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The Kootenay Star Oct 10, 1891

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Array a"
I    .
I    ���
No. 17.
Rents and Debts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Facifio        " "     10.f)2   ��
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wedn. "days will connect with steamers for Robson. Nelson, and points
in Southern Kootenay.
Cheapest, most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston,
llales !$5 to if 10 lower than any other
other route,
Passengers leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the magnificent C.
P. R, Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save money
by having their freight routed via
theC.P. R.
Fidl and reliable information given
by applying to
Asst. Gen'l Freight Ag't, Vncouver,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P. R. Depot, Revelstoke.
P. 0. Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle maobine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of tbe landings oa the lake at
greatly reduoed prioes.
Ocean Time to Europe
Allan White Star
Dominion Cunard
Beaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore are on sale at
C. P. R. stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
fare.   Great advantages seoured by
taking ocean tickets from your local
Great saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in any steamer engaged
without chargo.
Prepaid  paasage arranged  from
any point in Europe.
Apply to your nearest agent; to J.
Hamilton, Revelstoke ; or to
RoimiiT Kerb.
Gen. Pass. Agt., Winnipeg.
Newspaper Itegulatious.
1. Auy person who takes a paper
���segularly from the Post Office,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
2. If a person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
or the pnblisehrs may continue to
send it until payment is made, and
then collect the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
office or not.
3. In suits for subscriptions, tho
suit maybe instituted where the
papor is published.
1, The courts have deoided that
refusing to tako a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Office, or
removing aud leaving them uncalled
pr, while unpaid for, is pima facie
byjelonco of intentional fraud,
Divine Service will be held in the
Revelstoke Church overy Sunday evening at 7.!iU, conducted alternately
Sunday School and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:80,   All
are cordially invited to attend,
Church of En pi and services
will i-c held it. Revelstoke by the
Rev J.,0. 0. Kemm every fourth
Sunday In eaoh month.
?"''��-&fe **" ������''���'*��� ,-,<-,'l>*-'- ^"ia
'%d*' I O 0 1' Donnld II C
Regular Meeting Thursday if each
week at 8 p. ....   All visiting brothers are cordially invited,
J, McLkoi),     J. H. Matuesos,
N. G. R. S.
Donald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   Ceo 11 Govett, Box 49
Reoeiver,   James Palooner, Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Agent    H J MoSorley
Meets lst 2 Sundays, and last 2 Wc    I
nesdays each month.
Master,   J, S. Babbitt. fr
See'y,   W. P. Ogilvie. V
Finc'r.   Angus McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Katu-
loops, B, O.
There are lingering  south  winds
That to billowy waving the (ipe
grain bear;
There are dark - winged butterflies
languid!; goiug,
Flouting through golden air.
There are mists like vapor of inoense
lhat are rolling away under skies
that are fair;
There are  brown-faced sunflowers
dreamily turning,
Shaking thoir yellow hair.
There are noisy bees that are tired of
That are holding a oourt in some
wild rose's heart;
There are sudden thrills of the late
sweet singing
Of birds that are loth to depart.
There are sunsets watching their
own hot blushes
On the breast of tbe ocean burning
There are wind-swept pines in the
infinite bushes,
Whispering as they sway,
There are changing ferns in the
shadows lying,
Where the undried dews in the
noontides stay;
There   are   gorgeous hued  leaves
where rustling and sighing
Quivering sunbeums play.
There are tangled viaes in the hollows trailing;
There are short sweet days that
will not delay;
There are nights tbat oome with a
moonlight veiling,
And Autumn going away.
The Reciprocity Conference.
Tbo news from Ottawa that tho
reciprocity conference set for Oct.
12th, botween Secretary Blaine
aud representatives of tbe Canadian Government has been indefinitely postponod, is confirmed al
the State Dopurtment, Washing-
ton, The reason giveu lor the
postponement is lhat the President deems it best that the C.ina-
diaii Commissioners should deal
directly wiih Mr. Uluiue, and Mr.
Harrison therefore asked |lor a
postponement until Mr. Blaine's
return lo Washington, when u
fine for tho morning could be
arranged. The President and
Mr. Blaine are in accord upon the
general proposition that reciprocity of the kind offered by the
Conservative party of Canada is
not desirable for the United
Slates, as was stated at the time
of the visit ot yir Charles Tnpper
aud his associates in tho Cabinet.
Secretary Blaine iB in favor of
iho absorption of Canada into tbe
Union, but he believes the way to
0btain it is to pursue a waiting
policy, rather than to irritate the
.loyalists by seeming to seek it,
Ho is willing to see reciprocity
tried as a means of cementing the
union of the two sections, bat he
has always favored a reciprocity
which covers all classes of artioles,
or, at least, admits American
manufactures into Canada, rather
than the onesided reciprocity
offered by tbe Canadian Government.
Tbe   McKinley   Tariff  May
Spoil the World's Fair,
A Paris dispatch to the London
Daily News, dated Oct 5th, says
lhat tbe replies of lhe French
manufacturers to the government
circulars relative to lhe Chicago
World's Fair indicate a lapk of
enthusiasm for the enterprise.
They generally regard America's
invitation, following upon the
.McKinley tariff, as a mere
mockery. The chambers of commerce of Bordeaux, Lille and
Roubeaiix report that not a single
ioteuding exhibitor has yet applied. Lyons, St. Elienne and
Rouen have hud one applicant
each. The majority of the chambers merely note the absence of
applicants. About one hundred
Parisian manufacturers^ and
traders have announced Iheir intention to exhibit.
Anotner despatch from Rome,
ol the same date, says that Italy
has decided to take no part in tho
Chioago World's Fair.
Citi7.cn G. P. Train Again,
Somo students at Now York
had a good doal offu-i last Sun-
day evening at tho Gi'uiid Opera
House, where tho oolebralod
globe-trotter of Taeoma was lo
lecturo. Mr. Train was tendered
un ovation upon entering tbe ball
aud the ovation continuod uiilii
he left ut tho close of the meeting. Whenovor ho attempted to
apoak the applause beoamo deaf-
onitig and he iuvariably took a
seat until somo semblance of
order was restored. At liinos he
beoame profane in his remarks
about the disturbers, which only
increased their shoals of derision,
At last he gave in, and stopping;
his lecturo he called upon the
stage the six Casters who bogan a
fifty days' fast tbe next evening
in a museum, and introduced
them to the audienco, After ihis
digression he attempted to speak,
bat the merry students again interrupted him. Thon Mr. Train
brought on the stage a oolored
man who whistled several airs,
got an encore, and whistled some
more, geting a second, and gave
a song with a whistling interlude,
He was presented with a silver
dollar by Mr. Train, amid great
oheering, Once more Mr. Train
tried to continue his lecture, and
once more be was shot off by his
disturbers. Then be introduced
Mrs Eleanor Fletcher Bishop, the
mother of the dead mind reador,
wbo told, how her son had been
murdered by three doctors, and
spoke of her vain efiorts to obtain
justice. Mr. Train then called
for volunteers, and several young
men who had not, the best ear lor
music, aud no voice to speak, excited the laughter and oat-calls
ot the gang by iheir woeful
breaks.  No arrests.
