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Ladysmith Leader Jul 16, 1902

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Array •+sM-+++*H>+srHH.*++++++tsJ+*J
The people that save |
money trade with      I
Ladysmith Leader
•H-M-rttl 11111 W*WWWW_
| For Boots and Shoes
f Bickle's is the store j;
VOL. I. NO. 87.
22 Loaves for $1.00
Family Groceries
At Lowest Price
T lK.Tr**iT TUT Tf\/TC.  A uew j0t Just come t0
LllNVJLCUlVlOS   hand which  we  offer  at
Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
\     Shoes, Hats, Caps and; Millinery
To Select From
Leiser & Hamburger
Wholesale and Retail .Merchants,'
EapUnaJeand OaUcre Street, "- - Ladysmlti
j ■» mA *r*" «v" «*" ". **>!■ -*fr- -***- -*!*■ •*!*. .'i*. .*K ib .*K .'j*. .*K •**", •*4* .*t*. .*fr. ."K .*K ei*, .*t. .*!*.
1 i ry mp iff iff r^i i^i •_[,■ ij,i tftfg,tq»i*p l$t-|il;pi(-,i>f_i *.y *"F "V W*|.' V,*''+■
When Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi    tt   Wi
• __
It'l going to be a record breaker.     Commencing at io p.m. on   i i
Saturday, July I2fh       *
;>l^Lettl.anilaBlo(!k48^-   -
J   Fine residential lots, Splendid yiew
'■   Lit. 2,6,6, 7. A, Blmk Htfi I. .'I I', 2,-8,
;■ 4. BI-.ok 31.
- €hoioast Front Lots and Corners
<,,■••■■- 0jj-|ej A.ve. tfor prices and easy terms
.,.   apply to.
Jessop's PJiarmacy
Prescrlptionl carefully dilpeneed. Ofs.li
day .ad nliihi.
Member Can. society of Civil Boftaewr.
Meinbe. Inatltulloa of Hlattrlol ataginNr.
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed P. 0. Boa 357
ladvimith: a. c
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Tldi new lintel has hern ooinfnrl.bly In.allied end ihe h.r 1. ni> In ri.tr.
Beet aniiumimiilatlnii fur lraiieiei.it and iiennanent boarder! ud, lodgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Esplanade,
Ladytmlth, B. C
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
-Soda Water; fllnger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Basencea, Bitten,
•:' and Carbonated Beverages of all kindi.
iw. B. RUIViniNa,        - Proprietor,
P. 0. lea a*
Tshriaea. ae
. Thli nl.i.Est»b'.lserlr Fi.Bi-f)liiB*-ai.ri
Popular Hotel le must ct)tnfor.i»ibly Inr.
nished, nentrallv eltliated. Him inrete
trains. Exiellent Unlslne. Bar Mocked
with th. finest wlnee, llqnore bui) .'Igau,
,N*N.AS-MO, B. 0V
ItJU. fOIC, I   A • '<."•]    - Proprietor.
ARE  VOU  INSURED?    «noi
«-... insured at once lor It may b»
inn late tomorrow. I represent eeveral
OLD and RELIABLE Oomp.niei.ntl
nan Insure yon at • moment', notice ai
the loweit piMilbl.e rates, all l«adlti«
companies charge the lima ratea. Don't
bs misled Into insuring witb a cheap
,'nuipany -It might be dear In th. end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 88, N.nalmo. B. 0.
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread.   Cakes anil pastries ol .11 description!,    Fruite   In
Whole.*!, and Retail liealere in Meats,
Uaiii-. n
*-*»oultrv and Vegetable.
asoD, Slilpp i.s ,j|.l> re a.
it .'unlive,, '.'
The Crescent Hotel
Wm. Hepple, proprietor.
Firit.ol.il iccommoditloni lor miner,
and tr.nii.nti.   Hon. bat
■erved at the bar.   (lire ne a cell,
Oor. Victoria Rd A Oomme.rel.1 81.
NANAIMO. -      |, c,
A Close Watch Being Kept on
Murdereer Rice.
Indian Chief Killed by Lightning.
Tolstoi Improving.
A close watch ii being kept on Rice,
i, ho is eiinilenirieil to b- bflnrf*r1 In To-
routo July 18, for the murder of Con.
stable Boyd, lie is saiii to have declared that tbe rope will never go round
his neck, which ie taken ae an indication that he will attempt suicide.
rii.uisamls nf irregular officer! and
men are iff Hi (i their eervicee to the
American consul et Johinueihu.g to
tight in the;Piillippiiies.
ln 1808 the population of the Trail,
vaal was something over 1,000,001), ot
whom 260,000 were whiles.
Parisian pro-Boers have petitioned the
municipal cnuucil to change ibe name
Avenue Victoria to Avenue Kruger.
Turcu-Bulgarian complication! are
threatened on account of the forcible re*
oioval of the Hag and coat ut atme from
ihe Bulgarian agency at Sierree, Hume-
lis. Bulgaria haa demanded eatiefac-
tiou within three days.
There hai been • marked Improvement lu Count Tolitoi'i condition. He
was able to spend three houre in the
open air on Sunday,
Four hunlred and fill; men, work,
ng nine hours in a driving rain, moved
boili rails of the Burlington .nd Western oo 126 miles ol road, in converting
narrow to a tij-uail gunge track.
A iletachinrnt of Turkish t.oups re-
cenily surrounded e band ot Bulgarian
brigande at Patlli, in the valley of Mon-
astir.   Thirty brigande weie killed.
Eighteen cente a quart has been filed
by the militaiy authoriliei al the price
of milk ln Johannesburg. Consumers
hnve been warned against paying more.
Over a difference in wagea ot a raise
of -."ui'i-nll an hour, the Hod Carriers'
..,»*«-.,,,* .. it j, .- _ <.**_ ,. *. *. _, _. X uni. n declared a strike on all work in
?99-I-•*>-t1 V-t1 't''t''1' ')<'t1 *4 W#^ifr-frfr^*♦   v.-.,l,„.,.C,.,,n..t,.,nauprv,...l„n1.
White Tucked Blouses, Regular 85c Saturday 35c
Ladies' Fancy and Gray, steel filled, Corsets, low
bust, straight front, Regular j*,t.00        '■     50c
16 Pieces Good washing Prints, 10 yards to each
customer, 2 i-2c yard,
109 Yards Heavy Linen Crust,  for skirts, Regular
aocyatd       "     10c
aoo Yards White and Colored Corded Waist Silks,
Regular 50c yard        "   '25c
500 Yards White Cambric Embroidery, good patterns, Regular 7c yard        " 2 i-ae
Children's Black Cotton Hose, Regular 15c        "       5c
Ladies'   Washing Chamois Cloves,  sizes 5 and
S 1-2, Regular $1.00 pair       "      35c
Floor Oilcloth, 1 1-4 yards wide, Regular 40c yaid      "      25c
75 Pairs Boy's and Youth's Brown Canvass Shoes,
with leather facings, Regular $1.50       "     1.00
Ladies' and Misses' Sailor Hats, Regular 25c, 35c      "      toe
All Trimmed Millinery Half Price.
Slaughter in Men's -Ties, 65 and 75c Coronation
Ties       "     25c
aj and 35c Derby Ties       " 2fr25
ri? HAVE a good quantity of all goods on sale. The
train arriving at 12 o'clock, Nanaimo, will be in
time to view the sale of goods. Nearly one hundred
of other lines you will find on our circular now being distributed
lu Nanaimo. A post card with your name and address will
bring one to your post office Positively no sale goods sold
till Saturday.
Nanalmo, Cumberland and Extension.   \
When yon Smoke the
Bait da urth.   Manufactured >>.
Ylt« Stmt, VICTORIA, B, C.
ssarrlater, Sollcl.or,
ajton-qr, Notary Public, Klc.
Meaey to Loan.
Harrison Hot Springs
Thta delightful htaltli and plcneute
retort, the finest In America, offers
Unrivalled Advantages
imlficent Scenery, Pinning, Bttootlng
Mtlnc, Bathing. Swimming, Va'mr
id Privtte Baths with Manage.
THE HOTEL hnR ,"-,t'» co.u*,lelciy
ftnonita ana refunilshetl tliruiigliniil,
elwrtric lighting; firht-clnss ciiIhIiic;
ball and Tennis grounds; cliarmiiig
drlvei. Splendid luccest in treatment
of Rhtumatiim. Oout, Kidney Trouble.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Re-Meat rtiydc-n.
W. T. Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make a specialty of quality, by buying largely and at close
prices' sell the very finest goods at low prices.
Sole agsnts for " Deckajulie" Tea, Lipton's "Finest" Hams
and Bacon.'
Departure of Ship Indiana-Str
Tellus Loading,
The Melville Dollar Loading for
Northern Ports.
Amn. Str. Indiana sailed yesterdijr
with . full oargo of Wellington coal lor
Cape Nome.
