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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Apr 16, 1902

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Array the people that save
!! money trade, with
•S--I-1--I--1-] i !--i--n-t--i-l-!••;-1-;--i-i-i--)--:-i-1-t-
■        _=U	
' For Boots and Shoes {
Dickie's is ihe store |
VOL. 1. NO. c:l
We invite you to inspect our New
Spring Millinery, also the new Season's Blouses, Shirt Waists, and other
latest novelties in Ladies' and Gents'
Furnishings. ;
We also have a supply of garden
implements and small hardware on
hand and a full line of
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preicrlptiom carefully dispensed, Open
day and night.
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street,
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   Cl   W'
Tl.li new hotel hai been completely
furnished wilb nil modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cooking. The
bar ie supplied witb the finest wines,
llqnon ind cigars. An experienced bartender,
D. H. DAVIS, Prop.,
First Avenue,     •     Ladysmith, B. C.
One fact ia better than a Diiten
Hearsays. 11 you want the
choicest moat? go to
' Ladyimith', B, C,
R. Williamson, Prop.
t A fresh mpply   of   Vegetablei
* always on.hand.
I Special attention uiven to chips' ;
* Fiinjilies.
a r«88*l*SSS-«a88B8*^^
Wm. Beveridge, Prop.
Thli new hotel has heon comfortably liiinishidi.nl I lie le i ienploditr.
Heat accommodation for tranelent and permanent boarderi and lodgen.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
The Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. C.
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, Olnger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ol all kinds.
W. E. RUMrilNQ,        ■ Proprietor,  ?.,?.„.,. g
X We are Igents for
Larae stock ol English Fishing Tackle, Lacrosse Ooods. Etc.   ;
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C.
——j— Kodaks, Films, Etc,
Agents for
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Sates.
Bsrrl.ter, Solicitor,.
Attorney, Notary Fublic, lilc.
Miinoy to Limn.
N.ualmo, n. c.
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Iustltution of Electrical Engineers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Giiarsiilceii p. 0. Box ,57
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain aud fancy bread. Cakes and pastries of all descriptions. Fruits in
David    Murray.
Buller Street, •        Udysmlth
Shop will be open cverv Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
ARE   YOU   INSURED?    U not
gat intuml at uiH't', lor it mny he
too late tomorrow. I represent several
OLD and RELIABLE Companies and
can insure you at a moment's1 nd in; at
the lowest possible rates, All lending
coin pin ies charge tlie eame rate*. I) ut'i
be milled into ineuring with a rhean
company *it might be dear in the cud
Wm,   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.'
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Engi snd Fieih   Vegetables mpplied
Dally.  Leave order! at the post office.
Seeds, Plants, Shrubs.
R. II. Jiilimiton,  Victoria,- luii (lie
finest selection in the province.   S-i
sample! at Leiser A Hamburger's store.
Pricei and estimates cheerfully given.
Roics In great variety.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices-
The Esplanade,   -   Ladysmith, B. C.
N..r Qrsnd and Frank Hotels.
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of'the
Ladysmitli Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Barque Gatherer.
Notice ii hereby given thnt the owners. ".Bents
or niaitcr will not be responsible for nny debts
wntractcd by ihe officers or crew of iho Barqi:c
Catbmrwhile io tills port.
* J. G. Yoiinggreii,
Complaints That Post Office is Held
By an Alien.
For Borne time back there has been a
good deal of growling at the slate of
things permitted to exiet at Chemaimip,
which place has been figuring somewhat prominently of Iuto in thcee columns.
It is alleged that the important office
of poBtmaeter is held not by a British
subject but by an American citizen,
Oa examination of the official records
The Leader finds that this is correct.
Tne poi.tmnflter is Mr. E. J. Palmer,
manager of the Victoria Lumber Company, which ia kUo a purely American
concern, its president and directors re-
Biding three thousand miles from this
country. Mr. Palmer, it ie also alleged
ha director of the General Hospital at
Chemainus, being one of the two govern*
ment, (that is Canadian Government
not Ihe United States Government), ap*
pointers, the other being the genial
Captain Gibson, United States Consul,
also an American cltiz?n.
Very frcr people would care a straw
who was postmaster cr were government
appointees on the board of the General
Hospital provided the duties of those
offices were faithfully discharged, and
The Lender's correspondent has not a
word to offer on that point. But everybody who knows anything about the
case points to tho fact that no Canadian
ia allowed to occupy any official position
lu the United States, and that where
attempts are made to give such positions
to Canadians there Is a tremendous
racket aud the United States is torn
asunder with the thought of an Alien
fiiling any office, no matter how mean or
insignificant, which could bo occupied
by an Ameikan citizen.
The theory in the Slates about matters
of thia kind is that there Is at present
enough American citizens to go round all
tho offices likely to be created bv the exigencies of United States politics. That
Is all right, b-.vb Tho Leader's Chemainus correspondent, but why ehould the
strut*; enr-.1 rule not upp'y to Canada and
tbe Canadians?
Everybody who reads the papers hae
seen the accounts of the treatment meted out to Canadian woiktnen and others
from this side of the line who have tried
to earn tht ir living acrosa-lhe line w ith-
out chancing allegiance to King Edward,
and it seems more than queer tbat American companies should be able to come
In here aud cut down all our best timber, worn all the best .ore out of our
mines and even fill cflicce which ehou'd
be filled by Canadians, cr at least Brit-
lab subjects. This may seem a narrow
view, but it ie the American one.
As intimated in a recent issue of TI e
Lesder, it is ruld to be likely that Mr.
Palmer will chnrge hie allegiance and
become a British Bulj^ct, but that does
not isense the Canadian Government
for employing an alien to fill eo important an official position as postmaster of
such an important office aa Chemainus,
It sounds strange to hear of the Canadian Government paying official salary
loan American citiz.»n for discharging
duties pertaining to the Government of
Canada. There ia no such thing acnus
the line, no the case le unique.
Strange to say, the late postmaster al
Extention, who ran away with n lot nf
money belonging to the government, II.
Maille. was also an American citizen.
But the manner in which he condu tnl
tbat iitUce was a scandal, as The Leader
knows to its sorrow. It may sound incredible but Is a fact never!! elcFB that
Maille actually destroyed 05 copies of
one edition o( Tlie Lpader,'duly stamped
with one cent Btamps, and plainly addressed to subscribers in Extension,
Why be did It Tbo Leader could never
learn as every letter of inquiry was
answered witb a torrent of Insolence and
abuie.  It waa learned afterward that
Nanaimo Clothing Rsnovatory.
Cleaning, Dyeing and repairing of all
Silki, Sitini, etc, done like «•"'• A"
work guaranteed. Commercial Street,
Oppniite Nanaimn Hotel.     ,
Wholesale ami Iletail Dealers In Meals.
Poultry   and Vegetables.   Game In
•lion.   Shipping order! attended to on
bort notice-,
The Crescent Hotel
Win, Hepple, proprietor.
First-class nccoinmoditloni lor minen
and transients.   None bnt
The Best Wines and Liquors
aerved at the bar.    Hive ni a rail,
Cor. Victoria ltd A Commercial St.
Uitth claei picture frame nuking!
•killed workmanship i iitlslactlon guaranteed. Estimate! cheerfully given. 0,
B. Robelee, First Avenue and Gatncre
street, Ladyimllh, 11.0.
Entirely refiiriile'ii'il and renovated
Clrat-clasi table. Every accommodation
lor ladles visiting Nanaimo. Mrs". T. J.
Thomai In charge of dining room will he
happy to welcome all old Wellington
and Lidyimilh li lends.
W, THOMAS, • Proprietor.
Ship Eclipse.
Notice ii hereby given ibit the owner!
agent! or blaster still not be responsible
for my debts contracted by the officers
or crew ol tlie American ship Eclipse
while ln thli port.
N. Linen.
Maille "hid noun" f.r Lidyimlth, its
uoniilo or paper, and was determined to
protect Hsu morals and intelligence o'
the Inhabitant! ol Extension from con-
lamination by Tlie Leader. But the
man has gone and the matter dropi.
01 course the worthy and esteemed
poslinasleratClieniBinilsia a very different kind of man from the poor creature who filled the Extension berth, but
Tho leader ie informed that there ia a
good deal of dissatisfaction tbat such an
office should be tilled by an alien whrn
there ore heaps ol good Canadians de-
serving of recogniiion from their government. Mr. R.lph Smith, M. P., for
tills district, hae had this matter brought
to hie attention very pointedly, but he
afraid to take any action for fa ir ol
offending his American fiiends, Meesis.
Palmer and Gibson, who have been very
kind to him.
Another chapter haa to be added to
the interesting romance of a lumber
camp published in The Leader. A few
dayi ago Captain Gibson, it ie reported,
met Provincial Constable E. B. Halhed
ln the store at Chemainus, and conversation began regarding Dr. Telford'e
furniture. It is alleged that the captain
made some disparaging remark! regarding the condition uf the furniture
and Dr. Telford's offer of the lime to
the hospital. These remark! were
warmly resented by Constable Halhed.
and pretty quickly there was a war of
words, which at one time eeemed likely
to lead to other kinds oi argument. Ai
both of the gentlemen are of heroic proportions The Leader'a correspondent
hopei no one will be offended if be
shudders at thought of what might have
followed had tho twain clashed in the
store. Fortunately the dispute ended
in an exchange of somewhat warm compliments.
Feeling still rune high throughout tbe
camp in regard to tbe affair; The Leadei
ii assured that the end is not yet, and
that further sensational developments
may he expected.
