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Ladysmith Leader and Wellington-Extension News Feb 8, 1902

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Miners! Attention!
A.S. Chrii.li,
Oddfellows'bill was packed to suffocation on Tuesday night on the occasion of the farewell entertainment to
Dr. A. H. Gordon, who left the following
morning on the train for his home in
Montreal, via Victoria. . Mr. P. H,
Marshall occupied the chair, and with
him on the platform were the members
ol the committee who had arranged the
Promptly at ,8 o'clock the proceedings
commenced with a. few appropriate remarks of introduction by the chairman.
Mr Robert. Allan, Ladysmlth'a clever
tenor.then favored with the stirring song.
'" The Skipper," which was much enjoyed. Miss Herd played most of the
accompaniments during the evening.
Miss Jeannie Campbell, neat sang and
was heartily applauded. She was followed by Mr. Joseph Saunders, wbo
made a decided hit ln two comic
parodies on " Two little girls in blue,"
ind" Sweet Marie," the audience was
convulsed with laughter. Mrs. Kolston's
singing ol" You'll remember me," was
very pleasing indeed, and was warmly
applauded. Next came Mr, Joseph
Mottran in a well-sung ballad. As an
encon he gave a Chinese comic song in
Chinese, accompanying himself on the
tom-tom, to theSuuboundcd glee of the
The chairman then said bo had a
pleasant duty to perform, namely, tbe
reading plan address in the name ol the
citizens of Ladysmith. to Dr. Gordon.
He felt lure that Dr. Gnrdon wonld bs
remembered by all long after bis departure, and when he wae far from this
city. Not a person in the room bnt
felt deeply lorry to lose the doctor. The
doctor hid been for aome time past, attending tn the troubles that afflict the
people ol tbls place, and doing pretty
much as he pleased, but (his meeting
was going to give him a dose tonight,
which had been In preparation for a lew
days and tbey would see how the doctoi
liked --he medicine. (Laughter,) The
chairman then read II10 address as published in The Leader last Weduesday,
Mr. Spratt then made the.presentation,
hoping tbat Dr. Gordon wonld long
wear the watch and that it would be a
good and faithful time keeper.
Dr. Gordon in reply found it diffi'ult
toezprees hi" seme of appreciation of
thekindnots sl"-wn him. He did not
Bee a tingle unfamiliar face amongst the
audience, and lhat to him was even
more 61 a teetimony to tbe regard in
which he was held by the people of thie
place than tbe splendid gift. He could
not recognizs the person alluded to in
the address Mr. Marshall had just nad.
(L.iughter.)   It was so unlike.bis own
toast of "Oar Country," was drunk
with enthusiasm, and was responded
to by
It'iv. Mr, Rae, who said be bad found.
Dr. Gordon a good neighbor.' He did
not make himself at home with'the
speaker's wood pile, but bought an axe
and chopped bis own, (Laughter.) The
ladies knew Dr. Gordon had a silver
watch because it lay near his heart
(laughter) and nobody could find out
quicker what was in that vicinity than
the ladies.. (Laughter.) Bev. Mr. Eae
then delivered a splendid address on
Canada's needs, the principal one of
which ssemed to lis men who had brains
enough to appreciate the fact tbat tbey
bad a country which waa the best on
earth. He outlined the exasperating
conduct of tbe various British ministers
who had given away, in their crass
Ignorance Vast territories which should
have remained to Canada. A hundred
years ago the United States had no
territory west of the Mississippi, but
astute statesmen nn their part and
stupid oneB on tbe British side had
given the United State! an empire
there, In atirring wordi he urged the
young men of Canada lo. remain In their
own country and help develop it, and
not go over lo the United States.
Americana bad appointed Canadian!
to the highett ofSceB iu their gilt In the
commercial world, and . those talented
Canadians inch at J, J. Hill; Professor
Osier; the manager of the Vanderbilt
system of railways; tbe principals ol
Cornell and Princeton Universities,
were employing tbeir talents in a loreign
country wben their own land needed
just such men. Even the great mil'
sionaries were Canadians, and there
were lots of heathens ln Canada, though
[not one iu Ladysmith, (laughter)' on
whom they could exercise their benign
influence, Edward Blake was fighting
tor justice lor Ireland instead of helping
to advance his native laud. Why did
Canadians desert Canada like tbat?
There was enough aud to spare for them
to do here. Tbe speech was listened tb
with intense iuteiest and was heartily
Mr. W. Hughes then tang "Sailing"
in a clever manner, receiving loud applause. Mies Herd and Mr. J. J
Thomas in a duet provided great entei-
tainment, the sketch being very skilfully done.
Rev. R. J. Irwin replied to the toast
of tbe ladies in a very bappy manner.
He told a number of amusing anecdotes,
and wound up by pointing ont the many
noble qualities of woman.
The aiming of "He's a jolly good fellow," "Auld Lang Syne," and tbe
national anthem closed the proceedings.
idea ol himself. It bare no resemblance
to the individual who usually promen
aded the street! ol Ladyimith in hii
clothes. (Laughter,) It was too bad to
lhatter Ihe Ideal so kindly put forward
In that address, but be would just leave
tbem to believe that it was all true,
every word ol tt. (Laughter.) It somehow reminded him ol the life of n
Methodist preacher and his three years'
term. First year hia congrognllon eald
to him "l'ussy, pussy, pussy." The
second year, "Pussl" The third year
theyuld' Scat!" (Laughter.) He was
neither a Methodist nor a minister, but
seeing there was so much ol the "Pussy"
hero tonight he thought it would be nowise to etay aud take the chances ol
getting Ihe "l'uisI" and the "Seat I"
(Laughter.) He thought it a good omen
that the very persnn who extended to
him tbe hospitality ol Ladysmith when
he lauded here some time ago a perfect
etranger, and whn piloted blm around
and acted ai guide, philosopher and
iriend should be the very genllemm
who that evening occupied the chair at
thil leave-taking (Applause.) Al for
Ladyimith, he could not Imagine a place
where there wai less friction and mure
wholesome toeial Intercourse. He wae
sorry to leave, but he desired to express
hia slncerest thanks lor the truly magnificent gift which the people had bestowed upon him, and he bespoko.for
his successor, Dr, Tumbull, the same
kindness and good feeling which had always been ihown to him.    (Applauie.)
