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The Kootenay Star Nov 28, 1891

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Array m
ja���'--: ,r^..    IR
U? /1S1
p��i ^"���'e*'/   'B
.    -  ��� . i    I     *.-���  13   i ?!
������^#'*V'I^4'' <
REYELSTOKE. B. 0., NOVEMBER 38, 1891, No. 24.
Rents and Debts Collected.
w -��� *ei." ik�� w .v 53
KSftSlaCi J
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacific        " "     16.52   "'
Passengers arriving Sundays nud
Wednesdays will connect with steamers tor Robson. Nelson, and points
iu Sou tbem Kootenay.
Cheapest, most reliable nud safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New Yorlc aud Boston,
Rates $5 to ��10 lower than nny other
other route.
Passengers leaving Revelstoko on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will cenneot with the magnificent 0.
P. R, Steamers at Port William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Oars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding secoud
'clnr.fi tickets, Passengers booked io
and from all European poiuts at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch, Merchants will save money
by haviug thoir freight routed via
the C. P, R.
Full and reliable information given
by applying to
Asst. Gen'l Freight Ag't, Tucouvor,
ov lo J   HAMILTON,
Ag't, 0. P. R, Depot, Eevelstoke.
km VV     iVJLi L.JU
P. C, Address, Nelson, E. C,
Capacity 20,000 feot por day. Planer
shlnglo maohine, eto. All kinda of
lumber on hand. Durinp tbe season
of 1891 loml-rr will ho daliverod at
any of tbe landings on llio lako ai,
greatly reduced prices.
Oc:a7i Timo to Enropo
Allan Tv lato Star
Dominion Canard
Beaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portlaud, Boston, New York
Baltimore  are on  salo at
G. P.  R.  stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great advantagos secured hy
taking ocean tiokets from your local
Great saving effected  by taking
round trip tickets,
Berths  iu  auy stoamor engaged
���without charge.
Prepaid  passage arranged  from
any point in Europe.
Apply to your nearest nnfcnt; to J.
HaUiiiaTON, Revolbtolie ; or to
Roni'iiT Keiiii,
Gen. Pass, Agt., Winnipeg,
Wagons and all kinds of
Vehicles Repaired.
Shoeing a Specialty.1
Coffins. Caskets. S&rondSi&o.
carried in Stock.
DELIvEl ���::. FREE
,*'- . tTfl   ..*-^.-, A ��.,,-<..,,
AHj Jxviuxt>i/A i* vOUui'i
ft       ;   r. ��1     Tar c��  f^y -l"\ "> >\ o
T-; ��M1 Porta '4- nishi Prices.
A Million Square .Miles Still
In a paper recently read before
the Ottawa Field Nutui-iilista club
by Dr, G, Duwson, it win stated
Unit the unexplored and nnocou��
pied regions ol Canada proaent an
aggregate area of nearly one
million equaro railos, A grtfutdeal
of ibis, however, lie to llio north
of profitable agriculture, which
Dr. -Dawson defines an tbo iue-.
thermal lino, 60 deg, I'ab, in ilu
mouth of July, Following nro
tracts which awnil tlio explorer:
Tbe country between Alaska, tbe
Porcupine River and lho Arctic
Ucoao, 9,500 square miles; between the Lewis and Yukon
Rivers and Alaska, 82,000 ; be,
tween the above rivers, ibe Stick,
een and tbe coast ranges, 27,000;
tbo territory between lhe Polly
and Mackenzie Rivers, 100,000;
: itweon lhc Great Bear Lake ana
Ai'Olio Ooeaii, 50,000 ; between
the Groat Boar ami Groat Slave
Lakes and the Maokenzie Kiver,
From- to Death on the
Pr lirie.
Two lads, named Coohrane and
Walton, nged 16 nnd 10, whoso
lathers own ranoheB just outside
lho town of Medicine Hat, were
caught in Friday night's blizzard
whilo looking for some cuttle,
The storm being so severe and so
sudden they were nnublo to find
thoir way homo that night, and
soarohing partios organized tbe
following morning found no trace
ol thom until Sunday night. Tho
Oodhrano boy was found sixteen
miles from homo frozen to death
beside a hay stuck, bis horso oat
ing hay over bis dead body. The
body of tlio boy Walton was
found frozen stiff on Wednesday.
English Capital   for British.
Am option lm-; been obtained on
all breweries in British Columbia
by representatives of English
capital. The breweries will be
managed by ono company, tbe
pre nt owners taking slock and
acting as local managers, The
manufacture of lager beer will bo
undertaken. At present all tbo
lager consumed in lho province
is imported,
35,C'J3; a to
,o00 square
(Two Doors West of Post-oilloe).
800S-8 A CSQK?
Divine Service will be he'-1 in the
Revelstoke Clmrch every Sunday evening ut 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday Sohool and Bible Class < ���������
cry Sunday afternoon at 2;'60, All
arc cordially invited to attend.
Church of England service:!
will he held in Iievelstoke by the
Rev. J. I'. 0, Kemm every toan.li
Sunday in eaoh month.
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any porson wbo takes a paper
regularly from the Post Office,
���whether ho has subscribed or uot, is
rosponaiblc (or tho payment,
2. If a person orders his papor
discontinued ho must pny all arrears'
or the publis bra may continue to
Bond it until payment is made, nnd
then collect tho whole amount
Whether the paper is taken from the
oflico or uot.
3. In suits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where tbe
paper ia published.
i. The courts havo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing and leaving tbem uncalled
pr, while uii] iiid for, is pimu facie
.vidouoo of Ipfeotloaal fraud.
Selkirk Lodge.No I."-
��� IOOF Donald BC
Regular Meeting Thursday A eaoh
week lit s p. m,   AU visiting broth
ers are cordially invited.
J, McLKOD,       J. il   MilDESO^
N, 0. 11. B.
milos bounded by the R -erg
Stickaen and i:.-..'. nn .'��� ,��� north
i" ' the Stool a i d . ���:...* ��������� A ,
b uth; 75,0(111 botv ���-��� '.' ������ ".--���.
Athabacoc '...! ' v. fii -. 35,��
000 to tho south .:< A1!*:'.! ,coa
Luko j IfiOQ betw :n Eatbui'st
Inlet ���' ll is Oo pi rniino .: ,
and 31,000 I elw ��� Black li -.
and the Arolie i.'... i. there i:
ah ���.' a vast rtp;ii v n . le uj u
follows: An cioii ol 178,000
aqunre miles I;. ' o '.' . In! e i
air indy mentioned and lho ivosi
Bhe i sl Hudson Raj j ���". 1)0
between Hudson Buy and the
Rivers Severn and Attawi j : :
km; 15,000 helwaen l.y::y':'.. ���:
and Soul and / Iba-ny Rivar, aud
abnut ci),ij'i0 iy". : nd Bist of
Tames Bay. Final!', alt o i the
whole oi tho in! in i of ' ah ' ir,
ostimated yy'"'A'A' u^uaro miles
oi! uuesplc ���-'. ii   ��� try;
''..::��� thy I   ��� ��a;*ai Gracr.
.. j.
Tlio publio  ; acting  hold   i'
Evor on Satarduy night to
diooues    the  Greor   aaue,  wuo
Donald, 1). 0,
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, nnd 3rd and
���lth Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall,
Secretary,   Joseph Oallln.