The latest rumor is that of offers of
compromise in the matter of the little
hills mentioned In these columns, and
of peremptory refusals to consider euch
A Most Brilliant Success In Every
Alt who attended the dance given by
the Ladysmith Baseball Club in Gould'*
hall, Friday evening*, are unanimous in
saying that it was equal to anything cf
the kind ever held in town. The at*
tendance taxed the accommodation, Id
fact, a larger hall would have been comfortably filled with tbe couples. With
their usual good management the club
had prepared the floor until it was lo
peifect order, and made dancing most
enjoyable. Refreshments were served
at the Interval, and these aleo were quite
up to the mark. Mr. Sim SaoulJice
acted as floor manager in hia usual acceptable manner. The baseball boys
attended In club uniform,
It is understood a handsome sum was
netted lor the funds of the club, and
that the boys are now confident they can
look forward to a good season of sport,
after such an auspicious opening. Mr,
I), Murray haa bsen elected manager;
J. C'-Rli.I captain; W. Manuel sec-treasurer. Tlie club is divided into first
and second teams. Practice night
TliursdayB aud SundeyB.
No Means of Displaying Its Patriotism,
This old EstabHsril, Fitst-OIss, end
Popular Hoiel Is moat comlortably furnished, centrally sltnated. ltuo meets
trains;. Excellent Cuisine. Bar stocked
with the finest wines, liquors and cigari.
JOS. FOX,       •      •        Proprietor,
Oneol Ladysmith's moet prominent
citizens called tbe attention ol The
Liader the other day to tho almost total
absence of flagstaff, in the town. The
mitter liai only to be drawn to one'e
attention to become almost painfully apparent. Tlie gentleman referred to
hoped that It would only be necessary
to call attention to tlie deficiency to
lend to ihe Installation of many a tall,
tapering staff In the ground! of Lad)
smith's many pleasant residences.
The Leader ie mre that before tho
arrival ol Lsdyemith'a grer.t gala day,
July Fl it, there will be ample acorn-
modation tor the dliplay jf patriotic emblems. The late -Mr. George Norrli
used to use the lhgitifi on top of the
Fiee Preea building to announce to the
citizens cf Nanaimo nny groat happen
lugs in the course of the Boer war, and
the citizen! appreciated hii enterprise
and patriotism.
Public Meeting Called for Saturday
At the request of eeveral cf Ihe citizens
The Leader announces that a meeting cf
all the citizen! will be held in Gould'i
hall next Saturday eveniDg at 8 o'clock
for the purpose of discussing the ar-
raogemente to be made for the celebration of the national holiday in Lady
Bmith in a fitting manner.
Use earnestly requested that, owing
to the short tiure now left at the disposal of the varioua committees, every
citizen should turn out and help with
hie advice. In order to give the men on
the other ehift a chance to express tbeir
views it is euggeeted that another meet-
Ing be called in the eame place for tbe
following Saturday evening, but thia on
be left to the meeting next Saturday,
thel9.li instant. It is aleo euggeeted
that if the weather he flne and the attendance too large for the hall, the
meeting could be held In tbe pavilion.
Happenings in the World of Sport
Ibrox Park, Glasgow, where the terrible accident occurred April 8th, on tbs
occasion o' the international football
match between England and Scotlsnd,
li the largest athletic ground! in Ihe
United Kingdom. It hae a greater leafing capacity than the Cryital Palace
grounds, London; and ll eetimatcd at
180,000. The provincial papers whicli
put the crowd in the grounda at 7,000
must have thought that the figures
telegraphed to them were incredible—
70,000—but all the American papers
printed it at tbe latter figure, and were
only 10,000 short of the actual number,
which was 80,000. E.-en little country
football matches draw crowds of 7.000.
At a well attended meeting on Sundsy
the! Ladyimith Shamrock and JJuther
teams made all arrangement! lor a return
match on the bunker grouudi next Saturday afternoon, the loiers to pay lor a
in tbe Grand Motel the eame evening.
An international regatta la to ba held
on tin Clyde in honor oi the Kiog'a coronation. Oarsmen in all parte of the
world are being notified. The priaea
will be princely.
Each English University spent about
f 3,000 for the expenses of the boat race,
according to tbe Lindon Daily Chroi I-
ule'e flguree. That include! cost o:
training and everylhingelse. The shell!
coit 1350 apice. Harvard and Yale
would think themselves lucky to get iff
half aa cheaply.
E, II. Ten Eyck ll reported ai about
to lake up sculling again.
Wyatt easily defeated Hill at I.'anaimo
Saturday night in the ten-round match
before tbe Athletic Club. Hili lought
well until the 7ib. round when he threw
up hia hands.
Champion Jamei Jeffrlei writes:—"I
will box Filzlimmooi at Charleston, but
they must put up at leaet (10,000 it
once, and foifeit same if they fall to pnll
off contest,"
Tommy Whim the youthful pugilist
hai died at the Presbyterian hospital,
Philadelphia, aa a rtsuit ol a blow delivered by Tommy Horoketh the other
Tommy liyan ers'v outdated Billy
Stiffr. of Chicago, at Kan..! city, In 10
A championship amateur boxing tour*
nament will be held In Ottawa on April
14,15, It),
Pink" Hawley, thelamoui New Yoik
aud Pittsburg pitcher, who wai last year
with Milwaukee, hai been signed by
A. G. Spalding tendered hia resignation si president of tbe National Baseball League. W. O. Temple, of Pittsburg, ia arsured of the position. N. E.
Young will be given the secretary-tress-
Wettminster want! tbo Minto mug,
wants it bail. And if they don't get It,
will bs because there 1, not euough lacrosse talent wett of the Rocklei. They
ingoing to Dawion after Sncll; they
have gathered in Cowiu, who wai wont
toicintlale in a Vancouver uniform;
aud it would out be strange if our own
Lionel Yorke were to be seen in a salmon- belly suit, Thoie westerners dou't
do things by halves, end if the vice-regal
lacrosse championship does find permanent quarters on the banks of the Fruer,
the east will have th. not unqualified
eatlslaction of knowing that it's In tbe
hinds of dead-game sports,—Toronto.
Telegram. m
Ladysmith Leader'
Wellington-Extension News.
to   recognizs  the difference   batween' "•"*, Mr. Daasenalr atou'l tliink in, n"
coirse  impertinence    and   leg!llmali,Jiwh"t'8 Ul«n* o'''"1*'1"* h"* ^wir *
„„,:„_«_.,.   i    ,      ,, , .|lo spoil   your plans'   Any  commlit'ie
questions, and dip ay ng a   the lynrp.t,,  ,        - -,.-   .        n    iu
1   J   K«i'n'o ojuih niuit man isnn iiimht j'l'tac welliioludo
Published every tVorSiiesilsy anl ssttiirday
rhe Lesder Building, corner of first Ave. and
French Itreet, Ladysmitli, British Coliimliia.
X. Xsi\WmmTS Editor and Proiiribtor.
Oat yAr iiftictly In advance) * 4*d>
m. months (strictly in advance)' v-wv0]
tr.,.--„r. ..-!• i . i.". — ADVSR/TjaiNG-" RATIJS.,:,    _,
I...    -in „,-. t XMN9IKNTT;Firtt.i*-Bertiq»"«. aJJWi ?&ch
" "     iwbieqmnt iusertloi sc. a line.       *      .
vj,;.-,:- ...   , ■,..  ^-Jttftic^ffS^it*^^3'
*■"■■'"       '   *• Mtti on a^iJltcatltin" r No: wood cuts used,
tints for regular use sbould.be all inei.it.'
Marriage, Birth,; Death and Funeral notices,
tKK.ii insertion 50c.
■'"-   '   ■      ■ - Advertisements tidt inserted for a sjjectfied
time.wUlbe charged for until-ordered to be'dhV
eoitinued. ---.-.- --■
L 'THE I.SADKR witfbe'found nV the following
,,pla«ij.. ,-.
^•^jflmtth-TheReader. Office;.The I^dyinjitti
1; Kintlttitv-K. Plmbury & Co.'
1 • Vitfixta—Public" UbraryiTroviiiclal Library; and
. ..-*.■'•' Hotett-.i^"" •• " • ■'■
'"KWWeirtmhnter--PubHc LtbWry.
A*'changes in advertlsemetiti niuBt be received
■<-*•  ^ifthttfaffleel*ftjre:t* nban'^ht'titiy'before
...Ji, luut. _,, -       ..•   .-."-: •■■••   "'■"•*
rtport to this office.,
^"dfft^^f^tj^sh on delivery^
*M-.asl«nt advertisements cash In advance.  .
WSDNRSDAS'   APlttl. .6 WU'
, mitala t'fiii ——
■ i-8 ^With-deg-llke ndelUy'lhe; Tlooleiiiiy
-p.pet»i-.imort without exception^ copied
8- Hh. Mopkl llegiven-out by the. .Vancou-,
- v.r papers and sent broadcast by-tku.
.. e.rrupcmdents^if-that' town, to tbs
i affect that -Hon. Jowph Martin, Speak
---■' "Ing'at"*' pnbltelunerlotl otwme iort, V
■ rew'dsys<igO| anBoundeil that after* Its.
' ",pairtje'''ol the'redisfribn'tian" bill' he
''would de/eit the jjpveruipent.., lion
, ..Mr..Martiuh«a.IeWhinuelI,called uyran
. togive emphatio -denial- to. thil' ifbtjl,'
' and hehiidone lb 'with characteristic
"" Vigor "anil brevity".
.-„.. "-",.-    ,-••-,'• ..--1--.- - ii-.;,i.,.l
■'■   Yet hi, denial will never iee the light.
:-~i* ...
, ol iay. in tb. column, oi the newspaper's
 publiibed  the -deUtwrate lie ol
- "tb.'Vancimvereorresp9ndemp.tiiHiii8Sll
"' carried'on'lhe'wfetcnedworkoidelama-
.   u.M^a.   v,ii    I....1I l,..^a. i,|. ,.i :
tion of character, misrepresentation aud
11 a|l ,'yntilrjMJ lor, wliipJj the. pree. ol
;v Brittoh.Coliunbia.bai achieved -a,, moit
• • «ae»viable notoriety. IS-eelmply mon-
"*»'-i -•" itrwIiibM srttaelesi to^
inch town as Vanc'o'ijfvor can I feset-vrith
.„.., „tj^m\sx«*\^Mi* hfymWi- I"1"1
^.._.,r/ ,,JJ* U>a,i»iipii,i»lsehoou#,,born'of -hii
ia tsijj   i.kUlt»>ol.aes towards -certain poMlvj meoi
«i-i.-■■■■/> andb»v«1hote*retcfced'sMhdowcopied
t,..,»  l.„i  '.fjimT,wirj,'-Tjy»|a''''jireis"'wliieh einw.'
