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The Kootenay Star Mar 14, 1891

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Array L I UMil 111! SI
+ ^^*
AfcJP J$ ft^f ^%/ 4
REVELSTOKE:, B. C. MARCH, 14,1891.
No. 33.
"���   -y*-?:" \-:';'a'if: .?.'
All Mining Olanaa, other tiffin Mineral
Locations-, legally held iu this District,
under tho Mineral Acl, 188-1 and Amend-
Uieuls, may l��8 laid over from 15th day of
October till the 1st day of dune next,
1891, eiil)]-*! to the provisions of the said
Act and Amend menls.
Gold Commissioner,
���    Donah., East KooloUiiy,
September 29th, 1800,
C   if^ '^''     a^A/-'
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial claims legally held iu tho
West Kootenay District, will be laid
OVorfrom the 1st of October to the
lst day of June ensuing according
to the conditions ef Sectiou IK of
the Mineral Act.
II,   C,   'iTXSTAlala,
SI) Oold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
(Efyj ftootcnctij Star
SATURDAY. MARC1T, 11, 1891.
Going East, Goiug West,
No, 2 No, 1
Leavo  Vaneonvor   Arrive 14:25
Westminster 1*1:22
Agassi-', 11:28
Korth Buml 7:49
S'pence's Bridge 'c:43
Ashoroft \M
Kamloops 22:54
Sicamous 19:00
RKVRMOK      18:52
Illecillewaet 15:20
Arrive   Glacier ]3>55
Donald   Depart   11:45
Notice is hereby given that Richard A. Fry and A. C. Frv have filed
the necessary papers and made application for a Crown Grant iu favor
cf n mincri'l claim known as tlio
"Silver Queen" situated in the Toad
Mountain subdivision West Kooteuay District.
Adverse claimants, if any, are requested to forward their objections
to me within sixty days from the
date of this publication.
75 8 Gold Commisionor,
iievelstoke, January 119th, 1S91.
Notieo is hereby given that Wm-,
Rosamond has filed with me nu application for a Crown Grant for his
mineral location situated on Toby
Creek iu the district of East Kootenay known as the Jumbo claim.
Adverse applicants, il any, aro required to sehd in their objections to
mo withiu sixty days from this dale.
81-8 Government Agent.
East Kootenay B. C.
Donald, Deo. 4th, 1891,
Revenue Tax,
rnl.lic noiice is hereby given that As-
Bfissraeiit and Provincial Revenue 'l'ux.'s
for the year 1891, for the Last Kootenay
Assessment District are now due and
payable at my ollice, at Donald, at the
following rates:
Real Property Tax, if paid On nl' be'
foro the 30th of Jnuo uext, % of ono
per cteiit.; if paid ou or alter tho lst of
July neXt. ���', of ou�� per cent.
Personal Property Tax, if paid on or
before the 30ih of June next, ;, of one
per cent. ; if paid on or utter tlio lst of
July next, )i of one per cent.
Income Tax, if paid on or before the
30th of June uext, y of one per cent. ;
il paid on or after Ihb lst of July next,
!4 of ono per cent,
Wild Land Tax, if paid ou or before
the 30th of June next, iy cents per
acre ; if paid oh or after tbe lst of July
uext, 6yt ceuU per acre.
Provincial Reveuuo Tax. #3.00 pel
capita. GO
Assessor and Collector,
Donald, B. C, Jau. 2nd, 1891.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax,
Nolioo is hereby given, in accordance
with the Stotntes, that Provincial Revenue Tux nnd all TaXes levied under the
Assessment Act are now due for th yeur
1891, All of the above named taxes,
collectible within tho Revelstoke Division of the Distriot of West Kootenay,
are payable at my ollice.
Assessed taxes aro collectible at tho
following rates i
If paid on or beforo June 30th, 18911
Provincial Revenue, 83,00 per capital.
Ono half of one per cent on Real Property.
Bevon and one half cents pdl' acre on
Wild Land.
Ono third of ono per cent on Personal
Ono half of one per ceht or, Income.
If paid after Juno 80th, 1891:
Two thirds of  oue per cent ou Real
Eight and one half oents per sere on
Wild Lund.
One half of ono per cent on Personal
Three fourths of ono per cent on Income       T. it, LENDHUM,
59 Collector,
Jtjvelstoke, 11, C., Jan, 2nd, Wl.
To  Musters,   Owners,    nnd
Persons   in   Charge   of
F,il'i'ip;ii Fishing' Vessels,   nnil   <o   ull
others whom it
tuny    Concern.
called to the provisions of the Revised Statutes of Canada, Chapter
94, intituled: "An Act Respecting
Fishing by Foreign Vessels."
The ciiid Ael provides among other
I things:
1. For tho granting to foreign
ships, vessels, nud boats, and to ships
vessels, aud boats uot navigated according to the laws of the United
Kingdom, or of Canada,of licenses to
fish for, take, dry, or cure fish in
British waters withiu three marine
miles of the coasts, bays, creeks, or
harbors of Canada.
2. That Fish.-ry Officers aud certain other Uritish Bud Canadian
Officers therein named may board
ships, vessels, and boats, withiu any
harbor iu Canada, or hovering in
British waters as aforesaid, aud may
stay ou board so loug as such ships,
vessels, or boats, remain iu such
harbor or waters.
8. That any one of such officers
may bring auy such ship, vessel, or
boat Iuto port nnd search her cargo,
and may examine the master1 iipon
oath touching the cargo aud voyage,
the master being liable to a penalty
of Four Hundred Dollars for not
answering truly the questions put to
4. That if such ship, vessel, or
boat is foreign, or not navigated as
aforesaid, (a) has beeu found lishiug
nr preparing to fish, or to have beeu
fishing iu any 6iich British waters as
aforesaid without a liceuse, or after
tho expiratiou of the term named in
the last liceuse granted to such ship,
vessel, or boat, or (b) has entered
such waters for auy purpose not permitted by Treaty or Convention, or
by any law tf the United Kingdom,
or of Canada, such ship, vessel, or
boat, aud vh�� tackle, rigging, apparel
furniture, stores, uud cargo thereof
shall lie forfeited.
5. The officers aforesaid are given
authority to seize and secure vessels,
goods, .ve,. liable to forfeiture, aud
any person opposing an officer iu tbo
execution of his duty under the Act
or aiding or abetting any person in
such opposition is declared to be
guilty of a misdemeanour and liable
in a line of Light Hundred Dollars,
iiml to two yi ara imprisonment,
Deputy MinisM of Fisheries!
Fisheries Department! Ulbiwn, 0th
February, 1891,
The Hints? is Mill adverse to
the granting of appropriations by
tho gaVertimeut for lhe building
of a court house and jail ut Rcv-
elsloke and for tho improvement
of tho Big Bond trail.   It pays:
"'lhe mi'joiity of Iho people of
" WiSt KoOtenuy do not ask for
'��� the expenditure ol 87000 for a
" court house, and jail unywheio
'��� in tho district,   lor tho good
" reason that they do not know
'' whether iho centro if popula-
" tion will bo at RevelBloUe, or nt
" somo point on Kootenay Lako.
���'At present  Nelson,  and  not
" Revelstoke,   is   the   centro   of
" population."   Then by a lot of
figures exaggerating tho popula.
lion of tho mining camps and
saw mills in tho lower country,
tries   to prove what it asserts.
Tbis is just what  wc expected.