Collector,   Geo I! Qovett, Box 10
Receiver,   James Falconer, Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Agent    It J MoBorley
Douald, 13. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, nud lust 2 Wed.
nesdays rich month.
Master,   J, 3. Babbitt,
Seo'y,   W, F, Ogilvie,
l'ine'r.   Angus McLean.
Jonrual Ag't. E, A. Chesley '���' '������
li ,i   B.C
argeiy atl'ondoci, svon ��� ac ii [.;
room boinjj fully ocoupiod. VV.
,'. TTythall wa ;: the"; air, Tho
I ors woro Ee!, i. , ' , l-
Icnd, E. P. " ibcon, J, W. I ���
Leod, Dr, MoGui|*au, Meojru, Wn .
McOraney, ox^M.P,, Wm. . i
non am! Jos. Hall,
A resolution, c ;'!;nr: for a > ��� ���:
trial, was  move'. '    'A    I   -
Mr.Maitland in !    r ' c( utgaa
nml tarried without a dissontioni
A second roBolution, ex| eosing
sympathy with Mra, Gn ir and
family, and cullin   fo     il    -: ii
!;���:,:: to h'lp  pay tlio  Co::'
new trial and othor law ex] n ,
was moved by Mr, MoUrunoy, and
seconded by R v, .Mr. MoLood,
and passed, an was also a resolu-,
tion appointing Aid, 0. L, Brown,
Lewis Curler and Dr, MuGuigiin
a oommittoo to collect subsorip-
Thut the judge's strictures woro
uncalled lor, and that lho jury
were wrong in altering thoir Iirst
voidicl in moro Uiiui form, Wore
anion-,' lbe Honiiniotits expressed.
Air. Shnnuoh Bald tbat Greor
wus a coiislublo in Chilliwlm.uk
I01114 ago, ma !o a ko()|I officer, uud
wiih 11 general favorite,
Tlie nioetiiij,' waa harmonious
throughout, A oolluullon of
8113.(15 was taken up boloio lhe
mi eilng was ulosod.
Gold Discoveries in Colorado
Gold has been found in dry
creeks in tbo vicinity of I'^izn-.
both, Colorado. In tho early days
whon prospectors pissed over this
district, slight traces of gold wero
found, but tho scarcity of water
prevented them from continuing
Iheir search, Recently a number
nf mon devoted their time to a
search for gold, and last woek
tbey found metal in a small creek
not far from this placo. Water
was conveyed to the ground by
means of ditches and work was
co 1 meed with a common
rocker. The result was satisfaos
tory,    EL   0.   Lopor  und Jesso
. .���' El irted on !,he ground
in earnest. They mado sluices
and in 60 hours took out four
01 i of gold in coarse grains
and ah mot pure.
Tho Ah        Boundary.
The A.A.-\ made by Canada, on
lliesl .;:;vie'u
Burv 7 tbnt the boundary lino of
. ' I ������ wis locitod too 'A. east
whero it crossi 3 tbe .. kon lliver,
has boon :..:���: ' mod by the report
ol tho sunn yors oent ci 5 ), :,;
United States GovorniMent, The
l': 1st Mflfi-linn is tho line '..1 tv.bon
th: tv/o ooar.1 loc, and this
: tho JTukotj nearly 40
i dlea .' it i' v.1' co it has hitherto t posed to cross. This
,', , In the very valuable
1,, -j Mile Oreok gold mines,
<! ) tbo President a lew
:,: ntl '. tgo appointed a posts
1.,     ���.     .,        oi the Yukon,
Going Home Again.
Everybody, apparently, can't
make fortunes In the Western
States. About a hundred Scandinavians returned from Washings
ion Territory last evening, arrivn
fog iu this city over tho C. P. R.
Tbey are on their way back
home. Hardly any work, and
wretched pay lor the litlle labor
procurable. That is their story.
They say they prefer poverty at
homo to poyerty in a strange
Inid.���Moutieul Witness.
A Town in Idaho Deserted.
Tho town of Crossport has
reached the fato that overtakes
all railroad camps. It is almost
entirely desorted. The last fow
weeks havo been markod by tbe
exodus of almost all business.
Most of tho saloons and other
sporting elements have gone to
Kootenai. Tho removal of tbe
-dices of Bums and Chapman's
was tlio signal for the breaking
lip of Crossport, Crossport is
now a thing of tho past, and will
only remain in the memory of its
former citizens ��s one of the
toughest and "woolliest" towns
lhat the Kootenai country could
ever boast of���Spokane Review.
C  ;   '���
thr   Porcupine
oa 01 simyin
: terriw
-I j wbi the ii",.' Burveysshow
bol -. : 13 Ah .'������������ The eastern
hi und, cu ',������: thwestorn pos-
: ,. ', finally dolor*
mi, od.-    ��� al le rolegraph.
Undo  Jciin   Usually  gels
11!" " .ttloTolographtbus dls-
r 1 uliy talks about its Uncle
,;. ���: Whilo ihe Droibuud and
5,171 I': lighting men, and the
(,. ir'a ulleged Pcaco Loaguo with
Its -11387.200 soldiers, Bkirminb
around trying to get- seme i"!-
vaniagc of each oilier, uiigland,
l,bo only othor Plu rpeun power
In a position to do anything.
Stands ready lo take up a oollcu-
t'Oii when tlio sign cones right,
i,ho   Latest  Strike   Down
Charles Chambers and Edward
Becker oame iuto Ainsworth the
other dny, bringing news of a dis��
Cjvery of a monster ledgo of
galena ore, about two miles oast
of the Hennessy vein, it is said
to be 40 to 5" foot io width, and
the lowest iiiwuy of tho oro gave
14oz. silver to tho ton. Upon
receipt of the nows a fresh exodus
took place from Ainsworth, end
a large party lefl Bonner's Ferry
on tho steamer Spokane tor Kaslo
City and tho new mines, Tbe
size and richness of the many
veins in the now district exceeds
anything hitherto known in tho
history ot lead mining. Thoui
Hands ol poisons on tho southern
side of tho line aro preparing to
visit the new region curly in lho
Terrible Hour l-Mg-Jit.
While John Crawoyn, Samuel
Woatborby, Richard 8peobt,Pr'ank
and Robert Mini and Robert
Janes, six farmers living near
llclleiistcin, I'a,, were hunting in
tho mountains ono day lust week
tbey discovered   a  cub playing
John Bull may .bo an  old fool, I near a enve,   They captured it,
but. I10 in always on dock when
tho divldonds are lo bo paid.
Russia thrashed Turkey, and J,
l>. took Cyprus to make tilings
oven, Goiiiiiu y walloped Prnnoo,
and our modest, uncle was willing
lu bo satlsQod with an InJoflnlto
occupation of Egypt',   Br'er Blanc
mid woro departing when tho
mot hor male ber appearance. A
terrible conflict ensued, and tho
hunters finally retreated to tho
cave, where thoy came in contact
tvitb ibo male bear. The animal
at tucked tho buntci'B, who wero
terribly lacorutod and torn beforo
burled in for a commercial con-   they could bring their rifies into
pica ot South America, and J, | play.   James was caught by tho
mother beat and so badly injured
thai ho will die. Weatherby's
right arm was torn from the
socket and Specie's one eve m ;
B, snid that be thought bio share
for tho proBont would be lho Con-
H'ni ol tho Orinoco, for reaping
whero ho bus not sown commend
US to our ticcioi'1 ''elalivo.
gouged out, ily, itootcnatj Star
y-- ��� ��� ���..-w. *-.,....^..^oc - a^adi, -raaaf ^j/ j-a.jwajaa,  -    .*.- ..w.
aaa*auaaaaaaiac..': a
SATURDAY. NOV. 28, 1891.
