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Ladysmith Leader Nov 12, 1902

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,1. *-*•£■ >{• ^> -J"J* >J. 4 4 4 4 4 4 *H**1* 4 ■l'4*4«l* *fr 4 4+
f A Good 7-Roomed House for *
4      Sale.   Apply to X
VOL. H. NO.  121.
See yourself well clothed ant) aliod and you can defy the wet.
Altio a lar^e and varied assortment of
alwaya ou baud.
TOG&tfaas.uBOi ieuo it.
Honors In Italy—Fraternal
Society Sensation,
Wholesale  and Retail  Merchants,
Esplinndtand Oatacre Street,
Wtien Visiting Nanaimo Try
We are not going to -wait until tbe season is over
with our Raincoat bargains, but are coining right out
with them now.
Read through the list caref/rilly awl perhaps wc will
be able lo save you money.
6 oiily Men's Ii ue Cloth Covered Waterproof, all sizes,
Regular $15.00; Rainy Day Price 5J10.00
T3T  3 Ladies' Craveuette "Raglan" Waterproofs, Latest Style,
Rainy Day Price, $10.00
3 only Ladies' Waterproofs, with capes,
Rainy Day Price, fc.50
4  3 only Girls' Heavy Black Waterproofs, yoked back,
"Raglan Cut,"      Rainy Day Price, $.) 00
Finest Comox 35c per lb. 3j
14 & 2S lb. Box Creamery 2Sc.
Choice Dairy Tubs 24c.
Canadian.      American.
Spanish.      Swiss.
Holland.     Ljuiburger
Hams and Bacon
Queen's   Upton's.
Canadian American
AR Johnston & Co,
General Derchants.
Wm. llcvcridgc, Prop.
Thil ntw hotel hoi beon comfortably f.irt.isl.nl end llie bar ie up to title.
Beit accommodation for transient and permanent hoarders and lodgers,
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade,      -   • Ladysmith, B. C. |
Savoy ^__________________
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
get insured at .nice lor It may bc
too late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD end KEl.1A.BMS Companies ami
can Insure you at a moment'i notice at
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be milled into instiling with a cheap
company—it might bt dear in the uml.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
•P."*). Drawer .1.1, Nanalmo. 11. 0.
Member Can. Huciely nl" Civil I'naliiccra
Member Institution of l'tcctrlcal Kiiglncirs
Consulting Electrical Engineer
P. O. Bo* 357
HUNTER..Thil ll ittlctly all right,
BEAR '-Can't help but be when you
imoke I FroMlnot,
Savagely Assaulted by a Special
3 Girls' Waterproof I'awtt.
Special Quality.   All sizes.
Rainy Day Price, $3 50
3 f'jirl's Waterproof in Blue and Grey,
Rainy Day Price, S3.75
Another consignment of "New Home" Sewing Machines-
best machine 011 this earth.   Call nud talk Sewing
Maclii ie with us.
Hasonic Block,   Ladysmith
i$n$t i|i i|*i|ii|h|i->Ii i|i i$i i{i i$ijj*fo0*$ *%*<$$ i|i i$i0i0 t|i i$i .fo
Triumph for  Americans.
Turin, Italy, Nov. 11.—Tlio American
exhibits have met with remarkable BUC-
ceflB at tlie International Photographic
Exhibition here. Tlie New York Camera
Club eeoured the King ol Italy'a prize,
while altogether the United Siates, although its exhibits wire fewer thnn
those of other eonutrtea, received the
highest number of prizes, including five
grand prix, two ,-oId medal', four silver
medals and tight diplomiis.
He Rode The Gout.
Grand Riplds, Mich, Nov. II.—A Circuit Court jury ima brought in a verdict
ul ^2"'O0 for Mrs. Mary E, Lewis against
tbe Modem Woodmen ol America. Mre.
Lewis sued for $60,000 dntnngea foi in*
juries alleged to have bKen received by
her husband,since deceased, while belus
initiated iuto llie Coopersville Camp of
the order inst winter. Ae a result of
these injuries it ie alleged necrosis Fet
in which caused death,
Murdered on His Doorstep.
Guthrie, Oklu., Nov. 11.—-As a result
t.f the prolonged war lining waged between the cattlemen and hum eaten tiers
In Wee tern Oklahoma, another murder
Inn been committed. G. W. Lane, ti
prominent figure among thc home-leaden*, was called to his door and shot j to discover th
dead, tlio murderocenrringnpar Shirley,
A. prominent cattleman named John
charged with
Joy IniH   been   arrested
complicity in the (.rime.
(ire.it Liberal Victory.
London, Nov. 11.—The election in the
Cleveland division of Yorkshire yeater
day for a iiiemlier of Parliament to bug*-
oaed A. K Poaee, Liberal, 'who recently
lealgned lhe etui, reaulted nn follow*}
Herbert Samuel, Liberal, 5834; Geoffrey Dragb; Unionist, 3703* Liberal ma-
j jrily, 2030.
The government's   educational  hiP
eight houra' work lor miners and tempo
.   .frtfiiW- vi-.ii« I'm |niiH!-|),w iebnitB.   Al tht
■^jliiBt election Mr.Peaae waa elected wiih-
out opposition,
Absolutely the tineat tea sold in B.C. If you do not know
thin auk our customers. Or better still try one pound 50.-,
Im potted directly from Deukajiiliu Ten Gardens. Only
ourselves between the grower and you. Your aecond order
will be 5 pounds, price $2,25.
W. T.
A Co.
A Cold Until.
For I unfit el y nothing worse than a
(linkingand thediscomfort of wetclothes
(or a few minutes resulted from the ac*
oidental immerelon of Captain George K,
Murray, maBtor <f the British bir qua
■peou Fnda;
("ing a
ilgbti   T-i
rd (In
iw Qii!
o at
tl ■
Free Press Block.
Otiotl.-t Delivered Free
at Lnily.tinIth.
lu-'ir Mrs. Ii.——, ill K-ply to your iiii|iiiiy ns to which is Ur- l-CSt ten toIl-C, Iwi
any tlint'ht tny opinion It reals between the Ulna Ribbon nnd Monsoon Packet Tens
you like rich, Htratig-tGOf,' then Hlllc Kibbon Is iifiitoiibtetlly the best, but slionlil your l
be fur n tlcllcaic ami very tlavury tea 1 would ndvlse ynu lo telephone lo yonr (P*ocer fi
jmekei or MoiiNooit. Personally, i drink nine nil .1 mil lu the morn log ami Monsoon -
o'ctock, hut then, yon know, I urn it -il-ifeet crank nbant leu.
YtJiirs truly, SARAH GRUNDY.
Get the Best Work WINDSOR HOTEL
KstimateB cheerfully furnished on anything yon may need in the line of paint-
Ing, piiperhaiiging, wall nnd celling decorating. .The Star I'amt Shop, High
S. ROEDDINa, Prop.
il.rri.tera, Sollctitrs .nd
Ollkei Oililhllaws' Bultdlni. Robert. St.
P.O. BOX 243
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and finny bread. Cukes nnd pastries ol til descriptions. Fruits in
A. I.. C. M.,
teacher or J-innnnnil Hnrinotiy, Is now forming;
clniwe-t hi r-ntlyamlth f»r tutUon once rt week-
littcmlliig pupils plenac coll nt
W. H. Lively's Store, Firat Avenue
Thia old- KBtitbliehed, Fiiat-OlaBB and
Popular Hotel is moat comfortably fur-
niahed, centrally situated, lino tueuta
trninp, Kxcellenfc Oulelne, Bar Blocked
with the llnfMt wines, Hquora and cignra.
JOS. FOX.        -       • Proprietor.
IjOIr In lilrji'ks 2H, SO and 111. A'so
Holel Site, 120x1110 leet. Also lotsl anil
2 block -18,1050 Ilm two.
Api.lv to
A favorable indhation of the amount
of bnalneae being done in certain lines
in town Is the fact, that Mr. Rolston ban
had to incicaae bin staff of tinamUhn
and plumbers to three men, fliat class
arti-anp, (rum the heat Bhopein Toronto.
They are kept busy all the time.
Golden, B. O'a. new emelter will lhe
blown-in early in January.
Bryan N. Wliite, a noted mining man,
aayathat within a year, if the present
teats of nine oreB prove aatiafactory there
may be aeveral zinc ameltera in the Slo<
in* whh Oap'ain Sbotten and a few
fi ' il -, when hn came to a plank along
which he walked for a yard or two b.-
f.nv In' noticed tlm gloam of water at hit*
feet, apparently. He tried to tekn hie
beat inue, tint the daiknuss wns so in
fcause that ha could not do ao wiih hut
accuracy. He thought lhat Die wuter
was merely rain and took a step forward.
It wan a longer one, Hum he bargained
for, hia font failing to sirike anything
until il plunged into Ihe cold eea ten or
twelve feel below, fhecnptaln bobbed
n.i seiaiielj limn belowaod hallooedInat*
ilv torn line. He wai aoon flahed i ut
none the worse lor his Involuntary bath,
fie aaya that the water win- very cold,
.md nlfo very we', jn-i ut itmi spot.
Tlie Canadian Bank
Head Ollice, Toronto, Ont,
Capital Paid Up 18,000,000
Reel 21100,00(1
Hon. Geo. A. Oox, l'resident.
ti. M. Wai.kiih, General MitnnRer.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Department.
Interest allowed nn dep-nai's of one dol*
lar ($1 DO)'and upwards. Tlie depositor
is fin1 j-ct to no ilnlay In depoeiling or
withdrawing funds.
■ Cnrrpitt AecnnnlP O.iened.
L'mns Negotiated.
Drafts ifltuied payable in nil parts ul
the world.
For the convenience of cnatomera and
others this bank will ho open on tho
evening of Pay Day from 7 o'clock until
8 o'clock,
Murderously Assaulted,
Denver, Nov. 11.—Preeident Daniel
McDjna!(l,of t he American Labor Union,
is seriously ill from the effects of a blow
on the head, which he received on election day.   Ho was standing with Secretary H\ D. Haywood, of tbe Western
Federation of Miners, wben Special Policeman James   Bramer came out of ft
saloon nml attacked  tbem.   SlcDonald
was (-truck on the head with a revolver
and Haywood   then  shot at the officer,
the bullet, striking hia left arm.
Cornell Pensions Professors.
Ithaca,  N. Y., Nov. 11.—-Beginning
with  the commencement in June, 1003,
Cornell   University  will  relieve all ite
professors who reach the age of 70 during
the calendar year.   The retired professors will serve as special lecturers in
thtlr respective departments for a period
oi five yearB.   The salary for the firet
year wiil be that received at the time of
retirement, and after that $1500 a year.
Cremated his Father's Corpse.
Vienna, Nov. II.—An extraordinary
itiB'ance of the auperatition that ia so
Prevalent among the peasantry of Hungary ia 'i ported from the village of Gross
Z-jrlenes, near Keachita.   The houeeof
n widow named  Povft had been atoned
repeatedly anil the police were unable
culprits,   The widow's
youug son,   h coming   possessed ofthe
idea that his father rose from hia grave
uiithtlyand bombarded hia former home,
went to   the   cemetery, dug op the
corpse, dragged  it nearly  a mile and
burned it.   Tho boy waa arrested.
A Splendid Pro-gramme,
& concert will be given in the 1st Presbyterian Church ou Tuesday evening,
I8:ii. instant. The following ie the pro*
gramme:— Chair-man's remarka, instrumental aolo hy Mies Bertram, vocal solo
by Mr. Jessee I".v-ius, an.oharp aolo by
Miss Alice John, vocal solo by Mrs Geo.
Willjama, rnnitation by Mii-alCVl'nJohn-
t-t >n, male tjimrtett Me&ara. Kvann, Robert*}, Thomas and Ballast, instrumental
trio by Misses Dunsmuir; vocal solo by
Mre. Wm. Thompson, instrumental solo
by Mra, \V. ,1. Watson, vocal aolo by Mr.
David K-hcrts, anthem by the choir,
God save the King,
Full of Enterprise.
Without a word of exaggeration it may
he said that in the whole province there
is not a liner meat market than that
over which Mr. M, Howe of Chemainus
presides. In fact visitors to the pretty
little hamlet nre completely astouiehed
to find there'a butcher shop which
boasts nit the lateat up-to-date modern
uppliancea for the treatment of meats.
Mr, Howe haa installed an electrical
--iiiif-ia-t'e-mnking machine and other ap-
pnratiif which reduce the labor of hand-
ling meat to a minimum and ensure ab-
aolnte chunlinesB and evenness. It ia sa*
tisfactury lo learn thnt the admirable en*
terprUe of Mr. Howe ia meeting with its
j ist reward, ami that the people of Che-
inns fully appreciate hia endeavorato
keep In the front rauka of the march of
prngrepp. He haa built up a Bplendid
business in and around Chemalnua.
| Special Sale
I of Furniture
Nov. 3 to Nov. 17.
Ton many   high-etnas, tx pensive
China Ofthineia, Sideboards, Chiffoniers, Ladies' DreaBing Tables,
Book OaeeB,   Kxtension   Tables,
Hall liaiks,   A great chance for
you now to purc.h-iBeaoma of these
eleuanl pieces of Furniture while
,*, this cale laBts,   Notnlng eclipses
•; a well-furuistM-d  home.   An op-
1 portunity to choose from one ol
j the heat selected stocks in B. C.
I DON'T HISS ITI Thie ia too
5 gond a chance to let pasa by. A
3 pleasure to show you around our
\ alore.
| "SATISFACTION" Thia la what
.J ynu gut in buying Furniture from
,' us.   Only one word, hut tt manna
ji a tii'iiii'tidniiB lot.   We sell only
a for Cash.
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J.  H, GOOD  &  CO.
The Great Cash Furniture C^are LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 12. 190i>.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday aud Saturday -it
-Tie Leader Building, comer of First Ave. ami
■"tench Street, Udysmlth, British Columbia.
r. L. GRAHAMS, Kditor and Proi'Riktok.
Bv Mail ik Canada and Unitud Status,
Oue year (stilclly In advance) $a oo
six inoulhs (strictly tu advance) «   i 3$
TRANSIENT — luclmliiig bustncsi notices,
calls for tenders, applications for nud transfer ol
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. a line first insertion* 5c. a Hue each tulisequeut insertion; ia
met measure to the inch,
Rates on application.    No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
.ach insertion 50c.
Advertisements uot Inserted for a specified
lime will be charged for until ordered to be dis-
t'HE LEADER will be found at the following
La-lysiuilh—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
■JJanattno—E. Plmbury & Co.
.''etorln-Public Library; Provincial Library; and
VttiicoHver—Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
at this office before ia noon the day before
S- bsci ibers not receiving paper regularly please
leportto this office.
Ail loti work strictly cash ou delivery.
.*! niHieut advertisements cash in advance.
^'<*rV#i*te»i',te^'*U*rfe^,<ri^*,-t_V^*'^ W U-*S**U fi
* Subscriber! not receiving Tun -J
ty Leader regularly will confer a 4
I, favor by reporting promptly to _
thie office.
Opinion on the question of Incorpor-
atlon is by no means unanimous. The
proposal to incorporate has some very
strong and unequivocal opponents, and
their arguments are.entitled to respect.
One of the strongest put forward by
them against incorporation is this, A
large proportion of the present population ol Ladysmith have recently moved
in from another camp, at a considerable
expense to themselveB, and they do not
look with much favour upon any proposal that will increase their taxes in
the slightest degree,
It can hardly be disputed that incorporation would tend to add somewhat to
the amount of taxation now exacted. So
we have here one of the most powerful
arguments that can be brought against
the proposal. It must be remembered
that those people who would object to
Incorporation are no inconsiderable
number, and that they could make their
influence strongly felt In any vote that
might be taken,
Then again, our friende the licensed
victuallers have a good deal to Bay as to
whether this place Bhall or Bhall not be
Incorporated. Amongst them the opinion hae gained ground that incorporation would mean for them increased
taxation without Increased revenue**.
Of course it is only supposed that the
corporation, were one formed here,
would increase the preeent tax, but the
license-holders are dubious about it, and
■re more than half-Inclined to believe
that the corporation would.
Here, then, are two classes of citizens
who, seemingly, have substantial
grounds for not desiring incorporation
at present, but the issue reBts entirely
with the citizens themselves as a whole
community. If they want it they will
have It; and In spite of the objections
mentioned, we are inclined to believe
that it would be the best thing that ever
happened to the city.
"All educated Englishmen write exactly alike—stupidly." wrote tbe late
M. Hlppolyte Taine, the eminent French
critic and historian, author, hy the way,
of the very beet history of English literature extant. Probably M. Taine was
not happy at the time, and was speaking the truth without any attempt at
Gallic ornamentation.
We were forcibly reminded of this die
turn of the great Frenchman on rending
an excellent editorial article in Friday's
Colonist, pointing out the deplorable
absence of originality and the total barrenness of thought in the countless
myriads of magazine articles which are
published monthly. There is nothing
to compare with this cataclysm ol sheer
inanity uuIcbb it ho tbat whiuh finds
covets and garish bindings in the
"novel" form and pours forth in merciless deluge, daily, hourly, from thc
presses of the so-called civilized world.
We presume that tbe Cjlonint has
particular reference to tbe ten cent
abominations, with their objectionable
photo-engravings ol all sorts of uninteresting things and people. Tbere ie only
one thing worse than timee libels on art,
and tbat is the nrtielo which usually accompanies the picture. Articles and
pictures are alike iuftchinc*made. The
"iirtiet" can produce those inartistic
pictures iu indefinite numbers; the
writer can supply yards, nay, acres, of
letterpress without any strain on his
brain. It is far easier to write that stuff
than to read it.
