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The Kootenay Star Jan 23, 1892

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Array ^Sfc
����f %4IIMJ      *%J*4i4i 4
No, 32.
Wagons and all kinds of
yebioJ.es Repaired,
Shoeing a Specialty.
prices right.
Coffins, Casketa, Shrouds, &c,
carried in Stock.
fir, Hemlock & Cedar,
To all Parts at Bitrht Prices.
(Two Doors West 0/ Pust-oifiee).
380��3iS   &  ��M@UB
Koyal Mail Linos,
From Halifax
Allan Line.
Parinian,,, Jfln. 23rd
.Siinliiiiiui... ,...Fob. 6th
Dominion Line.
S-iviiia..,., ..,...,Iim. 3011;
Labrador,...,.,...,,., ...Fob, 13tli
From Boston
Beaver Liae.
Luko Ontario Fob. lst
Lake iViiiuijiry ....Fob. 11 tli
From New York
Allan-State Line,
state of Nebraska Jnu. 28th
White Star Line.
Teutonic Jan. 20th
llritaniiic Jim. 27th
Majestic Fob. 3rd
Cabiu 810, 845, ��50, $60, $70, $b0 upwards,
Intermediate, 825 ��� Steerage, 820.
Passengers tioketed  through  to all
points in Great Britain aud Ireluud, and
ut specially low rates to all parts ot the
European continent.
Prepaid pannages arranged from all
Apply to nearest steamship or railway
ageut; tu
I. T. Brewster,
Aobnt, Eevelstoke;
or to Eoiiert Kerb, General Passenger
Agent, Winnipeg.
llUimil STM BLWL1Y.
Bottles, Kegs & Barrels.
BMf, 1'ORK, ETC.
'��� jR.
F. McCarthv  - .   .
PVEI,��T01{E, 13, p.
Rei'ts /md Debts Collected.
P. 0, Address, Nelson, B. C,
fiapuoity 20,000 feet per day, Planer
shingle machine, ofo. All jiinds of
lumber on hand. During t|ie season
pf Ib.I1 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly rednoed prions.
First-class Temperance House.
Board and Lodqino ?5 Per Week.
Veals, 25c,    jieds 25o.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, is  comfortably furnished,  and
affords (J)St class accommodation.
The 1,'irgeet and most central Hotel ju
the city ; good iiocoiiimodation ; every-
tbing new ; tnble we)l supplied ; bar mid
biiliurd room attached ; lire proof safe,
to the Postmastei'- trenerul
will be received at Ottawa until Noon
on FRIDAY, the 6th March next, for
the conveyance of Her Majesty's
Mails, on a proposed contract for
four years, fortnightly in summer and
monthly in winter, between
from the lst May next.
Printed notices, containing further
information as to conditions of proposed contract, may be seen nnd
libiuk forms of lender may be obtained at the Post-offices of Golden,
Galena, Windermere, Fort Steele,
Farimont Springs and Cranbrook,
and at this office.
Post-office Inspector.
Post-office Inspector's Office, Victoria, B.C., 20th November, 1891.
Stockholm House
The Dining-room is furnished with the
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines.liqnors and cigars,
E, Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
Tbe Eartb
With ��� Hoe,SOW PERRY'S SEEDS and
nature will do the rest.
Seedi largely deleroiloe the   Imrvest���always
plan; lhe Lwit-FERRY'S. ''
A book full of Information about (*ar,lrn��.���Aow
and what to raise.ttc, seni free to all who ��>a
tar ii.^j Ask to-day.
4 CO.,   /J ONT.
All |(iiids (if Turned and, Unroll worl-
l|p|ie neatly and promptly,
���ipd at right prices.
ilubliinu Work a Specialty,
MWtifi-STQKfi     :   BiP.
Myrtle Navy
T,   k   B.
Ill ItllllUt) L<:t(..I'M,
Mr. P, Petersen returned to town
on Sunday after a week's holiday.
Mr. Haig (Jowett k Haig) is still
enjoying his holiday iu the old
Miss M. Donovan returned home
on Tuesday from a tivo weeks' visit
to Beaver,
Mr, Dun Robinson, of tbe Revelstoke Lumber Mills, is laid np with
ao attack of grip.
Mr. Henry Chapman returned to
Revelstoke on Thursday morning's
express afbr several weeks' absence
on the coast.
Rev. Mr, Ladner will preach tomorrow in the Methodist Church,
morning at 10.30, evening at 7.3U,
All are cordially invited.
Comnicnciljg next, week we inten I
devoting au art tela to our advertisers.
We take this opportunity of a-kiug
them to supply us with any information they may wish to appear.
Rumor has it that Mr. Thomas
Sweeney, fireman C.P.R., will enter
the bonds of matrimony next Wednesday at Kamloops. The young
lady is. Miss Fortune, of that town,
Cm-piNa out SaIjE at Lemon's.���
The whole stock of Dress Guod-i,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, must 9��
in the pext month. Best casii bargains ever offered in Revelstoke,
Visitors at the Oolumbia House
this week iiii'lmle Miss E. Cauagher,
Messrs, W, Warren, Clanwilliam; J.
Wylie, Shuswap ; Geo. Stott, Winnipeg ; J. Dover, Donald, and Geo.
Wilson, Iron Mines,
Among the arrivals at the Victoria
Hotel this w-ek are Messrs. L. C,
Matthews, VV. E Walsh, Montreal j
A. Begg, Victoria; J. E. Griffith,
Donald; R. Marpolo, Kamloops, aud
llowuio, Vaucouver.
The Uhiuoso residents of Rovelstoke are preparing fur a graud cole-
bruiion on the 27tl", tbe commencement of thejr new year. There will
be illuminations, ('roavorks, a big
supper and high jinks all round,
Mr. 11. Marpole, supt, of Pacific
DIvisiDo, 0.P.R-. ftud j. J3. Griffith,
engineer, 0. P. It, were iu town
yesterday on business, It is. supposed their visit has some oouni'otion
with the commencement of work on
the new railway.
Church of England cervices will
be held jn Ihe schonlhouso to-mor��
row, the Rev, J. 0 C. Kemm, of
Douald, officiating. Eleven a.m.,
morning service and Holy Communion ; 7.30, evening service and
Koi-mou,   All welcome,
Mr, Wm. Loveiook, lato trainmaster at Revelstoko station, passed
through ou Tuesday evening 011 his
way to Portland, Oregon. Being a
great favorite with tho boys at the
elation, he received quite an ovation
during his short stop.
The snowfall in tlm mountains
this winter bids lair to establish a
rpoord, More than 211 feet has
already fallen, but 11 is packed down
to iii.oiit lour feet pu tho level. Up
tp tho day before yesterday it had
snowed every iluy, moro or Joss, for
Mr. .1. II Brown n rites desiring
us to repeat the recipe fnr influenza
published in the Britis Medical
Journal two years ago, Mr. Brown
Kayn tbat with a considerable experience since that date he has found
it to he a speoifio. The recipe is���
"Salicylic acid in acetate of ammonia."
The saloon keepers of Victoria who
decided to test the legality of the
new Sunday Closing Aet are now
awaiting iho deoisioo on the appeal
in the Bank Exchange case. So
liquor has been openly sold on Son-
day since, but the police aro about to
turn their attention to some of the
restaurants whore liquor is served at
The Masquerade Ball to be held in
the firemen's Hall, Donald, next
Tuesday evening will, without any
doubt, he quite up to tho standard
of excellence for whioh that town is
noted. The hall is under the auspices
of tho Ladies'Aid Association, and
the tickets are $2 each, gentlemen
having the privilege of taking more
than one lady. Grand march at 0
o'clock sharp, Masks may be obtained from Mr. R. W, Patmore,
"Onr Dumb Animals," published
by the Massachusetts Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,
reaches us regularly. It is a journal
which all lovers of animals should
read, aud is finely illustrated. Its
price places it within reach of all,
beiug 6(1 els. a year for single copies,
���10 cts, each for ten copies, 30 cts,
each for fifty and 25 cts. for 100���a
capital gift for Snnday-sohool boys
and girls, The office is at 18 Milk
Street, Boston, Mass,
Revelstoke Quadrille Club held its
first dance on Thursday night in
Bourne's Hall, when there was a
large attendance of members. So
attractive was the programme that it
was well on in the small hours before
the majority could tear themselves
away. Refreshments were handed
round at twelve o'clock. The officers
of the club are highly pleased at such
a successful start. The next meeting
will be ou Thursday night at the
same place, when it is hoped members
will be punctual-8 o'ciook sharp.
It had been deoided to meet at each
end of the towu alternately, but no
other suitable room oould be obtained.
A new morning paper, the Viotoria
Daily News, is to appear iu that oity
ou or about the 7th February, ft
will be issued by the News Publishing Company, which has a fully subscribed capital of $50,000, and, according to the prospectus, will be a
r-al live newspaper, not allowing its
news to be crowdoil out by advertisements. In general politics it will be
Conservative, but will take un independent stand iu all matters pertain-
iug to the oity aud province, and
prom >ses to ad vocate reform in several
dir.-elious. It is anticipated that
the new paper will have a large circulation throughout the Eastern Provinces and along the Sound and
Coast as far south as Sau Francisco.
We wish the new venture a successful career,
Memorial services on the death of
the Duke of Clarence wore held last
Suuuay evening at both the Methodist aud Presbyterian churches. At
the former Rev. C, Ladner preached
from Jeremiah, 5th verse 5th chap.,
to a large congregation. The rev.
gentlemau feelingly alluded to tbe
almost sudden death of the young
prince, of the great hopes centred in
him, his brilliant prospects io life,
uud the sympathy of the nation in
the grief of the Royal family. The
pulpit and altar rails were draped in
black with white trimmings, At the
Presbyterian service the Rev, T.
Baton took his text from Ecclesiastes
chap. 11, 7-10 verses, and preached
aud eloquent sermon touching upou
the death of the princo, which we
aro compelled to omit through want
of space,
A good joke, hardly amounting to
a libel, was published in this column
last woek. A letter from New W' st-
miuster reached this ollice 011 Friday
morning, sigued by the Rev, R. G,
Thorns, announcing tbe marriage of
Ricardo Eraser to Miss F. Cuse, of
Detroit. It appeared quite genuine,
and knowing Detroit was Rieftrdo's
birthplace, we presumed everything
was O.K., aud did not hesitate to
publish it. Coming so late in the
week wo had not time to make inquiries as to the truth of i(. We uow
have tho sad duty of contradicting
the good news ot last week, Our
friend Dick is not siAii'iti'p, but is
still weibied to his case {not Miss F
Case) iu the Sentinel office at Kamloops, The hoax originated with
sumo of Ricardo's old chums, who
took that method of "getting even"
with him for some practical joke he
had played ou tbem. We exteud our
heartfelt sympathy, Dick; tis too
bud to lose a uice little girl and a
furnished house and lot liko that,
What adds to the success of tho joke
(Irom the jokers' imiut of viewj was
that the paragraph wau copied from
the Stab """ published in some ul
Km Roust papers,
An old smoker declares that he hag
been using ".Myrtle Navy" tobacco
ever since the second year of its
manufacture, and that during that
time be lias never suffere 1 from a
blistered tongue or parched tonsils
or any other of the unpleasant
affects which most tobaccos will
leave behind them. His experience,
he says, is that uo other tobacco
which he has ever tried is quite its
equal, ami that in value for the
money "uo other comes anywhere
near it."
l'oiil Toiii'iiiinieiit.