Another Niagara Mystery.
The Maid of tho Mist on her
first trip on lhe -lib, on tho
Mag.ra river, disuoveted evi��
dciipe to show lhat a pic .su-o
yacht of sonic kind bud passod
over the falls, Tbe eddy a the
tool of the falls and it I o n t; the
Canadian sho.o was filled witn
pteoee of wreokage Thoy looked
like the upper works of u good,
sized lug or yacht. Capt. Curler
picked up sover:,l of tbo pieces,
One wus u Section oi u sluing
door, lyiih two bronze handled
and a lock wiih the key still in it.
No pariB of tho bull have yet
been found,
A Suicide's Funeral.
Tho funoral of the late General
Boulaugcr, whioh took plaoo ot
Brussels lueb Saturday, was witnessed by fully 10,000 people,
High prions .vcro easily obtained
for places Irom which tho pro-
oession could bo advantageously
witnessed. The crowds rooeuiu-
led nothing so much as tbo
throngs which gathored in Paris
when thero was to be a guillo.iu-
ing, The peoplo chaitcd gaily,
joking freely about tbe career of
the dead General. The only
cormony was by Paul Deroiir
ledes, who talcing up a tri-color,
put Iho fl.ii- tn his lips and placed
it on the coffin, at the same time
exclaiming ; " Farewell my
Drowning of Dixon the
Samuel J. Dixon, the well-known
photographer of Toronto, whose
studio at the corner of King and
Yonge streets has for many years
past been noted for exoellent work,
and wbo receutly crossed the gorge
below Niagara Falls on a wire rope,
was drowned last Saturday afternoon
in Wood Lake, near Gravenhursl,
Muskoka, Ontario, through taking
cramp while swimming across the
lake, wbioh ia a mile wide. He had
got within a hundred yards of the
shore when a boy observed him
struggle, and put out in a boat, but
he sunk before the boy reached tho
spot. The body was recovered the
. next day,
A Singular Fatality.
A sad and very peculiar accident happened last woek in a
remote locality on the old Barlow
road across the Cascades, near
Portland, Oro. A yoqng man
named Bronson, son of a moon-
tainoer, was out huntiug grouse,
and shot ono in the top of a small
forked tree. The bird lodged in
tbe branches and the boy climbed
up one of the forks to got it,
When about twenty feet from tho
ground be had to pass across a
space from one fork to the othor,
and attempted to walk over on a
dry limb, which broke under his
weight, and he fell between the
trees, going down feet first. He
fe|l about sixMeet, and his head
caught between tho forks, breaking his neck and suspending him
there until he was iound soveral
dtjys lator by 9, search party,
The Exodus from Dakota.
With all the bright reports of
tho fine crops in Dakota this year
the farmers evidently are not iu
love with the country. Evory
train from the south brings set-
tiers and their effects lo settle in
Mnnitobu. Friday night four
oars of settlers and tboir effects
arrived in the city and left on
Saturday for the west, where land
has been providod for them. On
Tuesday seven moro cars will
ardvo and nine on Thursday.
One oi the sights in the C.P. R.
yards on Tuesday was the cars of
stock belonging to the  Dakota
settlors who arrived during the
day. Eaoh car carried a bannor
about threo feet wide the entire
length of tbe car, wiih tho following mottoes in large capitals :���
" We're bouud for Now Dakota."
'! 30 bushels whoat por acre."
1170 bushels oats por aero."
" Hay, wood and water abundant."
11 No blizzards, no hail, no
"Good-bye ten yours of hard
"Good-bye old Dakota."
"God bless our new homo."
The party visited tho Winnipeg
exhibition, and a portion wont
wost the same night, whilst the
remaindor stayed over night to
have another day at tho exhibition.��� Winnipog Freo Press.
A  Queer  Mode of Self-
Oddest of all defensive methods
is that ot snapping off lhe tail.
I'he blind worm, or slow worm,
is a litlle suake-like lizard common in the Old World. When
alarmed il contracts its muscles
iu such m-niner and degree as to
break its tail off at a considerable
distance Irom the end. But how
can ihis aid it? The detached
tail thou dances about very lively, holding the attention of tho
offender, while lhe lizard himseil
slinks away. And for a considerable time the tail retains ils
capability of twisting and jump,
ing every time it is struck. The
lizard will then grow another
tail, so as to bo prepared for
another adventure. Thero aro
other lizards which havo a similar
power, though in less degree.
Canada lacks only 237.000
square miles to be as large as the
whole oontinont of Europe. It
is noarly thirty times as large as
Great Britain and Ireland, aud is
500,000 square miles larger than
tho Unitod Slatos,
The Chinese Lepers.
It is stated that the two Chinese
lepers reoeutly shipped in bond from
New York to Vancouver to bo seut
from there to China, and who were
sent back by the city of Vancouver,
have been stopped at Swift Current,
N.W.T., and returned to Vancouver,
on tho ground thut tbey were shipped
in bond, and tbat tbe bond was
brokun unwarrantably by tho Canadian authorities, Tbe Mayor of
Vancouver will not permit them to
be brought into the city, aud has
had them placed under guard out
Johu Hull uot Suspicious.
I cannot approve of the compla-
oenoy of tho Admiralty in granting
permission to tho German Naval At-
taoho and to a con-do of French
nival offloers to visit Chatham Dockyard and make an inspection of all
tho vessels and workshops. It is
the olimax of folly and absurdity to
waste large Bums on experiments,
and in purchasing new inventions,
and then to allow foreign exports
to visit the Dook-yards, and note
everything they see which is worth
reporting. It would be a very Jong
time before British experts were allowed to inspeot French or Qen*"anr
a,rf.?nalB,-"Trq^," k-rOy.-'ffi i www*
CI}* lUotciiau Star
The problem ot the future relations
between Ounndn and the United States
is being solved in a strange but oer-
tnin nud eonohisivo .nun..or.    Dakota
is being rapidly depopulated; farmers
and farm laborers, with their wives
and tamilios, nro gathering up their
portable olTocls uud aro creating considerable truflio on tho nilwaysi'iin
ping northward from that distriot,
Some of these farmers ore doludod
Canadians who wore inclnood by interested parties some ten yours or so
ago to emigrate to tho Dakotas, at
that time desoribod  by thoso who
were "in the know" an '-.i laud o'er-
flowing wiih milk nnd houoy.''   kl.e.
