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Ladysmith Leader Jul 23, 1902

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Array (/ -*! /'
♦ *** *********************** ***
t The people that save I
* money trade with       I
I bick:l.e!
I For Boots and Shoes f
! Bickle's is the store t
t *p
VOL. t. NO. Sir.
■WEDi\li,!>-DAl'. JULY SIS, 1902.
22 Loaves for $1.00
Family Groceries
At Lowest Price
T IiMHT PI Ti\fQ. A 11CW lot Just eomc t0
l_IIN\Jiv.t„UiViO;   hand  wl,ich   we   0ffer   at
Also a good line of dry goods, boots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Millinery
•      To Select From
Leiser & Hamburg er
Wholesale and  Retail  Merchants,
Ksnlanntleuii.1 tiiitacte Street, - - Ladysmith
■c ■.v^a.-;u'a-i^Vj^i::iA~-?*-sAi^rS^Ji3mtb.
in Visiting Nanaimo Try
H   9
m mt
—Lots I nii.I 2 Block 43 —
Fine rcsitleiiti.il lots, Splendid view-
I/i's 2, fi, II, 7 8, Illicit 20] l.-s 1,8,8,
■I, III rt 81.
Choicost Front Lots and Corners
On 1-rt Ave. For prices and easy terms
apply to
'refliiriptloiia iiarefully dispensed. Op**.
d'iv and night,
Member Can. Society uf Civil  Rnglneera
Menibei Institution of lik-ciric-tl lingim-crs
Electrical Hnglneer
Correatioiidrncc j-idlidkil
Work Utiiiriiiili'iti 1'. O. no* 357
5 k V* V-A8AJV
fe • ilia
Will. IteVL-ridgc, Prop.
This lion' hntel Ims Iisi-ii fioinfurlalfiy fin Dished t-n.1 iln- lis. is lip In t'alr.
Unit antiiiintiioliiiiiiii Inr transient nml permanent lioarders and loiters.
Rates, $1 per Day and UpWards.
Tha Esplanads, • Ladysmitli, B. G.
■.WMV.%Vi,iV.,.'.'iV.'.'.1i'i'.*i'.*'^' ' '■' ^'■^V■,\V^IV..^%%Vi-^V.>\.>
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Aiuusajueiit Alliance of the North-West
Pioneer Bottling Works, Nanaimo.
Soda Water, .iiii.ei- User, Cider, Fruit Syrups, Essences, Bitters,
and Carbonated Beverages of all kinds.
W. E. RUiViniNQ.       • - Proprietor,   ft&ftss
Thla nld-K-ttabllsHil, rirsi-Olaf**1 nnd
Popular H010I Ih most comfortably fur*
nlehed, com rally situated, Hug meets
tramp. Ex'client Otilstne, liar slocked
with (he 11 in "t wines, liquors nud cigars.
ARE   YOU   INSURED?     If not
gat inmmd at once tor it may bi
too late tomorrow, I represent, sevens
OLD und IM'LIAMLK Companies and
nan insure yon at a moment's notice at
the lowest pn.iaihle rates. All leadlrg
•imnpruiiep charge the same rates. Don't
be misled.*. Into Inr-urintr with aohesp
company -it might he di-ar in the end
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
P.O. Drawer 83, Nanalmo, B.C.
Baker and. Confectioner.
Tlaln and fancy bread* UakeH and pastries of all descriptions, hrnitti In
Wholesale aud Rutali l)«niers In Meats.
P.iultrv    find   Vtiti'tiihlt-fi,   (.-) tne In
asm,   B'llpptitt! oidi-rtjattti'idj,! to   i
rt noiiou.
The Crescent Hotel
Wm, ilepple, proprietor.
Fust-elans  nrrotnmodrttioiiB for  miners
and transients.   None hut
The Best Wines and Liquors
witviul  at dm  liar,   (live tie a call.
Onr, Vi.ilortn IM A Ooimneriiial fit,
The Great Sacked Coal Competition
For Record.
We're filling np the vacant gaps that have been
made in onr sale goods, We are reducing to fill iu
the sale prices.
We're the makers of little prices and small profits,
Good Washing Prints 2 1-2C a yard.    10 yds to each customer.
White Apron Lawns 40 inches wide with Satin and
Hemstitched border, Sale i'rice	
White Cambric Kmbroidei ies, Sale Price	
$1.25 and $1.50 Ladies' Pocket Hooks, Sale Price...
Ladies' White Tucked Blouses, Regular 85c, Sale-
Children's Cotton Hose	
Women's and Girls' Ribbed Cashmere Hose, Regular 35c, Sale Price	
Our Big Linoleum Sale—Our Special Sale, 50c sq
yard, 4 yards wide, good \siliic at 75c.
A Lot of Nice Fresh Trimmed Hats for Children
$1.00 each.
Children's Sunshades	
35 Odd Ends of Serges, Plaids, Ladies' Cloths,
• Grenadines — Cleaning up of- our Dress
Goods, sell nt about half price,
This is a complete upset of high priced clothing,   The best the
city affords.
Men's Fancy Stripped Flannel Suits in Bronze only
Regular $9.00 a suit, Sale Price	
Men's All Wool Tweed Suits in Checks and Stripes,
Silk Finished Linings, Regular $ 15.00, suit,
Sale Price        $10.00
We are j'ust opening up a shipment of 600 pairs of Women's
Famous American Duchesses Shoes, Special Prices at $3.50
and #3.75.
10c yd
75c ea
35c ca
5C pr
20c pr
.15c ea
lTsotson £ CO,
Nanalmo, 'Cumberland and Extension.
Str Joan called here with a load of <■:
uurakiniatB on Sunday., and took quite it
large number from thlB port to Croft
aud hack.
Str Melville Dollar left for St. Mich-
oel'o nnd Nome with a full cargo of sack
Str Tuistlo called in Monday for her
usual supply of eoal.
Str Selkirk stoppfd over heie for
several dayH last week. Sie tn inking a
cargo of coal.
Several ve-mle nro dun at thin pp-rl
from variousqiiariere 'if ihe globe,
Tug Pilot toived milk Kit-hard III. us
farasSauBotntj NarruwB, M-mday ni-thi
and leavint! her !h in came heie for
coal. Sue is bottud fur Tacoiiia t-meltt-r
with concent ratea,
Amn. Str, Me-eor arrived here ) eater*
day morning from Nanalmo to com pi t ie
her t-argo of sacked coal lor AUska, Tii
New Vancouver Coal Company tried
hard to break the record now held by
Ladysmith for lo'idlng--Banks I cnal, but
failed, heme the Metmr's trip here,
Mr. S, M. Robins, Mr. Thomas Ku^ell
aud utiier officers of the company were
do .sn Ht llie wharves all day Sunday
anxiously watching the loading ol the
Meteor and encouraging the men to
further exertions; hut it was no go;
they could rut mike the time necessary,
owing io Insurmountable difficulties.
I'm- N, V' 0. Co., hud a special singing erecttd at. the wharves in order lo
lai'ilitale ihe loading ol the coal, but
thid did uot help tlitm at all; not-tuging
id needed ut Lidynnilh. Too trick its in
lilliug the _iu kd. und the tacks imi~i
not he BUiierainiuated gumticB, or old
rice htigu, but siiecially made for the
purpoae, aB they always are at Lady*
smith, aud (bey have to be loaded in a
cerlaln way, which iu a secret only
knowu to the Ladysmith Bbippers. The
loaders here kuow their buptm-BS down
to the ground; hence their quickness in
loading ship, and their small percentfge
of hum Backs. In Ladysmitli 'lie Parks
are idiot down plumb into place in the
When yon Smoke the
ll'tst on earth*   Manufaotnnd hv
Talis Street, VICTORIA, B. C.
Birrliter, Solicitor,'
Attorney, Notnry public, Etc.
Money to Ltmn.
Nauaitno, ... H, C.
Harrison Hot Springs
Tills delightful lit-nltli nntl plcnsiirc
rcuort, the finest In America, offers
Unrivalled Advantages
Mafrtiificeiit Scenery, Ffsllltlff, Shooting
lloating, llalhing. Swiminliig, Vniwr
and Private Ilntlis with Mnssnge.
IE HOTEL has been completely
retiovutciTiHiil renirnlflhw throughout,
t-lcctric lighting; Hrflt-clflM ciiisIiic;
ball ami unnis groumls: clinrining
drives. Stilt'iuliil smrcss in trentaient
of Hheiimnlisin, tlont. Kidney Trouble.