M.tj. LEAD.
There is no doubt that  an  increased duty on imported lead would
'ibe of some benetlt to the mining industry iu Kootonay ; but tho sum
'total of this metal used in tbe Dominion is so small t> at, as ��-c have
before remarked, the benefit wonld
lie infinitesimal.   The causes of onr
small home consumption are many,
'one being the faot thut all our gas
ipipes aid nearly all our water pipes
tire of iron, while in England they
'are made of lead    Bnt. seing that
gas in fnst being superseded by the
electric  ligbt, this will  be of little
aooBequenoe.    "Wo thoroughly en-
'dorse the remark of the Kumloops
Sentinel that our best markets ure
bn the other side of the Pncifio���
China and Japan.   It is childishness
to say that we cannot place onr lend
in those maikets ub cheap as England, seeing that we ar-:, over 5,000
miles nearer ; and freightage should
bo so much lower, instead of half as
much again.
Why not ask the Government to
snbsidize all vessels carryiug Canadian lead to those markets���say five
cents per owt,, or $1 per ton? Many
steumships which earry a few hundred tons of ballnst would profit to
the extent of two or three hundred
dollars each outward trip by utilizing
a space hitherto oooupied by useless
dead Height. It oould be easily
li-.tidied in pigs or in bar and take
ivp little room. If the seller would
Btow the lead on board at Vancouver
and have an agent at the Chinese or
Japanese port at whioh the vessel is
to discharge���and with Chinese labor this would not add much to tho
total ��� the shipowners would be
at no expense whatever, thus having
a .other inducement to oarry lead as
' '1 j j duty on imported lead- which
migiit be increased to suoh a figure
at to return a good revenue, without
bfeiug prohibiii7e���oould be devoted
to the payment of this subsidy, aud
the Goyerntent, without imposing
any additional taxation on fhe Dominion at large, wonld be fostering
an infant industry in a new province.
Onr smelters would not then be
lying idle for want of ore, unprofitable claims would develop into
mines, our lonely mountain districts
would be alive with a busy population, tbe steamship companies would
be turning an honest penny, and the
Government would be very little out
of pocket.
Our suggestion may seem absnrd
overcome by drink and hod kin
dowu on the track to sleep. Death
had been instantaneous. No blame
was attached to anyone, the driver
being a most careful an-' efiinient
mnl). Tlie deceased, whose real
name wus Jacob Ungula, lea.es a
widow und five children in Finland,
and returned here irom t> visit tu his
home only lust Juue.
Dili   Dunn's Outfit.
There appears in Harper's Magazine for November a contribution by
Jnli is Ralph, uu ler tbo nbovo title,
iu which some notable local places
and persons are mentioned, We givo
h Sow extracts :���
At R- velstoke, three hundred and
eighty miles from the Pacific Ocean,
in Uritish Columbia, a small white
.���atcnni-'o.it., built ou tUo spot, aud exposing a Blugle great paddle-wheel ai
ber stern, was waiting to make
another ot her still few trips through
a wilderness that, but for her presence, would be ns completely primitive ub almost any in North America.
Her mute lay down ihu (Jolumbia j
Kiu,i a distance of about olio hue
died and thirty miles, to a point
oallcd Sproat's Landi -g, where somo
rapids inteirupt navigation.
It sboald be remembered that British Oolumoia has been but partially
explored, and tbat bore in its very
heart only the watercourses have
been travelled, and there was neither
a settlement nor a house along the
Coluiiiuia iu thut great reach of its
valley between the United States'
border and the Canadian Poifio
Railway except at tbe landing at
which this boat stopped.
Over all the varying scene, as the
boat ploughed along, bung a mighty
silence; for aim ist tho ouly lifo
on the deep wooded sides of the
mountains was that of stealthy game.
At only uo points wero anybumau
beings lodged, and these were wood
choppers who supplied the fuel for
tbe steamer���a Ulnnamau in oue plaoe
and two ui three .link- niuj larthor
on. Iu this part of its magnificent
valley the Columbia broadens in two
long loops, cadea the Arrow Lakes,
each more thai, two miles wide and
tweuty to thirty miles in length.
Their prodigious toweiing wails are
densely wouued, and in places are
snow capped in mi-isnmmer. The
forest growth is primeval, and its
owu luxuriance crowds it beyoud
tbe edge uf luu gi'uud stream in the
fretwork of laden trunks aud bushes,
whese roots are bedded in the soft
mass oi ceuiurieb of forest debris.
Early iu me juur.ey the clerk oi
the steamer tolil me tbat wild animals were frequently seen crossing
the mer ahead of the vessel ; hears,
he said, aud deer and elk and porcupine. \\ i.cn 1 left him to go to my
state-room and dress for the rough
journey ahead oi me, he came to my
uoor, calling in ex.'ited tones lur mo
to come out on the deck "There's
a big near ahead I ' he cried, and as
he spoke 1 saw the black beau of tne
animal cleaving the quiet water
close to the nearer shore. Presently
in the eyes of some, bnt we only I Brums loot touched the bottom, and
throw it cut as an induca-eat fur ,he bounded into tne bush and disap-
someone better posted to take it up,
the chest, neek, ami limbs of a gn'n.l,
his three hundred poiiuds of weight
were so exactly his complement as
tu givo him the symmetry of an
Apollo. He was good-looking with
:he beauty of a round-faced, good-
featured bny, and his thick hair fell
in a cluster of ringlets over his fore-
bead nn i upon his nock. No Kuight
of Aimni'S circle can have been
moiv pioturi sque a figure in the
forest tli in thij "Jack," H<- was as
neat as a dandy. Ho wore high
boots and corduroy knickerbockers,
a dinicel shirt and ft snek' coal, uud
rode his big bay horse with the ease
aud grace of a Skobeleff. He
smoke.I like a fire of green bnisli,
but lm I never tasted liquor in his
lie. In a dozen years he had slept
more frequently in tho open air, upou
pebble beds or in trenches iu tho
snow, than upon ordinary bedding,
aud he exhibited, iu his graceful
movements, his sparkling eyes and
ruddy cheeks, his massive frame
nud his imperturbable good nature,
ft degree of health and vi��or thut
would seem insolent to the average
| N.'.i Yorker. Now lhat tlie railroad
wua building, he kept ever on tho
trail, along what was colled "the
right of way"���going from camp to
oainp to "jump" whiskey peddlers
and gamblers and to quell disorder���
except on pay-day, once a month,
wbi u he staved at Sproat's Landing,
The echoes of bis fearless behavior
aud lively adventures rang in evory
gathering. The generui tenor of the
stories was to the effect that be
usually gave one warning to evildoers, anil if they did not lined that
be "eleuned them out." He carri>>d
a revolvor, but never had used it.