Str. Tellti. baa ai rivnl Irom San Fran.
Iranciico and is now loading at tbe
bunkers for the same port. She took
600 tone of her cargo at Nanaimo.
Amn. str. Melville Dollar ii loading
sank coal here for Fume and St. Michaeli
Sir. Prioceii May ol the 0. P. N'«
northern fleet took on bunker coal hue
Barque Antiope completed loading
her real cargo for Kihei Monday and
called laet night for the Hawaiian
Str. Thistle aitived for coal on Monday on her usual roundi,
Str. Surprise, employed in the cannery .•■vice, came in Monday from Nanalmo tor coal, and left for Steveston,
on the Fraser.
Str. Princen Loulie of th. 0. P. N.
fleet coiled here on Sundiy on her w.y
to Naai.
The lime to advertise ie ell the time.
The American Ship Indiana Now
in Ladysmith Harbor.
Few ol the many thousands who have
euuilly glanced at th. handsome vessel
Indiana, which bee been loading eoal
h.r. Ior sume d.yi past, .nd which
liiled for Nome j.iteidsy. were aware
of th. fact that ehe wae the vessel that
Aook Oenrral Ulysses 8. Grant, president
ol the United State., round the world
on hie latnoui visitin, tour.
Her lines are a delight to all who love
ihlpi; eo fine and yacht-lite and indicative of high epeed. The Indian. Is
oomfurtebiy fitted up and lea flrst-clasi
pas.eni,er boat.
Executive Consider!, Some Urgent
All iinpnrlunt spciijul meeting of tbo
executive ol the l.-ilvsiniih Board of
TmiIh whs lielil Monday night, wben
sevi'rsl ninltci'! aflectiug the irt-resls ol
the town .vein ilJHiitisssd. Auiongei
tlu-so was 1 Hll I'.niinHil double train
service, »'tr w'liicli Hi- lu.'iutie.a wwe
lirmty 1 vi'tilv divided In opinio-1. The
mutter wss laid mi Ihe table, for fuller
ilisciissioii at tin' general meeting of tbe
ti mul next ni-cli.
Tbe iii,..|it used ul eleamboat com-
inuiiiiialiiiii between l.ulysniith and the
ottleiile woiltt ivne ulso lirt.uulit un ami
provoked a vigorous debate, ll was the
sense ol thu nii'iM.iiiK that eomuililOK
would sunn liuvii t" bf done lit this teat-
Ur, as lb,- pieeei t position ofalTsiis vai
becoming iiittil..i-ib!e.
Tlin qiinbihiii nl the appropriation
promised for iiu- trail from l.a.li.n iih
to Kin iiihiiuli's miii.-tiil cam.', all nt
Uiteen miles In. k in the nioillitnii.s, 1,11s
alio liieen-Heij hi.iI an'iiiii taken tlirreuj.',
Mutteis 11 ni ing lo the new enueleit,
IhemAikei. tq'iare, elc, were also dealt
The executive txjiressfil considerable
surprise ni Ibe lack of interest shown
by the eil'^'lil generally toward the
B.tard nf Trade, which Is doing so lunch
excellent work for tlm town. It ie hoped
tbat all the business men will unite to
Strang.hen the organisation 10 that
Liiilysiiiitli's interest! nan be presented
with all ne.iei.ary weight, and all mat-
j ttue iiilin ling the town', welfare be care-
Ratei: $2 a Dayliullv lool«>d alter.
Inrena Dady ol Wllkeiharre, Pa.,
married his stepmother, and hie child,
ran are doubtful wlether to cell her
mother or grandmother. She is 00 end
he is 01. He becomes his dead father's
hr.ither.in law, and ihe her dead hus-
band's daugb'erin-law, Ihe stepmother
ol her grandchildren.
The Tacoma Steel company . have
bought from W. F. Beet, 0. H. Lugrln,
N. P, Shaw and other Victorians, 160
miles ol pulp land at Quaulno, and will
commence the construction ol. 160-ton
pulp mill la-lore September 16. Victorians hold a 40 per cent, interest,
Levi Jonathan, an Indian chlel ol
Otiondago Out., was killed by lightning
Judge McTaviih of Ottawa commences next month hii inquiry into Ih. alleged existence of. tobacco combiue,
Tbree flremen were killed and eeveral
injured iu a conflagration whioh destroyed Mcintosh A McGan'i Boar mill
at Toronto.
Hen-go Gannon, a coal miner, fell
Irom n ladder into the abaft of a oral
mine at Black Diamond early yesterday
morning and wai Instautly killed, lien-
noil waa employed aa pumpman at tb.
mine and waa woiking on the night
■liilt, He was evldeutly leaving the
mine when the accldr.it occurred. He
slipped In,in the top of the ladder.
The smallpox outbreak cost Ottawa
Tbe Ottawa electric railway lie. told
in employee! th.t owing lo recent bad
business tt cannot give in increase of
wages at present,
Two children ol Thomai McLellu
were playing on the banks ol tho Bow
river at Oalgary, when both slipped In
and were drowned. Th. bodice have
bsen ..covered.
Lively repairs .11 kin li ol English ,
Swill ind American watcbei,
Tbe time to ndvertlse Is all the time.
Work on the trail running ont to
Rbeinberdt'e camp about ten miles in
tbe range weit nl Lsdvemlth, wlll be
lini bed by tl.e EAN. Railway .tan-
under Mr. Snitnn nrx> Saturday. An
effort le being made lo have tbe work
continued over the summit where It now
ends, io as to carry the trail Into tha
vary heart ol the mountains amongst
the nomeioue mining claim.. It i. un-
dentood thit Mr. Sutton hu offered to
bliiethe pmpond mote for a dinance
ol Bye mllei farther. Tbe trail u lar
•■ It go.i ii. good one, Bt Ior Ih. p e-
i.ge of pack tralni,
To, heavy . itock. We muit .1
one. reduce tbe lame to one ball.
Price made to enityour pooketbook
Cooking Stoves and Rangis
Trunks and Valises.
Baby Oarnagee, Oo Cart.. Now',
the time to buy. Don't pnt il til.
But do it now.
We Pay All Freight to
J. H. QOOD &  CO
The Great dash Furniture Store LADYSMITH   LEADER JULY Iti. 1902.
Ladysmith Leader
a every V»edne.d»y .nd Saturday at
. Leider Building, comer of First Ave. and
■ck Itreet, Ladyimith, British Coltinibls.
of the system toward whloh th. Empire
looks iur iti moitv.ln.bla eorvaits—th.
men who ire to be eatrniled witb lie
military lorcel in the day  ot  greet
national peril.
T. L. GaAHAMK, KoiToa uo Propkiktor.
Br Hail ill Canada and Uimtro statks.
easyear (stilctlj iu .drsnee) I" oo
tKMaUu'atrtcUyu. .dvance)   i *5
TaANSlBKT—First insertion 10c. K Hue; each
waBMqucnt lu.ertion sc. a tine.
gates on spplicatlon. No wood cuts useit.
eats tor regular uk should be all metal.
Vantage, Birth, Dealt. *ud Funeral notices,
,««tt laKrtloa foe.
Aavsrliserjieut. not inserted for s specified
.we wtll be charged for uutil ordered lo be dh
*f« IKADBR wilt be found at the folio .ring
1 a-tyssiilh.—The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanaimo— B. Plmbury & Co.
Vt«tori.-rubltc Ltbrury; Provincial Library; and
V..ieouv,r-rublic Library, and Hotels.
haw Werlminster— Public Library.
All caaages tn advertisements must be received
-itlhi.omo8b.fore li noon the dsy before
S-- isct ibe-s not rsceirliia tiaper regularly please
t.|.ort to this office.
Ai. |un work'strlctty cash on delivery.
I'I nisiMit .dvertiaementa cab in advance.
All th. loverl of onr grant Umpire will
be gild to learn th.t there bai been
begun in England at last, after so much
delay and evaiion, wb.t promiiei to be
tb. rn.it thorough elimination ever
undertaken into th. methodi under
whioh our military officers are educated
tor their important dutiei. The British
people Mem to be deteimined that the
lMioni ol th. lata war Bti.ll not he
thrown away. Hence th. appointment
.1 a commute, to examine Into and re.
ferlapoamllilaij.edac.tion. The com-
mlttee hav. aad. their report, .nd w.
■hall only present bete . lew olthe com-
mint) ol tbe London Timei upon the
report, .sorely i.u»tking that it muit
bare bam ea awful state of affairs th.t
wai disclosed, aad tbat it i. vary seldom
indeed that the Loudon Timei permit!
ilMll to ih langaag. io vlgoroui .ad to
Ib. point.
