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Ladysmith Leader Jul 19, 1902

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Array 4 *************************
The people that save I
money trade with      |
Ladysmith Leader
! For Boots and Shoes i
1  ..... +       ■•        *
! Bickle's is the store
VOL. 1. NO. 88.
SATURDAY. JULY 19. 1902.
22 Loaves for $1.00
Family Groceries
At Lowest Price
linoleums, Lr;.S,j
fW#*«#«$»'m»#'mf WORLD'S NEWS IN BRIEF.
*** •
ust come to
we   offer   at
g Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery
To Select From
Leiser & Hamburger
}J Wholesale and Retail ^Merchants,
J*   Esplanade and Oatacre Street, ■ - Ladysmith
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
—Lot. I nud a Block -IS--—
l-'lne residenliiil lots, Splendid view-
Lots 2,5, II, 7, 8, Block 20j Lois 1,2,3,
•I, Block 81.
Choicest Front Lots and Corners
On Ut Ave. Pur prices and easy tt-rmH
apply to
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefully dispel -sett, Opoi.
dav and nlgbl,
Member Call. Society or Civil  Kiigmeers
Member Institution uf I*;iectrk*al Engineer*.
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work ti un ran It-etl P. O. Hox 357
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
rii'anew hotel bus bcpn comfortably furnished and llie bar ie op (ncVe.
Bi-st accommoilatlon (ur transient anil permanent boarders and lodgere.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Ths Esplanade, Lsdyimith, B. C.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada'**. Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
% Manufacture,.
Soda Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. B. RUMniNQ.     HEh
Proprietor,   ftftfl.?:
This old'Kstabllsed, Firat-Olae-i and
Popular Hotel Is most comfortably fur*
nlshed, centrally situated, Bun meets
trains. Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
with the finest wines, liquors and cigars.
JOS. FOX,       ■        • Proprietor.
get insured at once for it may t»
too late tomorrow, I represent eevera
OLD and RELIABLE Companies am<
can insure you at a moment's notice a<
the lowest possible rates. All leading
companies charge the eame rales. Don't
bo misled Into inturing with a cheap
company—it might be dear in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimn. B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and lancy bread. Cukes nnd peltries of all description!. Fruits ln
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Meats.
Poultry   and  Vejetablns.   G me li
asou.   fcHii^iun,! orders atiemit d to
ft noi he.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm, Hepple, proprietor.
First-class accommodations for miners
and transients.   None hot
The Best Wines and Liquors
served at the  bar,    Utv. ui . call.
Cor, Victoria Rd A Commercial Bl,
We're filling up the vacant gaps that have been
made in our sale goods. We are reducing to fill in
the sale prices.
We're the makers of little prices aud small profits.
Good Washing Prints 2 i-2c a yard. 10 yds to each customer.
White Apron Lawns 40 inches wide with Satin and
Hemstitched border, Sale Price        10c yd
White Cambric Embroideries, Sale Price    2 i-2cyd
Ji.25 and $1.50 Ladies' Pocket Books, Sale Price.... 75cea
Ladies' White Tucked Blouses, Regular 8,5c,  Sale
Price        35c ea
Children's Cotton Hose  5c pr
Women's and Girls' Ribbed Cashmere Hose, Regular 35c, Sale Price        20c pr
Our Big Linoleum Sale— Our Special Sale,  50c sq
yard, 4 yards wide, good value at 75c.
A Lot of Nice Fresh Trimmed Hats for Children
$1.00 each.
Children's Sunshades         15c en
35 Odd Ends of Serges,   Plaids,   Ladies'   Cloths,
Grenadines — Cleaning  up  of our   Dress
Goods, sell at about half price,
This is a complete upset of high priced clothing, The best the
city affords^
Men's Fancy Stripped Flannel Suits in Bronze only
Regular $9.00 a suit, Sale Price  S6.00
Men's All Wool Tweed Suits in Checksum! Stripes,
Silk Finished Linings, Regular $15.00, suit,
Sale Price        $10.00
We are just opening up a shipment of 600 pairs of Women's
Famous American Duchesses Shoes, Special Prices at $3.50
and $3.75.
Nanalmo, Cumberland and Extension.
_Xis a*K _fc -*h .*K _*K »*K »*K a*K .*J*a J. .t. .*K vl* sT. .t. ,*j*. ,-K A: _Ti !***_,_&. .-iK .'4* ,*K tt, __
■*p Ul n IAI OJ* Uj" •"p"Jf," "4.™"4,' **\y *+* '"j.' >t\ v™ '4.' '4. *4.* ~**y TJ1 '■+*"'ay *•"**■*+■*Tf*"Tf* *■;
Fruit Importers Object to Manner
of Packing Apples.
Famous Thread Manufacturer of
Paisley, Scotland, Dead
General Sir Redvers Buller has sent
tu tire preen ths full text of the famous
Ladysmith dispatches. He admits thai
he advised surrender.
Six-foot hay ie now being harvested iu
Quebec, the crop bealiug nil records.
Onuada exported 300,1)00 tons ol hay
last year, flve-eixlbs of it from the
Province of (iueb_ec.
Fiuit importers i-eiweeu Winnipeg
ami the IWkieB b.tteily complain if
Ontario fiuit packers filling interior of
barrels wMi small apples, and Bending
unsound nnd damaited fruit in packages
marked first-class.
Loudon Truth mentions Hon, James
DunBmnir of BritiBh Columbia ai e
probable recipient of coronation hum re
Contractor J. B, Macdonald makes a
prone of $7,000,000 on I.in contract nf
$35,000,000 for excavating the tunnel for
the New York Rapid Transit Co.
In the fiscal year just etutttl twelve
tlioueaud persons were fintdiu Glasgow,
Scotland, polieti courts for swearing in
the public Btr.etfl,
Willi.*m Clark, the famuus thread
mauufttc.urer of PaiBley, Scotland, nnd
Newark, N. J., died laet week on board
{hie yacht off Southampton.
The Queen of the Belgians ie eerioiiBly
Agulnuldo, the Filipino leader, will
lecture iu thu United States.
Pdet-sengeis on an electric car between
Hamilton and Duudas got a terrible
scare wheu tbe car left the track a id
hung on the edge of au emhankmeut.
During the month of June 2,41)70.0
bushels of grain passed through ti 1
S niangeB c-tual, of which 1,810,09]
ba title were brought hy Ihe C.' ■ da
Atlantic railway.
American capitalists nml colonists nre
When von Smoke the
Bset on earth.   Manufactured hy
Yitfs Street, VICTORIA, B, C.
Bar-liter, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Htc.
Money to Loan.
Nanalmo, - - - B. C,
Harrison Hot Springs
This delightful healtli nml plcaniirc
resort, the finest lu America, ofters
Unrivalled Advantages
Magnificent Scenery, l-'lshliii-, Shootlug
Boating, Balhing. Swimming, Vapor
and Private tint lis with Massage.
THE HOTEL m,s -,ect< coiupictciv
reiuivateiraiiil reltmiisln-il through out,
electric lighting; first-class cuisine;
ball anti .tennis grounds; charming
drives. Splendid success In treatment
of Rheumatism, Gout, Kidney Trouble.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
■ Resident Physican.  Rates: $2 a Day
W. T. Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Muke a specialty of quality,  by buying largely and at close
prices' sell the very linest goods at low prices.
Sole agsuts for " Deckajulie" Tea, Upton's "Finest" Hams
and Bacon.
Complete List of the Officers for
Preseot Term,
In the report nf the installation of
officers of Wellington lodge-Kg. 2, K. of ■
P., which appeared in last i-mif, The
Leader was seemingly mit-infoimed ae
lo details, nnd has pleaeure in presenting the proppr Ms', through the courtesy
af'one (f the hrpihren. The editor of
The Leader would like tn intimate with
alt due retpi-ct to the emnt.tries of the
various city lorlges, that he will he only
too happy at all times to note In the
colnmnn of The L-nder events of interest
occurring in the lurlgee if the secretaries
will oblige with a brief mention of the
same. Otherwise there is a liability to
m'siindorHtanding. The new officers of
No. 2 lodge installed last Friday ev--ning
by D. G, 0. J. W, Lewis, assist nl bv
Bros. Jar. M'-lvty of Benevolence lo'ge
No. 14, Cumber'anil, sb Gram! Prelate,
and Harry Philllpa of Carhoni'to lndge
Nf, 20, of Carbanndo, WaBh,, ns Grand
Master at Anns, weio aB follows:
Ditvid Golirley, P.O.; ThomasSpratl,
0. 0.; Davd Murray, V. C: -Jamis
CoBtello, P.; Kichaid Morgan, K. of R,
and S.; Joseph W. LewiB, M. of F.;
James Rose!ti, M. of Bi{ David L.
