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Ladysmith Leader Nov 26, 1902

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Array /yd
MWtttiH,tttttt,I'tttt *i"|"l"|"rT
BICKLE'S. HOUSE        f
A Oood ;-Roomed Houtt lor %
Stlt.   Apply to +
VOL. IF. NO. t_5.
, .t. »T. A_b,4t At A, A, ,4a At A* Aa iT___a JJ'i A,
See yourself well clothed and shod and you can defy the wet.
Aleo a large and varied assortment of
always on band.
SIMON LEISER ft 00., Ltd
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Etplanade and Oatacre Street, • • Ladysmith
We have decided to clear them out
regardless of cost.
Men's, Youths' and Boys' Suits in Serges, Tweads,
Worsteds, in fact everything you want.
Pair  Men's and Boys' Pants, Overcoats, 24 Boys'
Reefers.   Every garment .marked in plain figures
H Women, bring your husbands. Husbands bring
it along your boys aud get fi'ed out at ■*'"*•' half or-
*■ * dinary prices.   We mean '
Absolutely Ihe tinest tea Fold in B.O. If yon do not know
this ask our cus'omers. Or li«ti«r still try one pound hi)'.
Imported dlreclly from Beckujulle Tea Gardens. Ouly
ourselves between the grower and you. Your second order
will be 6 pounds, price +2.25.
A,R Johnston &Co,
General ilerchants.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
;   i     I   Wm, Beverldge, Prop. ■*•
Thli new hotel haa been comfortably fiiinitlml and llie liar ls up to date.  "..
Beit accommodation for transieut anil permanent hoarders and lodgers.   -"
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. :■
Thi Esplanade, • • Ladysmith, B. G. |
Free Press Block,
(lood, Delivered Pre.
at Ladysmith.
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
ARE   VOU   INSURED?    It not
fat Insured at once for It nmy be
too lata tomorrow, I represent several
OLD ud RELIABLE .Companies ami
otn insure yon at n moment's nnllctat
tht lowatt possible ralet. All lea.ll. u
tompenlat ohtrge the tame ratei; Dun'.
bt milled into inturing with a iifieup
company-It might ba dear iu the end,
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
;P,*0. Drawtr88, Nuaimo. B.O,   .
ttlt%, dew n^tm-A*9-ur duL<MH<A
C?Uls &Ul\, *4s M/i\M,l4 MthA, 'HASH*'
*     *   Ai
Get the Best Work | WINDSOR HOTEL
K -l Imutes cheerfully furnished oo anv-
11, itiu you may need In Ute line of paint-
ing, pnperhHtiging. wall and celling dec
orating. Tlie Star Paint Shop, High
Si reel.
S. R0E001N0, Prop.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Vember Inatituttot) of Itlectrlc.1 'Ifnglucers
Consulting Bltctrlctl Engineer
P. 0. B013S7   •
«44Ut: ■-' AA&i: ■il
■ ■ ,.\
___________.-■    > -,»c»xN—*
Even our earllsst ancestors knew a
good smoke and alwaya pinked
Barrister., Solictor, ant
Conveyancer,.  .  ,- .  .
Ollice! Oddfellow.' Building, Robert. St.
Baker and Confectioner,
Pluin ami fancy bread. Cake, ami pas-
Irins ol all description!. Fruits In
1 ,
Lota In blanks 21), 80 tnd 31, A'ii
Hotel Site, 180,120 lent. Alio lots 1 and
2 block 48, tllliO the two,
Apply to
This ol.!- Established, Fliat-Olttt ami
Popular Hotel is most comfortably fur*
oislied, centrally situated. Kits meets
trains. Excellent Cuisine. Bar Blocked
with the finest wines, litjitora and clgaie.
JOS, FOX,       ■       •        Proprietor.
Tyee Copper Co. Concludes Important Contract With Van Anda.
I All  Ore From Texada Minet Wlll
Come to Ladysmith.
flasonic Block,   Ladysmith
. .'... .*. .'K .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. .*. »T. Hi .SS. .** .*. •*. .T. .*. .*. .*, .*, .*, .*. ,*, A
'***t*****.' i*v i*y Uf **? ■*■ <*v V V V a* i*v **y **? i*V (*.' ■■.■ ■*.■ i*v i*V i*V i*V '.I' *-
Arrangementa were completed laet
Saturday between Ihe Tyee Copper
Company tnd the ownert oi tbe Van
Anda properties on Teiada lor the ahlp.
ping regularly to Ladyimith smelter ol
nil tbe ores mined on tbe island. Tht
contract has been made for t long per-
in!, and includes til tht burnt ort now
lying at the Van Anda smelter, tnd 200
touB of ore out at tbe mims.
While the importance of tbii ntwt to
Lt'lyEiniih can hardly bt overestimated
it is quietly intimated by those who ire
in the best position to know, thtt thit it
ouly the beginning of grett thingt. It
is bslieved that the Tyet smelter will
yet bo handling tbe ores oi muy other
outside mines.
Tbe Tyee Copper Company, at wall at
tbe loan of Lsdysmith, is to bt bttrtily
congratulated upon tbla satisfactory beginning, and Tht Leadtr hopes tbit
more contracts of tbe tame kind will fall
to be reported in Iheae colnmns Irom
time to time.
Tlio Van Anda properties bid been
worked tor eome time back by tht Poget
Sound Iron Worka Company, Hence-
forth the product will bt brought to
Ladysmitli direct Irom tbt Island lor
in njm_nr
Premier Prior Completes His Cabinet Quickly.
W. W. B. Mclni-es President of Tbe
Friday Night's Debate.
At the request oitbe Mutual Improve-
ment Society,   tht  Leadtr announces
tbat ladiei will bo very welcome it the
debate ivhich is to open Iht season 1902-
03 in tbe pavilion on Friday evening tl
8 o'clock.    Arrangements  trt   being
to accommodate a ltrgt alteud-
uiii-ti.    Quito a number have signified
their intentio.i ol taking part in tht discussion, which seems to offer a wide
ili-ld for difference of opinion,   Ven.
Arcudearon Seriven will take tht chaii
promptly at 8 o'clock, and tbe speakers
will be limited, princlptls fifteen minims, aud ten minulea to reply, and all
others to five minutes etch.   Many a
tine spun argument haa been  knocked
into a cocked hat in much less time tban
live miutitop.   Il is hoped tbat a popular
leoturi t- i. ill be secured to deliver an il-
lu.irated Itcture next we. k.   No gentle.
mm lias ni lut volunteered to champion
th   i-.in ive side of the proposition al.
rei.tl.i advertised,
In it few days the Ftimere' Produce
Association wlll have a building of ita
(inn on First Avenue, wbert tht high-
class produce purveyed by tbat enterprising organization will at all timet be
obtainable, Tbe members of tbe Association are confident of Ladysmith's
Are you a good gnesser ? If so, coma
over to Lively's and try it. We have a
prise for you. Lively, the Leading Jeweler.
I Victoria, fi. 0., Nov. 2'.-Tbe cabinet
wat completed on Monday night when
Hon. D. M, Eberte accepted theattorney-
ganertlship and Mr. W. W, B. Mclnnes
waa appointed president of tbe council,
Tba cabinet is now composed as follows:
Premier and Minisler ol Mines—Lt.-
Col. tbe Hon. Edward Gawler Prior.
Minister of  Finance—Hon.   J.   D.
Chief Commissioner   of   Land and
Works-Hon. W. C. Wells.
Provincial Secretary and Minister of
Education—Hon. Denis Murphy.
Attorney-General,  Hon.   David Mc
Ewan Eberte.
President oi Council, Hon. William
Wtlltce Bruce Mclnnet.
Tbe opposition do not stem to knew
whit to make oi Iht new eituttion, ud
art not saying much. Several meetingi
of opposition supporters tre to beheld
Immediately to lake steps to formulate
a policy. Tbt premier has not added
anything to hia remarks givtn to t
Colonist representative the niber day.
Thty wtrt lo the following tfleet:
Tbit policy would be one of development of tbe province by tbe encouragement of railway building, which would
serve to open to settlement tbe most
valuable portions of tht province ud
secure the establishment   of mining,
lumbering and otber indnttriea, in diitricti which tra now practically inacci t -
Bible.  It it time, in bie opinion, thai
British Columbia abonld awake to ber
grett possibilities tod secure eome oi Ibe
populttion ud wealth which is pouring
iuto the Canadian  West, and to attain
that tnd, it it absolutely nawswy that■.,
tne province should have modern trut*   -
portttion facilities.  It is all very fell "
to talk of (be immense natural riches ol
tbe province and "our glorious heritage,"
but those resources might juet aa well be
in Tlerradtl Fuego.'i! they are allowed to
lie fallow ior want of railways.
Tbe Premier declared himself tl
strongly tt ever in favor of the Canadian
Northern railway, with direct connection
with Vancouver Island, and a terminal
it Victoria, He pledged himself lo secure tbe bui Id i ug of that road wben first
elected, and he will continue to advocate
Ita conatruction by every means in hit
Ool. Prior expressed paittct confidence
in his ability to carry on tht business ol
tht country it tht next sesaion, at ht
wit assured ol tbe support of a substantial majority of tba House.
Victorii, B, 0„ Nov. 25. (Special.)
