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Ladysmith Leader Nov 8, 1902

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Array mi,
■a.iii.f.iS).l).l).¥Mi..*Si.s.ii.iB iS..t..t..Bi.ff..ti.fl .i Ti.i..i..iiii.
Ladysmith LEa
A l._L.I»J.A_U_kiAAiliiliili liil,-*- ■*■■*■■»  I J  I  t-t-.a-a.
; |   A flood ;-Rootntd House lor
..     Sale.   Apply to
VOL. II. NO. tao.
Fels Naptha Soap
Washing |flade Easy
No more hot water needed.   TRY IT.
Only 80c
a box and io bars
a in each box.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
Eiplatiadetnd Qtticre Strut, • - Ladytmlth
SWe are not going to wilt until the season is over
with our Raincoat bargains, but are coming right out
with them now.
Read through the list carefully and perhaps we will
be able to save you money.
** 6 only Men's Blue Cloth Coveted Waterproof, all sizes,
i, '* Regular $15.00; Rainy Day Price, $10.00
lo ■ '*L,
■J £ 3 ladies' Cravenette "Raglan" Waterproofs, latest Style,„._  ~l
i w Rainy Day Price, $10.00.-.
J 3 only Ladiee' Waterproofs, with capes,
][ Rainy Day Price, $2. <jo
H 3 only Girls' Heavy Black Waterproofs, yoked back,
4 "Raglan Cut,"     Rainy Day Price, $4 00"
~\& 3 Girls'Waterproof Fawn.   Special Quality.   All sizes.
**'Y Rainy Day Price, $3 50
Rainy Day Price, $3.75
\\V«, Beverldge, Prop.
Thi. new hotel hat bun comfortably furnlihed and the bar Is np to date.
Bnt accommodation for transient and ntrmtntnt boarderi and lodgers.
Rates, $1 per Day and Upwards.
Thi Eaplanada, • Ladytmlth, B. 0. j
Savoy    Theatres
Canada's Greatest Music Halls,
The Master Amusement Alliance of the North-West
gal lntnred It onoe lor it may bt
lyio lite tomorrow. I repraitnt aevtiil
' .i,D ud RELIABLE Oompanlit and
can inaura yon at a moment'i notice it
the lownt pwilblt rain. All leading
eomptnln charge tht nmt ratal. Don't
bt milled into Insuring with i cheap
oomptny—It might be dnr In the end.
Wm.   K.   Leighton,
;P.;o. Drawer SS, Nanalmo, B. 0.
Member Can. flodety of Civil Kuglueer.
Member Iastltutlon of Blectrlcal Kntttieers
Con.ultlng Electrical Sagiuer   ,
Jt*1, • p. O. Box 157
HUNTER,-Thit it strictly til right,
BEAR'—Can't help but bt whtn yon
imoke ■ Province.
Get the Best Work
Eitimate. cheerfully lurulihtduuv-
thing yon mey need in Ihe Hu el aalat-
ing, paptrhanglng, will ud celling dee.
orating. The Star Painl Shop, High
Ceavayaacwa. ....
omm otHiMiwi' a.natt, a.iim t*.
P.O. BOX 148
Baker and ConfectletMr.
Plain and fancy brtad.
Irln ol ell dncrlplieu,
frallt  to
A. aa. C. M„
Teacher of Mano anil Rlnacay, It aew fee-lit
classes In udyimliti for Mllloa oaca a watk.
Inteadlnf pnpll. pleut call at
W. H. Lively'! Stan, Fhal Avea*H j
Thit old-Etlabliihed, Flrit-Olasa tad
Popalar Hotel It mott comfortably fur-
utintd, ctntrally litutted, Bui meets
Irabu. ExMlltnt Ouitint, Bar itocked
wiih thi Suit wintt, liquori and cigars.
NANAIMO, ti. 0.
JOB. FOX,     - ■       •        Proprietor.
A Cleaner*, secret.
A tinner-gave away enough ot hie
eecnt f-a-rtnet-tlug materials to prove
vtry valuable to ont woman. If'gnao-
lint, naphtha or benzine li the cleaning
lula, the emeteur clenhor Buds often
thtt tht lut itate of the clotli Is worst
thu tht nnt Aroundtbe spot will be
a ring of dlteetoratlon that marks tho
•Ilia mora thoroughly then did the
crlgtul tpet To prevent this the fabric thonld be-deoned with a *ftce of
the gem* goodi, the- cjfetb rultoed
lenathwhie aad with the Weave. Con-
Mnut tabling until the material la per-
fectiydry. If thete dlfectlona ore care-
hilly followed, It It life to-ck-in the
mt*\ delicate miteriilt.-New York
Portugal's Possessions Discussed-
Tho Royal Visits,
{Assotiiited Press.)
Portugal's African Possessions.
New York, Nov. 7—Continental rumor
mongers are still bent upon iraparting
diplumalic BJRiiitlrnnce lo thu approaching vleita of the Gorman emperor and
the king oF Portugal, cables the Loudon
correspondent of the Tribune. One
point on whiuh the amateur diplomats
lay much BU'CBB ia the fact tbat tbe
Portuguese minister in London ia an intimate friend of the royal family and iiin a poBition tn facilitate the transfer of
tbe East African possessions of .'ordinal
to Great Britnin and Germany. This
intimacy doi-ft not imply a willingueei**
on the part of the Lisbon minister to
i-ourt unpopularity by proposing tbe
alienation of a large motion of their colonial empire. The grip of Portugal upon
ltu colonies has been filrengtbeaed since
the loy-i of the Spanish coloniest
■iebon'B main window looks out upon
Madrid, and Portugal in selling ite E-iet
African pob-sessions would be rivalling
tbe decline in coloniul i-oesen-ioiie on
the part of Spain. The royal visits will
involve entertainment on a large Bcale
at Sandringham and Winlsor. There
will be a series of etate functions al
Windsor for the king of Portugal, I'.itha
■date banquet in St, Geonie'e Hall, and
possibly a chapter meeting of the Order
ot tbe Garter, whiuh did not come on
last June. Thu royal entertainment
will not end with tbe departure of the
wo visit ii n Eoverelgua, but will bo con*
tinued for several months, all the am*
baetitdors, miniblers of the crown and
leaders of "smart-' society, being invited
lu turn to partake st Saudrlugbam and
*   1*1
Trouble Among French Workers—
The American Dispute.
(Associated Press.)
Againtt the Miners.
Parii, Nov, 7,—The government arbl-
tratora announced their deoition to dty
aitainet Increasing tbe wtgti ul tbe striking minen in the Department.  Tbe .
grounds ol the decision are similar to
those in  tho Pti  dt  Otliil arbitration, namely, that the ratal are proportionate to the selling price oi coal.   Tht
large companies in tbe north have agreed
to establish a peuaion lor five yttri.
Now heaving brlcka.
Parii, Nor.    7.-A1     ltm>   (F«a
Oalaii)   tbere     wat -* t   club
For the month of October Lidy-
flmiili'Bhipped over Thirty-six
Thousand Tons of Wellington
coul, not-including the rail ship*
,        ,.-4.   ■   - -.     '
* menta to. Victoria,   etc,,   which
would brine the total considerably
nbr-ve Forty Thousand Tons.       4
4 •{•
Mlist Do Hotter Work.
New Yofc-k, Nov. 7.—S.> pim-nant has
the iii-ikcifur puiiilin.fi in oil became,
Uio London coneepondent of the
Tiibuiie, that many artists of good reputation dcepuir of ever again making a
living by the mile of their woik. The
demand for water colors, however, is
constant, work of the fines being sold
readily wheu purchasers for oiIb cannot
bB found, Thu new exhibition of water colors have jii-t been opened here,
Hops Skip and Jump.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 7.—Records have
been broken in the hop merket here for
tlie sale in oue day of 4 000 hates at 25lj
to 25>, cents a poqnd. About three
quarters of the Mites were taken foi
shipment lo London.
The Canadian. Bank
Head Office, Toronto, Ont,
Capilal l'aiil Up, 18,000,000
Rest 2,000,000
Hon. Gko. A, Cu.v, President.
B. E, Wai.kkii, General Manager.
A Branch of this Bank has
been opened at
Savings Bank Department.
Intcri'Bt ftllowpil on deposits of one dollar (11 (10) and upwards; The depositor
is stil.jict to no tlnlay in depositing or
withdrawing faults,
Current Accounts Opened.
Lians Negotiate*!.
Diiifls issued payable tn all parts ol
thc world.
For the convenience of customers and
others this bank will hr. opeu on the
pvenlnR of i°ay Day (mm 7 o'olock until
8 o'clock.
today betewen itriken md Qkvalry, tot
lormer throwing hriokt at Ahe latter,
Qendarmet who intervened were alio
assaulted.   One tolditr wit injured, tnd
three arreiti were made. Throughout
the Pas de Calais ml diitrict the itriken are miking noily demonstration..
