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Kamloops Wawa Mar 1, 1902

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Array NO. 200
(t% 00
Vol. XI. No. I.        K' MLOOPS WAWA.        March, 1902.
Tht Shortest AkAkj (��lurn
l��t ihortnarJ  IS IhtVUdh,
litt Chinook, and h\< shcrt-
est v��ay to learrv tWkt J^n-xk
li Ihrounh t'ht Shortkard.
Cn, tnt IJVCro} tha pa^i"r
you. have all tk��t ij n<ctS*
Sary for Uamirvj thii  Sys -
tfnv\oj ihcrlhard
v  TAki tbt Aip^abit attfic
top of not p^kj* ,ai\ij��
ow, fo <ivapK<r every word
tlnat curves alona  You.
a/ill hardly have diupner-
<d   all fhe matter en  IKis
<cver, svhm you. ivi|( be
Surprised fa jmd yourjelf
familiar with all fhe   spirits of Iks shorthand.
'   ThlS piXDlr ij  nou> prjdn
C��d by fVoto Enarai/inq^a
protfss fc'hli.r. allocs Spate
for nearly five times as
nmih rcad.<��q as before.
Ont pia* of-"this <Ortta��ns
at muiW as five paaes of
the former numbers. By
tompartn* the spau. occupied by EVialisr. ttxt m/uii
type and. fV>e samt in Phu-
rtjqra|)hy, as in >ir.t"paj<
��l>vi|| be seerv fhatom pa����.
i* shorthand is equal to
fo��J0 paii.-s ordinary type.
This pjftrnswrdn��w��ln-
Jy, a^ <|. ^.00 per annum.
Post" Stamps a<rtpttd.��n
qlish, Canadian or M.S..
Tj our ReadCi.
+i ������X^��/~*: ���Soy. &&. ���*
^u- 5^i-.> cj^, tk tie
i�� too v^. J2^ op
^4- i^> ./) ^ c<��
->^6 O^ap U t *Hf
4-��ie, Cfcc^ w,.'
d\>Op   Ik . ,2^ 6jp ��-^
Op^t,'- ���^^tfc. �����
<^-^ t ^ l^o^opp
dsUpofi^, s��lt4 ^6
��Y ��� (5^ "��V <^- �� ^5/ ^f/-*9
v^ t -V titjp >_X /t>S t, 6 Jp
"% -^oL-C^> k-^��>����-��3 ik
hmit%\\ .   Editor <j| .
K A i>\loops IVavva.
Ma wiI tops  8. C.
y^pprtrcz. la Sbnoara -
p'nit (i 1'aioL*. du. Chmojk
t\ \i CHmook a I'auU dx.
la SttVioaraphu
IL n'y a, pas d< (n{/~n
plus cowrf pour apprtn
drt la St��rio^ra.pKii a*t
par [< Choook , t\ il ^'y
o��.pas dt cheiviin plus
OJUf't pour ^U>prif\iir(,
U thinoo.". awe. pc\r lx
La Qtmntrafhit rupl^y^
��st"ar.t  St*woJ.'a.phit "
nivtridlt, J'adoprant"
aussi Kaxiuwstnt a foutrs
Us I ar\fln<>, mortis ou i'i-
k/aiit'fs. barbares ou cui-
Lt Chinook fst awssi urv
la��\a.*a��. universe/, a^>t
fo\> plus \ixu\* cut. It ^;-
IcipJk j il S<xpp��*r,d. mil-
lc fois plus vitt. Pes mil
litri d�� perSk'imfs dt fi>ulfs
nations s'fn sont S<rkif��, ef
S tr\ Sfn/tnt lousltsjours
L'/bonnlmmt ��. u p��t>t
poipier tst i(< unD��Ua��',
ou. Cinj fs\ts>, k.  baroin.
Vuw��ro SmJU'niIiM, I'i' (fnfs
Cinyuante C'f*it"rei
��m'tW<i dfvTirwbrrs firilf
rran^<i/s, Analius Canad^rt
AdrtSSd a I id.lfn'- <U*
Kamloopi VV'avr.*
Kitwloof-n B (��� (Catihial 109
Duployan Phontbc .Alprvxbft
I. Simplt^ey Chinook.
O   (3
��   I
h     P
)    (
a    m
-    ,    y   ts
t       k   '  I      sh
II Complete.j-or��rqlish.
