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The Kootenay Star May 30, 1891

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REVELSTOKE, B. C. MAY 30, 1891.
No, 49.
JUST     AHItlVED    A   PULL    LINK    OP    ALL   THE
My stock baa opened up with entire satisfaction and I am now prepared
to UU all orders for ladies', missos' and children's bats, bonnets, etc., in tho
very NEWEST SHAPES AND SHADES. Call aud examine my
oomploto Btock of flowers, plumes, silks, veilings, ribbons, etc., etc., and you
osnnot fail to be ploased,
Boot and Shoe Shop,
ED. PICAKD, proprietor.
CCiK ftootenay Star
SATURDAY. MAY. 30,1891,
Boots and Shoes of all kinds made to order of tho beBt stock ou short
police. REPAIRING ot Shoes a Specialty. Harness and other Leather
VjrorK also repaired.   PRICES RIGHT.
Notary Public.
Notary Public.
.Mining, Timber and ltenl  Estate Brokers and General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills ot Side, Miuing Bonds, etc., drawn np
Bents and Accounts Collected; Mining Claims Bought and cold; Asues-
ipent work ou Mining Claims Attended toj Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Ifovelstoke for S'-ile aud Wauted, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
Gilker & Wells.
-~�����.-DKALEK8   IN-���~-���
Evans Bros.' Pianos
Tbo meeting of citizens of
Fevels-oke called 'or Wednesday
evening in the court house, to
consider tbo best means to secure
a supply of water for tho town,
did not materialize, owing probably to the uneclllcd state ol the
town over tlie railway accident
of tbo morning, and a largo
number being present u$ the inquest. The securing of a good
water service is u question which
every citizen Bboiilil be interested
in, Water is needed both for
domestic purposes and fire protection, and wo are practically
dcpendei t upon the river for our
water supply, each consumer being obliged io get what be re-
quires t,s best be can. It is a
pity and mistaken economy that
some united nclioii has not beforo
tbis bet ii taken by lhe people oi
the town tuset-UiO a water supply from tho creek reserved by
tho Dominion government for
BUch purpose, There aro few
[duces with equal natural advantages in this diiooiion, and it
shows want of appreciation to
allow them lo lemtiin unutilised.
There should bo a good turnout
at the meeting on Wednesday
evening to consider the question
ot providing a wuler syetem fur
tbe town.
Sir Join Macdonald is Bald to
be seriously ill, und it is even
rumored tbat ho is not expected
lo ri'COVif, His many friends
ar.d even Ids polilic.il opponents
vvill regret to hoar tho news, und
join in hopitiaf that he may yet be
.spired to remain at the helm oi
the slate, which be has controlled
with peculiar tuel ami wonderful
genius for many years. The
grunt chicltnin ol the conservative party is now 7ti jours of age,
bul ia posses.-od of unusual vigor
for his years, and it would be
just like him lo triumph over the
malady with which ho is affected
und como out of Iho struggle
smiling in his usual theory way.
i SggggL
If you thiiiK of buying an Organ or  Piano, Bend for Catuloguo and
Price Lists.
All kinds of {Repairing done iu a workmanlike manner,  Shot (iun��
RilloB, 1'istolB, Ammunition ko., ko., for biiIc at lowest prices,
\W Eine Rifles Bliule to Order,
Tho Burning of   a Bridge
Results in a Terrible
The town was startled early Wednesday morning by the intelligence
that an east-bound freight train bad
gone through a Bmall bridge about
three and a half miles from town,
and tbe crew were buried in tbo
debris, Tho accident ocourud nt
2 50 o'clock and Brakeman Wm.
Cmbr run to the station heio with
tbo news, while Conductor McDonald, Mr. IA SloCurty and another
���nun who was bringiug through a car
of horseB, and who were uot injured
remained to work in attempting to
rescue tho men beneath the wreck,
A wrecking train with sooros of
willing bauds hastened to tho scono
of tho disaster, Thero what remained
intuol of engine No. 357 stood on
the inclined bank of a email stream,
���the momentum of tbo moving train
having carried it almost across the
chasm,���whilo heaped high bohind
it and strewn around for yards in a
hctorogeneouB muss wore tho shattered and broken remains of half a
ilov.i'ii cars and their freight of doad
and d.ving men, cattle and horses,
Btrnggling vainly or lying crushed
beneath Hie ruins, au awful pilo ot
deuth and destruction,
llnikenitin Fred Tonny was taken
out before tho wrecking train arrived. Ho wus lying in front of the
tiro box near tho engine aud was
Bculdod about tho body and bauds.
Ho was able to climb upon the box
cars whioh did not leuvo the track
ami made bis way to the caboose,
In trying to get in tbo cupola win-
dow, however, he fell to tbe ground,
aud then it was discovered ho was
more noriously injured than at first
Tho wreckers after removing the
remains of cars ond rolling away
somo (load and dyiug Bteers, pulled
out from near tho fire box the
ini-.ngleel remains of Fireman Thos.
Irwin. Ho was terribly scalded and
his skull was crushed in, probably
from coming iu violent eontuot with
the flro box, His death must have
been almost instantaneous.
Partly beneath Irwin, with only
his head and shouhlerB out of water
and held there by tbe great weight
of broken timbers, with a steer
kicking and sometimes striking his
body and fuoe, was Brakeman John
Jeaiitson. He cried out with pniu
and great care had to bo exercised
in extricating bim. The thigh bone
of oue of his legs was shattered and
broken nnd be was covered with
bruises, bis face being cut and
Engineer Alf. Morso was taken
from the other sido of tbe wreck, he
being wedged al-uost beneath tho
engine, with car timiitirs, cattle and
horses, under around and above him.
By tho use of jiicks he wa;i taken
out, alter lying iu bis perilous
position two boars. His light leg
was broken below tho knee, and he
was also bruised about the body and
bead. Dru. S. S. and 0. A. Tunstall were summoned from Kamloops,
and arrived here abont 10 o'clock,
A caboose was converted into an
hospital, where the injured men
were attended to aa quickly as possible, the officials aud employees of
the railway company doing everything in tbeir power to secure for
the stifferei'B the best care,
la tbe meantime auxiliary gangs
from tbe east and west went to work to
repair tho break in the read, and by
nine o'clock in tho evening it was
open for traffic, a fill uiand temporary bridge being built.
Coronir Italian of Douald came
down and in the evening em-
panelled a jury lo inquire into the
causo of the doath of Thomas Irwin.
Tho jury after hearing the evldenoe
offered rendered a verdict of accidental death.
