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Kamloops Wawa Apr 1, 1895

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 No. 127
SO Centimes,
lO Cents.
Vol. IV. No. i.     KAMLOOPS WAWA.
The. Shortest way toUcmv
the Shorthand is through,
the Chinook, and the. short";
est Way to leartv the Chinook
is throucfh the Shorthand.
0n, the. cover of Hvis paper
Vou. ha/ve, all tUott is ^eces -
Socvy for learning this Sys-
ter/v.of Shorthand.
V.-Tp.ke the Alphabet cxt the.
top Of next pOLCf*., Oiiriciao
ow \o olecxpher every Woro.
that comes along. Vou.
Will hardly have deciphered  all the matter on this
coyer, when yon. yvi'll be
Surprised, to jind yourself
familiar with ccii the secrets of this shorthand.
•'  This paper is now) produced by Photo Ev\ctrcx.vir\q,a.
process which allows space,
for nearly fivt times as
One page of this con towns
as miAo/vas five, pages <?$•
the f-ormcr numbers.   By
Comparing the Space, occupied by English text in/ult
type a.ncl the Sam-*, in Phonography,'as in next paae.
itvvilloe Seerv, that owe. petty*,
in shorthand is egual to
8orJ0pag.es ordinary type.
This paf>eri'jswed>no*tk
ly, at. $> i.00 per annum
Post Stamps accepted. En
qlisli, Canactia/n orli>$-- THE   DUPLOYAN   PHONOGRAPHY
Duployan Phonetic Alphabet.   .
\. Simple.,|or Chinook.
»       O     (9       O    (3      (        S:
a.       O      Off      OUT   WOL     £       tc
>   }    -
h p   \
;    y   ^   ^y  y  C
k      I      sh       s     n.    m
II. Complete.£or.£nglish.
50vPG0^(   C^'   ''
ti   O dtp- cut wa~ a, cu e.    u. u <&tv. in, on, utv
•»| ^ // / /^^^y^y-JDC ~^
hpbt d j v kq I  r sh ch  s   ts n r\j ynthetc
I If .AfumeVals.
\     /    '   c    j   "   ^ O
3    4-   * 6   7 ■ %   ?   *•
"Rules. /• Writt sounds .ot?fy.
II. Avoid* Anylcs.
III. Write I andr upwards.
Remark.. The whoU shorthand is there :
you. need only work it o>ut.
yy*yy --pCK-^y •«***» *—yj-^-r^fidk/*
67/~**~(P °d' ' C&'y**\~iy*d<d- ^^yy-^y
*"> > q v. & t v^C ^^/A\y»y& ^ *^dg
j. - -~-n£>   I^V^C   Z^' X  <- C5?-^ \/-S- ^?r,^Ov
t l^^^^.^^ch^>/*//•-
.^> ^ ^'.,-v^ ^ ^ -, x^ y^
y^Z.yd^yy;'-. CQs-r^^yrO-.^ ^-^cy^y
~*y- > ■-, y-g ^cd* }{- 1^-V ,|> *-tfV-T
nf'— •' "<5>y^\ ©>> -»<5, id-^^cs C£>—>c9
<d~ ^° ^ ~\y y^y,cjcp ^^V^
-^j,^yy~~^.„ c^^^y^y -vsd)-y^
od~y^y^ • -y^y—s. ^- & > -*? ^d^~-y^-d^ c
—     ~,y        ^y—,^jr—Q/>   *->  <y       Qy-y£,
G^^<X -O ^^. L^ — ^^£k
Thii» system o'j- Slaortliand vvaf|i>it
puolished in France, by the Du-ploye.Bro-
thersjn 1^67. _ It wa.s/irsttou^o|ht fe
the Indians o) British. Columbia , <xt
Coldwcx.ter,inlViefalUf 1%30.
A nov/eLidea., some vi/i'llsay,. to .
teach the. Indians to read shorthand/
Would it not be, better to ttcx.ch them
common writing^ — Somebody rtmar.
ked \y\ Wl; They. are. not ocbte.h>
leocrrt the old hand, writing, how
cav\they learn  shorthand\dBe.ccxiAbt
this shorthand is one hwr.drea.,nay
oy\^ thousa.nd, times Simpler than
the old, Writing. Ay\v one can \zcurvy
it in a j-evt/ hoa.rs, and become,  expert in it in a feiv tdays".
ThouSa.nds of Indians alt over ♦
this country are novJ otble to retxA
and Write  this shorthand ,M"<>st -of
them learned it in two or three dcLys.
They are thot-nkfwl to God for the
blessing o\ be.inq cxljle to rtoyL    tUz
Sriortha.riol.*-"V1/e recejvt novi/,tkty
5a.y, more instruchon/ in one vVeek
tholn.vVe cou-ld Uarn> before in. Several
months, when, v/e had no other Way.
o^leamina tnan- by end. repetitions,,,
Many of them can now bea»'»v     to
leourn/ the English lan^a^.fdr
thtvVnl:W(?t Which this shorthand
is as well adapted-
Why not adopt this system of
shorthand for use in/ the ifnalish
^IrTooU. as iFj's used^: tens Ivei y;
to qreat advantaj^.., througfhot^t"
Tranci. oiv\d lower Canada..
Children, coin learn, to.read this Pho-
y\ogra>phy in tv/o We^ks, \Vith afiftterv/
miniAtelesson, zVtry day.-Then,   instead o\ oUcl'OLtion., exercises may  be
Written in short hand, on the blackboard
orothervVise,to be transcribed into ordinary vyrih*n<jf, l^Sed ih that Way, thi'5 Yho-
nography MoM become, ex. pov^erj-wl means
o\r teaching orthogroopWy. .Besides that,
pucpils trcuY\td in truxb Way, Would
cow* out o\ Schoot perfect STenographers. RAW FURS.   -   READ THIS!
