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The Kootenay Star Jun 13, 1891

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��� iM.|��iiiaa��iM8aiMa��inaWB|iiiiiiiiiiii.iii WBrnmammmsmBtimgaemmmm
REVELSTOKE. B. C��� JUNE 13, 1891.
No. 51.
&VST     AKKIYED    A   FUfyL.    LINE    OF    ALL   THE
My stock baa opened up with entire satisfaction and I am now prepared
to fill all orders for ladies', misses' nnd ohildreu'a l)ats, bonnets, etc., in the
tvery NEWEST SHAPES AND SHADES. Call nud examine my
/complete stock of flowers, plumes, silks, \eilii)g.-i, ribbons, etc., etc., and vq(|
Cannot fail to bo pleased.
Boot and Shoe Shop.
ED. P1CARD, proprietor
Roots apd jSjhpes of all kinds mudo to order of tho best stock ou short
fiotico. REjPaaJRING of Shoes a Speoialty. Harness anil other Leather
���worn also repaired.   PRICE,') IUQEyT.
Notary Publio.
Notary Public.
Mlniiiu*, Timber and   [Coal   Estato  Brokers and  General
Commission Ag'onj.s.   .
Conveyances. Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Hands, ots., drawn up
Rents aiid.  ^.oooiinfs Collected|   Miffing Glaims Bought and sold; Asses-
fuent work on Mining Claims Attonded to; Patents Applied for, Etc.. Etc.,
iW rviKBi i.i:;-" ap ^.t'oipEST fygpHAScu aossts,
Lots on Townsite of Iievelstoke fqr Sije aiie) Vyautee], Agoijts for Mining
Jfaehiuerv, Etc,
RF.yi'lLSTQRE, Ij. C,
Today  Canada   mourns    the
death of him who all unilo in
flaying was tho greatest Canadian
of the liin.ofl,  and  llio ono yvho
filled the Liggesl place in Ciina-.
dial) hfstoiy���tho Right Honorable   Sir  John   A.   Mn.i'domild,
To review hie life or particular-
J70 bin deeds, would le to write a
history of Canada for tho hiBt
forty years.  Uo ie  Iho   recognised lather of confederation, and
beforo and sinco that timo Iiiib
taken a great part in shaping tho
destiny  of   tho   country.    Uo
entered public life jn 1.814 as tho
representative of   fhe city of
Kingston,   In 1850 lie jjuoceoded
Sir Allan McNab as leader of the
conservative party and has held
that p bition ever since, -villi the
greate.-t honor to himself and to
his party and proved himself ono
of the greatest leaders ol men
of any ago.   since confederation
be has also ncled as premier of
the Dominion, wiih llio exception
of (ho term of from 1873 until
1878, when Eon. Alex. McKeuzie
and  bis government   wero   in
power.    Jn IS78 jus  "natipnul
policy" or protective tariff wop
the day, and this policy together
with that pursued ill regard to llio
building of tho Canadian  Pacific
Railway wjll live in history as
the triumphs of his genius.  Per
Bonally ho was a man of wonderful magnetism, of vivacious and
kindly disposition, beloved by all
who   know   him, and respected
by  even   hi-  bitterest political
enemies.   His loss cannot noiv bo
estimated,hut the good he bus dune
eland.-, as mi imperishable ii]onu-
appoinled Bold  commissioner, ho
waB not in their opinion a suitable
man for tho position, end Iho opiiir
ion wns expressed that a local man
might be selected for Iho office, A
comuiitto was appointed lo draft a
petition to Iho Premier of the prov-
inco protesting against Iho appointment, und also to ascertain Ihe feeling of tho rest of tlio district iu regard lo the appointment,
Tlio   Klg.il*   Honoral'lo  Sir
,lo|in A. Mnpdonald Passos
1'e.ieel'iilly Away,
And all Canada Mourns tlio
Loss of Her Greatest
 K-lHaAtjHIlS   IN ���-
Evans Bros, Pianos
{{ you thinK of buying au Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue aud
Price Lists.
Mr. Ntipoleop KitzsLubbs may
be expected here at any timo io
ussuiite the duties of lhe office of
(jobJ t'emniiBBionei', etc., for this
uisllipt, The oHtctious taken to
his appointment luive pot bct-fi
entertained by ibo goveriuiieiit,
and whether it b���s im.de a mis*
time or net wjll sopii bo.profcii,
The Don. John Robson, who
piiB^cd through town yesterday,
informed the Star that Mr. Fitz-
stubbB has acted us (jold Com*
missioucr in OuBsajr for sonic
ijmOa.aptj has givon evjdonqe of
ability iul' greater things. It
was necessary to have a man in
tho district of tVpst Kootenay
at once, and ho waB the only man
of ejeperieneo available, und ho
felt certajn Iho pew officer woulej
give a better account ol himself
than I'pmoi" would indicate. Like
many pther public men now occupying prominent positions, ho
may have seriously erred ip
earlier days, but it was cortaiu
be bad lately given evidence of
being well i-ua lifted for the position, lhe only thing the people
ol the d,strict call do is to accept
ibeiuevitabli'j and thero is no
doubt if Mr.Filzstul-bB does not
prove ;i coiupolcrt oflicer be will
uivo place to a bolter man. A
local man would have been more
acceptable; but even in thifi
neither ihe people hero nor ip
other parts pf the district would
agree, apd tho government
is awaro of lhe i'lioaynoi'.'i'ieB
of our pppijluce,
A wave of grief passed ovor the
Dominion of Canada, when tho word
was sent abroad last Saturday night
that the Right Honorublo Sir John
Alexander MucJonald, Premier of
Loruiuiou, had ceased to struggle
against death, and peoofully passed
to the great beyond at fifteen minutes past ten o'clock, surrounded
by his faithful wife, and other members of the family, besides some of
his closest friend and the attending
physicians. Ho was unconscious to
tho last. The pulse fluttered, (he
breath came shorter, and then all
wacfltill, When fhfi announcement
of Sir John's death was made tho
bells of tho city were tollod to convey the intelligence to the thousands
who were anxiously awaiting tho
signal that their beloved Premier
was no more, Lady Macdonald was
prostrated with grief,
(oir Jehu's remains were embalmed
aud the undertaker says the features
will be preserved for 50 years. Ho
looked natural in death, and was
attired in tho uniform of the Imperial Privy Council. lie was
planed in a casket of chilled steel,
with a plate glass front. The floral
tributes were almost numberless
from the Queen down to hia humblest friends.
Oa Tuesday the body was removed
lo tho parliament buildings, anil
thoro Jay in state until the hour of
tho funeral on Wednesday, thousands coming hourly to view it. The
funeral was a state ono and was the
moat impressive ever known in the
country, tho bells of Ottawa telling
out thejr pod song, while minuto
gnus were fired in every largo city
in the country.
A train left Ottawa Thursday
morning carrying the mortal remains
of Canadas greatest spn to its list
resting place at Kiugston, tho Commons and Senate attending iu a body.
Hero the funeral ceremony was a
repetition of that at Ottawa in point
of solemnity and imj-ressivenesB,
Parliament adjourned until Tuesday next. Throughout the Dominion the press and pulpit have beou
eloquent iu eluogisiug the deceased
stutesmau, ami in Iho Houso tbe
greatest speakers of both aides pronounced ppegyries that will livo in
history as tho moat elmjuent utterances and highest praises over heard
iu the houso.
