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The Kootenay Star Jul 25, 1891

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IMrT rd%i^
i 1
VOL- Ill-
REVELSTOKE, E. C. JULY 25, 1391.
No. 6.
Smelting and Trading
Are*  Prepared (o  Siiinplo   nnd   L'urclinso  nil   Kinds of
Prices and all information furnished on application.
B E V E L S T 0 Iv E
Boot and Shoe Shop.
El). PlCARI), proprietor.
Boots and Shoes of all kinds made to order of the best stock on short
notiee. REPAIRING ot Shoes 11 Specialty. Harness aud other Leather
worn also repaired.   Fl'AFFti RIGHT.
The Kooicnay (11.(1) Smelling
and Trading Syudicute by the
starting uf thoir Bmolter here
this week herald the approach
of a new epoch in the development nf the mining districts of
our province. In the luce Of
ntiini'i'euB difficulties they havo
peisi'i'vorod, and although they
have only sufficient ore on band
to .nuke the blowing in of tho
furnace financially a toss, it is
hoped lhat ny thus deflionstrai��
iuu tbat our ores emu be treated
successfully ut huino, will enoour-.
ago mine owners to develop
their properties, and make lhe
mining ami reduction or ores in
this province lhe industry it
should iie. Il is unfortunate to
Bay the least thai the company
have not enough ore to run the
smeller continuously; yet this
experiment cannot have othor
than a good effect in eucouia,^-
ing capitalists to invest in our
milling properties, providing as it
will a ho..ie n.tii'kot for all gold,
silver and lead ores. It probably
required the step lhe company
have taken to givo tho outside
world conlitlcnci) in the mineral
wealth of llio country, ami what
is a loss at present ro doubt will
result in profit in days not lur
posing of tho lands, as well as a
mea.iB of securing tbo highest
TnBt Spring the Dominion
elections wore sprung on tbo
people of iho country, und as a
consequence many who bad not
taken tbo trouble to get their
names pincod on tho voters' liets
wore disfranchised by their own
negligence, Had there boon a
contest in this district many who
by right are entitled to vole
would not have been oil the list,
even had there been an opportunity lo vote without going to
Donald or Nelson. Election dn
nol come at regular seasons, and
those who wish Iheir names on
the lists should tako tbo ncccs
ury steps lo havo tboni placed
Xutarv  Public.
T. L.tllAIG.
.Notary Public.
TafwTniviY'in   p   tt a Tn
JU.VV lU 1.   & llAlli
Mining1, Timber  and   Weal   Ei'tnto  Broken- n.nl  General
Conihitssifiii  Agents.
Conveyances, Agroomnnts, Bills of r-jnk", Miuing "onda, etc, drawn up
Routsand Aooottnts Colleytod; Mining Claims Bought and sold; Assc-s-
uient work ou Mining Chums Attended to; l-aleuts Applied for, Lite, liio.,
iW KIKK,   l.ll-'i" AS'i> ACCIDKXT I*-'Sl*llAXe'i' AilKXt's
Lots on Townsite of Uovelstoke for Sale auel Wanted, Agents for .Mining
Machinery, Etc,
REVELSTOKE, ii. (.'.
no general  wish  is
ser & Weils,
��� DVAatUlR   IN-
PROMTS 8T&33J33C,  - ��� t&OTB&SffO&a 33 Q
Evans Bros.' Pianos
thai the promoters of the pioneer
smelter ol the country should
meet with Ihe sueOCBB their
enlcrp.'iso merits.
Numbers of persons who have
l(it!:,!il lulu in Hove stoke, and
iv im will in ii fi'w days tie (-tilled
upon to matte the hoennd pay-
luoulB upon the sumo, are yet in
douht t:n io the vmidity of thoir
t lies. Deeds linvo heen issuod
hy iho government, hut no.to
huve yet l.ecn recorded by the
lii'gintl'ur Gi-neriili A crown
yninL for iho townsite has ul
I', inly been registered in favor of
Mr. farwell, and it booius that il
wiil require an order ol' the
Supreme Court to annul the title
ol Mr. Farwell, if oi.eh u thin-,' is
possible, and compel Mr. L.iggntt
to register the now titles. Dr.
Oi'ton, ol ibe Kootenny Snicking
Syndicate, theatene.l to briny un
acl ion before tho Supreme Court
to settle the question, bul; nothing
definite has been done yet in that
direction, 'Iho Dominion Government, which has realized upon
considerable properly hold in tbo
townsite, Hhould'itake a luintl-jiin
the matter and have tin's vexed
qucH.io.i speedily settled. Thn
public, should know who aro the
rightful owners ol tbe proporty.
From Different  Points.
In referring to the revolutions
made before the privileges aud elections committee of the provincial
parliament the Empire Bays: "Oue
tbing stands out prominently iu connection with the investigation at
Ottawa of the allegations of irregularity uml frauds, und tlmt is the
fiiilhfiiluess and vigor with which
the goverunment are pursuing the
inquiry aud expressing a detonuiiiii-
tii n to prohe nil the charges to the
bottom, There is no I'eur of the
whitewashing net of concealuieut of
censiirtilile doings or of wholesale
denials of the charges."
Speaking on the same su'-ject tho
Globe says: "The only remedy ado-
quote to tne case is to punish all
whether knight or servitor, miiiia-
te-r or cletk, who have committed
fraud or con .lived at their commission to the lull extremity of lhe law
and then for the electors to oust the
wind;' cabinetuiul put honest men
iu their place. The cry tint a
ohaugo of government would prove
fatal to liriiisn connection is once
more ruined; if British connection
can only he maintained hy the
methods of Uncle Thomas and his
ciew, tho sooner it perishes the
bettor for ua all. From its peculiar
geographical formation, as well as
Irom being uot of one people, but of
two differing iu speech, religion,
Bocial customs, instincts, and even
in Iheir general civilization, the
Dominion is or.Miuieally weak, aud
if wo are to let the forceB of corruption have full swing anil submit our-
selvelvflB to their rule, the eud must
speedily conic, and uu ignominious
end it will he,"
Bad  KooL-nny   Indians.
The Kootonny Smelter Running  Successful ly.
The Kootonay (11. C.) Smelting
and Trading Syndicate  -.n.cltcr
here was tho Bceno   of  consider,
able stir this week.   On Monday
tires were started in the furnace,
and fo1'two ilttjB   following   tho
firing continued.   Then tho  fur.
mice was closod below,   ii   being
heated   and   tons   of   bur   lead
thrown into it, und soon after tho
ore   charcoal,   coke,   limestone,
sand   etc,   wero  shovelled into
tho caldron of  tire.   Since  that
time this shovelling   process bus
been  continued  day aud  night.
The nir from tho bellows  helped
llio fierce tiro, and  on   Thursday
tho  first    bullion   was   drawn
from   iho    big   cucible.      The
"slag" also flowed freely, and Dr.
Campbell was covered with smiles
soul and perspiration,   when   he
told  a  Staii repreiitaiive with
evident  Bulisfaclion  thai  thero
was ihe Iirst slug drawn   irom a
smelter in  Uritish   Columbia, au
evidence that all was going well.
An waB stated in the Staii last
week the ore being treated carries
u high percentage ot zinc, 15 per
cent., ...ore tl.au  can   bo safely
counti'd ou to run.   Friday  wus
looked upon as tho critical time,
whet, it tho ores were not going
to run freely, they would "freeze"
and the fires would be blown out.