-y^JU^ Op:
^-% -A "v. 1/j \y>Ofy-' y^4 i$> Q> <4y >
V» ^y^^>yyf>^>cdVy-><^'l'^>c&^'
G<y^yddi»i c£> —/-y<>^->i& d>k &p y?"
ypyi <£y Cs,^ ->y_-y-/^.'TyS yfi.Ojb^ii.QLy
JAS. McMILLAN & CO., -  Minneapolis, Minn.
R.   E.   SMITH
Establish-ed   188 3,
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Millinery,
House Furnishings, Etc.
■019 Man's ^orac,
Quiichena 3folel,
Near the Center of
r>0 Miles South of KAMLOOPS,
Health and     *
::- Summer Resort,
Beautiful  Scenery
and Climate. ~~-
Mining, Banehing£Commercial Interests
Subscription, $2.00 per Year.
Bishop Durieu's Ohinook Bible History.- With ^English
interleaved.    1 vol. bound, post paid,     .    .    .    .    ...      $1.25
Kamloops "Wawa, 1892, 1893, or 1894.     With Indian
Prayers.    Three volumes, bound ; now rare,   .    .    .   each, $2.50
The oldest established house in
J. H. MUSS EL, Trap.
Dealer and manufacturer in
Stoves, Tinware, Plumbing, Hardware, Paints, Oil and Glass.
General Merchant,
GatholiG Publishers, Booksellers and Stationers,
123   Church   Street,
1669 Notre Dame St.,
We have the Best European Artists, and Skilful Painters,
working on our Statues, and we can supply immediately, or on
short notice, a great variety of statues of Saints and Religious
Groups, in all sizes, in Plaster, Plastique, or Cement, with plain
or rich decorations artistically finished; also a large and varied
assortment of models for drawing.
All orders are given our personal attention, and ne arc
daily in receipt of highly complimentary letters from all
parts of the country.
"'d 'j-1 Vol. IV. So 4
April, 1895.
In this number will be seen engravings of two most illustrious personages : Mgr. De Mazenod, the saintly
founder of "The Oblate Missionaries,"
and His Grace the late Archbishop
Tache, of St. Boniface.
The two next pages give an account
of the origin of the Chinook jargon.
They are well worth reading.
"Our Monthly Budget," page 52, is
pretty well filled up this month, and
it has been necessary to reduce it to
one-eighth, that all might be inserted
in a single page. That page contains
about 2,500 Chinook words, equal to
about 3,750 English words, or five
pages of this size. It is no tour deforce ; it can be read by all who understand the phonographic writing as
easily as this text can be read by
common English readers. It simply
showrs how much shorter is the pno-
nographic writing than the old long
hand. Whereas a character here represents only a letter, it represents a
syllable, or a full word, in page 52.
If you want to learn the easiest
system of shorthand in the world,
learn this by all. means. It is the
shortest of all to learn. Full instructions are given in No. 125 of this paper ;
English exercises every month in the
"Catechism" pages. If you have any
use for the Chinook, the shortest way
to learn the shorthand is through the
Chinook. How can that be? Because
ouly half the alphabet is sufficient to
write the Chinook, and because Chinook has only a very limited number
of words, which recur repeatedly un-.
der the eyes of the student, and give
him every facility possible to get accustomed to them in a very short time.
By the time he is well used to the Chinook, he will find out, also, that he is
able to decipher shorthand in English
or any other language. Indeed, it is
worth the trouble of studying the Chinook, were it only for the purpose of
learning shorthand.
A number of persons from France,
Switzerland, Germany and the United
States, have applied for methods with
which to learn the Chinook.
About thirty young students in a
high school in Belgium have learned
the Chinook to a nicety, and they find
that it. is useful to them in more than
one way. An editor of a well-known
newspaper in Paris, France, is now
applying for lessons to learn it.
You may have no interest in Chinook or shorthand, but surely you
will not withdraw' your sympathy
and co-operation from the good work
carried on by> this paper. You will
most heartily send in your subscription, and induce your friends to do
the same. A few pages of English
reading, the illustrations of the paper,
every page of which is a photo-en-
graying, will well repay the sacrifice
of a; dollar a year.
-*   -X-
The Responses of Mass are given in
Latin, page 53. All the Indians that
know the Chinook writing can read
them. The little boys are repeating
them, so as to be able to answer Mass
in a short time.
See — pages 54 and 55 —how useful
this system of phonography can be
made to teach the Indians to read,
write and speak English. The first
column on page 54 is in Chinook, and
all our Indians can read and understand it. The second column on the
same page is English, in phonography,
and a great number of our Indians
can read, this also, and teacli it to the
others. After learning the sounds
and meaning of the words on that
page, they can proceed to spell and
write down the words which are
printed in full letters on the opposite
page, no.
"Kamloops Wawa" hereby expresses its best wishes to its numerous exchanges, of w'hich special
mention will be made in subsequent
A Valuable Book.
Printed by the Elzevirii in 10(51.
The complete works of Cicero in Latin.
The title-page is in an engraving,
showing Cicero in the act of lecturing
the Romans. The Roman Forum is
in the background above two eagles,
which are holding a sign with the
inscription: M. Tullii Ciceronjs
opera omnia cum Gruteri et selectis
variorum notis et indicibus Locuple-
tissimis. Accurante C. Schrevkklio.
At the bottom : Amstelodami. Apud
Ludovicum et Danielum Elzeverios.
