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Kamloops Wawa Mar 1, 1918

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Array ��������������� t    .
No. H| 501. Special Edition.      Haroh 1916?
-*���*---���- .---������- . - -
This little paper ia lot ieeued by the million,
not e?sn by the thousand^, not e?ea by the handrei*
bat eiaply at two or three donee ooplea, Jast
enoogn tor preventing the origiaal froa beleg loat
by haslag a tea oopiee etored ap la oaaa reference
to It aay be seeded later on. whea Bathing elae
oan be foand concerning the eubleats that are die-
oaseed la thia little iaaae.
Poaaibly oae doaen oooiea or elgoteea or twenty
mt the ��oet will be airoalated to persons iateres*
ted, aad although eaoh iaaae aay be worth fifty
Dollara or Ten oounde Sterlings the recipients
till pleaae reeeUe it ae highly eoapltleeataryl
- 1 -
Aa ^oa aee the eopy for this little aagasiae ia
doae ap on a typewriter, end is then reprodaoed on
a Hektograph copying pad.
�� ��� p
Soaebody waa lately watching ae taking a few
ooplea af the Hektograph, and aade the reaark that
1 auet be trying to write aaaethlng to be read
after I aa dead / / /, ! ! ! t ? ?
It la aow thirty - eaten years that I aa at the
work aaong the "Indiaas* ia Brltlah Gelaabia, aad
it haa aot beea always "fan". It has not been
highly draaatio eithe*** hMill�� beeB ��� ^riod *f ���������'-.���; ;: .,'.. ���....
 tm t^*hMh��i
9\ The Enderby Indian Villagr,
10*, The Okanagan Head Lake;.
11*, Quiloheoe and Douglas Lake,
12 V Coldwater and Shooloos,
-���-���** ��� ��� ��� k
175 population.
250   ���
176 ���
175   ���
Tptal t    1875.
Motioe, 8alaon Ara Indian popolatiion ia lacladed
la the three preoediag oneef ef Balowt, Chaee aad
Saiion Ara, 35 ailes farther en along the railroad,
67 ailLes froa Kaaaloops, the Indian Charoh two alias
distaat froa the etation.
Saderby, tweaty atlea aare agaia by rail to the
eaat , thaa 24 alias sore on a braaoh due south* to
laderbyfs Station, the Indian Charoh beiag oaky
eaa aile froa the etation.
lead Laka, tweaty alias aore agaia aa the ease
hraaah, to Vernon, the Indian Charoh beiag tea alias
away. The Indiaas of that district are aeattered over
tifteea siLss ef territory.
To reaoh the laat portion of the dietrlot, aae haa
to go by rail, to Speaoe's Iridge; 7| ailaa weet ef
Kaaloopa on the aain line, then en the Kettle falley
branch, 40 ailfrs aare to Shouloue* and tan alias
aare agaia to Ooldwater.
And to lailohana, twenty ailea aare by wagaa road
aad tea alias aore to Douglas Lake.
To ge to each of theee plaoes separately, week
after week aad retara, aae haa to cover a diatanoe
ef 1800 ailea, la a year, easily 75Q0 ailee. -4-
Halowt* 3H alias last of Kaalioopa,, to Shouswap
Station, aad then one aile aad a halt to the vil*
laga. Chaae village, two ailea aore by rail; to
Chaae Station, the Iadtan village beiag aaroaa the
river one aile distant.
kittle River, aix ailea aore an the railroad; ar
42 ailee tooa Saaloops, the village beiag aaroaa
the alter half a aile dletant.
Salaon Ara, 25 ailea farther en along the railroad,
87 aillas froa Kaaloope, the Indian Charoh two alias
distant froa the etation.
.Enderby, tweaty ailea aare agaia by rail to the
eaat , thaa 24 alias aore on a branoh due south* to
Enderby9a Station, the Indian Charoh being oaky
one alia froa the etation.
lead bake, tweaty ailee aore again aa the aaae
branoh, to Varaoa, the Indian Charoh beiag tea ailea
away. The Indiana of that district are aaattered over
fifteea allies of territory.
To reaoh the laat portion of the iietriot, one haa
to go by rail, to Speeoe'e Bridge; 7| ailea weet ef
Kaaloope on the sain line, then en the Kettle falley
branoh,. 40 ailfre aare to Shouloue* and tea alias
aare agaia to Ooldwater.