Half an hour wai then pleasantly
•pent in discussing the relreihtnepii,
Which were handed round by tie
gentlemen of the committee,
Mr. Robert Allan then sang '-Will ye
no come back again," the chorus by
the company. Thli wis one ol the most
pleasing events ol the whole evening,
.,   j .. , «,. o.       . ,1.. —~. —l— •»'• Grosser, violin, and Mr, Hogg, con-
Hand Made r lobes at; tho same price      ,,     ., "'   ,,
at chnp laetorr mad.. Oome In and see.. eitllae, <!><* gave lome most enjoyable
II work guaranteed.   Repairing done, j lileoUooi.   Mr. F. W, Greaves sang
"Rocked in the cradle ot the deep,1
with much feeling. The toait ol "The
King" having been duly honored, tbe
Oraat Wast of Canada as Sean
a Wall-Known Newspaper Man.
Result of the Long-Heralded Conference al Vancouver.
Vancouver, B.C., Feb. ".—(Special to
The Leader,)—Delegates from all parti
oi the province assembled here yesterday forenoon for the convention to be
held tbe lime day at 2 o'clock. Speculation wai very active and all aorta ol
gueasei were put forward ai to the probable result of the meeting. One fact
wai to be noted—the almost total absence of I lie former lomewhat widespread hostility to Hon. Joseph Martin.
Many who had opposed Mr. Martin
bitterly spoke quietly about him and
hia policy, and this was especially
noticed amongst tbe Kootenay delegatel,
There seemed to be an impression that
Mr. Martin ia tbe only man fit to lead
and hold tbe party together, but it was
broadly hinted that surprises were in
Itore lor everybody.
Senator Templeman, chairman, received decided rebuff, when!.convention
failed to sustain hia ruling that Frank
Burnett's resolution th.t credential!
committee coneiit of one delegate Irom
each conifltuenoy was out of order. The
credential committee waa then formed
aid deliberated five hours.
At the evening session J. O.Brown,
New Westminster, reported to convention, when Victoria delegate! mad.
a'crmy scene. Senator Templeman
pointed but that if report wai accepted,
and suggestion of Mr. Brown, that all
delegates leave ball and bs admitted by
name on credential committee- roll,
permitted it would exclude old executive.
During heated discussion Senator
Templeman aaid he was a Liberal when
Mr. Brown wae too cowatdly to- declare
himself. Victoria itieounusly opposed
acceptance of Mr. Brown's .report .and
refused to leave hall, producing deadlock.
E.F.Davis and E V. Bodwell ipoke
amid disorder.
Mr, Bernard Mc Evoy hai collected
for publication in book form tb. beliabt-
ful series of letters contributed by him to
tbe Mail and Empire during hia recent
trip through Weitern Oanada. Tbe
volume.il entitled "From tbe Greit
Lakes to th. Wide West." William
Brlggs has the work in hand, and will
Issue It in bit but style, illustrated
plentifully with picturesque scenes—
new plates from recent photoi—alone
the route. Mr. McEvoy writes with
the easy, sprightly style oi the practlted
Journalist; he Is a keen observer, and
can give tilings their proper proportion.
At might be expected, poetic touchet
are frequent, especially in the etquliite
passages descriptive of acenery. A
light humour runs through all th,
chapters, greatly enhancing the reader'e
enjoyment. Certainly no volume since
Principal Grant's "Ocean to Ocean''
gives so engaging a picture of Canadian
travel. Its value us a capable estimate
and description of Western Canada can
icarcely be ever-rated.
I.ndn-mth  Mslf-plng.
Ship Antiope, Captain Munay, left
Kalnl ou Jan. 15th. lor Ladyimith. She
is expected ln early this week.
A barge containing ISO tons ol coal
was towed Irom Ladyimith to on. ol th.
Alaska Commercial Oo'a eampt up north
last week.
The ship Kinross, Capt. Murray, left
yestenlav for her usual port, with a cargo ol 2,250 tona ol coal.
Several large carriers are expected
very shortly and the Company is doing
Its utmost to supply them.
Now is the time to tet your job printing done. The Leader can quote yon
the lowest rates on all lorti ol bill headi
letter heads, cards, circulars, ticket!,
statement!, etc.
Our tiny wlntir ended rather abruptly
thli week, and tbe email (7! boy ' hai
stored bis sled up lu tbe woodihed .nd
light Inr another opportunity to claim
his privilege ol making a target for
tnowballi out ol th. Innocent citizen.
Alex. Wilson accused Mr B -dwell ,,l
lieing a represent tive ol Victoria Tories,
Ur. Bodwell vehemently denied this.
Mr. Wilson repeated the charge.
John Oliver'! motion that majority
and. minority report! ol credential committee be voted op seriatim carried
Senator Templeman then resigned
chair to G R Maxo.il, M. P., and with
the whole Victoria delegation till ball."
Mr. Maxwell wis thin elected preil-
Joieph Martin leconded motion that
Sir Wilfrid Laurier be honorary president ins itrong ipeech in which hi
denlad Ih. report! th.t b. w.i at variance »ith the Laurier government,
, T. 8. Baxter waa appointed iicratiry.
H. B. Gilmour't motion to lupporl
tbe policy ol th. Laurier government
wsi carried doahimouily.
Nanaimo Labor party dalegatn wen
rejected; also Liberal editors.
Convention this morning unanimously
dielindlor parly linn tn provincial
politics. Afternoon meeting wlll be devoted to selection of leader.
The Nanalmo Labor party delegates
wen good-humoredly chaffed oa tbeir
wild goon chase and bets were offered
•i to their ch.ncei ot passing the credential committee.
Pleasant Dance and Supper Wednesday Evening.
Julias nice a little social function ai
hai enlivened tbe ramp thli winter wai
Wrought oil most tuccsifully oa Wednesday evening in Gonld'i Aall under
the auspices ol the local lodges ol Fnree-
ten ind Woodmen ol the World. A
party ol gentlemen carat up from Oh.- "
mainns on the late express which wai
vary convenient lor tbii occaiion, snd
they, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed
themselves. The brethren deserve all
prill, lor their clever management.
The dance went off right merrily and
th. oyitar rapper filled a Ion, fal, want
to the niceit ol nlcitles. Everybody
pronovnoed the affair splendidly minland and most en j ivable.
Reserve Wedneiday evening, the 19ih, i
lor the Rebecca conoirt ud dance.     * '
Th, annual meeting ol the Congre-
(itlon of the PreBb) tartan OhuroH wn
hildon Thursday evening last. Ripirt,
ol tho business of the preredin* year
were nad and a general disciisalou of j
waya and means of doing more effldant
work followed. Th. following'rn.nsg-r. '
wen elected for thli year,—Massrs. S. F.
Macintosh, A. S. Chrlitle, A. W, R.I-
rtoa.S.LiuderbaohandG. R. WilWB.