Mr. J. G. Griffith, assisted by Miss
F.  Sprngjio as   bridesmaid,    Mr.
lieasley was well supported as best
man by Mr. Pojlinger, of tho C. P.
N. Co.   At the conclusion  of the
somewhat lengthy marriage service
the happy principals woro assailed
with (ho customary showers of  rice
ttnu (-..oil wishes.  Adjournment was
thon i .iulo fo  the  resiJeuoo of  Ihe
bride's brother, whero an elaborate
lunch, under cover of tents, was in
roadinoBB.   Hero  tho  health of tha
bride nud   gooui was  proposed  iu
(littering terms by Mr. Marpolo and
feelingly responded toby Mr. ]}eas-
ley on behalf of himself and wife.
Mr, George Pollingnr responded ou
behalf of the briilctnuid iu bis usual
happy vein, whi|e Mr. T. Downia
and Rev. Mr. Kemm set forth  iu
glowing  terms in neknowlodgcmont
of tho toast, the virtues of the batch-
elor's pnseut.   On  arrival of  the
eastbound express the happy couple
amid a fen de joio of torpedoes and
a prolonged saluto from the loco?
motive were homo away on an cx-
teudeii   trip east, followed   by a
wealth of good  wishes for future
prosperity.    Rev, J, 0. C. Kemm
officiated   at   tho   ceremony   with
Messrs. T. Downio and T. A. Blytlia
as ushers.   Mrs. Penzer ou the ap-,
proach of tho bridal paity playol
the wedding march iu  good form,
Mr. Jleosley during tho earlier part
of tho week- waa tho iuvited  guest
of a number of couvival friends who
gathered to wish him God-spaed in
tho new relation he  was about to
assume.   Mr. A.  G.   M.  Spragge
presided in characteristic mauncrr
All kinds of Repairing done iu a workmanlike manner.
RilleH, Pistols, Ammunition ko,, ko,, for sale al lowest prices,
Vf> Fine mijop Niu|e to Pfiler,
Shot   IIuii
A Protest.
A meeting waa he)d ip ijio Bcjipul
hpuso gatqrday evening to protest
agilinst tho appointment of Napoleon
Fitzstubbs us Gold Commissioner
for We-6t Kootpnay, and there was a
fajr representation of the com:
U)unity present. Severs! gentlemen
who were acquainted with Mr. Fits'-
Httibbs years ago staled that judging
fl'orn, what they knew   of tho newly
AYe.hliiij,' nt Donald,
Tho Donald correspondent of tho
Kamloops Sentinel writes;
Tho event of tho season in the social life of Donald was wituossed iu
the Anglican church ou Wednesday
morning, in (hp marriage of Mr. II.
E. Reaslpy, assistant to the superintendent of  tho C. P. R.,  to Miss
Katie GriflRhs, sister of ajr, J, G.
Griffiths, resident engineer for tho
samo company.   The   odjfico  was
tastefully dcoorated for the occasion
with a profusion of luxuriant plants,
and the ceremony watched with evi
dent interest by a largo  number of
spectators and invited guests.   Tlie
bride, looking to advantage in a becoming travelling costume, was c-s-
coited   to  the altar by hi r brother
Acooplcd to  3Ir. and   Mrs,
>Vni.   Lee.
When Mr. nud Mrs. Wm. Lee ret
turned from their honeymoon trip on
Tuesday they wore met at the sta-.
tion by tho Methodist church choir,
of which they are members, and ea-.
corted to thejr residence. Tha
ladies of the choir took possession of
tho house, and soon a sumptons dinner was prepared, to which the party
aesemliloil did ample justice. Mr,
F. F. Bradford, organist of tbe
choir, iu a brief speech then pre-,
seutod Mr. and Mrs. Lee, with a
bauel6ouie sijver ice pitcher, mounted
on a stand with goblet attached,
as a wedding gift from the
choir. It was a complete surprise
and Mr. Lee found difli-r
onlty iu thau'iiing the donors,
Speeches eulogistic of tho newly
wedded ctnplo were made and a
very pleasant social timo was spent.
A reception was also tendered Mr,
and Mrs. Lee by thoir frieuds employed by the Canadian Pacific
Railway. About fifty assembled in
tho school house, whero a pleasant
timo was spent iu dancing and having
a sociable timo'generally. A splendid
Biippor waB provided, and every-,
thing passed off as happy as a marri-
ago bell,   Tho party did not breafc
up until two o'clock in the morning,
 ��. .
Mr. II. Athorton, of Nelson, was
iu town for several days ihia week.
Mr. James Connacher and Miaa
Connaohor of Guhleu spent seveial
days visiting in town this weclf.
Mr, A, S. Farwell was in town
Wednesday, ne is firm in tbo belief that Farwell deeds are the ouly
good titlos in Revelstoko.
Mr. J. W. Vail, for nearly two
years editor of tho Star, bpont
Thursday in town renewing ocjuaint-
ances, and left for Kamloops on tbe
ovening train, Ho could uot oon-
toutoilly remain away from British
Coin inbiu.
A big bush firo started in (ho
woods betwoon the smelter and the
mill yesterday, ami spread rapidly
toward the latter building. The mill
had to be shut down far a timo, the
men engaging iu fighting Ihe fire,
The mill was ia great danger, sparks
igniting the logs alt around it; but
by exercising gicat care and tha.
use of lots of water the ilaagor wm
i m
(Efl* ftrknay Star
A four page twenty column new
paper, is issued from tho oflico o
publication, Rovolstoko, R. C
Subscription price ?2 per year
Ratos of advertising given on
Publisher and Proprlor.
SATURDAY, JUNE. 13,1891.
m-e. ���-- -Li���ji
TTte Sit-^'^ion,
Dr. Bourinot, C. M. 0., tho
recognized highest authority in
the Dominion on pa.rliiun.c.i'ttiry
matters, Enid lo an Ottawa Citi
icn representative regarding tho
pfesciit situation in Canada.
'���Should the Premier pass away
tbe Government would bo ipso
facto dissolved, because tho existence of the Government depends
on tho premier. Under such
circumstances it would be for the
Govcrnor-Genorul to call upon
somo poison, to servo as Premier.
That is a mutter entirely wilhin
his discretion. Ho could,, for
example, cull upon a member of
the present Cabinet to form a
npw admi'iistralion,, or he might
call upon an outeider. Tbat person could ask tho proscnt mem-
bers to continue iu office I as*
sumo that the present heads ol
of department, iho ministers of
the crown, would continue until
successors had been properly up-,
pointed. Tbo cabinet could not
meet except in their capacity as
individuals. Thero must how.,.
ever, bo a Government, und some
pno would havo to be named by
His Excellency to (prm. a, Cabi��
Boing risked bow the session
pf Parliament would be affected
by tho Premier's death, Dr,
Jtemrinot repliod:
"I ascumo thero would bo an
adjournment, but, uf course, Par
liamcnt would need to make provision for carrying on ihe public
Service. This could bo done by
voting mopey on nceou.nt, as ia
80 often dono in England and
elsewhere, Hut it may bo Baid
tlfat, pending the ftrijftiiiaation
pf a pew Government, legislation
Vill be at a standstill,"
Dr. Bourinot'a work on Constitutional Procedure Bays!
