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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News May 10, 1902

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Array ***************** jr.;..[..| *****
The people that save
money trade with
*J'*l,*l,**l**|*^-I*i'l-l*'l*r*r-i**.-|*-i?* IS
{.HRili!;.:: tMi %
| For Boots and Shoes f
§ Bickle's is the store |
VOL. 1. NO. 70.
Ladies' and Childrep*
Straw Hats" iri the latest styles just to
hand. ;' Also Gentlemen's New Season's
Soft and Hard Hats.   ..^'i^i lilJIl
While You Wait
And a Pull Supply of Fresh Family Qroceries.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Esplanade and Oatacre Street,
3|»WWWi*«irss*i^^ •'
Nothing can lest a "Province Cigar."
The Urgent and bait smoke ever msde.
Try one and be convinced. Manufactured, hy
Yalta Street VICTOR'A, B.C.
Member Can. Society or civil tingiueer.
Member Institution of Hlectrical l-lnglneers
Electrical Engineer
Correspondence Solicited
Vjsork Guaranteed 1>. 0. Sox 157
David     Murray.
Buller Street, •       Udysmlth
Shop will be open every Thursday,
Friday snd Saturday.
Tuli new hotel hae been completely
furnished with all modern conveniences.
Excellent table, white cookiiig." '■ Tlie
bar li inpplled with tho finest wines,,
liquors and cigars. An experienced bartender*
D. H. Davis, Prop;,
First Avenue,      •      Lidysmitb, B. C.
Ladysmith Dairy
New Milk, Creamery Butter, New Laid
Uses nud Fresh   Vegetable! inpplled
riajlv. ftilive osdsri ^tjhepflit.pfiipe,
Hi Baker and Confectioner.
Plain snd fancy bread.   Oskei snd pastries ol all description!,    fruit,   in
I te*^Sm**^esssexes*^^
Wm. Beverldge, Prop. .
Thil now hotel lias heon comfortably furnllbcd ard Ihe bir Mop to dale.
Best accommodation for transient and permanent boarder! and lodgers.
Rates, $i per Day and. Upwards.
Tha Esplanade, ■ Ladysmith, B. C.
ivoy    T^fieeitres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
Pioflee^'^ttlfng';'^^ Nanaimo.
? lylnnufo.ct.jreW)     .... I
Soda Water, Olnger Beer, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
anil Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.      V.yi   . .
W. E. RUMrilBft;        ■"'''■•  ^roijrtetor."JfefcJSg
W» are Igwti for     .-
:   Large stock of English Pishing Tackle. Lacrosse Ooods, Etc.
'>. "B::'c, 1
Kodaks, Films, Etc.
^            at
mVjtik                  /
fm 1
•mm 4
^7? / ™iw
Jessup's Pharmacy
Preicriptloni cirefolly dlipemed. Open
day and night.
11. Simpson,
Bsrrlaler, Solicitor,
Attorney, Nolary Public. lite.
Money to Loan,
ARE  YOU  INSURED?    I' aot
get Insured at once for it may be
too late tomorrow, I represent eeveral
OLD and RELIABLE Oi.mpa.iiu and
can Insure yon at a moment's notice at
the lowest possible rates. All leading
eompanlM charge Ib. lime ratee. Don't
be milled Into, insuring with scheij.
company—it might be dear in lie end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P. 0. Drawer 33, Nanalmo. B. 0.
This old'E'tablised, Fi.st-Olasi and
Popular Hotel la most comfortably fur-
niiliMl, reiilrally limited. Bue meet!
tr.inr. Emllent Cuisine. Bir stocked
with tb. Oa.it wines, liquors and cigars,
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of .Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmith Bop id of Trade.
Objects: The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith. '!:
Entirely refurnished and renovated.
Fiut-eleii table, Every accommodation
lor ladiei visiting Nanaimo. Mn, T. J,
Thomu In charge of dining room wlll Ire
happy to welcome ell old Wellington
and Ladysmith friends.
W.THOMAS, • ProuLtor.
The Steamer Enterprise Arrives and
Gladdens all Hearts.
Throngh the kindness of'Mrs, White,
of the, Ladysmith Hotel, wife of Mr.
While, second officer of the big passenger
sli'iimor Enterprise, now plying between
!*'nii Francisco und Hllo, The Leader has
been favored with a reading of the Evening 'Bulletin, of Hllo, Hawaii, containing
nn interesting account of the enthusiastic
reception given to the steamer on her
first arrival from San Francisco.
They certainly know how to do things
iu the grand style over in Hawaii, und
they made the Enterprise's officers nud
crew thoroughly Welcome.
The Lender was much interested nlso
to note the magnificent advertising support given hy the people of Hllo to their
Iu the report of the steamer** arrival
there is a portion which should interest
nil residents of this district.    It is this:
"A feature of the steamer is the use
f crude oil for fuel; The Enterprise is
the Unit ocean-going steamer Hying the
American Hag that adopted oil as fuel,
and it has been proved by practicul demonstration on her initial trip to Hllo thnt
oil is not only the most efficacious, hut
Ibe most economical. By tho introduction ot oil the enterprise Increased her
peed one knot an hour over the best
possible time attained by the steamer
since she was constructed. Previous to
her departure for Hllo the oil-burning
machinery was inspected by prominent
marine engineers of the Mainland (California), who were of the opinion that the
successful installation of oil lu the
steamer Enterprise means that two years
hence 'will witness the introduction of oil
as fuel lu nit the steamers of the prominent steamship companies doing business
1 the 'Pacific Ocenu."
It may be added that the dimensions of
the enterprise are: Length, 328 feet;
beam, 38 feet; -depth ot hold, et) feet;
registered tonnage, 2,598 tons; gross,
1,000 tons; built throughout of iron and
Preg.ess Being Made With He
Agents for
J. J. TajW
Fir. Proof Safes.
High elan picture frame rnskinkl
skilled workmanship; eatlslactlon guaranteed. Elllmaiei chcertully givers. ■ 0.
B. Robelee, Pint Avenue and tiatnere
itreet, Ladysmith, B.O. ,...
?9J0, I
Wholeiate anil Het.ll Dealers' In Meats.1
Poultry/'and Vfe'iietablea'.  GaBn'*1 Iff
a son.    Shipping orden attended loon
ort notice.  u ,.,. ,L,„| „,
Ttte Crescent Hotel
aid transit)
I Iepple, proprietor.'
OAKoeu.ATioN or Kkskbvkhn Fohbsiioiie
and TiuAi, Land.
A company has been formed lu Ban
Francisco, known ns the Pacific Oil &
Transportation Company, which represents between $30,000,000 und $40,000,-
000, and backed financially by such representative business meu aud capitalists as
George A. Crocker, Johu A. Buck, W. G.
Irwin, Cameron aud Captain William
The company has already secured
water-front privileges In San Francisco,
where terminals, docks and iinmense
steel ol) tanks for storage purposes will
be built. Captain iMntson is now on his
way to Honolulu to give out contracts
Tor the erection of large steel storage
tanks. This Immense outlay of capital
is with a view to supplying the sugar
plantations aud other power plants with
oil fuel.
Willi his usual thoroughness, Captain
.Mntson tins urrnnged the details for storage capacity In San Francisco and the
'Hawaiian Islands, transportation of the
product from the oil fields to tide wuter
at 'San Francisco, likewise the transportation of the product to tlie Islands.
Some two weeks ngo a contract was
mnde with the Hlsdon Iron Works of
Sun Francisco hy Captain Mntson to convert the steel ship Marlon Chllcott into
an oil-tank ship having a capacity for
tarrying 10,000 barrels or 0,720,000 gallons, lt is fully expected that the coin*
pletloil of the vessel will occupy about 00
days, when she will Ore placed Immediately ou the Honolulu run, exclusively
as un oil vessel. The interior of the
Million Ohllcott will be fitted with separate ballast milks, using salt wuter ns
ballast for the trip to San Francisco.
Two days before leaving San Francisco
Captain (Mntson purchased outright
-1,000,000 gallons ot oil, which transaction of itself wlll furnish some Idea of
the magnitude of the operations of .the
ytldlento and ot the Import mice of the
company's operations lit •California and
tlm Hawaiian Islands.
Government to aek tliat n portion ol Ue
appropriation of $15,000 voted lo South
Nanaimo diet riot for public works, euf-
ftcent to erect a bridge acrosB the ravine
at Extension he granted.
Id conversation with Mr. Forcimmer
The Leader waa informed that the chief
cause of comnUii.t is in regard to the
achool children, who are now compelled
tocroBflthe railway (racks or make a
long detour, about two miles, to get to
or from the echcol, owing to the high
fence recently erected by the Cora pan;
round their properly. Mr, Forcimmer
pointed out that the children ran considerable riek in crossing the tracks, and
that serious complaints had been made
about the long walk tho children were
forced to take daily.
The members of the deputation had
canfldence that Ihey could make out a
good case, and Ihey hoped that their request would meet with favorable consideration from the government.
It in learned that a good deal of malicious1 destruction ia being done on the
•e recently erected, eome parts of it
being torn down over night, while in
other places it hoe been cut through
with axes. The punishment inflicted
on any offenders caught at this woik
will probably put a very prompt stop to
the practice.
