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The Kootenay Star Mar 21, 1891

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Array VOL- II
All Mining Claims, other than Mineral
Locations, legally held in this District,
under the Mineral Act, 1884 and Amendments, may be laid over from 15th dny of
October till the 1st dny of June next,
1891, subject to the provisions of the said
Act and Amendments.
Gold Commissioner,
Donald, East Kootenay,
September 29th, 1890,
9- P & S33K8 VA8&.
REVELSTOKE, B. C.,,MARCH, 21,1801.
No. 39.
Notice is hereby given that all
alluvial clniins legnlly held in the
West Kootenny District, will be Inid
overfrom the fst of October to the
lst day of June ensuing according
to the conditions of Section 116 of
the Mineral Act.
29 Gold Commissioner,
Revelstoke, September 26th, 1890,
Going East,
No. 2
13:00 Leave
12:45 Arrive
Going West.
No. 1
Vaneonver  Arrive 14:25
North Bend
b'pence's Bridge
Pursuant to the Creditors
Trust Deeds Act, 1801,
Statutes of IJ. C.
Notice iB hereby given that Harry
Chapman, engineer of Revelstoke, iu
the province of B, C. has by deed
assigned all his real and petsonal
property whatsoever to William Austin Jowett of Revelstoke, for tho
benefit of his creditors.
The said deed was executed by the
assignor on tho 14th day of February,
1891, nod oy the said assignee on
the 14th day of February, 1891.
85-tf .     Trustee.
Dated this 19th day cf February
���fy aftootenay- Star
SATURDAY. MARCH. 21, 1891.
Assessment Act aud Pkovisciai,
Revenue Tax.
Public Dniice i�� hereby Riven that An-
spssmt'iit and Provincial Ren line Tuxi'S
for Ibe year 1091, for the Last Kontecy
Assi'i^meiil District, ure now cue and
jiuyublo at my ollice, at Dojuld, at the,
following rutctt:
Real Properly Tsx, if paid on or he'
fore the 31).h of Jiiuh oust, Y, of one
per cent.; if paid on or afit-r tue ht of
July next. ',', of ouh per ctut.
Pei&ouul Propei Iv T��x, if paid on or
before I lie SO. U of J uue next. 1,'of one
j er cent. ; il paid ou or alter tlie 1st of
July next, Y, ot one per cent.
Income 'l.ii, if puid on or before tbe
EOih of June next. Y, of one per cent. ;
if paid on or alti-r the 1st of July Lcxt,
% of ono per cent.
Wild Lund Tax, if paid on or before
fhe 30th uf June next, ly, cents per
acre; if paid on or after tue lst of July
next, Uy, cent* ptr acre.
Proviuc.ul Revenue Tax. $3.CO per
Capita. 60
A6.-ti��.or ami Collector.
Donald, B. C, Jan. 2ud, 1W1.
Notice is be'f-bT given that Wir,
Rosamond br.i t -d w.Ax rve an ap-
p'l'a "a for a C ottu Grant fer b:s
m'of-rii! !i���'.! di i c, ed on Toby
C-'tVn in iimdii- i-t ol En-t Koo-
It-nay I noun us lee Jim'bo c'a u).
Aiiir ����� npj. elms, if any, are re-
qui.cd to send iu <ue r objtc ous to
me w,thia u. v d.,\s !,, u lii'idate,
81-8 GoveiU'in-ot Agent,
li.'si Koolenay B. C.
Donald, Dec, I. h,]S9f,
To  masters,   Owners,    nnil
Persons   in   Charge   of
Foreign Fishing Vessels, and   to   all
others whom it
liiaj    Con-
c.,; ,.J ,0 I ue pnii ��� nus of the Re-
i --d S h ii es cf Cri.ioi. Chapter
!<!. n, .ii'eu'i "An Act Pespeciug
F -e eg by i'o:t i;u Vtsse's."
'1 ue m d Ac; j> oi unamougoiuer
Assessment Act and PbovikchIi
Revesce Tax.
Notice in hereby given, in accordance
wilb lbe Statntis, thut Pioviui inl Revenue Tux uud ull Taxes levied miner llie
Assessment Act arc now due for lb jhh
1891, All of tbe above named UM,
collt'Clilile within the Revelmcke Djvic
ion of llio District of West Koeleuay,
aro payable at niy ollice.
Astersed tuxes era colkclibla at the
fallowing raUs:
If puid on or before June 30:b, 1891:
Provincial Revenue, 83,00 per capita,
One Ln'f of one per rent on Real Properly.
Beven and one half cents per acre on
Wild Land,
One third of oue per cent on Personal
One half of one per cent on Income.
If paid after June 30th, 1891:
Twi thirds of  out. per cent en Real
Eight und one half cents per acre oo
Will Land.
Qo�� half ef odd per cent on Personal
Thru* fourths of ona per cent on f u ���������
come.        'J'. J. LENDRUM,
90 Collector,
lirthtoke, B.C., Jan.2nd, 1801.
por Hie fj'ow'ng to forego
> U"-'-, Bird boa --. nnd to tu ng
�����. Mid bo;, i rot navigated sc-
ug o be .,<\s (,f iue (V;ed
;oo v, or of Ci-uada.of i censes lo
' ��� -, !3i,e. o v, it .ue f-h u
.�� ��, m�� i��� u ;e.ee inn- ue
i oj ue ro.'j. bavs, c.eets, or
��� .,��� otCsoana.
'J " .. 1 - - v Offi-es end  cer-
II    -h   nuu   t.'C','' 'io
,  i  runnel   may bo.'i'd
h:< I   boms, wiih o auy
I   .-.oj  rr   bote  eg  :o
��� m ;- s'o f.-i il, au 1 n!,\v
I I") 'oug R*  ucu   HJ ',?.
leicaiu  iu tucli
',  l  i
L. nor   a
Hi     -U H,. !��� a
t ay o,i bo., i
li---- *. or 1"
nor oi ��,'. e ;.
... Xlist, soy one of eiieli ofr*��e*a
rrav I ��� ''i; auy siicu fi' ". *(���'���<>'. er
, ,,��� . ;���.,!,.( ��� -��� ,'u'),er t. go,
���e   ni m i er  wiW
���i" c'.ico .-.'ni vi'..-,r\
i_aj    .0 e in a lieu,   v
, ki  |)o 'a s for uot
v .ue ijuc. ous pui lo
sua ti
o.i u to
ue mn-
ti'   in..
L .11
4. li
A new 1 ill respecting tbe creation of advisory hoards in mining districts bus been prepared,
and introduced in the local legia
laturo by Mr. Kellie, member for
East Kootenay. Tho act provides
that the iuhabitaoxs of any mining district where there is a Gold
Commissioner, may by a majority
of the electors resident within
the district petitioning the Lieutenant-Governor in council, after
notice  has been' published and
proclamation made, elect an advisory board to set in conjunction
with the Gold Commissioner in
disbursing government Appropriations in tbe district.*'The board
will consist of the Gold Commie-
sionor, as president, nnd at least
five monitors elected from differ-
erent sub.sectioos of the district
to be determined by libe Lieutenant-Governor.   Tho J)0ard will
meet semi- annually, at suoh place
as the Gold Commissioner may
determine, and should their exist
a necessity for a speoiul meeting
such may be called, by the Geld
CommiBsioiier after giving due
notice in a newspaper; or newspapers published in tbe district.