time has laid that bald-lioaded delu-
biou by tbo heels.    Thero is littlo
milk nnd less honey in either of the
Dnkotae.     So say those who have
given tbo country u ten years' trial,
iu.il uow thoy are coming homo ngnin,
older, sadder, wieor.J aucj pQoror in
health and pocket,   Hut it is "never
too lato to mend," and most of them
believe that two or thrive such bountiful harvests as that which Manitoba
has just gnmored will set them on
their logs, and wipe out the remembrance of the trials and tribulations
thoy endured on the storilo soil of
Dakota,  where   the  very  elements
seemed to unite to drive them out and
up to the laud from whoiico they
But the great majority of those
who are now finding a homo north of
the 49Ui parallel are undoubtedly
genuine American farmers, who would
pot be Americans did tbey not bring
their Republican instincts and a lovo
of their own form of government with
tbem. Should the present exodus
from Dakota continue-and if Manitoba can harvest such another magnificent crop next year it will continue
���it will not take ninny years to fill
the Canaelian North-west with an
imported population whose affections
will loyally cling to tbo flag ot their
forefathers, the stars and stripes,
lioiug located in communities, this
sentiment will tako deep root auel
spread until it has permeated the
whole North-west; and should the
time ever come for tho question of
iinuoxntion to be placed before the
country their united vote would
swamp tbe loyalists, and those who
are now halting between two opinions
would, as is always tbe case, decide
in favor of tbe stronger party, lint
with our vast territory, capable uf
sustaining many millions more than
the present population of the Uniti d
States, would it not be a littlo humiliating to be " annexed" by a country
less iu area tbnu ourselves ? Thero
is an old saying that "it is the unexpected which happens." So it is
within the bounds of possibility thai
Panada, as she rills up with American
bom citizens, who find her in.-'
similar to their own and her
tion a nearer approach to true freedom than they ever knew, may
the next century is as old ns this one,
annex tho Fniteil Sta'es!
,1 sitting of the Kootonay County
Court will he hold at Lcciotoke on
Saturday, Oot 24th.
*\fr, John Kohinsor,, 1st- of 1: ,
yer, is bnibling a dwelling honso
near the saw null at Revelstoke,
We lemn that the Rov. Mr, Lail-
n<-r, MatbodM minist-ir appointed to
Revelstoke, will arrive next week.
Mrs. W. I.oo, Revelstoke, left bj
the Atlantic Express on Wednesday
on a visit to her old home, near
Mr. H-rbert Creelman arrived last
S'ln-hiy from  Robson, havii .
omnloved on the 0, k K, Railway
for the past six months.
Tbe 0. I'. R. Co. have added a
now side track at Revelstook station,
nnd lb" boys pay the yard i-i growing.   We'll K^ n hoom ''J Rn** ,,-v��'
Mr. Hnwson of Main-street, Rn volt-toko, has just completed a new icehouse for the 0. P. R. nt the station,
and it is decidedly a groat improvement to the new town.
Rov. Jnmos Tumor came np from
Nelson on Thursday's bout, going
oh to tho ooast tho Same liny. Tho
jovcrend gontloroan will stop in town
a few days on bin way bank,
Mr 3, M. Millar, M.A., who has
boon laboring bore for some time ai
Presbyterian student, will oondnot
farewell sorvices in the Methodist
���jhiiroh to-morrow, morning and
Wo wore favored ou Thursday
with a oall by thu gonial business
manager of tho 15, C. Commercial
Journal, Vi tori,, Mr. L. (i Hen
ilorson. lie loft for homo by the T>
p.m. express.
Cupt, Sanderson nnd Mr. Robertson returned from a shooting expedition dowu tho river last Sunday.
Mr. Kan ilorson says won; will shortly commeuce on tho new hotel at the
Dot Springs,
Tenders aro requested by Revelstoke Seh,ml Trustees lor digging a
well uml completing the feuce on
the school Mock. Particulars may
b" obtained from the secretary, Mr.
11 ,T   Bourno.
Tlio Okunagan k Spalliiroobeun
Auricultiirul Society's Fall Show
will be hold next Wednesday and
riliiradiiy, wl n prizes to the
amount of Sl OUO nro offered,
Porfjims visiting the slew from
Rovelstoke must change cars ut
To.i Puoifio Express, due at Rovelstoko at 1,50 p.m. on Monday, was
eight hours lute, and on Tuesday
sevou hours behind time, Ti"'
causo was on account of buitic- delayed by washouts in the vicinity of
Hawk Lake, oust of Winuipeg,
whore thero has boon very heavy
rainfalls for some days past,
The steamer Lytton on her way up
the river on Thursday was detained
awing to the prevalence of a docsc
fog, Those passengers going west
hail barely timo to eatcb tbe 5 p.m.
train at Rovolstoko, bnt owing to the
pood timo made by tbo 'buses of the
different hotels, the connection was
made. Tbo said fog arrivod iu town
noxt day.
Mr. 0. A. Brown of Windormere,
East Kootonay District, speut ft fow
days in town this wool: on his way
to Spokane. He has a sank full ol
samplo ore from tbe Wiuderuiore
mine. Mr. Brown is interested in
fivo different claims thoro aud speaks
in glowing terms of the future pios-
prospoots in store for the lucky
holders of claims in tbat district.
Mr. C. E. C. Brown, dentist, New
Westminster, who has been stopping
at the Columbia House since Thursday week, left by the Atlantic Express on Tuesday morning for Beaver. On Wednesday and Thursday
he was at Donah'; Friday aud today at Golden; to morrow and Monday he will be at Calgary, and
Wodiiosday aud following days at
The usual fortnightly dance was
held at tbe Columbia House on
Thursday night, when a goodly
number of the decjples of Terpsichore as.seu.bi.al for a "reu} good
time." Judging troin the physiognomies aud tho sprighllioess oi those
devotees who "shook a foot," we
should s.iy thoy bad a good time.
One depressing intlu ucu existed.
Ladies were scarce.
Deputy Sheriff VV. G'-sner Allan,
who passed through here on bis way
home to Nelson after a three-weeks'
business trip to tbe coast, is about to
open a real estate and laukiug business in the enterprising down river
to .in. Mr. Allan's prospects are
exceptionally good, and knowing
him to bo a gontlutuou of grout business tact nud aoiiity we have uo
doubt of his success,
A farewell social will bo given in
the Methodist ohnroh on Mondaj
\euing to Mr. J. M. Millar aud Mr,
A. Fitzi atrink, Presbyterian students
who have been laboring 'ere for some
time. Botb gentlemen nro leaving to
resume their tbtoiogieal studies at
Kiugston, Out. Musio and a.ldiessos
will bo given during tbe evening. A
I pleasant time is expected aDd all are
very ooruially invited to bo present.
Mr. J, Fred. Home has returned
>!. after a six weeks' absence at
Nelson, where he has been engaged
in ..to-.. Hag to his branoh business,
and pushing the completion of his
���   re   Mr, W. I. leetzl, druggist, wbo also hoe a branch business
'��� at Ni Ison, has returned in company
with Mr, Hnioo, after an absi noe of
���      ������.      riod.   Both gentle-
-   -    ok ae if they had had u      .
