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The Kootenay Star Jul 11, 1891

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h' '
/^'-   ! !tl 18 11
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JULY 11, 1891.
No. 4.
*i ���
ana raamg
Arc  Prepared to Sample   nnd   Purelmso  nil   Kinds of
Prices and all Information furnished on npplioation,
���Xfy? ftooten.au ~*ar
it E \' E L S T 0 K 13
xhnp xnnin
EI). PICA-RI), proprietor.
Boots and Shoes of all kinds made to order of tbo best stock on short
notice. REPAIRING ot Shoes a Specialty, Harness and other Leather
wont also repaired.   PRICES IMIIH'1.
tmmmmm r mmmmm 11,��inwriniTiiiinri-nrir r ri���i���r 1���I	
Notary Public
Notary Public.
Mining, Timber and  Real  Estate Brokers nnd  General
Commission  Agouti-!.
CouveyanceR, Agreements, Bills of Side, Milling Bonds, etc., drawn np
Rents auel Aooonuts Oolleotedi   Mining Claims Bought and sold; Abbbb-
ment work on Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc, Etc.,
IW Situ-:, i.tKi; AS.'!) Acciin-.VT [ysuiuxcE .un-rx'i's.
Lots on Townsito of Uevelstoko for .--ilo ami Wanted, Agents for Miuing
Machinery, Etc,
mmaamamt+aaaaA^ itmWmVtHmWmTmlmWaiXmw ,<ft***-%iia����l*UIIMM*^^
Ghil?"DP At WoUa
rilKUl Oj VV Ulib
���DRALRKfl   IN-
��RO��T Sr&EBtf, * - K3ST3DXST03rX3 33 Q
SATURDAY. JULY, 11, 181)1.
gywfgBgs '�����"��� - " "������������ ".t
The lack of a sufficient supply
of ore lias lor a  long time delayed  the  Koolonay   SmcltiiiL'
Syndicate   Irom operating thoir
Binelter hero, It in not because
there w lock of mines or ot oro
in the country, but probably ow-
intr to tbo went of capital pros-
peotors and mine owners have not
been able 11 develop their properties and the ore ih not ready
fur shipment.   The duly pn mining inncbiucry Ikih also boon  an
important factor in   hindering
mining dovcl-pinciit.   Then the
menus ot transportation aro nr
huve been very limited  and  the
rales ol carriage, especially in
mich small   quantities as mino
owners could ;jet out with their
limited capital, were and aro too
high to allow of reasonable profits
being rmiilo by mine owners, even
with high grade ores. Gradually,
but slowly,   al  this  is  being
changed ami ibo prospects  for
tho successful operating of onr
mines and reduction wori.s look
brighter. Tbo Smelling syndicate
in  this italic of the STAll give
notice that they are pn pared  to
purchase till lunik of ores, and it
something   unfoivccn   does   not
occur will sturt liio fires in tho
smeller  lurnnco in a fortnight.
This should ifire an impetus to
mining development directly, and
also   indirectly   by 'raising lbe
status  ot   the  country   in   the
financial world, ami llm attracting
of capital to at once develop the
mines in ibis district especially.
Once the mines are developed lo
any extent enel large (|iiantiiieB
shipped, ti'tiiiflportatio'u companies
can nilord id give good I'utus, tbo
smnltiT will be ohilge'd to enlarge
il�� cpuiily und add a completo
refining pant.   Duller pi ices cm
tin n im  paid  for ores, nnd  the
mini r will then reap lhe double
bene lit ot cheaper irniiBpoi'tation
and higher prices lur oies,   Capital and enterprise aro what are
wanted to ntiiko onr country go.
Evans Bros.' ?���
Mr^:y"y ryh'mM
.1.1      1.1. . j. ,.      .._      a^lli* ,11 .j,       t.,,     (^
��� i.       '."    ',- '. ..'     ���ti*'.*.'c
^��m& --*m:i
If you tbina of buying au Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue aud
Price Lisle
B-   C
BBIfli mtUOKMBBM - .Ttvwnnw vz*vuxr^*7ra'f*mtvi.T*r.!3^viij&\TKmKXiMi^
"7 f\ "ffi T     T5P A fi 1>TD /* X
il I \JJA ,       GUNSMITH
AH' kinds of Repairing done in a workmanlike mnnnor,   Shot pun
Rifles, Pistols, Atnmiiuitioii ko., ko,, for Bale al lowest; rices,
F/iiC Rifles Mntlo lo Older.
world of the resourooe of oue
province, and is a very laudable
one indeed" There in nothing
which this district needs more ut
the present time than cupital to
develop her latent resources, and
if by sending samples of our
0'ir rich ores to these fairs capital
may be attracted to develop our
mines a great good will bo ue-
coni'ilislieil, A good exhibit wus
mudo laBt year, und with u little
effort ti much more varied and
oomploto showing from the several camps can be made, and
there is littlo doubt tho result
dcf'i'od will to some extent bo
attained. Tho carry ini,' free of
samples by the various trans*
poi'ialioii companies will materially help in the undertaking, arid
it is to be hoped our mine owners
and others who have oris or
other products to exhibit will cooperate with tho society in making tbo exhibit what it should
That the Ilhcilloir.iet will yd
rank hie.li ns an oro producing
camp is an opinion that iB well
grounded, although through various causes llie development��� or
partial development���of tbo
claims has not had as good io-
results U* might lie expected, and
the camp is not as lively as it
was two years ago. This condition of lifluirs is greatly due to
the want of capital, and piob-
ably in uo inconsiderable degree
to the high prices wanted lor
prospects by tbo cutim owners.
The new strike lit Fish Creek
will tend to bring the camp moro
prominently to the front und
attract lliuuttuntioii of capitalists,
bul unluBS the claim owners aro
willing to dcul equitably with
moniod men, prom ess will hocob-
Bal'ily bo slow. To prove a claim
requires money, and thoKO who
undertake ibis risk and expense
should shai'6 in tlio reward as
well as tho locators of tho mine,
and claim owners will do well to
consider this iu bonding uud
making Bales,
As will be seen by an item in
another page, tho Provincial Kx-
hibition Association intend making another exhibit this year at
lhe Tuionto Industrial and other
large lairs in the Kust, and huvo
commenced active . operations
with that object in view. The
object aimed al ny ibis associa.
lion is ibo   advertising Ip  iLp
A Rich Ledge Uncovered at
Fish Creek, lllecille-
Onr Illecillewoet correspondent
semis us the following information
regarding tbe new strike mado there
Illecillewaet, B. C, July 6th, 1891
���A new discovery bus been mule ou
Fish Creek, between two aud three
miles from the DunvaRan, by Mo-
Hue and Woolsey. It is a contact
vein from ten to twenty feet wiiie,
between granite and lime stone.
There is two feet solid galena, three
feet carbonates und the balance is
couseilruting ore. They traced tbe
le-ttil over a mile and located four
ciaiuis which takes in 0,01)0 feet.
Assay imnle by Mr, Harvey,
Golden, gave 0-1 oz. silver, 71 oz.
lead, and a truce of gold. This is
beyond doubt the best looking pt'OB-
peet iu the camp uud there is every
reason to believe it will turn out to
be a valuable piece of property,
The owners are making arrangements to start development' work ut
The (Government with commendable promptness have decided to
build a trail to connect with tbo ono
already tuaile to the Dunvuguu, and
also build a bridge across the river.
The whole expenditure for this proposed woik will not is expected exceed ijjeOO,
Is   Attracting   Prospectors
and Land Hunters.