'. o o g (9 ���; ? < ^ r'' N ' ;
i  o jv ow K'o. a. ��u e   u. * +*- N ������� **
l|--NN    //    //^^^^^^(-^
hpbt d f v ka I r sh ch $  rs n n�� m/lic.\
IJ I. Numerals.
I      ~       \     / <     i   *    ~ O
i   a    3  4 t i 7 i , e
Ku.l��S   /  Write Sfundi only.
II. Avoid Anqla.
III. Write I a���dr upwards.
Hcmar K, The nhclt iherthand'/s {here :
you ratd only wcrk it cut.
r ���tf if-sr'. my.. *. cs^ ^Aa. ^>. ^o,
*v v
' ��� '-t^ry���   <e^a^ '"'2-.-. , ^o^i/^
*" 22/7 ^' *** *\ir/s*" -r2 -
This, system o\ Shorthand waifmt
published lf\ France by th< Duployt Brothers . m tii>7. ��. If was jirst tcucaht to
tht Indians of 3rilisV�� Columbia. , at
CoUwaUr,intr,tfallof \%10.
A novel idea . iomt Will say,   to
Uaik tnt Indians to rtad sh��rthar>d.'
Wou\d it not be. better to teach (Klin
common vvntina '. _ 5ome body remarked in \%U : They are. mf ablt to
learn, tht old hand vrr.fmq, how
tan they learn   bhorthand!_B��<au5e
this shorthand is ont hundred,nay
one. thousand, times  Simpler than
tht old \sr;tinq . ,4r,y or,t (an learn./
it in a |tW hours, and become,  ex.'
ptrt m it in a few davs.
Thousands pj Indians all iver ���
this country oxrt now able to rttxA
and wntt mtSntrtke&ita M^st of-
them learned it in two or three olay5.
They art thankful to God. for fhe.
bltSSir.q of btmq able to read    the.
bhorthand _''vVe rectev'e novV,they
Say, more instruction- m one n'eek
thiin^e could learn/ before in. Sevyral
months, when, w'e had no other Way
o^learnmq than, by end repetitions,..
Many o) Ihtm i** now beam/     to
Itarr^ tht ��.-..ii|sh  Lanquaqe. , ft'r
*ht Writ.nq e4 vs'huh this shorthand
IS as well adapU I
Why not adxipt   this S/item  o\
shorthand fori<sc lry the^nql'sh
Schools, as it :s used extensivfly.
to areat advantaqe ,throuqkou-��
Franu. and Lower Canada
Children can Uarn. tj read rhis Pho-
ncaraphy in tWe Weeks, Wilh a fifteerv
wimute lesSkin. tvtry day.-Then   instead of dotation, Cieruses r>^��v  M
written m short hand,on fhe blaiKboari
Of otherwise ,tobe transcribea mto ordinary W��'itmj. VSed inikat vVay.tku Pn*
naqraf.hy wouW become a poWerfwl mta^
c\ ttachmq orlhc-ai-kVpny. besides that,
pupils tttuntd in (hat Way, would
lotnt, out of School perfect Sfmoqrapheri. Vol, XI. No. i.
March, 19C2.
The most Important pun of this issue
i> tin1 Supplement <>f �� pages, which is
i in- beginning of n Veurbook of instruction for the Indians. The Idea oomes
from the Indians themselves, it is to
comply wiiti their wishes and request
that the work has been undertaken. The
t'.is'. year of the Wawa, in 1802, the Gospel was explained for every Bunday
during a few months, also a few explanations were given of Advent, Sep-
tuagesima, etc. now the Indians have
called for a book that would convey to
tti em Instructions appropriate for every
Sunday throughout the year, as well as
for  the different   seasons   of   Advent,
Chrlstmastlde, Lent etc.
Such a work had to be written in
Chinook, so as to be useful to the In
dians of ihe several disi riots throughout
the country. If it was written in any of
the Indian languages it would be handy
only to the Indians speaking that language, and even then a k'reat many
would be deprived of its benefits, for it
is much more difficult to read the Indian languages in shorthand than the
Chinook, and in faet very few Indians
eati read their own language, while
there are many more that ean read and
write the Chinook
The present number describes the beginning of the Liturgical year, from the
tlrst Sunday of Advent until Christmas.