The ore continued to ruu, however, ai'd at tbe lime ot  writing '
bi.ioko tisceiitled from iho smelter
Black and   nearly a   dcZ.'t.   men
were kepi busy feeding and -attending to lhe lur.nice,
Tho smeller was ������ thronged
with visitors and numerous pieces
of bullion and Blag were lake.,
away ub souvenirs of lhe first output of the Kooteij .y Smeller.
Pf   -v:   .        -
.if* ',   .-'   ',:: V/v'
['Via.      '   '������',���..���-*', -        -      '���.-.'',,"''���'*< li   '
ifoK'ki.'.tKW!-'''?^ '(���''<" ':��� -'''-,:- -,
7-V. i
�� !
,,'i'. i
!,"<P!f A '   1  '"���' -       :"-- i
If you thinii of buying tin Or.ir.i'i nr  I'iuuo, ���-:i I ror Cataloguo and
IVicu I ial i
IJ.   C
Mr, Wm. I'cn.'si', Superintendent ol Mines, who line had COII��
hitlc'iit'lc to do with Dominion
lands in this province, is ol
opinion lhat the notieo recently
posted in town lo I lie (licet lint
ill Iambi iu the vicinity of ItoVoN
stoke would ho di-puiod ol by
public com pel i i ion it rcitpcclivo ol
improvements made by tfqtiultoi's,
did not apply to I'gnculiuriii
lat.els, but only to lands immediately adjacent to lbe town, und
Which in the neat' lultii'e will bo
practically pari ol tho low...
Squatters who havo settled on
agi'iuulUti'al lands away from the
town will receive sou io consider-
u'.ion in the disposition of those
lands; but ibo govornment duos
nol wish to encourage irregular
or ilieg'.l settlement,'in nny wny,
A urent many I'.ppliuatiotiu have
been roouived lo purchase, nlniosl
Bimuliai.ootisly and it Is I oliovod
lluii a publio hiiIo will In. iho
iuobI equitable uieUiod ot dis-
News of trouble betwoou Kootonay
Indians and white settlers along tho
Kootenay river has reached Spokane.
The Indians cltdin the bind along
the river iu tho vicinity of limner's
Ferry, and for snmu time white men
have boon nettling on it. The Indians objeoted to thi', but thu bottlers puiil uo ailcntion lo them.
Finally the iiulin.is drove the
settlers off thu laud Tlie while
men made no resistance, and no
blood was spilled, Tin. matter wan
rcpurli.il to (iciicnil Citl'llu, commander of the post at Fort Slieniiau.
(iciicnil Oullil) says he has uo juris-
iliction in tiio inalter, us the Inilians
are not on any ruaorvatlo.i, lie has
referred the subject to the department headquarters at Vancouver.
i'nltil Accident
Word was received heru Thursday
of lhe accidental killing of Colin
Purvis, ou thu .Mission branch of the
C. P, 11, near Abhottsford. It
scums that u Chiuti man who was
culling Wood Dear thn truck felled a
In e KO that it drew a telegraph   wire
aorosB tlm track. Purvis wan sitting
on the cupola of his caboose, on ..
freight train, in pusiing Um point,
and was caught by thu wire, being
killul instantly.
One of the Finest Hotels in
the Laud.
Iievelstoke for years has been
noted for its good hotel accomodation, and there has been no house ia
the town which has helped more to
earn this reputation thau the Victoria. Growing business and a firm
belief in tbo future of Iievelstoke,.
convinced Mr. \V. Cowan, its proprietor, that something above the
ordinary was neeiled, uud in accordance with this conviction ho built
alongside the old house the new
Viotoria, a spacious and hauilsomo
three-story building, which is elegantly furnished throughout and
supplied with all thu modern conveniences. A spacious reading
room fionts on the lower tlat, hi-lnnd
this u neat ami cunveuiunt ollice,
ami hallway, Btipillleil with speaking
tubos to each flat, and eleotrlo bell*
commiiiiieuling with every room in
thu house. A parlor uud thu diniiij;
room are also ou this tl.it. The
bitter is u spacious room with u view
of the river and bills to the west,'and
is mailo must attractively neat. Tho
tables are well set and aro supplied
with all the delicacies of the eeasun.
On tho Boeond aud third fiat are
seventeen bedrooms, neatly and coui-
fortablv luniiaed, parlors, bath
rooms, closets, etc,
The building is compactly put together, plastered throughout, with
wttiuscotting of oil finished seder,
Tlm now Victoria throughout is ono
of the best hotels in the country,
being equal to any between Winnipeg ami Vancouver, ami is certainly
u credit 11 its proprietor and to the
Me, !'��� l-'let her mi'ln ,i trip Id
Kamloops ou Monday and c. wt
home alone yesterday morning,
-'If u^e ttooieriaij .ricu.
A  faur page twenty-eolunin new
paper, is iBsuod from th"ollice i.
���mblii-ation, Hevelsloke,   It. C
S.ibacr.jition price 8- per yea.'!
Hales  of ttdvel'libing given on I
Pu tl.ali.il- tu. I P.* .prior, j
SAl'L'KDAY, JULY. 2:., 1891.
employee of her father, and  I.is  Edward Mutoh formed tho sixth
attentions io Miss Christie  had member of ihe parly, and he was
heen  repulsoil,    The  murderer rescued  by   a crew
bus not been captured yet. ; IJ. IS. S, Marion, in a   ball
 *�����  condition,    lhe   lookout   ou the : itoynl Crown is the purest n
Spoiled lSi'tiuty. Marion si- bled the wreck shortly j bent soap m-ido. and is iho oheapos
Iter ii o'clock   uml ti huiiiII   boat
a beautiful picture without printing
for   twenty-live   Uoynl   Crown
from   the j s,,i,I> Wrappers-   A one cent pos-1
lead ' la8e *-tn.mP wiil l'al!'7 the wrappers. I
The   picture will   bo   mailed   free. |
! WilH al i.l'i-e   dt'Spt.U'llod
Sovtral stories aro afloat   villi ]ntM  ���.-  tllB   ���,.,,,.,,,,
.'cgat'il lo Abingdon   Haii'd's
the I
tn u im:
in <
Aii Icoiattl'lasitlc Honuincc.    nnd while lhe Id aid wa" Blrua.n-
II ii con.
bwl iifriiiull  on   ,\lr... Li.igliy !���(,������������ , ,|llilin 0|llltri,ltr to  the
hill llie I'nllowin-r is lohl hy one j u..m,\U,r ,,,- ,,)t (.a ,)lMl)) u,���| ���m.
wliusiivvMrs liunirtry just alter L,i i|le ftlwards'l-nya was on.
ll.o ns-tt.ill had been o...n.nilU'd,|ll)luN   ,���   u     Hhwli(,   of l]l(.
to use.      Only   Itoynl   Oo\, u
WnippiM-H Uxt-liiin-fcd.
| Address
Miiich |   the ROYAL SOAP COT.
Wiiiuineir, Man.
IIeviclbtokb k Nblsos,
u.ibis.     When   rcscuci!
He hiyou iiis lied
Ami iutftegiiieii a story
lu which he, oi coiir.-e,
Wus enveloped iu glory.
He met hev by chance,
Sim wus rich as sbe would be,
Alnl he was poor-
Well, us poor as he could be.
Of course sin. ignored him
At first, as expected;
He proposed, aud, of course,
He vtus straightway icjucted,
L'otil one day, when
(It v,iih ten bi-loii Zl-l'o)
She fell iu llie sea,
And she fouinl him a hero.
He pulled he ont quick,
Though his uvuls were uiouy,
\Vhich couv.uceil the lair maid
That he craved not u penny.
And when lln-y were wed,
And lhe presents were sent in
He planned all the ways
ln.il tue cash coulu be spent in.