A pool tournament was hold at the
Centra] Hotel on Wednesday night,
Mr. W. A. Jowett acted as referee.
The following gei.tb-nien took part
in the contest;-Messrs. W, Cowan,
W. M. Brown, John Abrahamson, F.
Roeser. R. E. Everson, S (,'rowle,
Guy Barber, F. W. Robinson, C.
Abrahamson ami J, Riss. Scores:���
..25 - Browu   20
,25 ��� J. Abrahamson.18
.28 - Birbei- 23
,25 ��� C. Abrahamson. 10
.25 ��� Crowle.
Robinson.. .25 ��� Cowan ...
Roeser 25 ��� Ross	
Everson.., .25 ��� Robinson.
,25 ��� Everson...
Good Templar Social.
The "At Home" given by the
bachelor members of tbe Colombia
Lodge, I.O.G.T., was the ocoasion
of a great deal of merriment and was
voted by all present to be tbe most
pleasant gathering ever held under
the auspices of the lodge. After tbe
transaction of business the fnn commenced . Messrs. C. Lindmark and
G. Terryberry, as bead cooks, and
wearing the customary white apron
and cap, essayed tbe task of cooking
"slapjacks," to the great amusement
of the company. Charley had been
patiently engaged mixing the batter
some hours before, and when the
era ial test came he proved equal to
thn occasion, and deftly turned the
cake in the pan without a tremor,
But Charley, being a bashful young
man, grew nervous at tbe applause
and made a few miscalculation! as
to the size of the pan. George waa
"way out" in bis efforts to get the
right twjst, and one of his "slapjacks" sought a resting-place on the
lace of a lady member of the lodge,
while another soared aloft, all hot and,
smokiug, and gracefully cleared tha
stovepipe, flopping down like A bjg-
11.��� under just hooked. George made
a noble attempt to catch it, bnt did
not succeed. Tbis erratic flight was
caused by the application of consider,
able force to the bottom of tbe pan,
which, through no fault uf George's,
came in violent contact with a piece of
leather worn on the pedal extremities
of a certain member. Mr. J. Ladner
made the very beau ideal of a waiter,
Games bad been indulged in during;
the preparatory stages of the cooking,
Tea and coffee then played a promi-,
uent part in helping the "slapjacks"
to reach tbeir destination, and peaoe
reigned once more, Midnight was
not so very far away when tbe lights
were extinguished and the lodge-,
room left in quietness to mnse over
the events of tbe evening whioh had,
proved so fata] to "slapjacks."
Oysters aud Seeds
Are valuable for what's in 'em,
Good and bud oysters look alike iq
the shell, Good and bad seeds often
have tbe same appearance. Anyone
oan tell a worthless oyster on open-,
iug it, The value of a seed must be
determined by its growth, This
makes its quality worth considering,
You waut seeds that will grow, and
you wunt the product to be of value,
You cannot insure either of these
things by mere mspeciion. There
is but one guarantee: the lelialulity
of tbe firm from which you buy,
That our advertisers, Messrs D. ill,
Ferry ,V Co., of Windsor, Unt.,are
most reliable is attested bv the fact
Unit millions buy seeds from tbem
year after year, Their enormous
business furnishes the highest proof
of their reliability, Their Seed
Annual for Wi is a model of its
kind���illustrated,descriptive, priced,
Jt contains information of great
value to anyone about to plant seeds,
Seut free on application the firm's
address���Windsor, Qnt.
At 8 p.m.
,M, David,
Ji, J, JJouuw. lh John ii.m'.ii:���l.Tox.
Cherritcn and I were boys together in a
big establishment where tli'' wages were
quite a- large as our services deserved. On
this subject Chorriten disagreed with me,
and he made up his deficiencies by borrowing i" such im extent that he found il
necessary to disappear just after he received
his pay one Saturday afternoon. As 1 wus
Ins creditor to the extent of eight cents,
which was ii lirgo sum of money in those
days, 1 declined to recognize him when wo
met, and our relations remained strained
[or two or three years afterward, he having
madoseveral involuntary visits to Bluck-
well'sIsland for reasons which police justices
i ughi sufficient. Both of us enlisted
\    in ' - civil war hrokcaut, and although
I ��� icap ��� in the siiine regimenl with
hii i, I cli meed in heal' from time i'i time
i i ho was bravely living up to his old
reputation and making occasional business
hn courts martial. Our ways diverged
af'er I - civil war, and for years I had forgotten Cherriten's existence, bill one day
when I chanced to givo my scat in a street
: i" i lady I was thanked in a voice which
I recognized as thai of Cherritcn.
" Vnii needn't be afraid to speak l" mo.
Mi. Bloggs," Baid ho, as onr recognition bo
came mutual. " I'm not tho sort of follow
I used to he," Then he whisporcd, " That's
m\ chick���she tlmt you gave your seal to,"
I wus not sure what "chick " might mean
in the vocabulary of tho class to which
i ii i 'iton had belonged when I knew him,
but I ventured to say, by way of congratulation, that any man with so pretty a wife
ought to think himself remarkably lucky.
"Wife? No more my wife than she is
yours. She's my chick���my child, I'm her
dad���the only one she over knew, though
there's no relation between us. Let me introduce you.' Then, before I could suggest
that a crowded horse car was scarcely tho
placo to introduce any one to a young woman, he leaned forward and said :���
" Chick, this is Mr. Bloggs, that used to
work in the same place with me when 1 was
a boy, and beginning to bo a tegular tough,
like I've told you so often."
A face that was really charming turned
toward me as J raised my hat, and a well
modulated voice said :
ami  some iuiuiiiui.   . .......  ... e��� ..
away, but nobody'd take her. There was
another reason why I couldn't get rid of
her sho had hulh of her little anus around
my neck and I couldn't get them oil, One
of tho women that had been in the accident
Baid ii was because the little thing was so
scared; said sho lookedasif she was too
frightened to breathestraight, which is likely enough, seeing where an I haw 1 d found
her. The railroad folk couldn't do anything
iibout the young one, except to say li: if
I'd go back to the oity with lhc other emigrants���they thought 1 was one of the
crowd���that they guessed they'd find some
way of disposing of it there.
"All the way down to New- York that
young one kept throttling mo. She'd drop
asleep once in a while and I'd try to lay her
down ; seemed to be so infernal foolish for
:i fellow like me to have a young one in his
iiiins. Hut whenever I tried to drop her
she woke up and hung on tighter, What
lo you suppose happened at last? Why,
she got so tired that she slept Boundly, and
1 pin her down ou a seat, making a sort of
pillow with the ragged coat I had, and then
���I felt lonesome I Yes, sir! I'd got so used
to the feeling of that child's arms around
my nock that 1 couldn't wait for hor to wake
up again. I couldn't understand it, so 1
Bwore about it, and when that didn't do any
good 1 went to thinking about it. I never
had any brothers or sisters, and us to my
"illier and mother���woll, I suppose they
hor, bin, do you know, 1 was ashamed lo': I " Well that ought to lie tlie end oj tlio
It seemed insulting and shameful for me to story, but it isn't. All the years Chick and
touch a sweet, clean, innocent little thing 1 had heen together it had never occurred to
like that, and I told the woman just how 1 < me that she didn't know there wasn't any
felt. relationship between us. I'd been careful
'"I lood,' she said, ' you'll be a man yet,   not to tell other people anything about the
if you stick to that.'  Then she asked mo way I came by her, for I was afraid there
bow much money 1 had and told me where
1 could buy a clean cotton jumper for u few
limes that would niiike me look a good deal
miglii lie a law of some kind by whichsome-
body might take her away from me, There
wus no reason  why they should so do,
decenter, and then she hinted that if I'd I but people arc always fearful about their
leave tho child with her a while and tuke a treasures, you know. One day when I was
swim on the sly off the docks somewhere I sick at home, and lying in bed, and Chick
might be allowed iu the free baths afterward , sat on my bedside saying loving and tunny
and take a genuine wash.    1 took her ad-, things to cheer me, and looking like the
beautiful angelic hearted thing si.o is, she
suddeuly .-aid : ���
"'I never know a father and daughter
look so unlike. It's positively funny that
we haven't a single feature in common, I've
vice, but everything Beeined like a dream.
I'd never had baths or clean clothes in my
life except the few times I'd been sent up to
the island. The woman at the coffee and
cuke shop told me where I could get decent
lodgings for Chick and nie for twenty-five j been noticing it a great, deal since 1
cents anight, and where 1 could have Chick | to study drawing."
lakcii caro of for ten cents a day while 1 was I    "I thought a moment, und I lien���I don't
off at work. think I would have done it if 1 hadn't been
Work! 1 wanted to laugh at her when sick and weak aud babyish���I told her the
she said that, for I hadn't done any work in ; story of our first meeting ami whut happen-
years except loafing, though '.bat's the very ; ed attorward. li broke hot- up il broke mo
hardest kind, f thought about the luck I'd up too, bul ii brought her heart out a bun-
had iu begging at the lorry house, bnt I drcd times more than il hud been, though
couldn't work tliat racket again unless I put Uho always had been all thai was loving,
both of us back into our dirty rags again, She looked at mens I never had sen her
and I'd rather have killed myself than dono' look before any one, except when she was
that. Strange, what sudden change:' como' saying her prayers, from that hour she
,. over a man sometimes, isn't it! I told the was a woinau���a woman before her time,
didn't find me vory interesting wlieu I was woman I hadn't any regular job, and she though all her life had boon loading up to it,
a young one. Anyhow, I sat there awake ! .said I could get plenty of odd jobs right! She had long timesof sitting at my feot and
in tlm car all night long, waiting for the , near her placo by hanging around lor them crying���not unhappily, for sho said it corn-
child to waken, and every once in a while 1 and keeping honest and sober. Work��� , farted her a great deal to think how good
I'd feel of its arms to see what there was: honest���sober���why, it sounded a hundred j I'd been to her. I was afraid she would
about them���oh, I was puzzled enough lobe ' times worse than ' Ten dollars or ten days.' i grow morbid and looney, so 1 made light of
clean daft. |   " I did, though.   'Twos hard and the pay .all I'd done, and told her that I'd been rc-
" When it did awake, though I was worse | was small, hut 1 hud Chick to go back to paid a thousand times, which was true.
off, How il did howl! It hugged mo just i every night, and she paid me until I felt She was thoughtful for a few days, and
the same as before, but once in a while it j richer than any man in Wall street, She j then announced that she was going to be
would stop long enough to look up at mens Was always good niitiii'td as a kitten and a everything to me that I'd beon to her;
if I'd been real unkind to it. At last a man | puppy rolled into one, and when sho fell she was going to lake mo in hand again and
whose wife put him up to it, came over to asleep 'twas always with her little arms i give mo everything I had given her.
me and said:��� | around my neck.   In the course of time 11    " Well, she's been at il ever since.  She's
'"Don't you gol sense lo know dat shild ' found out that the only ugly faces she over j twenty years old now, and being very smart
is hungry V' | made was because she didn't like the smeil naturally and having had every advantage
" No, I hadn't, and when it camo to mc I 0f tobacco, so I stopped chewing. Did you ��� of education that good advisers could sug-
wasu't much better off, fori hadn't anything 'ever try to stop chewing 1 No? Well, | gest and money could buy, she knows a
to feed it with, and I didn't know whether j jt's harder than starving. 1 ought to know, j great deal���and I'm being taught it all. 1
t ever hud been fed except in the first way. , f0r I've tried both. i havo lo lake music lessons, with her for
And.still the child kept on howling and I j    �� Well, everything went better and bet- j teacher; she makes me practice only  an
i kept on being sorry for it.   Queer, wasn't ter, until one Christmas Eve I took a drink ; hour an evening, as I have a long day it
do ii so as to keep her in mind of tl
great lol ofgiiod she has done nie," Cherritcn
but money, and goodness knows that's easy
enough to get if a man is willing to work,
hut she has had to spend enough pat'encoon
me t�� set ulil Job up in bits s, Hum st,
now, Mr. Bloggs���I'm nol fishing for compliments, but from whut you can see off
hand don't I seem something of an impiove-
menl on what 1 used to he as you remember
"That'sabout all there is to tlio story.