'itsSil liKhuiteli more eage^.loi.walisr*
,,uiU -- ilaliniqui »ndiEenialionsl labricationi.
thin i-oar^olly- veriflee*- repoits ..frem-
truitirMltuysiiHirece. I vaia.fi
S«Mt<M-.«K.*» ''iWHInrlnit't'Be'Jic^Ivfiil BiltlAlOe*
""'"■" ^^Mi^iXifi^^tt^ml**. *hs
s...i.vl   1IJI.I       -1,|I'-..  ..t.?t.r...  .,., WleAsid
il ^„»<P,!%.oj.,H'',l?.-s%ii%'Ji»v. To.™ are
now not io man^ullne-fluent lakeisven
|- . thi *«el corner.-ant-in tieuialanrj.
tBrltlllrColmilbtl'a real for«m*|-t. 4e<
i.vi oi, jgrjfBf-j-jj5ji Jfj; ififtin'fHut -there ie
I !..;. jl^i., [f'UtOlM -I..,'.* l-i.^ VvMll
sn Increasing nuu|ber. of, .Ihe people-
iis..„ ,.,«jbo«opi.i<u.i«nuat.foraom.thlng-wbo
'litafni tr..lo*ry fiudingout thai- Hon. Joieph
■' —••' *ltortW«'a«>e»WyW^btk'ffo
' "'' tjen"painted, and who are Degiinilhg to
... i..,.J1!,.*, Wf& d.*J^,r«!hSffl(3IoT(heirhiity
ail ., ,:.,bslisiia the rgtUMly, reports | circulated
about thit gentleman.-'"""' 1      -nil!.
mt ,„is,.i WftWfM'rl-ATS^itflttifppepy h.'pen'
nltion and Mr, Mirtin iiai survived all
i,„i .^^fi^imZjii<- fmMit »nd "■•
,.-, / ,».l ,Jsliiii.rMlwiie4Jaii«JiMisir.|ir«s
vii M.Ma> Hw-ttratal larrsomrHHk* isorlejd"i|t him
•re turning home agslVl'vj'tf these who
Msl.ni ,iii hjnoWfl Kril'lifW? •■> L   L '.
n,i'i .„ ,h*,)trW'*l»!!V'''',WJr. W*> fl.MWR'
W ■<'■    .sW,«r"«°our««:itomlvpealj"Jr.,"*j^Lri(^ii.(u)s«n'Uu.Himii
■'on *-.,.sll*lo>'b»/l»«l> »■< I" ■.«■"■"' I
■ii '-jiin'-'l
_    ss-jiy-fc**
.....aMn ,„,,„ wire.
illjlr1 .-,1. i/jl"***  - ■
>««« at. s»»J,,i»l*o.iaie -pUyiltsa .tus» fp'rlnclfiilV
joUa-mlhe lio.i Jaute..'jaiuihiUii>
».»->■ ttttt !Mrii««UlrOflrth.- Tht»'fltten|tlt'*iT«i
■I** " •» W«k«!BlrbfMtfi.'av^tefc^^^
wZMM'h..l y, amUM .,, ^
,,.,.,-* ^umnsiiMrMalliM ilnvsasUsriatifclii'liBbeiv '
am »..'«-t^aMniTW'Dur^-Al'W JrjP wife".  """'"
held ths good opinion of thousands In
ajjll provinoe degenerate into • mere
4iqysMiT|i £bIder!Ivnd #Aff»T|N
j if l_X—"-i. -==g I I   fe#-j
oW lady iiPirrasers.-uirable'T'hlViiiBoiiVar Is a gooTonotfih tn'ro»', i1*— -
I.AHS-Il 111 .St'HOlll,
toms of the lenlle tea-drinker.
Are we too harsh with Mr. Smith Our- j with Mr. DanVmiiir, 1','s n pity nonnol
tie? Letonyonewhothinka80takeoneiJ'iral'l'0i|ll8m'i|" ll!lv» ll'o i»vcy' io
column of (hVreport of Bis performances I *#* ^Wit ^m'Vinolhn lliiin
iti the court uud say then whether that
i.s.notthetelk ol ...person df i,mightyi|iiii,.'jiwV»n.ldnii:i
poor judgment, And strange to Bay,
Mr; SmithCurtia has had the doubtful
honor of having the vast nmprity of the
newspapers on his aide. They have lied
tor him, they have disiemiuated .scandalous and incredible rumors \ about hie
opponent; every dirty littlo insinuation
'likely 'to excite ridicule or dislike which ' lias been suggested
by. .iVJr.i..Smith,. Curtis has ...been
seized by the newspapers and scattered
(arand wide. Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir bos.
been forced to see that eo far aa thenewi-
paperi of British Coiumbia are concern'
ed there is nothing Britiih about, tbem 1
tbey have no teneo cf lair play like the
British papers; thoy don't seem to.know
what the truth is when (hey are .reporting an opponent. Tbey are totally, ,ioi
opable of perceiving and honoring the
sterling honesty of a man like Jainca
Duosuinirwhoisfat to good a man.to
walte hia time on the nasty mess called
politician IMtiali,Columbia  ....
- Mr, Dunimuir ie reported tb have called? Mr.' Smith Curtte a "crazy; loon," It
wai' as.happy as any "of Cecil Ubodes's
famous phrases. Thli commission has
sho.wuMr..Duniinuirito ,bo one oithe
very few-honeeti; etralgliterward. and
ttenorable fcien conn'cretlwltli tbe ipal-
itical affairs 61 ir'riis.h'tf'lu'mbiai.at tbe
After peace Is declared |in''"Si)ttVh
Alrjca" every lipdy^w'jll, ,be( yriliing" 'trTad-
mitthat.weibate fonght..a..«|allanf ioii;'
*hiHlid'weall whot-we-all jlfopB-'Brtt'
ish men woAWdWfW like'cirijuuistaiiccV,
wiiep taW'^'elllveel'lnRt' their .wmUy,
jX lj'i'erjy„werei t|ireat\iened.. -Ou-Uie
.wholethe.JJoeta have .coridiidleil' rheir
partof the warwitb-Lirneisind honor;
they have had a lew black fhijp, ..buji
.UiUbtUtUslKnfai Key, J<|ube,t,.aud.
Botha go iar to make up ior tlie- nnsoidi-
«felWt°f*i;liiSll: Ugjfl k
If Ibis is t
the age oi giganliu foiluiiea
itjs^also^lieagoji^enorriioiiB benelac
HoM^.Mr^ndrew D.|negj li'telplin'
ejble^.no.dcu.tit^ fpr^thp gpp; examrjle,.
^Hcjh,ehaajeefl .f05thily.i1 ilt»te44'ji
,w ^fes^'W'wy •"**■" .•"""
maay other DOBeesiapra^ol^ci liissnt "fdr*
tunti.  Tbe late James Did , 'bf Cilte'-
fitv<r „i.:-.» .'.,,• I-Jy,-^ » . ...1     .,,„^,.,   I
tor,' liBBjiist Jeff l,ei,acieB am. nnt.to. hajt
a jrayiilian dollar^ to i be distributed.
,J,    *,..*,*■■    1~TV     ■•:•"••■   ITI
»! „i ..j.,.*, ,i,.ii,.|, i..    "   U:.9.
1 '**r;.l«V«)l','W4ViisWss.nVir>snV>V«: l*,'?:'*?*'.-?.
rii..nv«H,,v A«i:< .h|ii>.
akfl * i,....i.i„.,i.i, u
.,* Uioci J/»ii«i:r-il.'*'top 1,.:
; ott'weilld'
^.Ifthaaj»bBv)%,tl|e,wt»»f I"$>$$
,»r»»j»PMtsj ^rm*u*X Hi. tt ii'w-"ij»:
.Sinn o».S»l|«ii>y morning wl en I, notic
«J*j)iiu,teaAipga.cflpy oi The L»adw,l»tc,.}'L't.|'oii,kiioiv thnt.
.-MlM-ilhf«nej»lhp}',.»|fl9lJ.-.'al,l ng lor 1.1m
lo-bas><orll. -.The. lell'.w read' uib.it 6j
lb. paper canlutlyand then ...
back.totlirhoy-.nd.»ajkedis way.  "Uyi
but ..that chap!., five centi u: ust'lbrik ss
jolly camp,, -They told me tl e man -abb
MiWllril April 1 ■
1 ."editor L,iil»r-+.Y.ou,a!a ■.: ramber-rjl
ib»I.idy*mitb.i.Biurdel 'I'm
ih.11 mon i.,eoi»i than. help.
•IM.aminglaiQB.rJ Ibe thing.,
Iliiaiii.puUciilarly glating,,i
«et .together., at ,vou» .Jittla
>.,  . .,,«,ij^miiui,-Jdou'i.i)Vioi»iyiiii iui
tiindeef it
iist'lbpl: ii
s man wis
io say le
riiira^ft'." \
,.,....!   i.:,l
And you
ay.   You
se ves; thev
.c'ts'i thoBS whq
ire-fJuttlHt Hielr-shmildilts to tb-.e^tel.
