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The Kootenay Star Aug 29, 1891

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vol. in.
REVELSTOKE. B. Oi, ATO1JST 29, 1891.
Rents and Peflfs fieffectetf.-
ftfVH�� Service will be lield' in the
Bevetsfoke Church every Sunday livening at "f 30', condiioted alternately
.Sunday School aad Bible Class- every; Sunday afternoon at %-M. All
are coMforty iiwi&#fio>a3Sen#.
(/htrrr-h1 ot Kin-lard services
��ill te Held in ReveiSiokc by the
Rev J.C. 0, J��Semin every lourth
aStindiiy i'n each month.
The NcH*on Miner says :���
llcpris1 from Toad Mountain
are (hat the lower tunnel on the
Dandy iw in oro that, looks fine
I No  one   begrudges  its  owners
their grind'luck
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily,
Paciiic       ���' "     1C.5*  �����
Passengers arriving Sundays nud
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson'. Nelson, aud poiuts
fa Southern Kootenay.
Cbeapost, most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto,- St Paul,
Chicago, New York anef Boston.
Rates $5 to $10 lower the* any offtv r
*<fier route.
Passengers leaving Re-a-elstoke on
Tuesdays; Thursdays and Saturdays
Will connect with the magnificent C.
P. B. Steamers at For* VVJUsKia, dur-
kig navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, iu
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of Passengers holding-' second
ftlase tickets. PiW��'i*gers booked to
And from all Eiinopeani points at
Lowest Rates,
Low Freight Hutes.   Quid-, des-
?latch. Merchants wiJI 68*0 rtjonoy
iy having their fftrfigbt routed via
the (LP. R.
Full and reliable information given
by applying to
Aest, Gesl Freight Ag*V V��e.mver,
or to J, HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P. R, DeiwtfBevelstoke.
'P&. Silklsk Lodge.No 12
HF I O 0 V Donald It C
Regular Meeting Thursday A each
week at 8 p. m.   All visiting broth-
er* are cordially ftWftsS,
J. McLkod,     J. H. Mathkson,
N.O. Kirk
Pnoteutiou. and Starvation.
ibl.   n- . . . '   "'�����������/   pieiiei'ii   over   the
Donalb, B. C.
Meet* fet 2 Wer&'esdays, and 3rd and
��&&> Isfasdays, iu Firemen's Hall,
tester,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph- Cal&j.
Ct-Uectof,   Geo B Oovett, Hot $&
Receiver,   James  Falcouer,  Can
more, N. W. T.
Magazine Ageflt     H J McSbrley
IS H 0 P.
Tbe subscriber would intimate
io tbo public generally that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, and all Building Material,
Picture Framing, Ac,
Coffins, Caafcets, Shrouds, ��'e��� curried iu Stock.
6mm   i .-    ���..      ...������.���.., i.aut-i-u? ���
A beautiful picture without printing
for twenty-five Itoynl Crown
.Soup Wrappers. A one cent pne-
tage itamp will carry the wrappers.
'The picture will be mailed free.
Itoynl Crown is the parent nnd
liest soap made, und is the cheapest
to use. Only Itoynl frown
Wrapper!- Kxchanded.
Winnip i   Man.
Donald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, aud last 2 Wednesdays each mouth.
Master,   J,S. Babbitt.
Sec'y,   W. F-Ogilvie,
Fiuc'r.   Ai^m McLean.
Journal' Ag't. %, A. Chesley, Kamloops, B, C.
Sprintfs district owned by the
Empire Consolidated Mining Co.,
has been surveyed hy A. S. Fur
well and application made tor a
crown erant.
Tw�� men who expected re go
to work at the Poor-nan mill were
told that if they did the assess,
nvnt work on a cluim adjoining
the Poorman, owned by the same
owners, they could run tho ore
extracted thro-tgli the mill and
have the clean-upfiir their wages.
Tiny accepted the offer, nnd the
run yielded them a lur weighing
fa-Tot, or 8234
Tii* R' velstoke smelter, niter
making a short run, litis teen
closed down until such time as a
supply ol ore fiin te obtained.
