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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 12, 1902

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Array Jfi ,|i aja ift >p ^^tT«^*i|tifi
The people that save j
money trade with      f
'& <t'h'i"l"*' rj> -{" rjl^erjl .Ji »(i Jt .Ji ij.^it|l fji sjl •) -J. •}< 'J"t"J*
Ladysmith Leader I
* For Boots end Shoes j
Blckle's is the store 1
.OL. I. NO. 45.
| It Is a Question |
I      Of Quality not Quantity for your money.'     l
C We are offering high goods for low claBs prices, which can ^
§he proved ii purchasers will compare goods bought else- j
. where at same prices. 4
jj For Rubber Goods, all No. 1 quality bought in the Am-
$ erican markets, which must be sold.
$ See our Gent's sporting Gnm Boon—they are solid com-
2 Ladles', Gent's, Ohildren'i Rubber Shoes at Bargaini.
I Leaser & Hamburger!
5 . Esplanade and Oatacre Street. 5
Jessup's Pharmacy
Prescriptions cirelully diipensed. Open
day and night.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Attorney, Notary Public, Etc.
Money to Loon.
Whan Visiting Nanaimo Try
Hi   CNt   W"
Member Can. Society of Civil Engineers
Member Institution of Electrical Engineers;
Electrical Engineer f
Correspondence Solicited
Work Guaranteed
Fred  Foster
Taxidermist & Furrier
Birds, Animals and Deer Heads Mounted and
for sale,   Purs made, altered, cleaned and stored
St.,       -        Victoria, B. C.
News Agent,
Agt For San Francisco Examiner.
Ye Olde Corner,
Govemment St., Victoria, B. C.
and Other
portant Business Dans,
Tbii new hotel hai been' completely
furnished with all modern convenience!,
Excellent table, white cooking. The
baria supplied with the finest wines,
liquon and cigars. An experienced bartender.
D. H. Davis, Prop.,
First Avenue,      -      Ladysmith, B. C.
One fact it better than a Dosin
Heanayi, II yon want the
choicest meats go to
Ladysmith, B, 0.,
R. Williamson, Prop.
A fresh supply  ol   Vegetablei ^
alwayi on hand.
Special attention given to ihipe' +
Baker and Confectioner.
Plain and fancy bread. Cakei and par
trim ol all deicriptiom. Fruiti lu
David    Murray,
Buller Street,        -       Ladysmith
Shop will be open every Thurtday,
Friday and Saturday,
Wm. Beverldge, Prop.
Thli new hotel hai been comfortab ly furnithtd and Ihe bsr il np to data.
Beit accommodation lor transient snd permanent boarder! and lodgtrt.
Rates, $i per Day and Upwards.
Tho Esplanade,
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Savoy    Xheeitres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works,, Nanaimo.
Sod* Water, dinger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages ot all kinds.
W. E. RUflirHNQ,        - Proprietor,  ?j&5Si.
John Barnsley & Co.,
Victoria, B. C. I
Agents lor
J. J. Taylor
Fire Proof Safes.
—Kodaks, Films, Etc.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
deneral Jobber.
Coraar Pint Avmu. and Oatacre Street,
Cabinet woik'of all kinds.
All kindi of solt wood lurnitnre mad.
and repaired.
McAdia and Son
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Telegraph Orders promptly Jattended.
Parlors,    Albert   Street.      Residence,
Victoria Crescent. . Telephone No. 143.
NANAIMO,      •      •      ■      D. C.
Con veysneer, Notary Public, Real Estate,
Firs snd Lib Iniunnco Agent.
Ships' pipers. specialty.  Forty yean'
The Kiplanade,    •    Ladysmith, B.O.
gat insured at once, for it may be
too late tomorrow. I represent leveral
OLD snd RELIABLE Oompanlet and
can Insure you at a moment's notice at
tbe loweit possible rites. All leading
companies chug, tbe nine ratea. Don't
be milled Into In.urine with a cheap
company—it might be diar in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Draw.r 33, Nanaimo. B. 0.
Ladyimllh Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Eggi and Freih   Vegetable! supplied
Daily.  L.»v« orden at the pott office.
Ladysmith Teeming
All klndi ot heavy teiming done
Win Crescent Hotel
Win, Heppl., proprietor.'
intit.cl.il accommodations for tnlniri
and transients.  Nona bnt
Whol.ul. and Retail Dealer! ln Meat!.
Poultry   and Vegetablei.  Game In
eaten.   Shipping orden alluded to en
hurt aoliot,
The Best Wlnss and Llajuara
nrved it tho hir.   Give m s call.
Cor. Victoria Rd A Ooinmeroial St.
Successors to Hillint ft Sons,
Funeral Directors ami Embalmers.
Open day and night.
Orders by Telegraph  promptly  attend'
ad to.	
Button St., Nanalmo.
Telephone 114. P. O. Box 396.
Miners! Attention!
Bend Made Fit Shoes it the same pile.
11 cheap factor, made. Come in and i
All work guaranteed.   Repairing done.
A. S. Chriitli.
B. 0,
After the Victoria delegation departed
'I'the convention got on with business at a
rapid rate, tome matters of considerable
Importance being transacted. Mr.
Joseph Martin, M.P.L., was unanimously eleoted leader; party lines In provincial politics was alto unanimously
agreed upon, aud a platform was adopted. The main items in this new platform call for early redistribution bated
on population. Government ownership
ol public utilities. Cssli bonnaes to
railways, where bonuses are considered
necessary; but never land; government
to control ratal. Construction of Coast-
Kootenay railway; a line from tbo east
toweatcoastof Vancouver Island, and
other lines. Accurate log scaling, enforcement by government inspector.
Assistance to agricultural aud mining
industries. Taxation of privileged
classes rather than indnttrial or laboring. Opposition to Increase of provincial debt except for worka chargeable
to capital. No alienation ol public
lands except to actual eettlers or bona
fide induBtiiei, but not to speculators.
No changes in present mining laws
without ample previous notice to all
Hon. Joseph Martin announced that
be would, owing to tho convention having adopted patty lines, aupport the
preient provincial administration during
the approaching session. Mr. John
Oliver, M.P.L., declared that be also
would support the provincial govern*
ment. Both gentlemen considered it
bstterto do that than allow the Con.
lervatlvea to get into power. Mr,
Martin declared that he would go to the
houn with, perfectly free hand.
The following are the officers index.
ecutive committee of   the Provincial
Liberal Anociation of Britiih Columbia:
Treasurer—Wm. Sloan, Nanalmo,
First Vice-President—Stuart Header-
(ion, Yale-Cariboo.
lecond Vice—J. 0. Brown, New Woit-
Fourth Vice-S. S, Taylor, Yale-Oari-
Theexeentivecommittee an:
Burrard aud Westminster—W. J. McMillan, Vancouver; John Oliver, M. L.
A„ Delta; and Jamei Stables, M.L.A,
Victoria and Vancouver Island—J.
Jardine, Victoria; A. Urquhart, Comox;
J, F. Blodsoe, Albernl.