Jones, M.of W.j r inni'ip J. Thomas,
M, at A.; Thomas Webley, I. G,{ John
Stewart, O. G.
After inetnllatlon the 1 ewly-elected
offloera gave a bumptnons sapper, inviting all present, which wae enjoyed bv
all. There waa singing and speech'
miking until midnight, when all went
swarming into the NorthweBl rerritoTies
and nre appropriating millions nl acres
of land.
Rockefeller's lat+s! move ie tocotnhine
the polBflh conceriiB of Germany into a
$60,000,000 trnst. The exploit nf ih
Standard Oil magnates ia miring wide
lietusBiou in the Fatherland. Lajt week
Rockefeller was denounced aud also
landed io parliament.
Tin Canalinn government mayertit
100 miles uf wira fen ce to keep Montana
cittleout uf Canada,
ToJ'est the strength nf thej torpedo
boat destroyers the British admiralty
bus oidired experlmeutB to be made at
Port* mouth,
Addressing a meeting uf the United
Iris'i League at Limerick. John Redmond used highly incendiary language,
The British garrison In South Africa,
which will be under the command or
General Littleton, wilt number 50,000
Coal has been discovered iu the Cam-
pine district of North Belgium, at a
depth of 600 feet.
The collier's of Cyfarthia, Wales, at a
mass met ting resolved to resume work
Ottawa etreet car employees threaten
to strike tor higher wages, which His
said the company hnve refused.
Isnar Ltmhert is under hi rest at Col-
borne t'hiitg.'d with [miaouing his wife
hy pouring Paris geeeu down tier throat.
t-iilm ire Brown, C. K. has been appointed by Hon. A, G. Blair to report
upon a suitable cattle gitml for uee on
railway b.
The latest combination proposed comes
from Aberdeen, where a movement te on
foot to get shipping vessels registered at
Scottish porta under one management.
Belgian cfliea are liable for all damage
done to private property by rioters, and
Brussels has accordingly been ordered
by the court to pay *4,(XKI for a carnival
of window smashing.
It Was Very Busy in Harbor This
Movements ol Coasters and Ocean
Going Boats.
Str. Selkirk took a full cargo of coal
here Wednesday.
Sr. Thistle called in Thursday for her
imml load of cjal.
Str. Portland from O-ipe Nome cleared
for the Sound Weduetday after taking
hunker coal.
Str. Boscowt'z came in Wednesday
ni^ht for fuel.
Sir. Melville Dollar sails for the norlh
with a big lur.il of sack uoal for Nome
and St. .Michaela.
Barque Antiope left Wednesday night
auiiiUta line ditrplay oi MreworkB, for
the limvuiimi Islands, loaded with Wel-
lington coal.
Str: Tellus completed her coal cargo
Thursday and sailed for 'Frisco.
Str. Alki arrived in port Thursday on
her way north, anil fillt.il bunkers.
Victoria Colonist sarcastically heads
the item copied from The Leader aoout
tlie turbine hoa- : '* it ruts reached Ladysmith," meaning that the news is a year
old. It may be but the news never appeared iii the Unionist or any other provincial paper, first reaching the public,
like so nt.iiiy other important items,
through tht'Si' columns.
The time to advertise is all the time.
Government Road Work Has Commenced in Earnest.
Splendid nrogrees has been made on
(he opening up of tlie connecting link
between Fiift avenue and ihe Chemai-
uua road; about which there was bo
in mil i {ricr-ing last winter. Tlie road
force have Hlreatiy mad*- a remarkable
alteration in tl.e neighborhood, aud oue
can see what a (ice road Ludynnilh is
going to have down to C'lemainmr.
When the load le completed Llie cilizons
ol tliib enterprising hurg will he able to
walk, drive or -.*. iit-i-1 over a Btraight,
sin.mi ii highway, like a boulevard, running by the pleasant waters o( the far-
laintd bay and harbor ol L.ulyeiuith
right down io Duncans and the Cowi-
cbau valley. Tins new road will also
enable the settlers living betweeu Lady*
smith and Obemaintis to come iu here
and do their trading without at.yofihe
anuoylng drawbacks which they had to
pit-, up with laat tall ami winter. It is
expected thai the woik will be li; j.siitd
in about a mouth. This road shortens
the dit)tiu:ce between Ladyemith. and
Chemainus over a mile and a half.
The Crows Nest coal mines have
shut down pending settlement of tbe
n Full size, Regular Price $4.00
". Now $3.00.
I IRON BEDS—Any Sizes'; Only S5.00
w        posts.
Only $1.50 a pair
GO CARTS and-i|*.
From $5.00 up
Remember we prepay all your
freight to the station at Ladysmith.
Before buying Elsewhere call.
J.   H.  GOOD  &   CO
The Great Cash Furniture Store LADYSMITH   LEADER JULY 19. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
Publlihed every Wednesday and Saturday at
The Leader Building, corner of Firat Ave. and
French Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
Bv Mail nr Canada and Urn-run Status.
One year (stilctly in advance) P «
lx months (strictly in advauce)    » a5
TRANSIENT — Including business notices,
calls for tenders, applications for aud transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., 10c. a line first insertion; sc. a Hue each utbsequeut insertion; ia
lines measure to the inch.
rtatca on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c.
Advertisements uot inserted for a specified
lime will be charged for until ordered lo be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found at Ihe following
1 a lysiuilh-The Leader Office: The Ladysmith
Nanaimo—E. Pirabury & Co.
if idoria—Public Library! Provincial Library" and
Vd-..-.■Oliver -Public Library, aud Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
tl 1 his office before ia noon the day before
S" wci Ibera not receiving paper regularly please
ter-ort to this office.
At. iort work.strlctly cash on delivery.
i! ip«ieut advertisements cash in advauce.
SATURDAY   JULY 19,   1901.
A   UBAND   Ol.ll   MAN.
Ur. Herbert Spencer, the last of the
glorions galaxy of genius who adorned
the Victorian Era, has written another
bonk. Perhaps to future generations
tbii will be a much more momentous
event, marking the opening of tbe
twentieth century, than even the co-o*
nation of our gracious king, or settling
of tbe South African war.
Be It noted, we nowadays, look with
Infinitely more Intereit upon the fragments of ancient literature which have,
In eo wonderful a way, come down to ns
through the daik and troubled ages,
then upon any of tbe events which no
doubt shook the world to Its centre In
those early times when those immortal
things were penned. We treasure to
onr eonls the precious remnants of Greek
literature and Latin literature and do
not give ourselves over much concern
that tbe Athenians were signally defeated
at Syracuse; cr that Suipio triumphed
tt Zama.
So we crave no pardon for turning
aside from the mighty things which are
deafening ua to-day; from the splendors
that dezile our eyes aa we look up to
the imperial throne at the present time,
or tbe thrills which should, in all well-
regulated persons, course up and down
the spinal column at hearing of tbe
deedi ol derrlng do accomplished by the
accomplished but unpleasant Mr. Tracy
of Oregon; and bail with glad acclaim
thie lateat, probably the last, book from
tbe pen of England's greatest eon, now
waiting the dual call In the tranquillity
ol hie English borne.
In tbia new hook Mr. Hpsucer forsakes
tbe austere paths of philosophical speculation, per se, and unbends in a manner
moit delightful to observe:
"Old people," he says, "must have
many refiectlone in common, Doubtless
one which I have now in mind is very
familiar. For yearB past when watching the unfolding buds in ihe spring
there has come the thought shall 1 ever
again eee the buds unfold? Shall 1 ever
again be awakened at dawn hy the soug
of the thrush?"