You're welcome to tell it tonny of the old
boys if you meet any of tic in. I wish you'd
come to the wedding-, I'll semi you an invitation, If you want to sec the happiest
man thero, though, look at iue���not at the
Tue Turks haveprov, .us without number
and very polish id and cynical Turkish proverbs arc. The taciturn Arabs prefer
proverbs to every ol her form of speech, and
use them with singular dignity and aptness.
Tho Koran seems to huve been enriched
with them for the express purpose of quotation,
The Chinese are very prone to cruel little
cold-blooded proverbs, ao oblique as their
eyes, but full of grim sagacity.
The Japancso rejoice in flowery maxims,
combining wisdom with humor, and often
with a touch of pathos that make thom cling
in tho memory long after tho rest of the dis��
course is forgotten.
ll von tho Coreaus, shaniefacod mutes as
the*,  .ic indulge in a few Buyprovords,
The Polynesians, with thoir Babel of
toiiguesuiid dialecls, havo a myriad of proverbs, many of thom highly picturesque and
The Maoris of New Zealand, the finest
suyages in till world, cannot curry on a discourse lor live minutes, without n sorting
to proverbs. So profound is the respect
for provot-bs, as for ovorythiug ancient or
obscure, among the Maoris, that a wily and
and ready orator, failing to carry his audience by mere reason, will sometimes, but
not loo nflun���help himself oul with an admirable proverb, niyenteil on the spur of
the moment, but fathered on some demigod
of awful sanctity or some war chief of gloriously cannibal memory. Such an appeal is
seldom unsuccessful, even though the audi-
enco have a shrewd suspicion that the
proverb which has pleased ind impressed
thoir, so much is neither so old nor so genuine
as it might he.
The degraded tribes that yet linger on the
outskirts of civilization in Australia, and
whose past is a bewildering mystery not
less to the student of language than to the
student of man, use proverbial expressions
which make ono staro in wonder. Whence
have these brutish creatures descended,
that thoy also should have tho wisdom of the
ancients on the tip of their tongue'!
""icse black fellows' proverbs seem a dis-
" fapa never loses an opportunity lo tell
nie thai he used to be dreadfully bad when j jt ���' jy heard'thoiisands of young ones cry ! ami then another, and some more after thai j business.   I'm obliged to practice-drawing
he was young.    It really seems to civc him ; jn mv time���I'd teased dozens of them just'and when I went for Chick and sbe saw me andsiudy languages while riding to and from
pleasure to give himseli u bad character. '    11��� ma|;i. nlem cry���yet this one's voice tore she wouldn't come to me, and the woman , home, and practice on her while at home.
keep her in mind of the | mv |)eart ap t��� pie(,eS) and just as I was be- j who took care of her hy daylight called me J I've got a good grip on German, having	
, , ginning to find out that I had such a thing a brute.   1 started for the river to drown | plenty of chance to use it as fast as I learn I ,i *',"' ,.    , ,���,,, ,,������... ,,,, ,.i i,.,,.	
explained , ,s both ol us resumed erect ]>om- , llK a heart in inc. myself, but that wouldn't do. for who would I it; but, French-well, I've my opinion of the ! ,,.n ,,,',...,,1,     L la-lionise  villimanv
tions. She's been the making of m She puts      ���A|, 1mII sUlod up in the ear, feeling  take care of Chick when 1 was gone?   I! people who gol up such chatter.   I won't 'u'"'.""1" "' "">.        '! '"     ������''.",'"�����'>
ittheoiherway -she hasn t cost iue anything  ,x.al desperate, and I shouted oul: - walked the streets till I was sober, and I show you any of my sketches, but she will
" ' Say ! Ain't there a mother to lend in was praying and swearing all the lime ; I'. if you stay long enough, Wc were on our
here somewhere���one of the kind that can . didn't exactly know where the praying left way home from the fall exhibition at the
give a baby somothins to eat'! off and the swearing begun, but to this day Academy of Design when you met us, and
" Nobody answered ; there weren't many ' Ithink they were part and parcel of the samo j I'd heen obliged to weed out lho pictures
awake, but at last an emigrant woman came thing, whichever ii was. Christmas morn- j with my own eyes ami toll her which wen-
over und looked at the child, and then ing 1 went for Chick and she took to nie the dozen best, and to her great delight-
brought a littlo cup of milk and a spoon and again, and she audi went house hunting, for land mine, too, as to Unit-I was right in
fcdittwoot-tlireemouthfulsaudleftmeto by that lime I had saved up^ a few dollars. I most cases, according to lhe exports' ro-
finish tho job, J was pretty awkward, as; We got board with a decent 'amily that hadi ports that she had clipped from lho news-
you may imagine, but- Chick gol there overy j no children of their own, and where the wo- j papers. A? I "-aid, there's none of my
time I gave her a'fairshow with the spoon, man was very motherly to Chick, but the sketches that I would ihink of showing you.
"When we got to New York some of the little thing never took any of her heart away but there's one picture in the house that 1
emigrants explained lo a kind looking old  from me, bless her I I want you to see, for a certain reason.   A
mum-u city missionary I believe���about     " Things went on well with us for two or few years ago I found   myself forgetting
illicit und ine   und he "told mo of a place three years alter that.   I kept so straight, what I had been and I didn't want to���I
where they'd 'take it in and I walked i p nnd worked so hard that I got a steady job wanted to keep my gratitude very lively as! that as the Saviour was toiling up tho hill
a car fare,  and put all my savings in tlie bank.   Other. long as I lived.   So 1 asked my employer,  of Calvary, a robin How down and plucked
' nt knew me and Chick would say 11 whom I knew was well up about pictures, |a thorn Irom His temple, anl a drop of
there, for I hadn'l the price of i
I was glad to answer in the affirmative,
Cherritcn novor could huve been a beauty :
ho wus horn of very bad stock, according to
his early accounts of himself, and In- bad
large features under n small brow, bill the
old dominant expression of lawlessness had
entirely departed and there was a healthful
glow in his eyes and cheeks which told of
good physical llabits. Hewasaswelldrcssed
asanj ii in ii in the cur, and he wore good
clothing with the-air of u man a isl od
to that sort of thing ; ho was noatly gloved
even, and carried a sti.-k with ml rooming
embarrassed by it,
"She did ii all," ho said. Ho .',,-',1 SCe
that I was lo iking I im over. " I wish you'd
let  me como to Bee you, wherever your
pta [ business is, anil tell you the whole
story.   I'm  sure you'd  enjoy healing it,   minute or two I'd ha\
Besides, it's a story you'd like to tell your  Well, sir, what did t do bul take to my  .
wife, ii I ol greatly mistaken,   'Tisn'l   heels and run as if the police wen afterme,      " Meanwhile sho pi
's .  ne   |   ,,,.., ,. ...   . m'i know how thai fceh    strange expressions,  or
startling traces of losl religions and forgotten arts that here and still there arc found
among them.
 a��       .    .   .   ,-
Superstitions About Animals,
ll is unlucky to kill a stork, a robin, or a
swallow. According lo a Swedish legend
the stork hovered over our Saviour, as He
wus dying on the cross, crying "styrliol
Btyrko!" (strengthen yo I strengthen ye I),
and from this it received the namo of styrk,
or stork, There is a similar Scandinavian
legend with respect to tho swallow, which
fluttered abovo the cross, crying, "svalel
svale!" (cheer up ! cheer up I). There are
two legends with respect to the robin   one
ascribes to thn malignant jay the l.sk of
carrying sticks to hell every Friday lo feed
every dnv lii.il
through what 1 havt   -andgol as iiiucli
out of it,   Can t you come idoi g wit!
and sci' how  I !'\     how   dii   Ir es,
May! e you may run against  sou c of I
"thcr imys that  we used :.< work with
never know who you'll meet next in a big
:ily like this, aid I'd like you to pa-- l
word .ii i . th it I 'I..-, ritcn  ��n    ��   ii
used t.i I',, ami that he i ouldn'l       I u ',  .:
he tried.   W. ���_- ��� oul tin       l    trcel
"ic      Then he h
''Chick, I'i   ' '. ���
���  n,
lhc yotti
taticn to C
'  .
ii wo pu 1 looked at lis men that knew mo and Uhick would say 11 whom I know,wus well up about pictures, j a thorn Irom His temple, an I a .
funnily ami a good many of them looked ought to marry again-they didn't know I j who was a good artisl in low lifo characters blood fell upon his breast and tnrnoi
iliscuBtcd. I suppose we weren't a very was a bachelor���so us to have a mother ���this was bofore Chick went into art. Ho The other is that the robin curries dew to
prctly pair but ihe moaner anybody looked '"'' the child. I rather thought my- gavn me a name and I put, in part o( my | refresh sinners lu hell, and tlio-heat of tho
lho lighter'] held Chick and the tighter sho self that tin: little thing ought m have a sunnier vacation in having a picture paint-1 Homos scorched ils feathers red���a much
held mo. She seemed to know, somehow, hotter chance and ] talked with her about led a picture of a trump holding a shab-1 more comforting legend than that which
when I was being made to feel'bad   bless  it, for she was about four yours old,  and] by  child whose arm-;  were around   his'
|ler'   she's 1 i thai way ever since.   At   seemed about four hundred Whenever wo neck.   I was tho model  fr tho  tramp.