Irwin was a young man of 23
years of ago, and had just boon
omployod as fireman on the run botween Kamloops and liovelsloke for
a month, bo having boen previously
engaged farther np the line, His
body was sent east to his home at
Point Edward, Ont,
Engineer Morse and Brakomon
Tonny und Junneson wero sent to the
hospital at Kamloops for treatment.
Little hopos wero entertained by the
doctors of tbo recovery of Tonny
and the Bad news of his death was
received hero on Thnrsday. Tonny
was not engaged on thu train, but
was just taking a rido for pastime.
He bus been engaged as brakeman
on tho Paolfle Division of tbo 0 P.
H. for upwards of a year, llo was a
married man aud leaves a wife in
Boston, to nioiiin his untimely end.
Juinieson, too, is, very low, and it is
feared that is may bo necessary to
amputate his leg. Morse is doiug
woll considering the inj urios ho ru-
reoeivod.uud hia speedy recovery is
considered cert .tin.
now it H.trrasD,
Not the slightest danger was expected, and the train was running at
a good rate ovor a comparatively
level stretch. There was nothing to
indicate that tha bridgo had been
burnt dowu, the rails remaining intact aoroBS tho chasm, and it was
not until a fow yards from it tbat
the engineer discovered that tbe
supports were burnt away, It was
too lato to attempt to stop tho train
or even jump. Tlio four who were
injured wero ou tbo ougino at tbo
time of tho aocideut, Irwin boing
engaged in sweeping ia front
of tbe fire box when tho
crash came, In Iosb than a second
thu engine bad almost cleared  tho
gap, but the rails give way beneath
the weight, being bent and crimped
like wire, and two stock cars, two
flat cars and two box cars were
burled upon it, and Hie unfortunate
mon. Conductor Mi-Donald, Brake-
man Carter, F. McCarty and a drover
from Brandon, who were in llie
caboose, were thrown down by tho
shook, but hastened out to tho wreck
to render what assistance th. ? could.
Of tho sixteen cattle uot one was
saved, and eleven horses perished,
while six others got off with slight
injuries. Tho six car* referred to
were mostly demolished iuto splint*
ers. Tlie tender is a completo wreck
while the engine is void of mount'
ings and pilot.
It is supposed a spark from Iho
wood train of tbe previous evening
set fire to tbo bridge, as there is no
timber around from which it could
eatoh iu any other way, and it was
altogether a most unlikely pi we for
an accident.
A Fine Day's Outing Down
by the River.
Monday was observed as a holiday
in town, to celebrate tbe 72nd anni-
vcrsury of the Queen's birthday.
"Queen's Weathr" prevailed, iho
day being bright and warm, with
probably an accent on warm. During the early hours of tbe morning
active preparations were made by
many for the picnio held under tbe
tinspiees of Columbia Lodge of tbe
Independent Order of Good Templars, and to which the general publio
was invited, The bussea carried
6ome picnic passengers up to the
stution in the morning, and later en
iu the day Dave Cowan with the
Victoria bus and J. P. Sutherland,
H. N. Coursier and Chas Lindmark
with their rigs, brought further
reinforcements. The grounds
selected were iu a very suitable Bpot
down bj the Illecillewaet, and about
meal time it presented a very animated picture, with kaliedoscopis
changes till well on in the evening
Tho lunch provided was excellent,
choice piouio viands being supplied
in abundance, and which wero evidently very much appreciated.
Swings aud the bhado of the woods
provided attractions while baseball
after the rounder style and other
sports kept the wbolo crowd well
Tbo ladios r.ice was a very exciting
contest, tea fair starters lining np at
the mark. Only three were in it,
however, Mrs. Coursier taking first
place, Mrs. Bassou second, and Mrs.
Creelmau, third.
A tug uf war between skies picked
by Mr. J. M. Keliio, M. P., and
Chas, Lindmark, was a hard tassel,
aud the hitters team was highly
elated with viotory.
It remained, however, for the
ladies to humble them in the dust,
and this tbey did with tbe grace of
polished dissemblers. Seven of the
stronger sex thought tbey bad a
soft thing to outpull fourtoen of the
ladies. The pull begun aod thirteen
luihes looked anxiously toward their
Captain at the cud of the liue. She
was equal to Ihe occasion and puck-
ed her lips to whistle That was all
that was nooossary, and tbe twonty-
eight fair hands let go as ono, and
seven men rolled over in the dust
amid the derisive cheers of the
assomblcd crowd.
Mapper was then spread after
which the picniccrs, wended their
way horaowary, evidently protty tired
but screnly satisfied with tho days
Professor Martin, magician, von-
troloquist, etc., gave an exhibition
in tho school house last night to a
very approciativo audience, aod will
givo another this evening to a better
houso, uo doubt. The performance
wus most interesting throughout,
and many wonderful feats of illusion
wore performed. The marionette
performances provoked much mirth,
and everyone who witnessed tbo
entertainment prounounce it 'way
up. v~il<c uuuu'iiaij r'lar
j% four page twenty-column new
paper, is issued from Iho office o
publication, Revcfstol.e, li. C
Subscription price ��2 per year
Bates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprtor.
{J  . ! J
SATURDAY, MAY, 30,1891.
ifleanini;s froir, All Ore, the
Wide Woi.Uf.
jdp&uliar,? ejrevjs oil up the
coast cities last week.
There aro now nineteen salmon
Canneries prepaiii'g for tlie July
fun on tlie Fraser rivor.
Near AleSieo, Mo., last JFriday
a tornado destroyed fifteen bouses
and killed about a dozen people,
injuring many others.-
The Deputy Ministor of the
Interior announces that squatters
who have settled on school lands
jn tho Northwest will have to
dove off.
Ontario Millers say that a
$hortage of wheat exists and they
Will have to buy from the United
States if �� heat is (rot harv^l;.'d
curly tbis year,
Sir Donald Smith will retire
from tho Presidency of the
Bank of Montreal and Jjr. It, fi
Angus will in all probability bo
elected in bis stead'.
News comes Irom the Vatican
at Rome Ibat Peter's pence' has
fallen oil to such an extent that
the pope is obliged to fefiort to
l'l'^id eoonomy to make ends meet.
Sir John Mnt-donuld is very ill,
and his medical advisers say lie
taust tako a rest of a week or
more. Sir John I'hompson lakes
|he premier's pluco as Icttder of
the government.
Emile Tripone, a French artillery officer lias been arrested on
a charge of high treason lor Belling the Secret oi the tnuuuluu-
turo  of fjncleuite to the Aim*
Hi.       ,       ;     ill i
strongs, the llfitibli gun muiiu-
A careful count of the members
pi the Dominion parliament, from
the sttthd taken by the hi during
the session tb far, gives the government 110 BUt.po.rlcrs.j including tbe Speaker, and tbo opposition 1)2.