Every Comfort and Convenience.
Resident Physican   Rates: $2 a Day
T. Heddle & Co.
Particular Grocers, Nanaimo.
Make n specialty of quality,  by buying largely and at close
prices' sell the very liiiest goods at low prices.
Sole agsnis for " Oeckajulie" Tea, Upton's ««Finest" Hams
and Bacon.
Interesting Budget of News From
a Former Nanaimoite.
Many residents ol Ladysmitb and
Nanaimo will remember Mr. Robert
Strung, the tHlented young poet, wbo
went np to thfi K'oiidike a year ago to
try. his fortune. If any man has bad
a varied experience it ie Mr. Strang, an
account cf some of whose adventures
hue already appeared iu the columns of
The Leader, He Ims seen plenty of ihe
upa Htid downs of exbteuce in the Arctic
Kild fields, but it is a olcaeuielo report
from his latest, letter, juat to hand, that
he is now onconnteting more npB than
downs, Some dnya ago the editor of
rhit) paper wrote Mr. Strain.', and that
leuer reached his handa in eight dayB
frmn leaving thiB po-at office, which is
pretty nearly a record.. Mr. Strang has
jtHt recovered from a eeveie illneBP.
lie is now part proprietor oi the Queen's
K-dtHtiruiit, Qtiteu Street, DaA-aon, and
ta proppering exceedingly. Here ia the
latest news of the camp:
Pjmiuion Day uctl the Fourth of July
were celebrated conjijutlyon the Fourth
iu pouring ruin.
Nearly all the claims on Bonaczi
creek are Hooded out, owing to the
h?avy and ircessant rains (July 6ih).
A week pgo Ihey had not a drop aud
in in Id nut sluice, Nuw it is reversed,
yet they rannot work.
Diweott is very dead; full of idle men.
mostly cheeeliakoa, aid broke at that.
Many have returned to the eoaBt. The
i-iulook is not in all promlBing at present. Ever: body is confident it will
pick up H-...1 i.
iv-iyukuk boom has burst.
ProvInciii 1 [.irtnsttl Ass'iv.-i-, lad- iis-^nver
\'iiii Anda smrlu-r. Reliable ai in lysis el"
on-s. ftuiK, fie. Shlpiiit-ntsttiid -aiii'iliii--
nt siiH-llL-i-tsiilK'iinU-mlnl, WnulH.Miii.l
iTtunis chiulieil. NeMl.ithf l.iiwCmnts.
I'. (). Hex 89,
46 Ijin-tlcy Street, VICTORIA.
New Officers of Ladysinitl) Temple
Duly Installed,
Th« officers nl Uidys-nlth Temple, No.
5, lia hi 0 ie S'sieia, were duly insUllrtrl
by I), S, 0. Sister M. J. ThoniHB aesisted
S-wer Mr.-i. Evans as Supreme Maraha',
aa foMowHt
P.O. ..f T Staler Sarah Junes
M.E.O    »       M. HitBt
M.K.S    "    M. Kosett'ii
M.IS J    "   A. Stephoi b
M.ofT    " I.Xate
M. of I*    "       M. llar.'B
M, of K, and t;    "   K, A. ,lont-s
P.ofT    "      K. Bickle
& oft    "E. McKitiley
At the bitmo ineetiuu there were four
applii-atiouf lecefved mid the n|-p!i .uitf
were dented cm July ll) h.
At. tin* next regular meeting, Ati_-in-l
'2nd, Ihe Digrt-e Team from Namiimo
Temple N". U. will come to Lidysmitb
to confer denrees on the four candidates,
when there will he a good time.
Sister M. J. Thomas, D.8.O., Iirb been
elected to represent Nanaimo Temple
in the Su preme Temple at San Francisco,
next month.
Our reputation aa Uritleh Columbia's
premier tailor was not won on mlt-Q.e,
or shoddy, or bold-tip prices; hut on (it,
wurkmaut-hip, quality, and reasonable
feus.   Caldwell, Nanaimo.
hold, and "require little or no iiMniiiilng,
ami thoy are (1il-«i In anrth a way nn to
preelude damage in iraurdi into lie
Bhip'a hold, Tne Meteor's officers have
repeatedly ex pressed their admiraiion
for the neat and expeditious manner in
which tb's class 1 f cargo is handled hi
Lidvpinith. Tieea-kcil coal record ti-
niaiiiB with Lidyauiith.
All (he mines and mills In Alaakn
have not1' to depeml adely ou ooul for
their power, as the water t-upjiiy has
g von out, and no power from that source
cm he had for love or money. This
means that there will hn greai briskness
in t.iie L'ttlyernitlt-A at ka coal trade for
Borne lime.
While on her wav south wiih tie hulk
Binhard III. the tug Pilot pinked up a
fi.hiug boat containing two men from
Wadham's cannery ou the Fraser, who
had been drifting around at sea tor tlm e
days without toot), and ml kno-aiig
where they were. The Pilot fed ihe
uien, supplied them ith plentiful gruh,
save them direction* as to (heir bearings
and sent them on their way n j lieil g.
Liidt Bmith Liiuilit-r <Jomp.;.iv are inundate,., with demands for all kinds of
liimhi-t, and it is keeping iha ni. II'
hualling to fill orders. Four cailoadaa
dav come into Ladysmith for immediate
c-mm m prion.
Humor conuecte Ihe name of one of
LidyHiiiih's leading profeBBional men
whose gift of poetry ib exceptional, with
that of a charming young lady of Vancouver. The gnshipB put the dale of the
interesting event early in the coming
month. .
The children's picnic given last Friday
by Mrs. Seriven wns an ni.qualified sue*
eels, The young folka enjoyed themselves under the direction of their kind
lioateBB in a manner that they will not
toon forget.
Tin e'untry waa not what it was cracked i'p lo be, allhtitigh of vast extent. It
in baid to ti-ll v, iirii might happen if it
were thoroughly prospected.
S ewart river country ie coming rapidly 10 the trout, with Henderson, Duncan
Clear ami Mayo Cret-ke.   There are lots
f nun in that country now,
IM...' river «pd tributaries are being
proBprcied tn quite an exteut thia mm*
met', ftftd ni-t''l linda aie reported.
Tlie'eiih-i'iiptiou to theD.iwson morn-
g Sun it |25 a j ear by mail, and $30
y carrier,   Tne advert sieg support is
They are panning as high aa .line
itrain-j on p.incan Creek, and man. men
e wot king.
MillerOiet-k in shotting up welt; it
pBjs,ao average ol eight centB.
Tlie lelfgiaph ie proviha an immense
boon to the country. Ilawson papere
give as good a daily telegraphic report as
tiioi-e.i-f Victoria or Vancouver.
The time to advertise is ail the time.
Hill. K1I.'UTI1I«'K<S IH-VIH.
Af'er years of roifl'-iring Mr. fiohert
tCllpntrick, of Wellington^ died qn..Monthly ruiirning a! hia Victtirin residence,
aged 4:1. Cancer nf the stomafoi waa the
utilise of dcrtth. He was a native of Cape
IJremn, and came to Wellington 20jeare
ago. Ilo leaves, a widow and threa
children. Tne remains were conveyed
tn Nanaimo lo'Iay fur burial.
Full size, Regular .Price $4.00
Now #3.00.
IRON BIOS   Any Size-
Only $5.00
riNE BRASS CAPPED   1 inch
Only $1.50 a pair
GO CARTS and—^
From $5.00 up
Remeniber we prepay all your
freight lo the station at l.,ndy-
Uefore buying Klse.vhere cull.
,- J.  H . GOOD  &  CO
I The Great Cash Furniture Store |
8*,-A!.-A!.V.'»W.SB« LADYSMITH   LEADER JULY 88. 190?.
PoMlibetrrtrfWejliiaiUy aad Satniday it
the -.ctder Building, comer of First Are. tad
a Wmt, ladysmitli, British colambla.
T. I,. GRAHAM1*, KiiiToa AND PaoraiKTOR.
" Br Mail im Canada and unitbd Statsb.
One year (at.ictly In advance) |i (
- la months (strictly tn advance)  . .5
TRANSIENT — Including business   notices,
calls for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., toe, a line first '"
eertion; 50. a line each tub-sequent insertion:
tinea measure to the inch.