Ladysmith Leader
Wellington-Extension News.
rubllahed every Wednesday aad Saturday at
rbe Leader Building, corner of First Ave. aud
Preach Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia,
T. I,. GRAHAMS, Editor and psorminoH.
One year (strictly In advance) , J. <
tx months (strictly In advance) .5
TRANSIENT—First insertion loc, a line; each
.ubsequent insertion 5c, a line.
Rate, on application. No wood cuts used,
Cut. for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices,
each insertion 50c,
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
Mine will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER may be;oblalned from the
lowing Agents:
Ladyamlth-The Leader Office; The Ladyemith
Nanalmo—E. Pimbury & Co.
Victoria — George Marsden;   Victoria Book &
Stationery Co.; Pope Stationery Co.;
Victoria News Co.|l mbllc Library:
Provincial Library.
Vancouver—Public Library.
New Westminster—Public Library.
All changes in advertisements must be received
at thla office before ia noon the day before
SubKriber.no! receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
AU job work strictly cash on delivery.
Transient advertisements cash in advance.
By sll oddi the moit important matter
that can engage the attention of the
people oi Vancouver Island it the opening up ol iti rnourcn ot evarykind.
There il In too much ot nielen political
■quibbling; mesnlnglen brawli between
■chimin who care lor nothing except
their own advancement. The newi'
papen, which ihould never miss an issue
without pnbllihing to all the world the
weillh and advantage! ol thil itlind.have
Sited their column! with ituff which hai
no intereit beyond the lhadow ol the
parish pnmp where It ia issued;.nd
which li avtn a wearlnen ol the flub to
those who happen to be awan ol the
•ilste.ee ol th. non.ntitiei whole
names an blazaned in printer', ink.
And The lander hai been gnilty with
the rest, When we look back on tb.
ill months during which Th. Leader
has been publiihed snd Ml the targe
amount ol space given over to tha Noah'i
Ark politics of thli province, the discus-
lion ol the merits snd demerit, of Ralph
Smith snd his Ilka—we ipeak contempt-
uonily, tor it item, to ui that ol all tho
poor nnworthy cnatnrei that ever by
mi.beiott.n chance got Into the Canadian home ol representatives Ralph
Smith, H. P., bean the bell. Ai we
w.n iiylng, inch a wait, ol iptce on
blockhead, and their dull, parrot
palaver, and 10 little lor the wide and
tree advertliemint of tbe wondroui
rlchei ol thli little Empire ln tbe
Pacific, Induce! melancholy, dejection,
the bind. But whil. than ii lib there
il hope; we can make amends henceforward.
Vancouver Island, it ippeirs to ui, Is
at a critical atag. in iti div.lopm.nt
(tiling the word in ita accepted Yankee
Man). Very much depend, nponth.
win handling of the great liiunattbe
present time whether thli island is
going to tiki iti plus ii oneol the
greatest centre, ol activity in North
America or Me the next twenty yein
nan in tbe dawdling fnbion that hai
characterized the put twenty.
The one man who ean do more than
any other individual lor the opening up
ol Vancouver Island and making it
great and protperoua Ii the Hon, Jamet
Duntmuir. To hii care hia been com
mltted interests which involve not only
enormoui responsibilities, but alio
enormous possibilities. So far at we
have been able to find out Mr, Duntmuir
bat done all that could have been expected of any man, aa au Individual;
but we are sorry to find thit many ot
hit effort! at developing thli island have
been balked and thwarted by person! and
companies who seem to believe that
Mr, Duuimuir has sinister design! upon
the island—perhaps, who know!?, tbe
proclamation nf an absolute monarchy,
with bimsell aa first occupant of tha
throne I
To hear thoie people talk one might
imagine that Mr. Dunsmuir had betrayed felonioui detigni ol some sort,
The facts, however, are that Mr, Duns
muir and the companiei in which be li
concerned have fully done their sban in
opening up the resources of the island,
and tbey would have done immensely
more had it not been lor the factious
opposition of penons whose conduct has
been a scandal and a disgrace in tbii
respect. But lor thoie dog-in-the-
manger obttructionitti Mr. Duusmulr'i
grand plans for making the island a
hive ot industry wonld have been in
lull operation now.
Nanalmo wonld have been a city ol
fifty thouiand inhabitants, and without
a peer aa a ihipping port on the Britiih
Columbia coiat. But tbe piide and
ieaiouiy ol one man aald " No! It ihall
not be, because, where wonld I be,
then?" Yet, oi what use mourning
over what might have been? Mr. Duni.
muir li today atill men itrongly imbued
with the deiire to ue Vancouver Island
llooriib, and il the people want to lee
that happy consummation they ihould
learn that it ii not to be accompliihed
through meaningless obstruction.
He ii able to do much himself, but if
be were backed up by the people ai a
whole, Vancouver Island would leap to
the front as a mineral, lumbering, agricultural and flihery centre. Flnt the
people will have to get rid ol tbeir tenia-
leu prejudice, which is just ignorance-
prejudice li only anothar name for
ignorance—learn that Mr. Duntmuir
stands ready to join hands with tbem
heartily in any reasonable ichemeol
development and that, assured of tbe
people'! lyinpitby and lupport be will
do bii lhare manfully in making Van.
couver Island what it ought to be.
Whether it waa the potency el the
three-star ginger beer, or tbe tongue-
tangling tea that the ladles provided at
the least ol reason and flow ol soul when
Mr. Ralph Smith was tarewelled, last
Saturday night, tbat caused the great
statesman to say exactly the opposite
from what be meant to say, we cannot
determine, but at any rata Mr. Smith on
that occaiion certainly delivered himself
of a very intereiting itatement,
It il all the inoio intereiting from tie
fact that Mr. Smith hai the superhuman
impudence to discourse about logic in
his occasional addreasei. Himself
bounteonely endowed witb it, according
to him, and bii opponent! born without
a tcrap of the valuable quality. In bii
ipeech on Saturday night Mr. Smith
waa talking about critics, and taking
cold comfort from a natural doggednen
and capacity lor aludyiog punishment
which i. often a characteristic when
nature has denied the itandard quantity
ol brains.
We follow tbe Free Press report as
There is nothing more refreshing than
a good cup'of Pure Tea.
Try our new consignment of
Pure Ceylon Tea
It's just splendid and the price is only
35c. per lb., 31b. for $1.00.
(Ask for a free sample.)