Every half-educated fool nowadays
eeemB to think that he or she has a
mission to tho world, and that tho press
ia the medium. As the Colonist well remarks, wbat on earth arc the alleged
editors thinking about to accept ond
publish such ranndlin stuff? We feel
certain that persons well known to ub in
this vory town, nnd in other places iu
tbe province could wiile infinitely better mul more interesting articles than
moat of those whiuh disgrace the
monthly mflgtizinoB. In fact it has actually come to this that rejection of
manuscript by those magazines is tt dis
tinct compliment, for it proves thnt the
author of tho rejected manuscript has
shown originality; which is strictly
against the rr.les nml regulations of
those monthly magaxtneB—apparently—
for one never Bees in tbem any indications ofBuoh n thing.
Fortunately the reviews and critical
magazines maintain today almost as
high astutulaid of literary excellence as
they did iu Lhe earlier decades of the
nineteenth century—but the people
never eee those good things; only hear
feint euhoes of them in diluted editorial
articles iu the daily press,
Art ami literature in tho present age
Bsem to he vanishing. There Ib not ono
writer today fit to be named even witb
tho third-raters of tho Victorian Era;
uot an artist whose originality and
power raise him oue inch above the dead
level of the million daubers. Of course,
we remember Thomas Hardy and Herbert Spencer and Tolstoi amongst tbe
wrlterSj but they are not writing now,
and probably never will again. And
tbere is Vereatclisgin, to he Buro, but,if
ho bu not a faddist on the horrible iu
war, he certainly manageB to conceal his
talents woll.
The magazine editors Boem to think
that, thoy understand perfectly tbe wants
of their readerB, but signs are not wanting to prove lhat the time io not far off
when the public will sicken of the taste-
less, vapid stuff which la being at pres<
ent purvoyBd, and will demand stronger
meat. But no doubt the able writers,
the groat oueo, will come when tbey list,
ami not nt the call of Demos and hit*
vulgar, jingling shekels, The million
hoofs of Demos are stamping art and
literature into tbe mud. I-i nothing to
remain but the monthly cheap miga-
Kino, Ub ghastly ''illustrations," and its
dull hi tii Ir:- by nameless monomaniacs V
Karl Ingor, a Hungarian military
renegade, is tbe Mad Mullah's right-
bund man. Hu has embraced Moham
medauism. and is known as Al) Kaachld
and is au emir, He Berved with Oaman
Digna and the Khalifa against the Brit
iuh. His military knowledge has been
of great use to the Mullah. If caught
hie career will quickly end.
Major-General Sir J. F. Maurice deplores the physical decline of the BritiBh
army. He estimates that out of five
men willing to enlist only two at the
end ot two years would he found eflec-
live soldiers, Heart weaknesB, pueu-
monia, rheumatism ami anaemia are the
chief cnueeB of break-down. Flat-foot
and had teeth disqualified hundreds. In
the German army they reject for one
crooked finger, or three teeth out, Gen'
a nil Maurice says the only remedies are
better physical training and better
housing amongst the people. {In the
Swiss army the percentage of failures
from phynicril ciuiaeB is the smallest In
tho world. This is undoubtedly due to
the scientific physical culture, which
makes of the Swiss the finest physical
specimens in the world, and the rational
habits of life followed by the people of
the model republic.
Mr. Footer-Fraeer, a keen-eyed British observer of American nfTilrB, has
wittily replied to the statement that
American workiieu are, ao a rule, better tlrtsaed than British, He sayB the
reason is that American clothes won't
last long enough to get shabby. Who
ever saw an American suit that was iu
its ninth or tenth year of active wear ?
And wbo has not seen a British suit that
had weathered a dcuade aud was still
One of Ladysmith's Pioneers Passes,
Away at a Ripe Age,
One gets a startling insight into
French public life and is better able to
form a just estimate as to tbe true value
of the word "liberie" as it ia understood
in France, on learning that Cardinal
."errand is to be prosecuted for describing the Combes ministry as "depraved."
Nothing, however, Ib more notable in
French rule than the distrust of the
church, the Government keeping strict
control ovor clerical organisations. Here
is the article in the penal code under
which tbe Cardinal is to be prosecuted
"Ministers of religion who, in tbe exercise of their ministry, and in a public
assemblage, pronounce discourses criticising or censuring the Government.
any law, any loyal act, or any other act
of tbe established authority, shall be
punished by imprisonment for not Iceb
than three months or more than two
years."     _____________________
Ex-Presldeut Kruger, in his forth
coming "Memoirs," makes a Eerious
charge against the late Dr. David Ltv
ingBtone, the famous Scotch missionary,
Kruger was commandant, in 1852, of an
expedition against Seuhele, who refused
to give up a chief called Moselele, a
murderer, hiding in Livingstone's mis-
lion station In Sech'elu'e country. After
the fight it was discovered that at Livingstone's station "there was a complete
workshop for the repair of fire-arms,
and a multitude of war materinls which
Livingstone kepi stored up for Seuhele's
use. This was a violation of tbe Sand
River convention, and the arsenal was
confiscated, in return for whiuh the
Boers wero insulted and slandered hy
Livingstone all over England."
Maybe It wnB just a temporary over
flow of sentimentality, due to the intoxication of the moment; maybe it was
just a piece of "blarney" intended only
for home consumption, but Mr. Car
negie, on being presented with tbe free
dom of the city of Dundee the other day
committed himself to a remarkable prophecy. He poiuted to the Scottish na*
tlonal standard (tho pink torn cat cavorting on a yellow blanket) and tbe stars
and stripes, which were intertwined on
the walle of the hall aud said he liked to
make predictions and pose as a prophet,
because nobody could tell whether he
was right or wrong. But the time was
approaching when those two flafzB united
would support the whole fabric of civilization." At auy rate It ie a notable
testimony to the tremendous influence
which even tbe smallest nation, if it be
of the right stuff, can bave upon "the
whole fabric of civilization." Even
Greece has hardly exercised a greater
influence upon civilization tban Scotland. The United States ehould feel
A Depraved "Noblewoman" Pays
For Her Vileness.
London, Nov. IL—Lady Violet Beau
champ will havo Lo pay Mrs. Julia Watt
*?5,000 damages for libel, but practically
for alienating the affections of Mr. Watt,
The verdict endB ono of the mist interesting and sensational suits of its kind
It has set society agog. Mr. Watt admitted having employed detectives to
watch her husband. That he wae
'•gay Lord Quex," appeared from one of
the detective's reports which read, "We
hope soon to have the evidence you d
elre because Mr. Walt hae been making
love to one of our young detectives."
In explaining why she went driving
with Lady Violet Mrs. Watt said she
was afraid her husband might turn her
out of the house if she didn't "receive
Lady Violet, She had written Lady
Violet's husband, Sir Reginald Beau-
champ to take his wife away,"
In answer to Sir Reginald's petition
for divorce Lady Violet had admitted
"frequent indiecrolions with her husband's associates." To the jury counsel
for Mrs. Watt said It was Lady Violet
who led Mr. Watt astray. Both were
bankrupt in character and the only way
to punish them was through their common pocket, and that its what the jury
At twenty minutes to Ihe o'clock on,
Friday afternoon Mr. Samuel Clay, the
well-known High S reo*. merchant, who
has been ailing seriously for soma time
back, passed peacefully away to eternal
rest, surrounded by tile Borrowing family. Mr. Clay took to his bed a few
weeks ago owing to a severe attnek of
rheumatism complicated with oilier all
men Is, and he gradually grew worse,
until, a wouk ago it was quite apparent
tbat there was no hope of recovery.
Mr. Clay was a native of tbe south of
England, and bad ho lived to Christmas
would have rounded out hia seventieth
year; he was Ot) years nnd 11 months old
at death. The boh of Methodist clergyman, Mr. Clay received a good general
education, which, united to a natural
Intelligence considerably above tbe
average, made him a mosc interesting
He was a great reader and student,
and his abilities as a writer or verse
were not surpassed hy any Cuinulinn
post, ns the em-cull original poemB of
IiIb published in The Leader from time
to time amply proved. He wroto poelry
because he could not help it, aud not
for a possible couple of dollars.
He wiib a keen observer of public al
fairs and took a lively interest in them
up to the Inst, in Victoria ho vat*
known to all classes, and exerted qnilen
powerful influence in electlona there.
Mr. Clay tried his luck in thu Cariboo
gold fields on first an iviut* in tho province, and was fairly eucce,Esftil. Me
Iheu wenl into businces iu Victoria on
Jtiliuson street, where ho was csliibliBh-
ed for many years.
He was one of tho first lmm.hnnle to
open a store in Ladysmith, aud lie was
always a staunoh advocate of Lady
smith's interests. Ho leaves a widow
and tix children, two eons and four
Tho funeral took place at Victoria on
Sunday, tho remains being taken down
on the morning trail). Mr. A. Hilbert
of Nanaimo Inul charge of the funeral
arrangements. The Louder unites wiih
the many friends of the family in an expression of deep regret on their bereave
Rev. K. G. Miller conducted the eer-
vlcec. The following acted as pull-hear-
era: W.T. Hardaker, J. Meldrum, J.
Nicholson, Geo. Peiikith, II. Noble and
II. Smithurst.
Smart Yankees Get Ahead of Captain
"I ordered gasoline and they sent mo
kerosene, the miserable sharks of Van
TIidb spoke Captain Macleod, owner
of tbe swift vapor launch, "The Leader,'1
after a Bninil nt the tnnk forward,
"Yes, by all the gales nt thc Horn, itV
kerosene, Ihe crudest, unrtfiued uxlo
greaee you ever oaw, and 1 can't uso it
at all."
"Any difference In price, Captain ?"
asked an innocent bystander.
"Difference I You bet there's a differ
ence, and the  Yankees hnve got
the difference in their pocketB. Well
boys, its a long time since I let. anybody
do me us bad as this, hut I guet-s you
need to be around right quick after sun-
up to keep sight of Ihe Yankees in »
deal of any sort."
And it took tbo Captain au I Mr.
Wenborn, the machinist, two whol
days to take that engine apart and clean
out the keroBcne from thu tubes and
joints, After this operation the little
craft ran beautifully up aud down the
direct from llie NORTH POLE enys
John Frost has started ponth with
thn heaviest Hoe of chills seen in
this country in half   a   century,
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallpaper, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
There is Comfort In Our floods
I'lvi'ry thine to liirnisli a home In   X
modest or elahortte style.    Write   "*
(or our Urge cateloftue (free) illustrated and priced (a store in itself).
Fault's Photo Studio
At, Lndysmlth. Opan until after Pay
l)iy, Monday, Nov. 17th, the last day on
ffhich wo will take pictures. Cloudy
weedier 'not as good as fine. Brooches
nnd Buttons, 76a., 11.00 and 11.50, ac-
cordlng to size. All work guaranteed
llrst-cltiss end not to fade.
ifn Hotel
First-oloBB   accommodation;   excellent
table board.   The bar ie supplied
with   the  beet  wines,   liquors
aud cigars.
First Avenue,    Ladysmith, B. C.
Choicest Meats at all lies
Home Cured Bacon nnd Sausages
High Street,   :  Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. Snicddon, l'noi'.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobacco und Cigars, Candies, Null, l'ai-
try, Taffy and Silt Drinks, etc.
A. If, Gardom, Mannger.
Ladysmith, B. C.
Supplies regularly Choicest
Applet), Butter, Freeh Eggs, Ac,
at current market prices.
See thnt nil boxea of apples and butter
aie marked "S. S. I."   That means
first class quality.
The public nre requested   to  apply to
tbeir dealers for our produce.
G.W. Scott's Store
First Avenue,   i    :    Lsdyimith, B. C.
To tiie Citizens
A Bporfal mooting of LadyBmith Board
ol Trade will le held in liould's Mall on
Monday evenimr, November 10th. It is
earnestly nqiiestel that all citizens ol
Ladysmith attend this meeting when
matte, b t.f great Importance will be considered.
Not Responsible.
Notice is hereby given that the master, auenle or owiicib nl the Barque Antiope, iiowMii this port, will not be responsible for any debts contracted by
thu crew of sniil vcbphI.
Muster, lUtqtie Antiope.
7. O. O. P.
Meels every Wednesday evening nl v.joo'ciock,
Wellington lodge No. 2 K. ot P.
Mr ett every Friday in I. 0. 0. F. hall al
7:110 p.m.
D. GOURLAY, 0.0.
J. IV.   I.KvYIf*, Sec.
Manufacturers of all Winds ol
and teed li
Mouldings, Laths. Shingles, Etc.
A Ir-rj-e slock of thoroughly seasoned  " '
lumber—ist and-2nd class constantly on   ***
li-itut.   All  onlt-rs slrlcHy attended  to,
Quotations cheerfully given.
John W. Coburn,: |
Managing Dirkctor,
For the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
-00 TO-
Made and repaired.   All work
Guaranteed,    Inspection in-
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
At S. Christie,
Tax Sale Notice
fill! ADTOURN!*:n SAU* 01* LAND FOR
A unpaid taxes will take place oti Saturday,
the Stli tiny of November next.
Assessor, South Nnu-iimo District
October lSlh, 1902.
Bin* Stover-- nnd Heuters at the IKON
CASH STOKE, and yon can give
Jack Front thu Imperial Smite all
the time.
Artistic Job Printing at The Leader office
Cory S. Ryder
first Avenue, LADVSMITH. B.C.
Ladysmith Orangi Lodgi, No. 1768
meole in Nicholson's Hall, Pint Avenue,
every alternate Satnrdny In each month,
commencing first Saturday In October.
E,A. UUUUAltl), Sec.
Visiting Brethren are Invited (o attend,
St. Andnw's ft Calidonlan Soolity,
All persons of Scotlleb birth or ancestry are eligible for membership. Meet*
nigs quarterly. For all particulars address
NOTICE Is hereby given that *i»II unappropriated Crown lauds nltuated within the bniuiilnrle.i
ofthe following arena nre hereby reserved from
pre-emption, wile or other disposition, excepting
under the provisions of the mining laws (if. lhe
Province, for two yenm from tbe date hereof,
pursuant to the provisions of subsection ts) of
section 41 ofthe "l.ninl Act," as amended by
section 6 of the "Land Act Amendment Act,
tooi,"toeimble the Quatsino Power and Pulp
Company, Limited, to select therefrom timber
limits for wood pulp and paper manufacturing
purposes, ns provided by nu agreement bearing
date the aoth day of October, 190a, vir—
Sections 1, a, 3,10, ii.ii, 13,14 and 15, In Town-
ship •**; Sections, 4 5. fi, 7, 8, 9, is, 17 and 18, in
Township 31, Sections 1,11,12. i-, 14, .15, n, i\,
24, 25. aG, -27,34. 35 Slid 36, in Township 39; Sections 1, 2, 3,4. 9, 10, n, 13,14, is, :6, 21, 33, 24 35,
so, 35 and 36, in Township 37: Sections 2s, 20, 37,
-8i 33. JI. 35 and 36,111 Township 28: Sections 35
1036, inclusive, in Township 17; Sections 1 to 12,
Inclusive in Township iH; also Sections 37 to 16,
inclusive, iu Township 18; Section* 1 lo 36, tuctti-
Hive, 111 Towtiship 19; Sections 1.2, 11, 12, 13, 14,
nnd from as lo 16, inclusive, iu Township 26; Sections 4, 5,6 7,8, 9. ifi 17,18, «, 36, «, 34 and 35
In I own-ship 31, Sections 4, 5,6, 7 und R, In Township 33; Sections 1 to 36, inclusive, in Townsnlp
ui; Sections 1 toi_ inclusive, nml 13, 14 nnd 15,
nnd the southern hnlf of Sections 33 and 34, in
Township 9; Sections 5 aud 6, iu Township flj
Sections 10, 31 nud 32, 3,4,5, and 6, in Towtiship
4: the migranted laud in Township 1 if Township
13, except Sections 33 nml 3G; Sections 1 to 30, inclusive. In Township 13; Township 14; Sections 1
103,10and it, In Township 2; Sections 1, 2, n,
u, {4,15.2,1 nnd il, in Townsnip 16; also the foi.
lowing described piece or parcel of land, namely:
-beginning nt 11 point ou lhe prolongation of
Ute southern boundary of Township ifi, one mile
east ofthe south-eastern corner of Section 1, iu
1 ownshlp 16; theuce hi a southerly direction
nbout seven miles, or to a point one mile south
nud one mile west ofthe southern end of victoria
I,nke-thcifce cast two miles; Ihence north one
mile: thence east oue mile; thence north five
miles; Ihence east two miles; thence north out*
mile; thence cast two miles; thence north one
mile; thence east two miles, or lo the easterly extremity ofKalhleeil I,ake; theuce south half a
mile; thence east one mite; thence north one
mile; thence west one mile; thence north half n
mile; thence west ont mile nnd a half; Ihence
north bnlf a mile; thence west one mile; thence
north hnlf n mile: tlience west half a mile; theuce
north one mile; thence west one mile; thence
north two miles; theuce west along the south
boundary of Townships 12 aud 11 to thc Southeast Arm, and thence along Ihe shore of the
Southeast Arm, In a sonlbirlv direction, to the
southern extremity ofthe Arm, and thence north
to the place ol hegitmlug,
All of which said lauds are situated In Rupert
District, Vancouver Island.
,    ■ W. 8. CORK,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Lauds nnd .Works Department.
Victoria, II. C, 30th October, 1902,
"r-H1 TTTXT*if*l'*I,*_,'tl
Nanalmo, B. 0,
Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer
and Porter.
COLD STORAGE-I'lrsli-lass facilities
for the storage of meats, eggs, poultry,
vegetables, etc., etc, LADYSMITH LEADER.  NOVEMBER 1?. 1002.
Discount Sale
Commences Saturday, Nov. 8th, ends Nov. 29th.