���'I'll buy roe a yacht,"
"Ami hii.iils tu mv pockets,
I'll walk the deck daily."
Uu pl.uiK'od in his lunula,
Iu his joy us it sailor,
And brought out llm uud -
Twas a hill Irom his tailor.
Miff down her fee. Sonic time I |,;,|lVlll,|B WlWUlivi', lint ho died
ago, Mr. llainJ boua-hl York s,mn ���|W,. |,umi, uikon un board
heM.se, al Regent's park, tor Mrs. lhl, ���,���������.(-Wlir>
L.ngiry.ai.il uUo puid off her r, ������ Vl,,.y ]W\,Mo {\,,a\u,
ele'his  in   contiecliou   with   lhe perjb|,0,| tl.lMll {\w ,.()|j  n���,|   ux.
Princess theulru, ot which be is       n | | )y       U|,,
.,     ,        ,   ,,        ,,    '         '                                              ilrilcr it. I oiincil. which wus apiirovi
iilpiese.it thu  leaso holder.    U ��� ������   ''
Notice is   herein- oivon   that   the
a recent occasion, Mr. Haird ro-
tuined ho.no unexpectedly, und
found a jie.illciiiaii ell.ling with
Mrs, Laliguy, Without more
ado, he p.occuded lo put I.i... out
uml then went lor the lady aud
Knocked her down. The. it is
slated, bu kicked her in the lace
iu such a way lhat, .1 is said, she
wilt now bu disfigured. Mrs.
Llltlglry had 10 be carried to bed,
and wua attended by u surgeon,
who declined it probable lhat
fhe will never bu able lo net
again. .ill's. Laiigiry begun
| iiuuun for assault against Mr,
rtiiil'd, out he repented uf his
deed, and lo prevent further
action paid he. iho sum ut ��.J,-
UUU HI Haiti' of Ivigitm 1 notes,
! till the lime,   Mulch, when tiike-n ; hy His Honor the   Limiteuaut-Gov-
aboiii'il the  war   vusbdI,   hc-aine ���''moron 30th July, 181)1).providing
i  , ,      , that tho iilieualion of Crown  lands
unconscious, and alnl not recover  ,       ���   ,      ,    ,     ,    ","""���"
I : hy  private  sale   bo   eliscontmneil,
until   ycsle.d.y   morning.    Thi.i'notice of wbi-h wiin published in the
title....ion lie received   ou   board   British Columbia Gazetto and dated
the Marion fi',,n. the surgeon and | ^fJ"1/ 1890, 1ms been rescin.leel,
���   , .,-,�����     llml "1,lt thirtv 181)    davB alter the
crew was all that saved his lift.,  date of this notieo vi.oant unreserved
Mu   was   sent  ashore   about  II  Crown lands will  be open  to sale
o'clock yesterday morning, hilly  ��ndor tho provisions of'the "Land
Sunday Oli.sei'V'aiioe-,
Unmoral I'HgluiuL
A Paris paper  ie publishing  n
soi iea ot ni'liclcs making some
horntde "I'ttVclulimie," iu regard
lo the prevalence of immorality
iu Lngmuii, Ocut liriuuti .8
described ns thu le.utile slave
mart ol Europe, The ititercsiiug
1 slalouioi't   is   made that  every
A hill to secure thu better ol��
gervance of  ihu  Lord's Day has
been ..gie-eil upon  ny llie special
eoininiliee, which made extensive
, i i i: i   its padded room,   wherein   g
amendments to ibe original bid |     ��� , .
as  submitted   lo   il  clucHy by
s liking out   clauses  ooi.nidu.cd
us loo stringent in the provisions
titul nol practicable   in  applitm-,
recovered and but little thu worse
lor hislca.lul experience,
Odd nud I'von.
A line imposing man���a J. P,
A   northern  climb���A   polar
bear climbing up the north pole.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands nud   Works Department,
Victoria, J). O, 8l)th April,
Victoria, May 8th, 1891.
Notice is hereby given   that  the
lie���Do you think the photograph I ...ailed you lhe oilier day
was liko mc.
Sim���I  l.opo  not.   When   il I
ca.ue il was broke.
I Annual Examination of 0imdic.ft.iw
"Delia, 1 ^w you on the perch . [w t,'!'''ti'jl'",1���  <>* Qualification to
'     , ,  ',      ,..,,,'       ���  tench ni the I'ublic Schools  of  thu
It si, night with ill',   twiddles, ol ! p,Uvi���fle v\\\ he held as follows, com-
lioslon, tin-l   tonight you   wee! menoing on Friday, duly, 2nd,  at
walking on the bench   wiih   Mr,  9-80 ���*'m'
I trust you |Iu Victoria- High Sohool Building,
In KnmloopB-Publio Sohool Bniltliug,
Each   applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days before the exam
Bungle, of Chicago,
are not flirting, Delhi,"
"Uii, no,   niiiniinii; 1  um  only
A Full and Complete line of
Toilet, Articles, Wall Paper, Ao.
IW Clgni-H nt Wholesale.
Raymond Soiling Machines kept
in stock.
S H o P.
The flnhdcribw would intimate--
to the .public ge-inmlly that ho in
prepared to supply Windows, Doora,
Glass, and all Unllduig; Material,.
Picture Framiug, ko,
skeld, Shamuls, ko.A
Colllufl, OtisltotB, Shamuls, ito.. Can-
zieel in Stock..
���    ,    , , , . Houoe, iiiirty ciays neiore iho exam-
country mansiou ... hnglund hue making a collection ol  Huuvvuir inBtiou, BtHting tbeolntm aud grade
il'ls , spooi.B,'' of oertiiioato for which ho will bo a
Who have been lured lo their de*, I "
trucinni arc  kept, iu   a .-lavcry     II has been discovered that ill.
worse thuu   deaili,  and finally i ma..acs date hack   to  iho  year
Dccicily put out oi the way.
l.on to some of the provinces of
Canada, with many of whose established customs ii would inter.
Icto. The amended bill reported
Irom the ouiniuiiiee prohibits
work and iratlio on Sunday as
billows; The printing, puniict.-
tion and sale ef newspapers, pre,
V.deit, h.iWt'Ver, thai tne lu-ces.
��iuy olHeo work ma}' he perfurtu-
ttd alter II o'clock iu ibo evening
ul the Lord's Day for tbe pun
pose uf jtioiiiliiting the puhiioa-
I.on ot a Monday morning  issue
lou A. D. ���but the Iirst   appeal'.
mice of lb- ir jukes is net known,
Ui'.   IMuclica
A good naiurcd   travollor  fell
, asleep in a train a short lime ago,
and was curried ti lew miles  hc-
Thnro is one |>h.iM't>l the la.-h-���,.     ,   ,,    ,   ,     ,��� ,,   ,,,
1 Von I   his UesUimttoU,       I retly
eooil joke this isn't iu' said he lo
l a lellow piicsclig, X,
poriiiuce   to n.c      \- .... a t    r.ii
1 ,    U'S,   a   utile   to  far-fetched,
IlllUe'lt as IO   llie   lli'livnlual, Inn i  .         , .
'       ; Inougli, was the rejoinder.
il meuns disiress and Buffeniig in
many families unless  prompt re- .    Thfl ^^.^ h ^ ,.ipped M ^
lief is provided,     U hen the pies- , hmQm ()|, hjg VMl) ^ ^ ^
open I, hull u ^[..hoeanuiBkena-pieoeoutofthe
1 his ear.   When   ho   came
candidate, the optional subjects selected, and at which nf the above-
named plnoes ho will attend.