So, even the mighty Intellect ol tbe
greateit philoiopher of our time can engage itself with tbeie tender wondering!, those iweet bnt melancholy guesses
at the unknown. Mr. Spencer appears
ln an entirely new light lu the pagei of
thil lateit contribution toEngllih literature. Tne same clear-cut delicate atyle
li there, tbe same nnenlng taste ol
phrase and expression; but there Ib
more of tbe lentiment ol ordinary human nature and far leas of tbe profound
communing! which one meeti In tbe
■•Synthetic Philosophy.''
On tbe whole he takei a cheerful view
of tht life that ll pMt; ihe note of contentment li all through tha book; like
the good kulght wbo hai done.hie devoir manfully, Ur. Spencer may fold hli
handi and await with all calm the ultimate phenomenon ot death.  He sought
truth all his life and the search beautified and ennobled bii character and Imparted a beauty and charm to his writing! which are very procious.
He cared nought for creede or dogmas
but only for truth; he honored it whtr-
ever he found it, und the whole human
race is Ida debtor. Read bie "First
Principles of Philosophy," and the conviction Is torcod upon the mind that the
love of truth was a passion with thil
glorious man—who ia not mentioned In
the list for decorations at the coronation. Haply long distant generations
of Britous will cast wreaths of laurel at
the foot of his monument in their forum.
May the eerene peace which has attended hit progress through life con*
tinue until be bids farewell to the world
and tak'8 his lonely journey down the
Sloping weys of death.
We would be willing to pay ten dollars for Tracy's opinion of the Waslnrg-
ton Btate authorities.
Between the magBHtne proprietors of.
faring a dollar a wotd (ur special articles
and the dime museums inrmising him
thousands a week to show, Tracy should
b» kept free from ennui if he so Hers
capture. •
If llie outlaw Tracy can only main-ge
to kill several score more " men," the
people of the U. S. will never consent to
hie hanging, hut will idolise him. He
should remember that one killing makes
a murder; a tit zjn, au atrocity; a score,
a massacre; a hundred, a hero.
They take a beating gracefully in Toronto. The Evening Telegram dries its
tears over tlm defeat of the Argonauts
to say this:
" John Bull mny ha a Fl tin n idled Fool
at the Wicket and a Muddied Oaf at the
(.-I ml, but the Argonauts found the old
min at home in a boat race."
Even Radicals will admit tbat L >rd
Salisbury wae an astute politician [at
times). Bismarck thought ha was "a
lath painted to look like iron," but that
might have been jealousy. Some things
in the late premier's policy are nnt. so
easily forgotten as tbe writer* uf meaningless and fulsome eromiums try to
maglne,    _________________
One of cur wide exchanges pxo""""'*
a great truth in the f illowinB lines:
" The man who talks in his advei < *.-■
ments much as be would to a pro nr#e-
tive customer over his counter wi!. not
make a mlitakp, His announcem*' Is
will be read ard will be ae convinc'1 s
as his direct talks. Thie Is the judv
ment nf ono nf the most rucceisful
merchants In the rountn — and one of
the largest sdvertisers necessarily."
What havo we done to tbe Vancouver
World 'hat we should be classed with
the flast-lc comic paper, London Punch?
Perhaps we once advanced the World
some money when it wae needed, and
hence, no doubt, thia elegant cotupll
" With apologies tn the Toronto Telegram it may be noted that the editor ol
London Punch has been knighted while
the editor of that equally humorous
journal, the Ladysmith Leader, ie not
even mentioned in despatches,"
Quite a Fleet of Then Being Built
in Scotland.
The Leader has noted tbe possibility
of tbe Olyde turbine passenger steamer
King Edward coming out to the coast
•o ply on the Viotoria* Vancouver route.
It may be Interesting to Britiih Columbians to leurn that, encouraged bv tbe
success of that steamer, the Messrs.
Panona, owners of tbe turbine patents,
have now on the stocka on tht Olyde no
fewer than seven vemli to be propelled
by thin novel method. One of thrie
vessels ie for tba British navy. Tht
flnt of the -seven, tbe passenger eteamer
Queen Alexandra, made her trial trip
on tbe Firth of Clyde a few dayi ago.
attaining a ineed of 21 58 knots in the
teeth of half a gale.
Generally speaking tht ntw turbine
steamer li not only an enlarged edition
of her predecenor, tht King Edward,
built and sailed with phenomenal iuc-
oeu lait lesion, bat embodies a number
of Improvement! whloh experience hai
luggeated, Her length li 270 feet,
breadth moulded 32 feet, and depth 11
feet 6 inchoe to main deck. A ntw feature Is a ihadt deck about 100 feet long.
Tbe fitting! and upholatering are to
neat, beautifully chaitt and inbotantlal
as to render the Queen A lex*mini'; n
very notable addition to the floating
palaces of the Clyde,
Specialty interesting, of course, ure
the engines. The main engines consist
of three separate turbines, each driving
iti own line of shafting—the centre tor
bine being high-pressure and the two
lido ones low-pressure. In ordinary
ahead-going the steam from iho boilers
it admitted to the high-pressure turbine
and, after expanding abont live iold.it
passes to the low pressure turbines, tin.!
le again expanded in them about 25-
fold, and then passes to the condensers,
the total ratio of expansion being about
125 fold, and compared with 8 (o 10 fold
ln triple-expansion reciprocating engines.
The vessel has five propellers altogether—one of about four feet diameter
on the centre line of shafting, and tour
of three feet diameter, two on pach Bide
lineof shafting. When ihe at Game i is
going full speed ahead all the lines of
shafting, central as well as side, with
their propellers, are in action; but when
coming alongside a qnay, or manoeuvring In or out of harbor, the outer shafts
only are need, thus giving the vessel all
the turning and manoeuvring efficiency
of a twin-screw steamer. Steam is supplied by a boiler of the ordinary double-
ended Scotch cylindrical type, the work
Ing pressure being 150 p nods. The
epeed of the steamer is 2\% knots an
hour. Io the Queen Alexandra a spark
arrester ia fitted which effectually prevents the emission of cinders.
The confidence of Mr, I'-trsons and the
engineers of the new Queen Alexandra
in the efficiency of tho turbine was exemplified in a speech mado by Mr, Jae,
Denny at the trial trip of tbe Queen
Alexandra. He said that on tho morning when tbe Queen Alexandra was first
tried tbey (tbe builders) promised that
it Mr. Parsons' promise were fulfilled
the vessel would do 'JI1.. knots, and iliat
if everything was squatx'-d to ita utmost
limit tbey might get 2\i.i. Everything
was not fqueeaed to 'la uimoB-. Mm it and
they got 215u knotB.
The lime to advertise, ia all the lime.
Party of Nanaimo Gentlemen Set
Out for Great Central Lake,
Messrs. Wm. Sloan, Walter Hunter,
.lames Galloway and Jtitncs Dick lelt
Nanaimo yesterday'in the Biage for Al*
herni, bound for Great Central Me. lo
ei>end a month in those e&vatie wilder-
mtse*, union get tbe ba'ar nnd the cats*
Each gentleman wi>s provided with a
rifle and fishing tackle, and tbey will
emulate the noble red man, Mr. Lo, by
mi joy lug the needful quota of Ihe balmy
■inder a wigwam.   They will have to do
-'eat nl padrtllug in canore ami heaps
il .-limbing, but to tbo true horn Briton
thrse constitu'e the  height of enjoy-
in the outfit are ii'diided two cum "rue
Uy meaneof which the cotinififcu pre-
If il nent of many a glimpse of grandeur
a d other itock In Undo of tbat interesting country will be brought back to
Two members of the parly havo been
book-d. regardless of expense, for a
series of notes of the trip for this grea>
family paper; so the readtra o| The
Leader cau look out, lor a sketch or two
that realty ought lo be figuring in Harper's or Ihe Cen.nry at ten dollars a
page. One ot the gentlemen who promised to write Leader special** of the expedition it a very serious gentleman;
the other is not so serious, and may he
depended on In give liberal lo-ial color
to the mishapB with the camp kettla,
add other minor accidents without which
nd i x. luratinn party's happlmsB is
HOM-i ur Tin: si;.% Hvriu.its.