Ebert ud Mclnnei were sworn in tt
noon todty, Tbt writ lor tbt Wett Yale
by-election will probably be issued lo.
morrow; tbe ditehis not yet bten filed,
Htvt yonr watch repaired at Lively'!,
tnd It will be done right, and bouud to
give eatiafaction; also get a guess at tbt
■eeda in tbe pumpkin. II you'rt incky
yc.u will get t priis.
9    —... _  ■ 9
The Leading
_ R.
%    8:
Nineteenth Century ind After,
Cpntemponry Kevlew, Port-
filghlty Review, Wcr.tmin-.lcr
Review, Rdlnhurgli Review,
tunrlerly Review, H.-.kwiiod,«
lit In burgh Mar-atlno.
Strmi-*, MtTlhiK. timely, siijrgcrtlve
find  luilliniitiv--; ji^t wlml vmnvnnt
what yon ncctl to know; nml toll!
wiien you want (o know it-iintr* the
vnlnc of tliciic reviews lo ynu, The
nlitest writers, tin- tinint flmelv tlln-
cilHslons; The swifUst iireseiilntloii of
llie world problems of the ditv nniicnt-
-•■—y month in ihe nnni «f t(iC-,e
Ini* reviews.   These nre the I'm*.
cult'" J '*■  * '    *   *■-
I, WirrcnSt. New Vork City. ""     3[
-.cry  ,
lemlliiK reviews.   ThcU mcuicanir-
llsh etfltlottMold tn Amcricfl rit about
hull prk'tf,   Specimen enjiies sent free
toniivmie nnywhere,  nml   hlslorlcnl
booklet, too, for the iiskinjj*.
The,1-Mflird Scott Publication Co.,
Wtrrtn St. Now Vork City.
Tlie Canadian Bank
—OP —
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Capital Palil Up 18,000,000
Rest 2,000,000
Hon, Quo, A. Cox, Pretidtnt.
B. E. iV.hkkb, General Manager,
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank DipirlMinl.
Interest allowed nn deposits ot one dol-
Inr (11 nib and upwards. The depositor
Is siitij-ttt to no delay in depositing or
vvilliilituviiit! funds.
Current Accounts Opened,
Linus Negotiated.
Drafts Issued payable In til parla of
the world.
For lhe convenience ol cnstomert tnd
others this hank wlll bn open on the
evening nf Pay Day Irom 1 o'clock nntil
8 o'clock,
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesdny and Saturday nt
I'he Lender Building, comer of First Ave. and
(■'reach Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
T. _,. GRAHAM I*., Kditorand Pxopkibtoii.
By mail in Canada and Umtbd Btatbs.
One year (stilctly in advance) , $a oo
Six months (strictly In advance*)    I .5
TRANSIENT — Including business notices.
calls for tenders, applications for nml transfer of
licenses, Icgnl notices, etc., ioc, a line first in-
■•ertion- 5c. a Hue each -ubscipient insertion; 12
men measure to the inch.
Rates on application.    No wood cuts  used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal,
Marriage, Birth, Death and Euneral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for n specified
lime will be charged for until ordered lo be discontinued.
I'HE LEADER will be found at the following
Ladysmith—The Lender Office; The Ladysmith
Mnnn.mo—E. Plmbury & Co.
.'•ctoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vnticouver—Public Library, nud Holels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must bc received
at I his office before 1. noon the day before
iss ie.
S-bsciibers not receiving paper regularly please
teport to this office.
Ul ion work strictly cash on delivery.
-1 invent advertisements cash iu advance.
I             —         • I
I     Subscriber!* not receiving Thb -J
4 Leader regularly will conlwr a 4
i favor by reporting promptly to j
5 thie office. 3
•v «
While incorporation talk le rife and all
men are submitting tenders for the
manufacture of a model town here,
might we humbly eupgnet that whether
this town ie to be incorporated or not
within a year from date, that, it would
be a good idea to try to do something
oureelveB for the streetn, which need it
"powerful bad"?
Ab booh as (lie Tyee hhu-ISit goes into
active operation, and tbat ie expected to
take place about tbe middle of December* tbere will be an abundant supply
of -lag to be obtained, probably for tbe
hauling, bo far ae we can learn. The
Binelter has no use for the stuff, and will
iboot the greater portion of it over the
bank into the lagoon, glad to get rid of
It In any way.
Aa Ib well known to all wbo have any
knowledge of road-making, tins material is one of the beat for giving road eur-
faces a fine, hard and almost permanent
crowning. When broken into en!table
pieces It packs and setB almost like the
incomparable blue whinstone with
which the peerlera highways ol England and Scotland have been and are
Roadmaking in British Columbia has
not reached the high atate of excellence
attained in the United Kingdom, prob-
ably because, in the firat place, it re<
quires cash, of which Britleh Columbia
has always been notoriously abort; and"
in the second place, patience combined
with long experience. Here and there
throughout the province are to be found
patches and scraps of road which come
np to the standard, but as a rule they
are bad, very bad.
Ladysmith hae a grievance in the
present condition of its Btreets. They
•re to all intents and purposes mud
roada; cow paths or woree, because of
the want of properly broken stone in
their composition. Now, It seeme to ub
tbat this waste product of the smelter,
almost ae hard as flint, olTerlng little
encouragement amongst Ub vitreous
particles for the lodgment ol disease
germs, certain to bind thoroughly and
evenly and to present a stir'ace which
even the heaviest wheels will pasB over
many timea without cutting Buy very
serious ruts, with Btich material ready
to hand in hundreds of tons there eeamti
no good reason wby Udysmlth should
not have tbe finest streets In the province, so far aa the roadbed goee,
Either the citizens through the Board
ol Trade, or If incorporation U not too
far away, the city council, could Burelv
make aome satisfactory arrangement
with the emelter company to take away
tbe slag.
We offer the suggestion lor what it
may be worth.
Ladysmith baa the nucleus of a first-
clnas baud. That nucleus has all- the
necesnary talent, enthusiasm and uneelf-
itih devotion which are such important
assets in an organization of that kind;
but they have not the histiuinenta with
which to do themselves and their talents justice. They are struggling along
doing the beat that they cau with "ft hat
tbey have, and it is really aetoult-liing
what they can do wiih tbe imperfect instruments now In Iheir hands.
We know a little about bands, and
mnsic; and we can assure the people of
LidlyBmitli that if they seek a good investment, something which will return
them a hundredfold on tbeir outlay,
they cannot make any mistake by hold
ing out encouragement in the shape of
pecuniary aid now so urgently needed 11
procure proper instruments for the band.
It Is only thus tbat any place can have
au efficient band, and we doubt if there
is a better advertisement for any town
than the fame of its baud.
New Westminster won celebrity all
over the Pacific coast by its eplendid
hand, trained under tbe direction of the
late "Mr. Charlea Wilson. We heard
that band in its beginnings, and we can
tell the people of Ladymuith that the
ittlo party of muaiciang who now gather
for practice iu the pavilion every week,
make a better fist of it than the Westminster baud did in Ub early Btages,
We have a vivid recollection ot Bandmaster Finn's heroic struggles to keep
the band of the Fifth Uegiment going,
in face of the Btolid apathy of the citizens of Victoria, who did not seem to
care a liraer* farden whether the band
went to pleceB 01 to Jericho. Mr.Finn's
courage and enthusiasm at length kindled eomething like iuterest and the
people realized wbat a blunder tbey had
nearly committed. So tho Fifth Regiment band then took its rightful place
ae oue of the bent on the coast. Ladysmith should put its baud into ite
pocket and help the city band to weather
the lee shore past which it ia now beating, The people wilt 1 ever regret it,
und tbey will soon have a band tbat wilt
make Ladysmith's name famous and re-
Bpected, This Is not a matter for a tew
of lhe citizens to carry on their shoulders. Let ih all "chip in," if it ia only
a nickel or a dime. If that is all you
can afford it is aa acceptable as the rich
man'B cheque for four figures. Anyhow,
let us all help tbe band.
Nubody _ft-hip to be too much shocked
at tho proBpect) of a fierce political battle in the very near future. Ladysmith
has politicians to burn, and could fierce
it with the fiercest.
One of the first things Lord Provost
Primrose of Glasgow did ou taking office
was to assure the citizens that the corporation would give liberally to the (und
for stamping out consumption (phthisis)
in Glasgow. A determined fight against
tbie preventive dleease Is now being
waged by tbe people of Glasgow.
Switzerland ia following the example
of France and la putting tbe "Association Law" inte strict operation. This
means the closing of many religious
houses and prevents tbe building of any
more new convents or monasteries. The
"Association Law" has been in existence for many years, but has been until
lately, unenforced.
HON.    MR.
To the astonishment of everybody
every Socialist candidate in the recent
municipal electiona in the Oity of Glaa-
gow, Scotland, waa overwhelmingly defeated, Even ex-Lord Provost Ohisholm was knocked out, and If the Socialists bave a friend It is he. What in
the matter ? Perhaps Glasgow il actually Socialist, but does not want tb sty
eo just yet.
One of the most ueeful discoveries of
the preeent day hae been the identifica
tion of the microbe which causes the
distressing disease called respectability.
The learned profeBsor who has rendered
this inestimable service to the human
family, has been successful in his experiments to discover a serum which acts
as a perfect antidote, One injection of
the serum, even In tho most malignant
cases, has done wonders. It ll now con
fidently hoped tbat the spread of this
dread malady can be checked.