Even when tbe most notorious gambler on the U. ti. border had crossed
over into "Jack's" bailiwick the
policeman depended upon his fists.
He had met the gambler and "advised" nun to tuke the cars next day.
The gambler, in reply, had suggested ti.at both would get along
more quitjtlr if eaoh minded his own
affairs, whereupon Kirkup had said,
"Yon hear me: take tbe cars out of
here to-morrow." The little oom��
munity (it was Don.ild, B. 0., a very
rough place at the time) held its
breathing for twenty-four hours, and
at tho approach of train-time was
on tiptou witii strained auxiety. At
twenty minutes before the hour tbe
policeman, unliable und easy-going
as ever in appearance, began a tour
of the houses. It waB iu a tavern he
found the gambler.
"You must take the train," said
"You can't make mo," replied the
Tuero were no more words. Iu
two minutes the giant was carrying
the limp body of the ruffian to a
wagon, in wbieh he drove him to the
jail. There be washed the blood off
tho gambler's face and tied his collar
and soarf. From there the couple
walked to tbe oars, where they
parted amicably.
"I had to be a littlo rough," said
Kirkup te the loungers at the station,
"because he was armed like a pin*
cushion, and I uidn't want to have
to kill him."
<tf,'M. Vfttft H
James McDonald & Co,
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor nnd
Bed-room sets ranging in prioe from $(|.5() to MOO.    Hotels fur-      '
mslied throughout. OiBoe and bar-room chairs.   Spring
mallressoH made to order, aud woven wire, hair
and wool tnattressos in slock.     Mail
orders from Kootenny Lako
' poiuts will recoivo early ''
and   prompt attention.
9-1       /J
Millinery, Dress and JSfantle Making,
bab^aA-jA   (J
OF Tail
And a large variety of tho most recent novelties in
Together with a fine selection ot tho
Perhaps theMoKinleyitepublioatiou
at Nelson may be able to make out a
workable soheme on thane or s imilr
Killed ou Revelstoke Bridj.'i-.
After describing a log-built hotel
at Sproat's Lauding, the writer says :
There was a burbi-r pole in front
of the house, stunk up by a "prospector" n ho aad run out of funds
and even thing else except hope),
Nelson is evidently soon to rank
as a city of no mean size if tho advertisements we publish to-day are
to be taken as a oriterion, Notiee
is given of an application for powers
to construct, maintain, equip and
operate u system of water works in
tbe town���a system badly wanted in
Revelstoke; also a private bill
authorizing the applicants to construct, operate and maintain a system of electric lighting, and also fur
Last Sunday night the Pacific Express was nearly seven hoars late,
owing to heavy snow in the mountains. Sbcrtly before midnight tbe
train drew ont of Revelstoki* S��atinn
fortheooast, the driver being P. J
Gavin, wbo resides here, and who
bad got on at the station for his run
westwards.   As the bridge o?er the
ond who, like ull his kind, hail stopped to "make a few dollars" where-' powers to construct and operate an
with to outfit again and coutinne his j electric tramway within a radius Of
seatoh for gold.   He noted the looal   25 miles around Nelson.   The solioi-
newi oi a barber, ami iL.stai.tiy be-
, jame i ne by purchasing a razor on
credit, and painting a pole while
waiting for cusiom.   lie was a joou-
i iar felluw���a born New Yorker, by
the way.
"Lon't ("have we close," said I,
"Close?" li- repented. "You'll be j
the luckiest victim I've  slashed yet 1
Columbia River was appruaohed ti.e  >' I B">''>' ����>J oljom beard at all.
r ,    ,      , , i ,,     How n tbe razor'
. 'rain slowed down as usual, and the .    ,. ^   . /  ,,
driver SI'.'0*1 �� iAtk  aPot "* ,he i    ""li no, n ain't," said he; "you're !
snow    h ;��!** BTrWhere were many getting your nerves to stand it, so'a
i       ..   ii   i   "   TTTX���iiiio    Get-   not to ho calb-'l �� tenderfoot.   I'm i
such spots al  abng the m.0-   udl  i , ,
8        r j"��       ,. ,i,   no barbi.r.    I expected  to tend har
ting on to the bridge a sligut sh-..,.      ||(,g , UllUi]���.,i ���,, ,.,,,��� ������   (1|,,rl,
was fi-it, as though the cowcutch i   [f jqu oould set the blood streaming
had nouin into contact with a soft,  downyb't, 'aoe J""" k.'A&?
yielding substance, and the engineer'    In spil   u��-ti's sell  lepreoiafloo,
Whistled uown brakes.   As soon as   <"> pwfaraed as artistic and pa., Use
,, .       . ,   .. Ian operation us J ever sat turougii.
the tiain could be stoppod it was,    f|   ..^.^ Uoding we saw the
discovered that tho obstruction wai  nucleus of a railroad terminal point,
tho body of a man who had evidently    I he queer hotel Was lint little  more
been asleep on tho track.   The body   P��*ofi�� than   many of the people
,    ,, .   , i     it   At.  I Who gathmed oi, t.aii siiigh. struel Ou
hud boon carried a considerable dis- ���
tors for the applicants are Messrs.
Bodweil aud Irving, of Victoria. In
the face of all this, we oan only B��y
with sorrow that Revelstoke "is not
in it."
All orders by mail or
exprePB p-omptly
All descriptions of
gold and silver.
tance over too bridge, and was disembowelled and otherwise out up.
It proved to bo a I'inlauder named
Nicholas Lumpia, who had been employed on tho C. P. It. as a traok-
pay-day to spend thoir har:' earned
mor.oy up'.n a great deal of illicit
whiskey and a lev? rune ueoesnariea
from the limited stook on sale in tbe
stores. There never had been any
gravo disorder there, yet the floating, worleaus,
population ivas as motley a oollec
valker,    On   Tuesday  an or.qniry | tion of the ritfrn|f of  Ibe border as
was held at the Oonrt House, Bevel- or* could well imagine, and thero
.,    .  i    w  a   r��� ���.. t d   on,i was only one policeman to eaforue the
stoke, before W. A, lowott J.F., and i
evidence was given by thn  en��in
The following prospectors have
arrived atRevolstokc from Big Rind:
Messrs. Wm. MoKonzio, Angus Mo-
Kay, Gas Ltiud, Ham Hill, John
v"lson and John Hands. Thoy wero
about to oommenco cloaning up their
sluice boxes, but tho cold woather
put stop to work i�� thai direction, j ���
Tiie journey down the river was
uneventful. Mr. Nelson brought
foui line marten skins which are in
excellent condition, They have lofj
five men in Big Bend, and no ooui.
munioation can he had with them
until mut spring. Thoy nro located
on Gold Stream and 1'reach Creek,
mining camps ten miles apart, so
that intercourse with each other will
be somewhat difliciilt. On the
former uiu Hoi. Holden and Charles
uud on too hitter Andy
Hunker, Andy 1'urks and a Chinaman, 'lliey were making fair wnges
up to the time of departure of their
(Close to 0. P. R. Bepoc)
Revelstoke      -      ?      BC
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
��������� --'iii-.'