Every notion uf intention to be examined must be aocompimied with a
testimonial certifying to the tuorai
ciianictei' of the candidate.
S. D. I'UI'K.
Siijierinteudent of Edncutiou.
I'itig's Sen ipi-sliiiii lllut calls to.
iiumodituo tiUe.it.on. It is o!
not kii uiucl.   iuiooriiii.ee  to Un
jr ii.on: sclio l's Wore   mauned
uy  siiilors  and  hunters, whose!
bo obsorved:   "Wu'll,   tala
uf   any   daiiy   ncw-pupcr,   me
oueniiig of any caiiuls lu O-.i-.tda   wives uud lauilhes they left bo- ���    ,, , .    ,
51        ' J . ai-out yer personal  magnetism!
to truffle or huoincss Iroin 6 lu lu   bind tn lhe Atlantic Coast prov-1 'rhnt'a ton darned personal "
ou  Sunday,   but   ihu  piovision   woes,   'I heir   passage  out   was'
(jaV oi ueiooei,    uuuui   lauutu un    UUU aoe niniiii .luuin jjiydii   iu   ��.i��   a  t   >',-'.. 'CWnSiitailj tH��'iWS "ff\
wives ui home, when their broud   jgp '3^|^M'I^II
,H   amk       "    REVEr,ST01vE"TlME TABLP
may ho sii.pei.deiliii any your advanced, uud tne Coast catch IW^Ai^^f^^Wi^W^^.
hy oi'dcr in eii.iiieii alter me Ijtb ivill juttl about repay lhe fares :'//f:'.7'\U r ' \ SjP" \ \ W^^m
lay Ot Uutober,   Local Irulu ui   und lhe small suuis given tu Um ���Y^.''lv^''Wl^^\^^^^ifH
railways is also prohibits
Fiendish MurUer,
As Miss Christie, acoon.piu iad
ly her lumber and sister fanny
and Louise Goudcll, were return,
jng liou-u I'ruill   llauovci'    village
H. ti., at a lato naur 8aturda,y
jnghi, h'tt'K Aimy, jiiiti|ied Iuto
llm road iu Irot.t ol them, and ,
Sc./.iug Cntistm by lhe aims said:
i-l wau'i you," lhe mother und
the girls iitteinpled to defend her ;
Iiini Aimy liied ut Ilium, but
missed, Tl.cy can tor ussistut.ee,
und then A'my dragged   his vie
iheee men nro retumiug iron, the ,,|ihlli, Bxpi,08U)iUrrivca to.lOdmly,
liuhriiig's Sea, unable  lu  curn Pnoillo       "        "     10,53  ��
out  the   work  ior   winch they      PasBengeri. iirrrving Hnndays nnd
crossed ihe continent,   Many ol v" ������^���'���^ trill oonueet with stnam-
, ers fur Kubson. Ncl-'un, a.id points
then, will be absolutely pu less; ,��� Hoathuni KootMBy.
nnd how they are to provide lot     ^^ (( ri|iu|)|() m] Sftfe
the,  loved   ones  at   home, with route to Montroal,Toronto, St. Paul,
winter coining on, is a   problem Chioago,   N��w York  nnd   Boston,
that looks dark just now.
;;.Ji! Plso'o nomcilj, for Cr.tnrrli Ig tlio ffl
/..���> Oest, Ettafluat to Usopa-'J COoiapfUt.     Pi
M Bold by Ua-ncgl-tlS or eont by innlLMtoTflfl
' Ik. I. Iliii.iiluc, WlUTOO, Pu, a. .���,A.,y-'i
IrtlfSLK'.. LOT,-! IN KEVEL-
fEcralfl ami D'eW* OolTeetvod.
-  B. ���
Apjilieiitioii will be made to tho
Parliament of Cnnnelo, nt its n��xt
soHsion, for tin Aet to revive the Act
���>2 Victoria, chapter -1!), being nn Act
respootiug the Kootenay and Athu-
Iih,-k-ii liailwny Cuiupaiiy.
Solioitors for applicants,
Ottawa, 23 Api'il,jl8.)l.
Coal, Hay and Corn.
Have entire sale of ihe celebeated Canmore liai.T, lump and nut coal, suik
��blo  for base-burners and other stoves.    GREAT HEATING
POWER.  MUCH CHEAPER THAN WOOD.    Delivered ai Iievelstoke, any part of towu,  Sil.'JU
Kttmlooj)hi*9.90,' Donald $8.50.    Special
(^quotations 'for car lots.   Coal stoves,
sold  atwhotesale cost Hay, oats
und bran snJd by carload or
smaller quantities Yards,
at Kamloops and Dtu-
uld.   Apply
������DONALD, B. C
Drowning    Veciilcut.
Kut.-s, >.*, in {10 lower than ony other
ot lie. route.
r.i hi ugera loavjng Revelstoko ou
Tuesdays, Thumdays and Saturdays
; will oi unci with tlie mnpiftoi rjt 0,
tun iulo lbe bush��-i from lbe nud ( Victoria befell a yucluing party
uud shot her twice, through the j lbHt M,M m. Sandiiy afternoon
head, one shot tearing out tbe j j-he Outbo��t Plug, was oapHiiioiJ
|o(t eye. VV hop help arrived tho L^^ lvvo ..hick of Brotohie's
was dead and iho body ^o at 5il0 o'cloolc in tho al-
tc.-nnon, uud live people lust their
livcH, only one, 13dward   Mutch
' It, Steumerfl at Port Williuin, dur-
The Colonist ssjrs,   One, of ibo ing navigation,
most terrible accident that   have     Specially flttod Colonist Oars, In
i :.   ,i,     ��� ii    i     i   i eliance of a Porter, for the nooo.nmo-
occurred in tho uc-hb'irhoo' o i , ./���   , ,, ,
datlon of Psssengora holdu.ej seen d
clieiri tickots,   Pnssepgere hooked to
(itiipppd ol nearly every article
pi  ciot.nue.   Al'oy  tlwd,   Mn-B
Wunlen   was   a   bcautiliil   and   j,,,,,,,, rcHcncil.
woman of
inso drowned
nicst estimable yonujj Woman of wl,r��� j, ||. KiJwur<l�� and two
(jbout 26, u graduate pi tlie Slftto Lf,n-i, apted  11 und 13; William
^nlUial   Scttool   iltnl   il   ''Opt'l'U'   j^(*,n'iu''|l,   a|.'e.l   '^'i   jeai'H,   nud
I iio'l   from  all  Kijroponn   |H.iaU   at
I ,()��(-����� Kill's,
lainv   I'reii'lil   lin'c-i.    Cjltiuh   dcfl
patch,   Mi robi.nto will save money
iiy having then' ({eight routed via
ll'ieC  l'. II.
Pull and reliable information given
Ijynpplyiug to
1). lv BROWN,
AhhI, 'Jeii'l Preighl  \;;'i. \ I uvcr,
or io J. HAMII/1'CN,
Ai.:'tC, P, if. Depot,RevehrlQkD
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the I,U>IREUING,   BUSINESS   and  AGItN
CULTUHAL, nnd esueciall-y to tlie
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
(J \J \t ed in, and executed in lhe l)04t ��Ij1b,  Comnierciiil
It' \
1. Any psr<ou win. tuk��s a paper
T��gnliirlr from tin* Post Office,
whether h�� lus subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
tl. If a pm'Rim orders bis paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or thi* public low May continue to
send it nn.il payment is made, and
thrill collect Uu whole amount
whether the paper is takeu from the
oflico or not.
i. In flints for sul-scriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
imper is published.
i. The courts have decided that
refusing to tako a newspaper or
periodicals from the Tost Ollice, or
rainoviiig and leaving them uncalled
or, while unnaiil for, is pinni facie
evidence "f intentional fraud,
as tt pedestrian. j not will soon be known, as the
The Westminster Ledger snys I gri "nd will bo well turned over,
tbe llsl.ermun on the Frut-er river     A special from Denver Bays: A
have given up all hope, of any ��� local syndicate has purchased all
luck this Bciieon. 1 the lending tin .nines in Colorado.