Lugd. Batavorum, Apud Franciscum
Hackium.'A01661.' 1339 pages, bound
k in red calf, with gilding on back and
corners, gilt edges, wonderfully well
preserved. For fuller particulars,
apply to Editor " Wawa," Kamloops,
B. C. 50
In the preface to the " Chinook Die-
tionary,".etc, by,Fathe.r:.Demers and
others, is.a statement concerning the
origin'of the Chinook Jargon, as fol-'
. .   • ■    . .■     ■• -   ■ •    •'-     .-.■>!,''
lows,:—.•- •    ■'...,.    *  ••     >    •';, v     >'.;..
" The Chinook Jargon was invented
by the Hudson Ray Company traders,
who were- mostly French-Canadians:
Having to trade with, the hum erous
tribes inhabiting the. countries. wrest
of the Rocky Mountains,' it was necessary to have a language understood' hy all. Hence the idea, of coin-
posing the Chinook. Jargon.. ;Fort
Vancouver being the principal post;"
the traders of. the twenty-nine forts'
belonging to.. the Company - on • the
western slope,:and--the' Indians; from
every part of that immense 'cpun'trj;
had to. come to. Vancouver for. the
trading season. They- used "to learn
the Chinook (Jargon)., and then teach
it to others. In this manner it became
universally known. :      ' "■•'  ■
/'.The, two first missionaries.to Oregon, Rev. F. N..Blanchet,; afterwrards
Archbishop of Portland,.Oregon, .and
his worthy companion, Rev. Mbci.
Pernors, afterwards first Bishop of
Victoria, B. C, arrived from Canada
at Vancouver on the 24th of November, .1838. .They had. to instruct .numerous v.tribes of Jndians, and .the
wives and children of the whites;,
who spoke' only the Ghiri.odk. The
two missionaries set to work to learn
it; and in a few weeks Father Demers
had mastered, it, and began to preach.
He composed a vocabulary, which, was
very useftihto other missionaries. He
composed several canticles', whicli/the
Indians .learned, and sang with taste
and- delight. He also translated all
the Christian prayers into (the,same
language. ■•■      ...ij ,u:   i >  .:.-..
" Such is the origin of the Chinook
Jargon, which enabled the two first
missionaries in the country to do a
great deal, 6f ,good among the Indians
and half-breeds."—Rev.L. N. St. Onge,
in Deniers' Chinoolc Dictionary.
The above is completed by the following extract from Dr. Geo. Gibbs'
preface; to his , Chinook Dictionary,
published by the. >;Smi.thsonian Institution at Washington, D. C, in
March, .1863. :; .' '
" The origin.-ot this .Jargon—a conventional language, similar to the
Lingua Franca,of the Mediterranean,
the Negro-rEnglish-Dutch of' Surinam,
the- Pigeon-English of China,. and
several -other mixed tongues—dates
back' to .the fur drog iters of the last
century;; Those mariners, whose enterprise in .the''fifteen years preceding
1800 explored the intricacies of .the
north-west coast of America, picked
up'.at their general rendezvous, Noot-
ka.Sound, various native words useful
in-"barter, and thence transplanted
th^eip, with additions from the English';., to,, the shores of Oregon. Even
before their day, the coasting trade
~and'iwariike expeditions-^TthlTnorfiK~
era tribes, themselves a seafaring-
race, had opened up a partial understanding of each other's speech, for
when, in 1792, Vancouver's officers
visited Gray's Harbour, • they found
that the natives, though speaking a
different language, understood many
words of the Nootka.
"On the arrival of Levy is and Clarke
at. the mouth of the Columbia, in 1806,
the new language, from the sentences
given by them, had evidently attained
some form. It. was with the arrival of
Astor's party, however; that the Jargon   received   its principal  impulse. <MlWW w w w*w
Many more rwords of English were
then brought in, and for the first time
the- French, or rather the Canadian
and: Missouri" patois Of the French,,
was introduced; "The principal sea t
of the Company being at Astoria, not
only a large addition of Chinook
words was made, but.a considerable
number was taken from the Ghcbalis.
who immediately bordered that tribe
on the north, each owning a portion
of Shoal water Bay. The words adopted from the several languages were,
naturally enough,, those most easily
uttered"by-all; except," of course, that
objects new.to the natives found" their
mimes in French .or J^nglish, and
such jiioditications were made in pronunciation' ,as . suited tongues accus:
tomed to different sounds.   Thus the
gutturals of thelndians were-softened; or dropped/and'the/and r of the
English and-'French, 'to them unpronounceable,-were modified into p and
l.    Grammatical forms were reduced
to ' theii;  'simplest    expression,    and
variations in mood and tense conveyed only by adverbs or'by the context.
The   language, continued  to  receive
additions, and-assumed  a   more distinct and settled meaning under the
North-West and.Hudson. Hay Companies, who succeeded. Astor's party, as
well.as.through the American settlers
in   Oregon.   Its advantage wa,s soon
perceived   by   the .'Indians,  and   the
Jargon..became,•• to   some   extent,  a
means   of   communication   between
natives of different speech, as well as
-between-them-and-fch e-w-11 i tes.—I t-was—-
even-used as such between Americans
and Canadians;    It was at lirst most
in  vogue upon   the Lower Columbia
and.the Willamette; whence it spread ,
to Puget Sound,-and,-with the extension of. trade, found its way far up the
coast, as  well as the Columbia'.and .-.,.