Its iiri'iiynf  figures nbd absurd
claim docs not alter the f.act, however, that Revelstoko is now the
geographical centro  of the district, the most c.'.?.i',y accessible
point from all parts of tlie district;
und the centre of population loo,
even admitting that the Minor's
estimate el the population of the
lower part ol the country is not
considerably padded.   Tho gov*
ernment offices here, though the
most important in lbe interior,
doing more lusiucss than oven
Kuuiloops, are mere shut lis, and
io allow them to remain bo, would
be a disgrace lo the government
und ������ un   injustice   to   the  community.   To curvy oh tho business offcotively the officers require
proper   acioiiiinodation   lind facilities, and thero is little doubt
such will be obtained,   Thin lo
build  in  connection With such
offices, a court louse and jail. Us
is tho general custom, will not
largely increase the cost of construction, and will bo the only
way of mooting tbe neods of the
country, To wait until the centre
of population is finally determined uccording to Ihe Miner's plan,
would be lo writ until doomsday,
for as tlio country is opened up
there will always be more or Icbs
change going ou.  It ie sufficient
that Ibo  district  now requires
such   accommodation   for   tho
proper administration of public
affairs. . . . The Miner seems to
have a special aversion to the
Big  Bend country,  and would
ridicule lhe idea of un appropriation of $2000 to improve the
trail to the mine? of that part of
the district,  This aversion exists
only because tbe Rig Rend is not
iributaiy   to  Nelson.   If such
diggings cxislod in the neighborhood of lhat hamlet, they would
belauded ly tho Miner us the
most promising on earth,   For
long  years  tlichO placer mines
have yildcd a golden harvest to
those who  have worked thorn,
and will yet pay handsomely,
especially   when  worked  on  a
laigo bciiIo by modem methods.
As ihe trail is ut present, miners
find grout difficulty in packing in
their supplies, and ibis will not
bo possible much lunger, if ut
least ono new bridge is not built,
and  tho Iruil cotiBidcmbly im
proved.  Many thousands of dollars havo been expended in opon<
ing up olaiins lhat arc not paying
yet, but which will undoubtedly
reward well those who huve becu
enterprising enough to undertake
their development.  To allow the
trail io remain us it in ut present
, would be j radically lo prohibit
liirilior work on tliOBOclaims,nlld
would bo a great injustice to tho
men engaged in working those
mines, The Big Bend, too, offers
it promising field for prospectors,
Ior rich float quartz in picked up
all through lire country; and it
iB irtt improbable that it may yet
rival even lhe quuriss mines of
the Lakes country. The government will take into consideration
these facts, notwithstanding iho
twaddlo of the Miner, and the
appropriations asked for will bo
si'ine time, they do no believe in
allowing I'lovelitoke te be slight -
ul, Wo bolieve in making our
needs known, and insisting on
gollihg what wc arc entitled lo,
The   excitement   consequent
upon   llie general  elections has
cooled off, und tho result figuro I
up,    Tho returns given in tbo
Star last week wero correct, with
ono or two exceptions, bVI, Conservative, being elected  for  Ad-
dington, instoud ol Diwron, Lib
crtll; and Traux, Liberal, iu East
Bruce, instead of Cargill, Con.
Borvalive.   Ministers Colby and
Carlirg were defeated-, while on
ihe other side the I.on, Wilfred
Luurier, leader of the opposition,
was  deated   in   Richmond  uud
Wolk   The battle was u bitter
ono, tlie hardest over fought in
the history of Canadian politics,
As whs cjfpected the government
has  been   sustained,  but   by a
majority cobtidcrnbly less than
it had beforo appealing  to the
country,   Ontario blood even ou
lhe resu't,   Quebec and   Princo
Edward Island gave majorities
for tbe  Liberals,   while all  the
other provihoes gave majorities
for tbo u'eVci'imoiit.   Tbo cities
were almost uiiunimmis in sup-
pert of tho protective policy of
tho govornment', whilo tho tural
districts, especially   of  Ontario
und Quebec, declared for unrestricted reciprocity.   The loyally
cry may havo had somo weight
in the contest, but it is doubtful,
sentiment taking u second place
to practical intcroats,  Tho eoun
try will move on tho saino lii.es
and continue to be governed as il
bus for tho past iwdvo years, as
llio Government, after lhe scathing  fpeeehes mado against the
policy pursued by iho Americans
tigitiust Canada, cannot hope lo
on ter into" more friendly trado
relations with that country.  Tho
opposition predicts the impovi'ish-
ment  of the coun:ry, but the
majority of the people are cvi-
denl'.y of the opinion that Canada
is al! right, and will continuo to
prosper with Sir John  at  tbo
h' has not been definitely dea
cided lo abolish loo license imposed upon working m'.i't" excepting coal miners, tbo mining
eon,mission having allowed tho
clause lo stand in framing llio
new lawS. Miners naturally
object to paying this license* fee
or tax, as oilier working nicti aro
not similarly taxed, Tho govern.
meat liflB sooo ils error with regard to imposing a royalty on all
mines in lands granted lo railways, and has cancelled tho objection iblo clause in the railway
bill; and we hope it will sec ils
way clear to abolish Ibis unfair
and unnecessary luS. Mining
in British Oolumbia is hampered
iiiotigh ly nature, without the
govornnvotit imposing any lurthci'
Afteu considerable dL-cuesion
on tbo Chinese question, tho local
bouse has requested the L'tuUen-
ont.GuVernor to move iho
Dominion Government in the
direction of making tho Chinese
Immigration Act more restrictive
by iiicroueiog tho entrance du-y
to 8100 instead of 850, and alio
by placing greater restrictions
on vessels carrying Chinese ini-*
Election  Nows.
In another column wo publish
a letter from Mr. G, O. Buchanan
in which that gentleman takcB
objection to the inferences di'awu
by llio Stab Irom his remarks
mado  at  u  public  mooting  in
Nelson somo timo ago, and also
defined bis position wiih regard
to appropriations,   Wo put the
only ooustruotlon upon Mr. Buchanan's remarks possible under
the circumstances, as wo wore not
awurc he did uot moan what ho
said.    Bcoauso tho government
owns properly in tho town o(
Nelson is uo reason why   that
town, or tho country adjacent to
it, 6huiild roocivo moro than its
share of government appropriations,   Tho  pooplo, whom tho
govornment represent, own prop
erty    throughout   tho    whole
country and it is only right that
they should require an equitable
distribution   of  public   moneys.
There is no desire on the part of
the pooplo hero io try lo provout
Nelson, and ibo lower country
generally, Irom getting ila shuro
of the appropriations) but, at tbo
Mr, F, Barnard has been tl-cted
for C.iriboo,
Tho polling in' Algorna will take
place about the 10th of April. It ii
expected lhat Luurier will visit the
constituency, and will be met by
some of the government big guns.
Further changes aro recorded in
the icsulls of the election already
aunotineed. In Nieolet which wai
reported ou election night to ba\e
elected Leduc, tho uationolist who
ran in opposition to three government candidates, but for which
Princo, Conservative, was subsequently reported olocted, it trail ���
spires that the origiual report was
correct, Leduc having been declared
elected by 1 votes. In Bronte,
Dyer, Conservative, was elected on
the oitstiug vote of the returning
officer, both candidates beiug tied.
Iu Queeu's, N. B,, where G. Fi
Bairil, Conservative, was reported
elected, the full reports show that
P, C. King, Liberal, wou by 29
votes, and he has been declared
elected, Kiug was elected four
years ago by GO majority, but the
returning officer announced Baird
elected on the ground that King's
nomination was faulty, hi.) deposit
not having been made iu Dominion
of Canada notes,
Twenty Nine Majority.
Tho following is the result of Iho
election, by provinces, from tho
cotupluto returns from all over tho
country, aocording.to the Muil;
Conservatives Liberals
Ontario  4G 10
Quebec 30 i.&
Nova Scotia 10 0
New Brunswick.,,14 3
BE Bland  2 i
Manitoba i 1
N W Territories., i 0
British Columbia. 0 0
m        oa
Majority for Iho Government, 20.
"What u bitter night it Is.1'
said Jones' wifo, "I don't envjr
folks who live in Greenland to.
night, do you, dear?" said she as
alio jumped iulo bed and put her
feet on Jones, "leal" yolled
Jon��3, and bo sprang out aoti
wont to sloop ou mo eilojolbi "^ii'iT I'lnrrf J"Hli��� .���".'l i��n mm iti'Iii f>'i ���*>
Cfe kootenay Star
A four page twenty -column news
paper] is issued from the oflico of
publication, iievelstoke, 11. 0
oub.-enplion prito 82 por year
Kates of advertising given pu
Publishor and Proprietor
of wale
' frouinjio en tho NclBon
in tlie abduction  was the Iftdy'j)
husband, who married her priv-
Wo wore granted ihe extent el | atoly boido years ago.  He went
photo that do nuked for and I  to Australia, Morning in  1880.
venture to say that no reader of  Mis. Jackson in  lhe  meantime
the Suit has considered  himself  had succccdel to a fortune,   She
uii}' poorer in c usiqucnce.
refused to live with her husband
SATURDAY, MARCH, li, 181)1.