Operatort Agree.
Washington. D. O., Nov. 7.—Colontl
Carroll D.   Wright,   recorder of tht
Anthracite Coil Commimion, received I
telegram today laying it it understood
most of tht individual optratort in tht
Lackawana and Wyoming region!, htvt
[ agreed to accept tbe commissions decision.  Abont 70 oi thtm are working
.mailer anthracite mint!.
A New Deal.
Washington, D.  C,   Nor. 7.-Tht
treasury department bit dlHontlnutd
tbe acceptonce of stiles and muncipal
rionda aa security for govtrnmtntt deposit!,  but   transaction! already commenced ou tbat baiia will bt completed.
Ocean Shipping.
Britbane, Nov. 7,-8. 8. Aorangi lelt
heie for Vancouver on the Oth intt.
, New York, Nov. 7.—Arrived Mongolian from Glaigo*.
Southampton, Eog., Nor. 7.—Tht
Hamburg-American Hal" Steamer
Oeuttehlaad whloh bu been nnder
rap .Ira a. the resoltof latlagbtr rudder
in April lut, while on I voytgt irom
New York to Hamburg, .ailed Irom thit
port today Ior New York.
A Djld HMt.
(Bulletin.) Liverpool, Nov. 7.—The
race ior Ihe Liverpool autumn Cup,
today resulted in a dead heat between
Klng'i Courier ind Throwaway, Peltlcat
was third,   Thirteen horitt started.
Paria, Nov. 7.—Tha foreign office received on official despatch today Irom
Caracal, saying that Preiident Castro
was unable to lend a mlniiter to Peril
owing to Ihe present disordered condition ol Veneinelt. Diplomatic relation
between tbe countriei htvt been impended lor eigbl yean back, France
being temporarily represented by tbt
Cbtrge d'tffairei at (J.races.
Received Papal Bleating.
Some. Nov. 7. — Tht pope received
Archbishop Chapelle, the delegate in
Cuba and Porto Blco, and Arch hilltop
of New Orleans in private audience,
Archbishop Chapelle presented t> tht
pontiff fifteen young Cubans who trt
studying here for tht priesthood. Bii
Holinesi cordially welcomed the tin*
•lent!, gtvt ttch of thtm bit hind to
kin and diimiiled tbem with an tpot-
tollo benediction lor Oubt md Porto
Special Sale
of Furniture
Nov, 3 to Nov. 17.
Too miny hlgh-oliii, expensive
China Oibintti, Sideboards, Chit-
fnnierfl, Ladiei' Dressing Tablet,
B 'ok Otiii, Extaniion Tibial,
Hall Backi. A great cbtnee Ior
you now to purchase tome of thnt
elegant piece! oi Furniture whilt
thli sale Ittti. Notnlng eclipses
a well-furnlahed boon. An opportunity to choose from one ol
the bestieleoled slocks In B. O.
DONT fllSS ITI Thli i. too
good t chance to let pin by, A
pleuure to ihow you around our
you get In buying Furniture Irom
ui. Only one word, but It meant
i tramendoui lot, We tell only
lor Cash. '
Freight Paid to Ladysmith
J. H. OOOD & CO.
The Great Cash Furniture Core LADYSMITH   LEADER NOVEMBER 8. 190?.
Ladysmith Leader
Published every Wednesday ond Saturday nt
".'he Leader Building, corner of first Ave. and
■tench Street, Ladyuinith, British Columbia.
By Mail ik Canada and United States.
One year (strictly In advance) p oo
3lx mouths (strictly iu advance) „   I 25
TRANSIENT — Including busines" notices,
calk for tenders, applications for and transfer of
licenses, legal notices, etc., toe. a line first insertion; sea Hue each mbsequent Insertion; 12
met measure to the inch.
Ratei on application, No wood cuts used.
Cut* for regular use should be all metal.
Marriage, Birth, Death aud Funeral notices,
eacb insertion 50c.
Advertisements not Inserted for a specified
iline will be charged for until ordered to be discontinued.
THE LEADER will be found at the following
Ladysmith—Tbe Leader Office; The Ladysmith
Sannlmo—E. Pimbiiry & Co.
.'ictoria—Public Library; Provincial Library; and
Vaucouver—Public Library, and Hotels.
New Westminster—Public Library,
In nothing does the Bage of New Denver prove hie wisdom more than in tfia
repeated solomu warnings to the people
to eschew white bread and chew brown.
White bread t-laya more than atioig
drink, and should be Bold like the alcoholic poisons under a $200 license, \
And still Hon. Jas. Duur-miuir is pre*!
mier. Thia Beems strange aftn the
startling extry-specials published in tlie
Nanaimd and Vancouver papers aa to
the imminence of his resignation six
weeks ago. The Victoria correspondents
of those neweD&pers must find them
fertile soil in which to plant silly season
Why Easterners Think British Col- List of Those Who Passed The
Once more the big political etew*pan
acroBB the border begins to boil with
political preliminary meetings. There
Beems now to be little doubt that President Roosevelt will be re-elected. The
Republicans unquestionably hold the
reins of power throughout the United
States at the present time. And they
might eRiiily find a worse man than
Roosevelt for a figurehead,
All changes in advertisements must be received
at this office before 13 noon the day before
issue.   -
S'-bsciineranot receiving paper regularly please
report to this office.
All lub work sti-tctly aiBh on delivery.
Vt uttleut advertisements cosh iu advance.
I Subscriber! not receiving The *
4 Liadbb regularly will confer a h!
_ favor by reporting promptly to 8
J thii office. ;[■
It ii very pleasant to hear Irom all
torti tnd condition! oi men who visit
tbit little community-the expressions ol
confidence which they seem eager to
mtkt concerning the future prospects of
Ladyimith. Aod it ii horn the moit
lubitantial aud itgacloui that the moil
enthusiastic commentl come.
All ire agreed that Ladyimith ha! a
vtry bright tuture, tnd that in • very
Itw ytan thit will be ■ pltce of conild-
erablt importance. These predictions
are band upon observation of the locality and the conditions obtaining here,
Ithei been repeatedly pointed out
that Lidyimilh is the natural centre of
ont of the ricbeat mineral belli on Vancouver Iiland, and we can assure the
retderi ol the Liader thit tht prospect-
ore htvt not been Idle in the mountain
rtngt just behind Ladyemith all the
put inmmer ind fill.
On the contrary, they have made some
discoveries thit would let tbe world ol
mining interests talking pretty fast
ware it poBiible to disclose tbe facts tt
tht prtstnt time, But It ii not opportune now to do 10, though the time is
not distant wbtn tht itory will cause as
much of t sensation ai the diicovery of
the grmt depoiiti it Rosiland.
Mining men, commercial men, financial men, business men ol all kindi bave
expressed themielvet much in the eame
way—that Ladyimith hai great timei ln
itore Ior it, and that those who have
pltnted thtir .takes here will never
htvt to regret it, Perhtpt wben incorporation ttkei pltce, tnd from current
talk, tbat would bt I popular event,
Lidyimilh,will move mill latter along
Iht llnti of progreii tnd proiperity,
Ont oi tht extraordinary anomalies of
tht French Eepublio li the exiltence of
1 lot ol titltd lellowi, who leem, somehow, to keep themselves pretty well before the public, whit with duels, face-
iltppingi, divorcB-Biiite tnd otber useful
lormi of public lilt ae "high society"
llvei It, Of courie thoie duci, mar-
qnltei, count!, btroni and what-not, as
inch, have no standing whatever before
the itw, bectuie when it comes down to
facta Iht republic ii administered on the
ttrlot principle ol "liberty, equality,
fraternity." The fact that there is as
muoh mobebry in France u in England li proved by the election ol tboie
tilled nonentities to positions ol Import-
met in social iffaire. Switiarland li
tba only nil republic In existence.
The Leider printing office le at Ihe
corner of French tnd Fint Avenue.
Write or call and get pricea and rove
railway farea anil Irelgbt on your print-
Elbert Hubbard, Paitor of the 1'hilis-
tinei, certainly had a happy thought
wben he opined tbat "God made the
country, man made the city and the
devil made the email towns," His
further remarks upon the devilish
nen of the email town critics
and he-goBBips are refreshing reading for anyone who kena . the
breed from bitter experience. Why
doea not the average small town be-
goilip pickle hie tongue and take something for hia yellow vision of thing!?
Hii continued preience, afflicting unoffending humauity with hia ill-natured
criticisms and BlanderouB remarks about
people whoie shoes be is not fit to black,
il a proof that the devil muit have
something to do with the upbuilding of
the small towns.
Udysmlth Football Club.
At a meeting held on Tuesday night
steps were taken tu organize the Ladysmith AsaociBlian football olub, when
the following officers were duly elected i
Hon. President, Hon. James Duns.
muir; President, T. I.. Grahame; 1st,
Vice President, Robert \Vltite;2nd Vies
Preiident, Hugh Fulton; 3rd. Vice., J.