Maw Leiter and Daisy will paralyze the Hindus,
London, Nov. 24.—No royal personage
ol modern times ever carried such an
extensive wardrobe on ber travels tt
tbit whioh' Mrs, Leiter and ber daughter
Miss Dais; carry with them to Delhi,
where thty are to be the guests ol Lady
Cutton, wbo wit Miss Mary Leiter,
dating the approaching Durbar lestivi-
Mn. Ltiltr tnd htr daughter ware
passengers on the Peninsular & Oriental
liner Chint, which tailed lor India today. Daring the past two days van alter
van hat been drivtn to the Peninsular &
Oriental docks loaded with trunks belonging to the Leitert, It It sttted aa t
matter of fact lhat the baggage ol these
two women numbers more tban 200
pieces, Tbe many 'trunks art Slid to
contain more than 100 costumes, to say
nothing ofthe smaller pieces ol finery.
All of these costumes havt been made In
Parla and London. Among thtm trt a
doien lace gowns that bavt occupied
yttrt of tbe lives ot Itcemtkeri, and alao
stvtrtl while satin gowns embroidered
in Jewell. These tre in addition to tbe
regulation oonrt robet that tre ttken
tlong. Then there tre the itrong boxes
containing the Leiter jewels, tnd an idea
ol tho vtlue ol thit pirt of tht btggtge
may bt hid from the statement tbat tbe
insurtnceiggregites $2,000,000, Ontropt
of rubles tlone It worth hundred! of
tbonsindt ol dollars. To thit is added
five ditmond necklaces and long ropes
oi pearls, with a doien diamond brooches
tnd pendant! tnd coronet ot diamonds
and other rare jewels oi fabulous valne.
Dining Room Furniture \
Superb Goods at Low Prices.
Sldeb nd, limliy to cn», btonlllul itylt ia
golden quartered oik, onr best teller,
Dining Tables-Rich .and heodsnnie lo niatoh t
sideboard, uttndldg to 8 or 10 Ittt, f X
,,  .   . t jo.oo and I31.00 +
Olhtr Sideboard. 112.00 to (160 CO
Otbtr Dining Ttblts, 17.00 to WJff)
Namt tbt price yon tin iffotd. for my plan ol Z
iornitart tnd write nt lor Illustrations. *
Lamest Furnishers
Wttterp Cauda.
" Victoria
No "premier that British Columbia
ever had has demitted office Tith
clearer conscience or a cleaner record
than the Hon. James Dunemnir. During hia term aB premier he haa been
subjected to more abuse, more misrepresentation, and more factions obstruction than any occupant of that high
position ever bad to bear. But iu spite
uf the calumnies, the slanders, the base
untiuttiB which have been hurled at
him anil spread abroad abaut him, he
curries with blm in leaving tho position
ol premier the regret oi every decent
mini in the province.
We have in our possession a letter
written hy one of those persona, who
fawn upon and cringe before men like
Hon, Mr. ftimetiiuir and then assail
their character and motives when their
back iB turned. The letter mentioned
speaks ol currying favour privately with
Mr. Dunemnir, yet Ibe eome band tl at
wrote that letter penned Eome of the
attacks npon tbe late premier which
were distinguished as much for thelr
ferocity aa their coaree vulgarity, art!
clea which have earned for lhe press of
Britleh Columbia the well-merited contempt of the civilized world. We merely
mention the fact to show the kind of
thing against which Hon. Mr. Diuis-
mulr had to contend during his incumbency of tho premierahip—treachery,
Ingratitude, deceit and double-dealing.
livery friend of Mr. Dunsmuir must
rejoice that he has decided to quit the
thankless task of active political life,
and devote hia energies to the development of Vancouver Island.
In thu whole gallery of political celebrities in tbla province to-day, we do
not know one man who could havo done
bo well under the conditions whioh Hon,
Mr. DnnBmuir hud to face, and while
we wieh hie succeasor every good .wish
wo do not envy him bla task.
Fuzzy Wuzzy in the persona of our
esteemed friende the Somali and tbe
Wnziri, Beem to be upholding their reputation as good fighting men. Thoie
little preliminary expeditions which the
War Office sends ont, are a nice appe-
tisement for the appreciative black man.
How many gallant soldiers has Great
Britain lost through this preliminary
parsimony ? Let tbe bloody battlefields of Africa and Asia, scenes of desperate stands by handfuls of doomed
British against overwhelming hordes of
Bwarthy warriors, let the shades of
those heroes who died to the hut man
around the flag fell.
Seeds in a Pumpkin.
Mr. W. H. Lively Ib certainly living
up to his repntation as one of tbe liveliest bualneaa men in this enterprising
burg. Ai will be seen by advertisement
in another column today, he announces
another guessing match, the good old
standby, the pumpkin, being the subject of debate. Mr. Lively's guessing
cantests are atrictly boneet, and no faking of any kind.
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tint Table Ho. 45.
Trains leave Lidyimlth Southbound dtily it 0,10 t.m., mil on Saturdays
Snndayi tnd Wednesdays tt 4 00 p.m.
Trtini leave Ladytmlth Northbound tt 11.67 t.m. ud on Bilurdiyi, Sundays
and Wednetdtyi at 0.06 p.m.
Traim' leave Lidyimlth lor Extension daily txotpt Sunday its t.m., % p. m.
4:36 tnd 10 p.m., tnd on Snndtyt tt 10 p.m.
Mr, Walker, a representative ol Brit-
inb railroad companies, wbo recently
visited tbe United Statei, tayt thtt tht
frightful lost of life amongst American
railroad employees it dne entirely to the
old-lashioned system of braking used oil
tbe American railways. Tbla ia not tht
llrst time tbe antiquated, old-fashioned
ways ol the Americans bave been pointed out by progressive Biltisbers. Muy
a thing is tolerated on thit tldt ol tbe
Atlantic that British businessmen flung
out cf tbeir offices and workshops bill I
century ago. In Borne things the Amor
leans are very advanced, bat in otheri
they are far behind.
Kinile Kola's marvellous pen-picture
of "Tbe Sirike," published In Tbt
Oeader last Satarday bat brought Tht
Leader many pleaBant compliments on
its enterprise. Look out lor The Lttd<
er's Bpecial ehort story next Saturday
II will be a good one.
OUR prices are as low as it it
tafe for anyone to go.
ADIOAL mark downs
in every line.
YOU can't bay better for wo bay
the best.
A neat letterhead or billhead with
your name, aililii-ss and business, is a
good advertisement. '
PECIAL- $500.00 lo be given
away tliln winter.
EMARKABLE saving opportunities.
YOU better watch thtt chttp mm
on First Avenue.
DO just what we ny tnd ny
what we wlll do,
EAOII person dealing with me
getB a present.
MAD our utls.   You will be rewarded.
The Completed Ctblntt.
With the following cogent remarks ol
Victoria Colonial the Liader most heart-
Hy agrees i
"The Cabinet it now completed by the
inclusion ol tht Hon. D. M. Eberls it
Attorney-General and the Hon W. W.
B. Mclnnes it President tl tbe Oouneil.
The Prior Government ii without excep-
tlon the strongest wblcb bit ever held
the reint ol power in British Oolnmbit,
ind lt his not been weakened by the in*
elusion of Messrs. Eberls tnd Mclnnei.
Both irt itrong ud Incisive parliamentary debaters, ud tht iormtr hll in
txperlenct in tbt procedure ol onr local
House unrivalled by that of any man in
British Columbia, Oilonel Prior ud
his government btve been lortunttt in
securing their assistance in tbe councils
ol the executive, and the country ia tor*
innate in hiving their tssistanct In tht
House towards tha luttberanct ol in
•olive in I progressive provincial policy."
Smelting Wpfks
Ladysmith Hole
First-cliss   accommodation;  excellent
table boird.  The bar ll enpplitd
with tht best wines,  liquors
ud cigars.
First Avenue,    Ladysmith, B. C.
Homo Cured Bacon ud Satitagea
High Stieet,  ; Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. SiwonoK, Pbof.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobacco ud Olgara, Candles, Nuts, Par
try, Taffy ud Salt Drinks, etc.
A, H, Gabdom, Managar.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regnltrly Choicest
Applet, Batter, Frith Eggs, Ac,
tt current niirket prion,
Bit thtt til boxei ol applee ud butler
trt mtrktd "8.8.1." Thtt means
first class quality.
Tha public trt requeited lo tpply to
their dealers lor our product.
Q.W. Scott's Stori
Fint Annai,   :    :   Ladyimith, B, O. I
| Prepared to purchase-ores.   Convenient to
E. & N. or Sea.
Coal!   -   Coall;
Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal   Best household eoal on the Pacific
Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal-First-class gas, steam and house- _
hold coal
The above coals are mined only by. the Weir
lington Colliery Company.    Wharves at LadysmiQi,
X Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound. '
_ Head Office
Victoria, |. C
San Praneiaeo Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's SooaCo'y
340 Stewart St.
Brotherhood of Man.
vou should md "Tk. Ntw CMtarv" pad-
1 llxlied by the Unlvenal Brotherhood, Mot
Loins, Han Diego, California, and keep In touch
with the moil .deuced thoufht of toodera
times. Kverv line lives with human launat.
opinions of tht best thinkers. I, ln touch. Two
Dollar, a year. Writ, for tttt Maple copy.