From ,;. 0. Cuciniiiaii.
Editor Kootknav. Staii;
Sin,���1 am quoted ir your issuo
of Jan. Slsl n* faying in u l u' li-'
'meeting al Nelson thai wo in the
KooU-nny lake country wanted
On   appropriations in general   but ho applied to Iho court and
allow me to remark lhat I for gojt un order restoring bis con*
one will be gla'd\viion all  lorms | jugal lights.   .On the authority
of snb.-ii.iy. Dominion and pro-   of that ordor h.e abduc.tpd ber on
vinci'.l, with ill thepapjnrising
a.nd degraiji ng in.i i.dcnls thai thoy
carry in thoi)' train, shall be til-
loriy abolished,
Yours ko���
Notice is heroby given that appli-
oation will be made at tho next kcs-
sion of tho Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for au Act to In-
j corporate a company to construe',
equip, maintain nnd operate a   trnra-
G. 0. Hl'i.'ilANA.I.
February 25, 1MH.
way, to be worked by steam, horse
or ol her unit ive power from Ibo''Silver
King Mine'' on Toad Mountain,
Kootenay Disrict, to some point on
the Kootonny River, nt or near Nelson
;;,.,;,,'. ti,,. ,,,:���-,) fell com- and for all the powers, refits and
J .        .    .      privileges usual or necessary in such
pel led Jto obey the order 0/   mo i      undorlnkidff, or in oousirnoling,
e, urt   and   are    defending   the  equipping, maintaiuing and operating
lions,, whero Mrs. Jackson  is a a'railway.
prisoner, against tho rage of tho i''i.ED. C. WALKER,
I, i,   , .,, ,i ,ii',.���,,' HO.C Agent for Applicants,
people, who aro anxious to dcliM'i >> ���
Frencli Tailor System.
Ocean Mull Sorting',
Qn Apiil 1 tho trial of thee:
seven   times  our  share <
appropriations   (or   tins   year,
Troin this iem:.;������< of mine justification is argued for liio riciion
of ihe Iii v. Is olio P'PpIo in petitioning  lor  somewhat  l.bi'i'iil
grants for Ilevelsloko and its im-
incdiate vicinity,   Str.mgo ns  it
may n'ppear 1 hud no thought or
reierclico  to   a   lottesl'to   be
eugngcd in wiih tho rest of the
'distiiot over a division  of   the
aelual amount ol money that Mr.
IC'llic might be able to spcur,e foj'
West Kooteuay in the way ol an
ordinary appropriation,   I refer'
lvd, an the President said,  lo a
condition, not a theory,   I  was
speaking not so much ol vylmt
'we might j ct, or ought to got, as
of what wc needed, and J   nun -
iiouidsoine'spcpiul circumstances
which I thmijit fui'ily  iiitiile'l
iii to nsk loi' a huge mud fiom
the govci'iinient, even il it should
bo givin as u Ipajj or advance.
As for intlnncc Iho fuel that tho
three taw mills in eporuiiuii brio
will pay into the ifovii.einl treasury during 1SU1 tit least (Jiitll I,
inid probably a conlinuJIy in
'creasing turn annuii Ij lor main
years le come,
��� That while this is so tho men
oii< aged in t ho lumhi r business
i,ro left lo drug their lumber over
the mud Ba!B and ll.iu'i.li th,
louldii' encumbered shallows ol
Nelson lauding, ut'djo ti ke the
risk ol fu;nbe;- deliver;' ti on the
unsheltered shore ut Ainsworth
,f   tho; nerimcnlof sorting lellors on u
pioanier of tbo Npnh Gorman-
Attempted Suicide.
A  depraved   women  namod
Oiyslul Smith went into a drug
store  in   New   Westminster  on
Wednesday ni-ibt and bought a
Lloyd'company during the pus- j smul|    quantify   d    laudnum,
which was given in a littlo phial.
She pcid ior it and left, but had
no fooii'r got outside than she
uncorked the phial and swallowed
tbe contents   Almost instantly
sago of the pea will be commenced, and much curiosity ia
being expressed us   lo
bow the
Hun will woik. According lo
llio arrangement made between
the German and iho United Stales
postal official's, I WO   men will   bo
placed on ouch  v.ssel carrying
- foil forward on ibe sidewalk
aud lay I bore iinconsi-iou.). A
constables picked ber up a lew
mails, one a Gorman and tbe other minutes lalor and look Ijcr to tho
an Amoiieau. police  station.    A  doctor  y/ae
Some jdpii of the work lliey Lummoneil, and aftor groat trouble
will bo compelled lo perform is; saved her life. She is very ill
gained when thn Let isconsidered , now, but us soon as sho recovers
that each voesel curries an aver- ! will bo tried for attempt to take
A rrailunto of Madame Jvellogg's,
School of Instruction, Port Huron,
Mich., has engaged rooms at Robin;
son's Boarding House, (near the
Haw mill) Revelstoke, and js pre_
pared to receive and fill all orders
for dress and mantle making, in the
best manner kiiown to tho art.
The Trench Tailor system of cut:
tin},' and litting employed, and <r
perfect fit guaranteed, 08'lm
N 0 T I P R
Notieo is hereby given that .Inmos
llrady has lilcd with mo an applied'
Granger hue died with me, upplicn- tiou for Crowu Grant for hie nunorni
tions for Grown fjrunts for his minornl looation situuted about two miles
locations situated on Jubilee Moun- west of the south end of Upper Co-
tain in tho District of East Kootenay j ltimbiii Lake in East Koofgnny Dis-
known as tbo Horse Shoo and Dewy : tiiet known as tho Thunder Hill
Eve. Adverse applicants, if any, aro mineral claim. Adverse applicants,
required to send in their objections if auy, are required to Bond in thoic
to me withiu fsiuy  days from  this ! objections to  nie wilbiu  sixty days
Notloe is heroby givon Hint Allan
Gov,   Agent,
C6-8 East Kootenny, Ii. G.
Douald, January 15, L-M."
from the dalo hereof.
geof over 1. 0 l-ngn of mail
mailer, while ai ^inp.ithc amount
is much largir. It takes 40 men
four l.ouis to sort one uf these
ste. nicr mails, so tbe two steamer
clerks will huve pretty much all
their week pn these trips tuliori
up in soriiug the li iters, and that
her  lifts,  Despoudecy  over  lie
bfo siio wa, living was the cause,
Keinarkiiule Stone Story.
One of lhe strangest lapidurian
freaks that has ever como within
- Govt. Agent,
06-8 East Kooteuay, 11, 0.
Donald, January 15,1891.*
Notary Public.
Notary Public.
Mining, Timber ami   Real   Estate  Brokers anil Genera!
(Jiiitnnisj.sjn!!   Agenls.
Conveyances, Agreement, Bills of Sale, lVjiiqiug 11 >n Is, eto., drawn up.