Hatldow; Captain J. Eno; Vice Captain
T. O'Connell; Secretary, James Adam;
ABBt.Sec, C. Mo Mlllan; Treasurer,
William Sneddon; Manager, John McLeod.
The colore chosen were eky blue and
navy blue, and the name of the club Ie
The Ladyimith Leaden. It waa decided to fix the entrance foe at fifty cente,
wilb a monthly fee of twenty live cent!.
A committee waa appointed to bob about
gettiug tbe bunker ground i fixed up for
practice. It waa decided to enter the
team for tbe II. C. Challenge Gnp. The
lint game of the aeaaou will be played
at Duncan on Saturday, with the Duncan Anociation Football Club. On motion it wae decided to order from Bir-
tuingtiani, Kngland, at once, up-to-date
uniforms for tho team. This wai all the
business of public Interest.
The Lenora'a Troubles.*
Mr. F. McB. Young went down to Ml,
Sicker yesterday to receive affidavits
from the employees of the Lenora initios
tis to the aoiount of wages due preparat*
nry to filing a lien against tbo property
to that extant. The amount Involved ia
said to be in the neighborhood of tin,(I0O,
and neg itiatlons have been ffolng on for
eome time pail with the object on Inducing the men to accept a compromice,
hut without satisfactory results, It Is
said that a mortgage against Hie property
has been forecloeed aod a legal fight may
ensue to decide whether the mortgage
claim or tbe wage! claim haa precedence,
—Thursday's Nanalmo Herald,
umbia is Humbugging.
Of late The Leader has had several
ixcollent opportunities for obtaining at
first hand the views of intelligent Bast-
em visitors, who, having spent some
time In this province, were, on their way
back to their homes in Ontario, Quebec
or tbe Maritime Provinces, AinongBt
the many queilloni aaked of them by
The Leader waa alwaya: "What do you
think of the Chinese problem out here?;'
In more than oue caee the answer hae
been more vigorous than polite, and in
nearly all caiei thoie visitor! from afar
have intimated pretty plainly that BritiBh Columbia ia trying to humbug tbe
Kast with its complainta of Chinese
competition. One gentleman who, like
all the others,■'■ insisted-' that -hi! name
ehould not he nae.l for publication, but
who promiied to ventilate' hll, visjwa in
the Eastern pren when he returned,
and then to uie hll own name, aaid:
"Your labor agitators here are a lot. of
arrant humbug!. Tbey talk glibly in
denunciation of the Chinese, and they
eeem always able to get a hearing on
that subject. They picture the dim-
cultieeof honest white labor getting a
living in thia province, Tbey attribute
all the backwardness and stagnation in
businen in thii province to the Chinamen. Like the single taxors they seem
to think that all evils nf preient society
can be cured by ooe simple prescription,
which they posses!; in lhe one cue it is
a tax on tbo land only, and in lhe othor
the expulsion of the Chinese.
"The glaring inconsistencies of tbo
single tax theory have been long ago ex.
posed, and nobody now talks seriously
about that fad; hut the inconsistency of
the labour agitator on the Chinese ques
tion ie amazing. Why, I have met one
fellow who wae alwaya railing againet
the Chinese, yet wore shirts and collarB
that had come from a CbinesB laundry
ate regularly hie three square meals a
day, cooked by a Chinaman,
"Then, wbo nan deny that it la the
encouragement given hy lhe wives of
the white workingmen that make! it
possible for the Chinese vegetable grower to live lu this country 1 Did you ever
hear uf a labouring man'a wife refusing
to tako vegetable! from a Chineie peddler became ehe thought tbat a white
peddler wonld be along in a lew minutes? No wonder your white market
gardeners cannot live iu ibis country,
and that your termors find it such hard
scratching to tnako ends meet. The
main support ol the Chinese lu thii
province ie the white working diss. II
tbey were to reiuse to patronize tbe
Chineie market gardener', lauudryuian,
or assistant in any line tiie CIiHicbb
could not live here.
"Your lawi to a certain extent debar
the Chineie Irom work ou certain ctn-
tracts, but bow oo earth do yon expect
ub iu the East to believe that your representatives are telling the truth about!
tbe Chinese queitlon wheu we who
come out here find the very clan in
whoso behalf the agltatiou is kept, up
supporting moBt generously tbt very
elms they say (at public meeting!, and
in letters to the papers' thty waut to get
rid of? It won't do; you can't fool us
back East with tuy of this anti-Chinese
cry; we limply don't believe it. If you
were in earnest about it you would toon
end it without 10 much noiie.
"The people ol British Columbia have
allowed the Chinese to get a thorough
grip oo the province and it will be no
easy task to unloosen that grasp. At
present you simply cannot do without
their help. It would paralyze every Industry in the province to deport suddenly, every Chineie iu the country.
British Columbians wlll hive to ihow a
little more consistency in their arguments il they hope to make any impression on the Eastern people."   .
Recent Examination.
On Wednesday evening Inst, in Nauai-
mo court home, a meeting!- ihe h-md
tor the appoiotmeut of examiners for
mine manager-' ccrtificatee wan held,
when the report of the examiner*-,
MesBrs._Shepaid and Wall, was pnsent-
ed, Of 12 candidates who wrote, 8 passed. Two from Nanaimo failed, and two
from Fernie. The euccesoful candidates
were: James McEvoy, Fernie; A, R.
Wilson, Fernie; 0. SimiBter, Feruie; A.
Oolville, Fernie; A. Faulds, South Wellington ; Thomas Budge, Nanaimo: Thos.
Mills, Nanaimo; J. A. Richards, Nanaimo.
The report wap adopted and the certificates were granted. This was Lhe
examination of which The Leader published exclusively the lint of questions
put to the candidates,
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Wallptp.r, Curtains,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc., Etc.
There Is Comfort In Our Goods
Everything to lurnlsb a home in
modest or elaborate style. Write
ior our large catalogue (free) illustrated and priced (a itore in itself).
Hard Hitting.
The Victoria Times bai made an in ol
Itself over provincial politic!, and it!
cource ol aotion hai alienated from it
many friend! ln the Interior who ire
diaguited with the gross unfairness of its
editorial ooliiinns towards the Dunsmuir
government. The last batch of charges
it brings against the government is that
it is "reckless, Incapable, extravagant
and corrupt." Now, wben a newspaper
makes charges oi that kind it may
reaionably be expected to oiler aome
proof, bnt none ll forthcoming. The ltd
is tho Tlmas has been "non compoi
mentii" lince lhe shattering ol III Bod*
well idol and ll hardly responsible (or
its iniance vapiilngs,—Kevelitoke Mall.
Btielnesi men, don'tiend out imprinted itationery; the recipient! will clanl-
ly you aa a hayseed.
Portland, Or, Nov. 6.— A dispatch
to the Merchant!'Exchange from Aatorit
iayi a British barque In ballast la anchored in the breaker! oh* Long Beach,
Wail), Her sails have been blown tway
and distress ilgnali are flying. The llie-
laving crew hai gone to her assistance.
A neat letterhead or billhead with
your name, addi.es and business, is
good advertisement.
The Vancouver Power Co. closed J
contract on Tuesday (or thesupplyof 170
mllei of copper transmission win, tbe
consideration being 135,000. Tbtdetl wai
closed by the management ol tht Power
company, with Mr. F, Darling, tbe local
agtnt ol tht E. F. Phillips Electrical
Worki Co,, oi Montreal, lor Iho supply
ol Ibe material. According to the terms
ol the contract, one-third ol the wire la
lo be delivered on the first ol March
next, one-third on May 1, and the ba*
lance by Suly 1,
London, Nov, ft.—The auxiliary icrew
steamer Scotia lelt tha Clyde today Ior
the Antarctic regions with t number of
intiiibeii ol Iht Scottish National Ant-
arotlo Association, under the leadership
ol Williami A Bruce, ul Edinburgh, on
WANTED-From SO to 40 acres of good
lapd on the waturfront south ol Lady-
sjtilli.oi on adjacent islands; partially
cared and with dwelling preferred.
Apply Hating price per acre, termi, situation, etc., to K.O.B., Leader office.
Str. Tellus arrived at San Francisco
from Ladyemith on Monday.
Str. San Mateo ia now loading at Tacoma for Sau Francisco. She has been
chartered to load 3.000 tons of wheat at
Portland for Frisco,
Sir. Princes.! May encountered a terrible storm in Queen Charlotte Sound on
her last trip from Skagway. She arrived
at Vancouver last Monday.
When str. Dingo arrived in Nanaimo
from Seattle on Wednesday, Capt, McGregor found a telegram waitii-g for
him announcing his father's death
Capt. McGregor left immedia'cly for
Seattle, and Capt. Roberts is in temporary charge of the vessel.
Schooner Lulu, of New gWestminater.
arrived in the harbor Thursday after*
noon with a full corgo of Fraser Valley
potatoes, It is stated that these potatoes are being sold in town at $11 a ton.
