buil-llghte took place in Spitn and
twenly in France during the past season
Irom March 24 to November I. The
number ol bulls killed was 3,058 ami ol
hones about flvethpnsapd. The famous
bullfighter Antonio Fuentes participated
in lixtyone bull-fighta and his leei
amounted   to about ,50,000.
With inch talent ai represented by
Mr. Kelly nl Nan.imo, Mr. Scott ol
Ohenielmis, and Mr. Allen ol Ladyimith,
those attending the Church ol England
entsrlalnment in the Oddfellows' build
More than one well-to-do merchant
In neighboring towns to Ladytmlth ha,
made very particular enquiry regarding
thil place and Us prospects. The Leader
has informed them that both are strictly all right.
E. A. Bradley returned Irom Smith
Creek on Wednetday, the trip ont having occupied two and a half days. Mr.
Bradley found the travelling good. The
drift to strike wash on th. Blue Jay has
been extended twelve leet and Mr.
Bradley considers the indications good
lor shortly striking the old channel. The
pumping plant is working well, and although there Is a considerable inflow of
surface water, the plant is handling it
satisfactorily.—Kootenay Mail.
Thos. McNauiht, ol the Halcyon Sani.
larlum, who bae been largely inttiu-
inental in bringing about tbe visit to the
Province ol T. B, Steuait, the celebrated
Scotch mining engineer, will invite the
lending mining men ol the district to
meet Mr. Stenart at Halcyon on Ih.
occasion of his visit there. During hit
ttay iu British Columbia Mr. Stenart
will collect lull information as to the
mineral resources ol the province ind
he ii backed by ample capita), Mr,
McNaught says: "Mr. Stenart il the
bait man who could hav. coin, .at
here." Mr. Steuart has been al Katto
enquiring into the prospects ol building
a smelter there, on behalf of Scotch capitalists.
Geo. P. Weill, ol Palliser, Is intereit.
ed in tome very promising tllver-eapper
properties in the Ice Diver district,
which came Into prominence last season
on account of new discoveries there. On
one ol the properties there it a vein
reported as 20 leet wide.
Mr, Andrew Bryden baa returned
home from Harrison Hot Spring!, but is
confined to his bed.
It it reported thai the iotnr.nce company is going to   rebuild    Mr.    Bar.
Knieht's boardlns boi,.« ,.,.-- „
Supt. F. Little is spending a fear day.
'. Union.
Tbe Prtabyt.ri.nt are preparing for
tale ol work io February.
Mrs. Ramiay hat returned to Extention after a few months' absence.
Mr. J. Divine, who has been ia the
hospital lor some few weeks undergoine
treatment lor bis eyes has returned to
Extension feeling quite better.
The output nl coal Irom the tunnel it
over eight hundred tone dally.
The diamond drill ii working about
hall way between Extention ind Fiddick's.
Snow fell heavily here yestwday
morning. The fall so far has bsen
pretty well up to the average is this part
ol the district.
Constable E. Hodgson it once more
on doty after a .pell of illness.
Mr. ind Mrs. Keewiok of No. 1 Extension, are mourning the death ol their
two-year-old daughter, who lost her Hie
nnder terrible circumstances last Wednesday. Mrs. Keiwick went ont leaving
the children, and nn returning found tba
little gill's clothe* on fir., The child,
died from the iujnriel received. The
funeral took place yesterday Irom the
Catholic Church Nanaimo, Messrs.
MaoAdia & Son directing the obsequies..
Much indignation is felt here at Ihe
persistent misrepresentations ol tb. Nanalmo H.rald concerning this place.
The.tst.ment regarding th, employment ol Ladyimith men I. condemned
even by men who. have keen Iriendly to
the Heiald,
For silverware, gem,, chains, orn4-
nienta oi all kinds | and In, skilled repairing at moat moderate prices, then
ia no place like Lively'., th. leading
jeweler's, First Avenue. *
Nanalmo Is gay theie nights with th.
coasters. Ladles and gentlemen, boy.
and girls, can be seen shooting do*n th,
slopss on their coaster, amid shout! ot
laughter anil general merriment.    Nan-
Ass, InlcnHliia   Ai.nlveM.fT.
Rev, W, B. Camming ol St. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church, Nanaimo, want
down lo Victoria thia morning to take
the pulpit at First Presbyterian Church,
Victoria, tomorrow on the occasion of the
fortieth annlversay of the founding ot
that church. This is the jirit anniversary ol tbat interesting event ever held,
Rev, TV-. Campbell will atlllt Rev.
Mr, Cnmming In conducting Ih. saivio..
Rev. Mr. Camming'! pulpit wilt be occupied tomorrow by tb, Rev. W. 0.
Dodds, late ol Cumberland,
A Villas. «l Ten.
The pariihoi Upper Eldon, in Hull.
Is probably unique among the pariihst
in the United Kingdom. It II Situated
about five mile, from Romney, and
boasts a population ol tan.
The village churchyard standi ia Ice..
esntre of the farmyard of one ol tho twsf v
honsei in th, parith, and tb. farmyaid
ii alio the village cemetery.
The building datw Irom th. eleventh
century, .nd contains a reading del
communion table and twill, aud ftv
pewi, but doti not bout a puloit, Th.
living it ot th. annual valu. oi £45, bat
th.ro II sot at prmnt aa Incumbent.
Ing on Friday evening, Feby. 7th. will B(mo ., ,avored wlrt, m,B, BKi,ridlcJ
,liav.ar»tetrMt.  Adinliiton l!So.     f [ooaaUng places,
Read tha Ladyimith Leader.
Th. ladiei ol Ik. Church ot Englmd
ill provide Mother high las In th.,
Oddfellows' building on Frid«y .venior.
Feby. 7th, to be followed by sooase't,
with d.noe In th. Social Hall. Auttll-
tion to concert and due. 38c. high tt»
Sac. »
-rf*u-,    .. , ■ V
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extenslon News.
Published every Wednesday and Saturday at
The leader Building, corner of Pint Ave. .nd
French 8trect, Ladysmith, Brltiah Columbia.
T. L. GKAHAMK, Korroa ind Faoraiatoa.
One year (strictly In advance) fa do
Ix months (strictly in advance)    I .5
TRANSIENT-Flret Insertion 10c, a line; each
subsequent insertion 5C. a line.       ,
Rates on application. No wood cut, used.
Cut. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Heath and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
time wlU be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE- LEADER may be [obtained from the following Agents:
J, adysmitb-The leader Office; The ladysmith
Kanalmo-E. Plmbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsdeu;   Victoria Book &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;) Public library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library'.
