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Ladysmith Leader Aug 23, 1902

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Array 2/0
'•'■ The people that save J
'• '■ money trade with      X
ji   BICKLE |
Ladysmith Leader
** ** **********************
For Boots and Shoos ii
Sickle's is the store ii
i. J. J,*U *t, -*--*--*-' ttiil.JsA.tasljafiJ.JliLtlilii.J,iliiList.
VOL. 1. NO. 98.
BA'JIBDAT. At GIST 13 . 1902.
Pltll h HVE CENTS.
Owing to the Late Arrival of our
Imported Summer Goods we are
offering them at very reduced
prices in order to clear them out
and make room for our New Fall
Goods. Call and satisfy yourselves       ,
We do not want to Carry these Goods over QUALITY
Is there.   No CHEAP or SHODDY Goods Shewn.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, ■ • Udysmlth
KW8(gl8»'**'r*g'8**m«'EmW8WJ*ra*-i BWWi-'W^nVW^^W'a^ll'W'r'l-TW
.1. ll j^ajfl_tJ_nj_E_ |_Ci jT, _j?a i**1. _**fi_^L*P -***■ |**f. _Blll_B|*BaBUtB |_B| yj |_y_. I*fc|_jtt_**fa **B ttmt,
* "•\Jf*r^p,'I-,*Jp^p'j|f'ir'^I
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
H. & W,
Choicest Front lots and Corners
_  Ii Block,-.'ll 3J.nl HI.
\ I" lot. 6 lo 12, block 20.   Utter Gab
s. ' Son, lu town.    Above are lull siaetl
App'y ta
»t Liilvemiih WednesdaysandSiturday
or to Cory 8. Ryder, Lsd.ai.ii.li.
lu l.stdr.nillh, 110x190 Feel.
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions carefnlly dispensed. Open
dav and **iith».
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member institution of Klectrlcal Kuginccrs
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. 0. Box 357
ARE  YOU   INSURED?    " not
gil insure.) at ome lor it mey be
mo late inmorniw. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies ud
nan insure you at a moment's notice al
the lowest possible rates. All leading
companies charge the same rate,, D in'l
lie misled into Insuring wiih t cheap
uompauy -it might be dear in the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drtwe. 38, Nanaimn. II. C.
, Ma*t*ta&Mxa&am*t<^^
Vy c Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thi. new hotel bu been comlnrtably Iniulel eil trd Ibr tar Is np to date.
Beit accommodation lor ti.ul.nt ud permanent boarder, .nd lodgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanad*-,   .     • Lidyimilh, B. C.
Siavoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Sod. Water, Olngtr Baer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essencei, Bitters,
■nd Carbonated Beverage* of all kinds.
W. E. RUMniNQ.        - ■       Proprietor,  ftftJSj;;
Baker and Confectioner.
Plata ud l.ncy breed. Oak., .ud pts-
tne. ol .11 descriptions, fruit. In
Whol.,.1. and Ret.ll Deslsr. In Heat,.
Poultry   ud  VegeUhle..   O.m. in
...oo.  Shipping ord.ll attended to on
holt MllC.
Thls'old-Eat.bllib.d, Fi.st.OIas, ud
Popular llnel Is most comfortably Iur*
nlslieil, centrally situated. .Mu, merit
trains, Ki 'client Cuisine, Bar .lotkeil
with the duett wtuei, llqnora aud clf.it.
JOS. FOX,   :.•'** -■••       Froprlttor.
Slaughter Sale
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes, t
Sale Commences 9 o'clock, Wednesday,
August 27th, 1902.
Dwellings it Carlisle a
Pope Will Use Wireless Telegraphy
-Trial by Jury.
The total .mount nl money to be
raised during Ihe coming year by the
London School Board I, clou upon 2}'
millions. Of this immense sum over l,1'
mllllona will go In teachers' salaries,
£70.000 in wage, lor school-keepers, and
£67.000 ior luel, light and water.
According lo a rerxrt of Ih. Oily
Treasurer ol Ciilith), tbe woikmeu'.
dwellings, which were recently erected,
have not Lean a mcceia. Out ol 40 only
17 have been let, producing .netincome
last year ol £70. Ih. interest on nor'
rowed capital ud inetelinent ol loan
amount, lo £351, leaving a deficient-]* ol
The Victorian Houn ol Rspreienta-
live, yesterday paased, by 24 vote,
•gtinst 18, Ihe second rending ot .
Bonus B.ll, chiefly providing encouragement toi the manufacture of Inn locally
From hu little linger a n.w noi. bu
been made ijr . twelve-y»»r-old girl by
Ih. surgeon, ol. Chicago hospital.
Britain'a devotion to UHisem.nta, including ping-pong, wairou.dty denounced at L'.ogullen by th. newly elected
preaident oi the Welab Weileyu Mttho-
d et Assembly.
The Pop. haa appointed Oardintl
Jerome Mul. Qoitl lo succeed Cardinal
Ledoohowtki a. Prelect ol Ihe Hoi)
C jngtegatlon de Propaganda Fide.
The auditors' award regulating wag..
declared at Cardiff In reipeet ol tbe
Associated Oolli.il.. ot Sonth Wales
and Monmouth is a iurtber reduction of
1>4 percent., making tbe wage 17,1** per
cent, ebova the standard ol 1880.
Tb. time expired toldier. ol lhe Roj.l
Lancaster Rrg'mcnt, who nrved through
all the engagements with Buller', force
ln Natal, reached   Lancaster.    Th.y
Veleran imr.kers .ny that wben they
light lip "THE PROVINCE"cigar.
Ladysmith hotel keeper, know a men's
a good Judge when he asks Ior "THE
Yalta Street, VICTORIA, B. C.
Ba-rlttcr, Solicitor,
Altonicy, Notary Public, lite.
Money to Loon.
Nntiaimo, ■ • ■ B.C.
Harrison Not Springs
This dellgMitil health nntl p1en*mte
rcaorl, thc fineH In America, offcri
Unrivalled Advantages
Magnificent Scenery, I'luhlti-f, Shooting
Dr-ating, Bathing. Swimming, Vapor
ind Private I-tiiMt** with Massage,
THE HOTEL haa been completely
' ■ renovaletTnti-n rtfurni**)icil Ihrotighmit,
electric lighting; flnt-clats cuisine;
ball ami tennis grounda: charming
driven. Splendid success In treatment
of Rheumatism, Gout, Kidney Trouble.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Physlcan.  Rates; $2 a Dty
Absolutely the fined tea sold in B.O. It yon do not know
this ask our customers. Or he'ier still try oue pound 50-.
Imp., ted directly from D-ckajilie Tea Gardens. Oily
ourselves between the grower and you. Your second Older
will be 0 pounds, price t2.:'6.
W. T. Heddle & Co.
V*** Prwec nirv-tr Oati* Oellver.d Pre.
rite rress biock. atu4».i»iii,.
Provincial I.lcc used Asr-nver, late assaver
Van Anda Smeller. Reliable analysis of
ores, coaln,elc. Shipment-*and Baiiipltng
at smelters stipctiiit-.-mli.-il. Wcighta and
Mums chetked. Nttut to tht Law Courts.
V. li. Ilox 89.
46 Langlcy Street, VICTORIA.
B.rrl.ler., Solictor, aa.
Olllai  OJJI.IIow.' Bulldlnf. Rib.ll. St.
Jam., Craig, aged 39, unmarried, a
nitiveol Nova Scotia, miner at Eaten-
.Ion, while btlhing near the transfer
wbuf on Tu sday afternoon Lit, wa,
drowned during >n .Hack ol heart die*
east, Tb. body wa, recovered and
taken to Nanalmo, where Ih. lun.i.l
took place Thursday alternoon. William and John Craig, br-ther, ol deceased, live in Naoalino,
The lime to alvettlse la all th. tlm.
With a view to nlabllib a uniformity
ol pr.cthe, gold commissioners and
mining recorder. .1. Instructed th.t,
provided they an ..Hilled tbat th. eon-
■tiucllon nl * tr.il i. .nential lo th.
proper development oi a claim, a Iiee
miner ma; be allowed to eonnt lb. coat
dl Ib. ,am. toward, bl. .nnual siss.i-
ment woik, on 1 b'.lulng permlailon be*
forehand Irom Ihe proper official and
sutject lo th. gov.ro.nt.