We carry a select and complote stopk of gent's furnishings, ladios' toilet.
and children's boots, shoes aud hose, stationery, patent medicines, etc,'
requisites and ready-made olotbing.   A   large  assortment oi pipes, ���
tobacco, cigaroiiuij, imported and domestio cigars, fruits, randy, eto.
Slove pipos, tinware, orookery, rough and dressod lumber, and othergood^
tou numerous lo mention, at moderate prices.   ' '
Telephone communication.
driver, F, Fraser, watchman on the
bridgo, a ^'inlander who was with
deoeased np to a short time before
the accident, Constable ,J, Kirknp
������nd oihcio, from which il v/as ocp* I of muuliood in the Uomiujon,
HnsaVii that tha poor fellow had boon I (pet aud three iuches In height,
Un 1       -it. -.��� '
law in I. tei ntorj tho sisse "t lib iu
Island,   Be wasqnite ai remarkable
in  his' way as  any other develop
Uent of that eiubryotio oivillj-otioii,
JI i.i name was .lick  Kiiknp, mnl all
who knew lorn spoke ul him as heinp I and   Ine
physically the most Buperh example' freezing
ti.i | been visihl'i for Ihu week.   Huow m
with ' lying nbuut a foot (loop on the live!,
,-.,.,        i
The weather for the past week has
been very depressing, snow ami ruin
alternating overy day Until yesterday, when it took a hardening turn
thermometer dropped to
point.    Tho  sun has not
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Kevelstoke and Nelson,  tf. C.
':S -
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
Tho i'ublic will find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any orders  placed with   Mr. Charles Linomahk  will have otii
careful nttontion  and  prompt delivery to any part oi Revelstoke.  t
'. 'ij
/ ', A
Mrs. W. Lee rctnrned last week
from a long visit to the east.
Mrs. A. Williamson who has beeu
very ill, is convalescing.
Mr. KioougOD L,.'i ��� has b light
out tbe business of Yet Lee, genoral
merchant, Main Street, Revelstoke.
Rev. J. P. Hicks, of Enderby,
filled the pulpit at the Methodist
Church last Sunday, both morning
and evening,
Miss Woodworth.of Kamloops,who
has been stayiug at Mr. Ladner's for
the past fortnight, left for her home
on Tburnday evening.
Rev. Mr, Ladner will preach to-
morrov. iu the etbodist Church j
morning at 10.30, evening at 7.30.
All are cordially united.
J. L. Smith, operator at Revelstoko
Station, lull ou Jl,���...iij io. u Lip to
his home, London, Ont. Will return
in about two months.
Mr, and Mrs, Adair left here on
Tuesday for thoir ranch down the
river. Their large circle of friends
will miss them very much.
There will be an anetion -mle of
books, periodicals and magazines at
the publio library, Maiu street, next
Monday evening.
On Tuesday a party of Siwashes
loaded their boat with nearly 'f rwt.
of flour from J. F. Home's'' store for
tbeir camp down the river, where
there is a large hunting party.
.'- j ���. ��� -
The Rev. Mr. Ladner returned to
Revelstoke last Tuesday niorniug
pom Kamloops, where he had officiated at the anniversary services of
the Methodist Church on Sunday
and Monday,
It is rumored tbat Mr. W. R. Hnll
has purchased thu Government hum,
4,01)0 acres. The price is said to be
$2o,000. It is t.lso stated th1*.'!; Mr.
Hull has purchuscd tlc-'V'attl'e oi the
Ciuadian Pacifio Colonization Oo. at
(Jfnsenstown.���Calgary Herald.
Church of England services will
be held to-morrow in the Sohool-
house, the Rev. J. C C. Kemm offl-
biatiug. Eleven o'olook, Morning
Service and Holy C mmuuion. Half-
past seven, EvcninK Cervico and sir-
Luou. All are coidiolly invited to
attend ���
Columbia Lodge I. O. G. T. will
hold the usual open monthly meeting at the Sohoolhouse en Tuesday
night, commencing at 7.30, when a
good programme of cinsic, som-s,
l-ecitiitiocc, ko., mil be rendered.
Admission free, everybody invited,
and a red good .'."me expected.
Messrs. Hull Bros, have purchased
the horned cattlo, 100 head, of the
Canadian LJa:--:f:a Colonization Co.
The horses veto no; sold, the offer
at the auutici cale nA: hsing up to
the reserve prise, T'.-.o ^��'.e of the
cattle was by private lender.���Calgary Tribune.
A meeting wr.s held Thursday
night at:Messrs.' Gilker k W-.Ha-
Store to discuss the question of
forming a Suowshoe Club for Revelstoke. It was decided that suoh a
club should be formed, am^.the folio *ving officers smi) a-wled!?-President, J. Kirkup") Secretary, i\ B-
Wells; treasurer, C. B. Hume; committee', John Abrabamson, Charles
Lindmark, Johu Hill and R. Green.
Revelst'ke water supply so heme
is hearing fruition, thanks to the
Untiring energy of Mr. W. Cownn,
who has kept the matter well to the
front for the patt three years, He
has been making a canvass of the
citizens, and thus far has obtained
15 names of intending subscribers
and an aggregate of 870 a month towards the guaranteed income of $160 '
a month required by the company, j
We intend giving considerable space
to this important matter next week,   j
Yesterday a young man mounted
on a pair of Norwegian snowshoes
essayed the task of skimming over
tbe snow oovered surface of Main
Street, but owing to its beiug cut up
considerably by the traffic he did not
make much headway. These snow-
shoes are simply thin slats of wood
about three inches in width and ten
feet in length, and aimed up in front
like the hows of a canoe. The feet
pre fastened to these slats by leather
straps in the centro, leaving about
five (net clear fore and aft, which is
tot lifted dear of the boow, but
glides along tho surface. A polo
about six fout iu length is carried,
pithor for steering purposes or at a
!vili> in propulsion,
S BALED TEN DEKS addressed
to lhc Poslm-i-lcr General
will he received nt Ottawa until Noon
on rlxiUAi, the bin March next,tor
the conveyance of Her Majesty's
.Mails, ou a proposed coutrael for
four years, fortnightly in summer and
uiunthly iu winter, between
from tho lst May next,
Printed notices, containing further
information ns to conditions of proposed coutract, may bo seen and
blank forms of lender may be obtained nt th, Post-offices of Golden,
Galena, \\ indermere, Fort Steele,
I'liriinont Springs ind Cranbrook,
mid nt this ollice.
Post-office Inspector.
Post-oflieo Inspector's Ollice, Victoria, B.C., 20lh November, 1891.
Is hereby given, tbat application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, nt its uext scssiou, for an
Act for the purpose of constructing',
maintaining, equipping, nnd operating Water Works in the town of
Nelson, iu the Kootenav District, in
said Province, and for tho purposes
thereof, granting to the Company the
privilege of taking water from the
Cottonwood-Smith Creek, tbo Ward
Creek, and other suitable poiuts;
with power to tbe Company to build
Flumes and Aqueduct-;, lay Pipes,
erect. Dam.';, acquire Lauds, aud do
all things necessary tor the purposes
Soiioi'oro for tbo Applicants.