Any person who is qualified to
vote at the election of a member
of tho provincial legislature may-
vote at the eleotioD of the advisory board.    This is a matter
which the reeiiJents of Euet and
West Kootenay shoild give careful consideration, and should the
bill become law, as it will no
doubt, be prepared to take action
in tbe matter. If the appropriations for publio works are greatly
increased such a board would un
doubledly bo of benefit, but if we
are only to get modorate grants
lhe government can lighten tho
work and responsibility of the
Gold Commissioner  by making
specific appropriations for stutod
woiks, leaving a sufficient sum to
cover contingencies,  With small
appropriations the creation  of
euch an  advisory board would
only be an unnecessary expense.
The following offioers were elected
and installed in office.
BroRRobson CT
Sis L Irvine VT
Bro Morgan David Secy
1 re Cbas Linmark Treas
Bro Wm Dickie, Fin Ssoy
Bro Wm Lee M
Sis MA Smith DM
Bro Rev Tnrner Chap
Sis A C MoLauohlin SJT
Sis MAdair G
Bro. M. Armstrong,...,,,..,.S
The lodge will meet every Tuos-
They Entertain a Revelstoke
Benefit   Entertainment  for
tue Local Libraries
y ���-  ' i
���   P    i.r   '
���t Bun
eg . J
t if
fro   fl  p, if ia.-'.   or
',   net  ui.i .; ed m
"'���'������ i n i li.-a been i',>u-n,i rl-u ug
' I   " '      'g   0  I -'J   ( f  i j L,,Ve ll*"rll
���i' ��i   ll ;��� i�� f '.j  B      .n vAs.e^ti,
���i  ������������  'I  H    i���.itr,   g     ;fl .j,   t,r   g    ,,,,
"f '   .    ���    "ill.,'  iue   Itr .UI'S ned  U
ue . >j     -,,-j i .,. rtl ;o iuij ni n,
or boa,    nr (t>j bte eo.rv'd
��..'-j ��a - a  ��� ttuy pn (io��enot(ier-
ir    rd by 1 r��� > ,,r   t ooveu. on or
tyi!t��y!����� ,[.��� \jr, .^ j{ og(ioj)(
Of l '.   I ,.l..,'.a    a,|.,,j   ,,, l)(   Te,.,,,     (,r
b.'���. id n-. ii .kv rigg:Dg,i.i��pR'el
(Ull!   i   CSC tl,  ind tirto tu'e.n^
be .(I   r   Pli,        M^^
leot.ti r a i.'o:��n!d tre
'.  y :o ie;e*udsecure veuels,
���. i  .  in.s io ',u > .me. md
"���n (fpoi ug tn iftici-r hi ue
*���," .,  en ei a- - du.r under;.�� Act
er r     ug i:  gbe,   Dg  icy pe aou in
tv u   b| r," . ,.a )j  der'-,-,ifd to be
(.a ily i>: a r�� ���'..leri;e..!ioi)r sod i ���'(>���
to a tins of Ijju; Handed bv'W.s,
ladtotwojiersiropi wnipent,
Deputy il o:��,��r ��f PieherVj,
FaShentH Department, Otta*a,'9ih
February, 1891, W.3
The muesscre of tbo
pritouers ia the jail at New
Orleans, who were charged with
tbe murder of Chief of Police
ilennessy, is a foul blot on the
history of the boasted justioo of
tbe United States. The Italians
killed, may all have boen murderers; but for tbe citiiens to
take tbe law in thoir own hands
and cruelly butcher the helpless
prisoners as they did shows ���
terrible state of affairs, and
which must be radically changed,
and the perpetrators of tho dark
deed brought to acouttct before
tbe stain can be removed from
I.   O.   0.   T.
A   Lodge  of,    the    Order
Organized in Town.
The Revelstoke Total Abstinenoe
Sooiety exists no longer, Tbe society bu not failed io its work and
died in consequence, but its members feeling that better work ooold
be done by affiliating with some of
the large temperance orders, disbanded to organize a branob lodge
of the Independent Order of Good
On Monday night District Organizer Rev. T. W. Ball, of Kamloops
Lodge attended a large meeting pf
the tevperahe* people m the M*,boa
diet church, when Columbia Lpdge
was organized, with a membership
of 36.
The entertainment for the ben-
fit of the two local Library
Associations of the town, in tbe
school house oh Monday night
was a big success. Jt was by all
means lbe longest of the season,
and was thoroughly appreciated
from beginning to end.
Mr, James Johnson acted as
chairman, and had a happy lime
in filling tbe position.
Tbe first part of the program
was taken up by Mr. Looey R
Johnson, of Vancouver, who
showed a series of stereoscopic
views, illustrating scenes ia tbe
early history of the Chnroh of
England, famous cathedrals of
Englond, views of the Centennial
exhibition at Philadelphia, ami a
number of miscellaneous views,
including some rare ones of
tbe mountain fastnesses of the
Alps nnd tbe Rockies, These
views were very fine and certainly
tbe audience was well pleased
with the varied panorama.
The second part of the program
was devoted to music, and was
under tbe direction of Mr. W. A.
Jowett, whose reputation as a
musico lead the audience to ex
pect something good, and they
were not disappointed.
The first piece was a part song
"0, who Will O'er the Downs so
Free," by a choir composed of
Meedames Nelles. Coursior, Philips, Creelman, Cush and Kirkup,
.Miss ilume. and Messrs, Barber,
Beck, Ccursier, Wells aud King.
Tbis was given with good effect
eliciting a generons applause. A
piano duet, "Sonata in D." by
Diabelli was given in splendid
stylo by Mrs. Cusb and Mr. Jowett.    The   choir   again   sang,
'���Lovely Night," a beautiful and
difficult composition  being the
selection.   The fourth number
was taken by Mrs. Coursier, who
won a ���hoarly applauso by ber
singing of the taking song, "A
Bird in Hand." This number and
���'Rooked iu the Cradle of the
Deep," by D. J. King, were the
only vocal solos of the entertain*
taiment.   Duuby'ii difficult glee
"Awoke JEolian Lyre," wis sung
by the choir with vigor and in
excellent voico. Tho part song,
"0, flush Thee my Baby," by
Sullivan, and lhe seronode "Sleep,
Gentle Lady," wero also given in
good form by lbe choir.   Boil-
dieu's "Caliph of Bagdad" was
played  to  perfection   by   Mr.
Jowott,   who also aided Mrs.
Cash on the piano in un overture
from the opera of "William Toll"
which was givon with tatte and
io finished ttyle.
Tbe musio throughout was of
��� high order, aod the manner in
which it was rendered spoaks
woli for tbo musical talent of
Votes of thanks were tendered
Mr, Johnson, and tbe choir foi
thoir tservice* and Messrs, Jas,
McDonald tt Co., for tbeir loan ol
tbe in�� Evens piano used during
tbe evening, wbiob helped not a
little in brightening live pcr-
According to announcement the
Donald Musical and Dramatio Company appeared in tbe school house
In Rovelutoko on Saturday night
last. Owing to the inclemency of
tbe weather, end tho short notice
given, there wus only a very limited
attendance; and about half tbe house
was dead head, children being admitted free. The entertniun:ii,t ae
a Whole was not a derided success,
but at times the members of tlm
compeny chewed considerable ability. The smell honse, the absence
of two Of the principal performers
(Messrs. Stirrett and Patmoro), Ihe
lightness of the plays, and probably
the sttangeneBS of place, Were ail
against the company,
In the niclo-drama "Tbe Rosebud
of Stiogingnetlle Farm" Mr. H. II
Taylor as "Rose Turumutileld," did
splendidly, bis impersonation of a
a young lady being very good and
his acting of the part was as good
as coald be expected. Tho ether
performers were evidently a little
stage frightened, but probably diJ
as well as amateurs generally do.
The farce "Should This Meet the
Eye," was much better, the perform'
ers having gained courage and wero
assisted by better scenic effects. Mr.