Applleatlon haa bnn made lo th.
Stock Kiob.ng. to Hit i,8IO,000,000
roublea ol the 4 per oral, cerlluoelei ol
th. Interior Banian Qsvaramm,
openly diKumd Ibeditmi.sal ol Colonel
Crolton, tbe commanding officer, in connection with th. famous heliogram at
8|iion Kop. They declare he wu innocent, Whose wu tbe fault was well
known in Ihe regiment.
An "Eatraordlnary Gaaelte" hi. been
promulgated at Pretoria which amend,
the law relating to jirlee. The n.w
ordinate, picvldet lhat every male
peteon being a Biilish inbject .nd possessing property to th. v.lu. ol £600 or
in receipt ol an Income ol £300 shell be
liable lo wiv. upon juries, with tb.
usual etempllon, .nd diiqu.llfiii.llon,.
This mea.ure foreshadow, th. early ,«•
establishment cl trial by jury,
Several let, ol Marconi'a wireless
telegraph apparatu. has bean ordered
by Ih. Pope.
Herr Letting, th, Berlin Kolplor, hu
been commiHloued to eiecut. th. proposed Shakespeare atatut. lor W.im.r.
An application wu mad. to Mr,
Chsmberlaln.onbehall ol Mil. Steyn,
for peimission lo accompany hu husband to Europe. The Colonial Secretary
replied lhat no permi.sion was new.-
Th. twp do gunboat liasard »ill leave
Barrow mis week Ior Spiibead, taking
with hu two ol Ih. tubm.rln. craft.
Ou arriving there they will le pot
through some tilal. belore tbe Admiralty
1 ffiiilali. Tha boat, will be manned by
a craw consisting wholly ol mm dralted
Irnm other ships, wbo b.v. given their
mi vice, voluntarily.
Th. R. v. Robert M. Rabb, peMor ol
Ib. First Bsptlit Churob, ol Ea.1 Aurora, N.V., wu arretted tb.r. charged
wiih accepting a brlb •.
Bight Rev. Thome, O'Oorman hu
jut .rrived .1 New Yoik lion Borne,
bringing . preient .nd . letter Iron tbe
Pop. 10 President Roosevelt.
ThaBiillih tillr|te.m hu tailed ler
Canada Irom Liverpool,
Meleville Dollar From Ite Korll.—
Ora fcr Taenia.
Charles B. Kenhay Clears-
AniBr Calls,
Amn ttr. Melville D .liar .rrived from
the North Tuetday night to load coal ior
San Francisco. She went round to Na*
naimo Thursday morning to complete
Str. Thistl. look her niual load ol
coal here on Wedneiday.
Str. Oscar with a full targe ol Mount
Sicker ore lelt Ior Tacoma on WnduM-
Tug Holjok. .nived in Ladyimith
ior bunker coal titer towing a large ihip
to Chemainus.
Str. Amur took bank., ooal on ber
way North Irom Viotoria on Wednee-
Barqnentine Ch.rlet B. Kennejr cleared Thund.y Ior Su Franolmo with a
loll cargo ol Wellington aoal. Sb. went
to tea in tow of tbe log Pioneer.
Str. Victoria wu expected in Thundiy Irom Sin Francisco to load 3,500
lorn of Wellington coal lor th. urn.
The V.ncouni corre.pond.nt ot Vic*
tori. Ooloniit uyi I
"The cunuie, on tbe Fra er river tn
preparing to clot, on Saturday, Thi.
will mnn IS eeat flab (or tb. fiahermen.
Tb. total pack irom all lourcei li new
872,873 om, ud it I. expected the,
belore Saturday next it will reach tit,.
000 cue..   Thu. le bnt. small portion
01 ibe fleet ont ud tbey era etching
Irom 16 to 20 loth. boat, lt I. expected
(bit Ih. total etch lor tb. lour day.
Intervening will .mount to abont 2,1X10
caMi. In any .vent th. pack wlll te
between 274,000 ud 275,1X10 cm.
From thli, however, mmt be deducted
40,000 cam purchased from the trap.,
which place. Ihe pack ol flsh caught ln
tb. Fr.ier river al 236,000 cam, tbe
lowtst pack lor eight fe.it. Tb. neit
loweit Frai.r titer pick wu in 189»,
when 260 COO cues were put up. Thli
year the fishermen will be paid on a
bull tl 235.000 case., wbxh will mnn
tuat they will get IS centi lor their fl.b.
II th. pack bad bean 200,000 ih. price
would have ten 20 cent., but according
to ih. scaling .greemmt Irom 200,000 to
250,000 tailed Ior 18 centi per fiih.
Judge Metgher of Ih. S jpreme Court,
when coming out ol Ihe court boose .1
dinnertime Intuited tb. delegation ol
lb. Maritime Provinces Boardt ot Tr.de
now in teuion .1 Sydney, C.B., becun
they refused to move Irom Ihe itepi oi
the court house where they were being
photographed. J, E. Pa Wolfe, vice-
president of the board, condemoed Ibe
judge'! action. Judg. Metgh.r .wore
out. warrant aod Do-Wolfe wa. united
Go Carts and
Baby Carriages.
Why tire yourself out
carrying that baby of yours
when for a few dollars you
can secure one of our pretty
Go Carts which are built so
light and that ran ao easily?
We are running off our
stock of these carriages, as by
some error this spring we
overstocked ourselves, but this
is your gain.
We prepay all freight to
Come, up and sea us.
We Nil	
i. H. OOOD «* CO
Ths Brut Cask Furnltiri Store LADTSMITII   LEiVnim   AUGUST 23. WW.
Ladysmith Leader
* Pub!hlied every WeVicday an'l Saturday nt
The l.iwler BtiiU'lng. coriieT orKlrsl Ave. nnd
tfrenetl Sireel, Ladysuiilh, Bni.**li Coliiuibta.
i Bv Mail ii* Canada and I'mtku Statuu.
Oiif-enr (stilrtly tn.tulvarccl P ■"*
in iiioii'.li. (-Irictly In utlvaiice)    t ''&
TRANSIENT— Including bushiest tioliee**.,
callaroriciidertl.opi.'.lcollonsfo ati'l traiinfwof
licci!--e.--. le-jal «"*.ic*****, etc., ioc, « Hue firat insertion* 5c a line each uia-.etiiii.ui li*Lruou(. u
lui*-n mcutiure in ihe inch.
' RntM on irppllcii'on. No w*y*d ruts used.
Cms tor regular ubc oiiuuld lit- rt-i metut.
MnnHngt*. Birth, Death nml Funeiul notices,
ench insertion ioc.
Ailvfrtii-ni'iits not tn-'erted fnt; fl MwcWetl
tin a will he charged lor until urdcred lo bt dts-
THE LEADER will be toutid nt thc fattc-wlng
iyi lySiillth-The Lender Office; The Lad. smith
Nnitn.'.no-E. Plmlmry & Co.
Viciw ia— Public Library; Provincial Library'! *>'->d
v.- .IWK1W-Public Wbrnry, nml Hotels,
Ktvv VealinlliBtcr—Public L.i»rttry.
AU CMflgeA In ndvertlseinctits until he received
■it'lilsoinceli-,rore 11 noon llie day before
Is* ie.
8- isci ihers not receivinj* pnper regularly please
ie, oitiotliiio-Ttw.
Ai. |un work strictly cash on delivery.
'J.'! in* ent udvcrlisemciits c.isli in advance.
•Kim Pili Kit* Ci'fe *>: U SO* Si-li. Kik WitK "i ft
Subrctlb.-ra ent wiving Tub
"*i LkaiiKU rt-L-ii-arly will Rnnfttr it
* tuvur liy r«|ioiliu(_ prtinpily lo
J tbla'office.
THK I.EfX.rXS'-: UOfainiSSfONliKS.
oltj would nppcnr, from ihe trnr,f>Hrt:nr>f>
of tlio Minor*}' Union la-it Saturday
nit-. Lit, to have q"i'e made up ita miml
that it cun tread the ilig-iv inuli ol life
Ihuci o th viithuut tin uid of thla Uu'y
grmi ma if.
Wt) rover d-Milittd that thia would
coma to Mr. Soiltli; It haa come per-
ii'irm 11 liitlt) auiiiiur lima wn txuetttd.