Eraser rivers; and'therc are now few
tribes    between    the   42nd  and, 57th
parallels of  latitude in which  there
are   not   to • be   found    interpreters (
through its medium;   Its prevalence'.,
and  easy acquisition,■• while of vast .
convenience to traders and settlers,
has tended greatly to hinder the acquirement of the original Indian languages; so much that, except by a
few missionaries and pioneers, hardly
one of them is spoken oi* understood
by white men in all Oregon and Washington   Territory.     Notwithstanding
its apparent poverty in number of
words and the absence of grammatical forms, it possesses much more
flexibility, and power of expression
than might be imagined, and really.
. serves almost every purpose of ordinary in tercourse'/1' '
" The niimber of words constituting
the Jargon proper has been variously
stated. Many formerly, employed
have become in great measure qbr
soletc,. while others haAre been locally
introduced. Thus, at the Dalles of
the Columbia, various.terms are.com-
mou which would not-be intelligible
at Astoria or Puget Sound. In making
the following selection, I have included all those, which,*, on reference
to a..number of vocabularies, I have
found .current at any of these places,
rejecting, on the other hand,; such as
individuals partially acquainted with
the native languages have employed
for their own convenience. The .total
number falls a. little short of five
• hundred words."
Mr.   James    Constantine    Pilling,
Smithsonian   Institute,   Washington,
after inserting the above in the preface of his "Bibliography of the Chi-
n'ookan .Languages," goes on to state
that "this international idiom is yet
a live language, and, though lapsing
into disuse (being superseded by the
English)  in   the  land of its'birth, is
gradually cxtendingalb'ng the northwest coast, adding to its vocabulary
as it tray-els, until it has become the
means of'inter-tribal communication
between the Indians speaking different languages, and betwe.cn them and
the white dwellers iii British Columbia and portions of Alaska."   Indeed,
there seems to be almost a revival of
the .early interest shown in it, if. we
-m a-y-jj-u'd get rom-th e:n.m ou n t-of-ma-nu —
script   material   relating, to it   now
being made ready to-put into, print-
One of the most curious and interesting of all the curiqusattempts which
have been made to. instruct, and benefit the  Indians, by means of written
.characters,   is   that .-knovvn    as   the
'Kamloops Wawa;-'-    ..:..   .    .Written.
,iiii an international language, '.setup-'
in stenographic characters, and printed on a  mimeograph, by its'inventor,
editor, reporter, printer and publisher, a, 11 in one, this little.weekly-seems
to leave nol.hing in the way of novelty
to. be desired." .,.'•• . > •
....      -;.V   ,      i   .      '.
The a,bos*e was written.March 10th,
1893, about, twenty months before, the
"Kamloops Wawa" began to be pfroV-.
to-engraved. ■mm m«tm<mm
^   '*.-W
6 -<      6- *" ■* >^   ->. f «--. L ^ ^
* -<■    *T ^^S    ^^ "««   ££> ^fc VJ»" Ol-   >
C(f>yy Q_,    %A .  ^y^  *j   Cf   »„   CpJ ^r^-s>
'*&~<*~ ^ycfy^Q^ op <.d>p<jy°
+ 9 -9 * -^ ~f •,-» "\ :•-»"
db -*-^-^ *-«--/   <££   f T^*^ '
1^6)^-  ~{6  *~*£db   »-   ><-if<£k
^. „;> ^k^. **_-/  «-a ■ 3«--   -«--.  -x£i_
Jj-",j**-«f "^ </i, 6(s> **--<  <*(* ■ di C-C-
yyjL^4   Qy.
7-~ "-
t^* ^*
.=4 ££
(—p~di, ygc ^ • <si—»«-* *~/i ■
1  ^   ^ 6fb«*fc-£cr
•i t& "~ di '$> -> -> • - - <yy~s '*y<gfK
^<y Qy    oi_ „.„ k^fcjr^ -t^^
<A>"»   y^J^ J !'">.    -o_   «y ^^ . tyK^-~.
y«^d>d>dk -.. di&^<i' ■ -dy-*
t/^yd'k *-•} ^y<^ -y
--   <V_- ,- J*- ^  ,, ^ ^ <;£   J/€^
••• *~v </» ^->y Qy "d
try™ *~*d) db ~^y &. ..t ^ ^ v
**&*-£. . tp^^y-CCp  -A \   i. ..    *
v»-r«»#*"■<rs^~~z db' & -s&.yf.
cj -"^6 • -y (>(r -r,~ tjr C/p ( iy -*yC^
y*" Tf ^ J   i ^ ' - ^ - ^ • yft.
*-•) *y*,y Qy yy
y^L ••
l-Cly** 21. d>£> tOr   »  -£fc ^- -5«
-"& lie6*. cf> ^u
^/vy^Cy, _j   <y^.<yfi
>*'-'»£{< "^ptl -V -^ ^ ^» . ^
<2# <<^ Cft" -^ f^   Li y\d^, toU.
w   sj C_ft J c?&> -^ dt.
Ty> *y<9f.
y^-ydt. op n <i}kb <^. ok. -,/*>
<y^ <9p It,   t Pyt—y   CCb ■* dt, y*yi
u\ <^ -^'G- -*" ">$ al_^ d/» <-^ jk/
-^ dy, c?t> C(p • Cl/< °7° ^^-- -^ «_^
■^ >y4h d>p u
Jeayi. a/ JseaJmanj Creek    y~
^•iL. i£r- <§  »/ *-? i °s f^di i^y
c^b -ly^y^ -y-        *X  ^ &   -~^yfi,.'--
S>i ■*» y^d ~z>t> ^ •l v ^^i,
?• {P jy^y» yZ <&, CSL^ , aLsjS^
&yt   ^ t- • -    4'"^/'.^;-f /JLy,
O'dy, &?  -»"'•  t <yd4?i *y v-
i j,4   yi <-xf*->, ^^ yy ^ «-s^yt
111  iyy- **— •-   -r>y, -oa r^<£yfi
Jy-& ^y
jy 2-ii Cjp <l£t -(*-f v^^cofo
f.ai-y^^. SJC^C ^
<-<P «^g)  2*4   dh   -»- - I. ^-oLi   —.