Yale-Caiiboo-H. G. Muller, Vernon
Dr, Sinclair, Roasland; A. E, Green
Golden; A. B, Dockstater, Sandon,
At tbe evening session on Thursday,
Mr. Joseph Martin asked the privilege
of aocopdlng tbe resolution that Sir
Wilfrid Lamier be made honorary president.   Heisid:
It il a gnat pleamre to me to have
the privilege of seconding tbe resolution.
I am in the unfnrtunate position ol
having a great deal said about me.
(Laughter.) Perhaps all ol you won't
agree with me in that, but there la one
thing I wish to repudiate, in connection
with tbat resolution, and perhaps this
the beet place to do it. It has been
stated all over the province by certain
interested partial that I am at variance
witb tbe lliminion government. Now,
Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, I want to
say hers lhat tbe person wbn makes
that statement doei to without authority.
(Applause.) I have had no quariel at
all with Sir Wilfrid Laurier or bis government. I can atand criticism, no
matter how severe, of my public acts
but to be stabbed in tbe back in this
kind ol manner ia very hard tn bear, 1
have endeavored to trace thoie slanderona
itatement! to their lonrce, bnt have
alwayi been told that so-and-so who, ol
course, could never be found, bad said
it. (Laughter.) Oa one occasion I was
told that a certain person who bad just
arrived from Ottawa had made the as-
lertion I complain of. I went immediately to that man and asked hlmilit
win io. He told me he never made
inch a itatement In bis life. Then I lad
an opportunity lo tell Sir Wilfrid him-
nil about thit itatement and asked Sir
Wilfrid II he ever authorised anyone to
make inch a statement about me, uml
Sir Wilfrid told me that he tor years
oherithed the warmest f.ienilshlp ami
consideration, aud that nothing could
hav. bean farther from hit thought tbau
to utter luoh a itatement,  (Cheers.)
II It oirtalnly true that I hav. differed
from tbem in iome things, but thit is a
vary different thing Irom laying I am
going round looking for a chance to
knife them. (Applause,) I defy any
man to point to a lime In my career
whin I did anything to anlit Ih. Con-
nrvatlva party. (Oliieri.) III hav. at
at tlmn criticised my owe party It hai
not beso to hurt it, bnt le ittsogthin it,
(Applause.) For 25 years I have been a
member of tbe Liberal party of Canada,
ln spite of its mistakes because I
believed it was consistent, and I believe
today it is tbe beet for tbe people of
Canada, (Applause.! If I aheuld eome
to the conclusion that it would be better
for tha people of Canada for the Con
■irvative party to be in power I wonld
lupport it, bat that ie very far from
likely. I do not ague witb the Dominion government's treatment ,01 the
Mongolian question. .It li onr duty ai
Liberals in this province, even as against
tbe majority of tbe Liberals of Canada,
to take the view the majority of the
people of this province desire ui to tike
in thli matter. (Oheert.) By doing
this we are not hurting but helping our
party. If the majority of Liberals in
thil province take tbat stand we will yet
bs able to convince the people ol tbe
Eaat and Canada at large of the juttice
ofourplea.  (Long continued applause.)
Another New Industry to Be Established Here at Once.
Mr, Filsgerald, a Vancouver brewer,
will arrive from that city today to take
the fint itepi toward the erection ol a
building to be used aa a brewery, on
the lot which he hai just purchased on
Firat Avenue, nearly opposite Mr. Harry
Kay'i place. The Ladysmith brewery
will manufacture high quality alei,
been and porter, and will enter tbe
field ai a vigorous competitor for the
trade of Ladyimith and neighboring
dlitrlcti. Mr. Fitzgerald li laid to be
an expert in bis business. It ii under-
stood that he will begin operations immediately*
English Church Ladies Gin Another. Fine Entertainment,
On Friday evening in Oddfellowi'
Hall the ladiei of Ladyimith Anglican
Church gavi tbeir concert tupper snd
dance of which announcement waa
made in The Leader'i columni. It wai
an exceeding happy gathering, thanki
to the excellence ol the manage,
ment, the ample inpply ot good things,
the fine music and the first-clan floor.
All combined to make tbe affair eminently satisfactory to promoter! and pa-
Irons alike. There wai a very large attendance, which told handsomely at the
box office, it being understood tbat tbe
entertainment has been a decided
financial success. The dancing was kept
up until nearly 3 o'clock Saturday
Startling Statement Charging Ralph
Smith With Detestable Perfidy.
From unimpeachable lourcei The
Leader ia Informed that at the approaching union of tbe Dominion Parliament,
tb. government will Introduce . measure
impoting on the Chineie a tax on ..taring tb. country, to heavy at to be
practically prohibitive. On the Japanese
they will place no heavier bnrd.nl thin
they hive to carry sow in regard to
entering thli country.
Thit information The Leader iilna
position today to publish exclusively,
and the public may rely upon it aa cornet.
In connection with tbit itatement of
coming events in parliament The Liader
it also informed oo tbe lime autborlty
that Mr. Ralph Smith, M. P., will again
exhibit his marvellous power! ai a
political contortlon.it and hnman
chameleon Mr. Smltb will vote witb
the government on tbe Chinese
queitlon, but he will cross the floor of
the houn and vote against them oa the
Japanese clause.
Mr. Smith'i friendliness toward th.
Japanese is too well known to require
more thin mention here, but thil action
of hii ii merely to deceive hii conititu-
enti in Ninaimo. The wbol. matter
will ba carefully rehearsed with tbe Dominion ministry, and Mr. Smith will
giva them to understand that thit il
only a little vote which tbey an not to
take too lerioutty. He really den not
mean it, but he hai to keep up appear.
anew. No doubt Mr. Smith will alio
"make it all right" with bii friendi the
Japanese. II is only in fan and not
meant to do anything men than keep
up Ihe humbug which Mr. Smith bat
been practicing to successfully lor to
many yean.
The Leader asks tbe people to watch
tbe courie of eventi in parliament snd
see whether The Leader has or bu not
bnn misinformed.
I-adrsmlth Rhlwplns.
American ship Two Brotbin of San
Fraucieco is expected to complete ber
cargo for Frisco thit week.
Work on the hulk John D. Potter li
neatly completed, and it il expected ibe
will be ready for sea shortly.
Am, Ship Edward Sewall has arrived
from China to load coal for Honolulu.
From that port she will take a cargo ol
sugar to New York,
Str. Victoria arrived Saturday Irom
Frisco and completd her coal cargo for
tbe lame port yesterday.
Ship Kinross was towed to na Sunday, for Hawaii.
Str. Amur called In yesterday for coal
on ber way bom Victoria to Skagway.
Ship Antlope, Capt. Murray, la expected in today from Kalul, Hawaii, lor
coal lor the aame port,
Ladyimith is to be msde a regular
port of call bv coastwlBa passenger and
freight steamers this summer.
tloodlna Nn. >.