Ud lias uo one to hUmu hut liiujeelf.
lit* knows fo'l well thai he haa not
..laud f.tir with hia I'cnirni.ea wlioBetil-
hun to i'ail!uitifi,t, Hii fl rtintz with
th--* Liberal party dl^U-ted thru; hia
t'x.iUtittlii.iiid that it-ahbuII iulliuir in-
t-j'ttt. v>tr*i clever, lut not cK-var tnough
ti hide the downright dij-jonealy ol
rli ae iat-riglltR.
Mr. Smi h'ri u [-toon-ling die. hi urea at
si: liawthoniihwrtittj'a great mt-etirp
in K,in«imn Ojit-ni hoiiFO leet wiuttr,
wi.u rt-^rtid fi Iheaccrplaucecf pflpaee,
itid thu txceediiigly fl iihle code oi
unin-lity ellVottdby Mi.S-uUli, certainly
iiiorkfd 1 vim l*i*i own euppurtbre, who
j .it.Hl in lie linary Limiiig which
_i6(Mm1 thu iiuloMu'g ol Mr. Smith's
j -npicitl policy. Ay mnn who al-
-t-n p'h to tun with tht) iia'B aiid hunt
1 lib ibehctittiis haa a haul 3 .b on band;
hut, dmihly ao it he iaBiiviut-r, ostensibly,
a nndy ol iiiti'll'gHit uif-.n hkeihe Nn*
ii ii -.ly Mhien*-.' Union. Ttify bave found
bim ont end they have Riven him hit
chui', which bu htiati.lily eirncii.
lbu Oaiiitilitin Tn duH and Labor Con*
itroiu with which the MiLcru' Union de*
cltre tohavc ttity.lhlng to di, la a kind
..I IUl(.h Bmi'h prtrerve. Perhaps Ihey
v ill ondertftke to pet Mr. Smith another
cent in the Ho't=e, lor he wlll never *u to
t nrl imcnt or I.<viela»uie aghin aa tbe
re|.ieaentaliv» if Nan aimo, the con*
ti> 11 ucy nbi.h he luoied eo lutK aud tu
Ladyimith haa enetAineti' a eeriona In*
JrisMcp/fls wehclicvr*, in recttrd to the
boldirc of II an-tclel mcelinR cf the
Bcuth Nanniuirj liifi-Mi-ji ci.ntt in iVa
naimo,and on careinl (iqti'.iy we tied
that there la no itmicdy, u the elm*I
licesto infj-folor ie the tc!e authority iu
tbe matter and ho bits potlUvrly re
fneid to alter the plfce -ul muting
iillliot'|,Li the date has been clleiol, he'
eauce tbtit rr.rrtirjrj waa advcrtlttc-d In
tho wrptiR ptipcr, and riot nt nil in the
I'lni'o which ia lo be iITtClcd by lhe ; ic
jitiErd nhargo.
Tl.e law knchiiR the sdvetilt-lr-z of
the tcceting haa bpcu rompllrd with
now; no'slce has been t?ivin in Tuk
IsSAncn, tho cnly paper tjublit-bed in
Koulh Nanaimo dietiict end it hi*H been
pca'cd in lhe poet effico at LuljnuU',
TbcBo are important coiicfubI'iiib foi
wl.i h thc pcofile of LtdjBluilb fi-il d ly
jrri!iihi!, hut they aio not, enough. It
la an oiUra^e to oarry Uiat, In iccss
ifficliftf Ladytiniih moat vitally to a
dit-tttnt (it.Vi but tbeie la a wny cut
which wo row enrmaMy commend lo
tbf* r.olii-t* nf tlio ci-niiniet-ii'iini'.
There Id nothing in lhe act to prrvpr.t
the conimiti'Umere Irctu mcelitig in Na-
naimo ou 8i*plpmber fl h, uud Imraedl.
ately a.'i urninn court to nuel in Lady
Binith fourteen dayi later.
II the commi-GloncrB have tbe true in.
tereetti of tbla dlBtriot at heart tbpy will
give this nulls'1 ul Ion at le.net tbair uirc
fill conttiderHtion. Tbey are not legally
bound to proceed wilb the hor-lutae 0'
the ctiirt in Nanalmo, and they bbould
Tbii matter ia within their power; let
thein btai.d bt South Nanaimo dibtrict,
which tbey leprrernt.
If W.fy do not lhe pent In of Ladyoniith
will not be blamtd for uuderataudiii-f
tbat the nommb>eion«*re are not unwliltitf-
to become partiea to what ia loudly proclaimed in and a-cm d Ibia town to be a
ehaniefiil pUce of i-bbeiy, oltbouzb we
cannot ate our sav, on the evidence adduced, to approve cf tbat eomewbat
Hlroug language,
It now ell reals with the commissioners and we hone tbat they will do their
iltuy by tbe di.trict.
Nanalmo Herald lave the Miners'
Uiioubufi m.dda miatake in nfubirg
to have HU) thli g to do with the Don,in-
Ion Trades and 1.M or CopureBetproperty
uf It. Smith, MP.) and that a largt
majtitllyof Ihcm doi.'i approve of tin
of theautlun tutteu on Satuulay night.
[* this n case ol "whom tl.e gods ftouli.
d.et.cy thiy firat make mad"?
Art old K-i^li.-b lady of 1011 eummere,
and fiBiin*,' like 2D. told a party of con-
gratjiatura nho called ou her laet birth*
day Hut ahe did nut know how tbt
eould have Hvtd so long if i*. had not
been for tobacco. She baa amoked two
or three dhu.leena a day lor b'ty-ltirte
\taia b.ick,and louud It all her fanc\
Victoria Times (U'lliabtda teteirapbic
(Uit-piUb on WitlnesiLty to the tQecl
that Mr. Ralph Smith wns i-osi-hnatinp
from Otluwa to N.uiniini "un muai
urgent bm-int a--)." Mi. Smith will Qnd
liimeelf too late, except for tbe etoim\
time of it lhat he will have trying to
mi 1 ji*plain bia policy of taetdUdum and
1 wtedlcdeo.
hi»moicthau four inootho since a
reeobitnendation uaa luiwaidrd hy Iht*
proper not hor it ice tu Ottawa that Lady*
hiiiith posUrltice shcul-i be kept open
until eix o'clock every eveuirp. No.l.*
lug haa been done; tbe buaineaa ia
grottlng at an alarmi) g late, and lie
public are jiisliSud in tl.e ctinplaintf-
which Ibey are makli g ae to inmflic ent
Bervice, Cau it be that the Increase tf
[OS'mafctoiVeaiary, which woul I bave
to be made, drh r • the post office department? The tUuah n is necomir.g serious here; comethlng will bave to Le
Will prtiiieluii'y p'eaie efiid Viotoria
OolorM a m»p of 'hs Wand and a request to draw i! mild? Tl-« fallowing.
•rieliidouapsraf-rRph nijenta In a rep.nvt
of Captain J. R U ffod'e visit to Mount
"His visit to the camp has cnnvluced
him that Victoria piet-eteis, almost In
her suburbs, oue of (he moat promising
m-nliiK flelda in the pn vlnce and hit.
on'y wondtris that Victoria people have
been to loi-g In discovering the fact.'J.
Aa Mount Sicker Is only fifty miles
torn Victoiifl.fovrteeulroml.idyemith;
and ae Knalinh, not Victoria, capital has
done all Ibe developing, and the mines
are owned by Englbh cntnpan'es, wl'h'
headquarters in L-indrm, the CoUnVtf'
o-tr. muu he clatssd aa the j-ke ot fie
Bion, in 1 ff-ring the general a drink, to
say he mnst have got a fair ami nut of
whbky among his cap-mid convoys.
lie whh much amu-td at tbls and nn
icferririg lo it tiibsiqueutly aaid that
before attacking a convoy be made enquiries If ibey were gnarded by Scots*
men. If 1Mb were so be further Itqnlr-
id II It contained any whisky. If the
second condiilon accompanied tbe firat
be always gave the convoy a wide berth,
because he knew tbe beggars would
light tn the last mai I
The S.'otauiin replitd ttiot be would
write home and inform bis countrjmen
cf this inimrtant element In scnutlug
and tn defensive welfare—-a remark
which Fet him Into roars 'f laughter.