New Westminster—Public Library.
AU changes in advertisement, must be received
si this office before ia noon the day before
Subscribers uot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
Hal tbe courie ol Dr. R. E. McKechnie, of Nanaimo, ilnce he firet pot
himself forward as a public man, been
such aa ihould meet with the spprovsl
of honeit men? That il the queitlon
which tbe elector, ol Nanaimo, snd
more particularly the worklngmen,
have to settle. It il eminently import'
ant that they ihould settle it. Any man
who ii deemed worthy to represent the
working men ol Nanaimo in the Provincial Atsembly or si preiident of tbe
Labor party, ihould be above impiclon,
on the queitlon ol Chlnere labor and
immigration. The purpose of thia ex-
animation ii to ascertain whether Dr,
McKechnie ii sonnd on that important
matter, We may preface onr remark!
by saying that the evidence we shall
produce will ahow that Dr. McKechnie
li very far irom round thereon.
The iiegei ol Nanaimo will remember
thit shortly belore Dr. McKechnie wit
lent to the Legialatnre, tb. Dominion
Government dredge wsi in Nanaimo
harbor. At a meeting ol the Labor
party the queitlon wai raited about
the Dominion Government employing
Chineie labor on that dredge. One
member ol the party pointed ont that it
was not necessary for the meeting to go
■0 lar Irom home lor a flagrant can ol
thli kind, aa Dr. McKechnie, the phyil-
eian for the New Vancouver Coal Com-
p.ny'1 mm, employed Chineie domestic, in hit house. Ultimately s motion
wsi pssied nnsnimonily condemning
tbe Dominion Government lor employ
ing Chines..
Through the efforts ol Mr. W. W. B,
Mclnnei, then M. P. lor the diitrict in
the Common!, the Chinaman wai withdrawn Irom th. dredge snd s white mm
took hii pl.ee si cook. Dr. McKechnie,
in reply to the labor men'i request tbat
he ihould employ white l.bor in hit
home, lent back a saucy letter, in which
he ducl.red th.t It wai absolutely necet-
sary to employ Chinese labor In bis
home, because according to the Doctor,
there were no girli In ths country fit to
act si hia domeitica.
about tbe time he went to tbe Legislature. For aome reaton or ether be dispensed with all hii Chineie domeitlci
and put white lervanta, in their place.
The Doctor himielf declared that thoie
white tervants were completely litis-
factory, This, the reader will remember, was when Dr, McKechnie wat a
member ol the Legislature.
Dr. McKechnie waa the lather of the
celebrated Coal Minea Regulation Bill,
brought in during tbe Semliu regime,
the doctor being president oi the council.
That measure contained a atrong clause
against the employment ol Obinete, and
Dr. McKechnie waxed almost eloquent
in condemnatinn of the atrocious sin of
employing Chineie in any capacity. He
was known at Victoria ai one ol the
most stern foes of the sallow foreigner!.
When the home prorogued Dr. Mc
Ktohnle went home and discharged all
bis it bile "help" and reinstated tbe
Chinese. Tbe facts are well known to
hundreds. Whenever presture hai
been brought to bear on the doctor by
the labor men out the Mongols, hive
been bundled. But wben Jackie out
ol office no pet monkey was evareo
Mr. Hawthornthwaite bai told the
people ol Nanaimo how Dr. McKechnie
■toed on the pulp bill. The doctor waa
convinced tbat it wai impossible for him
to lay bandt on that quarter of a million
if Hon. Joseph Martin'a heroic efforts to
exclude Chineie from the working! ever
carried. So the doctor fought bard lor
hii uffron friendi. Urged on by the
prospect ol quarter ol a million to add
to bit princely income derived from the
white minen ol Nanaimo, who teemed
to be extraordinarily intceptible to the
hypnotic influence ol tbe doctor, he
lobbied, he pleaded on the
floor ol the home, he button-holed
friendi, Mr, Hawthornthwait. amongit
tbe number, and ehowed how neceitiry
w.i th. assistance ol onr dear brethren
Iromacroii the leal in laming that
quarter ol a million dollar! lor Dr. McKechnie, president ol the white labor
party, in the itrong white union town ol
And Mr. Hawthornthwaite iiyt it ii
altogether likely that Dr. McKechnie
will make that quarter million out ol
thli nice little piece of ambidexterity,
If there were more Dr. McEechnieiin
thil blessed lend flowing witb milk-and-
water politic, then would toarcelybe
room to turn round for Chineie.
wbatia called, with still    less tense, variety.
glory.  Judged by their writings it li olCaeear
plainly evident ttat those gentlemen
know nothing ol war.
From conversations which we have
been privileged to hold with soldiers—
officers snd men—with war correspondents, with ipeclatori and victims; with
army surgeons and nuraei we have been
forced to the belief that war ia hell, ae
General Tecumieh Sherman eald; war
ii worie than itrong drink for wiping
ont all trace nl the human and lor transforming the talking biped into a beast,
a mere inluriated brute. Ita glories ire
all in the imagination of comfortable
sleek-headed writers who never saw and
never will see II tbey can help it, a shot
find in anger; and wbo would exhibit
abnormal powers ol speed toward the
rear were they to bs confronted for an
instant with tbe least hideoua ol the
grisly icanei which mark wai'a progress.
The vast majority ol the detail! of war
are not fit tor description in print; we
could, if we chose, give here, verbatim
•t literatim, at given to m by men who
took part ln tbem, descriptions ol ghastly incident! in different modern wan
tbat wonld certainly pat any one ni
Andrew Oaruegie'i critics off his feed
for at leatt a week. No author, even
Emile Zola, dare print luch deecrip-
tiona; the nearest approach to the real
•rticl. is to be found in the canvases
ol Vaaili Verestschagic, the great Rut-
lian painter, who is claiming the Peace
Society's prizi for the moat valuable
contribution to the came ol peace. Hia
argument ia that hit picture! have done
more to instil a hnrror ol war than any
other thing accomplished within the
year haa done. Women have fainted
and powerful men turned lick at thoie
scenes sketched on th. battlefield by
thil master nf detail and vivid portrayal.
The man who ihouti for war is either
an ignorant fool or a madman; the man
who condemns any other man became
that man's voice la raised lor peace hai
many of the essentials of the criminal
in hi. nature. Theeoldien home from
Airier do not clamor for "war, more
war," aa do the phthisical Boanerges ol
tbe editorial sanctum—who would ba
tb. flnt to run at ping of bullet er gleam
of ateel.