Upward! of 180,000 gallons ol witer in
hour, it ii estimated an palling down
the flume Into No. 3 mlue, Exteniion,
or nearly 2,600,000 gallon! every 24
hours. It wlll take 65 million galloni to
fill the mine, but ns tho Inflow will be
lionslderably increased immediately, no
doubt the work ol filling the mine will
be shortened. At first two months wai
tbouabt to be about the earlieat time In
which the mine would be flooded; bnt
now five weekt it looked upon .a tutu-
Dou'l forget the Rebecca concert sup.
psr and dance, Oddfellows' Hall, 19th,
Any kind of watch and jewelry repairing, altering or making, neatly and
promptly executed by Lively the Fint
Avenue Jeweler,
Fatal Fall Down a Stair In Ladysmith Hotel.
Mr. Robert Westmorland wbile going
down stairs at the Hotel Ladyimith on
Saturday evening .lipped end 1.11 heavily. H. imtained very nrioui injuries
to bit iplne, ind lingered in pain nntil
Monday morning, wben he died. The
deceased waa formerly a reiident of
Nanaimo, and very well known
throughout tbe diitrict. The lun.nl
will b. bald In Nanalmo, whither th. '
remains wen conveyed yesterday, by
Mr. Hilbert, of the firm of Measrs.
GrentA Som, Nanalmo. .
Extension the Scene ef Many
Patty Thefts.
Couttible Ephraim Hodgion yeiter-
day .rutted on suspicion s man who
Uvea at Extention on s charge of having been implicated in a serin ot houti.
bieakingi and thelta which have bnn
going on lor lomi time back. Mr. Bod.
gion wn telegnphed for Irom Nanaimo
to go there aud indentify some stolen
goodi, .nd from oertain Information
in hit possession and evidence obtained
on examining the goodt, he applied for a
i> arch warrant and proceeded to Flanni-
gau'a honn and arrested him. Oa Saturday morning a houn at Exteniion occupied by Mr, William Blown, wai broken into and an overcoat wai stolen.
The prisoner is supposed to have bnn
tbe guilty penon.
Terrlkl, Accident a, Cnemnlnaa.
A week go Mr, Jonph Ptanan, employed by th V otorta Lumbar C„ Oh.-
mainui, wn working around the machinery wh.n he had hit arm brokea la
two place, below the elbow. Dr. Tel-
lord dressed the woundi. On Thurtday
Lit blood puiionlng nl In, nd at g
o'clock on Friday morning Dr. Tilford
amputated th. arm .1 the shonldir.
Mr, Plenonli doing well a, can be eg-
Rewive Wednesday evening, tb. ltth,
lar the Rebecca concert and dance.     *
Now la Ihi time to set your job priat-
Ingdone. The Leader can quota yea
the low.lt ratal on all Krta ol bill bndi
letter beads, cards, etrealan, tickiti,
Ladysmith Leader
Welllngton-Extension News.
Published every Wedneaday aud Saturday at
rhe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
rrench Street, Udysmlth, British Columbia.
T. I. GRAHAME, Kniioa akd PaoraiEToa.
BY Mail in Canada ano United Stateb.
One year (atrictly In advance) t>«>
la month, (strictly ln advance)   1 .5
TRANSIENT—First Insertion 10c. a line; each
iubeequ«nt insertion sc. a Hue.
Rate, on application. No wood cuts used.
Cats for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notice.,
each Insertion soc.
Advertisement, not inserted for a specified
time wilt be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER may be obtained from the following Agents:
I, adysniltb-The Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Nanalmo— E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria —George Marsden;   Victoria Book &
Stationery Co.; Pope stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.;] Public  Library;
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library.
New Wertmlnater—Public Library.
AU change, in advertisements must be received
at thia office before ia noon. Ihe day before
Subacrlberanot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
AU job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisement, cash in advance.
"Clothedand in their right mind,"
St but, dncribea the prennt condition
ot the Libenl party of Britiih Columbia.
Lid by a man ol iplendld ability, indomitable courage, bonndlen energy;
dwlarlnrfor a clean-cut inue in all
fntnn election!, wlnly deciding to give
to the pnient provincial adminiitration
their hearty rapport; adopting a. platform which commeudi itself even to tbe
Conntvativei; ridding themielvei ol
fsctionlita snd political harlequin!, the
Liberal party ol Britiih Columbia hai
emerged from the Vancouver convention lining, united, clear-headed,
with s heart lor any fate. Unanimity
marked the course ol the proceeding!
alter the diiturbing elements had been
forced to withdraw. We lincerely hope
that the. party will go forward to ita
gnat work In the lime harmonlona
' Thepsrty hsi muoh Important work
before it, Mr. Msrtin pointed ont the
neoniityol unity upon the Mongolian
quntlon. Thil ihould be prnied home
upon the Dominion government snd the
people of Eaitern Canada in aa unequivocal manner that will force tbe
government end people to undentand
that we hen on the Pacific coast are in
solemn earn.it. No other courie II
open. There mmt b, union here, or
Another very important point to re.
member I. that ai a mattar of lair play,
common jottlce, the man who utters
lntlnnstioni againit Mr. Martin ihould
be compelled to prove hii statements or
bs branded as a icindal-mongering
scoundrel throughout the province,
I Thin hai bnn too much baseless as.
nrtlonand malicioui report ngardlng
Mr. Martin. We, too, can declare that
we have never yet met a man in the
hundred, we have interrogated point
blank at to their proofs for statements
mad. about Mr. Martin who could produce evidence worthy of a moment1
oomideration. It lull old wivu' gabble
whin one comei to examine it.
The Britiih Columbia Liberal party it
to be congratulated.
"The Ladyimith Leader ie informed
that the Ooloniit is quite familiar witb
the lection, whloh It quotes from the B.
N. A. Act. In regard to the number oi
member! in the next House oi Commons,
the Colonist accepted the calculations
made by the Montreal Star, which appeared to have gone into the matter
very thoroughly. It ia purely a matter of
calculation as to whether Ontario and
tbe Maritime I'rovlncei wlll lose repre-
■entativei. We have not worked it out,
but suppose tbat the Star did,. Hai the
Leader dose io?"—Colonist.
Yei, The Leader hai done so. The
Leader alwsya doei so, because it takes
care to vertily ita statements, not with-
Handing the aitertiom of that ooarie
snd unworthy penon, Ralph Smitn, M.
r\, with hii choice language in the presence of ladies. The Leader wat trained in
a school where it would have been con-
lidered a crime to accept upon euch evidence ai the Colonist hai accepted Irom
the Montreal Star ita absurd opinion regarding the B. N. A. Act. Tbat il, on
purely inppoiititioni ground!—"it ap-
pined to have done it", and "suppose
it (the Star) hai done it". And what il
the Montreal Star, anyhow 7 An we to
join the Ooloniit in bowing down in the
dust belore this Delphic oncle, because
we are the Ladyimith Leader and tbat ia
the Montreal Star? Because Ladysmith
il a place of only 1,200 inhabitant! and
Montnal somewhere about 260,000?
The Montreal Star il just an ordinary
newipiper, with all iti blunder! bluih-
ia thick upon it, aud we ihould be much
more inclined to ute it lor shell covering than ai an authority on what any
mm may find for himself In the Britiih North America Act, ii he ii not too
grossly liny to go there and look it up.