A dip in the crystal sea, ha, hai —
A plunge In the heaving brine-
It braces and enlivens more
Than a dozen cups of wine 1
The gnups ol merry children, how
They splash and scream and play I
A big rough \Vbvb comes rolling n-i
And throws them every way.
Bnt up they jump, undaunted, laughing,
Screaming as before;
Their grave-eyed mother-? watching from
Their Beati-j upon ibe shore.
1 l.-ve the mighty forest, waving,
Sighing in the breeze;
I love the woodland uJubIc ot
Tho Bongeters in the trees,
But something in (ho ocean, ae
Its surges flash and roll,
Uplifte my drooping t-pirita and
Puts courage in my suul.
When cares of li/e oppress me—cause
My spirit to repine-
No frothing cup shall brace tnt-? up,
But a dip iu the sparkling bribe,
Thou mighty, boundless ocean, heaving,
Flashing iu the sun ;
New ages Bhall e> j >v tlide niter
Oji tiareer id n.o.
Man Bti'l r-iia.l glO y lu tlite, children
Spoi. '.iiinl lby wavoaj
And the imi-ioii tbat Bhalluouuthee, nt'er
Can lit- ii land -. f slaves.
—*'K j, Baiihon,
Udyemiih, July 10, 11)02.
^•H+>--K+-H4-*-r- ♦ Hilllilll n*H+-m+»m+-'H*-H-»++»^^
J..tin I). li ii-kt-fi-ller litis sent fl.ilntjiie
fut {IIS.IIDU to tlm Olmrllli mill's-'.
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B, C, are respectfully invited
to become members of tlie
Ladysmith Board of Trade
Objects : The advancement
aiid improvement of Lady
Ha   A.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supremo Court of
B.C., Estate and In in ranee Agent.
— Offices -
The Hsplaiiade,   -   Ladysmitli, It C.
INenr (Irantl and frank Hotels.
•l-r+'l-l-! -l-l"!*******-H .*******•*
*              %
t li ttflt CO.
Nanaimo, B. C.
j Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer j
j and Porter. |
J COLDSTORAQE-PIrfltclnMfflclliUefl 3
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*  vegetables, etc, elc. j
•HW****W'*W+**+**H -J- H'4441'
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lit sillier—I it inul iml clo-ts contitHtilly oh I
•*■   liuiiil.   Alt   Hxlers  Strictly nltemlc'l  to. T
* Quotation's cheerfully given. T
. T
:: John W. Coburn, I
;; Manauino Dibkctoh. ♦
".t****** ******************
A. C. Wilson,
r'nneral Wreaths, ete, We.ltlini: Boil'
qneti in every st.-le. Onlers nrninntly
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for our large tialalogue (ftee) illustrated and priced (a store in itself).
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X Coast                                                                     t
* X
X Comox Coal—Rest steam coal on the Pacific Coast   X
t *
I Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and house-   I
\ hold coal    . X
. ♦
The above coals are mined only by  tlie  Wel- J.
linglon Colliery Company.    WharveS at Ladysmith, t
,  Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baylies Sound.
I Head Office
Victoria, B. C
I San   Franclesco Agency,
I R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
j 340 Steuart St.
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Niiiiainio Clothing Renovntory
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IANAIMO, B. 0. P. O. Bon42(1.
I,riser -St Hiiiiil.iiinci'-,
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Weekly edition a complete record of
v the world's news to date. Hport,
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youiin folk's department, literature
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The Mly Posl-iRlipir
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nrtlr totieH.   tiamplc copy on -^i|iHcaHoti,
Ml Fir Ont Dollar i Year. LADYSMITH LEADER.    JULY 19. 190*.
Copyright, 19(11, by
I'liliitiiit. Ulilrlol.
V.ti. fliirmiin. New t"er»y, lulls All About
How He Wim Sucem.-.f-jl In Hun-
nlnic One—Ihe I'liiitt.
The hives used rue known u.s     the
*..ona- Ideal and were made tu order,
hold 20 Langstroth     frames
party, and till the children nre still
there. 1 cau see their little beads bobbing up and down where the curtain's
up. I shouldn't wonder if Johnny's
boy was there too."
The old lady did not answer.   8he
know  very  well thnt Johnny's two _._.„
boys nnd Richie's one were there, and   They  „_,...,..     1IIUIIW
she  hnd  boon  listening nil  evening, crosswise and are expressly used for
with hor heart In bur month, to tbe extracted honey.  Tho total cost    of
sounds of wild weather. the hives, fixtures und hou.su     waa
"I don't know, mother," tho old mao $125- I10t •-»•■••*■•«■ tlw boos.      The
__________________                 wont on nfter he wns comfortably seat- lofl ''ow. of hiVi'H vm,B °" ft   iramn
hands thnt usually made Hie knitting   ed onco more, "but we ought to make jll9t high ^.our\8? l*\fn ''     ,   ,
,    „     .,   .   .     '          ,,    .„,„■     . ,                             b covers and look into thorn comfort-
"-""""" fly Und not moved foi full ten   n will - aJjl         tho ,ntw,ior viyw sh       the
"A will!   Whnt Is putting things into otner row rostH 0I1 tlie flooP(      Tho
your hend tonight of all nights?" hives ure oll(y onu story, so     there
"You see. It's New Year's," he an- is no uso for queen excluders and no
swered,  "and there's them who are tiering up to bo done,
younger tiuiii us who won't be here to Thu hivo entrances match the   isor-
see the next new your In.   Seeing the responding slots in the side of   tlie
wny you feel about things, we might houso and when the bees enter     the
leave most, or considerable at leaBt, to ^ or ^l1''",0"3 th?*v g0 dil'<iC.tly !"to
The old lady
very  still.
needle ^^^^^^^^^^^
minutes. Hor eyes wero fixed abstractedly ou a soniewhnt worn spot In the
bright red nnd vivid green higniin carpet. If by,elinueo sho hnd been asked
what was lu her mind, she prohnbly
would havo replied testily that It was
about time those carpet strips were
woven and put dowp. What with ihe
tracking in and out nnd Bitting round,
winter was linrdor than summer on
But when the howling wind gave n
fresh blast and tho coal iu tho base
burner t-jputtorod up with an answering
glow sho turned toward the muslin bung
windows, nnd one might hnve tlioilglit
that she was having a littlo struggle
to sit still on litti- chair. Tito old until,
smoking by the stove. looked nt hef
furtively every once In awhile. Now,
when a stronger blast shook Ihe house,
lie pulled closer the black silk muffler
under his coat collar and turned to his
"It's a cold night for Now Year's,
mother. I mind it was almost as had
when Johnny was married"—
She did uot answer or even look at
blm, but n tightening of the lips showed that she had heard.
The old man had learned the dnngcr
slgtinls nnd was silent for the time.
There wns something unusual In mother's mood, but he did not know for certain which way the signs pointed.
"New Year's night do bo louesomer
than any other night," he continued
tentatively, "with no children nud
young folks to see the old year out. I
saw Johnny's hoy the other day"—
Then the old lady swung round In her
chair so hard ami quick that she joggled the lamp at her elbow, nml the little fringes on her silk embroidered
shoulder shawl tn.wnblt.il.
"Johnny's hoy, Indeed! And you saw
blm, of course. And whose t'ntilt is it
but yours that Johnny's hoy Isn't here,
I'd llko to know? You wore always giving the hoys their way about everything. Thai's how they came to injury
those Qulnliin girls, far downs llko
them, the Lord save us!"
"Well, mother, they always fjeenvid
good girls to me and nro good houso-
• keepers now. Of courso there's lln-m
that may be hotter to our way of thinking." The old mail never snld ".,--ni/"
When making an assertion which 'imtli-
tho orphan asylum.   It would"be"dolng  tbo'r respective   hives.    Each alter-
n lot of "ood"— •ia,e 'I0-*1!t! 'a I'li'nlod a darker color j
Shu jumped round in her sent again,
but whatever was lu her mind to answer was not said, for there was *
knock at the door.
".Mercy alive!" sho said, and "Gee,
but it's blowing!" came from without
It wns Tommy Mulleny witb a note
from his eldest sister. The children
who lived ncross the river could uot be
takeu homo lu this bllannrd. Word bad
been seut to the parents by telephone.