IMlS, yotirftwrd Isn'tiHilily itrong; is
.tbaU f«ii,rivpj*eiiil*ii|ii,oi,L idysmiih
XmnPftHll't1.?"'?..! WmMi ._
to the hr.y dj-nothings wlir) will not.
n-ffirrnelf tilUt, Mlftlr*9li» \tivJTn' ifl,',',' feacJ^Vi
•mlrlrlras .ilWmWtst' thai s 1 v woraa
She Understood.    " '"" "* i I *
"Ignorance," .remai'liod young Eorem, J
*tBey'Stl^shI1Er.l,- j§
"Oh, Hint probably nccounts for It,''. k
rejoined Miss Cutting. ~-\9
tlioinirlve!fur.a!|itieg-i«!jt!irfh,l] Jlo,     '^oijfits/or«)vhjit!J queried tho |
yontn; ',5      Q
'TlleiieontcUted nnil-lwiipy-lobk-yoiW^.
usually wear," slio i'c|iUcd..y.;„,,,.>'i-.|-i5i.,v„.,
™     H KUMili   Vfi"'aE7"     "
k:n»Jvir''vi'1irii to ilnp'i =:sV.'niiB "ft-itr-ilrail I1I111 COjccn;.
wl^lliFvuitirtlooii'klo st the .Tj.!'.t»...l.ln3.'"'it."."5 ceuts uiHl.Klycs||nt to A.  ».
lugs.   Y.i,irc"l,«ir„,a,,sl,o„U   in ist on '■ ■*«S|ri^,.'™"''li'"S Mb° „"•"    5
,-,--■,...        . ,        trustll Tor flic balance.   Ureter.asks f-
ei.oiikcrBk.cp„,|.tothei,i,'K,n,aiiilnn  ! A ,(o gm m m< ,Mvm A .»
wandering from llu'l to Hililax    11 d minims Hint na.Il.aiKi'a liinfe .Mits ,f
lalklng i'lstcen limes to the "tnnlion. ,„„ tiol,t offsets'the other. ' What 18 tlicf 5
'-.       - U. NOME* 0LW1UGIIT. nnsivc'cV    '
.Ladyimith, B.C. April 14,1002, ' ■'"   "
tl.h!.;V'^l«.U:afioliirrr llitaft, rfffttg.rC?   '',?'*.,Vaftfef shJ?
I,i inutile son.o ol your fijjf|fl|g\\ 1    %W&S^Wi'  » ■ „ ■    ,
seem to hive S». Vltus's \irtrjue of *. offset.      r,    8    ill/
Waen v.hit'tiK; \ iii'or'H boi
send yctir nayle nii'a post
:® The-Leading-
':,>'   sC0*vrVE7E'
K.-erythingJu block in imported
r.(ii,n!('t ftaiulnj[a.^JjU:lftW'rE or trade
nt our own factory,      i*.
' "* i'?'J 1
.1 {ier liusinvrs mcaliB
soiliethllig. ;|
,i :n and iee cu   liirte tir.il moilii'igptlablish.
yjil will 1 at ntcjl Jjijbnj;.'/.JI you .'ajStiol come
ir.t ai'il wo will mail you a catalo|iue-slrce.
EJItbr Lsa'ileri-I Bhould like lo know £•£   ' •i**'"*™
»>e:g6i.,"gto oiir.nls Rewews
tr$ Nlftetecrilh Ccnttify   nml AttJr,   ft If'
*H:,:-m:    *4l''.""ai* 1 ".*< :."-r.*4J"'.^.*J  '  *J '-i »   I
svben tho trtiateta are t*')lt>j?
election to"Oil up tlie vacancy caused by LJj^.
one ot the members of the bond, who,*/^
ceaaeato he au actual "resident in-Lady-: i-)j- -   uainburih Magazine
l*V s
- -ContempoHf1/   Review,   :Foi I-
nlglilly   Review,   \Vestnrtnst5i, i$j*.
lfevkw,    lUfinbHrjili    RtTVk-w, Ti
QuttrtonyTJeVltSwi Uluckwooa'a ;.«T
    '' JlS
Strong,  sterling, timely, rttigHstlvc
smith,   I elojld also like to know when
pUbiitillLU, l.Ull   l 111,1 Ij'lH.Cr l   .JVL.tVU IM'H ' -a.™.    '■''""- "■':•-   ■■ ■■  ■■■      i-   - ■.■•     ^.  ;
been in cxistc'Rco fur stven numihe,   I ;.]$ cii^imis; tir- swirn-st iivi'stntaBoti t.f $jsi
loV'oneihink'lhatUio'i.eoplfl .f.L.dy.lfe  ^ffiSW *f
Bihilh have a ierfecr. right to fctioW'utnt' £* ktMlti^ wtew^- 11.-^;i frfi;il|Kn^   "*»
the truateesare dohis?'1 '■ * ■ J
, ,,LadjfliiiiU»;.AprUl'k.;.:J1tlfiSlDKSTr.
American steamer St. P.ittl, Captain
Hayerf," arrived* here' "on ""S'llitTtny* 'froili
Sin iTrantieieco tojloaHl toaHotj theAUeka
-Commercial.Company, --'i \
. -Atuerioan steamer Aioenaiipn, CnpLain
J(>hn)^.yaU8,.*r1ciyed.iu.i>oi;t *oii F-j
Monday, liilanj; Hie bteaiurir Mitti
charier She will load cial for S.tn
Tfanolicov. • TJie^tffie&^lou* ^V"bMlt nt
'BnTuthv,Miiin.,ta,R(l'wiis Hbt eoaiu ..Vii.e
iu-thttilftiiti tradti. i, ... ,,„,«
i; Americau^hip Sauta Cluctj ia r.o'.VTiu'
to load coal for Cj,li.loritU.
Cflptain ' Yaifls.  pilot.   orVitreit 'btrc
i'ortvua *
yeateiday after pilot Lngi Sit*', VytfleldSS
sea'lrdhi" Ij'oldn-tfhttrf^TB 1 iVve
lofed&i ■r;80o'lott^f-eoiffiii'* bofti.'tt
fttaltU'lti'dtYinfe 'djAe ticV«5fcUiA ,9 iu *fVeti
W'ulglityeWs.,,|fj*  **1*«W
Austrian .B.leamer  W-^riii, n issed
Uuion  Siturday ni^it- frijii
with   Vijlieiu  for vTadi'vudlol,   S'ijeiin*.
She'took oh ijOO tons"of/fiWO-";* cunliaud
fltiiled'Suuday moruini*/    b  ,
" "biiips nuvv waiting tjwir'Vtiin a.lj.Lul.v*
.smith wharvu inp the Kclij; ii>, ticornt;
li.'lv-ii^ij' and Odllj.wrerVi " ^,-4' -
y^ap'tatu'lln'.ie'r, tlie jeeihj lo-.vti^-W;^*'
(loiia I'iiot, hiulit-narrow ,Cffl pu at Hi
entrance    of    Vi^.uru/^h^irb.if »'tl,e
o*-htrlijii^lfi,.ii ,|1f„*T.,it!'„,Saj1"1 B'*'T- o'i'^'
stn^U^ioiip .ajiei hayyijj takti iv^ie.\u'Teir *
^KiiU'liS1^»if&bR»:v,yfe|ufiVe eftttt..tEr '
.Cjiajmer 4 i-Vt'S.sf^tl.JUdatl^ifi    fur   lt,©^*'
"etjuiiiCS   aiyat   the„ ihUu, ■ rTTt^ Tfolu
i7*rV~ '-*--1 ■••!•■,*,::'   V- -1   .■ai./.''..     ?li*>
u\li„.lho othi'l' :UiL'iii|„.iiiidiJ our hyart ,
Jjv.pi;inn Jjp.,thq,,)lttl!),o,hl,jiid:   nch'r by.
.Yolt.yj'ajlt.up.pue tplnasui'O lollllrnlrW
kindsfln8 senile, wKllo'n •-liple^jiibt-V...
Wb'tlt bt wrliikle's fihoVt'tlib oyos tolls   T
^feil'ttnttho*bIdJ^itlc'mtil(' n tho cor-   %
irtHtrVis Bts'Jcy^tl*;'■, -'•'•J*'^ + .
1 «tilirnf*llo'a'^n|iHc-^itr* oreflijpjuj. [|a
nelghtioii's'.riiee -Slid. Ih.w.4 0u- 'to re;
ttUsii,lluit..oui'sown iaupeu, or'ntrd'to1
:rei.dt -Xut itiliu ,Xli«i.nt«r Is thcrt.'.
jnilfs'SviV'SHritiMittvB'crj;, lav/jfjijiir,
.Ilfcs. sSOtjOlily, dp Sll)llS'i>n iu frowns
' leave trices'Jhut 'eveji'y' rmsi lou -wlilcli-
swoys'tuou'ciirl sfinipVitar cord ui
Ihettce'. "'l~"»"-"«fll'V''
»1 1.  .rt.rnc Monnl.ln L»a mil,
..There.,ls. n.sVualiiiigtiiu.Ji guul«oanr,,
np9tp.d..w!th Tornq. mpuntali ^p'Jjic)4.j8,
nlwnys told to those" who jwj, tje ■ „ ,„,.
'Oscountn,, The moui fnl'n"is tlio
tin tlkjUlfte, and m n elenr
dny, lt Is said, one can ce SHtitfJ1,
Hook 'from the summit Hi If "vnry up
UnV itiouatslBtHuro" Isi'is'de p cleft-In
thc.ri>clni,..nt-tli».liottoiuef vhlch Is a
siii'iim,..jiYouijB«neldiidcnt .Inv-'tHttc-r
.f*lU. :l«lb,i ih9„flli|'lug1,.jiyltb n"Stentiyl
dropping flot qulUio titR,,\\t king .e*»hj
' "Listen nnd you wlll heir George
Washington's wutch," soy t iu old settlers.   "He dropped It Into  ho spring
AiHcnvu iij^fiboiil   4'iJ.
inlerl »iml free
ml   liisuiriciil
.*i»..aji'.  jj,«,.