Flo-wersattid F.tufi.
.Hiked *■_■ LADYSMITH LEADER.  NOVEMBER 26. 1002.
IHE Ml Of Ml
Leaden v. Cowichan.
Leaders 3.   Cowichan 0.
Thil fine match was played on Saiur
dtyilttrnoon on"the bunker granule
Ltdyimitb, in presense ol a large attendant! ol spectators, end in good weather,
From start to finish the game was fust
and fall ol interect, the improvement in
■ Cowichan's play being plainly manifest.
In laet tbe Leaders had no such nosy
imp tt they enjoyed at Duncan's the
other 8alurday, and bad to work for
their winnings. Excitement amomut lhe
ipootatora rose lo a high pilch several
time   when tbe Cowichans put up a
.strong objection to their goal being
stormed, and rushed things a bit. The
Leaden' combination waa fine; hnd the
Oowiohans shown equal skill iu pastiiis
tnd working in harmony, and not eo
much brilliant ii dividual play, wbieb is
■tally of little value compared with tin-
selfieli team ' play, tbey might bave prevented the whitewashing, at least. As it
wis tbe game waa tbe lieBt ever seen ou
the bunker grounds. For the borne team
Jimmy Adam, centre, wae a tower of
strength, and played  flue bill.   He was
■ ally, supported-.by . the ,. McMillans,
Amongst the backs Morrison .leservos
tpecitl mention for his Hue work.
The Ring.
London, Nov. 25.—At the National
Athletic Olub, tt Miirylebone, tbe A in»-
rictn pugilist, B >bby D.ii.bs, met the
London boxer, Jem Maloney, for a puree
oi $1,700, tnd the 138 pound champion-
thip. Dobbs, who'waR Iho favorite, bail
somewhat the better of thc opening
rounds, but in the fifth roniiil Maloney
tqutlised matters and from tbat time
forth had the contest in his own bands
much to the surprise of hisopponetii,
wbo it times 'might very wild, and In-
dnlgtd in holding tactics. Dobbs managed ,to,tty the full twenty rounds, bill
the result was an easy victory for "
lonty on points,
St. Louis, Nov. 25-Jack MoClellnn, ol
Plttlburg, knocked   out   "lirnoklyii
Tommy Sullivan in llie twelfth round ol
whtt was to have been a twenty-round
contest before tbe West End Club.
Great Falls, Mont, Nov. Sfi.-Edd!e
Croak, champion of Iowa, knocked out
Ray Ztgler, who claims tbe champion-
ihip of tho Kite of Washington, in lite
.ttpth round of ono of the fiercest battles
tnr ieen hen,
From preient talk there is every probability tbit itvertl gasoline launches
will bl pat in service in Ladysmith
MIt season.   ,. ....    J rl!   '■>■ :••■
Too much banging has so scared tbe
dackt in and'eround Ladysmitl' harbor
thtt it it almost Impossible to get within
tvtn rifle rtnge ot them now.
Billy Htcaball helped ont the Nanalmo
Bugby team In ita match at Nanalmo on
Saturday afternoon.
Another Pine Store.
Heeera Pannell & Plaeket have moved
info their new butcher shop in the new
Bterepe Block, opposite MeasrB. O. E,
Stevenson & Co'a, and find themeelver*
very maoh better able to attend to the
requirements of their large and increae-
in< bmlneBB than tbey were in their
late quarters. The store ia one of the
handsomest in town, and Ib well fitti d
to meet th-dr needs. It Ib light and airy
giving ample space for handling goodt..
The fittings are of tbe mott substantial
kind. Two of the latest ^improved cutting blocks were Imported specially from
Ban Francisco, The front counter was
made by Hr. Johnson, and the decorating wai done'by ."bcotty," and b.ith de-
nrve credit for their work. Mesare Pannell and Flasket are out for a full -bare
of Ladysmith's patronage and bave 1r.i1
a good foundation for: building up a tine
bnilneis,    . 	
The time to advertise ie all the time.
The Neva ia full of leu. It in expected
navigation.will be closed in a short time.
Mixed-bathing will tie permitted next
year in ihe majority of Germau etm-ide
Corporal punishment has been abolished in tbe disciplinary bnllalk-ns of
the French army.
Ceylon has dobided lo contribute $'-'5,-
OllO towaid the Imperial Memorial to
Qneeii Victoria.
The Sultnn of Morocco has ordered
the Pa slut not io engage in hostilities
against lhe rebellious I-Cubylee.
Having lout her fortune, a French
Ci'imrt "=u haa [.one into bnaluese aa a
dressmaker ami milliner in Paris,
Thu Russian minister ol the Interior
is preparing to revise tho laws governing life insurance ccmyaulep.
Dense clouds uf Btnoke and ehowerB of
red-hot stones are now belrrfg thrown up
by the Mexican voljiano Coliintt,
The Sultnn of Moroeoo has presented
$5000 to Mi's." Cooper, widow of the Emr-
Mali missionary wbo was murdered by a
native laat imuth, and whose assassin
wae shot to death in front of a moraine
anorrie** of the Sultan-
A (resh eruption of the volcano Strom-
Imli occurred yesterday eveuing, accompanied by a terrific explosion.
An American .firm waa amided n rail,
lion dollar contract to construe! u p\b-
tern of telephone conduits in St, Petersburg.
Hu-tsia haa Issued exlraprdinary proscriptions with regi-rd to foreigners visiting liu-rBiaM poaeesaions in Central
Through (be accidental dip-bai-tre 61
nn Instructor's rifle at Mul'a nee blue*
jacket wad killtd aud three otheis
Two German police ofli-'iale are to
noto England to etrdy the conBtitul|ou
and workings of the Provincial Watch
Oom m it tees.
Advfofea from the Island of Hawaii
stale that the volcano KUauea bus br»-
ken cut in tbe most violent eruption fur
the past twenty years.
Enjoyable Smokimg' Concert Saturday Evening,
Labour and Capital.
The Ogijvln.Company will bull-d hi-*
in II■• and an elevator at Fort William.
Thomao Sidilon, of IriRerBoll, hae ship-
ped 22,030 barrels of apples to Grenl
El Paso, Tax., Nov. 20.—The alreet
oar strike ended tonight, the company
.■.'"PU-lyJjUK with the demayda  of  the
Athena, O , Nov. 20.-Two hnndred
minerB are on strikfi here, aa the result
of the discharge of Mine-MntormanClar
ence Russell, who instead of reporting
for work went rabbit hunting.
Bloominston, III., Nov, 20.—Bather
than farther inconvenience the pnblli',
the ""street railway management thie
morning deckled to give the employes
all they asked for, and the strike wns
declared off.
Blnomington, III., Nov, 20,-The Cl
nago & Alton Railway today announced
an increase iu wugiiBon December 1 of
all enuineers, switchmen and trainmen,
The increase will averaire 10 per cent,
Men whh have been handling big locomotives und beavy triune will receive a
greater proportionate increaae than
L-tet Saturday night the members ol
the Ladysmith Oity .Baud and a few
friends gathered in tbe pavilion, am)
hud u Bjjlendid time for a few houre, the
extempore programme turning out to be
one of the heat ever heard in this town.
Several of the best players in tho band
wero absent, but in spite of lhat the
hand proved conclusively lo all who
were preeent Saturday night that it is a
remarkably clever organix^tion, playing
wonderfully well fur the time that, the
niijf-nbera have been able to practise together. Tlie progress made under the
leadership of Mr. Thomas Morgan, t.em-
p miry bandmaster, n fit--eta credit oi
him and on the hand, and when it te
considered that the instruments, which
the bandemeU.use are old nnd battered
Hnd far from satisfactory in tone, thc
performance of tho band ia enrprisine.
Since llie pavilion has been boarded
In and a lame dove placed in position it
if quite a comfortable llttla hall, admirably suited for b.wd_practice, the noous*
tic propr-rtlea being voiy good. Mr. A.
J, McMurtrie waa unanimously voted fo
the chair, and a j-illy evening iimnmen-
ced. Refreshments In generous supply
wpre served, and the Rocial reekofcigarn
and pipes aecending round the roaring
fltnve mnde the litrle gathering quite
homelike and happy, The following excellent programme waa carrietl through
without a bitch:
Mr. W. Kerr, song-, "M iryo' Aigvle.''
Mr. .foe. L* -wis, jmnj?, "Old Black .lie."
Mr. A. Hutchison-, song, "Twlxt love
and duty."
Mr. T Raid, cornet solo, "Q leen of
tbe K.ulh.M
patriotic, song, "F. r
Mr R.i
.bt. While,
.ngland's Glory."
Mr. H. Milcliell,
Mr. II iwe, somr,'
They Used Axes.
Cliemaiiius Avae the scene of an Inler*
j*Btii)g stahhiug und tMitting entertainment amongst the local Ohlm-ae on Sun*
iiay evening laet. Two or three of lhe
celesttnlB wero minced up a bit, one sn
tabling quite a hack on the head, handed out. to him by a compatriot provided
with An axe. The chopping boo haa resulted in litigation, and thu o-iurts will
decide which aide won in tbe contest.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦MM4-H-++**»+»H + +< ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■M*
. When you are in need of Job Printing, no
matter what kind, let ns give yon an estimate.   We have the facilities for turning
out work promptly, and, what is more, we
have a reputation for. doing
Neat an
Artistic Work
of which we can show you samples. The Job Room
is in charge of Skilled and Competent Workmen.