A. P. Faweelt, as 'Lionel Long,' a
lover trying to make a match, did
very well and was ably assisted by
Miss (?) Sam Hammond ns 'Maud.'
Mr. G. Hunt made a good waiting
maid, and H. Taylor did first rate
again as Teddy, also a waiter. Mr.
W. T. Cnge was well np as 'L.uili-
kin Louder,' with the same initials
aa 'LionelLong' aud got into oompli-
oaled mischief in bis attempts lo
secure the perquisites of tbat gentleman. 'Septimus Skinflint,' who
tried to prevent the blooming Maud
from marrying Long, was creditably
taken by Mr, F. Ross, while Mr,
T. J. Lendrum, acted as 'N&beni,' a
constable, with good effect.
In the musical part of the programme Mr. G. C, Hunt excelled,
his Chinese song being particularly
well received. Messrs. C'rage and
Faweett also contribnted comic songs
and Messrs. Hunt and C'rage a bai.j >
and month organ solo.
The stage appointments wore very
good, and a credit to the organization.
The boys were satisfied that they
did not do themselves justice, their
performance here not being nearly
as good as that given in Donald.
Daring intermissions Mr. Jowett
gave a number of choice selections
on the organ.
Entertained by Mr. and Mrs,
F. Fraser,
The Jordan Club on Monday night
took probably tbe last tramp of the
season, Mr. F. Fraser's residence
across tbe rirer, being the rendezvous. There was a good turn out
and tbe troupers all agree that Mob-
day night's outing was the most enjoyable of the series. Mr. and Mrs.
Fraser were not unprepared for the
party. Mr. Fraser cleared a space
in his barn, where an honr or so
was spent in dancing. After this
Mrs. Fraser regaled tbe party with a
suoptoas sapper, which the Jordan-
ites one aid all agree was par excellence, and would do credit to any
hostelry in the land. They amply
demonstrated their ^appreciation of
tbe good thing eel before (hem,
wbee after thanking Mr, and Mrs,
Fraser for their generons hopitality
sang "Auld Lang Syne," and
wended tbeir ways homeward,
Mr, 3. F. Chiistie, secretary of the
Columbia k Kootenay Hteam Navigation Co., has returned to town,
after a two months visit to Kamloops
aad tbe eeaet. Ttie appliances for
tbe lew steamer being built at tho
lakes, an asriviag doily and al) wilt
bo ready fer shipment ae soon a��
[navigation opens. ���JBaWtW
fEbg lotenay Star   lbc door ��nd infonned the crowd,
W wy *' **? - that none of those  in that coll
A four pi}gp twenty-column new
paper, iii issuod frpjn t)i9 pjpoe oi
pubiicatioq, llcyplptoke, P. C
Subscription prii'st 82 ppv year
Rates qf advertising given op
fl. %C{JTCflb5QI
PijiJijsher a,qd Propripto
SATURDAY. JlARCfl. 21, 189,1.
were the prisoners wanted.
The mob hied out into tho yard
elancing up ut ono of tho con-?
deinneil cells otilhosocond door
A blanched and ghastly face was
seen ai tho bars ol tho door.
"That's Seoul" shouted one
expitpd individual, and immediately several shots   wero  fired
Ths French aro determined to
get cvep with the Americana on
\he McKinley Bill ccorp. The
tariff committee bag reported, I *H,|U,n
pffering the necessity pf protect,' i1'16
ing the agriptiltura| industries
and the manufacture^ pi France,
and argues that su,ch action
benefit the cppsjimers as well
the producers., and, lbe iflpreasp
pf tho tariff would augment the
tiublic reyonue and develop home
Paunbll has  t^ipd,  tp, get  a
foothold in   London,   but   has
failed.   He cannot succeed there
by the same tactics, cmployod in
Ireland.    In Ireland it appears
'yhatthe p.eo.pl,e there, will' spon
have to choose between  Parnell
and the  Cathnlic,   church,  and
there is no doubt there  will  be
a bitter tjg^t.     Tb,?. Emerald
branch of tlie Iris.li  land   league
in America bad adopted a rcs���liu
tion to the cfect  that it  would
give no money or p.tber aid  to
cither factions. p,f the  National
party   ip   Great   Britain.     It
recommends that all branches ol
tbo league in the United  Stated,
Canada and Australia lake similar action.
mam ���i���mj_jjj.j
A New   Onlea^ Mob Minder Italian Prisoners.
at the cell. Tho individual, who'
ever he was, quickly disappeared,
several moro shots were fired at
tho door,
"Tbey aro  in  the   female do^
partmcnl," shouted aohrill voice.
"Whore is the key.   Bring us
tbo koy," yelled  another, and  a
rush was mado for tho door sop-,
ating tho two divisions,
door was fouuii securely
'Batter it down,' said one.
'Hold on,' a young man with a
Winchester cried,'I've got tbe
key,' aod, he held a Jong key
over his head.
This announcement was greeted
wilb yells Tbo door was opeuod
and the crowd made a break lo
get |n.
'Hold on, gentlemen,'said the
young man who had produced Iho
key, 'we don't want to shed innocent blood;   who knovys  the
Tbo rope wus thrown over a limb
of a trco and bo was hoistod in
tho air.
Policeman Heron, who was in
tho prigon was shot in tho neck,
and is the only ono outsido of
the prisoners ,fho suffered."
After the work was dono, Mr.
Pui'kerqoii addressed tho crowd
and advised iheni to disperse.
They frantically applauded and
when he had finished they carried
him on their shouldeis.
Tho Oo(,tqn .pjschango, tho
Board of Trado and other organizations of New Orleans endorse
the action q( the mob, and it is
said that tho Muliu has boon
struck a death blow,
Tho news of tho terrible
slaughter has aroused tho Italians
throughout tho country, und the
Italian press and peojilo dpmand
Satisf'aotipo, or tho vendetta will
Btraighton accounts, The Italian
iiniiiiljiissador has been instructed
to luko tho uocossarystepB toward
securing justice.
Notice is hereby given that nppli
cation will be made at the next session ol the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a company to construct,
equip, maintain and oporato a tramway, to be workod by etoam, horse
or othc motive power from the "Silvor
King Mine" ,-,n Toad Mountain,
Kooteuay Disriet, to some point on
the Kootonny River, at or near Nelson
and for all tho powers, rights and
privileges usiiul or necessary in such
an undertaking, or in constructing,
equipping, maintaining jip,d operating
a railway.
C9.6 Ageut for Applicants.
French Tailor System.
miss a, c. Mclaughlin,
A graduate, of  Madame Knllogg's
, School of Instruction, Port Huron,
| Mich., has engaged rooms at Robin-
I son's   Boarding   House,  (near the
saw mill) Rovelstoke, and is pre_
pared fo receive and fill n]l orders
for dress mid mantle making, in the
best pisiincr known to the fti't.
The French Tailor system of cutting nnd fitting Jempjaypd, and a
perfect fit guaranteed, C8 lm
A lticb   Mine.
'I do,' shouted a, dozen men.
'Let  me in,   I  know them,'
said ono determined man,, and ho
was admitted.
About seven mail, entered and
tho corridor was fourul, dcsorlcd
wilb ihf) exception of one person,
This was an old negro woman.
���i)ey are upstairs, boss,' sho
Haid in answer to a question.
No material resistenco was
offered by tho police or the
sheriff to tho wort; of tho
citizens, whp were armed with
guns, and pistols and who Del
only represented the humbler
classes, but the mo^t prominent
bankers, citizens, merchants und
profe&Biouul men in New Qylpans.
