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The Kootenay Star May 9, 1891

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Array K ,
S a
feTH I |�� ll li li W II li HI IQ
^ 13 111
gBjBB. jLT^:inc^ttg^��rra^^r!a-^c��i-:yyj;1 a c ^BWps^CTJLBWtgg .#.%>��� ^ a lALB^utawwuMiHa j
T^aj^^-.nciiryiM.auaLtrag.ay.^Bya.r-in*^ R��
Ho. 43.
IN 01 ICE.
All Mining Claims, other than Mineral
Locations, legally hold in this District,
under tho Minornl Act, 1884 and Amend,
tnents, may bo laid over from 15th dny of
October till the let day of .lone next,
1891, subject to tbe provisions of the said
Aet and Amendments.
Gold Commissioner,
Donald, East Kootenav,
September 29th, 1890,	
jiSljVffiT;   ,-' i-
Atlnnjaio Express, arrives 10:10 daily.
Pacific       " "     18.52   "
Passongero 'arriving Snndoya aud
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for 1'obson. Nelson, nud points
iu Southern Kootenny.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe
routo to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, Now 5'ork and I'.oston.
Rates $5 to ��10 lower than any other
other route.
Piippengers leaving Eevelntolco on
Tueeduyn, Thiii'Dilnys nnd Saturdays
vill connect with the ningnifioenli C.
P. E, Steamers nt Port Wjllinm, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cats, in
charge of ;i Porter, for tho accomino-
elr.t'V.n of Passengers holding sec nd
eli;.-'p tickets. Passengers buokednto
nnd from all Europenn points nt
Low.*': Katca,
Low Freight Ra'eB. Quick despatch, Merchants will stive money
lv having Iheir freight routed via
Full tmd reliable information given
lv ni phing fo
Aeil, Gcn'l Freight Ag't,Yn cnuver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
A:'t C. P. 'drDepot, Revelstoke;
fi f T T   T
My stock bus opened up with entiro satisfaction and I am now prepared
to fill all orders for ladies', misses' and children's hate, bonnets, etc., iu tho
vary NEWEST SHAPES A\!> SHADES. Call andexa'minoiny
complete slock of flowers, plumoe, Bilks, veilings, ribbons, etc., etc., und you
jannot fail to i.-o pleased.
fof-r-azft* mnman
V\l n
V S    ,L   8
Revelstoke & Nelson,
(Ll,�� iloofcnay Star
4�� US.
A Full ami Complete liue of
Toilet Articles, Willi Paper, ko.
yj" Cigars at Wholesale. .Jglj
Raymond Sowing Machines kept
in stock.
8II O P.
Tho subscriber would intimate
to tho public generally tbat lie is
prepared to supply WiudowB, Doors,
tflaea, unci nil Building Material,
Picture 1''raining, &c,
CofliuE, Caskets, Shrr.ud.fi, ko. Car-
rii el in Block.
Assessment Act and Photikcuii
Revenue Tax,
Pul.lie noiiee is hereby fd.en that As-
Bossmout ami Provincial Revenue Taxes
for the year ISO I, for the i ust Kootenay
AasesBtnent District, ure now* due and
payable ut my ollice, ut Donnld, ut the
following rules :
Real Property Tux. if paid on or be'
fore the 80th of Juuo next, y of one
per cent.; if paid on or after ftie 1st of
July iust. '/, of one,per sent.
Pci'soiial Property Tax, if paid on or
bolero the HUtli of Juno next, y of oue
per cent, ; if paid ou or alter tee Isl oi
July next, y of one percent.
Income Tux, if paid on or beforo the
30th of June next, y of oue per cont.;
if paid ou or after lhe lst of July nuxt,
% of one per cont,
Wild I .aud Tax, if paid on or before
the 30th of Juuo nest, 7% cents per
acre ; if paid on or after the lst of July
next, 8;9 cents per aero.
Provincial Revenue Tux. $3.00 per
capita. 00
Assessor und Collector,
Donnld, R. 0, Jan. 2ud, 1691,
Assessment Act and Pkovinciau
Revehob Tax.
Noiiee is hereby given, ill acenrdimee
with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tux uud nil Tuxes levied under the
Assessment Act ure now due for th year
MM, ill o( tho above named luxes,
collectible within the Reveliitoko Division of the District of Wost Kootonay,
are payable nt my ollice.
Assessed tuxes are collcctiblo at the
following rates:
If paid ou or before June 30th, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, 88,00 per cupit.i.
Ono half of ouo per cent en Real Property.
Seven and ono hull emits por acre on
Wil<! Land.
Ono third of one per cent on Personal
Oue hull of one per cent or. Income
If paid after June 80tb, Will:
Two thirds of  ouo per cent ou Real
Eight and one half cunts per aero on
Wild Land.
One half of ouo per cent on Personal
Three foui'llis of one per cent on Income.        T. J. LENDRUM,
119 Collector,
Rovolstoko, II, C , Jan. 3uJ, 1001,
A copy of a draft submitted by
Mr. Kellie, showing tho manner
in which it is proposed to expend,
the appropriations for West Kjo-
leiiay is now in the hands of
Gold Commissioner Tuns.all, anJ
rends us folio.vs:
Hot Springs wagon road  SfiOOO
Trail Creek (not to bo con-
sli'iie'tcd until mining development justifies il)
Duikiu River Trail-Poor
Croik Station to Kooteuuy
Luke, 100 miles���immediately	
Lardeau Trail	
Rover    Creek  Trail,  M.  S.
Smith Creek, Bit? Bend	
Goat River fn  connect  with
East Kootenay 	
Refund Rnvelstoke Mining Co.
Hot Springs wagon  road
Clearing Nelson streets, Gov't]
Revelstoko wagon, road to C.
P. R. Station	
Nelson wharf, Gov't Townsito
It is definitely understood that M. P , for North Bucks, to ono
Judgo Ttins'tul, who (or years 'year's imprisonment f'ir conspir-
past has aily filled llio position Ley to abduct Miss Braekett.   It
of Govornment Agent, Gold
Commissioner, etc., at R -velstoke,
will shortly be removed lo Earn*
loops, to fill liko officoB there,
mudo yaouiil by tho promotion of
Mr, Iltisscy to iho position of
Superintendent of Provincial
Police, Mr. Tunstall has boon nn
efficient and enercolic officer, nnd
his removal from hero would
meet with serious objection were
it not that tho change meets with
the judge's approval���in fact it is
is lbe grci.tcst disgrace that tho
English nri.-tooraoy has encountered in this century says the
despatches, for the Verneys, nl-
thougfi eiiohled wilhin tho cen��
iiiiy, are of ancient descent
among tbo landed gentry,etc.