Modern Type and-Best F.aciltties. Prices the Lowest   consistent  with  First-Class   Workmanship.
The Leader,   Ladysmith
long, "My Mary,"
Only an old tattered
rntr." and "riipS'ownway."
Mr. Anchlnvole, song, "Myewcptlie-ut
when a boy.'1
Mr.  Peter  Hutchison,   comic song,
"I'm n persecuted man,"
Mr.  A   J. .McMurtrie,. nong,  "The
Mr, T. L. Grahame, address.
The Chairman, speech.
Bard Master .Morgan, addr'fss on he-
half of Band,
Mr. A. Aufihlnvnle,  song, "Ora pro
N ihi-i," Piccolomlnl.
Mr. W. Kerr, snng, "Within a mileo'
BHhburgH loin."
Mr. T. R'lid, cornet aoln, "The Lost
Ohord," Sitllivan,
Brothers S'm.in, German  song,
du liegut thir im' il*-rz')n."   '
Mr. John Atid^en, Svedhh
"Kann dn sprnka Svenska?"
Mr. Rowe, eonc, comic,
Mr. A. J. Mc. Murtrle, song "Mother
ki-ised ms in my dreains."
Mr. H, Mitchell, Bong,
ing," Dibdtn,
Tlie    VurloiiN    I'mcuHHU'i    From   the
Time llie Fi-.lt Aro Cmif-M.
The siihnoii caught in the eelnea nnd
gill nets tiro brought 'o tho cannery
wharf, counted uud thrown Into heaps.
Chinamen nro mostly employed for
Bubsei'iieiit operations, They hike each
llsh, cut off the hend, tail and fins, re-
inovo the entrnila und throw the rest
of tlio nnlmnl Into a big tub. Next the
lisli ls washed and placed in a trough,
where several knives, acting after tbo
manner of a feed cutter, ellco it into
sections exactly ns long ns the height
of ii cun. These sections nro Bet ou
end mid split iuto three pieces, ono
piece largo enough to till the can, while
the others nro smaller. The fragments
ure then placed on tables, and the Chinamen fit them into the cans. Next tho
covers nro put on tho cans nnd soldered.
After being soldered rtie cans are put
Into hot wuter nud watched In order to
sec If any bubbles rise, Indicating
leulis. Those which endure this test
successfully are placed In an Iron tank
nud boiled In suit water. Suit water Is
used In preference to fresh because It
can bo raised to n higher temperature.
After boiling for nn hour nnd a quarter
each can is "vented." This means that
a hole Is punched lu lis top to permit
tin* expanded nlr to escape. Then tho
hole Is soldered up, and the cooking Is
finished by further boiling In suit water for nn hour uud a half, lf they
were not "vented," this second cooking
would burst tho cans. Finally each cau
ls tested by tapping It on the head
with a big null. If leaky, It will uauul-
ly give back a "tinny" sound.
A Palace l»y Plcccoienl.
"I have bought n hut which I nm
transforming into a palaco," said a woman. "You sec, I had acquired a mania
for buying the Insides of fine old
ihpineH abuut to be torn down, and I
had filled my city apartment with all
that It would stand, besides putting a
good ui.il in storage. Yet 1 kept on
buying. One day I came across a well
built but plainly furnished house on
Btaton Island which I could buy for a
small price, At once I hnd visions of
that house ns It would look transformed by my flue old curved woods,
marbles, tiles and mirrors. Meiitnlly I
did it up to such a degree of attractiveness lhat 1 just had to purchase It. Tho
results are justifying my expectations.
Every ono who enters gives an exclamation of surprise and admiration, und
'in not through yet. The Interior finish
of my house cost originally tens of
thousands uf dollars uud came from nil
parts of the globe. 1 got It for t hnost
ili>i|»liiir a Man no Suicide
It Is i'c-uitrknble how n suicide by a
certain method or la n certain place
will lend to nnother of the same kind.
A surgeon of lhe Middlesex hospital,
Ju London, went Into n barber shop to
lio shuved. The barber spoke of n man
who had been unsuccessful In nn attempt to kill himself by cutting his
"lie could easily hnvo mn tinged It,"
snld the surgeon, "had ho been nc-
' quaInteri  with  the situation  of tho
spun,! cni'otld nrtery,"
j    "Where should lio havo cut?" naked
| the barber. The surgeon tyld him. lie
nt once left tbe room, und, not return*
ing ns soon us was expected, the surgeon wont to look for him uud tllscov-
Tom Bowl-  ercd him In the yard with his head
] nearly severed from his body.
"Iiu I
(Anld Line Syne.} |
Bandmaster  Morgan  in  his  speech ■
-aid that tbe band had dono the best it
Tlie EiTiert III la UlNtor-c.
Tho Iki'iiolius i "iK-eted tho emerald
ns u stone of ccclcfaiasllcnl barn o'.ilos,
oould with lhe material It bad to work and wo all know the pnssiige in 'he
with, but ho Imped lhat with tha gener- revelation of "u riitnhriw round about
oils sympathy and assistance of the clt- tho throne, in sight like unto un en*
hums of Lidvamith the band wouM Bonn ei'-'-d." nud how the fourth foundation"
he placed on ft footing where it could do  of tho Wft" mmi tho hcnvenly .leiusu-
crcdlt both to itself and t> the oity.   He ' "'T, M'f ,a t'im,|'i!ld*  Iu l?'uW U Is
i   .        .,  ,,, ., ,. eaid, "isyrla was thy merchant hy rca-
wits in hopes that the negotiations now '
uoii'2 on between  the  band  and   Mi
OcBmo GalU9ch, formerly bandmaster of
the old   Wellington  band, which lie
sou of the mullitiide of the wares of
thy making; tbey occupied In thy fairs
with emeralds, purple and broldurcd
* , work  mul   flue  linen  und  com)   uud
rnngjit tosnoh a high state of profio* .flgute," and the high priest wore
wonld he eu-eeBsfnl  in  bringing! mucruld ring on the llrst finger of
Mi. Gdltisnh to live in Ladysmith, If
si lhe people here could roM us-emed
thr.t the t-adysmlth band would not be
ion*, in reaching Ihe samo line Btand.ird
of efficiency which made the old Welling ion band ono of the flneBt on the IM
olfifl coast In its day. It largely dppeud
ed npon the assistance received from ths
i: Hi up ns whether (his could be done. N
hand could be a Riicctss without Ihe
hearty encouragement of tho people of
tbe place. There was abundance of talent, and he wae happy tu announce (hat
several firet clase players were about to
take up their residence here. He pointed out the splendid, advertisement thnt
u really good hand waa to any place, and
hoped that Lndyemith's people would
stand hy their hand and help it to attain
that proficiency which ha wuu coelidenl
it whh capable, under skilled' leadership
of attaining.
The merriment wss kept np until
midnight, wheu'all departed -for home
well pleased wllh one ol the boat Ira*
proiiip'u entertainments ever given in
Ladysmitli Bnsketbntler-s.
Lust night the newly formed Lady-
Biuilb H-u-kethall club started praclicein
theOddf. Hows' hall, the pavilion ruftorB
being too low to admit of proper practice. The club will probably play against
Nanaimo at tbe Diamond Oity next
Saturday night, lt ehould he a warm
game, though the,local men have not
had much chance to play together.
Basketball is likely to boom In, Lady•
Biuith if a sn 11 able practice hall can be
right hum!, all the same as did ihe
Mexican pontiff serving iu the temple
of Yotaii. with whom uml his Israel*
itlsh brother were alniuge points oi' i*e*
Olio of O-mnlil'-i Jtlltei,
When a play written by n mon who
hiul roused Oswald's linger by rending
n newspaper at a wedding of one of his
friends was produced, he prqvouted Us
success by Inducing 250 of his friends
to attend It carrying great books. These
young men, who occupied prominent
scats, read their books while tlio performance was going on, nnd whenever
there wns nny applause each ono of
them, ns If moved by clockwork, lurticd
over a leaf. The rustling or tho loaves
mid the spectacle of the men absorbed
iu reading tmide the performance a
complete failure.
■H--H* M"M-'-,***-M'W
{ ilerely A Reminder
t Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
, now doing all kinds of Printing—com-
I mercial, legal and society—at very reason-'
•I- able prices.
We Print
—Letter Heade
-Bill Heads
—Note Heads
—Memorandum Heads
—BuBineBB Cards
—Stock Certificates
—Legal Blanks
—Wedding Invitations
—Funeral Announcements
—Catalog nes
—Wiudow Cards
—Poat era
Having tbe latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the  best  work —Printing that attracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, .       - B. C.
Her Ft-uck*
8he-I can't possibly get my gown
for lc**s thnn $175, dear.
He-But there's Mrs, Rounder. I'll
bet she doesn't pny any such price.
She—But her social position la so
much more secure than ours.
ThG parlor sofa holds the twain,
Mlramln anti licr lovesick swain,
But, hai it!   A step upon the stair.
And papa finds them Kitting thwt.
Ho and she.
A Lemioa  In Etiquette,
Tho Onllcr—You nre uever naughty,
itfo you?