"No on.," i»Ji the Timei, "who
reedi the evidence or ev.n the ether
conclmioai ol tbe committee will leel
tbe leail mrpilie at th. .aiitence of
thii dulerable atate ot .flairs. Meu,
eepeeially young men, are very much
what cireumit.nc.ee m.k. them,and lt ia
aot too much to uy th.t if the W.r
Offioe existed tor tb. eipreii purpoie ol
tteilroyini nal, ol killing enthusiasm,
al promoting idleneis .nd ignoran e,
aad iMterlag hopeleii mediocrity, on
weald be one ol the moit etuc.euiorg.n-
laitioai that .v.r wire oooitracted.
"It li irepoiiible h.r. lo give the
alckuing detail, oi ineptitnde, etupidity
and ihort-.lghted pariimony which go
to make ap tha total ol Inefficiency. But
on. rile, from . peru.al ol tbla report
with . higher respect lor tbe British
officer ib.n on. ever had beloie. It ie
am'iing that any man ol ordinary
br.ln.cn stand the thing at all, and
not tb. leu .mating that men without
brains can turn out as wall ai the; do.
From and to end tbe lyileiu ia a mass
ol llnin!, unrealities and makesliiln.
The men that tbe country fumlly im
aglaes tlie War OtTi e is inakiig into
loldler.er. taught nothing but toe nnr-
row.it drill, ind >ie taught tbat only In
what tim. tn.y can .pare Iromtnnumer-
' able latigue duties. The otttcere rarely
IN th. m.a tb.y .re mppoied to cum-
maud, .nd tbe junior officer! oi .11 ranka
ere completely divested ol proper authority and reiponiibility. Teaching,
what there ie ol lt, !■ done by non-com-
mliiioned jfficere, the officer! beiag incapable of drilling • iq.ai, and are
taught to tegard their propi < work ae
beneath tbem. So on all through the
"Tbiiyit.mii a ibaui Irom end to
and and 11 oar officers live themselves
ap to .port, and amusements it ia be-
eauM thai, ii nothing in the poiittou
marked out for them which can satisfy
tbe natural impulses of a healthy min
toward occupation of some ion."
On. ol th.   Timei' correipondeule
wilt.1 th.t be .iked • militarv officer If
tha officers io the army had access to .
good reference   library.    The  officer
•aimed imuied it th. idea of such .
thing uid replied:
"Oh, we don't bother much about
that sort ol thing, but the men hav. a
rattling good library and raiding room,"
Not the Britiih officer, but Ihe
wretched lyitem uuder which he li
trained Is to lie blamed lor h'.i incom-
palaaey. Had ha tha mm. thorough
drilling which th. German officer, say,
receive., Ih. Britiih officer would be the
la.lt ia the world. Let us hope that
the agitation now In progren will not be
a flaih la tb. pan, but that it wlll lead
to a nconitruotlon and modernizing i i
Lord Sallgbury'i private secretary hai
just replied to a person who wrote Minn If it ware tine that at a recent publlo
meeting th. premier declared that
"leiolute government would be neceec
ary in South Alilca lor generation! la
come." Tha nply wa. that "bl. lord.
ship hid no recollection ot having mad.
such a remark," We venture to hint
lhat Lord Salisbury would not have ben
wide of the mirk had he mad. the Murium attributed to him.
K. r.imier Luubet ol France wonld
■eem te be, judging him by . remark In
hie addren on hie return Irom Kneel.,
a thorough-going mat.ri.liit. Speaking
of the prosperous condition of Prance h.
■•id thit "material prosperity wu lb.
condition of intellectual expansion .nd
morality." To be euro, it wu an English bilhop wbo declaied that "till herd
to be a Christian on leal thin a pound a
week." thoie who bav. made th. ex-
periment would peibapa oblige with
their testimony.
Delights of Harrison Hot Springs
Every year the popularity ot Ih. I.,
mom establishment .1 Harrison Hot
Spring! li incraailng, .nd no wonder,
To bigin with, th. proprietor! .nd
manager have a firm hellel in the virtue!
of advertising, and they are reaping tha
reward ol their iteady lowing ia the
Beldi fir and near. Amo.gat tb. meet
nnmeroui and tbe mmt enthuiiaitlc «d.
inirere ol the sanitarinm and it. beautl-
Inl surrounding! are ib. amerlc.nl who
troop up from th. Sound, Oregon ud
California. They know e good hotel
when they iee it, and it !■ a feether In
th. cap ol the Harriaon unitarian, thai
those shrewd otitic, ara nnanlmoai la
their prii.i of th. Institution.
Hatrison hai certainly a good del to
offer to the Invalid and Ib. toatilt. Tn.
hotel bai been refurnished tbrousliout
in . m.nn.r that reflect, oredit oa to.
arllatic tut. .nd th. noti.nl ol comfort
pollened hy the proprietor.. They ha,,
the but chef ia tha proviae. te do th.
important lervice lor;that eiaetleg lntll
vidu.l, tbe Inner BIB. Tb. Hirrlioa
Hot Spring! hotel tabl. I. ior fund;
one cannot help getting 1.1 and itrong
on iucIi lire. The ipaeioni ground! oa
Ih. I.k. ibore hue been laid oat in
uniiii ceurt«, binball ground!, era-
i]net ground! and lor athletic iport.;
there ii a dancing pavilion, with a But
rite floor, where dancing li enjoyed
nightly i Iree boating and . grandltretch
of lake, river and cieek te be explored
Tl.e flihtng ii veiv good; over on the
eastern eid. of Harrieoa lake, within
Ave mile, ol Ihe hot.), il a little monn-
tain tarn literally alive with mountain
trout. Ai many a. lour bandied hue
been taken by one rod in a day. Bnt,
of course they don't alwayi bit. Ilk.
that: abuut a hundred ie the average,
Near thie lake ie tb. celebrated Rain.
bow (nils, a magniflcent cascade, or a
series of cascades, for it cornu down ia
three or fonr great lalll, Mich eeveral
hundred feet In height. When the lun
■ Illusion the mm of snowy, loamipg
water the rainbow itntebil urool th.
Iront of of the telle witb vary beeotlfol
Harrison I.k. .standi forty mllee la
Iront ol th. hotel, .nd exooriloni may
be taken any time by ma.nl ol th. llttl.
steamer operated In connection wilb tba
hotel. It 1. one ol tb. moll delightful
trip! imaginable to go (teaming oat aad
In ,:iuiongit the plcture.qu. Islands
which adorn th. I.k., Than the.ro la a
pleaiant drive to th. Domlalon Experimental turn at Aguili, Thli ll a ant
ol Mecoa.wlth th. American!, who Bad
endleis delight in admiring the eonnt-
leis ipicimene of ibrubi, (rait, flown,
.nd plant! which fluuilih there ender
the care ol the mmiger, Mr. Sharp, aad
For very many th. chief attraction at
Harrison li, of oonrse, th. bot ipring,
which isndi thi watir babbling Irom
the boweli ol tb. earth at a temperature
ol 160 (legless, with heeling In Ite every
drop. F.r th. rh.um.tlo, aad all inf.
firing from gout or iffeolloai el iha
ikin or lidneyi, thli water I. exceed-
lugly effloacloui II properly used. The
enterprising minag.rn.nl have Miaied
thii b, engaging the HrvioM (rl a medical man, Dr. Oharlw A. Elliott, ior-
merly ol Chemainui, and wall and
lavorably known in thil diilrlcl. Under bis direction remarkable carei are
effected. Dr. Elliott, .live 10 tha progress which ii being mid. In all departments ol therapeutic!, hu jut laatallad
elaborate electrical plant fur special
treatment: included in Ibis, up-to-date
outfit ll an X rty apparatus for special
; Th. ipring! ire about a quarter of n
mill Irom th. hotel, the path hctwerii
them winding .long the lake shore under
Ba. old treel, and affording a iplendid
vi.w ol tbe lake and mo mtalns. Every
morning the attendant! nf. the hotel
letoh around to rach guest's door n jug
ol hot w.ler, Ireab Irom the eprings, but
thow who-prefer to walk tn tbeapringe
for their "morning" find the exercise
exhilarating. The curative ptoperty cl
Ih. iprlngi need no further detnoneita-
tlon than the numerous example! which
oome under cue's eyes while staying at
the iinitarium. Men almost doublet]
up witb rheumatism or gout, who can
ICIlcely put loot to the ground ami
have, in many cases, lo be carried round
on itretehars, wblln n>-"-v lis.", to hobble on crutches, iu a l«w nteks ii-i.t -
their etrengih and show by iheir agility
.t ball games, or nimblenesa im-limlt-
Iha inrronnding mountains, or pulling
lathe boale, thst where there ie life
(and a little well-applied St Alice water!
then ie hope. The rheumatic strai.ht
•ne out, the man wiih the had case of
brain-fag recovers the civilized expres-
•ion.nddrops tbe Tracy look; the fellow wbo ia eufftuitig from a long course
of midnight pnker, aided und abetted
witb devilled crabs aud chnmpagne it
unholy houn, loon steals bases like a
profeelionel; the person with "nerves'
can, at Ibe end ol a month of Harrienn
treatment, listen with equanimity to
tb. crash ol a trayful of dishes behind
bim and never mnrmer. as ul old,
"wouldn't that j.r ynu!" It Is th.
w.teri, taken Inwardly and in bath,
with judlcioua ranssage treatment applied by an expert, Mr. J. A. tjundl.fr,
that worki tble wonder. A course o'
thli regimen bringe one out hearty as a
fighting cock, and feeling qniin a new
Interest lu Hie.