20 per cent, reduction. Everything goes. Nothing
whatever reserved. All our immense stock—-Clothing,
Hats and Furnishings. We make this sacrifice in order
to turn our stock into money speedily. That's the why
of this sale. It's fair—it's square—it's an honest sale and
a money-saving opportunity.
Take your pick while tlie picking is good.
The CD. Scott Company, Ltd
Cash   "Clothiers,
Commercial Street,      IN A IN AI MO, B. C.
'. M Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
John Warn* maker, tlm multi-million*
aire merchant prince of Philadelphia
gave ae hia opinion the other day,on thn
subject of atlvertiding, and no mini io
the landcan apeak on that mutter .villi
more authority:
"There.iB only line way to advertise,
and that la to hammer you* name, your
location, jour hu'einesfl, eo eonafantly, no
persistently, bo thoroughly, into the people's beads that if they walk in their
sleep tbey would couBtautly turn their
heads toward your store, The news-
paper is your ben friend in spite of your
eritfciem, It helps to build up thn community which supports you. When tho
day comes that the newsp ipera are dend
the people are near the edge of I lie grave
witb no one to write their epitaph."
Time Table No. 45.
Trains leave Lidysmitb Southbound dally at 9,10 a.m.. and on Saturdays
Sundays aud Wednesday*; aHOtlp.ni.
Trains leave Ladys-nith Northbound ut 11.57 a.m. ami on Saturdays, Sundays
and Weduesilays alti.05 p.m.
Traina leave Ladyamiih lor Extension dully except Sunday alG a.m., 2 p.m.
I ;85 ami 10 p,m , ami ou .Sundays at 10 p.m.
Traffic Manager
Room in America For
Empire's Flag,
Smelting Works
Hard coal has arrived at Kingston aud
will be sold for $7 per ton.
Tbe township of Waters in Alumni
will be organised Into a muncipality.
Two Toronto men propose to establish
an automobile factory at Stratbroy,
A firmeiB association lias been or-
Kiniz.il at Alexandria for Glengarry
Kx-Aid. Hatlorau has been offered thb
labour nomination for mayor ot Brant-
Tbe total freight received at Dawson
this year waa over 5,000 tons In .xcesB
of last year.
Ageitta of tin- United States S'eel Trust
are trying to obtain Iron ore deposits in
Cape IJreton.
Thia morning a drop iu the temper**-
tun- put u  tnin|'orury stop to building
operttione in Winnipeg.
U is expected that the new una well**
iu I-i. ft x County will be supply In?
Windsor with fuel again In two weeks.
The Freemasons ol Manitoba ami the
N. W. T, will erect a mouunient at Winnipeg in memory of the late Very Kov.
Ht'flti O'JIeara.
Mr, AI fi til Mtl) iii.'nl, n well known
barrister, hihI late solicitor to tlm Treasury for the Ontario Government, bus
been arrested for the theft of $il,r>;)0
from lhe Ontario t-Liverumcnt. Stock
speculation is eaid lo havo been the can si
of Mr. McDougal's Bhortage.
::   We Print
Ij nereIy_A Reminder
Of the fact tlmt the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—nt very reasonable prices.
++sM.sH.il.H-H-H.|-H-l-l-l-l-;-l II j-
—Letter Ilciula
-Hill Hctils
—Not* llnuli
—Metuonraiidmn llca.la
—Business C.irili)
—Stock Cnrlill.i..l..|
—I.eiliil llliililm
—W.'ililiiiir liivi'iitii.tiii
—Fiineial Atiiioiincitieiils
— PttlnplilitB
—Window Uartla
Hiiving the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, wc produce only
the best work — Printing Hint nttracls
The Leader Job Room
i   Udysmlth, - B.C.
'************** H»l"l"l"1"H"l"l"l"! +++-H "H"H"!"t
'I'm) sale ol Itndi by tbt O. P. K.
tliiritis- Oiitobtir wat anuiuilly httvy
a.'«ri-aaiinB JilW 045 Ior 270,610 acres
iiimiiiit 145,571! toret lor 14(15,062 Id Oc
tober, 1001.
Oilier inspector! htvt liken similar
action wherever Dcceittry, tnd there il
now not a slot mat-hint in tht diitricti
In which complaint! wire lormerljr
Mr. Prelonttine will bt morn in it
minister of marine tnd 'liberie.. A
council meeting wai held (odty, but no
tinntiiiiiceiiienti were mtdt llttlutrdi.
Mr, l-ref.intaint will likely bt tworn in
on Monday.
In Winiliiir the Llcentt Commlsilon-
ert nf North Kstti pitted I bylaw
ukMinst the use of then m.chlri.s. All
the hotel keeper! look heed with tht
exception ul ill, who were MOh Uned
i-il nud coasli.
Attorney-Gentrtt Gibson rtlattdtht
appeal ol the lliitliii Columbia Perm!'
mi'iit l/Jiiii A Nnvlugi comptny tgainst
Hi. Iliniler, inspector of insurance lor
the province, debirring thli company
from doing buiinttt lo Ontario,
The director! ol tht Orow'i Neil Coil
company have decided lo nil I mtttlng
to aiuiioriM tht ctrrying out ol tht re.
orauninitlon plan. It wlll involvt the
in no of t'2,000,000 ol bmidi, tht proceed!
ol which will he bt used to develop
propertiei whioh the directors cooslilir
Notet by Ktmblcr.
Have ynu seen the new omit Winitoit
m putting ou the boys? Thty would
iIiikxIi. you.
M>s. Steven!ol lhe Lidyimilh it go-
in.- In pul up another fine building; it
will he mainly devoted to in tip-to-dtte
iiiiili-ilnhiiiK establishment (or Mr. I.E.
ll.llieri, now ol Naniimo. It will beon
l-'irst Avtuiin.
Tom Williami, the proipcclor, return
ml Irom the lull. Monday morning
humping a hie lick ol prttty-looklng
taitiplei ol ore for eome ol Ibt loctl mining men.
J. W. Mi'Ktntlt tnd Mr. Btilty, ol
Nanaimn, visited U.lysmlth Suntl.v
and were tlutply tmtied it Iht p[ojres.
Uilysniilli hai madt.
Another barber It looking lor I llanil
In Ladyimith. He It laid to bt in artist. Hit specialty ii tht Alphonn
to do the beet, tnd Wl do tht bnl wt
know i-Ltdytmit'i
London, Nov. 11,—Kdward Spenser
Beeily,emeritus professor i.f University
College, London, has written on "Pan.
Americanism" iu his maganliie, the
Poiitiviet Review, to this clf.ct—
'The British fl ig is out oi place nn the
American continent, whence it will hnve
to to before long. How bug will Can-
adt be content U) stand aloof from lhe
Stale eyelem, to which it naturally belong! 7 I am not sneaking of anuexa-
tion totho United Slate*, whicli ia neither desirable or probable, English
publicists, who nn) anxiously trying lo
persitatlo Ibemselvei that tho illonroe
doctrine la a guaranty of lhe stain., qui.
should mcililali'no the following opinion! once exprctssd by President Roobo
velt—'Aiiii-rit'tiiiH rrr>iml Ciiiiinlii.iis with
the goid-ntttiiretl coiidenccnelon lolt hy
freemen for men who arc not free,
Every true patriol, every man' and
Ittleimtn alike, looks forward to tie
dty when no l'luropi'tiii powor w ill hold
t (oot on American soil.'
"These words nro not empty swagger,
but eober truth. They ehould give n
offence to Englishmen, (cr tlio connection of Great Britain with Oauada Is au
ever-present anil uncompensated den-
gtr from which, if we nre wis.", wo will
lost no time in tryiug to iiiseiitiuiale
Thil trtlcle, beciuse ol tho wnte
rank at t classical scholar and positivisl
philosopher, is canaiiie; muoh comment.
The Leader printing office ie at tIncomer of French and First Avon ue,
Write or call nud gat prices and save
railway lares and freight on your printing. 	
Tbe crusade recently Instituted hy tho
license branch of tho Ontario Govern-
ment against slot machines has proved
effective. A short limn ago tbo depart*
ment received inf. mialiou lo the effect
that these machines were lu operation
lu several districts* and Instructions
were Issued to ttin Inspectors to take
proceedings agaiiiBtany hotelkoeperbav
log one ou his premises, witb thu remit
tbat many convictionB have been secured.
Tbat jib of printing you admin
much was dono by thu 1,-iuler.
,1 uo
<4JfK4:ft!4?H4'n.!4K!4%<4 ;W4 , J.***, Wrt.m
I   The Leading
J   Reviews
Nineteen Hi Centurv nml AtUr,
Conteniiitn,ir> Review, Im (-
nightly Kevlew, Westminster
Review,    l:ilinbiir*-lt    Kevlew,
Siurterl) Review, I tlucl>w coil's
dlnburgh ."ilu-.il/iiii-.
Btroitg,, Blerttng. timely, suggeHtlve
antt nulhorilive; juM w'h.it youwont
to know ofthe woiUs'tniii-^-exnclly
whnt yott need lo know; nudtolS
when yon want in kuow It- that's the
value ol'lhcsc levieivx l<> ynu. The
■lilfhl writers, Ihe most lunch did*
cn-tfilons: The sn ifiest presentation nf
the WOrlu-prohlCnii* of i he dny appear
every niontli in lhe pn-.es ol these
leuiUil*- reviews. These im Iln tjiijr.
llsh eililioiiH sold in Anicrlcnnl about
half price. Specimen copies s .11 free
tu miyoiiL- nn vw lie it, nml hi-iotii-nl
Imokict, loo, tin- the imkhiff.
Thfl Leonard .Woll PrdhlteotlonCn., 'f
Warren Al. New York City. B
9i'ik9i*Ji9.'iAPi^ Hi V *X: K<'. K ■'.***•" *. P>"'. ft
TRftoe Marks
Copyrights Ac.
qulnlil? itirorinln mir i.-iiiitn-i l'roit wliothei
Inwiitlnti In pi-i.ii'iMy |iii.;iiinlii,>.  t'dniiinuii.'ii
Uoniintrlcll'j'i'oiiHiti'mi'il. M:in.mi.i>l;i.ii P.it.-.nn
HntfreA- Olnoit saonoy loriociiriiiB patsuiii,
1'ntnilii Inheii lliriinuli Miinii A Oo, rocoive
Iptrloi nutlet, tfi-ll limit chnrm.', in the
Scientific American.
A hundiioniolr IHnslrnlPil w-noklv.   T.nri.-oril. dr-
t'liliittiin cf imv Meieiiiliif .t.iui-nnj.   Tt-rinit, t'l n
finirmmillii.H. Holdbyull iinn'Hi)i>nh<-fi.
IM, t» V HU W-r,hliiBUi" ll!
Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient
E. & N. or Sea.
Coal!   -   Coal!
j Wellington Colliery
* Company, Ltd.
Wellington Coal
Comox Coal—Iici
Alexandria Coal
hold eoal
Best household coal on the Pacific
t steam coal ou the Pacific Coast
-First-class gas, steam and house-
The above coals arc mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound,
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
Son   I-Ytmcissco Agency,
Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
j 340 Steuart St.
nd Seo Pacific
riaiipfontincnlal Passenger Train ruiiB
dally-, equipped with sinndard and
Tom ist Bleeping Cur.
Day Coaches and Colonist Gars
lowest Elates
Fastest Time
Tnnnd from Winnjppf*,, Toronto, Hnli-
fnx, Mont rent, boston, Nnw York,
Chicago and St. Paul, and all Eastern and Old Country points.
Km pami-lih'ts and all information apply
to nny O.l'.li. ngcut.
H. U. ADBOTr,      W. MtiGIRU,
■A«ent, Victor! ■.      Agent, Nanalmo.
V„ ,1  Cl i'U%
Asst. Uoul. Pass, A-i.'ut, Vancouver,
Flowers and Fruits.
TJAVt* you a garden? Arc yon fowl of fruit
l** mul llimt-r culture? Doyon want to "keep
postal" on the latest tlielhodsJ Then -tend one
dolhir In The Canadian Hortlculturltt, Griitn-
1')-. Ontilrio, nnd (*ei n monthly copy for a year
of the hiL'hest clmw horticultural luagaziut
plibllrthcd lu America
Brotherhood of Man.
VOU Hhniitd read "The New Century" pub-
1 lishcrt hy the t'nlvcrsnl Hrothcrhood, fpoitit
l.omn, Situ Ule-TO, Caltlbmla, and keep In touch
wiih the most advanced thought of modem
times, livery line lives with human interest.
Opinions of tin- best thinkers, He In touch. Two
Dollars 11 year. Wrile for free sample eonv.
Beautifully illustrated. ¥'
Tie Mf Post-imdfiptf
SiiHIi, With.
Nobody can nflordto be without It. All the
lelegmphlciicwsof lhe week. Farm, field, gnr-
ileii, s-wrt. stx-lety. Deantiful ilhistrntlotin and
linlf tones,   Sample copy 011 application,
All For Om Dollar 1 Yur.
Pun.nl Director.
Prompt Httpntlon givtn to ill calls, right
or day. Long Distance telephone No, 124
Bastion St., Nanalmo, B.C, LAD-SMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 12. 1902.
Two or three
pointers, in fact!
There's just as much difference in suits as
In the men who wear them. Some men
are just it little behind the limes, others
just n little ahead ofthe times. Ditto
If you want the snappiest, up-to-date,
single or double breasted anil to be hnd,
you'll find it here.
$10.00, $12.50, $15.01) to $20 00
Come iu to-day. Try oue of our suits nud
"match us if you can."
Tramps and pedlers are beginning to
put in an appearance in L-i lysmith
pretty frequently now. Most of them
say they have tramped it from Nanaimo.
Fine tailoring at moderate coat te the
motto of Caldwell, the Nanaimo artist-
cutter and fitter.
[£ The local Caledonians meet tonight in
the Leader office to have a "crack" on
bueineBB and otber matters. All Scots,
not members qf tbe Society, are alao cordially invited,
We are pleased to announce to you
that we are again going to hnve another
Pumpkin Contest thia coming Christ'
mas, which is less than two months
away.   Lively, the Jeweler.
Ranchers on the Chemainus road will
have to use the old skid road for part ot
tbeir trip to Ladysmith, for the rest of
the winter, as there ie now no chance oi
any more money to finish the new road
A general meeting of Ladyamith Caledonian & St. Andrew's Society will be
held in the Leader oflice Wednesday
evening Nov. 12th at 8 o'clock. All
members and resident Scote invited. T,
L. Grahame, secretary*treasurer.
Captain Macleod wishes The Leader to
extend cordial farewellstoall Ladyemith
friende he did not see before leaving.
Tbe captain will return wben he bns
made bis fortune in Tierra del Fuego, etc.
Kindly remember that every dollar's
worth purchased in our store entitles
you to a gue3B at tbe number of seeds in
the Christmas pumpkin. The cloBeet
guesser getting the first prize, and so on
until the prizes are given away. At
Lively's, the Jeweler,
That article iu The Leader ties crlbtns
Captain Maclend's gold hunting expedition brought the hearty old salt over
twenty applications from Nanaimo alone
from people simply crony to accompany
the captain to the El Dorado. Moral :—
advertise In Tbe Leader if you want to
reach the people of this great district.
TO THE PUBLIO,-Tbe underalgneil
have decided to keep their barber (-mops
closed all dny Sunday from this date
on, but will remain open until midnight.
Saturdays for accommodation ol patrons.
Phea Evans, Gatacre Street; 1. 0.
Winston, High Btreet Shaving Parlors.
It's Stove Time
Interesting letter of "Citizen," is unavoidably held over until Saturday,
Caldwell, the Nanaimo tailor, is show-
ini! a rare solection of tweeds and cloths
for wintor wear.
It was pay day at the Binelter last Saturday, hence the pleasant smiles.
Indiana and scientists predict a hard
winter. Get Inside one of those comfortable suits Caldwell of Nanaimo can
build you.
It is a masquerade ball, not a dance,
aa the Leader was informed tbat the local lmli'e of Rath bone SisterB will hold
on the eveuiug of tlie 17th, instant.
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladysmith Friday, Saturday
and Sunday of thia week. Dr, Moody
will make regular visits io Ladysmith.
Office at Nicholson's Hall. Victoria
office, Old Postofflce building.
Mr. Samuel Clay's funeral took place
from Hannah's undertaking establishment, Victoria, on Suuday, and was
largely attended,
Books 1 Books 1 Just recoivcil, a big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well prinled and cheap. Call
and look them over. Al Jeseiip'a Pharmacy. 	
LanyBiuith'a Finlander population
bold religioua eervices every Sunday
afternoon in a private houee in the town,
aud they are always well attended, The
great majority of the Finns nre Lutherans. Tbey hope soon to build a lino
church. _________
Government Agent Thomson has
been sending out Iub niinual valentineB
to the property owners in tbo _hape of
ti*x papers, bnBed on the recent aeaesB-
ment, The general opinion is that
Ladvsmith property ie pretty nearly as
good as gold.
FOR SALE—*A good paying business
on High street, cheap. Also house and
lot, good well. Ot'cupanls leaving nn
account nf ill health. Apply to T, U.
McICenelly, High street restaurant.
Steps were taken at a meeting held in
The Leader office last night to form a
literary aud debating, or rather, a mutual improvement society for Ladysmith.
The club starts with a good meuiberahip.
Bo sure to go early and get a good prat
foi the grand concert in First Presbyterian Church nextTnesday night, Begins
at s sharp. Admission 251*.; children
ioc.   Best talent in town will be heard.
An entertainment te b.ing given in
the Methodist Church on Friday even
ing. Besides vocal and instrumental
selections the pastor will give an address, illustrated liy 50 beautifully col
ored viewH iti a limelight stereopliconi-
on "Round the world in SO minuteB.