Tbe collector ef Customs
at Vietoriu has reported to tbe
Dominion government that i'.\
Cuaudlun sealing vessels have
cleared from that port ior Bebring sea. Last )ear only 20
sealing vessels cleared from Vic-
Sara Little, of Belleville, al*
tempted to escape from the
Mercer Helorrnutoiy at forouto,
by climbing Irom her room down
a rope made fair, bluaketSi She
goi fiighlBhed ul being discovered
and Idling Ko her hold fell 70
feet t> rr J wu? linul.y injured.
A mysterious Strtingef engaged
at Ottuwu a huudred moiii oaten-
liLly tu work In the shanties ol
British Columbia, The meu
were required to mako a dotiosit
In order to guarantee that they
would accompany him, 'Jim
agent proouieil 8300 and then
Skipped out,
Lord Randolph Chufohill has
cabled to the Urupllic fl'Um pltpe*
town that on May 12th an en-
rouiiter look place near MasSik*
iBso betwoon the Portugese and
the British Bouth AfriUun company polite, 'llm Portugese
jiunibt'i'ini about Wi Europeans
uiid BbO unlives with four guns,
'Tho British nliihbertil bll wilb
bue gun, The Portage were re-
rapier, oucn a flow ot moou as
followed does not cause ^reftt ez-
c.teracnt in tho "ijeatroplis."
The Soulberner has disappeared,
llio aotresB is off with, a more
eeneible lover; lhau either of the
duelists, and the Baron is expected to suicide.
Lord Lansdowno is expoctod to
resign as Viceroy of India as a
reqult of the Manipiir tyunder,
aud Lord George Htiniiliqn will
probably bo his successor. Tbe
Senapuity, wbo has been captured, will bo court murtuled aud
probably executed on tho vory
same spot whero Quinton and hiB
party wore beheaded.
Dr.- Ooorge At. Dawson, assist-*
aat director of tho geological
survey, has boon elected a Fellow
of tbo Royal Society of Great
Britain, which is perhaps the
highest honor a sciential cau
attain. Thero are only three
other ?,-,ombors of lhe society in
Canada-Sir Daniel Wilson, Sir
William Dawson and Dr. Selwyn,
pmowu   nun  me  lusB   ui   seven
killed and more wounded.
Lobsters qf a good si?o have
been found on tbe shore of Keats
Island, near Sschelt.
Tho shanty in which lepro&s
Chinamen Were found living at
Victoria has been burnt down,
Vancouver's. ex-City Engineer
baa instiiutod an action to recover SJ&U0 for wroiiful disi-mseul.
It is said that an elephant
ni^eh larger thiii} Jumbo bus
been captured in Africa, but the
possessor of tbo monster will
not part with ft.
Tbe Yanconver son ior and
junior laerosae ;enino defeated the
Victoria teams at the Oil pita 1 on
Saturday, Victoria crioketors
defeated Iho Wesl minster men.
Tho German Brepefor and
Empress intend paying a visit to
London, England, and the kaiser
bus ihvitcd Q'ucon Victoria to
accompany him baeie to Berlin,
The Mayor and council of Vancouver have been asked to resign
lo put un ond to tbo existing
deadlock, nnd allow tho business
of tbo city to be proceeded with.
Azariah Emanuel Jones of
Nanaimo has been declared a
drunkard according to tbe now
liquor license regulating aet and
all liquor vondors fjfo prohibited
Irom selling bim intoxicants.
Tbe powder magazine of tho
sealing schooner J uuaitu, exploded 200 miles out from Victoria on
tho 22nd. Tbe house ol the
schooner was blown off and Capt,
Loring and four of the sailors
wore injured by the powder.
Sl, Johns, N. B\, to exercised
over two lively court scor.os, In
one case in which the opposition
leader, Mr. Ilaunington, and
Atto'i'ue-y-Gcnerai Blair Wove engaged as counsel, the former
threatened to slap the tatter's
face ;ii)dttl,c. judge had to interfere to prevent a fight. In the
other tbo lawyer,. Goo. A, Davis,
so utilised the magistrate that the
latter committed jtfm to jail lor
2-1 hours f r contempt.
Ii is rumored in Ottawa that
Hon. Mr. Chapleat, Will be np-
pointed   High   C< inmi.-sioiier  in
place of Sir Charles Tupper and | Esquire, as a Justice of the  Penco
tbo latter will come   lo   Canada; for the  West Kootonay  Electoral
as  leader   of   the   Conservative j D'Btrict-
pan/.   Tne i-sue of   La  Presao,
Chupleuu's organ, say sits roadoars
may look for   a   great
before tlie end vi lite
A sitting of tbe County Court of
E*.jif Kootenay will be held ot Donald on Monday the 15th el.iy of ,lniie,
1891, at 11 o'clock.
Donnld, May 21,1*91.
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial claims legally belt! in tbe
Wost Kootenay District, will be laid
overfrom tbe 1st of Ootober to the
lst elay of June ensuing- aceording
to the conditions of Section 116 of
tho Mineral Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890.
Notice ib hereby given that tho
Order iu Council, wbieh was approve',1
by His Honor tbo Lieutenant-Governor on 30th July, 1890, providing
that tho alienation of Crown lan.rs
by private salo bo discontinued,
notice of which was published in the
British Columbia Gazette and dated
31st July 1890, litis been rescinded,
and that thirty [30] days after tho
date of th^s notice vacant nnresorved
Crown' lands will be open to salo
under the provisions of the "Laud
Chief Commissioner of Land's anef
Lands aud Works Depnrtment,
yictoria, B. 0, 30th April, 1891.
Revklstoke k Nelson',
His honor the Lioutenant-Go,T.c?nor
has been pleased to mako the following apptriUmeflt,
13th May, 1891.
Thomas J. Londrum, of Ainsworth,
Esquire',' to be a Mining Recorder
and a Collector under the "Provincial
Revenue Tax Act" for. tbnt portion
of tho District of West Kooteuay
which lies oast of tho 117lh meridian,
vice (lerarel B. Nagle, Esquire.
I'liov'ixc'iAL SkchWakt's Office,
21st May. 1891.
His honor the Lientennnt-Gover-
tlor has been ploaseel to accept the
resignation  of   W.  Gesner   Allan,
A Full and Completo lino of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, &c.
IW Cigars at Wholesale. Jg|
Raymond Sewing Machines kept!
in stock.
S H Q P.