-yi-d?^ **'■c- d>?S* *--^
oi_-^a^» tt-,^^ v^->./, ■>>, «~y) t
^ ^^ydi ^y&y
63<d -fr &d 'd •' ^ -^Tr ^
^ ZftClp    d-y 2st ^yL . --^iy^S
. o?° -^6  'let '  C$> ^ ^*< d%--~>
~°d ^ dy cOp tl»
MtaU4aMe    -«.-»^- -iy -»^ ■»<
-t>p~r    xb ^>y *°> db ? <*f' &
t 0yf.   Sited'-V*-.    * Oy/>-^Z~, ■*$>
/y~ G^p**-0f & <sp .-"-kkL-9 '^*
* -'fy «•«. <^^>«'-' cd° ^L/> ■^/*
& tf\, "v>j .   l f/
.c>> ik
>^  %-^>d db dZy ■  -°y*>-T2> tfb
^•-. ...,    ,-   "tfyfb^T,
Jj S-~ d>(/> Q^j> ^-5 , t -^   .t- -j, J^
&jp «-t   dcj> ds y°
**y£ ->/ du-' $>{> <s>-d »^ ^ u
y^j, di. <*<Piy-y  d^sh. <L
al^+Ay~   ^L <di ^ *yfh<- C^,
^1.- -y  *>-£  -,^1^, ol.^..
Boipttiti £mory. yak   ^   ,/,
it •<■-'- A*yi *-$b Tf-if • '■'""
**^6 /yy-  Dd^oy. ~{6y<yA ^c*xj2>
/*~t(6t^ y-*d>p -^tptlv. tk^">«-> -^j
^StM Thomion.. yjh 3,6 ^iy,.x^-
rTDdb**- 42<9-4>yfb>*<yt>yi.
^9) Lb    ^ V^* -^ U>- ^^
»i 1<S>- '~*'°~cy^-*Cc>. > T%yy3^'^>
'V.iJ^^ ^> -7^ ^ *k)&^
«* -p '"< t ^^ d?^fc^v
~*yj ^ ^—-v   l </i -^ ^ «<0<^ £-.
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°<y(6 db Ay-^ d*. -*WV . i -
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tdf' 'fy'^'% ?xy *■**»
<-y>dbor<) M~y^x -xyy°d\ d>p ty.
Pyy* tfi> -y> ^^^,^^
l^4 -Zy. fi-^ y *><,.,i^ W^,
1^     ^d(t> *' /-, *y. yU^yyd^
'r yv^Tf C9£> -.db- *.yid>£. GlyC.C,/y
'JZ-^^ZC, Tin-: j.ati: most rev. a. taciik. o. m.i. 1- £V J.W-*
i! t'.".' ;-
>* -^^C ^i/^->, r-^yy-y^c
M.k-   ^     _y0   yZA_y*   _, .
; <rc
5. £/l ^Q. H.y^„d Jd.
S.y^ds.xjo. tA.fd^y^y^A.
S.,yZ ^S<dj$. M.yyp ~s<^.
S.   dyd.     w^J^.
s. <*
ed7 ^W-'v-y
M. o<
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"3tr<C "	
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^cd^eOb^>J^Cy< S"^Zy^J^M.e-^LZ
yyy>y{- tA
-fi/ \y^D * Jo ^> Gjly <x4^>yy,      s. ^X^ >*
Jot-, .<a*)0  ^  .-. . ^-^   .   nr*    ~r^y 5    /y*. yd,  <?.e/i
-a ycj°)^ «/-^-,, ^5^ oco-^
,<£• >a ^>C ^o—"va>p »vy
yy*<S*(Ly "/^Ky -^Gr^—^odLyd
—,£> di_/-d-
b-d> cy
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od^- isydLy-y
M 54
y^?S^^^ c^ ^o^^y^/ y%>\jy±
> v
39. .Does he c,ommU.a great sin, he
who rejects the teaching of the Church? .
He. who rejects the teaching of
the Church commits, a sin--of pride,
which is called heresy.; and which
leads'to Hell.
40. 'What must .we■ do to go to
We must act as good children of
41. Who is a good child of God?
He who is baptized, and believes
and acts according to .the true word
of God.
4-2. Where is what ice are to be-
Hero 9     /•      ■
What we are to believe is in the
A-pos t"l es'~ C reed;        —^
43. Say I he Apostles'' Creed.
I believe in God, etc.
44. Do yon believe, all thai is contained, in the "Apostles''  Creed?
Yes, I believe all that is contained
in the Apostles' Creed, because in
Baptism God gave me faith to believe what He hYis revealed.'
-    ■ VI-;.
45. 'By ndiat..do we recognize the
children of Qod? .
'    By the Sign of the" Cross.
46;.    'Jlow do you make the Sign of '
the.Cross?.. ■■■ -  ;' '■',■'■"•■ ,i     'y
I sign the , forehead, then the
breast,-then the left shoulder, then
the right, and say: "In the,name of
the Father, and of the Son/and of
the Holy Ghost, Amen "■
47. What do. you remember when
you make-the Sign of the Cross?.
I remember the Blessed Trinity,
and .Testis Christ dying.on the Cross.
48. How do you rein-ember the
Blessed Trinity?