Refreshments will be Borved.
Several citizens have mentioned to
The Leader lately that it would not bu a
bad idea to found a branch of tbe society
for the Prevention ol Cruelty to Animal*-)
in this town: not that tbere is any pice
sin,; need of it at present, althomjli it if
pointed out that there are one or two
drivers who require instruction in th
art of horse management, but the prof
pects are good for work before long. The
Suciety, however, can rest assured that
thero are plenty of walfihera hero in thu
interests of the dumb nuimale; peraous
win) would have no hesitntion whatever
in interfering, even to the extent of pro-
seen tion ou their own responsibility.
Terrible Experience of a Schooner'
Tho biir American Bcliooncr Ottilal'ed-
ersen was bound from Whatcom to
floniikone with a cargo of 000,000 feel
of lumber, and on O.tobsr 5th, when 000
miles off the ciiaetot Japan, lost her rudder in a gale and began to limit. The
leak was kept down by the crew, but the
vessel,'according to First Male S-hH-
drop was entirely unmanageable without
a rudder and went over on her biam
ends. There was Immediate prospects
of the big schooner foundering, wheu
tbe American gunboat Princeton put in
an appearance and took off Captain Hanson and his nine mon. Had the Princeton herself not been suffering from some
little disability , Bays Mate Scheldrop,
she would have taken tho schooner in,
tow for Nagasaki, but under the circumstances the Pedersen and her cargo had
to be abandoned. Tbe Princeton landed
the men at Nagasaki on O-Hober 10th,
One of the crew was John T, Lukey,
brother of Mr R. J. Lukey, foreman of
The Leader composing room, and formerly a resident of Nanalmo, Mr, R, Lukey
has been greatly relieved to learn that
thecrewof the Pederson were safely landed at San Francisco by the U. S. transport Sheridan, from Nagasaki, a day or
two ago.
Tinsmith, Plumber, Hardware, Stoves,
W. J. Sloan, agent of tbe GreatNorth
em Express Co,, Westminster, is in jail
charged with embezzling $800 of the
Company's funds. He admits that he
lost $600 in a Vancouver house of ill-
fame, Moan is one of thu best rifle shots
in the province. He receives preliminary hearing Saturday.
Largest Gathering Ever Held In
The seating accommodation in Gould's
hull was taxed almost to ita limits on
Monday night when tbe Ladyemith
Board ol Trade met the citizens and
rendered an account of the business
done for the benclit of the town for
eight or nine months past. Mr. V, II.
Marshall, president of the Biard of
Trade, was unanimously voted to the
chair, Mr. James Freel acting as secretary, The gathering was or tbe most
representative kind, all classes in the
community being Btrongiy represented.
The chairman in opening tbe proceed*
ings said there bad been a lot of criticism of the Board's actions, but so farae
ho hnd ever heard, no advice as to how
the Board should mend its evil ways.
He and Ilia colleagues on the Board,
then present, would be delighted to hear
tbere and then juat what it was that the
critics referred to bad to uay. He wae
sorry that there had beeu bo much criticism and bo very little advice or pecuniary assistance in carrying on the work.
Personally be could say that if the people were not satiefle'd with tbe way in
which bo had acted he was perfectly
willing to step down and outright there.
Now was the time for the critlcB lo express their views; far better tban doing
that sort of thing n tho etreet coruere.
He would like to hear wbat they wanted
lone.   (Applauso).
Mr. John W, Cobnrn, chairman of tbe
Cemetery Commissioners, then inform*
ed the meeting rb to whnt bad been
done regarding the cemetery, and aleo
stated that hu personally had assumed
responsibility for the Bitfe keeping of trie
tire hose, obtained with great dfflleulty
(or the protection of the town, It wae
worth $1,500. The people bad b»en
iirkel to contribute to insure that hose,
bnt nobody responded; nobody Beamingly took the slightest interest iu tbe
mattor. Mr. Coburn then »aid that the
Board had done it. best in regard to all
the other questions affecting the town;
the completion of the waterwoke.asthey
knew, had been delayed owing to the
Btiike in tbo steel works at Pittsburg,
In conclusion he a ked for an expression
of opinion on the matter of the cemetcr;
as the criticism from soron quarters in
that regard had bci-n altogether too
Mr. Cory S. Ryder moved, seconded
by Mr, W. Kerr, that a vote of thanks he
tendered to the Board of Trade as a
body for the BtepB taken regarding the
cemetery and in getting tire hose for the
p-oteclion of the town. Carried unanimously.
The chairman then cordially invited
all present to become members of tlm
Board of Trade; the election "of officers
would take place in February, and tbey
could then elect whomsoever they pleased to nerve. Ho then neked if any present wiehed to ditctiss the matter of
incorporation, which had been talked a
good deal nbout lately,
Mr. Cobnrn said be would like to ask
if there were not three genllouum In the
houso who would ho willing to net ns
collectors for the cemetery fund, and
Mrsers Wilson, Hair up nml Freel vo
Inntered to do bo. They will wait- upon
the people at once soliciting aid for the
In reply to a question from Mr. Ryder,
Mr, TbomBon a-iid he was not prupured
to give i-uy exact ttatn regard in ft Ladyemith aseeBBtnciit, as thu roll was not
yet completed, lie would he glad to do
so when lhat wns done,
Mr. Ryder was anxious to ascertain
the latenble value of LadyBmith before
proceeding with incorporation talk, "He
was in favour of aeeing Mr, Dunsninir in
regard lo having the properly re**,Btored
iti lhe name of the purchasers. Mr.
Thomson pointed out that thii! would
mean having to give the people lhe deeds
aud then taking a mortage, which would
be aim ply out of the question.
Mr. Coburn uiovod. seconded by Mr.
T, L. Grahame,tbatacommitteeof three
be appointed to look iuto the matter of
incorporation and to report at a subsequent meeting. This wns carried and
MeBBrs. A. J. Kitto, barrister, Colin
Campbell aud T. L, Grahame were ap*
pointed to act.
Mr. L, T. Grahame said that he had
found very many in favour of incorporation, but was also aware that there was
a strong feeling against it in some quarters,
Mr, Cory S. Ryder, hb an ox nldornmn |
of Cumberland, then give a very Inter*
estitig Btatcment of thesuccrss attending
the operation of that corporation. Incorporation there had increased hiataxt-e
only 76a,,and tho benellts derived by the
ratepayers far more than compensated
for even that small Increase. He did
not think tbat any very large proportion
of tho people here were against Incorporation. The people bad only to havo
the benellts to be derived pointed out to
vote for it unanimously.
An interesting discussion then took
place on the question ol a public wharf
the chnirmau pointing out what tlie
Board bad done iu the matter, The
Chief Commissioner bad promised that
the Government would build a wharf
here if proper representations were made
from tbe people of Ladysmith.
Mr. Ryder nioveiL seconded by Mr. D.
Nicholson, that a committee of three be
appointed to handle tbe matter of tbe
wharf, and Messrs Ryder, Nicholson
and B. Forcimmer were appointed.
Mr. A. S. Christie then told about his
interview with Hon. Mr. Wells at Victoria regarding the wharf, saying that-
Mr. Welle distinctly declared that the
people of Ladysmith could have a Government wharf if they wanted it.
Tbe meeting tlu-u adjourned to meet
again at the call ol the chair.
The Leaders Romp Away From Cow
ichan's Good Team.
—For Sale by JOHN BICKLE	
Victory perched upon the banners o
the newly-formed Lidysmitb Leaders
Association Football team in their match
with the well-known Cowichan aggregation of dumpling chasers at Duncan on
Saturday afternoon in presence of a
large andjenthusiaetic gathering of poo
pic. The visitors found tbe Cowtchnne
easy enough, although the Ladyemiths
played only ten men the first half, and
at half time had ouly oue goal to 0 in
their favour.
The Loaders kicked off and bored the
leitther.ittto the enemy's defence in a
way that made the latter tired. The
home defence had hard work all the
time, the Lenders refusing to let up.
The sphere waB continually in front ol
thu Cowichan posts. The Cowichan de
fence did good work in stopping tbe
rushes of tbe Leader forwards. Clark
after lively times, managed to punt the
pudding into the net, scoring first goal
amidst chceri.
The Leader goal keeper forgot to take
down Marie Corelli's latest novelette,
"How to be happy though unemployed," but held up the goal pouts for or-
cu pat ton while surveying the battle
from alar. Tbe defence of the visitors
dlsciiFsed politics nnd the latest rules of
ping pong while tbe forwards kept the
mofquitoes oil' the home defence nnd
goal keeper. Leahy, the Leaden-;' goal
keeper has filed a protest, as be never
once touched the ball.
At tbe commencement of lhe second
half Ihiugs brightened up a bit, and the
CowichaiiB began to look dangerous
Leahy had to fold bia camp stool and
put hie thinking cap in his pistol pocket
for a fow miuules, as tho ball came with
u rush, and hut for his excellent quick
work there would havo been a goal for
the home. The pill was speedily reject
ed and tired back to where it belonged.
Somo very pretly and clever work wae
done by both sides before Ladyemith
(.cored again. Tomtit McMillan ohlig*
iug with a nice twill kick in the right
place. Then, after more guod work
I.mly Hiii ith scored nipiin, in-iking Ihe
ii.'ni c 3 and an oatrich egg iu favour of
tbe vinitorn.
For tho rest of tho game the Leaders
were gtnta of leisure, anil'when time
wae culled they pranced off with another well earned victory to Iheir credit,
Ladysmith played fine ball all the time,
helng steady, uneelfieli, and working
well in combination. If anybody deserves special mention and praise for
consistent and faithful work it is Tom
McMillan. Ho has ths makings of a
brilliant player, ami will bear watching
closely. Tne Leader balk-vis be will yet,
show up as one of B. C's finest expon
ents of the game.
'For the home team full credit is due
to Stanhope aud Mutter for their capital
work. 'Their team lacks combination
and their defence might be stronger.
The Cowichaua will play a return
match on tho bunker giounds, Ladyemith, on Saturday, the 22nd Instant,
Following will be tbe home team:
Goal. Leahy; Full hanks, J. Adam, T.
O'Connell; half backs, J. Campbell, J,
Eno, C, McMillan; forwards, T. McMillan, T, Burns, W. Clark, A. S-ilton,
Linesman, A. Smith.
Str. (Julio Bulled   fir  Sin   Francisco
atly Saturday inuruing wiih 50110 tons
of Weliiut!ton coal.   She may re'um for
Jt-her load tn thie port, hut If not she
goe-" to Portland to load lumber for Man-
i to lhe O'der of  tin*   LTniied  Siatcs
Vapor launch "L"inbr" went down to
Viclorlaont.hu ilnvits uf tbe steamer
(Jiiiii, her owner, Captain Macleod, and
bio toil Uejigt-, going with her. She
was to he (ill. off in the etmite, whence
the captain and his Bon would sail into
British ba-qna Antiope, Capt. George
E. Murray, Bailed for the Hawaiian Islands ou Sunday, after the slight difficulty with tbe underwriters regardiug
the overload had been ml justed to the
satisfaction of all concerned.
Str. Boscowitz arrived for coal on
Tuesday morniug on  he-*,  way  north.
Barge J, C. Potter left for Juneau on
Monday in tow of the tug Lome, with
full cargo of coal.
Str. Tellus arrived from San Francisco
on Sunday, und is now}loading conl for
the same port.
There is an abundance of snow in the
mountains and thie morning the C.P.R.
ei-iit outa enow plough toclearthe track
At Yale three feet of snow fell yesterday
ami fully ns much at North Bend. In
Iuimloopa tbe sleighing is good, between
Bix and eight inches have fallen. The
Pacific express was reported seven houro
late this afternoon. Tlie train reached
the Pacific division ten hours behind
The Rosella Hydraulic Mining and
Development Company, Limited, of
(lasslar. will hold lie first annual dinner
on Friday next at the Dnflas hotel VJo
torla. Vice-Admlral BIckford, the mem
betB of the government and of tho local
legislature residing In Victoria, His
Worship the Mayor and many of the
business men of tbe city are on the Hat
of guests.
Tenders for Ties
Tenders will be received by the un*
designed up to tbe 25th instant for IB,-
000 hewn ties to be d-livered on tbe hue
of the EGquiimlt and Nanaimo Railway
or on the Trantfer wharf at Ladysmith
in accordance with specifications to bo
seen witb the section foremen or at railway stations.
General Superintendent.
M. HOWE, Proprietor.
If yon are fond of tender, juicy steaks,
cbopB or j'lints, I can supply you.
Try My Delicious Sausage
made by newest electrical machinery
from choicest materials.' These Bausages
are unsurpassed in tho province. One
trial will convince ynu.
The City Market
R. WII,!, I AM SON, Trop.
Meats i Vegetables
First Avenue, : Ladysmith, B.C.
JmioniE Wilson, Piiop.   NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Hdom llrook-'in   Vnlukuvla,
The B*:st Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO.B.C.
In the Mutter ol the WaterClaus-
es Consolidation Act, 1897, and
Amending; Acts,
And In the Hatter ol the Lady
smith Water Company, Ud.
NOTICE is liereliy given thatl'applica-
Hon will be made to a judge of Ibe
S11 ursine Oonrt of Britieli Columbia at
the Court House, Victoria, B.C., at 10 HO
o'clock lu the forenoon, on Satuitlay,
the 2!llh day of November, 11102, or so
soon thereafter bi the Applicant can be
heard on behalf of the Lailysmilh Water
Company, Limited, lor leave to construct, maintain and operate a water
works system to supply water to tbe Inhabitants of the nnincorpoiated locality
In and abont 1,'ulvamlth, In the County
nf Nanalmo and for purpose! neceuary
and Incidental (hereto.
This notice wai published on October
-'•"uli, 11102. for (he Bret lime.
Solicitors f jr The Liiilysmlth
Water Co., Ud
Victoria, B, O,, Oot, 28rd, 11)02,      lit,
Mr, F. HcB, Young went down to Vie*
torla on Monday morning'! train on !m<
porUnt legal buaintni.
Ir. Clermont Livingiton, general
manager ol tlie Tyee Copper Company,
came up lrt.it. Duncan 011 Saturday to
visit, the smelter. Hu returned on the
evening train.
Mr. B. J. Mc Mahon, formerly report-
er nn lhe Nanaimo Free i'rees, hai re-
turned to that paper aa editor, incceed-
ing Mr. R. J. Burde.
Mr. Alex Faulds of Sinlh Wellington
visited Ladyimith on Saturday.
Rev. Father Verbeke bai returned
from a ehort visit to Victoria.
School Inspector S. B. Netl erby ii in
the city inspecting the City School! today.
Mr. A. J. Kitto, barrister, arrived
irom Victoria on Monday's expreie and
return! on this evening's train.
Mj-. F. 1). Little came up irom Vhtoria
00 Monday's expresi and went on to
A neat letterhead or billhead witb
your name, addieas and Iniiinesi, it a
good advertisement.
Is the limne that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection In Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
.   Nanaimo. B. C.
Visitors from Ladysmith and district
will lind in this well-appointed house all
tbe home comlorts. Lunches for lady
shoppers a specialty. Terms atrictly
moderate, Servicj and cuisine firet
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, md Mgr.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH,    .     -        Proprietor.
Graduate of I'tiihi-Ji'lplii-i  Dental College ami
Hospital ol Oru! Surgery.
Old Post Office Hii I Mine,
(lovcrnitit-nt St., (Upstair*)
Phone 380A, Office, VirWla' R C
"    37SA, Residence.     VlCTOIia-i 0,-U
Dr. Moody visit--. I.iulysmltli every FrUluy, Satur-
tlay nud Sunday.   OfKeo, Nicholson*!* Hall,
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
Ship'. Work ■ Specialty.
Horse-sluicing; In nil lis lirnnclies. Parol In,.
likiiiiiits repaired. Miners' Tunis caiefiijly
sharpened anil lemur-red.
Buller Street, -        Ladyamith
ALL SIZKS. 6It,, fo,*_5j nil., J2.35. Lance
tooth W.V.-H, --.ft,;-I,. ft,;4*\., and 5. It. Also ammunition and nil sizes of Ileal Bros' Miners,
Drivers' Lamps and Cap- to bc had ut
Opp. K. & N, Station, Nuwiimo, II. C.
Mailili-and Granite MoiiumeuU,
Tablets, Crosses, lite, l-^lhuates
and DeHigiis given au Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For  I'irtit Clans work
Shaving Parlor*
High Street,
flair cutting anti Beard
trimming a Specialty,
Ih now prepared to give lessons on the plana and
violin.   All applications for tuition con he left at
W. H.  Lively'! Jewelry Store 0
:i SICKLE'S HOUSE       .1
■■■■■•■■'■■ i -ontoe mi-i.      *
Ladysmith Leader
* H-M^H-l■< 111111111 llll-l !■♦
A flood 7-Roomed House lor
Stle.   Apply to
*********************4*4*\ ■
VOL. II. NO.  I'-lS.
See yourself well clothed and shod and you cau defy the wet.
Also a large and varied nesortmeut of
always on hand.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street, ■ ■ Ladytmlth
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Finest Comox 35c per lb,
14 & 28 lb. liox Creamery 28c.
Choice Dairy Tubs 24c.
Canadian.       American.
Spanish.      Swiss.
Holland,     Uiuburger.
Hams and Bacon
Queen's   Upton's.
Canadian American
A,R Johnston & Co,
Oeneral Merchants.
Win. Beverldge, Prop. '*[
Thli new hotel hai beon comfortably liiriilslittl nml the bur ie up lo .lute.  ;.
Beat accommodation lor transient anil permanent hoarder! and lodgers.   '*',
•    Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards. |
Ths Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. G. §
■v;w.-.wv.v.vwi*i". ?