Tho subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that ho ia
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, and all Building Material,
Pioture framing, kc,
Coffins, Caskets, Shrouds, &o.- Carried in rieook.
is just probable that  tbo   above  q q. BUCHANAN PROP
1 move is meant,
-.,..,., P.O. Address, Nelson, J. C,
fhe great fistic battle between
Peter Jackson, the dark skinned I Capacity20,000 feet per elay. Planer
, ..     .,     I hinglemaoutuij, etc.    All kinds of
j Australian pugilist, and Jim Cor   umberon hand. During the season
belt, lhe California pugilist, re* f 1890 lum..er will be delivered at
. suited in a draw at the' cioso of! D? ,,ot 'th,e Un*[nP oa tue lakB at
I , reiitlv reduced prieea.
'the siXtV-nrst round,   For ���'"���'-.... .
j ......... ��� - ������~���-a;
I Ian ten i on is, I Olh men acted
on ihe detensive and awaited tbe
��� ppor'tuniiy lor the chance blow,
which never Came. The referee
came to the eaeUosion ibat tbo
men were bo b unable looonllnuel   REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE,
an i de lured "no eonteit" ami all' Atlantic Express, arrives lO.lOdaily,
bets off, |,'"l,i' 16.62   "
Tbo dookot. of thi tioodon  di-     Passengers 'Arriving Sundays and
, , ��� Wi'iliicsiltivs will (inniie., wiil. sti'ilill'
roroocourt for its oomlnir sen or.       ,     t,'i���,   v ,       ,t    ���,
om for liobK'iii. Nelsoni anil points
i- iho hoavii -'- for years,    Thi   ���, Southern Kootenay.
petition of  Lady   Huh-,, I   lor  a     Cheapest, most reliable ond safe
divorce  from  Burl    Kuajel, on route to Montreal, Toronto, 8t, Paul,
grounds said to bo unusually sen- ^Sl, *��� ?"r\ '""'  l,,,H��',]"1'
1 Hates i'i to |i0 lower than any other
satioual, will   I ������   I io  principal other route,
I cause  oelobre,  but  among   the     passengers leaving Revelstoke on
numerous appl cat ins of actors, TuesduyB, Thtlrstlnys and Satnrdrtys
,        , ,��� ,   , ,        . will ocnneot with tlm maenifloont 0.
singers am  i/ln-r iiublmy known   ��� ���   ., ,���  . J?Mi
6     . \        j P, B, Steamers at Fort William, diir-
poople for release  from  mntri- ing navigation,
tal bonds, are ifhioh Will furnish     Specially fitted Colonist Oars, in
toothsome morsels ol  lovers  ol  oljafge of a Porteri for tbe noooramo,
lations of domestic in- ,l;'ti"'",,f ^TrK boldl.flB ^ '"'
rhiHH in'kfitH.   PncEongors booked ti
Victoria, May o'tli, 18M,
Notieo is heroby givon  that  the
Annual Examination of Candidates
for  Certificates of Qualification to
teach in tbe Publio Schools  of  tho
ProvinaewiU be held as follows, commencing on Friday, July, 2nd,  ut
9:30 a.m.
In Viotoria- High School Building.
In Kamloops- Public School Building.
Each applicant must {tiyitifnl a
notice, thirty days beforo tho examination, stating the class and grade
of certificate for which ho will lie a
candidate, the optional subjects sel-
ei'teel, and nt which of the abovo-
named places ho will attend,
Every notiee of intention to bo es-
ajnicerimusfrbe accompanied with a
testimonial oortifying to tho moral
character of tin candidate.
S. 1), POPE,
Superintendent of Education.
Routs and Debts Ooilectod.
REVELSTOKE,   -    -   It. C
PIso'o Rtmeiy forGatni
n    a���, iicnieuy ioruatnrr.-i 13 t,
'j Bent, EailMt to Uso ti"i Chcnprat.
Applietition will be inaefo (o (he)
Parliament of Canada, at its ne'xt
sessiojt, for an Act to ceviv^ tlse Aifft
fi2 \Ti(!foriti,"(.'li!ipter ill, betag an Act
respeoting the Kootenay and Atha-
blisoa Railway Company,
Solijators for applicant*,
Ottawa, 23 April, 1891.
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Have entire sale of tbo celoboatod Canmore hard, lump and nut cos], euitj
able  for base-bnrnors and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
POWER.  MUCH CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Rovelstoke, any part of town, $9.90
KamloopsP,90; Donnld $8.50.    Special
���u q notations for cor lot��.   Coal stoves
Bold otwholcsale cost Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops nnd Donald.   Apply
(I)ONALI), B.;^>
The Kootenay Star,
fitiiil  from nil 1?nropeaD  points at
Lowest Kates.
f,ow Freight
.ipiey I'eVeli
Cbldago was tho socna of a
verllnble romanoe Qn Muy 2lth.
A ivtil nnlihmnti nttttiod Huron (fiy |mvln(f |||(iir ..ofgbt r(m((,(, ^
Rudolph Kalnooliy end an uti< th.'<;, P. I,\
known  "Soutboroor''  fought n|   Ptiu and tellable Information given
duol  in. Jackson   Park  over a|by applying1 td
ll. I',. IIROW Ni
patch,    Mi'l'-hatitH will alive money
protty actrebs, I no boron way
badly utabbcd in the neck by
falling  ai'iiinSt   hit   RDtflgoniSIS
Ann,, ileti'l Frolght Ag't, Vnoonver,
or to .1, HAM1I,T(,% '
Ag'tU I' R, Depot) Revelstoke
Dovotoil to tlio LU.MIiEIUNG,   BUSINESS    and   AGiq-
OULTUBAL, ai,i,d especially te the
Mining Interests of tha
Kootenay District,
V \J ' \ ed tu, and cxeculoi.! in the best stjle,   Ot)tjmtjrtjla| wp/lj
l\ HUflOHflllV, ���
a.   aai.j   f��..��"   ���      - ,-    .     -
regularly from the Post OHiee,
jrhether bo lias subscribed or not, iB
reBponsiblo for the payment.
1 If a periion orders bis paper
discontinued ho must pay till arrears'
or the publis Ill's may oontinue to
Send it until payment is made, ami
then collect thai whole amount
whether the paper is taken from tbo
jjflieo or nop.
4. In suit? for subscriptions, the
Suit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
li, The courts have decided that
refusing to tako  a  newspaper or
periodicals from the Toat Office,  or
rsmoving nnd leaving them uncalled
or, w)iile unpaid for, is pima  f.icie
evidence of intentional fraud.
Bate j as ....    ���	
A Spring Poem.