"It ie the First Minister alone
who can adviso changes m the
administration,, and recommend
the Sovereign to fill vacancies
therein. If bo himself should
yucate his office by death or
resignation, or dismissal, the
ministry is ipso facto dissolved.
Individual ministers might retain
their cUkee, it' permitted by tbe
sovereign, and might form part
pi a Irish combination with a
fresh bead, but there would lea
pew ministry, nud, as colleagues
pf the incoming Premier, tbey
must mnko a In-jh agreemert
with him, as when, in 1834 Lord
Melboaruo succeeded Lord Grey
Its Premier of giibgtantlally" the
same administration, arid in 1868,
when \Ir. I>i.-iaol> became
Premier upon lhe retirment of
Em I Di'il')' through iii health.
hi the event of l|ie formation of a
lew ministry, only such as were
pew me-mbeis ol llio cabinet have
to appeal lo lhe people."
How to Use tlio Mails,
Extract from the Toronto Empire, May s)liii, 181)1.
By direotion of tho Postmaster-
G.nerul the Chief Post-Office In-a
spector Mr. Sweetmui;, ban lately
boen making special enquiry into,
pertain oases in which letters and
packages ol pioro than ordinary
size hud heen broken or lorn ip
course of [pal, The obiel luspeo
tor's invoHlii'jilioiis led to Iho
conclusion that, iu lhe great ma-
iority v.?o.ibob, the   (l��m��gO hi'Si
been tho consequence of tho inferior coverings (envelopes, paper
boxt-B, etc ) used (or tho articles
in question, Ho thinks that if
Ihe public would oncloso their
large letters in envelopes of suf-
ficiontly good quality and of a
siao adaptod to that of Iho cons
tents, and if in matting up puck-
ages they would uso good wrap.
ping paper nnd tie up tho whole
securely vory fow broakagos
would occur in courso of post. It
should bo reinemboi'od that overy
letter ane( parcel cannot bo laid
in llio most cureful mmnor in tho
bag or b*jx into which it has to
bo sortod, Popt-offlcu clerks
would never get through thoir
work if ihey had to adopt this
modo of treatment for tho vaBt
quantities of mjUlpr passing
through their hands. At the
Biiiiio time tho chief inspector, by
Uiigi-art'B directions, iB ronowing
tbo instructions to post office
clorks to elo al| in tbeir powor to
avoid damage to mail matter, and
this doubtless will huvo a good
effect. If tho public would work
with the post-offico to the oxtent
of seeing lhat tho articles thoy
post aro in good shapo and well
Becured, the number of complaints
would bo very materially reduced,
Abbott for Lender,
Word comes from Oitawa that
there is litlle dim hi but Hon. J.
J. C. Abbott will be elected
leader of Ibo Government temporarily. The Mends of Chap
loan aro advocating Thompson,
While Sir (doctor's have nt lust
conceded to follow Abbott, hoping
thut >yhen the. MeGi'ocvy Boandal
ii cleared up ho might bo chosen.
This is not likely; when anyone
is selected permanently it will
be Sir John Thompson.
fluntmlngs   Disgraced,
not oi iho window. HU drivor,
who had by this timo recovorod
himself, tried to capture tho
animal and qujolly lead him out,
but this was no go. and along tho
passago and through the iv.oms
ensued a struggle for tho mastery,
in whioh the man finally obtained
tho viotory, although it is said
that not less than $!J00 worth of
damago was done.
A new daily paper called tho
American was started at Portland
lhe othor day, whioh diod after
tho aooond issue,
Peterson, the Californian oars*
man, has boen matched to row
a raco with McLoan, of Westminster, fur $1000 a side. Tbe
raco will take pluce on tho Fraser
Odd and Even,
A great corn-fjeenter���tho oow.
The jilt is very considerate-
she breaks your purso before sho
does your heart.
He-Where can we find a
quiet retreat for an uninterrupted
She���Let's go to church.
Tho Prince of Wales Is said to
be suffering from rheumatism
brought oo by tbe recent exposures in tho Baccarat scandal.
Tho suit for ljbej instituted by
Sir iVilliam G 'rdon Cummings,
growingout of ibejntters method
of playing baccarat, was concluded in London on Tuesday, the jury
bringing in a verdict for the de-
Icndanis. Sir William will new
be obliged to lUKe a back seat,
mid it will uot be fashionable lo
play wiih him, but oibcr crooks
of the same stamp will keep the
game agoing.
The London News says in re-
{lerriug to tho   mallei-   In   our
judgment  no other verdict wan
: possible.  Cummitig's conduct in
I signing the paper was damnable.
! It was a pity lbe heir to throne
was at the bitcarat table.   The
prince should  show   a  cleanly
I life to his future subjects.   It   is
' grotesque   to   have   lbe  prince
I tarrying about boccurut counters
: wherever be goes, an a MohanK
( mednn carries his praying carpet.
Horse Play,
Is yourjaisler- In tho house,
Hiss Dorothy?
Yes, she is, nnd if you're coming often you'd bettor hurry up
and propose, 'cause I've noticed
with all the others, when it goes
od so long it ���it.vor comes to anything.
Edith���Y��u can't iinaginejhow
Mr. Bulfinch complimented your
Elhol-Did he, though?
Edith ��� Ycr, he said Hw
simply heavenly,
Edith���Well, just tho same
thing. He said'twas simply unearthly.
Purveyor���What is this I hoar?
Going to compound wiih your
creditors? A pretty state of
Merchant��� Now, pray be calm;
you shall lose nothing by me. I
can only give my other creditors
30 per cent., but you shall have
your gooda returned���they are
still intact,
What! My goods? What are
you thinking of? Not for Joseph!
I insisist upon having my 30 per
^ 1 Atlantic Espreiaa, arrives 10.10daily,
,.     , ,   , ,    ,.     Pacific        ���' ���'     10.52   ��
very Hue horse belonging to the |
['aHwii-rprfl arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will neinnect with elenin-
The Victoria Colonist says:
ii'so belonging
B, 0. Cattle Company, attached |
tp a butcher's cart, driven by J.Ier�� (or Robeon. Netaon, and points
li. V.elJniri),   wlit> was aeeom-1in Southern Kootenay,
panied by a boy  riumed Churleui    Cheapest, most reliable nnd wife
McDonald,    became   rentivo  or, I r""t" -�� Montiea^'fo/onto, St. Paul,
Pembroke street,   After a con-
aita  :ji;   ta-
Cbioogo,  New York and   Boston
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Kates $5 to $10 lowor than any oth���r
Isiderublo amount fif kicking ex- \ojft\et route,
ereici: ho ran into  tho snlowulk,:    PfteiBengerfl leftvinjr Revelstoke oji
knocking OlU the occupants ol the j 'l'tie��lay��. Thursdays and galnr-Jays
| will ocnneot with, the n^igniAcont 0.
cart.   Getting  loose  ('room the!,, ,, a, . L. , iwini      ,
��� P. P.. Steamer* hi hat Wdliani, dur-
vehiclo   ho got  his  nose inside j ing navigation.
the door of Mr. Baker's kitchen, Specially fitted Coleuije-t %��, in
nud like the proverbial Oumel ohargeqf a Porter,for tire I'oouniino-
prooeoded forthwith to got hia detlwof Pa��eengwholding see nd
r l i oIiwh tickets.   Passengers booked to
whole body in.    Ibis much l��t?- and  from nil European  poiiila at
pomplisbed   tho  cooking   stove j Lowest Rate*
bceiirnc the object of his attention I    Lw Freight Ra'ee.   Quick dee-
and this bo before long demaLP"^' ,M?Annt! willllw'v,',"'",7
'    by having their ireurtu, routed via
isheil, much to iho terror ef the [ the C, P. Ij ^"���
linly oi   tbo   houso.   lie
A sitting of tho County Court of
EnBt Kootonay will be h,Jd nt Donald on Monday tho 15lh day of dune,
1891, at 11 o'clook.