It ia sbiurd to quote that paper as
something to wonhip especially on the
mere chance that the Star hai not borrowed the inlormation In queitlon
Irom tome other paper, equally wonhip.
If the Colonist is, as alleged, "quite
familiar with the notion quoted Irom
the B.N. A. Act," why ihould it
acnpt tbe calcnlationi of any other
paper? Could it not make the calculation in a few moment Itself?
LEST he niiitii; r.
Lib-Lab delegate! oat cf doors.
We feel keenly lorry, but—didn't we
tell you io? It wai a Liberal convention.
Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P., aaid in bii
speech belore leaving for Ottawa last
week that be had refused a position in
the Dominion government worth $2,600
a year. That wai the deputy minister
■hip of labor, and why, be aiked, did
not hit enemin refer to tbat highly
laudable piece ol tell-abnegation? The
Leader may lay that it waa because, the
circumstance had slipped our memory.
Bnt we ihall give the reason for Mr,
Smlth'i relunl, and then atkhimwhy
he wai inch an egregious an aa to
mention inch a thing. The man cannot
have any memory.
Mr. Ralph Smith, M.F., aaid, apeak
ing from the carriage in which he had
bnn drawn ln triumph by hii delirioue
supporters, in front of hii own door, on
th, night of hii election, thit the reaion
why he refund that job was solely became he expected to get a muoh better
one; I.e., tbepoitof minister ol labor.
Bnt now Senator Templeman hai received the Britiih Columbia Beat in tbe
cabinet and Mr. Ralph Smith will have
to "go 'way back and lit down" witb
the Toriei and vote againit the government on the Japanete queitlon,
Great representative Nanalmo hai in
the Common!, to be lure,
So tbe unfeeling credentials committee
of tbe Liberal convention bundled tbe
There is nothing more refreshing than
a good cup of Pure Tea.
Try our new consignment of
Pure Ceylon Tea
It's just splendid and the price is only
35c. per lb., 3lb. for $1.00.
(Ask for a free sample.)
Leiser & Hamburger
Esplanadeand Oatacre Street, - - Udysmlth
Mere money man Schwab hai been
compelling the proud rulen of Europe
to do him homage. Yet tome people
think there an even more potent thiugi
on earth than money. But there are
very few that money oannot buy; and
even thoie money can influence.
Our contemporary the Free Fren
could not get that " piece of woods"
through iti noddle, Thereby are we
confirmed in our judgment. But if the
Fren Press object! to thi solid limile,
how wonld tbii init, teeing it ii equally
Nature abhors a vacuum, 'tis laid,
And yet the gave the Free Fren what it
calli a head.
We ihould like to second Mr. Henry
Libouchere'i motion tbat somebody
ought to be hanged in connection with
those hone-buying swindles in the
British army. Probably the British
people will awaken from their dream of
confidence tome day and then somebody
will expiate the blunders ol the war
The Liader offers humble apologlet io
all iti readira for the large amount of
mere political writing whloh encumbers
thil inue. Strenuous effort! to breik
off thli degrading and deleterious habit
will be mad.. W. w.nt to get at the
resource! of thia island—both through
those colnmni and through judicious
n vestment.
Nanaimo's great dallies keep us per
ennially amused. May there able
editor! wield their quilli until their is
a vacancy on the ataff ol the New
Jerusalem Advertiser. We respectfully
dedicate then atrictly original vereet to
The Free Fren and the Herald,
Their heart! (and hides) are tender.
But build a castle on their heads—
Tbeir skulls will prop it under.
eral decay was shown in the decline cf
musio and drama irom noble forma to
tbe repulsive problem play and in tbe
■plaihlnr, daubing of oanvasei, cilled
impnsslootst painting, and tbe toleration of vilest doggerel versa called
poetry, Ererywhere thora waa a lack
ol blah Ideals and the general tendency
waa towards the baser forms of materialism. Miss Oorelli strongly condemned
the acta ol money-grubbing microbes in
defaolngiome of Scotland'! moit pit-
tureeque scenery and Instanced thoas •■
another lign of the decay of imagination.
The art of convention was almost a
lost one aud elegant manners were alto
at a discount. There was something
more Important even than pounds,
shillings, and pence and tbat was patriotism and honor.
The steamer Anglice, having on board
the submarine cable to be used for the
all-British scheme, has Bailed from England for Australia. Work will be commenced as soon as the ship reaches her
destination. Tho southern section will
be completed first. Starting from Brli-
bine, the cable will be cariied to tb.
Norfolk Island!, a distance ol 800 mllei,
At tbii point there will be a junction in
order to connect New Zealand, whloh ii
463 miles to the South of Norfolk Island,
The main cable will be eariied from
Norfolk to Fiji, a distance of 869 mllei,
It li hoped to finish that part of tbe undertaking by Juno,
A. C. Wilson,
Fnneral Wreaths, etc, Wedding Bou
quote in every Btyle. Orden promntl,
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. O
The Best
British Pr.11 Ovlnloni.
We desire peace (says Ibe Standard,)
bnt it must not he a peace that ii a prelude to another war.
It la to be remembered (say the
Spectator) that the German Emperor ia
much afraid ol being accused of undue
liking for Great Britain.
Tbe poat-Majuba policy still baa, and
will have, iti admiren ttayi the Telegraph). It li true even that they hope
lo revive it in all Iti beauty.
There is a good reaion to believe (taya
th. Timet) that the Imperial element in
South Africa, if not hampered by ill-
considered interference from home,
will assert itself energetically and effectively in tbe immediate future.
M. Waldeck Rounsau the French
Premier speaking at a luncheon at St.
Etienue, laid—"The twentieth century
ii riling on tbe ruins el vanishing Royalty, Orleanlim, and the empire;
Fnnoh democracy ii gitting ready to
mete out juitice to tbe vain parodies, to
the coarte counterfeit! ol ilnoere patri.
otlim or the spirit ol revolution.
Mill Marie Corelll, speaking at a con'
cert at Stratlord-on-Avon said ihe
wiihed Sbikespeare wn alive to-day
tbat he might ipeak a word now for hia
beloved England and hurl back the liei
oi German slanderers with lull, bon.it
English eloquence, which would silence
their tongnei forever.
In the courie of a lecture at a London
Worklngmm-Men'i College, Mr. Brode-
rick Mid that Russia ln her future had
three great obstacle,—Finland, Poland,
and scut, popular dlioontant. The
Runian danger, however, wn greatly
exaggerated. Thia il nund note, which
eome of our other politician, would do
will to not.. Russia, lor a long time to
come, will have too muoh to do st boms
to be dangerous .broad.
Lager and Porter j|
nana* ■ >
In town at the botela is manu-
lactured by the
Nanalmo, B. 0.
130 YEARS' ,
Tnaof Manas
,,.-        Cofwierrre.se.
An von. .endlns a .ketch an!deKrlptton ma,
onloklr ascertain onr opinion fn. whether an
Invalids ~'~~
(|I11U-I,   «.«-> H»">   ->-.