01 tbe ecene.y it may lie said that it
il not beaten for grandeur aiiyv-heie in
tb.province. Through tne valley be
hiod the hotel, seemingly quite near,
but twelve miles awHy, are tlie Chenm
Peaki, rugged forbidding pinnacles,
mostly ice clad, which c;eavi> the sky
.1 ten thousand feet, Chen flouting
tb.hotel rliei Mount, D.nulas, a mi-
jeatio, enowy mouniain, with a liuae
glider on ill el.oul.ler, 1*2.00(1 leet in the
maimer .Ir. Tnose fond of alpine
climbiug wonld dud expl-truUiu. of this
glgciar lull ol exercise ami excil.mrnt
deviate! ten left cross aim hiinitieda
ol leet deep yawn inviiirg'y Iur I he unwary or clutney vieitnr, vihilst ibe view
from th. eunimit oo a clear .Uy isera.td
beyond description.
It would really take a small volume to
tall .11 the ple.su.ro that aie to been.
joyed by the visitor to li.rrieon Hoi
Bprlngl. All that one can eay allel
vliltiag ll li th.t one males no mistake
la selecting Harriaon as a place in which
to inland recupera'e.
Ed .tor LBrtiltr:—In yw iBStieof 12th
loit. yoo etate that Thorn as Kitcldn bai
opened up «n office In your nonrl city,
end that it oniiitH olu pacttit.f* Im and
a chair. "0 i ye G_de and 11 Hit! flalicr,,
My teni|iaiary oflii't* «■« beln 'I a plate
gum front whioli Mr. Thoe. D.tviti lintl
kindly giren tue the use olln thu Kit
patrick bluclt on Firet Ave., ami the
paokiug cftBf.decoratwl, ami the crimp
■tool (but fhair) were pltcuii then*
■Imply to dm* rttienliun lu u.t- ftu-i tlmi
I wat mi the vput nml bad many I'holce
(root lota lor pale Why, Mr. Editor,
not many yean ayo, wlien Vhugouw
wai theucttlUil Graiivillf, tfyhtuii * ■ i
Is now Cordova St,t ttit! Hihi m-h! efitflte
office itarted up there nnd Ihe i-ffluc
table wae an old itump mid ihf oill
cbalr a camp mm! and <l>* linn till a
trawendotia biKirifni*. U d'Jun uot t.-.ke
Has tiiture§ lo mike Hut* 1 ilr-.* ili« latter
■ol being like chain and unlet—-made
to order. And by tbt*) way clinlufl luti
ire getting Marc*. I think I Iihvm howled ibe middle n tump of my friend, yonr
kind Informant; I like a game nf cricket
>r a Inttil litmtili'i-a Inn. I t?ln.ll b 111
Ladyfimlth again when tfiin ui*pt*«re iu
print, and at the Burnt* old rtnml.
Nanaimn, July Uh.
The nfficiale telephoult! .'ommmil*
cation with both Bkawjij Hid Herhfn
Springe tonight nqueaied Ruln-rt Ft-a*
.immonB and Jaiin-a J. Jelfiieu to a ban*
don their respective cam pi and aitahliah
ihemselvfie at nnoe In tbe immwliati*
vicinity ol S-iii '.Fruni'laco. The
rtq'ieit waamadtt in a raiher empatb-
t;tic manner, Alex GreggainB and Gil
Ilmnan, uf the olub, iuaUting that a
great deal wai at stake, lince both men
wero beyond the reach ol the nowflpapar
nomapondentil, Fi K-dinniuiiH .naputwl
tha idea nf lielug .ordered awny Irom
Slcttt7g>, but ilttl'riei good mtnntdly referred the matter fn BiHy Dilaney. and
puld *••> w?u1'" pn ' ■ f> '(tonri next Tfaek*
•ff444+ 44+4+4+4444+4 *'f U gftj^H .
a comfIrtabLe WM   ''
A <'n
U. IC. li
*»|H till
Ihe bi m
m ti- - i-i il iu T nin - fr<>m
r, opiafii of tin- A (*<>!.'!* at a,
Ai-g.ttiaurs wertt ht-at-pii by
i in foiirtdcn year-". Tha
; fouglit  ill's.,Intel)'   ti.  the
flniph. Thev ii-td tbe worst, etatuin,
but nocoiiitilaiut in made, tho cn-w *i •
niug tbe poaitinn. An K giisii eight <e
llie ly io vitit Onitiiiiii ii'x1 ywir.
trated and i
..'.    IS TUB DBBMH •Plfl-AU
Furniture, Carpeti, Uaaleeau,  ;
Wallpap r, Curtalju.
Crockery, Olasswar., Etc., Bla.  •
•VMIH-- -'-
There li Comfort la Oar Uee-ta  t
Everytl.ini to lurnl.h a home fat
unslest oi elaborate ityle.    Write ;
lor onr large cat alogee (tieel IllajV .
ind priced (1 store In Itaelll. >
"" ...a.. <.:.-js.       -1-
Gifizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B.C., are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmitli Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Notary Public,
Convoyancor, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
- Offices -
The Esplanade,   -   Ladyimith, B. C.
•Near Ur.nd and Prank Hot*'..
-r-'I-ir-r*t"r*i**J-*f**|-"l' *l**lHf-*f,*fNf1 •|i*y*J*J***pi'f*-p**-.
For a nice cool refreshing drink
Union Browing Go's
Lagers and Stout
I Nanalmo, B. 0.
Mninifncturersof all kinds*ol
and teed Lumber
;   Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Etc.
-■  !i« ■
1 A large stock  of thoroiifrlily seasoned
- lumber— tst otttt .*ini cIh-*b connlaiitlj* on.
4 timid.   AU orders Jrtpctjy atteiitled to.:
4 QuotnlitiTis cheerfully
Coal!   -   Coal?
Company, Ltd
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
I Coast
t Comox Coal—-Beit steam coal on the Pacific Coast
| Alexandria Coal—-Fint-class gas, steam and houaa-
t hold coal
The above coals are mined only by tbe Wet- t
lington Colliery Company.    Wharves at Ladysmith. J
Oyster Harbour, ind Union Bay, Baynes Sound.       | 1
Head Office Victoria, B. C
fteut  l*Ts>iael*a» Agano-r,
R, Dunamuir's SonaCoV
34© Steuart St.
************************* **********************
t John W. Coburn,'
7 Mvs.ullNil   DlRSCTOn.
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreaths, etc., Wedding Ben-
quels in every etvle. Ordere promptly
attended to. -tUNAIMO, B. P
************************** TtT++AA-m-H-H<'mnMit''''_
T. W. Fletcher, Sett., has had thirty years' experience In sell-
and repairing Sewing Machines in B. C. Ladles, to save you
unnecessary exjiense by exchanging your good machines, that can
be made as good as new at a trifling cost. Look into this matte
and save money. Also bargains in household necessaries. Musr
be sold. Cor. First Avenue and Roberts Street
; ************************** >*4*4**4******************
Herely A Reminder
Of the fact that the Leader Joh turn a*
now doing all kinds of Printinf-
raercial, legal and aodety—at vary i
aMa prices.
We Print
-Letter Head.
-Kill Heada
-Nole: Headi
—Memorandum Haadi
-Kusloen Oardi
-Stuck Gertiacatei
-Legel Hi.like
-Wedding Invitation.
-Funeral Announcements
-Window Oarda
I ' V"l"t.f
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the best work —Printing that attracts
I ' ' ' ''      ' V .' k' '■'.{I" ..
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith; '      - g. C
'' ' ' 'i
***»M4*>H "1111 im*.WWWH »t< 11H111 III *****
Do Yon Know?
I bit tb. woik v. do li On., v.ry
flne.   All our work I. guaranteed.
Nanalmo Clothing RcMvattry
Oopoilti Nanalmo Hotel.   ,' :
NANAIMO, B. 0. P.O. B..4M.
P. D, JOHNSON, tfffl,
I    HHRIi
UUet» Mambstur-.
Seat-He Dell* Tlaiis
The llvell.lt piper in th. Rorlheeit.