Margery-Well,   I shouldn't   think
you'd nsk me thnt. Mntnmn says It
isn't good maimers to hurt people's
In the Heel.
"Sr-'ak gently!    TIs a little thing,"
Bih.- pnld, but he, alack,
Iptiuivil her good advice because
The liiu-j thiii-* referred to wm,
To put H plain, a tack.
No, *r,
I. O. O, F.
Metis every Wednesday evening _t 7.30 o'clock
Visitors cordially Invited.
HUGH FUtTON, fiec.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meets every Friday in I. O. O. F. hall at
7:30 p.m.
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
Ladysmith Orange Lodgt, No. I75B
meets in Nicholson's Hall, First Avenue,
every alternate Sattudav in each month
commencing first Saturday in October!
Visiting Brethren are invited to attend.
nnn Ton.   .
"Our cook Isn't a great success, ta
"perhaps not ns n cook, bnt she has
lived In such high toned families that
her conversation Is most entertaining."
A  I'oI'm on Fate,
*tou cannot choose your earthly lot
Nor rltthl all si-unilUK wrongs,
Thn clam lilies not
The chowder hot,
llul that's where ho belonga,
The Prer.K A ite tit.
Bnsniilo-Whnt Is tho matter with
Pluejovvls tonight?
ttlnlto-His press agent has published a story nbout his extreme modesty,
and he Is trying to act the part.—
Mlf-ht nnd Main.
Thc mighty hunter shook witb frlghtl
The lion howled with pain!
Tho hunter ran with nil his might,
The brute wllh ail hia mane!
A Siu-i-eaafnl Han,
Chloe—Is your husband a broadwln-
Susnn-'Deed ho ls.   He's won de
prize ut a dozen cake walks.
She's Irlmmlng her skirts with the _
In meadows where blooms ure shed
And silver ribbons ot mtushlna
-iti-iii with the rainbow's red.
v A Hint on SiMii.Utdj-;,
Father (to the seven-year-old son beside him In thc dog cart, cutting tho
whip sharply through the nlr)—See,
Toininy, how I make the horse go faster without striking him ut all.
Tommy (In an eager tone of happy
discovery)—Pupa, why don't you spank
us   children   thnt   way?
nitl Nnt See it Re-fore.
Miss Hnstsido— Thnt Is n lovely gown,
hut haven't I seen It before?
Miss Wdstsldo-No! I think not. I
have only worn It nt n very few smart
affairs this season.
Agreed Willi Her.
The Old Lady (In a railway carriage)
—I object lo smoking.
Thc Navvy-Qui to right, mom. It's
a bud habit for ladles of your time of
Severe Tea*,
Tlio man who thinks himself most wl
Finds self esteem laid low
When his small boy attention calls
To things he'd llko to know.
roser-Whicli nation do yoa think
loves America the most?
Bigiiead-Thu oue that needs ber tbe
"Jufit give me time," the culprit cried,
"And I wlll mend my ways.*-*—
"Oh, very well!'  tho judge replied.
"I'll t-ive you ninety days."
A Dotnenttv Convviilenee,
.Garson—Have you hot water In your
DeLong-Yos; my wlfo's mother lives
with us.
And «ot n Windfall.
"Yon sny tils money fell to him?"
"ix'o; he fell to It- tumbled through a
coal hole and sued tho city."
itiiimrfinit  Count it cratloaa.
Concerning modern literature
11 has been sadly hinted
That less deptiuls tm what IS Writ
Than how lt'« bound and prtated.
Manufacturers of all kinds jot
W and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Etc.
A large slock of thoroughly seasoned '
lumber— ist ami 2111I class constantly on
hand.   All orders strictly attended to.
Quotations cliccrltilly given,
John W. Coburn,
Managing Duiectob,
^Hm»>wmH* *>*>♦♦♦♦ 11
For the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
10011 MD SHOES
Made aud repaired.   All work
Guaranteed.    Inspection invited.
names! Repairing a Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
. I..fhrt.Jirl.il ul. A* J, 4, A sl>4. 4s ,11 il, st. ill 1 li Ji il, r_._r,___-
ttttt tttttttitt ttttttttttt
Nanalmo, B. C,
Choicest Laijer, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
-(•■*¥**_"**l—*t**f**l* *H"T" *f"f"t' •H"H.+
The Weekly Posl-inlellipi
Seattle, With.
Nobody can aft'ord to be without It. All the
telegraphic new--; of lhe week. Varm, field, garden, sport, snclcty. Ilcnitllful illustrations and
half tones.   Sniuplc copy on application.
Ill For Ont Dollar ■ Yoir.
to do the best, and we do the bast wt
know i-Ladysmitti Leider. LADTSMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 26. 1902.
awfully swell
Real natty, 	
Real reasonable in price,
"Home ot the broad-shoulder-
right-in* the-neck-clothing."
Don't wait for a cold snap, and
rush in with the crowd,
Pick your suit to-day—leisurely.
Have it laid aside if you are not
Plain figures — BatiBfactlon-or-
y our-money- back — straightforward store with the "smartest
clothes in town."
20 per ceut, discount if you buy
before 1st December,
Evangelist Coleman's meeting in the
Methodist ohnrch Sunday night waa
packed to the doors, Ha delivered a
Bcathing indictment agaiuat thc liquor
traffic. |
Indians and i-cieulistB predict a hard
| winter.   Get inulde one of those comfortable suits Oaldwell of Nan aimo,can
build you.        	
Investigation shows that there is little or iiuiliii!-* in tlie rumor that, a ton-
round go with small gloves was to be
pulled off iu or uear LadyBmith l-liir*
week between a local puncher and a
good one from Seattle for a BtiuBtantiul
purne. _________
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Lidysmitb Friday, Saturday
and Sunday of* this week. Dr. Moody
will make regular visits to LadyBmith,
Office at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old PoBtoflice building,
Ten prizes given away this Xmas at
Ll?dy's Jewelry Store.
Painters are now busy on the public
School. It is a considerable job, ami is
likely to take some time to finish.
Caldwell, the Nanaimo tailor, ie showing a rare selection of tweeds and clothe
lor winter wear.
Houses are springing up in all parts of
the townslte almost like Jonah's prize
gourd. The change In the appearance
of some sections of the town is surprising. 	
Don't forget our Xmas pum nkin. How
many seeds are there in it? Every dollar's worth of goods purchased in our
Itore you get a guess, and poBBibly capture one of the ten prizes given away.
Again the fool and bis rifle. A rifle
bullet pierced both walls of the engine
house at the smelter one day last week.
It was fired from the direction of the
Crockery of all kinds, white cups and
■sneers, from 80c per dozen. Cnlort-d
oops and saucers, from $1 to $1.25 per
dczen. Clover leaf pattern $1,25 per
dczen. To be had at D. Taylor ^opposite E, & N. railway station.
So conflicting was the evidence in Ihe
■tabbing case tried before Mr. George
Thomson, S. M., on Friday afternoon,
that be dismissed the charge. It was
Admitted tbat knives were used by both
men, one In self defence, but which one
could not be ehown.
Mr. W. H. Lively, the representative
of MesBrB. Wait! & Co., In Ladyemith, is
certainly making a very strung bid for
trade. Laet week be sold, between
opening time Monday morning and Sat*
urday at midnight, no fewer than live
high-grade pianos and one organ. This
is a record tbat will be hard in beat.
Hr. Dlghton of Cor field was here on
Saturday looking for a suitable hall in
Whloh to give a performance by the excellent amateur dramatic company com*
posed of ladies and gentlemen residing
In the Oowlcban district. Tbey play
"The Scrap of Paper," and their orchestra Is really fine. It would be a great
treat for Ladysmith people if this clover
little company could be Induced to play
even one night here.
It's Stove Time
The Fiulanders of Ladysmith are pre
paring a dramatic entertainment for the
Christmas season. The entertainment.
will be varied by Bongs and recitations.
Flue tailoring at moderate coat Ib the
motto of Caldwell, the Nanaimo artiet-
cutter and fitter.
The want of grounds suitable for practicing football and other team sports ie
severely felt amonget the young mon of
Ladyemith. It is a Berious handicap to
them to have to meet leamB that have
every opportunity of practicing nt any
time on well laid ont grounds.
LOST.—By a workingman a Bum of
money representing all liiia wages in bank
notes. Handsome reward for return to
Leader office.	
Excitement over the political eiluation
was intense in Nanaimo on Saturday.
All sorts of gueBaeB were offered aa to
the composition of Premier Prior's cabinet. A strong feeling of sympathy for
Hon. Mr, Eberls was freely expressed.
Ladysmith took the matter very quietly,
the general opinion being thnt the new
premier wae just the man for tbe position, and that he would do It credit.
Books I Books I Just received, a big
consignment of popular Action, well
bound, well printed and ehenp. Call
and look them over. At Jeseui/s Pharmacy.
MrB. Will Johnston, the popular organist of Wallace Street Methodist
church, Nanaimo, bus accepted a similar post iu tbe Queen's Avenue Methodist church in New Westminster. She
leaves this week for the Royal City.
Beg to announce that they have
appointed W. H. Lively, of let
Avenue, as their local agent for
L-dyeniitb. A lull stock, fresh
and clean on hand.
Pianos, Organs and
ical Goods
Sohcol Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods,
Etc., Etc.