A wagon tilled >vi,lh policeineu
dashed up lo tho scene, but they
were driven away amid a shower
ol mud and did uot seem anxijus
to chargo lhe crowd.
Tho sheriff und deputies found
lhat resistance ��us   useless, and 1
E, Bell, one of the ownors of
tho Bonanza Mine, Cayoosh
Crock, Lillooot District, arrived
at Yicloiia irom Clinton tbo
othor day bringing news of, a
ma rvcllous rich strike in Bonanza
Ho brought with bim several
pieces cf oro which wero litter-
ally studded with gold samples,
Assayed to,,i|.iy it showed this
result; No. 1 solid vein 9,360
ounces equal to 3103,171 per ton;
No. 2 broken rock and dust from
drill holes, 610 ouuees or $13,-
233 to the ton. Tho fortunate
owners have refused an pfler to
baud tho mine lor 330,000.
Notice is hereby given that Allan
Granger hue (iled with mu, applications for Crown (1 runts for bis mineral
locations situated on Jubilee Mouutaiu in tho District of East Kooteuay
known as tjie ll^rse Sho.e and Dewy
Eve. Adverse applicants, if aUV, are
required to send in thoir objections
tome withiu sixty days from this
Gov.   Agent,
t|6-8 East Kootenay, B. C,
Donald,BJauuary 15,1891.
Notice is hereby givon'that James
Brady has filed with me fan application for Crown Grant for his mineral
location siluatod aubot two miles
weet of the south end o,f Upper Columbia Lake in East Kootenay District known as tho Thunder Hill
mineral claim., Adverse applicants,
if any, are roqnired to send in thoir-
objections to me within sixty daw
from the date hereof.
Govt. Agent.
66-8 East Kootenay, B, C,
Donald, January 15,1891,
ggijg'-gys.  j�� b
Notary Public.
Notary Publio,
The following are the particu'; j
Jars of tbp lynching of tbe eleven,
Italians in New Orleans   on Sat��
urday, as.  telegraphed  lo   lbe
Seattle papers'
"Shortly after  ten  o'clock   ii, ^
the morning a determined mob of u"'> uad l0 stillld l')' "mi se0 ,hu
avengers of' the death ol doors haltered down,
I)ive Hennessey, headed by \,. W beu aPPri8*d o! lbe aPPcoaoh
tl. Park.ers.oii, a prominent lawyer "' lne lLcb tb<J Pris-U" u#cittlB
and Johp O. Wickli'ff, a well- transferred the Italians Irom
known journalist, parted from their cells to. the female depart-
the neighborhood of the CIsy ^.i.t. and when the armed men
statute and marched along Canal who B��. m ;1"-' -uil iouu'1 tbem>
street to Rampart. Tbey march-1lhe Pris0Der8 ran do*n iul�� ll'��
ed down Rampart to a place
Where weapons  were  obtained   P'eaded for mercy,,
ot them them there wus no mercy
shown al lhe hands of  tho  out-
Oilil and Even.
"Going a tub ing Tin qui rod his
"Yes; catch about a  dozen or
"Why so few? Fish are so
I cheap row you might as well
| catch a couple of dozen while
! about it,"'
Mining, Timber .and Ileal  Estate Brokers and Qenoral;
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Salo, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up
Rents and Acepunts Collectod; Mining Claims Bought and sold; Asses-
ment work ou Miuiug Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for,Etc*, Etc.,
Lots on Townsite of Rovolstoko for Salo and Wanted, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
mmmma^mxmamaaammmMMSHMMM��� 11    mi ��� ammmmmxmamm^mtmimmwmmwmxpmKmmmxmmmm^^^mmwm^
All Ijinds )<$ Repairing (J9a��j in tt workmaul^ko- tu^mer,
Riiles, Pistols, Ammuuiliou &c., &c, for salo at lowost prices.
ShcH. Guns,
W Fine Rifles Made to Order.
When the woman of the house
answered ibo ling be. began;
Madam, 1 am sorry to disturb
you, but I came hero from, Buff.
nlo to find work at my occupation
and being unablo to strike''	
"What is your occupation?"
she demanded'.
"I urn n nurseryman."
'.'Then drop in next door."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     "flat, madam, I"	
yard below.   They  begged and      ..Nu;:t jO0l, r nay!   Th.cjhAV0
siivcn children  thero, w,hile  we
Gilker & Wells,
-deaiiEhs in-
and next Congo, square  was
The parish prison, tvhero the
aesassin^of Chief J^euneesey were
confined, was reached at Id 30
o'clock, The wooden door on
Marais street was broken in by a
largo b'llet of wood, an 1 heavy
rocks were also poured tgainsi
it. Tbo dopr yielded.
After th.edpor had b��vn I
down there was a will rush for
t,he entrance. Ijwo rneq, however
stood at iho. dppr and prevented
anyone from gomigg in. ��� ,
tjhose that parried shot gun-1 and
Winebesj,cr[,, q^ijo lu.;go bed
in the sj)ierliff.'s. private room Was
t,ora down bj t,h,e cnjwd in thoir
mad rush, to, the lobby.
Th,e mob congregated- in the
v,isjting i;opmi^nd.a, shout went
tjofAf t,l).e key trp, t,b,.o_ inside
huvcu t any!
raged pitizeos,
VVben the prisoners,   reached
the yard they  tried  to  fii.'t  a
[.Lee of safety,   hut   there   wa.i
found, and   the   shot
belched   forlh, and   ihe
i ol Ilennessy full deal in
their tracks.
Macbeo, the arQh conspirator,
crouched down in a Corner, with
his h Is i efore   his   eyes,   and
serene, , ! dozen bullets OU ���
��� ���I-1 Lit holy, and ho pitched
head lormost on tbe siouu paye��
m nt doad.
In the great confusion it was
difficult lo ascrtain who had
beon Killed While tlie work of
veugenco was going on ipsidp, a
ci'jwd of mon came out ol the
with   the   crazy    msassiu
Harold (a boy of five,converses
with his irieiid Jade, of equally
mature years, as follows): '.'My
father is going to got mo a goat."
"I've got twenty goats."
"Whero are lliey?"
"Oh, they're down in fathor's
effloe. 'course."
"Why don't they bring, them
I bey're sjok."
A pauso,   Harold speaks:
"I saw Anthony's N'obo lust
"1 saw Anthony himHoll."��j
Anthony's:   Nose   Is   a  rock,
and it broko off and fell into, the
���v.' i
"I   I'.il'aV   it filll,"
���..'"������������"" ' '���    ���������     '    ���*������^^*^���^���^^^^?����^,
Coal, Hay and Corn
Have entire sale of the celcbented Canmore. hard, lump.and nntooal, snitj'
able  tor base-burners aud othnr stovos.    GREAT H,EATING,
PQWEIt.   MUCH CHEAPER THAN; \i,0,OV).    Deli,.
vered ai Revelstoko, any part of town, iS9kt?,Q;
KamloopB 89.90; Donald 18.50,    Special,
quotations, for car lots.   Coal,stoves,
sold  iitwholennle cost Hfiy, oat��s,
and bran sold by carload or
smaller quantities Yards
at, Kamloops nnd Donald.  Apply
L, J;- EI) \Jf AUD8
$m*Mb ��. 9s
    Jaoh's   mollii'i'   an   iiilorostod
, inil    with   tho  crazy    assassin',  . ,,,���      ��� , .,      ,,   ,.
of,J . J   , liBtcin-r, al, this point thought  it
I'olitizi.    Homo ont)  had a ropo, ,. ��� ,
sooi' '      exiiodii'iil to   iiilorposo   with
,������'.,,   .������aL   ...   i,.���      ,,,,     and in Iho miserable Italian was
brought  forth  the   Ifcys,   1 he I ���	
���   ��� i    1-,���   ����    ,l.���,., iunlie,I to the corner, the line wiih ,    ��� ...
lrs.ido. gfljA \\at (>brrowij  open, | l _*������_._���  u_ " A Iiy
t^e jail, and, a you,ng man
ai^ tbp. H.ajyor^dopuliiTi who
w,er,p in, t,h,.q, lobby %">\ti uliy '"
t,he c,r,o,w,(J,   'Ijhp c}por( lea.djtig to
thei,wl|)f!e���neon|n.'s,yart|l was.opci'
nnd;thp aveiigersciowijeil through
iff a,co|l u��   o'ni ^a thij door wub
9M1flfli   'A W SWi'iW wil!'
ijrift��j)fl,ft,niIiiov'!li1''1)' tw#'i.ngin
thrown over a pQst and  ho  was'
drawn up In the air, but bolpfu
he sti'iingled lo   doath,   a  dozon
guns rnrjg out and his body was
riddled with i.ullots.