Whist is Advent y Advent means the
Coming, The coming ��>f Christ the Son
of God, It reminds us of His oomlng
into this world as a Saviour nearly two
thousand years ago. It also invitees us
to prepare for Mis coming into our
hearts when we receive Him in Holy
Communion, so as to make us prepared
for His OOming in glory and majesty to
Judge the living and the dead.
Why four Sundays in Advent! The
world waited 4.UU0 years for the coming
of the Son of Cod. The four Sundays
represent these 4.000 years.
Every Bunday during Advent the following hymns may he sung: 1st. Come
Divine Messiah. 2nd, Creator Alme
A rythmic translation of both Is given
in Chinook,    Page |.
First Sunday in advent. "It is now-
time for us to rise from sleep."
Introit. Collect, Epistles ami Cospel
are given In Chinook. Then the Borate
Co'll, which is an appropriate chant for
the time of Advent.   Pages - and X
Monday Kvery morning let us Nay.
with the blind man of old: Christ Son of
the llvinjc Cod have mercy on US. Then
follows a text for easy meditation.
1st. IMace yourselves In the presence of
Cod. He sees you. Kneel down before Him. Adore Him. -Mid. Say in
your heart: Whom am I to be allowed
to kneel In the presence of tlod ��� ()
Lord I I humble myself before Thee. I
am a mere nothing: a poor sinner. I
have offended Thee: I am full of shame.
I am sorry. Have mercy on me. Srd.
Vou ean think of nothing good unless
Qod helps you. Then leave aside your
own self love ami pray to Cod to enlighten your spirit. Vome Holy Ghost,
Consider St.  Joachim  and  St.   Ann
How  good, how  faithful to the law of
Cod.   By their prayers they obtains
child from Cod. and that  child is the 11.
Virgin Mary.    Page 1.
Kvery evening you may say with the
Prophet : " Into Thy hands O Lord I
commit my soul."
Tuesday and Wednesday Consider
the B, Virgin Mary converted without
sin. We also must be immaculate before we enter Heaven.    Pages 5 and 6.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Consideration of original sin audits effects
on our body and soul.    Pages (5 and 7.
Second Sunday in Advent. The Introit. ISpistle and Gospel of the second
Sunday shows us how .Jesus Christ is
indeed God the Son that has come to
teach us the way to salvation, and that
we should be careful to follow His instructions.   Pages n and !��.
The following week days considerations are made of the Sacrament of
Penanoe and Contrition as a due preparation for Christmas. Pages 10 and
Friday consideration Presentation of
the H. Virgin Mary in the Temple.
Saturday The espousals of the B
Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.    Page 12,
The Third Sunday in Advent Itejoiee
in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice. Do all you ean to secure the salvation of your soul, and then trust to
God.   Pages 12 and 13.
During the third week we have the
consideration of the Mysterit��s of the
Annunciation and Visitation and St.
Joseph's doubt dispelled bv the Angel
Pages 14, 16 and lrt.
Fourth Sunday in Advent. " Prepare
ye the way of the Lord, make straight
His paths. Kvery valley shall be tilled
and every hill shall be brought low.
The crooked shall be made straight and
the rough ways plain." Atonement and
righteousness is the shortest way to
salvation.   Page IT.
The seven days before Christmas are
devoteel to the journey of the H. Virgin and St. Joseph from Na/.areth to
Bethlehem. Pages IS, ID and 20, the
last halt being made at Jerusalem when
the desires of the nations entered for
the tlrst time into the Temple.
What is Christmas ? The birthday of
our Saviour. Why three Masses on
Christmas* First at midnight, the woi 11
was in the darkness of idolatry and
ignoranoe when tbe Son of God came
to bring light to them.
The second at daylight, the coming of 115
Jesus Christ diffuses the light ol God
Into our bouIs.
The  third  before  or  about   noon   to
show us that the child born at Bethlehem is indeed the Son of God. and has
come to lead us from the darkness of
this world to the brightness of Heaven.