Register C. 0.
Notice is hereby given tbat tbo
Order in Council, whioh was approved
by His Roflor tho LdeutenantaQo'v-
ernor on 80th July, 1890, providing
that the alieivitio-i of Crown lands
by private sale be discontinued,
notice of which was published iu tho
British Columbia Gaij-etto and dated
31st July 1890, has been rescinded,
aud that thirty [30] d-'ya after th��
date of this notice vacant unreserved
Crown lands \?ill be open to Bale
under the provisions of the "Land
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands i��nd   Works ljtopa-itment,
Yitlwia.. B. ft, 30th April,
Revki^tokk k Nelson,
A Full ami Complete line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Purier, &o.
W Cigars at Wholesale.
Raymond Sewaig Waohinen kept
in stock.
Tho subscriber would intimate
to tbo publio generally tbat he is
preparoel to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, and all llaildingj Material,
Picture Framing, ko,    .
Coffins, Carats, Shroud* fco. Car-,
riedin Stock.
Victoria, jjjfay 611^ \tyl.
Notice is hereby givon  that  the
Annual Examination of Candidates
for Certificates  of  Qualjflwtlufl tfi
teach in tho Public Sobools of the
Province will be held as follows, commencing on Friday, July, 2nd,  at
9:30 a.m.
In Viotoria- High School Building.
In Kamloops-Public School Building.
Each applicant u.iu.at ?i��w��kI t-
notice, thirty days before the examination, stating the class and grade
of certificate for which he will bo a
candidate, tbo optional subjects eel-
eetod, aud at which of the above-
named places bo wil) ntte,,i|.
Every notice of intention to be ex-
ami-jotf must be ROf-ofti.uaviiwl Willi <\
testimonial certifying to the moral
character of the candidate.
Suporintendont of Education.
Hso'j Hemedj forCntatrre b Ike j
Best EauIiMt lo triQunilC'-caiK-it.
Sold by <lruggl��ts or sunt by inal|,s
E. T. Uoidtlno, Warren, p��., U. S,i.'|
Routs and Debts iUleotoe).
Ka')Vl')LSiTORL\   -    -   D. Q
Application will be made to tho
Parliament of Canada, at ita next
sessiiiji), tor au Act ta> .-ovii-ei tho Aofe
(\3 Viotoria, chapter ^9, hoing an Act
respecting the Kootenay and Athabasca Railway Company.
Solicitors for applicant^,
Ottawa, 23 April, 1891.
Coal, Hay and Corn,
Have entire sale of the celeboated Canmore barer, lump and nut coal, suit;
able  for base-bnrners aud other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
vered ai R-evehtoke, any part of town, $8.9(\"
Kamloops $9.90; Donald &&.S0.    Special
t, quotations for car lots.   Coal stoves
sold at-vholesalo oost Hay, oats
and bran sold by cotlosil or
smaller Quantities Yards
nt Kamloops and Douald.  Apply
l-        -I    I WW
Worked bis way iulo tho dining
room, and there Ibo table a ail the
oliiuaware wero demolished, a
Bowing  uiucliino   being knocked
full and reliable Information givou
by applying to
Asiiit. Oen'l freight Ag't, Vnoouver,
or to J, HAMILTON,
Ag't'.'. P H Popqt, itovelctoke.
The Kootenay Star,
Oovotod td vl���� HiVMBBBING,   HVSINESS   nnd   AG.KI.
CVLTUUAL, ftiirt esjieelally U Hie
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
iwaw   ��� ��� ������
id to, and, executed, i�� \A\o bc.j.t tjt^le,  QQmmorcial nvll p
11 \
l7 \
V, v
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Aoy person who bikes a paper
���regularly from tho Post Oflico,
whether he has subscribed or not, ia
responsible for the payment,
2, If a poi'Bon orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or the publis brs may oontinuo to
Bond it until payment is made, and
thon colloot tl|v) wholo amount
Whether the paper is taken from the
Office or not.
i. In onits for subscriptions, the
suit may bo instituted where tho
paper is published.
i. The oourts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Ollico, or
I'oraoviiig and leaving thorn uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
MMBMMM    I a^���
������a��� a,
She Fooled  Willi,
Grace Glenwood was a blooming
Whom old and young admir'd,
And many a lad. both rich aud poor,
Her heart and hand desir'd.
Sow she resided with her aunt,
Aud I wiih truth confess,
Her aont was just as oroBB an aunt
Aa ever trod the graw.
She'd lash her nieco with hor long
My faith she'd let her ken
That flbo would be ihe death o' her
If she spoke to the men,
One night she took a kind o' dwam,
And off she went to bed,
And lo, at tbis her lovely niece
Was most extremely glad.
She beard a rap, then to the door
On tip-toe off eho ran,
And in a crack eho was embrace'd
Ry John, tho miller's man.
Thoy kissed, and kissed, and better
And then quoth bo "next e'en
I'Jl yoke the mare, and Grace my
We'll drive to Oretna Green "
fo this Graco Glonwood gave con-
And aft'r some moro speaking,
John left and Grace went ben  tbe
And fonnd her aunty sleeping.
Next night John  joked hia gnid
gray mare
And quick as I can tell;
A female form leaped in the cart,
And off they went pell-mell.
Now when they passed tho three-
mile stone,
The moon began to shine,
And thon he cried. "Oh, (irace, my
Your aunt will sure be mine.
0, Grace, I 8wo��r> by moon and stars,
I never felt bo canty."
He looked, instead of having Grace,
Guid faith he had her aunty.
Gleanings from All Over the
\VL\o World,
iBanc Saunders, of Oregon, defeated Tom Watson, Victoria's
crack long distance runner, in a
half-mile race on Saturday lust
at Victoria,
The first steamer of tho now
lino from China to Victoria estab
lished by tbo Peninsula k Oriental
Steamship Company, tbo Bami.
besi. arrived at Viotoria on Saturday with a big freight lor tbat
From Irdia comes the tho news
of another uprising, thin time in
the state of Koonjhur, where the
rebels have swept everything
before them, robbed the treasury
of the Maharajah, and piepnred
to defend themselves against
British interlerenco. The 17th
Bengal Infantry has started lo
put down the insurrection, which
is Biridly* local in its character.