Then on the other sluJq of tho
pi so���. 'aiihiiiiii, was, I'i'puijlit out
already in the thrypH of dpalli
Irom fl. bujlQt holj) in   hiu. head,
expedient lo   interpose
moral lesson,.
Jack," said slip,
you   never   hear   AnuiiiuH   and
"I knew thorn both."
"You know, Jack, they lycro
struck dead lor telling lies,"
"V":,, I Mii'v thorn struck.''
'(Jack, do you Ijuow, wjipr.o
tiny ni-nl,'"
1 oil' yes; ,l,saw them^o,"
i>4)yotcd, t��, tluo LUMBERING,   DjUSINjESS    n,iiA  A&Rt*
CULTUUAL, and, efyiecinUy t�� tbea
Mining Interests of the
V \J! > od to, aud executed in. the boat style,. Qoffimprojal. yffifk
a spocialty,, Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person who takes a poper
regnlarly from the Post Ollice,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears,
or tha pnblis brs may contiuoe to
send it until payment is mado, nnd
then collept the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
office or not.
4, In snits for subscriptions, the
suit maybe instituted where the
paper is published.
i. The courte havo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing anl leaving them unoalled
for, while unpaid for, is pima facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
Tlie Woman of To-day.
Let others sing the praises of the
woman of the past,
Or canonize the woman of the future
coming fast.
I string my lyre for neither.  No, I
lift my little lay,
And sing my song to celebrate the
woman of to-day,
The Women of the past was good,
and better still may be
The woman of the future; but, oh,
good enough for me
The girl who thro' the maze? of the
present works her way,
And stands, in her integrity, the
woman of to-day.
Uponthe world's great stage  she
plays roles many and diverse;
But tho' sbe may in politios her
pretty bead immerse,
Or seek the pulpit or the bar still
shines the sacred ray
Of love around tho hearthstone of
the woman of to-day,
Ko pent np Utica   confines   her
powers.  Tho'prejudice
Still prowls about her path, no work
that's worthy comes amiss;
Bhe may not vote, bat ballots fall
obedient to ber sway;
The conscience of  the country's in
the women of to-day.
8he has ber faults. Spots big and
black tbe sun's bright faoo do
Jut who could live without ils light,
or with it lacking her?
^gainst her follies and her fads let
other folks inveigh,
I celebrate the virtues of the woman
of to-day.
. ����	
Gleanings from All Over the
Wide World.
The United States government
have prohibited the export of
Half a million salmon try have
boon placed in Pitt Lake and
Silver creek.
Parnell offers to resign the
leadership of the Irish party, if
Healy will do tbe same.
Tbe Central insane asylum,
Tennessee, was burned Saturday
liight, and six of the inmates
wero cremated,
There are loud protestations
among the officers of tho German
army against the promotion by
the kaiser of his princely relatives. "1, wag ever thus, and will
continue go ns long as their are
princes aod places to nut thorn,
Tennessee is prolific in. tragedy.
The last act In a dark crime took
place last wook, at Layonia.
About a your ago Miss Angio
Bolton, a U yoair old girl, was
dragged from hor horse and
criminally assaulted by a neighbor named Henry SauodeiiB, aged
'��0. A posse was organised to
lynch. Saunders, but he escaped
to Toxas, where ho remained till
a few days ago,, tie was, taken
sick while ifl. Texas and came
home lust week in order, that he
might noceivo tbe cure of his
family. The relatives of the
girl waited, until he recoverod and
on Wednesday night a mob. went
to.his. home,, dragged him, from
hie bed ami bouillons of the
WroauiH of his mother nud siftt.ei:,
hanged him to a limb of u tree
within twenty yards of his home.
Muz Mowat has been appointed
temporary inspector of fisheries,
fer tho province.
The stonecutters CDgagcd on
the now post office ut Vancouver
have gone on strike. They are
getting ��3,00 and strike for 84.
Word conieB from Cairo that
100 dervishes were killed by the
explosion of powder in the
arsenal nt Omdurwere, on Monday.   The arsenal was wrecked.
The resources of British Columbia aro highly spoken of in a
pamphlet published by the Eng-
lieli farmer delegates wbo visited
the oountry lust year,
Baseball is dead in Toronto.
Tho promoters of the gamo there
could not get enough money to
pay a team, and havo relinquished
their efforts. It is not likely a
Canadian league will be formed
this year.
Tho Uaitod States House of
Representatives rejected the
Senate's Pill offering a subsidy of
$250,000 to any responsible oom-
pany undertaking to lay a cable
between America and Australia,
touching Hawaiian Islands. A
Canadian company will in all
probability lay tbe cable.
The Mail's Montieal corres
popdont says that as soon as the
addrees in reply to the speech
from tho throne opening the new
parliament is moved, Israel Tarte,
tho new member lor Monlmov-
enci, will move an amendment to
the speech from the throne, impeaching Sir Hector Langevin
and Thos. McGreevy for mis
appropriating public funds.
Frank Campbell, a veteran
miner, died at his home in Victoria Saturday last, Thousands
of friends iu tbe province mourn
one of ite most widely known
characters, ii is tobacco stand at
tbe corner of Government and
Yates street was almost as old as
lhe city itself, Year in and year
out he bulletined lbe news of the
day and "Campbell's corner" was
always a treat rendezvous. His
funeral was one of the largest
ever seen in tho city.
Parnell, iho would bo leader of
the Irish party in tho imperial
parliament of lato has been neglecting his parliamentary labors
for the Society of Mrs. O'Shea,
wbo resides at Brighton, where
the 'uncrowned king' makes
frequent visits, It is an open
secret tbat Mre. O Shea will become Mrs. Parnell some time in
June, Some of Pamela's followers have said that if their leader
continues to neglect Ireland for
Mrs, O'Shea the Irish cause will
bo completely ruined.
Sir Charles Dilke has consented
to be tbe Liberal candidate for
the Forest of Dean. In accepting
an invitation Sir Charles said that
he had often stated big decision
not to relurn to public lite until
he had cleared his character. No
legal process existed whereby he
could prove the falsity of tbe
charges against bim, but he published a pamphlet asserting his
inoocenio, and considers that he
is himself agaiu, Lady Dilke,
speaking of the scandal affecting
ber husband, says that she be*
lieves that he will yet cleat him-,
self of the charges.
Tho story comes from Rome
that a bureau has been organized
there on the principle ojj the
matrimonial bureaus flourishing
in Fngis und to some extent ia
London. This, however, makes,
a specialty of international intro.
ductions involving exchange of
wealth for title. In the threadbare condition of most Italian,
noblos the bureau has found no,
difficulty iu filling lists from all
ranks Irottt princo to chevalier,
and it is uow waiting lor the
heiresses to coine forward, The
bureaus' commissions are contingent on tho wealth secured with
the bride.