Jury Exonerates Company From
From tbo following veidict rendered
by the jury in the Intension dliaiter enquiry it will he eeen that the Company
il Ireed Irom all blame in tlio matter.
The copy of tbe verdict, used by The
Leider li taken from the columns of
Nsnsimo Herald, which euipaised ill
own foulest record in. grossly libellous
snd vulgar abuse ol tlio Company at tbe
time ol the disaster, and mnde statements thst would certainly make ample
ground for suits lor heavy damages did
ths Company care to take any notice of
the existence ol such a paper as tho
The Nanaimo morning paper pre-
Judged the ostr,condemned lliecompeny
snd said that the accident was due to
the mismanagement of tbe Conipiny.
The following il Ihe verdict of tbe jury,
who had evidence lo go upon—tl.e
Henld hid nothing hut its spile and
considerable ex penance In the art ol
We, the jury empanelled to enqnire
into Ihe death of R.bert Sonthrombe,
find thst he came -to his death hy suffocation, caused by Ihe in No 2
The chub of (lie tire we aie unable
to determine by the evidence.
"We aie alio ol Ihe opinion that Ihe
management are tree from any blame,
according to Ihe evidence.
Another Good Meeting Held Thursday
That the citizens fully realize the importance cf making the Dominion Day
celebration here a success wss proved on
Thursday night when Ihe committee
met again in Gould's hall to consider
huelners. The attendance wae large and
enthusiastic and much worn was dene
in advancing the objects cf the comu.it-
tee. Many who had been, for varicui
reasons, holding aloof, attended Ihe
meeting and heard enough to convince
them that by pulling together for Ladysmith on Dominion Day much can be
done to advance the best interests of (he
town. The following was the order of
The secretary icul a letter Irom Hon.
Mr. Dnnimnir accepting the position ol
honorary president, and stating that he
would donate the eame amount as given
last year. Appointment of committees
then took place as follows:
Regatta—Messrs. Fraeer, Oowan, Kay,
Lauderbach and Kent.
Athletic—Messrs, Nicholson, Fulton,
Murray, Oourlay and Netherby - -
Reception—Messrs. F. II. Marshall,
A. Bryden, R. Bryden, J. W. Coburn,
11. Hughes, J, Bickle, D. Wilson, R.
Allan, F. W. Greaves, Lauderbach, Car-
rill, Gourlay, Fagan, Christie and S. II.
Printing—Carroll, Cobuin, Netherby,
Gould and Bickle.
Music—Messrs. W. Kerr, Gould, Allan, Shouldice, Lauderbach and P. 11.
A cordial invitation is .0 bo extended
to the Fraternal Older of Eagles, Victoria.
The following names were added to
the general committee: — Messrs. W,
Kerr, D. Gourlay, li. Fulton, Mcl/tchlan,
White, G, Kent, J. Kerr, W. Fletcher,
11, Hughes, ,T. E. Jrlliies, J. Dunsmore,
end A, Robertson.
The meeting adjourned until neit
Thursday evening al 8 o'clock, in Gould's
Ths Bill WlMiaid,Ufmri
served nt the bar. -Glvl 0. s-caHi
'"' Cor. V|P|toKB(l.«.toonir^blsi;.C';
MO.   "'• * "'"p.
.in*Y  o inlloO ant)
i NOTIOE to hereby given lhat he re-
■ervetionon loreibnre .ml mill land,
nolle, whereol was publiibed In the
'British Columbia Gazette and dited
15th Maroh. IBM.licinrellid, Any person deilroui ol srqniring a lean ol any
(giMhore or lldsl lands must lake ilrpi
t5lleq.lr» lb! lime In the in.nr.er pro-
•itftb by Motion 41 ol ths "Land Act,"
alter tha aspiration ol throe (3) months
Irom Ih. daleof thli notice.
'Ohlet Commissioner of Lan.li and
Wart*. Land! aad Work! Dep«rtrn«nt
, , Vlttorla'BiC, 8th April, IMS"
iiil HA    i.,,.
First Sitting to be Held fiete on
21st Instant,
It Is announced that Judge Harrison
will hold a Bitting of the Nannlmo Conn*
ty Court in Ladysmith on Wednesday,
May 21st. Thla is thofl'st time in the
history of Ladysmith that a sittirg ol
county court has bern held,and it marks
ilgnilicsnt step in the progrets of thie
Some are sanguine enough to indulge
tbe hope that it may be the forerunner
of regular sittings of thia important
court, and even the erection of a court
house end otber improvements, to which
Lidysmitb is entitled.
It ii understood that a considerable
number of cases are to lie disposed of at
the sitting on May 21st.
Deputation Walls on Bonrnaent to
Art AH,
Oo Thunday morniog there pissed
through Lidyimlth, on Iheir way Irom
Exlenilon lo Viotoria, Menu. Oory 8.
Ryder, poitmsilar ol EaUnilon, B. Forcimmer and William Morrison, a deputation appelated by Ihe people ol E«-
teniloa to wait apon tha Provlnctii
In the item in lut Inue regarding the
operation perlormed upon Mr. Cbrli
Steph.nl ol tlie Ladyimith Hotel an unfortunate slip was made in saying Hint
tie operation took plnce In Nanalmo
Hoipltal, whereai it waa porformcil by
Dn, Wmon and Turn bull tn (he Ladyimith Hotel, where Mr. Stephen! hai
been confined for tome time bick. The
LNder hu not often lo answer to the
charge of Inaccuracy, but in this Instance
II hu learned that a great deal ol severe
criticism hu been passed regarding the
Stephens Bros. Offered $90,000
for Ketchikan Claims.
Seatlle capitalists after a careful examination ot the eampieB brought down
by Mr. Chrla Stephens, ol Lsdysmltb,
and his partners in tbe live copper-gold
c'siins near Ketchikan, Alaska, have
offered to purchase Ibem for 100,000,
Tbe owners are now considering tbo
offer, and The Leader learns that tbey
srs likely to accept.
The Seattle experts were very lavor-
a'.ly impressed with the samples, snd
will send representatives le make a
thorough examination of the properties.
The preient owner! eay lhat they wlll
sre enough to iiniliiethemlliatthe
are paying no exoibilant price for tbe
It Is likely that Mr, Chris Stephens
wlll return to Ketchikan ai soon ae be
Is strong enough, alter his recent severe
illness, lo stand travelling in such a
rough country. The luck has been,
coming iu checkers lately, but The
Leader hopes the remainder that Mr,
Stephens has to play will be, ai' neatly
as possible, all while.
Interesting Event at the Tyee Smelter Co,'s Works.
Wednesday, May 7ih, waa made memorable to Ladvimith people hy the laet
tbat on that day took place the flnt piy
ol the Tyee Mining Company in thli
town. The force of men who hive been
making euch great alteration! In the
faced nature at.the smeller site, received their pay, and The Leader hope!
that Ibis pleasing monthly (ransfer of
mutual consideration will be one ol
Ladysmith's "institutions" for msny a
long year to come.
This will mike three important payi
given cut monthly in thii town—the
Wellington Colliery Company's, the E.
A N. Railway Company's, and now tbe
Tyee Copper Company'!. Few town! in
Britiih Columbia cm point to luch a
record in sn existence ol two years.
Let Ladysmith Flourish.
Don't (all to eee G.ll. Gavin's lample!
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon's office,
Esplanade. Choice new designs at si*
tonishingly reaionable prieei, ,rr=\
Ladysmith Leader
■     -*ND-      ■
Wtlllntfon-Extenslon News.
Publahed every Wednesday ami Saturday at
Km Leader Building, corner of First Ave. and
KMsch etrett, Ladysmitli, Dritisli Columbia.
T. L. GRAHAME, Kditor and PitoPRnrroR.
r. By Mail wCanada and VkhJbd State
One year (atrictly In advance)
J J im
is month* (strictly hi advance)'..    1 25
rRANSIENT-Flrut Insertion 10c, a line; encti
rnbtequeut insertion 5c. a line,
Rates on application. No wood cuts used,
tail for regular use should be alt metal.
Marriage, Hirtji, .Death and Buneral notices,
«wh Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for n Bpec.If.ed
Mmt: will be charged for until ordered to tie dis-
TUB LEADER will be found at the following
t,a-ljr«mttb—Tlie Leader Office; The Lndystnith
Naiianno—E. Plmbury & Co.,
rttkorla—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Va.mouver-Public Library, and Hotels.
New \Vestmb1stcf--P11bllc Library.
All changes in -advertisements must be received
at Ulls office before n noon tha day beforu
ft" «ciibers not receiving pupcr regularly please
teport to this office.
Ai. job work strictly cash on deliver)-.
Tr insleut advertisements cash In advance.