The ore from the Monarch Mine,
nt Field, was limnd to be too refractory to- work to advantage,
ehe furnace- ���* feeeifng " twice in
running through a few tons.
Afterwunh Ht tons of good ere
Were treated successfully.
As showing tho evils of pro*
|jlection, wo c.,p the following from
the Detroit JScrVo.:
"Tho protectionist should be
very   highly   pleased   over  the
ITi-itflitl'ii) Calamity
in   New
A Rush to Knsln Creek.
Newspaper  Regulations,
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Oltke,
.vbether he Iiuh subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment,
2. If a person orders his paper
liscuiitiniii d be most pay ell arrears'
| or tin. publia hrs may continue to
send il until payment is tamle, and
tlia.ii collect thj whole uiiiiiiiiil
whe*ba-t tlie paper i'l takeu from the
iltice or not.
4. Io suits for subscriptions, tbe
suit muy be instituted where tbe
paper is publiahed.
4. The courts have decided tbat
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Olfiue, or
reuniting and leaving tbem anenlleil
or. while n��..aid for, ie pinu facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
���Xfy? Itootcnay Star
P. 0. Address, Nelson, B. G,
Capacity 20.000 feet per day. Planer
ahingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During tlie season
of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of tbe landings on tbe lake at
greatly reduoed prices.
Notice ig hereby given that 60
days after date, we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to pur-
ehaee J60 sorts of land, deeeribed as
follows: Commencing at a stake near
the north west corner post of Jf,
laowee* pre emption. Fire Vallev, and
running north 40 chains, theuoe e-mt
40 chuius, thence Hrmth 4(| ,,haiui-,
thenee west 40 ohaius to -mint of
U.S. HALT,ft (V).
^evelstoKc, JiilyU7th,J>9l,
The C. & K. S. X. Co.
The    Columbia  ft  Kootenay
Steam Navigation Co. have issued
their time curd, tilling effect lust
.Saturday,   Sir. Columbia leaves
Revelstoke for   Robson, Nelson
und Little Dalles at daylight on
Wednesdays and Sundays, arrive
ing nt  Robson  6 p.m., makinir
clo��c contiectioii with the C. ft K.
Ky. for Nelson; str. Lyltou Tues-
days and Fridays.   The steamers
leave Robson lor Trail Creek and
Little Dalles al daylight on Mon-.
duys, Thursdays, Saturdays and
Wednesdays, arriving ut   Litlle
Dalles at 8 a.m., connecting with
the Spokane und Northern  Railway for Spokane Falls.   Reluming from Little Dalles, the LV
liiiniiia will leave   Mondays and
Thursdays at noon, on arrival ol
the train from Spokane Fulls, and
the   Lytton     Wednesdays  and
Saturdays nl 9 a.m., making connections ul RoUon with the C. ft
K. Ky., and hi  Revelstoke with
the 0, I'. R    Fr the Kootenay
Luke and  Bonner's Ferry route
m lam .nek's Sua,
According It* tbe Miner, there
a regular stampede to  K-slo
Creek, whero good ore bus lately
been discovered.   Men who ba"c
li'Hianzas in Dot Springs district
desert them lor iho new camp,
unit prospectors who have sure
things in Toad Mountain district
do likewise,    (i. B.  Wright of
Ainsworth, who is in Nelson, says
lhat probably fifty miners and
prospectors have left Ainsworth
io the last two wneke. ull imbued
with the beliel tbat Kaslo Creek
is an eliloniiio.   Some of then
have already returned, bringing
ore (hut assays all lbe way Irom
a lew ounces up to several htm-
ilreil     Richard   Irwin,   who is
ii.tere-ted in lhe Tarn O'Shanter,
a claim on lhe east side nl tbe
lake, was  also  iu   Nelson   this
week,   lie reports having assays
mude of ore brought iu by Jiin.oi-
Brenuaiid.   The returns sbowid
Ihal the galena ore run from ��81
to 9119 in silver, uml ibat the
decomposed vein mutter next .he
walls run as  high   ue   S.'iu'l in
silver.   The ledges are reported
large, somo oi tliein hilly twenty
feel in   width,  and   apparently
continuous and   in  place.    The
new c.,ii.p is located  about five
miles west of lhe lake and from
twelve to fifteen from the mouth
ol Kaslo Creek.  A trail is beng
cut Imm the mouth of Schrcdcr
Creek, thci.ee up lhe creek by a
moderate grade  ami a straight
course to the Beaver, one of the
first claims located,   This trail
will not be over six miles long.