Hia linmo'oua references to bla scouting
wiien the danger was great shows that
he realbee the kii d of criticism tbat ia
pt-.Bitd upon his military tactics.
Capta'n fiandln ot the DApar'm°ntof (
Math e and Fisheiiea, wai* a pte tenner
to Vtdo.ia an Wt-dnctday momiiig's
Mr. W. Vermilyea of Nanaimo paid a
hiii-liifBs visit to (jhiIjsmith Wtdaeeday,
returning on tl-p i veiling train.
Cap'ain Ru-'er »bo brought. In thej
steamer Melville p-1h*r was la Ltdg
smith a U w lv-*urs on Wednffday.
Captain Gifftrd, late nispfgrr of the
Halls m'np". Nelson, B C, visited Lady.
sml-h on Wednesday. HeinnpectFd tlie
smelter woiks aid was highly pleased
with sll ha saw.
Mr. Thorns Kiddie, mnnneer of tie
•melrer, went down to Duncan's 00
Captaiu Y*tt*eo( tie Ni naimo Pilot-
agf anth'-rity was in town Thursday,
Mr. B-iilow, reprepenting Mepsr'1. A.
It ,T bnston *k Co., Nanaimo, was here
on h -i-inpfr. Thnt slay.
All. Pianta paid Ladysmith a fl,irg
visit on Tbnrsdnv on hn*sine*-§.
Mr.VT A. l/rd-ay of the Well-na'm
Ct:ll'My Cnmpiinv went up to Kanainm
on Wednesday evcnlng'a train, en rente
to Vanconvt*r.
Mr. aod Mrs. W. W. B Mclnnes of
Nanaimn visited the capi'al on Wednesday, returning Ihe same d ty.
In that Ian at. book by Herbert Spencet
mentioned a few days ago by Tub Lbad
ik, the sagu remarks, anent the leisure
clans ot England; "The society repie*
B-juted by onr Bi*i*alled best fam liei ie
e-sfiitially huhaiic " Why Mr. Spencer
should have wasted III precious time
h making a remark eo trite that tbe
dullest treats it as commonplace, Is
rrange. Lmdou Pall Mill Gasatte
cimmenls: "Poor old man I be is cer*
Ulnly In bis dotage," which Is just tbt
kind of remark tbe paper mentioned
mig'it lie tspeiitBtl to make, England
grew great in spite of her aristocracy.
Our dear fiitnd and admirer Mr.
Ralph Smltb, M.P., oef m« to have eur*
lived bii usefulness iu Nanaimo,  That
Have your name neatly printed on
your stationery. Don't send out blank
paper and envelope! to >our customer*
and business connsctlons; let tbem
kuow who your are, wbit jon are and
where yoa are in elegantly printed letter
heada, Invoices, account forms and
envelop*!, such si Thk LkAdbr can
print for you at tmall cost.
L'st, d gnesta prrivlng ** Bt. Alice
Hotel, H-trrlson Hot Spiings R.C.,
dnring the wei k eiuRrg Anvu-i 17, IbH-:
From Vauernvet—Geo, Hnrley, Geo.
H, Smith, Mr and Mre F. Rayli-s and
«hi1d, L. T. Smirl, .1. Weerirg, Time.
Frederick. Mrs lsen. It. Selfert, W. \V.
Duke, J. O'Brh-n.O. K. Sncll. T. M.t*
thevs, IV, Gtdlrey aud son, J. II.
Ki'Ziiatrirk. ,". i
From New W»e'minpter—L. O. Sip-
oerell,J P. Tajl r, Mts Fannie Arm-
•Irong. J C Arm*- r >cg.
From Victo»ta-Mr. end Mrs. T. Ig.
Plillpe, K F Gwin, Dr,-6.1. Fagorf
From Whatcnm, Wt-ab.-i-GuF. Hanil-
Vrg, Mrand Mrs ll. A. Wi.l'n, letuc
Uillson and son, Albart Schmidt, C.
Grainger, Mr and M*-b A. Spanner,
From F-iirhaven, Wash.- E 0 -nnellv,
Mrs T. W. Line, G. A. Million, G. T.
1) id son.
From 8eattle, Waeh.-Lulgi Brnre,
Miss Pais] Bi-iecn, Mr and Mrs M. N.
Carraber and tw^j children, B. F. White-
From other points—J1-0. W. Gray,
Nansino, B.C.; Captain W. 1-pnviep,
Cl email up, B.C.; Miss Grace E. Ross,
Vderarnve, R.O.; Miss E, G. Waidle,
ll.'pe, BO.j J. K. Vaniin, Ksnilon'M,
B 0 ; J. Cran and ion, A«hcrofr, B.C.;
A. W. I.eitch, Ashen ft, B.C.; W. II.
M.(Ml, Mhbio.i City, H.a; A. N. Lnhe,
Mission Cily. B.C.; W. H Giidtier apd,
w'.ft*, Wlni ipeg. Mar.; A. N. Beaton,
Lapgley Ptaiilr, B C.; Fird Tuigoos;
Snaiiicb.BO.; Jibn Frrgiison, Suma',
B.C.; Titus Ulkp, Washington, P.O.;
Chas. Manidng, Everett, Wb*b.; C. S.j
Coliiy.Lyndep, Wash.; W. A. Sever*
ance, Lynden, Wash.; Mr and Mrs J.
10. Guilloton, Sin Francisco; Arthur
Smith, E3Stx, England,
Theoldist German toil mien were
fl'st wirktd in lli!5 Tbey ate near
Wi.rmp. K'gland did not Itg'n to
mil eitti coal until the fiurtttnlb century.
Indigestion atd vermin are the nsnal
mutes of canaries ealli'g tbeir leathers,
If ihe latter, dive a balb made if a weak
solution of ulum twice a wtik. Give
bits r.f apple, and rotl.ir g in the way ef
eeid. except canary.
RhI ties its sbruld be w*ll washed
every epring. as an incredible amount uf
dtiBt. colltc sin the comets of the Iron.
wliit.li a ca-u»l dnstlng will not rt move,
Every part if the b-dstead ahould be
wtll spot geil with a um and water.
Warm bathe will often ptcveut tie
most virnleot dibeaa>a. A pirsun wlo
may he in feat if having received infec<
tion of any kind ehould take a warm
bub, siifftjr pets pi rat ion to enr-ue, and
then rub d-y. Ha is sdvi-ed ti drets
w'•roily to ttUAid auainst ta-iing cold,
There are children born into tbe
world these dejai.f neivuis aod Indun
tilal strain aud strife bo highly strung,
so Intensely sensitive, that ibey shrink
from % sharp word as eome natures
would recoil from the sting of a whip,
A curt reprimand wilt bring tie teaie
welling 'o the eyea of such a child, and
etiii to its throat.
The g'-t-atast depth at which mining
operations nte being carried on In Great
Britain la 3,.'.Q0 det-tt the Pendletou
Cullii ry. Io the Like Superior district
tnisdepr.h baa been greatly exceeded,
the Ciluiuet and II-miIa copper mine
living a depth ol 4 00) feet. At Mms,
11 Belgium, a colliery is being worked at
a depth of nearly 4 000,
General Andre is abrut to abolit-h all
the   Artillery  and Engineer bauds iu
the French army.   ,
Methodist Church-Rev. W. G. Tan.
ner, B.A., pa*tor. Sunday: 11 a.m.,
Sth'-mth School; 7:30 p.m., event*g
Church of E iglan!—Angnst 24 b,
thirteenth Sni.tlay after Trinity, 11 a.ui.
Matlus and Litany; 2:3) p.m., Sun*
a, m., Holy Communion; 11 a, m
day School; No even inn teivice at Ladyemith.
A. Scbiven, Missionary In Charge,
Cnthol'i! Ohurob—Services every Sun-
dny as follows: Mass at 8 a.m. and
10 a.m.   Bemdirtirn at 7 p.m.
First Presbyterian—Aug. 24, morning
seivice at 11, Sunday n hool 2:80, even-
inn seiviee 7:30. Etening snlji-et:
.1. O. -..-sVJ.J-J.J-.—a., a.**.*..*. A. J- .. *LJ .A.a. a ...... .....