Mr. J. W. Thomson on Wednesday
returned from the Lardeau country
and cannot say too much in favor of
it. Thu trail into Trout lake just
completed by Mr, W. J. llankius is
an excellent piece of work be states,
nud Ihe good results from itH com-
pletiou are already apparent. More
thau a score of prospectors aro ul-
rcady working around the foolhillu
and mountains with encouraging results, That thero will bo a stam-
peelu into the Lardeau ou the completion of the trail from Kootenay
Luke to Trout Luke is almost a oer-
taiuty, as tho couutry ia now and
ouo of undoubted promise.
There are also bouio excellent
stretches of land, a quantity of
which bus been taken up und tbo
remainder is being looked after,
Mr, Thomson took up somo hind
near Trout Lake and says he will
make a toivusite of it. The fishing
on the lake is exceptionally good,
and Thomson's Trout. Like summer
resort will ho the feature of tbe ne-ur
Game ami fish are so plentiful in
tbe Lardeau that prospectors euu
live very cheaply, which luct Mr. A.
Abriiliauison is now demonstrating.
Ou Woduesilay ho left with Boveru)
others on ft ten flays cruise, during
which lliey will depend on then*
rods and rifles for the greater part of
their provisions,
Rifle Shooting', Horse Itac-
ing and Sports.
Saturday last was not a good day
for a celebration; but tho programme prepared by the Lasteuilers waa
carefully carried out despite tha
wind and rain.
The shooting matches occupied
tbe most of the day, at the ranges
near the Biding, The unpropitlous
weather prevented good scoring,
but the contest was kceu throughout
at 100 and 201) yards.
II. A. Brown carried off tho honors
of the day with a score of 40 points,
out of ii possible of 00, winning a
handsome ruautlo clock valued at
$25, Guy Barber took second ami
a mersohaum pipe worth $10, with
1)8 points; II. Bourne third, soora
32, prize gS clock; W. A. Jowett,
fourth ��5 pipe, with 29 points.
In the evening the athletic sports
were called, beiug held on tbe road
near the baseball grounds. The
track was ill a very bad state, but
this did not prevent keen competition
and a respectable crowd. The following is the list of events and tho
successful competitors,
100 yards ilush, 3 entries���M W.
Caldwell; 2nd ,T. P. Sutherland.
Throwing shoulder sione, 5 entries
-lst J. P. Sutherland; 2nd W,
Tht'eeleggr-il rnee, 2 entries-lst
.Tim uud Charlie, Indians; 2ud J. P.
Sutherland; 1). J. King.
100 yards dash, noun to employees
of the Iievelstoke Mills, 3 entries-
lst John Ferguson,
Quarter mile race, (i entries���lst
J. P. Sutherland, 2nd D. J. King.
A tug of war betweeu a team of
twelve men picked from the Railway
towusite, and a liko number from
the Farwell townsite, proved a very
exciting contest. After a hard and
steady pull the h nvyweights from
the lower town brought their opponents pver the line.
A spirited 'horse race wub then
ruu, Newberry's Birdie, MeCarty'a
Buckskin; Itighton's Uave, and
Tnrcotte's Loafer entering. Newberry won easily from tho ttii't.
TTo sun came out for a time ou
Wednesday and smiled ominously,
Later oa there was a rilll-i on the
soeiul stream when it became kuown
tbat a wedding bad been quietly
celebrated iu town while tbe day
was jet young aud tbe iiususpocting
populace were beginning to attack a,
day's work, 'lhe contracting parties
were Miss Lydia ,T. Irvine and Mr.
J. Fred Hume, who were united in
marriage at tbo residence nf the
groom in the presence of oely a few
relative-- and friends, llov. T. W,
Hall of Kuinloops performing the
ceremony. Mr. \V, F. Teetzel, a
well tried friend of the gloom acted
as best man, while Miss Hume,
sinter of thu groom performed thu
ollice of bridesmaid, Tbo fortuuute
and happy oouplo left on tho nioru-
ing train to make a bridal trip to
thu National Turk, Banff. Beforo
emhiiiliiiig on the tram they were
showered with rice���and tbo betj
wishes of their friends fo; their welfare iu journeying over the matrimonial sea,
Miss Irvine has only beon a resident of Iievelstoke ayeai.but during that time she bus made many
life lung Irieuils, who have testilied
to their approbation in the social
event referred to, Iiy presenting her
with numerous beautiful presents.
Mr, J. Fiod Hume is ono of tho
pioneer, aud iiImi oue of the most
proeporous moaobants of the district, whose geui.il ami generous
disposition and fair dealings bus
won hi iu beats of friends. With
these the Stah unites in offering
Iiini au I bin bride felicitation-,
Mi p it*uwho mo nuni    iu m.i.vu ii*    ut-
A f*ur page twonty-colunin new |li"" th"t lllirt t-linilM kl m,lt,�� lll,!
| resting  p|n,.0   ���f ||,u  illustrious
Mper, is issued from tbe office o  ,   ,   , ,
| oeail ol the ni'ilc--.
publication, Kovclstoke,   ll, ('
Subscription prjce ��2 per yem
lia'os of ad'crtising given on
fll'ilislier nil I Hi'iipi-tor
|-J.'l.e"MJa*i,.JhC������.''."i*l.' ��� MggMMMMf*.
SATURDAY, JULY, 11, 1891.
���ii   i ' ,  i i ii
'���This ifl a cold snap," said tbe
slangy girl us sho pat'look of the
ice cream.
Tlie Kaiser iu  England.
(j|i Sutiirduy the (jermun
filial r und |'||i'l,y arrivoil in Kilt,--
land, Tbo Uobuni'illern, as ii
approached Shccrncss, was re-
(jcived with an Imperial salute
from lhe Uritish squadron in
waiting, and lhe fleet presented a
speclucle which, the Kaiser acknowledged, far surpassed anything tbat he bad seen in the
paval display in Holland. Tne
Prince ot Wales the Dukes of
(Jonni|Ught jiinl l'.i|]p|ni;-g|| tup!
ptber mi'inbers of the royal family went down to meet the Kuist'i
pp tho landing, The hearty
greeting \v||.ch the Princo gave
the Emperor soemod lo gru.ily
\ho Emperor and tbo crown
oheen-d when il-u 1'i-iiice, alter
k sHiig tho lijinij (i| tlie E|ppft,Hi!,
suddenly imprinted a hearty hies
upon her cheek. Windsor was
pupcrbly deporuleil with flags
The Scuts (ji|aids were ijeawn up
at tlie Htaiion to give the kinpei-
pr and Empress u luiljlmy \vel>
pome, The Princess ol Wales
and othp priupssscs were also nt
(he station ami were ipli'iiduced
tu iitpl welcomed l|jc Kaiser,
On tlie arrival of tbo Imperial
puny at Winded' tbey wore
Diet by the Queen at lhe slate
entrance, und Her Majesty ivarup
|y embraced bolh the Kaiser nnd
(be plniacri:!.
A Bold  jii-o'licrj-ootl,
Tho Industrial Brotherhood ol
(L-npatia, ar) orgapisatjiiii founded
pt a r.cent nn-clingin Woodstock,
met iu ouiiVoi lion in Loudon on
Saturday tp ||dopt a pons,'iinl|ii||.
fjojij in   <!!,:ai)UgiMi, :    A (anions, ho|'BU in   Kentucky
���._- is oalleij Littlo Brown i|||g.   The
Mr. W. Q. Alenck reiiii'iieil on j uuunul should be lull of spirit.