Canada's Greatest-Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance, of the North-West
ARE   VOU   INSURED?     » not
get insured at untie Iur It may be
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD tnd RELIABLE Companies and
can insure yoa at a moment'i notice al
the loweit possible ratei, All lending
companion charge the eame ratei, Don't
be milled Into insuring with a cheap
company -it might be detr in the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
;P.;0. Drtwer 3D, Nanalmo. B. 0.
We are not going to wait until the season is over
4 ,, witUoiir Raincoat bargains, but are coming right out
4        with them now.
Read through the list carefully and perhaps wc will
be able to save you money.
1;   3 Ladies' Cravenette "Raglan" Waterproofs, Latest Style,
* Rainy Day Price, $10.00
6 only Men's Blue Cloth Covered Waterproof, all sizes,
Regular $15.00; Rainy Day Price, $10.00   J
3 only Ladies' Waterproofs, with capes,
Rainy Day Price, $2.50
j'■* 3 only Girls' Heavy Black Waterproofs, yoked back,
"Raglan Cut,"      Rainy Day Price, $4 00
3 Girls' Waterproof Fawn.   Special Quality.    All sizes.
Rniuy Day Price, $3 50
i] i 3 Girl's Waterproof in Blue aud Grey,
Rainy Day Price, $3.75
2 _ Another consignment of "New Home" Sewing Machines—the
,: J best machine on this earth.   Call and talk Sewing
, '■* Machi ie with lis.
I r_asonic|*Jock,   Ladysmith
■ **- -"■
^i|:i tj> <|> t*|> <|> <jf> *$> •» *j> *•& rf|> »|>!{i«t' 't* «t« »t' "it* 't* 't' i|:<^^^^^
Abtolatoly tbt Sunt ttl sold in B.O, II yon do not know
tbls ask our ouitomer!. Or better still try one pound SO...
Impoited directly Irom Deokajulie Tea Hardens. Oiily
oureeivei between the grower and you. Your second order
will be 5 pouudi, price 12.26.
W. T. Heddle A Co.
Ml. Delivered Pi
al Ladyamith.
; Press Block,      ^PZ£2SAfm Nanaimo
Get the Best Work |WINDSOR_HOTEL
Estimate! cheerfully furnlihed on anything you may nted in tbt line of paint*
ing, pnperhanglng. wall tnd celling decorating. The Stir Paint Shop, High
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member InslllHtloii of Htcclrtcnl I'tigliiecrs
Consulting Electrical Engineer
P. 0. Box 157
BEAK-Oan't help but be
iniokt t Prinlnot,
when you
rl.rrl.ters, Solictor, and
Ollice: Oddfellow.' Bulldlnt, Robert. 81.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain tnd fancy bread. Oakei tnd pas
tries ol all deicriptioni. Fruitt In
Thil old-Established, First-Class and
Popnlar Hotel le most com fori ably fur-
nlibed, centrally situated, lino meels
trains, Exoellent Cuisine. Bar itoekrd
with the flneBt wines, liquors anil clgare.
JOS. FOX,       -       -        Proprietor,
Lota In block! 21). HO anil 31. Also
Hotel Site, 120,120 leet. Also lots. I and
2 blook 48,1(150 tlio two.
Applv to
Sols Aim in
South Africa.
Chamberlain's Sole Object.
London, Nov. I4.—In the debate over
tit. additional * 10,0(10,000 for the Transvaal aud Orange River Colonies Colonial Secret any Chamberlain deprecated
pessimism over South African affairs,
He said that the fact that tbe Boer prisoners would all he repatriated this year
exceeded the most sanguine expectations.
He declared that hia sole desire in going
to Hoiuh Africa was to bring together a
kindred people. Generals Botha and
Dolarey, and ex -President Schalkburg-
er were present at the debate.
A Fruitful Vine.
London, Nov. I4.—A Naples despatch
to the Daily Mail eays:— A petition signed by 3,000 persons has been presented
to tbe Italian Government asking tor a
pensiouol £72 per annum to be conferred
on a woman by the name of Maddulena
< i ran ett a, who had given birth to sixty
t-ro children—fifty nine bojs and three
gi He—-during her married life.
In nine years she presented ber husband with eleven sets of triplets, three
groups ol ijiiuiliiipletB, one group of six,
and the other eleven children came singly.
She ie now fifty-seven years old and
incapable of work.
Mascngni's Troubles.
Boston, Nov. H).—1'ietro Mascagni, the
composer-conductor, who was arrested
Saturday night on a mesne process. In a
en it brought by hie former managers.
Mittenthul lime., was released after a
hearing in the superior court today, on
$4,000 bonds, which he furnished himself. Mascagni Immediately retaliated
by sueing the Mitlenthale for $60,000
damages for alleged false arrest. It is
said that Mascagni will resnme hie tour
in this country as head of an orchestra
ol his own, aud under a new manager.
Rome, Nov. 10.-Tbe arrest of Mas*
cu'til, th** I'tiliuu compoter. at Boston
has caused an unpleasant Impression ard
much indignant comment. The papers
ask if, in view of the personality of Mascagni, his arreBt could not have been
avoided, and enquire what would have
bten said in the United Statee if Mark
Twain had been arrested in Rome for
law-breaking through ignorance.
Melta Was too Yellow.
Melbourne, Nov. li. —The Chamber
of Commerce at a meeting v-'fterday adopted a ref-oimlon to the effect that
while the people appreciated the kind-
ness of iielba, they strongly resented
the extravagant terms used in her ap
peal to the wealthy people of Europe
and America for the relief of tbe suffer*
erB by drouitht, Mme, Melba was horn
in Melbourn.
Canada to be Wirelessed.
Seattle, Nov. 14,—A special to tbe
.'oat*Intelligencer from Viotoria, eaya:
J. N, GreenBhielda, solicitor of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, now
here, announced to-day that tbe company is ahour. to establish a system uf
wireless telegraphy across the Dominion
of Canada, connecting Victoria with
Cape Breton.
Ships to Be Sent to Pacific Coast
The Canadian Bank
—OP —
Head OH)no, Toronto, Ont.
Capital Paid Dp 18,000,000
Rest 2,000,000
Hon. l inn, A. Cox, President.
B. E. W.m.kkr, General Manager,
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
A. *_. C. M..
'Taln't so.
London, Nov. 11.—Mayor Pliejan, o(
San Francieco, wrltei to tlio Daily Telegraph denying ronortiot bubonic plni-ii",
and lay! hii city ie the hcaltlilsst in the
ARTI8TIC PRINTING 1-Wo kiio* how
to do ihe best, and we do Ihe beat, we
know:—Ladyimith Leader.
Tcnclier of I'iano and Harmony, la now forming
classes in l.tulvsuiltli for tuition once . week.
micnilitigimp".ple.seallot Tbit job of printing you admired lo
W.H.Livtly'i Store, Plrtt Avenue ™oh wu dont by f_. Ltadtr,
German Naval Policy.
Berlin; Nov, I4V—The Imperial marina
minietry hai decided to assign levertl
cruiser! on tbe Pacific cottt of North
tnd South America, when veseelt now
being completed become tvtiltble. The
Weitern American iquadron will ba
permanently ettabliihed, not for tnr
tpeolil purpoie, but in -accordance with
general ntvy dispositions. Like tht
Eastern American iquadron, it will not
bave a but. Vettelt will be lent to
various ports, according to the requirement! of tht moment.
The creation of permanent station!
iu American waters, 11 will 11 tltt*
whart in the world, it in consequence of
the eiptnding ol tbt ntvy. The marine
antborltiea recognise more clearly than
ever the convenience which it Wonld bt
il Getnimy owned lind bam, but they
perceive there It no prospect ol ttcurlng
tny inch territorial privilege! in tht
Weiternhtmliphert'tnd will nitnrtlly
therefore, In time ol peace, rely on re-
lining Id American docks and portl.
Canadian Meat Condemned.
London, Nov, H.—A War- Office offlc-
ial interviewed with relerence to tht
condemnation of t consignment ol Canadian canned best during tht South Ai-
rican war iald:"Such wai done only after the most exhaustive and fairest ol
Prol, Koberlton, who witnessed .the
eipert teste it Woolwich, ttid: "I am
convinced that the Canadian packing
leave: much to be desired and .ball
communicate my opinion to tht proper
quarter."  -
- Blgeiow'i Broncho Backed.
Munich, Bavaria, Nov. M.-Poultnty
Bigetaw, the author, wat thrown Irom
hit horse while bunting with tht otSetri
bl tht gtrrison today and broke hit collar bode.
Didn't Know-A-UtUal.
Cape Town, Nov. 13.—A ipring oi
wtter, whloh,- hid it. presence been
known during tht progrtu ol the Lady-
smitb relief operation., might have
made different history, hit been die-
covered witbin tht tphere ol tht Spion
Kop campaign.
In justice to Ur. A, 8. Cbrlttlt it
should bt explained tbit he merely gave
ittt bit imprenion, Irom tbt converia-
tion hi hid hid with Hon. Hr, Willi,
thtt tht people toi Ltdyimitb could
probably succeed In obtaining a Govern*
ment whart by making proper representations, but tbere wat no money lor thil
More machinery for the smelter wired tbii week tnd wat immediately taken
in tnd ior installment.
Ur. Isaac Gould geti 1 vtry Sot write-
up In thi Ooloniit on Thundiy on account ol Ihe improvement! to hll hill.
Builnen men, don't tend oul uuprint-
ed itttiontiy; Ibe reclpltntt will class!-
fy you ti a hayseed.
Special Sale
of Furniture
Nov. 3 to Nov. ly.
Savings Bank Diparlmnl.
Interest allowed on depoeiti ol one dollar 111 mi! and npwardi. The depoiitor
is sii!j-i'i, In no delay in depositing or
withdrawing funds.
Current Accounts Opened.
I, 'inn- Negotiated.
lin.lis Issued payable in all parti ol
the world.
Far the convenience of otiitomtrt tnd
other! this bank will he open on the
evening ni Pay Day from T o'clock until
8 o'olock.
Too many high-claas, expemivt
Ghlnt Cabinet,, Sidtbotrdl, Chiffonier!, Ladiei' Dreailng Tables,
Book Otiei,   Exteniion  Tables,
Hall Racki.   A great chtnet tor
vou now to purch.ee eome oltheie
elegtnt pieces ot Furniture while !
tbii itla lull.   Notnlng ecllptel '
t well-lurnlihed house.   Au opportunity to ohoote Irom one ol i
the best selected itooki In B, O.
DON'T  HISS ITI  Tbliii too
good t chance to let pan by,   A
pleasure to thow you around our !
"SATISFACTION" Thli il wblt
you gtt in buying Furnltnrt Irom
01. Only ont word, hut ll. raeini
a tremendous lot. We tell only
lor Cuts.
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J. H. GOOD &  CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Cure LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER IS. 190.?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday And Saturday at
.'he Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
-/reach Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia,
T. L. GRAHAMK, Editor and Proprietor,
exceed tht limit, ol Otntditn enter-! ■I*.******'**"'***'****"'**
prize.  In any can, we Bha.lloverlook!»      .-. _„„   ......      B
any little ancientnesi In the egg! 11 only $      UflfF  (IF   THF   SFAh f      9.
we can have that wonderful 41b
two-pence halfpenny."
loaf for
BV Hail it. Canada and united States.
One year (stiictly in advance). Ia oo
3lx month, (strictly In advance). - 1 35
TRANSIENT — Including business notices,
call, for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., ioc. a line first insertion; sc. a Hue each .ubsequeut insertion; ia
Inc. measure to the inch.
Rale, on application. No wood cuts used.
Cut. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
itme wlu be charged for until ordered lo be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found at the following
ladysmith—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
nanalmo—E. Plmbury & Co.
i'Ictoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; aod
Vancouver— Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster-Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at ibis office before .3 noon the day before
Srbscilbersnotreceiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All |ob work strictly cosh on delivery.
. r.nsleutadvertisements cosh in advance.
Mr. Henry Ntwbolt take! whit wt
ntraiit ia believing it t viciout model lor
imitation in eplnnlng mine ol hit more
recent verse, Mr. Newbolt hu t petty
wit ai t jongleur, and otn rhyme with
eome reason, tnd not a little inuiic,
sometime,, bnt he certainly itruck thirteen o'clock when he allowed hit tub.
consciousness to lead him into making
echoei of the versified abomination
known ae "Ibe absent-minded Beggar,"
witb ill queer jinglti and ill Jtgo lenti-
ment. Mr. Newbolt in hia lateat book,
The sailing oi the Longahipi, tnd other
poems," bai one called "Outward
Bound," two verses ol which we quote.
Tht flnt and the penultimate liaei in
etch veree are Kiplingiimt ol tht moit
poieonous kind:
Dear earth, naar ttrtb, the oity that
made at men,
The Und wt lowed,
Tbe hearth thtt glowed—
0 mother, muit we bid farewell to
■     thee?
Fait dawns the lait dawn, tnd whit
ahall comfort than
Tht lonely heart! that roam the
outer tea?
"Gray wakei the daybreak, tht ehivenng
tiilt are let
To miaty deepi
Tht obtnnel iweept—
0 mother, think of ui who think of
thee I
Garth-home, birth-home, with lovt rt-
member yet
The eoni in exile on tbe eternal let.'
j Suuw-rlbtrt not receiving The
£ LiADta rtgulirly will confer a |
i favor by reporting promptly to J
5 tbiioffioe.
If or I KOHL
... Al Ladysmith.  Pp-.ii until slier (Jay
jF Duy, Monday, Nov. 17th, lhe lust day *nt
.-j                                                   2 whii'h we will take pictures.   Cloudy
****Y*«***y*»*******J«^^ »» "•"•   B'"01'1'""
land Butiuoi,75c., $1.(10 and $1.50, uc-
(The editor does not assume responsibility fo cording to else.   All   work guaranteed
the opinions expressed by correspondents.) flrst-claBI and not to lade.
D&l.l|)_      DLaIa     *,iuj,a*.\4**********************************
F-Mll, Phota itudit,A C0MF0RT|BLE
The Chinese Question.
The Kind of Thing Ladysmith gets
In some Quarters,
Wt cannot be better thtn quote in
extento tht following excellent leider
tram tht Gilt-raw Evtning Ntwi, oi late
ditt, txpretiing it it doei to forcibly tnd
to will the growing admiration for
Ctntdi tnd the Otntditn people by the
Britiih people, md it tbowing bow til
right thinking Britiih people rejoice to
know thtt Ointdi ii keeping itep
gallantly in tha march ol progreii witb
Itagigintio neighbor it the tonth ot the
inttrnttionil bonndiry lint.  The Newi
It it quitt evident tbit in Otntdt the
irt md practice ol tdvertiiement, ti an
adjunct ol nitionil progreii, It fully
tppreolittd. Not only wit tht Otntditn
Arch, trtcted by tbt Otntditn Govern-
mtnt in Whitehtll dnring tht Coront-
tion ccremoniei, tn efllcient mode ol id-
vtrtliing tht grain-growing ctpacltlei of
Canada, bnt it itrved to emphtiitt the
dulcet ippetli mtdt to young emUnnti
by Sir Wilfild Lturitr. There wti the
iplendid Aroh, to provt tbit Canada,
with Ita Iree tcretge to the emigrtntt
irom then over-populated ialandi, wai
• country ol golden possibilities to mob
11 wtrt minded to ibire in iti fortune!.
Thtt wu good builnen, and we certainly
do not grudge the Dominion eny of the
btntflli thtt it lecured (rom tbit ex-
otlltnt tdvtrtittmtnt. Whit li ol benefit
to Canada it rttlly oi benefit to tbe
Britiih Empire, tnd it It encouraging to
find thtt not ill ol the enterprise on tbe
other tidtol tht Atlintle ii confined to
tht United Statei.
For tome time we hive been threitened
by in American invaiion ol our market!,
ind now it ipptart that Canada hai
mlittd thtt tht ctn tiki I share in thii
lorm of enterprise. Already, no doubt,
wt Import Urge quantities ol Canadian
produce, bat tt bit tppttred to Mr. W.
B, Nurtty, formerly Deputy-Minister of
Agriculture In Manitoba, tbit more ill-
not communlcitlon could, ind ihould,
be tttlbllibtd bttwetn the producer In
Canada md tht conmmtr in Grett Britain. At preient the middleman get!
more thm hit iiir share ol tht profit,
while It not Infrequently hipptntthtt
the Otntditn article it mid here tt
homt-grown. Now, to obvilte thil disadvantage to thc oontumtr, tt well u to
advertise tbt merit* ol Canadian pro.
duett, It it propoied to optn itorta tnd
thopiln ill tht principtl towm ol th.
United Kingdom. A company hll al-
mdy been formed lor thii purpoie, with
LorrJ atanmo.e 11 chairman, md in •
thorttlme the public will betikedto
give iti tupport to tbit ntw trading
No doubt the public wlll do io li tht
company fulfill Iht promila of the glowing puflf prtllmlntry. For in thit ittric-
tire communication the Britieli house.
Will bit 1 villon preiented ol new-ltld
tggt it 7.1 par doien. Urge ehickent it
It (id nob, bacon ind him it (Id per lb.,
ind • 41b. loll tor the small turn of 2>^il.
London it tlio promised 1 reitaurant
Where everything! .Id .will be exclullvely
Otntditn, tnd whtre Ibe cuitomer will
be tbie lo lilt tht quality of tht goodt
told in the comptny'i itoree.That sounds
very tttrictlve, tnd tbt thrifty house-
wile, quite ntturally, ia anxlona lo hava
than chtip Otnadian prodncli offered to
bir ll once. Bnt tbt mtrt milt penon,
who knowa Iht trt ol compiny promo
ot be 10 enthmlastlo.
tion, indjrho hat raid many prellml
~      "InOl
laid Canadian egg, without the In-
   pnffi, wlll	
More llkeir be will icoffingly aik bow a
ia tltotobti
 laid ng ovtr here. However, tbit
il 1 imill matter, ind lt ihould not
ttrvtntlon ol 1 mul
1 ng ovtr hi
One day thil weak I retldent of Ladyemith waa titling reading in the ofilc> ol
the Hotel Wilion, Nanalmo, when two
men neir him begin to talk ibont
smelter! md thing!. One wti i stringer,
evidently teeking Information; the other
wai 1 Nanaimoite in indirectly to aupply
the eame.