A full explanation is given of the midnight Mass, furnishing even the translation in Chinook ����f the Kvrie. Gloria,
Credo, the Preface. SanctUS, Agnus
Dei. Pages ���,'! to jr. Followed by the
Adeste Fideies. Pastores and a morning hymn. Pages 28 and 20. The second
Mass is described on page :��'. The third
Mass <m page31. Christina-evening and
the Alma Redemptoris page 82.
CANOECREEk Old Chief Adam died
on December 80th.  1001.   He  was at
church with the Indians for the morning service. At breakfast be gave good
advice to his people, telling them to be
steady, working their fields, improving
their lands, also warning them against
drinking Whiskey, and exhorting them
to DC faithful and say their prayers and
live good christians.   After breakfast
he took a bucket and went to the creek
for water. About fifteen minutes later
he was found dead in a kneeling position. He had been to confession two
days before he died.
BHl'SWAP. The Indians at the fopl
Of Little Lake, otherwise Shuswap
Centre, are anxious to have a new
church and up to date. So they have
made up their minds to raise lifts dollars each man. and tney have been
working very lively for that purpose
since last Christmas. As there are tO
valid men in the band that means fg 600
they intend to put up for building their
new church.
At Union t the Lower Shuswap camp
the church has been greatly improved
In appearance this spring     The Indians
have secured the services of a first-class
carpenter and have erected a' tower in
front of their church, besides porch and
other finishing work, both outside and
Friday. March u tin- people of Kam
loops wondered somewhat at a prooes
sion of wagons thai went through town
to the sawmill and returned a few hours
later with as many loads of lumber.
There were twelve wagons altogether,
and they were hauling the lumber to a
distance of tf> miles to the Church of
Our Lady of Lotirdes, three miles and a
half distant. Where a number of Indians
will gather from the country all around,
even from Kamloops. Shuswap. Okan
agan, Similkameen. Upper and Lower
Nicola. The Whole week will tie ipepl
theft;, and tbere?v will be a. number of
ceremonies, for Which It would be dim
cult to set a time much beforehand.    If
nothing comes in the way wemaj state,
though, that   there will   likely be a Re
QUiem   Mass  .,n   Thursday   morning:   a
Commemoration of the Passion OH Pri
day afternoon; High Mass on Sunday at
main   procession of the Blessed Baa
lament   in the  afteinoon, and  a torchlight process), n in the evening
Monday morning June 2nd the Bishop
will leave f<��r Kamloops where he win
take the Irani on Wednesday morning.
June Ith, f'-r a visit to Knderby and
PentlCtOn. near Quilcbena, where an
addition is to be made to the church
At   Coldwa'er   the Indians have also
been repainting   their church   and they
intend to make some more Improvements to their church and village.
The reason of all this js the \ imi of the
Bishop   to the   Nicola district, which is
going to  take place this spring.    His
Lordship intends to leave New Westminster on Mav IOth and come the same
dav to sprue,-'* Bridge, where the Cold-
water people will send for him On Wed
nesday,   Mav   21st       His  Lordship   will
arrive at Coktwater where a due reception will tie given him. The Bishop will
remain there until over Sundav. Mav
.'.���>ih   ami   will  give   continuation to all
!h��>s��- prepared. High Mass will be
celebrated a1 10 a m. and a procession
m t he afternoon.
Holy week  was oelebrated as usual
bj the Kamloops Indians There was
also a few from Shuswap and the Nort.i
Thompsi n
His Lordship Bishop DontenwiU passed
through Kamloops on ���Vednesdaymorn-
ing. April 2nd OH his wav to St. Albert.
where the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical
Provinces of st. Boniface are meeting
for the consecration of Bishop Breynat,
which took place on Sundav. April Oth.
Rev. Father Carion   Principal of the
Kamloops Industrial School accoin
] anied His Lord-hip
Rev FatherE. Chlrouae from Mission
Citv after having spmt the winter and
early spring visiting the Indians up and
iir.wn   the   Fraser,   proceeds   the   thud
week after Easter to visit the sea coast
Indians until Mav 12th, when he will re
turn to   Mission and will   prepare to SO
company HI* Lordship Bishop Donten
will through Nicola.