Ii,si I got to the isyliimand run" ihe bell, talked seriously about anything. But she j It look a long timo to find a child that tho llatnos uud torment the wicked. H one
am| (lei, | thought to myself thai in a said, ' Don't wan't any mothers ; don't want would ,1,. (hough, ti'! the artisl explained kills a wren i e will break a bene before the
minute or two I'd havo seen I o ���    ""'}'  ,,ll!   papa.'* Now   imagine -but  that tho child's foee would notshowiinywiiy. ! year is oul.    It is also unlucky to kill a
u,-e|i  ,,,'   tvlmt did I do but take to my  pshaw 1 you oan'i  -nobody can. I brought the picture home nud hung it on  marten,   Mirny animals possess tho power
'ed up Mime very tho wall, and Chick would gazo at it by tho 'of curing disoases,   Three hairs taken from
made them up,  I  hour,   I never told her the story of it until j tbo "cross" of an ass, that is the mark
don i" know  which.    1 suppose you know, the night, when she learned she was mil my  running up thu back ami out at right angles
taxic-it ti    p    thi   itv   Aw ylw   t till   bow young ones get u  notion here and daughter; even then I. told her only to quiel  'ner lhc shoulders,   will cure  whooping
, ���   moi or  there and  then put them te- her, and show her, by comparison, what cough, but tho ass will die.   This cross was
:        in a way that a grown person never! sho had done for me,   Hero's the picture." jholiovod tohe the cross of Christ improBBGc*
.   ',i     I think of.   One day, when she was     As Cherritonispoko ho arose and drew a
.   1   ..,.,       ... 11     bKo    nniinlti'fail    im,      litl  i nnnltxi,  nahmli   I  !,,.,!   nM iiii-i,!   mi    ' |l'(;|'|111r  l|||
t twenty -1
: .. II   I'A I,.
.  to 1
ill, 1 111 ���   :
������ -
.',._, aboul -i'i years old, she paralyzed mo  by
: :
���' ��� N"W. papa, I'm going to lake ymi in
hand. 1 think you need a mother's cure."
She was as good as her word ; she's hud me
ince.   I thought I'd mado a]   "Nothing fancy about it, is thoro?' ho
ni   in myself  in the  first asked.   "I told him I wanted il real, uml
four piaintanco, but  he obeyed orders.   I think it's the ugliest
sho pul   mc up to' I thing of lho kind on the face of the earth ;
,    chool,  und  nothing I mado myself np to look that way, and 1
sic and i should study don't think 1 overdid my old self a lilt.  But
v thai   he's older,  what do   you suppose   happened   when
ihoolchildren Chick learned  the story of thut picture':
iday ami then Why, she put this ourlain boforo it the vory
lirechoti    ifto �� .id   next day! she said it was lo be her shrine,
the old im ,' ii was! I'lvery night since thon, boforo going to her
��� r own room, sho kneels boforo that picture to
"  i i      y im: prayers.   I knool beside her; tli.it
    :   un'of ih any habllssho's taught mo,
ii I I' i,i ubit ashni lof it.   If any ono
ii i    i id told me Siic -li -hh !  She's coin-
i.   HOI
���     it her
upon the animal when Christ rode into
curtain which 1 had noticed on entering the : ���lerusalein on the buck of an ass. Another
room, The picture was a tliroo-quarler sure euro for whooping oough cm be ob-
length, ' v a very clever artisl. and thenrin- j tallied by asking and following the advice
oipal lig.iro   was an offensively realistic of a man riding a piobald horso,
. ���    ���   ic
'   '    | . ,',v:i   ..
I get <���<  ion!   place where I wasn't known | (,n,i
. ...
' At list I
-,, Well,    A good
���   ��� : ��� 11 .    '
day I reached a plam ...
n :. ri        i wn       '    i ' .
lo!     |    in I. Maybe ��� on won''
. ievo ii. bin I n i       low 'I,,v.ii -   ,���  i
', -iii prowli gain ks,on thi
��� n: the roe I. ' ' "" if n.."i ing '. nl boon
��� from  the   '"'"k thai   I oonld      :al,
Well,  '. ii"'  :i ��� . i : !��� . ��� 'i .   mi 'In"" md
,  i. "���:,   il"1 . pnop -
��������� i"  ii       ii '    >'el    I :  ,   .
ll ua- I :       , Shi	
id lien.   ]', I-ii. - ic the list
,. v. -   dio it as dirty ami ���  ���
in 'ii it found her, mil iho didn'l look
any il o bottei i"i.,   it oi I m .... hoi le nd
and face, Bul   ho wn i lomobod-'   - <
one, I said '', myself, and hor folk i ������ ��� ild
be glad in gel hoi buek,   Tl cy couldn't bo
worth mm I noy, judging by llie child's
lothos, I, il thoy mlghl stand tho pi of a
drink 'nit of gratitude,
" Well, I conldn'l find lho owners. As
ic,ir as anybody could toll, the man und
women that she'd boon with were both
ainoiig the killed.    Vou know how   things
md v,
, i i.    i . . i'
nen.   J w,w
id at what I toi
I'ul and [dni        ii  Foi my
out I     . i , ' ��� ' '
��� iin ���.  md fgavo I
[ate anything n        ,   Tin
am lhe phi ' ."i
i i
I'd hoard her do iad
In*" other foil lohl -
ihamo I rlteln tl.ikn
My child!    I lm ne i" mention "I
I'm  feci    '. 'II,   i   I 'I    i   fi I In
I lohl her thai the mothoi a . ��� di id ami
youngstei had run down  "in" iliappn i. i	
bul ii I im,I'l '."���! ii stilled right I thoughi I
could li in-. | > it mo. Tlm upshot of ii was thai
Bhe told ne win-re I cnuM gol 11 lomo "In up
new chillies with whut, innmy wu i lofl from
what IM begged ai the ferry,and sho'd givo
il a denning up for me in lhc little kil hci
i jning In
.   .
��� ������'���    . "I. i \
!   '    - ��� '     ' - '
I could,
,   ! ��� r a great deal bottei
.   '   '  ll   I     UW,
" bol���' ��� chalices
i    man m ihe family
��� ���, .���      irotty
'  I   '"i'l in I   lli.il    if
��� " i ii ,M min a
',- I.   I il hin ii bul" Hit
'"'���!.'     I ,
, .1
i :."! always
'    I   ,
l!iil,inl h iseoinc to lea, pupil,"
'��� All right, I'hick,  I'll he there in a inn-
melt,"   Then he said lo mc,   " Hubert is
in;, employer's sun, and ono of the llnost
young Fellows allvo; I vo I n noticing hi i,
I i  ily   in'  more lliiin  leu years, for be is
. .��� lj   li lh Ins father,   lie saw I'liicl; one
day when  1 nine in lo ask iue for some.
iiini - mi ,ic ln-1 !os head at onco and
wauled im1 to take him homo wiih mc some
, VI mm,     I   l.licv   BOIIIOtlllllg   ol   llm sort
would lmvo to happen Boino timo, with somo-:
body, n i 'hci, were lo be us happy us ulu-
hail ihe rigid io l>c, si, I laid him I would
think ll io ll 1  il   W liut   I dni Wiis to have a I
i ill. woli his father, Iirsl making tho old
man promise to held In   longiio. I i lo u
In hi bro ci "I it,  bui lie old man didn't
��� ne worth u ''en' i ho Bad hin own parents
li id como over 11 oinlgrans, and so bud ihe
 im a ol ' vory family in tho United
-i lies, \ < in ne having heen i tramp, ho
made li hi of il, Tic- lu.-i wus, as Ic ac
��� mild hoduli 'In, il ii his boy could pun undo
levelling od,
Feeling His Way.
0 avorago beholder he would readily
en lakcii for a inuii-of-ill work, do-
jobs from door In door, thrifty and
,blc, nml that's what u Hustings
street woman thought be was as he popped
in at lhc back gate and approached her with
"Ilood morning, ma'am," In-said quietly.
" Have you any wood to saw to-day ':"
" No, she replied, in,i. unkindly ; "it
was ull sawed-.csicrduyiiiul put away,"
" Any e ml you want taken in the collar?"
" No, bui wc may have .nine lo-morrow."
"Yhii have no gruss In i ul, I suppose" he
ventured noxt.
"(lh, im,"she said ; " ll'sloolato for that
" Aro theroany ashes or garbage you want
carried oul':"
"No, we liuye Ihal done by enntract."
" And thoro's nothing Al all about the plaoo
you Want done';"
" Nothing toibiy," she said sympathetically.
" Xo work of i
" Nol n lick."
"Thank heaven for that, ma'am I "ho
ejaculated fervently : " give mc sumo cold
meat and bread uiid a piece of pic. I'm
nearly hungry enough to have worked for
Tho tramp's diplomacy and tact won the
bnlllciind he gol tho grub.���[Detroit Free
nny 1(111(1
, ,,. ,-   her to m iku i mad ll til It,   Chick did
'   I ,-" ii    '
,Vi     'i I  -    r>|
.                   .             . . ' d up   I,,   l���.
iii       i      |,l"' l.y       I.I ' nn .,li"   .
and   thou - i   I   ' hi'i    in iii"    in'      ..:
lid     ' li   ;���'��� ��� ,"i ,'i,i���i ,.
ii,.ii knows ""���. and ilit t Ins m y number
of ne' friend   ��� horn  hi     low Ij pli kod up
.:   "'I      'it'll, nml   lie l.illi"! pains III
make ill of thom under il nd thai hor papn
th i i'< .tiiu.iii'ii, dearest, funnlost,
bo. in in in ih" world. Homo nf thom have
opinion ��� ol lie mini' kind about their own
fathers, bui Chick makes no allowances for
el     ! il lm' n haig  line,   ll
fi How ' inic very often,   Wliouil did
-I hci' she tried in buck nut���said
lin'ni   'i would li im' in", und nil Hint  sen
,,: thing    I told her iho might alwayscouni
upon boini( around, Then sho did a braver
ii in., -ill   -h" broughl ihe young fellow in
.    bowed him tins pli lure nml ln|,| him
ih" tory ol it.   Ily tlio morosl ohanco 1
li i|i|n in il into ibe room just then, and
"Well, Roborl threw his arms around her.
Kwcil, what day of the
" drawled out one iludo
Astonishing Intelligence,
"Do you kniiw,
month il is to-day
lo anolher.
" I have nn IdeaW, Chawles."
"Woll, perhaps you knaw what day of
'ic month yothtorday was?"
" I c n'' re liombor, i'wcil, bill last (' wisl
mas wa'hiih the iwotity.flfthol Decern her.
The Scriptures loach us ihe best way of
living, the noblcsl way of suffering, and
ilm nest   comfortable way of dying.���
! t'lavcl.