"Ien't there 1 imeiter eomewbere
around thii part ol the country?" liked
the etringer.
"Yei, you mean it Crolton. It't t
grttt inititution; lino thing (or the
country," replied the Nanaimoite,
"But im't tbere one at a pltce called
Ladyimith," persisted the itranger.
"Urn, well, yei, I believe there it, but
it't only 1 imill, one-hone affair, and
beiidei it doem't do anything. Thty
rout the ore down there, giving tbe
people tht benefit ol the lutnet ind
smoke, md thty lend tht routed product down to Crofton to be untiled.
And I gutit thit't ill it will tvtr tmount
At thii point the mm Irom Lidyimilh
joined in the conversation andcamtically
objtctad to tht Nanaimoite lying deliberately to I itranger, wbo would have no
chtnee ol ascertaining for hi naell btfore
leaving the country Ibtt bii informtnt
wn only t common vulgar liar, attempt
ing to wreak a mean and paltry tpite it
the expenie ol I neighboring town, Tbe
Ladyimith citizen wtrmly upbrtided
the liar for hit ihtmtleii deception of I
itranger, ind took immediate itepi to
tell the vliitor the trntb ol the matter.
Tbe Nanaimoite attempted to mike
tbe two other men believe tbat be did
not know my better, which only terved
to accentuate the withering contempt
with wbieb the otheri regarded the poor
oreature, II the enemlei of Ladyamith
think that they are going to do thli place
any lerioui harm by tuch means, they
will die in ttrly death ol their own
May be Abolished Owing fo Scarcity of Product.
London, Nov. 14.—Tbe New York correspondent ol tbe " Yorkihire Pott" ct-
bleiti lollowi;—There it i rumor in
tht iron md iteel mtrktt, mppoitd to
be well founded, thit tht Stoietary ol
tht Treasury, in view ol the continued
icarclty ol iron, will find a way to con
liderably rednct, II not ibolith outright,
tht pretent duty on iteel it ht abolished tbt duty on Welih uthriolta during
tht coil ttrikt. For thla ration buytrt
oi foreign Iteel tnd iron trt withholding
thtlr order! until in tnthoritatlvt declaration cm be obtiined fromWuhlng-
Thit tuddtn oounttrmtnding ol ordtrt
tddt materially to the ttrlngint eondl
lion oi tht local market!. Big quint!
tin of fortlgn produced ileal trt now
being uied lor ttruotnrtl purpoBi,
probably tht mott ilnce tht prtitnt
tariff went Into operation. Orden lor
■tructural purposes hive been pltctd in
lome Instances lor Iht third, quirttr of
1003, md it it now almoit Impossible to
get contract! (or delivery ol.'any kind ol
iteel or iron.eirlltr thin tbt fint pirt ol
ntxt Mty,
Editor, Leader.—In your Inue ol Nov.
8th, you gave an account of what East-
ernen think ol British Columbiana in
connection with tbe Obineae queition.
Wby did you allow those Eastern oritica
to go twiy with the ideae they have ex-
prtiwd, it reported in your paper 7 They
but only one tide oi tht matttr, and I
think tbe wrong one, It wat your duty
it editor oi a newipaper to correot them.
I must admit tbat you alwaya aland
pretty fair and just ai between capital
tnd labor, bnt you abouliln't give only
one side as you did in thit trticle.
don't diipute thtt the Easterner! saw
thing! here tbat were wrong, but a little
lurther inqniry wonld hive given them
the reaion. Of conree it is i fact that
some ol the working clan actually encourage and patroniie the Chineie. It
le a fact that the workingmen bave got
tired ol waiting for their representative!
in Parliament doing anything toward i
settlement ol tbe Chlnete queition.
Many workmen argue tbat it ie a good
plan to glvt ai much ol their tndt ai
possible to tbt Obintit in order to route
the white merchant! to complain. Per*
bapi that li one reaion wby tbe Chinese
eeem to be patronized. The white work,
man. doei not wmt thtm but usee them
to force, il ponible, a eettlement ol the
matter. The Ohineie are good, faithful
worktn, tnd well worth their price, but
tbey are not ■ people thit we wmt to tee
■ettle in thii country in my large num.
ben. It ii a ein to allow further im.
migration ol Chinese. If the while work,
men refund to patronize tbe Chineie the
big companies would Hill employ tbem,
It wai a downright insult to lay that the
audden deportation ol the Chinese wonld
paralyze every iniluitry In Ibit country.
It implies tbit we Britiih Columbians
are not capable ol carrying on our butt
nen without the help oi inferior people,
Ladyimith, Nov, 11.
(Wtftltnndtr no obligttion to enter
into • controversy with thoie ttrtngen
ai to Iheir viewi, beyond declaring lo
tbem lhat there were two tidea to tht
itory,   Ed, Leader.)
Ladysmith Hotel
Firet-clai-B   accommodation;   excellent
table bonrd.   Tbe bar ia supplied
with the beat wines,  liquors
aod cigars.
First Avenue,    Ladysmith, B. C,
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Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Street,  : Ladysmith, B.C.
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum,,
Wallpaper, Curtains,
Crockery, dlisswire. Etc., Etc.
■*M*MI    "-
There It Comfort In Our dooda
Everylhlng to lurnltb I hone in
modeit or eltbontt ttylt, Wrile
lor onr large catalogue (freel Illustrated and priced (tilortinltitlf).
Not Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobacco and Oigart, Candies, Null, Paltry, Taffy and Solt Drlnki, etc.
Sneddon, Prop,
A. H, Gardom, Manager,
Ladysmith, B. C.
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Apples, Batter, Fresh Eg**, &c.
at current market prices.
See that; all boxes of apples and I.utter
are marked "S. S. 1."  That means
6rut class quality.
The public are requested to apply to
their dealers for our produce.
G.W. Scott's Store
Flnt Avenue,   i    :   Ladyimith, B, 0.
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Monday.^November i7th
The furiouily funny ind jolly Musical Oomtdy,
"Over the Fence"
A icore ol Pretty Girls.        Gorgtout Oottumti.        Rttl Novtltitl.
A Special Train will leave Lidytmith ior Niniimo it 7:00 p, m.   Returning leave
Nanaimo for Ladyimith it 11:0O p, m,
PARE for the Round Trip 50 cents.
■ ■■...».. a. ■l..t..a.._ ___..i. .__.j..-.. ■■..»..■  a.sL.t. .1..__._._.
Str. Teilui tailed lor San Francisco
Thunday night with a lull cargo of coal.
D, G. 8. Quadra wu expected lo tr-
rive in the harbour laat night or thia
morning to carry Llghtbouiekeeper Al-
lliou to Portler Pin Llgbt.
Str. Algol hit gont to Niniimo to
lotd 10,500 torn ol coil lor Sin Frtnoit-
eo, which port ibe tilled Irom last
Schooner Lulu ol Ntw Wettminiltr ii
still in port,
! , COLD STORAGE-l'Irslclnss belittle,
for the storage of incuts, eggs, poultry,
vegetables, etc., etc.
Rural Delivery's Success.
Wuhlngtoo, Nov, 14.—The annual report ol Robert J". Wynne, fint assistant
poit maiter general, urget thtt in view
of the euccen of the rural free delivery
establishment tnd iti iuturt necessities
the recommendation lor $12,055,1100 in
the estimates for the purpoie il reasonable, Tbe amount il in increase ol lit
tie more that $5,000,000 over the current
fiicalytir. To correct wbat tbe report
colliders the injuttice of compelling 1
poitmuter lo pay part of bii salary for
clerk hire, Mr. Wynne urge! legislation authorising tbe poatoffice department to make allowance! lot olerk hire
at third clan officii when it ii latlifac-
loritlly thown thit Iht poit muter, by
devoting hii time md attention to Ihe
office, 11 unible to transact tin poitofflce
We ire pleased lo announce to you
that we are again going to have another
Pumpkin Contest thli coming Christina!, which li leu than two monthi
away.  Livtly, tht Jeweler.
Nanalmo, B. C.
' I Choicest Lager, Ales, Beer ■ j
and Porter.
Traffic Manager.
Smelting Works
*  _	
I Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient '■ to
I E. & N. or Sea.
For the Finest Butter
and Fresh Eggs
Made and repaired. All work
Guaranteed. Inspection in*
iiarneis Repairing a Specialty.
k, S. Christie,
direct from iht NORTH POLE ley,
John Kroit hai atarted loutb with
Iht hetvieit lint ol chilli men in
tbii country In bill   1   century,
Buy Stoves tnd Heaters it tho IRON
CASH STORE, md you cm give
Jaok Frott tbt imperial Smilt ill
tbt tlmt,
Gory S. Ryder
First Avenue, LADYSMITH, B.C.
Manufacturer, of all kinds ;ol
and Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Laths. Shingles, Etc.
A targe Block of thoroughly seasoned *'
lumber— ml and ami class constantly on ▼
hand.   All orders strictly attended to.
Quotttlioiiu cheerfully given.
;: John W. Coburn,:
Manaoinu Dirhctor.
No, ."I,
I. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially luvlted.
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. of P.
Meeti every Fridty in I." 0.0. F. hill it
7:80p.m. .   _„
.   D. GOURLAY, 0.0.
J, W. LEWIS, Sto,
Lidyimlth Ormp Lo'ft, lo. IT68
metla In Nloholton'i Hill, Fint. Avenue,
every alternate Saturday inatch month,
commencing flnt Salnrday in October,
Visiting Brethren ire Invited to itltnd.
\ Coal!
Wellington Colliery!!
Company, Ltd.
[ Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
: Comox Coal—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wri-
: lington Colliery Company. Wharves at ladysmith,
: Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office
Victoria,IC ji
Ban  Francisco Agenoy.
R. Dunsmuir's SonsCo'y :
340 Steuart St.
_■.--__■-- — — -■.------------.- _ ,
Brotherhood of Man.
VOU should read "Til. N.w Ontary" pub-
1 Hslieil liv llie Universal Brotherhood, Point
I.iniia, Sat. Diego, California, and keep In touch
with the most advanced thought of modern
limes, Svery line lives with hum..) Interest.
Opinions ofthe best thinker.. Be in touch. Two
Do""" a year, Writ* for (K. M-pll copy.
Bowers and ffcuitk
a^-io-'T^ari^sisrtr • ■>■! ri "'« i.
X     IX
NANAIMO, MqNday, Nov. 17.
  '      '.     ..     | ,    .... '      1 l-l I     ." * ■ I  i      " !J-llJ'JI -L'.l-I J -I.
C-Afl AAA Worth °* ^er|,-s an- Boys' Clothing Everything in our Clothing and Hen's Furnishing Departments redac
$*tU*jUUU aiid Furnishings. *X  A*   A.   A   A ed to prices that prove the greatest bargain* ever shown. X sv*
  ,,,.)„,        ■ ■■        I'll ' '.---•-.:■    ■ - -ii y.m---)- '■ ■■'• - "    >,
  .  "'    -■!.' ' 1 ' ' . . .   , .,,|L,. P...I..- >-. '--'       	
Regular Train leaves Ladysmith at noon, returning, leaves Nanalmo 11:30 p.m. Special Train in the evening for Nanalmo flonday, Nov. 17. Don't forget
In order to give our out-of-town pna-innnM-ii « *\.a.,** ... —.:-:..-.- -.....-.
—_ .». .._.._....u, ,uuuaj, .Hw..ii7.^_Km-Mor'jtet
  ■^—-——--—————— -_—_—____________________*. ____._, _____________________
In order to give our out-of-town customers a chance to participate in the bargains at this great sale, we will refund half the fare to all our out-of-town customers "who purchase $16.00 worth or morefon
Monday. New Fall Goods, consisting of Men's Suits, Boys' Suits, Men's Overcoats and Raincoats, Boys' Overcoats and Raincoats, Men's and Boys' Underwear, Men's and Boys':'Hals "and; Caps.; Mitts and
Gloves, Braces, Neckwear and Hosiery, in fact every line 1*11 this department. *_**f Don't forget the day. Look for the Red Tickets on all lines. fVRememberl half your "railway fare refunded with
every purchase of $10.00 and over.   Below we give a few of the prices. X X .''       X X X X X X X' X        '«!?''"      X X
— «-r . «*
Hen's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings.      1      Boots and 5hoes-«Watch for Red Tickets.
Mining Caps, regular price, 20c.      Sale Price 5c
Men's White Uncn Collars, regular price, 15c,
Sale Price, 5c
Negligee Shirts, regular 75c. and jSi.oo,
Sale Price, 25c
Men's White Shirts, regular $1.00,
Sale Price, 50c
Men's Wool Sox, per pair, Sale Price, 5c
Men's Blue Denim Overalls, riveted, reg. 75,
i Sale Price, 35c
Boys' Navy Knapp Reefers, reg. 5*11.35,
Sale Price 75c
Boys' Overcoats, reg. $4.50, Sale Price, $1.75
Youths' Fancy Tweed Suits, reg. $6,50,
Sale Price, #4.35
Men's Heavy Mining Coats, Waterproofed,
reg. $2.30, Sale Price, $1.45
Men's All Wool Fancy Tweed Suits, reg. $11,
Sale Price, $6:85  |
Youths' Three-piece Suits, long pants, reg. $4,
Sale Price,-$2165 -|
Men's Heavy Frieze Overcoats, reg. |8;so,
Sale Price, $3-'5o'
Fleece-lined Underwear, reg. 75c
Sale Price, 40c
Men's Striped Underwear, reg. 65c.
Sale Price, 35c
Every piece of underwear reduced about one  gj
third.   We have them from 25c. to $3 a garment.  §|
. , -1 -j
Our Store will be open until 9:30 p. m. on Monday, Nov. 17, for the beuefit of our out-of-town customers,
120 pairs Children's Pebble School Shoes,
regular price, $1.25, Sale Price, 75c
200 pairs Children's Fine Kid Shoes, reg. $1.50
Sale Price, 95c
I  250 pairs Misses' Pebble School Shoes, reg. $1.50
*" Sale Price, 90c
100 pairs of Boys' Extra Heavy, Oil Grain School
Shoes, always sold at jf.1.25,
Sale Price, 80c
70 pairs Boys'  Buff and Casco School Shoes,
always sold at $1.75,
Sale Price, $1.00
50 pairs Men's Casco and Box Calf Shoes, always
sold at $2.75 and $3.00,
. ...Sale.Price, $r-7S
140 pairs of Men's Box Velour Calf and Vici Kid
Shoes, always sold for $4. 50,        -
Sale Price, $1.75
90 pairs Women's Vici Kid Shoes,  button; usual price $2.75, fa, and $3.4*0,
Said Pricei, $1^5
40 pairs Women's Fancy Kid Slippers, usual
price $2.50 and $3,00,    1       .-■-'    ""
Sale Price, $1.95
C. E.
Come with the crowd.      Half your railway fare paid if you purchase $10.00 worth or mbre'bf goods
Ralph Smith, M. P. hai been re-
tppotnttd secretary to tbe Nanalmo
Minen' Union.
The Weitmlniter Horticultural Sod-
ely in holding their tnnual chrysanthemum ihow on tha imb but.
On Mondty tht fint ihipment ol
dieited hog! wai despatched to Australia
Irom Vancouver.   It weighed 00 tone,
Remarkable indication! ol 1 very rich
deposit oi molybdenite have been found
near Niniimo lakes, on tbt Mount Benton tide.
Mr. Jamei Sitblei M.P.P. lor Atlin
will marry Miai Belle Nethtrby daughter
ol School Inipeotor S. B, Netherby, on
Vtncouvtr Corporation and the 0. P.
R. ire hiving 1 diepute it to tht ownership ol tbe itreet endi, where ihey run
into tbe hubor.
Different forms of violence canted 07
death! In London lut week.
The United Statei torpedo boat destroyer Stewart in her official trials tht
other day attained • tpttd of 29.8 knott.
Brlgtntlne Bltkely, the Cocoa Iiland
trtaiure ship, wit sold lor 11,1)00 tt Victorii on Saturday to E, W. Madam,
Chineie interpreter ol Vanconver,
At Nanaimo the coroner1! jury lound
tbit no one wu to blame for Albert
Oornfleld'1 detth in No. 1 abaft, New
Vmoonver Ooal Company's proparty.
All tht articles contributed by the
pirty ol Britiih journalists who recently
Tlaited Britiih Colombia, to their pa-
peri, in highly favorable lo thla pro*
Niniimo Minen' Union hu decided
to 1*9 Hate wilb the Weitern Federation
ol Minen. The report ol tbe committee
on affiliation wu adopted Saturday
Tht coming Christmas li to be the
coldest on record in Briliib Colombia
ior aiany year, uyi tbt Ntw Will min*
.ler Columbian quoting local weather
Ex. Lltuttntnt-Govtrnor Dr, Moln*
nil, ol Vmoonver, ba, icctpttd tbt
honortry prteldtney ol the newly form*
ed Provincial Progrenlve Pirty. Tht
platform ol tht party ll composed of
tomt vtry idvtnctd pltuki,
Albert Cornfield, 1 miner, wu killed
in No, 1 mint, Niniimo, on Saturday
lut, by being itruck by 1 runtwny
box, Be wit forty-two yean ol age,
■nd leave! 1 wilt and family. The fun-
trtl look place Tueiday alternooo.