. times down tiie rivei
. ipt, Saundernon, who has l.oeu
iver ooubi I. rable ol th . dowu riv,-r
.i-.not Intel]   boi 0 ia     ii'   report
f th- big at     on i    made on
Kaido i tppose i to be
on the "Mother L de I here are
18 [eel . ������ ��� ��� al and 32 i .el .1
pay rook in . A i io d as the
permi a trail will be tn ide
��� but ii present nothing
can be done to no i end, at thi
isnearlj  - I -   on the gr mud.
W'liil ��� thi Bb un . I.        ��as Doming up the Col mhia last Sunday a
i tine cariboo was observed Iiy tho pas-
I sengers on the beaob about 10o yards
distant.  It had evidently Oome down
1 to drink, and did not appear at all
alarmed   at   tbe  steamer.    Several
j Nimrods aboard had a crack at the
venturesome  animal,   whioh   stood
! calmly gazing at its assailants for
I somo considerable tune, and then as
calmly walked away unhurt.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Redgrave, of
Donald, who h��vo hen spending
thoir honey moon hero, lelt for Vnu-
oouver aud New Westminster this
morning, "11 irry" w.is for many
year, on Iho police force hero, and
In that position did good work and
made a, in, in ii 11. His bri le was
a Miss Ada Gibson, a pretty and aa
oomplished young lady from Hartlepool, liuglaud, Tho marriage took
place in the Presbyterian ohuroh,
Douald, ���Victoria Oolouist,
Mr. Samuel Biekerton, bootmaker,
of Revelstoke, hay purchased the
house and lot ou Main street, lately
nconpied as a newspaper olllo , from
Mr. Hurry Hi'bprt, at an exceedingly low figure, and may bo oon-
ilrutnlated on having obtained a
bargain in real estato, As will be
soon in our advertising columns,
Mr. Biokerton will open busineiw in
his iielw premises next week, with a
full assortment of hoots and shoes,
harness leather, and all the accessories of a first-class bout and shoe-
making establishment.
lOini'i-nl'l Duct" at
Tuesday evening Columbia
', 1,0 O.T.,hild their monthly
mooting in the Methodist
I), ��ben, instead of the usual
ames McDonald & Oo,
Carry 1
rgo linos of plain, medium, iu.ul high-grade furniture.   Parlor nnd
local talent, tho attraction was the
r.-al.v lino programme given by
Messrs. Smilh and Webb, who are
better known to the public us the
'Emerald l>uet." At i ii'lil o'clock
lbe .Mobling Wus Well l'dl���,l, uimi'.uly
half a duznu seats being uuoooiipiod.
Tbe appearance of the "Emeralds"
��ns the signal for an outburst of applause, and the reason was apparent,
for thoy had paid Ilovelstoke a visit
on their way to tbe coast, and the
audieiieo knew they wore uot wasting
thoir sentiment ou unworthy or even
mediocre lalent, During tho interval ooiiupied by tho performers in
Selecting the pieces to he rendered
aU ollieer of the lodge distributed to
each Uoud Templar present the soar-
lot budge of tbe Order, wl,ioli was
proudly donned by both sexes,
causing us, in conjunction with the
uuileeorated portion of the audienoe,
to fool just a little bit neglected and
a trifle blue. There was a sprinkling
of ladies present, both from tho old
and new towns. Mr. Williamson
opouod tbe proceeding-) with a neat
little spoeoh, and then modestly retired whilst the "Duet" gave "Laud
of Nowhoro." Wo were agreeablv
surprised, for we had not expected
such genuine talent. Mr. Smith possesses a fine deep tonod bass, while
bis confrere is a sweet-toued tenor,
butai tbo first effoit it was ovident
Mr, Wobb was suffering from slight
hoarseness. The duet ooncludod, Mr.
Williamson again stepped to tho
front, and, with a happy knack he
possesea, ouusod a broad smile to
spr ad itself over the entire audienoe.
Mr. Webb then gave "Tho song that
reached my heart" in a sympathetic
manner. We have neglected to mention tho fair accompanist, Mrs. Leo,
who did herself great credit. Mr.
Williamson's temperance address was
to the point, and ivo hope it worked
a reformation in tho hearts of thoBe
present who "deeply quaff the rlow-
iug bowl." Mr. and Mrs. Lee then
displayed a considerable amount of
local tiilont in tho duei "Who dat
eallin' so sweet." The next piece,
"Chimney il-'lls," by Mr Smith, was
splendidly rendered, the effect being
heightened by tho alto of Mr. Webb.
Two familiar nautical songs followed, "The death of Nelson," by
Mr. Webb, and "Nancy Leo," by
Mr, Smith, and we must confess we
never hoard them better rendered,
'.fter tbe applause had subsided Mr.
and Mrs. Lee gave "Comin' home
from u]"eti^'.', The exoeediugly
difficult du-t "Excelsior," by the
"Emeralds," was a splendid success,
although the accompanist evidently
was not familiar with the music of
it. Mr. Webb thon gave "The
(irnud Parade" on the organ, and
exhil itoil brilliant execution, after
which he accompanied whilst Mr-
Smith sang "Th" Midshipmite." Tbis
song brought the first encore of the
evening, to which Mr. Smith responded by repeating the last two
verses. Mr. Lee, in "Homeless Tonight,,' carried off the only other
encore accorded. The comioul duet
" Vote of Thanks," evoked a good
deal of laughter, and we were compelled to break through onr editorial
habit and j.in in. "The Game of
Lifo," a masterly rooitalion, brought
Mr, Smith an ovalion, and then the
audience stood and helped in the
finale, "God savo the I^iioen," Tho
; concert was a great succes.
On Wednesday the Emerald Duet
gave their Bervioes on behalf of tho
fnoda -if Columbia Lodgo, I.O.O.T.,
which are considerably nuginoutod
tber by. Tho audience was very
noarlj as largo as that of tho pro-
is line; e- io |ng and the piooos givon
were of the samo high order, elicit
Ing in'ii.'h applause, Mnsirs. Smith
and Webb left on tho Atlantic Es
i pross Thursday morning for Banff.
"Tbo Deserted \ lllago."
Tbe Ka-,!o Slociin excitement has
almost depopulate! Ainsworth, but
one woman   I.Mrs, Tn-wry)   lining
; left in the town. All the others,
men and women, have gone to Kaslo
City, ii mile:. up iho lake from Ainn-
worth, and tho plooo at which pro-
peotori debark for the new di��iriot
on the divide botween Kaslo Crock
: and Slooau   Liko.    However, they
'��� are all likely to return and winter at
i Ainsworth,���Miner.
Almost I'ii re Silver.