What He Thinks of Scotsmen and
Nanalmo, B. O,
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
COLD STORAGE-Wrsi c:«s. fadlliln
fur llie storage of meats, eggs, poultry,
vegetables, ete., etc.
A corrssponuetit •rltlng Irom S.nlh
A'rica, jives tome inlormttion abont
Ttie .uillence he eddreteeil at a refn.ee
ii.mp embraced tome loldieri who bed
loaght .Raitist him sine. th. beilnnlhp
ol Id. w.r, .nd standing Immedl.tely
behind him wai > Hancheiltr sergeant
In khaki. When De Wel descended
Irom hii homely del, whet. h. hid been
■peeking Ihe sergeant stepped np to Min
•nd laid. 'Will yon shake hands with
me, tii ?" Tbe general wai lakvn nn.
aware,, but alter a moment'i panie
grasped the onlstrek-hed hand with -a
hearty shake, and the sergeant overcome
with emotion, said, "God bleu yra,"
•nd turned tway, hit eyet bedewed with
rising tean. -
Da Wet is pollened with hnnor, On.
of lbs lending camp offltilale le a Scots-
man, who during th. dlnntr took occa-
Mauufacturcrn of all kinds fit
hi§ iii Dressed Lumber
:; Mouldings, Laths. Shingles. Etc.
A large itock of ttaoroughty Mation«;d
lumber-titt mid md clits contttnttUy on
hand. All orders strictly attended te.
fJuotatloiiB cheerfully given,
John W. Coburn,
MititAoiiia Diaiowa.
4_************** ***************************************
Furnltura, Carpet., Linoleum.,
Wallpap.r, Curtain.,
Crockery, Olasswar*, Etc., Etc.
There la Comfort la Oar Qood.
Everylhinc to Inrni.r- . horn, in
modest or el.bnra'r siylr. W.ile
(ur onr large eatahtgnr (fiee) lllus*
tr'aled and priced (a store In ilselI).
[Coal!   -,' Coal!
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
t Wellingto** Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
i Coast
t Comox Conl—Best steam coal on tlie Pacific Coast
X Alexandria Coal — Firat-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wel-
. lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
* Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
t Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Ban Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
| 340 Steuart St.
TTttt'I'MTTTTTTTTT*M**T**** '•'*TTTT'I'TTTTT'l'4'W'W 4'w4fTT't'\\"rTT' '
flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
-Lrt.er Heada
-Hill Heads
-Note Headi
-Memorandum Heade
-Business Cards
-Stuck OtliHratei
-l.eg.1 Bl.nkt
-Weddina Invitations
-Funeral Announcement!
-Pan. pi. let!
-Window Oardi
Everything   ;
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best  work—Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
;   Ladysmith,
B. C.
Made anil repaired, All woik
'ioar.nt.ed. lutpicllon In*
Raruii ■eptlrlii t Specialty.
A. S. Christ!*,
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathi, .to., Wedding Bon-
qnetemwerytt)!.. 0*d.ii promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. 0
Ire mhl Lemonade, Sol' Drink, ol
all Kluda.    F.uits, Paltry, Bread.
Finest TobKCo and Cigars
Miuiufacttuer ot
All kinds of Harness, Collars, Saddles, etc. Also a Large Stock of
Trunks, Grips and Valises, to be
had Cheap.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to
TheCre»cent'     Nanaimo
lit Verify Posf-MeS^ncer
liattli, Wash.
NotssfytmslTonllor* -Ithnrt H. ^Illtlie
lelefrrvaaicBmoflhe week. P.rm, ftslil.g.,.
Mn. spnt. welrly. BesullHjl lllajstntloa. tat
halftnM.. Batu^scopyonappt'tatloa,
Ml Fir Or* Dollar a Yur. wtwtvw***
Plain  Houses nnd Neils fur Farm Um-
Iiiolnourrs nntl Water llnne-Sume
Valuable II hits. j
Houses lor duck's aro simple affairs, They aro built plulti and
comfort,,,11le and have no luin-
Ishfnga whatever. A duck is differently constituted fiotn a hen
and must bu cured for under different
conditions. Iho hen needs warmer
houses and drier surroundings thnn
does Ihu duck. A duck, docs not
mind the cold If sho enn keep Iur
feet warm. Cold foot will affect
a duck as a frozen comb docs a
hen, retarding laying nnd Inductitu*
ailments. Tho fcaifu-rs of a duck
are almost impenetrably anil will
withstand a-ihost auy degree of
cold. Again, a duck cannot stand
the amount of confinement in a house
that a hen can. She is more restless In disposition and is Riven to
exorcl'So in a Reenter degree than
is a hen. Indigestion Is not So
prevalent with ducks as with
In the first cut fs shown a simple house that may be built nt
small expense. It Is plain and
tins a bliid roof. Sui,h a house
should bo built of rough     boards,
12 Inches by 1 Iwh, and joints covered by strips, 3 inches by 1 fnch.
The roof should bo made water ti^ht
and covered with tnrri-d paper, sh n-
glcs or tin. Tho outside should be
well drained around tho bottom
that It muy not bo damp. Some
advocate board floors raised six to
eight Inches from the ground
nnd coveted from four to six inches with -ry earth, straw or
leaves. Tho writer favors the tis-
tfng ol board floors in all houses for
chickens, but thinks it not essential
for ducks. If the houso Is well
drained on the outside and tho
earth floor Is covered with hay,
straw or leaves, it will bo pcrfuit-
ly satisfactorily. There must not
bo dampness in iho houso, ob tho
birds will not do so well. While
thoy are given water on tho out-
6.tie, they must hive conifer! a! Jc
quarters in which to "warm up" or
"il.y out."
Tho builtlfng shown mny be constructed of any dimensions desired,
accordiu.tr, to tho size of fit c'*; to bo
kept. A house 11! by 1-1 foot will
accommodate nicely a flock of
a dozen. There nre no interior arrangements m hut ever, slmi ly tho
floor space of the tuiiliJlr.'*;, It is
better not to vm nr«tV. Some
raisers use a plain nost. as shown
In tho second cut. These, nests aro
made or one tn*h hoard., twelve
Inches high and sixteen inches hrr*
set fourteen inhes apart nnd held
together In front with a three-inch
ttiip.     Tho nests aro nailed to the
b..ck of the house. But more thnn
half the eggs are laid en tho lit or
nf tho houso or fn tho yard, and if
permitted a duck wilt build herself  a nest to her liking.
When two or more breeding pens
aro to be kept, tho plun of the houso
shown may bo extendi d to any
length desired and makes nn excellent breeding house for the farmer
to loop ducks ln.
An Indosuro should bo given the
breeding ducks, as they do better
confiiii.d thnn when nt liberty, (live
plenty ot room arid Inclose the run
with two inch wlro mesh two feet
Wide. If water Is accessible, It
should be Inclosed by the mesh wire
fencing of the samo width as for
the run,
A duck houso with an arrangement
of wire runs ln tho water Is on n'd-
mlrabto plan for farmers who hav*
running water on their farms,
Ih-* Value nt a flourl Kinnpt*.
A good example ts just about ns
catching as a bad one, and along
agricultural lines we think more so.
No man ran go to work and Increase tho productiveness of his
fluids, raise better crops nnd stock,
fix his home grounds, up nnd put
Into his homo modern Improvements but his less enterprising
neighbors are stimulate:) to follow
his example. For Instance, where
a man of this progressive type
Keeps his side of the highway
neatly mown and trimmed free from
weeds his neighbor . across tho road
Is almost compelled to do likewise
or else have his own slovenliness
thus continually emphasized. There
have lo bo pioneers In tl Is good
work of agricultural progress and
development, those who lot the
pare and pave the way for better
conditions. With such examples to
pattern after the masses are ready
to follow.
What One Man ni,..r»#.l.
Professor L. H. Valley bo'lovei two
year trees are preferable to older
ones for setting In an orthuixt and
cites a case where two and six year
old trees were set In an orcha'd, and
after a very few years tho young
trees ware m lsrge as tbe old once.
F. 0. Harm-in, New Jenny, Tells All About
I Bow He Wae feuoceesful lu ltuu*.
I tilng One-llie Plant.
The hives uboi! are known as the
Lon_j Ideal and were mado to order.