There is u perfectly delightful little
rumpus rioiV ill progrd&s heW'eon tlie two
■Nanaimo paperB. It seems to be their
'silly sensou up there, nml they nre tailing
full advantage of the chance to chaff <mk'
another. We hnve lo thank the Free
Press for n hearty laugh or two, in drawing attention to the ludicrous blunders
Which occurred in the Herald's coliUiiii-,
hut escaped our eye. The Krfee PrefitV,
though, should temper wit with lueVey,
mid not hit nn Infirm uml gt'Qjryy cop-
temporury quite so hard ns ii bus lambasted (we think we quote Correctly) the
poor decrepit Herald; Hut wo have no
compunctious in reproducing, through the
kindness of the Free rvcstr, those dell-
CiouB bulls which have eontrlbiiied so
much to the gaiety of Xannlino, The
reproach that Utile birds Should in their
nests agree does not apply to The Leader,
which is nn outsider, though it itiiiiiajies
somehow to get an nstoul?hi'ir lot of inside Information. ' Here is one nf the
Herald's prize essnys on how not to do
"We tiro accused)" snys the Free Press,
"of lack of suilk-iciit iiilel.ige.'ire tu discuss the Workmen's Compensation Act,
ine Herald bus. printed some things
about it Unit It might bo found ready to
defend If another pln-prlelt were ndfnitf-
istered. This for instiiim-.: 'i-'ivo hoya
Hug up what tbey thought were Wild
turnips In n field near lure. One is dead
and the others are dangerously ill, lighting the Workmen's CompenVntiSii ruined
nt $3,000.'"
We submit that tlie foregoing deserves
a place in tho classical collection of ty-io-
graphical nimisli'nsities.   This is.uiolliei-
equally amusing extract f 10111 the Herald'
"It Is with the -utmost relnctimco thnt
wc deal in our usually clean editorial
columns with such an unsavory nnd altogether contemptible subject us the Free
Now, if anything dirtier, more un-
usually dirty, than the Herald's tiflltbrin]
columns can be pointed out, wo shouldn't
like to sec it,
I (Here is a concluding piece of "news"
Mich ns the Herald has bean laying before its suffei'IiiB subscribers for some
months. The moimliuc .niiu-hlim. must
hnve been dissipating the night before:
'■Following the precedent sol in the
case of Qwnjrn .tlirflitgli Socret-fttiy'RosK
ordered the Smith, tho -.resident hits himself, trial by court, mai'iinl of JJUjor
Edwin F Glenn, Final Infantry, one of
Ihe officers referred to 111, ,1 pnyllclpnut
In the fldininlslrntlon of Un- water cure
in the testimony rUoVelopod before the
atnute Philippine 'Committee,". t„
Never before in the liietory  of this
*   '■   '1 ■■     E
province has (a'ny oppoelttoft dlBKTttjw
itself in the manner in which the present one is doing. It Ib appalling to
think of the province falling under the
control of eucb sans calottes.
Mr. McPhillipi), when a pietol wae
held to hia head the othcr day and he
waa told to do n certain thing or have
his political head blown off, replied,
ike Catnbronne at Waterloo: ''Blow
aud be —I" Whilo we regret Mr.
UcPhllllps propensity to eay in 10,000
words what ordinary men would dismiss
in 20, we cannot help admitting that be
haB"the courage of his convictions,"
whatever tbat phrase nny mean. Per-
h.tps Mr, MoPhilllps sees more clearly
than the majority of Victoria's cltlzena,
but like any oilier Beer nnd prophet he
la-fining lo Eiiller for bis viaion
Tlm Programme-Given Last Sunday
Owiiig to pressure on ep'sce Thti'Ltfad-
ef was unable'to publish the complete
programme of the;C!B|;vlpe,pf equR-given
last Sunday evening in the Knglith
Church,r Theiollowiuj;were|thos,^eivl.i
ttnd their coleotmnELTT ., :,tli,...
Organ f-*ii*, * \t" s [ft rutin; On l,
Too Lair," Aj.si Bertram end Mr.
HollierjOryab and1 vibiliV, Mit-e fieri-
ram nntl Mr. K'jberti-bn; ' Solo, M1eh
Helen He-worth; Tlio, Mr. ai:d ft*ra.
Hollier and Mi^slluy worth}- Organ soio,
; 11188 HriywoitJii; U.5?cit.,,andi ,A'r..'*J.Bat
Tbuu D.dft not Leave his Soul i.i Hell,"
(Messiah, Handel)'MiaB Bertram; Or*
gin anil violin, Mue Bertram and Mr.
Robertso^ 'ttWr'. !l'IliUb^'MIbb'Bert*
ram nnd' Mr. H'Allier; Oigan buI'o, Miss
rtraiu; Hymn *!.*)'*, '  1 "'- •■
N j comment ia needed ou the follow*
ii.g bit of evidence given at the court of
enquiry into tlie torturo of Filipinos, by
United States troops:
"At San Miguel do jVInyumo the lien-
tenant,, who was tlie pirOVOEtTmarshal,
inflicted torture on a tcn*yt;ur-ulil 1/ilt-
blno bi y, wiioee father was a paymaster
in the patriot army. Litut. 'Hughes
firstlieut tbe boy in the face until the
blood t?iiiirted Irom his no e. lie then
directed that the water euro be ad-
minion-red, and I..iir ui ub give it to
bim. Wo were Interruptul, however,
by the lieutenant) who feared we were
about to be ntiuclted.
Again Toronto Evening Telegram lava
its finger on the aching epot in "one
Richard McBride-s" oaBe:
"History rectfrdd the fact tmUfHoo.
Rlcha-id MoBride of British Columbia,
can sjjfi.lt for. ji i lie conpo.iuive-lioura.
T!mj alone can tell whether Mr. Mi:"
Bride is.'tidetn think for nine consecutive mlnil efl "
\\\{,CH\ SHC IWltOD
1 i!i>1mal
Short Stores From the Field anil
The young   Shamrocks   of   Tomtit
Junction will eutoniftiteani in the Inter-
niedinte :€.' h. Ai-seriC!.,.in()W thnt they
hnve Mccnredgrouiidst * 1.   ■■ '
The Inteipfiivincial iLongil6, embrneiiig
Moutreiil,' Shmi.i'ofKs, Quebec, Sher-
brooke, '(.'oniwiUl;' -Viiilvyileld, Nntbinuls'
and I\ A. An A., will hiroiipdrnti' theni-
si'lvt-s ns ilbe i'litermedlutc secliouiif'tlu
Nntioniil'Viliori. '' "'   '
The Torminifl won their seventh'mutch
in Engl.i,|id by idefniliug..J. J.Ca.wlbr
Ciuulinilge 12.by li! goals to-?. ' This is
the ginhrlMt'ni.ir'ghr by "which tlie Ciinu
tl lu ns huve' won a'galifst nny of the Kng;
ii-.li leiiiiis,    Ciiwtti'i'ti is'':i "I'lin-uli 111, mi'
iuetffii'3 toffil,
ni 1 fnnoiii'*?'      _........__
will lu-obnlu- ':;•!.■ Ih . - - n^i'ijf-e*
/[(tOW /fo^iicni',;/;;. if\ilj')pii'j//u.l \\i;\f Kl*
creiiSD the receipts by £U,Q00,
Shcilleld won ihe English fonlball
(diampioashtiyby2rto 1 fiwiuSouthu nip-
ton/'* "'•■ ■■ •' * - J
■-■hnTlypmith- will "Imrp* n ^IrrrbtAM^'lirjTl
field by next season, when both clubs—
Rugby iihd AssocintiQii—Will be able to
get "gates." :.- •
In Wiiinipt-g   they have -formed  nit
inntiur hasflbtill li-ugne, uid' luivt* writfjj
ten Cor the coiistitution ot Hie City Anln-
1'iii' lieiigiu- of-Toronto.
Scotland won the international golf
lulch from Kiiglnml ni naylnkivChes-.
er, by ftwea (ro'qhi', t  -"'      A
The nniimii golf match between .tJan-
du uml the United States will take
luce lliis year nb Mniiclietitpr;'Vt.
The Ainericans wmrfouV'-ciicsS'^mm^,.
1st one nnd drew one with ihe English
universities, Englnn'tl 1ms still a lend
in Un- i'ou'r imiti--lies''liy1iii-,j'to \VM 3 \
II. J,."T)olierl,v tlefeiiU'i! .1. (i. 'Ritchie
fiir Ihe lawn tennis covered'court cliliin-
;Iiioiisliip lit L0111I011 \t}\ a to'i. R. 'If. and,
11. L. Imherty won tlio double from Kit
i:hie uml Sweotumu, II top.
Tin- Ausiruliiiu criciett-rs*' wtjp; sailed
for lilnglnnd on'Mnri-li'20 nre:" J. Darling, il,, A. XolileV'.C. Hill, V. Truuipor.,
II. Tnimlilf, .1. .1. Kelly, S, K. Uixgory,
t(. ii Di:IV, W. Armstrong, A. Carter, J.
Suiiinlers', 13. .lobes,'W. Qowefttitjfl 'A/Ji*!
iloiildus.-,, Tbey will'likely flny'l^il &
t'nitedSlnU's ami Canada.        . !
Six ions of ping-pong balls u week' ure
tnruml out by one .British factory; ..that
means ■l.ii.Xuiii) bulls.   -They are mule
... $&(mq
Jubn Hav? Yo'ti Raked tho Gardeii^F^dJ^n,    ,.,i;    .. ,, „
.SjU'.i >n tn las. Pu2sle—'With the ton of the pictnriifls-buae,: the buy -wiil: io
IjuihI io ihe lower right buid corner, formed by thebr.ir}ches,of the treo.^   ,, ,
Kvurvthing In stock Is Imparled §
tiireot from manuf.iitutm or mads X
nt onr own fsotory. I
4) veari In our buiineu tneani g
aomething.   '                          " ?