War ii hell.  Let ui have peace,
' Quao aunt Britain! "   Shade
Could anything be mora disgusting to
the believer in tbe comlltution of the
United States than tbe exhibition of
tlunkeyism given by the lo-called Americana who are preparing to grovel before
Prince Henry of Germany? The founder! of the republic would turn in Iheir
graves could they lee their unworthy
descendentt and their monkeyihlnei
belore a crowned head. It aeema impossible to get a continent Amorican
nowadays. Next thing tbey will want
will be king, and we hope they will get
oue oi the Tartar breed when they do
hire him to do their ruling,
They are going to give Mr. Ralph
Smltb, M.P., a farewell eupper and
dance before he leavea Nanalmo on hia
'corporation greate" for Ottawa, The
committee in charge of tbe love featt aro
afraid that tbey cannot scare up men
enough to live the thing from being
taken for a pauper'a funeral, io aro going
to invite the ladiei. The sly dogaknow
that where tbe charmers are there also
will the Wllliea and the Johnnies be.
In this ingenioui way they hnpe to pack
the house like an Irlth agrarian jury—
every man nady to iwear to anything
belore the' flnt witnen ii heard. We
hope Mr, Smith will enjoy hia cookie
and be able, in a voice tremuloua with
emotion and weak tea, to return
unctuoui thanki tor them mercies.
In tbo County Court of Nanalmo,
holden nt Nanalmo.
In tho goods of AntonI Piscelelll, E.
E. Hazsl and Angus Bovd.
Take notice that I hove been appointed adniiniBtrntnr of tin, above estates.
All parlies indebted lo any of the
above estates aro required to nay such
indebtedness forthwith, nnd all parties
having claims must tile Iho same with
me, duly eertitled, not later than the
18th day of February, 11102.
Official Administrator.
Nanaimo, B.C., .lauuary nil,, 1002.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc, Wedding Bouquets in every Btyle. Orders promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. 0
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest paper in the Northwest.
Weeklv edition a complete record of
the world's news to date. Sport,
politics, society, women's, interests,
young folk's department, literature,
science, art, music.
Strange indeed ii the position taken
up by the critics of Mr. Andrew Oar-
negie, who have found fresh cause to indulge the bitter inter and contemptuoui
jibe at tbe Laird ol Skibo because he has
dared to raite hit voice to deplore the
preval.no. ol war in our time. Queer
reading thoie criticisms make when we
keep in view the teitimony ol greater
men than Andrew Oarnegie on tbii very
subject, and remember that even the
molt furioni of the jingoei an exceedingly careful at all times to guard them-
selves against the charge tbat they war
for war'i lake only. They take palm
to aiinr. the public tbat tbey deteit the
thing war, per se, quite as cordially aa
the mott ardent member of the Peace
Society, or any ol the Exeter Hall de-
claimen could potsibly do.
Yet we tee a number ol newspapers
holding up Mr. Oarnegie to scorn and
abut, for doing the lame thing. The
only Inference il that thoie writer! look
upon waraiadeiirabletbingito them,
w. doubt not, war ii a very jolly lort ol
We do not love thee, E, Bodwell—
The reason why we cannot tell;
Bnt tbii we know, and know lull well—
We do not love thee, E. Bodwell.
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jaunting card over the C. P. R. ivitam.
Wonder what Mr. Ralph Smith did with
bis—ot conne, he hat the unction of
tbe worklngmen to toak up all the "corporation grease" hit tyitlm will hold.
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tbe plea for the recognition ol newipiper
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article. When that cornea to pan the
World stall' wlll have to carry armt and
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game, (when played by lomebody elte)
He continued to employ Chineie until full of what li called excitement and of
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On. plain-spoken journal in the old
country remaiki that the bait thing
Cecil Rhodeicin do lor the preient il
Inkier)himielf very qnlet. The piper
perceivei sn nglr temper rising amongst
the Britiih people snd thinki there
might accidentally be in att.mpt made
to saddle the blame ol tbii war on
It I. learned that there II no truth in
the anerllon that the authorities have
■ent out partiet provided with March
warrant! to discover th. whereabout! ol
11 One Richard MoBride," and a wee
wondor called Bods.il, both recently
dropped ont ol tight, snd mourned si
lost by snxioui friendi. Perb.pi they
aro notion but gone before their con.
stltnints. Some say if lh.y do tb.l
they will be gone Indeed.
VIstorlsTltnii electrlflei the public
with s line in ths following kind ol
"Terrarum Tranimarinarum quae
mat Britain."
Then, lunch a thing ai dog Latin—
perhaps the foregoing Is tbe dog-goned
Bernard McEvoy Eipatiates an This
Feature af Modern Newspapers.
(Specially written for The Leader.)
Tbe utefulnesB ol the cartoon ai an
addition to the attractions ol I he modern
newtpaper ia evidenced by the eager-
neat ol many proprietora to procure tbe
services of an artiat who can draw cartoon!. But the capable cartoonist is a
rare bird; and ownen of journals find
considerable difficulty In adding a good
tpecimen to their memgerie. Roaring
lloni, and cooing feminine dovet may be
had by the dcten. A poet II not difficult
to obtain—there are many more poet!
thin pagea available for them. But the
cartoonist occupiee a place similar to
that filled in the 'musical world by ibe
poneitor ol a good teuor voice, lie
knnwt he ii rare, and be can get hit
price. While bastes and baritonea are
fairly numerous, the tenor stands alone.
Bo doea the capable cartoonist. BataB
there are many men who think they are
(air tenors and are quite mistaken iu
tbat idea, ao there aie many artists who
think in an equally erroneoua wiy, that
they can draw cartoons. There are no
women cartoonists, since cartooning Involves the possesion ol the creativo
faculty, and an even abnormal sense of
humor, and tbeie are thinga that au all'
wile Providence has, for the most part,
denied to the fair nx,
But a cartoonist not only requires the
creative faculty and ibe seneo ol humor.
He mult ol course be able to draw. By
this I mean, not only, lhat he mutt have
patted through tbat training ol the hand
and eye—acailamic or otherwiie—which
enable! tbe itudent to put down on
paper an accurate repreientation, In
lines, ol anything be tees; but that he
mult draw in hii own Individual way,
10 tbat any drawing ol hii it at once
aeen to be tbe work of hit hand withnut
the neceitity ol looking lor the signature,
He establishes a personal conventionality ol bla own., Hit drawing ot a mm
il no mar. pbotograpbeique pictnn ol
him, but more or less ol a caricature.