Leiser & Hamburger
Esptaaade sad Oatacre Stmt, . Udysmlth
being probably mora trustworthy than
that provided by Mr. Smith's press
organ, the painfully truthful Herald,
Tho Free Presi report! Mr. Smith al indulging in a literary quotation, and
from Dr. Johnson, too. We ihould ai
■oon have expected to hear the ghost ol
Dr. Johnson pointing a moral aud adorning a tale with a quotation from the
logical speeches ol Mr, Smith; but (here
are no bounds to the "uerve" ol-this
coming cabinet mlniiter. Mr. Smith
laid; *
"Ae Dr. Johnson had laid, the time
to get angry wai when hard things that
were true were said about one."
Mr, Smith, it will be remembered, got
very wroth at Tbe Leader at a certain
meeting hold in Nanaimo opera house,
what time one J. H. Hawthornthwaite
gave Mr. Smith the worst grldironing
he had received since Mr. Molnnea held
him over the burning pit, bat did not
drop him in, abont a year ago. Then,
The Leader, according to Mr, Smith's
own statement, fortified by that of the
late Dr, Johnson (wonder II Ralph
knows he'i dead) wai ipeaking tbe hard
thing called tne troth. Had it been
what Mr. Smith politely called it, in tbe
preience ol a large audience ol ladiei,
who doubtless appreciated tbe delicate
taite ol Mr. Smith and hii gentleman,
like language, Mr, Smith would not
have shown any sign of choler. But
the fact ii be got flaming hot under the
choler, and (or some minutes raved and
ranted like a Bedlamite. The Leader'
statements all along have beon too true
for Mr. Smith, snd he knowi It, snd hai
now in spite el- hii famous "10I0 on the
liar" queitlon, admitted it. We quite
agree with Dr, Johnson's dictum; it is
thi troth thil woniei tbe man who is
criticized, not 11m. He need not care
lor lies, but it is hard to restrain one's
wrath whan th. cold, hard truth ia told
abont one. Hence, Mr. Smlth'a wrath
at The Leader wat perfectly justifiable;
only, he ihould have nad up hii book
on mannera belore he went to that meet,
ing, and he wonld have teen tbat it il
considered naughty in polite moiety to
call an opponent luch naity mmeeai
lolled the lipi ol Mr. Smltb on that
m.monble occaiion.
We shall continue lo ipeak the troth
about Mr. Smith, and if he loin hii
temper, he muit juit console himself
with Dr. Johmon'i veidict thai:
"The time to get angry ii when bard
thing, that are true are laid about one."
In antwer foa eorntpondent we may
lay that the Houii ol Laid, comprises
690 peers; the Houn ol Commons 670
members; and that two archbishops und
twenty bishops lit in the Lords.
Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwait!, M.P.L.,
is deceiving the public, we are confident
of tbat. We are lure he hai lomething
up his sleeve which II revealed would
hurl Ralph Smith from power and place.
Why don not Mr. Hawthornthwaite
produce it, if only aa a unitary meature?
Ai.ti-vaccinationisls will kindly take
Ihe elegantly-expressed advice of Dr.
McKechnie, and "paste Ibe following
In their hati (or   futnre reference."
Tbeie are the statistics for 1001 ol the
Metropolitan Asylum Board ol London,
England, as to smallpox t
Case., Death.,
Vaccinated      tbo       id!
Doubtful       61        ,1
I'uvncciuated......      ly, ofl
eaitaand scl.oiaily ne'erdoweels when
we read that Tim Lono, tbo comic
aongeter of tho London Empire, ba,
been engaged for tlie Dmry Line pantomimes ol 1002,1003, and 1901 at a salary
Poor old Ireland Ib getting juaticaat
last, A writer in Blackwood's Edln
burgh Magazine Bays that iu no country
in Europe is there greater moral purity
among the lower clasacs, or stronger
family affection, than in Ireland. Thie
simply basis out what Thackeray, one
of the best of Englishmen, said about
tbe Irish peasantry. And is not that
hotter than military glory or commercial
supremacy, or spheres oi influence, As
Robert Burns lays:
" To make a happy fireside clime
For weans and wife—
That's the true pathos and sublime
Of human lite,"
ICbemnlnn. Ileneral Hospital.
Lollowlng it the list, of donations fcr
January to Chemainus General Hospital:
Primrose planta, Mrs. Howell; sack
each ol carrots and onions, Mr, Bousall;
pack oi playing cards, Mr. Gustavson;
wild goose, Mr, Stevenson; tray cloth,
R. D. Society Duncan; reading matter,
Mist White, Mr. Blrohall, Mr. Johnson,
Mn, Whidden, Victoria Daily Coloniat
and Timet, Nanaimo Daily Herald and
Free Press, Ladysmith Semi-Weekly
E, H. JONES, Matron,
A. C. Wilson,
Funeral Wreathe, etc., Wedding Bouquet! in every style. Order! promntly
attended to. -NANAIMO, B. 0
,t,.l,,ti ,t,,-T.,ta.f at, A.ti.tiitl.tirli^nliillrfirlllllllsiflllllllltl^
•ay,sferg.'ayWV 4 J » a I '* e> WS 'I'll'ay'M.'av'mv'a. v
The Bast
ii Lager and Porter ii
In town at the hotels is manufactured by the
Nanaimo, B. O.
, . ir.■■..«. a-..■..*. m..w..m..m..t. t>..»r..w..«..w-T) .w..w. w w. w ,w. e> ■
Tbudk Mark*
Co#»vmoHT» Ac.
Anyone sending * sketch snd description may
julaktlr ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Cnmmonlen.
tlonsstrlctlyctiiiDtleiitlsl. H,uidbnokon Patents
MM freo. uMest ngoncy for socurln^stenU.
oulok'lf nscertsln our opinion free wnelber an
Invoiitlon jsprobsblrpatenUbla.  C
lj»eiaTno"(l«r* iltiou t ohRtseT'la't
IBM freo. Olflost Alienor for socurlrwpatei
Patenu taken tfinnwrb Munn A co. ri
Scientific American.
miattoli'orsnrjclejtuio loarnal,   '.
em 1 four months, |L Bold brail n<
 ;o «'»'"*■'. Nl
7' f5 W' TB ¥1 t "3 ■* wi *nwi wwi wn mcwi usrvs-j k<r
2*a^*as»-**-ai*w« n,*>?ti4yttn*H4
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Nanalmo Free Press haa been deliver,
ed of another joke; parenti and prodigy
doing well. Iti. on. on Th. Liader,
too, thli time; hince Th. Leader',
jocundity. Tfaeeldwty wig nyi:
" Ai thil il one ot the diyi on which
the Ltdyimlth Liader it Issued, all
political offender! ihould take to the
Yet, and tb. fln.it pl.ee el woodi ln
the country II the Fn. Prin'. present
bead. Evan mauler bullet, could not
reach political off.nder. through mob a
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gathtr, who oould oonitrae ths cnnel,
form Inierlptioni, or .how with copious
citatloni, whenln ley Ihe different), lo
style |bet«reen the hiitorlim Tbney
didst and Herodotns, or point ont dli-
orepinoies in the narrative ol Tacltni,
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mmt. ——
When the cow Is abont seven months
gone with calf, cut her feed down to
small amounts of clover buy, brim und
silage, says Evnu B. Slinrpless in National Stockman. Try to have her dry
about one month prior to calving. Two
weeks before Iter time la up, should she
be In a plethoric condition, give her
a pound of epsou salts, nnd each week
she is given a tenspoonful of saltpeter.