Kriilny by the 'ipiaanugiio," vfiiii '
Mr. li, llees, the   n.jii.ii-' ejf.pei'1,
who lias been cxaiiijiiiug jnii) the
nuiure nnd quality of (.lie cpjil
scums lately discovered south
west of Dog Like. The |'oi|ow
Ing filers c-iiincctcil with the coal
excitement in t|ij(i region were
iiiriiishi'il by tliusjj two gentle.
men: A lul'go flit of abuui fj.llOU
acres has been slaked off ilitn
cliiiuis and coal croppings on all
were examined hyMr. Keen. I'he
liii'gest surtiiHu seams uppoiii' on
the claim ot If If, .Vl.iOnay, anil
llio greatest number on llml oi
K. C. limes, although eo.il shows
up well on nil the Claiips Liken
up. ll is i|in|i|iiliieilly first, clase
bituipiiioiis coal und measures perfect, L||p indications of quality
Inuile all that could be desired,
A parly ol Spokane people are
now ou llie spot, one being Mr.
Mill-in, u weH-l'nmyn prospect,,!',
supposed to .'.present tho Spo.
knee k Aon hern K. K. 'I hey
have luid in n snpply of pro.
visions tor four months and aie
sinking a shall on ono of the
claims. There is a uouil wagon
road 'I'pui Poiitiotp.ii io the mines
a distuueo of lo miles, and if the
river between tho lakes wore
tiiae]c navigable the ilisianco by
t'inid':Wi)ii|i.| be reduced to two
miles. I'u.t ot tne flat bus already h on tiiiiued Cumberland
City��� though no townsito has
I id. n laid out���us lhe coal is sup-
posed to le fiiii'iliii' it| (-utility to
the Cumbeiluiid nqid used ly
ilacksuiitliB on the coast, selling
nl �� very lug figure.���Vernon
Tlie-y say 'tis summer, but grout
vV'hai -ye-ullier we behold!
(Jne  day wu say, i'hew, am'l it
The next, Ugh! ain't iicold-
A man or woman wiih money
cun i.lways buy bail wilb which
to Li-jli in tlie iniiii'iinouial sea.
Iruto father- 1 never' put) my
father impudence when I   was a
Si n-Maybe your lallior didn't
need il,
Every girl who goes to n Slimmer resort tbis season will have a
souvenir spoon���il Nho Cttl| Iiini
die right tellow to help her to it
lie who courts and goes away,
Muy court again iHiotl.n'' day;
liut he who weds and courts girls
May go to court against his will.
Ward���What do you suppose
Solomon meant when be said,
"fl-ivo me neither poverty nor
Kahdall���He probably wanted
to work on a salary.
(ijlow tyi'l I eiitcf tho money
the cashier skipped with," asked
lhe bookkeeper, "under profit
aud loBs'f" ''No; suppose you
put it under running expenses,"
n beautiful picture without printing
for twentv-live Itoynl ('ruivii
Son]) Wl'iipiM'rH' A one cent postage stain�� will carry tho wrappers.
The picture will be mailed free.
Royal Crown is the purest and
best soap n|ado, and is the o||cnpesi
tp use. Only UoJ'ill OroWll
Wrappere. Cxiliangi-d.
Winnipeg, Man.
. i eeize
A Curious Case.
PrivinoialOi'llcer McNeil srriv
ed Irom Mny.ie Inland, yesterday
siVij ip- Victoria-Colonist of Sunday with a young man named
Frank llayid. a I'lcnclimun, who
III!.'   Inl.'ll    I'lilllliillteil    tor     Iria
Sho���Your society refreshen
me greatly.
He���Thank you. Then you
won't Mud jl J jitity another
She���Oh, dour, nol You have
such u country uir about you it's
u |)pf-((iol picnic lo bo iu your
The platform of the ,,sHocia���on is I eh , vvilll -llWi, ^^ m
lh^lll..o||eyt)P.ssueu   bytlieLury ���,  ���,-��������������� t,,it,j i(j  ���
Xaiitioiml Irovcrnnieiii to the ex-      ,. i   .      -n     ,"       ,        .,
' ' tlOVjll ijpC    llie  farmers  to  tl
elusion   qt  hank    corporations:        . ,   .,     ,   .   ., ,,
.      , ' J    ' in-'glibo.-boo'l ot   }'lumpeis I...B
that 1-iurnuneiii burn to  lum ers ,       , i      ,
o      i    i^i���,e.i. havo been missing sheep lor some
money at the lowest possible limtl pttsl, one flock being short
ral-is, jn lieu (,f excessiyo ...ort, ,Wepty und unoiher eighteen,
gage rates; that the surplus j dUHpieion M m jjttTJdi ,,lho|lgh
I'OJlHlfttimi ef Qqr Umi'fl and w-... ,,,,������], Ul,,e ffere ,��� liqt
uud cil.es beoflered inducementsjki.Qwn.undiliree special police.. 	
to settle on  North.West   lutifls: jmeu were sworn jn to effect bis     .      ,,  ,   , ,    ,   .���
tliKt il,,, i:.ri,  A good stock always on band.  All
that lhe ^oiemmi-iii obuin .-.,.,. ,,,,,���,,,,   Th.s was not difficult; kindsiq( Baking i loneito or ler.
tl'ol      Qt     ail   Steamship   lines,  us he came in a< ��n���n as he. knnw i
I^Mlld railway, 'it  u,���. ^, .' . . T^Z^nZ    ^K)LEON LATUEMOU^
Has opened u llakery in the store
lately occupied by Jas. McDonald k
Fo., and is prepared to supply the
Finest Bread,   Huns, Cukes.
Pastry,  Mtc.
itted  for  trial,  and talren lo
tiyne l-lunl hotel,  where two | FaaBifiB
Urges among other   Ihiiigs,   pro
hihiiion of foreign contract  labor
|iptlol'.Ojpe|,djtH|:e lor  tho   im- ���lfi'c,H   Wera  p|aCcJ   0n "K,mrd : I t��||rW
portationol e!i;,/i':,',u.   Ublig��. ove,, |lirn,   {���  tho   u'uht their  fcf**
lory  education  and  voting are he.vy eyelids closed in ��lum,beni,  ��" ���--    	
ulsp |aiili|qwn ub the   jiniicipl-a Lpd when t|iej awoke the pris.     IJEVRLSTHKK TIME TAHLE.
pf the Brotherhood.   Tne   plttt, I oner was gone, and so  was the j Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily
form furthermore advocates   the ff,rrant ul  commitment, which ��� 1'l*cifl';
o>)iiti���nof busies  gruqiiou.and ������,. ,,r tho oflic-.i'i, h.ul lu,l in his
Piqils iu adherents to  endeavor ,,0,.k,,.    Thull  ,ilf)  BXOilBrner,,
Passengers iirriving Sundays un,l
Wodnasdaya will ooflp,eot with steam-
to ih��� , v uu.,, 9MWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWMWM B|K NV.Uoii, upil points
io nave the present competive beoame intense.   U.ivi,| wus >.t: ,��� ^u:>1,, ii������,,,my. '       ' '
mw KB|WE��ad|Hl Uf i\ pq,oporu,  ,,m-e rniwd. to the dignity of an ;    ClhoRpoot, iqart reliable and s��fo
\\ta |Di|K|lfjul 4Valum. i,mlaw, a:, i a d��tlg!JrQU8 one, and ; rontfl ko Mnqtranl,Tqronto, St. I'-aul,
���^ (he whole neighburtiaoil turned PW0*��  'N"v v",k  "ml   ll,"il""'
A 1Icini.--i-ii ia, ii,,,  r.,,...;!,,1 i    or   , Rates 15, \o S1Q l(\wai than any other
A -MM","!'',! Y>. ll(<.  I-atc s\v- .out with   Vy iuoin.-8i.ers to   hunt i ,'lh(.r ���,,,,,,, **
vIvbni||Lon(|oo, him down.   !'''is was the position "  ..ll,.:,.^���r6 |,;im,,y fov^tol-e ofl
������ o| afiiiiis when the Victoria, q)|.  Tuesdays, Thursdays.and Saturdays
Al   tl(p   ^ggcs.iot,   of    1^ WWWM  lhe Bceno.   He sent ��� 'ft."���' W<* ** '"'" Wi^t (J.
lla.bci'ry.tl^mpcrn,, ^ ^  ^ W o| ^n^l^Jg" ^ ^ <""'-
m bpp. hM ft��4  . -,id I a-^M ajj,, Mr; Divid ]   ��� ^ (?