H. mut hive th. poww ol seising
characteristic .ti.ntl.li and, ol em.
pbitlslng them. He toon ditpliyi tbii
ability in all h. doei, Sam Hunler not
only drawi Sir Wilfrid Laurier in bit
own peculiar way, bnt all th. accessories
ol hii cartoom hav. patted through th.
alembic ol hii own personally. II he
drawa a plgity, "Sam Huntar" it written
.11 over it| and if b. introduce! a suhsi,
diary landscape, th. gran, tbatreei,
snd ths ln.tm.nt of the fencei II
Hnntereeque. I mention Mr. Hunter
flnt, btcauie h. ii onr own Canadian
prodnot snd, on tb. whole, the but
cartooniat the Dominion haiatpraient
produced. Precliety the tame character-
i.tio li to ba observed lo th. On. oar
toom ol Sir John Tenniel, ol Linley
Hambonrne, snd ol sll th. other artitti
ia thil lia. th.t h.ve rina to eminence.
The certoonlit mutt however poneii
an outfit thit comprint mere thin then
capacitlei, Hi mmt be tolerably well
acquainted with ancient aad modern
hlitory, with natnnl hlitory, with hii
awn tjmii, with political .vinti .nd
political lading. He mmt h.v. s
oympithitlc inilght Into ths 111. .round
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Wliut Mar Be Don. With Poultry .a
the Farm, Laura, or Small,
There are many borne comforts tbat
can be had with little extra care,. All
such delicate   surroundings   help to
make our Uvea more pleasant, and In
. addition to this It lifts ua above the
The proper harvesting, and preaerva- l everyday common routine that la so
tion of tho hay crop na've a great influ- I very laborious.  The man or woman or
•nc. on dairying, especially winter dnl- i family who Blmply spend their time In
rylng, nays G. E. Newell ln American   following tho plow ot milking tho cow
Cultivator. _^^^_^^^^__
A wise and consequently successful
dairyman Is always looking uiicad a
year or nioro aud making his plans accordingly.
He knows that because liny as a winter foof for cows Is tabooed by some Is
due to je reason that it is improperly
cured and stored iu the summer.
If we could only 1 ive weather made
to order during knylug, a much better
quality of fodder than tho average
would result.
or In work about the barn or In butter
making or kindred occupations about
tho farm and who depend upon pork
and potatoes with coffee and bread as
their dally rations are simply one step
outside of close confinement
Among onr moat prosperous farmers
the mode of living baa Its refining Influences. This Is not ot necessity a belonging that must be confined to those
who have wealth. All can havo the
same surroundings to a limited extent
Tt will uot cost as much to have a lot
However, even with the inoBt fnvora- I of bens well kopt and cared for u It
We weather conditions somo farmers docs to keep tbo hogs that make your
.would never have good bay. j pork, nnd aurely the.profit from tbe
They harvest it too expeditiously nnd well kept hens Is greater than can bo
♦hen pack tho Imperfectly cured grass gained from the hogs, and the meat of
Into tight barns, where the excess the hen nnd her eggs are far more
moisture It contains results later in healthful for all than so much pork
musty or "smoky" hay. ! nud fat.
Tho bulk of the hay crop In the Unit- j   Nothing brings the ready money to
ed States Is harvested, according to lot- I the home like the product of the hen.
itude, prior to tho middle of July, and It ' Eggs aro spot cash at all tlmea; so la
haa long been considered as a rushing j tut. wei, fed fowl or young chlckeu.
season of work. The keeping of, a few turkeys is a
With modern machinery tho enso and I simple matter that brings much pleas-
rapldlty with which the crop can bo ! ure up well aa profit in return for the
handled tempts tho farmer to Imperfect I Care bestowed. The egga of the tur-
curing, nnd this is n point that I wish i key hen can be placed under our chick-
to speak about. ] C|| tons tliat will ntten hatch and car.
Do not put damp hay Into largo mows i for them bettor than the turkey hen,
or stacks. If tbo grass contains an
admixture ot clover after a few hours'
sun in the swath, cure It In cocks capped If necessary against any possibility
of rain.
These turkey eggs can be bought if
turkey hens aro not kept, and thua a
few fat turkeys are at hand all the
winter for a Sunday or holiday feast
for tbo family, adding aa It doea a
The idea is to get tho moisture pretty ' pleasant attraction to the borne, be-
well out of tho bay before It 1ms been , a,,]CB making us proud of our home
stared away In bulk and yet not let it j comforts.
hecomo too dry and bleached liy too
much sun.
Tho so called "sweating" process that
freshly cured bay passes through, be
lt Is quite as ensy to raise turkeys as
to rnlso young chickens; it a tew elm-
plo niles are followed they give but littlo trouble. First of all, never keep tbe
Ing simply the evaporation of excess ■ y0umj pouits or turkeya where they
moisture, should take place under con-1 must rm, witn the young chicks. Keep
dltlons tn which air can freely circulate j ti,cm separate and feed them alone,
through It. Never allow them to run or live togeth-
By thla plan fresh, sweet hay can he er v,-ucn young. For some reason they
fed out to the cows In winter, resnltlng wlll not do well together. You mult
In an Increased milk flow nnd augment-1 keep ,],„ young turkeys absolutely free
ed dairy profits. from lice, Lice and damp aro moat de-
The principal reason tbat hny has .tractive to young turkeys. When kept
fallen into such disrepute as feed for! perfectly free from lice and dampness
dairy cows Is because there Is so much j ana aionc, ,t ,s a very simple talk to
poor hay fed. grow tiiem very fast.
Where hay la stacked It will always j ia addition to these place some duck
pay to thoroughly protect the top and  nnd gCrJge eggS under your hens ao as to
.Idea against any Inclemency In the
weather. Balloon framed sheds ure
useful for this purpose, but they must
have tight roofs.
have a few ot thee, bird! for your winter eating. It Is a very simple task to
handle a few ducks and geese. When
batched, keep them alone, not with other fowls, till three or four weeki old,
when tbey can bo allowed to go at will.
They must have protection from th.
wet and damp till well started to grow.
Dalrsintr In Denmark,
There are 1,713,735 cows In Denmnrk,
an average of 450 for every ion ncres
of land under cultivation nnd 750 for j ift"ec'"the7nre well started nd strong
every 1,000 nuibltants. In 1808 tho U cim bo a,|owed t0 „„ Bt wlu.
batten exported amounted to'2M1SS1 Duck8    „,     t .^ „„,
431 pounds, a 809 to «« , J ; S0Cso will eat and often destroy sny
pounds and In 1900 to 124023,2111 , lailt< „ TCgetablea that a
pounds, of which 3,603,302 pounds were , eow „,,, cat A tew wlu a„ „„, Twy
pocked In tins. Tbe remainder waa ln j Uttlo damage, and for thla reaeon would
advlso tbe purchase of the eggs io ss
simply to have a few for winter nae
and never keep old geese unlei. prepared for tbeir keeping.