Decobain, who bus been iho
Liberal representative of lielfa��t
d of unnatural cimes, wiih
Ye rncy
is    ulfO     CS|i
Parliami nt,   'I ho  penally  may
be oi i siilcre"! heavy   because  of
bis special desire thut he should I tho   nristoorulio   birth  ill    the
bo removed to Kamloops, where  accused, but were ho a plobian bo
ho has many intimate  friends,   would likely get ten   times  tho
We aro instructed by Mr. V,
Fraser1 lo dispose of tho stock
and goodwill of his dairy business, cohdaotod in the risiiii.'
town of Revelstoke. Thero aro 19
cows specially seleelod as good
niilleeri'i barn, stable, and all improvements. For lunher par
liculars apply to,
,10^'KTT & UAIG,
Revelstoko, IJ. 0
SE.iLED TENDERS, addressed
to the Postmaster General will bo received at Ottawa until noon on Friday 29th May next, for tbe conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed contract for four years
twelvo timec per week each way, botween tho Revelstoke post ollico uud
the Cimudiiii! Pnoiflo Railwuy station
from lst July next,
Tho conveyance to be made on
horseback or in a vehicle nt tho option of the eoutractor, Printed
notices containing further information
as tu conditions of proposed contract
may bo, seen und blank foruiB of
Tender may lie obtained at the post
ollice at Iievelstoke and nt this ollice.
Post Office Inspector,
Peist Office Inspector's Office, Victoria, 17 April, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial claims legally held in tho
West ICoptonay Pistrict, will be Inid
overfrom 'he 1st of October to the
Uf day of June ensuing according
to the conditions of Section 11(1 of
tho Minornl Aet,
29 Gold Commissioner,
Rovelstoko, September <*Gtb, 1890,' (jivo it,
Total 8521,250
If it is right to bo lliaolit'iil for
small favors, then the pooplo of
Revelstoke   and   vicinity   have
some    reason    to    bo    thankful for the grants mado for this
end ol tho district, but we don't
seo lhat thero is any necessity of
any great demonstration of joy,
Thero  is ono item on the list
which is a big surprise, and that
is the appropriation of ��4,500 to
bo expended in tho making of a
trail from Rear Creek in East
Kootenay to the Upper Koolenay
lake via the Dunkin river in this
district, a grant equal to $,45 a
mile,   It is true that Mr. Kellie
and.severol others huvo recorded
claims in tho Bear Creek districl,
EiiBt Koolenay, and probably a
very few huvo been located in
thii particular part   of   West
Kootonay, and it is evident that
tho building ol this proposed trail
would open up a outmtry bilhci'lo
almost untried by proBpootora;
yet wo do not see the neeosjify
or justico of expending so largo
a sum ou the proposoij work, und
"immediately, too, when llio appropriation for Trail deck wagon
road ib marked not to bo expended  until   mining  dovclopcinent
will justify il,   The amount of
the appropriation is undoubtedly
cxccBsive, and it would havo been
much better to havo devoted tho
greater portion ol  tbo amount
toward a fund to build a decent
oourtliouse here, or some oilier
work limn tho ono for which il
is set aside. There appears lo be
something soiiously wrong in the
matter, but beforo crediting .Mr.
Kellie    with    mercenary    mo-
tiveB, or crookedness, we shall
await an explanation from thai
gentleman ^should ho cbocso to
it ml which place is sail to be
almost a Mecca to him, Whilo
the oflico is no sinecure, the work
will be considerably lighter,
though Iho responsibilitcs will
bo about equal.' For many years
past tlio judge has dono pood
service for the government In tho
out of tho way mining camps oi
Rock Cv.ceit, Granite Creek and
Nicole,, and in lbe newer field of
West Koolenay, and it is but
right that his faithfulness should
bo rewarded in complying, with
his wish in Ibis mutter, which
will give him tit least fecial ��d-
vuti'uges. ho las i,ot enjoyed lor
long years. What will he Kootonay 's loss will he a gain to tho
Kamloops division il Yale district, and wc hope the judge may
long oont tiiio to re; resent the
Government in llio'while house at
Mr. J. Bowron, now Govern
ineiit Agent al IJnrkerville, Cariboo district, will in all probability
succeed Judge Tunstall hero. Mr.
Bowi'uii has proved himself a
very capable officer, and it is
doubtful ii lhe government could
find a more competent man to
look after the interests of West
Koolenay lie has had lung experience in mining.matters, which
will serve him to good purpose
in his new Held of labors,
punishment lor iho same offence.
However iirlisoor.aclio England
may deal leniently wiih ils criminals, il ia ahead of tbo democratic
Uuitod Slates, when compared
with the butchery of the Italian
prisoners in iba New Orleans
jail, the lawlessness that lol to
it, and lhe subsequent tailureof
the grand jury to indict tbo
leaders ol the murderous mob.
The Nelson Minor is nothing
if not insolent and blackguardly.
When il cannot convert an op.
ponent to it wuy of thinking or
gets wo.i'stodin argument, it immediately rcsoris to smut, vulgarity, and personal abuse. Its
statement thut "the Star man's
pocket is us cni|ly as bis head,"
wu take rather as a compliment
than otherwise, when wc consider
whero it comes from. When llio
Miner characterises tho premier
of the province us "certainly not
honoBl," tho editor of lhe Word
and tho Attorney General ns
comparative "liars," PoHt-Offleo
Inspector Flotchor ns "��� ultus."
etc., wo should not feel injured ul
UBti'.temont,whiob when analyzed
is much more nattering Ihun was
intended by Iho writer. Wc are
sorry for Iho Miner man who is
evidently Buffering from a chronic
stiito ol big bead���and dirty bond.
Wc noed not expect more from a
hog than a grunt, and wu do not
look for anything classic from
the Miner. We do not menu to
Insinuate that tbo .Miner man is
a hog, but wo aro satisfied Hint
it will tako a greater power than
Circe possosed to obaugo him to
a respectable man; yet wo hojio
the lino comb ol purity, guided
by the hand of wisdom, may
sciupo from bis bead the purueltrjs
of iilth tiiid iitirousoi.iiblonoss
with which il iw inleslcd,
The sensation of day in Eog-
l.ind is the sciilonco of Cupt Hope
Yerncy, ol tbo royal uuvy,  aud
The United and No. 1 Mnko
Qood Showings,
John Thompson, foreman of the
Revelstoke Mining Company at
Ainsworth, and Wm. Morrison, also
i mployed in Iho seme miues, were
in bun this week, taking a holiday.
Mr. Thompson says the United is
showing up grandly, while No. 1
looks us well us oould be, On tho
United the sLuft is down 118 feet,
and at the 50 foot level iliilts have
been run 85 feet north mid 72 ft south
in solid ore. In No. 1 90 ft drift hae
been run iu high grade carbonates,
and tho property improves in appearance as development continues. He
estimates tint in the Uuited and No.
1 there is 7,000 tons in sight.
Mr. Thompson paid a visit to the
Trad Creek camp, and he avers tbat
if tho bulges continue anything like
tho surface und Ihe work already
done would indicate, it will soon ba
the greatest mining camp on the
continent, He walked over the two
parallel ledges from lied Mountain
for a distance ef a mile and a half,
und they showed up all the nay from
30 to 10 feet in width.