In Nanaimo tbey are fetching $14 a ton,
with a strong demand.
Am. Ship. W. 11. M-aey had an inter-
eating voyage from Ladyemith to San
Francieco with coal. The first day out
she began to leak, and up to the time ol
her arrival, 15 dayB later, three pumps
were necestary to keepout the water,
Chief Engineer Mitchell of Ibe steamer
Charmer ia to leave for Kngland shortly
to superintend the installation of tho
engines of the steamer Princess Victoria
—the new Victoria-Vancouver ferry*
steamer being built at Newciistleon
Tyno. The steamer Ib to be launched en
the Kith.
Str; Quito sailed for San Francisco laet
night witb 5,000 tons of Wellington coal.
Barge J. 0. Potter arrived In harbor
from Victoria on Friday morning, to
toad a full cargo of Wellington coal for
Juneau, Alaska.
Up to the hour of going to press yesterday no (rare had been found of the
body of the Norwegian Beam en, Ejerm,
who fell of lhe wharf and wae drowned
on Wednesday night. The dragging for
tho "body continues.
Newman/ the man belonging to the
crew.of J. C. Potter, who was terribly
injured while working oround the steam
winch eome dayB ago, is recovering nicely at- Chemainus Hospital. Oaptain
Andrews received a letter from him
yesterday in whiuh Newman takes a very
cheerful view of things.
San Francisco, Nov. 5.—The British
ship Clydesdale, now out 112 days from
Newcastle, Australia, for this port ia
.-noted at 55 per cent, reinsurance,
drop of 5 percent. There is a general
feeling among seafaring men that the
Cl) de-dale is safe despite the fact that
she Ii long overdue and- is laden with
coal. The only other overdue on the
board is the Norwegian ship Prince
Louie, 178 dayB out from Vancouver for
Cardiff, quoted at 15 per cent, relnsni*
Pali's Photo Studio
At LadyBmith. Opnn until after Pay
Day, Monday, Nov, 17th, the last day on
which wu will take pictures. Cloudy
weather juet aa good ns fine. Brooches
and Buttons, 75c, $1.00 and $1.60, according to size. All work guaranteed
first-class and not to fade.
direct from the NORTH POLE saya
John Frost haa atarted south with
the heavlait line ol chills seen ln
thil country in hall   •   century.
Buv Stoves nnd Heaters tt the IRON
CASH STORE, ind you cm give
Jack Froit the Imperial Smile all
the time,
Cory S. Ryder
first Avenue, LADYSMITH, B.C.
Ladysmith Hotel
FirRt*clasB   acconi modatlon;   excellent
table board.   The bar le supplied
with the best wines, liquors
and cigars.
First Avenue,    Ladysmith, B. C.
:1 Meats al all Times
Home Cured Bacon and Sausages
High Street,  : Ladysmith, B.C.
Wm. Sneddon, Puor.
Hot Chicken Tomales on Tap
Tobacco and Cigars. Candle!, Nntl, Paltry, Taffy and Soft Drinks, etc.
A, H, Gardom, Manager.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Supplies regularly Choicest
.Apples, Butter, Fresh Eggs, Ac.,
at current market prices.
See tbat all boxes of apples and butter
are marked "S. S. I."  Tbat means
firet class quality.
The public are requested to apply to
their dealers tor our produce.
G. W. Soott's Store
Flnt Avenue,   :    i    Ladyimith, B. 0.
To the Citizens
A special meeting of Ladvimith Boird
ol Trade will lie held in Gould's Hall on
Monday evening, November 10th, It le
earnestly rrqtieite I that ail oitimni of
Ladyemith attend tbii meeting when
matins of great importance will be con.
Not Responsible.
Notice ii hereby given thtt tht mas-
ter, agents or owueis of the Barque Antiope, now In this port, will not be responsible for anv debt! contracted by
the crew of said vowel.
Matter, Batque Antiope.
J. O. O. P.
Meets every Wednesday evening .1 7.30 o'clock
Visitors cordially Invito!.
in 11
Wellington Lodge No. 2 K. ot P.
Menti every Friday in I. 0.0. F. hall at
J. W. LEWIS, Sec.
Lidyimilh Onngi Lodgi, No. 1758
meet! In Nloholinu'i Hall, Flnt Avtnur,
every tlternate Saturday In each month,
commencing fint Saturday ln October.
Visiting Brethren are Invited to attend.
St, Andriw'i tt Caledonian Society.
All persona of Scottish birth or inoei.
try am eligible tor membership. Meetings quarterly. For ill partlouliri address
Manufacturers of all kinds *ot
Rough anil Dressed Lumber;;
Mouldings, Laths, Shingles, Ete.
A large slock of thoroughly seasoned
luiiilier—ist and .ud class constantly on
hatid.   All orders strictly attended to. *'
Quotations cheerfully given.
John W. Coburn,::
Managing Dirictob.
For the finest Butter
and fresh Eggs
-00 TO-
Made and repaired,  All work
Guaranteed.    Inipeotion invited.
Harneii Repairing t Specialty.
A. S. Christie,
Tax Sale Notice
■*-   unpaid taxes will take place on Saturday,
the Kth day of November next.
Assessor, South Nanaimo Diitrict,
October iStli, igo-),
NOTICI*; Is hereby gtrtn that "htt unappropriated Crown lauds situated within the boundaries
oft lie following nrens nre hereby reserved from
pre-emption, sale or other disposition, excepting
under Oit-provlslonsof the mining laws of. the
Provluce, for two years from the date hereof,
pursuant to the provisions of subsection (5) of
sect on 41 of the "Und Act," as amended by
section 6 of the "I.nnd Act Amendment Act,
tqoi," to enable the Quatsluo Power and Pulp
Company, Limited, to select therefrom timber
limits for wood pulp and paper manufacturing
piirposes, as provided by au agreement bearing
date the i-olli day of October, too., vis;—•
Seciious 1,1, „, io, 11, ia, 13,14 and 13, in Township 38: Sections, a. 5. 6, 7,8,9, 16, *7 and IB, In
Township .ii, Sections 1,11, », 13,14, 13, «, 33:
-4, «- *>, >7. 34, 35 and 36, in Township 39; Sec-
(ions 1, 3. 3, 4. 9, 10, u, 13, 14,15.1-5, aa, »3. Mi »5,
«S- 35 and 36, In Township 37; Scclloua as, 36, 17,
•*,33, 34- 35 and 36, In Township a8; Sett ions 15
to -jfi, inclusive, lu Township 17; Sections 1 to u,
inclusive iu Township ifi; also Sections 37 to 36,
inclusive, iu Township 18; Section-. 1 to 36, inclusive, In Township 19; Sections 1,a, 11, 13. 13, 14,
and from 221036, inclusive, iu Township 26: Sec-
|oui4, 3,6. 7,ft, 9,16 17,18, Hj rf, 3t, 34 and 35
in Township ji. Sections 4, s,6. 7 und S.ln Township 3a; sections 1 to 36, inclusive, in Township
io; sections 1 to ta inclusive, and 13, 14 and 15,
and the southern halfof Sections 33 and -u, In
Township 91 Sections 3 and 6. in Township 6;
Sections to, 3' and 31. 3, 4.5. and 6, in TownsTiip
4; the uiigranted land in Township lit Township
ia, except sections 35 and 36; Sections 1 1030, inclusive. In Township 13; Township 14) Section! 1
to3,10 aud n, in Township a; Sections 1, ., ...
ta, 14, is, 33 and 36. in Townsulp 16: also the following described piece or parcel of land, namely:
"-Beginning at a point on the prolongation of
the southern boundary of Township 16, one mile
east ofthe south-eastern corner of Section I, In
lownshfp 16; thence iu a southerly direction
about seven miles, or to a point one mile south
nnd one mile west ofthe southern end of Victoria
Lake; thence east two miles; thence north one
mile; thence east one mite; thence north five
miles; thence east two miles; thence north one
mile; thence east two miles; thence north one
mile; thence east two miles, or to the easterly extremity ofKathleeu Lake: thence south half a
mile; thence east one mile; thence north one
mile; thence west one mite; thence north half a
miie„t-*,e.iy* *.*.■* ?dt* m,le a-ad a -*»*fi thence
north halfn mile; thence west one uillci thence
north half a mile: thence west half a mile; thence
north oue mile; thence west one mite; thence
north two miles; thence west along the south
boundary of Townships ia and 11 to the South-
east Arm, and thence along the shore of the
boutheast Arm, na sotithirly direction, to Ihe
southern extremity ofthe Arm, and thence north
to the place of beginning,
^1A!^t2^I?,chM!dll.,V"*_WfitM,e,J ■■ Rupert
District, Vancouver Island.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Worki.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 30th October, 1901.