Tho Cuban Oongren. hu [granted to
the American National Telephone Company a monopoly of the whole ieland lor
titty yean.
Mr. Rudyard Kipling's brother-in-law
Mr. B. 8. Balmier, il seeking eleotion
ai a Republican in the United State.
House of Representative!.
Dockere have been imported at Oalaii
to unload cargoes of Rngliab coal there,
owing to a strike of union dockers in
sympathy with the Frenih minen.
Itii reganled al ponible tbat llie
command of the Fourth Army Corps,
which will Include London and Colchester, will be offend to Lord Methuen.
Captain Henry Baket, ol the Welah
Fuiilien, wai at tbe Old Bailey yeiter-
day sentenced to 15 monthi' hard labour
for obtaining £13,000 by (alee pretences
I Item iriendi. .
A dty or two since I bironeu ttnt up
htr card to the manager of 1 well known
firm ol reitaurateuri In London. When
ihe came toitate her builnen itwu
found tbit ihe wu deairont ol obttining
1 poit ti wailreu.
The Home Secretary hat appointed •
committee to inquire into the uie ol
electricity ln mines end tht dinger!
attending It, md to report whtl ineuur-
ea ahould be adapted ln the Interests ol
safety by the eitabllahment of special
rule! or otherwise.
Captain De Kock, in disbanding the
town guard ol Maleking, laid he regretted hiving to do 10. The guard hail bald
1 unique position, tnd hid dontduty
lor three yeirt without payment. All
Government properly wu to be returned, but tbe Mauser rllles caplured from
Commandant Eli.ll' on Mty lltb, 1000,
would bt preiented to the Miyor ind
Town Council.
Tht gtmt ol loot running hit 1 hlitory
dating ai lar back m theetrllut obro-
niclei go,  Triala ol ipeed' with mm
While attending a theatre in Vtncou-
ver lut week Mlu Wition hinted dur-
ing ihe performance at tht witnessed in
tht play an eiplotlon in 1 mint. Mlu
Watiou'i father who waa killed In tht
Eitemlon dliaiter a year igo, wu it
one time a resilient ol Ladyamith, but,
tlnoe her lather's death the family htvt
lived lo Vtncouver.
againit man were old when history was
! ntw. At a result the sport ba. attained
a htight in tht working out of the imill-
eit detail! thtt it perhaps nowhere in
the realm ot iport anything ilka to accurately md completely mbjected to
llgurei 11 In foot-running.'
In England the iport hn, more than
Buy when tilt, reached ita ollto.r ol
perfection, ind the profeailonal timers
and handlcappan there are marvele in
Ihtir accuracy. The English witch hu
no cost, tnd will Hop any place on the
dial it the pressing of tht linger.
Everything It calculated ,)»Hb 10 it-
oondt it tht itandint' foi I hundred
yault, and ibrte officltii figure ont 1
inan'i luted in ipeba.. For tninple,
Ihey will tell you' that I runner ran do
lixlnchet Intldt ol event, thtt ii, he
ctn belt 1 mm ttx Inches who. runt ln
ten seconds li.t. Alan instance of this
astonishing iccuncy, when Hutobloi
won Iht Sheffield Handicap, 1 distance
oi 181). yard. In 121;second,, tbe band!-
cippert ctlculittd thtt tht would win by
1 loot,  Ht won by ill laobM.
Tht time hu not retched thtt stage
ol perfection in Americt. The witobet
und trt cog-wheeled, and" jump hack or
forward aometlmei nearly a full fifth of
a tteond. It will that Mitttkhtt tht
American timing it not to be compared
with the j Engl|ib, both beciuit ol Ihe
immenie superiority ot, thitlmtplecei
uud tnd btctuit of tht trilling of the
men who handle thtm.
Antlquattd Bvtllll
It It 1 peculiar thiol that the public
who lupport itlilttici, tnd keep tbem
Hive in totally Ignored bylhon whom'
they tuppOrt in 1 wiy. In game, the
try hu goat np for yetrt tbtltht wtlghl
event! tnd Ihe jump! thonld tlthtr be
relfgtledto tht dltttnt put or carried
on in the centre oi Iht field, without
diilnrbhjg the trtok tvtntt,
Thote who paltonl.i ttbletlc meeti do
not Hint to ill looking it ihol-potllng
and jumping, They htvt no inttmt In
It, beotuH thty hive no Idet olhow tht
am compare. II mint be min againat
, mm, whin everybody tin tii exactly
how one .Und. with regard to Iht otbtr,
•nd It only In running tbit thil em bt
Wirelest Wonders.
A wireless telegram hae been received
by • passenger'on the'liner Minnehtba
after a romantic passage, The message
wu dtipttched from New York, bnt in-
ittid of tain; addressed to the Liaard
Marconi Station, wai tent to that it
Crookhtvan (Ireland,)
The loctl telegraph land 'station wai
eiottd (it being Sunday), 10 the opera.
tor tranimltted the menage to the Gun-
arder Lucania, aa ihe pnssed outward
bound, which ihip retransmitted it to
the Ctmpania. bomewardibound, wben
they wen in communication in mid-
ocean forty-miles apart. The Campania
in tnrn retransmitted it ae ihe passer)
the Minnehaua, fitly miles distant, and
1150 miles from lhe Lizard.
ARomtnce of Crime.
Don't borrow the Ltadtrj lub+orlbe
lor tt joumll.
Drunkenness 'Among Women.
If drunkenness among women ia in
creasing as rapidly as ii itated by tbe
Women1! Union of the Church of England1! Temperance Society it li little
wonder, remarks 1 London correspondent, that a conference ia about to be
held to devlae mesne of checking it.   It
Is laid that the number ol women In
London who in incurable drunkarde la
8000, compared with 4300 men. Between
1878 and 1807 tbe deaths ol women
Irom chronic alcoholism increased by 145
ptr cent,  How tbeie remarkable figures
have been obtained I. Lot elated,  but
that drinking among women ia inoreaa-
log jn tht metropolis admit! of no doubt.
Not to long ago reipectable women were
ashamed to be teen entering t public
house. Thiy even hesitated at crossing
'tne portal! of 1 high-class West-end res-
tiurml,     All thtt ii chtuged, ind
changed lor Ihe wone, as women can be
aetn, lingly and In droves, drinking tt
bin and at restaurant tibial every dty
•nd tvery nlgbt,
Catholic Ohnnh-Servlow every Sundiy 11 followi: Mm at 8,30 a.m. and
10.30 a.m.   Benediction at 7 p.m.
Ohurch ol England—November 16th
35th Sunday alter Trinity 8 a. m. Holy
Communion 11 a, in.—Matint and
Litany 2.80 p. m. — Sunday School.
—      1.  Evensong.
A. S.'BIVKK. .
Not even Stkhalin, with iti 8000 mar-,
dtren tmong 22,000 convicts, cm escape
the atmoephtre ol a big romaucti Are-'
uiarkably hindeorot yonng Jewen, So-
phi.. Dliiffjiein, duped no end ol people
In London, Vienna and Parii; drove
about in a carriage and pair, ordered lhe
...sliiest trticlet, and ipent, it ii Mid
snine £240,000 in one year, Arretted In
nn alfray, ihe wu tent to Siberia. There
lhe captivated the overseer, mil thiy
I fled away together. Again, however, the
wti arrested In in affray with out ol her
young men dupei, end wu lent to Sakhalin. 80 far, then trt probably, maty
European! who remember her record.
The lequel it told by O. H. Htwtt, who
bu recently returned from lave.ligation,
in the iiland. Ont dty 00 thi bttcb.
without tccompllce, ihe murdered 1
mercbtnt, ind appear! to have, hurled
when none could find it 3000 roublti he
possessed. She wu, mtntcltd. but
seemi to bave received no lorlher ten-
And now I women apparently between arty and lixty, thi keeni one of
the biggest hotels In the pltce.
Flnt Presbyterian—Nov. 10. morning
tarvlce it 11, Sunday mhool 2:30, evening   ttiviot 7,   Subject, "The Lepers"
,.G. Mobton Walkii, Miiiionary.
Methodist Ohnreh-Rer. W. G. Tin-
sr, B.A., pastor.   Sundiy:   11 1. ni,
Sabbath Sohool.  Evening lervice 7 p.
Tht Ilm t to id ver tiie li ill tht ti mt.
Banquttted it Niniimo.
Mr. FrmkT. Alllion, who hu juil
received tbt appointment at lighthouse
keeper it the new light it Portier Pass,
'and who took up hii dntiei todky, wa,
in Nanaimo on Wedneidiy, when hit
numerous friendi there took.tlie opportunity ol tendering him 1. banquet in token oi their pleasure at hit good fortune
andu a mark ol tbeir esteem. Tht
(eetlvltiei win kept up with spirit until
Ute on Thundiy morning, ind Mr.
Allison wu givtn to*,underatind"thit ll-
though hii lift in the lighthouse may be
a lonely one be can alwayi be tun. lhat
he hu • hott ol Irltndt witb him in th
ipirit, lf nnt in the fleth. Mr. Alllion
wu notified Of bit appointment by the
Agent ol Marine ind Fliheriti,: Oaptain
Gaudin, Victoria, on Wedneidiy. The
new llgbtt in Portier Pita were placed
In position ti • remit ol tbt ripreaeol.-
tiont mtde to the Dominion. Government by the Ladyemith Ooard o( Trade,
English Representatlvei.
New York, Nov; 11.-Sir Vincent, Bir'l
rington, former preiidtnt ol tht London'
Chamber of Commerce, who arrived
here today on the Umbile, hesdi • committee of ten who nave come lo be preeent at the dedication ot tht'New York
Chamber ol Commerre on Tuttdly next.
Thty will go to Washington end be received by tbe l"i't-lnbt on nfovii-ber
16.  Alter thtt u.uy will vilit Canada.
John Winamtttaf, tbt 'multi-million-
aire merohant prince ol Phlladalphla
I gave as hU opinion Iht other day, on tht
aubitot ol advarti.ing, Ind no man ln
the Imdcia weak sa Nut matter with
awe authority: .
"Tbere ia only one way to ad«rtlw,
and tbit li lobuaatr your name, yonr
location, yonr bwineti, to eonittntly, to
ptnltttntly, to thoroughly, into tht pto.
ple'i heads that il thty walk In tbtlr
tltep they wonld eonittntly turn j tbtlr
headi toward your .tore. Tbt ntwt-
ptptr ii yonr belt Wind In ipltt of yonr
drltlclim.' Ithelpt lb build up the com-
tonally whioh tupportt you. Whin Iht
dty comet ihtt *_g newtpaptn art dead
the people tre near the edge ol tbignvt
with no ooe.to write (htirtpiltph,"
fflondty Nlght't Pirformuc*.
Af *t.*IM*ei«iBitJ*a' -itOvtr Tht
Fence," ■ three id mu.lcal farce oom-
tdyby.O. Herbert Kerr which oomM to
,.-_—Ja-ObHfifdMMgt*/. Vth.' Mint-
• irara'inifc'Thit pltOe, tor' liughing
purpotti,but vtry(Inttrtiling. .will-
told iio'ryrnoi liktlmotl lirct cemtditi
ilmpljMi thntd on which in bung
nunwtrH ipeeitltlu, though there in
aumflmli pntly tnd novel .peclaltlea
intrjpdntljd by tht vtriont nitmben of
tbi-fl^ljmniitt'on. Manager Mal-
*i*','"Oiiir ttl).Fenot,"ln,pr(»Mtl|ig tht
eoinidy -nat''gathered ■ together tome
twinljf irtilrt ill tngigtd for, thtlr par-
[iletrtiriililllty;totmrryont the anthor't
Idei, of bit yiriout charac'ari.   Tht
fhu bee| highly lucoeiifdl whtr-
pltyed. Omlumu, mvir*,; md
Inovil tnd orlJilnil mutio It' #111 at til
[thit it JSlfiiltr md up-to-diti.wlll
.tw IntirMa«tiil'.'-;iA tpeclil tnln will bt
'ran finoiib Udyimllh, returning alter the
Play.'''".     ___;	
Cumberland elVctric light worki wu
fotrnaUy opewd by Mn. F. D. Little
lut wtek, The nlant it now working
latlifaotorily. Mr. G. W. Clinton It
pliant-bine r*W»>- ,l>*Mr'A-8-
HlmlNbn Hi engineer: The plant wu
Intttlle-Fby- the!Bln(orr-Eleotrio Co.
*lt)U  ,„,.«Hrll    ■ )il 1  1-    Mlii"))"
frr-Adverlittin Tht Leider now. LAlDISMITH LEADER. NOVEMBER 15. 1902.
What we
we do
When you rend It In our advertisement,
IT'S 50.
20 per cent, off here means 30 per cent
off. Our goods nre till marked in plain
|i.oo gloves for 45c. 50c. underwear, a.-ic
all wool soic for ioc. $8.50 rain coats, $4.83
I13.S0 raincoats $10,00.
Our Big Sale is the Hit of lhe Scasou-
a tremendous success—Don't miss it.
Some gaud baga of duck have been
made thia week on the watera of the
upper harbor,
Caldwell, tbe Nanaimo tailor, ls ehow-
ing a rare selection of tweeds and cloths
for winter wear.
At the fine concert to be given in the
j First Presbyterian church on Tuesday
i evening, the Ki.h instant, Eeveral talented ladles and gentlemen, resident, of
Ladyemith, who have not yet been beard
in conceits here will sing and play. No
one should mm thie excellent treat.
Subscriptions tre being actively solicited ior the support of tbo Ladyemith
brasi bind, ind ire coming in well. The
organization ii a meritorioni one.
NEW H0U8E FOR SALE - Will be
completed nett weee — Price 1500 — 4
roomi and pantry. Block 00-Lot 5 between 4th. and 5th. Avenuos. For further information apply Gust. Hill, Exteniion, B, 0.
Tht Leader has been requested to give
emphatic denial lo the statement tbat
the basketball club completed tht improvement to the pavilion. They did
not; tt till the band.
' Be mre to go early and get a good eeat
loi the grand concert in First Presbyterian Ohurch next Tuesday night. Begins
at 8 sharp. Admission 25c; children
15c,   Beit talent In town will be heard.
Mott complaint! received concerning
the iool-and-gun combination, A (atal
accl Jeat oan't be lar away at the rate
tbt liont end ol the combination is
aggravating the othtr end.
FOR SALE—A good paying business
on High etreet, obeap. Also house and
lot, good well. Occupants leaving on
account oi ill health. Apply to T, 0.
McKenelly, High etreet reetaurant.
Adam Thompson, real estate and
insurance tgent ol Nanaimo visited
Lidyimlth on Wednesday and remained
till the evening train, Mr. Thompson
closed lome trtnslen ol building lot! in
Ladyimith at figure! that speak well for
the progress of the town. As will be
eeen by advertisement In this issue,
tenders art being called by him for the
llie of two other building lots on tbo
corner of Second Avenue and Robert!.
Kindly remember that every dollar's
worth purchaied In our store entitles
you to a guess at the nnmber of Beetls In
tbe Christmas pumpkin. Tbe closest
guesser getting the tiret prize, and eo on
until the prizes are given away. At
Lively's, the Jeweler.
Prayer meeting services' were successfully started at First Presbytorian
Ohnrch Wednesday evening with a fair
attendance. Tbey will be held regularly
It's Stove Time
'i'liianiith, Plumber, Hardware, Stoves,
Mr. Vivian H. Walkem of Ladyemith
und Mine Kate Gharman of Nanaimo
were married in Nanaimo on Wednesday morning hy the Rev. 0. E, Cooper.
Miea Janet Chani.au waa bridesmaid
and Mr. W. Walkem beet man. Mr.
and Mre. Walkem are spending tbeir
honeymoon in Victoria They will re-
aide in Ladyemith.
Indiana end Bcientieta predict a hard
winter. Get inside one of those comfortable suits Caldwell of Nanaimo can
build you.       	
Mrs. Milne, before her departure for
Victoria to reside, waa entertained at the
residence of Mrs. P. II. Marshall, by all
the old membera of the Church of England congregation, and was presented
with a handsome token of their regard.
Flue tailoring at moderate cost is the
motto of Caldwell, the Nanaimo artiet-
cutter aud fitter.
Mian Emily Milne, at last Friday's
meeting of the Church of England
Working Party, of which she has been a
prominent member, received a handsome preaeut from the children on the
occasion of her departure for Victoria,
there to reside,
Dr. T. Glendon Moody, Dentist, will
return to Ladysmith Friday, Saturday
and Sunday of* this week. Dr. Moody
will make regular visits to Ladyamiih.
Office at Nicholson'a Hall. Victoria
ollice, Old Poatotlico building.
Prof. Aubin haa fitted up a handsome
studio behind Mr. Liyely'a Btore, where
he will give lectures and talks on bar*
mony, theory aud other branches of
musical science to his pupils,
Books I BookBl Juat received, a big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well printed and cheap. Call
and look them over. At JeBaup'e Pharmacy.
One of the handsomest floral offerings
sent to the funeral of the late Mr. Samuel Clay wna a wreath from the Woodmen of the World, executed with much
skill and taste by Mrs. P. II. Marshall.
In the centre of thu wreath waa a gilded
axe resting on the letters "W, 0. W.",
theefl'ect bBing very striking. The flowers were beautiful, and came from Mis.
Marshall's conservatories.
Circles of feltluff, pinked or scalloped, are invnlunblo to put between
choice chliin plates when piled in the
To perfume nn Invalid's room drop
a little oil of sniidnhvood upon n hot
shovel and carry the shovel about tho
Do not scrub a porcelain or enameled bathtub with any soup containing
sand. It thins nnd crncks the enamel,
and rust and stains result.