Many who have an old loft In an outbuilding could keep a few pigeons for
squabs. A dozen pairs of pigeons will
provide at least two splendid meals for
your family each month from the
squabs they will raise. Nothing la more
attractive than an old fashioned baked
pie mado ot squabs. They are alio
beautiful to broil or bake er smother ln
tho oven, and for the Sunday noon meal
when we gather to enjoy tbe only quiet
monl of tho week such little delicacies
are most attractive, AU these little additions to our family comfort help to
make our home the most attractive .pot
on earth.—Feather.
Ono ot tho surprising things In farming la tbo gradual development of land
to n point where It will yield returns
never dreamed of by tbo early cultivators, says Professor James S. Doty In
'American CuKlvator. Over In parts of
England nnd Scotland farmers nud dairymen make a living from pasture
lands which have an nssesscd valuation
of $400 and $509 an ncro. They do this
when prices for the products ni-o no
greater than American farmers receive.
The secret of their success Is necessity. They have been forced to make every square Inch of soli pay Its highest
profit, uml as a result they have some
of the finest pastures In tho world. Tbo
sod Is so thick and comnact tlmt It Is
almost Impossible to cut through It.
Tho roots form n solid mass In tho soil.
The National Blri.
What I now plead for aro large boned, well marked turkeya of reaionabl.
weights for exhibition purposes, but
do uot demand of ns tbe overfat exhibition birds for breeders, for If yon do
nnd tbo grass grows luxuriantly, even | you will be disappointed In tbe fertility
defying dry weather and producing i of eggs aud the vitality ot tbe .took
good crops ln spile of close cropping
and into in the sensou, whou frost ordinarily kills less successful pasture.
The thing of It Is the farmers bnvo
cultivated tho soil, planted and replanted grass seeds, dressed the pastures repeatedly with fertilisers and mntlc
them In every way productive and fertile. The soil Is uot more adapted naturally to pastures than millions of
acres In this country which today produce only Indifferent crops of grass.
The soil Is made artificially rich, nud
the sod Is the result of careful, lutcn-
alve farming,
To Get Good Pastures.
; In tho first plnce the Ideal pasture
land must be seeded with good steed,
and liberal expenditure ot fertilizers
must bo made nnnunlly. Then weeds
must be religiously destroyed, pulled
up root and branch every year. It Is
Impossible to get a good pasture unless
weeds are pulled up. If this work Is
contluned carefully every year. In four
hatched therefrom. If we were alt
flinders, we mlgbt contend for tbe excessive weights, aa It wonld not be
necessary to raise so many turkeys If
only the fancier were intereited, but
tbe turkey la the national bird for tbe
festive board, aud the American people
call every year for a greater and greater supply, Few demand a forty pound
turkey, while mllllona uie the lighter
weights for table purposes; hence I
claim that even the fancier should be
practical In his ideal, for the masse,
look to him aa a teacher on theee subjects-Mrs. Bettle Glover Meckey In
Relluble Poultry Journal.
Aa a rule, It I. not the practice In
England to make use of green food for
plga to aa great an extent as might
profitably be done, says a correspondent in London Live Stock Journal. Tbe
pig Is largely a vegetarian and In a
natural atate finds little other food. It
looks for concentrated starchy food ln
the roots ot plants which ate provided
with bulbs or tubers for the purpose
of storing up reserves of this nature,
but It Is very largely dependent upon
other forma of green food growing
above the aurface. Although the mod-
era pig has been develnped so tbat It
can assimilate more concentrated diets
than it could find In a atate of nature,
It haa not lost its aptitude to thrive,
and there are many green crops grown
on the fiirni which cannot be more
profitably fed to any animals than to
The avidity with which pigs will eat
tares, young clover and other green
food brought Into the yards in summer
time shows the old Instincts for this
class of food huve not been eradicated.
Tbey have a natural craving for the
cool, moist food, and tbey thrive on it.
Sows which get as many tares as they
desire keep healthy and strong. Moreover, they breed more healthily and
stronger than those which have more
Concentrated foods. For the cost of tho
crop a piece of lucerne probably gives
the biggest return of pork of any crop,
for It gives cuttings for at least half
the year for an Indefinite number of
years. The Americans recognize the
value of green food for pigs and use
clover with grout freedom for their
bacon pigs, and we cannot altogether
afford to disregard tbe practices of that
extensive bacon raising country. The
rdadalse sow, which, with the. help of
a few bouse scraps, lives almost entirely on grass, rarely fails to produce
large and healthy pigs, and these young
plga are less liable to disease and affections than those from more pampered mothers, and the sows are rarely
abort of milk.
If, therefore, pigs can be brought to
profitable maturity without tho help of
green food, it should not be taken that
the pig rearing should be entirely confined to high feeding throughout life.
There la no need to run the pigs to un
abnormal size and render them unfit
for high class bacon. Even if they are
run somewhat large, there is the compensation that the meat is more
streaky. Forced feediug Implies the
consumption of high priced foods and
a constant dipping of the liitnd Into
the pocket. To utilize the produce of
the farm la better Wan to be constantly buying.
Feature, For PI...
Pasture for tbe future profitable hog
of course, says Southwest Pacific
Farmer. If not clover or other sweet
grass, there are green corn, oata, field
peaa and last, but not least, tho rape-
field, and there are mllllona in It, those
who have turned pigs on rape aay. The
beat swine growers tally understand
that If the bog la to be made big aud
strong ln bone and muscle and brought
to 250 to 800 pounds In six or eight
monthi snd made profitable to bla
owner, the pig must have pasture and
green food for growth nnd health to
bring him to the beginning of tbe finishing period.
Device lo Prevent Tbem From Snaking Themselves or other Cattle.
Two or three years ago one of my
cows commenced to suck nnother one,
and I was obliged to do something to
atop the performance or dispose of the
cow, says F. A: Snow In Hoard's Dairyman.
After thinking a little time about It I
concluded to take a copper bull ring
and drill some holes a little smaller
than a tenpenny steel wire nail, as Indicated In the Illustration, then cut the
heads off the nails, file the bead end so
that It would Just go through the ring
far enough to rivet; file or grind the
other end as sharp as a darning needle,
and then put the ring thus equipped In
tbe cow's upse. It proved to be a perfect success. I have used the same
ring since on another cow, and no Bucking was done after the ring was inserted.