.1, M •lb LuaH
5tre5t,~U^nlion, ISiuland, and
..itvine Ifi registered nffloe nil Olevrlands
.l^Mfi/-tel»i(i U^Vl'ttHm oi Uritifeh
OohMB-liV*, (WM'-'Wwih-tim-Miitiiliji :j nf the
aliiiV" *''•!,-«i:d"fiii'l'iirtt-fl ft!i-f*J"|lta Tram-
fifty I11V1*m^^aUt'if A«• ,*fli»C*t*' that tlie
^llr.iii'ftS-tift'lviriliWitil operate
:\u W'4-hil |ti,jij.rvv\'ay--f!v-in'.v. p
iUili-it>i{'t;ii:V'lii..';-i';ibiM.p*i M>
llif K'ljviiuin'h.-iii.il TSiinaiu;
,{*]i'i«"»tbtjJaivd kwM'W
will be in .1 strafa '   ''
pA-rtl"  '
"tiil; lvi;jv
.ii-'; ftrnVna !•>'
1 |nt  mi   the
tint Sicker,
Hiint nt or
ih** line of
ii Railway,
Bt'uUim  IS,
ijl tramway
wten  the
r. -.Jt'PKIl ed
WWII* Att -
:i    Tfcfcr-,   Utti.  krifi
L!,^ UUt day
lUtl.'i.llitl. IliiiKlliiwik   iil'JH+hrs'
■ il intents.
] >. rccoivo
iliistrated 'ifpltl
'Q 3C l^lrOBdway,
,bfjiiigUi.i;|i.'Vlin..j.^gi t, ,J!» uriii
[,'ho, ahocl; ^il,,,,,!!-,... i9j.il i,'
pye^Jioaril( ^h.e seamgnj^ Mrj
was.lifclpliig.tp lake^thc sluii^i imo bar
bpr^ajft |ip, has. apt,Jije|(Ui -en tinci.
QapJaiu.B|i|/,er b,ea,clieit|tlii|lJi loop hiu
jejji. J^jiie had i.et;jsiito, tiutju l(JjS'ISJISl
of leel,, ,    1.. ,.  ; .  1     , —
' "Aliie'iican ililp 1','dreiico is waitiru; i.l WptfjtBliS ii'tlsii<i*1.iiiMJ
,..:., irulntifltoriss ilBisVnbj..,   .,   rfflliLsMljtiJ
Character lodcud .i&^viiiU in'plainly '"''
,eii,pus.li,QU lUo Jnpp8.-9H0..m9it is In tla«S*5 WnvMMTOiTO'iWo.', IVc
hfCj .gqu/^sneo^pf jriiged, , somo-of- finite u>icvi'i7-frH«r~.l->-il>i>i
coniody. nini'u'ot ii'fow gl'vc yaas tils-   Micnded'' 	
tlhct yyarnlug.
: Eveii'a rfffil Ih il' BlMdt'kr or a short
•fart. ■ wieli arotnidy
•ti'iiigoni opposite youi
iSK %B mf*mm'4f:*}, mm
st.ouo sjimsslpu-  2isji(iiaf(i    MiiTiuiiiiii   M3 %
faciured by the .jliinrii
MilGHiirX B
'.Mijniiia9.J..pi «VJ
lOjlllltlllu   to
(St %Jt<TM.ii?&''jMTri h'«-;«»"*«•,
i''lWlit.b»vAj)e(iuv« |Kf ab,''vlen»••
}'«»,Hil»k..ie'/!'..^ri ni,, .1   '■■'•'"
.-.. Ilrtl li,'.
•I M ..'isVltiiiurl w.iju.lfci'*
M-° Oakley, nf Grav, neat  Brussels,
Mr?IMItev,'».l'*ielf.'i»lk.'0 oih of the
s»tlolWHTsto»l.ibs^i»s>oilBllr^ ommittets
to meet Hon, *Nf-*»-»srM r .tttf.lr.Bft 0nt, »„, fined W*tti c'rlilfs jor..«hi|."
aa a member ol thoie committee! it man pln(, E|,ie Vandyke, a little girl who bad
tbat Mr. Dunimuir "h.t.1 Ilk. ?»"«»•". beM Uvlng wlth ner,
ciicor»FB-i i"i)rit^rww-i|)j,
'Alfliht'it socks and pieces.
Musieal liisrinraenis of J
mnmmm .urn**/.
1 :::-
)   H
: Wellington Collilry
i'TJ!  toiinvntif nnvwlicre, 'rtiid  ItiHpricnl   ijfV   j- v, S*fiV I 11*1       V
IWMi&lW:*^^.?:?-*"'.*^?-*^?!    X      '
Wellington CmI
Comox Coal—Best steam coal ou the Pacifi
Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam aud
*}iT^Bj*«ii lailieiv MfiW
The ahovc coals are mined only by thi
rves at Lads
aynes Sounq
Victoria, p. C
San   Francisco Agency,
R. Dunsmuir's Sons
****** **********' 1
fpftfl ¥1 10 9W 1   1   iwesliurvwrt ..n.i.1,1.. lit ..iiiv Mifaifim)
i-' CVi.d '^:.".:,;.;rii.j/c,v.f  .ii.i^ii-i^ivti^jpii
4 Of the fact that the Leader L^jjjjponi
doing All Jcintls of J'riutiii]
. hiercialflfei^aifa'^My^t'Wry
.Uble.pritM8iav,'i*.f      •     .sost/A (,;
'a>j,K*?*Mii:<&&izmSkz.ia *
n-#l I
f '
pOWAV  •w*€HMr*m*HArm6T0IV
niami^W'^W Siir!i.:)jii)iilJ/'. iliM/'flS8«H|A 'isj^l/t^rftrythlng
Letter .Heads
•r- :J .»V*»«lWll 'HSllB *
. ,,, . nftatemepts , A    .
»« l«'*-s*r««Mhilbiir-Me^s^''i'«ci£iro*;'
.   . ..ACiieH    ?
Stock Certificates T
—-Knneial Atinouncemi-nls    ^a
, Pamphlets
—OataloRUM 3f rf™"v \  V
Window MtlK>\/
Hangers ,^*
iriik-floslira iilifilli/J
<,».„iiUitljn.oj(lcrii machinery,  we produce only
.u.m.oll ,...,1,1 r.S; iiu^Htlia,t^t'.d|«rkars^iyriiiMllft#aii4ttrncts
L«sit.t^ lis it. i.'.iiriii'.iil Ui£i«Mii»^ t,»n
^..ishitTihe Leader.'iJafortfcrjoani.'r-
ai-Ulresisaa. Lounges,
Tents, r,We  Dlh
y,,oliilloii.cl,ari™vij,™i.. It J
"4>++++T+++**++*T+T'f+ +++TT'
of 'jfe«sg—w
- ' *'.-s . .J. ,+,.i , 4 ,.f 4 i , ..»>*-, . ,
.^ri3fBatt:ide.i»triiiutMBi i
•J.   executed   iivl'lrst-
*     i*^lW«tj»***»*.»'
ml .llujr,    1
Cabinet Mnk-w.»1ldttJ(iholsteter,
|,l..!ii-jir.i:i.vil f,!!*!,»M,l!,,u(ao..O '-1
3555,33^ '**.,Vit'rli.1''"*;: '■'
siaiui, wan., „,,.,„ .,x ,..-,We,H|^,)tar^-N,t,le rec0l(10| 1
mil)   .
it™, sport, society.   Knslllfal Jllvsllaliolis m
lias, lilies! -Sample ^OTlMl*K",to,1•
All For Ont Dollar 1 Yur.
^ Times j
''i.U»-rofldf«inew.iil-*"Jsto.    Sport,!
yonng folk's department, llteraluie, j
eclence, art, music, p
■w r^-f-d f*-r*4n.r'.,*f, ■
A Traveler's Rlnv?
of wt
Ill     l.'SUHT
Hit nn
When In camp th
j other
,' I was
riding through n vi
Ingo w
tho vil-
Inge hcnilmnn nukct
hid ir
Uhl llko*
to see "tho flsh."   I,
not l;n
g whnt
the headman iiier.ul
nt one
IV l
tit nilh
4ir ill fi0)r ? tlofiplti^li»l fjjpudon   Heine .Air*.
~Jil3 "   '.vii>h Open tu AiiivrluiiliH.      "
One of the uuiuy houses in London nt
which Americana nre sure;of a'cordhil
Welcome' 1s: that of Lady Stanley, the
wife of Sir Henry, the explorer.
As.Dorothy Tennant the, .magnetism
muj brillianc*/ of-Lady. Stanley wero
neltnowledgod.' It wns always said of
ber thnt she would do something out of
the.ordlnary,,,She did undoubtedly do:
"something out of the ordinary when
she married tbo greatest explorer of
tbe age.
'j 11 In nB-SriHpriry.'a ufider
Stanley nids and abets
terested, she snys,-lu everything'tnter*
for which we have^o suitable ft'ocki
and the puzzling: question bobs up
again. And; so It-goes from ruischi lo
dojfsojij tl'll-tlie subject of clothes becomes ;n'U ehdlsss ofib and women arc
well nigh distracted trying to ring Hie
changes on the prevailing fusblotis, el*
tlier for' themsolvoB or a friend who
has consulted them on this tnomonlous
topic. It Is always a good plan lo ask   blm down to tho banks
-for suggestions If your own taste hi   followed   by   several,
dress Is u trifle- uncertain j but he stiff
Hint you are consulting some one who  together,
really knows (something about clothes  ■•■>'• lay
mid will offer Ideas Hint are suited to
your   particular   stylo   and  makeup.
Avoid having clothes fussily mado, for
the effect Is always spoiled by  too
uftieli trimming nnd shows a lack of
good taste in things sartorial; so If you
are fond of rullles und furbelows make.' evcn uy mo".   The
tip your mind to ho guided by some ouo  tlilrty-thrco of th
who will give to your gowns that distinctive n'« that you so much admire in
oWnfti&s Tifttb I &^0PiM- swagger'looklug girl's ap- [ <• C-rth at the gMs of about thlrf
flldS Ztai,f PnfSl M>-J would give worlds to pos-! «. They would go away .nut
SkSrWiS'   sess. Having clothes made to suit one's   back whenever they wero eallcO
baskcts;.6f sbsBalnini nth
Then the tbuggl en
lay," .for a few
.when, Io and behold, n! turj
ugatwe, or big, short, Ila
camo up Just under our feet
promptly foil by the l.urmnn.-..