Rats, on application. No wood cuts used.
Cuts for regular use should be alt metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death and Funeral notices.
each Insertion 50c.
Advertisements not inserted for a specified
line will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found at the following
1 stysmllh-The Leader Office; The Udysmlth
Nanaiino—E. Pimbury 8t Co.
Victoria—Public Library; provincial Library; and
Vauconver-Publlc Library, and Hotels.
New iVestmlnster—Public Library.
All changes In advertisements must be received
•it this office before 13 noon the day before
8." .scl ibers not receiving paper regularly please
let on to this office.
Ai. too work'.strictly cash on delivery.
j. ip-.ent advertisements cash In advance.
Sorely it is • llttl. .binrd el Niniimo
H.rald to berate the E. 4 N. Railway
Company for .tiowint- a deilre 16 protect
Its intereiti againit th. ichemei ol >
competing company in the transports
tion bniinen. Th. Henld has never
shewn .ny lairniu when discussing the
etT.il. ol tb. E * If. Railway Company
end th. W.llin|len Cillery Company
en th. contrary iti deliberate unfalrnesi
ie criticiim of thoie comoaniei fl notori
om, end bii iirved to met en the
Herald in 1 way that prove! tb. publlo
want fair play and will have it,
Th. Herald, with the enroling Mint
uce oi th. fly on th. wheel, mention*!
by Eiop, flatten itiell that the improve,
menu which hive been m.d. on Ihe
E, 4 K. lyilim hn. been dn. lolely tn
iti icurrlloui ittirki ud unlrnthfnl
Th. Herald begin bulnm as . labor
ptper, but got mised np with one Ralph
Smith, the biggnt .utocr.t th.t ever
don.in.ted . labor anion, end th. enn-
ningnt pnv.ric.tor in W eiter. Oinidi.
Bat 10 dligaited hive th. I.bor men
become ol tbii wonld-be champion ol
labor that opportunity hai been given lo
two enterprising ez-m.mben ef the
Henld itiffto alert. real I.bor paper In
Nanalmo within a itone'i throw ol the
would-be I.bor paper', doon. Thlili
tongh on the Henld, and on that gieat
Liberal itateiman who und the labor
porty oi Naniimo lor hit own selfish
pnrpom—Ralph Smith, H.P.
By th. w.y, lt ll rumored thit Ralph
hai been mixing witb all the leading
nob. In England, chumming with tttltd
folk and firing lumpluously every day.
Tb. poor man who elected bim to parliament and a nice, (at, easy Job, hive
■ot been firing quite 10 i.lly as Ralph,
bnt they intend to give M-. Smith .
treat neeptlon when he mimes home
again, il he avtr doe., All the dishes at
th. banquet will b» hot, and io will th.
quuttoni whloh h. will h.v. to aniwer.
The Herald would be better trying to
explain Hr. Smith's Inconsistencies ind
sell-indulgences than in tiying to excite
prejudice against the E. A N. Railway
Company. Th. Henld ob.rgea th.
company with "avarice and greed," be-
ciuse tbe company iniiata upon looking
aim iti own intereiti. We never heard
of a company that did not do 10—except
th. Henld company; and iee the con-
sequences In tbat case; th. melancholy
result, of not minding ite own business
bnt middling with th.t ol everybod,
.lie. II li thii th.t hii brought th.
H.rald to cruiti.
After elang-whinglng Ihe E. A N, ind
Mr. Courtney through two column, ol
editorial thi Henld m.kei thli touching
"We again wiih to enure Mr. Court-
n.y that w. hav. nothing bnt th. moit
kindly feelings toward ih. E, 4 N. Rail-
w.yCo^f ^~j *f~*-
If th.t doeau't bring down a big lat
ad, th. company ii cnal Indeed.
Yeitudiy th.ro wai a vary peniitent
rumor circulating In Ladyimith to th.
effect that Hon. Mr. Dunimuir hid re*
ceived honon at tbe handi ol King Ed*
ward. All that the Leader waa able to
ascertain alter tlie most careful enquiries
w.s th. lomewh.t queer itory lhat the
denotation consisted ol either the OB.
or the K.O.B., .nd that "eome ol the
old country papers had severely criticia
ed Hon, Mr. Dunimuir lor accepting the
honor," Ul courie, we give tb. rumor
lor what lt ll worth, possessing ai it
doei some intern! for our townspeople,
but we oinnot underitind tbe part about
tbe .trit'oiitn, unlen it meanl that thoie
papera considered that tbe leading cfti-
nu of Biltlih Columbia deserved at the
very leaat a knighthood, a view with
which we heartily agree.
Mr. Tracy ii still a problem to the
aull.ori.lea ol Waaliington State, One
pursuer managed to place a load ol
buckshot in Mr. Tracy's back, but he
continued. Tracy ehuuld emulate "Col
onel" Lynch, get elected lor some constituency .nd take hia place in th.
home ol repreaeutativei.
New Denver Ledge m.kea a full report
of tbe business done by the officers of
tbe New Denver Tonriit Association
Tbe report occupies a blank apace of
three inchei. Even Victori. has done
better than that.
Abdul Hamid, Saltan of Turkey, commonly known ae Abdul the D — d. haa
notified tbe British Embassy that no
cricket ii to be played near the royal
palace on .('.count of th. crowd that col
lects. If thli doei not prove th.t Abdul
ii really and truly, damned argument le
" England il. great country, but I am
glad to be going back to civilisation
again,", quoth Kaid'Alirierrastiman Ren
Abderiadek, Ih. Mooriih envoy to
Great Britain Iur th. coronation. And
he .poke in a I sincerity, Irellng nut .
bit overpowered by hi. interior!', .0
Britiih people.
ample of any penon found guilty ol stub
abominable conduct.
Ladyimith, B, 0. July 21st.
, ••m+M-*++++++'*"+-M"M-+M-.VI'-'
tnnonii, 1
***^fa>^!4^!4>i*tl1*!f!*!tY?*!tVnm   4
9. 9.
w of 1 nil j
Editor Leader:—The Nanalmo Dally
Henld, nnder (be date of 16th Inst., In*
diets some more of Ite "hot air" treatment on iti long-suffering subscribers,
tbe writer being one who, unfortunately,
wis foolish enough to pay hie subscription in advance. If inch subscription
•ae not about as email ae tbe editor
aetion would be taken, for obtaining
money nnder felie pretences. 1 notice
tbat they bare ent off their press dee
patches. Now if thli had only been the
editor's neck U wonld have been appreciated by the Inveigled subscribers.
"Better Trade Terms" ii the heading
in whleb onr puerile editor etarti off to
give oi news. Now if he wonld only
open hie eyea more often (and bis mouth
lets) be wonld htve learned that Nanaimo hae been lavored for yean with terminal rates and facilities, enjoying exactly the eame ratei as Vietorla and
Vanconver, thanki to the Canadian
Pacific Railway to whom tha credit is
due, the otber traoeconllnenlal lines
following In line In order to compete
with oar national highway. Tha Great
Northern have had for over eight yean
an agent on Vancouver Island, com pet*
ing fortnight and panenger builnen.
Now ii thii the kind of twaddle we an
to get since tha Herald has ent off ita
telegraph newiT If eo they had better
'go 'way back and lit down,"
Nanalmo, July 17th, 1902.
Editor Leader— Just a word to draw
attention to tbo frightful condition of
of the man'e lavatory at tbe station.
The men or boyi, ((or lt Is hard to
believe that any man wonld commit inch
deedi), tbe panoni wbo have caused
that nnlsanoa should be punished. If
this sort of thing doei not itop nobody
ean blame tha Company II they pnt In
one of thoee slot machines by whloh tha
door ean be opened only by potting fn a
nlckle. It wonld lerve thote uncleanly
person! right if the company nailed np
the door. Ithlnkthapollotihonldkaopj
aneyaon tha plana and mike an ax-
Godet flounces are still iu favor, bnt
mostly graduate from a narrow front to
a deeply-trained back. Lace ia lavishly
employed on Bummer gowns, and is
much threaded with ribbon, even lace
gowns being decorated in tbii style.
Irlih crochet lace in much worn although'
It le somewhat heavy for mnslin or crepe
de chine.