)Yhen Nature's bosom palpitates
And vogittttion hesitates
'Neath the slushy, snowy lather���
J( ypn think it barbir-bla'.lier,
(Jr the foam that bakers gather,
Call it froth, if you would rather,���
Spring in bilin' in the bile;���
I sit down and let 'or bile,���
I'Sit and  sing,   by tho  spring."
Gentlo Spr|ng|
'Cause I've often beard it said,
Rhyme will bust a feller's bead;
When commotion's in my natnr',
'Long in April,���'May be luter,���
And eruption near the crater,
got' a-rappin' liko a grater,
I, tho situation grasp,
Man the quill and let 'or rasp;���
Penile Spring! Sappy Si iug I Sulky
ITaint a tonic that I need,
No, nor borax with my food,
Nor a visit to fljetiller,
Nora feather-bed and 'pillor,"
Nor a patent stomoch filler
Mixed with Doctor Koch's Killer;
But I'm spilin' just to sling
Out some verses on the Spring,���
Gentle Spring! Avon Spring! Any
When I fepl the verser'jolt,
I "git up ami git" a "bull";���
Cateh the "gentlo" titter-teeter,���
feel the Muses double-boater
Wiggle on iu magic meter,
Like a kitchen custard .-boater;
Then yon see a feller must
Either poetise or bust!
peutle    Spring!    Stormy   Spring
Sparkliu' Spring!
AVhen the snow bus disappeared,
And tho wind of winter veered
When the robin is a-uestiu',
Aul the gobbler li a restiu',���
The potatato bug iufesiju',
And election is protestin',
Then aguiu I want to fling
Opt some verges.���Gentle Spring!
Bitter Spring!   Backward   Springl
Buggy Spring!
When wo'ro runnin' short of feed,
And we have to buy our seed,
Thon how long (ho sprjua, is seem-
Aud tbo farmer isn't teamin',
And tbo Jersey isn't creamin',���
Gentle Spring, in moving bore,
Had a "spring" put out of gear;���
Tedious   Spring!    Tardy Spring!
Tilted Spriug I
When the fur has "had its day,"
And the ulster thrown away;���
When yep read the simple sonnet
On the stunning Biiramer bonnet;
Broom and dustiu'-pan upon it;���
Whe" "tho women" wants to don it
And the rhymo is coining in,
Fashion giggles with a grin;���
Gentle   Spring!   Dressy   Spring I
Donning Spring!
When you seek the spade nnd rake,
Lawn to pluan and garden, make)
When tho Bile's a-gettin' Armor,
And tbe brook bigius to murmur
'Bout the slimy little squirmer
That may grow to bo a spermer,
Vei'8eB then are everywhere;���
Gentle Spring! a double share;���
Radiant   Spriug I    Racy   Spring!
Runuing Spring!
When tbo butcbor stops supply;
When for bread tho bairns cry;
When the woodmon store their
When we'ro owing rent and taxeB;
When the tailor wrathy "waxes,"
And thore's notliin' that  attracts
Then I hear tho verges ring;
Bo I pitch the ttino and sing,
pontic Springl   Budding ' Spring I
Broken Spring I
When  "tho woman''  wields,   tho
parptts up in every room,
'Causo I euu not Huil my linen,
That I call my "under pinniu':"
Uo you think it's very strange
That I'm longing for a "change?"
Oenlle    Soring!   Ancient   Spring!
Awkward Spring!
When amidst Iho vernal sheen
Mends aro $antlfld ia their green;
When tho chilly wind is hiisbiu',
Anil the hill and yulLy blnshiu',
And the foliage n-iushin',
Aud the poetry a-gushiti',
Gentle spring with eheor is hero,
Making lifo so "near and dear";���
llosy Spring!  Rapid Spring! Bus-
3cT Spriug!
When the ducks commence to dip,
Ami the hirabu begin to ckip,���
Herd a griizin'. calf a-faltin',
Chieken peepin', sheep a-blatin',
Lailji tattin' in her Bath).
���Printer add a lino ef Lntiu,���
Tike and ''sucker" ou the string;
Let me eiug to Oenlle Spring!
Cheerful Spring! Charming Springl
Crystal Spring!
yVhen the  "loons" tbp    warning
Crow aud crane nro seen around
Aud the eriketer ami qnoiter,
When the fox nud weasel loiter,
ivfnd the gamier is adroiter,
In his patient reconnoitre,
Then it makes me think of spring,
So I poetise ami ping,
Gentlo Spriug! Rural Spring! Rub
ber Spring!
When the 'shecter' with his bill
At my nnso begins to drill,
Which is ever so provokin;���
When the sugar bush is smokin,
Aud tho frisky frog is e-roakiu,
And the garden seed n soiikiu,
Then tho verses, like a storm,
Rush around i:i every forms-
Gentle String!   Southgri)  Spring!
Sudden Spring!
When the gooso begins to lay,
And the turkey steels away;
When the weather's warmer getliu.
And tho Bpepkled lieu is Betlin,
And the husbandman a frettiti,
'Bout the siekle he's a whetlin,
Then I let lhe verses swing
To the lovely, gentle Spring!���
Lovely Springl Foggy Spring! Forward Springl
When the bit.la of pluaiago rarq
With their twitter lill llw air;
When the ti.nnii'iiek is gnuimin,
And the partridge is a drummin,
And tbo -busy boo' a btimmin,
Aud the blossoms are n comic; ���
From tho peasant to the king,
How we love thee, gentle Spring!
Lovely Springl Laden Spring! Living Spj'iflfjjl
When the humming birds appear;
Whon the uigbtingulo is hero
Sitting pert-bed upon the trestle,
Watching   Soring aud    Winter
'  wrestle;
When tbe yneht and stub ly vessel.
From the harbor where they nestle,
.Send away a wing and wing,���
It is Spring! Gentle Springl
Peaceful Spriug I   Pensive  Spring!
Patent Spriug!
When, with breeze's lullaby,
And tbo mouuing zephyr's sigh,
Comes tbe soothing, sunny shower
From the peerless parent Power.
On the fleeting forest llower,
Nursed   ia   Nature's    blooming
Life is sweeter and I cling
Unto poetry ond sing,
Furo-the-welll   but not forevorl I
Gentle Spring!! !
A Gold Syndicate"
Fivo eulerpthring merchants of
Westminster have formed a company and sent into tbe interior a
prospector to thoroughly examine
for geld a certain distriot, specie
mens from'whicb show indication
of a hjshly favorable character.