November 18th, 1891.
that nt the next session of the Legislative Assembly application will be
mado for a Private Bill authorizing
lh? applicants to construct, operate
and maintain a system of Electric
Lighting in and about the present
towu of Nelsou and its vicinity, nud
for thut purpose to take no much of
the wateis of the Cottonwood-Smith
Creek as n-ay be necessary for generating Electricity for the supply of
the siiid system ; with power also to
erect, lay, nnd string such Poles,
Pipes und Wir. s through, along, over
and under'tin streets aud highways
of the aa-!'! totvn and its vicinity as
may be accessary.
Solicitors tor ths Applicants.
that at the next session of the Legic-
iatr.ra of British Oolumbia application will be made for tbe passage of
a Private Bill authorizing the applicants to construct, operate uud maintain Tram-vays tor the purpose of
conveying passengers, freight and
ores from some convenient point near
Nelson to nny point or points within
a radius of 25 miles from Nelson;
also to take aud use from the Kootenay River, in the vicinity of the Falls
of the said river, so much of the
waters as may be necessary to obtain
therefrom 5,000 norse-power for the
purposes of generating electricity to
be used either as a motive power for
the said Tramway or other works of
the applicants or to be supplied by
the applicants to consumers as a
motive power for hauling, pumping,
hghtiug, smelting, drilling or ior any
Other purposes for which it may be
applied or be required, with power to
tbe applicants to construct and maintain Buildings, Erections, Raceways
or other works in connection therewith for improving nnd increasing
the wider privilege, nud also to enter
upon nnd expropriate hinds for n site
for power houses nnd for dams, raceways or such other works as shall be
necessary ; also to erect, lay, construct and maintain nil necessary
Worts, Buildings, Pipes, Poles,
Wires, Appliances or Conveniences
necessary or proper for tbe generating and transmitting of Electricity
or power within the urea above described.
Dated this 12th November, 1891.
Dr. Tunstall has left Kamloops for
Vancouver, and intends to praotioe
there. He has taken offices at 68
Cordova Street, as he considers that
a more central location than in the
new Bank of British Columbia bnildiug. There is uo doubt that tbe
doctor mil become as popular in tho
terminal city an he was in K'anil.oo' .-'
I have this day purchased ths
Business carried on by Yee Lee as
General Merclniiit, ut Rovelstoke,
British Oolumbia,
Rovelstoke, Nov. 21st,, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Ohief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in the district of
West Kootenny :
Commeuciug at a post marked
" Peter Genelle, South-west Corner,"
on tbe east shore of the Upper Arrow
Laka, about one milo north of Nakusp
Creek j thence east 80 chaius, thenco
north 80 chains, thenco west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to the place of
beginning, containing 640 acres.
Revelstoko, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Gilker & Weils.
-IJHAIaElls   1N-
Is hereby given, that 00 days after
date I intend to 'apply to the, Cliiof
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchaso the following described laud in the district of
West Kooteuuy:
Commencing at a poet marked " F,
G. U. South-east Corner," planlod at
the north-east corner of the land
churned by A. Wells on the Upper
Arrow Lake, about one mile north of
Nakusp Creek ; thence north 40
chains ; thence west 120 chains to
the shore of Arrow Lake; tbonee
south along the shore of Arrow Lake
40 chains ; and thenee eiibt 120 chaiu3
to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Revelstoke, B.C., Nov. 2nd, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase tho following described land in the distriot of
West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked " F,
J. Fulton, North-west Corner," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Lake,
about one mile north of the Nakusp
Creek ; thence east 40 chains, thence
souih 80 chains, thence west 40 chains
to tbe shore of the Arrow Luke, and
thence north following the shore of
the lal-e to the place of beginning,
containing 320 acres, more or less.
Kamloops, B.C.. Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to apply to the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in tbe dislrict of
West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked " J.
O.'Grnhame, North-west Corner," on
the east shore cf the Upper Arrow
Lake, south cf the Nakusp Creek;
thence east 40 chains, Ibeuce south
40 chains to the shore of the Arrow
Lake, and thenoe north, following the
shore of the lake to the point of beginning, containing 160 acres, more
or less.
Kamloops, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that 60 days nfter
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in the district of
West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked "A.
Wells, South-east Corner," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Luke,
about one mile north of the Nnkusp
Creoi.; thence north 40 ohaius, theuce
west'-120 chuius to the shore of lhe
lake, and thence south following the
shore of the lake to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres.
Revelstoke, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that application
will be made lit the next session of
tho Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia for an
Act to incorporate a' Company to
construct, equip, maintain and operate a' lino of Railway from somo
point on Kootenay Lake, by way of
Kaslo or other pass, up the North
Fork of ftuslo Creek, to some point ut
or near the summit belweeu Kootenay
and Slocan Lakes or the vicinity of
tho reoently discovered mines iu that
section, with powers of extending said
Railway in any direotion us may hereafter be deemed requisite for the
transportation of ores and other products, with powers of building and
operating Branch Lines from said
Railway to such mines ns may now
be or hereafter to be discovered in the
vicinity of snid Railway.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated 20th October, A..D, 1891
Notary Public.
Notary Publio
Mining, Timber and  Ileal   .Mud-  Brokers and General
Commission  ,\a,'<>n(s.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, eto., drawn up,
Rents and Accounts Collected ; .Mining Claims Bought and Hold ; Assessment work ou iiiiniug i hiinis Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Eto,, Etc.,
Lots on Townsito of Ilovelstoke for Sale and Wanted. Agents for Mining
Machinery, Etc,
Evans Bros.' Pianos
��� < ��� ^j
r: t-.K MEa-iB as umci. ������?.
If you think of buying an Organ or  Piano, send for Catalogue and
'    Price Lists.
REVELSTOKE ���,        ��� - 8 C
Smelting and Trading
Aro   Prepared to  Sample   ond   Purchase   all   Kinds of
Prices and all information furnished on application.
ED. PICARD, Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
Tuga, Broast Straps, Ames Buckles, and Snaps, of all kinds
und sizes, kept in stock.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   and AGRI-,
CULTURAL, aud especially to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
) to)uudo':c-'t''H>it'>c>*e-,t.'*yi(!.   p^j$Jgf-f| . uw*a '     -  i um im mii.i���'���mil��� 11
At present tho Salvation Army
uses overy year 8150,000 worth
ol papor.
For neuralgia, bruiso borso��
radish and iijij.ly a jioullico In
lho wrist,
It tukos tho tusks of 50,000
elephants a year lo supply lho
'world'.'! piano keys.
.'  '' - i
Whilo onions, catou raw, arc
more and moro recommended as
*., euro for insomnia,
Gen. Lew Wallace sayii thai n
poultice of mustard  and  gnrlio
applied to tho 3olos ol tho fool
-will euro   rheumatism  in   ono
When cold water is craved (although cold wuicr really inters
fores with digestion), it should he
boiled und filtered, and cooled in
hollies on ice.
The valuable property of the
Lillooet Hydraulic Company 011
the Falser river, lj miles from
the town of Lillooet, has boon
sold to Now York capitalists lor
For stiff neck, soro throat, pains
in tho chest, a good remedy is to
rub some oil or vtiflcline into lbe
skin, iben cover with a piece of
oottou wadding, the shiny sido
outward, and wear till llio dis-
3omforl is gone.
A gentleman of Chilliwaok, B.