She Is not allowed tho run of tbo yard
or pasture for fear some accident may
befall her. Very often a dnni loses her
calt or has troublo calving because ot
nn accident which could have becu
avoided had she been fastened up.
When frcsb, a pound of epsoin salts is
given from a long necked drench bottle. The salts'nre dissolved ln three
pints of boiling water and then allowed to cool to 100 to 105 degrees F.
There is no better time to rid our
herd and stables ot every germ of abortion and contamination than at calving
time. Every birth should bo treated
ns on abortion, and dairy barns would
eoon become free from the drended
trouble. As soon ns the calf Is born it
is removed from tbe sight of the mother and wrapped with an old blanket In
a comfortable bed of straw and allowed to remain until dried off. While It
fa drying off return to the cow nud
glvo her one quart of bran to two or
three quarts of cold, clean water. This
should be repeated five or alx times
dally. Give littlo aud often, ns too
much cold water at one time might
bring on n chill, and cold water Is preferable to warm, as the cow's system Is
feverish enough. Don't give too much
hay or It wlll have a tendency to pack
the fourth etomach and bring on that
meat dreaded of all discuses, milk fever.
An Old Omnlbna I/tlllaed a.' a Hon..
For Fowl..
The accompanying cut, shown here
through the courtesy of The Farm
Journal, Philadelphia, was from a photograph sent to that paper without any
explanation ns to its owner or location. In addition to tbe regular henhouse, which haa a very neat, comfortable appearance, nn old omnibus
which has apparently outlived its usefulness ln Its first estate baa been
transformed into a sort of traveling
hennery. Whether the owner baa his
hens so trained thnt at the cry of "All
aboard!" they will climb in for a ride
to fresh fields and pastures new we
will leave to our readers for their solution. But tho possibilities of such a
traveling shelter are obvious. A flock
of hens could be taken to tbe grain-
fields after harvest, where not only
How On. Farmer dot a nerd of Pnr,
tired Guernsey..
In a recent Issue of Hoard's Dairyman a New York farmer tells how he is
building up a herd of pure bred Guern
Beys lit small outlay of cash. He says:
"As I lease a farm .for cash rent, I
am, perhaps, one ot the poor farmers
who generally are not able to own high
priced registered cows. As It happens,
though, I do own it thoroughbred
Guernsey bull (a Sheet Anchor), ono old
cow and several head of young cows.
With the exception of tho bulls, It Is
quite easy to get started.
"I did like this: As I could not afford
to buy a high priced cow I bought un
old one of the breed I wanted. She had
The cow's hindquarters, hips and
tall should be scrubbed off with warm
the fallen grain, but the numerous Insects, would bo quickly and cheaply
transformed into eggs, or in case pastures or meadows abound with insect
life or orchards or berry fields are attacked with Insect enemies the hens
would accomplish a double good at
small expense. In Borne IocaUtles such
a house might Invito the attacks of
marauders, cither two legged or four
legged, but not more so than many ot
tho permanent houses one aeea through
the country. But such it house might,
after the Inmates are settled for the
night, be drawn into the barn and lock-
j ed up securely. One often aeea poultry,
qusassxY cow nsars.
a good pedigree and had been an excellent cow. Tbat cow Is still good enough
to raise calvea and gives milk enough
to pay for what she eats. I have since
bought another old cow for much less
than (100, and let me say right here
these cow. have records of nearly 400
pounds of butter, although they are old
now and cannot do it nny more. There
Is a herd of youngsters coming on now
which will Increase my herd faster
when they come ln themselves.
"In regard to service bulls, It is different. I have to buy them—sometimes ex-
quarters made from material, whose
first use was entirely foreign to any change—as calvea and take my chance.
.„„,„.. .,„,, „„,,„ „,„i .i „„ i „ „„;,„ „•„>   inch purpose.   We have seen several whether they make good bulla to keep
25^.«.nS„™, S ™ivh„ Z„ I discarded street can used for poultry or not. Then I aeU my bull calves and
l,„f™^ »■» °«»8l»''»l abandons freight can Invest the money in heifer calves.
fu o crX^f^olL'    ehta-   «   ««■■"■" «f J»g g_\     "'"""*•""*«"* °~
homes for a small flock, while then
and large dry goods boxes can easily
and cheaply be transformed Into houses
suitable for bantams or for growing
stock.   We have known of a notion
of a large hollow tree being fitted up
into  a  very  comfortable  henhouse.
Probably tbe latter Is less common
now than ln tho early history ot the
country.—Poultry Monthly.
quartan should receive an application.
The uterus should bo also flushed out
.with a gallon of warm water containing four tablcspoonfula of crcollne.
The stall where the cow calved
•bould be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, fresh earth sprinkled over
wet places and stall replenished with
fresh straw. If you havo things
bandy, these operations are soon goue
through with, and should tbey require
a little tlmo It is profitably spcut.
The portions of cold water given the
cow aro to keep tho udder from becoming bard, but If tbe dairyman gives
large quantities of cold water and liberal feeding Immediately after calving
he may expect trouble aud perhnpa
cowa now and eight thoroughbreds. I
bought In all three registered bulls
since I commenced and two registered
cows. The amount of money Invested,
or, nther, expended, Is about $200 and
that, of course, not nil at once."
In a paper read by Dr. Leonard
Flersou boforo the Now Jersey Agricultural society on the subject "Cow
Health" ho said in pint:
Tho subject of cow health includes
everything that Influences ln nny way
tho functions of an animal, tbo workings ot any orgnn or nny set of organs. Under that head, you Bee, we
wlll have to include breeding nnd rearing mid feeding nud general stable
management nnd cure, and, In fact, tho
subject of cow health Includes the
whole subject cf animal husbandry.