And to lullohana, twenty ailea aare by wagon road
aad tea ailea aore to Douglas bake.
To ge to each of thaee plaoee separately, week
after week aad retara, aae haa to cover a diatanoe
ef 1800 ailea, ia a year, easily 7500 ailee. ��� ���
��� eee#��e%aair.��eadie*44��*a
My winter prograa.
After epending the last ten days ef 1915 at the
Kanloops Indian village, and also the three first
days of the new year, I went ta Chase village on
the fourth of January, and atayed there till eon-
day the tenth, when I returned to Kaaloope prepa-ring
ring to go to Merritt and Soliwater Jan. lftto Jan.
1| 19, and thence to Quilehena and Douglas Lake,
Jan. 19 to 25. Aoold soell and stora having tied up
the roads for a few day a*, I returned to Kamloops
only on the 28 of January.
Sunday Jan. 30, and the following days including
oandleaas day were spent at Kanloops, until friday
Feb. 4, when I w*cnt to visit the Balowt Indian vil��*
lage, until Tuesday Feb.. 3, when I went to the Little River village, staying there three nights, returning to Kaaloopa Friday jteb. Ill
I had now to reaiin at Kanloops until Feb..23,
waiting for a train to take ne up the North Thoai*
son: owing to the protracted cold and stony period,
the longest and severest experienced in the country froa tine iaaezaorial, the railroad was tied up
for 28 days, and it was only on wednessday evening
Feb- 33 that I was able to go to the North Thoason
where siok people and others were anxiously waiting
for aa. I atayed there until Wedneeeday Maroh the
first, when a returning train brought ae back to
Kanloops before daylight.
My progran goes on like this:
Friday March 2, to Tuesday Maroh 7;. Chase Village.
Friday  ! 10, ���        ��� 14; Bnderby. xxtxxxx+*xxx + xxxx + x*xx*xx
I have seen that eyetea of instructing the Indiana Just ae I have deeoribed put ia aotloa by Bishop
Durieu la 1880, taking up all the tine froa five
la the. aorntng till eleven at eight. After a couple
of daye I ooull not atand it any aore.��� I told
the Biefcfp.i.&laself declared he was tired oat.
le told the Indiansthat night* it was half past
elevea, that nobody should ring the bell next aorning
that he would ring it hiiself when he would be ready,
low, he said, after the Indians retired we shall
have a good rest... With all that, the bell went on
next aorning at five . then again at half past five
and at elx ail as usual. We cane in none tiae late
to tied all the Iadiaae In the oherohi waiting* At
the end of the exeroiae, nobody oould tell who had
rung the bell.A At laet the old ohlaf of the plaoe
eaae to tell the Blehop *I aa older than you, but
I get up earlier .!��i It wae hia who rang the bell,
the night before while we had the "oateohisa", he
was aleepiag away, stretched on a net in a oorner
of the rook.
It is now iapossibie to keep the Indians together
for so a*ay daya. Ia this district the* havetaken
to faming, they ate living in their farn houees
scattered alL over the reserves, and they oannot
very well leave their houses for a long tine. In
the old Une they had not auoh to look after* no
poultry, ao donestio aninala; and it was no aooouat
for then to leave their houees for weeks and aonths
I.I.   ik-Tn    I   ,1   likkilm   I ��� .���n.e.a.eeaee.eeaaeeoeaeeeeaaa
togetherl In faot they were usually away for the
greater part of the year and oould not gat together
to receive the visit of the priest aare than two
or three tines in the year. But aow they auet live
aore steady on their fame, and they are la a position te see the priest acre oftdn. In fact the ideal
would be to visit then as nuoh as possible onoe a a
nooth*. even nors if possible. And why not? Dont they
require taking oare of as nuch as the white people
that have oooe into the oountry? even aare, on account of the greater aunber of thea not being able
to read.
��� t *
In the old tine there were very few white people
la the country. I reaenber the tine, aot ao long
ago, whaa ia all ay district, beeides the iadian
villages, there were only a few; very few white
oatholtc faaliies, very far apart, whioh it was possible to visit aore than onoe or twioe a year, low,
new towns have sprung up hare and there, the catholic white population has increased sonewhat, not
so nuoh after all; there are five or six plaoes
already troughout this distriot where a monthly ser-
vioe has been established.