They hold 20 Langstroth frames
crosswise and are expressly used for
extracted honey. The total cost uf
the hives, fixtures aud houso was
912ft, not coLtitlng 1h3 bees. The
top row of hives rests on a frame
just high enough sa 1 can raise, the
covers and look Into thorn comfortably, as the interior view shows; tho
other row rests on the floor. Tho
hives ure only ono story, so there
Is no use for queen excluders and no
tiei in* up to be done.
Th j hive entrances match the corresponding slots in the side of tho
bouse and when the bees enter the
slot or"entrtin*?e~tliey go directly into
their respective hives. Each alternate notice is painted a darker color
for the purpose of helping the bees
to mark their hive.
The bee house was built in March.
About tho middle ot April, when the
woathcr was favorable to open hives,
I took the Long Ideal hives iuto my
home npinry and transferred thu bees
und comb from the chaff hives into
them. It was ouly necessary to take
three frames at a time and lift them
from on- into tho othor. Toward
evening, when the bees stopped flying, 1 closed tho entrances with wire
netting, loaded them ou a wagon and
drovu to thc bee house uml Ihey wore
soon arranged in position. The next
day, which was pleasant, tho bees
cnino out in great numbers and evidently became somewhat confused
as to which were tholr right hives
and thrco hives were deserted, the
boes having joined some of the others. But 17 built up nicely and in
Muy I divided three of the stronger
ones and made tho full complement .
of 20. In tbo latter part ot May I
removed the division board and lilted
the hives with frames of comb foundation. I
Thcr** wns not a swarm to issue
which wns as t had hoped. The bees
are always comfortable, being shaded
from the hot nun, and they seem to
huvo suitlclout room on 20 frames in
ono tody. It Is very comfortable for
Iho operator too. I took from this
h'luse lu September 650 pounds of
very nice honey, which brought $01.*
The yield in my homo yard was much
Mow tho average, so that year cun
bo , classed a poor honey year. As
there ure enough surplus combs built
1 expect an avorago crop of l.O'iO
pounds a year from this house. No
further expense Is necessary, only
runt and cartage In bringing home
the lionoy. I visited the house during summer only onco every week or
two.—P. 0, Herman, ln Orange Judd
rract-ical Kiperlenee In Uslnr II ta Advantage In th* sntb'e.
Ground gvpsiim, according to one
o* o'ir farm Investigators, may undoubtedly be used to advantage In
tho stable. Tho nitrogenous com*
pound In tho urine by thc aid of certain micro organisms, always present in the air, is converted very
t.uickly Into carbonnte ot ammonia.
This is volatile r.nd will escape If
somo sultablo absorbent or Uxor la
not present. Gypsum Is such a fixer,
converting ihu carbonate Into sulphate ot ammonia, which Is not volatile
Practical conrljislons from experiments aro (1) thit tho proper place
to ubo gypsum is In the stable, where
iindoubtcd'y Iha greater waste ot nitrogen, as ammonia, frequently occurs, and (2) that when the manure
heap is kept compact and moist, there
Is not nny considerable escopu of ammonia.
Fermentation increased the availability of tho phosphoric add. It is to
be noticed that a considerable loss of
potash took place. This must bo duo
to a certain amount of drainage from
the manure soaking Into the board
floor. This drainage was no doubt Increased by the water used In keeping tho manure constantly moist.
This result corroborates tho conclusion that loss of potash cannot be
entirely guarded against without a
water tight, concrete floor If the
manure Is to be kept moist by rain
or artificial means.
swine IIMfttM,
George, in Farm Journal, says:
Thoro Is uo great sucret of success In swine raising—a good, warm,
dry, woll ventilated hoghouso and
puro water for all seasons, a good
pasture for spring, summer and fall
and a variety of Iced tor winter,
with thrifty, itrong pigs, and success Is youri,
We must keep the fattening pigs
worm. If thoy aro kept In a cold
pen or aJlowi-d to nn out In cold
weather, at least 2ft per cent, more
food will be required to produce a
given gain.
Tho snucallng pig, with staring
coat und humped back, who crowds
and pushes In tho steamy nest
for a warm place, Is surely losing money for his careless owner.
It docs not Injure a well n-irtured
mature sow to give birth to two
litters of pigs each year.
Two hundred pounds Is a good
market weight, and da Hot have
Ihe pigs too fat*'
Eome Points W-urtliy of nemtimbranee In
! Clioeilnf One.
i Whon buying an ax handle always
eelect one that is made entirely
from tho sap wood or tho heart
wood, but never one that Is mnde
partly of cai'h, for it will
&f*lit along the lino tit union.
Handles made from sap wood are
more elastic and better for (.hupping Mid a man will not tire or
got sore so quickly when using
one. I prefer those mado from tho
heart wood for splitting, although
thoy are not bo durable, soys a
writer In Orange Judd Farmer, Tbe
proper length and curve ot tho handle depends, upon the habit und
method of chopping of tho user. With
a long handle a man will strike a
mtuh harder blow, but with a short
handle he wlll strike of tenor, so
there Is practically no difference . in
the work accomplished.
Tho curves' too, depends upon the
habit of the user. A curved handle has no advantage over the ono
lhat is perfectly straight. Mcst
people prefer the curved, because
they are accustomed to its use.
An a rule the straight handle is
more endurable. The size of the
handle depends upon the muscular development of the user. If
it is too small It wlll cramp tho
fingers, and if too largo it will
lame the hands and wrists.
If one will exam'nc the end of
a piece of wood ho will seo that it
Is mado of layers, each layer representing the growth of one year.
Wood splits much more easily
along these lines than across them,
hence when selecting an ax handle,
always choose one in which the
layers are parallel with the line of
force, as shown In Fig. 1. If they
are at right angles, as in Fig. 2, a
few days' use will cause tho handle
to split along the dotted lines
shown. The. diflereme in quality
in this respect Is so marked thnt
many    dealers    sort    tbeir   handles
and make   tho   price   of one about
double    that of the other.
In bunging an ax considerable attention should be paid to tho
kind of work which is lo be done.
For small wood hang an
ax pointing in, as shown in Fig.
3, For very large trees hung it
squarely across, or at right
angles to the handle, and for split*
ting, especially block wood, hang
it out according to Fig. 5. This
gives one a chance to siriko a
heavy blow, squarely across tbo
block, using tho wholo bit of
the ax, and vlthaut making a tire-
so.na bcim of the back with eveiy
blow. The relative position of
the blade and handle mny be changed by insetting a small wedgo in
thu eyo of tho ax, either above or
below the handlo as occasion may
Mannr« for tlie Turnip Cm*.,
The ingredient the turnip has most
difficulty in obtaining is phosphoric acid, and where this crop gets a
fair dressing of dunj four hundredweight of 25 per cent, super, hoe-
phate per acre Is generally all that
Is required. On still, heavy land
ona half cwt. nitrate of soda should
also be applied with dung to glvo the
turnips a start, and another halt
cwt. or so when tho plants nre thinned. On all classes of soil where an
attack of "fly" is feared, one halt
cwt. of nitrate of soda should also,
be applied along with the dung to
force tho young plants Into tho rough
When turnips are grown without
dung, tho following mixture should
suit most soils: 4 cwt. 25 per cent,
superphosphate, 2 cwt. bene flour or
flue bono meal, 8 cwt. kalnit, i cwt.
nitrate of soda, J cwt. sulphate ol
ammonia, The sulphate of ammonia
may be loft out, and an equal quantity of nitrate of soda applied (1)
after this turnips are thinned.
Menl Rations for Fattening Steers.
A light ration of menl was found
to give (ho most profitable results in
fattm ng steers In a series of experiments extending over several years
at tho O.A.l*. Tho steers wero started on about one-third pound of com
meal per day per 100 pounds of live
weight, and this quantity ••was Increased as doomed advisablo to slightly over ono-halt pound per day. Tho
average daily gain was 1.601 pounds
at a cost of 0.58c per pound. Tho
steers, which wero fed on a medium
ration of two-thirds pound per day
per 100 pounds of live weight, made
a gain of 1.70 pounds at a cost of
6.09c por pound of guin. Another
lot fed at the rate ot one pound of
meal per dny por 100 pounds live
weight, gained 1.75 pounds dally at
a cost of 7.25c por pound of gain.
Tho meal was valued at Si3 por ton,
tho hay 50 and tho roots $2.
Karljr t.orlt lu ihe Kt-ttary.