Rents mid Accounts Cujjoctod'; .Mining Claims Bought and sold;. AssoS;
iiiont work on Mining Claims Attoudod to; Patents Applied tyr, Etc., Etc,
Lots on Towusito of llevolstoko for Sale and Wanted, Agents for Miuiua
Machinery, Etc,
tbe knowledge   of dium
end cx>
con lined
iinsueili, i u snoii    hi,  niu&nu.wi. o "
$501)0, tho exact amount lor om    ;"   '��� '''::" '" is  ',ll;y   '���''���
year's receipt I r limbi-r leases ! ���- ' 'v Uculanj:ei'd conduct in
and     loyalties     would    build  ' ���  ��   :- :,; '��� '��� ' : i,:i1"
vb.,rvcs nt l.olh places that press L-rtdri . I Paris, U ulat:-
would last ibi fiiiyjeurs.wh rvee - --������������' have h.apii ���
that would not oi ) ac an-anlls  in   the   Boulr.ngisl
the lumber intcresiB, Lm v
arc uu immeditilfl nud a       - er inflll!t
iieccssily loi lLo geuerul  -- - ' tu 1,cr
the l-ik'' ' depar-
''  Similarly in rrgard to ' [now"'       ::     '''^'
etc, in Nelson,   As lhe   :
nn ill hoi Is propi
Ibelowu tilu.M
ready  received  a   u
nerts iB   now   0 i  new   at   the
loo. often when tho ship is tossing | l'ulB IB y .   ,    ,    n     ,
Burns Hotel, in Kimborly, South
Africa. The stone is in shape
and size like a pigeon's egg of a
dark brown color externally, and
at Iirst sight, opaque, 11 vi, wc i
in a dink place, ��ith a caudle or
ulln r light bo placed that Iho
rays pass through iho siono be-,
ore Inlliiij! oil the retina, how,
ever, one sees distinctly lbe
in,age of a 11111)1 from the waist
u; eai'd, Turning the pibble, ho
s is at another point a woman's
lace, partly cpiippiilpij by heavy
lie Ses, and vet,again on another.
po.tion uf lhe surfiwo being applied to tbe eye, n moonlit cloud
bin li b is clearly dciiuiatcd. Tho
stone was found in a ucbris \yusb-
and themsolyep
limited quirtord. So f.r there
has been no extensive application
for sorloriy positions ,.m the ves-
sois. 'I he bags will ba labelled
by stales or pcBial r tiles and
B'.,ipi ed in all cms immediately
uj on uriiv.il.
Will Mxpel  Uoiilnugcr.
Tl i I'e is si mi-i Hcial aujln ri y
hi' the slal< in .-nt thai Lord Sabs,
1 ui v pioposes 11 ex, ol L il-
!;., [f, r   from   British   ten i ory
)       fiUITSMITfl
Shot (luns
All kinds of Repairing dono in a workmanlike manner.
Ililles, Pistols, Aiiiimiiiilion ko.. Ac, fiir sale at lovygst prices.
W" Fine itillcs  IM^le to Ordci'.
.  . ,    .
thousan lu for lotss I    ��� ���
still lbe bulk ol Iho si o
hands which   ���
them liunilr. ' isand
and as i ���
Inents wiil nurc lo lb
ate financial I em .' I
ince I y pu - ini
unsold p rlion, : sens thin
that liny may ���< uoonablj
tbe expenditure ���? a sum of
money upon said improvi raents
witboat being open to Iho imputation of ?oekinj to rob tbo rest
of tbe district.
My remarks wero made at an
early Hinge of tho mooting and
vbp. (notion in rogard to a "lump
ftpprp.priath n"    wus   made    by
:       -
-.  rami
.   , .-     ��� n   m id ��� bimsi II
,   to G   :��������� i y an l IJ
empr   j  has always
V, .,.:���.'    Ki'uiict
,     II :   'if    a
,   I,  ;-    :.   .V iyi)      'IV' ll     :.
��� ���    an I
i qu    ano Dp to
a man ad ia ly ���   ;u      in   p o
', ng  against  a ibot    urj i
friendly nation,   A
Bi     '���  - ���
ernmeni hi - on re   I        in so
I'ur an ordci    ; I) < i   out  ol   the
ounl'  .     iodI'J mob a sti p Le
t.ikon,  the   Fron   -
', ml I pro!     ;   bo   wilho it   a
Our Mineral Oiitjait.
Tbe annual report of tho Minis-
sterol Mines   has  been   issued,
From it we learn that tho   total
output ol coal for 1890 was GO!),
00 I tonh.   In  IftTl the   quantity
.- is 31,000   ions,   and   in   188,0,
ij 1 185, 360,000 tons,
It   will  bo  observed  that   tbe
n , output of black diamonds
is increasing   ul  a  very   rapid
rutio.   The Loral amount of gold
produced in tbo province lor 1H1H)
h vhIui ' at 5381 i5o   " ' '/ t\U
'  " ���' ;    '"'.    V.   i-'i. '  ft'?-
, k.., \*'m M'f
I     '.. -i ���; vi A y^
���,', ,1-^. :;���'.���) I. V1
'   - .   '., .   -;    tvj'n?^1,^11""
"''������',:     ���        j       I     '���
era    liv . ��� ��� ,,-,.    y:'���'���>'o
i-'T,!'.'',     j[,   ��� i^t,   iii,
; . I, looei, '! | e | -'i"!
. ���"  I, ft)  ':"��� I'--'',1' ib
:i, ���.'���li        ..,.:.'...-.. ��� i. I
.,   ,,   ���!.; I50j '." i'.-'i L-M ycl
to bo hourd Irom
���������DEATjEIlS  in	
SPAQffV SIEJBaBt, SBmi3^S^��lSl3 ��� - 3 9
Coal, Hay and Corn,
Have entire sale of tho celnbcated Oanmoro hard, lump and nut coal, sui^]
able  for base-burners and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
POWER.'   MU0H CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered a; Revelstoke. any part of town, $0.00
IvatuloopsijO.!)!); Donald 88.50.    Special
'('luotiitimis for nur ^ntH.   Coal stovea,
sold  atwbolesala cost liny, oato
and bran Kohl by carload or
���nnaller (inniilitieti V aril a
ilt Kamloops and Den-
aid.  Apply
I.. ,f -MI) WAKDS       -      -.        -      -       I)ONALD, a 0.
ipOthir gorill;6mo.ii put bcl iro ii
(i.lyso. Tho.ro wa-i not the I - nno'o.
{ion between llio Uvo that you
' ()u a foi'ir,er occasion Iho Star
did in'i the honor of guojiog mo
friond in parfiamont,
* Wm.   0't,'���iii,or   wiil' i    tioiii
\  Lognl  Abduction, Toronto to  ibe   Police  '.'a.-eliy
  that  Kemp's   buokoi i bavo  ifir-
Mrs, I'l, Jackson  was leaving |l"''"1 Ul" i;'{"> dol,OH^  H [^
Iho church   nt Clithcn.o,  near sinjile bcu|I nice with p.'Coofl^r
M-anchCHtii',   lin^iaml,  on Sun'i ;i,;;| ,||n l'u'"' '/   ''���      ^Wflpr\
���(sadvi'iing my f.piioiy'citiuena o,l   Jay, whon tiiivo mon juinped out says ho vy|H 09^ outoi,'  tho  race
Neb; ;(''not to be vli'ni I lo tw.'.i   o( a carriiijio, gei^od llio lady ami (or fliP  U'|J| Uniilat\, '(ccincr |
jo,r.^op iiiet.b," :u,-i my remark  put bn; by force in Iho carriage ''"", Oauilaiii   propo/od   by  lhe
\ycis,'n.;!dctui,ppiy to i'...i;, r 0,1   und   drove away!    Tho j pic, '; 'il"" \'}"hi:-   H>' h ready u.
^������"ijio!p,ovii,'.'ial li-.-i.-.'.iy, cli'.'i'j-  greatly  pxoitod,   n^toinjiUd    b. ''������''���'')''^'V ^ W..W ft fti.4?
iaiu-itlkiiimk I  !;:,("! iv't- wwi M'"'- '��l:���""��� ,;!ri^ilct: ii,Ml ll"' ff''rl(|,'J���|i;im,!iiw|i\Pi,
l!M''"'j    '!.!:''      I
The Kootenay Star,
lii-voleil to the  1,1 M UllltlXfJ,   ItUSINMSS    ami   AGlttj-
(H-l/n K.VIa, nnil c^iii'ciiillj' to tlio
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay Distriot,
tl \J i I ?-d ,"i ill"J csv^uled in i.bc best stylo, ' t.'ommci;ciiil ^pik
a'awH'i^lty, Newspaper  Regulations
1. Any person who bikes a paper
.regularly from tlio P,,st OlUoe,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
|v responsible for iht- payment.
I 2. If a person orders his paper
b disuontinnt'tl he must pay all arrears,
oi*(lho pnblis hrs may continue te
send it until payment is made, and
then collect thii whole amnniit
whether the paper is taken from the
oflico or not.