The Mtillenys could inke enre of three
little girls, but there were gome of the
boys whom they would like to send
over to the Moynllinns if it would not
be too much trouble. Somehow tbe old
man did not look so astonished as one
might hnve thought he would.
"To be sure, mother," be said. "I'll
Just go over aud help Tommy bring tbe
children. 'Twill he like old times"—
A vague expectation that made ber
heart bent aud her hands tremble had
Belzcd tiiion the old lady. She set tbe
lamp in the window as n guide and
strained her eyes to seo Into tbe howling swirl without that Bbut off even
the sight of trees In their own garden.
After a long fifteen minutes tbe stamping of feet told that tbey had come
back. The old man mumbled something iilimii going around the house to
lool     ""      "
for tho purpose of helping tho    bees j
to mark their hive.
Tho bee house was built In March.
About tho middle of April, when tho
weather was favorable to open hives,
1 took the Long Ideal hives into my
home apiary and transferred thu bees
nnd comb from the chuff hives into
them, it was only necessary to tako
throe frames nt n time atVd lift them
irom onu into the other. Toward
evening', when the bees stopped fiy-
nfter things."Tommy Mulleny held in«-- • c«,sed lllL' entrances with who
tho hull door open for three little boys, •■ett***K. loaded them on a wagon and
and then he said something about not   ,,rovt) to th^ J" »>ouse and-lhey were
,     .     , 7, ""    soon arranged in position, 'he next
wanting to track snow nil over tbe  „      which was pleasant., the    bees
houseund vanished.
came out In groat numbers nntl evi-
As for llie old Indy, she heard not doiulv beenme somewhat confusod
She wns looklug at the three little boy. as tii which were their right hives
who blinked nt her, blinded by the and three hives were deserted, the
dltl'kness without nnd the sudden glare bees having joined some of the oth-
of light ivllliln.. Then tho biggest one ere. But 17 built up nicely uml in
milled off Ills cup, May 1 divided three of the   stronger
"lluppv New Year, grandmal" he °"es '""' """Jo ""* tu" complement
snug out, nnd even ns he did so be woi "' 20- ,-*?. °_. latter part-ol May 1
turning to pee, oil his little brother', ^^^^^X£t
cup. "Jimmy's loo little to takeoff hia _,,„„
ow" >'' ""' (-'l»18l'i Richie, too, a 1     -,-„„;.„    _.,,„ „„, _ SW11,.„, t0 |SS„„
we all brought auilH. cookies and enndy „,|,ich was as 1 hud hoped. The bees
from the party for you. My, I could are always conifortahle, being shaded
hardly walk, nud grundpii hnd to carry from the hot aim, and they seem to
Ith'lilc. nml Tommy Mulleny helped have sufficient room on 20 it-nines in
.llniiny. But I'm glud It snowed. Mam- oue body. It la very comfortable for
mn always Bald I couldn't come to ae. iho operator too. I took from this
ynu until I was as big and aa good a. amm l" September 050 pounds of
papa, but now I guess we Just had to "r-v V1™ honey, which brought Sill,
come before wo were big." The yield iu my home yard was much
,,,,       ,,  , .   i.      , .1      ..    a    below the average, so that year can
The old woman s trembling band! ,w dflsae{, a £0or honey year. As
were turning down his coat collar. thero uri! enough SW[tlm cotlll,B bui\*,
"Look at the curls of him," she mar- _ expe(.t a„ average crop ol l.ono
n-tired, bending oyer him hungrily— pounds a venr from this house. No
"just llko Johnny's! It's tbls long time further expense Is necessary, only
I've wanted to feel tbem, blese blm!" r.it ami cartage In bringing home
And she kissed Johhuy's boy again and the honey. I visited the house dur-
ngalu. iug summor only once every week or
When the old man camo In, puffing two.-P. O. Herman, In Orange Judd
and snow whitened, sho had the two  ■Parmo£i _________________________
littlo fellows on her lap, and Johnny's
t-itoM urn sisriui.
pr might question. "There's them that
had more money, and everybody can't
come from Limerick. But, then, It's the
lads who hnve to live wiih Ihe girls,
and they ought to hnve something to
It was a long Bpocch for the old man,
boy leaned against her, feeding her
biles of his cooky.
Tlio old  man chuckled softly,  "I
thought It would bring ber round!"
then nlottd, "Well, mother, I guess we _.-_.-
won't have to leave everything to the douhtwily bemused to advantage
"What's that?" she asked sharply.
Practical  Kipirlenca In Unlnr It ta  A«l-
vantage In the stable.
Ground gvpsuni, according to   one
o' our farm investigators, may
the stable.   The nitrogenoim     coin-
pound in the urine by the aid of <
i was Just thinking we ought to  ta|n Jn,c/1° orSa?-sn,s- nlwys 1J1'0S"
havo u lire In the boys' room for tht ""'    '** *     " "    " "*
little laddies."
ent in the air, is converted very
oufckly Into carbonate of ammonia.
This is volatile and will escape if
some suitable absorbent or Uxor is
not present. Gypsum is such a fixer,
converting iho carbonate Into
A Stilnnlnv Ghoat.
On the postroud lu southern New _ _, _
Hampshire stnnds an old bouse which photo of nm'monia, which is not vol-
 n    u m     was onco famous for Its ghost   It bad ntlle.
ami the old ludv'wns gnsplii"- wheti'he   bt,t'" " tavor''> *>\v\wd and managed by Practical   conclusions   from expor-
fltilahcd                                               two brothers and two sisters named imonts are (1) that tho proper plnce
"Yes and von don't mlnrl m.. imvi,,,.    Mason. to use gypsum is in the stable, where
-Y.es, mid j on don t mind me hrnlug      ^ yomm of ^ f          ^ undoubtedly the greater wu-ste of ui-
hnd been jllied In her youth.  After her lrogtM1' as *i«nmonla( frequently
to think of my own children's children
being brought up In tho ways uf the
Qulnlaiis. It wasn't enough when
Johnny married Nellie, but you hnd to
bo (hat idee about it thnt Richard went
and married Knte."
lie tried to turn (ho slren-m of Indignation Into less Immediate channels.
"It did seem nggntvuttng," lie snld,
"though Johnny's hoy seems a nice lit*
tie fellow for seven. Hut of course,
mother, you don't know him,"
Didn't she know him? Wasn't sho
golug to church every Sunday Just to
seo the children march in for Sunday
school, and Johnny's boy will) them?
She not know Johnny's hoy! But she
said nothing.
Tho old man walked to the window,
n gentle, deprecating figure In a shiny
blnck suit. Ills white hnlr was combed
forwnrd over the thinnest spots In
front and parted carefully toward the
cars In tho back. The mild blue eyes
and rosy skin gave him n look of utmost Infantile kindliness save for a
certain furtive shrewdness thnt mny
havo come from years of watching the
Btorm signals of his wife's moods.
"The old lady's all right," he replied
when any of bis relatives bail (he temerity to give him advice ns tn his domestic arrangements. "She's the best
hand In sickness and a good manager,
but she does like to have her own way,
■nd lt takes her awhile to eome round
when she finds thai she's made n mistake. Hut she,does eome round If you
give her (line enough, and that's more
than yon can say for most of them."
Ho raised Ihe Cll I'I III US gently now
■nd peeredionr.
"Just look, mollierl What n Itllzxflrtl
It has gol lo be all til Oil cot Now,
that's tou bud fur little Kitty Mullen..',,
desertion she had never entered any fU1'8',^ (,2) tlmt »■«». the -manuro
iinn* -,.-.■« n....   .*• i •c""-***:« nuf 1(1(ip fs k „)t C0I„p.u.t ll1lf* moist there
,    t,       .    hT 0Wn. b°r' bUt iH "Ot any considerable escape of am-
guve all her strength to hard work. mn,litt.
She would hntcbel flax for weeks, spin     Fermentation Increased the availn-
tineenslngly mid weave on n band loom MHtv of the phosphoric add. It is to
Without apparently u thought of rest be noticed that a considerable loss of
She died after a short Illness, and potash took place. This must ho duo
still travelers snld that their slumbers t0 t* certain amount of drainage from
wero disturbed  hy tho whir of the ",8 manure soaking into the    board
wheel.   Soon It wns whispered nbout n"001'' T,,is <l*'*-i,1)'«° wnH "n dm-.bt '"'
thnt the Mason houso was haunted. !'rmse(f ny ,ho w,ltl'r u_Sl'n    k?p"
Straitgo sounds were heard from the ?■?■   tlu! unmmn} constmiy moist.