Weekly edition a complete record ol
the world', new. to data. Sport,
politic., loclely, woroen'l, InterMll,
yonng folk', d.pirtminl, liMialare
Hl.no., art,' mntftc.     . ,
Tke Veekfy Post-
luttli, With.
lll'Nr ftia Dttlirs Int. LADT8MITH LEADER.    JULY 16. 190*.
;her final
By Henry Wlnthrop
1 Cerrieht, 100a, tar the
B, I, HcClnre Company
-iWith an Impatient exclamation Jock
Gear fired the tightly crumpled letter
at the cat.and missed lt by several
Inches. Tbe cat sunning herself In iho
window rose leisurely, etit'lched her-
lelt and Jumped oil' Unit ledge Into mi-
other, out of the range of lire. Then
Gear picked up the coiiiiniiiileiitlon nnd,
smoothing out the crumpled slicol, raid
again the letter Unit hud cuiiacil him so
much anger.  Itrond:
Car Sir—Tour last statement of-accounts Is most iinsntlafnetory. T finrl thnt
you .old the onions nt 60 cents lt-ss pat
box than the rate quoted In the record,
while th. sums marltiit report shows tne
te be entitled to S7 cents per crate more
than you allowed mo on my last shipment
el tomatoes. Unless your statement of
account tallies more cloHely whh tho market report, which possibly you did not
realise I read, I shall be under the neees-
elty of making my next shipment elsewhere.  Very respectfully,
The letter was in a clear, flowing
band on a paper inch na seldom round
ita way Into the commission olllce of
John T. ("ear & Co.
Creajr regarded lt wilb contempt, and
when ihe fthally laid It down ho confided to tbe cat that M. O. Kllhlnn prop.
- Tear waaa otrr ok the lake.
ably knew more about polite corre-
eponde.ee than he did about the comas-lilies business. Then he raised hll
voice, and In response a trim little typewriter entered, a notebook In hand.
Our pulled, out the elide of his, roll
top deeffor her use, und, after lighting
aa extra itrong cigar, always a erne
elgn of-trouble about the office, he con.
I to dictate:
"K. U. rithlen. Rowdole, 111,1
"Deer Sir—Your communication of the
Uth Inst, In which you courteously call
a. a thief, haa Jubi com. to hand, ff
y.u knew anything about actual business,
ye. would realise that a difference of 67
osnte . crate ln the selling price of toma-
l«e l> f trivial thing to a twelve dollar a
Week reporter who gels up the market
report. . I admlr. the discretion with
Whloh you convey your Insults by mail
ln.te.fl of In person, for If 1 had you hero
1 should be tempted to punch your hend
.ff, Indeed I have half,a mind to drop
.own te Ro.ed.le some afternoon and toll
you a few things about yourself In pantomime.
"Thnt will bull," he snld us the girl
finished tbe paragraph and looked up,
"nml you needn't put 'Yours respect-
fully' after It at thnt. You might tell
Mr. Saunders that If nny morn sliip-
meots come ln from M. 0. t'illiinii lo
refuse to receipt for thorn."
Thit ended tho Fltliliiti incident, so
tar ai Gear wue concerned, hut Siiittt-
e.r> bad the pleasure of turning buck
a conilgumcnt of produce two weeks
later, and tbe Incident was forgotten
until one uftcrnoon uliout u year after-
ward, when Gear, whose sister hnd
married a Uoseilule iiimi, wns sluing
on the porch or her tiny cottage en-
Joying bl. vocation.
"Ted," laid his sister (his inlilillo
name, ahd hie .later', favorite, una
Theodore), "I want to Introduce you
te' Bell. Flthlan, . dear child and ouo
et my mott Intimate friends."
B. took th. tiny hand Into his dually grssp, and even while the red blood
aurged to hll face he realized that In
Ml. Flthlan he hnd found his fate.
From tbat hour Jack's vacation wns
absorbed by Miss Flthlnn, upon whom
be danced conitnnt attendance. In
the morning ihe drove bin. on eri'iimls
for hia (later. In tbe afternoon there
wire longer drives along Blinded coiui-
try lanes, aud In the evening there
wai boating or a straw ride or hup to
bring the pair together.
They were out on the lake one even-
teg, Jack forcing the boat through ihe
'water with lazy strokes, while the
moon cist an Intoxicating llliiiiiliuillon
over th. water. They rowed liking
clow to th. bank, and presently .luck
forced lb. boat', nose against the
beach, Belle bad a guitar with her,
and for a time he leaned lazily against
tb. edge of the .eat while she crooned
l*et» precle love songs.
finally ihe laid the Instrument aside.
. "I'm tired of singing," she snld. "Let's
talk a little while."
"Well. If you're bound to shut the
concert off," be snld, "there's n tines-
Hon I would like to usk you. It's been
fanning through my head for several
daya, aud l'v. a sort of lazy curiosity
about It."
"What la lit" ah. naked.
"1 w.nt to know It there 1. .ny per
sen of th. name of M. U. Flthlaa
aieaad here!"        	
"Yes," she answered quickly. "Why
do you ask?"
"Why, you see," he went on blindly,
"there wns u chap down this way
about a year ago that sent me a rather
misty letter about some garden stuff I
sold for him. He got tee Idea that I
wns trying to swindle him because my
. sltitoiucnt of account did not quote the
print's that he fou.id In some fool lour-
l.-i't report. I came pretty close to
coming down here and getting Into a
row with him, hut 1 was busy Just
then nnd couldn't spare the time."
She looked at him, astonished. "I
thought John T. Gear was the name
of the commission merchant," she said,
"Your sister calls yon Ted- Obi" as If
light had suddenly dawned.
"That's my middle name," he answered—"John Theodore Gear. But
M. G. Isu't any relative of yours, I
lio could see her face flush even In
Iii.i shadow.
"I am JI. G. Flthlnn," she said coldly. "My mother was rather romuutlc.
and she gnvemc the name ot lllralicll.
Gwendolyn Fitlilnu. When my father died and I had to conduct our
farm until my brother came back, I
realized the absurdity of uelng such a
inline In business communications and
employed only my Initials, at tbe same
time endeavoring to cultivate a maa'a
baud. And now, Ur. Gear, if you wlll
kindly row me back to tbe landing I
think It would ho best."
"I'lense don't," be said Impulsively,
holding out -his hand. "Glv. m. a
chance to explain."
"I believe," she returned Icily, "that
the expln nation was to be made in pantomime. Perhaps It would be better
to uiulto haste lest you be tempted to
'.knock my hend off.'"
For u moment .luck was stunned by
the unexpectedness of the revelation,
but he was a mail ot action and quickly
"See here, Belle," he said, taking bl.
place at her side, "I've been all kind,
of a fool, and I admit It, but It wa. .a.
aggravation to me and came during an
insufferably hot spoil, wben my nerve.
nud my temper were alike on edge.
I've grown to core a great deal for you,
dear, since I came down here. And you
care a little for me? Don't let a business dispute come between us .ud our
happiness. Tbe only way to get th.
liest of a commission dealer ls to marry him. Combine business aud love,
and let me marry you now. Then you
can come back to Chicago with me
and see that your brother's account,
nre properly kept Won't you aay
'Yes,' dear?" And he looked tenderly
Into the face turned to bis.
She did not say "Yes," but there
came a soft sound that was neither
the ripple of the water againit th. boat
nor yet the murmur of blgb grille, on
the beach, and Gear seemed laUstJed
with that.
Old Worlds .ed Saw Oa...
We must look to the solar system tot
examples of stars In th. lut .tags ef
development. Eacb of the planet, may
"In facrbo regarded as an object of tbla
kind. The bare mid rocky surface ol
tbe moon affords n desolate picture ef
what iuay result from the long continued process of condensation. The volcanic region gives no evidence of tb.
existence of life—In fact, th. spectre-
scope indicates that if there 1. any ad
on the moon lt ls much too rare to support life as we know It
Fortunately tbe moon I. not tb. only
example of o wornout .tar. Th. earth,
which probably tins many counterpart.
In the universe, is another example ot
a less desolate kind. Her., though the
process of condensation whlcb I. th.
chief cause of celestial phenomena ha.
censed, the problem of evoluUon baa
not ended. In fact, thongh tbe eee*.
inlenl problems whlcb we hav. considered ln their barest element, wlll not
be completely solved for centuries, 11
nmy be truly said that the question.
raised by tho countless living organisms In a single drop of ditch water are
still more complex and will require a
still longer time for their soluuon.—
Popular Science Monthly.
leas. Folate Wertby of Remuabrana. la
Gb...lBV Ob..
Whin buying an ax handle always
■elect one that is mado entirely
from the sap wood or tho heart
wood, hut never one that is made
partly ol each, for it will
sfeiit along the line of union.
Handles made Irom sap wood ure
more elastic and better for chopping _nd a man will not tiro or
get sore .so quickly wheu using
one. I. prefer, those made from tlm
heart wood for eplitting, ulllioiurji
they are not so durable, soys u
writer In Orange Judd Farmnr. The
proper length and curve of tho handle depends upon tho habit unit
method pf.chopping of the user. With
a- long handle a man will strike a
much harder blow, but with a short |
handle he will strike oftcner, so
there Is practically no difference in
tile work accomplished.