Invention I. probably
tlona«HotlroonIdent»« «-«-»™-Vm . -«-.
MM tree, oldest aaenoy for .eourinaMSM.nl..
Patent, taken through Munn & Co. reoelva
ipalolnotlM, without charm, Intl.
Scitmtific HnKrican.
eolation o( any iclentlOo Journal'   Terai, W ■
jew t fonr monthi, $L Sold by alI newsdwlen.
Hart. Cnrelll-a Peailnslisn.
Mill M.rl. Corelli hu juit delivered
aleotore belore the Philosophical In-
itltution.t Edinburgh on "Th. Vanishing Gilt." At th. outlet Mill Corelll uld ih. would never be . platform
lady and had no pretentions whatever
touting even b»lfsm»n. Byth. v»n-
lining gilt lb. meant the wond.iful
■plrltnal faculty which !■ the source of
all creative work la art or literature.
They now-e-daya win rushing np and
down th. earth .1 if mm. invisible
policeman wn continually moving them
on and by-and-by the nrtb wonld be
not good enough for them and th.y
would b. icorcbing through the air.
Tbii unteemly hut. nemed to Indicate
a general decay and the ilgm of thli
deny were a morbid craving for excitement ssd s diiineliestloB to think.
They in their day wen living under a
verltablMourge of know-allt, The gen
ii The Leading
J? Reviews
Nineteenth Century and After,
Contemporary Review, Fortnightly Review, Weatralnaeer
Review, Edinburgh Review.
Quarterly Review, Blackwood's
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■vinnuiifiiiMiiiiuininiiumiiiiiiiiiiiiifrTtl LADYSMITH LEADER AND WELLINGTON-EXTENSION NEWS. FEBRUARY 12. 1908.
Sketches of the Liberal Gathering
and Notes of
From the notebook of The Loader's
reprerentativoat the Liberal Convention
lu Vancouver last with the following
snapshots are takeu of tbe more striking
Frank Burnett bean a startling facial
reiemblance to Ralph Smith, M. P., and
when he bobbed up to do battle with
Senator Templeman, some who know
Mr. Faoingbothways from Nanaimo but
not Mr. Burnett thought it wai tho
Llblaboral member. But Mr. Burnett
can thank all the gode tbat tbe resemblance Btopa right there.
Frosty pows wero much in evidence at
the convention. Senator Templeman,
the handsomest man in Victoria; Mr.
J. C. Brown, the famous Liberal Irom
New Westminster-, Mr. Alexander Wilson, ol Victoris, fearless, stalwart, spec
tacled, with lionlike locks and Victor
Hugo beard, and (he rugged characteristics which have mado him feared as nn
opponent and admired ns a champion of
right; Old man Riley, fresh (run Hi
conquest ol Victoria, smiling, placid,
smoking real havanas at the back of tho
hall and enjoying the swings and
punches being landed. And many more
eminent in Liberal ranks who might be
mentioned. It waa no stilpllngs' gathering.
Senator Templeman's voice trembled
ae he turned to Mr. Brown, and glaring
at tbat gentleman, cried in n loud voice
"I was a Liberal when you were too
cowardly to declare yourself " nnd
the rest was lost in the tumult of applause and hoobooing tbat tested the
plaster root of O'Bilsn's dancing ball,
About the last thing one wonld think ol
charging against Mr. Brown would be
Thla convention was a simpering con
vocation ol platitudinous dudes com-
pared witb tbe rlpsnnrtlng old time they
had at the convention two years ago,
wben the Davis faotion would not let
Joieph Martin speak, and three linuditd
men went straight hack to the open
arnsB ol their baboon ancestors ard
howled like lost spirits till thoirfoet
ached, There was hardly a ripple at
this convention, though It looked sometimes as if something worth the admission would ensue.
Mr. Buchanan ol Katlo wanted to get
in aa a Liberal newspaper proprietor,
and wben tbe Liberal editors were
dropped out ol the back window with a
dull thud, Mr. Buchanan electrified the
audienco by ringing himself in us a real
live reporter, intent only on taking
notes. It is funny, wben a man fails at
anything he always fall, back on tbe
"easiest job in life," reporting, which
anybody, ol course, cando-if lie line a
mind. Hut whether he line a mind or
not he seems to be able to do it to sails
faction in thia gteat country.
Mr. E. V. Bodwell, whole cause is
championed by the most blackguardly
sheet ia British Columbia, the Victoria
Pott Outlook, stood on a chair like
Napoleon on his rook at St. Helena, and
looked over Ihe angry waves ol facet
roaring around him. Behind him etood
Ur. Alexander Wilson, wonderfully like
one's ideal of King Lear. Mr. Wilson
wsi pointing dramatically at Mr, Bod-
"Ib this a Liberal meeting?" be
■bouted, (Tumult, uproar, cheers,
laughter, criei of" rati I" " sit down I"
" put him out I " The chairman answered that it waa a Liberal meeting.
" Then," roared Mr, Wilson, pointing
again at the little Victoria lawyer,
"whit li thli man, who li working In
the intereiti ol the Victoria Tories,
doing bin?"
Mr. Bodwell-lt ia false! (Oheen,
Jeer., roan ol laughter, catcall.,)
Mr. Wilson—I tell ynn thli man li In
tbe trmi ol the Victoria Tories, and he
know! It; he has no right to be hete.
(Tremendous racket, yells, boot! and
Mr. Bodwell—Will you call tbii meeting to order, Mr. Chairman? I've got
thi floor,
Mr. Wilion—You have not. I've
Blktd aquation and I Intend to slaud
hire all night if necenary to get my
aniwir. (Oheen, hoots, groins, yells ol
■'lit down," "abut up," "turn blm
down,", "go tor bim Alec I"
■ Mr. Bodwell itood on 1.1a chair srail-
H lag, bland, patient, with  hall-cloied
H lids, a Utile pale, watching his chance
UH |o cut In at th. flnt lull.  It cama.  "I
^U am a Llbsral.   I have been a Liberal
^M line. 1867, and II than I. any man in
^M toll audience wbo cm show a better
^m reoord than that pioduce Mm.   Iwua
H Liberal long before Mr. Wilion set toot
^B i ia thli country."  (Renewed nhorui by
^M Ihe company.)
Care Should Be Exercised In Selaot-
lns erad Farniahlns It.
Not every mother lias tbe means nor
the conveniences for fitting up a well
equipped nursery for the use of her little
ones, but there Is no reason why the
room ln which the children must spend
the greater part of their time each day
should not he bright and dainty and at-
trnctlve. The room Bet aside for the children, where tbeir toys are kept and they
are allowed to play and romp and plan
their daily occupations, should be so i _
gestive of latent possibilities as to keep
the little minds aud hands pleasantly occupied, even though the most inexpensive
furnishings must be used. To be bright
end attractive does not necessitate being
It is too often the case, however, that
the children's room Ib a decidedly doleful
place, and it Is no wonder that the little
folks persist in straying from their own
particular domain, going upon little excursions to the drawing room, the library
or the kitchen, any ono of which is far
pleasanter than the quarters up stairs
that have been assigned to them.