Tho cause of lhe outbreak appears to huvo beeu tbe conduct
of tho Kabarajah, who ting heen
oppressing b.B suLjocta with
oppressive luxation, partly in
order to pay tribulo to tho
British, and partly lor hia own
enrichment. Ho biiB also added
\p tbo discontent by receiving a
Persian slave into his hnrem as a
All the inhabitants of tho
Magdalen Inlands are down witn
la grippo and no fishing ia being
done thero,
A report is current in Quebec
lhat Licntcnnul-Oovornor Angers
will bo named to fill tho position
of Chief Justico of that province
mado vacrnt by tho death gI Sir
A. A, Dorion.
Vancouver cricketers defeated
tho Victoria team by on innings
and 137 runs on Saturday last on
their own ground. Vancouver
maelo 198, and Victoria scored 27
in each innings.
Mayor ShakoBpooro, of New
Orleans, lias expressed himself
as being rejoiced at tlio recall of
tbo Italian Consul Corte, and
saya if Corto ever relume to
New Orlcrns ho will bo driven
irom tho city,
Col. It. II. Abnrci'ombci'g, one
of tho most brilliant speakers of
Alabama, and prominent in poli��
tics was mistaken for a cbickou
thief whilo walking in his back
yard, at bis Gadsen residence,
and was shot dead by hia son-in-
Senator McGinnis of British
Columbia is iu favor of establishing a Canadian mint, and proposes that a select committee be
appointed for tho purpose of
collecting information anent the
expediency and probable cost of
establishing a Dominion mint,
capable of coining a sufficient
quantity of gold, silver and copper, to meet the commercial de-
iiuiiiiIh of Canada.
The Steamer Lata which nc-a
gleettd to tako out clearance
papers from San Diego before
starting for Iriquo wiih munitions
of war f��r the Chilian insurgents,
and alter which the cruiser
Charleston was sent, has boon delivered to lhe American authorities with 5000 rifles and two
million rounds of ammunition.
Tho vessel is now en route to
San Diego, whero bIio will be
libelled and the case tried in the
American courts.
Land speculators and explorers
havo sclec:ed valuable mineral
claims in liuuler 1-land with a
view of ho'.ne'stoading them and
raising an issue betwoen the
United StateB aud Groat Britain
as to lhe boundary line between
Canada and Minnesota, Tbe
island is directly north of Lake
county, Minnesota, and heretofore it has always been eonsidor-
on Iho Canadian side, all maps
showing it on this side of lhe
The steamship Australia which
arrived at San Francisco from
Honolulu tho other day reports
lhat general plagues seem to have
visited the paradise of the Pacific,
Hawaii has been visited by rains
fur two months. The earth is
dry aud banks ot dead leaves and
flowers strew tbo walks, and
disease has been running un.
chocked through tho Islands. The
peoplo are on the vergo ol a
water famine, and those on tbo
Australia said that unless rain
fell wilhin a week alter tho
steamer sailod, lbe drought
would spread death and devastation throughout ibat little kingdom, In addition to this there
is no rice to be bad on tbe plantations and the Chinese and Japanese are suffering from hunger.
Lu grippe is epidomic, and marks
of tbo dread disease aro seen in
all the islands. Tbe natives are
dying off from absolute want and
the absctico of proper caro, Epi-
ileniie in particular is raging
among tho lepers, and nice tcptbs
! of those in tbe settlement have
felt its touch, Sixty deaths were
, reported at Molokui beforo tbe
Australian, left, and 18,'J cases
were reported ou tbe plautatious.
| Several o\ tlio goyernmont ^offices
have been closed in consequence
of the epidemic, tho nllnchocs
having been stricken down by the
disease, Thero ia a scarcity of
physicians, and thoso in Hono*
lulu attuchsd to lhe government
and otherwise aro being worked
to dentil, and Ihero ia no rest
for nurses.
u ���- -i'ii L .e.m,.mi,i.--ULi_ji.._u
The Annual School, Meeting.
A publio mooting of the resident
householders and freeholders of Revelstoko school district, will bo held
on Monday the 15th day of Juno,
1891, nt tho School Houso, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m. for the
purpose of eloeting fit and proper
persons to servo as School Trustees
IP plnoo of H. Creelnian, Esq., whose
term of ollico ia about to expire, and
It. Itobsou, Esej., resigned.
By order of Board of Trustees,
Acting Seoretury.
All accounts against the Provinei.il
Government, contracted in West
Kootenay District, aro requested to
be forwarded to tho Government office, Rovelstoke, on or beforo the 30th
of June,
Government Agent.
Revelstoke, May 28, 1891.
A sitting of the County Court of
West Kootenay will bo bold at Revelstoke on Wednesday, June 17th at
11 a.m.
Register C, C
Rovelstoke, May 37th 1891,
Notieo is hereby given that the
following lands are hereby reserved
from sale or pre-emption until further
notice, vi?!���A strip of land one
milo in width on each side of a line
commencing at the point where
Cottonwood Smith Creek crosses the
southern boundary of Nelson Town-
site Reserve; thenee following the
valley of tbe Cottonwood-Smith Creek
to its head; thenco along the valley
of the Salmon River to a point opposite to the head of Beaver Creek;
theuoe across the summit to the
valley of Beaver Creek, and follow*
ing the said valley to its mouth;
theuce following the east side of the
Columbia Qhper to the International
Boundary lino.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands and Works Department
Victoria, B, 6., 21st May, 1891.
P. 0. Addroaa, Nelson, J. 0,
Capaoity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, etc. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
auy of tbe landings on the lake at
greatly reducod prices.
N, Latremouille,
Has opened a Bakery in the store
lately oooupied by .las. McDonald k
Co,, and is prepared to supply tbo
Finest Bread, Huns, Cuke1*,
.Pastry, Eto.
A good Btock always on band.  All
kinds of Baking done to or lor,
James McDonald & Co
Carry large linos of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture,   Parlor aud
Bed-room sets rouging in prioo from $8,50 to $500,    Hotels furnished throughout,   Oill't) and bar-room chairs.   Spiug
mattresses made to order, and woveu wire, hair
nud wool mattresses in stock,    Mail
orders from Kootenny Lake
poiuts will receive early
and   prompt attention,
The Revelstoke Tin Shop,
Sranito  waro, and   Lamp  Goods.,.    Tin, tCopper>el    Sheet Iro
Ware madoto ordor.    First class work guaranteed.     Orders promptly
attended to.'
Ul orders by mail
express promj tly
All   descriptions of
gold and Bilver
(GlosotoO. P. U, Depot)
Importers of tho Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wo carry a select and comploto stock of gent's furnlsings, ladioa'.toilet,
and children's boots, shoos and hoso, stationery, palont medicines, es,
requisites and roaly-mado clothing.   A   large  assortment of pip
tobacco, cigarette,,, imported aud douiosUo cigars, liuitB, randy, eto
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other goodi
too numerous lo mention, at moderate prices,
Telephone communication.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Iievelstoke and Nelson,  B. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions and Hardware,
Tho Public will find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any ordors placod with  Mr. Ciiart.es Lindmark  will have ont
careful attontion  and  prompt dolivery to any part of Rovelstoke.
picked Up in tlm Town and
The weather is gettit)g summery
Mr. Jus, Smart went e]o\yn to
jSilson tbis neck on a business trip.