The curve, too, depends upon tho ;
liable of the user. A curved htin- '
die has no advantage over the one
that is perfectly straight. Mcst
people prefer the curved, tjot-ttii.se
they are accustomed to Its use.
A, a rule the straight hnndlo is
more ondurable. The size of the
handle depends upon the muscular development of the user. ff
lt. is too email ft will cramp the
fingers, and If too large it will
lam. the hands and wrists.
If one will examine the end of
a piece of wood he will see that it
is made of layers, each layer representing the growth of olio year.
Wood splits much more easily
along thee, lines than across them,
hence when selecting an ax handle,
always choose one In which tho
layere are parallel with the Hue of
force, as shown In Fig. 1. 11 they
are at right angles, as in Fig. 2, a
few days' use will cause the bundle
to split along the dotted lines
shown. The difference in quality
in this respect is so marked thnt
inany   dealers   sort    then-  handles
A  Pede.lrlaa  Feat.
If you desire to travel on foot throngh
two kingdoms, two duchies and three
principalities In Ihe short space of five
hours and ten minutes, you nave no
need to transplant yourself to fairyland or put on o pair of seven league
boms. The feat can be accomplished tn
the I'ullierliiiid without any great exertion. You select as your starting point
the village of Stelnbach, In th. Bavarian district of Olit'i'frunken, a station
on the tlerii-Stiiilfeld-Licktenfeli railway. From here you proceed In bnlf
an hour lo Llehietitatine (Saxc-tlelnin-
gen), nud an hour and a half later you
arrive nt llcuschenge.es. (Reuse o. I.).
The next hulling place, Glelma
(Schwaraburg RudolitadOcan be reached In ten minutes, and half an hour'.
walk takes you to Altettgeiess (Reuss
)\ 1,1. From hero yon march on to Drog-
nils (Prussia) In an hour and a half,
and In an equal space of time you reach
the final stage of your .journey, Baal.
Uml (Suse-Altcnboiirg).
An Bailor*. Advice lo Y.'ajsa Writer.
Illinois are Just u likely to be effected by appearances a. other people
nre. Thoy try to be impartial. But tbey
are only human. Strive .. tbey may
lo live up to tho conception that enni.
of you have of them a. superior being*
who nre above the Influence, thai away
ordinary nioitnls, tbey ciunot alwayi
avoid being pleasantly Impressed by an
attractive looking manuscript Ita HI*
crnry merit may In reality ba no greater Hum that or the poorly prepared
manuscript lying alongside of It .Bui
Ite more presentable appearance nay
bring out Its good qualities eo qucb
more effectively a. to mak. It seeni to
the editor lo be decidedly Ihe battel
piece of writing, and tbui lead to IM
acceptance In preference to tbe other.
Frimkllo B. Wiioy la	
and make   the   price   of one about
double   that of tbe other.
In hanging an ax considerable attention ihould be paid to the
kind of work which is to be done.
For .mail wood hang au
ax pointing In, as shown in Fig.
8. For very large trees hung It
aquftrely across, or at right
angle, to the handle, and for splitting, eepeciftlly block wood, hung
it out According to Fig. 5. This
give, one a chance to strike a
heavy blow, squarely across trie
block, using th. whole bit ot
the ax, and without making a tiresome . bend of the back with eve.y
blow. The relative position of
the blade and handle may be changed, by inserting a email wedge In
the eye of the ax, either above or
below the handle as occasion may
Maenr. tar Ih. Turnip Crop.
The ingredient the turnip has most
difficulty in obtaining is phosphoric acid, and where this crop gets u
fair dreeelng of dung four hundredweight of SS per cent, superphosphate per aoro ts generally all that
ie required. On stilt, heavy luud
one hall cwt. nitrate of soda should
also be applied with dung to give the
turnip, a start, and another hull
ewt. or rw When the plants nro thin- '
n.d. On ftil classes of soil where an
attack of "fly" ia feared, one halt
cwt. of nitrate ol eoda should also
He applied along with the dung to
force tb. young piantl Into the rough
leaf. I
When turnip, are grown    without
dung, the following mixture   should
suit most .oil.: 4 cwt. 'IH per cent,
superphosphate, S cwt. bono flour or
One hone meal, 8 cwt. kalnit, * cwt. I
..ltr«te-»l loda, t cwt. sulphate    of
.    Th. sulphate of ammonia j
till out, and an equal quuu-j
tlty ol nitrate of eotlii applied     (1)
after this turnips aro thinned.
M.al nation, for r.tt.nlns steers.
A light ration of menl was found
to givo the most profitable results in
fattia'ng steers tn a series of experiments extending over several years
at tho O.A.O. The steers were started on about one-third pound of corn
meal per day per 100 pounds of live
weight, .and this quantity was increased a. deemed advisable to slightly ovor one-half pound per dny. Tho
average dally gain was liiiu pounds
at i cost of 6.5Rc per pound. The
steers, which were fed on a medium
ration of two-thirds pound per day
per 100 pounds of live weight, niiulo
a gain of 1.70 pounds at a cost of
6.60c per pound of gain. Another
lot foil at the rate of one pound of
meal per day per 100 [annuls live
weight, gained 1.75 pounds dully ut
a cost of 7.11fic pot- pound of gain.
The meal was rallied ul SHI per ton,
the bay $0 and the roots $11.
Rsrlr '. urk in lb. Kplnry-
As soon,In spring as thu weather
permit, the bottom hoards of the
hives should be si-rapcd nud cleaned
oi the cuppings and illih which have
accumulated during winter. If the
bottom boards are detachable, and I
alwayi prefer to have them so, iho
work ie .sally performed.
After being cleaned stand tliuin In
the .un for a few minutes to dry. H
Will mate ft wonderful difference 10
'the bwe, save them lots of time and
work    and perhaps prevent disease.
Th. bee.    will build u| eh faster
for It.—F. 0. Herman.	
elder Vlnetar.
Older vinegar 1. so frequently adulterated that it ts often Impossible to
tot th. pure product. Vinegar sold
aa pur. elder frequently contains di-
luteid aHeJic »cld, glucose and soda
lometliiins It contains acetic
cidir and wine,
f i- wmmrmigmmimiisagBsamwma
Tiiis beautifully situated town offers exceptional ad vantages
- riii'iiiiiiiiiiiismiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I Headquarters of the  coal  shipping in-
I       dustry of the Pacific Coast.
. .'lurr? r-iT.v;.;- *-.--.
| ft is the largest railway centre in British
1       Columbia.
ii! Tyee Mining Company's smelter and re-
|       ducrion works to be erected here.
First class  water  system,  electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in ~ months.
-.very facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings  for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysn*'
i   m
tsrssusBX^iSsasiissss:. uaant LADISMETHLEADER. JULY 16.   190?.
-     HLJi.  i ' ■     :    ' "
21-4x2 1-4—It does its work
well—We wish to put one in
every home.
I With Every $10.00 Purchase
I During  July and August.
f This Kodak takes a picture
I » '"4 »
•? well—'
I The Kodak of to-day is so
If simple that a boy or girl can
ji master it.
% .j^^
9 matter how small, we give you
$ a  coupon for the amount—
j, when you have coupons ag-
"j gregating fjio we redeem them
S for a camera.
••sY*-****!* t-.tl*-Srii Ss-V.Wii'affeft-i
x x
i tin
X *
Don't fall to see G.I1. Cavin's samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's ..nice,
Eaplan.de, Choice new designs at as-
toalihingly reaionable prices.
Mr. W. Campbell, who has lately
epeaed a carpenter shop in this city, Is
now ready to receive contracts of any
In . certain echool not fifty miles
Irom Lidyimlth, the lady teacher was
eiunihlngthecl.il in hlitory. and she
.iked: "Whit wae Henry the Eighth?"
Thu. wai. pause and then a bright,
enthusiastic little chap at the back
chirped up: "He wae apeaonI"
Many people on the Gulf Islands are
convinced that Tracy, the escaped murderer, ii coming their way. Ol one thing
they can be lure—If the portraits oi the
iellow publiibed in the Sonnd papers
an anything like him, be will be the
ngli.it human being that ever crossed
th. Un., Britiih Columbia will return
Truy in iron, to the American author!-
tin twenty-four hours after he sets loot
on tbii tide- Such as Tracy cannot
breathe thii sir.
The well-known Nanaimo dressmaker is prepared to make skirts
from $-.00 up. All work personally supervised, guaranteed, anil
MCrtllE BLOCK,       Victoria Crescent
^DR. J.   GRICE,
Johnston Block, ■ Naiiuiino, 13. 0
P. 0. Box, 87, Tel. 145,
Visits Ladysmitli every Saturday.