Mr. Thompson left for the coast
on Monday,
Down it ive i' NoteSa
The body of D.m Reed wbo waa
drowned in the Kootenay rapids iu
Maroh 15th, was. found iu tbe river
about a quarter of a mile below the
boundary in the big eddy near tbe
mouth of the mouth of the Pend
D'Orielle river, by a Colvillo Indian,
The Indian notified a J. P. at Little
Dalles, who held an inquest over tbe
body, and had it buried near where
il was found. The face and head of
the drowned man were cut and
bruised by ibo rock, und was only
reooguised by tho clothing be wore.
Rood's bruther.who lives in .Memphis
TonnesBee, was sent word of the
fiudieg of tho body.
Mr. Toppen has sold out his interest in the LeRoi at Trail Creek to,
Spokane Falls parties, with the
understanding that they will continue tho development of the mine,
He will utilizo the money Beonred
for the LoRoie, iu developing hia
other properties at Trail Creek.
The Ucvel.-doke Smelting Syndic
onto are prepared to purchase all
ores of Trail Creek camp, and in
fact all ores mined iu ths district,
and Dr. Campbell and Mr. Boyle
wore at the minus last week to make
arrangements with tbe mine owners
for tue output of their properties.
Dr. Cainpb <11 went to Tacoina via
The Dalles and Spokauc Falls, to
make arruugetnents to secure ooka
for the Iievelstoke Smelter.
The Contractors oa the C. k K,.
It lilway expeoj to have the liue complied to the C. P. R. dock at N.ehj��4
to-lay, Cfye kootenay Star
A four page twenty-column new
paper, is issued from tho office o
publication, Rovelstoke, B. C
Snbicnption price 82 per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprtor.
Gleanings from All Over the
Wide World.
Grain seeding and planting is a
month lute in lhe Weslminstor
Concord, N. II., experienced a
shaking up by uu earthquake on
Friday last.
Prince Bismarck has been olccU
ed over Schnialfield socialist in
Ueeetermude, Germany.
Victoria has been offerod the
annual tournament of the Northwestern Firemoii's Association.
Steps wiil be taken immediately
to|raise the necessory^mency for
The deal by which a company
of English capitalists, known as
tho Ango^Brilish Columbian
Canning Co., secured control of
seven Fraser River canneries and
two on the Skcena bus been com-
j leted. Several of the former
owners take shares in the new
company, and the management
( f the various canneries will bo
practically unchanged.
A special to lbe New York Sun
from St. Louis sa\s: Frank
Slavin   travelled as   far  as   S.
Louis alone to meet Sull.vur, | fromTuaSio for Victoria
Sullivan said he was retired in d
taking Slavin by tbe hand wished
him all the luck in world and do
c ared himself g'ad lo meet him.
' You ore tho only man wbo ever
camo to   mo  to  ask me for a
fight," said Sullivan. "Tho others |^^^^^^^^^^
liko like to talk threo thousand The Jersey City Police think
miles away. I congratulate you." they huvo caught ''Jack the
Slavin said: l'I stunJ on my r. p-; Ripper." The man was arrested
uta ion and am open to fight any | fur u Whitechapel murder a year
man in the w orld." : and a bull' ago and acquitted, and
In the Dean divorce suit in the j u 's ll��uin  bt'e��  ��m��^ ��8 th*
superior court tried   at  Spokane
Falls last Saturday,   Mrs   Joe-
phinc Dean astonished her  buss
band by testifying that the 6 year
blackened the criminal history of
Napoleon Ives defeated Eugene.     .��,�������. .������������..  K
Carter at Chicago the other day parliament  was opened on the  Zn^t7Z^u\Z
���501b nit. At noon tbe members you designed to be carried on by
attended and took the oath and capital expenditure. The estimates
signed the roll. Sir John Mac for tho coming year will be laid
donul and bis boo. Mr. Hugh hefore you at un early date
John Macdonald, of Winnipeg,
took the oath together
for  tbo ''short  stop'' championship, by 500 to 408.
The tracklaying on the Mission
branch of tho Canadian Pacific
Ruilway had been completed to
the boundary, and a junction
made with lhe American road.
Wm. O'Connor bus cabled
Stansbury, the Australian ours-
mun, offering to row him on any
course in America for $2,&00 a
side, and offering him |5l)0 for
A new opora house in Troy,
Ala,, collapsed tbe other night,
and a number of young ladies
who were preparing Ior school
exorcises were crushed to death.
"Old Hutch" the celebrated
speculator of the Chicago etock
exchange, who fled from Chicago
the other day, say j he left home
lecauso his eon was trying to
pat bim in a lunatic asylum, fle
has been sent home.
One of the last acts of the recent
session oi the Ontario legislature
was to increase Hon. Mr. Mowat'e
salary from 85,000 lo 87,000 and
Mr. Meredith's ses-ioual allowance from $600 to 152,000 in view
of his position as leader of the
Tho Prince Albert Saskatchewan says: Who dure ufHin that
railway management is not a
healthy occupation ? Mr. Van
U rue was weighed in the bal-
utiee (at tbe station) and not
found wanting, He turnod the
scute at 272 lbs. How is this for
a bloated capitalist?
On Monday,   March   16,   two
persons named E,   W. Am brock
and George   G.   Curror  started
in a
Dominion Parliament.
Tbo  accounts for the  pa9t yeai
vrill be submitted to yon.   The rev-
T.    . .      ... ,.    euue, aftor providing for the services
Ihe nrst sosBion of tboseTontli   �����_,,���. ....    ,
,. ,      t0 Wu'Cb you appropriated it, has
inliiiid iiassago that tbey will
never reach tbeir destination.
Tbeir object io attempting such
u voyage is to gain noioriciy.
old boy, wbo is one of tbe issues
of tbe suit, is not their child ut
all. She states that when they
lived in St. Paul she had a chili,
while ber husband w,-.�� away ,
from home, that was still born.
She secured another baby from
tbe ^orphan'
told ber husband
, I uuu iuo J-/UU1IIUOI1, us wen ��s loi uiu
small canoe.   Il is tho op.n.on of | friendlj ft,jllstmeut 0, tboao miim
all familiar with the Water in tl r uf ttU iutetUttii,0Uai ohirBetor wLk.h
remain unsettled. I am pleased to
suy that these representations have
resulted iu assurance thut iu Oeto
tier next tbe goTeruuieut of tht
Uuited t-tntes will be prepared to
consider the best means uf arriving
at a practical solution of these important questions. The papers relating to tbis subject will be laid
beforo you. Uuder the circumstances and iu the hope that the pro-
P"sod conference may result in arrangements beneficial to both countries, you will be called upon to
consider tho expediency of extending for the present season the principal provisions of the protocol annexe 1 to the Washington treaty of
1888, known as the modusvivendi.
murderer of Carrie Brown, at the
East River hotel, New York. He
is u native of Morroooo and is
called "Krenchy No. 2, Another
man culled 'Krenchy No. 1" is
said by by Inspector Bynes of
-New York to be the murderer ol
the unfortunate woman named.