Nanalmo, B, O,
:: Choicest Lam, Ales, Beer:'
:! and Porter.      ■ .',A
', ! COLD STORAGE-Mrst class f.clUlles ' '
1  forth, storage of meat., egg., poultry   * '
*  veget.Ww, elc,, elc. ' *"
J -V,
Discount Sale
Commences Saturday, Nov. 8th, ends Nov. 29th.
20 per cent, reduction. Everything goes. Nothing
whatever reserved. All our immense stock—Clothing,
Hats and Furnishings. We make this sacrifice in order
to turn our stock into money speedily. That's the why
of this sale. It's fair—it's square—it's an honest sale and
a money-saving opportunity.
Take your pick while the picking is good.
The G. D. Scott Company, Ltd
•Cash  Clothiers.
Commercial Street,      NANAIMO, B. C.
Chicago, Nov. 11. — Buddy Ryan of
Ohlctito, won tht decision over Kid
Broad ol Cleveland, in t ill round contort hire tonight, Ryan won on points
elonetnd hid but a alight shade the
better bi the fighting.
Wtterbury, Conn., Nov. 5. — In it-
iponie to complaints Irom clergymen
aud othor citizens rtgtrding Ihe propos-
ed milch between Youug Corbet! and
Auttin Rice on November 0, John P.
Kellogg, assistant stale attorney, today
tint a latter to Ibeinanagsrof the match
warning bim tbat any violation ol the
law agiintlprill lighting wiil ho imined-
itltly mil with tht arrest and punishment of any one concerned.
Philadelphia., Nov. 5. —Article! ol
agreement wtrt ligned todty for a lii-
ronnd boxing conteit between Joe
Choynski and Piiiladelphia Jack O'Brien
iu this city on November 20, The match
arranged yesterday between Terry McGovern and Sammy Smith, of 'his city,
was today declared off, the conclusion
having been reached that McGoveru's
Buperiorlty would render the bout unin-
Sanfranciscn, Nov. 5. —Jack Johnson,
t colored heavyweight, won the decision
lotiight over George Gardner, of Lowell
Muss. Johnson tipped the scales at 185
pounds, while Gardner went in at 155
Besides being heavier, Johnson was Lilly
as clever aa Gardner. The betting wsi
,1 to 1 and 10 to 4 on Gardner.
I flerely A Reminder
We Print
Of the fact that the Leader Job Room is     j |
now doing all kinds of Printing—commercial, legal and society—at very reasonable prices.
-Letter Heads
-Bill Heads
-Note Heads
-Memorandum Heads
-llusiness Cards
-Stock Cerllflcalci
-Legal Blank!
-Wedding Invitation!
-Fnneial Announcement!
-Window Oardi
Everything   !
Having the latest type faces and borders,
and modem machinery, we produce only
the best  work — Printing tbat attracts
The Leader Job Room
Ladysmith, .        - B. C.
■ -     ' ' .
4,++tt+++4.+++++4.++++.,++1.a,++ ++++++jj.+++
Another Record done.
Htmphli, Ttnn , Nov. B.— Ortscsni
this afternoon wai sent .gainst Ihe
world's two-milt trotting record ol 4:28-
1 4, held by Onward Silver, tnd without
•pparant effort completed tbe cirouil
twice without • bretk, In i 117 Hit, chip,
ping 111-4 second, off Iht former record.
Both the hortt tnd Mr. Kttchttn, who
drove blm, received in ovation Irom tht
Irrgt crowd prtssnt.
Why do we Walt?
Why do we wilt till tin ire deaf
B.-fore ae ipeik our kindly word,
And only utttr loving prtite
When not i whisper tin 1st beard?
Why do we wait till handi art laid
Cloie-fulded, pulttlsii, trt we pltce
Within them ruses sweet and rare
And lilies in their flawlm grice?
Why do you wait till tyit in tailed
To light ind lovt in death', deep
Dear wistful eyee-befon we bsnd
Above thtm with Imptiilooed glanca?
Why do wt wait till hearts are .till
To tall tbem til tht lovt Inoun,
And give them inch lite mted ol praise,
And lay ahovt thtm fragrant flowers?
How oil we, careltii, wilt till Illt't
Sweet oppoitualtlei ire put'
And break our "alabaster boa
Of ointment" at Iht vtry last 1
Oh, let ni heed the living frierul
Wbowtlkl with ui  lifts'* common
Watching our eyei lor looki of love,
And li lingering fori word of prtiiel
Tbit job of printing you admired so
much wu done by Ihe Lsadtr,
Catholic Church-Service! every Sun-
dav ai Itillowi i Mm it 8.80 a.m. tnd
10 30 t.m.   Benediction at 7 p.m.
Pint Pmbylerltn—Nov, l). morning
itivict it 11, Sunday school 2:30, evening lervice 7, Subject, "Chri.t is •
mm of Prayer." Mr. Jem Evtn will
•Ing t lolott the evening service.
G, Mubtom Walk te, Missionary.
Methodilt Church-Rev. W. G. Tin
ner, B.A., plltor. Sundiy: 11 I. tn.
Sabbath School, Evtniog aervlce 7 p,
Church ol Engltnd—November Oth
24th8unday alter Trinity." 11 t, m.—
Matins and Litany 2,80 p. m.— Sunday
School,   7.00p.m.  Svemong.
A. Sontvni,
John Wanamaker, the multi-raillion-
nlre merchant prince of Philadelphia
gave as hie opinion the other day, on ttie
subject of adverlieiu-*, Hnd no man in
the land can epeak on that nut iter with
more authority:
"There ia only one way to advertise,
and that ie to hammer your naim*, your
location) your business, so constantly, eo
pereletently, eo thoroughly, into the peopled heads thst if they walk in their
sleep they would constantly turn tbeir
heade toward your etore. The newspaper is four best friend in spite of yonr
criticism. It helps to build up ibe community which supports you. When the
day ootueB that the newap.tperr- arc demi
the people are near the edge of the p-rave
with no one to wrile their epitapli,"
W**-W**-f ** W*****4"H< i-I«M"i *
Long ago it was considered the height,
of modiehnesrj to carry a leopard'-*) i-kin
muff, aud onco move nfter the lapse of
many years tbe fashion is being revived.
There are many emar*. patterns in muffe,
but perhaps the must engaging te tie
melon shaped, whiuh ie a very well-liked
A favorite way of arranging tbo skirt
is to have all the fulness to the back,
bringing it in to regularly arranged single pleats. The plain backs, which we
have worn bo long, are slowly going out.
When the skirts are not planted, thoy
are either tucked, or Ihey are irude with
cross-shaped flounces, Somotimea again,
they are piped with velvet.
By a new whim of fashion ermine
tails are superimposed upon mink, eablf*,
and other dark furs, upon which tbeir
pure black looks well. White furs will
be very much worn whtn tbe weather
becomes colder. Stoles, it may bo noted, are becoming more and more (■•.pen*-
live. The most fashionable pelfs at
present are mole-skin, rquiirel, colt aud
oalf, beaver and otter.
Cashmere aud the whole rangeof merino materials are to be greatly used, rb
well ai a voile beige, and a woollen crepe
tbat resembles crepe-Je -chine, wiih
more lasting properties for rougher wear.
The flecked and mix d clot Iih and tstbe-
linea will be used, bnt a fino face cloth
will have preference for smarter wear,
together with the new velveteen, which
1b delightfully soft and pliable.
To look well, it is ofthe first importance tbat a velvet coat should he well
cut. The loose Russian blouse is as good
a style for them as any, aud trimmed
with sable they look very bandu'jiue.
Sometimes they are trimmed with appliques uf black silk, which if tho design
Is good, looks very effective. In velvet
coats as well as in walking costumes,
shoulder capes of the sanio material are
to be frequently seen, and I hear they
are coming in very rapidly. Sleeves
have many and diverse shapes, and
never has greater freedom been left to
the individual choice.
Champion of the Fleet.
T. Todd, chief petty officer of II. M.S.
Grafton, defeated P. O ikley, artill-ier of
II. IH. S. Shearwater, in a liftei>n*rouud
boxing contest for th. championship of
tbe P-iciflcstation, before tbe Victoria
Athletic Club on Wednesday night.
to do the best, and we do tbe beet we
know:—IjUtlj't-niit-i Leader.
^<4^*W-704;ft!4^!4 ^!4'^4iiV4JiV4
The Leading
Nineteenth Century nnd After,
Contemporary Review, Fortnightly Review, WestmIn-m-r
Revlew,    Edinburgh    Review,
gusrterly Review, Blackwood's
dlnburgh Magailne,
Strong, sterling, timely, suggestive
mul authoritive; just wlim you wont
to know ofthe world's doings; exactly
what you need lo know; nnd lulil
when you waul In know it—that's the
-value of these reviews to you, The
ablest writer., the most timely discussions; The swiftest presentation of
thc world-problem r of the diiv appear
every iitonth lu the pages of these
IcaduiK review,*-. The i' lire the l-'ng-
llsh editions sold In America nt about
hnlf price, Specimen conies sent free
to anyone any where, nnd historical
booklet, too, for the asking.