{or the pvectiflfl q| H mmW |P |W ll m*tom Victoria wanted I f^'t 2 ' "U'"  " ' 1' m''mm:
VhM\<bMn\W  hew p,f tow bW, The haqJ man  W^ J^wm JoMfflg.wijcl
' ,     t,    , ,    ,   .. ,           * ���}  oloaa tioKets,   Ivawingeru hooked to
Vhe (alp gif Jehu \. ^0.lQna|u;, Baffle ip at o.opp,, ���li���ost mei\  ^  f,,���l( r1, nn    "1   .,������,���.   t
^^^    ^^^       '       IWlth  (car Ql'  aswsinalion.   lie | |,���w,,,i it4(,���.
Ismtltiowftiwl tq p-mr-n inl "to* Wght m* m& fa
A   pcljlioil U)  tlio   l^ilecti   is in
clr.OHl(lt,ip.n  vcmieutttii'   ihi't  St. -, ,   ,-��� ,",,������   ���   .-, i    w-v f"Htt���� ��'* "���*���   wiuw n-w
luul'.be'ti.'ie'iAie   sane. ������i , , 1      "   {A'M^;'{   l,l(J WWWl*.   MM    W^l" HW WT��  MCWY
FheQrderofi  Vina?.Wr^,WW,P  ',l","l   ^   M   R^TlMl (4hl  IJFA
ihe Qrdur nl Rt, wow.\ ami St.! sogltt:, lie win tw't iw ft apwdy i n,,- \ p, a
l^uflfgQ.   '|tin gr-QMb^t)  (ar llie :n;i1 "l -,',|("'-     ���!"' ilvl^ Hi
".,.,,!    ,       ,, ('.ni/ ic i ipe !"i'��� hum p eeP/iiig
(t-ufti ^(ictujni-u uml iimt Sf' ijut oim\ piti.ni.M- vtbi��h tie wy
1'Hvl'S isiW H!��l*1 1;'Ji|,-,'u.1-  Ri'tlIuwb BV^ll'
|i'n||,'|ie|i.i|ial,,l..ii,(i.fii,iiiiini i}iv<u(
Aesi,t(un'l Pfciighi ftg'tiYnwww,
(is uiil, HAMH-Tcv,
Notice ie hereby givon tlpit the
Order in Council, wbiel) was approved
by His Honor the Lioutemitil.Uny-
emor on 80t(l .Inly, L-iOO, providing
that the aliei|iili|iu of Crown lauds
by private s.'lp be disaontiniiet],
notice of ndiiel] was publisher^ in |!ie
Uritish Colu.||l.ia (iaselte |||)fj dltipil
illst.luly 181111, bus been fosoinded,
ami that t]nr|y [301 days after the
da|.p of this notice yaciint unreserved
Ojiflwu laiiils will he open to oulo
UUiler tho ])fovjsiuii8 of the "Lund
Chief Cnmmiseiqner of Lands and
Lands and IVorl-fi ])e[)iirlinoiit,
Victoria, B, C, 80th 4pril.
Yjctofia, May Otb, 1891,
Notieo is ||ppeby given that tbe
Annual E*'aii|inutioii of Candidates
for Certificates of Qualification to
toaoli in the Publio Sclieiols of the
I Wince will be held as follows, eo.n-
monoiiig nn Friday, July, jjnd, at
9:30 n.iii.
In Viotoria- High School Building.
Iu K'iniloops-PublieSchool BuiLliug.
Each applieai|t must furwurd a
notice, thirty days before the eianii
iutttiou, stating the class and grade
of certificate for which he will bo n
Candidate, the optional uubjectB selected, and at which of lip- nbovo-
named places be will attend.
Every notice of intention to Ije o^-
a.nineii must he upuompiiuied \vii|i a
testimonial certifying to the i|iorul
ohiiriuiter of (he. candidate.
S. I!. POPE,
Superiutfi-'ileul of I'ilueation.
Iii'vi-'.i.sTijKi-: k Nki.sok,
A Fuliinil Co i .Ini lin i'
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, Ao,
IW Cigars at Wliolestilo.
li\V5in\'i) Sewing Machines kept
in stock.
S H O P.
The 'subscriber would intimate
to the rpuWio genem|lv that bo is,
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Class, and ail ll','i!,.|ing-J Mnliai'iiil,
Picture framing, ko,
Collins, Caskets, 8hroiid8, ko. Carried ju Slock.
Jt. I101VS0N,
|{ei;ts .mil Dofetp Collected.
IlfclVKLSTOUC,,   -     .   B. 0
Application will hn made to the,
Parliament of  Canada, at its um*,
mission, IV mi Act to revive the A��tj
un Aeli
Solioitorfl for applicants,
Ottaw-a, 43*April, 1^1,
Have entire sale of tbe celeboated Canmore bard, lump and qnt coal, unit,
able  for  baso-bnruera ami other stoves.    CHEAT HEATING
PQWEU.   MUCH CHEAPER THAN VQu'p,    Delivered ni Kovelstuke, any part, of town,  ���ff'Jt.OQ
Kamloops89.1)0; Donald SJ8.nO.    Special
���^quotations for car lots.   Coal Btovea
sold ntwholesftlc cost llay, oats
and brim sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at Kamloops and peii-
ald.   Apply
a>a^ALP, p. g
Wl   ll.l . II  j.j,
(jiJLTVUAIe, m\ MpwlftMir* to tto
Kootenay District,
mh iVU.\m-iM��PAL'<lUNlwpRQMpiaY ATTRNDRPI
j I od ie, w\i<\ wo.m\ in \\\o \m\ *^Uv Oewwwwl ivlu
i a'lef.mU.y, t
I'    1
11 ,
i'l it
V   \
I- '.
1. Any psrsou wh�� t��l?��s a pupor
(regularly from th* Post Ollico,
���either be bus subscribed or not, is
-responsible for th* payment.
5. If a person nnlerii his paper
4ijOontinued be must pay all arreais'
or the pnblis.'liN ��u��y oontinue to
send it until payment is made, ami
thsu col|"ct tlw wlpilo amount
whether the paper ia tat-en from the
���flic* or pot.
4. Io suita for subsciipliena, Ihe
suit may be ioBtituted where tbe
paper i�� published.
4. The courts have decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from tbe Post Ollice, or
r*moying and leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pinni facie
evidence of intentional frond.
weekly arc arriving in   Pub
in a destitute ooodition.
ijuivoib.    i un lonncr sue scoured
e   in the usual way, but tho latter
required more ingenuity, as she
Ml*'.*' W u
Donald & Uo.
nf tho Uigur. Hon.   W. E.  C
sione, died on the 5th iiist.
ex- premier  is  prostrated
Before tlie Gate.