Tbo Empress of China oarry* j The price paid is half a million
ing the third party of arouud ll.o , dollars,
world   excursionists   is   uow   a      A   speech delivered by Lord
week on ber way. | Salisbury at the United Club, te-
i)y the fulling ovc the em- viewing tho political situation is
hanttment ol' lhe Manchester ship accepted as un indication ol an
canal of a ballast train, eleven early dissolution of tbo houso
persons were killed. and a ceiierni election.
The Bell Telephone Company The QUu0" *'--8 ����t *ia unto-.
of    Cnntul.-i   li.,s  absorbed   the! "rttPh   lutler t(' !i;"'"ll0>'i M**c"
Down By the Sen.
"Are von engaged?" he whispered
Ami low tbe sad s-'a breezes
Went sighing through   the   stilly
And through the lenvy treeses.
'Are >ou engaged?" he whispered
And low the while capped billows
Came drumming in upon the beach,
Green fringed with drooping willows.
"Are you engaged?" he whispered
Ami low the night birds, winging
Their silent courses through the sky,
Brought distant notes of singing.
"Are vou engaged?" he whispered
"No. no." she said, and tarried
A moment while he kissed her hand:
"No, no," she said,  "I'm  married."
Clciiniii'.'s from All Over tlio
Wide World.
A movement is nn foot to unite
the- cities ul St. P.iul.atid Mi.me-
tipo is.
Bulb Mel,nun nnd Pelet'soti are
gelling in good kI)ii|.(. lor their
nice on the PriiM-r, August Hih.
Opium io the value (.1 82 01)11
V'llH seized al Pi'in.oisC'i on lhe
collier San lie..ilo Irom Nui.utino
Just Wednesday.
The next uriiiiiul meeting ol the
jViilini.nl Jv.ui.-iiiiii.iul Society will
bo hcbl ul Hclcnu, Montana, next
year. The meeting held at Toronto this year was a decided success.
The Pacific Mail Steamship
Company has given contracts
ior tho building ot two new
Mourners lor the China .rude, to
mulch ihu Canadian Pucific liners
if pussible.
The Fenian brotherhood of the
United Suites held a secret con*
vonlion in New Yoik tho other
day nnd decided tbat a now party
is necessary in Ireland if the
cause of thai tommy is lo be
Cardinal Purrocl.i president of
the Congregation Ajjosiollque,
Home, is ibo latest high officer
convicted ef loodling. lie took
an enormous bribe tor procuring
the anniJliiii.il ol a umrriugc for
u Touleuso liieiid,
Mrs. Fi'unk Sheldon, the Amer.
lean lady who ullompted to pen..
tr.ile lhe wilds of ll.o [Ciliiuiillgs
cno oislrict ol Africa, has ru-
turned to London, Six months
ago she was a pioluro of health,
now sho looks 20 years older, is
wrinkled and is sickly.
Frank P, blnvin, Iho Austral*
iun pugilist, tiinling no one ready
lo light him bus entered into an
engagement for a walkinc mulch
with Charlie Howell, the Hiiglisb
champion pedusiriau, well known
for his ti'.iimpi.s iu the United
StttlOS. According to the ugl'ei ���
incut the parlies tne In .'.ill of
walk two hundred miles for
81,l)ii(l a side. 'I lm mulch is lo
lake plnoo on llio 20th of Angus',,
There is great Q'li'losil}' in  see
donnld expressing sympathy in
in llie loss her husband, and ac*
knuwledglng lhe Borvines rendered by bin. lo Canada and the
Arabi Pusha is snid to be dying
in Ceylon, where ho was placed
in exile about seven years ago.
He has made many friends there,
who aro endeavoring to persuade
tbo British government to allow
hi... to return to Egypt to die in
his native land,
News has been received at Hal��
ifax of the wreck ot tho schooner
Pubaico Belle on tbo Newfound*
laud coast. Two women and five
children wero drowned, owing to
lbe cowardice ul tbe crew, who
reached shore by means cf a rope
| aud loll the passengers and ll.o
ctipltiin to get ashore as bcBl tbey
Edward Decobain, the member
of parliament lor iJellnst, accused
of gross immorality, has sent
from Boulogne, where he is now
slaying, in. affidavit declaring
thai be wiil appear to answer
the charges au'iiinst him as Boon
as he is able to move. The police
authorities are of opinion thai
the papers arc mttnutacliired.
Federal Telephone company and
Again ocj-y a monopoly in Canada.
MoMinking, a Canadian, won
llio Prince of Wales prize at
.be mooting of the National
Itiflo Asiiocution at Bielcy by a
score ot U7.
Tbo English courts have decided lhat as Mri Maybrick mur*
derotl her husband she nun not
receive lbe amount of her in*
Buriinoe policy.
The revenue tor Chinese imnii-
grittieii tit Vancouver for Juuo
was 815,058, an increase nt live
times over the corresponding
month last year.
A shad was caught in the
Fraser river the ether day. The
fish were deposited in ll.o Sacra* j
met.to river a number of years agn
and have been gradually work*
ing their way north,
Baron Hirch's winnings on the
English turf this year so far
amount to ��8,01)0, nil of which,
according lo his custom, be has
donated to hospitals and other
benevolent institutions.
Joe Cboynski, thu California
pugilist, was defealeil by Joe
t-tndilii.'il ibe Australian, in a 4*
round cnlc'st rt Melbourne on j    That horsy Miss Wilkins  is a
aNHurdny,   lm'   SIO.UUO  nud  the'
championship of Australia.
(ii'Ol'ge Fr.i.icis Train arrived
James McDonald & Co.
Carry largo lines of plain, medium, amd high-grade furniture.   Parlor aud
Bed-room sets ranging in price from $0.50 to $500.    Hotels fur-
uished throughout.   Otiioo and bar-room chairs.   Sping
mattresses mudo to order, and woven wire, hair
uud wool muttrosses in stock.    Mail
orders from Kooteuay Lake
points will receive early
^itud   prompt attention.
�� C
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
Sranite  ware, and   Lamp  Goods.      Tin,  Copper and   Sheet Iro
Ware made lo order.    First class work guaranteod.     Orders promptly
attended to.'
in Whatcom the other day having mude a lour of tho world ir
(il days, He bcuts Nollie Hly's
time by 12 days, Miss Hilda.id's
by 18 day.-, uud his own by five
Photographer Dixon of Toronto, crossed Niagara rivet- just
above the whirlpool rapids Saturday on a scvci.-eight inch wire
cable. Over (I.(Hill shuddering
spectators witnessed ibo daring
The Quadra, tho new steamer
for the government service in the
waters of British Columbia, will
be launched next week. The
government litis filed a claim for
ilauiaecs tor the contractors' do*
lay in blinding over the vessel,
The German steamer Dresden,
from Bremen lot- Bnliimo.c, with
Hill) imiTiijjrnnts on hoard, collided
win. the Uritish brig Annie
Harris, off Slack Point on Stit'.*.r-
ilay. The latter sank imniciiinic.
lv., nnd four of ber crow were
Leo Wong Wing a San I-Yan-
ciscii Chintiman wbon culled np
for sentence lor stabbing bit wife
to dentil because of her n.ifaitb*
IiiIiiohs, gave as an excuse lor .he
deed thai he owned the wo.nan,
Tho Chilian.an was told that men
were nol allowed to own women
in America ..ml wus sentouced to
iinprisonnic.it for lile,
The Colelist says! A pass*
engi'i' from Duncun's Station by
Thi.isday's train says the excitement there is intense, and the
workmen have dropped tbe ordinary implements ol their labor
iii seize (bo pick and shovel and
search for gold.   G. lv  Bissut,
whilo working on the excavntion
lor one "f lhe new bridtre plot's
where tin- railway i- lo cross tho
Uow icbiiii, mipurthod n nnuplo of
i,..g-,'ets ol gold, which rumor
places I. value ns high  08   830 0,
Whether tbe uuggotg ure ibo
moi.sii'ous.y clever gin.