On the 9th inst., Princees Vic-
tula wag proclaimed queen of the
Hawaiian Islands, admid the general rejoicing of tbe Islanders.
Victoria tailors have formed
a union, and fixed a scale of
wages. The employers do not
want to accept the scale and a
strike may be called.
A bill has been introduced in
the Ontario legislature making
valid marriagos solemnized by
officers of the Salvation Army
and according to the rights and
customs of Quakers.
The Borlin press is outspoken
in its sympathy with Italy in the
affair of the slaughtered Italians
at New Orleans. It is urged
that the interests of civilization
demand the vindication of the
law, and thh punishment of tho
The ship Itoxburg collided with
the ship British Peer, of Calcutta,
for London, 120 miles south west
of the Scilly Islands. Tbe Rox-
burg sank, and twenty-two of a
crew of twenty-four were drown
ed, only the captain and one sea.
man being rescued, The other
ship was also badly damaged.
James McDonald & Co,
Carry large lines of plain, medium, nmd high-grade furniture.   Parlor aud
Bed-room sets ranging iu price tram $6.50 to $500.    Hotels furnished throughout.   Oflico and bar-room chairs.   ISpiug
mattresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points will receive oarly
and   prompt attention.
R. C,
Seward City, Alaska, is without doubt the smallest city in
the world. It bus just three
inhabitants, two of whom constitute tbe city government,while
the third is tho people.
"He is a most scrupulous and
refined gentleman,"
"Is he?"
"Yes. Mary was skating with
him, when she fell and sprained
her ankle, and he wouldn't pick
her up in his arms and carry her
off until be had gone through the
form ot proposing, and became
engaged to her."
Nuiiee is hereby given that
Mess's. Jowelk k Hu'g have beeo
anjio'iited local aaeol3 for tlie C.ina-
d'iQ Puc;3o n.i'-lwuy Ceaipaoy at
Eevelstoke,for the nn pose of col-
lect'og reel i.osq n'l pu '.ilea occupying Led beloegic!; io mod coauauy.
LindCoia) 'ieoer
89 4 C. P F>. Co
Vancouver, 13. C.. MatchC ill, Ml.
NOTICE is hereby given that tbe
nndermentioned tract of land, eitu-
aten in East Eooteay Distriot, has
been surved, and a plan ef the same
can be seen at the Lands and Works
department, Viotoria, and at tbe
office of A. P. Cummins, Esq.,
Assistant Commissioner, Donald:���
Lot 223, Group 1.���Thomas Jones,
Preemption lleeoid No. 57,
dated 3rd June, 1885.
Persons having   adverse claims
must file a statement of the same
with tbe Commissioner within 60
days from date of this notioe.
,W. S. GORE,
Lands and Works Department,
Viotoria, B.C., February 5th, 1891.
P. O, Address, Nelson, U. O,
Capacity 20',000 foet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on band. During the season
of 1890 lumber will be delivered at
any of tbe landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
KEVEJaSTOKE,, .   -  R. C
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
wm. kirkup & CO.
3ranito ware, and   Lamp  Goo Is.       Tin,  Copper and   Sheet Iro
Ware made to order.   First oUssJwork guarantee 1.    Ordersjpro aptly
attended to.'
til orders by m
express promptly
All   descriptions^ of
gold and silverware
(Close to C. P. R. Depot)
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
We carry a select and complete atook of gont's lurnisings, ladios'. gents,
and children's boots, shoes und hose, stationery, patent medicines, toilet,
requisites and ready-made clothing.   A   largo assortment of pipes,
tobacco, cigaretteu, imported and domostio cigars, fruits, randy, eto;
8tove pipes, tinware, otockery, rough and dressed lumber, and other good*
too numerous to mention, at moderate pricoo,
Telepbeee ewamunieatic-n.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Revelstoke      -     - -     . R   0
([Branch Store at Nelson.)
Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries* Provisions
Canned Goods Hardware Etc*
The Stock: in. every Department is Full ind Complete aod tbe Publio wi
find it to tbeir advantage to calf Ma
Inspect  Goods  and   Compare Prices!
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoko Church every Sunday evening nt 7;30, conducted  alternately
Sunday School and Bible fines every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church  of   ifnclapd  services
will be held in Iievelstoke by the   sf��ke. wus a visitor in town Sunday.
v.r,  t n ii v  _ ...���'.'_
Rev, J. C. C. Koinin every fourth
Sunday in each month
- Sellai'k LoilH'e. No. 1 li
10 0 1' Donald BC
Regular Meeting Thursday A eaeli
week ut 8 p, to.   All visiting brothers are cordially invited.
J. McLeod,    J. II. Matiieson,
N, (1. R. S,
DoN.AI.Ii, 11. C.
J.'ejtB let 2 Sundoys, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt,
Seo'y,   IV, P. Ogilvie,
yino'r.   Angus .McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A, Chesley, Kamloops, 13. C.
Donald, B, C.
5��GJLD RANGE LODGE, No. 3.41.
Meets 1st 2 Wednesdnys, ami 3rd and
4th Siifntaye, in Firemen's J.lal),
Master,   Arthur Kendall.
Secretary,   Joseph Collin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Cox 49.
Receiver,   James  Falconer, Can-
more, N AV T.
Msgaziuo Agent,   II J MeSorloy.
Picked Up in the Town and
Rev, J. C C. Keinni is in town.
Next Friday will bo Good Friday,
The ice in tho river ia  beginning
to break up.
The 17th of Irelnud passed off
quietly in town.
Mr. A. J. Strand, of Albeit Citnyon
was in town Monday purchasing
Guy Barber, is undoubtedly n
lender of fashion, 11 in "cut ping"
hat is tho latest fail around town,
Tbe beautiful is]| anything but
beautiful these Sue days, but
happily is fast sliding away to the
Mr. F. McCarly returned Tuesdav
Harry Hebert is again a resident   town.   The object of my letter was
of Revelstoke.     He  arrived this   not in the least to deprecate any
week from Seattle,
Rev. Jas. Turner will conduct the   Ven&6 of the other.   It is only an
services in the Methodist church tomorrow morning and evening.
Mr, J. H. Malheson,  of Donald
somo years ago a resident of Revel-
Joseph Dtlanon Tuesday returned
to town, after sojourning for three
months in the Spallumclteen
Jus. McDonald & Co. havo begun
ibo work of piling along tho bank
of tbo river skirting tho Smelter
Syndicate property.
All persons having books, magazines or periodicals belonging to the
Library Association are requested to
return Ihem at once.
Tho west bound passenger train
met with a Blight accident near
Craigellachie on Tuesday evening.
An axle of the Pullman deeper
broke derallog one of the trucks,
No person was injured and the accident caused only a delay of a few
A Chine??, company have begun
operations in placer mining on the
benches and bars about two miles up
the river from town, on this side of
the river. They aro satisfied they
can st least muko $3 to the man, and
will employ thirty men if that can
be worked lo advantage.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday evenings special evangelistic
services were held in the Methodist
church, at which numbers performed
conversion. The meetings, were
largely attended and addressed by
Rev. Hall, of Kamloops, Morden of
Salmon Arm, and Turner of town,
Mr. Andrew Abrahamson returned
from Albert Canyon on Monday.