Because I name the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost.
'A 9:     Hoi o~do~yon ~i 'irnre w. b e r ~th e~dea tir
of Jesus Christ on the Cross?
Because   I   form   on   myself   the
Cross on -which Jesus Christ died.
;*")(). When shall we make the Sign
at 'the Cross?
Always when we pray, and when
we do anything,, and when, we are
tempted to do any evil. 56
The Way. of the Cross
O Crux aui.  0  <^ 0^y 3-yyy^7.
3L&6 *~^ db Q4 >
Preparatory Prayer    O^?-   ' Q
4^<£> 7-» Cvj^7^ ^ (dp • o)<5?7 A Q^ooy
^y? (?6 ~f-f ' L & -y^-^y-y1 \ iy>6 -d"
*Xy^c $6 •    <?$* <£>• - A   C<pC^j>^
^ A ^^if^^^-C-f d\> <*4\
f Stahon . oL^_ ^^ y+s<%yjh yyd?.
Aooramui te... ^ 0^^ <^ , ^, t ^
Consideration   Jl^J-ey^Ayyo^
4£ i/-j ~>/d6 ■ o)"^ "* 4-o T* ££0 4£'VV
"f "f     "V "S2> ^ CvL. ^ 6£>^<r>^ ^if
P&t iy-®db 7-^ b-o-
Prayer    0^   '^Q6 "^ ->y ^   ^
?6 c9c9 (y^yfa <e6 ■ 3^$6 C(Pjy-of d^£ ^
<p9>6 jyTr>yjb t^s{,-», 1 ^ -o^oyyi.%
P<s\ter Ave Gloria.  MHere re nosfri
Q—yiA^-A   oy> ~y\ ^_fi.0ry. ^ .
II. Stat*on   £jL^ ££, (r^yiy&y3b y+\
V~< *4 ^ *   ^~JL6 <^£ <^-
<st— -^ /^y^c>d>~y/^y^' ~°4 ~y ^^.^4 ^•kj.'^v,
V, (°(p ," &d> ySb "* cLy^? ^ ** $* *-&
Pk' ■  ° ■-*•' C(P>~ Of A '> fc-^^oU
cpy^y &■-$, C(p Q^y^ dd^*^ $4
Q-'iy'O (f > ®-y <-?" ~C^» A >%, ol_^ ^^af>
C^py^u p6  C<p   .  Pater. e/c\
III. Station, ^g-./A g —fyfk y~
Co**., yh^ y^y-v> -°j."!*j>y?<iy.'*6/io
cop ° -O^-^7-' <P -^ y=n^. • -Pt>   L -bd- -^-^
^^^ •' ^ 4t> P6 cly £ )^ ^   -y-j C^, y
O-r yi^6 y*'0^db^^^    o^' y*>
//^ Sl'at/on. iS ~yf -o6 CC yfb o* a-
Curi'3    Jy-~> ri-r, o->d_^ ^y?/^yi -£>-^>*y+*
L -y(*d Ql~yy<Ly6  ^  43f£r- yjb &pCT^
Op 6kji ■■■X <^j   (^^)   L  jg? & ->ydb-'    I'd
&fyby^yi ^ -fddb "* t ^b -^6 y
Pr-   0^.\y^ySh&CLy'*'!*4^£?
?4 -fd*db t3&?^> 1/-3 i>s <dp ■ b-^SL
d>4^c\p4 y*dh Ps ("^C^, ~y^^f <%?
Q6 <y^>    <p°$^y & - ^ 6><p G^s'^v   t
Sdh 4 ^ <r A ^^  o< A C$boL.
K Stattar,.   ^y?   y\ yfs <^ d^yOylP
Cons .o)2^ 4-t, &p -v^ -,^5 ou'^e^
0)2^ ^ ^ y°*~cyyb t $p/-t> -xy y>yyyxp>
^ <o-s '^ ^ y°y°y2yd7d2&_  <»a
-^ v-^ -if f ' oL- s^ ^<i>(*> * ^y P<s ^y?■
Ps 'sy6 ofy^Ps d^^ oL-l- pV 6>kj>^
1 ^ ?>4 -f-edb ^<y ^ yfd-<y <»6 t ^
A db c>p yr~ .
Vf. Station \J? C<p -d-^ -°A^y* o^
0Lv T)^ «)^  tS   T,^ k^t, Q^, ^y ,/j/ , ^ »/•_   ,
jyCos^py^,     -oj -^ ^^^ L -k^yjo-gj  <£<£> -^
^^ t^ <k^, <2^ - O^J -t\ v.- ^ ^^^^ ^ c?£
/>/"' 0/AS^ &Ky^;d£ G>4"fy-y
^Yy-^-o^ ■ ^ ^ & -ex3 *oo A
-f ""f dt^y- rVi>fc --^^-^^^r-f-f'^csr
Oyb ^6 'yp.J'f-iCLs %< y?y>y%y&> tf-y cp
V]f. Statw/7: yr\ Co <y-° ^, ^ _o.