I think It wonld work equally well on
a self sucker unless the cow sucked
herself while lying down, for while In
nrsa ron scrarsa cows,
that position, If she were a right smart
cow, she might toss her bend up so as
to let tbe underside of tbe ring drop on
her udder and thua be able to get the
teat In ber mouth without being pricked. 1 think It would be Impossible for a
cow to suck herself while atandlng If
tbls device were in her nose.
By using a copper ring the screw
that fastens the open Joint does not become so fastened by corrosion that it
cannot be removed and tbo device taken out when tho habit Is thought to be
cured or the animal put in stable for
tbo winter and the ring preserved for
future use.
Miaaoarl', Hen Crop,
Poultry Success says statistic, show
that from Mlasouri alone during th.
Inst year 100,988,710 pounds ot poultry,
live and dressed, was shipped, an Increase ot 30,907,448 pound, over thi
preceding year, Of egg. .hipped from
™„.,Um- „....«.., „,«., ,.-    there there Were 84,878,040 dosen, mok-
or five seasons weeds will have no lnB 'ho poultry induatry worth to the
chance whatever. Tho grass roots will producer In the one state alone, mind,
occupy the soil so completely that nc $12,001,048.04. The profits from thi.
weeds can find lodgmcut' there. Industry exceed by many thousand. i\
Weed, are the bane of American  dollars those of nil grains, beam, tobae»
pasture fields, nnd the more they nre
allowed to grow and produce seeds the
more obnoxious tbey will become. It is
Impossible to got grass seed today that
will not have somo weeds In II, nnd
co and cotton seed raised tan*.
Good PrlM. la ■naleai.
Extraordinary price, were realised al
-.,.  -   ">e Bnle °' tne DrlM Pon'try and pt>
tne'oniy hope oftiie farmer is to pufl aeons of th. late Mr. Joitph Parting-
np the weed, aa fnet as thoy show ton of Lytham, lay. an English »*■
themselvca. .Good culture of grass change. A black Orpington cock fetch-
pastures will pay as much ns nny kind ed f-lBO, three Orpington hens {00 snd
of farming ever attempted In this couu- black cockerela hatched thil year til.
try and eipeclally where the land Is In pigeon, a white African owl bretl
located near large oltlea and good mar-i thla year fetched £50, and others rang,
kels for dairy products. I «d from iM to IU,
Dr. William McLean, state veterinarian of Oregon, In an address before
the Northwest Wool Growers' association said regarding acab In sheep:
True acab la a very familiar disease
to sheep raisers In every part of the
world. The most prominent symptom
Is an Itchiness of tho skin, compelling
the ibeep to rub. scratch or bite itself
whenever possible. It will scratch and
kick Itself with Ita bind feet, thus destroying the wool wherever tbe feet
can reach. It will also bite itself and
will become extremely restless, more
particularly at night, preventing tho
animal from mating and making It
nervous and Irritable.
Tbe treatment of scab Is s very simple matter If taken In the start before
there Is much Irritation of the skin. The
paraalte doea not penetrate the skin,
like those producing mange In the
horse and dog. The parasites producing acab In sheep live on the surface,
like lice, io moat nny ot the ordinary
dips applied to tbem will come In contact with the parasites and kill them,
out may not kill the eggs, which will
batch out In from ten days to two
weeks, when the nppllcntlon must be
repeated. If the disease has been allowed to become chronic, then there
Will be scabs formed so that enough
paraaltca will get under and not come
in contact with the medicine, and tbey
will still live to perpetuate their kind.
In order to treat icab successfully
the wool ahould all be clipped off, so
a. to expos, the akin aa much aa possible to the air. Like mango In th.
hone, the diseased animal should be
separated from tho well aud should be
well fed, to build up the physical
strength aa quickly as possible, aa It I.
a well known fact that parasitic life
Uvea at tbe expense ot physical life,
' Build up the physical strength and tbe
body offers greater resistance to para-
eltlc life.
After tbe animals bave been dipped
they ihould not be turned into pasture! where they wore while BUlTerljig
from the disease. The parasite Is not
long lived, consequently animals kept
out of nn Infected pasture fill' u cipltifll
of monthBcau then he safely. Iiii'iu'i! In
Wrlahl .1 Dressed S-.,i-.-r- .
The dressed carcass of lift-
weighs from 00 to Oil pur cent uf lira
total lire weight
Improving a Wornout Farm.
A Maine dairyman who Is making
the business pay is G. C. Jacobs, Bays
New England Homestead. Last year
bo had eighteen cows and twelve heifers In his herd. Tbe heifers were two
and throe years old and not in milk nil
of the time. He sold the cream to a
factory, where part of It was made Into butter and the remainder sold fresh.
He received monthly checks from this
factory, which amounted at the end of
the year to $1,400.
Twenty ycara ago he bought an old,
run down farm and kept Increasing his
stock aa the bay would warrant. Beginning with a half dozen cows, he
has steadily increased until now he has
fifty in his herd.  Corn, oats nnd barley are raised and ground for the cows.
Cottonseed meal Is bought and fed with
, It.   The dressing from the barn for-
' tllizes the ground for nnother year's
1 crop.   The cultivated land la seeded
down, and ao the exchange goea on
until now he owna one of the finest
farms ln Kennebec county.
|   The calves are all dehorned wben
' young, and each year be Bells some of
the older cow. and replaces tbem with
, heifers.  He uses a separator, and tbe
Bklminllk ln summer Is fed to young
| pigs and in winter to tbe calves, which
thrive and grow rapidly on this diet.
His farm Is well equipped with all
modern Improvements, and with Industry and perseverance he is slowly
, and aurely making farming pay.
Concerning Denial, Bntler,
Profcesor G, L. McKay of the Iowa
Agricultural college, wbo has been
abroad absorbing dairy Information,
has the following to eay regarding
Danish butter:
It has been a great problem to mo
that the Danish butter has a higher
percentage of water than ours bnt, yet
at the same time It has n mealy, dry
appearance. Investigation showed me
that tbeir methods ot churning and
working were peculiar. The'cburnlng
Is at a moderately high temperature,
and the butter cornea aoft It Is dropped at once Into cold water nnd then
put on tbe tabic nnd worked three-
quarters of a minute, after which It Is
again put In cold water for a moment,
then brought back and worked ono to
one and a quarter minutes. Thla makes
only two minutes ot working. When
finished, It Is packed Into kegs for the
market It Is said that thla method la
used to get tho buttermilk out nnd to
have It clear, but it is probably Intended to work the water Into the butter ns
well, The Danish butter will average
0 per cent more water than ours, and
yet it doea not show It.