"Alpaca hae pmvpd it°eif n material to
be worn this year, lu light shades il
lopki Bnmmery; and yet it Ib net
daunted into dowdlnees by a little "mi turner shower," or by the downpour into
which tbe aforementioned ebower line
too often developed this eeaeon. Pale
blue becomes it greatly, eepecially in
conjunction with Irish lace, crochet or
Carrivkmacroes by preference, or else-
decked with innumerable little white
lilken tassels and tuba whlcb are "de
rlgueur" just now.
It is InrposBible to kt.ep tbe lair
amenable to reason and propriety if it Ib
allowed to become wet during the sea-
bath. A rubber cap and a little care
and common sense will be (he only
provleione neceBBary, Whenever the
hair does get m ietened it Bhould lie
shampooed alierwarda and dried carefully, especially If it Ib inclined to oil
Inesi—that dreadful state bo despised by
femininity. Pretty rubber eapii can
now be bought, Home in stripes, some tn
olieckB. They are worth tbo trouble of
getting, for the ordinary oilskin bag it;
so unbecomir g that it spoils a nice
It is pre-eminently the jear of shlrt-
blousea. The gitl from li'ecu to eigb'
teen rtjoicea in every niam-tr of them;
plain oues made Irom pique and Mar
Behles, perfectly white, with no pattern,
for morning, school aud outitg wear
aud even with the severe tailor-nude
skirtefor more formal occauiotis. Thi Be
blouses aie beet when simply tailoied or
ornamented with rows of iet*iu heavy
embroidery insertion. The sleeves are
of medium size and tiuUhed aith either
» band or small cuff and linen collar,
pique or lineu-Btnck; ur a ribbon collar
and tie can be worn.
All the charm of the billowy neck
ruttin remains with the wide collar ol
i*an»down and chill' m that ia the mode
of to day —* at leant lu the o\ t-s
abort necked woman, Tbe iorui of
the new neck wrap is supposed
to be t xactly tbat of tbe Hal boa uf fur,
with ite long stnle*ilk« ends that have
In en eo greatly admired during tbe win-
it r; but in fluffy chiffon, witb biiky
luces and bobbing ende of Bwuntdowu, it
Itoke a very dill-rent thing. Whilst
u.t- ubj-ict of the lulll-t wan to stand up
ard out, the hope uf the new delight ie
Ij droop downward, and lie very llat.
A'.d it may finish junt above tlm waist
li: e, or reach down almost to the 'edge
ol the skirt.
A stylish hat ir formed of a large
plateau, lifted in iront and flutfd at the
back, made of fancy chip Htraw ol a
metallic green, having ae a tiimmiig
(our elongated deep blue wings, two of
which aie fasteutd on (be outside of the
brim on the right, and the other two 11 .t
on tbe underside of the brim.
Red aud white le at the present
moment a lar smarter combination (or
straw ball ami toques than blue and
green. A red aud white straw luibitn
trimmed with a huge hunch of black
curr, utH and foliage, is very t-mart, and
would be moil useful lor country wear.
Fruit wilt be more aud itiore modish hb
the season advauceB; even nuw uherries
form a very imart and decorative t ll'tot
un many of the hats.
Glace ruflleB edged with marabout are
lovely, especially in a fiunu shape, with
little muffs to match. Home are also
made lu chiffon, but these are for rich
women. As for tulle, tbe net and tbe
lace bow, tt never goes out of fashion,
there are certain very chic "'men w' o
would aa soon think of going without a
veil as without one of these. Unless,
however, yon can afford to have y■ ur
tulle always fresh anti crisp, let me
advise vou to leave it severely alone.
The new blotitreB are bim ply charming,
and Ilume spring wear ate in foulard,
taffeta and silk ami wool crepa. A
delicate pastel-ohm taffeta had inlets ol
pompadour rihhoo instead of the usual
Inc-1 and a yoke of tucked white llsBPi
powdered with little grmots of black
lace. A tlemi toilette bl.-uie oi DreeJeu
patterned Bilk ou a while ground had
pale blue strappings, with vest and un-
derslceveB of cream lace stii.icd witb tbe
blue deciut straps.
Au agittUinn ie going ou for ti e
removal of the reco'idlng oflice fiom
Comaplix to Qnmborne, arid for uro-
Y.ninn of firpprn. f protection for the
records of ihobfti.'e,
A It"'made hy the K-tt-l.i Saiip.liVg
Works im 'cMuride nro from Llidegroup,
gave tin' resuHul fill? .1 nmiws ol gold to
the tor:, vthifdtt' tlLS-M 40
Oncol tl.e men emplojed at & -todard
btitin c.me in to Ut-vel stoke and reports the upraise completed and tjbafi
drained. Tho upraiie had dcvelopt-d a
msniiifirent body of ore.
, »+++++++»++-»4 -MM* i+444+4+44444444444444444444++++4+i
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,   '
Wallpnp r, Curtains,
Crockery, (ili's.iwacc, Etc., Etc.   -
there is Comfort In Our (ioods   ;
Kvprylliinii tn luinl-li n honm in ■
modest or .-lalnirtite siyl..    VVi-lte \
for our largi- ciiilniiuf -fieeWlus- .
tinted anil priced (astore in itself). ■
.****** ********************************** ***********+^
Coal!   -   Coal!*
Citizens of Ladysmith
All Citizens of Ladysmith,
B. C, are respectfully invited
to become members of the
Ladysmitli Board of Trade.
Objects : The advancement
and improvement of Ladysmith.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Commissioner Supreme Court ot
B.C., Estate and Insurance Agent.
— Offices —
The lisplnnade,   -   Ladysmith, II. C,
fNcur (Irani! anil Prank Hotels.
*        ._. _     __     t
1 !KJI
Nanaimo, B. C. I
Choicest Latjer, Ales, Beer f
J and Porter. |
t,  COLDSTORAGE-l'Irstclnssfiicllltics J
t.   lot Ute slurilK.1- of tltents, vKgs, lioiiltry, *
T   vegetaliles, etc., etc. T
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦■♦•.♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦4>T-I>
Mutinf-n-tiu-ii;; of ;ilt kintls'ol
| Mouldings, Latlis, Shingles,, Etc.
I A large stock of thoroughly seasoned
f I inn Iiu — isl uml zntl clima L'tmslniilty on
4 liiiml.   All orden, Btrlctly fttteiidetl iu.
+ (jautatloiiH cliecrfnlly given,
Wellington Colliery j
Company, Ltd. |
Wellingtoi" Coal    Best household coal ou the Pacific
Coinox Conl—Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
Alexandria Coal—Viret-class gas, steam and household coal
The above coals are mined only by the Wellington Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
Oyster Harbour, nnd Union Bay, Baylies Sound.
Head Office
Victoria, B. C
San   FVanciaco Agency,
X R. Dunsmuir's Sons Co'y
I 340 Steuart St.
$ flerely A Reminder
Of the fact that the leader Job Room is
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
We Print
John W. Coburn, +!
Managing. Director, 4'
T —Letter Hm-mIh                     J
I -Bill Heads                         T
4 — Siatttmeiite                         *
jj —Note Heads
J —Memorandum Heads
4. — Knvelopea
jj —Business Cards
J —Slock GertiflcateB
4 ■       — Li-gal Blanks
f —Wedding Invitations
t — Funeral Announcements
4 -Tickets
■> — 1'rngrauimeB
X —Pamphlets
4 —(lataloanee
—Window Cards $
J —Hangers                         j
4 —-PoBtera                               I
A. C. Wilson,
Filnoral Wreaths, etii, We.l.lln« Boil-
quels ill nvery etvIn. Orders promptly
attended to. -NANAIMO, 11. 0
Do You Know?
I hat the work »e <li. ie line, very
fin*..    All our wntk la guaranteed.
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Oupoelte Nauaiuio Hotel,
T. W. Fletcher, Sen., lias had thirty years' experience in sell
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The Leader Job Room
B. C.
P. 0. Bm 421).
t,elBcr& Hamburger's
Suflle Dill) Tlmi
The llv.ileit paper In the Norlheeil.
Weekly edition a complele record ol
the world's news to date. Snort,
politics, loclely, women's, Intereiti,
youtiK folk's department, literature
science, art, music.
The Mi] M-Mfcu
ShI.Ii, With.
iti-."1"11' "Sckty;   "vanllfnl Illustrations anil
half limes.  Sample copy ou appllcnlla...
AH For Om Dollar i Yur. LADYSMITH LEADER.    JULY 23. 190*.