The llsli wore amazingly tame snd
tolerated   being   stroked   nud   petted
word In ;fll ab'quE
, varying In idzd
from cightcty) Inches, lo llrt'ce and' a
half feet lo;.,:. tlm larger ones having
Ir inch-
1 coma
ing clotlics made to suit ouo'
own   Individuality   and   yet   keeping
atvay'from the bizarre Is ouo of the ae-
crets of being well gowned.—Pittsburg
Dispatch. V
»stlng.  Of English nnd American liter*
nture Bhe Is especially fond, while with
tint of China JUuloUyu^tiij
ltjfe, In fact, extraordinary that sho
ennijntl time to do much rending and
yet BOt neglect her homo or social duties.^ About tbo latter 'io one Is more
p'.nijjlllous. Happy for tho women,
lioiiMkeeplug In England Is not nearly
Bo'wfH'ying ns It is In America.
IIw home nn Itlehmond terrace In
chargilngly unpretentious. The drawing mom Is n spot where ono likes to
llng-Jr. It Is of good proportions and
wellmlied, but not overcrowded, with
nrtiffflc bits of furniture and Itiie-a-
brac&olleoted f.miii..viM,Jous1]il;(.clcaf,l'Jv*.
wyt#n-?ff!iiioft-h &iWdSiflS?
Furmture Is not here Just bpcniise it is
furnSurc. Of old enamels-and mini?*
turcBtlaWft^ OJihUorUi/tL coftti^ <39<f«||n
tloolPblladelphln Press. ' betwbeffllht
Wl.nl She Lost.
The dean of tho women's department
ef ouo ot our great universities declares thnt she no longer anticipates
j dillictiltles, but tho unexpected helps
, which will remove difficulties.   Tlnild
; by nature, she used to soy that she
| could novel' survive the shock, pf fiiid-
klng a burglar In hor gboni.   Ono fright-
^"ccntly^-.'^llb nwoltol conscious   that
*o.Ult* oile,jvlte stuuUiftig nt her desl;.'
The room was quite dork; tho clock
struck 1.    Slio lay there considering
I what to do, not ot all frightened, but
very indignant at being t'obbodi. Mans,
niiinitoS passed; tlio burglar kilil'wov-''
cl  stcSllilly about.    Meanwhile tho
i1eau4*sel formulated n plan.   Calling
her youthful von'rlloqulstfc skill iulo
son-ice, sho snld In a deep roIcc,;.fecciu-j
lugly nt tlio burglar's elbow, "Iioelie,
light tlio gas."   Her maid In the next
ahus culled by horjhist name,
Bhot out of bed, and tho uiiigliii'shot
out off' the window. Investigation
proved rtliut tlio iium's scarjcli had not
yet failed the drawer containing flic
valuables. "Ho robbed tlie only of
whnt. Kjoould well Bpnrc't Iho dc*in
lougheiB-''my fcni-s."
ns i
pa nl)
■y girl cntiiiot he a telephone girl,
ny applicants learn to their tils-
x for tall-lug often full lu what
ulred  liv   tlio .telephone  com-
•Jilfit«4iiuleiil',iiiit In Iho'ii-iUs-'l
ial, but In the pliyslological tost.
education Is ronulrcd, ns a       , J'01
pairfo"icnrfug itiid spcnliliig.   «f {*"■
ippllcnnt must pobscss auditory J)'01' "
nbtp   cjeijly   tp, illrflugulsh   ^"f8
ln".'il>i*iiftt ooMWM,Jrei' A*-^
Iss of BuiTotiiidlng noises nnd tho
mt Interfering sounds on, tlio telo-
i ii,i*rjsij otnj 6Jb ai     ,n
li, above all, sho must not only bo
|o talk, but know how to talk,
tjl snojeolljlli fTtal,JAl'tlcllli)ti
gi To Trill "nro Silk.
If yoS wish lo pui'chnso] by snniplc
and to fist tlm quality of sill;,'tjtku ten
filn'i's of tho filling of nny pilli, nuij if,
on brewing, thoy show n I'l'iii'hi'i'y, dry
anil Inwlustoi' condition 'ijiul discolor
khcf-nnffl;i's iu hiiuilllng ybu mny nt
onco lieisiii'o of tlio prcaqiico otfiji
nml of grllflelal weighting.
smiill portion ejf tho• fibers
Iho thumb nnd fWottnger nnd
gently ijroii them over iiiul over, nud
soon delect tlio gi m, niinci-
sliould llicir be any, or the
r simple hut effective wayHd
purity of sill; is! lo billys
utlly of tlio llhorsl Pni-o sjllc
nnlly crisp, leaving .'.duly ft
I'conl. Heavily djjod sill; will
leaving n greasy yellow ush.
cannot break tho Slon sti'a'ii'ds
;oy do not discolor tlur*Bfigc(8(
olut of coutnet, yjOiii,mtiy*-b'fV
iircd that you liuvjo pure silk
most In Its inula' dud durable
• «,' Trlf. I« Cjiplnre llic m
Sr.rl; Int.* III.'I.If.,.
"I've; huutcd <>Ttrr|biiur from ejrr.y
i.liilrrcls" CO'grli/.lii'j," Stld a vMci'a*
Philadelphia sportsman io .i wi-jicrin
the New Vork 'limes, ".-.ml ihe ill'.yetl
■rcvcrcair.c to iiclrfgliciloiisly ftiti"™
by any aort of g;u;ic was'onr;"tljp'»
wlicu a woiindeil biid attacked an", 1
tried lo kill inc.
"I was a Imy then and ..nit dovpn. |o
aicr!fti'kiilia:Mt*voilJt'lir..ii;:i my (niher'a
farm1 to ivn'tcli for u mini;. It y/.v, eailr
In thr evening Riidia Lino lietort e'a'rtfe
.nd- aat within- tennilrnj- fnn-tni. 'I
knew It would spoil my elii;£ticea -xt
rril, tuji* to.ahoet the j^nLjud I ili'lu'i in-
nob- Jebfeoito it, bu.t.'ijiiiu',.,.-; i i-iiiM nc
JSr? SlTinon!; '-Tin Just ffii acchnw i.
:.-.   ii.ii,,.., i.ni-,t is  iu  ff i  . ., _
pltclijof3JfcWrld 'gJnci'iil'si'I f pfffe.
'o most carefully considered, and
luntlon In. these requisites Is uf
lliyoosdubMflvA-^oSjS^ i'JJi
jo Is a test In tho very manner In
the applicant goes through tlio
4\l1'jliflyJ ""Hfi1}10" rtjlWn
,, liysierfa or want of siqf pos-
wlll ciiuso rejection ot tlio can-
igtchiest'irfilitlWrig l.loi-kViJjflrt
j for tho majority ot girls nro not
fin their ciiiiuclntloii, and very
havo n strongly marked twniuji
i certain to cause llicli' rejection.
Vnlue ol l.lme'.vnlpr.
lery homo wlicro tlicse blessings,
In nnd dowers, nro found lime
{slioiilil ho kept prcpiircil for fro-
luso, and It Is so Inexpensive »'"•
funblo that a fresh supply ought
i to be found In tho family mcel-
ly of the children show n trilling
T from Indlgcsilon, It Is claimed
j diet of milk with n tablespoon-
wlll gl
This Is a remedy frequently proscribed to children under 10 who seem
Indisposed. It furnishes a simple food
..allows  the  dlgcstlvo org*
dny.-, N|
Istiitel tl
out. lltf
BO tllllt
Jar Its
tho lloul
inoro l\t
wash fj
ply of"
ut bum
The Kitchen.! &c:V iV%h
wish to save labor In tho
see tbat tlio cupboards nud
Irawers are kept titly'flay by'
i-er let them get hito such a
it tbey need a gooi*. turning
e all your tins labetcileltiarly,,
time is lost In tailing off and
n lids, and give ctieh tin and
n shelf and placej jNcvor Jet.
dredger, salt Jar, etc., remain*1
Ueflll them as soon as they
lod. Have sulllcltjnt hut not
,n necessary ctothsliu mo nnd
in out when thei nro done
the day. Always have n sup-
bs, raspings and splcearea<1y<
Wnalilnn Woolcnp.
all woolen goods
io work is done r
hould be rubbed o\
should lt he ruhl
'tl. Have the suds
well If j
no soapy
rle, noil
and thcj&oap well beaten tbjn tatliej
Then w|ih the material by i m.hiii;
blue wai
while dtf
bauds; then linttf In v
<r nnd Iron on the
up with hot irons.
Fertllnu; the tlnli
mug babies should Wike their
time between tw j^recdlngs,
When the process Is well o\pj. aud the
baby Is Incased In soft, clcitil chiiHgc
of dainty garments, be cniigfiavc his
milk and go to sleep, to aw
ready to go for the outing
the little cheelk gwp
iiikeii late
[fait keeps
*I"ITRclWleJ*** ITTTTjreU
of sweet oil Is excellent to apply to n
burn where the skin Is not off.
For the potted nlantjjUiiiiig the wiip
-" W '^iwsSS^Tfmewnter -^rff^vtrW
dlsponsnblo If earthworms have found
their way Into the pots at the time of
Ive the
-04fB-| 1
-.=-# f  v#r OlAei.
A well dressed woman Mttons on
her gloves with tho rest ofjher toilet.
lt Ib said that the Prenebwn|inn puts
__lufliDom, tbo
Xmorfiiaii woman In the lolijiyiuid the
English woman In the isliviit.
■ I1-
The Ylllagorfl told me—nnd I see no
reason to doubt what they say—that
these same fish come up against the
monsoon flood at tho eniT of June ami
go away about October erery ye,nr.,
Thoy can recognize Indlrldunl II:
marks, scars, etc., whloh thoy pointed
out to me.