There (If - a number Of Health' mon
in Ainsivnrtli 'his week, aud thoy am
just, i, trilhi oxottotl, not over the
Kislo-SI'.ioaii discovery, bnt ovor tl.o
oro that was knflOksd down by a shot
in the Neosho eliiim, Tbo ore eon
tains buuohcs of wire silver, so.no of
the specimens being the richest over
seen in tho camp,���Hot Springs Mows
Hotels fur-
1-i'onm sets ranging in price from j>6,50 to $500.
pished throughout,  Oilieo and bar-room chairs,
mattresses mudo lo ordor, and woven wire, 1
and wool mattresses in stock.    Mail
oreleirs from Kootonny Lako
points will recoivo early
and   prompt attention.
Millinery, Dress and Mantle Making
Mas. corassEo
And a large varioty of tho most rocent novelties in
Together with a fine selection ot the
faESS l mantle making
All orders by mail oi,
ex.,re��s promptly
All descriptions ol-
gold and silver.
(Close to 0. P. 11. Depot)
Revelstoke      -      -      B C
Importers of the Choicest Groceries c,nd Provigjuui".
Wo carry a select and oomploto stock of gent's furnishings, ladios' loilet.
aud children's boots, shoes and hose, slaiionery, paiout uieelicmes, eto.y
requisites and rcaily-mado olotliiiig.   A   large  aaserimeui ot pipes,
looacco, cigarettes, imported and domestie cijjurs, limits, I'uiidy, eU><
Stovo pipos, tinware, orockory, rough aud dressed lumber, and oilier go��dt\
loo numerous lo mention, ut moderate prices.
Telephone communication.
J. Fred, Hume & Co.,
Iievelstoke and Nelson,  li. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions and Hardware
li mil   I     ��������� -f^W^iW^^FW
Tho Publio will find it to their advautago to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any orders placod with   Mr. Cuaiu.es Lindmark   will have oii^,
cr.roltil attoaliou  and   prompt delivery to any pari oi Revelstoke.
jholdeii at Revelstoke ou Saturday,
October 24th, 1891.
Rovelstoko, Oct. Oth, 1891.
DEATH  Ol'  TWO  Gil...iT
C. S. Parnell and Sir J. P.
London, Oct. 7.���Oburlns Stewart
Parnell, "tho uncrowned kiug,"
died last uicrbt at half-past eleven
from a chill with which he was attacked bint week. The cloning
events in Pamell's ohoquered career
took piece at Walsiughum Terrace,
Brighton, whore he expired in the
arms of hia wife. The news of the
sad event created intense exoitemeut
not only In London, but nil over the
Unitod Kingdom. Thn newspaper
offices were thronged with auxiuu*
inquirers and the bulletin hoards
were eagerly soanued ii.y thousands
,of deeply Interested onlookers,
Pamell's death full like a bomb-
Bbellou every ono, for, though it
wan known that he was very RorioqB-
ly ill, it was not for a moui'-ut expected that his aickuees would take
ft fatal turn.
Sir Johu Pope Hennessy, K.C.M.
G., member of Parliament for the
Northern Division of Kilkenny, is
dead. Jir John has been prominently bt-fore the public of late as
the candidate iii North Kilkenny of
the anti-Pamellite wing of the Irish
party. He waB elected by a Inrge
���majority over Pamell's candidate.
(Sir John was a native of Cork, and
was born iu 1834.
During Attempted Robbery
at Nelson,
It is jnat aliout time for the polioe
otNelson to"Nab" that daring robber
who has been terrorising the town
for some weeks past. Last Saturday, between two aud three o'clock
in the morning, he made hia third
appearanoe at Nelsou���presuming it
to be the same individual who successfully held n p the station agent,
and extracted $207 and a gold watch
and chain from the pockets of Mr.
Poster. At the time stated, Mr.
Marks, proprietor of the Nelson
House, went behind his bar to pro-
fi.iro somi-thing, but did not take a
igbt, when he heard a noise as of
Bomethiug   mumbling or  whining
Irom bi hind a door which led from
the billiard room to the bar.   Thinking it was his dog, he called it by
iuiine, aud snid, "Wbats' the mut-
t. r���?"    Then he heard a nun's
yoice ordering him to "keep quiet,
or he would get his head blown off."
But instead of doing so, Mr. Marks
shouted for help.   Iu a moment two
pf his gni'Sts came into the bar-room,
anil thinking their help was required
to eject a drunken  mini, they advanced towards the robber with the
intention of collaring him prior to
landing   him   upon  the sidewalk,
But they soon discovered their mistake ae their eyes lit upon the barrel
of the weapon the robber held in his
hand.   One account states that the
gentlemen retired quite hastily, and
another that one of them threw a
chair at the robber and grazed tbe
varnish off the new  counter.  Be
this as it may, the would-be burglar,
thinking "discretion the Letter part
pf valor," retreated to the back door,
(which was not properly hung on its
binges) and darting out, escaped in
the darkneBS.    An examination of
the premises indicated that be had
gained an entrance through a window
Fn the rear of the new billiard room,
and the sash pot yet beiug in, he
had quite an easy job.  Threats are
freely exprassed of lynching this
robber bold; but there is an old
saying of "First catch your hare
before you can cook him."
, .*�� .
Agricultural Society's
Will be held on October 14th and 15th,
$1,500 IN PRIZES.
om-^Hass OaOaSj At msA-mm.
Gilker & Wells.
It ��ttESSStf - - BtVMAIYoxsa, 2.9
Notary Public.
Notary Public;
ED. PICARI), Proprietor,
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
Tugs, Breast Sirups, Ames Buckles, and Snaps, of all kinds
and sizes, kept in stock.
Mining-, Timber and  Real EHtate Di-okcrs aud General
Commission Agents.
ConvoyiineoR, Agreements, Bills of Sule, Jpqing Bonds, eto., drawn np,
Rents nud Accounts Colleetod ; Mining Claims Bought and SoKi ; Assessment work on Mining Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Etc,, Etc.,
Lots on Towusite of Iievelstoke for Sale and Wanted. Agents for Miuing
Machinery, Eto,
Evans Bros.' Pianos
to the postmaster - General
will be received at Ottawa until noon
pu FRIDAY, the 20th November, for
the conveyauce of Her Majesly's
Mails in proposed contracts fof Four
Years in eaeb case, each way, between
from the 1st January next.
Printe.1 notices, containing further
information as to conditions of proposed contracts, may be seen and
blank forms of tender may be obtained at tbe above post-offices and
at tbis office.
P. 0. Inspector.
Post-office Inspector's Office, Victoria, 2nd October, 1891.
Is heroby given that I intend to
apply to the Honorable Commissioner of Lands and WoruB, for
permission to purchase 320 acres
[more or lees J of land on the west
side of the Upper Columbia Lane,
East Kootenay lWrict, B. C.
Commencing at a poBt marked
"D, R.Ror'sN. E. corner," on the
west shore of said lake, and opposite
the 27 mile post on the Government
road from Windermere; thenee west
forty chains; theuce south eighty
chains; theuce east forty chains,
more or less, to tlio said went Rhoro of
lane, and tbeuce northerly, nlong
Baid west shore, to place of bo-
D. R. KER,
July 27th, 1891.