Honorable Gontlemon of the Senate:
I pray that in the consideration of
Mr. Peter White, M, P. for | these matters and in tho performance
North Renfrew, on motion by the
premier, seconded by Sir Hector
Lutigevin, wus unanimously
olected speaker. Sir Jobn Mac
donald and Hon. Wilfred Laurior
paid a compliment lo lbe fitness
of Mr. White, who, in responding said ho hoped to give fail
play and justice to all. Mr.
Luurier bantered Sir John about
his decimated ranks, and intimated tbat protection would
bayo to go.
Governor-General Stanley delivered the following speech from
the throne;
Honorublo Gentlemen of the Sennto;
Gentlemen of the House of
I am glad to welcome you to the
duties of the first seision of the
new parliament, which I hope will
be memorable for wise deliberations
and measures adapted to the progress
and development ol the Dominion,
Tbe sesson in which you are assembled has opened auspiciously for
the industries of our people. Let
us hope that their labors may be
crowned with fruitful returns from
land and sea and that the great resources of Canada may continue ,to
reward the toil and enterprise of its
My advisers, availing themselves
of opportunities which were presented in tho .closing month of la��t
year, caused the administration of
the Uuited States to be reminded of
the williugncss of the Government
of Canada to join in making efforts
for the extension and development
of the trade between the ltepublic
and the Dominion, as.well as lor the
of the labors which will devolve ou
yon, your deliberations may bo de-
vino'y aided and that your wisdom
and patriotism may enlarge tho prosperity of tho Dominion and promote
in every way the wcllboing of its
Mr. Dozen, of St. John, N. B.,
moved the address in reply to the
speech from the throne, which was
seemled by Mr. Corbould, of Now
The usual speeches wore made by
the leaders ou both sides of the
house, bnt no amendment was made
to the address.
Daniel O'Connoll was applied
to by a friend for his autograph;
to which he replied: Sir, I ncvor
send uulogtapha.���Yours, Daniel
Notary Public.
Tho New C. P. Steamship.
The following is it description
of tbo first of tho Canadian Pacific stoainors, the Kmpress of
India. She wiih her Bisters was
built by tbo Naval Construction
and Armament Company ut
Barrow in-Furness. She is 5,700
tons, 48j feet in length, bu�� 51
feet beam, is 36 feet in deptb,
and was built under special survey of Lloyd's and the admiralty.
Sho is equipped with everything
that modern marine seieueo baa
developed lor speed, safety and
comfort. Her hull is of tho (inout
solcctod Siemens-Martins Btoel,
with a full length double bottom
divided iuto numerous water-,
tight compartments by ci'obb and
longiiiiudinal bulkheads, so -arranged as to rondor tho vess 1
unsiukablu. _lle. engines woik
beautifully, and whirled tho twin
screws lill tbey forcod the vessel
ahead at the rate of nearly 20
knots un hour.
Passenger  (bourdiug   ship)���
Are you iho mulei"
Irish Cook���No, sir, I'm  the
man us biles the mate!
Notary Public.
Mining, Timber and  Bcft,  Estat(J  j^^
toiHinission Agents.
Machi^Etr8'10 * "eTOl9t0ke *,r *le ^ W-W. Agents (or Mining
A disposition having beeu mani-
^^^^^^ . ft-Bted in the Uuited Kingdom to
While a gang of men were ox- j {mpoBe on sea going ships, engaged
cavatir.g for the foundation of a j in oattle trad", increased safeguards
new block   at   Westminster,   on   for greater restrictions against im-
home,   and never ( Saturday last tbey undermined u proper treatment, a careful inquiry
He wn.! a kinJ   portion of the west   wall  of   E.'ims been mad* "9 to the inoidenta of
father, and tho principal fight in Brown 4 Co.'s wholesale and re- ,bttl trftde,in���� *" ��8tbi" ��Ttry  ,
,     ,.              . '         . ., ,.                         ..,,,, .     ! concerned.    Ibe  ovnlenoo elieitod
tbe divorce suit  has   been   over tun liquor store,   which fell m-1     .,, ,             ������.,���,.,
, '              .                     ,           on thin inquiry will lie laid  before
the possession of the child. When , wards, destroyiny nearly i tboost Ls> While I am glad to learn that
Mrs, Dean told the conrt the and bottles of wines and liquors, ^nr shipping is free from reproach
g ory, Dean said he did not want and wrecking tho whole interior jn that regard, your attention will
the chill. The corner   pillars   fortunately [be invited to a measure which will
Kuruisso Laroqae, a young man h��ld, ^ building will be saved, remove all r^onablo apprehension
Of 1/Orignal, Quo, bss be,,,, ho-,- i A B"���� WW "<  ^M*> "Ht u< d'��� �����*"�� "�� f^��-
kiluHSWuro was al.iO destr-yed. I In connection with io important a
jn ; Nn ono was   hurt, but,   had   the! br��nob ��' "nr commerce tho early
wall fallen mitwarj, a dozen men ;��0IDin�� int0 f"rc" "' tlie imperiul | fj. j
would havo boen buried   iu   tin
tenced   to   be   hanged   for
murder of two  littlo girls.
October UK tho dead bodies of
Mary and Eliza, tho fourteen and
twelve year   old  daughters   of
James MoGoolgle of Cumberland !
village, were found on an   unfrequented   road.    Their deranged
clothing, their protruding tonguos
and a dark circle on iho necks ol
each  wero plain  evidences that
the girls had been outraged nnd
then strangled to death  Laroque
who was u  boy of exceptionally
Lad character was at onoo suspected und very oonolueive cvi.
donco   was  given   against him.
Tho jury were only out Lblrly-
fivo minutes.  Judge MoMahon's
sentonco was extremely solemn
and  his  censure of  tho   crime
terribly sovoro.   1 Io character-
.jod it us the worst thut had ever
All kinds }of 'Repairing Horn in a wotkuutnliko manner.   Shot Guua
RifleB, Pistols, Ammunition .fee, Ac, for sale at lowest prices,
W Fine Kiiles Mudo to Order.
Gilker & Wells.