Plain   Hou»a und  Nem fur Farm U»fl—
liuilohiirei uml Wtiter Ituilft-Siilli))
Viilniihlf llliim, ,
Houses for duck's are simple attain*. Thoy aro built plain und
comfortable and havo no furnishings whatever. A duck is differently coiislittltc'd from a lion
and must bo cured for under different
eoiid Iti oils, The hen nootls wiu'tpor
houses and drlor surroundings thnn
does the duck. A duel-;, docs not
mind the cold if she can keep her
feet warm. Uold feet will nlToct
a duck as a frozen comb docs a
hen, ■retarding; laying nnd inducing;
ailments. The feathers of a duck
arc almost impenetrable nnd will
withstand almost any degree of
cold. Again, a duck cannot stand
the amount of confinement in n hoosc
that a hen c;in. Sho is more restless in disposition and ia given to
exorcise in a greater degree than
is a hen. JndigosUcn ts not bo
prevalent with ducks as with
In tho first cut is shown a sim-
plu house that may ho built at
small expense. It is plain and
has a shed roof. Such a house
shutil'd bo built of rough     hoards,
12 inches by 1 inch, nnd joints covered hy strips, IJ inches hy 1 ftich.
Tho roof should be nmde Watertight
and covered with tarred paper, shingles or tin. Tho outside should bo
well drained around the bottom
that It may not he duuiji. Somo
advocate board floors raised six to
eight inches from tho ground
and covered from four tn six inches wilb dry earth, straw or
leaves. Tho writer favors tho using of board floors in all houses for
chickens, but thinks it not ossc-ntiu.1
for ducks, ff tho house Is well
drained on the outside and (hu
earth floor Is covered with hay,
straw or leaves, It will be pcrfoct-
ly satisfactorily. There must, not
be dampness In tho house, ns the
birds will not do so well. While
thoy aro given water on. Ihe outside, they must hnve comfortable
quarters iu which to "warm up" or
"dry out."
Tho bulldfog shown may he constructed of any dimensions desired,
according to tho size of flock to bo
kept. A houso 11! by 14* feet, will
accommodate nicely a Mtn-k of
a dozen. There aro no Interior ar-
rcngoments whatever, simply the
floor spare of tho building. It is
bettor not to use nests. Somo
raisers Use n plain nest,.as shown
in tho second cut. These nests tiro
made of one inch boards twelve
inches high nud sixteen inches long
set fourteen Indies apart mid hold
together lu front with a throe-inch
atrip.     Tho nests are milled to tho
-tako   tlm   l'liiee,   Hut   Not    Alvrnyi,   of
j Mmiiiri-N i.iid Firiiiu-r-r*--.
! Prof. I. P. Itobeits of Cornell University, says: Cover crops mny lu a
measure take the place of fertilizers
und manures. They are not, however,
a universal poiueon for all soil do
lieiencies, neither nro they a full substitute iu all cases toy fertilizers,
There is'always a wide field for the
profitable use of one or all on the
concentrated forms of fertilizers named, and in many cases there is also
a special plnce for Lire use uf fertilisers, therefore tho more need of
h nest goods. Commercial fertilizers
furnish available plant food, but no
humus. Tho cover crop furnishes
both, but it is only fair to say that
tho plant foods in the former ure
more available than in the latter.
Cover crops improve the physical
condition of the soil, lessoning the
cost of Ullage. Physically, fertilizers
benefit tlu soil little or none, The
humus furnished by the rover crops
increases tho availability of the
plant food already in the soil; fertilizers do not. Cover crops shade
the land nnd conserve moisture.
It is impossible to accurately compare tho cost of fertilizers with the
cost of seeds for the cover crops
and tho preparation of the soil for
them. Tho cost of increasing productively by extra tillage, by the
uso of fertilizers, |>y cover crops, or
by all throe means, can only he determined in each enso hy the farmer
interested. I give below a single tl-
liir-tr.ition of what a cover crop contains, knowing Unit nnolhor cover
crop under other eot.dit.ions, might
either be more or less*valuable. Second growth of clover, furnished in
roots und tops per acre, the following: Nitrogen WS.Sfl lbs., phosphoric acid 07.85 lbs., potash 109,90 lbs.
Thoro is removed by 25 bushels of
wheat und accompanying straw, nitrogen -tU lbs., phosphoric acid UO
lbs., and potash 27 lbs. It is believed thai most of the nitrogen taken
up by legumes is secured from the
uncombinud nitrogen in the atmosphere. The clover did not add to
either iho store of phosphoric acid
or potash. The plant took them
from the soil attl made them available.
A Cli«»|ilv -tlmi*! Grain Chat*.
Jh a great many farm barns the
feeding gruin is kept on tho upper
Hour, and all thai is fed out Is carried down in one way or another. My
burn, says C. P, Reynolds iu Oruiigf
dudd Parmer; is so arranged and In
the hasemuut thoro is no suitublo
spaco for a grain bin. As a way
out of the difficulty 1 put in some
grain chutes to rim from tho bins
above ns shown in tho accompanying
cut. In some cases the chute could
bo allowed to drop directly from the
bin ahovu without any Joints. Under
few elrcunislnncos will a chute with
less than liiilf pitch be satisfactory.
Oats will run through such a   pitch
___r__S_j    .^->'S=--   __fr-^^
brick of tbo houso. Hut more than
half the eggs are laid on the Ilopr
of tho houso or ta the yard, und II
permitted a duck will build herself   ik nest to her liking.
When two or more breeding pons
nre to be kept, the plan of the house
shown nmy be extendid to nny
length desired and makes un excellent breeding house for the former
to keep ducks In.
An Inclnstire should bo given ihe
breeding duck's, ns they do better
confined than when ut. Illiet-ty, Glvo
plenty of room nnd inclose tho run
with two inch wire nu-sh ,tWo feel.
wide. If water is nccosslblo. It.
should bo Inclosed hy Iheluesh who
fencing of tho snuiu width as for
the run.
A duck house with nn nrrungemont
of wire rims in the water is nn nd-
mirnblo plan for formers who have
running water ou their forms,
Tin* V-tltm nl ii fliMiil Kxinnnlfl.
. A good example is just about ns
catching as a bud one, nntl along
agricultural lines we think moi'u so.
No man can go to work and Increase the productiveness of Ills
fields, raise belter crops nnd stock,
fix his home grounds up and put,
into his home modern improvements but his less enterprising
neighbors arc stimulated to follow
his example. For insl unco, whore
a man of this progressive type
Keeps his side of the highway
neatly mown anil trimmed free from
weeds his neighbor ncross the mail
Is almost compelled to do likewise
or * elso have his own slovenliness
thus continually emphasized. There
have to be pioneers In this good
work of agricultural progress ,v\(\
development, those who set J the
pace and pavo the way for hot tor
conditions. With such examples to
pattern after tho masses are ready
to follpw.	
vilii-K* (inn ' lit it 0linervfit,
Professor L. H, Halloy be'live-i tWp
year trees aro preferable to older
ones for setting in nil ortliiiinl nml
Cites a enso where two ami six year
old trees wore set In an oreha d. at'd
after a vory few yearn the yoiin-*
trees were as large as the old om s.
Two Types or Beef HMda-Tha 11 art!runt
and th* Shorthorn— .that» n_t-f
H-nad Klin nld IU.
Jn studying the respective points
of the beef and dairy animals us outlined it is best to conunetico with
the hoad. There are two types of
beef heads us shown—namely, Hereford and Shorthorn, says fanners'
bulletin No. 148, issued by the United Status Department of Agriculture. The beer head should be
short and compact, medium in size,
refined fn appearance, clean cut in
contour, broad, with wide forehead,
indicating a good supply of nervous forco; the eye large, clear and
limpid; the ear fine, active and covered with soft, silky hair; tho mouth
large; the muzzle medium in size,
dewy and free from coarseness; the
jaw medium heavy, woll fleshed,
with a good opening between the
submaxillary space; tho poll rather
brood and flat, and tho horns
medium sized.
The oye is a very Important factor in the makeup of tiny animal.