UCfiMM oo ����������""'
If you think of buying an Organ or   Piaqo, send for Catalogue and
Trice Lisle.
jas Mcdonald & c<>.,
AT TnE VIOT01-.A.-A. Raymer.
Portage la Prairie H. Bell, *��� W.
DrZy, R.S. Duncan, Winnipeg;
H Black, Beaformoulh; Uark ilall,
Enderby O.E. Lyon, LiUoet; Mr,
.nd Mrs tt. H. Williams, Nelson;
A  Barber   Seattle; TDruminond
and J A. Mara, kamloops; J. il.
��gn.ve, London, J. H. Sander
and W. Copland, Algoma W. 8.
Crowe 'Toronto; Dr. Macleod and
A. G. M. Spragge, aOoniWjW.
Whlttioombe, Ainsworth; E. ttood-
SnOhioago A. Sharer. Montreal;
Innes, Montreal; W. D. Taylor
milace, Idaho; J. Fred. Hunid
wife, Miss Hume and W. F. leetzei.
At the Centbal-A. Rothier,
Tappen Siding; W^ihomson, Vernon; 0. Clarke, J. Cross, S. L.
B?ewne, Nelson; J. Hooper Vic orra;
y W. Robinson, Dear Pork. ti.
Kaunderson, Hot Springs; J. Dpwd,
Vancouver; A. R. Crawford Winm-
JeK-TMoero, Beaver; J. Florence,
Co, B.C.; J. Howard, Fwe Valley;
\V. Alexander, Oalgarj.
At the CoLUM..u-Duncan Mc-
lavish and Fred Butler, Nelson; 0.
H    Brown,   Wiuilerraero;   hhenfl
Pinober Creek,   iVlbto.    W.  ttlll,
Wl JMX   Arrow Ranch;
��   O c!!d    T. C. Wells and
Chas   P.  Kent,   Ainsworth; John
MnDlB, Kamloops
Is hereby given, that sixty days
after date we, the uudorsignod, intend to apply to the Honorable
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purchase tbe following described lands situated at
the east end of North Arm of Upper
Arrow Lake, West Kooteuay District : Beginning at the South-east
Post marked J. M. K. and A. M. R.
planted at the mouth of Fish River;
thence following the meandering of
tbe river north 80 chains; thence
west 40 chains; thence south 80
chains ; thence eaBt 40 chains to
point of commencement, continuing
320 acres, moro or less.
Revelstoke, Aug. 29th, 1891.
is heieby given that I intend to
apply to tbo Honorable Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for permission to purchase 320 acres [more
or loss] of land on the west side of
tbe Upper Columbia Lake, East
Kooteuay District, B. 0.
Commencing at a post marked
"John Nicholles' S. E. Corner," on
the west shore of said lake and opposite the 27 mile post on the Government road from Windermere, theuce
west forty chains; thenco north
eighty ohaius; thence east forty
chains, more or lesa, to said west
shore of lake, and thence along said
west shore, southerly, to plaoe of beginning.
July 27th, 1891.
j-.ni-.  iwuriiiuii   \n.\j,)
Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to  Sample   and   Purchase   all   Kinds  of
Prices and all information furnished on application.
Sixty days after date, I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for tbe purchase
of eighty acres,  commeuciug  at  a
post on the east Bide of John Bangs
pre-emption, running 20 chains east,
40 chaius  south, thence 20 chains
weBt, thence 40 chaius north to point
of beginning.
Revelstoke, July 29th, 1891.
Is hereby given, that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Comu iesioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase tbe following described lauds
Bituated at tbe east eud ot North
Arm of Uppor Arrow Lake, Weal
Kootonay District: Beginning at the
South-west Post marked 1). A. L.
planted at the mouth of the Pish
lliver ; thenco following the lneau-
derings of the river north 80 ohains;
theuce east 40 chiiiiiB ; thence south
80 chaiiiB ; thenco wobI 40 chaiiiB to
point of commencement, containing
320 acres moro or loss.
Illocillowaot, B.C., Aug. 31st, 1891
Hard and Soft Wood, Fir, Hemlock and Cedar
I.-For DIGGING WELL in the
Iievelstoke School Block.
II.-For  tbe  COMPLETION of
Arrow ! FENCE around School Block.
1    For particulars apply to
Secretary School Trustees.
Is hereby given that I intend to
apply to tho Houorable Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase 160 acres of laud on
Findlay Creek, East Koolenay District, 11. C.
Commoucing at u post markod
"JosephHunter, N,W. Corner Poet,"
on the north side of Fhullay CreeK,
about ten chains from tho same, and
ou the western slope of Thunder Hill
Uidge, thence south forty chains;
thenco e.iBt forty chains; tbence
north forty chaius; aud thonco west
forty chaiiiB to place of beginning.
July 26th, 1801,
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to the BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   aud AGRI.
CULTURAL, and especially to tlie
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District.
J \) .!'.) W, nud executed iu tho bcsl slyle.   Commercial Work -j
pccmlly. ���Xfje itootciiay Star
SATURDAY. OCT. 10, 1801.
&. "-"*
A Tug of War.
The following sloi'y, told by a
warrant officer in tbe Navy, illustrates lb" l'isks the Britlsl.
seamen run lor tl.o sake ot grog ;
We wero moored alongside u
an all coaling wharf in English
Harbour, Antigua, whioh wus enclosed by a wall nt out ton foci
high, covered at the top '.vn!'
pieces ol broken bottles, iu .he
ordinary way. Whilo line, grog
was Bowing into .ho ship fr< civ.
und our Iirst Lull vowed thai u
British sailor seemed only lo
have to Btrlko the rnok with n
slick us did Mdsob, and liquor
cnino flowing forth ; otherwise,
said he, whero could tbey possibly
pbtttiu spirits here, sn.ee tha- place
is surrounded by juuglo. i'h-.l
evening I landed for a walk, .md,
when dusk bad been followod by
darkness, I enterod a "abanly,''
purchased two quart bottles ol
('Old Tom," and found my way
along tho boach lo ibo end of tho
���wiill, and thon, as prearranged
���wilb my chum, gave a long low
���whisilo. The signal was answered.
"Shad," I called, in a low
v>ico��� my friend's name was
Tbo lide was up, and I had to
wado out sonic five or six feet into tbo water to reach the end of
the brisk work. To do Ibis I look
off my boots mid Blockings, auo,
botlle in band, proceeded into the
"Whoro aro you?" asked the
voice on tho other sido.
"Uoro you arc," said I, as I
put a quart bottle agaioBt the
hand I could just wake out, for
fortunately il was very dark.
"I cau't reach it," said ho,
f'eome a littlo ueai'er,"
I went,  and   tbo hand, after
groping all   around   tl.o  bctile,
eventually got hold of my wrist,
"That's not i.," said I, as ho
gripped tighter and tighter.