 OlAlaEllS   IK	
dry goods, mbo's fur;ishi;gs,
fancy & toilet goods, patkgt medicijes,
yaoKX sxjasssr, - * asyaaaafojssso
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Have entire sale of the celebealed Canmore bard, lump and nut cnnl, suit
able   for  base-burners and other itnves.    GREAT HEATING
POWER.   MUCH CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Rovelstoko, any port of town,  89.90
Kamloops$9.90; Donald #8.50.     Special
quotations for car lots.   Coal stoves
sold atwholesala cost Hay, oats
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
ut Kamloops and Donald.  Apply
statue Hating to Iho vice-nilmirslty
courts of the empire, has made it
uecemurv to revimi the laws in fo;ce
in C.inada, respecting our courts of
nas according to a paper ol lbe I maritime jurisdiction, ami ameasur.-
land Of the rising sun, succeeded ! *'" thflrof',rf) ,,e ll,i'1 Mm) J'011 '��
A Japanese, named Magnjare
in emulating tho f'oats of foreign
balloonist*, who havo recently
visited Japan. On iho llth uit,
an ascent was made in a ballon at
Toklo. Having reached lhe
height of about 3,660 feet, bo loll
tho balloon and descended hi'
moons of 0 parachntn, alighting
in tho middlo of a lotos pond
which had more mud in it than
water.   Bespattered  Irom head
reorganise those tribunals. A code
e>( the criminal laws has boen pro-
pured in order that that branch of
onr jurisprudence mi,y bo simplified
and unproved, to  whioh jour b.st
attention in invited,
Measures relating'to the foreshores
of tho Dominion and to tho obstruction of niivigiibl.i waters will be
submitted to yon, and you will alw
be asked to oonsldei amendments to
thn acts relating to tlm Northwest
,, i    , i   ,mmm i Territories, to tho Ojohenner court
lo loot wiih mud, bnt proud  ol     a      i ,i , .���
' l,ruH"  "'not und the ads relating to trade
bis triumphs, Japan's flrst nroo marks,
n��ul uppmircd before his audience (lontlomcn of tLo House of Com-
to receive then congratulations.  |      owns;
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the LUMBERING,   BUSINESS   und   AGRI-
CULTURAL, and especially te tbe
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
a Specialty, >
newspaper  iieg.iiuuoiis.
1. Anypersmwho tikes a paper
regularly from tho Post Office,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible Ior lbs payment.
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued ho must pay all arrears'
or the pnblia bra may continue to
send it until payraout is made, and
then collect the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from tho
office or rot.
4. Io suits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing and leaving thorn uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
The   Church   of  the Devil.
I went iuto the Church of the Devil
The doors were  wido open,  the
pows were all free,
An usher, w ith bows, quickly showed
mo the way
To a seat will in  front,  whero I
failed not to see
Tbat Ihe alto and tenor were '.sister"
and "brother."
And the sexton  and  parson  spoke
well of each other.
Beside mo a beggar was  munching
a crust;
Behind mo a wido-awake millionaire tut;
A lady in front said:   "You'll par-
dou, I trust,
My offence in  obstructing your
view with my bill?"
And before my slow tongue a reply
could command
Her bead was uncovered, her hat in
her hand.
The sermon was all about  living  at
It scouted dull erne and for ploas-
nre| pronounced,
Man's niisr-ion  and  Ufa  work was
simply to please,
And  duty  and conscience  were
better renounced,
Hough I couldn't agtoe with quite
ull I lint was said,
Who follows that   path will   be
pleasanil) led
A collection  was  token,  and  gold
fellas fast
As showers in April or jseod com
iu May;
Tbo confession  of  failb  waej then
quickly recast,
And they praised their old parson
and doubled bis pay,
In theory(had, but in prwtico light
There's much to admire  in  this
Church of the Devil.
I'ull of Guile.
Elder Gcrranl is a pleasant ap"
pouring gentleman with a smooth
f .ce and a general ministerial appearance. Ho took passage at
Victoria lust Tuesday evening
for Port Tovvnscnd on board tbe
steamer North Pacific. In his
hand Mr. Gerrard carried a small
box, in which, imbedded in rich
Vancouver Island soil, was a
beautiful geranium p'ant. Tho
gentleman went quietly on beard
the uloamer, and entering iho
cut-in placed his flower Lox CD
the seat beside him and drew
from his pocket a bible which ho
silently communed with all the
vvuy over, bracing himself oo
doubt, against tho temptations
and perils which constantly btsel
the traveler ou his journey
through lite, especially botween
Victoria and Port Townsend.
Inspector of Customs William
Leiii'iicd observed the reverend
gentleman in his pious meditations. Uu also observod tho
blooniini! geranium and bible.
Mr. Learned determined lo ti ud
out what kind of roots llie plant
hud so he probed tho soil around
the flower and discovered that it
was nourished by nineteen onus
of opium, nine pound.-, in all. I'he
Hinugglor, who gave Iiih in tuu
us Elder Oerrui'd, wus brought
beforo United Slates Ooinmis-
sioncr J, ti. SwlU) on Wednesday,
and was held lo tho United Slates
V.UUIl,   I.IQ   .'..II     Utlll^    PCI    Ul  ?._J.
As he cou'd not find bondsmen
be is still iu the bands of Di puly
United States Marshal, VV. J.
Jones. Gerrard claims lo boa
minister and is a successful
worker in tho opium trade, lie
has made several trips under
various names, carrying boxes ol
plants, and has escaped suspicion
Large Sturgeon.
For tho last two or threo
yours i here have boen no very
largo sturgeon caught in tho
Fraser, aud ono of 600 {[pounds
weight, as was caught yesterday
by a fisherman in Viancn's employ, is looked upon as a monster.
Speakiug on tbis subject a few
days ago, and old fisherman said
lhat over since the great suhmar
inc explosions al Sailor Dar Bluli
during construction of iho Cauud
i:in Pacific Railway, very few
GhIi weighing over 500 or GOO
pounds have been caught. These
cxplcsions killed scons of monster sturgeon, somo weighing as
high as 1,800 pounds, and one
was picked up dead which
it, it is said, would have weighed
fully 2,000 pounds. Tho fishermen aro of the opinion that lhe
sturgeon spawnod in the vicinity
ol Sailor Bur, from tho lact that
the majority of tho fi-h killed
were filled with ova. The last
great sturgeon captured wus
four yours ago, by Air. Herring,
of Herring's Point, who, with
his brother, caught ooc weighing
1,500 pounds. This fi��h wbb
carved Up and sold to lbe Indians
and others at tho rate of one
cent per pound -..Columbian.
same sense, iho strength, of the
movement may be gathered from
from the oponess with which its
plans are disclosed. Thero is
no concealment of any kind.
The ''Ropublio oi tho North" will
be founded on the constitutional
law of ibo South Arican republic,
and will attract men of high
character and ability from all
parts of South Africa.
Odd nnd Even.
Jimmy (aged G)���What would
you like for a Christmas gift���a
soalskiu jacket or a  horso  and
Jcnnio (agod 5)���A soaL-kin
Jimmy���Well, I'v got two-bits
saved up already, and I'll soe
what I can do.
A torriblo warning ��� First
Gambler-I'vo just been reading
tho life of Green, a converted
gambler. I tell you tbat man's
life is ar. awful warning to us,
Second Gumblor���What happened to him?
First Gambler���After ho abandoned cards he almost starved.
Hoffman McGiiinis���How is it,
Mr, Schaumburg, that you can
make money when you sell your
goods al c st?