They "nve the whole long day to idle
TotUiiilnoiif-and jest.
To mooils of soberneae W idle, after,
And silences, as idle, too, as fhe
But when at last upon tbeir way re-
Taciturn, 14�� and loath,
Through the broad   meadow in  the
suns'): burning,
Tbey reached  the gate, one flue
spell hindered ibeui both.
Her heurt was troubled with a subtile anguish
Such as but women know
That wait, and   lest  love  speak or
speak uot languish,
Apii   what   ih'.y    would,   would
rather they would not so;
Till he Buid-'fl|Hi{ilf(l nothing ooai-
Of all the woi.dro.ia guile
That women  win   themselves  with,
ami prinliui;
Eyes of relentless asking on hor
the while���
''Ah, if beyond this gate the path
Our steps as far as dentil,
Ami I might open it"��� His voice,
At its own daring, faltered under
his breath.
lyum .-,ii.'~��liii.'i b"tli bis  faith and
fa-Hi* ClielllllltCji
Fur beyoi.ils words to tell,
Feeling her womun's finest wit had
Tbe art  be  had  that   knew  to
blunder no well���
Shyly -lrew near a little step, and
"S||al| wu tint he too |ate
Pur tea?"  she Buhl.    "I'm  quite
worn out with walking;
Yes, thank-i, your arm,   Ami will
j oil���open the gate?"
���   ��� -     -*a>.      ��� ���   ���
W. IJ, Gladstone, the oldest sot. j bad no spare money and her face I
would not. briii!: her many dia��
momls. Dressed well, refined
lo.ki.iL', and of a modest bearing
she tripped into several jewelry
stores from d'jy io day and looked
over the rings, Her trick was
to drop her handkorehiof over n
ring ou tbo show case, and thon
after examining si.tliplos to hor
heart's content walk oft with u
sparkler. Her next mnvo was lo
take tbe gem to n pawnbroker
ami sell it, the proceeds going tu
,. I the wedding fund, In this way
i-ho is known to have disposed ol
lour ring, worth Su'OU. Sho was
cani-lit in Iho uot on Friday uud
u.reslo.l, her lover being taken
into custody  ub ul) accomplice,
C|cai|in.',r�� from AH Ovfll'tlio
Wido World,
B, Houston, for many years
pigbt ediior of tbo Toronto Ulobc
has gore lo Victoria to take a
position on tho Times.
Last week an expodition of
ooe hundred armed Boers crotB-
ed the Jangppt-liQ rivor with the
purpose of raiding Mnshonaland.
They were at. advance nUi.rd of a
forniinble Trek. Tbo troops of
' the British Snutli Alriciin Company promptly went out to meet
the the ruidei's and succeeded in
forcing thorn back after uiTeeling
their- leaders.
On Tl'iday morning I Bt the
town of Ravenna, Ohio, was
upjialed by a terrible railway dlii
lister. A" express loaded with
Bleeping passengers was run into
by a freight train while the os*
proas was at a standstill, The,
WWk Ql tho passenger was tor.
I'ihlij and complete, To add to
the CQi.diiiou oi ibo iinfovmnftle
pHssem/era who were irnprUonod
in the debris, tho train caugi.t
fire and was oansnmod., Jn this
���jay-(leiUb, fairly swept ihruiigh
(he wveoliod U'ftln nail twenty
bodies, nw-ty ��H of them char,
red in a hofi'ililp indnoer, who
Men flWti Twouly^iu'ce injured.
Free Russia hitherto prinlod ir.
London, King., will in future 1 e
piiblished in New Voile. The
paper will oontinue to champion
eonsiituliotiul govornment for
J);-. Silva Jat'ilin, a journalist of
Rio Janiero, while taking a look
down the crater of .Mount Vesu
vius tlie/iibct' day,  was
in tod by gas and  fell headlong
into the piibli'O.i of burning lava,
Chancellor (Joohen recently
declared in the hijltso of Coin-
nions that .lie imperial govern'
incnt was willing to advance
��i"iO,()flo to pro.note immigration
from ibo Scottish highlands lo
driiisli Columbia.
Premier Mowai of Outurlu hus
Oi'ittUgeii to settle the dispute
regarding tho ownership of
lll.nu'l-s Island, claimed by tho
United Slates, lie s,,ys thero is
no doubt the Island belongs to
Ontario, und bu makea no niijs-
on that scoi'i1.
A Westminster man named
Drysdalo recently built a cim-
nery on Sumiuhtnoo Spit, oppos
He Bliiinc, which he intcnJs <>p-
eiating with OhiHttu.cn, This
iho people ol Blaine and Whttt��
cull protest against and al u
n.'iss uiccliug l.elel iu Blaine,
resolutions wero paescel declaring
that no chinuinuii Would be
allowed lo land in Whatcom
A vprdiyt for 8100,000 damages
the largest nun. ever awarded Hi
America upon a suit ior the alien.
alio., ot n wile's uffculiniiH, was
rutiituod by a Denver jury the
oilier dny, Willis S. French be��
licved io iii) a lujjlioiitiirp, must
hand over tho sum to Cecil A,
IJeauo, as ..lie result of a suit
which lasted for nearly three
wci'ies behind clo-md doors,. All
lhe parlies interested in tbo trii.i
are wcil known, mi,I every pobs
ib'c cltoi'i ban bci-n made lo Keep
the del|ij|s out ol the papers.
iiuckler it Sons, of Buflalo,
wbo have the contract tor the
Canadian Canal ut Suult Ste.
iii.rio, h..vo been notified by the
Canadian authorities Unit none
but Canadians shall be permitted
to bo employed on the work.
This throws out ol employment
over u hundred American dredge-
mon, The cause ot this is sup*
supnoso'l to ho ibe exclusion of
Canadians from the work on the
"Sou" cainil on tho American
Curry large lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Hod-room sets ranging in price from $8.60 to $500.    Hotels furnished throughout.   O.iieo aud bar-room chairs.   Spiug
iflattressoB made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.    Mail
orders from Kootenay Luke
poiuts will recoivo early
uud   prompt,   at,
tumMimmaimmm - -ni immwimvmaaMm
����� c-
They were released on bail and
Blriiightway niii.-i'iej. The girl's
friends say she is a kleptomaniac,
and it is probable her undo, who
is wealthy, will endeavor to
Btruigliteu her accounts,
������ -*^.-~ ���.
Provincial Exhibit.
Tbe Provincial Exhibit As<o-.
ciation bus conituencoii active
work it. preparing tor the annual
exhibit to be sent to Toronto and
other largo eastern lairs. Mr,
Ii E. (JiBnell, who served in a
capacity last year, has been rr>
appointed commissioner, und will
visit the principal seelhns of the
piovince, superintending tbo collecting of exhibits, preparing in-
for.nation, and iu other ways
-.-oiling ready for the trip, Furin-
es and frail growers especially
aro requested to suvo tho best
specimens of their products as
tbey mature, and forward to tbe
Provincial Exhibition Association
Vancouver, whore thoy will be
takeu in chargo and properly
arranged, Sliiuufiiomrcrs, mine
owners iitpl nil others interested
arc invited to assist in making
the exhibit ns largo, varied and
complete, mi illustration of the
resources ol liritifh Columbia us
possible. The good effects ol
| previous exhibits arc being aeei.
every day in all parts of the
province, and no slono should be
left unturned to bring tbe Pacific
province ol Canada more prominently beforo the eyes of the
world. All exhibits addressed,
"Toronto Kxhiliit, oure of U.