The   Hi-hop s   visit   to  the Indians at
Enderby will last from June ��th till June
lith. The visit to Pentleton from June
Kith till June' 16th. when the Bishop returns to New Westminster for ��� "��'w
days. At the end of June there is also
a proposed visit to the Indians of the
Williams Lake district, which   will take
place at s igai cam*: SHORTHAND vs. LONGHAND.
<Ului =
wvia/ ���
iw -
1??^    -
if.   ^rl,
//. <; ^ *.
/^. tf = 3   .
=    /.
=? Jt.
/J. ���*/! =��� J .
$ . ^   ST" ��C   ���
/��   VNri,
/3.   #* 3 .
&f&yis =/?. ^ = X  .
urfuc sr& & ~ 3 ���
rW        -        ?���      *      '   f    '
Moid' /f. S_>* ���
fir     --   /.   -&-& ���
fowl/ - &��� -v-- * '
fa - /, .0 - �� ���
^^/ ^ /<?. �����/- 2 ���
^   -���    3    ��� _- �� .
t>n/s - te. (X- 3 -
fa    -     /.    J0*&  .
{Wl    =-?..,-/���
UrftU-  f4->  fr**4 -
Juw- /3. & - $ ���
sUfUs =��� /Jt.    V. -  /  ��� n;
r, .........���,i  wj ln< Jh>( n*n,vt, u) ini> pj^er.
c*5^ o
VW /��� ^t6. /      Ham Loops   Wax/<ju
- V��%^
^ /*/^ /w
Ookoak Pepa. laka nem
flamloopt hVawa.. _ Chiatta.
laka. chako tanaz . Afsa<Aa|
a/Ae? eV<y> /a. A a. kanawt
Sunday, fa.Ma. atke hwamf-
3 em tel�� ttous wautt. kcpa
miaika . I a ha. heipmiai-
Ha, poul aiak tAako Mom-
fa*, pep*.: Mat talk pout
miojka tkop man,, kultasA<^_ti g <*, t^-r^
~oai miOA ka iaweu te/iJrami
Poui miatka, kt^anejem^i
cthom ooko*kpep*.,mial'
Ma, drt/ aiak ehako /(em*
tax mamo*k aokou k tjftn
IVtk aiai makook oak-
ouk pep*.: Hopet tht
tat*. Mop*, tht incus, tht
Muvata Mop a tloo* moan,.
��(o J* Bent : Mopet po**s
ttep mi ad Ma, pattacA
Chikmmj, pi miaika. Hap
ookouk pepa..
Paul wek nftauAa. miaM
eskom ookouk ptpa.miai
moo eW.
Ttous nanitk ookouk pe>
pa.; tvtk taka. kattash.
Poms #ek msouka tloui mm. j dJ^p (^4 $-*
nit A auk ouk pepa., at Acta
Ma. ehako ink micukot.
Op U ^ ^
H">ef^��A <*
-tf Jt -v  '->eS>
t tLs ���>��� 0, (6'
& Ifc.^fNsju
-^ <?�� u > <* ���
el   v%i;�� 'V ^5'
y ik  A- '��� -
e?|> tk.
JK<J)a u w*
���f-f ���
This paper   it nanvea
Kamloops rVaWa-      It is barrv
Just no*/   Voa. will receive if
every Sunday
U Will alwayuovrry ��W
Woris I"b you.. If nail help
vyoic to leariv to rtad
fVo malte* ij y��u. te
wVile people or Indians
Hyou,   ttUvayi   Ink
lhi> p��ptr, you.  ��ViU ijjrv
leanv to Wfitt tnii  PriontM
Trus paper vVi/l mot foit
yoiA, Very mueli : only #nt
Dollar a year. One. ejMar*
t��r tvtry iVee monthi
jVb ereolif yoa. have /mr
ro pay eairi, o/*Jl iherv y*tt-
Will receive. tKi> paper.
J{ yoi* <L> not lwl��kril>.
(or Ihii paper at or\m . y��u.
looit Very rnu.ek
Take tart o\ rhii paftr
ihs not a uiilen one
J| y��w. a.o not take (are oj-
tkis paper, you. Will a/ter-
Wafai \>t Wry >orry /or
Traduction, Ua Uym pre<���oU.    em   /recast
^i' ^
^./ flMMm e*MMsJM ~
���>        ���
* A*
C?uvO to MCivx Ik C tvtflivvt   K i?Cu:c  la.  tXcUt :
/   ��>   -
_      r-V
cXiv ,-wut?. ��*ivi<u, ,i '.uppuiub ^i /juxthr,}i\ spi*\*it\
jfc ^ul? Ct C^Val Lux pourfaoC&xMt MdfoU
\0_ /    / VS
. ���>-.