He was engaged in working on the
tunnel on the Wild Fox, on which
property he has great bopesiof striking it rich before long,   The tunnel
from tbe main leilgo. Ho says
there is more snow in tbe mountains
llian there was last year at this time
it being fully six, feet on, lhe level at
Albeit Canyon,
Four drummers storuied the mer-
eliaiits of town on Monday. Fred
Chileott, representing Thomson,
Caldwell k Co., groeerivs.WinB'rpcg;
,W. J. Appleby. J. Ferey A Co.,
eliilliien, Victoria; W. S, Cringe,
Nelson k tiora, fancy pooals, Mvolj-
real, and Augustus Van Milligun,
British Columbia Soap Works,
Victoria, making the party, Of tbe
quartette the last named gentleman
made the most  si��k though ell
id will.   lie is a Turk by birth-a
item, nor to push one  at the ex-
individual with a desire to have
slap at me who could put that oon-
strnotion ou my letter.   I wrote to
show  that   Mr. Kellie  had first
promised bis assistance in netting
,, �� �� ** ">.���w|5   wa    aaio   , ninny   VAIU1 la    U
the money required and thon after- East Kootenav will be held on Mou
wards refused tbe same. After his day, April 20tb, 18III, at [I o'clock
trip to Nelson he told  ns.''that we a, in. at the Court House, Donald.
should put onr hands ia onr pocket
and do tbis oirselves" and among
other things said be was going to
look after the miners. I suppose
the Nelson Mine.- in particular. Tho
person who writes over tbe big name
in your issue of the 14th and is
ashamed to sign his own, tills ns
that Mr. Kellie is doing well. The
Community will bo glad to hear it.
It would be interesting to know
when tbis well doing be��an. This
letter of tbis person who tries to
hide his identity, iu whioh he fails,
as there iB only one man in Revelstoke to whom such sneers as aro contained in this effusion co��ie natural,
A man with such pronounced characteristics as tbis person has, cannot
escape notice under an alias. I will
not bore enumerate tbe items that
this $500 is wanted for, clearing up
the ground around tbe school is
however one of them, and this
ground will b? used as a play
groniad by the children attending
school. I was elected a school trustee because I had children, and was
thought on that account to be certain to take an interest in the school
an'd its rcquiiemeuts, and the intended sneer at my children end
the play ground, 1 take as a compliment and proof tbat I am doing my
duty. Iu the matter of election I
differ from your correspondent and
the clique around him, as they have
elected themselves to take charge of
all tbe town's affair. This person
is so much in the habit of assuming
the air of "Sir Oracle, when I speak
is iu about 07 feet about 30 feet | let no  man bark," that I do not
wonder at being treated to a large
slice of his natural insolence. He
should have signed himself, "tho
man who loves to strike in the dark."
It ,��� oukl have fitted him to a T.
Yours truly
Root. Robson,
A sitting of the County Court of
90-4 Keg. County Court.
Donald, March I8th, 1891.
Ncticc is hereby given that George
De Wolf has filed with mo nn application for Crown Grant for bis mineral
location situated on Mount Stephon
in tho district of East Kootenay
known ns tho "Monarch",
Adverse applicants, if any, nre required to send in their objections to
me within 60 davs from this diite,
Government Agent,
East Kootenay,
Donald, March 2nd, 1891.
Notice is hereby given tbat Rich-
ii'l A. ]' viiu I A. C. F;v have hied
tun neres-1 y | i.ie-s nod made np-
I ''c.il:'!i for ft ( oivu Cunt iu favor
of a m'���' '1 c > iu known as the
��� Hver (Jjiieeu'' K.M.ed in tlioTimd
Mm!i> .'n Biil*iiu,is>u West Koo-
li-u-iv J' ���. :.���!,
A'lVc .-0 c ' aiauN. if anv, aro required lo fo ���� aiue'r o"jee.:oiis
lo ine w ;'u'u s'. v ,i;,M f.-oui the
date eflu i pan :e* no,
G. ('.   ���!U!V-,TAIL,
To 3 (i',\i Coiiinrsioiu1!',
Revelstqlie, Jauiia y 2U,ti, 1891.
K0 I1CW.
Jfo':"e is hereby given tha! mi)':-
cr.'ienw I be ll'iaiie io : ue Fn:1 ...i.tnl
of l.,i!:.o,i no ..s m".: i,,-<'i.ia. ,����� he
net to inco'.po .. s ii, >in winy w :a
power to eo.Dsi.apt, enw n, operate
i'B a.
���ie  ot e '
gill w.D
granh and if
Laoiijigon inn Coiu:i
hoo.eu���v i1 -     ,o
lino of lee p.'Oi nee oi I
bill,   lose.eer   w.u   i
powe.s i.t'li s ami i   i eie-.
teo".i' ov 'or ��� ue Avp'x.inl's.
Dated lit V CiO. ;.. II. C.Vu Utl.u
day nil jtiauevy, A. D. IS'.'!,   fcil . ,ii
i elect's
sr in
iuiiMll. 'V
���il I. ,,l 11 ill-
rie.cjj.i, v
from Kiimlonps, libera  ha  went in   native   of   Constantinople���and
eearohof beeves,   He mis success   Tartar to talk, knowiug well llie art
of soft soaping.
On Tuesday, unia,. Bamed.'Collins
fill in his quest.      H	
The Revelstoko Milling Company
have over 40,600 logs nt the mills,
and 100 cords of shingle bolls
feady for the saw.
nbo was walking from Donald here
met wfrs a .terious aecident on one
of tho bridges at  tiis Loop.    lie
A sitling of tbe County Court
of West Kootenay will bo held
on Wednesday, April 20th, 1991
at 11 o'clock a.m., at the Court
i tai, ia ,, ' una  u.lll.,
Tie electric    bells    bare   been   i-'.T llown by the side of Ihe  bridge : ii0U8ej iievelstoke.
...J  .���_     ll TTa-a--! . ���l���      ���-      -���       ���
placed in lhe new Vtctnrio ami  all I ��u  one ��'   'he  barrel  stands
work  like a charm.   Tbe  Victoria : a''-0* a traia to pa/s, when be   was
will be tbe only betel in :-tie interior ! stnrct by tbe snow fiom tbe snow
euppKed with elcotrio rfisgeis, plow and  knocked  eff tbe bridge
6,0. HJSSTALl,
924 Regfotn r C. C.
Revelstoke, Mareb 21, 1891,
A local wag nailed a leather
pocket book to tbe sidewalk in front
of his shop, at spot where the roow
bul just left, iia.i thon am'ued him-
self by watching pussers by vainly
trying to rosoue it fivm ftadowu
trodden position.
Church of England services will j
hi held in the school bouse by Ker. j
J, (.'. C. Ki mm tomorrow evening at |
7:30 o'clock, lie will slso hold Ber
\ieee in Ibo school house on l.,i .,,
Sunday, the 29th inst, An inviiotlen I
is extended to all who may wish fo
Sjow slides aro Beginning In move
Idiough no heavy ones bove come
down yet, On Snnday No, I. put
senger train, nine hours lato, nas
delayed another hour here owing to
a small slide at Cbinr.iliiam. No. 1
was also delayed on Tuesday owing
|o a slide blocking tbe track tbis
ai.li> of
falling a distance of 70 feet. For
tu Lately he fell in deep snow aod
was not killed. He managed to
crawl to a shack near- by, and tbe
section men to"k bim to tbe Glacier
House It was found tbat. be was
seriously shaken np by tbe fall, ami
Supt. Marpole had him sent to the
hospital at Donald,
Notice is berpby given that F.'el.'-
n"'l A. F,'y and A'. ir. fry have ly led
liie neees-u y paper,'', nod wmU- h,i-
|ii:i'iil'!"o for a C:o-��ii C.aet in I .ior
I'ofllie'"G '>:. fv Beac'' mri>ni.il rtuiu
situated ut Toad Mouutaiu, Weal
Adverse el.i:'m��uts. if anv, are re-
qusvled to, fuw.!- ,1 their object ions
lo ne within t'nly days, fiom tue
dale of Ibis pubficiil'on.