Oppoubeimer, Vancouver," will
bo carried Irco of chargo by the
various irunsporlution companies. Care should bu taken. to
accompany all articles with the
name of owner or producer,
districl, locality, und otbor details.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
Sranite  waro,  and   Lamp  GoQ'ls.       Tin,  Copper  and    Sheet Iro
Waro made to order.    First class work guuranteod.     Ordors promptly
attended to.'
fe'^/V- - ---:| ,W  ���}-'-'1 p>*>m
'ms v; ���' ���>'-'.;'' -j f- i-i'. >-j-i- its',
-?)'?',    ���V./Jl
<Ji|ry Abolished iu Russia.
An inipo'-tant movement is im
inineut in li.iBHia, in the shape of
the abolition of trial by jury.
This form of trial has never been
much ot an obstruction iu the
way of despotic government, as
an fti'Quitled person, who in tlio
opinion of tho authorities, ought
to Ipiyc been convicted, is quietly
sifted and departed whither no-
bony knows and nobody dares
to enquire, but tho moral effect
ot nndc-ircd verdicts has Borne*
times been uuiH.yimr, \l is proposed tu put uu eud to all this by
sweeping lhe jury system out of
exisieuce aud also by substituting
in place of tbo jury, a stuff of
judges appointed by tbo judicial
admitisu'atiou. and whose decisions will bo strictly u register nl
the official will,
Would V,'oiir SiftiRQUdtu
A New YiU'l* girl wanted to
gel tuur-rieil uud ��Uo also wanted
W IVUttl' diaWWlilii   eSj she |ei
bom Bt tmmm mxmm, il
ician, ^iiiiif
111 orders by mail
expre.'s promtly
atten led
AH   deaoriptioni o
gold and silver
(Close to C, P. II. Depot]
Notieo ia hereby given that tlio
following binds arc hereby reserved
from sale or pre-emption until further
notice, via!���A atrip of land one
mile in width on ouch aide of a line
commeuciug at the paint where
Cottonwood Smith Creek crosses tho
southern boundary of Nelson Town-
site Reservei thenoo following the
valley of tbe Cottonwood-Smith Creek
to its betid t thence along the valley
of tl-o Salmon Kiver to a point opposite to the head of Beaver Crook;
theuoe across the summit to the
valley of Ilouver ('reek, and follow
ing the paid valley to its mouth;
theuoe following tbo east side of the
Columbia lliw to the lutenuUloual
BeuHdwy toe,
Chief Oomrnissiwet of Iianda t.ml
\4\m\'} and   Wwl'a Daparteent
YieVTO, lUUkt. May, 18',U>
Importers of tho Choicost Groceries and Provisions.
We curry ft select and completo stock of gout's furnUitigs, ladios'.toilet.
and children's boola, shued unit hose, stationery, patent medicines, es,
requisites and ready-made clothing.   A   large  ussol'imeut of pip
lohucco, cigureiteii, imported and domestic c.gal's, Iruils, cuLdy, elc
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber, aud other goods,
loo numerous lo mention, at moderate priced,
Telephone cuninunication.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Iievelstoke and Nelson,  B. C.
Dry Goods, Provisions and Hardware,
mmmt^mmaKmm 11 mmmm \ ��i>^w��p^i*ppf��w-w      .������    mmmmmtm mm*w^ww������w���wmm
��� mj/mmm mmm******mmmmmmmm .��������������������! mmmmjm    www><���mmmm
Tho Pnhlio will Und it to thoir advantage to oall and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices
Any ordors planed, wiih  Mr, QtWaUiW Linlimaiik will hava ou<
arel.il iittoniian  .ml  prompt jdelivory lo any pari ol Revolsloke.
PRICES CiUAR\NTEEU TO BE A3 LOW AS ANi' OTHER HOUSE. Divino Service will bo held in tho
R��T��l��tolte Church every Siiwh.v livening at 7 ;8U, conducted alternately
Suuday School nnd Dibit) Chits ov-
���ry Sunday afternoon at 'I'M. All
ar* cordially invited to attend.
Church of K.icliii-il services
will be held ill ItevelMokc by the
Knv. J.C, i!. Kemm every louiih
hutiibiy in eaoh mouth.
gjjt-jSfefe btlklrk LoUgo, No 12
\g0Fl IS   Hon a in 110
lingular Meeting Thursday A each
vi-nk ut 8 p. m.   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. AicLi'.on,     .J. 11. AIathi'Soh,
aN. ti. li. ti.
DjNALtl,  II. U.
Meets 1st 2 Suuduys, and lust 2 Wednesdays each mouth.
Alastt-r,   J, S, babbitt,
a-iec'y,   VV, F. Oghvio.
I'mc'r,   Aljjhs lUoljeun.
Journal Ag't. 111. A. Chesley, Kh.ii-
l00pB, b.C.
LUUU.UUl'lV'lj 1-TRJiUEiS,
Donald, I!. 0,
aon> n.iNat; LoDaic, No. 341.
Meets lst 2. Wwtaosditys, and 3rd and
tliaij Sundays, iu Firemen's Hull,
Master,   Arthur Kaudail.
Secretary,   .Joseph (Jalliu.
Oilleetor,   Geo li li ivett, B-x 4!)
iioeoivor,   Jh.IIvS   Falconer,  t'an
more, IS, W, T.
Magazine Ageut,    11 J MeSorley
local jiiiwa ncuuets
Pie-keel Up in tho Town und
Special rediiutiuii iu Sugar at It.
E, Lemon's.
Mr. W. T. Kinney, representing
the Yancouier. World, was iu teivn
Mr. \Vm. Kirkup weut down to
Nelsou ou 'lhuivihiy to look alter
hit business there.
Mr. J, Wilson, telegraph super,
intendent for the C. P. II, wus in
town this in-ek eu route to Sproat,
Mr. II, M, Strnmberg, priuo1p.il of
the New Westminster high school,
was iu town Wednesday, lie will
spend his holidays iu visitiug tee
Dining e.uups in Kootenay.
Mr. J. ti. Cluti-. Oolleotor of
CuBtoui\ Now Westminster, und
Fisheries Iuspi-etor, McNub, of lhe
s��mee-ity. ivero in town this week
sud went down the river Thursday.
Messrs. R, V, I, iwe, Wm, Diure,
and A, McGalliuer, lately of Fire
Valley, ami P, (.'. bos .veil uml John
Self Sealing Preserve Jars at It.
E. Lemon's.
Mr. J. 1), Cui'seiiili'u, of Yuncoii- \
ver, is doing Kootenai, iiguiu,
Two men were set 10 work to-day
to improve tho mud to tbe Sun Iter.
Mr,'All, Fitzpaliuk, will conduct
tin- services iu tbo Methodist chinch
Caribou are plentiful down the
river, uml in the various smaller
tulievb throughout tl.t! distriot.
Mr. All. FitBpatt-ii'k aaniBed himself by cliuilu.ig the Great Glueier
ou Mouiiay, He tools a rest on
Mr. Johc Scoley, constable at
Nelsou, j.uid Revelstoko a visit this
week. Mrs, Scoley accompanied
li 11 li buck to Nelsou.
Tho person who curried a black
kitten away from the CulilUlbiu
UoitMj is fei|iiunted to tiring it Ouok
or I here wilt be u culiiatrophe.
Cleverly wurned letters soliciting
eoniiueive iu eouuterleit green hacks
have been received iu luivn, 1'ho
sucker seasou is not on, however.