Muse SoaumUig���Pecanso I
puys ray goots bolow coBt.
Ntw   African   Republic.
A new interest has beea im*
Carted to tbe question of tbe
future destiny of South Africa, by
the announcement of an intended
Trek to the north on tho part ol
a largo number of suspects of the
Transvaal Free Slate and Cape
Governments, According to the
published programme, a number]
ol farmers there, wbo will num-
ber ns many as 5,000 mon capable
of bearing arms, will assemble on
tbe soulborn bank of the Lim-
piope, between the 15th and the
31��t of May, and will cross thai
river on Juno 1st and proclaim
the republic of tbo north on the
following day. Tho leaders of
the "Trek" include men from the
Transvaal, the Freo States nnd
Capo Colony. All steps have
been by iho advice and approval
of the "Afrikanderbond," which
has just held its annual conference in Kimberley. There socmB
reason lo believe that ono of the
objects in view is tho extension
of tho claims of tbe chartered
company and replacement of tbe
company by a genuino -S,uil71
African movement, freo from all
control by the British Govern.,
ment The idea has been gather,
ed in England that as thu "Afrls
kandei' bond" supports Right
Hon, Cecil Hhodos, in bis posl.
tion as Capo premier, it must
also support him as director of
the destinies ol tbo chartered
company. This may turn out to
bo un entire delusion. An influential journey, published in Capo
Town, and representing the
views of a moderate portion of
lhe Du'ch party, referring to the
seizure of Iho Btoamer Countess
of Carnarvon, has remarked
that tho news of tho seizure is
only lacking in one respect to
make it entirely acceptable, thut
it did nol include a report that
the captain of  iho  vessel  had
ii killed by a shot from a l'mv
tUjiUeSu cannon, I lie Pufiiot, a
Whioh represents tbo more extreme views of tho bond party,
was oven moro emphatic in tho
An Austin colored man, with
protu ling eyes, rushed into Jus-,
tico Tegener's office and exclaimed:
I wants Colonel Jones, who
libs noxt door to nie. put under a
tuilliou dollars bond to keep the
Has ho threatened your life?
He has done dat berry ding,
He said ho war gwiuo tor fill de
uext niggah he found alter dark
iu bis. hen house plum, full ob
Sister Nell��� Bobby, did you
go to tho door last night when
Mr. James and Mr, Wilson camo
lo make their party call?
Sister NelN-Wbat did thoy
say whon you told them I was at
the theatre?
Bobby���Mr. James, he said,
In luck again, that makes threo;
und Mr. Wilson said: We dassn't
try any more of 'om. Lot's go
down town and havo some fun.
i i ���     -"c.w   WRITING
REVELSTOKE,  -    -   B. C
James McDonald & Co.
Carry large lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Bed-room sets ranging iu prico from !jti.50 to $51)0.    Hotels furnished throughout.   Oilioo aud bar-room chairs.   Spiug
mattresses made to order, aud woven wire, hair
aud wool mattressos iu stoek.     Mail
orders from Koolenay Lake
points will receive early
aud   prompt  attention.
V, O
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
3ranito ware, and   Lamp  Goods.       Tin, ^Copper and   Sheet Iro
Ware madeJ,o order.    First class work guaranteoi.     Orders promptly
attended to.1
til orders by mai
express promptly
All   descriptions of
gold nud silver
(Close.to'O. P. II. Depot)
Revels tok 9
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and.complote stock of gent's furnisings, ladios'.toilel",
aud children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, patent medicines, es,
roquisitos aud ready-made clothing.   A   large  assortment of pip
tobacco, cigarottciijjuiportod and domestic cigars, Lulls, r-undy, eto
Stove pipes, tinware, crockory, rough and dressed lumbor,and othergoadi
too numorous to mention, at moderate prices.J
Telephone communication.
P. O. Address, Nelson, J. C,
Capaoity 20,000 foot per day. Planer
shingle machine, oto. All kinds of
lumbor on hand. During the season
of mill) luni.-or will bo delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
.���Lin the whom uouun,,
a bemitiful picture without printing
for twonty-ilvo Royal Crown
Soap Wrappers' A onooentpos-
tage stamp will carry tho wrappers.
The picture will be rnuilod froe.
Itoynl Crown is tho purest and
best soap made, and is the cheapest
to use. Only Royal Crown
Wrappers Exchanged,
Wiuuipeg, Man.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Kevelstokejand Nelson, B. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
Tho Publio will find It to their advantago to call and
Inspect, Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors plaood with  Mr. Cu.inr.is Lixdmark will have our
oarcful attontion  and  prompt delivory ;to any part of Revelstoke. aj
Ba��a]aaaW��aW-rrail^*TJr^'**';*-'--"-"rafila|-riirna'7i-< Ta��ir ""'" *"f 1
Donalo, 11 C,
iQLACiER L0D3E Ko, 51.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, and hist 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babb.itt.
Seo'y,   W. P. Ogilvie.
Pinc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't, E, A. Clieslay, Kamloops, 11,0.
Donald, B. C,
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Oalliu.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 41).
Beceivor,   James Paloonor, Can-
more, N W T.
Mugazino Agent,  H J MoSorley.
Pickeel Up in Hits Town and
Capt. Dick went down to NelsoD
on Monday.
' Harry Hebert   has  engaged  as
steward of (he Kootonai,
Mr, and Mrs, Boyle came back to
town cm the Lytton last Saturday.
Mr. II, T. Ceperley, of Vancouver
waj in tov, u Wediiesili-.y en routo to
Mrs. J. Ri. haruson, of Illecillewaet, is visaing iu lown, the guest pf
her daughter, Mr. Nelles,
Judge Tunstall returned from
visaing the mining camps in the
lake country on Wednesday.
Mrs. Liberty leaves uext week for
Weslmiusti'V.Ho j -in h��r husband
who iB ill bu-.iness iu the Royal City,
Capt. A Manento, arrived in town
this woek from Kamloops, to take
chargo of tho engines of the steamer
Miss Kirkup left for her bocia iu
Kemptvillo, Out., on Sunday morning, tu attend ln-r mother who it-
seriously ill,
During the past week the migratory movemeuieuts of wafer fowls
have been very noticeable, Tho
geese and ducks are evidently moving to their summer quarters.
Mr. F. Teelsel and Dr, MoFurlane,
left ou Monday morning for Nelsou.
The doctor will take charge uf Mr.