71-8 Gold Comni'i'-ii'Der,
Revelstoko, January 29tb, Ib9'l,
FletcherA Oo
Building & Ccntiactingr
And Genoral Commission Merchant
Insunince   and   Heal   Estato
Agont, Notury Public, Etc.
B. O
and mamu timnnn. ��uim ��
Comer Front and Hanson Sts.
Aiikaiiamscv n��os.    -     niopniKToiw
First class in every respect; Nearest
boiel to 0 P It depot aud eteaniboA
lansliiig, between post offloe and gov,
buildings. Coach to und from dopott
and steamboat. Fire proof Safe for th*
accommodation of its customers.
c7e K. HOrEL
I P. McCaruhv   -   .   , -.   Phot
First class Temperance House..
HOARD    ANII    I.ODOixO   $5   PKIi   WEKRr
muam, 25c.    iikds 25o.
This hotel is situated convenient to th*
station, is comfortably  furnished  audi
affords first class accommodation.
REVELSTOKE     -      ���       a C
VV. Cowan, Prop.
Tenders   for a  Lioense   to
Cut Timber on Donrinieu
I,mills in tlio Province
of British Col unthdn..
SEALED TflNDEBS addressed
to the ui.-ii'i i'cmmI, and marked on
n]ll    - ���_._ tbe envelope 'Tender for Timber
Editor Kwmm Btabi ( Qerth Bo, 92, to be opened on the
SlB,-By yonr  kindness, I drew \ 27ih of April, 1801," will be received
attention in yonr whuo of the 7tb | at tliis deparlneat until noon on
inst., to tlm Dn*iUingness Mr. Kellie '��� Monday tbe 27th of April next, for
, <    ,i 'a licwisn to cut limber on llnrth No.
waa a bowing to rmss  for tbe appro     ,..,     ,    ,   ,      ...        u    .      .      ,
81 ,r       III!, mtuatinl wn Warm Sju-iiig Crimk,
priations which the people of Bevel- ' �� tributary of tho Col imliln River,
stole had decided to ask for. For in the province ef llniiuh Celumblo,
the Baku of brevity {did not mention j ����d eontafnfog an aria of two square
all Ibo items and   npatute ou tbe j m'.T' *tt*��&m'     ,        , ��� ,
, .    ,  ,   , iue reguration anoei union a
nesssstry of eaen being naa    tt aj-- ��� ������* ������ ���   ���^^^m
Nol,;ee is hereby givetrthatthe lmdler-
|iineutloaed tracts ��t had, fclioaio
in WV-1, [Coo euayD'b,��� Y,,b;:ve been
fiurteneiJ. nnd iue p':.eu of tbo same
can be tet'ii at Ibe olliee of G". (.".
Tuns;:!11. f'ii.. Aen'suuii Cbiwin's-
s'oliv". Uew'jioke:
Lot THU, (���' "���)�� f.���Kdowb ns tbe-
G     v \'.~,i( M oerol elulim
I,oi, tilii. f11oiip 1.��� Kuown. nn tbe
S:iier Qoeeu Wee n.l Clv'ni.
Li. Hat Croup }.��� h'liow.ii as tlio
Ci .ed M'-iie-alL1;,' e.
f,et lTil,.(: iieo I. -Known os  tbt
A kiiDi 1 M ne att'i  n,.
I.-,;, IT*. I', -oirp' ]',���Known ns  tbe
loom9 well attended; tableounes
celled. Wiaeswd liquors ��uar��B
leed of a biga ^luy. fire i
sample room. Telephone eommnni-
cation with 0. P. |{, dcpoti -,
proof vault for lfc0 eonvenrence o*
guests.   Buss meets all trains.
?2 PE11 OAK
���THE ���
.leeose will be issued, together with
pcarsd to tan tlint Ihn demand o( the . a sUteh showing aptirnvniati-ty the
filu'iKewiu-t   'Ibo   totary I people lor ar.ew court housn, inj- j position of Ibo berth  in  qnestton,
^m    faw ! proved mail to bhe  depot, and re- | rji^.U(. obtained at this doportmeni
I, , ,o i,l M ue.,' ( a n..
',    17.',. I.  Ollp   I.��� K'lOWll;   B.q    fbo
I,,., ic Jtf.'O Al iii- .ii t'U'iU',,
I ,��� l,i,. (, ,'i"v }. -Known  in  tbe
A I-, i .a 1; ����� il. ,'k ���! C.'a.' is,
1.1, I i,i, C a.!.> 1..���Kuown, ns the
plow elesjetl the tecek in a
minules���after gelling to work.
Mr. Cbas. Xillcs, nbo for the
yuvr j-oat baa been engaged as
atawanl of (he Victoria has giv*n
aw the :<:lualiou, and i'i ttetteiti
ky Mr. A Elation, formerly ot ibe-
dining ear servjee oa the C. F. Ft,,
PajitgMlf. JTeaJea' term: with the
Victoria, be liai uu;.ti -:,iliy issislloiill
ia lite depattuieiit in keoiiiag up th��
lepuitialiun of tbo li��t��l as OXW of
^,iu tho ttoiuiiry.
^^_ mmmmmaammammmmMmm        ���   i '" at the olUi-o of the Ci',m   I iml,, r
pairs on, the Dig food trail, wee m   hgm[ ,lt N(Jff WinUmmslnr.
ao danger of being tofused because |    Kuch tender must bo aoeompnuied
a grant of JSflft woe pressed for to  by on aoorptadoheojueonaohftrtered
*m^,m^^���  ^^��� - ||jj(. j Iihii4 iii favot of ths Deputy #f bbei
Minr,i,ii  of   1,110   Interior  for   the I
fall      I
completo tln> re^nireianeat of
m-bool If it, in a fact that prosaing
(o* this oniall. amount, endangera
giilttng the larger ones, then thene
demands eaii 111170 but li'ille of right
or Justice as theli haste. This, I do
not auiuU'. I cL.im that lliey ure
very neeeswiry   aud   iiqpoitan.t '4111!
"j M nt a
1   ono ).
���.,'. ;.; ,i, ���| t
I ,'i  1   0110 r\
��� ,1 !���  not M nt-
'Ml   1    ,,|lj)  I'.-
amount of tbe b, 1,11.1 wbieh the   up
plteant is p��op��i'cd  to- pay for llm
No ttndei by telegraph will bo en-
91 I Seeri'tary.
Iiepni'tmentof the Interior, Otta-j
Imoru  thatathcy are due  to thw, wa,,rHb March, 18111,
Tho largest nnd most central Hotel ir��
the city ; good accooiniodntion; every-:
'tiling now ���; table,w��B supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached' v fine proof safe,.'
Stockholm House
JOHN STOp:,. Poor,
The duiiag room ih furnished with thai
best tho manket iifJords.
The bar te aupplied. with a choice stool
of winesjlifjuors and cigars.
Kuoiiu as tbe
Known  as  tbe
       I, ,11.
I ,   'mi 1   .,110 1.��� Known ns tbe
,  11 a, Logan U oe .,1 (..'���'in.
I.o, '::'),. Coup I.   II, Hd'ous nnd
.,1. S. Davva spri1 ea ou lo ]ai ���
ekaia dated i!(Ji.ii-,M!p..i.-,uJjcr, law
s; W. S. CORE,
Lnnds and VTorka-1 lepartment, I.
ViOtoJlln,, B, tt, 5th 'February. 1891 [ CQWfiD FO B1H��1
Jas, Liberty.


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