The Leonard .Scott Publication Co.,
Warren St. New York City.
ilnltly Rscorinin our oimilnn freo wliolhpr an
voiiHiin in priihatilj' imioiitiiMi..   Count <■».
tioimstriotiremifliiontin). Bandwaton Pntouts
 *—, (ilitciit nuoiicy for fleOUHfitfJ   "
TRADr Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone lonalnii n sketch nnd domrlPMnn n
qulakly Bseortu    mir .1 freo wliel*
(Veil  '-•■
lent free7'(fM«Mii ii-uaii-r-y for cpcuf(iiK~natd 1 !i~h"
I'lUqtits taken thniUKh Munn & Co. receive
tp_%t not (ci, without clinrno, lu the 7
Scientific Hitterica_t.
A hantlsomolrtllmrtrntoil weekly. iMjent cir-
r-ulntlmi nf any salemltlo lourwi]. Ti nu, f.i a
jonr \ti\yft months, (I. Sold by all pejfpdonlors,
MUNN 4 Co.'16 f Dr°*»<,»*>"*»* [„„
Branch Offlea, t» V BU Washing; mi
£sfuimalf &  Nanaimo  Railway
Table No. 45.
Trains leave KadyBmlth Southbound dailj*; at 9.10 a.m., and on Saturdays)
Sundays and Wednesdaye at4Q0p,m.
Trains leave LadyBmith Northbound at 11.57 a.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays
Mild Wedtiesdajs a| U.05 p.m.
Trains leave Ladysmith for Extension daily except Sunday ate a.m., 2 p.m.
-1:85 snd 10 p.m., and ou Sundays at 10 p.m.
im, L, Oourtney,
Traffic Manager
Smelting Works
I Prepared to purchase ores.   Convenient to
I E. & N. or Sea.
■«■'•.* *3le--iWi*a»^;i-M^^^
1 UK1
Coal!   -   Coal!
Wellington Colliery ij
Company, Ltd. -
Wellington Coal   Best household coal on the Pacific
t Coast
t Coinox Coal-Best steam coal on the Pacific Coast
* Alexandria Coal -First-class gas, steam and house-
X hold coal
| Tlie above coals are mined only by the Wel-
X lingtou Colliery Company. Wharves at Ladysmith,
* Oyster Harbour, aud Union Bay, Baynes Sound.
Head Office Victoria, B. C  ::
San  Francisco Agency,
R. DunsiTiuir's Sons Co'y
340 Steuart St.
t ♦ -f **************************************************
Add Soo Pacific
TrauB<iautlnenlal Passenger Train ram
daily, i-i]ni|i|'i il witl: Stiuiilattl and
Touiist Slcopirig Car".
Day Coaches and Colonist Cars
Lewest Hates
Fastest Time
To and from Winnfpt% Toronto, Hall-
fax, Montreal, HoBtnn, New York,
Cntcagoaiid St. Paul, and all Gist*
ern aud Old Country points.
For pamphlets and all information apply
to any O.P.tt. agent.
II. H. ABBOTT,       W. MoGlBR,
Agent, Victor i.      A-.-ent, Nanalmo.
E. .1   Ct'YLE,
Aeat. Genl. Vau, A-.ent, Vancouver*
Flowers and Fruits.
HAVE) yon n garden *• Are you fond of fruit
and flower culture? Do you want to "keep
■"Misted" on the latest methods? Then send one
dollar to Thn Cans-ilin Horticulturist, Orims-
bv, Ontario, and get a monthly copy for a,year
of the highest class horticultural tuagaxiiiQ
published in America
Brotherhood of Man.
VOU should rend "The New Centniy" pub*
1 llshcd hy the Universal Brotherhood, Point
1.1.11111, Sau Diego, California, nud keep In touch
with the most advanced thought of modern
limes, liver*.- line lives with human interest.
Opinions of tlie best thinkers. Be in touch. Two
Uolhtrs a yenr. Wrile for free sample copy.
Ileantlfiilly Illustrated.
The Weekly Post-inlellipe,
Siittlt, Wash.
Nobody can afford to he without It. All the
telegraphic news of the week. Farm, field, garden, sport, society. Deniitlful illustrations nnd
half tones.  Sample copy on application.
Ill For Ont Dollar a Ytar.
Funeral Director.
Prompt attention Riven to all calls, ni|ht
or day. I.ong Distance telephone No, 134
Bastion St., Nanalmo, B.C. 22*5       '
LAD!fi_nT-- LEADER. NOVEMBER 8, I 902.
Two or three
pointers, In fact!
There's just as much difference lit suits as
In the men who wear them. Some men
are just a little behind the times, others
Just a tittle ahead of the times. Ditto
If you want the snappiest, up-to-date,
single or double-breasted suit to be had,
you'll find it here.
(10.00, $12.60, $15.00 to $20.00
Come in to-day. Try one of our suits and
"match us if you can,"
Caldwell, the Nanaimo tailor, ii tbow-
ing i rtrt itlMtion ol tweeds ind clothe
ior winter weir.
The local lodge of Rithbone Sister,
will hold t dance, probably in Gonld'i
bill, on the evening of the 17th. instant
Indians and scientist! predict ■ bird
winter. Get inside one of thoie com-
. fortible lull! Otldwtll oi Naniimo cm
build you,       	
Thousands of duok trrlved in tbe har-
bor thn week, driven in by tbe cold
weather, The sportsmen too. lull advantage ol the opportunity.
We are pleased to announce to yon
that we are again going to have tnotbtr
Pumpkin Oonteit thil coming Ohriit-
mti, whloh ii less than two monthi
away.  Lively, the Jeweler.
Mr. Imc Gonld It griding tbt Eipla'
nidi oppotitt hit proptrty, uur the
new brldjgo-
Fine tailoring it modtrttt coit ll tht
motto ol Otldwtll, thi Niniimo trtlit-
tntttr tnd Utter.
Guy Fiwktt night wu "celebrittd
witb Mvtril bonnm ibont town, tbt
imill boy btlng in hit glory. No dim-
igt reported to iw.
A gtntrtl meeting ol Lidyimlth Oa-
ledonitn A Bt. Andrtw't Soeitty will bt
htld in tht Lttdtr otSce Wednttdiy
tvtning Nov. 12th It 8 o'clock. All
mtmbtnindrttidtnt Boon invited. T.
L. Grihtmt, eteretary-treiiurtr.
On Monday evening e tpteiil meeting
will be held in Flnt Preibyttriin
Ohnrch to complete drginlittlon ei the
proposed Ltdlw' Aid. -vtry lidy mem-
her oi the congregation ii eunettly in-
Tiled to be preeent.
Kindly remember tbat every dolltr'i
woith. purcbited in onr itore entitle!
Son to i gneu it the number ot leedi in
ie Ohrlitmet pumpkin. Tht cloieit
gntntr letting the flnt pritt, end to on
nntil the print in givtn twty, At
LivtlT'i, tht Jeweler.
Prayer meeting will be held itgnlirly
on Wedneidiy tvtnlngt It Flnt Preibv
teritn chnrch htncelorth, ind wlll include; i eonne ol itudlw on "tbe lundt-
mental! ol onr tilth," by Hr. Morton
Neilee It givtn in inothtr column oi i
tpteiil muting ol tht South Niniimo
Lictnting Boird lor Btttrdty, Nov. 28,
whtn John Htllortn'i application ior
thi Htliwiy Houn will be heard. The
ipplicittont lor lictuKi lor thtPortlind
lid Giacbtro hotel! will bt contidtrtd
It tht ntitrtgnltr meeting in Jinmry.
Dr, T. Gitndon Moody, Dentitt, will
return to Lidyimlth Friday, Saturday
ind Sunday of thli week. Dr. Moody
will mtkl regular vtirti to Ltdyimitb.
Office it NTcholson't Hill. Vlotorli
office, Old Pottofflot bnilding.
Amngtmtnti in prtetedlng ntiiftc-
lorily ior tbe concert to be givtn on the
•vtning oi the 17th Initint in Fint
Pmbytirlin Obnrth, undtr tht tue.
plot! ol tht eonf rtgttlon.
It's Stove Time
XlounJta, Rtttber, Hardware, Stoves.
Work on the three new hotel! on Flnt
Avenue ii being pnihed on ii fait it
tht weather will permit, Mott ol tht
lumber bai trrived from Exteniion led
il on tht ground reidy ior utt.
FOR SALE.—160 acre! near Lady*
itnith. Small clearing and building.
Good land, easily cleared and drained.
Price $1,(100. Small caih payment,' balance monthly, to arrange.   Apply thil
Tbt Hotel Gitohero, Flnt Avenue,
nut tht Government office, it bting
fitted for electric light and gti. In til
othtr respects it ii t modtrn, up-to-date
hottl. It will bt completed about the
middle oi the preient month,
TO THE PCBLIO.-Tbe underlined
htve decided to keep their barber shops
cloied til dty Sunday irom thil ditt
on, but will rtmain open until midnight
Saturdavs (or accommodation oi pttroni.