4. In sails for Mibseriplions, the
��uit may bo instituted where the
jpoper is published.
i. The courts have decided  that
refusing to  bike  a newspaper or
periodicals from lhe r.o.si Office,  or
f removing and leaving Ibcm iiuoalled
*   for, while unpaid for, is pim.i facie
evidence cf iuteulional fraud.
Q.ioon Victoria has given a Thos, Mowat, [lospotstor of
donation to the fun I in bid ol the PisherieB, uiid at rfcetminstei',
ftufferersatSpringhill, on the4tb"inst,   lie was burioij
Tie Canadian  Pacific  lourisl  nl1 Friday with nnsonio uiil niil.1
sleeping  car   service   between  'L:lry honors.    There   was   not,
li'.ston and  Vancouver will   Up! porhup.*. in tho oity of Wcatmiii.
gr-fir!j"J^''HVP,,"w eaapxmBaaHBOflaiEa
resumed sh ii
Bncnos Aycrs advices say that
Bier, a rcsidonjt niuro universally
respected,  nor   a   government
the Chilian insurants iiuve-ieen offlci''1 moro Konernlly  popalar
dofoaied at Ovuili and have re
treated on Liizerunu,
Sam Seller.-, an eight year old
boy of Rending, Pa., was drowned
on Saturday in attempting ifl
rescue Ids youi;-ier brother who
fell in .lhe Schuylkill oanal.
In u discussion "I Cuban affaire
in ti.o Spanish cabinet the Bale ol
than the late Mr. Mowut.
Odd nnd liven.
She���Hew do you kuov thai
Jennie weais no artificial hair?
Ho ��� T was tobogganing with
>f 4 Tir()S, ORGANS.
Wort!) While.
It is rimy enough lo leplearant
Whilo life floats by bkeauoug,
her yes erday
Why, hollo, old boy, I hnvon't
Cuba to the United Stutos was seen yoiisjnooyou wore married,
considered, and opinion was de- What are you doing now? Trav-
cidedly avorso to any such nog- clling lor tho b mse, I mipposof",
liaiions. No,   not  cxacily.   Sinoo  the
The    ParneJIitos    and    ,llltU ,''^'.v came I have become a floor
Cany largo linos of plain, medium, am 1 high-gra 1) furniture,   Parlor aul
Bod.-/'ootn sets ranging in price fro n $0.50 to $503.    Hotels furnished throughout.   Olrioe anl bar-room chairs.   Spiug
mattresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
aod wool mattresses iu Btook,     Mull
orders from Kootonay Lake
points will receive early
nnd   prompt attention.
l'arncllitiH are uniicil in support
But lbe mnu worth while is the one I of u bi.I before tho imperial par- . 	
" '   Jixpoi'imentg   in    li.dit  lacing
..  ,   ���0|havo just btfcn   male   on   some
police  spy  system,  known   as,
1 monkeys,     Iboy   wore   put in
plasters oi' paris jiokots shaped
n^^_^^__ X'\ ike slays, Nearly all   tbe mon-
has boon under an nvaluiicho  lor i.������. ,,, , ���   ,     ,,    ,
;M'jadicd under  tho treatment
three weeks.   Iho Bussuin gov
eminent has pent ten  thousand
nieii to dijf out the town and -^ivc
.win,- will mule
���-     When everything goes dead wrong.
Tor th'- list of the .heart is trouble,
And  it always comes with  the
And  the smile lhat is worth tho
praises of eui'lb, ,
Is the smile that shines through
K It is easy cr.oueh lo be prudent,
Wheu nothing tempts you tot-hay,
When without or wilhin uo voice of
Is luring your soul away.
But its oily a negative \iitue
Until it is tried by tire,
Ai.d the life Ihal is worth lhe honor
of earth,
Is the one lhat resists de.-ire.
By the cynic, the sad, and the falleu,
lYbo bad  nit  strength  for the
Tlie world's highway is cumbered
They mnko np the items < f life.
liainent to put an  end   lo   lbe
police   spy
Taganrog, on the sea of
lor |
as wa? expected. Tho experiments m-'.y have been useful, but
it was rough on their monkeys.
B'Jch relief us b- ne-ccssary.
Frederick Squire, of Broeikk He (just Introduced)���What a
cove,Ont., and his servant, Lizzie, very homely man lhat gentleman
Noseworthy, worelrozen lo death | near tho piano is, Mrs,   llopson.
She-Isn't   ho?    That is
He (equal lo tho occasion)���
Oil, indeed! How ttue it is, Mrs.
Ilcpson, that the homely meu
always got tho prettiestwlvo s
nci.r tht-ir lioinc. 'They were
wero visiting a neighbors and
drove in a gglly. 'lbe horse also
A Williumsoi, South Carolina,
negro was given fjOO lashes lor
slowing hiuicelf under a yonng
Indies bed. lie fled Upon being
discovered, but wus captured
by a p.iiy of young meu  v.ho
MAIN  STItKBT. REVEkSTOKE     -     -     -
>��^CgaBBggWga��a^MgggagBP^B3aBa��\aagaaBaa��alMa��W 1
IJ. 0
6 K
Jii'unito  waro,  aul
Ware made to order,
jaaip  IxuLi.       Tin,  Copper and   Saojt fro
First clm)vir't ^uiMutJj 1.     Ot'lifajpro nptly
attended lo,!
The Itcsiilt of Lying.
Ogro wbo ��'ns giving evi
Bul ihe virtue that cot quoin passion j |,.L jlin) off w;l(l a |,18|,;nB
And the sol'iow thut hides iu a
It is ihet-e I fiat ore worth the homage
of eui'lb,
Tor we Und tbim hut occc iu a
v h Ic.
-Ella Wheeler Wiscox.
(Glleiuiliigs from All Over tlio
Wide World.
went ttl'tt'i' bim to I) iieli him, but { denoo in a lieoi-gia court was ro.
: minded by the judge that ho wa
Word   b b   boen  received  ntjto toll tho wholo truth.
Hi-eat   Falls   from    lbe   Great     ' Well, yor seo, boss,"
NorilicMi   extension   Una   tlie; '^^-y witness
bodies of  live   ni.cn   have   been
frozen to death  in  Unit FOclion,
l'hel'e is I depth ol 'nine   feet  of       ^	
snow on u level ul the summit,' l{now '"<' nature "I ��" oath?
with lbe mercury away below      Witness-Sub?
2(,n-,. Judge ���Do  y,,u   understand
bal you aro to swear lof
Yes,  sahj    I'm to
said the
T.-e skeorod to
till de whole  truth   lor  f'eai
uii.lit tell a lie."
Judge (to  witness)���Do   you
'lhe Prince or Wales bus again
been elected worshipful grand
piaster of the Masons.
Tbe French Chamber oi Depu- ' nnd lire alarm having been tump" I
lacendiai'ies bound and gig-iol
the iiighlw.iichm.iu ut Hess liros,
Furniture factory, at Lislowcll,
Out., on Sunday night, uud then
iired the premises, which  were
tell the truf,
Judge;   And what will happen
if you do not tell il?
! totally destroyed, the waterworks |    Wi'nes8:   l '8')cctB 0U1'side '"
I     , ,.      , ..    ,. ' -..   ,    ' win de
lies proposes making all foreigners take out a yearly license.
cred with to insure tho destruC".
lion of iho factory.   The inceii-
case, Bab.
piaries are unknown
John Babcook's houso at Bay j
llobcrts, N.S., was burned a few
uightB ago, and one child perished
in   the   flames,    -Mrs.  Babcack
went through the fire six times,
P. 0, Address, Nelson, jj. C,
Vigorous pro'csls are Icing
ninde against the return of Sir
Oluirli-s Dilke to the British parliament.
Orders havo been issued by
chiel of construction Burnham to
bogin work on the world exposition building nt Chicago.