,.„„,„,,    ,„,„.„„   „       ,   ,   ,    , Ths result corroborates the ronclu-
w   ie!,   1     , ,""'.""'. "?,d  alw"-v" sl"" ">al loss "I POln.li cannol     be
u,i'l,ed   nnd pluliieat of all wai the entboly guunlod against   without   a
liiini of Ihe great wool wheel. ' watertight,   concrete Poor If     the
Iho brother, hoard the story and at manure Is to lie kept nwisl by rain
onco sot out lo solvo the mystery.
Joseph went to the garret and watched. jUter n time tho wheel began to
revolve. He struck a light On th.
liin of tho wheel was a great rat, run-
idng ni-uund.
l"i'oi|iient visit, to tho garret rendered this rat so tnmc that he would
or artiUcial humus.
-win. Ilrlsil.s.
George, fn Farm tloui'iiat, suaVsi
There Is no great select    ol'   success In swine raising—a good, warm,
dry,    well ventilated  hughouso  and
pure    Water for nil    seasons, a good
,,„,„„„„,*„,,       ,    ,       .    . - pasture for    spring, hiiiiiiiiii- inul fall
eon. out on the , lug wheel by day. „„d    a variety    of Iced tor winter,
light, nml Bovei'iil olhera wero occaiion- with thrifty, strong pigs, and    suc-
nlly seen to Inko u spin In the wheel, a. cess Is yours.
If   It   were  n   pleasant  recreation.-     We must keep the fattening    pigs
Voiilh's Cofnpiiiilon. . warm.     Ir ihey ure kept In a  cold
—  ,  * pen or mUoWeil    to run out in cold
The in. invn.ioe. weather, nf least   l'.'i per cent, more
On both sides of tho Atlantic equally '"0<" wl" '"' ml"lml lo Produce   u
tho Inlcrc'iiliitloii of fossilized foresls ',v™ mla-
bears aiitlientlc witness to th. eweci--     Th-') "I"1™""" ''K'   *'llh.    "Im'l",°
Ing over the land or two great wavee cm.1   "'" '""",'"" ,''"', "''"' """"Jl
.,,,. i„„„.i.„    -,.   ,     *   "' wavci „,„     pishes    In Ihe    slenluy     nest
of lee Hussion    Ihe tree, manifestly ,„,-   „   warm   place, Is surely loi-
gre.y  where tlio glaciers bad been. Ing inonev    fur his   careless    own-
Again the glaciers crept forward to er.
constitute themselves the scpulchera It does not Injure a well nurtured
of the trees.    The second advance, mature   sow to give birth to   two
however, fell short of the Brat and eno! litters of pigs oath year.
eei-ileil It ut nil unknown Interval ot *,wo hundred p.iiiiitls   Is   a _ good
linn-.   Opinions nre much divided sit* ,n»rk,'t weight, and do   not  * hnvo
its true elgnltlcai.ee.                           , the pigs too fat.
tlWiiWIllllllWlllllftlllllllllllllllll 11 mn |,|M jW|BIM.|i| mm
This beautifully situated town offers ex- j
ceptional advantages |
' ^-i-r-r^iissa:;!
| Headquarters of the  coal   shipping  in- I
ii        dustry ofethe Pacific Coast. %
--nT-r'iTaiftni.r~-TninS¥iiiariin ai-T-T-irr-n.— rmrr rrr rrs—nrrari
It is the largest rail way centre in British |
C<'I uin bia.
Pyee Alining Company's smelter and re- i
duci ion works to be erected here.        '-..
| First class water system,  electric  light]
and pnwur plant about to be installed.
b apiais-jc^iggattga, twtstttieaw wmHanansManuaamttaMmai
liird seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
E'Very facility for manufacturers and .111
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants   and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Lady$i#
I   Hi   Ws 1
"rWSew.i.m.ies.'a^.'e^.s-w.sfHs.ie-^M^.' I
| A BROWNIE    *
$ With Every $10.00 Purchase
I During*  July and August.
This Kodak takes a picture
21-4x2 1-4—It does its work
I well—We wish lo put one ill
J every home.
[| The Kodak of to-day is so
_ simple that a boy or girl can
master it.
9 matter how small, we give you
S| a   coupon for the amount—
jji when you have coupons ag-
S gregaling JSio we redeem tbem
I for a camera.
jj —THE	
Procrastination has loot many a man
da life's opportunity, but men clothed
In Caldwell's Nanaimo elegant summer
'tiru-p have opportunities thrust upon
them.  _     '
The winding up meeting ol the rele-
Inalion committee has been postponed
until next Tuesday evening In Gould's
ball at 8 o'clock,
Guv repututiou as British Columbia's
premier tailor was not won ou misfits,
or shoddy, or huld-llp prices; baton fit,
workmanship, quality, and reasonable
fee-).   Caldwell, Nanaimo.
Thursday wae pity day. It is understood future pay days  will occur on
Mary had a little rinfr;
f- eh*m with beiuitv rare.
Sin-- said it whs her euiMgemeiii ting
Aud was bought at Lively's Biore.
Mr. ILury Blair of Ladysmith lies
purchased ihe t-tn-oline launch b. lot g-
ing to Mr. George Fletcher of Nttuaimo.
x x
Don't (ail to Bee G.H. Gavin's samples
of wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at hf-
tonishiugly reasonable prices.
Prof, Charles* (hilley, late of the To
ronto OonaervAtory of Music, will start
lass here, eommenclng on August
2nd, for ibe purple of teaching violin,
piano, mandolin and all stringed instruments. Parties wjelling to receive instructions will iidilret-s Prof. Charles
On)ley, NatiHimo, li. C,
Mr. W. Campbell,' who has lately
opened a carpenter shop in this city, ie
now ready to receive contracts oi any
Everybody and his wife are picking
blackberries. Tbe crop in and around
Ladysmith is enormous.
If you want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you waut.
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
Mr. Andrew Bryden and family moved
into their new home on Warren street
this week.
It is said that no more officers of the
rank of admiral will be sent to the Pacific station, noi any moie large war
veseels. Tbe squadron in China waters
is to be considerably strengthened, eays
the report.
Visitors from L*\dy smith and dialect
will find in this well-appointed house all
the homo coinlurts. Lunches for lady
shoppers a specialty. Terms strlntly
moderate. Servicj and cuisine first
KEITH, Prop, ami Mgr,
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johnston Block,     -    Nanalmo, 13.0
P. 0. Boi, 37, Tel. 145,
Vleltl    Ladyimith   every  Saturday.
Houn Irom 9 a. in. till li p. tn,
Abbotiford Hotel.
Tne toeiiww-WiuiAiiis pukts
THEY Alt WANT I,-*-*
Ladysmitli,       - B. C.
Agent for S.  W. Paint.   MeOlary'a
gkoves ind Ranges.
The time to advertise is all the time.
Nanaimo Herald has dippeuat-d, temporarily, with the Associated Piess die-
patches ami will fill up for a while on
I it hi ami tdltoHal.
II it. is a nice clock you are looking for
we have them from $1.00 to-|)8.00. W
li, Lively, Lady emit It's Leading Jeweler
Victoria Colonist hud a nice notice
of the progress of the Tyee Copper com*
puuy'e wo>ks at Lariypuiitlt, on Wednesday. These operations a~e bfginning
to attruci attention far and wide.
Attention is called to the avert Isemett
by the E, & N, Railway companv in this
issue, announcing a cheap cxt.ursiou to
Crofton to-morrow by the steamer .loan.
This will he the pleasure trip of the
season, Many Ladysmith people are
goitiK.   Crolton is well worth Beeing.
Lively repairs all kin Is of Kni/lish,
Swiss and American watches.