This prospector has already boen
in that part of the country, but
lack of lunds prevented him from
thoroughly prospecting it. Ho is
accompanied by ono of lhe
gcuUemcn interested. JJo elaborate particulars aro gjven but
thero is overy reason to bp\ie;.vc
that these gentleman know jiis,t
what they aro about, as some ol
thorn are not novices to the mining
business. Tho best way to impress tho otiisiilo woild with ibo
importance of our mineral
resources ii fdr our own people to
them. There is nothing that will
help to draw capital here quicker
than the fact of our own people
takiii.' hold of and seeking to
develop tho lalont wealth that
iho Province most certainly
possesses in t|)0 wonderful min>
ei'nl deposits in our miLJug districts.���Columbian.
The Dominion Estimates.
In the Dominion House of
CpnifpoDg, on tbo 18th iust., tbo
estimates for the fiscal your
ending June 3D, 1892, wero pro-
sented. The following appropriations wero votod for British
Vancouver Postoflice $10,000
Victoria Drill Shod 20,000
Victoria Harbor    0,000
Fraser River  20,000
Columbia River above Gpjdep 5,000
ilo between Revel-
and Arrow Lakes    0,000
Kootenny Biver jmprovein'ts 7,000
Nieonieeklo River      do 500
Ueneral improvements    3,000
Telegraph from Nanuimo to
Couiox     1,000
British Columbia Indians.,. 0,000
Customs service (inorense ol) 3,000
Victoria Postoflice employees
for inofeugo uf salaries..., 2,000
Oilel mid liven;
With   many young men wild
oats do not seem lo go nguiusl
the grain.
The ducks and drakes a man
makes ol his money seldom go to
It ought not be so difficult lo
obtain Masonic honors when
evoiy obtnso angle has more than
90 degrcos,
uamtjQ mvwMM oo uu
Carry largo Ijqes of plain, medium, nind high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
���Reel-room sots ranging in price ftqni $11.1)1) tpfSOO.    Hotels furnished throughout.   Gillee and bar-room chairs.   Spiug
mnttroBBos mado to order, and wo.vou wire, hair
and wool mattrosses iu etook,     Moil
orders from Kootonay Lako
points will receive early
uud   prompt  attention.
IfApf STitiWT, ij.iy.'.Ls!.qitia
-X"     !��.��
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
wm. kirkup & CO,
3ranite  ware, and   Lamp  Goo la.       Tin,  Copper and    Sheet. Irq
Waro mnefo to order,    First fllassjwork guaranteeej.     Orders promptly
ottoudod to.'
Howard���"! didn't get home
till lute 'last night.". Richard���
'What sort oi a hand, did you
hold ?" "dust the nicest little
hand you over flaw. It belonged
to old mau Uoldrgck's pnly
She���"How do you expect me
to pay much attention to you
when you pay ao mnc|] attention
to other girls?" Ilo-"Because
if I did not pay bo much attention
lo other girls you wp.uld not pay
so much attention to mo,"
 m n
Mr. BellowB-Why aro you so
anxious for us to got off to the
mountains so early ?
Mrs. Bellows (p,f Chicago)���
Because tho doctor says you will
bo another man entirely when
you get thero.
Jones-What are you doing
now for a living?
Smith���I li^q by writing.
'���For the press ?"
"Ob, no , I write to tho old
man twice a month to send me
somo moro money."
Mr. Jinster���Ah, Miss Bossfone
I hear you hajfl had a fire in your
house ?
Miss B.-Yes, quite a serious
Mr. J- Wus thero much
damage dono ?
Miss B-Oh, yes; the building was inteslinptj from garrot to
N. Latremouille,
Has opened a Bakery in ths store
lately occupied by Jas. McDonald k
Co., and is prepared to, supply the
Finest Bread,  Buns, Cukes.
Ill orders by niaij
express promptly
All   descriptions qj
grilet and lailver
(Close to C. P. R, Depot)
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We oarry a seioct.and.complote stock of gont's furnisings, ladios'.toilet.
and children's boots, shoes and boso, stationery, patent medicines, es,
requisites and ready-mitdo clothing.   A   largo  assortment of pip
tybucoq, cigarettes, imported and elouioslic cigars, fruits, randy, eto
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber,and otbergoodq
too uumorous to mention, at moderate prices,^
Telephono communication.
J, Fred, Hume & Co,,
Revelstoke and Nelson,  B. C.
* ���DEALERS IN���
Dry Goods, Provisions and Hardware,
Pastry, Eto.
A good stock always on hand.  All
kiuds of Baking done to orler,
The Public will find it to their advantago to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors p|acod with  Mr. GtUMiM Lindmark will have cnU
carcjul attention  and prompt dolivor.y to any part of Kevelatoke.
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoko Church every Sunday eve-
ping at 7 ;30, conducted alternately
Sunday School and Bible Clues every Sunday afternoon at 2:30, All
fire cordially invited to attend.
Church of England services
will bo held in Revelstoke by the
Rev. J. C. C. Keuim ovory lourth
Sunday in each mouth.
Selkirk Lodge. No 12
,np/I OOF Vtmm B o
Regular Meeting Thursday A eaeb
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting broth
era aro cordially invited.
J, Mclwip,     J, II. Mathksox,
N, G, It, ti.
Dox4M>, B- C,
JfeetB 1st 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month,
Master,   J, S. Babbitt,
Sec'y,   W, F, Ogilvie.
J'inc'r.   Aligns McLean,
Journal Ag't. E. A, Chesley, Kara-
loopB, B, 0,
PoNAin, B, 0.
JJeets lst 2 Wednesdays and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen'? Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin,
Collector,   Geo fj Govett, Box i'X
Receiver,   James. Falconer, Can-
more,' KWT.
Magazine Agont,   H J McSorley
R. E, Lemon & Co., aro putting
up a veranda in front of their new
I tore,
Mr. W. F. Teetsel oame np from
Nelson on Saturday und went down
again on Thursday morning.
Dr, Campbell has gone down to
Ainswoi'twh to look after the Revel-
Bteko Mining Companies properties
Trains ure uow being run over the
Columbia k Kootenay railway from
Robson to Nelson, connecting  with
the bonis,
Thos. Ardiel came down from tbe
Big Bend on Wednesday. Ife re?-
ports the men on Smith and French
Creeks doing well,
Miss Jryino, Mis? Rurue and J.
Fred Hume went down the liver on
the Lytton Thursday morning, to see
tbo sights of the lower country,
The r.iils of the Shuswap k Oka-,
nagon railway are now laid past
Enderby, and it will not be long
now until Vernon the terminus is
Tbe new Victoria hotel has boen
treated to a coat of paint which is
very becoming. The builling
since the scaffolding bus been removed, looms up, the most conspicuous in lower town.