Tho Idling booths and stands
have been removed from the
Autculo race grounds, Paris, in
accordance will) tho new Anti-
Bolting law,
Tho six day bicycle raco, eiaht
hours a day, was concluded at
Detroit IiibI Saturday, Ashlinger
winning by ono lap. The following uro the   totals and  awards: l    ^^	
Asblnger 733 miles and ono lap \ du,ji"o mer Women and ohildren j aten id ISasl"Kooteay Distriot "baa
j belonging to lbe lending (ainilies,; been Burved, and a plan of tbe same
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
rescuing a child each timo,   She : shingle machine, eto.    All kinds of
tried to save the other,  but   was K^ ?n han,d' .D��finB the season
1 Of 181)0 lumber Will be  delivered at
unable to reach it, and  hud  to, any of the landings on the lake at
jump lo save her owu life brcak> j 6��atly reduced prices,
ing her legs,
News of a horrible massacre
conies from Madagascar, Kuni
asiilrn, Governor of the Province
of Belaiiond l'CH'iiiing a poiilion
Irom the populace to the govern*
incut to defend them from cruel
lies, roiissacred 2io persons,
NOTICE is hereby given that Iho
undermentioned tract of hind, situ-
gold medal and 40 per cent o
gate receipts) Martin, G59; Shock
fiU5; Clark, 440, The best prev,
joiis record (or 48 hours riding is
715 miles. ABhiiiccr thus I'roko
tbo record by IG miles aud one
lap. B^
There it something of a fuss in
the British royal lamily over the
fact lhat Queon Victoria's grand
daughter, iho Grand Duchess
Elizabeth, a daiiehltr ol the
Grand Duke ol Uessc, and late
Princess Alice, and wile of Set--
gitiB, brelher of tho czar, is about
to join iho Ku-ijaii orthodox I'dth
tho Qroek, el.uircb, Queen Vic-
toria approves, but the father "I
the prj.noc'68 dpea DOt, The owr
9JCOUI'SC, and Ilussiais gonpi'ttlly
eye well pleased,
,���,     ,      ,, ,-      i .: can be seen ut tho Lauds am Works
Tho slaughter continued several,,     ,     .   v:,i������,-,   ������i ���, n,��
n department,   Victoria,  ami  at  tho
days.   Popular lucy has caused office of  A.  P.   Cummins, Esq.,
tlie government toannounco that Assistant Oommissionor, Donald:-
Iho ofJfondCl'S will be punished. Lot 223' Gl"��uP E-'Ihomas Jones,
Edward Ctonjon, a high Piuss-
^iaii official, with the approval ol
Pre eraplion   Itcpotd   No,  57,
dated Urd Juno, 1885.
Persons having   advorso  claims
I must hie a stutemont of tbe same
the czar, came to America last j witLi the Commissioner within GO
year, bought a Cotton plantation j days from dato of this notice.
in Louisapa, learned lbe business I ����� H- CORE,
... , . Burveyor-Qeneral.
of vaismg cotton, and is now on,   Lan,i8 m] Works Department,
his   way  back to establish   the Victoria, B.C., February Bth, 1801,
tiosincss of  cotton    raising   in i    "
e'cnirul Aisia, where he Bays lhe;
tiiiest quality ol colton can   be-     \V   J   FISHER
raised, at prices which will drive ;
Atuorioan cotton out of Europe. PAITONG, GLAZINO, .PAP-
In any event  lie  Russian  (or*     mm>   grg^   WBITJ.NQ
on i"..tti ii w|H be made prohibit-j
ory, giving Goujon and his friends        Avl) CALSOMI.VING.
lu-iuu. |i..:y id that viiil empire,  , j^VE./JTOKI,,   -    ,   1,5. Q
Ul orders by nn
express promptly
All   descriptions^ of
gold nnd siiverwam
(Close to C, P. R.Dopotj
Importers of tho Choicest Grocories and Provisions.
Wc carry a select and completo stock of gout's furnisings, ladies'. gentak
and ehildien's bouls, uhoos and boso, stationery, paleut uiedioiuos, toilet,
requisites uud ready-made olotning.  A  large asBei'tmout of pipes,
toOuocO, cigai'ctlcit, imported aud domestic cigars, lruits, cuudy, etc;
Slovo pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and othergoqds
too Humorous lo mouliou, atmoduruto pricoo,
Telephone cmiiiiinieiilioii,
J. Fred. Hume & Oo,
KevelstoSco R   O
(Branch Storo at Nelson,)
Dealer in Dry Goad3 Groceries   Provisions
Canned Goois Hardware Eto.
The Hlock in ovovy Doparlmont is Pull sn 1 Oomploto anl tho Publio w,
fmd it to tbeir ndvantngo to cull unu
Inspect   Goods   and   Compare   Prices;
^    >;i,,Si;i,Pl,U:i!3 A. SWiCIALTV.  ^% GHUHCH SERVICES.
ffaTJVifilBoa^e^'faa'a'"^.��ja��~aia~i)^ lOBBBl iaraOt&ZxtSkxbax-i -:ls!Mt~-*M
^^^^     R"ev. J. Turner will  conduct  the  go by and Ibo depot will be located
services in  lhe  Methodist church j at Nelson City
Divine Servico will bo hold in th" | to-morrow, morning and evening.
A sleighing purl/, gotton  n|i  by
Miss Hume, hr.il a jolly time in diiv
iug around lown last night.
A "yuller" streak of  dog, will:  n
Revelstoke Church''very Sunday avo-
hhig at 7;30, conducted alb mutely
Sunday Sohool and Uible Class every Sunday uiirrnonn nt 2:30, All
hro oordially invited to attond,
Church ot England sertlCbs
will be held in Revelstoke by tbe
Rev. JiO. 0. lvcmin overy lourtl,
Sunday in each month.
*5fcip^S('lkli-lc Linlge, No IU
'���*M*W I <) O K Donnld i! t'
ft is reported that rich discoveries I %*!  A   \y        i\ ] |  I
b-ivebeen made on tho Silmon rivor,, * ���* *������*-  ' ' -"���*��� *���-��-�����
lb mibw from  old Port Sheppard. ^ o. BUCHANAN PROP
The ore  ii said to bo grey copper, I
carrying lug
h Ml
can tied to his  tail,   went  through      Superintendent Thompson reportsCapneily20 0 M'��W ��&���"��
town with conic,, rapidity yeKtefday. : the United mine lookmg as ii it was | Jingle machine, g^h^
m'th ���
Regular Meeting Thttrsduy
week at S ]). in.   All visitin^
Srs are cordially invited,
,1. Mel eod,     J. II. Matiiesom,
...C. .U.S.
DOaS'AIaU,   B,   C,
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, iihd last 2 Wed-
necdays each month.
Muster,   J, S. llabbitt.
Sco'y,   W. P. Ogilvie.
l-'inc'r.   Ar.gifs McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kiim
loops, B, 0,
Mr, 1). Cowan  has assumed  the
management of the Roveletoke City
Express, and makes lively deliveries;
around town,
All the conductors recently suspended from the Western and Paella o divisions cf the C. P. R. have
been reinstated.
The Donald Dramatists ar? in
town, and preparing for tonight's
performance.   Messrs. Taylor
P. 0, Address, Nelson, ->. {',
Capacity 20,000 feet po'f day. Planer
.   , ,,    , .     , ," j.,,,,...,,���.,,..��� .. .���   ason
re to be one tne ,i/   bonanzas   ut i   ,,,���>,, , :���, ,      , ,���.���.���,,.,   i
�� j of lb'.m lniii.fi' wul be delivered at
the'Kootonny Luke country.   The Loy 0f the iaudiligs on tho lake at
two-compartment working  shaft  is ] "really reduced prices.
dewn 75 feet, and in ore from gross j	
roots to bottofli, At DO foet a drift
was run on the vein for a distance
of 50 feet both wins froui the shaft.