^^rT*d x/l^d>llfci?- d~fd6^-'
db y-\C<p m<£'*\ ~y ^y?'.'-f>-f\ L-^ X"-^
j       y\
^p W^oo (>^ yyyyiyd?, 1 cpp} sy
*>S -d-foLy <P ty jy-pyf^C^p^
<y&-j ' 2>g ^ ^ <y"™> o ^ . P/ rs^db
^i ' y^9>d   1°-C ' -ty P/ -^ O- <t -f-y> VIA   CRUCIS
yjto3yC^>, v cp$^y & -P/y^.y)%C^s^
Vlll. Station ^^y^o^y
COn,   yf7,,^<+y?y?yjb Cp d^y   ^yy
^y}db "^'•/^/A-'/Mf^ /-o-^'V
d'O?     ^{f&db**^    ^"(P^y^y^y^i
*~^*y*dh <^*6 6<P<<X~y~J-C$ryd&dl>i>y
'<*-*A L"• Oi<^jy^y-v°<4 ->6 c£>dd^
A-     O ^.   ' P6 C(p c>(97 Cyp $6 <$0  db
d^S   A ->^ ~ "*/-> A ***P£> oO^
^^d\> AL^ ^ A^b^^fc-*- A"^
<^ ^ "*• A ^ P<$ tu^ ,y.<yd£>6 ■y-'yp^
P* ~e-e 4^60 v~5 qo <p cs>- -% ^^^b(^p^
«. £,,-a , 4_^ Q^p6 s^ -e^yhop
C0»'^v Pf ££>    tjj c?0 Cv_*<"^ ^ ^dy»-E>
^db '"**>
/X Station    yr\ $)<y-°^ g_e>.
Cons, ^^^op^yjh 6. <,, ^ £?yh
■id>. -»r ^y<p-$p ^^ ->6 q^y^ -»4
d-fdb y~ :6d ^6 v~db °P ^^^ £/ G>9>
Pr   O^  'y^^x Ceo -&£> & Y=-e<±-
CPof^y yp- -  9>4 /•<> yjb, C^S ^ . flOjP^'
<£? -p)/ <>s^y-y'^e-fdbQd-Cch^<ybd>p
~^2>4 -y* T^-f ' t k-^^^k^-k^
P* C>(pdy^
X. 5fat,on   ^c^y^ ^^, .
tOH$.    o)io ^t-'A ^<,i.^y(iU/i^ <sr-k
"VC7*- " 6& ^6  «— «3>i> °V. A> ^ £<4 ^ d\
££  *°& /°^ -y* &■ - dy*y •* ^ i- <*>£> <^
^5 u "3 db hno *>*> l cop Gj C(p ^.y <£j
^y^^dd^d^ ""
Pr..oyA Ot^ A -^ yyb d^c9 of,
6v_p-^v A'£$>» ot-^ A ^^ • A ££ ^>kp
<V- Ari~Z<y*$4';tyy'p6 tf-f CL/^^	
^•- "V 'i>:y*db C^s^s.
U Station. r*_y6 Ct£> ^4^.
LOn<f.y)t\^ 4-0 y\s^p r*\ ny -y^Cy-y^y^j
■ &f>yy-sp °1^yyy^ydk't>4^Cx *v ^-^
>«-* ^-fcbdd 'Sf /&.»»*v ^V-oLVki-ty '^
^fc <<• <« **s6 }y £b /^z?- <9*- ^ -^«ne^
v-9 -P-y* Qt-y tj y")y-* d-o ¥'-*' "»/ ^*^ ^v 7^"
v~y ry C-fa /"-& op 4y~yy^ jj y*c 1 yfb ^
y\. ■ ■
Pr.or*  'A d-1y^<yj^, A CCbc±y?y
c9c9db Q4 \ ■yu<*> 9>tidir-o/'^> cpj^
^ C^jy^  A '*>J^J/*<-'y)b e>d '-^^
^4 ?6 'y^y'dd 9>d db 6o> y^,^-y  *>6Cfa
Ps ^^^^c^<Pd^cS>-p6*-3d^7-y*x'
db  $6 ■  Cy*   'C<p y^ f>x yfb  (^O^ ,  C<£>
d A -e-e yy&- Gddb yy?- c±^$> -*d.
**■& K-ydb G^^* •
XIf. Station. y+ S $-yyh y%y47.
ConS     o)^7> d'-v, 'A -y?& - - ^4, ^> qL--
iJt^yy C<p Cr-cy*- y+y**-   $)dyyy^ 0- ^^»a s?
jy, 'y* l "V /^ *6 ^4 »"- <**■ ^ ^ >
4fy ^4 C><py Of, Qy ot_x &  -^dj db-^^
db^ 1
3". Oy*>   '<Pyy)7 fy -v ^ , <£, ^ vj^
-e-e <^b <^»P^ ~v ^ ^"°» ^ P<^ ^«^
p< Co^.; A -•.><?/»4£ P^ ~e-Vo)(5? v^^
i/k- <^^i? y\ ?>j b -y^db & '~<y ^ • gct?
~>d ^-t>(p   r?4   -f-^d-y  £>d   C<p—y^
4£> <?d &d? ^~* '
XIH. Station. yje_y6 ^y-rsd&'db ^^
Cons, yi^, ^,0-0^ -^-t^x0 -y^^cy
cLy fj -~>y y^ -VJ • y°y. jy Vl/ l  \ $c\y
rr.. 0{ps , p6 0-x_s S-y&C, .'\y~>yty,0 ^
-y>^L/cH-ypd -y^^g)b -f-f* i> fP3*y~'c£" ~JA
C(b C^y^   cp fr -,, b JZ? -c-cfdb
XlvrStc*tiorTyz^-/>d>^ ^^yd^rjV^ff
r*< ^d'^y'^yy^ddb^ y?~ ■ ~y^r
yy^'\y^ r,j 1 i4y6 £/£> c_ js- -iy^ <■- y^yfi.