The Mon Is nearly dry In (he onid
and end of tho hot weather, ami ihe
fact that these fish return to this one
village lauding stage every year rog*
Ularly ind..never .go. to .vir olJi'er ir,
qtifto Wot'tliy bt'rt-ii-.til* A villa.-. r
whe.ikllls 5iiy:yfr.thein has to titlflcfgo
H ^J€i i altT "'of *i 0 Vj j i 1U n -.
consent, and preat care ia Iu cuubc-
quence taken of thorn. -
The ugatwe of ujipe'r norma.. Is, a
rery short, thick igsb, t.apjTing r.iphUy
from.felilmVthe'rin.^nr'tlie tislt, luirj
long fceloM ou both upper Rial lower
lip and has uo nollceahro teeth^ Hi:
make* very good eaUng and li:
t6\tJ)0iie*i. I hove o.'ieii heard 6i-\i\\i.ii4
fish In tanks, but a herd of taint* t.sli.
iiia^moiisowii rfvc'r cri*!i!e"'lnl \t::!i Hie
jireat Iixwadtli a very blxarre phtJ
■OBieuoii. ■ . - ■
^""■"■r-ffrlBlnaslciilfconiirtloii. I nc„Yv i,nul „ro rosponsllilc
An occnslolAnpnJIill
llmewater iy|»sPoi»r
without Injuring the plants, and
proverbial inspection," renin il
I dimple. "Whnt Infinite pit
ilviUHMMUHti^rSTt; women'
henv^ hats arc responsible,lir worn-
-Jangling nerves .and
k tclnpc'r,
I take wllh II
.        ,,   , , . "l'ei'liiips," I'i'pllcil tit
will quickly Bhow tho good rcsWr#SI''i|Wi(WS!;!l't"eJvilr' B(ii81f''iiiat'll.ijB, 'thoro do ,vnu know, I en.
thli ilimtlo temeo)j[.|| ,„ ,|>(|, i,0),,-,lilisfulwii|dld>uht.biBi»»wmiI».nbrvoii8 wrecks,,   "Tlion," sho rejoined, wii
'  ,,,i.i|uIVWHI#imhv«t-our»Jttly..ih.i'■'jf      ...ismtlo,,",'oii, too, iwhwWh1
rVfflfelU VkzW&^L A*_AiMnk     . Milt
H„1r,M,i t«ii^".|i*rnv)e* Aly on-
    "-""»ol   fffifs1i!.:(l(i' over slhiiil mnttiissi, thoro
made?" Is a well worn query thri
no,|nd ofsUilnkhig, nnd yet Hu
)lpts1sNrVMItBT(,'vi'('' for-uo BOOIU'L
'••■F^IWve pffifl ffl obtll
to the enjoyment of
lutllt nnd settle dowc
i the enjoyment of It thnn an Inv 11n-
[tloti arrives to tome unusual a'lali
r-f*)''! I»-I il,!i" "'t I' "'■*i| wlitTT       11      p
m% f^»Wmm«m mm- go™*
rrt re , mado by dropping a littlo laveirUorlr
\mitit 1 \umlH, l| layered
mi.ia.L t'l»'ti raised Uplift livery I
time I raised It 1 would touch ihe trig
lor fitntly,i Afl&rii-hffjiili- I tor:i->ihI lir
too hfjiji], the {i:u went o!T fiilil' r'start-
ed toward thoberon.whjeh waa.wi'Uad-
>h, S*-n-nni «
-r"l thoucbt lt'iroiiliM.^ a gooil nebotue.
.fta.cfttoli-thA'titnliuiid'4*t:tTi!iTil towdolip.
when ItavdUlI-.K.tot-out lillo a slol^o
hammer and struck mo botVt'*:i iltt-
eyes. When I came to my -.lefw-v'ST
was dark,-flail lL_wjts si^'rarni:nn:r:i
longTlr hcft)i4 l««»U!:.rift;fi*,;iilier 'where
I waa-ofVhat had happeiicu\ iV';)iM
harder^iud the bird wi';::J \i,\\:? \-\\\>
ti.ti. "r'sliuilili'r even yet when 1 think u
What'W6tild have been Ihe lvsult if.th* i
bill hlfl,t>trucli one ot tt.y^es."
f.if   .twr.*,**•--'..I*.
flfemeaiit'st man on earth has Just
bccn.*]pcateuy t\i\\ h-iF*1 i'^dj been wnri-
iicrTng. wilb fever for throe )veela,,|tf.d
when \nS camo hark to his ^ens
opened hlsoyes ho >in\Mi fiilr fi
der rw'Ulte'Ctp'betidfiig over his pll
rowr1'; -   ' '"•■ 'T
"Who—who aro you
■ "I'm the trained litir
Tbetratned litlriel .Ol^rM I.o."vl! j ..   . .u ffl   .lljil'a III,,
'AmniowuMietMiui'i ffc-riiki^tWilqi'] B1B8T \\) Mhu pp
^ije.tuld'hiu'mi'ni'l fie tiirnejl his.b.epd,
Cronntiig In tho sori'iies,! ol' I.is ittlllc.
tl(i:i. A.few_mo!iioiilrt j;iiir, [lii'ilgl]
fnceTltt"iip Wl'tha finJlr-ir lni;.o.
QrlRtn of Onr T.
The United StutM
Us orlglfViiij^* Jal/yj(EiixtIoJJ|J
auspices of tho war departnftiit. It at
tually grow out of the fuel of Capta!
Lafayette V. Baiter of thoJUniou
offering his services to Si'M-tnry Sew
ard as n police scout to gather Inform i
lion concerning thi* (VvjiMIerate^nr.r.i
-  "   '  " ;"   •lJiif%t\/
titiMMfi,    *--
•nfio Ijaiinf.-o-p'I ff-.iififK,
nil tii'sj ii'Wi'liisijjif •
gooils" mon. By an net of cohgr
1SII1 or lSi',2 510,01)0 wns approp
for the nmlnk'uiinc'!' of.
to suppress counterfeiting. The e'.ipcr-
vision of tlio sorvlco wns then uinlcr
tho solicitor of tho treusury,-
ki, c?ii!.iii/. iiiit'i'i gc ma mu \un\ ojllmm
r nns        '        —	
in the si
"Toinjvjrtl;liisu-.i/lii-jt\ii'si'lt Iflitlja jjlH.'J'lIlfi)J
h'to ""'   *  Ciiniilroiill'C.
nrmout     Borronglis-Say, old man,	
■i    -«- ' -*iX»»tlll*lli.,-nrsf» of-ll.».«..lft*rl;<tvWrr;4»irJ.l«- ' »■' *f -tfjp*^-*-*-'*-
I   Mni'klcy-Woll-or-I'll compromise
There nro nt present fifty-eight worn- with .vou!  I'll lend you ?l till tho 20ih.
en doctors In Tni'ls. -Philadelphia Press, LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS. APRIL Hi.   190?.
Full line of goods just  arrived at Sampson's Cash Store
J. SAMPSON,      -     Commercial St.,
McAdie Block, Viotoria Crescent,
.sitae, B. 0.
Hsving leased the McAdie Block, and
hiving had the rooms completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
boarders with or without rooms. V
iter, from Ladyemith will find mosl
.amfortable accommodation at very
reasonable rates. MISS KEITH.
John Hart, a longer, aged 28, was instantly killed by a falling treo in the
woods near OhemalnuB Friday morniuc.
The funeral took'place at Ohemalnua]
on Sunday. There was a veiy laruo at- j
tendance of loggers from the cninps.
Service was held in tbe English church. '
Grant A Sou, Nanaimo, had charge ol
the arrangements.
Nothing more tasteful than those
b?outifnl new designs iu tweeds and
cloths has been seen iu Nanaimo
those at Caldwell's, Nanaimo'e leading
1 (111
Mr. Hunter, superintendent of the
I, A N, Bailway, is expected in Ladyemith this week. It is probable that be
will bo interviewed by eome members oi
the Board of Trudc about the condition
ot Chinatown.
* *
Mr. Iaaao Gould spent a day down the
line fishing and mot with very good
II you want alarm Klox we've got 'en
Ior one dollar, iee Lively, the jeweler
Mr. T. Spratt left last week for a trip
to San Francisco. He has not been feel
ing well for some time back.
The latest styles In hsir cutting aud
Hard trimming at the Ladysmith Shav
ing Parlor, High strett.
Bev. Mr. Irwin and Mr Huggard are
p'utting a neat lence around their
reiidence on the hill.
Just arrived the latest styles in sash
pins, UBed inatead oi the belt buckle, at
Lively'!, Ladysmith's leading   jeweler.
One of the iteamer Victoria's officers,
on that vbiibI's return to Ladyamith,
will lead one of the city's most beautiful
daughters to the altar.
Don't (all to eee G.H. Cavin's samples
•I wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
liplanade. Choice new designs at as-
tooishingly reaionable prices.
Complaint! are already reaching this
ofdee regarding the awlul stench arising
Irom the local Chinatown. If something
It not done loon by iomel.-j.ly, serious
harm to the public health may result.
0. B. Robelee hai moved out ot Cnmp-
bell'iold shack to the Berry block
Fint Ave., where he ii better prepared
to do work.  C. B. Robelee.
Rumor connects the names of the Tex
eda Island imeiter end Ladyemith
Persons mppoied to know something
about the matter Bay they would not be
lurpriied to iee the whole plant ehiltci
over here belore long. Thia would make
two smelter, Ior ibis town.
meeting; Tomorrow Night,
The adjourned general meeting oi the
CoardoITiadewlll.be held in Gould'!
Hall tomorrow evening at S o'clock when
report of committees appointed to deal
with eeviral important questions will
Cl III1M..
Scotland the land of the besom an
■lane, will miko an attempt to send two
rinki of curlers to Canada next winter,
They will take part In the Winnipeg
boniplel that Frank Elmore le agitating.
and that ii dnding bo much lavor among
local curlers.