When visiting Yiitloni m.m« In and see our large anil modern eilsbliih-
ni.nt .ml attrmtivc itock—jou will not need to buy.    If you cannot come
#   lead your name qn a post oard and *e will mail yon a catalogue—tree,
!Coal!   -   Coal!
Tim Cullulmti defcnlod WUHo FltMyf-,
aid easily nl Phllndelpliln.
.t&'ek Roo'l ItuockOlt xml Billy Stlft at
ChieiiiM in less itiniv Ifvtb rounds." ■
(leoige Qni'diior, middleweight, got the
decision over .loo Wnlcott in 'JO roundtf
nt Sun KriHii'isi'.i.
Tbe govcruoi' of this stnteinnd thnt'
sti'lie will not allow the Fitzsiuinioiis-
.lefTries Ij-fhl to talfp pluc-,-, ainL.it is hard
ti'Sce just wheie-J-.UifJ' -WJH pull It off,
\\".',it Ihey might da would be..to .build
ii gl--r.iinlb;' rurt'1 und jjglit it out'lli.-rt-'.
It's ji.si positlhle, Iniwc'voi', thnt tlie nrlii-
rVlples might object to this, Ior wfttor \7
ntif tl pnKi;ti(r!ii**r> hing'sitii, iinlesjj,'iuy*.-'
clVniiee',' ifbu'dfluted,        ,,.    ..
19 isr II'i*'.'o!VtVtc)1iv'»r flat
ut'i Monday oveulug and wae
I iiv Tl niivi!iy Bintiph Lodges
Mr. il>.'vt vialttl'i Ifilt^nilon
"tnili Peraevefnnce Li lg-* wel*
. -"-  : -rt : '/; O A ■•:
WahfivatolhankMr.il. li. Gosni.ll,
leoretary of the Burr-mi rl l'tovlDulal
inlormstion, for a copy ol tlm sumplti-
OUl brochiiro isf-uotl by tlm -corporaliou
ol the Clly nl Loudou', "Tne City ol
London, Ihe Piinco ami-Princess of
Wain, and- thcColonles;" tleecrlbing
the great binqiut in the (iniltllir.il nn
the return oi tljoroynl pair in in tlu-ir
amplre-euclrclbg trip. Tlm litiln woili
li published asu souvenir t-l lie occasion and ill worthy one. O'piea were
sent ont to' Victoria by Hiiii'.' J. It.
Turner, agent general, fur diE|ribution.
Even the French'Ohamher has never
wltnesied scenes of grosser cOatsencss
snd dowhr'lijhf rowdylini'liiiin'Have
occurred In the'Le^iiloilV.e.^A.SEimlily,
during ths preient week.
MoveiTtonls of Vessels to and From
This Port.
For the Hr.it t'ma in ninny wt'-ke
there aro no failera in tbla jort, the
Amerlca,u,barquont!ne GeoruoB Kenny
being ihe last of thu while winged fleet
to leave. But there havo ken plenty
of tjleaiiieia coming and going lately, as
the following list wiil show:
Sir. Pleiades left for San Francisco on
Wednesday Hifilit with 5,200 tons of
Wellington coal<
Str. St. Pull!, from Alaska,, la Btlll
tuking ou coal cargo und will tuti! lo-tUy
ur lu-morrow.
S.r, Meleor froni Seattle took on a
load of cjuI here i.nd cleurcd. f -r i:..u
Francisuo un Thursddy morning.
Sir. Ojij.u tMllcd.in iiern 't'bursdsy-
with *J0u csbbs of powder from TuJ^grarth
Boy, to be Bliij p:.u li Vancouver ou Ihe
There is elill 110 Big'i ot ihe Santa
Clara from Sau FitiLciaio bt-uud for
"Udjemith for coaj. Sbo wub 26 i'.i.jr
utit yoBterdiij. -,....
Imvu sailing vt'Esels nn- 16ailllj'ti ltmbt.-r
at Ohemainui*.
Ao.eii'can four-maMedjB^hnMer^ni: r»
ii'imo unived Thurtday 'ulgb'tTn tow of
Ibe tug i'ltcoma, dom Port L 1; Argiles,
Oil., to lo^rl Stick coal for Ai   ■'< .
S;r. Selkirk called here fur' coal Friday'
iii'iiiiiri-.' on her way front Muble Bay
H'1th 170 tuna of copper ore far Tacoma.
Tu,j,l'il''t bruuglit in ibo-hiilk $, O.
Puller yesterday to 16adcbnl'(ur Tread-
well Minos, Ala'alca,'
Amn, ship "Sonoma was lowed tpsep^
ycBtcid ly from bhem'ttlnua vti\h' fubribor
by tho ttii'Pifpf,
■WAN IUST)j*i 8ifo-3malcM'{:go.yfl^e*.f*f •'
al'-Wurltmun. Apply A. S. Obriblle, Es-
plaiiAde, Lidysiulth, B. C.
he litis l.rniued..hJ*; i-am, .in tUe.ltilest
style of i.luy, .iiinl. |liK co.mae.l.in (.hei.'
riivor whi ii, they ei.li'rvdjiilo cp|np,c,tf-
tion wiih tiieCumiiliiius, The. Ciimbn-Jp'
team did'uoi ib-velup niij:ifsperd iiQt^.'the
lust liulf.' When u unn-ked iipi'i'ovvimiM
was noticed.    iPlio Torontoa could have
scored piore goulsi If ijiey hud  I'llt^'ol'th
nny greui eilori.     [ [
Tin- Lnilysmiili luerosse mpvetncnt,hns,
died a nuiiirul.deiilli r,>r this season, tlie
subject will be r.csiil'recled next'^U. ..
' 'iWiTBAfcL.''. ,
E. W. Elliot, 'tbei Itiit-by inleriViliomil
CootbalioBi ami! i>nrhnrli eo'tlHty1 ei'lekelei-,
bus goi)o to Siuirli Arricu.'b'fiviiig jdhVefl
Kurd l'*incvtslU-*s Horse,    •'-•'   ! '
Under flic Wgl-WiJrVcill wlilHr' exists 1W-'
Iween the-Hiigll-m"- I\iotbTili' A^snciutiou
und the tlhj-Htfrl I'ltlAce, tlltl'HTtinf'TiS will
be wbrtlft abCJflt £*':!*iMri..til" lh(''Tu>lis!i
i^'soi'iniioii; -Tiie.v'Ti'i'1'iW'il l'i,.,H) on ill*
first UU,(H)t*i fi'ilATor.tlK' i\exVl{|,flli;V,'!iif."
9/1, for rile retnitlitlilg -11,011.1; so;'n ft el'
allowing fop'S('lls*dir."M('-l;f't' ln>Iili:rs; tlie
gitte works out ns illjilve,'' iti ::!'"
'The Hiict-'iHA' *ir tfil- I'ilfillvh" Frio'tbuTi
AssuelutionV.Clii. tfftilillWlrtofl) this tlt'iisoli
mny be ""ndgt'll frliiu'dii- rollowiii« h>
iires, cltinpilwd 'I'l'rtin^hetOlHfbir'i'etiifbs:
li'lrnt ipuiid,'«'JJ-r,«TH» sl^eliitoi-s, 'im/Jll,")
gjitu^moiniy; JlecllHll l'()luVd.,117,0l)0'siiei''
tators, £4i0.*)() -gaiebione.Mi iflflrd rohiul,
j'tiY.'obd spechitors/f(i,rHKl Knte'iiibliey;''
seini-liiitils, 88,000 spectator*! W.l'iiriint
v , , , -      - COWfBlOHTS AO.
■" '7,nvnnp fiontllng n Bitotch nnd oOllCiijjUQrl itinj
rjimjiily iisriTiiiin fnir oiniiin.i freo wliothcr kii .
"iitTfitilli.ii in pn.in.l.ly iniu'iitulilc  Compiuiiipn-.
ili)iiniiiricflyf(iniuii!it11fil. IliiiiiliiimktiiiratonU
iitm,li.'i-. uMii'i niii-iiry   irNonurliiKjiatOUtn. ■■
r.iii'iits tfiiii'ii iiiniimh iMuiui a.Co.*receive
ir-tutalnollct*, witinuitciiiirgo, IntSe
. A lifiiiil-ot'iiclj lllnstntti'it woplily*.   Knrtrtlit tir-
rtiliiMnii nf '.uy hi'li'iiittlif Jdiiriiul.   Tornm,%'i«
r n 11 inMiri, (1. Boia by all newitlMler*.
i OHIco"fa F SWWMnlnsfffitto'"
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wre.it!is, loto.,'-wedding 'Iloi^
qiieta in evsry fl'.vle. Or.brs .promptly
atleiidal lo. -NANAIMO, B.'C
* l"l"l +-l--l--l-r-r-l-I-t+*'r'r*'l-*+l-|.++1r
I Oi. tap iu the hoti le qI Lidyimlth:
|!       Belter Than Ever. | ( <
ii wmw.
t — NairatrffoT'BrCST—-—i'
, r, r~ ■  -    - ,~. ,.   +|<Tr":
,\.*****-Ui*l.****,;4'*l ii****** |"f
Wellington Colliery
Company, Ltd.