It receives its nerve supply directly
from the brain, and Its clearness,
brightness and size indicate tho degree of nervous energy and disposition of the uniuuil. An animal
showing a large amount of white
around tho eye or witb a small
pupil and    a    suppressed eye is gen-
with littlo dillietilty.   Wheat or rye
will  follow even o less slant,     but
with  bulky stun* Ilka ground      feed
th re is considerable danger of clog- j
The Interior of the chute ought not
to be much less thnn six inches
square; 0 by 8 would bo even bet- ■
tor, Tho interior should be free
from all obstructions. The hoppor-
shupod device just under the bin is
ipiitu necessary with oats and ground
feed to give greater headway. Thu
cut-off, a, is an ordinary draw supported hy two cleats on each side. |
An extension is also made to tho
rear hoard of the chute so that It
projects about one-half inch outward, thus giving chance for holding a bag if necessary, . ■
AtlMMfit**.* of Icnorane*. '
The advantages of Ignorance aro
nnt often apparent, but hor-e Is the
ease of a man who could neither read
nor write—a farmer, His neighbors :
got Interested in the story told by |
a in.in selling a newfangled road
grader, and wiih them ho was Invited out' on the roud to soo It work.
'thirty men inspected thu machine
and Its work, und, as is quite frequent in such cases, the machine
in the hands of an expert did good
work, the conditions being (the agent
ntttndlng to this) just right. The
crowd wns asked to sign a certiil-v
cute to tho effect thnt the machine
was all riuhl, arid all signed saveoUr
IpnoranL friend, nnd he, only because
hn could not write his name and
seeking to avoid tho humiliation of
publicly exposing his ignorance, told
the crowd he would wait aud see.
Tito machine turned out *o be a perfect, llzzlo, nnd this man never has
consed to rub It In on thu other
follows because, as he says, he wu
wiser than thoy.
orally of a nervous, irritable temperament and is on this account.
a poor feeder. A broad ami high
forehead gives ample space for the
housing of the bi'mln, which, of
course, directs and controls Ihe nervous onergy und Influences digestion, assimilation, circulation and
other functions of the animal organization.
The nostril of the beef animal
should be medium In size, with a
clear, bright lining inembruno. If
it fs large, it indicates a pro-;
disposition to scrofulous diseases
and the unnecessary oxidation and
waste of food. If lt is small.
there is not sufficient room for
the proper development of the air
Pussages, and this is an Indication
of hereditary weakness. Under sin h
circumstances sulticlent air will
not be drawn tnto the lungs to
complete the oxidation of Ihe
food, which must procoid rapidly in the case of animals consuming large quantities of "roughness."
As the chief function of cattle is to
consume large quantities of food for
the formation of flesh, fat and
milk; it is necessary that the mouth
be largo and tho tooth firmly set. '
A medium sized horn, a refined ear
and an intelligent, active appearance are all indications of considerable Importance, as they arc associated with good breeding, sulli-
cient nerve energy, freedom from
sluggishness and gentleness of disposition—all points of great importance to the cattle feeder. i
iVhuri Frtttt ovorthrowt* Foot**.,
There are rods of fence on almost
every farm that aro thrown down
every spring whon the frost comes
out of the ground. Stakes cannot bo
driven into such soil with any assurance of permanency and a feuco onco
thrown out of the ground Is     vory
hard to get buck Into plan
cut shows a way to build a fence
upon tho surf ace of such ground.
Ktiough stones can Iw put In to anchor .the fence vory solidly. If tho
ground heaves and inclines the fence
somewhat) It will come back Into
place when tho ground settles. ■
roi-r--.li Mm-ii-i-rui in Plant i.if*.
Tho host und cheapest potash manure is that neglected home product
—wood ashes. These contain mi average of f> per cent, of potash besides
a sensible amount of phosphate and
a very largo amount of carbonates of
lime and magnesia, They ure un all
round plant innnure so lar as mineral matter Is concerned, supplying
each ash element.
Unless the (armor can bring into
nctivo form the groat store of potash
in his soil, he will then have to buy
the German potash salts, the muriate or sulphate, These suits are
yearly comtnif Into grentor prominence as potash fertilizers.
Tho Influence of potash on plnnt
llfo Is masterful. No Plant can grow
without It, and Its InJluanco In developing the carbohydrates and maler-
Ing fruits Is marked and apparently
B. C.
This beautifully situated town offers exceptional advantages
I Headquarters of the  coal  shipping industry of the Pacific Coast.
| It is the largest railway centre in British
Tyee Mining Company's smelter and reduction works to be erected here.
First class water system,  electric light
and power plant about to be installed.
Third seaport in B.C. Seven hundred vessels entered and cleared in 7 months.
Every facility for manufacturers and all
needing cheap power.
Splendid openings for   merchants  and
professional men.
Keep Your Eye on Ladysm'thl
| With Every $10.00 Purchase
During  July and August. |
"'" I
well—We wish to put one in J
This Kodak takes a picture
21-4x2 1-4—It does its work
every home.
I The Kodak of to-day is so
Jj simple that a boy or girl can
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1——— I
9 matter how small, we give you »
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ji when you have coupons ag- a
9 gregating $10 we redeem them 4
1 for a camera. 4
I   I
I fi. D. SCOTT CO.,  I
x x
i cm
X x
Don't tail to aee G.H. Oavia's samples
ol wallpaper at Captain Dillon'i office,
Kiplanade. Choice new designs at as-
tonishingly reaionable prices.
Mr. W. Campbell, wbo hai lately
opened a carpenter el.op in thii city, ii
now read; to receive contracts oi any
A large number of Nanaimo people
arrived on Monday morning to take op
their .bode in Ladyimith.
Mary had a little rine;
It ihon with beantv rare.
She laid it waa ber engagement ring
And wai bought at Lively'! itore.
Min Bertram intends to reopen her
kindergarten and primary ichool early
in Augut.
Procrastination hai lost many a man
hii lile'e opportunity, but men clothed
in Cildwell'i Nanaimo elegant summer
initingi have opportunities thrust upon
Visitor! from Ladyimith and district
will Snd ln thia well-appointed house all
the borne comtorte. Lunches for lady
shoppers a ipecialty. Term! strictly
moderate, fjervic and cuisine first
MISS B. KEITH, Prop, and Mgr.
DR.  J.   GRICE,
Johnston Block, • Nanaimo, li. C
P. 0. Boi, 37, Tel. 145.
Viiiti Ladyimith every Saturday,
Bonn Irom 0 a. m, till 5 p, m.
Abbotiford Hotel.
Thc Shehwih-Wiluahs Paints
Ladysmith.        - B. C.
Agent for 8.  W. Paint.   McClary'a
ItoV-w ud Ranges.
There are uo idle carpentern in Lady-
smith, aud all hands dtlve nails und saw
wood as long Rfl daylight will let them.
The time to advertise is all the time.
MrB. Davis expects to open her fine
new boarding boutie in a week or two.
II it is a nice clock yon are looking for
we have them from $1.00 to $18 00. \V
II. Lively, LadvBinilh's Leading Jeweler
Fast woik Is being done in building
the all-British cable line Irom Baiufield
Creek across the Island.
Prof. Charles Culley, late of the Toronto Conservatory oi Music, will start
a class here, commencing on August
2ntl, for the purp"s« of teaching violin,
piano, mandolin and till biiinguU iitsuu-
uieuls. Parties wishing lo receive instructions will addieEs Piol. Charlea
Culley, Nanaimo, B. C.
The opening uf the new Anglican
church, L-tilyr-niii.il, will tako place with
appropriate ctrewonieB early in August,
Lively rep-lire all kin Is ol  ISnglish ,
Siviss and American watches.
The moonlight excursion hy the
steai-ier Joan next Saturday night ie
going to be well patronized. It will be
a delightlul outing.
If you want to get a nice ring remember we can niitke anything you want.
W, H. Lively, Juw.eler.
Dr. Ti Kuril, late of ChemainuB, will
marry at no distant date one of Chemainus' fairest daughters. They will
reside iu Vancouver.
The Lime to advertise is all (he time.
Ouo of the ships of Ihe royal- navy is
lying at anchor within eight of Ladyemith over in one of the numerous have
of Kuper Nam!.
Mr. Robin Duusmipr. accompanied
by hii wife, her mother and siB.er, are
enjoying a holiday tour along the line of
the K. & N.
Greatly increased business haa proved
to Mr. Robert I inr nip that hie change of
location from the bunker:- to a pint ln-lf
way to the f j it was a wise oue.
Last Thursday rthern<">n a mo?' enjoyable picnic wae given hy Mrs, Bcrlv-n.
Tbe weather was favorable and all spent
a pleasant lime.