O., has published in the Victoiia
Colonist a letter slating that lbe
boundary line between lhc United
Suites  and  Canada   is   Utterly
wrong, and thai part of Blaine
and Sumua City should be included
in Canada.
i A i.iost serious obstacle to tho
proposed trans-Pacific cable by
Vfay ol tbo mainland of Alaska
and the Aleutian Islands has
arisen in the discovery of such
un extreme depth of water north-
< aalldi-en Devoured l)j
V. nlvi'S.
Throe children were killed and
partially devuurod by wolves at
Now Brii hton, a fow miles from
St. Paul, Minn., 11 few days ago.
i he ihildren wore in the woods
dose to the city stock yards, 'ind
the li adfnl 1 oourreuoe ban very
much exciti d the community and
a li'ini 11 300 mon, armed wiih
rilles and uooompiinied by doge,
huve started out to nttaok lhc
Tin- now Lake in California
drying ui*.
Salton L. Ki; is fast drying Up,
the water having receded tu suoh
.in extont as lo show vory ole rly
lho old looomoiiv which was
submerged at tho ond of railroad
spur near the Halt worus. This
is throo miles south ol Salton S
T 1 spin- in tbo minos has boon
partially rebuilt, ami will bo 1 om*
pleted in n few days. A great
Stretch of lbe desert which was
suhmorged is now dry, and is
covered with a glistoning coating
of wilt. The salt company will
resume opcnitions very BOoU,
taking chances on lho water
coming in again at high water
season next year.
M (Am ���
-'��������w�� .*a.uav��..��a*��g��j.jr;
A Nervy Oamblor.
1   - Barn Mfoni.
A Tough Story.
John Cruig, 11 young newspaper
man who was recently appointed
secretary of California World's
Fair Com mission 1 wont lo bed
one night last week with a fine
growth of auburn whiskers, and
when ho arosi* next morning be
found ono side pure white. lie
at first thought somcono had
played a practical joko on him
and altered the color with dye,
but after shaving off his beard it
came out again half rod und half
white, Craig had givon Up tt
good newsyapor job to accept the
secretaryship, and has not, re
ceived a cent of pay for several
feast of Japan as to preclude the  months, and tbe annoyance he
has Buffered has affected bim ro
much tbat his board has oha'ngod
Particulars of a strange duel
havo just reached Gutbri ���, I. T.,
from the Cimmaios country, near
the western bordor of the lon-i
lory.    \ i-amMor uamod Bnssoll
hud a quarrel wilb a ranohmnn
iiiuncd Weaver over n game of
pokor, in which Liu- latter no-
cusod /bo former  of  oheating.
Both men drew pistols, but tin-
bystanders stopped them before
tin-   bud time to use thom,   The
men wero loth game and  both
cloud shots,   it was doi ided that
a  duel was   ihe  only thing llitll
would settle tbo troubio, for ll
would bo suro  lo  bo  renewed
whenever lliey met.   The ordi-
nary dui lliii]  code didn't satisfy
1 hem, and tbey outorod into a
poculiui agreement,    Hy ils lurms
they woro to withdraw 10 a room,
and friends woro to load ouo revolver,    A blauket was pluood
over the (able and two revolvers
plaood under  tho   blanket, one
empty   and   tho   other  loaded,
Tbo men came into the room aud
tossed a dollar for ohoioe of pistols,    Weaver won the ohoioe,
Tlio terms woro that both mon
should draw lho rovolvors from
under thu blanket, aim and liru
nt the same time.   Ono would bo
sure lo fall dead whilo the other
would be unharmed,   Ths posi"
tions wore  taken and the  revolvers  drawn,    Bassotl   fired
sinking ot ibo cubic.
The awful charge is mndo, says
���ItiG Seattle Telegraph, that Eng-"
land has been trying to create a
sentiment in South America
against tbis country. Very likely,
Haven't wc been trying to create
a sentiment down there against
England.   Wo should take our
first, or at ier.nl he was tho
Quiokeat to sniip his gun, which
hired to recp md, showing t! it
he bad roc ivod tho unlcadod
pistol. Without flinching, he
placed his revolver on the tublo
and folded his arms, cumly looking Weaver in lho face. Weaver
lock bis timo and deliberately
aimed at the centro of Bassett'B
fori head. After what must havo
acemed an eternity to tho latter,
lie slowly raised tho pistol and
fired tho ball through tbe ceiling,
saying that Bassott ras too brave
n man to lie aud ho did not be-,
lb ���. be had cheated. They bo-
fu \ frieiidE and 1 !l ;: ig ii
of 1 roublo is past as far a3 they are
According to nn American exchange Profossor Garner, ol Xow
York, bus a fine project on hand.
Ho thinks he has leurnod from
oxporlmonta iu Central Turk bow
inoukoys talk, and ho wants somo
one to put the' money so that he
cm buildJIiimsolf ncago and have
it transported Into the center of
Africa and set down in lho heart
of the gorilla rogion.    In Ibis
cage tho profossor oontemplates
pulling, not monkeys, but himseli' and a  lot of  phonographs,
lie c.vpccls thai tho gorillas will
il-rive to make bis acquaintance
niter   tbe fashion  popular with
1 hem, und which In tbo absence
ol tho cage would   end  in  li ih
speedy   conversion   into  gorilla
m-nt    Pti!  the  ougo   is  to  be
si g enough tp koep ibo creature     "l and the professor in,
and while 'be goriljap f{ 10 and
swear in their dialect around bis
rofuge, the professor will calmly
Set his phonographs going and
en1"!:  Iheir various expressions.
IVheii   '.ho   visitors   naueo   for
breath   he will turn   lhe crank
about  lbe olhcr  way end tailback at thorn,   Ho oxpects this
porformanoe lo croute somo Bur-
prise  and   indignation, but   hy
keeping il up anticipates that he
will be ablo to establish an entente
cordialo with lho gorillas in bio
immediate sphere   ol  influence,
V. 1311   thoy  havo  becomo oaf-
otenily   fuuiiiiurized   with   tho
phonograph lobe willing to drop a
uiokol in the slot oeoaoionully, or
whatever may be  tbo  Oenti'ul
African    substitute     for    tbat
method of stunting   mysterious
machinery, the professor will U'\
Ins own vooal organs upon tbem,
and. will talk monkey  to thom,
Ho Bays he expeoto to produi i an
Corner Front und Hanson Sts.
AulUHAMSOH* BROS.      -     !'i:on!tII'TOiii,
First clims iii evory rospeotj Noarcsi,
hotel to (I I1 |{, depot und stoiiinliout
landing, botween post oflico und pov-
buildings. Conch to und from lopol
uud Bteamboat. Fire proof Safe for the
aoooinmodation pf its customers,
F. MoCabtiiv   - -   -
Firet-oliiBs Tomiieranco House.
Board and Lodowo $5 Pun Week
meals, 25c.     ueds 25o.
This hotel ie situated convenient lo thr
station, iB comfortably furnished, and
affords first class aooommodation.
impression upon
uolumiua housk;,
B, C.