It Is manifestly useless to attempt to
cover more than a small corner of this
great Held, so I shall confine my remarks to stables and stable conditions
and tbo influence of those conditions
upon tho health of tho cow, aud I believe that of all tbo things bearing upon tho health ot the stabled cow light
Is the most Important. But It Is very
difficult to select. Tbero nre so many
things tbat are of high importance,
though If we weigh them carefully wo
wlll find that light Ib fully ns Important ns nny and perhaps of the great-
eat Importance. All higher nulmnls require light
One would think that the fact la so
perfectly manifest that It would not
The Hew Wyandotte*.
The new variety of Wyandottes,
called Silver Penciled Wyandottes, is
a beautiful fowl, but beyond all thli
they are wonderful egg producers, A
lot nre known to have been hatched
early in July, 1900, which began to lay
about Christmas. Two of them have
continued to lay right along for seven
months. During May these two hens
laid, one, twenty-ono eggs; the other,
twenty-three eggs. For 210 daya, ending July 20, these two bena have laid
207 eggs between them. If the ratio
could be maintained, these two hen.
might produce In the full S6S day.
250 eggs each. But It la to be presumed that they cannot continue at
this rate much longer. This new variety Is a combination of the original
Silver Laced Wyandotte nnd the Dark
Brahma. In them has been united the
blood ot two of the best general purpose fowls wo have. None of onr
American breeds Is better.for eggs
and market poultry than the flnt
Wyandotto tbat Waa originated tn upper New York state. Fully their equal
is the Dark Brahma. The union ot tbe
two has produced a fowl that has tho
Wyandotte shape with the Dark Brahma color. The credit ot originating the
new variety belongs to Cayuga county,
N. Y.-Country Gentleman. J
Cora and Covrpea SlUae.
A Kentucky dairyman gives In Sural
New Yorker his experience In mixing
com and cowpeas In bla alio. He aaya:
I tried filling my alio for several
yean with corn alone, I then tried tUI-
Ing with corn and cowpeas and waa so
well pleased that I kept It up for several yean till I sold out my dairy. Judging by tbo way 'the cowa ate them, if
anything the peaa made the better silage. When run through the cutter, tbe
green peas would cut very flue and
pack very close and make a better
keeping silage than tbe corn alone, and
for me it bad one other decided advantage In growing the crop.
It la very convenient to have whatever you put In the silo near ut hand,
and by growing corn and cowpeas I
could uso tho same field each year,
growing one-half In each and alternating. The fourth crop with thla rotation
waa tbe hoavlcat. Aa soon aa the silo
was filled the ground was harrowed
and town to rye. One hundred pounds
of rnwbone to tbe acre waa the only
manuring it had. Tbo calvea ran oo
the rye all open weather during tbe
Winter, and when it atarted to grow ln
the spring my herd ot forty cows waa
hardly able to keep it down till the
bine gran got a start, wben it waa
plowed again and left alone for several
weeks, then thorougbly prepared and
planted to corn and peas.
Testiua Ih, Baca.
Tralnlna Ik* Belter.
It Is not all In the breed nor In tho
Tho testing of the eggs baa nothing  J"0'?. """^"P1"* »■««** ~w "«"
»,iI, »T,i .if» ™.,,i, »Mn. i,.m,. P.Z.  «"e heifer calf, saya Farm and Ranch.
She muat also be trained for her life
work. A boy may Inherit a mechanical
talent from a long line ot ancestors,
but he must be properly taught and
trained before he can build a locomotive er plan a cantilever. The heifer
calf should early In life receive her first
lemons, so that the direction of her development ahall bo toward the milk
pall. The milk giving organs may be
etimulated to action by proper handling, and If properly pursued, ln
many cases, tbe heifer wlll produce
milk before mating. "Just as ths twig
Is bent the treo'a Inclined" applies to
the can in question, Before the helfei i
to do with tho result of tbe batch. People test tho eggs to find out whether
tho eggs nre fertile or not prior to tbe
term they nro due to batch.   Thla on-
allies them to select tho clear from the
fertile eggs. These clear egga are Just
na good for cooking or any use that
other cggB of the samo ago can be put
to, as tbey would bo If never placed in
the machine. Being is tbe machine for
be necessary to mention it, but that It a wcck °r tcn days haa no more Influ-
la necessary to mention it can be prov-1 cnc0 ott clcnr "SB* than the aummer
ed to any one who visits a number of weather would have on them In a has.
dairy farms In this vicinity nnd on el- kct in tbo house. Clear eggs wlll keep
thcr aide of tho state line. You will g<""l l0nscr than will the so called fer-
flnd cattle that are boused In dark sta-. tllo eggs.
hies.  Sometime, there are a few win-     When you have several incubators, II ., .
dows, .ometlmea no window, at all.  two are tilled and atarted at the aaini   "J*?" •» an°dXnd Juit a. an old
Sometlmestoenwindowsarepllodfuu  ^.J^^^^1*  ™*ZaV*\\Zttl?mZ™
1Z warn." * 'a "*" *     '      I SuaSStlmeer."    J* -"«- f • -""• »'*"*
Xht promote, the nutrition of th.' * th. machines, that can be refilled  ^Zi^T^tZLZ'
tissues and organs of the body, and It  »"4 »° time lost working to keep cleat  ,UI,B0M' sua it n a goou tntng to try,
help, to bring about  the   chemical  W warm for three weeks.   This 1)
change. In a normal way.   At tills  »'»" true what you put yonr eggs un. B«t From Dairy Breed..
time a great many diseases are treat- dor "overal bens, These are th. na- Should the dairyman try to grow bla
ed by light, and especially diseases ot ma <w tC8tlllK the eggs. Yon then liters Into beef I Emphatically no, It
tbe skin that can be reached most know |D advance what tbe prospects ol they an from dairy aires, says Profess.