Phta Evani, Oatacre Street; I. O.
Winiton, High Btreet Shaving Parlon.
The pavilion ii now ell boardtd in tnd
reidy ior use ior almost my purpose.
Tbt btiketbtll club intend to ktep tht
duit Irom lettling on it thit winter.
Booki I Booki I Just received, I big
consignment of popular fiction, well
bound, well printed end chetp. Otll
tnd look tbem over. At Jenuu'i Plitrm-
Tht police are inveitlgitlng I robbery
which took place at ont of tht privite
bott houiei on the ipit I lew dtyt igo.
A pair ol otn, rowlockt tnd otbtr property were ttolen by the criminila, bnt
te the articles can bt enily identified
the police leel eure thtt trrtttt will bt
made belore long.
HOUSE FOR SALE.-On Fifth Avenue, close to tbt park, five roontidown-
itairi and one upstairs. Apply at The
Leider office lor full particulars.     21
Tbt tgent ol • travelling theatrical
company writing Irom Victorii It inquiring ae to tbe prospects ior giving in
entertainment here. II the fint wen
tuccenful tbe company conld pity twice
t week in Ladyimith throughout the
winter. An anisver plainly telling bim
wbat he might expect hll been returned.
FOR SALE—A good plying bnilnni
on High itreet, cheap. Alio home tnd
lot. good well. Occupant! lttving on
account ol ill health. Apply to T. O.
McKenelly, High itreet restaurant.
The offer of The Leader to deliver the
paper twice a week to residents of Lady*
imith tt two bit! i wtek, hiving met
with no reeponse, it ii hereby notified
thtt the paper will continue to be nnt
through tbe mails, ti li done by every
other semi-weekly In Britiih Columbia,
If Tho Leider bat bten prematurely tn-
terprliing, The Leider apologises, tnd
will wilt development!.
WANTED.—An experienced Women
willies nuning,   Addren
Mn. X„ Exteniion, B, O.
A meeting ol tht member! ol tht
Ladyimith Caledonian md St. Andrtw't
Society ii cilled by the ttcrttiry (or
Wedneiday night, tbe 12ih Instant, in
Tne Leider office, All Scott, member,
or not, will be heartily welcome. Thi
queition ol holding tht annual Bt. An*
drew'i night bmquet will bl fatly dit-
cussed. Many tre etrongly in Itvor ol
repettlng tht grind tucctti ol lut Nov
ember 30tb.
Monday Night'. Mooting io of Im-
•ortanco to Ail Citlzons.
From whit tbe Leader bit been tbit
to ticertiin In convinttion with mtny
ol tht ptoplt tbtn it every likelihood
tbit tht melting cilled lor B o'clook on
Monday evening, 10th initint, in
Gonld'i hill will bt Itrge and repretent-
At tlrtidy Intimated in thtit ool-
nmni tht purpoie ol the meeting it not
only to bring tht oitlttni ot Lidytmith
together lor I lull ind Irtt discussion ol
public queitioni effecting tbii town, bnt
to twtktn i deeper intereit in the if-
din ol tht eomminity It • whole,
amongst tbt oilittnt themielvei. Tht
cry ol apathy towtrd munioiptl iffiln
ii no ntw ont, tilher in tbit province or
out of II, but the commuhitiei where
tbet tptthy it thown the mott itrongly
in the mott btckwtrd.
Lidyimlth ll in I peculiar position;
it muit, in ■ unit, ittnd up lor iti
rlghti, light lor them li nectntry, but
get them enyhow. The town hu rivtli;
it hu tntmiei who rejoice to iee thit
tht work ol progress ii lelt in the hsndi
of a corporal'! guard; tbit il juit whit
tht tntmiei ol tht pilot wtnt to let.
But 11 Lidytmith it to become tht town
wt ill hopt to in it grow into it no distant ditt in tht future, now it tbt tlmt
to bt Mining—everybody.
The mtmbtrt ol the Boird ol Tndt
wgt npon til citiieni ol Lidytmith who
htvt my intent! it ill in tht town't
welfare to ittend the meeting Hondty
night, and at lent, heir tht discussion
which will then take pltce.
Following it I Hit oi tht princlptl
tnbjtoli which will probtbly be discussed at the muting t Incorporation; public whirl; condition ol itreete; cemetery ; reconstruction ol Boird of Tndt
or Oitiitnt'Committee;election ol officer! ior mining yur.
Yiquli Active Again,
Tucion, Arli., Nov. 7.—J. E. Sullivan,
superintendent ol I mint It Lameza,
tnd bill t doien Mexlctnt hive bun
killed near San Mirciil, Sonort, hy
Ytqul Indians, who in reported to
have taken tbe warpath ind in beyond
tbe control oi t small Mexlctn force.
Counterfeiter! taught.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 7.—Tht Police
lut night melted Wm, Sttwtrt ind hit
ton Roymond, tnd the wlfeofRiymond,
it their home, Wilton A venue, tbe termer lor pining counterfeit bills, ind
tht two litter lor being iccompllctl.
The rllgglnt Murdirt.
Fredricklon, N. B,, Nov, 7.-0hitl
Justice Tuck ol Ihe Supreme Oonrt hii
grinted Inrthtr time ln ippttl out
of Frank Higgim, tht boy untenotd
death lor the murdtr oi Willie Dohtrty
it St, John for ntw trial.
Tho Prooont Winter Opens Sooner
In Tho Year Than Ever Before.
Snow began to fill heavily in Ladytmlth tnd surrounding country about
nine o'clock on Thureday morning, and
kept tilling netrly all day, until the
ttreett tnd rotdwiyt wtre ankle deep in
■lopot the eloppieit, The lndlcalione
were clearly lor a continuance ol the
downfall, md iVt weather-wise declare
that then will be plenty more along
next wuk,
Mr. Magulre, road foreman, assured
Tbe Leider, in tbe courie ol a brief interview, that winter hu eet in thie year
earlier by a good deal than any year he
rememben elnce 1802, when be came to
Britiih Columbia first, settling in thil
diitrict. Usually tbe eatlleit indication! ol I rut eet-in oi the winter come
about tba tnd ol the preeent month;
very olten thil li one ol the finest
monthi of tbe whole year, reeembling
the Indian summer oi the Eastern portion! of the continent. But enow luch
u fell on Thunday, ibe 6th of November, ii lometblng without precedent in
thii part of the province.
Mn.P. H. Minbtll viiited Nanaimo
on Wtdntidty.
Mn, 0. E. Muir wtnt np to Niniimo
on Wednttdiy, rtturning on tht evening train.
Mr. Irving, luperlnttndent ol rotd
work, viiited Lidyimlth Thundiy, md
bid • lengthy conlerence with the Government egent. ,
Mr. King, turvtyor lor Iht E. A N.
Btllwty Oompiny, wu In Lidyimlth on
Rev. G, Morton Wtlktr rtturned Irom
Niniimo on Wedneidiy ifltrnoon't
train. Hi conducted the funeral ier-
vice lor the lite fit. Hoggin, ol Gabriola
Mr. George Mtcleod wu in Niniimo
on Wtdntidty on ■ bmlneei tiip.
Hr. Ctrmichitl, Provinciil uityer,
tpmt i dty or two ia Lidyimilh thii
Mr. F. MoB. Young, ot Niniimo, viiited Lidyimilh on Wednttdiy morning
tnd wtnt down to Crolton by tht evening title.
Mr. George Burtholme, ol Niniimo,
paid Lidyimilh i vilit on Wednttdiy
Hr. A. 0. Wilion, thtNimlmo floriit,
viiited Lidytmith on buiiutti lut
Hr. R, Wtnbora, ot the Niniimo
Machine Worki, wit btn on Tuudiy
tod Wtdutidiy rtpilrlng Captain Hie-
leod't launch.
Hr. Htvry Longton, Victorii, wu in
Lidytmith yuttrdiy on ■ builntu trip.
Lltertture'i Beggirly Rewards.
Sin Fnnolteo, Nov. 7.—Hn. Jem-
nttteNorrli, widow ol Frtnk Norrli,
tht novelist, who died irom tppte-
dicitii hm rtctntlv bet filed t petition
(or letter, ol administration, itttlng
thit tbt tnlln utile ooniltti ol 11.000
cub md royillitt in itveral olhtr bos
bmd'i booki,
Barrlloi Aiphyxlited.
Ntw York, Nor. 7.—A privite dt»
pilch received here tnnounctt tht detib,
uvi I Htrtld dtipttcb irom tht city ol
Htxlco, oi General Hinntl Littndo
Birrllot, former preiident ol G internal.,
tnd i colontl In tht Guttemtlin army,
u tht mult ol uphyxiallon by volcanic
gu in tht vlolnlty ol the Stnti Maria
volcano where Gen. Birrllot owned i
Urge coffee plantation.