As soon tn spring as tho weather
permits the bottom boards of tho
hives should bo scraped and cleaned
of the cnppinps and filth which havo
accumulated during winter, it tha
bottom boards nro detachable, and t
always prefer to have them so, the
Work Is easily performed.
After being cleaned stand thorn In
tho sun for a few minutes to dry. It
wlll make a wonderful difference to
the bees, save tbem lots of time and
Work nnd perhaps prevent disease.
The boes wlll build up much faster
lor It.—F. O. Herman.    ^
Cider Vln-n-car,
Cider vinegar Is so frequently adult
tented tint It Is often Impossible to
get tho pure prcduct. Vinegar eold
ae puro cider frequently contains diluted acetic acid, glucose nnd soda
ash. Sometimes It contains acetic
acid, boiled elder and wins.   fc  _
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re- [
duction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light |
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months. |
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith! LADYSMITH LEADER. AUGUST 23. 190?.
Owe Ih. connecting link in th. new
LiiivsirjIth-Clie-n.lnue road le oom.
pteted the people ot tbla town will have
at least one Bret-rale bicycling route.
Carpenters and painter, did tbeir
level best hot still we couldn't open out
in tbe Misonlc Hall, tmlay. It will he
Welnesdsy miming Ait*. SJ-.h., nine
o'c'ock shsrn. Bsrg.ins sneli as Lady-
aoiith never saw b, lore,   IJ. E, Steven-
We know that if you bay just one of
I the -colored shins Irom us we'll liav-e
j yoa as . regular customer.
1     (Joe of.iur patrons remarked the other
day:—"1 never hnd a comfoilsbk fitting
•hlrt In my lift until you bad me try one
orikose 'Kate' Shin*  Wl aeser wear
j any other kind."
Thm we can give you an American
| colUrtofltit-Tlie-'llarker' Collar.
Shlsl, |i .jo; Collars sue, ;
I .w''^',-?fc'l'r P»..chil»»s amount lo ,to.Vvi
We Jive y'ou I enters, or .Bbs Kite with
every «$, ao. i
c d. scon CO.,
Mrr. Victor Jany, mother of tbe u* -
I .rtU'-R'eboy who wae killed last week
at Eitendon by being thrown from a
boggy, Ib aeritubly 111 as a mull uf tbe
same accident.
Mr. 11. H, Smith, collector of nnitomf*
Nauttiruo, and Mies Mary L. MarKeis'e
•Atre married in Nunsimo Wednesday
uiorniiig by Rev. ft. II. Uumining.
Piomptly at nine o'clock, Welnenday
mornlnt- next. 0. E. Slevfnuon & Co.
will ff r in Masonic II til,'"a'aereStreet
ta-tvsiuilh, extra tpeclal inducements
to purchaser*}. You simply can't afford
to ui.ss this snap.
Snaghoat Samson ftiled to extrsst the
piles of lb" JauifB Bay, Victoria, cofferdam, which were driven Into Hue clay.
Tbe dredger King Etlasrd will icoop
•rot tbe clay and loosen the piles.
■«ry hid a Hill, ring r
It ihou with beaot, tare.
Sh. Hid it w.» he, engagement limn
Aad waa bonght at L*v«ly'» Hon.
"Tiaej," wt. B*w Denver Ledge,
•made a 1.1*1 mistake. He should have
kd in a .tore tbat doe, not adnittsr."
II it ia a alee clock yoa are locking Ior
w. h.vo tbem Irom I1.C6' to »1» CO. VT
Hs Lively, Ladysmith's Leading Jeweler
rip. lor tb. w.l.rwork. is expected*
.Itpost any day now. When It comes it
will be pot to immediate nte.
Lively repairs .11 kin's 61 Bhgliab,
8win aad American watches.
Nanaimo'e Chineie liondryme'n mast
a.k« out licensee or change their trade.
Prol.Charle. Culley, Ute ol the Toronto Conaervatory ol Music, will a tart
a -dan ban, commencing on August
Dad, lor th. purpose ol teaching violin,
piano, mandolin and all stringed inetru-
BUM. Fartln wishing to receive in-
■Motion, wlll .ddiwt I'ioI. Chaile,
eulley, Nanalmo, B. C.
It yoa want to get a nice ring remember w. can make anything yoa want,
W. H. Liv.ly, Jeweler.
TLilnra Irom Ladyemith tnd diatriot
will (ind in tbia well-appointed house all
tha bom. contorts. Iuoehc, lor lady
■bopp.il a sp.cl.lty. Terms etrlclly
moderale. SeiviCJ and cuisine flr.t
I  HISS B. KEITH. Prop, snd Mai.
Johnston Block,     -    Nanalmo, B. 0
P.O. Boi, W,-hi. 146.
Visit,   Ledyatnltb .very Saturday.
Hour, Irom 9 a, m. till 5 p. m,
Abbotalord Uotal.
Mr D ivld Wilson'. Sue new house is
I Mining up in great style on th. brow rl
t'lehill. The view irom it over the bay
and gull Is iplendid.
Oo rarly lo Maenuic II ill Wednesday
raornlnr, Aug. 27.h„ eay nip. o'clock
and get some ol IraoM extraordinary
bargain, C. K. Stevenson A Co. are giving.   Pricei down to bedrock.
Mr Owl 8. Rvder's new Iron, store ia
neaily (inlshed, .nd It qnite an addition
to th. business bouse, ol Fint Avenue.
At will bt noticed tr.-.p edv.rliiem.nl
in another column Hems C. K. Stevenson tk Oo. Nanaimo have decided to open
an important branch ol tbeir Immense
bneioess In this town. They have bad
Ibis in contemplation (or aome time back.
Tu. I.eadu haa arranged to •
take the lull Associated Press re- .
port (same as Victoria Times or '
Vancouver World > on both d.ye -
of publication.    It satnclrnt en- '.
cour.gement is given by tbe Lady. ',
smith public the paper will he de- .
* livertd by carrier lo all Ladysmith *
X subscribers Tuesday and Friday *
a evening,, eootaluiog the wot Id's .
_ latest new, on those daja long be- •
T lure any otber paper can reach ',
I this place.    Twemy-flve centa a .
T month, payable end ut each mootb, '
J delivered by carrier to your home. !
It ha, been arranged lo corrplet. lo
much ol Ike new school., once aa will
allow the candidate! lee th. high ichool
lo continue Iheir studies. Iu abont two
week, tbie section will be ready tor occupation.
They a» asking all sorts of sues! ions
In Victoria aa to Lalts-imb's pronres".
a id getting ouly— "The liveliest, spot in
B-itlah Clun.bia, we have little or to,
put, hut an liam.nl. future. Watch u.
Th. new walk to Ihe station ia a great
improvement. Slate are being pnt ae-
cross the buard. agaiost tbe arrival oi
Ihe beautllul but deceiilul .now. Tbe
Company', gang ar. alio opening up aew
ground for a continuation of the back
Bids-track noitb ot Hi. etaliou. Mow
y.id loom 1. reo/ilrad, a .d tb. additional track will Beet Ut. pretent needi.
1h« aton. foundation! for Mr Thomai
Kiddie', reiidence, neat the Ha Itont
bave been finished, and woik on tbe
tupsrttroctnre wlll be proceeded with
vigorously. Th. bom. is br.ntifulli
•iluated ud wlll be . gnat addition lo
Ih. gtowiig number ol handiomebun el
In Ladyimllh.
Shooting Season will soon be here
and you'll need a new Gun or Rifle.
Have just received a fait line of
lhe latest make in Guna, Rifles,
Ammunition, Etc.
Ladysmith,       ■ B. C.
Atvat for B. W. P.lnt.  McClary'i
It li andwitood that Mem, A. R
Jihniton A Oo., lb. Nanaimo grocers,
who conduct, ialaig. b mchut biih-
m nt at Kiteusion, .111 open out tern-
ponrily, tbtee monthi Tub LuniB I.
informed, in the Odlltllowe' ball, with
• vailed Itock ol high-class grocer!.1,,
pending tb. traction ol a laige butlnwa
block to ba built by Metiri Southin
(po,t.msiter)audW»rd,on Firat Av.nue.
part ol which Menn Johniton ctOo.
wlll take on lease. Tb. coming ol thil
lamoui Hrm to Ltdy tmitb li aa Important
event In th. history vl thi. Aonilibtng
I own.