£ Wellington CMl_ Best household coal on the Pacific
Coinox Coal—Beit steam coal on the Pacific Coast
| Alexandria Coal—First-class gas, steam and household coat
The above coals are mined only by the Wel- t
t lington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith, I
I Oyster Harbour, and Union Bay, Baynes Sound. -
f Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San Francisco Asency,
| R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
       340 Steuart St
Kllfetety A Reminder
inn Brewing llo's |j|   a
FLETOie «.,i
TO HOJJ^B^AINTBltS,,.   ...
'Ifs'niliirH lire Imreliy ioylted tor llio
palntliB of tlio I'l.rllantitiijtlijBtf, I'l.st
HAvanu-', Lailysiuitli, 11. O.. . Tenders
must In sunt in In the undersigned in.I
liter iliarrBijr'.oVlntk mi WKrifliii';'' M'.IV
lSth.limst.sl tl,io .I,i)r,lj.iu4..11ulei.,. lire
ntJiitrai lor'will have to use. puro. ^Iiitii
-lead in .1 oi';- anil tilsTf-all olhefrrliitcrlnlii
used ii inii,he iiuiiv.sjjilljjalu.ia.iitoil on,,
bull'lii ,' will bo sni.j.tit to iiiepiietion,
afnl in.i-i,:'hei' iirixtfd'"'6tt''tiiS"p'reiiil6i1F.'
■The In .;.iuji. or .uiy,4tiid,«r i.dtr.iimiea-j
'liril'v'ii. lei'itet'i.   ' ''.
..,..,,",,.    .'.'W''t"'1   -Ef; IftflHVISl"   '"•
l'orl'wd Hotel, Ladyaiuith, May 10.
Han ima. Ba C.
Sheet   Music
Clieapcotn-i.l lieel—ho,ansr-iOii. .copy,
All latest soi:|»s Bmi pjecflS,;'.''
Musical Instrumants of All Kinds,
Violin Stringsfttd.7 6if
MSliiifaVtiircraof hlV'kViitjIs of ,,    r,'
 " "*r
I'.taluliigs, Laths, SMligfa|rE«e.;';
X'"a" large slock of llioroiiirlily araspnid
I-lwiilifi-isl mill .nil olil!* '|c3Jjtanthrn..
liiiml.. All orders .strictly nltei|ilcil,t9.
-i^iwtattons cfiecrnilly given.     '■-''       '
&+T-Hm+m-m-m++ *****
ill ill ill ill ill ill 111 ill ill ill 111 lis ill ill it) ill lll.ll ill ill ill ill ill lllllllllllllllJlJllll.il |
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Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
. .........'....,...«..:
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—Memorandum Heidi
. —Builnen Oardi
—Stock Crudest.!
-Legal Blanks
' — Weddlns Invltstioni
—Fuoersl Announcement!
—Ostslogue.     ~
,^r^n r i v r.i. 11 tv, iit.l, iit.
Everything   j
/Having the latest' type faces and borders,
and modern machinery, we produce only
the best- work—Printing that attracts.
The Leader job Room
t   Ladysmith,
B. C.
Mittrimi, Lounges,
Beds, Awnings,..
Tenti, Utore Bllndi.
rioruas   •   rHAmaa
s ipeoislty.' 3
O' all dsicilptlom
eiecntid In First-
PWi.aila'j.  l,,r
'' Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, •
SldrtnetStv— NANAIMCy-B^ CX-
-       Opposite 6ty Hall,   P. O. Box 179.
Nohotlyctnaffonl-tot* wlthotlt'It.  All the
den. spott, widely.    Beautlftt HhutntlOfll ud
n-^.t-Mes. ^iriple copy on application.       i >■.
All Fir Ou Mlirt Vur.
Sialtle Daily Times
'TKa ilvellnt piper in tlie No'rlhwiit.
Weekly edition a complete record of
tb. world's nswi to date. Sport,
politics, Society, women'!, Intereiti,
yonng folk's department, literature
lol.nce, art, music. ■*»iSfi:
1 UlfcK
..' By Leo IV. To la loll' "' '•' ■'
f ™ '-	
liome.Jmmi(.tiu3vVill^. * 11^*«\*Riii,-liitf*:i'
cold.'- ilS'iilf.rimpeil1 tV^bneet money
that walfdw.eddiiin'aiid Titty- shcep's'Idus
mtJiuheretl GiJd'u ll ret lesson :
^•Jiythf,Ifclearn what le In men.'-- And
i^'diVmSd'thjit love was In men,
Tbat explained the firet emilf.   The
et'oond came  when ho recognized Lis
.comrade,.the Angel of Death, standing
beside the barm, and realised the second
(jiiyltog of (-Jail, VIlwu sValt know whet
ia not Riven iintoflaen.", The bar in was
r|hiukirga'bo1\rflUs*ll-r>i)ti-a -year- In 'ia
Vance, *.im\j,l, w'a-Mdearly not given unto
iMt'rrH->buow-*Jt,bl*t- la"'needed- fur tlieir
. . ,   ,       i- - i   -     ,, * .bodice.    Tb';,  the sec'o'rid "lesson,"'In-
enough (oLa,.ni!iVHliinn,',vUi-,i i'yv.oala      .    ,  , ...
**  .-■  rVjsj.ifi        ■ ?t/'.-f.i-t isprred.ahSBecond Bin e.
share with Ms wift-, hut tbo money hud
not been^brTh'cW-i^      -1'        -»■■■■'■
PasBitogjirhe'chnpel at the cracf'r'dtJfd
hai iulojjte.1 the children.
.':'SVnd-w4»errtho*wotnBTi"ciirfBsed ibe
he Mwaqkked/frfieit^n tfanchIng|ahV!dre%f4flt>^^n^Mr °** 8lid
.. ■.'*;•    . .   , 'i wept uy«r lh|,totMn^OT infaerihB
therQh._^itjitiiii*,.tu...j;(.i;.s lumen.! -into-.--.    ,.  *      >* u . in
* :1iv;i;l- (Jodi and .knewwht|t people Jlye.
trouWejho hurried on. Lboki^be- Uy. Wt%e.wffiv(?od ha'd'.revcalsa
hind'htriK'no fanc'tod bo fi0*M*e iftan | to ma ihe last tfura^hd1"1 bail ''pardontd
looking.B#erfrtni. A lir.t!e--riTi'rirey;*:m1 utjo, a i r IA*1" W: i rll*r*a Ki r' t'H o* tl j 1 ft! time.""'
biacoueciorrcabegan to prick him. Ilej Ami lite ange!'e -body1 ■I'ecSme"&eiil<
wentrbflck." Tiifl'«ian- w^n^^"6^tttfd^R|J{sl)ftini^henvftSBliKi wttlf lightM'bHjjM
comely, MtMmfUity cold'ami frigate tied, that ibu tyee could cot endureU\o Idol
When Semyon rerjirped Jit. td^.JjiXJ'-^-lujWH UmrnntHm sppkeriu clearerT.C-
vived and fnateiwd hfseyeB on tlio cobbler with-it glance that won hie heart.
Seinyon dressed tbe man in hia boots
end kaftan and look him liuitu* ^.X^e
etrangercould give no anoint 1>J]]5&
(■elf. Matrioun, lim coltblur'a wife wbb
very angry that there bin uhi'ho r.o mw
ehubn,* and that her l.usbtnd li.ti
brought a tOranfter to eat what litt'e
food was in l^Miijiiii',, jYhJr^jftifi!^
bed nnd iffiuee^to firejaif supfflr, tl.jj
stranger t-atSUilfeoivn csu oyer-, An
she was ubout tn ruah cut nf li1" houff,
Seinyon reminded her o' God, and when
she looked at the stronger It r arger
vanished uml eLe sa^£a(iuH^n&i
table. "   j f~j  "
And Ihostiamr.-r h.L.Trii.-T'l.'.j
a wonderful smile,   Semyoh kept Ihe
stranger In hia house and  laugh
how to make biota.   He learned i
thing in onulcsjon, iU'dr-Sl»i
cobbler spread fir iiifil
yon b:gan lu en ye m if?
L'ents, ns II tho voice proceeded not frcm
him, but came brom heaven.
fnvt! leaned that every man lives,
ot though ij-are of himtelf, hut by
Tove." .       "    .
Oao day a bailn
lowi nl came
with  some espi . th
J '
nl.fr ont  (•(
which be made K. u\\
Diieo lo make
a pair ol boots that «
li     !
■i'ol i e ripped
or out of ehspe Kl Ihe
M- '
if ih ii m . '•,
Tho Btranger, lliklu i
i. ioni.il '-■ iho
boots.   Ho il.u-1 bit<
 j.- iu) v.
hind   tlie  bailn,  u
,   whole  l.t:-
lighted up with n nn
After tbo b'rin
driven nwi v
Mlkballtient tho hn
■ '.'■'
f.f-U   i-i.-i-n'
sllppe.a inati sd ui i
Samyon e«.; 1
..    n derpmr
over hie twr'el si i e
 is- ■(.-rv.t-.if
arrived to ray thst th
-■ ii f* n trtm
hia way limn , en   t>
ihi •■ in ..-' bs
imult- inl i Blipp ih !■
■  t.t.J.. jjjti^r
hai la had '■■ ■■    ppi r
A f--A   >•) t ■   m(-r
: -t;l
rtt    i.- '■* -\»,i'V
calkd   Mill ' ■•; ■  V '
i*il . ...!'.:. b>
ruFii'iirni Im •' • ■-.