Pianos for Bale on easy monthly pay*
menta.   Come aud see us.
n. W, WAITT & CO.,
Victoria, Nanaimo, LadyBmith, Cumberland, B. C.
Mre, Stevens, of the Hotel Ladyemith, went down to Victoria on Monday morning's train to spend a few
weeks with friends.
Mr. T. A.KobertBouand Mr, D. Coup-
laud, of Rat Portage, Out., metalliferous
mining men, are visiting Ladysmith
with a view to taking up .their quarters
here. They are staying at the Frank
Mr, Thomas Kiddle, manager of the
Tyee smelter, visited Duncan's Monday
forenoon, returning on the noon train.
Mr, George Gartley, one of ths oldest
eottlers in Nanaimo, has made up his
mind to shift hiB residence to Vancouver. He will move thither with his
whole family in u few days.
Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes. M. P. P.,
went down to Victoria on Saturday after uoou,
Mr. A. R. Johnston, of Nanalmo, was
a passenger to the capital on Satarday
Provincial Constable E. Hodgson, of
South Wellington, visited Ladyamith on
Mr. A. Faulds, Jr., passed up from
Victoria, where he is attending the Collegiate Institute, to his home in South
Wellington, on Saturday.
Mr. V, B. Burwell, Vancouver, was
here yesterday Investigating possibilities for business.
Mrs. P. II. Marshall is visiting friends
in Victoria.
l.ivi-l*.',-! Annual Guessing Contest.   How many seeds iu the
Pumpkin.   Ten Handsome Prizes Given Away.
For every dollar's worth purchased in our store you get a guess a'
Ihe number olacedB iu tlio pumpkin in our window.   Vou get a
ticket w4th the number of seeds vou cues? marked oo it.   A guess
for every dollar.   For instance-Ten Dollars, Ten Tickets.
Ist prize, Gent's Watch, Gold Filled, value $30 00
2nd prize, UdyVWatuh, Gold Filled, value  25 00
3rd prize, Parlor Mantel Clock—eight, day—valne  18.00
-j'.h prize, Gent's Watch Chain, "filled," value  10.00
5th prize, Laih'a Watch Chain, "tilled," value    8 00
li'b prize, Luly's Geld Filled Bracelet, value    0 00
7.ih prise, Lilly'-- Silver Watch, value    4 50
s li prize, Boy's Watch, value    3 50
'.Ui prize. Lady's Lace Pin, Gold Filled, value    2.50
lllih prize, Gtnt'e Cuff Links, value    2,00
Seeds to be counted by three prominent business men.   The nearest
gueee ink in-.*, tirst prize and so ou until Ihe teu are given away.
P.O. Box 345. W.H. LIVELY, The Leading Jeweler
Tinsmith, Plumber, Hardware, Sloven.
Mr. Walker's Lecture.
Young men were in the majority in
the large congregation which filled Firet
Presbyterian Churcb on Sunday evening
when Mr. Gavin Morion Walker delivered his lecture on "Some reasons why I
bellevo the Bible." Hie arguments were
listened to with keenest attention
throughout, the address being of exceptional interest and power.
The three reasons given by Mr. Walker for belief In the Bible were, first, the
nature of Its contents. Second, tho testimony of Jesus Chriet, which was
Btrongly In support of the Sciiptures.
Tbird, because of its adaptation to and
power over the human soul. 'Mr. Walker referred to lhe eo called higher critic-
Um and n marked that with good lion*
e-t criiirietii no oiiecaii find any fault,
b'H ton much of it wits not so to bo described. The evidence of one ChrisM tn
was aB good as another's with rfgnrd to
settling upon the inspiration of the
Bible. He believed the Bible was inspired because it inspired him.
The Bible far surpassed all other sacred books, the Zendnvcata of the Persians, the Talmud of the Jews, the Koran of Is In in, the Veins of Brahmins, and
the BhuddidticscrlpturoBof China, be*
cause it taught a code of morality so far
euperior to any of theirs. He then referred to the extraordinary influence exerted over the human mind by tbe mere
reading of the Bible. It was not eo
much a hook as a whole literature. It
was the book to which suffering humanity always turned when In distress, and
there wae always to be found the conso-
|, hn inn for which the human heart seeks
In v.iii. elsewhere.
Those lectures will bo continued from
the pulpit of First Presbyterian church,
WANTED—itoom or roomB, with or
without board. Address A. L., post-
office, Ladysmith.
When Mr. Tints. Kiddie, manager of
the Tyee Smelter was iu Vancouver last
week he met Dr. Marshall of Edinburgh,
Scotland, nnd it Is considered just possible thnt Dr. Marshall my be Induced to
deliver a lecture under the auspices of
the Ladysmith Mutual Improvement
Society ou Friday evening, this taking
the place of tbe debate. The matter Is
now under consideration.
A meeting uf teachers in the Preshy-
tonaii Church Sunday School was held
at the church on the evening of Friday
last, when arrangements were made for
having a ChristmaB tree and entertainment on Wednesday, 24th Dec. (ChristmaB Eve.) Various committees were
appoiuted to make preparation for the
event, which, considering the present
nourishing condition of the School
ahould he a distinct success.
The   Kansas   Cyclone   Visits
New York, Nov. 25,-Mrs. Oarrit Nation created t sensation tt Hie horse
She entered tbt garden quietly and
took t sett in tbt tltr. She bad been
tbere only a lew minutes wben ber gaza
ruled on tht box whtrt some members
ol tbe Vtndtrbllt family wen lilting.
Sbe itudltd her programme tnd Ihtn
descending to tbt promtntdt in Iront ol
tbe Vtnderbilt box, Iht delivered t Ur-
tde on overdress. In tbt box wtrt letted Mrs. Allied O. Vtndtrbllt, Reginald
Vtndtrbllt tnd Mill Nicholion. Alfred
O. Vtnderbilt wti Inning against tbt
nil ol the promtntdt, tnd did not see
Mrs. Nation approaoh.
"Vou ought to bt tshtmed of yourselves," tht woman tcrttmtd tt them,
"You ought to be tthimed to watr snch
disgrtceiul clothes. Ttkt thtm off, tike
them off and tttirt yourselves more
Allred 6. Vtndtrbllt hastily left hii
position at tha nil tnd came over to
where Mn. Nttion wis Handing and
wiping his iorebeid with t handkerchief, ha whitpered tomtiblng In ber
ttr tnd pushed her twty. Theontbnrtt
ol tbt womtn attracted a great crowd ol
people, tnd tht occupants ol the Vtnderbilt box were evidently vtry muoh
Mrs. Nttion tbtn turned her attention
to otber boxtt. Finally sbt Ittrttd lor
the sale, when tht bon down on t
pirty ol men who wen drinking wine,
Mn, Nation seized t bottle tnd, glaring
It tht men, thonttd: "Young men,
don't drink tuch filthy stuff; you tre
going ttnight to hell. When it tbe
mm who telle thit stuff 1 Show him to
me tnd I will tell him whit I think ol
Mrt, Nitlon't requsst wu speed!!.
granted by the sudden trrival ol M.
Villtpigut, tbe ctttrtr it Ihe gtrden,
"(let out ol tbla terrible business,'
the shouted tt him. "You tn also
going to htll tnd ruining tht bodies
.ml souls ol men. You tre drtgging
thtm down with you. Shame on yon I
Sha'me on you I"
Tba Frenchman, however, rtn to Mr,,
Natiqn and rescued the bottle, wbich lhe
had repeatedly brandished in the air to
emphasize her rema.rks. Then lie pushe.1
her out ot the door. Here the police took
hold ol tbt Kansas reformer tnd forced
her oul of the building.
Str. Ijlndenhnll called bert lilt week
for a full ijtrgo of Wellington coal. Sbe
it one.of the largest vesseit now plying
in Ihe Pacific. Ihe Lindenhall aailed lor
San Franclico, to tbe order ol R. Duni
muir's Sons Co.
Sir. Wellington tilled on Sundiy Ior
Sin Fnnclieo with t carao ol coal.
Str, Mineola, Capt, Kirkwood, arrived
on Monday Irom San Franclico tor coal,
but titer tying up but received ordere
to proceed tt onct to Comox to lotd
thtrt. Pilot Oapt. Bntler wis in charge.
Str. Tellus trrlvtd etrly on Monday
morning from Sin Frtncisco lor coil,
tnd tilled tgtin ytsttrdty.
Str. Sin Mateo, Captain Fletoher, il
expected to arrive in tbit port in a tew
dtyi. Sht will tike a lull cargo ol coal
to San Franclico,
Str. Quito, Cipttln Shotttn, it expected to clear Irom Portland, On,, with
t cargo ol lumber Ior Manila about tbe
beginning ol ntxt wttk.
g,8he will load 1.000,000 It. tt lumen,
Ponlsen A Go's mill, and then ttkt on
500,000 It. mon at tht Portltnd Lumber
Oo'i dock.
Tht ohtrter ntt of tht ship Berlin,
cbtrttrtd by tht Alaska Fisbermtn't
Packing Compiny lor nnt niton, It
I960 monthly, t Vtry low fimire.
M  HO -K  Hroprieior.
K ) on are fond ol tender, Juliiy ateakt,
clioue or j ,i,,i., I can topply you.
Try My Delicious Sausage
made hy it went- el**>-t intil mcbinery
from choicest unterUI**. These en usages
are unr-nt-pai-st'ij In the province. One
trial wlll eimvlnce ynu.