Johnston Block,      •     Nanaimo, 1), C
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Visits    Lsdyimith   every Saturday
Houn from II a. in. till 8 p. in.
Abbotiford Hotel.
TROUT     *
Are now plentiful. But you
must have the proper Flies
I've got 'em.
Ladyimith,       - B. C.
Tin: BinriSL'riSR (i.a. wux..
Good progrets huts bean mitde witb
Hie woik of clearing for the eite of
the Tyee rmelter. A ppnee 200 bet
wide has been cleared from the foundry
down lo Iho water, a view of which can
now bo obtained without .Interruption
from the railway lra<:k, This space will
ba extended na rapidly na possible on
either Bide, levelled up and prepared
for tlie laying of railway limit? and
tidings, iieoessiiry for the piirp lseo of the
emelter. Fortunately tho timber on
this men is no!, quite eo heavy as it wee
found on other parts of the towusite.
tum:i;uai'XIic summary.
Tbey all come back. Who? Why
Caldwell's customer,*. Tbey know where
tbey can be certain ot getting euits that
tit, look stylish and don't coBtoutrageous
prices. *
The report is in circulation that a
number of new bouses are to be built for
tbe company on ground along Firat Avenue, in tbe neighborhood of the Portland Hotel.
Gold aud silver plating is something
that every jeweler can't do, try us and
be convinced, we can do it. Lively, the
leading   jeweler.
Mr, Thomas Kiddie has rented Bt.
Waaeou's Oue residence on the crown of
tbe hill, and will shortly take up his
abode there with his family. Part of
tbe house will housed for tbe purposed
of anoflice, draughting room, etc.
' rVii-K&Kikm-Kil-PSik* K*M*iram*WKUmkla\%K*tWt»M**'..
ban Cigar Facto
Manufaolurera of the Famous
None but Union Labor employed,
M. J, BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
NANAIMO, 15. 0.
Hansen, who killed Km, M.iro.fo,n.,->d
t.ice, to get tho coppers the boy ■
jingling in his pocket, wiil bo hanged al
Montreal, June  13.
Kev. T. doWiit Talmsgp, the farioua
Brooklyn dlvine/died at hU homo tlieio
Saturday light from inflammation of
the bruin.
I. 0. 0. A
Meets every Wednea'dny cvciiMtK.it 7.30 o'clock,
Visitor.; ciinliiillv iurilcil.
HUGH PUI/fOw. Sec.
Impellers and Wholesale Dealers In
,   Liquors   and  Cigars. \
Maple Lodge, No. 61, I. 0. G. !\
We have rings for the baby, and lings
for the ladiei?, if wohflven'tgot what you
want we cau make it. Lively, the manufacturing jeweler.
Somebody eet lire yesterday morning
to tbe pile of material in the Indian
burial cave on the island directly acroes
tbe harbor from Ladyemith, and the
Btuirblazed furiously for a while, cremating the human remains collected
there for many years.
Trade your old watch off and get a new
one. We will allow you as much as we
can for your old one and try and pleaee
yoa with a new ono, at Lively'*).
Mr. W. H. Mason haa started a circulating library and .book exchange,
having his headqnnrtera in tbe building
occupied by him aa n real estate ofliue
near the railway station. He is meet
ing with considerable Bucceaa. Hie
stock of booka ia large and well selected
For fit finish and etyle go to Caldwell
tbe well-known artistic tailor of Nina-
.mo.   And tbe prices aro right.
At a general meeting last week ol the
resident lovers of Canada's national
game it was decided that some etepB
should betaken nt once to form a la
oroBae club end start practice as Boon as
possible. Tlie euggeBtlon was made
that, as lacrosse nee Is a much larger
area than ie to be found on tbe present
bunker grounda, Hon. Mr, Danamulr
might be appealed to, to grant increased
space. Another meeting ol the boya ia
to be held at au early date, when nil
tbeee matters wlll be fully fcono into
and some definite action taken, The
Leader hopes to he able to announce
soon that the club has been formed.
There are eome excellent players now
resident in town.
la hereby given Hint application will
ba made to tbe Legislative Aetiembly of
the Province of Brltiah Columbia, at iti;
present aeeeioti, for an Act to incorporate
n company witb power to construct,
equip, maintain nnd opemlo n single or
double lino ol railway, to be operated by
steam, electricity or Any other modo of
newer, at and Irom tbo City of Viotoria,
in tbe Province oi Britiah* Columbia,
thence north-west by tlio most feasible
route to a point ut or near Seymour Nar-
rowa, in the aaid Province of British
Columbia, and with power to construct,
eBluhlish, maintain and continually
operate a railway ferry Bteameblp Eor*
vice for the purpose of transferring for
1 eward, paseengerB and passenger and
freight cars from tbe said point nt ot
near Seymour Narrows In Vabcouvei'a
Island, ton point on theMalulandof tho
Province ol British Columbia, nud with
further powers lo build, equip, maintain
and operate branches of the said railway
from any point on the main lino thereol
lo any point in Ve.ncouver Island: and
with power to build and operate train-
waye in connection wiih the snld mil-
way; and with power to build, construe!
equip, maintain nud operate telegraph
nud telephone lines In connection with
the pnid railways nml branches and with
power to generate electrtcily for the
supply of light, boat, power, and lor all,
aov and every other purpoeo mentioned
in Sections 80, 81. 83, and 83 of the
"WaterClauses Consolidation Act,1807."
and to do everything necesaary or incidental to ihe carrying out of all or nny
of the objecte referred in in (be said
eectionB; and with power to exercise al!
tbe poweta given in the company by
Parts IV and V of the ''Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1S!I7." and with
power to build, own ami maintain sawmills; and to carry on a general exprOFB
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, brldgnp, roads, ways, ferries,
wharves, dockc, Bteamboats, steamships,
coal bunkers nnd other works, and I
make trallic or oilier arrangements wit
railway, BteamShlp ur Btearaboat and
other companies; and wilb power lo expropriate laud-i for the purpose of ihe
company, aud to acquire laud honnscR,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or nlher ppreone
or bod lea corporate, and with power to
build wagon mids, to be used in the
construction of such railway and in advance of same, nnd to levy ami collect
tolls from all persona UBldff, and on nil
freight passing over any of euoh roads
built by the company, whether before
or after theoiintructiou of th-* railway,
and witb power to nell out its under*
taking; and wiih all other usual, necm-
sary and incidental rigblp, or privilege
as mny he necessary or conducive to the
above objects, or any of them.
Dated at Victoris, li. C, thia IM'.li day
of Maroh, A. D.,1002.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
MocIh every   Wednepday evening
Nicholson'a  Hall.     Visiting  members
arc cordially invited."
All the leading brands kept by us.     None
but tlio best imported.     We solicit your
G.  Ii. Mumin's  Extra  Dry Champagne,
Kilmarnock Scotch, Lemp's Extra Pale Ale,
St. Louis Beer.
Playing Cards, all leading brands including
I 13 to 15 Yates St., Victoria, B. C. |
•j Telephone No. 148.
Government Agent and Mrs. Thomson Congratulated.
Saturday last was tho 25th anniversary ot the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Gaoige Thomson of Ladyimith, ind the
happy event wns celebrated at the
family reiidence by n gathering of relatives, who arrived from Nanalnio on the
morning train|and spent the day with Mr.
•nd Mrs, Thomion. The happy couple
were the recipients of n number of
handsome presents fashioned io the
met il siicro I to thie anniversary, Mr,
aud Mrs. Thomson also teoeived congratulations ol their many friends far
and near, end The Leader joins with
them In wlahlne Iho popular Government Agent and o.loiiudlaiy Magistrate
for Houlli Nanaimo diitrict, and Mrs,
Thoiaaon, continued health and happiness IIII they reach the golden anniversary, when The Leader hopes to have
tlio plosaure ol congratulating them
Nanaimo's faohlouable tailor, Caldwell
of Commercial Street, lias Jmt opened
out arare display ol now Demon's goods.
Gentlemen ihould cull and sen the patterns,
Painiiiig, Paperhangiiig and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders fur n
Capt, Dillon'.' Oflie
eninpl'B cau ho eee
making al
rude, where
Guy li Gavin, Lailysriiiih,
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
General Jobber.
Corner i'frst Avenue nnd (Jiitucrv Street-
Cabinet work of all klnde.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
Going to throw thaL old suit, away?
Send it to the Nanalmo Clothing
Reuovatory and hnve it OHhiuetV or
lived. Commercial Bt. Opposite
Nanaimo Hotel	
NANAIMO, 11. 0
1'. 0. Hn:c 420.
-  pup:
22   LOAVES   22
Delicious Br dad,
$i.oo ONE DOLLAR $1,00
Why bake when you can got eurh
value and delivered at your door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
,1. KENNY, I.mlyiiiiiili Bakery,
Jiiplinade, l.ailyenillli.
— TO -
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
Steamship - Service
Jnnnn, China,   Hawaii, 'Australasia,
First-class Sleepers o.i all
- TO -
ST. PAUL, Dally,
TOUON I'n, Tueidayi nnd S.limlayB.
For pittni'lili'ts unit nil information Apply
111 HIIV 111' It. IIJII'lll.
II. II. ABBOTT,      W. JIi-illllll,
Agent, Victi.iiii.      Aseut, Naiiiilmo.
B, ,1. 1'IIYI.K,
Assl. Gml, Pals, Agent, Vancouver.
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist j
Convenient to B. & N. or vSea. |
——  • I
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Halifax longshoreman's   itriki)
uiaina unchanged.
it -J
Esquimalt &  Nanaimo Railway
Time Table No. 44,
fJaT^mmattm^^   ^   ^"^   ^   0"      ^^
Trains leave Lsdyimith northbound daily at 11.67 a, m. and nn    Rainrri...
Kiindaya and Wednesday! «t 7.10 p.m. Hatiirdayi,
and lutrn'r^Z^anO p°!? """J, ««"*»"■*«- "»»"»'. I P. -.
Geo, L. Courtney,     -     Traffic Managir


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