Bonn (torn 0 a. m. till 5 p. in.
Abbotiford Hotel.
A telephone has been placed in tbe
Tyee Copper company's office at the
emelter. The telephone stall'strung the
wires yesterday.
Nanaimo Free Frees nays steamer
Tellus will take par) of her cargo this
time at Nanaimo and will load theje*
mainder here.	
People who  have been away from
Lath-smith a few weeks and have just
returned have been nattily able io reco*.
nize the place.
Work on the new school building is
beinit pushed rapidly. Tbe sehool will
be ready for occupation before tbe summer vacation ends.
Procrastination has lost many a man
hia life's oppovlunlty, but men clothed
in Caldwell's Niinaiino elegant Bummer
-v.'*iiii*s have opportunities thrust upon
Nanaimo's Orange celebration Satarday was a tirau-l affair. Representatives
of nearly all the lodges In tbe province.
were present. The weather was Hue
and all enjoyed themselves.
Our repiitntiou as British Columbla'a
premier lailur waa not won on misfits,
or ulioddy, or hold-up prices; but on Ut,
wurkuinubhip, quality, and reasonable
(eee.   (Jaldwell, Nanaimo.
Provincial Constable Caesidy had occasion to stretch oat tbe strong arm ol
the law to two Chinamen and a Finn who
had dashed over an international difference while the bloom was on the rye,
on Monday.     	
11 you want to get a nice ring remember we can make anything you want.
W. H. Lively, Jeweler.
The rain Monday night made a wonderful improvement in the gardens In
the town, and a ho on tbe farms near by.
A Hltle live-cent thunderstorm tn tbe
afternoon preceded the rain, and cleared
and cooled the air acceptably.
Rev. W. W. Baer, pastor ol Wallace
street Methodist church, Nanaimo, is
spending o few weeks at Harrison Hot
Springs, He has been Biitiering from
Insomnia. Rev. Mr, Hall of Agassis',
will fill the Wallace street pulpit until
Rev. Mr. User's return.
Mary had a little ring;
It ehon with beauty rare.
She said it wae her engagement ring
And wae bought at Lively's slm .
Ladysmith. '     - B. C.
Agent for 8.  W, Paint,   McClary's
flAw aad Ranges.
City Librarian Jessap has been i.wii*
lied hy Provincial Librarian ScholeO- '■■
Victoria, to send on the traveling library
now here to Kaslo. when a ne* libr.-'v
will he forwarded to Ladysmith from
Viotoria. All holders of books from tl.e
the library are warned to return them
at once. _
A loeal Udy Qahb-argasted Postmaster
Southin tl e other day by intimating
quietly, ae if it were a matter of course,
that unfortunately she would have to
un to Nanaimo lo 6end an important
postofrlceord-jr to England. It should
be known that Ladysmith postofflce can
transact any business which tbe post-
ofliceB of Nanaimo, Vancouver or Victoria can transact. And the postoffice
Bavings bank can save many a trip out
of town to depositors. The local poet*
olltce In far better equipped than it gets
credit for. ___	
The time to ttdvertlse Is all the lime J_
Interesting Rumor Regarding Victoria-Vancouver Route,
Hie reported that negatiationi have
bean quietly opened between the O. P
N. Co. and the firm ol Clyde (Scotland)
steamship owners who are running the
turbine fl'iirsone' system) passenger
steamer King I'tla-aril Vll between
Greenock ami the Firth of Clyde porta,
looking to the purchase ol that vesiel
[or use on the route between Victoria
and Vancouver.
If there be any troth in tbe report,
and ehould the negotiation! result In th.
King Mil ward coming out here, the peo.
pie of British Columbia could bl con-
grftinlHt.it upon being able to travel on
the only turbine paeienger steamer in
the world.
Thu King Kdward la not a very large
vessel, linvlng a little more capacity
lirnlnil.lv, than the Charmer, nor le her
eprtil, in those days ol t, b. d., eo very
astonishing, somewhere .bout 20 or 211
knoli. Llko .11 the Clyde piiunger
■teamen the King Edward Is mag.
nlfloently fitted and iurnlihed, the ac
commodatlon representing th. acme
ol modern comfort end luxury. She
could eaeily make the run in any sort ol
weather, except, ol courie, log, Irom
Victoria to Vancouver in a little over
time houn, Tbe King Kdward hai
i been very eucceisful on the Clyde, and
Sanitary Wnrranteil Wall Taper,
Plain Ingrain and Figmeil Papers.
All with Borders and Ccllitiits to
match. Fall Hue of all kinds kept
in etock at
Commercial St. NANA1NO, B.C
Ir.R, (larrup traveled to N»nninm
on Monday's train, returning yeslenlay
Mr. George OasFidy has reeoveied
from hia attack of grippe and is once
more on duty.
Mr. Henry McIndoo.P. p. c, hae returned to Nanaimo.
Mr. lOory 8. Ryder ot the Magnet
Cash stores, Ltdvemith, returned on
Monday from a busineeB visit tnNuiiaiiuo
has carried an enormous number of pas*
sengers since she hpgan running; it is
considered the correct thing now mi lite
Clyde to go on the turbine boat to the
numerous watering places along the
In tbe event of the King Edward going on tbe Victoria-Vancouver route she
would nit like u magnet in drawing
American tourists to this quarter of Ihe
continent. The people here unused one
glorious chance of seen g a passenger
steamer to which they could point with
pride, when through the extraordinary
conduct of the Victoria board of trade,
the paddle steatm-r Prince Rupert, a
veritable floating palace, was prevented
from coming further on her way to
British Columbia from tbe Clytlo, ttntn
Teneilffe. It would be harder to carry
out a threat of boy cot thu* with tlie King
Edward than it would have been with
tbe Prince Rupert.
If itia a nice clock you are looking for
we have them from $1.00 to $18.00. VV
H. Lively, Ladysmith'*- Leading Jeweler
They Establish a Now Industry in
the Islands.
Quite a thriving lm, sin Pes hae been
built up amongst the iBlauds of the
Gulf— Gallano, Salurna, Pender, Mayne,
Halt Spring and others—by tbe Japanese In manufacturing charcoal. From
very modest beginnings this industry has
grown into a tretrlc of some importance.
It Is operated and uianHywi entirely bj
Japanese, who saw an opportunity for
doing lucrative biiBineKS and promptly
took advantage of it.
The charcoal luauufacluied in the
Island woods is chiefly nsul by the can?
nerles at St eves ton, Canoe Phhp and up
the Fraser In Ihe soldering ope rati mop.
A considerable quantity in also sent to
Vancouver and Victoria fur general um-i
in trades aud manufactures, and the demand Id steadily Increasing; Almost
daily luge scows piled high wiih char*
coal is eacka ami toned by ions, an
i1.rough Plumper's Pat-s to the placet,
ii Miiiotied. In ihe cliati'rntl-luin-ing
*-<- s tbe scene it * bm>y one.
A great many .l.tpan i-f Hnd etnploy-
ntii t tn this Indue!iy, and (he roauogfeis
nhow a deal ol enemy In -raking lor n>id
ni - tiiug up new markets.
It. may be said that the number ol
Jfiruuie employed nn the lalandi
thit- itiduatry and at tarn, work ie j-renter
in proportion than in almost any'other
pert of tbe irnylnee, Tiie wide ret tiers
seem *o flu I that tlie Jipnnc-u an farm
worker* aud genera] utility nun ate
better than their mule, the Chinese,
From tin f.-ipgoiiin it will be seen that
the Japanese incu)iy no unimportant
positing in rtgard to the nVhiim in*
dustry of British Columbia. To t lie I r
credit It must be said that thiy are
quiet, industrious, thrifty mid law-
Mr. T. L Grahame returned t-n Saturday from bis vacation oonsldorably improved in het'ltb.
The time to advertise is all the time..
Reported That Ladysmitli May Be
Her Home Pott,
Acuor lug
quest id" i-ai
Hoard 11   I'i
to N ..until) hit-. Pi <<* the
no up hi a meeting ef 'he
ar-e regarding a change in
connect ion with tbe running of Hie
Bteaiuer Joan. The fiimnred change in-
volvef-, da j e the Free Press, in ikiiiii
Lad)smith the home purl of theJo.-tn.
Calling at Nanalmo in tlm'evontng, the
Joft.i would p
ed tu L-adysmith where
uuip ■ ver night.   Leaving
she woo'
Ladyemith lit Vancouver at 7 oM'-eli
every morning -.he would call al Nanaimo about 8 o'clock.
This ii exactly in line wiih the suggest tun made hy The Leader months
ago. and often thereafter urged upon the
attention of the people.
New Ofticers of Wellington Lodge
No. 2.