The Griinil Lodge of A. P. &A, M.
pi liritisb Columbia) meet* at Kamloops on llie 17,b iii.-t.
Stove White has paitcd with "Mo-
Giety," Mr. Williams is now tbe
possessor o, tt.e lively mpntey.
Judge Tunstall returned to town
Thursday,uud will reuiuin hereto
fund tbe olliee over to bis succoisor,
Mr. J. C. .Mol.agau of the Y"U-
Deliver World, and Airs. MuLa-jau,
pressed through towu Weduesduy eu
route to Laiiif.
( Don't forget ibe meeting on Monday to oh ct school tipjiites. Thu
(school house is lhe place of meeting
tnd 11 o'clock the hour,
Tbe ttore buil(l)ngH of Mis>-;:a.
Wiu. Kirkuii i Co., und J. Fred.
Hume k Co., have beeu improved
in appearance by cento ol piijut,
Hugh Ross wielding lbe brush.
The De-iuty Commissioner of
Pupljo Works will bo aski-d (o bt
the work ol cutting lhe road ju tuVjU
by the day under a competent fore
Purling' Address ;inil  Plll'SCS
Presented <o Itcvcrnd
Jhhics Tiii'iicr,
The fnrewill secjul held in Ibe
Methodist cluiiili pn Wednesday
evening to mark the ond ol Rev.
James Turners' miuisti'utious in
ReveLtoke, proved a very Imply
iifnu'. Tlie reviii-i ml ftntjenisp's
friends were there iu goodly number
to as.-ist in iho "send off," and
everything was -1;,no to mnko tl.ti
Bopariitiou of pastor aud peoplo as
plcdtunl as poBsible,
Rev. Mr. Patop aclfid us phoirman
iiml pcrformid the functions ol tbat
I'l'iee admirably.
Of coursu thorp wus the iisnul
delay iu ujtacking Ihe programme,
but whip a beginning ��us made it
proved inleiesling in a high degree,
Thu cbiiiimun's u.ldicus wus "the
sou] of wit," I't'evjty it-self, and uu
anthem b) the t'hojr waa practically
the first liliinLer ou the list, uud
pruved un excellent appetiser. A
| quartette "blur of llm Twilight," by
Mra. Crteluiun, Mib. Lee and Messrs,
liui her unii King w.is next on the
progiainnio, und evidently ) leased
the audience, Mr, ami Mrs, Lee
then sang in etict "Must We Leave
llio Old Horn,-" very acceptably auil
wou u vigorous upphiuse. Miss
Irvine, in her usual good st}lo gave
tt bun .onus naiiiig dpsufiptivu of
ii (ji'cjkouiiu's iuiil on uu leeenuiij
inn uuu lliu eonheque-ueu ol ite folly
uiun, and a largely bigned petilion  'pi,e   seienaiie from   Longfellow's
Ins been prepared to present to bim.
Mr. CIiub. Ahruhumson hus been
���'!-ij ai.i h   Student," |is   sung   m
UhIc University, wu�� contributed by
���lone on account of their pecuniary
worth (although ne hope thoy iuuy
bein lit you in that respect), but
obit-fly ub a tangible cspr, ssion of
our high r gunl lor you as a minister < f tho gospel upd r,s a friend;
uud in earnest of ov.r heartfelt
wisbi'8 for your leniporijl nnd r.pir-
itu.il prqspi-rily in your new lioine.
From yonr runny friends along the
line of the {J. P. it. Irom Slmsvup
to Douakl."
The purses in all amounted to
#1S)0, opd together with tho uililrei's
ure a good evidence thut Rev. Mr.
Turner Jias succeeded in winning
tho sympathy oi tbe - cpple to whom
be bus been iniiiistiriiiji,
After the dinging of "Blest bo Ihe
f ie," M. r, Turner made a very feeling reply thanking his friends for
(heir kiuilpess and generosity, wbieh
at all times lud bteu very uiaiked
toward hip),
Rev. Mr. P.ilon in a short nddreub
etijogieed Mr. Turner, but also
brought [lira lo lusk for not pruetie-
ing w'hut he pn ui-lieil by remaining
ii bachelor, Mr. Alf. Fitzpatriek,
ulso ruuiio a happy speech ou the
supi;- lines.
Mrs. D;ejiie, Mrs. Smith and
.Messrs. Barber am! King, in a litlii g
tinuln tn the good pn gumine, song
iu pood *>��� jo, "Beautiful Twilight,"
nfter which lunch was ui.piinuct-d.
Any quantity of gooil tilings in
the line pf edibles weie proyided,
which were given tlmt attention
lliey merited, ami a good boi-inble
time wus bad. After singing the
ualional anthem, nnil bidding Mr,
Turner good bye the assembly dis_
Rev. Mr. Turner left on tbo Lytton iu tbe morning forJS'i {son, where
he y, jli mute |ii,s borne for a term.
awarded the oonlraet  for carrying   Mut-sri-,  J. p. biithorluu.l, l.l. ft
the mails liom the post olliuu  ber
to lhe b|a|iou anil fmw the piiii-on
to lhe post ofliee. The cuUiuct dates
from J ah- l.t
Mr. 0. II. Allen went down lo
Kelson on TIiiiimIii.v to attend to
business in connect! n witli tlie Revelstoko brewery, the output of which
Huils a ve-iy ready market in the
Luke Conutvy,
During the week a work train and
u gang ol nn n have been engaged in
tilling iu with stone lhe pici'f aronu.il
the C. P, ll. bridge ever the Co^
lumbia here, The bridge has been
adorned with chutes tor carrying the
rock to the right plupe,
Tbe C. P. R. station here wus [ jutflu
draped iu blick em Tuesday out of
lespect for bir John A. Macdouald.
This murk of mourning ,ni-; uli-
BTVeil ull fijoULi the liue fioni the
Atlantic te tbe Pacific,
Mr. Alex Stewart, of the C. \\ It
Coursier, (1 ey Barber uii.I D. J.
King. 'Ibo quurutte did so Will
uu encore wus insisted ou, und lbe
singers lud io mlii a lerse to tli"
composition. In this pip-nbcf Mr.
Sullti-ilulul made his ilehuf as u
vocalists, baking the first tenor iu u
manner thut culled forth Idyli eu-
cemiiimSj t-,nil he- will not be iillowe-it
to oisrigiii'ii hit Uiiisii'u! imeut iu
Inline, Mrs. Creeliuuu sang "My
Mother's Prayer" with good ex-
priBsion nud sweet voice, und hud
un appreciative audience. Mr. Bur-
ber uliuiys ii favorite, score-it a success inilii: sung "Ai.choivo" i.nd wus
| ijbjiged to ri.'ipoud to uii eiieoie,
' Mr. 1). J. King ibup read the fol-
DiWno Service will be held in the
llovajlstoke Church every Smiduy oye;
niug nt 1 ;<&[), conducted ultcrnatoly
tiundav School upel iiible Qlnsg pf
ery liumlay a,ftornoon at 2:lle), All
ar'e cordially invited to attend,
Church of I'jie-laml Berviees
will ie- held in Revclctoko by the
Rev. J. (!. 0. Kemm evory lourth
SupJ.y ji| ti'jeh monlli.
Dissolution nl' Partnership.