Jh she-'l1
Yes, indeed.   She's ...ventonted
a now kind of biudcis,
Por eurrriage horses?
No, lor c Impel ones.
With baited breath  and baited
The eager fisher wailed;
To bait his hook less time it took
Than to keep bis   breath   well
f mi Ct MTOO'lM'S EV-j27V7IIE*?,3.
! mmsmMsr
U   orders by mail
express promtlj
��M$i&��L  -'-fj-*'-'^
'"'ii iV-'"v/1-''/\.'. '''������V'/     -^--   description! of
gold nnd^BUver
.-..jfat'  '���>'','
(ClosotoC. P. [{.Depot]
Dissolution  of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore nxistiug
i between Ernest Fletcher and Thos,
; Dempster, etirpentors, etc, under tho
firm name of Fletcher k Co., has this
| day been dissolved. The business
will be carried ou in future by Ernes
: Fletcher.
Rovelstoko, June lst 181)1.
f   fit I    'Wfti'ftaSJlV
Importers of tho Choicest Grocoriefl and Provisions.
Wo carry a select and oomploto stock of gent's furnisings, ladios' toilet-.
uiid eUiidieti's boots, shoes und hose, stationery, pate.u medicines, etc,
requisites and ready-made clotniug,   A   large  Ubsoriment of pipes,
louucco, c.gai'ctleu, imported and domestic cigui's, iruits, candy, etc
Stovo pipes, tinware, crockery, rough and dressed lumber,uud other jfoodi
lou numerous to mention, ul moderate prices,
Telephone C'liimuniciition.
Notice is hereby given that the
following lends are hereby reserved
from sale or pre-emption until further
notice, viz:���A strip of land one
mile in width on each niiio of a Hue
commenoing at the point where
Cottonwood Kiiiil.lt Creek crosses the
southern boundary of Nelson Townsito Reserve; thence following the
valley ol' the Cottonwood-Smith Creek
to lis head; thenoe along the valley
of the Salmon llivor to a point opposite to tho head of Denver Creek;
theuce amiss the Hiimu.it, lo the
valley of Heaver Creek) and follow
iug the said valley to its mouth;
theuoe following tho east side of lhe
Columbia River lo the International
Boundary lino,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Lands and   Worka  Doparttnoul
Viotoria, U, 0���!lUt May, [801,
J. Fred. Hume & Co.,
Kevelstoke and Nelson,  R. C.
Dry Goods,   Provisions  and Hardware,
The Public will find it to their advantage lo call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices
Any orders  placed with   Mr. ClMfHigS LINDMARK   will havo our
cured.I attontlon  and   prompt delivery to any pari ot Kevolstoke.
PRICES GUARANTEED TO BE A3 LOW AS ANV OTHER IIOU3E. Divino Service will he held in tlm
RoYtlstoke Church every Sunday evening lit 7;80, conducted alternately
Buudiiy School nud liible Class ev-
Wjt Sunday i.fiernoon at 2:30. All
���te cordially invited to ul lend.
Mr, nml Mrs. Boyde returned to
town Wednesday from Nelson.
Post oilic.e Inspi'i-tor Fletcher
came no llm river Wednesday,
visit to Bevelatroko on Monday, aid the civil Dinners iu carrying nut, k 1. \J J J i J
Melltiin, the phrenologist i-* hilled !ll|<* 1,1W' T" eonaeqin nee uf this the j
for Iievelstoke on Monday night.
A private excursion party of sixty
ladies and gentlemen from St. Paul
lav,   after paving u
! Nelson Wi-tlue
j visit to Banff.
(loll   Commissioner Fitsslnhhs
cii.ne ii|.  Irom   Nelson Wcdueaihiy
und returned Thursday,
Tha Secretary of ihe llnvelstrnke
e��':-'^''%. Selkirk J.oilyc. No \ll I School P.nui-d advertise for n teacher
TObJPF lOO I'' Dontiltl li (J I lor   the    RuvelatruBe school  this
Church of I'.'nelti.iil service-
Will l<e held in Ili'VoN'okc l.l\ I hi
It v J.C. V,. Ken.in every loui'U
Sunday in each month,
lingular Meotiug Thursday A each
*ei)K nl 8 p. in.   All visiting broth
am nru cordially invited,
j. AleLi'oii,     .1. tl, AIatjiesox,
N. (I. li. S.
Mr, Boyle, president of the Knnte-
nay Smell iug SvndicatH and Mrs,
Uuyle euuio up from Nelsou ou Wad-
Mrs. F, S. Barnard, M, P. for
Cariboo, ntnl Mr. Barnard were in
town Wednesday, aud went down
llie river ou the Lytton,
Mr. John II. Movie, of Colville,
arrived in town Wednesday, to take
tlm position cf foreman iu the
lkooti-iniy Smelter here. He is uu
obi time associate of Mr. F. Iloeser,
Rev. Mr. Paton will conduct the
services iu tin. Methodist church tomorrow. The subleat of his discourse in the evening will he "Missions in the South Sen isauds."
Mr. Alex McLean, of the Colonial
Hotel, Kamloops, wus iu town several (lays this week, While here he
took a tramp out berry picking, and
sent home twenty-live patent pails
of the small lii.lt.
Mr, ami Mis. J. Fred. Hume left
lown on Thursday for N"lsou where
they will aiiike their homo  for the
li.ture.    There many inetuls here
-art*     --���������:.-::.���:....--:.. ..:..      -   I regret there departure, ivud they will
BEViiLSTOKE, JULY  25, lbUl    greatly missed in social circles.
1   .   .,..��� -_.,i..."  ,"������'   ..i.i  .       JJr, James Ouldor, who bus been
LOCAL NEWS INlCIGliTS    assisting Ajjeet lluuiiliuu nt the 0
| i'. 11, stutluu   here  lor  sniuo   time
' past,    hus    been    li-uiistOrred   lo
l-lekc-U Up in tlio Town and | ^M|||)| %hm -,��� Lll8 bueu
Donald, 11. C,
Ments lst 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   J, ti. linhbitt.
Sec'y,   W, F. Ugilvie,
Pinc'r.   Aigus McLean.
Journal Ag't, E. A, Chesley, Kamloops, B. C.
DoNALU, 1). C.
Jloets 1st 2 Weduesdnys, tiud 3rd aud
il'tt Sundays, in Fiieiucu's Hall,
Masler,   Arthur linudall.
S-erctnry,   Joseph (Jlillin.