Mothers nrguc: "Anything is good
enough for tho children when they are
young, they are so destructive, you know.
After awhile I will fix up their quarters,
but so long as they are small It doesn't
matter much whnt they have so long as
tboy are comfortable."
Would that mother bo comfortable ln a
room where the outlook gives oue only a
glimpse of back streets and brick walls?
Would she think It comfortable to catch
her toes dally in holey carpet of a bus so
dingy that it is enough to drive even a
baby into a fit of artistic despair? Would
alio be comfortable with no pictures on
the walls, which are covered only by a
solid wall paper the pattern of which Is
nnplcnsautly suggestive of all sorts of
crawling things? To be warm and have
enough to cat Is not all the comfort required by a baby, though many mothers
appear to think so, judging from ths
quarters of their little ones.
Babies aro quick to notice beauty. A
bright carpet, some pictures representing
events in child life, a sunny room where
the furniture is whole and clean—in fact,
a bright and cheerful nursery—will leave
its pleasant impression on the childish
mind long after the occupant has passed
through its portals to do battle with tbe
great world lying beyond and will be the
coruorstonc of many pleasant memories,
wherens the prisonliko dens which pass
for nurseries will never bo thought of
save with feelings of dtalike, for first lm*
pressions even in small children are the
ones to last the longest, and the early
surroundings are bound to make their
mark on tbo minds that are at that time
iu tho most receptive state.
ITovo » Home of You* Own.
They are a,wise young man and woman
who start out In their married life In i
home of their own In some place wben
they will have green grass about their
house even If It Is only a few feet. It
makes no difference how humble or bow
modest tbo house may be. Tho smallest
box of a house with a plot of green Is si
temple of common sense compared to the
finest "tint" or "boarding bouse" la the
city. If there is anything appropriate In
this life, It is that young people should
live somewhere where each day they can
sco their own unfolding lives reflected Id
the unfolding works of nature. There Is
no beginning in the home sense to a
young married life so true, so wise, so
lasting and so satisfactory as that. No
life in a city Is comparable with that
which Is lived In a small house with
green things growing over and around it,
where God's pure sunshine bathes and
sweetens every side of the house during
the day and where the surest lifeglvlng
odors that God gives to his children—the
odors of soil and growing things—are
blown into the house while we sleep.—
Edward Bok In Ladles' Home Journal.
Don't. For Girl,.
Don't waste emotion.. Life la very
short, and excessive feeling disturbs the
brniu, weakens the heart and agei thi
Don't be proud. Be lelt respecting.
Let none use you aa a atepiadder. Offer
to assist when you can.
Don't preach. Live your lermone, Be.
honest, virtuous, obliging, merry and
wise, but dou't be Pharisaical.
Don't judge meo by their treatment or
by their speech. Flattery la a cheap and
belittling thing, nnd many a ahabby man
bus a aoble soul, says the Pittsburg
Glove Friction on Jewell.
"It you want your ring, to list well,"
mid a jeweler, "dou't wear them under
gloves. But If you decide tbat gloves an
a necessity, ns probably you will, tbea
Bend your rlnga twice a year to a jeweler
to bo overhauled," aayi Home Notei. The
reason for this 'warning is the constant
friction of the glove wean the tiny point!
tbat hold tho stones ln place, and the remit l» that tho stoncB fall out unless tbey
am constantly looked after. You might
not detect a loose atone, but a jeweler
would ot once and thus might prevent
your losing a valuable gem.
(Continued on Page Fonr.)
A Clnb Sandwich.
ToiBt a slice of bread evenly aud lightly and butter It. On one half pnt flnt a
thin slice of bacon which has bnn broiled till dry and tender, next a slica of th,
white meat of cither turkey or chicken.
Over one half of thla place a circle cot
from a ripe tomato and onr the other
half a tender leaf of lettuce. Cover then
with a generous layer ot tnayonnaln and
complete thla delicious "whole meal"
sandwich with the remaining piece of
Releull. Ih. Cork.
Tho trick ot extracting . cork from a
bottle without touching the cork la well
worth knowing, Fill an ordinary bottle
with water and cork It, not too tightly, n
that the end of the cork juat toucan thi
water. Then wrap a cloth tightly around
tbe end of the bottle and, taking |t In the
right hand, hummer |t imirtly againit
the wall or any other Immovable object
Tbo water then acts aa a wild body and
shoots the cork from thi bottle,
When Sarins' ll.ll.n.rr.
Ip buying stationery thi womin who Is
nice in trifles leaves a qulro or two ot her
noto piper unstamped, thla for un wbea
a second or third sheet Is needed to complete a voluminous letter, saya thi St,
Louis Republic It li one of thi imill
things that betray a knowledg. of comet
usage that only one ahnt ot a litter luall
bear th, addren or monogram. Ripet).
lion I. nuiceniry. aad ikouM be osdt- |
tea, ..._„...^ : '
A Froatnbl, Vie tuna, of Ihe Farm*.
Snrpln, Fruit.—She Ha, Become nn
Expert Jells- Maker nnd It Par.
Something Now.
One city woman has found life on a
email farm enabled her to odd materially
to ber pin money'by utilizing products
that otherwise might oftea have brought
but little. A few years ago Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. S. Rowcll moved to Vine Hill,
near Lake Minnetonka, building tbeir
boma on a small farm already well planted with fruit. They had a taste for
country life aud chose that to gratify
themselves and aa affording a desirable
earironment for their children.
Mr. Rowell's business in the city occupies hii time quite fully, but with some
hired labor he Is able to look after bla
fruit trees and to keep up a fine garden
la his leisuro boors. Tho latter la wholly
for hia own use, but the former he could
not utilize In that way except la small
part. In most families, especially ot
suburbanites, when the men of the family are engaged in other pursuits and
merely farm as a side issue and pastime
ths marketing devolves upon the women
ot the family.
Mn. Rowell tn considering the matter
concluded that It would be easier and
simpler to market the fruit product of
tbe place in the form of jellies thou to
provide a team aad take It to market
daily. She had had no experience in
making jeUy except for nee in her own
horn, and sometime, found her undertaking a big one, but soon adjusted herself
to Iti wholesale manufacture.
"Before making my first attempt at
manufacturing jelly for Bale," Mrs. Rowell said, "I weat to see several of the
leading dealen in this city to inquire if
any of them would take homemade jelly
and received no encouragement whatever.
One seemed much amused at the Idea of
my thinking I couM make enough Jelly
for blm to consider the matter at all.
'You had better make your jelly first before you talk to me,' he said in a manner
which Implied he did not think I would
make more than a doien or two.
"Strange to Bay, that dealer hai since
been my largest patron. I have never
seen him since my interview, snd I do
not think be Is aware that he haa ever
conversed with the woman whon jelly he
has been buying.
-*I concluded to make the venture notwithstanding, believing a sale could be
found for it among private parties if not
with dealen, I made 1,121 one-half pint
glasses (sine, then I hav, always used
the one-third pint ilze), and by the 1st
et November all waa mid to private partial aad dealen, excepting what waa re-
aerred for our own un.