Tho partnership heretofore existing
between Ernest Meteher. and Thos.
Dempster, carpenters, etc., under the
firm name of Metohor k Co., bus thie
eh.y been dissolved. The businese
will be enrrieel ou in future by Ernest
fteveletoke, June 1st 181)1.
His honor tlie LioiitHnnutrflovorqqr
bus been pleaBod to uiake the follow7
;ng appointment!
1st June, 181)1.
Napoleon FllzBtubl*.", Esquire, ti.
M., to lie Ilolil Coiq qlsaionei'i (;oir-
ennnont Agent; Asaiataqt Commissioner of Li-suds, and Woi'ies; deputy
Registrar of tl;o O.muty Court o."
Kootenay, holden at Roveldtokot Uol-
leetor of Votes; j^jtiiming (jilie.'r;
li OqtirtQf lievisiou und Appeal under
11)0 "Assessment Act" l^ogintrur nu lor
and to curry out tho Marriage Qr-
diunnoeB, und to receive a])|ilieatioiis
for rogistrutiou and recQi'd uucjer tho
piovisiouR of the Land Registry Acts
fur the West Kootenny Electoral District, yico George Cliriatio Tunstall,
Esquire, S. 11,, transferred to another
uddresa to .Mr. Turuer, aiso
pri-aeutiug bim with purses irom his
Irieiiils   ut    Shiiswiip,    J-jicniiuiib,
Rogai'o Pass and il.vii.i.ke:
To Rev. James Tuii.neb;
li v. uud  Dear Sir,��� While  We
we Buurt iue bepariitliiu of tliose >ho
0}% Seil'ii-le I.enljre. Nn 12
'i'%01 0 0 F Doniilil it C
| Regular Meeting Thursday A each
week ut 8 p. ir,.   All visiting broth
! ers ure cordially invited,
J. McLupi),     J, H M.'t.i!'.<���;>:,
N,G. Kti.
eugineuing staff, a\u] who leeeutly 'are ui.itea by tk-�� ut   mutual  n-
assisted  iu tbo Uuuean river survey I ��'���"' ��''�� ili',a.'" occa,ioi,, uf re-
i town this week.   He was pul
gitt ami burro >, we [eel ibut on tUi
wasiuiu��u.a.,0  .....   rr-���'--Y'I present  occasion   we   >ugc  uu   a
very fuvoruhly impfufised  wjth  the ^ (mltlUg uutisuully bard to laear.
appearauce of the oouutry, nut up- i    yos [our uu,s (;llil v,.u |u(fl jLeu
pearaueeb ure oltcn deceptive. aaiuugst u�� a> our miuj��ter iu Bpif
Mr. Robt. Green cum. up from ';" ���*������������ f.  "- f��'*"S U-M U��e
* ^ .   u have becuiue endeoreu to ua by
Ainsworth   ou  Satunlaiy   una    on 3,rulig uuii.imptrishdble ties.
Tbursday moruiug went down  the     A, ,( mi.,u<:.. ol .ha ,;(jS|lll 0,
fi>er ugiiiii to his uew bume aeeom- ui   Uliriat,  energy  end   zeal   Iiave
uauiedby Mrs. Green and his family, characterised   yuur  eilurls,  and it
Mr. Green sujs Ainswonh is going   '���"''      "   '   '    '' \'l lu >'0",^
��� .,y    ,   . _���.,   lauuiv thut they have tieen rewaruod
ahead rupmly aud   is  now u  smari   ... , ..;..,.   ...;..:;,   have
Luiuing tuv.ii. hi':.    turuini io     rigbteouapess
Rowlaud,  charged   wieh  h����ing -   -i ��� I   ������   I fuj proclaiming
,   ;,                i   .   i ii oi   i..e   wurii of   'iad,   nnil    vuur
robbeel lhe Cariboo stage last  Ml ��� _i-i; , _ ,    :,,.  ';1jMj    ^
and also with having recejved prqp- un pubtor ana pre&cber you nave
erly stojeu from the stage wa:, euu- iu utuiully, and we are uon-
viciea at the Clint-n   assizes tbis Hdent your Ittboib merit the Aloster'-i
'   . i i "well done,
week ou the secon.i count,    lliu lust ,
r    ���        ,, . 4b a m,. your loeiabjedl nositioi,
phurge could jetue proven. ^ UMm ^ ^ ^ ^
Five cur loads of Inmbe; udJ o ner   yuur ��ti rling fidelity tupnueij li
buildiug material   where shipped   '��� ���    ��� isneis, ban	
,   n    i r     i  .   , bun-il to piuve you woribv of thu
froui the Roviliiokd  L.imbi-r  Loeu- ,      ,        '      ,  ��� ���
���IOUJ iue i.e.uu cuLliCenee w.  n.m III I,, Bel   10   you,
utnys Mills fo tho northwest on   BDd we rejoice that ouV lot hipi i	
Saturday, and udditieoal ahii>ments   cast togeiUoi lur a season, and ur
' lo claim ;uu aa a  li'ond  Hlld
.   ,j aocord.ince with tho rules of
pigl.tuud day lumen orders. i tbectiuri It in connection win which
Burglars have  been at  work   in   you labor, lbe timo bus come when
(own.   Home midnight operator  I t - '""MU �� ���',*"- *���<*"-<"- 'u �� ��r-
i      ,,.      ,   ,,,      , ,,    r     tarn extent, and yuur di-psriuio ftouj
himself ii.to the kitchen of ibo ( "-, nll, ,���,,���, U11U,,, ,��� l]mfi ;, ^^.t.
(umbia Hotel ouTkuiedny night aud j \\,. (Hei tbttt tie ure losiug the vmJq.
inndo away wjth home of the cooks
clothing.      An   utiemi.t   w ,.i   then
piad)) to got  in   by a wjdow  in   the
ffOIji part nf tlie house, but   ths in
|)i'N.au, li. C.
: Meets 1st 2 Sundays, und last 2 Wed-
nesdiiys each uiontb,
Master,   J, S. Uubbitf.,
Sec'y,   W. F. Ogilvje,
i'ini-'r.   Aigua McLerqa,
Journal Ag't, E, A, Chesley, Kamloops, li, C,
pUlUiUUJ ,   ..���,.    ,.,., - ,   	
huvo beet)   made almost  doll' tbia   ,���'' ud
week   Iho milln have hem running I W**"1'
I    In in
ubleubsouiation pt ajrue a.a popie
iiieml, yet we maw sulaeo Irorj) the
fact Um1 iljsiuuc ; although it ma)
sever lis in person, cannot never tuu
ue.-, wbieh biml u.-i iu M..' i i . frjend
mates wero disturbed and the house   sbi--.   In pm ting wu would resign
breakers "��-������<��� "If. ' -"" ",' ���)0" '' h": : "'""-/ u"'�� ,,j1
Prea!' '' '" uur (md, with the prayer ol |l,:,
The  nnnibei's   of   Hold   [lunge Lervant ol old;   "llm  lend wateli
Branch ol the PrRtherl|opJ ol (,'<���*
motive I'lpmin, Wish to pulilicly
tbank those who aided in caripg for
tbp voinuiini of tho lulo'llioii, Jrwju,
killed in lbe accident of Hie '/7tl.