To put wide wicks in lamps or oil
stoves thoroughly starch, dry nnd iron
tho wick, and it will slip in easily without Interference with Its duty ns conductor of oil,
Tho colors In a carpet or rug may
bo brightened by sweeping with a
broom dipped ln salt water, shaking
well bcforo using, iih It only needs to
bo dampened.
If you find a mouse hole in tho corner of your pantry or closet, try stopping it up by packing it full of hard
soap. 1 have never known mice to disturb It, snys nn old housekeeper.
Ubo a long handled brush In cleaning tho walls or, more properly, a long
handle ending In a wire frame covered
by a lamb's wool bng, which mny be
slipped off and beaten and washed.
A Chuntcc Iu TVcit York.
Women visitors to New York will be
happy to lenrn that after thentcr houn
or at nny othcr time In the evening, in
fact, they can nowadnys go to a hotel
restaurant or nny other restaurant and
be served without having a male escort Not long ugo no woman, Indeed
no two women, unescorted by a man
could ln tho evening find a first clnsi
roBtnuraut where they would be permitted to dine. Thc Waldorf-Astoria
wiiB the orlglnntot* of the new state of
affairs. In the beat hotels now women
and girls sit about ln the Inrge assembly rooms, rend tholr newspapers,
■write their letters nt the mnny Utile
desks or chat with ono another with an
ease of manner unknown a few yenri
ago. Formerly a woman felt nncoin-
fortablo and was stared nt lf she appeared In the ofilce ot a hotel. But all
this has changed.
Cake Flour.
Cnke flour should always be sifted
twice—first when It comes from the
barrel nud bcforo It is measured, next
when the baking powder or the soda
1ms been added, lf It Is measured before that first sifting, you will surely
get too much of It fir your cuko's welfare. On a damp day or when the flour
seems at all clnmmy.-set It whore It
will dry without browning bcforo you
tre ready to uso It
Beg to announce that they have
appointed W. H. Lively, of 1st
Avenue, ae their local agent for
Ladysmith, A full etock, fresh
nml clean on hand.
Pianos, Organs and
Musical Goods
School Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods,
Etc., Etc.
Fianoa for sale on easy monthly payments.   Come and see ue,
n. W, WAITT & CO,,
Victoria, Nanaimo, Ladyemith, Cumberland, B.O.
Mr, G. E. Courtney, traffic manager
**.*& N. K-.il way passed through to Nanaimo on the Wednesday evening's ex
Mr. Archibald McGregor went to Nanaimo Wednesday night leturuing Tuesday morning.
Mr. Walters, Ladysmith manager of
Messrs 0. E. Stevenaon & Co. paid a
business to Nanaimo Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. A. J. Kitto, barrister, visited Vic*
toria on Wednesday morning's train. lie
will return to Ladyamith shortly,
MrB, CluneaB of Nanaimo went down
to Victoria on Wednesday afternoon's
Mr, William Beveridge of the Grand
viaited Nanaimo Wednesday.
Mr. Alexander Faulds of the Alexandria mines, South Wellington, made the
round trip to Victoria Wednesday.
Mrs. Ramsay and her Bister Mien Huts-
ford, of Nauaimo, who have been visiting
Mre. P. II. Marshall, left on Wednesday'ii
train for Nanaimo to proceed to West
Virginia where they will reside.
Mre. Rolston end Mies Herd went up
to Nanaimo on Wednesday's train.
Mr. Wymond Walken of the pay office
Btafl', was in Nanaimo on Wednesday.
Mr. A. C. McMurtrie, mine host of the
Abbotsford was in Nanaimo on business
Wed need ay.
Mr. John Mahrer of Nanaimo visited
Ladysmith on buaineaB Wednesday.
Dr. Ferry returned to Wellington on
Wednesday moruiug'a train.
Oaptain Pederaen of the steamer Tell*
us was in Nanaimo last Wednesday.
MrB. John Kenwlck aud Mrs. A.
ThouipBon and Rentier Thompson came
down on the morning train from Nanaimo and viaited Mia. Thomas Renwick
and Mrs. W. Thompson of Ladysmith,
They returned on the evening train.
Mr. II. T, Porter, station agent, has
returned from his vacation aud ia once
more on duty.
Mrs. Geo. Thompson and son went up
to Nanaimo to attend the silver wedding
of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gough.
Capt. Gaudin, fluent of Marine and
Fisheries, Victoria, paaeed down on
Friday's train from Nanalmo.
Mr. ThomaB Kiddie paid a abort visit
to Duncan Friday, returning on the
morning rain.
f   The Leading
Nineteenth Century  and Alter,
Cun temporary    Kevlew,    Port-
nightly   Review,   Westminster
kevlew,    ndinhurffl)    Review,
Quarterly Review, Ul nek wood's
hii I n bur |* h Magi-lne,
stroii-*,  sterling, timely, suggestive
nml  nulhorilive; jusl what you waul
io know of the world's doings; exactly
whnt you need to kuow; and told
when yotl want lo know it—Hint's lhe
value nf these reviews lo you.    The
ablest writers,  the  most timely discussions; The swiflt-.il  presentation of
the worlil-pi-olitems or llie dav appear
every nioiilti In the pages of these
lending reviews.   These ate the l-.ng-
lish editions sold in America at nhout
half price.   Specimen copies Belli freo
to anyone nny where,  and   historical
booklet, loo, Tor lhe nuking.
The Leonard Scott Publication Co.,
Warren St. New York City.
Artistic Job I'rintingat The Leader office
The Leader printing office Ib at the
corner of French and Firet Avenue.
Write or call and get prices nnd save
railway (area and height on your printing.
--.aSK FSRs«
 For Mile by JOHN I1I0KLE	
First Presbyterian Church Make;
Great Preparations,
No one who appreciates .the high quality of Ladyeiuith'a local talent will bo
abdent from FitBtl're.hyteiinn church on
Tuesday evening when the lrng postponed concert will be given.
ThiB concert deeeivea lo be well patronized Irom the fact that it not only
comprises on its programme tlie very
beBt music..! end entertaining ability in
the town, but because the management
of First Presbytoriau church, with raro
magnanimity, postponed their own concert eome mon tha ago in-order that the
cemetery concert might not have any
Thia was an instance of generous consideration which wae warmly appreciated by the citizeua at Lite time, aud it ie
imped that they will signify their appreciation still further by turning out to
the splendid treat which haa been prepared.
A word or two about, some of the newer names amongst the entertainers will
help tu give the reader Eome idea of the
excellence of the concert which ia to be
Mrs. George Williams who will be
heard in vocal selections, ia a charming
aign of conspicuous ability, and ahe ie
sure to meet with a moat cordial reception from the people of Ladyamith on
hor first apperrance inpublic in thia
Mrs. Watson ia a most accomplished
pianist who received a training very few
in the province cun lionet of, She will
be heard in popular concert selections.
Mr. JeaBe Evans, the gifted young
WelBh tenor, has already made an impression here that ib strengthened every
time he sings. Ilia te min id the finest
voices in tho province. Miss Katie
Johnston of Nanaimo needs no introduction ton Ladysmith audience, Site ie
without a peer in tlie province as a reciter, considering her ago and experience. It is easy to predict a brilliant
career for one Boeingulaily gifted.
The otber ladiea and gentlemen on the
programme are t io well and favorably
known to all Ladyamith people to require any description here. Suffice to
eay lhat the concert in First Presbyter-
Ian church on Tuesday evening will be
one of the musical events of the Beasou.
Ml who go will enjoy a rare treat.
Card of Thanks.
The widow and family ol the tale Samuel Clay, High Street, Lady-smith, desire
to express hereby their thanks to all
friends for their kindness and pympnthy
during tho late Mr. Clay's illness, and
on tho occasion of hia funeral.
One of those rare opportunities
to get a genuine bargain be-
cause* tho   owner   must   aell.
DeRoriptlon-Uprisht, iron frame
concert grand, hy the celebrated
Spaethe, ol Gera, near LeipBic,
Germany. Practically new,ami
hi cplendid order. Rich, mellow, singini! tone. RenannB for
Belling—owner leaving the province ia forced to eell.
Price, $150; cost $475 in Germany
Full particulars at Tho Leader Office
Tendersjor Ties
Tenders will be received liy the un*
dflrulgned up to the -'H Instant lor 15,-
000 hewn ties to be delivered nn iho line
of the Esquimau aud Nanaimo Railway
or on the Transfer wharf at Ltdjumith
in accordance wiih specifications to lie
seen with the ucctlon foremen or nt rail*
way stations,
General Superintendent,
llie Vttklj Post-intelligencer
Siallli, Wash.
Nolimly can nlfnril lo lie without It. Alt tlie
k-li-urii|ilileiii-H'si)f llie week, Farm, Tielil.gnr-
ilen, H|iutt, society, tleaiilifnl Illustrations anil
hull lolles.   Sample copy Oil ii|i|)llciilloll.
All For Om Dollar a Yaar.
Thaoc Mmiks
.....       Copyrights Ac.
• nrono soiinlo« a slioleli ami flesorlnlli
. .._ ... ........ .......,,.,,.,.. I... ....
mileslf ii,....rl.ini "nr "1 ', ..-■..">"  ....
B""ill.. I » |.r..t.nl.ly pnli'Miil. n.     oDiiillD.les-
II.sit I >■ siDlWrlill.il. """'I miil'Mi-iila
si   tr.'... lililLHtaa ■,l..rs™iirln« pistils.
Winl. maun I iii'l' didiiii *,i". receive
mn I'll H..IK", wllliniil. elnirjo, In tin)
Scientific America
a iiai)*o.neiy mmd »;"";• !ffi™i "ft
MUNN &Co.30,0""u • -ntw York
"Brim onto.&» t»~ WMliloglou, u. c
M. HO*'E, Proprietor,
If yqu are fend of tender, juicy steaks,
chops or j ■' tf, I can supply yet.
Try My Delicious Sausage
made by r.tweat elect-teal machinery
from ohoiopai^materiala. Tlit*se pannages
areum-uipassed in iht* province. One
trial wi'l convince ynu,
Tho'City EUarket
Meats i Vegetables
First Avenue, : ladysmith. B.C.
Jbromk Wilson*, Pbop,  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention given to all calls, night
or day. Long Distance telephone No, 124
Bastion St., Nanaimo, B.C.
And Soo Pacific
Transcontinental Passenger Train runs
daily, equipped with Standard and
Tourist Sleeping Car".
Day Coaches and Colonist Can
Lowest Rates
Fastest Time
To and from Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, New York,
Chicago and St. Paul, and all Eastern and Old Country points,
For pamphlets ami all information apply
toany C.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. McGIRU,
Agent, Victoria.      Agent, Nanaimo.
A eat. Genl. Paas. Agent, Vancouver.
NOtlCRiB hereby given Hint "hll mi appropriated ciiiwii limits siumled within the boundaries
(•ftho IblUf-ivhi-c; ni-t-nw nre hereby reserved frniu
ire-eitintlon, srtlc or other disposition, exccgtltig
inilei'tliepruvisioiisoflhe mining laws of.the
"rnviiicc. lor two years from lhe ttnle hereof,
pursuant in llie provisions of subsection (O or
tectloii 41 ofthe ''Ijiiid Act," nn amended hy
lectionoof the "Lund Act Amendment Art.
iMt.t'to enable the Quotsliio Power and Pulp
Coiupnity, Limited, to select therefrom timber
llmita for wood pulp nud paper manufacturing
pnipoi-is, us pnivlded liv mi agreement bearing
drUc the with day iiflk'tirtier, l9-tl,.vl»j—
Sec!It-Ill* I, 2, 3, io, ii, n, 13, i.|and 15, In Town*
ship -S; Sections, 4, 5. G, 7,8, 9, 16, 17 nnd 18, III
Tiiwiisliip.u, Sectional, 11. ia. 13, i,|, 15, jj, j*,
■14, ss. .6, !7. 3.1, 35 nnd 36, In Township 39; Sections 1, j, 3. 4 9, iu, tr, 13, H, 15, Ki, ai, ii, M, as.
afi, 35nml V'. in Township tr. Swiions as, -'*>, r,,
as, it, vi. 35 and -,6. in Township aS; Sections 35
in i/',. inclusive, in Township 17; Sections 1 to 11,
inclusive in Township lit; also Suctions a? to 36.
inclusive, in Township iS; Sections 1 to 36. inclusive, In Township 19; Sections 1, a, 11, ia, 13. 14,
and from U tt) ,'i, Inclusive, in Township afi; Sections.!, 5,6, 7.8,9.16. 17, iS, as. afi, 33, 34 and 35
in Township (i, Sections 4, 5,0, 7 and 8. In Township v; Sections 1 lu .yi, inclusive, In I'ownship
ki; Si (-lions 1 to 13 inclusive, and y, 14 mid 15,
;-ud (lie southern half cf Sections 33 **«'l **• hi
'fOWtiahlp 9; Sections 5 mid 6, In Township 6;
Sections ui, 31 nnd 32, 3, 4, 5, mid 6, in Township
■;l'iciiur-nuilc(! laud in Township it; Township
1 j, exccnl Suctions 35 nnd ,-fi; Sections 1 to 30, Inclusive, In 'township 13; 'I'ownship 14; Sections t
In 3, in mid it, In Township a; Heclions 1, 2, tl,
is," 14, 15. ai, nnd 3G, in Townsnlp iG: also the following described piece or parcel   "
 ,     ..   . , .     . f laud, namely:
■Ilqjfntlliig at a point ou thu -irulmig-ition of
the southern lioutidniy of Township ifi, one mile
cnsloflhcKiiiiih-easteni corner of St-cUon 1, In-
Township ifi; thence In a sutithcrly direction
about seven miles, or lun point one mile smith
und one mile west ofthe Konlliern end of Victoria
l,i kcithetiee cast two miles; Ihence 11011I1 one
mile; Ihence cast one mile; thence north Ave
miles; tlieucu cast hvo miles; thence north one
mile; Ihence east two miles; thuiicc north one
mile; I hence east two miles, or to lhe easterly ei-
IretllllyofKfltltleeil Lake; Ihence south half a
mile; t'hence enst one mile; Ihence north one
mile; thence west one mite; Ihence north half a
mill-; Ihence west one mile and 0 half; thence
ilurlli half 11 mile; thence wesl one mile; thelice
north llrtlfa mile; thence west halfa mile; thence
north one mite; thence west one mile; thence
mil-lit two miles; Ihetice west along the south
Imnniliirv ofTnwnslilps ia and 11 to the Southeast Ann, nml thence along the shore of the
Soiilhcasl Arm, inn soiilhirly direction, to the
siiulhuni e-tlremity ofthe Ann, and thence north
to tha plnce of beginning.
All of which said lands nre Hiluuted la Rupert
Iilslilcl, Vunconver iHlaud.
W. 8. CORK,
Ilcputy Comuiissloner ofLondH mill Worki,
Lands nud Works Deimrtiuetit,
Victoria, U.C., 30th Uctober, 1901.
Is the name that stands for
the Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite in tone. Perfection ln Pianos. Don't
buy till you see and hear it.
Nannlmo. B. C.
Visitors irom Ladyimilli tnd diitrict
will find in this woll-appolnted house all
Hit home coratorts. Lunelle! lor lady
shoppers a specialty. Term! stricily
moderate. Servicj and cuisine flrit
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the famous
None but Union Labor employed,
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
tlrniliiate of Philadelphia Dental College and
Hospital of Oral Surgery.
Old Post OHIc. Building,
Government St., (Upstair,)
Phone .180A. Ollice. \f 1****1* D n
"  37»a, Desinence.   Victoria, B,_,
Dr. Morxly visits I.nilysmith every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   Office, Nicholson's Hall.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh fish.
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
MURRAY   &    ORA1G,
Ship', Work a Specially.
Horse-shoeing In nil its brunches. Farm Implements repaired. Miners' Tools carefully
sharpened and temnered.
Buller Street,
ALL SIZKS. 6 it., fe,«i 4 ft., -*,a.a5. Lmice
tooth saws, 3 ft.; $% ft.; 4 ft,, nnd 5 ft. Also ammunition and nil sines of Heal Bros' Miners,
Drivers' Lamps mid Caps to tie had at
Opp. I-. & N. Station, Nanalmo, li. C.
Marble aud Oranlte Monuments.
Tablets, Crosses, Ktc. Usthuatea
and Designs given oil Application
A. HENDERSON,     Proprietor.
For  First Class work
Shaving Parlors
High Street.
Hair cutting aud Heard
trimming a Specialty,
Is now prepared to give lessons on the piano and
violin.  All nppllcatlotiB for tuition can he left at
W. H.  Lively's Jewelry Store
Huom Brook.'ln  V.lakuvli.
The But Are The Cheapest.
Opposite Fire Hall, NANAIMO.B.C.
In the Matter ot the WaterClaus-
es Consolidation Act, 1897, and
Amending Acts,
And In the Hatter of the Ladysmith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTIOE it hereby given tbatl'appliot.
lion will he intde to t judge of tht
Supreme Court ol British Columbia it
Ihe Court Home, Viotoria, B.C., tt 10 30
o'olock lu tbt forenoon, on Hatuttlay,
tbt 29th day oi November, 1002, or to
loon thtretfter ti tbe Applicant ctn be
heard on behalf ol the Ladyimith Wtttr
Company, Limited, lor letve to construct, maintain tnd operate t water
work! system to supply water to tbe in*
habitant! oi lhe unincorporated locality
in and about Udyimllh, in the County
nf Nanalmo tnd lor purpoie! ntcttttry
anil incidental thereto,
Thla notice wai published on October
26th, 1002, for tho firat time.
Solicitor! hr Tht Ladyamith
„.,--  „    „. Water Co., Ltd.
Viotorlt, B. 0., Oot, 23rd, 1002.      Ot


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