"It wn not aa ,aiy matter to convince
tht dealer, that they needed any, for they
would point to their pails of 'jelly,' which
they could buy at a few cent! a pound.
But aver line, then on, dealer baa taken
each year all I had to aell him. The most
emphatic refusals were from tbe leading
hotels and restaurant!, who said they
could not afford to pay mora than tub
jelly print. The pure food lawa are now
discouraging the Bale of imitation jellies,
and I think then wiU ba a much greater
demand for pure jellin.
Tn making my jelly I am very particular aa to th. condition and quality of the
fruit. It mu.t b» either somewhat green
or ju.t ripe, but not th. illghtest degree
overripe. Appiei mmt b. hind picked to
■void bring brula.d. Nothing wormy or
■tali 1. und. I alwayi try to use fruit
the urn. day It la picked aad never un
.ny,picked over twenty-four houn. I
keep th. join In earthen Jan and do all
cooking in alxtnn and eighteen quart
granitawar, kettle,. I alwaya strain the
juice twice and sever press the pulp iu
the least. My method Is to cook th,
fruit with water la thi afternoon, mash
through a colander and than pnt all In a
bag and liar, it to drip onr night In
tb, morning I itraln tb, juice again and
put up to boll, Attn boiling one-half
hour (with any amount under four quart,
twenty minute, it infflclent) I add heated
augar and again boll fifteen or ten minutes, according to amount I atlr con-
atautly before Jules begin, to boll, both
bifore aad after adding augar; alio ikim
Wlll before and after adding augar.
"I never nud try it to an If it hai Jellied. It li poured Into glaun and allowed to atand a few daya before covering.
The peat two yean I hav. used paraffin
to cover jelly, but concluded thla year to
again use whlto paper under the tin lids.
I have heard of othera complaining of
jelly fermenting when covered with the
paraffin and to a alight extent have also
had the same experience.  Two yean age
I made 2,548 glasses and UBed tbe paraffin. About four doien glasses fermented.
If any one can tell mo why those fermented and all.the othen did not, I
would be very glad to know."
Before her marriage Mrs, RoweU wai
an expert accountant aad use. the same
exict mitbodi lu her domestic accounts,
She Hid:
"I knp strict account of all Jelly made
aa to amount and cost of fruit, lugar and
number of glasses ind ill other Incidental expense!, aa fuel, labels, cartage,
etc., ao that I know exactly each year the
average cott per glass of each kind of
Jelly made. By ao doing I am enabled to
know juat what I can afford to aell tb.
Jelly for, an essential point in making It
for Bale."
Th. maximum record Mn. Rowell
made la 1899, when aha mado 2,548
glasses. Bh. began her work of jelly
making In 1897.—Minneapolis Journal.
Klninen .1 Dear,.
To b* in touch with the finest etiquette
II to have klndneu of heart. Lack thli
quality, and no rain of behavior will on.
any good. They will be followed while
you ore thinking of them gnu) departed
from in emergenclea, lay. th, Chicago
Record-Herald. Polltencas, after all, la
only a matter ot common lensc. It la not
a blind caning after tonm em who don
not know any more than .ay on, else,
Beoiuie th, Ftwh and English never
have aapnresua any thinner than . heavy
walking .lick, eit it from their flagera, ia
g, ruson why American!, whose food
product! vary with tbe dlven climates In
Ihe country, ihould ceaso to nt their,
from a fork, imagine Europeans If Ihey
could get our corn on the cab picking 11
out grain by grain with a fork. It la
nnaelesa to follow any atyl, la eating,
erttortalnmeut or dress thit hai aot for
Ihi bail! a good, lound stratum of common nnie, Frilli of behavior an all
right; but, like carving In architecture,
they ihould bin tonwthlu mild beneath
them. It Ihey don't have, they wlll una
(all eg) and then what a nvelaUoal .. j
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmitli
Tiie Cheapside!
No Fire! No Smoke! No Wafer!
We are offering tbe Ladysmitli public and surroundings
bigger reductions than have ever been offered before. Wo
are giving the stock a thorough ont cleaning and everything must go at a big leduction, owing that we need all
the room for our Bpring Block. Remember we "ir.-r you
all new goods right Irom tbe wholesale houses. W„ believe
that Ladysmith is entitled to first choice. Wo have a
large etook of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Clocks,
Jewelry, Etc.
General Store,
High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale of
Twenty per cent discount lor One
Week More. Real maps in odd lines.
Oome with the crowd and get first
choice of the best patterns before they
an .11 sold.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Riv. J. A. Seymour, of Extension
Mllhodltt church, vitlted Ladysmitli
Fine line oi watches, gold and silver,
to Mint from at Lively, the leading jeweler, Fint Avenue. *
S.vm.1 Ladyimith people will journey
to the capital next week to see tbe opening ol the Provincial Legiilature,
Do you believe ln yca'f own goodi?
Then don't conceal thelact Irom Ihe
public  Advertiie.
St. Andrew'! Presbyterian church.
Nuaimo, gave a highly successful
Beoteh rapper and concert on Monday
It is understood that it was iu con
nection with the propped Nanaimo*
Albernl railway.
Mr. Martin's enemies bad one iolacf
hie courage there would he lots of fun
fur the people. Bat tliey know Mr,
Martin too well. Tha stab In tbe back,
the anon) mout letter in audi newspapers
as Nanaimo Herald, Vancouver World
aud Victoria Poet suit them better.
Whoever wai responsible for drawing
up tbe new Liberal platform bad bis
head screwed on tho right way, It bus
met with universal approval; even
strong Conesrvativca praising tba platform warmly,
Vancouver Province editorialises upon the convention in a disappointed
iray, predicting all iort of blue rub
.head. Let the careful reader remember
that the editor of the Province hoped to
be able to take a hand iu that convention, and was deeply hurt at Hailing
himself, with the other editors, cast into
outer darkness with not even a vole oi
R-snscltatinn of the Ladysmith Biard
of Trade is suggested, and Then tbat.
happens ono of tbo proposals to be laid
before it will be direct steamboat communication with Vancouver, if only
every second day.
A well-known business man from
Victoria yesterday told Tho Lsader that
there was no more in tho rumor regarding the Lt. Governor's reported notification to Premier Dunsmuir that there
usually was iu newspsper correspondents' BtorieB. If the Lt. Governor
wauted to do tbls Bort of thing he would
have taken the proper t'tne to do it,
which was before he issued the call for
re-assembling of the  Legislature.
Nothing pnls the finishing touch to a
comfortable parlor, drilling or dining
room like a pretty mantel clock. Lively
has a eplendid assortment.
"Rich aud rare were the gemB alio
And she   bought thsm at Lively's
Fint Avenue itore.
Neither the Owners, Agents or Master
will 1-e. lesponeible for any debts contract! d by the officers nr crew of the
Am. Ship "Edward Bewail" while
laying in Hill port.
R. QUICK. Mailer.
Lndy.mith, Feb. lO.n, 1903.
liindment i, 15,
Certificate of Eiaspeclion.