Shotguns, Rifles
Ammunition and all Kinds
of Spottiug Goads. .   .   .
Commercial St. jnaNAIMO, U.C
Wideawake buja can make uirnev selling lhe Ladyaiuilh Leader, Apply at
Leader tttice,
Mr David Murray, Lailyso.llh's piun-
. r I lankemitb, has had a haudB->m» ml-
dition matte to his premiss. Hr Mor.
r.y Is a busy man these days.
Wantrd-A sl.nr, intelligent lad to
learn lhe printing business. Apply Leader office.
British. Trade Cimiml.sioners report
thattradein South Attica ie' bauipeied
by tiusts- and, ctimbiuaiione, which
threaten to,nipple Ibe development ol
the country." -. -. ...-,/
TENDERS will be received by the
unuer.ientiU up to the "8th of Angus'
IUO'1. at live u'cliii'k p.m., Inr the pin
chase nf lhe lni-iii,s- and etook-ili-trt.de
uf Ih. lale KOHK1U KILP.U KICK,
deceased, .1 LXl'KXs.ON,; B.U., as
I ul low. 1
PARCEL NO 1.—Teanriig Business,
coneisiiiig ol b-jr.ee, ws.djs, haroer ,
chain,, em,
PARCEL NO. 2-Undertaking and
Livery Business, consisting >1 I., arse,
casket,, Collins, and uudtriakrt'a sup-
p'iee; car.iaues, tinnaies, baiures, etc.
PARCEL NO. 3— Blackemilh tools,
bor.eeiiiNS, I.oh, e.o.
TAR EL NO. 4.—About On. and
One Hall Aire, ol land at Extension,
..pun which there are oue lane amble,
granary, and three bouses.
Tei dura lot the whole ur any parcel ol
the foregoing will be waived; highest
or any tender not nteeesarlly ac.-ei.itd.
Inventory can be tee* and fnrthei
particular cau be had upon application
io the undersigned.
S .lienor fur the Executors.
Nhumi.i... B.C
Nanaimo, B.C.. 2Sud An, u.t, 1»JZ.
The Nanaimo Fish Maiket Wagon
will be In Ltiljsiniih every Tlmie-
day. Halibut,Salmon,Sufi's,Coil
Su e, Fluunder, Oralis. 8 .It 0 dach-
ant, Silt Salmon Bellie>, etc., etc
A meeting nl the Ladysmith sports
ci.-niittre, Dominion 11.v IVIebration-,
1902, »ill bi- belli lu Ui.ul.lV. H 'II, Tli.s-
day tveiiing, AuaUst 'Mm. at o o'clock
John W. Cnbnrn, Chairman.
W. J. Marshall, Seu'y.
Notice le hereby Riven to the public of
Lndyeueith lhat nwiiiu to the cliiinte in
Hrrm.niriiciitB rfgardlng the Mtttoriii'.
Hall It will not bu po»ible lo re-ourn
the I'uMio sultool in Lvlvatnith until the
the ntw euhooi bnitdint* Is ready for on-
rti lint inn, which will probnhly beln
about eii wteki or twomonlht from thli
F-jr Lads smith Pablie Suhonl Tnii'reB,
A. S. Ohrfntip'
Ladyemith, B. 0 , Ait,,. 1'2 li., ISO?.
For First Cass work
goto ,
Shaving Parlors
Kia.li  Slrcet.
Hi. Ir cutting and Reard
irlltiiniag a Specialty,.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manuf-tetureri of the Famous
None but Union Labo! employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        rviptletor.
Marble and Granite Monumtntrt,
Tntilcw, CrosBCR, Ktc. Htttlmatcf*.
and I)esi*,'iis given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
I have (hem in great variety, ail Flier
and at reasonable ptices, C'aii and in-
•pectthe stock.
Get the Best jsc. Meal in tte-City
 At THE.	
Uasliott Street,     -      -    " -    Kauaimo.
Nanalmo. B. C.
Sheet  Music
Gbeappst an 1. Beet—Ic. ud ISM. a copy.
All lateat songs and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kind's,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc.
In The dunty Court ol Nanalmo Ilolden
•t N.inainto,
ln the Goodi ol Enoch Barron, deceased
Take notitw that 1 have been appointed Aitniin-'v.rator ol the inT.itte and
credite ul ilnuch Barron, deceased. It -
testate. All pcrsui s heving claims
Ha-aiiitt lire estate are r.rjuin-d to een.l
the purticuUra tbereol lo me on or
belore Ihe I»h day ol September. IHOU,
duly veriSed, alter which dale 1 will
distribute the .stale air,unB8t those per-
sons only nl whose iilain.fr i then ehall
have received notice. Any persons in-
dehted to Ihe deceased .re required to
par the seme forthwith.- . •
Nanaimn, B.C.. Anm.i J'h, 1002.
OlUciul Administrator.
.   Nanalmo, BO.
Best Service.
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
TiikelBon Sale
One secondhand  horl«ratal  boiler,
wnli etack, inl'Ctor and fittings com*
plete, all In ginid order,   See ol boiler 2 TO   ALL    EASTERN    POINTS.
ll. 11 dia. by 11 ll. 8 in. lone; dninc'2 ll.
dia. by 21 In. high, with 34 Inb-i, 2%
In. dia. Reason Ior selllnii, using ga.
instead cl steam. Piles *-200 If takes at
uncr,   Ai ply to
Nanaiuu. Steam Carriage Work,.
P.O. R >i 1.13, Nanalmo, B.0.
For pamphlets and all inloraaatlon apply
to any C.P.R. agent.
H. H. A B ROT r,       W. McG IRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Atenl, Nanalmo.
Asst. Oenl. Pall. Agent, Vancouver,
| Smelting Works
STOVE FOB SALE-IB, coat (112 60,
only used two month,. Ap()y "B"
Lsader office.
Held, ot .win. ar. deelwyln. th.
IJoleu th. hog., or their owner,, .re
netnlned, coatly repair! will bi needed.
J Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to B. & N. or Sea,
i. McDonald, High St, Ladysmith
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Pint Avenue and Oitacrc 5rmt.
Cabinet woik ol all kind,.
All kinds of-suit.wood lurniture made
and.repaired*. '-.:•- •    •
Maple Lodge, No. 6., 1.0. 0. T.
Meets ejery Wednesday evening la
Nieholenn's Hall. Viening member,
are coidlally Invited.
R. NIMMO. r. T.
M. Mot.INl.EY, Sot.
No. 31,
I. 0. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.300'clock.
Visitors corilislly lufiletl.
Wellington Ledge No. 2 K. of P.
Meet, every Friday in I. 0.0 F. hall at
7:30- p.m.
J. W. LBWIS, Sec.
David     Murray.
Duller Street,
•**  . -.
1 body who wants tosavemoney
an Printing tltat this shop's prices
Me lower than those of any other
office in the cwintry. Having
satisfied ourselves on this point we
shall be pleased- to compare notes
with anji-whp doubt. ,
i, The quality of Tub Leader's
job work is equal to anything produced in the Provinpe.
The Leadkb employs only skilled union workmen, receiving the
full union scale of wages; its prices
and quality are always up to the
accepted standard.
Ladysmith merchants and others,
who send to Victoria, Vancouver
and other places for their job printing can save money, time, misunderstanding and annoyance by
investigating The Leader's statements as published here. When
we cannot print certain classes of
work we tell yoa so, we do not
take your order, have it done elsewhere and charge you middleman's
Our Motto Is r—"Square dealing;
one price for all; our best work in
every job." No trouble to estimate..
Call and see us about that job.
printing work you are wanting and
we willsave you money.
The Leader
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Table No. 44,
Trains leive Ladyemith Sonthbound dally at OUO a.:
Sa-tdayi and Wedneed.yi .1 IMS'p. m.
aad oa   Satarday.
Train, leave Ladysmith northbound dally st 1-1.67 a, m. aad oa
Sundays aad Wedncd.y, tt 7.10 p. m.
Trains Lav. Ladysmith lor Extension dally except Sunday at tea. at,,.} p. m,.
and 10 p.m., an*oo Soad.yi at 10p.m.
Geo, L Court my,
Traffic Manigir


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