Daughter���No, lie didn't propose exactly,
but he blew rings of tobacco snmke iu the
nir, so he must huve been thinking of en-
ami Imtoad of looming ombarrnssed when . gagement rings, or something of that sort. silence
pi insin
They were old friends.   It  was easy to never loved anyono yet, and someday you
guess linn, from the way in whioh they kept . will meet the right one !   Then what  will
not in embarrassment, but in  a you do':   Oh! don't, don't t irowyourself
consciousness that there was no I away on such a cold, hard "
need for making conversation. ',    "Hush!"    Hestei drew hersell up, and
ll wu-, delightful to sit out there at the j her blue eyes llaslied.    " l'aul is a man to
topof the..:, Icoudslonestepslcadi���g,l..wn j ,���, tnM mi ^  ,   ^    fc
he n vi,. with the dune sun like a fire i h;lV0 ,.,������,��� ,,im h heard   ��
behind tl    dark cedar    Hester, with her hh dJ8(,roJit,   There, dry those eyes, foolish
an   moot! hair, light 1, ue eyes, and pale,  8entimental clliM.   yon; hi,vo   'om. ,
regular features, was not an uninteresting , heing happy and I have mine."
object to one  who admire,   her peculiar     , ,|M'foUowed her sorrowfully into the
vi- Ol beauty,     I he   undsshc had oosoly | } ,,���, ^ M ^    ^ hJ m
clasped.on the open volume of Garlylc  hat fal.as9he kne    influenced He3ter to the
she had been reading, were almost a picturo | snu\\est RVtrn, ;,, i
in themselves, their ivory and pink tints'
shown up by the white leaves of tiie hook.
l'aul Forrest, who sat looking al her so
thought fully, wus also fair, tall, slight, with
features thin almost to sharpness. He looked whut he wus. a moderately clover, gentlemanly man, with a slight tendency lo think
too well of himself,
" Do you remember, Hester," he said abruptly breakil g tho silence, " thai yon once
told me before thoro was anything of that
kind going on " mil ho mado a gesture
with his hand towards tho figures of a young
man and a girl who were Btrolliug in uml
fro on the lawn " ihal you did not be
licve in love ; that in your opinion tho feeling of which poets and novelists write lias
no exiitonco, save in their Imagination.
Have y.iu chaugod your mind ':"
She listened with a surprised air.
"Certainly not,"
" Then how do you account for that':"
And again he indicated the pair on the
" Kusily," Hester answered, looking
where he looked, with an amused smile.
" Chrissie bus tilled her h" id with romances
ot all kinds ever since she was twelve. She
expected to "fall in love," as she calls il,
and was quite prepared for it when Ted
came on the scene. As for him, why he saw
that she wus pretty, anil fancied at once
llmt to have her for a wife would bo the
height of Iiini,an bliss. Imagination is the
rout of it all,"
" 1 do not quite agree," said l'aul, after a
" Von did once."
Yes ; when I wus younger and had scon
less of the world. 1 think now that there-
is something in it; but 1 believe that many
men uml women go through lifo without
ever falling victims, I shall boone of those,
and you another,"
Hester assented.
" And that brings mo to what I wished
lo say to you to night. I intend to marry,
1 med u wife, both ar, a companion and
friend, and to keep my house and receive
my guests. In return, 1 can oiler her a com-
forlal.il- ami happy home for life."
" Yes ?" said Hester, angry wiih herself
as she felt that her pulses were quickening
their beat, while the young mun before her
was as cool ns if he were speaking on lhc
simplest business matter. His next words
disturbed her even further.
"Will you be that wife, Hester'.' VYe
suit each other, we enjoy each other's society
and our views on most subjects aro alike.
What do you say! Would yon like time for
consideration, or will yon give me your
answer now':"
" Lei me think for five minutes only, and
then 1 will answer you," she said, quietly,
shading her face from bis gaze, and turning
koreyes towards the setting sun.
li was al ihis moment that the girl she
had called Chrissie said to hor companion,
with a laugh:
" Look ui Hester anil Paul, up there on
the steps. Don't they look like lovers having a quarrel !"
There was something in this idea so
ludicrous thai both laughed heartily,
" Poor old Forrest'." said the young man,
lightly, " He's a cut-and dried, prosaic,
mallerol'fnct old chap ; yet I like him,
He's only thirty but he's as unromaiitic as
a cabbage."
Tin- five minutes over, Hester raised her
" Very well,"she said, calmly.    " Il is
a bargain."
"Of which I have the host," he answered, pressing boforo ho released hor soft
Sunn after he look his leave. Hester's
eyes followed him down the drive, and then
mage was drowned hy a rush uf tears.
ow, on tho lawn, a different farewell
was being said,
"Thorcgoos Forrest, That means 1 must
be off, if 1 moan to catch the snmc train,
Uood-byc, my sweet."
Then Ted sighed, nnd looked In Chrissie's
eyes In such a w v ih il   ho averted her
extent in her whole life,
The two girls lived with their grandmother and aunt, who allowed them perfect
liberty, and never thought of interfering in
their affairs.
Theirs was an odd household, of which no
member sought the confidence, consulted, or
took the advice of any other.
On this evoning tho grandmother had gone
to bed, and her daughter hud a class of
youths in theschonl-rooin.
There wus no one to notice the agitation
of the '..'iris, or lo comment when Hester
wont upstairs, and Christine sat down, sad
and thoughtful, in the drawing-room.
"How cold und calm she isl" mused
| Chrissie, bill she did not understand her
Hester wus far from calm us she sank on
her bed, and leaned her hot brow on lhe
cold iron of the foot.
"How unconcerned he wus I"she said,
aloud. "He did not even care whether I
said 'yes' or 'no'. I am a piece of furniture
that pleases him, and he has made a bid."
A burning tear or two came to her eyelids,
and then retreated.
" Why did I yield so easily?" she asked
herself. " Because I know he would never
have asked me again, I suppose. And
what then': Anyone who could read my
thoughts would think 1 wanted to be his
wife. Well, he will be easily contented. I
have only to look well, to dress well, and
receive his guests in a way that will do him
credit. And I must never be ill, or tired,
or dull, or he will repent that he married
me. If I were ill, what would he do ? Send
for a do -tor, 1 suppose, and go away until I
was well again."
A bitter smile crossed her face, and then
came another thought:
" And if he were ill, what then ? Why, I
should nurse him, wait on him, smooth his
pillow, read lo him, poor fellow, until he
could not do without me. I almost hope
thai when we are married he will be ill.'
She went to the glass to straighten her
hair, which she usually wore brushed perfectly .smooth. It was loose now, and the
rough, light locks about her forehead almost
transformed her. The reflection wus of a
really beautiful woman.
" He shall not bo so indifferent. I will
make him���1 "
She broke oil', and, with a sound between
a laugh and a sob, covered her flushed face
with her bauds.
" Idiot!" she muttered. " After ull,
there is such a thine as love."
^^^      ing I
y to-night, wiili
un in your li'iir,
I,,   ii"ir   iii    , Ii
hul it
1 have
ml hor
��� Would
nor sister held
" Don't hen goose, T I,'    osaid,
"How soi, re you aro to-night,my dar
Good-byo, I'n ymi think Hester's look
���lust ono ! Von look bo lot
thai touch nf led Ir ho
11 i'i I I don't know   now
Tlcy wi ro very young nml very
eonseqtiontlj they said many tiiinj
Hester could have heaid them wm:
mode her shudder with disgust und
bp iu oontomnt,
lisle huil lifted her lend then al
huve seen the girlish figure ol I
ill a close enibiucc.
Ted kissed lhe fair cheeks until lliey turned of a rosy md, then dartod oil', whilo
Chrissie ran towards the houso.
Her light fool Hew upthostops, then came
to a full slop,
" Why, Hester, what's wrong?" shocriod,
approaching the older girl, but restraining
hor natural impulse to place a caressing
build on her shoulder. Hester would not
like It.
"IShould be very fond of her if she would
letme,'she had once told Ted, rather pathetically ; " but she always holds me at a distance. 1 only remember her kisslngmeonoe
and that was when I was quite a child."
"Wrong':" said Hester, calmly. "Nothing,"
l,1"'', v��l��� was air ly under command,
and when she had dried her eyes ���nmw.l.. ���
isie, 1
Clirlstluo turnod pan
" Bud news':" slmask
hension. W
"Neil her bad nor good.   Paul hus nsko
nie to hi' his wife, mil | have promised,"
"Oh, Hi'sicr!   | never guosiod, novt
dreniueil, Ihal you loved each other'"
llcsier riiHc suddenly,
" Don'l be romantic, child I   w,
each othor, of oourso,   Don't Chrissie
Tho last exclamation was caused I
It was on an August evening in the following year lhat Paul Forrest, wearing a
rather depressed and gloomy air, sat on the
window-scat in a prettily-furnished room
reading a letter, and looking from it to bis
young wife, who was occupied with some
" Chrissie writes in vory good spirits," he
said, us though that fact were rather an
injury than otherwise.
" Yes, I envy her," Hosier answered,
coldly, ''Those two are perfectly suited to
ouch nthi r."
Tin ic was a long silence, then Paul folded
the letter, and with a band that was not
quite steady, restored to its envelope and
gave it to his wile.
" .And so she is afraid you are not happy'!"
he said, slowly. " Is that why you were so
unwilling to let me read what she said':
Hester, I have seen it for some time."
" Seen what?"
" That you are unhappy. I um afraid,���
he paused, then added���" I am afraid that
we mude a grand mistake !"
" I have long been of that opinion I'
Paul glanced at her quickly, andcompros-
ed Ida lips.
"What arc wc to do?" ho asked, "We
can't goon liko this I It is nearly a year
nowsincowetook thai step that I shall never
ceasotor p-et. Lot ua understand each other
now. nice for nil. V ould ymi bo happier if
wc wore to part'."
"To part':" SI o started violonlly, nnd
her m i "lie. easod to Ily in and out. "Would
(/"��.".-in- inquired, almost inaudibly.
" i. - " ��� ol thu (pi '.-'i',ii. I see
lh       ��� '.' ,- id, ;i in you : i ike a little limo
I" - mi idi . ind tell in"'   i  ".'. wl nl you
think,   Al ��� iy ni   , wu w ! mi nothing
liastilj : WO ll 'Vc ,' M'l ��� 'cut ii  .,,11, both ot'
appy, |us, '
His brow grow - and inoi ��� glo any
there rose before him llio dark, handsome
eyi lids s��olleu with shedding tears ?   She j    It was in the Arclic regions says Freder-
ran upstairs and bathed them, then rear-  rick Schwatka, the Arctic traveller, not far
iair, concealing, as far uspo=- I from Burk's Great Fish River, when con-
i- limitation. cting a homeward sledge journey  to
ot icturncd  .viiei. she ; Hudson Buy, in the depth of an Arctic win
ranged her
sible, ll: ��� ii',: "- "I 1
Her husband ha 1
went down again.   She took u
tried to interest lierse
For I time she con ^^^^^^^^^^^
tion on the page, but at last she lull it aside
and beg oi to walk to and fro.
"How i ite he is ! Where has lu gone?"
she asked herself. "He tells mono more
of his doings -perhaps even loss���than he
did when we were only friends,   I .lit I w ._ ^^
bo patient, and surely' some day 1 shall be ' 'clying for our
One o'clock, and he had nol cone
was  beginning  to  feel seriously uneasy
Some accident must have befallen him, or j straight across the country for
ihe took up a book and  ter, that an intense cold set in just before
lelf in its contents. Christmas, the thermometer sinking down
tr.vedb-.fu heratten- | to 65 and IIS degrees below zero, und never
getting above 60 below. We were having
a very hard lime with our sledging along
tho river, our camps nt night almost in
sight of those wc had left in lhc morning, so
close were they together und so slowly did
we labor aloiiE. Reindeer on which wc wen
���-.., , .... ...���.,. ,.���,������..  nwuurar on wuicu wc weie attewpt ,��� mak, ������ ���',|'f���,rial ,,,-j*,,, ul
1 be relying for our daily supply oi food were th    ' |)9         with ,,,���,.���,,���_, poli
i not found near the river, bul some being ��� Qh  . sM]- M ^^ ^ - u
She , seen sonic leu or fifteen miles back from it, ���0f���i.'iv ��
jsy, j I determined to leave the river and strike a v_. .*.',._.. i.,.:... *���
as hurtlul. My Kskhuns . tem
peratures, and i li ive nevei si i i   .;���  bad
results from its use.