Teetzel's braucb store nt Nelson,
Mr. Mi'Deuaid is looking alter the
b|o:e here ut present,
The steamer Kooteuai of the'C. k
K. S. N. Co., is ready for ivof-k
agnie, and on Monday will make her
Iirst trip of the season, taking pita-
seuger coaches ami (oui motive t -
Sproat for the Columbia .< Kootenay
Ou the 2Sih ult., a fatal aocidi a\
occurred at Bjar Crook. .V party of
three men were precipitated into the
crotk by the sinking ..i an ral
Uade.l with stone. Clius, Lad iceur,
was drowned but the others were
rescued (Villi t.. -..��� ifl ...;> i.i-
doucour came Irom near Qn
ami leaves ^ wife an 1 family to
moarn his uulim' ly en I. l':,e body
Las not beeu rouovored yet,
J is. UoDonjld <������'    ' ���������  mn���..,
their place of bu��iuen�� to tbo |
b-.'s lately vacated by Wm, Kirkup
it Co, Increase in h i&inoss arid
room for manufacturing iicoo litab I
tho removal tp a larger place cf
business. A, now earload of furniture iseiigi|giug the attention of the
firm tbis week.
Rev. Gavin Hamilton, the Proa
byterian minister who was, appointed
to take charge of tna work in Revel -
stoke distriot, owing to illness will
be uuablo to begin work Until the
fall. In th'! meantime Mr, FiU-
patrlcik, a student of Queens [Jui-
versity, v.ho ai'iived herj thii week
will tike charge of the work ill the
(laid. Mi. Miller also of Qieous,
bus arrived to take up mission work
at Sal.uon Arm, Sius.v.ip, (Jrimd
prairie, mpl Sioainous in I'm interest
of the Prosbyterian church, I'.nv.
G P, W iy will a/rive in 11.maid on
lhe litfa i.n.t, to relieve Mr, Pulon,
wlio will take up CbiuoBe rr.ia ion
work entirely, and who wilb hia
family will take up his ;...i lenoc <n
Ueri'l.tokc next v;eeli.
Capt, Sandoi'son hasgonoonavisit
to Kamloops.
ChriB. LeOlairo left for bis homo
in Victoria on Tuesday.
Mr. A. Farwell was iu town several day this, and left on Thursday
for Nelson.
Mr. Pitzpatrick will conduct services in (ho Methodist church tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p, m.
John Oummings recently with
R. E, Lemon at Sproat has been
promoted to the Revelstoke store.
Mrs, Watkinson, oi Liverpool,
arrived in town this week to make
her home hero with ber daughter,
Mrs, John Seoloy.
A party of mon went down river
on tho Lytton Thursday to work on
the 0. k K. S. N. Co.'s new steamer
being built at the lake.
Rev, Mr. Kenirn will conduct
Church of England servioes in tho
school houso on Sunday, morning
and evouiug.   All are invited.
John AbralmmsQi! wqs, out on
Thursday doing road work, tbe
wagon way from tho station Bhows
improvement iu consequence,
Tho Victoria Hotel and J, P.
Sutherland have erected water
wheels to raise water from the river
to their respective places of business.
It is eipected that canoeing will
be a popular pastime on the river
and lakes this year. J. Fred Hume
has just got iu half a dozen Peter-
boro canoes.,
Jae. Siuri'1. representing Jas. McDonald & Co., furniture dealers,
etc., went down tbo river on tho
Lytton Monday morniug to drum up
trade ia the lower country,
���LGoo, Lafornio came baek from
Spalluuicheen yesterday morning,
v.ilh his pack horses, twenty live iu
ull. Several of the auije.i'.ls will b,e
disposed of in -town for saddle
There is a marked dearth of houses
to rent in town, while the demand is
lively. Enterprising properly owners would do well to put some
money into building comfortable
cottages for rental.
Rev. Dr. Sutherland, one of the
Ugliest dignitaries of tho .UethodiBt
church ia Canada, passed through
town Thursday to njjtend tho Methodist conference at Victoria, He will
spend a moalh or so iu Victoria.
A, J. Stiimd cf Albert Canyon was
iu town yesterday, He bays that although Ihere is plenty of seow in
the mouutaius yet, his garden is
looking well and he will  soon have
' early  garden  truek  ready for  the
Mt, 11. A. Brown  is  making an
| addition to his new  hold   he.il'.itig
i at lhe Siding,   For weeks  past  tho
1. Is in town have  beeu   taxed  to
accommodate the travelling public,
and Mr. Brown will make an effort
to aid in entertaining ih^e who
may visit town.
The Rivelstoko Lumber Company
have   been   busy   during   the  past
' week in filling orders fur liegina buI
other p..mis iu the Northwest. Tho
excellent quality of the output from
the company's mills causes a growing demand fur the luateual, and
tl e mill is taxed to it* almost capacity to 8 I order
Andy Hunker, Andy I'arkes and
Dan MoD meld, of Ihe Consolitlon
Minii ���; fj i.,  have evidently more
���:.��������� '""SnlV-s ui ihe liig
1, md ban the < I ivernmont or Mr.
Il llie. Today they left town to
put id a week or so in Improving
toe trail from ' oro to French Creek.
i: Laforme, Ed, Pinnet and
John Neilson will go up with a pack
train and provisions as soon as the
l road ta passable. French Creek
yielded a 'Top of 82000 during lhe
past winter and tbe French Creek
b".',j are satisfied  there  is  much
i moro of suiili ooasolatiou their for
O.i Thursday night a gathering of
tbo fl. P, It. employees and friends
was bel I nt tbe rc��idenoo of Mr.
Thos. Lewis, to fareivell Mr. nud
Mr*. Cash,  who will  leave town
! shortly p ilmbly to reside at Ni Uon,
f Mr (lash, has for years oponpied
the position of raeohauloal super!!,*
. toiiiiuiit for tho C. P. It. here, and
Willi Mrs. Cash has inudii many
warm friends in  town,  who will
: i;ii ally regret Iheir departure, Tins
lorro ���: wus laid aside for a time, and
lbe parly enjoyed  n very pleasant
| evening ly the aid   und   hospitality
Lf td>. and M;s. Lewie.
Tho Liliorty building on Main
street will bo fitted np for private
residences shortly.
Mr. E. A. Nash, Dominion Lando
Agent, of Kamloops, was in town
Mouday ou business.
Messrs. L. Doll and John Kerr,
of Calgary were in town Saturday
and wont down the river on Monday.
Rev Jas. Turner came np from
Nelson tbis week to r.tteqd the district oonfereuoe at Kamloops and
the provincial oouforence at Victoria
The water in the Columbia roso
several feet this week, the heavy
rains briugiug down the enow from
tho mountaius a,s well us otherwise
helping in raising the stream.
The bathing season" is on. "Bill"
Haley und Dan McGillivray have
gone down to Arrow Lako to enjoy
tho luxury of a bath in thu mineral
waters uf the warm springs there,
The product of the Revelstoko
Brewery iB meeting with considerable favor throughout the monntain
district. This week Mr. Allen
shipped a lurge consignment of beer
to Sproat and Nelsou and orders aro
coming iu regularly,
Mr. C. H. Temple, recently of
North Bend, has been appointed
successor to Mr, S, A. Cash, as
mechanical superintendent of C. P.
li. works at ReveUokc, Mr.
Temple arrived iu town Tuesday anil
has entered upon bis new duties.