Que&tlous of tuni-li importance to
Ladysmitli will he considered a) .he
general meeting of the Board of Tra-'i ;n
Gould's hull on Monday night t.t 8
o'clock. Al! eiiizr-ns who are .uteres*'d,
as well us members of ihe Board, wilt he
Some evil-disposed person has stared
the story thnt 'line is smallpox at Har-
rison Hot Springe. A representative of
The Leader who has j iat returned from
tiie Spring i-au uive ti.is malicious statement absolute denial. There never has
been and there in uot now any trace
whatever of Bmallpox at Harrison Hot
Springs. i
Mr, Cory S. Ryder's new store will be
a notable addition tnthe business houses
ol Ladyemith, It will be considerably
larger than ihe Unions iron store at Extension, aud will be fitted up op most
modern lines aud stocked witb up-to-
date Roods. Mr. Ryder is a decided as-
quieltion to Ladyemlth's business com-
munity, _
Nanalmo Fne Press has most kindly
intimated to the Ndtiaimu public tbat
the editor of this paper is going to return to Hamsun Hot Springe, whence
he has just come, It would be very
nice to carry out the Frte Press's benevolent euggeBtiou, but bueluess is
buslnehB, aud wben a place is bounding
along the pnmroBe paths of prosperity
and expansion as Ladysmith is doing
every man is needed on deck.
The examination for ihe It ijal Aia-
duny o! Music and the Royal College of
Music, Knghiud, hae just been completed by the McUill university. In
Vancouver seventeen candidates passed,
tlie pupils of seven teachers, Nine of
tht No. 1 chiFB are pupils of Mr. Edgar
Baylies, -L. RAM. Of those In the
higher division, Miss PanBy Fleishman
has won diBtinction, standing first In
the All-Canadian honors. Miss Fleishman is Bpemllng the holidays with Mr.
and Mrs, B. Foreimer.
ri;i,i;'.it.--FilH   HRlKFi.
At Kleff, Russia, shortly 0,000 pereoui
of both seiva and all ages, who were arrested for participation in Poltava and
Karkeff risings, will be brought before
a military tribunal.
At the end of the latest month for
which figures are available tbe number
of paupers relieved In England end
Wales was lower In proportion to population than at any previous period.
Two English mining experts, Messrs
Attwood and Forbes, have been exsm-
Ining, oo behalf of English capitalists
interested in tbe properties, the Ne tie
L, Silver Cup, Oyster and Imperial,
recently taken over by Messrs. Pool
and Young for a syndicate.
Running in full force in
Ladysmith Bay.    .    .
Get tlie Double Tacoma Spoon Unit for
Trout or Salmon, A Sure Killer,
From Hue to 50c Each at
Commercial St. NANAIMO, B.O
The time to advertise is ell Hie time.
Nanaimo Merchants Intensely interested in Proposed Change.
Readers of The Lender will note from
tbe following brieklv-written communication published in the Nanaimo Free
Press IftBt Tuesday night, that our good
friends of tbe Black Diamond City are
deeply interested in the all-aged proposal
to make Ladysmith (he home port of
the steamer Joan. '• Merchant" gives
Ladysmith a good slap or two, and, incidentally pays it tlio highest kind of
compliment ae a go-ahead town. Should
the Joan come home to roost here Barely
it will not hurt Nanaimo'B business.
but help both places. Here is the letter:
Editor Frea Press,-*-1 notice in the
different papers in the province, reports that the E, &, N. R. Co. are contemplating making Nanaimo a poit of
cell by the SS. Joan and laying over at
LadyBtnith at night. In the event of
this taking place, it is no doubt done
with the intention of building Ladyemith up ae a city, which ie right iu Its
way, but It must not be done at the ex-
penieof Nanaimo. There is room for
bith cities, but we must, look after ourselves as the Liid-iHtnith people are doing Ior themselves. There are other
transportation lines looking to Nanaimo
for regular and steady eon-ice, who are
able In a financial way to make con
nn.tionB with far more powerful com
paniesthan the E. & N. R. Co., and
who will he glad to get our trade and
who will contract with ue for a staled
time at a satisfactory rate aud guarantee
perfect services on all routes, If we
stick together ae merchants and insist
that our freight shall be handled cheaply
and quickly, and as other companies
will do it, say for a period of three to
five years, on an agreement entered into
by the merchants with the transportation company and agreed to unnni-
mously, then we can tff nd tohave-iiie
Joan call or cut us altogether. We bowl
abont Ladyemith and locing tande, etc,
bnt we have the remedy in our own
hand-*; we must stick together, no use
ol one or two of us merchants Baying
rTi.t. it don't make any difference- to
i1 em which boat or company takts ihHr
freight or who gets the passenger travel,
hii'. it does. If the public insists" on
traveling only on other comp'-nies' lines
it-.'! steamers, we Hill have two eom-
panh'i bucking against one another to
get nut biieintis, and then the City of
N..n .imo will reap the honed-.
Nanalmo Free Press Thursday nigrt
conUined an interview with Mr. G L.
Courtney, traffic manager of the H-A N ,
in which (hat gentlemen is alleged to
have said that bis company was entirely
in Ihe hands oi Nanaimo Hoard ot
Trade regarding the alteration in the
runnii-g of the steamer Joan, 11 ih com*
pany would certainly take no step that
would Injure tbe interests of Nanaimo.
II Nanaimo Board of Trade believed tbat
tbe tunning uf the Joan to Lilly smith
would not be in.the Interests ol Nanaimo
• I b K. & N. Company would certainly
uot nn her there.
- Owing to Ihe absence of Mr. Dum-mnlr
nothing could be done at pit-n nt t ■■/-■ard
nutting on a double trainiBervioe dally
bb proposed by the Naiudnio Board of
Ir. Courtney, according to tbg Free
PreBB, expressed surprise at the njiHa,-
tion in Nanaimo ooncerning the proposal to run the Joan lo Ladysmith,
and," says the Free Prets, "would
never think of moving the Joan to Lidy-
smith without the ei.doreatiou of a
majnilyof the citizens of the city of
American polo players are   loud   In
their praise of their English opponents.
They say the English nre great sportsmen and eminently fair,
Small owners are lining frozen out of
United States turf -circles. The big
•upitaliHiB are acquiring all the beet
rm mn si:»vit i:\.
"Judge HarriBon, Lul\smith," ip
how it appear*! on lite Hotel Windsor,
Nunaimo, register.   Welcome Judge!
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes, ti. P. L.,
traveled down to Victoria Wednesday
morning, returning the t-uiuu evening,
Mr. Mclnr.oa U ! v kirg remarkably
well after hili le-.t-iit'iv-j iao.jiH
Mr. .1 ihn W. Cobnrn, manager of the
Lttdys.iiiili Lumber compuuy,-returned
Thu11■ i y morning from' a busim-si visit
up tbe line.
Mr. Wm, Bi vendue of iho Gram! paid
Nanaimo s visit nn Wednesday.
Mr. Archibald McGregor, towntite
agent, returned from a trip loN-uaimo
on Thursday morning's train.
Mr. Georgti L. Courtney, tnilli-. maim
gar of the E. & N., wim in Ntimimo ou
important hiibintss Wednesday.
Mrs. aud Miss Conway cahio up from
Chemainus on Wednesday morning's
train ou ti visit lo Mr. El. Conway.
Mis H. Mitrei. oi Nanaimo is paying a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. B. Furclmer.
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomson returned yesterday from Nanaimo. Mr.
Thomson waa paying an official visit to
Texada I-dand aud found everything
there in excellent order.
Mr. A. E, 1'l.inta paid a flying visit (o
LadyBinUh yesterday morning.
Captain Yates of Nnnaium was iu tlie
city yeBterday on his way to meet an inr
coming steamer.
Mr. and Mia. Robin Dunsmuir, Vit
toria,  were   in   Ladysmith   Thursday
night, returning to the capital  by Fri
day morning's train.
Mr, ,1.11, Cooking, of Nanaimo, accompanied hy Mrs. and Miss Oockiim,
passed down to Viotoiia ou yesterday's
train ou their way to San Francisco,
where Mr. Cocking will repreaont the
Nanaimo lodge of Sous of Be. GBorgeat
the meeting of the Grand la)dge. They
will be gone about three tveuks.
Mr. T. O. Pelky ol the pay officii staff
te confined to hie home through illness.