.Mrs. II. Creelnian und family wi-nt
down thu river on the Lytton Thursday to join her blisliund at Nelson,
there to rusticate lor a mouth or
Luring the week gangs of men
have been employed Iiy the Smelter
and C. P. 11. companies iu repairing
us lur us possible the wharf und approaches.
A branch of th" order of Iligh-
biuiiei's wus instituted ul Highbinder
Hull Thursday night. Initiations
take place nightly, Jack Newberry
is High Monkey Monk.
Mr, F, B. Wells returned from
Nelson Wednesday, and reports
h'U'ii'g bud a good time. Our P. M.
don't, take u holiday often, but
knows hoiv to eiijuy himseli when be
does tike u day oil'.
Mr. Binl Mrs. Archie Davis, of
Kamloops, were in town Wednesday,
to attend the wedding of Miss Irvine
und Mr. J. Fred. Hume. Mr. II. 1).
Uu me wus ulso present to seo bis
brother go over to the rank uf
Mr. J. M, IMIiii, M, P.P., came
back from the eupi nl Wednesday.
He presented the STA'l\witb u copy
of tbe correspondence snrnbitted in
tbo Kooteuuy reclamalion scheme
impiiry, interesting extracts from
which will be published next week.
Gold Commissioner Fiizstubbs re
turned We tnesday (mm an oliieial
visit to the mining camps iu the
lake couutry. The work ou
Toad Mountain, Uot Springs and
(lout River roads is being pushed
ulong rapidly, that t I the Hot
Springs beiag almost  completed to
the No. 1.
and arc doing great damage.
The Prince of Wales baa been
instructing the German Kaiser in
ihe mysteries of biiccurat,
The directors of tho California
Oliih have cabled to Frank Slavic
at London offeritiif him a purse
of 8HI.H00 to light Jackson,
Contractor & Builder
All kinds of Turned und Scroll work
done neatly ...id promptly,
and at right prices.
.lobbing work a specialty,
UHVELSTOKl!)   -    -    11. C.
P. 0. Address, Nelson. ^. C,
Capacity '20,000 feet per day, Planer
slkiugle.midline, etc. .'ill kinds ol
lumber on bill I. Dn.-i.lg Uih season
of Jtitll lumber will lie delivered ut
u.iv of the landings ou the lake at
greatly reduced prici's.
aVitiumisI i-ntoi-'fi    Notice.
Is* THE MATTE.- Oi-* 'n.'K P.3TATR OP
Jos.'l'.I WILSON'. Di'O.'ASI'li, EM-
Persona having olnims against, llm
above estate are requested to present
them lo the uudersijjued, ul is'olsoa,
li, 0, for settlement; to whom, also
persons indebted to said estate ure
untitled to make payment of all
B 0 T C II K R S
AMD. WaOa.ESAt.aa   AX�� llETJli UgAUlRS *��
Corner Front and Unison Sts.
A.UIA...-.MS.IW bbo,,    .    riwiunoM
First class in evory respect; Neures
botaj to (J (> R dbpot nod stearaboa
auding, between post 0lHoe uud gov,
umldiugs. ('ouch to uud from deuott
uudsteuiiiboat. Fire proof Safe lor the
accommodation of its oustomers.
Dissolution   of   CuiPurtuor., m >m>ys line.
Notice is heroby given that the
Co-pai'tnersllip heretofore existing bo-
Iween W. Kirkup k Co., dealers in
tinware and stoves at Iievelstoke,
li. C, 1ms mis day been dissolved by
mutual consent, VV, Kirkup assuming ail liabilities 01* the said linn, and
all uueoliuw are lo bo paid to J.
Witness, .1. KIRKUP.
Thos. M. Hamilton.
lievelstoi-e, Julvsth 1801,
Nelson, li. C, May iM, 1891.
P.     *0
Dissolution of Piirtnorslilp.
Tho partllBl'ship heretofore existing
between Ernest Fletcher nnd Thos.
Dempster, carpenters, etc., under the
linn uumi> of Fletcher <fc Co., lias thin
eh.y been dissolved. The business
will be carried on in future by Ernes
Ilovelstoke,. Line lst 1H!)1.
Sealed tenders addressod to the
PoBttuuBter-General will be received
at Ottawa uutil uoou ou Friday, the
lllh August, tor the eonvoynnoe of
Her Majesty's mails ou proposed cou-
Iructa for four years, once per week
each way between
Alberui ami Nanaiino,
uud once per fortnigUt oiiuh way, between
JiarKei'villo and Qnesnello Forus,
Keitbley Greet; aud 150 Mile House,
from the 1st Uetober next.
Printed notices containing : further
information as to conditions of proposed eonti'iicls may be seen nud
bliiliK (onus of tender may be obtained ai lhe post.ollices ut Alberui,
ISuniiiuio, bnrieervillo, Keithle(\
UreuR, i^uesueile tori's, Soda CreeK
iinei t.')0 Jliiu House, uud at Hub
P. tl. Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Uniee, Victoria, 2oin ,J,mo, lidl,
C, P. S. HOf ISL
F. McUaiithv    -
-    Pko��
First clnss Te-mperance House.
BOAttU    ANIJ    LonOIMl
155 rKii w��t.t,
,.,,.   mwimafk.     HEDB230.
tation,m comfortably tmU*l auel
aiioras tot class uccaumodation
The publio are hereby notified
that the Agent of Dominion Lands
at Kamloops is required (nun time to
time, to attend In duties whiel. neceB-
si.ii.e his visiting points at a instance
fiom Ins ollice, au I, iu orilec to enable him to do tins with the least in-
iloiiV'.'llieUce to persons having business tn transact at the agency, it has
been decided .<> set upurt th" first
week in each mouth tor this purpose.
Notice la  there-lore  given  to nil
i-oiicernm. that the oflleeol the Agent
of Dominion   Lands   ut  Kamloops
may, in future, bo  closed   between
tne lst and 7tlt  nays,  inclusive ul
every mouth.   This notiee is given
in oritur that pe buiib living al u distance may govern tbcluSelve-s uucoril
illgly, it being uililei'stoud   Ibat the
oiuee will be kep* open   during   the
I'eriiid   meuti'iimd    whi'Luver    the
agent s Utttii s will permit ol it.
Dv Or .ei.
' JOHN 11. HALL,
;.S- ereiarv.
Department of tho Interim, Glla-
wa.lU.b .March, 1W1.
victoria nana
bTHKJTty FIttH!J��oi,ABS.
aEVELsroKt:    -    .     Q,c
W. Cowan, Prop,
Kooms woll ulieTduJ';'tables one,,
��0|I��J' ��'������ uml l.nuoi'Bgm.nu
wed   ol ���   .���,,���   t)Ua||lyt    ((..    .
Hiimplo room,    Telephone Coimiuu.,,-
cation with M, [>. K, (|t!,,ol_ K
I'l'ool vault for tbo oouvcniouoe
guests,   Buns lueels ul
-  $2 rim on
���the -
tlie I SSMB
J IA sitting of tbe County Court will
be held on Wednesday, tiie J5tb day
ot July, lbtU, ut tho CoitrtHouse,
Oliver ltedpath wm in town  this I uomuu, at ii o'elocn a.m.
week witu  three tons of ore takeu
Bangs,   weut uowu  the  river  on i Irora the  Prospector and Ironclad
Thursday to taku up land uu tin- !
north arm of Arrow  Lukh.    IVi '
took from hero a lars," quantity 01 :
provisious, etc.,  and   i-:.l   start   a
Bummi-r   resort ami  lodging house
for travellers uud adventurers.