Charlie Joe, a Chinaman, assaulted
A, Ilatton with a knife at the Victoria Hotel, where both were employed, on Saturday last. This
morning Charlie had to, answvr to
the charge aj Judge Tuustall'a court.
He was fouud guilty and sentenced
to three mouths at Kamloops jail.
Oroen Bros,, havo shut up ebop at
Illecillewaet, and have bought out
tho stoek of E. S. Wilson k Co.. at
Ainsworth, where they will carry on
business in future; also continuine
their store at Sproat, Mr. John
McDonald of Winnipeg went down
to Ainsworth tbis weuk to make the
Notice is hereby givon that the
Order in Council, wbieh was approved
by His Honor tjio Lieutenant-Governor oil 3Qth July, 1890, providing
that tha alienation of Crown lands
by private salo be discontinued,
notieo of wbieh wan published in tho
British Columbia Gazette and dated
Hist July 1890, has been rescinded,
and that thirty [80] days after the
date of tbis notieo vacant unreserved
Crown lauds will be ope;i to sale
under tho provisions of tho "Land
Chiof Commissioner of Lauds and
Lauds mid Works Department*
Victoria, B.C., 80th April, 1891.'
C&ESF Co. Steamers
No goods received iinloes accompanied by Shipping Bill, When
full weights nro uot given, double
rates will bo charged.
iletclier �� Co
Building & Contracting
���sijavua imoi-.KR.-r
And General Commission Merchant
Insuranco   and   Real   Estate
Agent, Notary Public, Etc.
(i OI,!) EN
R. (J
It is lio *von.der that Judge
Tunstall wishes to be removed
from bore lo Kamloops, whou the
Government cannot see its way
clear lo build a decent government office and court house here.
TWs Jlcmwly for Cntarrh Ifl th�� kJS
Dent, Kiulisst to Ujm ��."J Chi-mvit.    jtej
Hj H I, BowIUm, Warren, Pav, O, S, A. ||
Application will bo made to the
Parliament of Canada, at its next
session, for an Aet to revive llio Aei
52 Victoria, chapter -19, beinfr an Act
respecting the Kootenay and Athabasca Railway Company,
Solicitors for applicants,
Ottawa, !J3 April,1891.
Tenders .<n- n Hoensn to Cut
Timber  oi\   bomlnion
Lands in tlio Province
Of Dritisli Columbni
to the undersigned, and marked on
the envelope ������Ti-mii-r fur Timber
II' itli fiu 98, to be opened on the
8th '.f July, 1891," will be roeeivot]
at this Departmenl until noon on
Motelav, tbe 6th day of July tuit,
for a license to out timber on Berth
No 89 situated betwoon lb,e Blue
V\ ater Cr ok ond the Wait a bit
Cn i'... tributaries of tbe Columbia
Rivi r. in ti.e above Provinoe, and
containing an ores of 2W't square
miles, more ur loo,
The regulations under whioh a
license will be issued, together with
b sketoh showing approxiinstolv tlm
pojitios of the berth In question,
(nay be obtained nt Ibis Deportmi nt,
oi at the offlco pf the Crown Timbor
Agent at New VVestminetor,
Each tender musl lm uooompuniod
by an aceeptcl cheque on n chartered
lli'iik m favor of the |)i-|inl,y of tho
Minister of tbe Interior, for the
amount of tlm boons which tlm applicant is preparnd lo pay fyr the
No lender by toingiapli will be
Department of the Interior, Ottjawa,
WUi April, 1HUI.
Afcmy   and   jrliniii.tr   OfUcex,
Golden, 11. C.
Silver, Gold or Lend, each 81,60
Silver, Gol-.l nnd  Lead, cum j
bined  3.(10
Silver and Lead  li 50
Silver, Gold mid Copper 4.00
Silver and Gold  2.00
Silver and Copper  8,50
Silver, Giild, Lead ami Ooi>perH 5.C-0
Copper by Wt-t, ami I'dcntioybls
assay  2.M
Copper by Fire Assay 8,00
Qtbsr assay prices ou application!
Turks*- Cesh with samplos, A
diseouut of 10 por cut, wlwu t,u;a or
more Jire sent.
Sales of Ore negotiated.
N. B.���Por sovoral years ussnyer
to Messre. Vivian k Sous, Swansea,
Agents, Waited.
Corner Front and Hanson Sts.
First class in evory respeot; NooresV
hotel to C I' K ttajwt and steamboa
landing, between piist ollieo and gov,
buildings. Coach to and from dopott
and steamboat. Fire proof Sufe for tha
accommodation of its customers.
l'\ McCautuv    .
First olass Tomporanoe Honce,
W>ABD    W>    looQIKO   ?f>   ^   WBMt
,..,.   H6'��Mi25o.    nKns25o.
bhis hotel is situated ednveniout to the
Btiitfou, is comfortably furuiahoel auil
REVELS rOKt"      ��� �� Q
W. Cowan, Prop.
1   Rooms well attended; table
I..,.ir  i     >���'���
Str. Lytton
Will leave REVELST0P every-
4 a.m., for ROBSON and UTTLIJ
DALLKS. Coiinecting at tbo
latter point...yvUJi liio SJ1'. ft &
Returning will lorivo LITTLE
DALLES evory TUfiSDAV uud(
THURSDAY at 9 a.m.
Ocean Tickets tO Europe
Allan       Wiiito St^r
Dominion      Cuuard
Beayer Anchor
nnd all -Iher lilies najliug fram lln.'-i-
fa*, I'orllaiid, Do,ton, New York
Baltimore aro on, s,ilo at
C, P,  It. stations, at
very low rules.
A,ik f:r sailing lists and rates of
i fan-.   Great advantugoB scoured bj
! tiduiiK oee.iu tickets from your local
' agents,
(irciit saving effeoted  by taliim;
round trip tick.'ts.
lli'ilhs  in  any steamer  engaged
Prepaid   [i.nsigo arranged  from
any point in liurope.
i   Apply to your nearest agent; or lo
J. IIamiIiTum, Itivelstoke, or to
jbiiii'.nr Ilunn,
Ueu, 1'itss, Ar/, Wiuuipcg,
,,,���,. , s unoxy
elled. W.ih.8 and liquors ��uarm
teed ol a hiph quality. t.'i,.0 iL
sample roym. Telephone oommunh
ciitionwithC.V. li. depot. Fin
proof vault for tho convenience ol
quests.   Bubs niects ull traius.
riUNBISlfT RATES    ,   -    -   $2 PER DA*
-THE -
The largest nnd most oontrul Hotel to\
the city ; gisiel accommodation ; every*
thing now ; tabic well supplied ; Itaruiid
billiard room iiUuehoil; fire proof wifu.J
Stockholm Housu
Tbo dining room is fui^vtsfaod  with tht)
host the market affords,
The bur is supplied with a oboice stoclj
of wines, liquors, nnd oigure,
Jas. Liberty,


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