On Wednesday night Mr. F.
Roeser while getting off the steamer
Lytton in the darkness stopped into
the wharf slip and slipped into tho
river. Be fortunately escaped with
nothing worse than a wotting.
Rev. G. H. Morden, wbo has filled
Rev. Air. Turner's place as pastor of
the Methodist church hero for tbe
past two months, will preach his
farewell sermon on Sunday evening.
Re will also conduct the service in
tho morning. Rev. Mr. Turner
will preach his farewell sermon nest
Sunday evening,
The contract for the building of
the road through tho bill and to
Third street near the school bouse
will probably be awarded to Chas.
Lindmark, whoso tender is $870.
[ Wm MeKonzie put in a bid at ��450,
On Tuesday 92,�� in the thade was. ^ euM ���a ennrguit,e to do tbe
Tho Methodist conlerenco the
meetings of which were oonclnded
at Victoria this week, bus decided
upon tbo following stationing of
minister!',, which will be of interest
to our readers. Rev, Jas. Turner,
who has acted as pastor of the Revelstoke church, for tho past threo
years, has beon appointed to Nelson;
Rev. G. H. Morden, who has had
charge of the mission field of Salmon
Arm, Shuswap, olc, goos to Victoria
Vest; and Rev. Chas, Ladner, who
is now a resident of Portland is
drafted to the pastorate of the Rovolstoko church. Rov. Mr. Ladner
is not expected to arrive here befoie
The Annual School, .Meeting.
A public meeting of the resielont
householders and freeholders of Rovelstoke si hool district, will bo held
ou Monday the 15th day of June,
1891, nt the School House, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m. for the
purpose of eleetiug fit and proper
persons to serve as School Trustees
in place of IT. Creelnian, Esq., whose
term of office is about to expire, and
R. Robson, Esci., resigued.
By order of Board of Trustees.
Acting Secretary.
picked lTp in the Towu miei
registered by thermometers.
Mr. J. W. Thomson left town last
night on a visit tu Salmon Arm,
The loyal crew of the Lytton bad
tbe vessel gaily decorated with flags
on the Queens birthday.
Win. Kirkup returned from Nelson
Saturday after opening a bram-h
store in that town. Re soya Nelson
is booming.
work at  that Qgure aud the tender
will not bo considered.
The little steann r Marion snddouly
disappeared on Wednesday night,
and whether she is at tbe bottom of
lhe river or floating down to Sproat
is a matter of conjecture. She was
tied up below tbe Ljttou to a large
stump. Tho liver undermined this
stump nnd while a watchman ran for
An excursion per the steamor Iu r"I*e to 8et Bnotber lin0 on tbe
Lytton or Kootenay to tho H���t boat. Bhe Ui'dke away from her moor-
Spring at Arrow Lake is apoken of.> in8sllD'1 dinappeared in the darkuess
There is no doubt that such an out- or w"tl'r' Sba ma-v b:ive 1,Pen Btrnck
ing could be made a big success.        hy one of tbe  many  trees   floating
_, . ,,    ,      j down stream, and immediately sunk.
The meeting to consider the bei,t
means   of    supplying   tho   town !    A P'l" of tf0011 on tl-e ,,anls of tue
river inst below Ihe Smelter dock
male a bright flro on Saturday night
last. The crew of the Ljtton with
bockeU anil patent tire cxtin-
guishers from tbe boat bustled to
pnt the blaze ont. Steward Thos.
Vincent did uot wait for "orders"
but fired water a^d watered fire re-
garille.is of Waiter Welch who tried
to blow away the smoke and sparks
tbat ne might get within range of
On the 21st Jack Richardson, the woodpile, Wm. R-kersley
wrestler, who is well known here, c��me up with a bottle hand grenade
defeated Dennis Oa higher at Loa-' wUth j,e pjacea 0D , |,J(? Mj beld
don for the championship of L ma,cb to it until tbe bottle oraoked
America. Richardson took two falls the liquid was lost on the log, and
in seven and fifteen minutes. eight cords  of  wood  went  up  in
"Joe" MeCrum, one of the most smota
popular bnkomen on the Pacific John Stauber came up from the
division of the C. P. I!, was married Lardeau on Monday, bringing with
on the 20th inst in Kamloops to Miss �� quantity of fori tbe resnlt of u
Annie King one of the fair daughters couple mouths trapping and hunting,
of that burgh. They havo the con- Among his pack was one silver-
gratuitous of a host of friends. ! tip bear pelt that measured over 0
A vag who styled himself "Mc' feet across in any direoliun. The
Ginty" and Mr. Rooney, was in boar was not verv fat bnt weighed
town Saturday and part of Monday . fully 100 lbs. The furs were sent to
and made himself very happy in ' Kamloops and the owner expects to
bhowiug card trick*, etc., until Con- realize at least 3150 on them, Mr.
stable Kirkup escorted him to the Stauber says bo is satisfied the
Court House, and arraigned him be- Lnrdean will como to tbo front, now
W. A. Jowett, J. P., on a chargo of' that a trail la being cut through it,
vagrancy. He wan given a few j and expects to see a hundred pros ���
minutes to get ant ��i towu, and trat i peetoi's iu there this fall. Ho has
soon striking out eastward  aith bis f located seven ledges and Mr.   n��a-
with water, called for last Wednesday evening, has beeu postponed
until Wednesday evening next, iu
the Court House at 8 o'clock.
The Columbia mer is higher at
present than it has been for years,
and the high water season is ooneid-
��b!y earlier tb.it usual, The very
warm weather of the past two weeks
is responsible for tbe change,
All accounts against the Provincial
Governnii'.nf, contracted jn West
Kootenay District, are requested to
bo forwarded to tho Government office, Revelstoke, on or beforo tho 30th
of Juno.
Government Agent.
Revelstoke, May 28, 1891.
The Creditors Trusts Deeds
Aet   181)0.
Notice is heroby given that on the
25th day of May 1891, James
Meagher Carroll of* Rogeya Paaa one!
Beaver, in tbe District of Kootenay,
merchant, elid execute a deod of
assignment of his estate to James
Carlton Pitts, of Donah] iq the District of Kootenay, accountant, ns
trustee far the creelitWrj of, the said
James Meagher Carrol1.
That I tho saiel James Carlton
Pitts did on the said date execute the
said trust deed.
The creditors of the said James
Meagher Carroll are required within
sixty days of this elate to file their
olciiuis with tbe said trustee and
prove their ftocounts, and aftor the
expiration of the said sixty days, the
nnid trustree will proceed to distribute tho proceeds of tho said estate
among those creditors of whose
claims |io shall have uotioo.