The Ea-t Eel tug of war ta-am
were dissatisfied with the r-siit of
the pull ua Saturday uigllt, aii i a
verbal utialleugu was given tu-
Lower Towu m^ii to pull ajguin lor
tol) u tide, a cuefiie  fur fjdU  beiug
Donald, June 30th l.SDl.
eiuiras n.vi.e i by himseli uud George
AicDonuld, rei'-n'ly discovered  ou j
the North Thompson river, 6(J miles j NOTICE.
above   Kamloops.    The   ore   wus!    Notice is hereby given that GO days
-ample,! aud   purchased   by    the after date wo the undersigned, intend
Kootenay Smeltiog Syudieate here. I W'Wto the Chief CommiBsioner
It assayed 37 oiu. 8ilvur and 3S por
ceet  lead   t-i tne ton, und us the
f Lands mid Works  for permission
to purohase the  following  tract of
Ihelargest and most oontn.l Hole, D
|�� city ; g,)(l(.i Hucoiumodatiou ; evm -
JjiJB now; table well supplied ; baruiid
billmril room attaohod ; lire proof Hide.
WlUWN k (JLAltK,   '
m�� 1{1!��'  AT AU,   TKAIN3
land, Bituated at the  west  end  of
claims promise to yield an unlimited | Trotlt Lake, West Kooteuuy district,
ijimaiiiy of .ire, the o��uers are ��� beginning at, tho north east post
naiisfiod they have a good property.   ! planted at the mouth of the Lardeau
The new roalway was the scene .A
lliver, then,-a following tlio ineaudor-
iugfl of llm   hike HO  chains,   to the
posted. Ou tbe arrival of tha Lyt- | ��_liv9|y ruouway Wednesday. When i H0|,.ih ,.uM ,;.>rti��r; tlemce HO chain.*
ton uu effort was mu In to arrange a
coutest nut proved ineffectual, Both
teams auy they are anxious to pull.
Al'issn X. W. and C. H. Andros,
IWO youug men of P.iril.iinl, (;r.,
Who  fur  several   Weiiis   p.ist   have
bjuii hunting and fishing along the'
Mrs. Ueavo, ber little son ami Ui���� I to the south west oornorj thouce SO
Brown were out driving buhiml the eliiiins to tin' north went corner; thence
Colombia's spirited tn.ia of oolts, | 80 chuius to poiiit of oommonoomout
tlie annuals bolted Had made a   lua-i
daub fur liberty.   Mrs. Ii-uvu mu.
ipuluted thu ribbon s  pluokily,  lint
to little purpose, ami tiindly to bring
he��,lwute.,i',l tin Col,,mb,.,"V,it tl"-"U'"'Ulu " muMiil mU "' '"
down tu��� river fi-otn I.,-,-,, ,��� a small tll9D* '"l" " HU,UJ|'' "'^"'l'1'8""^
bout on luui-siay, intending in  that I """-*""���*1 tM'UL   X l""k,)*' bu��^' | Allan''
I'. li. WELLS.
J. AlilUllAMSON.
Bcvelsloke, June 3, 1HD1.J
Oueaii Timo to Kut'Opo
way to cuniiuiiti their j niruoy to
Portland, tlm hard worlj of suvoral
portages being uonsidercil a part of
the fun programme
ilessm, price l-'iliHon and ,f. A.
JIcKelvm, of Veruou; und Tlieo.
Giromu-d, of Winchester, Out,, were
in town ou Wedi.esduy en route for
Jfelsou. Mr. Ellison, who is an old
timer in the UKi.iagan country and
has great bopesof infutur.-, rogar la
Kooteuay an tin, bust inurll.it fur the
������million of ykaiiugan faruis, and
will make an u'l'nt tu estublish such
trade,   lie says tin orups |u "the
Garden  of Jjiitisli  Columbia" aro   Bur, and the Qi , thu Kaiser, tbo
very prom.-nig, uiid .Mr, U.rouurd   Prince uf Wales, thu Kiiisoiiu uud a
White Star
spring and a tioratoli ou onu of lhe
! burses was tlie, onl) injury done.
Four criminals wero egeouted  by
electricity at Sing .Sing 0U Tuusday, ;
All   mud   Without   a   struggle, und
electrocution ia now prouounood   a  foro,   Great advantages ssoured bj
sueuess, tuKing ocean tickets from your local
A grand-daughter of Queen V.e-   Hgjjj ^ ^^ ,)y tak)ng
toria, tho  Pi inuesa >. ituriu   Louisa
of HellleBlvig- tlolsteill,  was   married
oil Moodily   I." /'linen Al'ibot of  Ac-
hull I) i i-i.     I b    r iremouy  took
place in St, ' le ir :-'.i chapel, Wind
All persons who have made application to purchase Crown laud, uuder
tho provisions of section 20 of lbe
"Laud Act," to whom uu^oxtensiou
of time for surveying has not boon
grunted, or who have failed to complete tho siirvuy of, auel to make payment m full for, the laud applied for,
are hereby notified that their applications will be cancelled, unless good
uud sufficient cause to ehe contrary
is shown wilhin 00 days from the
dute of this notice.
F. tl. VERNON,
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Lauds and  Works Department, Victoria, B. C, May 7th, 1801.
Assay  mill   Mining   Ofllces,
Goldou, it. C.
askav .'nn:.-: list.
Silver, (lohl or Load, each S1.50
Sliver, Gold and  Leud, continued   3.00
Silver and Load  2.M
Silver, Gold uud Copper LOU
Silver uml Cold  2.00
Silver and Copper 3,00
jays \uey surplus fu uppeuruiiou. auy
host of royal relatives were preaoul,
ami all other lines sailing from Hull
lax, Portland, IJoston, New Yolk
Baltimore  urn  nn  s,,lu  ut
C.  P.   It.   stiitiii.is,  at
\ery low rates.
- , i   i        n  ii..    . , . , ���    I Silver, linld, Lean nud Co.iiHii'. 5,00
--'Ask fur nailing lists uml rates n, ,,      ' ,    ,.',             '   .
Cupper by Wet uml blectroylsls
unsay  2.o0
('upper by Fire Assay  3,00
Oilier assay prices on application.
Tkiijis Cash with BtimpleB, A
discount oj 10 per cent, when two or
tnoro are will.
Sales of Oro nogoliuted,
N, ll, -For Bsvoral years assuyer
jo Messro, \ivmui\. Soue, Swansea,
AgentB Wutited,
round trip tickets
Berth* in any steamer engagod
Prepaid passage arriuignil from
any point in klurope.
Apply 10 J'UUf nearest Ul(eiit; nr In
,1, llAUii/roN, KeveUtoKe, ur to
IloiiKiir Ki'iin,
(Jen, 1'ass, Agt,, Winnipeg,!
Stockholm House
JOHN STONE, p-,op.
The dining room is furnished  with tho
beet tho market affords.
Tho bar is supplied with a choice stock
,���.   of wines, liquors and oigars,
Str. Lytton
Will leave REVELSTOKR every
4 u.m., for 110BSON and LI ITLK
DALLKS. Connecting at KCB-
SON with the Columbia and
Kootenay 11 iii way und ut LJTTLK
DALLES wiih tbo Spokane Fu|l��
k Moi'lheru Hallway,
Returning will leave LITTLE
DALLES every TUMlAY and
FRIDAY at 9 a.m.
F, 0. Oil KI3TIE,


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