"Oh, isn't it," said he.
was no use, Ibo corporal held bis
Then but one thing remained ;
lyiebloil a Iii tie and lixml my
teeth into the Master-at-arms'
wrist. At tbe first touob be relaxed, ibun lot go, aud bis uppir
part foil into tbo water.    The
Tho Gander and the Pickerel
Ono would hardly believe that
a -loose could be broken of tbe
habit ol going into lhe wutor, but
ii case of this kind a short lime
ago occur.ed.    A boy owued a
large gamier, and he thought it
corporal stuck loyally io his egs   ���,������,,i i i ��� i   .,���<���.
1 i would be a good joke to tic a BbIi
ami almost drowned l.im in consequence;   but   eager   resouci'B
pushing bohind tbeoorporul dis��
loged him aud saved tbeir cbiefB
life; for the corporal lot go of hi-;
legs in fulling, ami thus allowed
bis victim to get bis bead  above
Water for a breath before the last
moment had come.   ' Stop biml
stop himj" shoutod everyone; but
no one scaled tbe wall or plunged
into lbe wator to swim around it
At lhe ll I'M, ii'innh of liberty I iv-
g. incil dry hind again, picked up
my boo.s, and bounded iuto tbo
jungle   like    a    young    deer.
I'biough all tbo luxuriance of a
i bick tn-plo.il junglo I sped, urged
on by the shouts ofthoso on tbo
othor sido of the wall.   Cad us
and  prickly   pear   picrcod  my
hands, anna   and   legs;  thorns,
loots, and stones lore and cut my   ^[u.jmj  for  -)ie
feet, but still I wus compelled to
urge forward from those who
might al any moniont bo my pur.
sucrs. The road at last! alter
that terrible  half hour in the
jungle. I instantly sought tho
"belter of -a friendly hut cloao by,
ou the side of a hill which overlooked tho water, ami from there
viewed the commotion in the harbour, which vv.-.B all alive with
lif-hts and boats in search ol'mo ;
while two daughters of Ethiopia
rid my bands, arms, and feot of
tbo thorns and prickles with
which they bristled. Tho noxt
morning I went on board as
usual, to tbe intense relief cf my
old friend Shad, who, as he explained, had l/cei. totally unable
to give mo either warning or assistance, During lbe forenoon 1
heard lhe MiiBiei'Mit-urniB assure
tho first Lieutenant that the
identification nf the culprit would
be quite eusy when the men returned off the two days' leave
half the i-bip's company was then
onjoying, as he ���the MnBter-at'.
arms���had  left such   markj on
lino to the leg of iho gander,
with a book properly baited, and
watch tbo result.    So   ho  lixoil
the gander with a line on one leg
about leu teel ioiu, ut the end of
il was a pioko.ol hook undfiog foi
bait.   Tne guilder was driven it.
lo Iho mill-pond, whero he swam
around for u ball  hour, turning
tlip-llapn,  and   diving   for food
Suddenly tho gander felt n pull
at bis leg, and be looked as surprised  as tlu> "Lone Fitborui-m"
when ho oaught n whale,    The
gander   soemod to   think there
was something lbe matter wil.
him, and he looked down at h.s
feet under water to try and soo
into it,   The pickerel begun  to
yank,  and  the gander made up
his mind thai ho was not well,
and   wanted to go home,    He
shore, but ibo
pickerel ou tho hook wanted to
go tbo other way, and it was nip
and tuck for a time,   fhe gander,
to those on tbe shore watching,
seemed irightenod, and at times
would act as though saying his
prayers and asking for mercy,
and then he would get mad aud
try and fly ashore,  whon the
pickerel would pull   him   back.
Tbey say it was a fine study to
watch the expression of tho features of the gander.   Ho seemed
The truth dawned on me, just ��� nim tt8 jt wull|,| Dc i
as tho outline of a head stood out ;
against  the  Ii. ht of a lunter
from tho other side.   I bad been
decoyed and betrayed.  I instant*-
|y turned my bead   an I pulled
wilb all tbe vigour th,.t a square,
well-set young mun wua capable
111'OKSiblo to
remove with sinp and water, be
Bides having torn his uelhor gar-
meets nearly off. and ridding him
ef a considerable umouut of hair
and whiskers���my face was then
as -month as a billiard-ball and
tny bair cropped short. "No, sir,"
of. As I pullod, the bead was' ,,,���<��� h0i "you wiil readily detect
followed by a pair of shoulders the rascal lhe moment be comes
andpartol the bust of our old 0Vc-r tbe jangway, Ho reported
Master-.at-.arms. i;, information to an ad
"Hold  on,  hold on," sail  he   cfrul, 0f his friends on tho fore
fTve got you; it's no good,    Pull
buck, corporal,pull me baok," "be
added, ''I am fallin - overboard,
Tbe corporal pulled his le:', I
pulled bis arm-, tl e lanti rn oi
to rcalizo that a change was
about to como over him, and
whilo ho hoped for tho best ho
seemed to be prcparod for the
worst. After half an hour of tho
bardost work he had ovor dono,
tbo gander came nshoro aud
dragged a six-pound pickerel up
tbe bank, and the boys camo and
took off tbo pickerel and put ou
another frog, and triod to induce
the gander to go aud take another
swim, but he wouldn't havo it
They couldn't drive him in. He
looked at them, as ho ran through
bctweon their legs as though
saying, ' -Boys, tbis may bo lun
lor you, but you bave crushed a
noble nature. Not any moro
pickerel in mine, if you please,"
ami he flew off towards tho barn
squawking as though his heart
would break. Thia was sevcriil
weeks ago, but since thon the
gander has never gone iulo tho
water. Tho rest of tho flock ot
geese will go down to the pond,
and ho will go with thorn as far
IIllriDg j as the bank, scorning to bo arguing with thorn about tho danger
ft. rwards, and as-   [[h... m ^ but lhoy R0 in and
sured   mi    personally and cons   leave him 0D the bauk<    Be ap.
he was as certain of ,��� be |i|t0 ., mun wbo ba8
the    :*  "  """ **:*  "**-
Tho c8li.haiu.l loss by Thursday night's lire at Hulifax, N.S.,
i�� 8250,000, and the insurunoe at
Now* from Berlin states that
the Khine ooutinuos to fall, and
navigalioti is about at an end
owing to tho shallowness of the
There is a great domsmd all over
the maritime provinces for sheep
tor the Boston market, aud prices
arc bettor than bcloro lhe McKinley Bill came into force.
The ciiokot game between Lord
Hawko'a English team and 16
Mew York players was finished
on Tuesday, tho Englishmen
winning by a acoro oi 383 to 124.
Tho Winnipeg industrial exhis
titioo closed on Saturday. It
was a great success as far as tho
exhibits wero concerned, bul wot
w. ather interfered greatly wilb
ibe attendance.