I have thli day extmiued tl.o following
described milch co.ve belonging to Wm.
Ward, ol Lidjitultli, and consider them
to oe tree of diteaBe, viz:—
1 purH bred Ayrshire.
1 erade Ayrhlme.
1 "d and white Jertey grade.
1 black.
alarm Jcr:eygradi.
1 red.
The dairy premiers nre ti'ut'edat
Lilly-smith, and tho condition of tbem ii
Dated nt Victoria, this Slit diyol
D.-c, 1901.
S. F. TOI.llIE. V.S.,
Inspector of Contagious Diseases (Animals.)
A'o. 31,
I. O. 0. P.
Meets every \Veflnca.lav evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
:'teft;fet>'fe^T;■fr^-«i-fc'^^■ti-»)'^4»l'»4*•«.^ mu&v&i&m'.-KX v.u Kiw.s*»s-ev*i*»«
Upon the market today.   To be obtained at all
hotels   and tars in Ladysmith and Extension.
In case or bulk at
Saaltls, Wash.
Nobody can afford to be without It. AU the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Beautiful Illustration., aud
liolf tones.   Sample copy ou application.
All For One Dollar a Year.
-TO —
Winnipeg Toronto
Montreal New York
And ail Eastern Canadian and
U. S. Points.
(Continued from Page Three )
Be inn to see the ilde-apllttlng farce
"My wilo'i second floor." Oddfellowi
Hall, Feb 10th.
Work on building the ibort line to
Extension will begin c.rly in April.
Tits aad timber an now waiting all
along the route.
Batter get your watch aad clock repairing does by a trained mechanic.
Lively clalmi the title. •
Mr. Frank T. Alliion, ol Extension,
who waa Injured ln the mines 10m.
Urn. ego, aad hai spent leveral weeks
ia Nanaimo Hoapital, wai ia Ladyimith
The litnt itylii in heir eutting and
oesrd trimming it tbe Ladyimith Shav-
ng Psrlor, High itreet.
On Monday a ilight accident happen
ed to the pMnnger train irom Victoria,
which was derailed just north of Ladyimith lor s couple ol houn. No damage,
nobody hurt.
Mayor Maunn of Nanaimo went down
to Victoria on Important civic buiine...
Johnston Block,     -    Nanaimo, B. 0,
P.O. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Then Mr, Frank Burnett addres-ed a
few wordi of comfort, piping lint, to the
champion of the Great N.-rtherp. In
fact Mr. Bodwell did n it e wm to lie
exactly on bla own ground in that convention.
Steamship - Service
Japan, China,   Hawaii,  Australasia,
Maple Lodge, No. 6:, I. 0. 0. T.
Meets every Wednesday evening lo
Nicholson's Hall. VLitlug inenibars
are cordially invited.
R.NIMlfO 0 T.
11. MCKINLEY, S.-o.
I Victoria,
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest twppr in tho North wpbI.
Weekly edition a complete record of
tlie world'* newi, to da to. Snort,
politic, pnriflly, wompn'a, iotereptp,
young folk's 'lenarimeuu, literature,
Biitfucf, art, uiuijie.
First-class Sleepers on all
ROSTON, Thursdavi.
TORONTO, Tueidayi and Saturdays.
ST. PAUL, Tueidayi, Thursdays aud
For pamphlets'and all information apply
to any O.P.R. agent.
Agent, Victoria.      A--«nt, Nanaimo.
Aid. Ci'nl, Pass, Agent, Vancouver,
Notice is hereby given, in accord'
ance wi'h the statutes, that provuv
cial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are now due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for tbe South Nanaimo Assessment District nre due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, In terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, ladysmith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan,, 1902.
*'H H'-M-'M-frmfc'm-mTtT*
Captain John Irving introduced a
pleasing act of comedy to relieve the
monotony of red-hot drniua. He ruBe
from blB place amidst cries of "retire"
from bis immediate rear, I'Ralirel"
lays be, "no, by thunder, I'll not retire,
Who says so? Eh? Retire! Very
likely. I'm here, Mr. Chairman, to
poor oil on the troubled waters.
(Laughter.)   It appears to rae thore's j ->
antagonism here.   (Roars of laughli r, |   w, b„, „<„,,„,, ,,      BbipmeIlt c, A,,tm olockB „.,,„,, ffe „0,. cfl-or at
for this sally came mat alter the Wilson
Bodwell gladiatorial combat,)
Voice—By what right la lhat man in
this meeting?
Captain living, blinking like a msn
saadbatged Irom behind — By what
right? Bv what riulil? Why, became
icon walk! (Knars nl laughter.) And
no more ol Captain John living.
Tbe wicked credentials committee
turned down the Nanaimo Libordele-
nation 10 bard that even Mister Kelly
could icarcely scare upia tmile all the
way over on the biat last Friday, Tile
Lsader said tbls wonld happen, and il
did happen very much,
Hon. Joseph Martin's description ol
(be fallow " lust round the corner," win'
haa been spreading those tueati slander*
abont him tickled Ibe convention.  1
Heating by
Hot Water,
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc,
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
Hardware Merchant,        •        Ladysmith, B. C.
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them for one year. All our other goodi In our latge
■took will be sold at grnt reduolioni before moving Into cur new premises.
Now it yonr time to secure bargain!.
l The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith.
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Djleye, You Get Your
Antwer Instantaneously.
D? yon want to avoid lhat boslnesi tiip and thus save time and money?
Dj yon want to order goods, and bs lure of ihipment to-day ?
l)i you want to talk with friends at home?
Do you wish for any reaion, a personal interview vtith parties at a distance?
Then use
The Long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladysmith for Two Minutes Conversailon
ToNanuim, 15 ceils
ToChtmalnn , 10 •'
To Duncan '.'0 "
To Shawnlgan Like (K'wnlg's) „?5 "
To Shawnlgan Like (Strathcous) , 56 "
To Swke Lake 30 "
Toflolditreim .....85 "
ToVlolorii,, „ 40 "
To Stenier-ton , ..„ 50 "
ToBydney , 50 "
Vou Can Easily Trammit 30 Words In a 1-4 of a Minute.
' (Equal to 1110 words lu two nilnutet.)
Try the following 80 wordi 1—" I did not telegraph, leering you were ont ol lows,
Could not spare the time to go up on train,   Muit have your dtulii in now,
10 called yon by telephone,"
H. Wa KENT, Gininl Superintendent.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
The Leader
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Tim. Table No. 43.
Tralni leave Ladvsmlth south-bound, dairy at 0.10 a, m„ and on Saturdava and
Sundays at 8.02 p. m. >».,«i.™
Trains leave Ladyimith north-bound, dally at 11.57 a. m., and on Saturdays and
Sunday! ut 5.57 p.m. '
Tralni leave Ladysmith for Exteniion daily except Sunday at 6.00 a, m„ 2.00 and
W p.m., and on, Bundayi at 10 p.m. .   • '
Excursion Rates to ill Points, Good Saturday anil Sunday
(leo, L Courtney,     -     Traffic Manager


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