Gar demande envoi franco du Catalogue de la BiLliotleque stemgraphiqut.
EoBlre a II. DUPLCYE, il Sincemy (Aisne). 123
Medailles d'Or, Paris 1878 et 1889
Methods pour apprendre sfl>i> m��Urt *n t hrtires, 16* rdition,
franco : 3 francs. E.  IHI'l.' >VK. a Sinceny (AJt&ej
A   0   Ou   E   E   I   Eii   U   Aii   Oil   In   Un
��� o o - * i r j r   4   \   v
Pe Be Te De Fe Ve Ke Cue Lc lie .Me Ne One Je Che Se Ze
i     |    -    ���   \    \    /     /      /     /()     )    ^   *?i   sVVLV
RIoli oiif.RAi.E : kerire lea Sons et non pqi lei I.ktihks.
RAoli des cosso>>es : Seult'9 L et /< iVfr+VHiil en remontant.
HsoLidcs vovki i.ks : Lfi tottmertie uiauiereii ^viler las nngles.
btt. ��� Led ft.m it iceeiU ajtaUl I uruili uries I'Hetini UMtiellrt il
A  O   r��lt CNriltL
0 Q Qrod earela.
Ol)0 Orwd earda koaalt.
l| 4   d��    frand    oerala
ITN  point.
II    d.   fraud   eerele
Mill  point.
r��tlt   l|l  oercle mm
Fern  I, t  eercla ifN
point an-deaeoiia.
I'attt , I, 1   cerate itn
point ������i.'1w,��ii��.
1,4 da |m>(ii om-cla i.m
accent aigi! au-detaiia.
}|4    da    p��ail    cercle
�����ec accent alfu an
il 4 da patit earela
a?ec accent gra��a au-
lie da petit eerela
iw accant (ran an-
r.titf oblique, da fau.
rd- a dn.lle.
pE  I   ratlta IfUOalt,
Tf  - Tatlta horliontal*
|f Grand   I I    rercle
�����r>   furmo ���'�� ��<>ute.
I'.tite     oWl4na,
1    dr.it* 4 ir��.n-iia.
fatlia  ui'ii'i'i.
1    dame
Orand    1.1   rerele an
form* d�� li*Min.
Orand   I, I   orcle   en
BE   I  Grande rarttoeJa.
Q( ��� Orand. hortaoaUia.
Vr >    Oranda     oblique.   At
*l   \     iraiicht 4 draita.
Hllr  /"'���"l��    ouiiqua,    da
uut /   iliu.u a f.uehe.
R       ,   Ur.ii.lt oblige* aaoeav
1   I      dan I a.
rllr       Grand I �� r.rel* SttS*
UlU-'Vk. 14, ���,(���������.. da .oflU.
y��        Grand I > rerola poi*-
14. tu fnrni. il'i baa.tu.
f,u Orand Ijl earola p.>le>
UnE ���)   I*, an lurma  ia C re>
ILL     h'4kTit     comma     pin-
aiaura 1 -~
form* da bawin
N_   s. Orand   I, I   e.
L    >    fi.rma da C retourne.
M_  ^ Orand    I; I   earola   as
1 s.    forma da C.
I SecrU eoruina K8 oa OZ.
Signet eii|)liouii|iies Zvi/T * N ) R ���/ K v
Lea tor.lUt te trarent   dana   la tan*  qui   pormef da lt�� uair
BAN.", ANt.LK am  rnn..iiin��a.  1... ron.onne* .. tra-.nt ion-
jour. dan. ir i.i�� iii.ii.|u4  t>�� rteui exjnwnne*LsBn
traoent sealait d�� bm�� en h:tut, en Pitnuntunt,
n .
1    ��   /
o n
on en ii
h 1
- ���
/ /
**> r?\^\y
^^ y
��� e
4     \
tei'.t P^lJeetn    1
��� ���
~ A-
.��!������ .��n4��aa


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