Readers "f the Leader should kin My
brace them? km for next 8atnrdr\'f
issue, iu which will appeurafull acenuul
of the thrilling adventures of Mr. Ralph
Smith, M.P., at the proposed coronation, and bow he is alleged lo have refused a wbeelharoiieicy at the bands of
the King. Written from notes supplied
by a member ol Mr. Smith's retimm,
specially wired by wireless telegraphy
(Marconi code)- at enorruoUB expense,
and exclusively corralled fur the Leader,
Loral fanners hud a good deal of nice
hay spoiled hy the heavy rain Monday
FOR SALE.-Horne, Harness and
Ktpress Waggon, Apply to Ford Bros.
Nanaimo River, B.O.
The time to advertise is all the time.
Everybody had a Good Time on the
Laet Sundsy was the holiest day nf the
season, so far, about 85 in the shade. It
was bim ply ideal for picuicking and
It was fully taken advantage ol by
hundreds   of    Lidvsmith     residents.
Many departed early in the day evidently prepared to enjoy tl emselvee, ae
the big lunch baskets indicated. But
the biggest crowd went In Ihe after*
noon, every boat in the Harrup establishment being in use Over on the
Islands the conditions were all that
could be wished, aud the campers consequently put lua very happy tlmo
bittiing. reading in the shade and lunching al fresco. A good many ventured
round the point Into the big bay, and
lome went to the ranehorie, which
makes a fine row giving views of tbe beet
scenery in tbe neighborhood. Mr Herry
Blair's gasoline lanncb took a party out,
and several sloops tried the white wings
but with indifferent success, tbe wind
being very faint. The water was In great
condition for bathing end it wai evident
from the.numbers wbo took advantage
of the opportunity to dip in the briny
that tbie item on the day's programme
was thoroughly enjoyed. Lidyimlth
has surroundings which nre very hard
to beat. -"
Running in full force In
Ladysmitli Buy.    .     .
Get the Doable Tacoma Spoon  Bait f-Jt
Trout or Salmon, A Sure Killer.
From HOu to CO-j K.lch at
Commercial St,
Important Business Firms are About
to Open Stores Here,
Amongst the leading merchanlB ot the
district who think that Ladysmith ha.
shown sufficient progreee to warrant
them in opening branches of their business In thia town are Messrs. C, 10.
Stevenson & Co , ol Nanaimn; Messr*-1.
A. R. Johnston «& Co , of the same city,
and MeesrB. W. T. Huddle & Co., the
particular grocers of Nanaimo.
It is understood that both Messrs,
Stevenson and A. R John-ten aro closing up their h anclies at Extension, and
that the stock carried there will be
transferred to tbie town. The Exteniion business of those firms was considerable, and aB most of their customers
have come to live iu Ladysmith they
naturally want to follow and keep in
touch with them.
Messrs. Stevenron *k Co. will build a
handsome block at the corner of Hitch
Street and First AAenue, jtiet ncross
from Mr. Bickle'e store: while it. Ib br-
lieved that Messrs. .TohnBtoti & Co., will
occupy the lower floor of the Masonic
Ratnor is also husy will) the names of
several Victoria firms who are looking
with considerable interest toward thin
flourishing camp, and it is considered
n <t nt al) improbable that one or two of
tbem will join Ihe rush to Ladysmith,
Another Nanaimo firm will put up a fine
b .ilding next to Mr. Cory S. Ryder's,
and will operate an up-to-date grocery.
Mr. Jopoph Ferguson has the contract
for the building.
During the past few weeks quite a
Urge number of professional and business meu from neighboring towns nud
cities have visited Lndysiuith with e
view to " locating."
I'lllSOWl .
Mr A.J, Kitlo, barrister,Victoria, paid
Ladysmith a visit on Saturday last.
Miss Grace Ivy of Lidysmitb, visited
Nanaimo friends Saturday.
Mrs. J. W. Coburn and Mhn Sadie
Monroe from Victoria, who have been
camping on the Nanaimo river, visited
Ladysmith Tuesday, returning to camp
in tbe evening.
Mr. W. W. B. Mclunes, MP. P., pa-s-
e I down to Victoria on ye-iterday morula's express.
Mr. Ed, Conway is t-pfiuiing a few
days at tbe capital.
Nanaimo's New Labor
Creditable Production.
Yepterday tbe first number oi the new
labor paper, the Clarion, ol Ntuiaimo,
reached The LenderV enhance table,
and very welcome It is thereto. The
Clarion is a (our*page, six-column weekly "devoltd to tho intensisof the wage
earners of Vancouver bland," and is
theielure, the only straight labor news*
paper published on Una ir-.lr.iid. The
Liader must compliment the management, (fn the high standard attained iu
to- firet number.
Ti-emtlcleon Glasgow's government,
I-'or   Phut Cass work
Shaving Parlors
High  Street.
Hair cutting and Heart*
trim mi it <- a lipccIaUy,
being an interview with Mr. Charles
Svanson of Nanaimo, ie the beet on thnt
subject The Leader bus eeen outside the
pages of the great magazines, The
Leader ie in a position to endorse oveiv
assertion made by Mr, Swausbn, the
writer having been a citizen ami rale*
payer of tho City of Glasgow for n number of years, It is certainly well with
noy community if it hue many working-
men of the intelligence and acute observing powers of Mr f-Unnson. and the
Clarion ie to be heartily congratulated
ou securing eo i x.t-'i-enl tin article for
the fir-* nutnbnr, All the other articles
are Btv.-njr, timely and to the point,
Then- nro uo friliH on ihe Clarion.
It the Oliition keepB up tho standard
Bet in the first number it will Ij<j hound
to win the support not only of the Van*
COUver-JsUud workers, but nlr," ol Hunt*
throughout the province. In ihe nt-ur&e
of debits we may have occasion to take
opposite Bidets from the Clarion, bnt we
feel that we bhall always have a clean
and manly Opponent. The Leader vvi.hi e
the new paper good luck, and hopes iliht
it may win fan wide a renown ai rl aB
great an influence, in proportion,
•' NuntiuauiV1 famous paper of tlie eame
The Annual Statement of 0. C
W. M, L-twremio of Rt-veletoke haa
received n circular from the board of
'fade at Nelson aekinit support In inducing the dominion government to
place a proteelive duly of 'ib pur cent on
h.pd and a proportionate duty on
li*ad products in order tn provide a home
market for '25 000 tons Koo'anav lead.
We hear good reports saya Kootenay
Mall of the Surprise mine Lardeau, in
whloh J. MiUione and others are in-
tnree-ed. The assessment woik has just
been done, und the result has heen to
greatly _lmprove the appearance oi the
property, on which there is now ten
f iet of ore in sight. Tbe propt-rty ie one
of the moat, promising in the Lardeau.
Teacher of Languages, Mur.ii*. Singing, Painting anti Drawing.
Sinning, S lF'oponB, par month $3 00
VIubiu 1 baboos. pur montl    8 01)
Painting, per lesson       50
lira-Ainu, per lei-am        CO
Language, French and German,
per leston        50
Hours Irom 11 a, ut. to 12 m, Terms.
f per month; two from same family. $3
-Man Cigar Factory
Manufacturers of the Famous
None but Union Lnbor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, - Proprietor.
Tbe Leader has to acknowledge with
thanks receipt of the annual repot t of
the Minister of Mines Ior the year end
ing December Hist, 1001, This eontuinB
reports hy W. F, Robertson, provincial
mint ir-tk'-jitu, on tlie mining industry of
the province. This is perhaps the most
important repoit ieeued by the govern
ment of the province, Tho work it
uiubtilliehwi will) a large number of PX
Calient photographs. Reference is mnde
to the Ladysmith smeller as  follows
''The Tyee Copper Company'a emelter
ia in course of construction at Lad'
smith, on Oytiler Harbor, and is designed
lo treat the ores from the Tyeo and
other propertied. The work ia being
carried ou under the t-ttperiutendeuce ol
Mr. Thomas Kiddie, and the smelter ia
expected to ho in operation by September let, l!!0;i. Tne plan), will consist,
briefly, ol a 150.ton water*]'-teketed furnace, a complete sampling plant, tlie
bin-having a storage capacity of'1,600
tuns, an SO hot Be power (Jim lit h engine
and au SO home power tubular bulcr.