0 illeetor,   Geo il Govelt, Box li)
iieeeivor,   Janifs  Falconer, Can
more, N. W. T,
M agaziue A gen     H J MeSorley
Mr. Fred liic.hardson returned to  passed   throngh town on   Sunday
morning en route to Alaska,
Messrs. Jowett k Haig, real estate
ng"iits, mining brokers etc, hav
removed their offices across the
street to the bnildiug lately coo-
pied as the smeller boarding house,
lu the new office they will have
plumy ol room, and expect to ito n
lug business this summer.
light was declared off.
TEACHli.lt WANT".::).
Tei-clmr   wanted for Revslstroko
Public .School.   Applications to be
addressed to
See, Trust" es.
^^^ IJ-IIV/1J
n U T C II E It s
Comer Front nnd Hanson Sis.
ill, riUOv
i The mercury cot above 95 in tin-
shade this week.
; lhe  water, in the Columbia is
rapidly lulling.'
Mr. J. Dover, of Nelsou was in
Mrs. J. Lawson, of Donnld, and |
her little daughter spent n day in
town     this   week     visiting   .Mrs.
J, Fred, Hume took a mo up to
Illecillewaet Thursday mi business
iu oonni'ciiou with "TheHeniog-
luick" the new Fish Creek strike, in
which he is interested.
Mr. W. A. Jowett cume down from
Illecillewaet Mouday, lie wus not
able to visit MitoRun and Wool-
sey'�� new strike owing to high
water. He reports u new strike
made by Walter Scott. It shows
one foot of solid cube galeua in the
It- is whispered that C. P. R.
sgent Langley at Griffin Lake, bus
been presented with a silver m.-dsl
Iiy the 11 nmime Society fur rescuing
two parties engaged in a family
fracas. If the stories told of him
by two piseatori-il tramps, who
were persuaded by him to quarter iu
a cabin inlested by an insect of the
l'nlex family, remarkable fur its
agility and troublesome bites, tbe
medal should he letnrned.
Mr. J. M. Kellie. M, P. P.. who
maaaaaaaaaaaam M
[minted agent.
Guy Barber and 0 B. Hume spent
the tir��t dues ol the week tu tishiny
I at Grithti Lake uml adjacent streams,
Tbey hruugut bnUie numerous
1 evidences ul their utility to secure
I tish. They say Unit they drew the
I line at tishiug ou Uuuiluy,
Tbe people ol Donald are working
1 up u scheme for u new hospital tu
; eust Sfil.OUU. The 0 P. K. Company
' .uive promised 5*1,UUU, site und
! salary of physician. Another Sl.UUU
I will Iw asLcd fluui Sir Douulel
Smith, and a like amount irom lhe
I -juvernuiuut.
| Messrs, 1). E. Brown, Assistant
' General Friegnt and Passenger
Agent of the (J. P, 1... Supei'iuteud
cut Murpol', and Liuoy It, Johuson,
.Master Macbauio, of the 1'aeitie
1 'tviision, returned from a visit ol
luspectiou to tin- Colnmhia k Route-
nay branch line on Saturday, aud
report everything in capital shape,
A special of nine coaobes carrying the llaymond-Whitcomb exonrs-
ionlals Irom B.btoti passed tUrotlgb
town Thursday, en route to Alaska.
The train remained at tue station
heie for an hour or so and the excursionist* enjoyed themselvoi in
viewing the niri-onnding country,
and wistfully eying Ageut Hamilton's _ ir ��� U '.l the station.
i., W    tesd iy a parly of miners
Likely to bo Shipped to Spokane Falls viu Revel-
Mr. Win. Peitrse, of Cilgnry, BUp-
printendtiiit of mines paid a visit to
Revelstoke this week, lie was visiting ut Illecillewaet and Albert Canyon on official business, nml hearing
unit Ihe smelter here was running
came down to see tor himself,
Ue repurts uetivo miuing operations being carried on ut Ihe Anthracite coal mines. Messrs. McNeil
k Pngli, assisted by some Snu Francisco capitalists have leased the
mines for ten years, with the option
of buying or disposing of il to others
iu that lime. Mr. McNeil has done
considerable prospecting ou the
mines, locating three more scums
one of which shows eight feet of
solid coal. Six gangs will he employed by Outobei Bt, and will be
aide to mine 800 toiiB per day, Two
mouths later the output cau be increased to 1000 tons per day,
The cum).any hope soon to ship
Ua nit to Spokoue Falls via Ilovelstoke.
Mr. Pearse wtiB pleased with Ibe
appearance of the croppings from
new strike at Illecilleuuet and is]
confident tbat the mines tnoir are
rich enough to warrant tlie expenditure of plenty of capital iii their
B. C.
First olnss in every respect; Nearea.
hotel to   0 P I! depot aud Btenmboa
Contractor & Builder j^s. befc���eu post otiioo uud gov,
buildings.     Coaoh  lo and from dopott
All kinds of Turned and Soroll work I aud steuinliout.    Fire proof Sato tor lit*
dono neatly nud promptly,
tin'! nt right pt'iei B.
.lobbing work a specialty,
RVaVELSTOKI.   -    -    B.C.
P. O, Address, Nelson, j. C,
Capacity 20,1100 feot per day. Planer
shingle maohiue, etc. All kinds ol
lumber on hand. Luring the season
of 1801 llinibt'l' will be delivered at
any of the landings on the hike ai
greatly reduced prices.
li OTIC E.
Is hereby given to E. S, Wilson
and R. I). Bliiir, that tilt, assessments now tielitn-rient on iheir in-
teri sts in the L.st Chance mining
claim, McOulloeh Creek, if not, paid
in HO days from dale hereof, stud
interests will be sold by public unction, ul IV-velstolm Court House, to
the highest bidder, on the Pith day
of August A. D., 1891. at ll o'clock
By Order
Revelstoke, July lllth 18111.
iiooollimoclutlou ol its c.istouiurs.
���. E ��. E&Uh
il EVELSl'OKii
l'\ McOaUTUV -     -      PltOF
First clans Tompornnoe House.
MOAllO    AXD    1,01)0. Nil   $5   I'lili   WSliK.
MUatliS, 25c.     nuns 25o.
This hotel is situated couvonieut to ths
station, is  oumJortably   furuisked  auel
affords Iirst class uoooailliodatiou,
���sTOICl'laY FlttSXaQIiABH.
IV. Cowan
Rooms well aitenduil; tuHi-s unexr
celled.    \\ meu and  liquors guarm
teed   uf  ii    lnijli   (plullly,     r'u-n   a.
winiplu rooin.   Telephone eniurnanr
cation with V. P. It,  depot.     Kiro
pl'ool v.-iull for .be  convenience
jUestH.   Bass mucin nl
HUSS1HXT IlalTKS   -   -
Notice is hereby given that 00 days I
titter (lute we the uudersiguod, iuloud
implying to the Chief Commissioner
i'l'lt 1>U
���Tin-: ���
The entertainment in the Methodist church on Wednesday evening
wus nnt a marked bu.ocb.ib in anv particular, As usual the audience
which was small did lint lissei:
until half an boar after the hour
ml vert isial for the concert to begin;
then throughout the evening it was
apparent Unit more time should
have b"i'.i spent iu piiiotleiug the
several numbers.
The first uumlvr given was a
eburons "The (jam of the
Crown," Mia, Kirkup taking the
solo very well, Rev, Mr. Misener
contributed two recitations very
Biver" and 'Teople Will Talk."