directly by light.   Dr. Flnson, a Dan-  a hatch are. or Thomna Shaw. He may grow them
  ... - Into veal or baby beet by feeding them
Th. Bla, at Sana, . on aklmmllk and certain adjunct., Mil-
Houses and rune abould be In propor-  leg tbem between tbe agea of alx and
tlon.  It la aeldom that the yards sn   else months, or a Uttle later In th. case
largo enough for the houses,  Is cities
lib physician, has   discovered   that,
many dlieaaei of the skin and even
aome caiei of leprosy can be cured by
light  In order to do this a large lens
la used that concentrates light from
et Holitelm, but be ihould not try to
mature and ualik them ai beet itecn
in matured and finished unless he la
which the heat rays have been ah- and villages it Is no unusual sight to
atracted upon a email area.   Either aee a good sized house and a run no
aunllght or tbe light from an arc lamp larger than tho house In the ana cov ! anxious to get rid of hia money. But
can be used for thla purpose. ered.   The result II a perfectly ban I " the dairyman has grade cowa of
Then Ught Is an antiseptic. We have and often dusty ground plot The area I "lied breeding and doea not care to
found tbat the lower forms of plant of the yard should bo at lent ten tlmei I tsar any caivei tor the dairy and la,
and animal life live In tb, dark.   It that of the house In which tbe birds  moreover, desirous of growing meat be
yon put tbem In the light, they will are kept and It tbe yard Is Hill larger ' can do n by nilug high clan, pun
die. So tbat a stable flooded with light «Jt wlll not be ef excessive sin.   In   bred ilrei of some beef breed.  The
not only promotei tho health ot the In- fact, It Is best to have th. area of the  Progeny wlll then be io pronouncedly
mates, but It alio helps to shield tbe run so large that It will remain green  beef In form that they can be grown
cowa from disease by acUng as sn anU- through the entire growing sessoty., profitably for meat even to the age ot
peptic and by. deitroylng germs,    I jDxohange, „..', „.,u .
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages.
Headquarters of the coal shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system, electric light
and power plant about to be installed. I
'two to tares years,
Fine public school building now being
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysmith
_L   .....
L_i^ . iduramHa'iijBapBi^^ ' i9«m
The Cheapside!
Ho Fire! No Smoke! No Water!
We are offering the Ladysmith public and surroundings
bigger reduction! than have ever been offered baton. We
are giving tbe itnck a tborougb ont cleaning and everything muet go at a big reduction, owing tbat we need all
the room for our spring ttock. Remember we offer you
all new goods right from tbe wholesale bouses. We believe
that Ladysmith la entitled to flnt choice. We have a
large stock of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Clocks,
teachers and accommodation were pre
Nothing puts the finishing touch to a
comfortable parlor, drawing or dining
room like a pretty mantel clock. Lively
has a splendid astortment. ,
Serlout explosion! awakened us on
Friday morning and we looked out ol the
window to ne it we were not in "real
Ladysmith, (S. A.), bnt were not, we
saw no "long toms" frowning at ui.
Just a few hilarious Chinamen had taken
possession of the town, and we taw that
we had to wash our own dlBhea and trim
tbe collier! ouraelves. But we were
thankful our holidays came earlier.
Our headache! are over.
f Weinrobe's
Getterst store;
High St., Ladysmith Extension Tunnel
Annual Clearance Sale ol
Tw.ntv per cent discount for On.
Week More. Real snaps in odd lines.
Oome with the crowd and get flnt
cholnof the belt patterns before they
are .11 Mid.
Sampson's Cash Stores,
Nanaimo, B. C.
Fine line oi watches, gold and silver,
to select Irom it Lively, the leading jew
eler, Fint Avenne. *
Mr. J. W. Bryden, ot Victoria, ipent
a day or two in town tbii week. He is
interested in some very rich mineral
clalmi in tbe Skeena river country and
•bowed tome fine specimens.
i tin
The Interior ol the new Kilpatrick
block is being panted and decorated.
Mr. George Sugdon paid a buiinsn
visit to th. n.w towmite of Grafton
Wsated, small, ncondhand coalitove,
Apply "Stove" Box L„ Ladyimith F. 0.
Mr. end Mn. S.F.M.cIntmh sre now
eomlortably lituotad in their new home
on High etreet.
Upwsrdiof fifty retidenti ol Lady
imith travallid to Victoria oa Wednei-
dsy'i metal train.
Better get your wstcb snd clock repairing don. by a trained mechanic.
Lively clalmi the title. *
Many Ladyimith people went to the
itatlonto gin Or. Gordon s parting
adimon Wednndsy morning.
Iniereited local partiea have had their
ean to the ground ilnoe tbe opening ol
the Vancouver convention bnt io far no
sxploslons have bMn heard,
Be mn to we the ilde-ipllttlng larce
'•My wile', noond floor." Oddfellow!
Halt, Feb 19th.
Mmih.'E. Sksbvold, Harry Porter
end Allan Porter came np from Chun-
ainni and took in th. dance on Wedneiday evening returning next morning.
0, B. Robelee hai hii lign out as
" undertaker." No matter what ihabby
treatment onr neighbor! give ui when
living we are sure ot kind and careful
treatment when deed.
The decoration! at Oddfellowi' Hall
Tundaynlght reflected credit In the
citlnni' committee. National digs,
bunting and evergreen! made tbe hall
look very pretty.
Johmton Block,     -    Nanaimo, B. I
P.O. Box,37,Tel. 146.
Do you believe in yen,- own goodi?
Then don't conceal theiact from the
public   Advertiie.
The finest sailing vessel, the Edward
Sewell, ever teen In our harbor came in
on Wedneiday, She ii a four-maited
barque with 300 It. keel, and will load
5,600 toni oi coal lor Honolulu.
Any kind of wiicb and jewelry repairing, altering or making, neatly and
promptly executed by Lively tbe Flnt
Avenue Jeweler.
Mr. A. J. Mae Mnrtrle'i favourite
hunting dog which retnrned home badly
wounded by gumhoti a few dayi ago,
died ol ita injuries in great pain, II Mr.
Mae Mnrtrie can discover th. miscreant
who fired the shots proiecntion to the
extant of the law may follow.
it k\
Certificate of Inspection.
I h.v. thil day examined the following
desoribed milch cows belonging to Wm.
Ward, of Ladysmitli, and consider them
to be free of disease, viz:—        ,,
I pnre bred Ayrshire.
1 grade Ayrshire, ,
1 red and white Jersey grade.
1 black.
2 lawn Jersey grade,
The dairy premises are situated at
Ladyimith, and the condition olthem ii
Dated at Victoria, thia 31st dsyol
Dec, 1901. i
8. F. TOLMIE, V.S.,
Inspector of Contagion! Disease! (Animal!.)
sfUWrteiisvfc-1-".:*'Wtafi^ii*'** ft^«i«r*»!v«ttift'***teTti*,^*»
Mr. Alex. Lilion hn thipped
carpenter on tbe Kinross. Belon be
left he made arrangements lor the
.notion of s dwolllug-boute on hii lot.
Mr. A. Buckle hai the contract. The
home when completed li to be occupied
by Mr. McNicbol, the High itreet tailor.
Cramming the Children.
Editor Leader,—Ferhapt th. following
excerpt from a it.tam.nt mad. by Dr.