This work proved tbe ore body con
Building & Contracting
DONE,  1)00lih   AND SMl
Notice is heroby given that (Jeofge |
tiuuons and large, fully 200 tons ol | DeWolf has filed with nie an approve being extracted in running the j oution for Crown Grant tor his mineral
100 feet    At the bottom of the rb.ill', !oont,ion sitllilto'1 {f Moant, St,Tll('"
'-.     i.1...     .l.,.i ...,i+    , -f      T.\,.-.4        k (��i!lr.ii*iv
in the district of  East   Kootonay
j Iho vein is 3 feet wide and iu solid  k ns ,,,��� .lMonu,.3ll��(
���Mi.M.ia naoiiEtt,���
And General Commission Merchant
InGiil'.inco   and   Real   EstiltO'
Agent, Notary Public, Etc.
; ore.   As work progresses the iiidicu-1    Adversg nppliolmtfl) ir mft im re- j
lions arc that the next 20 feet willshow : qniroil lo sond in Iheir objections to I GofiDEN
j a larger oro body thatt either that on ; mo within fill davs from thii
Dome, B. 0.
'   GOLD RANGE LODGE, No. 341.
,i\W�� 1st 2 Wednesdays; nnd 3rd aud
���ith Sundays, in Fii omen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Collin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box li).
Receiver,   James   D'nlooner, Caii-
fnoro, N W T,
Magaziuo Agon
Crage cillod on tbe Star, extending
the usual courtesy to tho press.
Rov. T. \Y.  Hull,   of  Kamloop
will be in town Tuesday to orguuiSM j n)0 s,,rfaep 0r at the DO foot level,
llio   Rcvflstode    Total  Abstinence ;    Duvt,]opmeut  WOrk  continues on
Society iulo a lodge of the  Inde- . ^ ^ ^ R minfl offueJ lj;. ,||n Sftme
pendent Order of Grood Templars;   i cota,miy  tllftt offna   tbe   United.
Mr. Chi'.s. Williams lately turner j rjuriUg tij0 winter a drift has been I
fui'tlioC. T. R, at North B'ud  has | ,.au ontue viuu   fol.   ft  Stance  of | p|u.gMa,^   <(,   j|lc   Creditors
Trust  Deeds  Acl,   181)1,
(bvernmont Agent,
East Kootenay.
Donald, March 2nd, 1891.
ft (J
Stilllltl'B  Of  B,  ('
Arreti!:.   II J McSorley,
beeu promoted to the same position hrjO feet. About 75 tons of high
iu tho yards at Rovelstoko, Mr. J. grade ore ns efclriU'ted, tiio char-
Post     being  "promoted" to >.ortn | ft(,l01. 0[  |j1(J ora  changing  for  the
Bend, ' belter as tho drift is advanced,   The    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tbe Jordan Club was out for a j is a carbonate, assaying from *S0 to j ^^ ������ hproby g-;VoB (j,.,t Hllrry
snowshoe tramp on Monday night. , $000 lo tbe ton in silver. The vein CbRpmnn, chgmoer oil Rovelstoko, in
The shoeing was excellent, and lhe   is about 18 inches wide, tbo proviuco of B. C. has by ilood
party bal a splendid time on the Superintendent McOovern reports
snow tinoNit tbe Lodge. F. Friiser'a ^ tu0 BU|lft ou luo gkylino down 150
ranch will receive a visit from the   faeti   j; ti10 [ejge js not tapped at
100 feet a crosscut will bo .run.
Picked l'i> in Hie Town nnd
Next Tuesday will be St, Patrick's
day iu lhe morning,
Mrs. Appleby, of Sicamous, was
in towu this week, lisiting Miss
Mr. II. D, ifiimn, con.lii,'ic- of
t.o dining ear Siiclringhuni, wus in
towu Tuesday.
Tho opening of "Botufirs Opeifl
House," witli a bvftl minstrel enter
taiumont is spoken of,
Mr. J. Yah ntino left for (lively
Creek Tuesday, lo look after hia milling interest; there.
Rev. Mr. Paton, gave every inl i
bsting Bermou on Missions nn China
and   Forrao'-.i,  in   tbo  Methodist
church Sundav ui-?bt.
assigned all his  real and personal
property Whatsoever to William Austin Jowett of   Iievelstoke, for the
benolit of his crccli'iors.
lub neit -don '.ay j 200 feet a crosscut will bo .run, '|'|J0 SHiJ deed was executed by the
What promises to be a very inter- ;    W(lli. WM auapoailcJ on the Union  assignorou the llth day of Fobrttary,
cstiiif entertainment will be given ! sh,lft, at a depth of 90 feet, on  ac- ]f\- ��ni} 'jy''!"' said itssigbee ou
lathe School  House  on Thursday Loullt of wto,   Tli0 ore nin8 hom the lith day ^^gij
evening next, lhe 10th iest, for the Ujo to $300 in silver. |854f ' '"      Trustee,
beiielit of  lhe   Revilstoke  library     Tho name ..f the. postmaster gon-      Dated this lOtll day cf February
associations.   In additiou to a pin- ; en)| of [h(, Uuitfitl States is sure to j l^'Jii
mama of B| lendid Btcreoscopic viows j bo b t^eil (lowl| -u ^^ n;),v (liu)
VXD WU()).|;s.M,[!  AXIl ltlir.UI. DKALfiRB if
met roiiK,- iho,
 m .
Corner Front nnd Hanson StBi
Anil.\HAM30N llltOSi
1'itDi'iiiia 'Oil's
B. C.
First class in overy respect; Noarost
hotel to C I' li depot and steainbj.i
landing, between jio.sl ollice ami gov,
buildings. Couch to and from elepdtE
and Bteahiboat, 1'ire proof Safe for th<
ucoommodalion of ils eiistoinor.s'.
n ntiuibor of choice musical nice | |t |JuS ^eu gjv()u ft m[ami c]ftim ;���
linns will be given. The objects of Hot Springs district. Hector Toilr-
tbe undertaking, and tho excellence jgDJ, ftnJ A> ^ McKiucou a:o the
ul tlie entertainment ouuuot fail to in- j j,,;,,, ownera  n,e Wanamaker,    Iu
sure a luil bouse.
Dr. Cauipbeil, man'iiger of the
lb'.7i:l.,l',k,j Smelter Syndicate, ar-
rivml in towu Monday. He has receive! v, ry eni'oiiii;;;:.; reports
from Ihe Uiiitod and No. 1 miues i,t
Alusworlh; b .1 w.is ilaabit! to gel in
to vi.it the properties, Owing lo the
roals b.iiig blocked ly b-.:..vy falls
of snow, '] I ti doctor will rernuin
I,"!" I. m,it wilb Mr, Boyle president of lhe syndic it i, who is, xpect-
id here shortly, bo l.a' iug mrived
in :���>, ,i i"i il: fr -ui England ov, r a
wi ek i   i en r ate i r this | lac'.
F , ��� "Donal I :���'������ . il and Dm-
ui. tii Con ,��� :.; have bill -.1 tbe
li , -. i pi ar at the S h el House
to-n:i    , iu tha  mt-1
Join;;- the ass,'s��nient work bunches
of native siher ore were s-rnek, and
now the two owners honestly believe
Notice is hereby given' thut application will be mado to the L'arliument
of Citiinda at its next session tor at
art to iiioorporato lb, eompni:y Vwitb
power to constiuct, equip, operate
Unit they have  ono of  the richest H lnl,iDt1"in ,R HU�� ot/lectli?  tolt
.:       -I,,                   k'l'nch uud telephone   from iSinoals]
propnriuons in lhe lake country.���I b't" -l          ���  I
LET    Hi.,,    ALONEi
. Lauding on the Columbia lliver in
Kootenny district lo llie boundary
i lino of tlio province of Uritish Oolum-
REVELS l'OK 15,     ���
F. MoCahtuy   -    .    .   .    Pro?
First class Temperaiirfo Ilonso.
AMI     I.ollOISO    )f.r)    l,.,;i{    WKlilt.
i province oi imiisu uoiiim- ��� hoaud
bin,   together   with   all   necessary |       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
! powers rights nnd privileges, MK.u.s, 25c.     ni:ns 25o.