Tiie ttineluug shed ie 80x00 feet, ami the
engine room 50x70 feet, but with ample
apace lor further extension. The ore
Irom tho sampler goes direct to the
roast piles and, after burning, tu Ute
hint! at the rear uf tlie smelttr. The
ale.g wiii bs shuiu-d with water an i
tlumtd into thu lu-ji.-uii. Grading his
ooen done for consider a bid extoualui.
Theconvirt«t pinoi will noi be installed
a- present, but louuuations wiil tie put
iu so that this uiay be done at any
The report as a whole is m ist ored:
able und IntereBtlngly dest-ribea the
great miusral rielies and duvelopineut
of this great province. The work is one
which should be iu tne bauds of eveiy
oue interested in wit* mining develop
inMit i-i British Columbia. The price,
50i!, is very reasonable,
The Montort-y ttroup, oil Ten-Mile,
has been sold to George McLean aud
A. Stuart, ol Milwaukee, for $40,000
Seitlt-tl Tendeie lor stipplj ingicee-eBtn
ami soft iirinke for mnonliahl. > xcur*
slon, Saturday evt-uing, July 'JOth, (.dance
ou board), from Ladysmith and return,
will he lecelvtd bj the undersigned up
to Saturday, July 10th.
Lowest or any tender not necpesarily
accepted. F. D. PELKEY,
P. O. Box, 338, Ladyimllh, B. O.
Nan&imo> B. C.
Sheet   Music
Cheapest abJ Beat—fie. and 10c. a copy.
All latest song? and pieces.
Musical Instruments of All Kinds,
Violin Strings, Etc., Etc.
Painting, Paperhanging and
Mattress Making.
Leave orders for inattress making a
Oflpt, Dillon's Office, Esplanade, where
eamplfB ean be eeon.
Guy H. Gavin, Ladysmith.
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores as from August ist f
Convenient to E. & N. or Sea.
Trade Marks
Copvriqhts Ac.
Anyone SQitrltni- h Bitot oh nnd dcNcrlptlnn ninr
qiilHil*   ii> Nntl ..in- di'ii i I'itu wlii'Hii'i- nn
invfiisniti is (.ri.tiiil'ly Viiii'iiitihlc, ('.mitiiunten.
■ii.ii-.r-ti-ii'llyrima-loiiilul. Hasidlimikiiii I'atoiitB
."uiit i'i,":. nt'ii'sl .-.l'i'Ih-v I'tin.i'cni-liiu; iml.-fiif-.
t'lititnia tiiliuii iliriiiiuh Miiini A Co. rticolve
*:).-( i /.it notice, fl'ltlnmt t-hiiruo, la thu
Scientific flmericaii.
!■>* iltu.-intti'-l wci'Iilv.   Ijiircent rir-
iv primitlllt! Iimriiril.    TcrniH, t-l a
 nKiitis-fi. Bolt] iiyiill netvaitealera,
 jri & Co.3-3*0™"-""-- New York
Hriuu'h Oltlco, f.25 V Ht„ WiwIilnBton, D. C.
Carpenter, Joiner and Undertaker
Oeneral Jobber.
Corner First Avenue anil Ontucre Street.
Cabinet work of all kinds.
All kinds nf B'tft wood furniture made
anti repaired.
I* The Leading #'|
*J Reviews f$
Nlneteciilh Century   antt After, •:'(■
Contempnrary   Revtew,    Fort- ^Jf
nluhlly   Review,   Wentmln5ler k-rj
Review,    I'ttinhiiralt    Review, Tl
i,T.        Quarterly Revlew.Blackwooil'a |_>J
X'f        Eillnburali Ma|[Hlne ♦_?
w it
_f,4'  strong h    ,,  .. ...
f$   nnd  niitlmritive; ju.l wlinl ytmwniit tiff
$lm'  tu know orthe world'sdttlntfs; exactly -J)"f
i'.*,|   wliat you  need  U»  know;  iiitdtolil '£»£■
Xf,  wlieiiyon want lo know ll-llmt'B the V*t
•%m   vnliiei'iftlR'sc reviuws to ynu.    The ■>*>"
'   ablest wrik-is,  the  mosl  timely (lis* 4f\'-'
ciissifins; Tin* swlftcsl prcKctitnttou oT ijj.f
i... 'vorld*iirolilcilw uf tin* ilnv nppt'iir k^
y itiuiith in thc jmibcs of tlitse Si
5_"»   leatiing reviews   These-are thetinrr- a*"?
"*J   Hsh editions sold hi Ainerlca nt nlnnit 4fit
.IVi* Imif prlt't-. Speclmt-ii copies sent free $9
4'Ti   toaiiyimi'aiivwhcro.  mul   historical __•*•
;K^, booklet, loo, ior the nskltiB, *i
4S   The Leonard Scott PublicatlnnCo.. _-'J5
Jg        Warren St. New Vork City. 4£
K\A *>'■;'>" '■ *$ '■ •t't:«' v•*^■'iv,^*•v.-»s,fe*■•^ k
•i-W*-***! - -.*4'. ;.*«'.}<4: J.**'; WV.W.W-X*
,   sterling, timely, suggcattve
:,'_l'   ciissii
,,:»   every
Maple Lodge,  No, 6j, I, O. O. T.
Meuts rvi-rv Weilni.stlay evenlnsi In
Niiiiii.lsnn's Hall. Viettin-' mnmlii-i»
are cordially iovitet).
R. NMIMO (1 T.
ill, Muit IN LEV, Baa.
»o. 31,
I. 0. O. F.
Mcetii every Weilnestlay evening- nl 730 o'clock.
Visitors I'.inliiilly i.ivltt.1.
lll'OIl 1HJI.TON, Sec.
Weelington loilge No. 2 K. of P.
M.ets every Fiiilnv in I. 0. O. 1<\ linll at
71.10 11.111.
1). UOURL-iY, O.O.
J. VV. LEWI8, Seo.
J. McDonaM,
Agent for H O P-V'on* CompHny.
Cifinnt-> I'i'-'-, 8-wei I'ipn, tiull.y
Tr-.iit-. Ts, Ys, Benda, Tiles and
ti rates	
liifli St., Ladysmith
Made and repaired. All work
itii'n ui!tinL Inapecliou invited.
Harness Repairing a Specialty.
S. Christie,
Saddler and llarnessmaker
Mailorders promptly attended to.
Piii'.fs reasonable. Buiprv harness
from $S. BtprepB bnrnaes Irom ijilS
Team haruess from ftlO	
HinBtoek of trunks ai d valine--.   Trunks
from $2.    Vnlieiis from fiD't.
The Crescent,        — NANIIMO, B.C
Ieo eold Lemonade, Soft Drinks of
all Kinde.    Frtiite, Pastry, Bread.
— i'i ni—
Finest Tobacco and Cigars
-Agent For-
"Perfect" Bicycles
Wheel reijniriiiit in all ill brnuelina
Pine melal vrorkingn specialty. Plu.nl>.
Inn, acetvleiio u-is, hot wtttar and hot
air liesliilg. Wot k ilone with dcsiiatcli
u.il nt reasonable rats-s.
n.tSTlOV Si'..
David     Murray,
Buller Street, -       .        Ladyimith
Bhop will Im open livery Thursday,
Friday an.) Sntnnlay.
941-2 HOURS
 Hy The	
Leaves Vancouver at I'liHO o'clock
Tuesdays, Thursdays und SaturilRyi
tiansconttnental Passenger Dally
Elegant Equipment,
Fastest Time,
Lowest Rates,
Foi pamphlets nnd nil information apply
toany O.T.K. aitent.
H. H, ABBOT I',       W. MuGIRK,
Anent. Victoria.      Asenl. Nanalmo.
E. ,1. OOYLE,
Ass*. Gpnl, PasB. Aiient, Vancouver.
Esquimalt &   Nanaimo  Railway
Time Tabla No. 44,
Trains lot ve Lsdyimith Southbound daily at 0,10 a. in, ind on    Salurdayi
Bundayi and Wednesdays at (.15 p. tn.
Trains leave Ladyemith northbound dally at 11.B7 a, m. and on    Saturdays,
iiinilnys and We.lnei.layi at 7.10 p. m.
Trains leave Ladysmith for Extension dally except Sunday at 6 a. tn., 2 p. m
and 10 p.m., and on Sunday! at 10 p.m.
Geo, L. Courtney,
Traffic Manager


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