1   * ' '    '■   !';■'
orippHd  foot.
leiestttl in lb   .'   1
-   M   ...*■,-•
The .women w«'no
ffftftt ,■ -'" ~ "Y
ichildieu.    S .
d tin .; nl ei
ihey were l;,.h;-p, in
'k' 1
; JJ^C tf.-i'^l-
own mother,    >s. < h
rrHlcefl E-VTFy*"
thing to nurso iln m a
bey bad been
hfr own, end (l id 1..
pi.rXd. f.mVfJ
Willie tlii-v wtxti
'3  ?"-*5 'lo :'":'.
flub of light Bremed
ir.v'.l.i'i- if- in
that cornfr t f ibe col
Hj Cl<l '■>■<*■•!%..
li.t. wns BlUlog.
„i  ...   -  ■■ .-  *
When the woitimi \
a way wiih iHe
tff'i ehildien Mikhni
tin*.ftOJii». wnu-
fciftM.h and laid do an
.(ft;; 'h-viak'
(•If nie iipron, ma !e i
1  buff to the
mini: energy,
sl.-il." Theae
< lay mind, for I
nlnl vision a vi:
ter und hia uife,;:;in}i.a^itlr-J'.vrw
' F.iU'-Wtll, frlend&i GJd hift f"JA»uftf
mr.   Hi jf'u•'•30 forgivrnif V" -   '
T.iey perceived that 1 K wtU_jfcgTa*u|,el,
and btgged hhii to tsdji-.in-wl.y h*o rati
smile.lthreetitnee—whw Muiiiona f-d
him, when the barin nrdertd -.iu.-. Jixtt*'
and when tho woman l^ouRlrt t6cr rfffi
little girls.
He replied Hurt \\ waj becaueo l.o had
learned the tbite trftlhathat God had
rtqulird him to learn i«l) What »e in
meu; (2) What ia not gfyen unto men;
(3) What men live by.  |   .
The IcEsous were httSed becfliiso cf
hie dlaobedience.    IU b|d bee:; sent on
earth to tako the toul dim. woman, tbe
mother cf two halts,   *lm« won it i I,ml
pleaded with him, f.ii in^hat I er babes,
oonld not live without btfj nud I e
returned to Clad i mpty tjfndtd. Io
for (he womaii'd lid*. mr*d ihe
■aW— „,  ,, .„ -
•*Go nntl tnab li.: in ..Li tfy- eOiT '.-L.r*iTJ
thou blntlt. learn throe lesaoup; ami when
tboa elitit bttvohaiml them lelurn to
He Hew down to earUi end t ok the
mother'h boh', and ilf^ dei
1, H'd
n hi»r recent ninnl*
all-fliiportant topic
sTho professor
ii the very host and lurg-
i»-s lluiii 10 per cent.
I is titllhtctl; in tunny
Sent.    The re-
be   ntfgtt,   "is   quit
ire startling words to
ii-y opejfiip before our
ita whitjji all along its
■ Inholleil with the legend,
ill "      When! we begin   to
coal conaunwd iu raising
i ii glimpse of wluii in the
wasie oi' fiiel must menu,
.; engines ojl2,000 horse-
ihjr.eli'i-W'ieity for the di'lv-
'm**pi'mhielug light,
•bnttlo ship   haw ungiucs  of
- power,' ami two new Amen-
njfi 1 Ej^'Slu'lit.-relieh of which
hy engines
it must be
tncach »f those
frJllintlsaiiils} i^'
|e eftoi'g** ob*
izeifV    Bow
in coal hills,
li ton of coal
|it. return for
our laiiil^jt^iieseiitrt Sic chief conl
:.t of mV»\m&i. tt' Ih QJear its deple-
iniist of necessity be {proceeding nt
tejmpnlling in.its cupidity, nnd juat
^fi'^^r^^'Vfi'iuVi'iilb' regarded,
i we reflect on tho wasfo of fuel that
\. rywhore reprejieiilw, from the
^sjw,(rtsi§ grate tTjifl'l^ steam boiler of a
.itTii-r',"" I'ut In niouey figures, the waste
will appeal more strongly, ^erl-aps, than
t\\Ji*0n it Is jvuiciH.l'iTk-i- In*jinBe or load of
•6rier§,v iinIK" "Ti'")iWsir fflrry tolls ns
that the world's "output ofttoal recently
was O^imgU Mb a.ye^r. Of this
^'wti!M',<-ftrhrriftacp^tribiit3rjd *M)'/j per
cent, Xitw, if the total cuji-gy of British conl for MicJ-^ghigj** y|ar could be
rr-;c*I, aiiil"^iti,Ifoj-.int t*llt> riRoipf 8d, per
Board of Trade yplt (tlie price paid in
many iowu«jby fipnsumers&f electrical
•eoow"i, t^^J^l^r^IIJoiHwoiild equal
7i Ituudrcd Tunes thitt of mttr nntiounl
liibi. Pdnfessor l'eixv atlils that the
cost of human l*jj^^hel used most
nc-outimiciilly, In rniio tluiej the figuro
ilius given. ;
Doultngc of power is tlnianhc bana of
modern Industrial life, andftliis iu turn
Implies gross waste of eonljt Professor
L'ci'i'y Hilda a way out of thfe dllltcii.tioB.
If niol energy lie ifirst converted into
electrleal energy, we can get out or the
ten mulct Ion mure than 00 ppr cent, of
power; therefore, that to becalmed at Is
:o stibstitute electrical puwo| for steam
powei* ly nt present we Hick contrivances so lo utilize eeonoinieiljily onr fuel.
l/jj^pbtirii^ into elec-
y, even when gas fuel is used,
Victoria on Wcdcefld.,y, returning the
fame da v.
' Mr, James Freel of l.ulys-uilb Foundry went down to Victoria on Wednesday
coming borne again the same day.
- Oaptaln Gibson of Chemainus 10-
tnrned from a visit to Victoria ou Wed-
Venerable Archdeacon Seriven returned from attending the Anglican Synod
jo VIc|orla on Wedne=da> 's train.
. Mr. J. McDonald the contractor, went
down tbe line Wednesday on bueinets.
ptlAti W. H. Lively, tbe jeweler, wae
summoned to Victoria last Saturday
when a vary interesting family tvent occurred in.his home there. Mr, Lively
returned to Ladyemith on Wednesday.
Mre. H. T. Porter hae returned huut.j
after a visit to Victoria.
N tin thi V   MrrriccN.
• Fira"t P.Cbl) trriau Otiurch—May lltb
1002,. pniri.iiu* et-ivice at H o'cUtk;
Sunday tclin-.i ti.80 p. m.j evening service at 730. o'clock, tubject: "VIb*
im and Duty." Mr, Gavin Morton will
onduct both Leiviuer.
Methodlet chnrch — Services are
held at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and
7.30 in the evening. Sunday echool
at2.S0.. Prayer meeting ou Wednesday
evening at 7.30 u'clcck.
Cl.irchof Kngland—May 11 (lib Sunday after Kaatei; 11 am- Matins and
Holy Comtnuolbn; 2:10 p.m. Sunday
School; 7 p.m. Evanaang.
A.   Seriven.
rolled tlvT^crfCE^ |^^CJt^§le
chili]. MikfiitiWwsfl irl>.:>rr^tl.W,iW|t
with the soul. Vu:,ii llw froni hlegl'HBp
and reUutitd h!ouc to God and he f< und
himself lyJLg nakul tti.d _ium '-;,'.. .on,
earth, ae*Seinyii"n foii'nd liiiu.
This is bow Mlkiialla desert bet bla im-
preaelons of Stmyoij'^ homi- :—
"When I*^^t3^.;i»i^iSft!ri- u '*t*-bfW
came out ftiwii«et%.v'nVi.* fibo begini?1r
scold. The woman wm eyeu mo^«ier-
rlble than the man; a'lead tnnLe'^ineiifi;
to proceed from her moutji, ard 1 wn:-
■bffJratc^H^fllMillteiia^ rJPavtoHir£Vaaj.1HB>f
wanted to diivc m> nit' Into the -cold,
and I kne,* vlii it-(ifi.; vv.ml'ti-'^HoTit'i nKv
drovo me out, s'mldenly her 1.in band
remind.d Iht p(, Utdv i(iic| jt,«;*i>tl:^ +
change came over il» nonun. Ant)
wben she had prepared fcmethlrg to cat
and locked kiidly on*
ber and r^ilp-M-j^S*|tj^
like death ah'cmt her; Bbe was now-alive
end In b     lea 1 reingaiz?d
AmIi, Oainpbell, MP frr W->3t Virk
will introduce a bill nt O.imia to define wlat conBtitutee a cau of milk.
Tbere is no regulation governing tht
size nt preeen', r.nd while it is understood a Cau inujt hold cUfii gallon?,
a number t-f oaua fuinithtd by the
dealers are said to held eight t,nd otc-
half gallore. This h lather a seiiou-i
matter to the farmer p.ud tliirj-ma-,
who is docked unless ib-i cau-i aro full.
From tWJ to three ili ns.ml ol iheae
cane are dt'liventl ihiu Tcrnti daily.
Mr. Campbe I'd bid prov.dea that
eia-bt gallu;.a t ball be i quivalent to a ca >,
and four gallons a ban can. Provision
Ib alio niadj to have thu iu pector
of weights and iiieaBUhH a;».tap au-1
verify cans wheu presented tn htm.