l$-y^y$Q^>y1h y?'d
Pr-.o^:d>yC9c9<d^db W-dt^.tpy^
<<* C$> <±y Cyt> & ■ A C9& ^ ~ddb £< :b^
c^d)^^$6y>y>dhC>^>^> by^d^
■td A P^ >' '0y^4^-et°. b-^^ff,
by^ OLyy? ?^ (,-» ds ~C-e A ^<dp » >-
Pi rf-f ^^^H^Vki y^ 0 t&^-d td^
t-/r4'tyy)4-> <y*d '-y°<yy^C- *dk ' -~^d^
}fiy~f'-es-- P/ ->yaiy^?^ £d4J<d- &
t Cp6 Cfc y £, -y* -y=> db '-$~y
1 ik-BQ-k-krd-ssi-ji&uoISI^
&~,<L^i^,U.uU,&iZAte:^ii^£iiJi: '.
y/cSO.db H^:'.'/y70/d/°?db&-'^y>
cdy &■- - ^4 Idd dbd>6>$4 <°fr £?d &4 ■ v
&y^yc9c9,:'[&&''- p4'^/}dbdf4ib3y
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yd 4<p f^cdjdV* °iiy &d -^oL >b '<?; -
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4^d> 'Qyy
A-.M'.a«3:x    dLv  y*'(2?^-o.«A.C'M7.
137.. cb<^v^^'b -»4.-yg>, ^a c9&
6b/*-y6 *' "■y°<&& -Qy ^6 «— f<o^> >
(iidCb-xy •> <-—%^Q *P4.> i» r-^-^V^' &-y
<sy^>yjJ, <^'<Z£'£^cpp^<a.y>><^
^y> -*A v\y<$-yG>(p ^ ^^.Qy^d^
jy><f}. yb ^h^^A <?c*>pd&-x>> &
(-£4 9'^^- ^6 <}) • <±y'7fy ^y-y6 b<?" C-%
(/>(/> cop y&>-& 4^(93 yo>^r- cfyy^y^
^siyd9~yXj>by3 <y^yr Cr.ysdhrot/ - bidS
Cug^ ££> rr>fp /°(g> -q .'    (yJ2,£ Q-yy<r- 5 Gr7°'
^uyb <de6 di, 1 C^dcyd^db !>/ <^/
. ^^db c^6 d& y <r£4 &> £#0 &y
^~&4->y\ /y°-gy 97° ' ^iS oL^. j 4&<&r>'9c9 '
**W-/^-3E>.„ <^CP'7. db*d^,b<Z" ^y,-®
dhy^.-iy%j£g <&>■> b^x Gfaf&".-<$
db &<S> • Qy > d°d Op y^M-ds ~° *£y •
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vj*- <*6 y^^^y-tjydfb^7^- -*./$y **y?: (2-^'
d"b d^&'Qy ^4 £><£>£?-'<.- -^^_yyyopyl
v^-o^ />J>^»^ \y\/yjh gp -^^6^yd -<2y
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^6 ~>y/k> y-°i i/y^yd °<-y^db <*-<* '^^ '-**^
C*2y^y • " 07° **>-& jy°°} db p^ y?" idy>-&
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'AM. JWi'^.' "x.    \/. v^>>9 .xA. C. 1^ Sf7.
13*il. L>r G(p31yy.4' ^^c^-y-y^y^,
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\^d%y6-} 6^<s>Sp ->$6 y^db ef>:d}
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t°rp-^ db^y4 idb^S <• ~d^dyo"-fe>
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jysys ^ -v ^ .'* 'V, ?^<5 0<>- S ^^ ^
oUis-1 ^ ^^ /*d/d\, ^S_' <2Jk_/ -v>^
-ndy D'dr>. >y°y^» />Lv-^'«^^7..»
"M-O'.j&pd2- <p6~' /y-ivy^dbt^d>"?/
y^db-dyy^yy6e*-yy*y« Jx-^db ^d3^-
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yy, .0- . k^p^^X? &-&*-. ^ ..ii.L^      -"^y db
/^y6 /\_ -^ . ^?. ^y'<»/yt_yA d^d) yfd^e
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c9cSdb y ~'j/(fy :"^y> ^4 d^db &P
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Ck.33;TWc QiAaJiU, the'Mawna.
db 6d<s>s*-y6 ?-*Ly» t <S>— cij^> °^-»^6    TytTo+B-y/ dh d 'y~ ^6 —^ ■-*' <y°->d^> (j~^!-
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/T>°.' ■
C\\. 34. Tht Tey\ Co*r\VY\ayv\dri\ty\l's.
i0^y^4OG'.   -
-"&?< ^^^Lyd^d^C^ y^, Lj^yy (fyfb4:
G-y^KJ^) CJ-} . **r>- &c9db G&^yQLyv'jfT®
^'0/Cdb op <*>•}"• -»& ^•<9c9dbrr%;'.G&Bl^
db'^-y^-o $s °~<Ly ^'y t*y6 ^-^.Cly^yyy^b
db^^u * ^ C9- 4-o A -^"^^V*-? 4$c9-%
L/db &p^$   G^+*-'6-y~<i>$y*XyA -f=>-<f
^^(^y^r^yyd $4 &c9 61^1 xyvpyyi<y~*_y
•y-'dir^txyx i p^ ^-y^My/ o^y Ys-y->/(6'»
(*iy\yyo-ip G(py>-y£, yb i°j -i^6 4-x> v*: ^
-C-fdb ^d( • -^ydc9c9 ; "?df ^6 ^-cL-y
2j>.j -»- > 4^<£> ?-yy>d &&, ^ef G$h '& . „
^■^■eedb <^y "'-Hd'-db3)^0*
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O^^-ydP-fLy bjjLyy <-y°y,tj^yG<p -yyuiyxy^.
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k.'i»i    vl
■ .'u'y


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