OaoS and Poo, Cevn.
Wherein do tbe good and poor cows
differ? Merely in the npparatn. for the
production cf milk, and in tbe posses;
slon of such organs In a greater or leas
degree bang all the law and the profits,
lays Hoard'! Dairyman.
Of what goei Into the mouth a percentage, he It more or less, comes out
of the udder, and Ibe profit returned by
i the cow depends on what that percent-
| age may be. It la useless to pour ex-
pensive food into the cow', stomach
when she will only return 75 conn In
' milk for every $1 in food; folly to buy,
110 worth of bran wherewith to make,
4 cent cow beef; nonsense to fill the alia
I only to waits half Its contents on poor I
' cows. I
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers ex-j
ceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and'ptrwer plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye en Ladysmitli
UljW.I,"^W*S^: T
The Cheapsidel
Special Sale on
and Children's School Shoes.
For one week we offer Inducement! in the above,
commencing Wednesday, 29th,  From $1,00 to 11.50.
I Weinrobe's \
i *
1 General Store, j
$     High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel    j
Annual Clearance Sale ol
Twantv per cent discount lor One
Week More. Real snaps inoddlinea.
Oome with the crowd and get first
choice ol the belt patterns before they
are all sold.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Old man Riley wai elected in Victoria
by 421 majority; Mr. Joseph Mirtin il
de facto leader of the British Columbia
Liberal!, vice Senator Templeman out-
manoeuvered, and Victoria city hai
wakened up in time to learn that the
Liberal! are in power at Ottawa,
hi tin
T*****^   x
Mr, B. G. Daggan expects to lesve in
a lew day. for a vilit to Grow'. Neit
Mr. B. Foreimmer waa in Ladyimith
Tuesday onaihort buiinesi visit from
Quits a number ol commercial travel-
lere visited Ladyimith this waek on
Mr. Archd. Macgregor Ladyimith
towntite sgent, viiited Nanalmo on
Mr. Magulre, road foreman, lint down
to a friend in Victoria on Thursday1!
train, an Irish terrier pup. Little Mick
had tied round hii neck a huge green
placard inioribed on one side: "Me
aeis Riley I" And on the other:
"Nothing's too good for the Irish.''
The regitter mark wat 421.
Lively, the leading jeweler, ia ihowing
some fine gold snd silver watchei. Tbey
sre Bold with a guarantee. *
Mr William Beverldge ol the Grand
Hotel, journeyed to Nanaimo Wednesday oh busiaen.'   if
Ven. Archdeacon Scriven retnrn.d
Irom a vitlt to Nanaimo by Thunday
morning's train.
Da yon believe in year own goodi?
Thin don't conceal the laet from th.
public.   Advertise.'
Mr. W. W. B. Mo. Inuei, M. P. L„
hat taken a mite ol chambers in tbe new
bank ol Commerce Building, Nanaimo,
Don't itand that crazy clock any
longer. Take it to Lively's clock
hospital aad have it permanently cured.
Cumberland ii reported to be enjoying
good times at pretent. Work ia plentiful in the camp, snd buiiueu generally
il brlik.
Good mutlc, a good floor, snd s tip
top topper 1. what you will get on Friday evening, Feby. 7th, at the Social
Roberta Street, Ladyimith, ii without
s superior in Britiih. Colnmbia
sa a eoaiting, tobogganing and iki
running ilope,
Mrs. Roberta ol Extention has received $2,000 from th. Endowment Rank,
K. ol P., on her husband's death which
occurred recently.
The latest ityln in hair cutting and
beard trimming at the Ladyimith Shav-
ng Parlor, High etreet.
Mn. Rowbottom ol Nanaimo
moved into her handiome niw block
Milton Street. This building is a decided acquliitlon to Nanaimo'i arch!
tectural features.
Comtable Ephraim Hodgson ol Ex*
tension I, oat again alter a isvere attack
ol grippe. Mr. Hodgson gave Lady
smltb s eill on Wedneiday, riturning to
Nanalmo on the noon train,
"It is never too lata to m«nd" is one
ol Charles Reid.'i mott fascinating
nov.il, snd Lly.ly ths jewilir will ihow
Jobniton Block,     •    Nanalmo, B. 0.
P. 0. Box, 37,1.1.145.
yon what Reade meant il you take your
watch or clock to him lor repairs.     t
The ladiei of the Church of England
will hold their high tea, concert, and
dance with supper, on Friday evening,
Feby. 7th. The concert programme is A
good one, adminion 26c, with dance
alter in Social Hall. The high tea will
be served from 5 to 8 o'clock at 25c.
There will be a ftrit-rst. dance In th.
Social Hall altar th. concert on Friday
evening, Feby, 7th, with a good inpper
provided by tbe ladiei. t
Cars nt Thank!.
Mr. John Dwyer, ol Exteniion, withes
to thank Mr. Wation, Dr. Watson, and
Dr. Davia lor their kind attentions and
treatment during hii itay in Nanaimo
  - ■•-*4*+h»vo you done with the dog?"
(Continued from Pag. Two,)
him. Unlesi he hai theie, hit drawing!
will tend to become atale.ndit.rlle,
things without life .nd "go." And
.van 11 he stands up the owner ol these
various auxiliaries and formi of energy,
he will find that th. drawing ol cartoon!
is as exhaustive to bis vitality as the
growth ol a crop ol tobacco ii to th. toil.
No man could produce a daily cartoon,
single-banded, and live. Ai a consequence the wise cartoonist ie alwayi on
the look out lor ideal, snd s good ear-
toon il Irequently the remit of a number
nf clever headi being put together.
There lis floating rumor that moitol
the cartoons in "Punch" are produced
In thil way. The editorial staff dine
together weekly, and the next week',
cartoon is evolved over "the walnuts and
the wine." It wonld probably be found,
If enquiry were made, that mott cartoon! have aome such origin, if they.ro
produced in one and the aim.
journal, with periodical' frequency.
A good central idea lor a
cartoon It an Inspiration that does not
come to a man every ten minntes, any
more than the living germ ol a poem.