The City Markot
Meats i Vegetables
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection in Piano*. Don't
buy till you see and hear it. *
Naniimo. B.0. A*.,.
First Avenue, : Ladysmitli. B.C.
Jerome Wilson, Prop.  NANAIMO
Qrocerles of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention given to tilctlli, night
or day. Ling Distance telephone No, 124
Bastion St., Nanalmo, B.C.
And Soo Pacific
Tianscontintnlil Ptssenger Tnln runt
dtily, equipped witb Sttndtrd tnd
Tomtit Sleeping Oir.
Day Coachii ind Colonial Oars
Lowest Ratoi
Fastest Timt
To and from Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, New York,
Ohlcsso and St. Paul, and all Elitem and Old Country points.
For pamphlets and all Information apply
to any G.P.R. agent.
H. B. ABBOTT,      VV. McGIRR,
Agent, Victoria.     Agent, Nanalmo.
Asst. Gen). Pass. Agent, Vanconver,
NOTICHIsherehy given that "hll unappropriated Crown lands shunted within tlie boundariea
ofthe following nrcas nre hereby reserved from
pre-emption, sale or other disposition, excepting
under tlie provllloni ofthe mining laws of. Ihe
Province. Inr two yenrs from the dale hereof,
piirtiiiant to the provision* of subsection (s) of
KL-ctltm.fi of th« "Und Act," as amended by
section 6 of the "Laud Act Amendment Act,
Rapid progress is being made with tbe
new Methodist personage.
There was one of the biggest Chinese
funerals ever seen In Nanalmo held on
Sunday, The deceased had been a
Mason and a distinguished person all
round, for his funeral procession was a
mile long and more full of flamboyant
color than a West Indian sunset.
For Bale at Abbotsford Hotel tnd it
Jessup's Drug Store.
Yet, sir, I htvt it.  Alwtyt on hind tt
tht tnlns.
We beg to inform tbt purchasing pub*
lie of Ladyimith thit wt htvt moved
Into our ntw shop in tbe Stevens block,
Oatacre street, opposite Stevenson
A Oo'i Hon, whtit wt will keep constantly on hand t full supply ol tbe best
meals tn tbe mirktt, Wt hope to see
ill our old custonitrt, tnd thinking
them (or put (tvort wt hope to merit t
lair than oltht public pttromgt In tht
Liadytmllh Mtlt Market.
Tlnsmlthing tnd Plumbing in til Its
brinohei.  Tools tnd plnmbiog mi-
ttrltl tlwayt nn hind.  Iispilr-
Inn a specialty.   Prompt at*
ttntlon given otllt Irom
Victoria Orasoint, Nanaimo, B.O.
section-ii ofthe "Land Act," bs amende!!
section 6 or the "Laud Act Amendment 	
laoi," to enable the Qualsino Power ud Pulp
Company, Limited, to select therefrom limber
limits for wood pulp and paper manufacturing
■iiirposcH, as provided by an agreement bearing
date tbe -wlh day of October, 190., vlij—
Sections it 3,3,10,11, ia, ij, 14 and 15, In Township 3S: Sections, 4.5- fii 7. », 9. 16, 17 tod 18, In
Township 31, Sections 1, it, i-, 13,14, 15, tl, Jj,
14, 33, 36, 37,34,35 and 36, tn Township 39; Bee-
Hops 1, 3,3.4,9. 10, Hi Hi M. 15.16, ". »3, H, »i,
3d, 1.1 nud 36, lu Township 37; Sections 33, », 37,
A 33, 34. 3S und 36,111 Township 38: Section! 35
lo jii. inclusive, In Township 17; Sections 1 to ia,
Inclusive In Township id; also Section! 17 to 36,
inclusive, in Township 18; Sect Ions 11036, inclusive, In Township 19; Sections 1, a, 11, 13, 13, 14,
and from 33 to 36, inclusive, lu Township 36; Bee*
tlous 4, 5,6, 7,8,9,16.17,18, 35, 36, 33, 34 and 35
in Township 31, Sections 4, j,6, 7 and Sjn Town*
,■   , uvruaiiiii Ji, m-MUii-4, -,,<-, y -uuflsjii iuwii-
ihip 33; Sections 1 to 36, inclusive, In Township
ni; Sections 1 to 13 inclusive, and 13, 14 and 15,
and the southern halfefSectloni 33 and 34. In
Township 9; Sections 5 aud 6, tn Township 6;
Sections 10, 31 and 33, 3, 4. 5, and 6, In Township
4; the ungranted land iu Township 11; Township
13, except Sections 35 and 36; Sections t to ao, inclusive, In Township 13; Township 14; Section! I
to 3,10 and 11, in Township 3; Sections 1, a, ll,
13, 14, is, u and 36, In Townsnlp 16: alao the following described piece or parcel of land, namely:
—lk-gliining.it a point on the protongitlon of
the southern boundary of Township 16, one mile
cast ofthe south-eastern corner nf flection I, In
Township 16; Ihence in a southerly direction
about seven miles, or to a point one mile south
and one mile west ofthe southern end of Victoria
I,nke; thence east two miles; thence north one
mile; Ihence east oue mile; thence north five
miles; tlience east two miles; (hence north one
mile; tlience cast (wo miles; thence north one
mile; thence cast two miles, or to the easterly extremity or Kathleen Lake: thence south half •
mite; tlience east one mile; thence north ope
mile; theuce west one mile; thence north half a
mile: theuce west one mile and a half; thence
north hnlf u mile; thence west one mite; thence
north half a mile: thence west hitf • mile; thence
north one mile; thence west one mile; thence
north two miles; (hence west along tht south
boundary of Townships 13 and 11 lo the Southeast Arm, nml thence along the shore of the
Southeast Arm, in a southirly direction, to the
soul hern extremity of Ihe Arm, and thence north
to the place of beginning.
All of which said landi are Situate*, tn Rupert
District, Vancouver Island.
w, a. r.oMt,
Deputy commissioner of Lands and works,
Lund! and Works Department,
Vlrtt-tla, H. ft, 30th October, ipt.
Vlaiton Irom Ltdyimitb and diitrict
will And ia thil well-appointed bouse ill
tbt home oomlorta. Lunohet lor lady
shoppers t tptcitlty. Ttrmt strictly
moderate. Smid and cniilnt. tint
HISS 6. KEITH, Pn*. ill II*-.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturer, ol tbt Kttnooi V •
CUBAN   -"'   BtOSSOli
None but Union Ltbor tmploytd.
M. J. BOOTH, •        Proptlttor.
NANAIMO, B. O.-..'-■;.'
Graduate of Philadelphia Denial Collet* .at
Hospital of oral Surgery.
OMP.it onto. BalMhw,
•^"•saou. victoris, ac.
Dr. Moody visits Udysmlth every Friday, Saturday aud Sunday.   0««, Nicholson's Hall.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply tbe public with fresh fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand..
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
Skip's Wuk 1 S-m_.II>.
Hone-shoeing Id all it. branches. Farm Im*
pleraenls repaired. Miner.' Tool, caiefluly
.rj.rpened .nd tampered.
Bulltr Stmt, ,
s>AULL'-S STUDIO . ■■,_ -., i
Al Udyimllh wiil remain open until
nut Mondty evening to woommoditt
thow desirous ol taking tdtwUgt ol
our itty. but ktpt it homt owing lo lb*
Incltatncy ol tht weather. Btmtmbir
cloudy waalhtr jut at good at tot tad
til work first class.
Marble and Crsr.lt. Monuments,
Tablets, Crows, Klc. Mlmeles
and Design, given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     ritfrietir.
For Fir* eta- work
goto .
Sharing PtHort
High Mrtet.
Hairculllna-.nd Mrt
trimming a Spect.lt*,
la now prepared logtve leuom on the"pliao aad
violin.  Atl application! for tuition can be left »|
W. H.  Lively'! Jewelry Store
nam BfWke-la VaWnwIt.    ., i
...., j   {.{JSplVtS
Tht Bttt Art lb* CtelHsi
OppoilU Fin Hill, NANA|MJ,I.C.
In tho Matter ol tho WatorClaiw*
M Consolidation Act, i8»7, aad
Amending Act*,
And In th* natter ol tha Ladyamith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTICE ll binby gift* tballltppllt*.
tion will bt mtdt to * Judgt ol lb*
Suprtmt Court ol Britiih Columbia ti
IbtOouit Houw, Victoria, B.O.,MI0.M
o'clock in th* fonnooo, oa Stluidty,
lb* 1Mb dty ol Novtmbtr, 19M, at tt
toon thtrtalttr it lb* Applicant eta bt
btaid on btball ol tbt Ladytmlth WaMt
Compiny, Llmlttd, lor m*t* to eea*
•Met, maintain aid optnl* a walte
worki tyittm lo supply* waur lo lb* la.
hibltanliot Iht unlncorponttd locality
In aad about Ladrimltb, In lb* County
ol Kanalmo aad tor purpose*, ntomary
tod laeldtnlal tbtrtto.
Thit nollt* was publlthtd oa. Oolobtr
26tb, 1902, for tht first llmt.
boiicilon ftr Tb* Ltdiimilh
Wtttr Oo., Ltd.
Viotoria, B. 0„ Ool. Mrd, 1101.      <t


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