Tbo largest and most central Hotel in
tho city ; good aooommodation ; everything now ; table well c.'.ppliod ; I "mud
billiard room attached ; h.c proof safa,
The M;i".  Diogenes vTas
Lool ''���' ,
Hr.  Wilson, m : igor of the
local telegraph c.      :. v
on lhc Vancouver r, .    .'..     '��� er
day, and on the waj '.. :���.-. bis
own medicine without squealing.   overcoatout 0f the buggy,   He
j, Plans for improving tho opper - md a man coming along with a
Columbia river are being con- Chinaman, and asked him if be
sidered by tbo United States en- -aw the coat to return it. The
gineer department. Captain Sy- maD ': be would'and passed
mons bus received a number nf on. Mr. Wilson never expected I Gordon lo Mr, Arthur Gordon
excellent photographs repres ��� '-' i,'':'1' anything ot the garment, Wilson, son of Sir Samuel Wilson,
(os Priest's rapids Rock  s lna' waJ' nc'xl ('!'-v  ''1C  naember of Parliament for
and Cabinet rapids three of thi   he met tbe man and asked bim if  Portsmouth.    The churoh  was
most formidttl    obstacles "���'���  The man  crowded with members of tbe
navigation of the upper Uo be had, ai    brought it from  oreme de la oreme of high society.
The Dowager Duchess of Mari-
The S-*"ces:* of aa Irish
The j     dest London rrcV--.*--r
oi It i .: m la; t '.'.," ir
. ol Gt ( .. g '���, E-.3-
over B(juP. 0, toted for :.* niany
brilliant marriage cermonii ., , .1
that  of Lady Sarah  Churchill
wiio!) may be ao, but we rooom
mind bim to make it at a re-
speotful distanoo, for tlie cocial
world of gorilladca dees not looi-
with favor upon prcmi..ouons
flirtation with other fellows'girls,
After he hac Btop; d in liiiio nort
of cnmj-r.ay long en ''- to un��.
dorstmd the s and bo ;. derat'dod
b**1 them, he is oonis^ biic': ai-d
goin ��� to lecturo, illaBlraMig his
cb Bi'TStiono by hia pbonp|   yk
 :?do.     Und;r   tha  o!roam��>
' ��� * oa i!i :'i p! :""*'. lo Luiw
,;.' le wbo . intaro i-;;:t;Li,'t
.'���, A Africa raroly got Lack
S tO (5
lin if.0use
The Binmg-ac-nn io furnished wiih the
best tho market affords.
The bar is mippliod with a choice otoek
of wines,liquors and cigai-B,
bin.   Tne view.-, a,-   -. 'r>  -Nflv  v- I "'���  :""i
Work blasting out the .
' for ll e s really
Quite a number of trai
, '     .     T J best l ba   man has a
tbo Biaine.Journal.ar-.-;��� .-��� r.,
���    . .   store,    [what
and down  the  -
��� ' 1 ma 1 fit ���  ��� ������ orl N publish*
lately, l ��� ng food and 91
��� amming t
������>���':��� ad of the  English Lan��
while in Tacomn
9r ���.''. Ni rthern is anab ������
ploy tbe number of pn  .
aires   lor   too   railroad    work.
There is not an
of employment
thei    ia no real  '
country for mi n ' 1 be t ���
al    (a. 170    !"3   Oi
10S  ullC
... .;er
i.i~>u u iiy
borough  hold  a reception alter
tho   wedding  in   honor ot  tbo
bride, her kinswoman.   Tbo cup
ol Sir Samuel Wilson's happiness
i�� doubtless full lo tho brim by tbo
for it murks the union of
m of a once humble oarpenter
with ;. daughter of one of lhc
(amides of   tho   British
1 1 iy.    lir Samuel Wilson
1   having as  a youth shoved the
���   ol   plane and handled the hammer to
the ; I purposo as to lmvo got
of thi . h iv pounds, omigratod
1 An r ... to Australia, where
about begging, ,,���,   .,i:  . a ,M,||||(i bvghoep,
Political exigoni ��� 1 16,000,000 1   ,   jndioions   spocalutions
Btrangc ;    ; ona 11     ios. 50,000,000 and oihoi ventures, and   booamo
it is now stated that Mr. Andrev   people,, I ding men in Aus
traliii in Hnnnoo and politios,  lie
ponded his monoy shrowdly In
1,000,1)00, iai tics,  n'l limill, by n
The   English   li       1 ���������  is now  magi iffc< nt ill ol 12 10,000 to tho
use l 1 ���  ���  arlj   twli    as r |    01 rm 1 ni orsiiy, gainod ro��
poople as nny of the others, and  oogniuoii from the Crown, tho
run., gio, the A rii in millionaire ironm   1 1  who on thi
tbo Atlantic vehemontly sup
Protection^and opposes labor or
ganizations, is ready to inv
largo sum of monoy in order to
aid in tbe United Kingdom tie,-  this  relative growth   is  almost  honor nf knighthood being oon>
sure to continue, Ninety years | lei il upon him In 1875, Hi
' go    Fi ���  i      . 11 1     r,n   ufler-
eandidature for Parliamont of a
nnml er of labor ropi
all of whom are oertain, in view
oftlic par'y attitude they favor,
to  pronounce  the
Tradols -��� -Now Wostn in iter - od-
pi ���-.
r   ;
i mgiii   ; ition. I , ai 1 had no difficulty in
-�� hi oui-i 11   im olcction to I arlin-
Anything th blood   mi nl     I   1 irunco to Booioty
Seoond hen: "Y ", and i.fco'a
picking up a slice, ioo
out quick."
First hoii; "I'To, noj staj
Second hen: !,Iii,l .la's
right lor us,"
First hen: "Yes, a-ndif ;
wo might gel hit,"
Boarding - houso koopor: "I
shall havo to givo you aotico io
leuvo, Juno."
Cook: ���' Why, mum ; doa'S I
cook well enough ?"
Boarding-house keeper: "Yes,
you cook too well. You mako
lho dishos co savory that my
iioanlei'H absolutely gorge thom��
hoIvos,   You'ro ruining mc I"
AiiK-ricuiiH who are proud of
thoir now navy will bo alarmed
by the disclosures in tbo Now
York rimes that iho Philadelphia
ciiiinot fire ber guns without diin��
gor ol rolling, a fact duo to a
protective dock higher than lhat
on tho Baltimore If a shot
Should pierce the wator lino tlio
vessel would inevitably roll over,
and 1 hut alterations are required
to lepluco tho (Jincli rifles with
6 pounder quick firing guns,
A man wub sentenced to fours
loon years in u Gorman prison.
His wile wont to Amorica and
married again. When iho oon-
viol'B limo was up his wilo wont
i"  il. 1 many to meet him as bo
W. F. Teetzel
c1"^ :i;jr AffD DRUGGIST
A. Tiill and Completo lino of
Tojlot Articlce, Wal! Paper, ko,
IW Cife-ars at Wholesale. J5{
Ratmo*-tp Sewing Machines kept
iu otoek.
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
,. ft uuol, ami look him loAmerioa
""'^ ol h'�� toll d him employment under her
iw  .will hii,;,i< upa cohl., obBonri I ii b pur��nt��i
second, bUBbaait,
All kiuds of Turned mid Scroll work
dono neatly and promptly,
and at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
IIEVELSTOKE   -    -    B.C.
The subscriber   would   intimate
to tbe public generally that he is''
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Clues, and   all Bnildiug  Material;
Picture Framing, ko.
nskets, Shrouds, ko���
Coffiiifi, CiiKkets, Shrouds, ke��� car
ried iu Stock.


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