CHARLES  WILSON,           This hotel is situated ooilvetiieutto the
Solicitor for tho Applicants, station, is oomfortably  famished mid
I    Dated ut Victoria, IS. C, this 12th ! alloida first class accommodation,
day o! Jauiii.r.y, A.wDi 1891.   86-2m 	
Mr, Thos.  Uoadloy   ms ri tun   I i ���   ���;
!o t ",vii after m   absence ol  peroral   so I ;
���[���.ma "The
tingingnc! lu   Farm"
...   Meet
months, which limo he spent on o
Irip to Ettsti fn ' aaoda aud the
A shooting match for ti,
held down by tbo river on Thu
hfternoon,      P.   B,   Wells a
Abrauaidson were   lb lul
centestaut.-,  cchsecuring lbirl.
Captain  Sai den  n,   Bi
nud John S ���   y rel med
Tuesday after a h i days :.
snow shoes to An  n
did not bring any game
It is whispered that land  n i
tame they were iftc
The Lytton nil Ko
teiving neeess rj Q   ng up, in anti-!
cipatlob oi  tho    ��� . :
navigation   on tin  I ���   nnhiu
machinery for I ie Navi v   a
pany's n i v st am iv In ing   V.
tho Ink a i.i bei g g it n n
the Lytton.
A-, the meoti  ; oi   'r  N irthn
t'fDibytery  I    I  In Medici     ,
. ���     .-    .    ���    '    '''.'' :,
l diil 1. ibcy concl.uled  lo
,., .  ���������
il     '��� ���..   v    ������    '. 'I ;-. ���  v,
ire of the i
ment,    I lahlites n
���   ���       ���' th y gi ni
o meet-
.    :.   . .''.-.'.
...      IJ   I
; i ii  oh ,ii cm-l J0Qia aijtic_i
, Mrs,  Smith,
Miss McL lessrsl
Iribttted a i  mber
.- .'.'���-      A   ni mbei
Editor Ro'.'ii.'x.tv Staii: i
Sin,���Tbe action of tho member
for this district in the mutter of ap-
���:'���' -' t-��� >11;;:;t for Riijelst-ike
tro ibh s our Mr. ii ibei't Robsoii
i,r. much. Jin one item only doe., ii
-;\-  i-,-,;,i'ri:i   l.bn.      Xu.v   Jlr. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
!'. liti !��� I ii,i:.k we should le-l matters \ 	
,(-���; h minor importance aside for     Notice is hereby given that Rich
i ',..��� bi nl and nuder the depressed j &r,\ a. Fry and A. (',. Fry have h lei , ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^m^mmmimmm
state of lbe town endeavor to the necessary papers, and made up- \V. Cowan, Prop. II, [lobcrtjClerk
get upproprielions for   worts   th.it! plicali.m fori. Crown Grant i.ir,>vorj
,, . .        ,   ,       ,     of the "GriMlv Bear   mineral claim     ,?
will improvo trade instead oi I'rtsb- | situatei1  Bt Time!   Mouutaiu, West
IiootenaJ District.
lEV��L$rOi<i��      -
ii g to th ��� front such a small mutter
as a play ground fr  the  children,
btcanso    Mr,   Rubson  has  a  few
...   i, attending Iho school. Why,
ivo the base ball ground ull
n   '. within u few yards of  tho
ii'iio i, ou which thoy could play to
tin ii hearts oontent,   Mr. K llie is
'. ing well and   we  had  better  let
him alone to  deal  with matter  of
o the district, and not
crowd i.iui with a thousand and on i
I '"   luiiDS,   Tbiuiliiug you
I urn yours truly
Adverfo claimants, if any, are re-1 toed   ol a
quested lo fnward   their objections
to mo within sixty  days from  the
dale of this publication,
7-18 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoko, January 211th, lSOl,
Rooms well ailendcd; tables uneSi
colled. Wines and liquors ^uiil'iu
liuh quality, r'iro it
Bnmplo room. Telephone comnuini-
cation with C. P, If, depot. Fire
proof vault for tho convenience of
���.nests.   Buss mecl.B till trailiB.
rilANSIEXT  llAl'IiS
���tiik -
t   'us ileci led Io peti
'for at least lour ordained mi .
for ��ork is iue mountain di
two of Iho n ��� -. men lo be sl
1, Revelstoke ... I N'ol ion,   Rhv, Mr,
P.ilon will probably take up I .
ciiisioi.iin work making I; iclstoke
his hcnibimirli'i-.',
The Revelstoke Lumber Company
U busily engaged in enlarging its
mills for the reception of m n
macbinery Otpoctcd In a few u,, |.;
'I'he riqacily of lhe nulls - i)| |,
Irebb'il ibis year and big work :,,
being dono in bringing logo to (he
mill. Irom DM lo .I')') |���gg ���,..,
hauled from Iho limit near by i, ![,,���
mills every day, sir heavy lonmi) bo
IngBngaged In lhe worli Exports
proBouut-il IhiBocodurnhd pino logs
'��" be Iho (iiicstiu tho eouolry) freo
(rem knots nn.! sound llwugliotih
littlo boi   ai '   ,. o a ph
.'���!. .
���   ��� |       eut of
i." the ol      icli, of
���..,, ,- .. I,   .     i    ..   .
Notice Is hereby given thatthe under-
in"iilioiii'd tracts of bind, situate
in West Koolenay District, have been
sin ".eyi'il, and the plans of the same
can bo seen at tho olBee of (I. C,
Tun lall, l>i|., Assistant (.'omiuis-
sioner, tievelstokoi
di '
,T, Wall&ei: a  I :l
.i, ,,'1V',    PAP
ElilXfl,   HUiR  WRlTlNfa
I). (
lice    11   h    by ci - b    llml,
Pf  Hi u ol
bavO sold a half   interei   the f
iVSiite h tterti   . Victoria man  loi   |{KVI I ITl ��H ! .   -
;      !(.:     ","l   lo   fpHtid
.,,.    .,',.,     i biims In II       I     rs    In vett   '���  li dg havo been
.,,.   '���.   Wstor Jacket  in   eppolnl 'JJ"  :     '    ' ;'!' ,!l''''"''
hi,n r.i ill ���   i     ���"'  i umpany ��l
Toad Mountain |; ., |B,0|l0| for ^ ^,l)r.a ���f ,,,1
ftiH nimorod that Iho ' modioli   lecling rent from ill pmlies occupy-
taiga lMl��v& " lid i   M ^ ^"f^^ff^J'
Ing With tho owuoi  of "Dog fn." ' ^jijuttilBlssloiiol!
If ii,,';, .".'I get half lhe lots uf Ihe    .��� | c r. it. Oo,
Ipwnsii.o Nelson proper will g"t the'    Vencoureri U.C ,MarcbOill, 11.91,
Tho largest and most central Hotel in
tho city ; good aooommodation | overya
thing new j table well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached ; lire proof sufei
Stockholm House
The dining room is furnished with the
boBt tho market alfords,
The bar is supplied with n choice slock
of wines,liquors midcigart,
Lol 172, i;roup 1,   Known ub tho
Cnilcil Minora! Claim.
I,,,i 178, Croup   I.   Known  ub  lhe
AikaiiMis Minornl Clniin.
],,,t 174, Group I.   Known as the
ijhiokblrd Minora! Claim,
l,,,i, [76, Group L   Known as tho
,1, ;!,,���,��� Mho Mineral Claiiii.
1,i,i  170, Groltt) 1.    Known   as  tho
Vi] Ino Rose Mlimrnl Claim.
I,.i i ,i'. Group I.   Known  lis the
I'orlliuul Mineral Claim.
1 |,,,|  17H, (li ilip I.    Known   lis   tho
Libby Miuoinl 01 dm,
' |,,,i 170, ((roup I,   Known as the
 fool Mini ia! Claim,
Lol l   l, llro ip I.     Known as the
,bii ii \. Lognn MiUoral Claim,
Lol 220, Croup I,   II, Selous nm
M. S. i)iiV)(i iq I'lii'niiiiii lo jiiir
ohH o dated With September, 1890
,. VV, s. I'O.'ia   I	
,;���M,y���,'i;,,���,;,l. j      TEAMING   & DiUiLVG
I :n;,|' ntid '''���"������'������ Depnftinont,
Victorii', 11, i" 5th February, 1891,' CORDWOOD   FOB?ALB


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