Tho official codbus recontly ro��
taken by direction of the Victoria
Council will, it is believed, place
tho population of that cily at
aboul 22,50U���20,000 whitos, 2,000
Chinese aud 300 Indians.
Tho Right Hon. W. H. Smith,
leader of the Government in the
British flouse of Commons, aud
hoad of tho groat bookselling firm
of W. H. Smiib & Son, diod in
London on Tuesday, at the ago
of 71 years.
The great dock striko in London, Eng., has again commencod,
and is rapidly spreading. Trouble
is feared between lbe strikers and
blaoklogs, and a large polico forco
is on duty in lhe vicinity of tho
docks. Carmen and others in
sympathy with tho dockorB havo
also gone on strike.
Victoria is not tho only oity in
lhe Dominion which isdiasaiisfu-d
with the official returns of the
late census. A groat many poo
plo think lhc work of tho enumerators was very incorrectly done,
and the cities of Toronto and St.
John proposo having a recount of
thoir population mado by tho civic
111*.'.'*,     OliK,   ETC,
Corner Front and llanaon Sts.
Ai.iuiiAM.soN' Bros.    -    Puopihetoiis
First olaBSin every respect; Nearest
hotel to (! I' II depot and steamboat
landing, botween post ollice uud gov-
building!.. Coach to and from ....pot
nnd steamboat. Fire proof .Sale for the
aooommodation of its customers.
F. McOabtuy   -    ���    -   ���
First-clusB Teniperiiuco House.
Boaiiu and LonaiNo ��5  Per Week.
meals, 25c.     nuns 25o.
This hotel ie situated convenient to the
station, is comfortably furnished, aud
affords first class accommodation.
the other side fell into the Bea :
and there, in total   I n ki ess
tl.o   Maslor-at>arms   vith his . pped around
stomach ..gain,: the   ud oi call, "painted lhat!
o moth
'_    I
lhe corpora holding on Iii
n,ar  ���     ' * aw own I had tho jim jams and swore off'
''       '     '-''' heW0llld   lie lectures to other gecsc, and
���   hehad   takes the place of a reformer, and
1    .ing dirty for the want of a
���; but be will nol louk np-
ter whon it is bluo, and
giveth its -'dor in the miii pond,
I - il ithJiken pickerel.
ueatb,bi. be  .ho      -s wub   -j, to d m his ki
a go. ���: i iri    I hi      id
Bide, a., i bis right ha He had no doubt whal
ping mj  wrist, fr   ���:..., .. ���  .
dale UOt !''..'    ..;.'...,
v.Uibly full  into th.      itoi     I    .   .-..    | .....    -     red  fro
was "pull   devil, pull   b   er,'    prist."  !, oi   oan., ox\ i
Help arrived on iheir side of tho   my a,oorD] as | ,,���, .��� eoB|u for ., '
wall, but the ledge w >s too small   man who could besuob a dudtardly
to admit of any one helping tho  eowai I as to attack .... honorable     A.Chlsbolm was, at Winnipeg on
oorporal hold his ohiof's logs.   On | antagonist, like  Lhe  raconteur.   Tne��day< oommiWod for trial at. the
It Is th . ight the gander will
i prohibition party
. n' In swimming bo-
for   be next. ampaign, and nomi
Dato n ticket,
A Roroltlng Crime,
my side there was lots of room,   wjth u knife.    The men ovens
but. no men.   It was a tug-of-war I tuully came off, but not tbe iden��.
between me   and the corporal, j tifioation,
with the Master-at-arms for a | - .    ���
rope.    Angry yells arose from j   The statue of Garibaldi ��� r ted
the opposite side.   "Wo'vo got   in honor of his services to France
you, we've got you," they said,  daring the Franoo-Prusslan war, I against Chisfaolm are proceeding
l<you had better come quietly,"   was an veiled at Nioe last Banday
. I for criminally assaulting
little girls under 14 years of ago.
The detootlves gave dlreot evidence
r the aooused, having Beoreted
themnolves lu his oflico, where the
��� i girl i were entloed. Bail was
fixed  at  810,000,     Othor   charges
llFotOh a ladder," said the com- by the Mayor in tho presence of
pianditig voice ol ll.o first Lull, j a largo concourso of Eronch and
who had j.iel arrived. This was ! Italian deputies and notable civil
enough, things wore getting too j and military  personages.   Tber.)
'-.ol.   I mudo quo liual effort,   It t was groat o^hpiasm,
Gtl8 de Smith : " Vou havo very
largo ours."
Gllhooly : " Yes, my cars are
large, All r inok now to bo a
porfoct RSS is your brain "
Eitthloen steamboats loaded with
freight and carrying passengorB
;,i*o agrouud between Cincinnati,
O., and Point Pleasant, W. V,
where tboro is but ono foot oigbt
inches ol water, Teams aro eros*
sing tlio Ohio river at a dozon
different points. It is ostiraated
tho low water is causing* a daily
loss of 810,000.
Tho C.P.R. is about to roplaco
ull tho wooden viaducts ou its
main lino from Vancouver to
Montreal by stool bridges, so as
to lcavo no chance opon for accidents through burnt iroslles. Bo
sidoB being 50 per cont. safer,
stool bridges will enable tho
" Continental Flyer" to ruah
through at a higher rate of speed,
beating even lhc fast timo ro-a
oorded last month.
Tbo Canadian oarsmen wore
again succissl.il ut Portland, Or.,
last Monday. In the professional
double scull raco, ouo milo and a
half wiih a turn, Hanlan and
O'Connor dofoated Dutch and
Stephenson by throo IcngtliP, tho
lime beiug 28 minutes Ei seconds,
Professional single, one milo and
a half wiih a turn, O'Connor lst,
Dutoli second, Slephonsnn third,
Time 2i minutes 34 seconds.
During the last two weeks of
September ol last your from
46,000 to 30,000 bushels ol wheal
were sold and delivered at lhe
different elovators along tho C.
I'. R, According to carefully
calculated reports rocoivod here
today, during tbe fortnight tbat
ended ou Wednesday lust, no
less then 450,000 bushels woro
sold and delivered at tho railway,
and this for the most part in the
province of .Manitoba,
The largest and most central Hote, n
the city ; good accommodation ; every.,
thing new ; tablo well supplied ; bar and
billiard room attached ; tiro proof wife,!
Stockholm  House
The Dining-room is furnished with thp
best tho market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wines, liquors and cigars.
A Full and Complete Liue of
Toilet. Articles, Wall Paper, &c
IW Cigars at Wholesale. JgJ
Ravmonh Sowing Machines kept
in stock,
E, Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
AU kinds of Turned and Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
and at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
RE VELSTOKE        -    B.C.
The subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that he is
proparod lo supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, and all Building Material,
Picturo Framing, ko.
laskote, Shrouds, ko.,
Coffins, Oaskots, Shrouds, ko., car
riedin Stock,


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