pit, and especially tp Messrs, Geo.
between ns und thee when wu are
ubttOUt oi,c lioiii anoilier; iuiil   i' |il|e
ivesurrow over loui iiepariMi'cwecDii
njoicj) in singing;
Wlide hue WO mci'l to pint agnjp,
li, be iveu wi ii mei t [u pari i o
(j;bprt,as( and  U,  IL  jempie,wpo!    ,���',!���,,',,,,,,������ ��� ,l((; |(, d
w��re>rli-:ll'llr'J,|"���'llv���,'" n^imrme i j.0(, �����!, jj,H uueowpauyiug purses,
tttn pVi.y lohe "e'llcwl- *lij��l�� we'jvJSlt V1"1 '" |iuuo|jt, nm
N'otioe Is hereby given Unit (10 days
i after dule we tho undersigned, intend
applying to tho Chief Commissiquer
ofLnnelBUud Works for permission
to purchase tho following tract of
land, Bituated at the wost end of
Trout Luke, Wept Kootonay distriot,
(-(���ginning at the north east post
planted at the mouth of the Lardeau
River, thence following tbemoauder-
e :��� of the lake 80 chains, to tho
Routh eiiBt oornor| thenco HO chains
a h Boutb west oornori tbonee 80
ohnine to tbe north woal oprnorj thenoe
80 chains io [joint of commencement,
F, B. �� ELLS.
Oco^a^iyH'ta tQ Europe
Allan       White Star
Domi: iort       Cuau'd
Bearer Aaclior
ui.d a:! i.-ll.' r iinei^ uniting from linli-
fax, pnrllsuii, Boston,How Voile
j' iltitnoi i i;re on Bale ut
' i ,  p.   R, Btatioru, ut
very low rutOS,
A-ik f^r aeilmg l|slt und rales ul
fare, Great adv��iilug���� (eonred bj
inking ocean iii kuta Irorp yur local
Ureal saying rlTeoted Ly taking
' round trip til k''U.
|'��� rths in nny ileamer engaged
Prepaid paaeago nrri-ngsd from
any point iu Iviiopc,
i'ljn-iy In JOIir M'lili il llgOIllj Ot 10
,1  I! '.'.iii.i'is, Iievelstoke, or lo
BoiwuT Ki'iin,
Gen   I'ii''"- (.gl , W'ini'ipi'H-
The publio are hereby notified
thut the Agent of Dpmjuion Lauds
al Kamloops is required from time to
time, [o uttend to duties which necessitate his visjti.g poii'pi at a distance
from l|is oOjee, and, in prder to eu-
ubln him to do this with tlm leu-d in-
eouv'-nience to persons haviug business to transip't ut the agency, it has
been decided to set apart the first
week iu each month for this purpose.
Notice is therefore given to ull
emii'i-rped that thu oljjceol the Agent
of Dominion Lands ut Kamloops
may, in future, be ejpsed between
llie 1st und 7'h ilayB, inclusive, uf
every ijionlh. This notice is given
iu order tbat peieuiii( living at a distance iuuy govern tlp-iusefvea uncord-
iiigly, ii bping uiiderstood tfiut the
office will be k.-pl open illli'iiig the
peiiod wetitpiueil whe.Lever t}ie
ugeut's ui;ti' u mil permit ol it,
' By Order.
Department of the Interior, Otlu-
wa, l|)lh Mj(|i,.-J|, 18U1.
AM) irilOLKj.VbB  A.Vi) lllir.UL DiULKiW H
BBEF I'dtla,   Kre,
Cqi-iier Front and Ilauson Sts.
AllKaUj.lI.p'JpX UII03.       -       l'liOl'llIKTOUB,
First class in every rospoct; Nearest
hotpl tp (,' P It depot aqd steatr-bo^
luiiding, between post office and gov,
buildings. Coach to and from depott
and eleuiiiboat. F'ro PWf Sate for the
aooommodation of its customers,
c.���?, B, UOUh
l'\ MfiCAttTllf -    -     PRQf
First class Toinpt;��iiupe j|ous��.
iio.u'.o   and   LonoiNi;  $5 pert tt'siitv.
IjJiAI.S, ?5c.      DUDS 25c,
Tbis hotel is situated eouyeuient to the
stutipu, is  oomfortubly   funiishoil  auij
utlorde lirot ejiit;s [(pooiumodutiou.
BT.iiioTpy ruis'^ciaaiB''.
flEVELSroKt     -      ���       ������> C
\V. Cowan, J*rop,
RopniB well atlynejuej; tables unex.
eeili-i). Wipes ijud liquors guul'ii^
lend of u higli quality. I'ire i'a
Biimplo room, 'jpoluphono coinniuni-
oution wit!) V' r. If. depot. Fire
pi'oql vet)lt for the convenience of
quests.   Rush ip.eelb all trains.
rilAS��[{JST  liATKS
I2 Pfiil \M
-.^.Tiii; -
All porsons who havo piade fBljH"
oation to purohase Crown lnud, nuder
the provisions of section 20 of the
"Land Act," to whom au extension
of time for surveying bus not been
granted, or who have failed to complete tbo survey of, and to mako payment in full for, the land applied for,
are hereby notified that their applications will bo cancelled, unless good
and sutlieietjt cause to ihe eont|it'ry
is shown within GO days from the
date of tins notieo.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and,
Lands and \Vqrks Department, Victoria, B. C, May 7th, 1891.
Assay  jinrt   Mini-itf   Oflicos,
Golden, Ii. C,
ASSAf t'Kie'K Liar,
Silvpr, Cold or Load, each,,,.Jl.fiO
Silver, Gold ami  Lead, com-
bined,.,  3.00
Silver mil Lead  2 t>0
Silver, (lolil und Copper,.!.,, 4 UO
Silver mid Qolil  4.00
Silver and Onpuer  3,01)
| Silver, Gold, jj'smi and Copper, D.SO
j Copper by Wet und l.'',lectioylsi8
ussiiy   2,50
Copper by Eire Asiuiy   3.00
Other assay prices ou application,
Ti-i:'i; (.'unii with Simples, A
ilis"iiiint oj 10 per cent, when two or
more nrosont,
Sales of Ore nogotjnted,
N. ll. for Bovornl years assuyer
lo Meesrs, Vivian k Sons, Swansea,
j     Agl'lilu W'li'lled
i    s REy.asTOX'rB.c.
The largest and most onutrul Hotel ifl
the city ; good accommodation ; every.,
thing new ; table well supplied ; barand
billiard room i',|.tiioljeil; fire proof safe,
\ liRCW.N k CLARK,
Stockijolni House
The (lining rqom ie fi(rnished  with thj
best tbp majfiet a^orejs.
Tbe bar is supplied wjth B choice stecla;
of wiues, liquors and cigars,
Str, Lytton
Will leaye R^VKLSTOKK overy
4 a.m., for ROBSON ntnl LITTLH
DALIJilS. Cpnneplipg at RCB-
SQN uilh the Columbia and
Kootenny lluilwiiynnd at Ln'l'LH
I)AL|jHS with the Spokane Fulls
k Northern Railway.
Returning will leuvo LITTLE]
DALLp every TUESDAY and
FRIDAY at 9 a, m,


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