The Matter of '' Good-by."
Nothing is more ridiculous and tiresome
n civilized life than our leave-taking formalities. Good-hys are either tortures or
platitudes, Why should wesubjei t ourselves
or our friends to either one?
Everybody you meet tells you he " hates
to say good-by, Vet, if he sees you at 6 and
you tell him you ure going away at S. and
attempt tomakti an informal adieu then and
ind say
he would surely not stay out so late. And
her fancy drew her a picture of hei husband
bleeding and half-dead, being carried to a
Ami'.hen another, Ho was, fighting more
and more weakly with the suffocating water,
and there was no one at hand to aid, And
his body would be washed away down tho
river, unseen, and she would wail and wait
for weeks, months, years, always trying to
hopohe would conic buck until her mind
would give way under the strain,
Two o'clock. Certainly some desperate
thieves hud noticed that he earned a watch,
had followed nnd surprised hint, and on his
resisting, h
I iuils.
^^^^^^^ thrown him to the ground,    	
subjecting him  to savage kicks and the I part of the body exposed to it
most brutal ill-usage,     ' tunately, was only the face from
I .ay,    	
We had been goneonly three or four days,
and as wc ascended the higher levels the
thermometer commenced lowering, and on
the ,'!d of January reached 71 degrees below
zero, the coldest wc experienced ill our
sledge journey of nearly a year in length,
and the coldest, I believe, ever encountered
by white men traveling out of doors; for that
day wo moved our camp fully twelve miles.
The day wus not at all unpleasant either, 1
must say. until along toward night, when u
slight breeze .-prang up. It was the merest
kind of a zephyr, and would hardly have
stirred the leaves on a tree at home, but,
slight us it was, it cut In the bone evory
is, for-
  ^^_^the eye-
She went to the window, opened il, looked ; brows to the chin. Wo turned our bucks to
out, and listened. There was the steady ; il as much us possible, and especially after
tread of the policeman on his beat, but no we had reached ciiinp and were at work
other sound. Every house looked blank making onr snow houses and
and dark and dead. I through the thick ice for water.
When three struck, she was standing at | After all, it is not so much the intensity
her front door, listening with strained j of the cold as expressed in degrees on tlio
senses, while before her loomed liko some thermometer, that determines the unpleas-
dread spectre, the vision of a future without j antness of an arctic winter as is the force
Paul. Oh I for sonic kind soul to speak to, j and direction of wind, for 1 have found it
someone who would suggest cheering pos- far pleasauter with tho thermometer at even
sibilities to account for his absence I I 70 degrees below zero, with little or no wind
Shewentinagainjsounnorvedwith dread, blowing, than to face a rather still breeze
that her shadow, cast by the lump high on j when the little indicator showed even 30
the wall, made her star1, and tremble. degrees warmer temperature.   Kven a while
Al last ! A step coming down the desert-' man acclimated to Arctic weather ami face-
ed street which was not the policeman's j ing a strong wind at -21) or 30 degrees below
regular tramp���and yet it did not sound like j zero is almost sure to freeze nose and cheeks,
Paul's brisk tread. Would it pass the ! and the thermometer docs not have to go
house? She pressed her hands to her breast I '"any degrees lower to induce the Eskimos
as it drew nearer. No I There was the ! themselves to keep within their snug snow
click of the gate-latch. 11 wus ho, for he
shut the gate after bim. Then came the
sound of lhc key in the door.
Hester stood by the table steadying herself with one hand, her face like white
marble, when Paul came in.
" Hester!" he cried out, and then sprang
forward for he saw that she swayed, and
couid scarcely stand.   She tried to speak,
Vou thank him for his kindness, at lhe
same time wishing he would not come. If
he is a friend you dearly prize, ii robs the
parting of all sentiment to have it take
place in the fuss und hurry of departure,
ami this final adieu but renders the agony
i f parting more lingering. If In-is a mere
i. 'iiiuiiiiuicc, ii compels you to hi ar und to
reiterate some worn-out phrases which
amount to nothing when Baid :
���' So glad io have met you, ' " Hope we
shall meet again." "Trust you will have a
pleasant journey." " Thank you ; you ure
vory kind."
Ami yet I hear | pi ��� evi ry day expressing the inns', profound regret when they
have missed an opportunity of "saying
good-by" to s' >iiio one. 1 met a lady at tlio
Bouse of a mutual acquaintance one day,
and lhc hostess mentioned her probable departure within the week. The lady then
expressed all due regret at the thought of
losing her society, and all neoessary pleasure
at having made her acquaintance. A day
or two later 1 chanced to refer to the fact
that she had gone, in the presence of the
" (lone ! So soon ! and I never called to
say good-by," cried the poor creature in
accents of heartfelt grief.
Now, what possible pleasure could have
resulted to either parly in a formal adieu '
nouses under the same circumstances unless
absolute need of food forces them outside,
Il is one of the consoling things about
Arctic weather that the intensely low temperatures are almost always accompanied
by calms, or if there is a breeze it is a very
With the exception of a very few  quiet
       days during the warmest summer weather
but vainly, and her head foil forward on his ; of the polar summer these clear, quiet, cold
shoulder.      '��� I ones of the Arctic winter are ahoul ihe only
When she came round, she was lying ou I times when the wind is not blowing with
the sofa, with her husband bathing her face j great vigor from some point ol the compass,
with cold water.   She sat up, and looked at j Of course there were  a few  exceptions  to
ho said with a sob, " I was
this general rule of quiet weather will-
extreme cold, and when lliey hud lo bo endured they were simply terrible. Eaily one
morning tho thermometer showed us it was
OS degrees below zero, bin as il was calm
wc paid no attention to it but harnessed our
dogs and loaded our sledges for lhc day's
journey, which was to be an exceedingly
short one to a place whero the Eskimos
thought they could get food for ourselves
and dog. Wc were just ready for the start
when a sharp wind sprung up, and it felt
I like a score of razors cutting lhc face.   Had
him anxiously.
" D! H   ^^^
beginning to think something terrible had
happened to you.   What kept you so late ?"
" Kept me I I have been walking ; that
is all.    Why did you sit up?"
Hester's eyes were still intent on his
" Something it the matter. Arc you well,
Paul ?"
He shook his head. He was still on one
knee beside her, and she laid her hand, that
trembled, on his shoulder. Im^hhmmhi���
" 1 am your wife, dear," she said, with a tbo wind arisen a little sooner we would not
Btrange timidity, "If you have any trouble, have thought of starting, hut ___
I ought to know." ready and the distance short we  concluded
" Never mind mo." ho returned. " Were to go ahead rather than unload nnd go hack
you really so anxious, Hester ?   lam glad." j into the old camp,    Wu kept the dogs at a
"Tell mo," sho entreated, moro earnestly, good round trot and ran  alongsidoof the
without heeding his interruption, " what I sledgos tho whole distance j ami when  we
does il mean, Paul ?   Why did you go and , reached the snow house of sonic Rnnrepctro
^^������* ''skimn it waa us welcome  a refuge as if it
ad been a first-class hotel.
until you arc ]
walk about all these hours
quite worn nut,':"
" I was worried," he said
tried to rise, but his wife lu
" I must know," she porsisted, an oxcit.
ed flush tinging her cheek. " Are you unhappy?"
A light gleamed into Pauls mind. Was
it possible that ho 1 ad been again mistaken ?
He looked eagerly into his wife's face which
was full of loving anxiety.
" Havo we been at cross-purposes all this
time?   Hester,   1  have been driven half-
abruptly, and
!d him by his
en we reached the end of our journey
I again looked at the thermometer und
found il indicated 55 degrees below zero-
that is, it had grown 13 degrees warmer
during the time we were out, although il
seemed to us it,must beat least 30 degrees
col,let. 1 told the Eskimo who hud been
with us that il wus much colder, as shown
by the instrument, before wesiarted than
it Was when lho wind was al its highest,
but from their incredulous glances al each
into   I a
V"-. uml.iii
e, while/,-
walked to
f re-
'hesaid, quickly. " If
aid her work
and hor lips
irn.ee of her agitation remained.
"Chl'lsslo, J have siiiin- icws for you.'
I Willi ;
lie o of ii iiiini who had
quoin visitorn.1 his lens ���,
lv lloici had learnt to li
lh- rose suddenly
" I um going "lit .'
1 am lule, don't sil up.
Left to   herself,  llc.-lc
aside,   She was very
" And this Is the ond," sho said to
self. "After all my struggles, aftor all I
have done, lie is longing to got rid of me. 1
have striven so hard, tried every means,
i every art 1 know. 1 have made myself as
fair as I OOllld to please him ; have been
gentle, loving, as I never wus to anyone he-
fore. Then I have hen distant and cold ;
nnd lastly, I have tried to rouse him lo jealousy. And now I.e asks me if wc had not
belter part! (Hi, will nothing move hlltn?
Will ho always (urn Irom mc?
Sho looked at her watch, It was ten
��� i clock ; so she rune ami I old the servants to
go to bed, And, in spite of hull's words,
she determined to await his return.
She huil nothing to divert her thoughts,
which revolved round the game point,
Chrissioand Ted. at whose foolish romance
she had laughed In hor ignoranoo, were por-
leclly, blissfully happy, while she und Paul,
who had though! themselves wiser iu their
generation, wero obliged loownat lust that
they had made ii groat mistake,
Hester wt* nol given in weeping, but in
those lonely hours tho cried long and miserably.   Strive as she might to win his love,
 ^^^^^^^^      other they wondered how wi-ci-uld lu-i'iiipcd
mud to-night, by nn idea that 1 am ashamed | by such idoaa directly against our common
to confess.   1 lovo ypu, my darling j and j sense   nnd  personal   observation,    They
you " ! might boliovo our statements that tho world
" Vmi ni ver lol mo ;uo sit," Hester said, ; wus round and turned ovor i vory day, with.
ashisar stole round hor | "or I should out, tho polar hears slidingoff thoslippory
oug ago that I loved you before i.'"bergs when il wus upside down, .simply
because lho white man had told them so,
: bui nothing would persuade theiti Ihal when
lliey fell perfectly comfortable and warm
loading thu sledge il wus cohh r than when
Uu ir anna und IcgB were in I'll and iheir
uo , : " nipped hy tho fro.- . I tried i i
ei |" lin to thom tho oil icl ol the win I, hul
they snid thej hud km wn tl n w ind l" b -1
thom off their fool In sunm ''rand nol :���
thoill a 11 ��� i 'III Ic, !. "V Bi : I thoy knew il
ii "��� ledeohlei when the wind blow, bul ll i
���ni'  I,".uii..,' ii actually win culdor, und
here tlcy BtOOll lirni  in lie  hi Inl' thai   WO
were wrong.
ii 71
All had been said in the previous case
was necessary.