Daniel Clarke, medical inpirintendent
oiths Toronto Inline Asylum, to a
representative ol the Toronto Star, will
be interesting reading for Frinoipal
Barron, whon interesting litter in The
Leader on the subject ol oventudy. I
read witb great pleamre. Youri, etc,
"There Ira class ol weaklings iwhoae
mental disaster can be traced to mental
overpressure at Mhool. We all know
how much brain work Ii needed now-a-
dayi from children to kMp space with
the demand! ol parent, snd teachers.
Some nliel hit bien given in tbe pait
few yean in Mhool houn lor the very
young, and by th. introduction of the
kindergarten system in towm snd cities,
which combines pleamre with teaching.
So far io good, but too miny inbjecti
are on the Hat of atudin for the young,
They are mppoied to be at ilxteen
walking encyclopaedias, and are the
pride of parent! and teachen. The robust go through th* ordeal unicathed,
but to many it muni nervouineii, lanl-
tude, periodic headaches, ion ol appetite, troubled sleep, a lax, prostrated
physical and mental system. A tendency to an invnlon ol Innnlty too
olten endi the chapter of blnnden, «■•
piclilly il • heredity pndispositlon exists. Teaohera deny this, but there li no
No. 31,
Z. O. 6. F.
Meet, every Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
Visitors cordially invited.
The very best
Upon.tlie market today. \ To be obtained at all
hotels  and bars in Udysmlth and Extension
In case or bulk at
Pither £ Leiser's,
Maple Lodge, No. Si, 1.0.0. IV
Meeti every Wedneiday. evening In
Nioholion'i Hall, Visiting members
are cordially Invited.
M.MoKINLEY.Sm.   .
Seattle Daily Times
The liveliest piper in the Northwett.
Weekly edition a complete record of
the world'i newi to - date.' Sport,
politics, loclety, women'!, intereiti,
young (oik's department, literature,
science, art, music.
The latest ttylei in bur cutting and
beard trimming at the Ladyimith Shav-
ng Parlor, High atnet.
Mr. R. G. Duggan left on Wedneiday
mornlng'i train lor Victoria en route to
Michel in the Orow'a Neit Pan
Country, where he hai a brother wbo
occupies an important official position at
the mines. Mr. Duggan will probably
ravliit,Lidyitnith next ipring.
Don't forget tbe Rebecca conceit sup.
per and dance, Oddfellows' Hall, 19th,
Dr. Turnbuil le already going tbe
roundi giving the disease germa to
understand tbat they will be treated
with at little ceremony ai tbey received
from Dr. Gordon. We are pleisedto
know ol the good impression Dr. Turn-
ball has already made and feel lure ol
ita increin.
"Rich aad rare were the gemi ihe
And she   bought them at Lively's
Flnt Avenue itore.
A fourth teacher ia badly needed in
the publio school, and ai four teachen
were provided lor by the education de'
partment we do not understand why
tbe trustees do not take advantage ol
everything coming to them. Children
would not then have any excuse for re'
maialng away from ichool II sufficient
Heating by
Hot Waterj
Hot Air,
Steam, Etc.
Estimates given on all kinds of iron pipe work and sanitary
All work strictly first-class.
E.   ROlwSTON,
Hardware Merchant,        -        Ladysmith. B. C.
Mr. Ritchie, la a litter to the National Tride Difenee Anociation, nyi he
il fully alive to the reaiout in favour ol
legislation lor the better control of clubs
lie VeeJily Post-lntipr
Seattle, Wash.
Nobody can afford to be without 11. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society, Beautiful illustrations and
half tones,   Sample copy on application.
Ml For Oso Dollar a Year.
Notice is hereby given, In accordance with the statutes,, that provincial Revenue tax, and all assessed
taxes and Income tax, assessed and
levied under the Assessment Act
and Amendments, are how due and
payable for the year 1902. All
taxes collectable for the South Nan
aimo Assessment District are due
and payable at my office, situate at
This Notice, In terms of law, Is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Assessor and collector, South Nanaimo Assessment District, Ladysmith P. 0.
Dated at Ladysmith, 6th Jan., 1902.
rln 1I1 iliJiili.ta.li Jul *  * *  *  <■*--*-.'  e  t   a  a a. A...... .  a,
We have received a large ihipment ol Alarm Clocki which we now offer at
Eighty Cents Each
And guarantee them for one year.     All our other goodi In our huge, j;
■lock will be sold at great reductions before moving into our new premises.
Now il yonr Urn. to secure bargains.
b. forcimmer;
The First Jeweller,       -       -       Ladysmith.
alnls.liati-*--1'--* *-*-*..«.»..». ■ »■■■■.».■>..■..■. w .»...>* w i ■ ■ .-.,w .1 ■ ■ at ». vr. ■ a.    ,
Speed, Promptitude, Accuracy, No Delayi, Yon Get Yonr
Answer Instantaneously.
Do yon want to avoid that builnen trip and thui live time end money?
Do yon want to order goodi, and be inn of ihipment to-day T
Do yoa want to talk with friendi st hom.T
Do yon with lor any reann, a piraon.l Interview with parties at a dlstannt
Then nn
Tha long Distance Telephone.
Tariff from Ladyemith for Two Mhaaatee Doni eraatlon
To Nanalmo tg cents
To Chemainnt „ 10    "
ToDunean '. ; so   V
To Shawalgan Lake (Koenlg'i) 86    "
To Shawnlgan Lake (Strathoona)... 26    "
To Book. Lak. , ,30 ■ " :
ToGolditnam 1 81    "
To Vlctori. ,.,,,40    "
ToSunlcbton '. , ,60    "
To Sydney .' 60.' "
You Can Bully Transmit 30 Words In a 1-4 of • Minute.
(Equal to MO word, In two minute,.)
Try tha following 80 wordi:-"I did not telegraph, fearing you wen ont of town.
Could not ipare the time to go up on train. Mail ban your dicltlou now,
10 calltd yon by talephon.." .   .
N. Wi KENT, Gm.nl Sep.rlnUhd.nl.
A newspaper for the
people. All the news
of city and district.
Latest foreign intel
Information. Bright,
clean, independent,
fearless.- Something
to interest everybody
Nothing to offend
anybody. Subscribe
Esquimau &  Nanaimo  Railway
Time Taili He. 48.
*^nkeiy^s^l3^,s^.^*'ll0a",l' d*lll,rt'-'0,'n-' «»" on SsWrd.yi lid
T^Sa^Juy;"'!J5,,<,**b0™d,,,,llfrt "'" "•m- Md <"> Bmtrjrdaiwi suid
EioartiM Balatlo all Polrt$,'eiod Saturday tRd Sunday
■iewtMt,     •     Traffic Miiagir


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