Miss Adair also recited very nicely
"Willie The Minor." Mrs. Dickie,
Mis. Smith and Messrs. King and
Barber, Bang two quartettea with fair
success. "Alice" a voeal duet by
Mrs. Kirkup and Mr, Barber, was
one of the best numbers of the even-
in;!, tills number, a solo by Mrs,
i oursier "Sweet Eloise" and an ex-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hibition I  club  swinging  bv  the
through town | |,ttlH mmt p���ton WllJ, lh9 0Illv
ot Lauds and Works  for permission
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to piircbuso the   following   tnict  H
The Concert. | hind, situated at  Lhe  West  end  of
Trout Luke, West Kootenny district, j
beginning nt  the north  east post
planted nt the mouth ol' the, Lurdeun
lliver, thenee following lhe inetindei -
iugs of the  lake SO  cimiiw,  lo the
south east wu'uer; th��uce  HO chains
Ijj^ | to Iho south west eorucr; theuce tin
chuius to the north west corner; ihoiiee
SO chains to point of eouiiueuuoiitout,
P. B. \\ ELLS.
,f. ABliAliAMSON.
Revelstoke. Jiiue 0, 1891.
Wednesday, en route t-.r Anthraoitt,
has been at Illlosllewsi t a week nr so   where they have engaged  lo  work,
on publio and private business cams
to town on Wednesday and went
dawn the river on Thursdav  morn-
tng- He lays MaoRueand Wo   n  -
new Btr.ek at Pish Creek is the best
locking prospect h�� has seen in   lhe
the    AiitliiMClto     Compauy  having
made irrangements I u the deveh p
uient of the mines titers on   an   n-
icn-ivii   ..caie.    Among  the party
��ere a number of musicians wbu
maiie up a brad i   band and   whilo
.Silvor Ku,g.   passing through towu played sevural
Mr. A. C Bassett, of San Fran-
oisuo,Superinteudentof lbs S,utli-
ern I'acilic   Itulway   was in town
ouej evidently approbated  to any
���.   The 'i i.ut'.'i'a'i  "Moniilight
un tin. Lake"    ' is  given   by   Mrs.
(joursier.jMrs, Cash, Messrs.  King
;,:, i   ikrber,  but Ike siugers and
��� lat having lo Inn',  on  Ihu me-
apoileil the eli'dol of any virtue
It   | i,--i-,scd.     'I ho   buBlltidll   triii
eouutrv outside of Ihe Silvor  King, passing t.irongli lowu piajeu miverai ; ��QU K.,,||,,. -, a" al BUllg  by Mrs.
The ledge has been traced fur miles nvciy airs.   Inc. music was highly   ('oursier aul   Meson,   Barber and
Md the croppings assay from 875 to appreciated   aud made many wish   ���,������,,,    w:iS evidently appreciate,"
over a $100 in   silver   to  the  ton. that Ilovelstoke had suoli a i.tusica:
���five or six claims havo beeu staked organization
Otlou lbe ledge.
Mr. J. Uatnill and sister   of  8po-
V��na> tfills  Were   registered   al,   thn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
V   0;". Wedaesila .   Mr.   Hamill   M-l �����   *'"' ^>l���'
I prndaTmlantoftheSpok *    .��������� t y pl-ed w.tt, be trip
���'"I"""     ., , ....    r.���m   ,nthi Di "s to .levulstroke,
Mortberu  Ua way  and    was  here   'wm uuue       . ,
florm��iu j , ^     [voOteuay   Lakes
makinB arrangement* ... cuimic.l.ioii   auu   a no J
mm*        B,    ���, ,,��� .��� |���,..... . where he spent, some time it. (.slung.
with a senna of i-xci.rsioii.i to .''��� . un
wllu , ���    v- ,.,i, ,.���   Be is oon dent there are numbers
4.���m  Port and  over  tin   NurtUern   "
frumiort.au. CUIifornUn* who will spanl their
IV fl ��� to Spokane tall*, tueime via
u i, \',���ti,��i-n   lluhvav   taituiuier holidays m lhe Idot	
tbo Spokane k Mortuem  uanwaj
led IheO kli ti N Co., steamers country instead of going to Lamps
tolteveWke. t.ud the. bj ��b�� 0. | wliuo Iherj 1. aro of iw charms, and
1��, R.  tu Banff, reluming by C- ��
II to the uoast ami by C. P. N. Cc
*���"* l|(l]  'ruu rtt|0 for tttiun is afforded on Ibo stwaierSttl).
1 at tb0.8tup|.ll g pluccs,
Oceau Timo to EttropA'
Allan       White Star
Dominion      Cunard
Be.iver Anchor
nud nil other lines sailing from llali-
Thn Overflow of the]    fax,Portland, Boston,New York
Baltimore   are  on   sale   at
0.  P.   11.   stations, at
very low rates.
..Aid* for sailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great advantages secured by
taking ocean tickets from your local
Great saving effected   by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in  any steamer engaged
Prepaid passage arranged from
any point in Europe.
Apply to yonr nearest agent; or to
J. ILvMiiaTos, Eevelstoke, or to
BonnitT Kuan,
Ucu. Pas,. Agt.,Wiuuipeg.
31 111 A no us; <:.
The largest and most contra! Hotsi a
the city ; good i.i-co.nii.odatioa : everything new'; table well supplied ; bar. n-1
biilh.ril room attached ; lire proof rcte,
I'ltO'.Yi', k CLARK.
Asmiy  ntnl   mining'   Oilit'OB,
('olden, 1$. O.
AS.S.W  l'li.CK LIST.
Silver, Gold or Lend, each... .$1.50
Silver,  Gold and   Lead, cum-
liineil �� ""
.Silver ntnl Lead
know that all tho piams are easily
acce-.,.blu aud uxoelleut  noooinuiod.
kl-iaiumH to Poltlnnil
the ronud trip l*Mv<
iobt ui- the Methodist ulinroli orgau, i      iiHsiiv]	
��� I Coppor by Pirn Assay.
Tlio Fight Oil'
I'he ontertaiumuul closed with the
,-r.kn.g of lbe eiiiiitii "Fair Can-
ad i" an i the National anthem. Mr.
W. A. Jowett, acted as acuompunist
and   al-.u   |lttVal   tWU   , .-.client   boll) I yjjvei', Oolil aud  Coppill'
.���,������' u i- on ii i .'in during   the Silver and Gold	
���*���** A >** ^SSSSE'^^M"
wnicli went toward liquidating tlio ��� (,(i|l||11|. |,y \\,.u,n.l Klectroylsis
Ollnii' nss.v prices on applicatiou.
,   m   iJiibu   with tiaiiiplea.    A
iTiBaj tu ��� l! '' oent, when two or
more aroBout,
Sales of Oro nogolintod.
f|, |{, . L-'or several yeiiri: aesuyer
,,, Messrs. Viviim & Sons, Bwuusea,
A'-cntii Vv'iinted,
St. i'.ml, Minn., July 22 The
light .ueinged biitwoeu PiUnramona
,in I   Hall   Inn   boen  doul ir.i.l  off
(luvei'ii'ir Merriaiu i .ined a proolam-
ntmu    nni.outiciug    thut    the   l.uv,
iig.iim.t \ni'i-.t fighting would bu eti-l
Stockholm Houst��
The eliuiug room is furnished   with th��
beat the nuirkot affoitls.
The bar is supplied with a choice Btock
of wines, liquors and cigars,
Will leave REVELSTOKE overy
4 u.m., Ior ROBSON iu'iIUTTLB
DALLES. Connecting at ROBSON wiih the Columbia ami
Koolenay li.iiKviiya.nl at LITTLE
DALLES with iho Spokane Full*
k Noi'U.ei't. Iviiilwuy.
Iietnr.ii.it' will leave LIT'l'i.B
DrtLLES every TUESDAY and
FRIDAY at Hn. in.


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