A meeting of the creditors of the
said James Meagher Carroll will be
held at the ofHoeJof It, A. Kimpton, at
Donald, on Tuesday, the 16th day of
June 1891, at 11 a.m.
J. 0. PITTS,
Dated this Sjfith May ]89I.
A pining of the County Court of
Went Kootenay will bo held at Revelstoke on Wednesday, Juno 12th at
11 a.m.
0. C. TUNgTaiLL,
Register 0. C.
Revelstoke, May 27th 1891.
pill box and pack.
George Laforme came down from
the Big Bend with bis pack train
yesterday. Ro reports tbat la grippe
got a hold of all tho men np there ami
(hey had a hospital timo generally,
He was very ill himself, bat is uow
almost himself again, Re says the
flits along tlio rjver are all flooded,
and if the wator does not
IKimewliit he wil) not he a.
UP again (or a tune,
kins has as many morn, assajs  from
samples of which give as good  returns as  any in  the country, whilo
the pjacer diggins  of  the  Lardeau
are uew   and what   work   has   been
done on them  has given  excellent
results, Mr. Stanbcr taking out lust
(all by tho most primitive methods
Sixteen ounce (n six   weeks.   There
subside' "rc B"mege,oil lands through Hie pass
(o ig n01 and several small farms have beeu
I takeu up wt Trout and Summit Lakes,
Notioa ii hereby given that the
following lands nro ln-rcbv romwtl
from Bale or pre-emption until further
notice, viz: A strip of land oim
mile in width on each side of a line
commencing nt tlm point wln-re
Cottonwood Smith Creek orosses the
southern boundary of Nelson Town
situ Reserve, thenoe following the
j valley of the Cottonwood Smith Creek
to its bead; thenee fikaig tho v;ill<--v
I of the Salmon River to a point <.,,-
posits to the head of Deavor Crock;
thence across the summit to the
valley of linnvir Creek, and follow*
ing the said valley to its mouth;
thonoe following tho east sido of the
Columbia River to the International
Boundary line.
Chief OommistdoAor ol Lands and
Works. -
Lands nud   Works   Departmon)
Victoria, 11, C���'allot May, 1891,
All persons who h;ive> made application to purchase Crown land, under
tho provisions of section 29 of tho
v Land Aot," to, whom an extension
of timo for siirveyiug has not been
granted, or who have failed to complete the survey of, and to mako payment ui full for, the laud applied for,
are hereby notified tbat their applications will oe cancelled, unless good
and sufficient cause, to ihe contrary
ie shown within 00 days from tho
dato of this notice.
P. G. VEltNON,
Chief Commissioner of Lunels and
Lunda and Works Department, Victoria, R. C, May 7th, 1891.
a beautiful pioture without printing
for twonty-fivo Koyal Crown
S����ai> W rapi'ers ��� A one cont pt��-
tago stamp will carry the wrappers,
Tho pictaro will be mailed free.
Knjiil Crown is the purest nud
best goap made, and is tbo oheapesl
to use. Only Hoyal C-'own
Wrappers Exchanged,
'Villi ref-iS
Winnipeg, Man.
Assay and   Mining   Offices,
Golden, I?. O.
Silver, Gold or Lead, each.,,,?1.50.
Silver, Gold and  Lead, combined 3.00
Silver and Lead ,,  2.00
Silver, Gold and Copper 1.00
Silver and Gold  2..0Q
Silvi-r and Copper .5.50
Silver, Cold, Lend and Copper. 5,50,
Copper by Wet and Electroylsis
assay  2.50
Copper by fire Assay  3,00
Other assay prices uu application.
Terms���Cash with samples. A
discount of 11) pep cent, whou two Caf
mote are sent.
Sales of Oro negotiated.
N. B,���Por 'several ye��ra assayoy
to Messrs. Vivian it Sous, Swausea,
Agents Wanted-
Str, Lytton
Wiil leave REVEtSTOKB every
4n.m.,forROBSOaN andLITTLR
DALLE8. Connecting at RCB-
SO.V with tho Columbia and
Kootenay Railway and ntLITfLK
DALLES with the Spokano Kalis
k Northern Railway,
lie-turning will loavo LITTLE;
DAliLKS every TUESDAY and
FRIDAY ut 9 a.m.
Ocean Tickets tO Europe
Allan       White Star
Dominion      Canard
Beaver Anchor
and at] other lines sailing from Hali-
fui, Portland, lloston, New York
Baltimore are on auto at
C.  P.   R,   stations,  at
very low rates.
Ask for Railing lists and rates of
fan'. Great advantages scoured bi
bikini; ocean tickets from your local
(ireiit saving effected by taking
round trip tickets,
Iti-rths iu any steamer engaged
f'repaid  passage arranged  from
any point in Europe,
Apply to yonr nearest agent; or to
,i. Il.uiiM'oN, Revelstoko, or to
ReetusiiT Kbhh,
Geq. Pas*. Agt , Winnipeg,
Fletcher i Co
Building ftgContractin?
And General Commission Merchant
InsuiMiioo   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary public, Etc,
Go��,db��  . ,       ,      B. U
mr torn we,
Corner Krout and Hanson Ste.
First class in every rospect; Nearest
hotel to C P R depot ami steamboa
lauding, between post office and gov,
buildings. Coach to and from depoU
and steamboat. ��\\o proof Safe for tha
accommodation of its customers.
l'\ McCahthv   ....    Pro*
First class Temperance House.
BOARO    AXI)    LOUHIWl   $g   XW   WE**,
MEALS, 25c.     ukos 35c.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably  furnished and
affords iirst class accommodation.
'     ���������'��� .a
hWCWf fiaJsj^qLAaa,
REVELSTOKE     -      -       * Q
W. Cowan, Prop.
Rooms woll attended";'table, une,,
sample ro.oW.   Telephone com muni-
cut.o�� witef.P. IL depot     J?,
pree v��wlt ior lh. COn!euienc;"0
guests.  Buss meets ull traing.
-w -,
The largest and most central Hotel io
the oity ; good acoaaUimeadakkaii; overy.
thing new; table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached ; lire proof safe,;
nm nisi at all TBAiiN3
������~ ������ ������~ - - ��������� ���- ���  - ��� ��� ��� - - -���"��� ��� ��� ������",i
Stockholm House
The dining room is furnisheel  with Ufa*
best the market affords,
The bar is supplied with a ohoice ttook
of wiuee.Iieiuors and cigars,
Jas, Liberty,
COWRO       FOB %Ali8


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