The Kitchen.
If yoa Tvl8b to save labor In tbe
kitchen, see that the cupboards nnd
dresser drawers are kept tidy day by
day. Never let tbem get into such n
state thnt they. need n good turning
out. Have all your tins labeled clearly,
bo that no time Is lost lu taking oiT nnd
putting.on lids, nnd giro each tin nnd
jnr Ita dwn^helf nud plnce. Never let
the flour dredger, salt jar, etc., remain
unfilled. Refill them ns soon ns they
nre emptl,edv" Have sufficient but. not
more thrin necessary cloths In use nnd
•wash *tliem out vfhen they nro done
with for the dny. Always have n supply of herbs, raspings und spices ready
at hand.        _____
(rt ft  ■ M"-r i*  „ . .
3   Wa-shlnir Woolens.
Nearly all woolen goods will wnsh
well If, tlie .work Is dope rapidly, but
no sotfp should lib rubbed over tho fabric, nor should lt be rubbed ou tbo
washboard. Havo tbo suds well mixed
and the soap well beaten Jo a lather..
Then wash tire niaterlnl by "rubbing between tho hands; tlien.rltjae in very
blue water and Iron on the wrong side
while damp with bot lrour
_.    -**.* -- -• ■- ■
"*\~ — ""."* "I ,. '*.
Feed Inn the Baby.
Very young babies should take their
bntb at a time between two feedings.
When the process Is well over nnd the
baby le Incased ln soft, clean change
of dainty garments, be can hnve his
milk and go to sleep, to awnkeu Inter
ready to go for the outing that keeps
the little cheeks rosy.
' Yonr Glovea.
A well dressed woman buttons on
her gloves with tbe. rest of her toilet.
It ls aaid that tbe Frenchwoman puts
on her gloves In her dressing room, the
American woman in tbe lobby and tbe
English woman In the street..
A writer In n medior.1 journal has
advanced the theory thnt women's
heavy hats are responsible for work
en'B jangling nerves und proverbial
quick temper.
If women were not bo unduly enthusiastic over small matters, there
Would not be so many nervous wrecks.
Milwaukee Journal.
are too bulky, Processor Perry says, nnd
too expensive to compete with ordinary
beat ongbieB,   What is therefore wanted
is nn   engine which will   convert^coi
energy iuiuTrectih-.1ijgjjr'.^njcost r|jA deUcnte perfupie .for the gown ia
aradbimt fteatt r WJ^yHrihijln a Sjjeaiu l^afo by dropping a little lavender into
-^cM-eiM-Vmi.o poffwrr  &    -*■'•■    ' foiling water and holding the garment
^Discover the eiiergy-engliie," declares   pyer the steam,
the Professor, "and you    multiply your
 i' t" hent. buildings from coal sevtmty
■ffii-M'UnUnillH,1"1' Who wlll Wlhecnm
ng boiiefnctor of our race?-"Dr. Andrew
Vllsoii lu tlie Illustrated London Nows.
» -t     •■        -j^ ■* ■,.»
* tv5ii.ln..srir'r'Milysnillh Wod-
g,' VBiyn jfojj.^ttfistinvsaj; vJ.-.iJf»,
o.   \V,|iili. lirn.. ot-wnstlis jrffrt-ol
Sir. ami Mis^tj,,^.|Ia,r!klntus^i, t.
-i?r.¥. Baijii^jJiiB^r^^ns^^
liolli'rs iinil ihsrliiiiier.j^ vlijletrl Lsdj.
«mlVhl'^ilrfl-ii'*ii^i'on.D^sftipisi *,' '""* "
Mr. W;ili!vc'i-'itiiJe of tlie (3ranri"iloteI
rvltiinpil from VIoturlA on IVeilnestlay's
I  Mr. T. Bli'klii of Cumberland) Is vlilt
ing ill! WolIter lier'tf.   Mr. Blclt'i visited
»>ti«i«v*'is-»',*t ai't; ft sv-fe ►'-.• ■■. aits »rti *
|| Thie Leading ||
Ji-Review*. ■• ■ *'$
"Hr r rlln.ia.nlh Century  sna After, *|
alfe"- Cntsmporsry   Kevlew,   Port. .VJ
■VS nfih.ly   Review,   Westmlnsl.r jsrt;
SS Review.    Bdlnburah   Review, 51
J* (jsi.r.erly Review, lllackwood'a 42
♦ jl galnburgh Manilne »i
*C   Rtrauxr.   sterlillif. tlmelv. sinnrcstlva gj
        sterling, timely,
and nutlinrltlvc; just want yon want
, lo-.kliow of tlie world's doings; exactly
' what  von  ncctl to know;  niidtoM   •*■(/■:
when you want to know it—t lint's the   TT
'"--   The   *y*-T
> XL...,      . ...
.■«Weat writers, tlie most timely dts
cuMiontt; ThsNwlftcst present!
the worltt-iiroltleniB ot the day apjwnr
t month'In the pages of 'these
fdlng revlcrtfl.   These afethe
llsh etUtiotiH sold 111 America at about
c Kng-
half price.   Bpeclmen copies sent free
*- iflyouc ativwhere,  and  ltJ.ator.cal
i£fe*, too, toMhe Bskllfg. *
s Leonard 5cott Publication Co,,
Warren St. New York City.
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
> '-1 Columbia.
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system,  electric light
.  and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.     ,
Keep Your Eye on Ladysinw
i ar*
A few of those 18 foot Greenbeart
Rods to dispose of. The only lod
suitable   for   tbe Expert Angler.
Commercial St. NANAINO, B.C.
I. is aBsertcil that Fxtension has now
a population of three thousand, and that
the house qneetion is becoming a serious
McAdie Block, Victoria Orescent, Na-
naiiso, B. 0.
Having lesaed tlie McAdie Block, and
havini hid the rooms completely renovated, I am now prepared to receive
asardera with or without rooms. Vlaiton irom LadjBUiitli will Hnd most
wimfortable accommodation at verv
aaaaonalile rates, M1B8 KEITH.
X x
************< *************
i cm
t x
Bev, Mr. Thoinkius, (Baptist,! will
preach in Nicholson's Hall to-moirow
at 2.80 p.m.
W. H. Lively, practical wstcli repairer
and adjuster, all work guaranteed, a
trial will convince you, a large assortment of watches alwayi in itock.
Mr, Chris. Stephens may shortly
erect a handsome hotel on hie two lota
on the Eiplanade,  near tbe pay officii.
A. iplendid assortment of ladies' and
gents' watch cbaini, bracelets, lu gold,
flllld and silver, sleeve links, lace pins,
uih pint, in the lateat style. If we
haven't got what you want we can either
make it or get it Ior you. Lively the
A nsw locomotive (or the Victoria
Lumber Co., Chemainus, w.a taken
down from Ladyimith by tbe irelgbt
train Thursday.
Juat received at the Obeapeide a lull
line of beautiful fuucy silks euitable lor
The excavation at ths Grand Hotel is
expected to be completed to-day. The
earth Irom tbe excavation ia being mod
to improve tbe Eiplanade,
It', too bad to throw that pipe away
became you let it fall and broke 11, take
il down to Lively tbe leading jeweler, he
ean its it.
Mr. W. A. 3. Marshall reporla tie
road Irom Ladyimith to South Wollinc-
tonto be in fairly good uondition for
wheeling. He goes up every morning
and returni in tbe evening.
Tbey all come back. Wbo? Why
Caldwell'! cuitomen. They know where
they can be certain ol getting suits that
HI, look ityliih and don't coit oulrageoua
Ths building of the serial tramway
lor the Tyee Copper Company from tho
mine to the £. A. N. line will cost nearly $30,000. It will be at work hy July
First and wlll at once begin to till the
big blm to be erected at tlio railway
LOST—A Pan Book wiih Iho llilitr-
nia Savings and Loan Society, ol San
Francisco, in the name of Donald J.
Woodman, NO. 207.1202. The Under
Trill pleate return to bank or Lsailor
Johneton Block,      •    Nanaimo, II. C
P. 0. Box, 37, Tel. 145.
Viliti    Lidyimlth  every Saturday,
Boon Irom 0 a. m. till 6 p. m,
Abbotiford Hotel.
Have juat received a complete stock of
the lateat goods manulactim-d by .Spalding and other makeiB consisting ol
Captain Melnt >sh bavins disposed of
his property, on the Esplanade, Capt.
II, A, Dillon has removed hie office to
Nicholson's block, Firet Ave., where he
will be pleased to meet hie'many friends
and clients.
Nothing more tasteful than those
beautiful new designs in tweeds and
cloths has been seen in Nanaimo
those at Caldwell'e, Nanaimo's leading
Work on tin* new school building has
been euepci d0d aB the ".appropriation
has all been. 4fcp>uded. Work may be
resumed w thii a fortnight from thla
l.suh'fcinilli'a braes baud practised in
the pavilion Monday night and bad
quite a large and interested audience.
There is some talk of a aeries of summer
cuucertB, to be voluntarily supported by
tbe public. 	
At tbo Cheapside, great variety of
skirts and shirts and Bhlrt waists. In*
Bpection invited.