On Saturday (-veiling last Mr. J. W
LewlB, Deputy Grant! Chancellor, in
stalled the new bfBtjera cf Wellington
Lodge No. 2. in fftdy smith, There wae
a flue turn out of the members. The
following arc the officers,
Thomas Spratt', O.O.} D. W. Murray
V.O.; J. Oostellb, Prelate; I). L. Jimee,
M.W.; Thomas Webl-y, l.C; ,1. Stew-
Afler the ceremony of installation the
brethern had a nice sneai li'iie, a good
programme of songs, etc., being gdne
through, Wellington Lod^e No. 2 is in
a flourishing condition.
in 1878 the first president of the Canadian academy, which at that time wai
hailed with considerable amusement,
but had justified Its existence, Lord
Stratboona eaid Canadian artiste had
uot received the support tbey were en*
titled to.
Discussion on the Education bill now
before the British Commons has brought
out the (act that the coat of education In
Kit-gland ib 19,25 per pupil a year: In
Ireland, (8.76;, and in Scotland $10.76.
Lord Salisbury, premier of Great
Britain, has resigned, and haa been succeeded by the Right, Hon. A J. BaU
fr-ur, hie tephew.
Tracy has been wounded and baa
em-aped again after a fight with tbe
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, chancellor
of tbe exchequer, has resigned.
Macadam of the Sandon Pajstreak le
being sought after by the police for con*
ti nipt of court,
Chitf Justice Gordon Hunter has
quashed Nanaimo's Bunday cbsing bylaw, declaring it bad.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers ot the Famous
None but Union Labor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
.Sea led Tenders for euppl) Ing ice cream
and soft drinks for mnonligbt e-fur*
tion, Saturday evening, July 26th, i nee
on hoard), from Ladysmith and return,
will be received by the undersigned ap
to Saturday, July 10lh.
Lowest or auy tender not necessarily
accepted. F. D. PELKEY,
P. O. Box, 338, Ladyimllh, B. O.
Nanaimo. B. 0.
Tbe Mikado has invested King Kdward
through Prime Koinateu, witb the chain
of the Order of the Cbrysautbonum,
aud tbe Empress of Japan bae delivered
through the same medium the j-welled
Order of tbe Crown tn Queen Alexandra,
In the mediieval and modern language
tripos just published at Cambridge
University ten women are iu the lirst
class and only one man; in. Ihe second
i,lnf-B live Afiuit'ii and one man; in the
third class five won.en and six men.
Only three men are allowed tbe ordinary
Inveraray Caeile. the seat of the Duke
and Duchess of Aigyle, is to rent at
$15,000 a jeer for a term, nr $20,000 lor
one year. Owing >o the heavy death
dnt iee, the doH/iger-duchesu'ti j dot nre
and '.he portion lo bis brottieis and
eisters, i.heduKf'H income in limited,
Several workmen were el ruck by Le**
Knlield bullets while-wittf^#*t Alder-
shot this week. Nd' re-tort* Whreiftard
and no one knows *'.'j-_^||&(l_(Jbe shots,
Tho affair ie a inyHerjijj-.^j.jji     ■
lu opening the exhibition of works of
colonial artlBta at the Royal-Institute of
Palmers iu Witter Colors in London last
week, ihe Duke n| Arg>lB said stiqli dia-
play's would inmili.il I/,-} ilie.Jhnit-h pub
lie with the (treat u-^enes of natural
beauty in Canada etc,   He nominated
Sheet   Music
Cheapest an J Best—5c. and 10c, a copy
All latest songs and plecee.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc, Etc.
Painting, Paperhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders Ior mattress making al
Capt. Dillon'i Office, Esplanade, where
BampUs can be seen,
Guy H. Gavin, Ladyimith.
_ Mama
Copvuiohti Ac.
qtiliitlv   n'crtatn onr opinion free
■ "nn !■ probably Mt*mUbltj, (
  rlctlroouttdentinl. ntuidbool	
Bi-iii froo. oiiiHst naeno-> forMtTart_uuUnt«.
Handbook oo PrMnta
PuU'iiiit taken throunth Munn kTa. rtoelra
i|irr(nl nutlet, wllliout ohitrue, In tht
Scientific JUticrican.
A hanrt'-omol'f tllarti«t*d wmWt.   ijuwHttMr-
m »f atir BGlenttBo iournu,  Terai, SJ ■
rnari ihi,#L BoMbrttll newwlMltr*.
MUNN SCOj»«-** Hew York
nniniiti ottlcs. OS P at. Wublnaton, D. C.
*.-.'>.'.'*»..--we .lie vi*-.>,-«'.■>.»;. >.^^
Smelting Works
| Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist |
I Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
$i?lfamS*n!4-T*!4*H4ft>t -.».«•**«' (.*« ;';-.'«.'ies-i^-|^-|a*-i^'^,*'*'^*''»V»l'-^J
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner Pint Avenue ud (Uticrc 5tr«t
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds of soft wood furniture made
and repaired.
|l The Uading
*J Reviews
*.,.' Nineteenth Century  aad After,
'■.■li Contemporary   Review,   Port*
fc-v nightly Review,  Westminster
■AA Review,    KtJlnburfh    Review,
__* Quarterly Re view, Black wood's
?A Edinburgh AUtasliie
A+- Strong,   sterling, timely, siiggentive
*.'., mul  iintlinrltlvc; jiiHt what you wnnl
."illjj; to know t>r the world's lioinan-exactly
T.-t.' iiw.---nniini»p   nm   iuuii   nim-Jy ulH-
.Vi 4' ciiKslons; The swiftest presentation of
jjTv the tt-i irltl-jH obit-tun of the day appear
■jj__ every month lu the pages of these
Zm IfiulitiK reviews.   These are the Hng-
*.DJ lisli ctiittons sold hi America nt about
A ti luilf prk-c,  Specimen copies sent free
In lo'viiiR- unvwlicre, and  historical
li.iiiliii.-t. too, for the asklna.
Thel.fron.rd 5cott Publication C,
Warren 51. New York City.
**.- ti-  §.-■  a.--,,
«i->.si-.-i.») -.si'.i.
Maple Lodge, No. 6;, I. O.O. *.
Heel, every Wednesday eveniat la
Nicholion'! Hall. Vliltlni mamb.il
ar. cordially invited.
/ M.MottlNl.EY.Seo.
I. O.O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Visitors cordially invited.
hugh •uivroi-, fta.
Weelington Lodge No. 2 K. of r.
Meets every Friday in I. O. O, F. hall al
7 :S0p.m.
D. GOURLAY, 0.0.
J. W. LEWIS, See.
J. McDonald,
A-rrMorB C Pol ery Company.
C'iimnay Pine, Sttwer pipp, Un||«y
Traps, Tb, Ya, Bends, Tiles and
High St., Ladysmith
urns ud n
Made and repaired. All work
Guaranteed. Impaction ia*
tlirieu Repairing a Specialty.
1S. Christie,
Saddler and tlarnessmaker
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Prices reasonable. Buggv hirneii
Irom $8. Eipran harneta from (IS.
Team h.ruesa from $80	
Big itock of ti links an tl valise-.   Trank.
from t'l.   Valises from Mo,
The Creiceit,       —        NAMIM0, IX
-   '-.v',Jri
Ice cold Lemonai!., Soil Driaki of
all Kinds.    Fruiti, Paltry, Bread,
— FOB—' Jj
Finest Tobacco and Clf«rs
cau, AT TU.    .
—Agent For—
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repilring in .11 il. br.achw
Fine melal»orkinga.r-eolalty. Pl.tak.
Ing, aeetvlene ges, hot water udi hM
.Ir beatldg. Work done with dnpatoh
•nd at reasonable ratei.
David    Murray.
Buller Street, .        Udy-unltb
Bhop will be open every Thundiy,
Friday ami Saturday. 1
941-2 HOURS
 Hy The	
Lesvee Vancouver at 13:30 o'eloek
Tu.sd.ys, Thund.yi .nd Biturd.yi
Tlansconttnental Passenger Dally
Elegant Equipment,
Faateat Time,
Loweat Ratea,
For pamphlet! and all information apply
toanyO.P.R. agent.
H. H. ABBOTT,      W. MoGIRR,        I
Agent, Victor!.,      Ag.nl, Nanalmo. |
Ant. Genl. P.si.-Agent, Vencouvar.     |
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tlmi Table No. 44,
Traim let ve Udyimllh Southbound d.lly .t9.10«. m. .nd on    Saturday.
Sundiyi and Wedneidayi at B.16 p, m. .
Tralni leave Lidyimlth northbonnd daily at 11.57 a, m. and on    Sat.rd.n,
Snndayi .nd Wed .Md.yt al 7,10 p, m.
Tralni leave Ladyimith lor Eatenilon daily eic.pt Sunday at 8 a. m., I p. ■
and 10 p.m., and ou Sunday, at 10 p.m.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Naiagtr


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