Mr. D. R. t-ving, bii perm tend in R engineer of the provincial l*nda and works
department, inspected progress it.. Lady*
Btuith yesterday and expressed perfect,
ent it f action,
Maple Lodge,  No. «;, I. O. Q. T.
iMcotd hvi-cv Wednesday evening lu
Nicholson's' Hall. Visiting membets
are cordially invited,
m. Mckinley, Beo.
Church of England—July SO, eighth
Sunday niter Trinity. 8 a. in. Holy
Communion, 11 a m.,litauv and sermon,
Sunday echool 2:30 p.m., evening Bi*r-
vice at Extension.
A, SomvKS, Missionary iu Charge.
Outholic Church—Services every Sun*
■lay ap follows: Mass at 10 a. m. Benediction aid p. m.
First Preebyterian—July 20, morning
neivice at 11, Sunday school '2:30, even-
Ing Gerv.ue7.30. Evening subject: "The
Frivolous Spirit,"
Methodist Church—lev. W. G. Tan
ner will iionddct the Bervice here in the
evening. In the morning he will beat
Sjuth  Wellington at 11 a. in.
Ouban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers or the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, - Proprietor.
Sealed Tenders lor Buppljingiiwe-'ean]
und soft, drinks for moonlight*, xcur*
sion, Saturday evening, July 20th, (dance
on board), from Ladysmith and return,
will be received by the undersigned up
to Saturday, July 19th.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. F. D. PELKEY,
P.O. Box, ."W8, Ladysmith, B.O.
HO WIN ft.
SayB the Toronto Evening Telfgram in
commenting on the brilliant Struggle <>f
the Argonaut crew agaiust the Cambridge meu at Henley:
"GloriouB defeat is Ipbs Balisfacrory
thau glorious victory, hut there is true
glory in snch a failure as the Argoimus
achieved at Henley. A better race h.r
the Grand Challenge Cup was never
rowed by a non-English crew. The line
of i quatiu sports is not the line of it<.et
resistance lhat can be followed hy those
who would humble the amateur oais-
men oi England. The English msy
have fallen behind in some lines oi
sport. They are etill kings and empir*
nis in the realm of amateur itquaties.
Thb Argonauts, after conquering the
choueu representatives of tbe American
nation of 70,000.000, have failed to dethrone thfir English feilow-tntijecls.
The Argonaut lowing club lias done
its beet for Canada. Ite repmsentatives
ut Henley havo taik-ii to'ittiTiieve the impossible, but their manjUjl htniggle waa
worthy of the fulled reot^uitiou."
Nanaimo* B. C.
Sheet   Music
Chenpeet Rti J BeBt—5c. and 10c. a copy
All latest songs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc,
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for mattress making a'
Capt. Dillon's Office, Esplanade, where
samples can be seen.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladyimith.
Mudseverv Wcilni-siltiv evelllllffat 7.30o'clock,
Vi-itotsi-.ii.'.iallv nivitcl
HUGH t'UU'OtJ, Sec.
Weelinijtnn Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Mi-ets every Fridnv in I. O. O. F, hall at
7:30 p.m.
11. C-OURUY, 0.0.
J. W.  LEWIS, See.
J. McDonald,
Agent for B O Pn*'er<- Oonipany.
C-iimn-v lJi e, S'-wfr Pipe, Galley
Trupp, Ts, Ys, Bends, Tilee and
High St., Ladysmith
Made Hnd repaired All work
OiHraiit-aid, It'Speiitlon invited.
Harness Repairing a Specially.
A. S. Christie,
Saddler and ilarncssmaker
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Pi ices reasonable. Buggy harness
Irom $S. KxpreBB harness from sflS.
Team haruesB from $0	
Btgstot-k of ti links ai tl valine*-.   Trunks
(rom $2.   Valises from 50n.
The Crescent,        —        NANIIMO, B.C
Ice cold Lemonade, Soft Drinks of
all Kinds.    Fruits, Pastry, Bread.
— Foil—
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
C...I.]. Al   TDK
..._.] Marks
Copvriqhts Ac.
Anyono landing n rtkntan nnd doncrliillon tuny
qntciily nscqrtnln bur oplntmi froo whether nn
1ii,..iiiI..i: iHiu'.iliiii-ly imi.-titnhlo.  Ctiniiiintilrn-
tlonostrictlyooiifldontlnl. iliinrthtrokoii I'utcnti
M-;it i'i.'-i. (H.li'Hi iiiitini'y fur Hei-urliiKJJUtotilii.
I'fitrnis li'U.'u tlinm-jli Munn ft Co. recelre
•juri-inl tt'ilkt, H'tihout ohatiro, In tbe
Scientific American.
A TininlfloiiiRiy illiintTAt-ad wfieklj*.   Ijirvest olr-
mtlntliiti of nny di'lor"**- ' '    ' " '" "
your; lourtiiontlm,t
MUNN ft Co.361DroadMiy<
Branch Officii. ei5 F Bt. WiublninVn, 1).
i.i:\i:it.tij NOTES.
Sir Tnomaa Liplon will try again for
the America cup. He bus oiderfd n
a third challenger to be built.
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Cnrner Plr.st Avertm* unit Uutucrc Street.
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds of Bnfl wood furniture umde
nnd repaired.
|| The Leading fe
Jj Reviews J|
*.■:         Nineteenth Century   and After, 4!f-
'j!-4        Contemporary   Review,    Port- ::Vf
4.V        nlithtly   Kevlew,   Wcetmlnaler i'i-?:
■;•_.;        Kevlew,    Hdinbursh    Kevlew, TI
■T.*        Quarterly Kevlew, Blnckwuoil'i t"?
fA         -Edinburgh ,M ■«•*,-1 ne *$
£4' Slron-*,   HterliiiK. timely, suggestive *I*S
»,j)I ami  iiiillittritivt-; just what you want 4*J.'
.^Ifi' to know oftlieworld'sdolugui exactly •«••
f-.. wlint yon  newi  to  know;  nudtotil i-'-*!
:j* when ynu wiint to know It—that's the f.__
. m vnltle oftliese reviews to yon.   The iB'*?
•$ nl)Ie»t writers, the  most timely tits- 4If
jjii- CiitaloiiB'TliB8wll\ejjt.prefietitauo"or ■km
(LT, the wor Id -pr oblOittt* of the day apt
Xrf* every mtmlh iu the' pages bf tl
_**,• teadliur reviews   These nre the Kug- ._, .-
4.^1 Hsll etlitioiiHsiilil in America nlnliotit 4lf'
.IBjg hull price.   K-iecimcii co-iii*--, sent free $9
4'*"j to unvune -mywhere, nml lil-ilorical __**■•
Jt booklet, khi, for the asking. 71
4 J ItaUunurd Anitt Publication Co., .*"
Una-   S'T-
W.rr.nSt. New York city.
si -. ■; ■■*) -. :• ..i;. i -ai: iti -An Ati^nmM
•*•-■ »i'--->-i >■■>"'. hv.w-.hc. *•*!■•■:»••''■.*
"   -    -. ■- ...  -\JA%Uh:4
—■Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in nil ite branches
Fine metal working a specialty. Plumb-
ing, aet-tvlene gas, hot watar and but
air heatidg. Woik done whh despatch
and ut reasonable rates.
David     Murray,
Blacksmith     ,
Buller Street,
Shop will lie open every Thiirstlay,
Hrliiay anil Saturilay.
941-2 HOURS
 By The-—
Lsavee Vaiiiinnvnr at 13:30 ..'.-lock
Tuesiiaya, Tlmrnlaya anil Samnlaya
Tjansconttnental Passenger Dally
Elegant Equipment,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Fn, pa<» unlets an.] all information a.iplv
to any O.P.R. iiannt.
H. H. AlillOTl',      W. McGIRK.
Ant'iit. Viotoria.      Auent, Nanalmo.
Asst. G^nl. PaiB. Aasnt, Vanenuver.
Esquimalt &   Nanaimo  Railway
SUNDAY,   JULY    _2oth
******    TO CROFTON    ******
SS, JOAN Sail. Prom Udysmlth at 10130 a.m.   Returning Sails Prom
Crolton at 4100 p.m.
FIFTY CENTS ROUND TRIP-Chlldren Under i2, 25 cents.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Marnier


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