Mr, Gogo, of Extension, it ie reported,
intently to build a saloon on First Ave.,
opposite the Leader office. This with
tbe proposed building by Mr. 0. Stephens will give Lady mn ith eight hotels.
A typographical error occurred in the
report of the Board of Trade executive
last Wednesday in substituting the name
of Nanaimo for that of Vancouver, in
the paragraph about the unloading of
the halibut.
Mr. W. II, Mason of the Book Exchange has juet received a consignment
of 2,0011 volumes from New York,
amongst them many standard and poju-
lar novels and stories, Mr. Maeon is
working up quite a line business and
creating a taste for reading amonget tbe
Ladyemith public.
For (it fiuiali and style go to Caldwelll
the well-known artistic tailor of Nanaimo.   And the prices are right.
Mr. Davie of the Portland Hotel, First
Avenue, with hie well-known energy and
enterprise has cut a good bee-line trail
from ihe Portland Hotel to tbe
Ladyemith Foundry, lor tbe convenience of the workmen on the smelter
Bite, and the general public. Mr. Davis
intends lo make the trail into a good
bit of road as Boon aa possible.
Ourfrtock is now com pit-to in fancy
drygooiif, boots shoes, gents' InrniahingB
etc., undoubtedly the finest showing on
the Island. The Cheapside, High St,
Rev. W, Leslie Clay, of Victoria, met
the congregation of First Pieabyleriau
Church, in the church Tuesday evening,
and thoroughly discussed a number of
business questions. It was decided to
llBUea call to Rev. Mr. Dodda of Cumberland. Iltiv. W.A. K»e waa present
at the insetiug and took part in the discussion3. Kev. Mr. Clay went to Nanaimo on Wednesday to attend the meeting
of the Presbytery.
We nuke a specialty of mounting na*
tive Specimens in gold, silver and otber
metals. Cash paid lor old gold and
silver W. il. Lively, manufacturing
jeweler, Ladyemith.
The Lender has to thank Mr. George
Caesidy for a boduet uf most beautiful
flowers irom bis ranch near Ladysmith.
Seldom cau liner tulips be cceu even In
the shows, than tlioee which Mr. Cae-
•*idy haa Bticceeded in raising on hie
place. Tbey arc not only mammoth In
bIro, perfectly shaned and strung, but
tbe coloring ia glorioiiB. The narcissus,
jonquils and polyanthus nre also Bpecl
meue veil worthy of a place in any ex
hibilion. Mr, Cassbiy le to be congratulated on bit] eucoeii in this delight*
ful branch cf horticulture.
J, McDonald,
Agent for B, C. Pottery Company.
Chimney Pipe, Sewer Pipe, Gulley
Traps, Te, Ye, Bonds, Tiles and
Grates *   .
High St., Ladysmith
Ladysmitli,       -■        B. C.
Agsnt (or S. W. Psint.  McOlary's
Stovw and Kmaw.
Laurel Rebecca Lodge
Grand Dramatic Entertal.iuiii.t
Tuesday Evening, May 20th
A Talented Company Will I'reient the
Siirt-iiiniii!! lame
"The Two Buzzards,"
And the s'tle-iplllttlng comedy
The Mischievous Nigger.
BnielBitltj, Sonus, etc. The Trpat i I
the Season. Don't Mils It. Commencing sis o'clock.   Admission 50 cents.
Fine waMi r- pultvi . ; f ■ ■;<
Entrust y- ii,- *»*,-, r. -jh-m n-f-
itfor.yount rtiistniablu (\rlnif,
Leiser & Fln'minirger's
Notary Pablie,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court of
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
— Offices -
The Esplanade,   -   Ladysmitli, B. C.
Near (Irantl and Frank Hotel..
For a limited time only
Cabinets at $2.00 Dozen
Larger sizes at low pricei. Oarlion
Cabinet! at Id per drain. Elegant Artist Proofs at til per dczsn.
N.B.-It Will pay you to visit Nanaimo at these reduced prices.
Brooks, Photographer,
We do not new clothing out of your
old clothes, out we certainly i!o
make the old ones look 100 per cent,
hatter—Dyeing, Cleaning and lit.
psirij.es: ]
Nanalmo Clothing Renoviiicry
NANAIMO, BV C. P. O. Bos -120.
—Agent For— ■
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel repairing in all lis branches.
Fino inolal working a specialty.   I'iiiuil
ing, acetylene gas, hot watar and hot
air hentidg.    Work done with deepatch
aud at rceaonable ratea.
22  LOAVES  22
Delicious Bread,
$1.00 ONE DOLLAR $1.00
Why bake when you ean got eoclt
value and delivered at ynur door?
Scotch Baker, 23 Years' Experience
J. KICNNY, Ladyimith Bakery,
Kiplanade,  Uilysinitli.
. i..lly,
Ie hereby given lhat application I will
ba made to the Legislative Atflftnbly of
the Province of Hi iti eh Columbia, at ite
present eeeeion, Ior an Act to incorporate
n company witb power to coueliuot,
rquip, maintain and operate a single or
double line of railway, to be operated by
steam, electricity or any other mode of
p j«t r, at and from tbe City of Victoria,
in tbe Province of British Columbia,
thence north-west by tho moat feasible
route to a point at or near Seymour Narrows, in (he eaid Province of British
Columbia, and with Puerto t'onstruat,,
eBtahliF1'. 'Habitatn ami coi'ifi.iiaHy
operatt -. - n'nay. fetry eteamt-hlp W-
vice for tl.e purpose of transferring for
reward, passengers and paesenger and
freight carB Irom the eaid point at or
near Sevmour Narrows in Vancouvei's
Island, to a point on tbe Mainland of the
Province of British Columbia; ami wilb
further powers to build, (quip, maintain
and operate branches of tbe eaid railway
from any point on the main line tbereol
lo any point in Vancouver Island: and
wilb power to build and operate tramways in connection with the said, railway ; aud with power to build, construct
equip, maintain and operate telegraph
aud telephone tinea in connection with
the said ntilwaye and branches and with
powtr lo generate electricity for the
supply of light, heat, power, and lor all,
any and every other purpose mentioned
in Sections 80,81, 82, and 83 of tbe
" Water Clauses Consolidation Act,1807."
and to do everything necessary or incidental to the carrying out of all or any
of the objects referred to in the eaid
sectionB; and with power to exercise all
(be powers given to tbe company by
Parts IV and V of the •'Water Clauses
Consolidation Act, 1807." and with
power to build, own and maintain eaw-
mills, and to carry on a general express
business, and to build, maintain and
operate, bridge?, roade, ways, ferries,
wharves, dock?, etcamboats,steamships,
coal bunkers and other works, and to
make traffic or other arrangements with
railway, steamship or steamboat and
other companies; and with power to expropriate lands for the purpose of the
company, ami to acquire land bonuses,
privileges or other aid from any government or municipality, or other persona
or bodies corporate, aud with power to
build wagon roads, to be used in tbe
conetruction of such railway and in ad
vance of eame, and to levy and collect
tollB from all persona neimr, and on all
freight paaeing over any of such roads
built hy the company, whether b?fore
or afler the construction of tho railway,
and with power to sell out lie undertaking; and with all other usual, necia-
eary and incidental rights, or privileges
as may be necessary or conducive to the
above objects, or any of them.,
Dated at Victoria, B. C„ this 24 li day
of March, A. D„ 11)02.
Solicitors for tlie A pplicanti.
(HapJe Lodge, No. 6., 1. O. 0. IV
Meets mry WwI-jmiUt t-n-br, In
NieboJson'a ■ Mall ; Vtniting loeoibbrs
---oordlalljr,ittirt,t«d. *
,.,-[■     ,      R.NIMMO 0 T.
m. Mckinley, sm.
Painting, Paptrhanglng and
Mattress Making.
Leave order, for mittrrss miking at
Cipt. Dillon's Office, Eiplanade, whit,
samples can be seen.
Buy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber. \
Csrasr First Av.nu. and a.tscr. StrMt. .
Cabinet work of all kindi.
All kinds ol nit wood furniture made
and repaired.
-TO —
Winnipeg; Toronto'
Montreal New York
And all Eastern Canadian, and
U.S. Points.
Steamship ■ Service
Japan, China,  Hawaii,  Australasia,
Firsf-class Sleepers on all
-TOST. PAUL, Daily.
TOKON I'd, Tuesdays and Saturday!.
For pamphlets and all information apply
to any O.l-.U, agent.
II. 11. ABBOT".      W. McQIRIt,
Agent, Victoria.      Avuni, Nanaimo
E, ,1. COYLIS,
Asst, Gen), Pass. Agent, Vanconver.
:   •■  1  '
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.    ■• "• -
Miners! Attention!
HandjinVtue Pit Shoes st tbe same p. in
-a i h »n iactorv made. Como In mid see.
All work suarantrpil,    Ifepai.l.iK don..
A. S. Christie,
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturers ol Ibe Famous
Hone but Uuion Labor employed.
M. 3. BOOTH, -        Proprietor.
No. ll,
I. O. O, P.
Mevta every Wednesday evening >t 7.3, o'clock,
HUGH miLTON, see.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intelligence. Accurate
reports. Exclusive
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless. Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau & Nanaimo Railway
Time Table No. 44,
SneEj^^ *»d •   8--«'.*rr
Im, L. Oeartaay,
iffflo Maiagar


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