Imbued with the ridiculous idea that this
form was necessary and expected of me, I
waited half an hour " to say good-by " to a
lady recently, ft was my dinner hour, hut
as the lady wus completing her final preparations for travel und the carriage was at
tho door, I was obliged to wait. When she
descended, preoccupied and Hurried, she
wus obliged to shift her travelling wraps
and parasol from her right to the left baud
before giving mc the final hand-clasp, Then
we both smiled, and she said. " So kind of
you lo call." I said, '��� Not at nil ; I hope
you will have a pleasant journey." She
said, " Thank you���so kind���good-by." I
said " Good-by," Then she entered the
carriage and said ''Good-by'' from the door,
and I walked away and looked over my
shoulder ami said "Good-by, "and she drove
oil'an;! I went home to a cold dinner.
Could anything be more ridiculous'.' And
yet we are doing it daily.
A lady 1 know visits twice a year in a
family of nine people, " Tbe ordeal of saying good-by to nil these persons separately
stares me in the hue for two or three days
before 1 leave," she once said to inc. "1
am expected to kiss seven women and children nnd thank each one separately for her
kindness to me ; then 1 shake two masculine
hands and say somethingagreeable,andthen
each of the nine people Bays good-by threo
limes before I get oh It really exhausts
mo,   I wish I could walk out of the door
""''"''"''."? und say, ' Well, good morning,' and have
s WC were all    ,       ���'       ,       *> , , , ,
them lake the rest tor grunted, nr  let   me
write lo thom what was to be said,"
The last kiss between the dfarest of
friends is liable to boa very automatic affair
if takon at the hour of departure, in the
midst of anxiety over trunks, satchels, umbrellas und tickets.
As for our American system of payingour
respects to the hostess before leaving a large
entertainment, nothing could be more awk-
ward or ombarrassing : and I rejoice to see
it giving way to the more graceful Old
World fashion of a quiet exit.
Very lew people know how to make their
adiciix after a formal call. Many a delightful visit has been spoiled by a tedious leave-
I have seen cullers rise to go ami fell
genuine regret, so keen had been the pleasure of the visit; but before the door dosed
upon them I have felt tempted to givo them
a gentle push, so laborious and lingering
huil' been their adieux,
Pi.i., Wm eler Wilcox.
uavo ov.i
we were married.
"Boy" and Widow" iu Ireland,
Nothing i- more likely to porplox tho
Hngl  li \ isilor to li', land than to inid English wi rdsu < I there inadifferenl si nsofr uu
thai iu which li i line boon aocusti dall his
lifo i" use thom, One of lie heal known
example), pi i-haps, thai could bo oiled is tne
I iv iii . . ini.e iii whioh too word " boy" is
used, boing in fuel, eijuivaloiitato tho I'lnglisli
"iii 'holer," A young man is u "boy" until
' o Is iniirrlod, and, though losswldoly,"girl'
ih  om,
Useful Tii!u:;3 to Know,
Thoro i" o tunc for evi rything in this
world, and bo il i that tho b -: time lo gel
fiitcd tosh les ia in tho I itu r pari ol the
di  . I ic i""' ������'���'' ��� ��� maximum
ot size, icti\ :., ii dm illy ��� nl irgca them
Mich standing tends   ;   , to i nlargo tho
fi '.   Sen -ii ii.. il 1 ilw ys hi tried on
over moderately thick -to kings. Then you
h ui i in ii jin ol i" un b 11 tting ,,ii thin-
ner Hooking) il tho shoes foi I ill al ease,
Oil of wini' rgreen ond i live oil mixed In
oqual parlsaiid tp| 11 n illy will give
ulic-i ii,-lum i'i lmi from rhoumatio pain,
On account of its pleasant odoi this llnl-
If ii set iii u iijiiiiar way todonotonsplustor, i   Whon lifo tliormomotor w
I oa roroign uar ll bouuiU 1 oiistohoar below, the olniidloss sky In the vielnlty of mout Is very sarsealilo to use
a giay-hairod man or w m spoken ol as; U,0 sun haiigln i Inw In tho i i bei n horizon
"    hoy  or a  'girl,   bul to one accuslouieil , ,,��������������� ,| ��� dull leu
,   ,, ,   -,,    , ��� ,    ,���--,���  -������- mien hue, tinged with
o the country ihu fullor moaning Is oloar. brinwoali rod, looking ���omolliing Ilk
Hit is intended to convey " ��� j,|un of ymilh ���'H|,i,,B of chenp ohromo lithograph)
its a rule quite ii iliilcrcui oxprosslon is used ' night ihe stars glitter like diamonds, and
--it will he a "wee chap,' a "gossoon," a fnfrly seem un lire wiih their unusual brllll-
lad, or, for one moro grown, "a lump of a Unoy. Should you pour wator on tho stir-
led is theoxprcsslvodesignation, Equally faoooflho Ice it grools you wiih ���n aa
peculiar, but much more Intolllgiblo, Is lho; tonlshlngoraokllngiiolso,nndlnputtin��your
Irish use of widow, Widow in Ireland is not, \ f������i, ������ j, turns Instantly as while as mares in Jingland, feminine,   It is a word of ble,
common gondor and Issoldom used by itself, j   s'omolimes when breathing this extremely
cold air my tongue would let-l as il it were
the gender being donotod by allixed "man'
or"woinun,"lhuK"widoW'iiiiiii"iind" widow
Woman" are of evervday use,~| London Tit-
Kdiiion says be will drive all llio Btroot
oars In Now York with olootrloty, ft will
cost from $80,000 to 8100,000 per milo of
double track, Tho existing cable roads cost
from 5160,000 to $300,000 per mile iu that
1'cllic schoolinasler (lo a truant pupil)���
" l.iicliieM'Npcrrun, you'll nolpe hercyuss-
lordiiy whalelur, anl you'll pring Ibis
inoiirnin uo woe pit pauper Irom your
feather forpye. You'll slay in aal day now."
" Ef you please, sir, I wuss���" "Holt
your longuo. Silence whan you'll speak to
your maastcr."
freezing in my mouth, bull could readily
cure tins by breathing through my nose for
a few mlnutos.   You will naturally iisit,i
" Why not breathe through lho nostrils all
the time?" as you have 80 often hcurd nihil-1
ciilcd. The air, however, is so bitlerly cold
I that It becomes absolutely nocessary to
i breath through tho mouth. Also tho nose is
' more liabletoii'cczcwhen broatlilng through
It, Tin si! freezings of the noso ami checks
are very coininon affairs in very low temperatures, especially when the wind blow
Oilcloth should never bo scrubbed, bul
washed with a soft woolen cloth and hike
Warm water iu which n hub' milk bus been
dissolved. Soup uml hot water destroy the
pattern and lolor.
Woolen waists muy bo washod In cold
waierwithout lipping, und chudahs may
become rivals to those done by the Krcnch
dry cleanser, (lid woolens which have suf-
forod mueh from dlflbront baths of varied
temperature may bo always partially, often
wholly, restored In this way. though such
need a littlo moro patience and sometimes
more than ono washing.
Whore Isinglass Domes From,
Tic best Isinglass comes from Russia,
whore it la obtained from thegiantsturgeon
which Inhabit* the Caspian sea and the rivers which run into ii I'hls fish often grows
to the length of twcniy-livc foot, and from
, Ilsalr-blaader the isinglass is prepared.   It
   is subjected to many processes before being
i cure these frostbites by sinudv! ready for sale, but the Russians, knowing it
    i  ,   .- ..       *   ��    .'   '    l.._.l..   ..,.  i   1   : I. ���������������������
taking the warm hand from lhe reindeer' has lbe reputation of being the best, tako
niittcn ami rubbing the alfected spot. They groat pains in Its preparation, and in the
know nothing of rubbing frost bites with worlds markets it has practically no rival.
snow, uml that article could not be used in I A great deal iB made along the Amazon, iu
an Arctic Tcinporaturo, where the snow, if llrazil, bul il is very coarse and inferior, uud
it is looao, is like sand, or, if in mass, like is used for the refining of liquors ami   ml- According to lntest accounts from
(hi- gi living place everybody is on
tin qui live for Hi advent of spring,
wlie,i i; is c rtaiu ll ere ��i;l be a b.i;
inrush of un- id money for the
b'vi lopmotit nl the lich veins of i re
win h nave be o npi netl sullicienily
i" show tlie vastness of tho deposits
b month. There se -ms to lie little
doubl in the minds of the iuhabi-
tauts, as Well as iiiany who are not
iuliaoilnuts, lhat Ilii.eiilewjet is tue
0 mil ���', town in W.stKooteuay. An i
il ci.-i be admitted tlmt everything
tends that Way. Tlie claims uhicu
have been worked huvo shown qu.lc
i" uilgh to dispel all doubts its to
then beiug proliiablo investments,
and iiij-t ni them arc ouly awaiting
maciiinery to develop iuto thn richest and lbe biggest diviaemi-pt-,., nig
mines iii ibe Dominion. There bus
been nothing of tho "lake" t-iouiuiii
iu the Illecillewaet. mining district,
none uf the bomlmstio biowiug ol
horns and fraudulent deals which
have cuuractei'izcd tho much-bo,'ined
mining country in Southern Kome-
nay. ihe country around Iliciile--
uucl is li 0 easily acoosBible to admit
of a "wil ic.tt'' being palmed oil' as a
bonauat. Everything has been done
.quietly uud legitimated,, aud loe.
men who have stjiulily worked whim
the sbouters havo been noisily engaged iu getting up a "boom'' are
now about io reap their reward. Tbo
Lanark uud thu Jumbo are genuine
mines, and both will be worked on a
large scale as soon as fhe machinery
is put in, and these alone, without
counting the many other valuable
claiips in the neighborhood, will
produce Mculth enough to ensure the
rapid growth of the town, Tue Lao
ark has been purchased by a company composed of men well known
in Viotoria, and indeed the whole
province, for their sterling honesty
and business capacity,,,but whose
pan*es we have no authority to divulge, The mine is now laid open,
and a rich vein 13 feet in width is
exposed at a comparatively short
depth from the surface.
Mr. C. Nelles is about to open tbp
Merchant Hotel, where a good meaf,
well served, will be a certainty, ftfrs,
Nelles, who has entirely recovered
Ii om her recent illness, is at present
ibe guest of Mr. and Mrs./. Kirkup,
Mr. Alexander Mollae and Miss
Annie l'tichanlsou, both of this town,
were married on tbe 13th inst. at tbp
bride's home. The Rev. G. jj'adupr
came up from Itovejstoko fo perform
tho ceremony,
���jvans Bros.' Pianos
r|H Pllllla UkOIBalN
If you think of buying uu Organ or   Piano,
Prioe Lists.
send for (latidogno and
,tas McDonald & Co.,
The Kootenay Star
|s pothing to it!" And this is the
ej-porienco of all who have braved
the perils of the first glide.   Jnst a
{ittle nerve at the start, and the fun
icgjps (o come in. Surely there is
something exhilarating in velocity to
the average human.