When it doei come it strike! him, ai
Oliver Wendell Holmei tayt a poem
doei. like a bullet in the middle ol the
forehead. At inch momenta the artiat
feels the acme of human happiness; hit
being overflows with joy; he treads on
air, It la some appreciable time belore
he flop, down to the dense .nd itupid
media through which hit idea ia to be
made known to the world. At one
end la the brain; at the other the print-
ing press, and between aro pen and ink
and process-block. In onr daily papers
we only get a translated idea. When an
artiat has to draw with inch a cumbrous
instrument as a pen, with a process-
block at tbe end ol it, and a printing
press st the end ol tbat, we cannot expert the belt results. In that happy
day foreshadowed by Kipling wben
glorified artists are to please the "God
ot things as they are by splashing at ten-
loot canvatea," it may be supposed that
the cartoonist will merely hand a email
drawing ol his idea to a lew apprecia.
tlve Iriends, For in that day tbe lever.
lab curiosity and unrest on which the
newspaper Uvea will be no more.
Among Canadian cartoons thote done
by Mr. Hunter in the column! of the
Toronto World are welt known. Equally well known, and exhibiting much
cartooning ability, are those oi Racey in
the Montreal Star. The Toronto Tele,
gram, alio, with a persistency like tbat
ol tbe solar system, has issued a daily
cartoon lor some years, its characteristic! being a purposely grotesque style of
drawing, considerable fertility of idea in
the low comedy direction, and an oo-
caiionaldasb ol pronounced acidity.
The Toronto Evening Star hai recently
begun cartooning; employing aa its
artist Mr. Fergus Kyle, wbo has pro*
dnced one or two efforts that have hit
th. popular taite. Iu former yean Mr.
Bengoughwai perbapi the mott pro*
mlnent cartoonist In Canada and hia
publltbed drawing! still afford material
lor the hiitorian. The cartoon, however, ii eiientially a thing ol the moment.
It mmt sparkle, aud it mutt sparkle on
thi very creBt ol the wave of current
life. To vary the simile It must hit tbe
mark every time; for in cartoon! it il
only the bull's eyes tbat count,
Time would lail to tell ol the vaiious
clever and tricky expedients ol popular
artiitiin catering lor their public. I
may instance however, aa a ipecimen
the extraneous little dog which for
long time wai a salient feature in the
cartoons ol the Chicago Record. Thie
amuiing little brute alwayi appeared in
a comic attitude that excited on.'s risible faculties. He, too, wai drawn in a
caricaturing way. Sometime! bis ean
were large, sometimes he wai joyous,
sometimes he wai lad. But he wai alwayi there, snd the public began to look
lor him, Alter "working" him for a
lengthened period, the artiit concluded
to withdraw him Irom tbe daily bill,
Instantly letters began to pour in Irom
all over the country with the query,
••What'a become of the dog?" "What
that dog?"
Bo he bad to be reiuttated, For the
pnblieii s whimsical entity, and yon
n.ver can tell what wlll "catch on" and
»hst will tall flat, Nobody haa ever
been able to from Noah down to now,
Tbii new hotel hai been completely
furnished with ill modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. Tbe
bar la supplied with the finest wines,
liquors and cigan. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
Firat Avenue,     -     Ladysmith, B, 0.
Portland  Hotel,
Flnt Avenue, Ladyimith.
Orand opening on Friday evening.
Home for two houn from 8 to 10.
No. 31,
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially Invited.
Maple Lodge, No. 61,1.0. a. r.
Meet! every Wednesday evening in
Nicholson's Hall. Visiting memben
are cordially Invited.
m. Mckinley, sbc.
Miners! Attention!
Hind Made Fit Shorn at tbe lame price
I at cheap factory made. Come in and sol,
pIea All work guaranteed,   Repairing done,
A.S. Christie,
J. e. snim
Sign snd House Painting,
Graining, Paper Hanging andKal
Bomining.    Estimate! given.
Notice is hereby given, in accord-
tnce with the statutes, that provin
cial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nan.
aimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at'
This Notice, In terms of law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nan'
aimo Assessment District, Lady
smith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902,
Heating by ,
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc,
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class. --'■■
Hardware Merchant,
Ladysmith, B. C.
iilaction guaranteed,
The very best
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels  and bars in Ladysmith and Extension
In case or bulk at
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner Pint Avinue and Oatacra Strnt.
Cabinet work of all kindi.
All kind! ol lolt wood furniture made
and repaired.
80c     ALARM CLOCKS     80ci
We have received, large ihipment ol Alarm Cloeki which we now offer at  ,.
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them lor one year. AU our other good! ln our huge
■took will ba lold at great reduction, belore moving into our new promisee.
Now ii yonr time to secure bargains.
i The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith. jj
Speed, Promptitude, Aconracy, No Delayi, Yon Got Your
Aniwer Initintaneously.
Do yon want to avoid lhat business trip and thui save time and money?
Do you want to order goodi, and be lure of ihipment to-day?
Do you want to talk with irlend. at home?
Do you wiih lor any reason, a p.non.1 interview with partlet at a distance?
Thin use
Tlie Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladytmlth for Two Minutes Conversation
" To Nanalmo..... 15 cent!
" ToChemalhm 10    "
To Duncan 20 "
To Shswnigsn Lake (Koenig'i) 20 "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Strathcona) 25 "
To Booke Lak 30 "
To Goldstream 86 "
j To Victoria 40 "
■ To Sianiobton 50 "
' To Sydney ., 50 "
You Can Easily Transmit 30 Words In a 1-4 of a Minute.
(Equil to 840 wordi in two minutes.)
Try Ih. following SO wordi i—" I did not telegraph, fearing you ware out ol town,
Could not spire tb. time to go np on train, Must have yonr decision now,
ao called you by telephone."
H, Wi KENT, Genersl Superintendent.
Coal!   -   Coal!ii
: Wellington Colliery |
Company, Ltd.
Best household coal on tbe Pacific  ;:
: Wellington CmI
: Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Bayncs Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B.C il
Ban ' FranciBco Agency,
■i R. Dunsmuir's SonsCo'y ii
•    340 Steuart St.
Pither & Leiser's,
Victoria,       - -B.C.
A newspaper for the
people; All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau & Nanaimo  Railway
TI«o Talis Ns. 48.
Tr.lnile.vi Ladyimith sMth-bonnd, dally at 0.10 a. nt., and on Saturday, and
Sunday, at S.M p.m.
Train leave Ladyimith north-bound, dally at 11.57 a. m., and on Satnrdayi aad
Snndayi it 6.67 p.m.
Train, have Ladyimllh far EiUntlon dally except Sunday at 8,00 a. tn„ 1.00 and
10 p.m., and on Snndayi at 10 p.m.
i  Eiavraloi Rati, ta all Points, Bood Saturday and Sunday
Qio, L. Ourtaiy, Trafflo Mamgir
T '      \.   '' \ '' '"^rswj
»■   '      '■■•


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