Now take one of those placrs for a ooaparisoni
there aay be one hundred souls in one place, or
aore, or there nay be only fourty, fifty or seventy,
If the prieat says Mass ther on a common week day,
it is doubtful if he will have aay attendance at
all. On Sundays Mass has to bs said at half past
/ -f - -
^ M M *	
i        -12-
clatea of the loweet class who live aa "without God
in thie world!.���I have given here the proportiona
of soee of the villegee. Ia othera, there are only
a very limited auaber of hard cases, two or three
only ia the whole band, and othera aone atall.
To consider the situation coolly and without exa-
geration, I say state t^at of the 1875 iadian popu-
latiaa of tbla distriot, after aubatractiag the
children, about 625, tbeite are about Ml ska 1000
who sake their Easter duty, 800 of which will approach the aacraaeats as often as they ean eee the
prieat, 600 would be frequent oossunioanta, if they
had the prieet convenient, who in fact aake the
epirltuai communion daily.
Of the other 250, who do not approach the aacra-
aenta, one half, mostly at Head Lake, are ignorant
of their religion, on account of their having not
the opportunity of seeing the priest, another hundred are in an irregular state of life,either through
passion or aisfortune, and another lot carried away
by the distractions or dissipation of their age.
If I was to count up the hardesfdriakers", (I do
aot aean the ocoaedonal ones!, I do not think I
would find 50 ia the whole district.
Yet those unrily onee give the black nark tp the
whole tribe, beoauee, ae a rule evil la aore ia
evidence than good, and a number of people ooalng
to thia country know of Indiana only what they have
read or heard of "Sioux!, scalpers, and think that
'Hhe saly good Indian is the dead lndian'i aid*
description of what has been required of our Indian s as a preparation far a worthy Communioa.
- - *
Before being admitted te loly Coasnnton* our Indiana were required to know by heart and be able to
reolte without healtatiaa the ordiaary prayere, Our
Father, BailMary, The Creed; The Ccafiteor, The Com*
aaadaenta of God and of the Church,. The Acts of faith,
Hope aad Charity, aad of Contrition, The Angelue,
The Rosary, the fifteen ayeteries,, The Banner of con*
fessioo* The Cateohlaa, The lyase and Acta before aad
after Communion*.t
They had besides to prove that the had been good Ch
Chrietiane faithful to their daily prayere and all
other duties of a good Christian, free from scandals
aad dangerous praotioes, edo.w
low much different from so many white people who
will come ta their Easter Confession aad Communion,
$ast the one time in the year, often after two or
three years only and how little practices of religion can they show, then to return again aostly to
the ease kind of life... I do not epeak ef all, but
ef a great number, in a country like thie where eo
many live far away from aay church and have aelther
the oeoasion, nor tne will to go out of their way to
reach the priest like good ooncientioae people would
be anxioua to da*
I suet say I Beet with better, kinde of people here
aad there* Ikaew at a Johnny Mac Donald* who would -15-f
walk twenty miles aad aore to have the happiness ef
coslag to sass and approachiag the Saoraseats when
he would know that the prleet ie golag ta be at auoh
a place.
I know of a family, who will drive ever tweaty
ailea ef a country* roada good or bad, to seet the
prieat every time he comes to such an Indian village,
aad there they will etay three or four days, all go*
lag ta Holy Goesunien every sornisg, and Biasing
aoae at the exeroiaea , Benediction, etc..
I kaow of ethere, Ban, woman and child* who mill
cose an horseback over the mountains notwithstanding
bad trails and enow drifts, travelling tea to fifteen
ailea faeting to get ta Maes aad to Holy Coaaunion.
I was asking an Indian, aome ties ago, -"lhat do
yea do when you wake up in the middle of the night?
*-"I aay the little prayere for spiritual Communion
going over the hyane in my heart as if I was aiaging
them. Then if I do not fall aeleep agaia for aoae
Use I go over allthe prayere aad hymns beforehand
after Coasuaioa* aad then nay ay beada, and it haa
happened to me to wake up in the morning having between my fingers the very bead on whioh I fell aeleep.
I kaow of a aumber of Indian folka all over the
diatrict* who make the acta for Spiritual Communion
"lota of times " every day.
Moat of the 606 I mentioned above never fail to
sake tkoae aota tirat thing in the aorning, every
day, aad laat thiag la the evening.
- a -


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