Don't borrow tht Leider; lubHribt
lor it younelf,
 -For Bile by JOHN BICKLE	
Melancholy  Occurrence at  The
Wharves Wednesday Night.
John Fjrem, mpposcd to be I Norwe-
gltn seamen, who boarded tbe barque
Antiope during the night previous to her
tilling Irom Victorii ior Ladyemith
dtttrting inothtr ihip then In the lutrbor
of Victorii, tell off the miiu whari at the
bnnktn ibont a quarter to twelve o'clock
on Wedneiday night and wu drowned
before tnyone could go to hie assistance.
It ie alleged by thoie who were with the
man and law bim lut that he was not
under tht influence ol liquor.
Fjrem and a meeimate were up town
during the evening, md hid a little tup
ptr tnd • couple ol glteiei of beer at tbe
Lidytmith hottl, which house tbey left
■hortly liter eleven o'clock to go oboard-
When they reaobed the wharf Fjrem
liked hll triend for a cigarette, and while
standing on the edge oi tbe wbtrf at-
tempting to light it ht fell over backwards, etrlking tbe water with aloud
eplaah. Bo far ai the other mm knowi
Fjrem did come up it all. It wae pitch
dirk it the tpot where Fjrem fell cff.
The eailor immediately reported tbe
matter, but nothing could be done at
thtt hour towtrd recovering the body.
Grtppling irom were obtained.on Thundiy and" the leiroh begin.
The decerned waa about forty five years
ot age, ind in old eailor. Ue waa not on
the article! ol the Antiope, but wu look •
ing for mother ship, ai he did not wieb
to makt tbt trip to Honolulu,
Johii.—The wife of Waller Jonee oi i
ion, Nov. 0th, 1002. Mother tnd ion
doing well.
Dancing Glut,—All who wish to join
Mn. Thnrnlty'i dancing Clan will
please ittend at Gould's Hall on Tuei-
dty night it 7.30 o'clock.
Following ii the Lidytmith Leaden
team which goee down tbii morning to
pity tbt Dunctu tetui. Goal, E. Leahy;
I, b'l, A, Morriion, T. O'Connel; ii b'l,
J, Campbell, J, Eno, O, McMillan,-forward!, R. McMillan, A. N. Utbtr, W.
Clark, T, Burnt; centre, J, Adams.
Dignity Seriously Fractured.
Midrid, Nov. 7.-The trial ol Biblno
Adtni, luder ol the tntonomitt pirty
ln Buque Provincei, chirged with having tint I congrttulatory cablegram to
Pruidtnt Rojievelt laet spring on tbe
granting of Cuban ludependence, began
at Bilbaa today, The public prosecutor
took tht grouod thtt Senor Adona'a lei-
egnm to tht Pruidtnt infringed the integrity md dignity ol Spiln, ind ht de.
minded thtt ■ ttntenot ol eight yean
imprltonmtnt bi impoied on tbe prls
Toilet Vlstecnr.
In order to make a nice toilet vinegar
take of belt white vine vinegar one
pint, of rosemary two dramt, of rue
two dramt, of lavender two drami and
of camphor two drumi. Put tbeie in.
gredlenti to took ln tht vinegar for
twelve houn; then strain It A littlo
of thit mixture added to tbo bath water or rubbed on tht tkln after n bath
Impart. ■ delightful perfume to It
Dried or freib berbt miy be utcd for
tho purpoie.
llu«v Puts-let,
Chtrcool ii nn excellent remedy for
itufflnem In the pantry, It can be
made quite euilly by burning a log of
wood until It it thoroughly charred,
then taking It from the fire tnd allowing it to cool, The lumpi ire now
ready to be placed on the tbclvet of
the pantry. They mutt be renewed
fteguently.       ,   __       	
Card of Thanks.
Mr. Robert WlHlttmeau brn t. tender
bii m..nt bianf-jlt thank! to ill kind
friem'e whose- assistance and sympathy
during his reiirnt severe sillictlon welt
sjr.ii-f.illv aci'epled tnd appreciated.
Ami he would especially wiih to thank
the ladl."B whi).e k'ndlv «i.l wai ,o valuable Iti his Mine of in-ubte.
NOTION    Is    herebv    given    thit
an application   from    John   Hlllnnn
for  a   inlil    license   for   the   Halfway   H use,   to   be- eltuiled about
one mile north of Brenton'e Droning; In
the dietrict of South Nanaimo, bat bten
received by the undersigned, tnd tbit
the etme will be considered at I special
meeting ot the Licensing Boird to bt
twld In Gould's Hall, Ltdyimitb, November 20 h, 1002, at 10 o'clock a. m,
Chief Licence Inepeotor, ■
South Niniimo Diitrict.
The City Market
Meats I Vegetables
First Avenue, : Ladysmith, B.C.
Lots in! blocks 20, 80 end 81. Alto
Hottl Bite, 120.120 tut. Alto loll 1 ind
2 block 48, |060 the two.
Apply to
Jkuohb Wilson, Prop.  NANAIMO
Groceries of Best
Quality at
Lowest Prices
Huom Drooks'ln Vntokuvla.
The Best Are The Cheapest.
Opposits Fire Hall, NANAIMO.e.C.
In the Matter ofthe Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897, and
Amending Acta,
And in the natter of the Lady
smith Water Company, Ltd.
NOTICE is hereby given tbitlltpplici-
tlon will be mtde to 1 judge ol Ihe
Supreme Oonrt ol Briliib Colombia it
the Court Home, Viotorit, B.C., it 10.30
o'olock iu tbt forenoon, on Saturday,
Ibe 29th day ol November, 1002, er to
soon thereafter 11 the Applicant cm bt
heard on behalf ol the Ladyimith Wtttr
Gorapiny, Limited, lor letve to construct, mtiottin ud operate 1 wtttr
works lyitem to supply wtttr to tbt In-
habitant! ol tht unincorporated locality
In and about Lidytmith, in tht County
of Naniimo tnd lor purposes neceuiry
tnd inoldcnttl thereto.
Thie notice wu published on October
25lh, 1002, lor the flnt tlmt.
Solicitor! iw Tht Ltdyimitb
Water Oo., Ltd.
Victorii, B. O., Oct. 23rd, 1002.       St
Is the name that stands for
tbe Best Piano manufactured to-day. Beautiful to look
at; exquisite In tone. Perfection In Pianos. Don't
buy till you see aud hear It
Nanalmo. B. C.
Visitors Irom Lidytmith md diitrict
will find in tbii well-appointed houn ell
tbe home oomlortt. Lunchei tor ltdy
shoppers 1 ipteiilty, Termi itrlttly
moderate. Strvlcj md oultint lint
HISS B. KEITH, Pro*. ndMir.
Cuban Cigar Factory
Manufacturer, of the Famcni
None bnt Union Ltbor employed.
M. J. BOOTH, •        Proprietor.
Gradual, of Fhlladelpbl. Dental College lnl
Hospital of Oral Surgery.
Oj.ven_.it it., (Utitalr.)
r-^SfcOu. victoria,ac
Dr. Moody visit, Udyimllh every Friday, Saturday .ud Sund«y.  OUc, Nicholson's Hall.
The Ladysmith Market is ready to
supply the public with fresh fish:
Salmon, Codfish, Herring, Halibut
always on hand.
Corner Roberts and First Avenue
Slip'. Work a Setdtlty.
Hone-shoeing In all IU branches.  Farm Ita-
pternents^ repaired.    Miner.'   Tool,   cuefuily
■harpened and tempered.
Buller Street,
tooth saws, 3 ft.;
,, --llMfl.ua.. and 5 It. Also >»-
munition and ail .I.e. of Be.1 Ira.' Miner.,
Drivers' Ump. and Cap. to be had at
D. TAYLOR I 00'$,
Opp. H. ft N. Station, Nanalmo, B? c.
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Crosses, Etc. Ustlmate*
and Designs given on Application
A. HENDERSON,     Pr»*srietor.
For Flnt Clue work
ShiTing Pirlort
High Stmt.
Hair cutting and Beard
trimming a Specialty,
la now prepared togtve lessons on thc piano tnd
violin. AU applications tat tuition ctn be left it
W. H.   Llvely'i Jewelry  Store
»♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦++♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+>♦♦ +♦♦♦»♦+♦
•     • •   •
When you are in need, of Job Printing, no
matter what kind, let us give you an estimate, We have the facilities for turning
out work promptly, and, what is more, we
have a reputation for doing
Neat and
Artistic Work
of which we can show you samples. The Job Room
is in charge of Skilled and -Competent Workmen.
Modern Type and Best Faciltties. Prices the Lowest  consistent with First-Class Workmanship.
The Leader.   Ladysmith ji
i***************************t**\t*j******* ***********'■>


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