Jt will not loo now far put of tlje
jyay to say that at feagt ppehalf the
pppple of Iievelstoke J'i'pw something
about the delights pf tobogganing
py this time, \7itl> t>yo slides iu
jfull swing,'lane at bbc|i enfj of tbe
^uwu, no oue npep) remain in iguo-
rauco of the 'Sensation" produced
by sliding iroui tbe apex uf a loity
roof,    There --atbtred a nice little
flirty at the natural slide near the
fatfqp, Ufi Wednesday, uf wbiuh tho
wrifer was one, uud tfip w'ay iu which
the ."old (lands" yep); at ;t'could uot |
jail  tu  excitu  ne  envy of  every i
upiuitialeil  uuluuker,    There we're
two ladies present, one uf whon*. had ]
Hover yet Uuapled fatu hy means uf
a toboggan slide, although, be it
kuojj'p, she  had  already  met  her
fate    The cuol way in which the
ladies seated themselves ou the frail-
Juokiiig eled aud started off on an
uukiifiV/p, and   perhaps  terrifying
experience, cuused those of us who
bud decided not to risk our lives in
that iniiuu, r to reconsider our detgr-
miuati ui.    Tell about  the weaker
jjex I   There was no sign ef weakness
;n the nuiauer iu which tl*ey shot
dpwp tuose 30p yards of polished
Snow,    It  took   them  exactly  six
secuuds lu do the distance���nearly
twu miles a minute, ' Another pressing inviiatio'n to get'on we could
pot well refuse, aftor being shown
th? way by the Indies iu juch gallant
style,    bu, with a uespairing louk
down the glbieuiug ottie-j,'|V3 "gut
uu"���in thu middle.   TbeVti vyaM just
u suspicion uf security in occupy ing
tho centro position.   " I at her xo'''
j��l|i.d the plh t, and "go" she did.
'-Qll III    lluw it makes one's flesh
crinkle and creep all  round une I
how it wraps oneself up in ope's own
arm-, and urimpl one t tputplei very
much tho sumo as a galvumo apparatus unen tlio power ih turned en
Bwishlll   We reach the ridge ,'   Now
for  tlm  abrupt  fall   of 1U0 feet I"
With tightly closed eyes ami holding
on to the rail of the flimsy strips ot
wqod  were (touted  on  liko ('rim
Death we await tho shook.   "L'ghf!!
Tlsoverl"   We're on tho level.'   Hot
wind enough to laugh now.   What
an amount of emotion to cram into
six seconds!   lias the   reader ovpr
dreamed of fulling over a preoipioe,
of becoming quite resigned to the
situation on tho way down, and uf
having n confused idea that to strike
tho bottom mount death, but always
woke in lnght beforo thai occurred';
iVoll, the sensations engendered by
suoh a dream aro similar to those
experienced by the novice on a trial
tup dowu lho toboggan 'iliilo.   /\ftor
mounting tho steps (Hit in the snow
and lending'to tho oyrio 'pprohed on
ho brow of (he lull and tho topof
l|u slide, wg essayed tbo fob onoo
murp     Fuur on this timo.   ""OffI
lliia is grand !   U-g-hl II  Tliftre's
milliuus in it I   Tho BWitohbaok' is
Is hereby given, that applicatiou
will be made to the Parliament of
Canada, at its next session, for an Act
to incorporate a Company for the
purpose of constructing, maintaining
and equipping u liue of Kail way from
some point ou the Columbia River at
or near tbp southern boundary pf the
Province fo Kootenay Lake, at or
pear the town of Nelson, via Salmon
River unij Cottonwood Smitli Creek,
with power to coustrucf aud maintain
briiuch lilies, und also to construct
uud operate telegraph and telpphoue
lines iu couuectiou with t)je said
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Dated 19th December, 189J.
ffEyj-LSTOKK k  Nklson*,
A MATING of tbe Shnrehplders
of the abpye Company will be help) nt
the Company's office, Revelstoke, pn
WEDNESDAY, the 2?th day pf
January, 1892, at 11 a.m., for the
purpose pf considering a resolution
authorizing the increase of the Capital Stock of the Company to two
hundred thousand dollars.
JG-p IRVING, |Tf"st6efl.
Victoria, B.C., Deo. 18th, 1891.
A Full and Complete Line, of
Toilet Articles. Wall Paper, ic.
W Cigar? at Wholesale. Jtl
Ratmost* Sewigg Machinte kept
in stork.
Atlantic EJipresS, ,'irr|(-HS 111. I (I daily,
I'aciti       18,62    11
I'lissfiigpfs arriving HutulayH and
Wednesday,)! will connect with steam
���th for  ItoliHiiit.  N.-Ihi||i,  uml pCjjntj*
iri ijputberu Kootenay
1 heapegp, must n-l|abl<i and saft)
roots to Montreal,Torpnto, Bt, l'aul,
Chicago, Xi'w Vurk and Bos,(on,
Bates ffj to |10 lowef than any otlu-r
othor ropte,
Passepgers leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will ocjjneot wjth the magnifloept (1.
P, It. Steamers at Fort, William, dnr
ng na^igatiop,
Spenjslly fltV'd Cp^ppfst Curs, In
charge, of a Pflfter, for tho aooommo
iliitiiiii of I'ltsm-tigers holding second
olass tiokets, Passengers bookeel to
uml friiin all Cuiopeiin points at
Lowj,Ht Rates.
Lpw Froiyht IdttiiH. Quick des;
pnt(;h, M��rphantH wil| -nive mpney
by having t|ieir freight  routed,  viii
tlioC. 1', If
Full nnd fdjiable l^fqrmatlon givop
by applying to
U, g. BROWN,
Aijjjt, CtinT I'Voight Ag't, Yni'dtivnc
pr tq I. T, Ilii'KWSTKII,
Ag'tC, P II. I'opot, ItovolsU'ko
Is hereby given, that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, at its
uext session, for nn Aet, to incorporate
a Company for the purpose of con-
struotiug, operating and majptaining
a liue of railway to run, commeuciug
at a point on the Upper Arrpw Luke
at or near the mouth, of the Nu-kusp
Creek ; theuce to i\ poiut sjluato ut
tbe north eud of Slogan Luke; thouce
following the shore of Slocuu Lake
and the bank of tbp Slocnp Rivor to
a point ou the Culipnbiu uml Kooteuay Railway line, -iad forming a
junction therewith at a pojpt near
where the said Columbia and Kooteuay Railway crosses the Slooap River,
with -lower to construct, equip, muiu-
tain and operate a brunch from the
said proposed line of railway from
some ppiut near tbp north end of
Slocuu Lake ; thence running to the
head waters of tb,e Casio River;
theuci) following the po'irse of Casio
River tq some poiijt pear its mouth
on the Kootenay Li1'"1. Uigetln-r with
tbe iiHiitil powers to build, use, own
tie- said line of ruilwuv and qranob,
ami lo acquire lauds ani'l othor rights
or aids from the Dominion qr Provincial Government, apd to mako
trulllc and othor urrnpgoiiumtt- with
railway, s'tiiiinlKi'it ii||il ulhor oom-
piiiiios, and for uil uth��r "sipd and
necessary |xiworg, rigliit- and pfivi-
A.i-T.C. HAME!{HliEY,
Boljpitor for Ajiplii-i'iils.
ItoyK Cap Miilm ,>||innj \'n\l.
Any aoliyo Imy can (pake l'lBnty "f
monoy in Ins neighborhood by ro-
plaiing tab,|ewa,re and jewelry with
ouo of tho Magic j.li'Clric I'ialitig
(Jutpls. Thoso wl|(i havo already
secured ono of thoso machines aro
making from i'iO to $H> a wpok. Tho
prion of the plating oullil is 810, but
wu havo arrauged to supply it to um
boy pKiiY in each neighbourhood
I'M.a lor a fow hours' w.irk, which
oan bo done iift.ur tobool nr on Hutur-
day. No ciipitiil required. i\ny boy
sending hn iiiliirc^ and refejring to
somo merchant |n h^j town as to
honesty v^ii reqelvo full particulars
by return mall, Tmnis \ psjiiuanbiht
MiiNI.V ��� MAKINIJ   UttllNRSS   ton   TIIK
iinini' k|nii of \ i��>\ Apply at
onoo, i\ddross Iiaihms PlOTOBIAL
"i amJaaW
(Close tflO. P, |f, pppotj
HeveKstoke     - R. (]f
Importers of the Choicest Grooeriei, and Provisions.
We carry a select apd complete stock of gout's furnishing, ladios' toilet.
and children s hoots, shoes uml boso, stationery, putcit medii-inos, etc ,
cquisitos and l-ea,iy,���ade plotlitng.    A lange u.sc.'tnicpt of pipes
tobacco, oigareUnH, imported aud domestio cigars, lruiis. randy, eu.
Stovp pipes, tinware, crockery, fnugh and (jresspd lumber, and other-(,od.i
too numerous io mention, u| piodcrutc prices.
TeloDbone rommunicution.
James McDonald & Co,
Carry large lines of plain, medium, nmd h.igh,grudo furniture.   PWJor and
Bed-room sets ranging iu price from $6.50 to $500.    Hotols furnished throughout.  Office aud bar-room chairs.   Spring
maftresses made to order, and woven wire, hair
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
ordors from Kootenay Lake
points will receive early
and   prompt attention.
B. C.
J, Fred. Hume & Co.,
Revelstoke and Nelson,  \L C.
Dry Goods, Provisions  and Hardware,
The Pqb|ic wil) find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices,
Any ordors placed with   Mr. CharIiES Lindma**I(,  will huve o\-y
pareiul uitemion  aud  prompt delivery to any pun o|  iievelstoke,
��� --m l->va.ia*- :���;��,'*
All orderB by piail or
express promptly
All descriptions of
gold and silver.
ED, PICARD, Proprietor,
Btiotq & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
Tiitjii, \\to\wt Straps, Ames Buoklce, and Snapn, of all kincjn
mnl sices, kept in atook.
Notary Pi'l-lio,
T, It. HAW,
Notary Publift
Mliliuy, Tinilior mid   Kc-'l  Estntc  Brokevil uik| Qqi^ci;u\
Commission Agents.
('.iiiivoyanonH, AgniimiontH, Hilla of Salo, Nfiniug lionds, etc., drawn upv
Rents uml Aooounts Cnjloctwl ; Mining Cluiinu Jiought and Sold ; Assess.,
-no-'t wprk pn Mining llliiiniH Attended lo j 1'atvuta Applied for, J-^te,^ Etc.,
5(^*' KI1IK,  L1KK AM'. AtlJtt^NT HJS.UBAN0^l AOENT8,
Lota on Townsite,pf KovolaU'l-e for Sale n\id Wautoil. Agents lprMiuiu&
Alaobiuory, Etc,
UpVELSTOKE,, 11, (J,


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