ll is reported lhat townt-ilcshavu
already been  taken   up ut  the
mouths of both crccKs,
'he poor people there have just
hecomo  aware of iho   Russian
'prohibition of the c-rpurt of rye,,
and they regard  it almost us a
ilcathse.itci.ee.    It   is s. id that
'thoso near the frontier have been
depending o.v .ye- purchased in
jSmull (ruantities across tl.o bound
nr j iu Russia; lhat (he Russian
officials refuse to let a pound of I
grain go over the lino, ami  have
threatened1  with    imprisonment
'any person  c-aUv-ht selling; tbat
the scenes are hcartrenditif.', and
numerous applications aro being
made .a lbe iV-.rl authorities for
relief.   In the face of ull this, and
the further fact that the Prussian
government will have to be petitioned to issuo army   rations to
die distressed, the German chancellor   rcliiscs   to     remove  the
duties on corn.   D.strss in the
manufacturing  centers  of  Germany is increasing, trade is dull
and the price of prwrsiofn- is high.
The working people ure looking
towards America, and lhe desire
to emigrate is growing.   Anieii-
cans have tood  products to sell
to the (icrniiiiiH, und the Germans
would buy if  ll.o  two  govern.
inc.is did not stand in   the way
ami make it so difficult  for  the
j people to do so.   These facte Only
add lo the many others lhat   go
to show what evil protection pro-
duces.   Were the people   left to
themselves   and    lhe   blighting
hand of the government removed,
il there wus   food   anywhere   iu
tho world for the distressed pen.
pie to get fur  what they have to
give lor it, there is no doubt the
exchange-* would be made.   But
if protection is ac-rrcci principle
Capiivi must  maintain  it, even
though il kills oil' tbi- people of
the distressed   district.  Surely,
paternalism is a g.ei.l thing.
The proicc iooisis should be
Very liiithly pleased over the
logical result ot their policy."
Ln��t   Sat unlay, just   twenty
minutes p.-isi noon, at which hour
ueul'ly  nil   the   employees   had
quit work and  left, I'ark  Pla/'e.
Xow York-, was  starucd' by t he-
fall of Taylor's building, No. b's
ami 70, and directly afterwarda-
,the fallen rubbish was toiinl to-
be on (ire,    No one cotll'd be res*
died, and before tho arrival of the-
(iii-o brig.'tilis. death had overtaken
every unfortunate en-missed by
tiie hurniuag debris,    I'he liaison nestiitairant, which   03cupied
i the ground flo .r, was full of diners
at tho time of the  catastrophe,
and it was on tikis ftior that the>
groatost   loss   (if   life  occurred.
Up   to  9.30   Mu.day   night 81
fbodica hud been Cakevii from the
Park I'b.co ruins.   At 12.30 the
sum total of tl.o bodies recovered
from ihe Turk Plice ruin was still
ttiirty-l'our.   The  total  nu,..iib��r
identified istwe, und the number
yet   trussing    is   eighty-eight,
This  w.iuhl   indicato   lhat   1'12
persons   lost   their  lives  io the
collapse   of the  building.    Tbo
worst part of the tragedy is yet
J to come, as   is  evidenced   by a
fearful ami overwhelming stench,
which indicates the horrible fact
that an inestimable   number  of
bodies lie buric-l underneath tho
weight ol r.it'bi-h and machinery.
At inid.light   a   terrible  Sleiicti
came from that part of the ruins
occupied  by the  restaurant.    It
I i-. probable that  this  spot   will
add a fearful   tale, even   to   the
present estimate of tlie  horror.
Lite last night a'S.i.all loot,aiiklo
and part of a log,, probably agiiTs
or   boy's,   ��.ts .M'cove.ed.   The
member was  tynliy burned and
looked us tjion'gh   it   had   been
tinned  u��|y: f.om   the  body.
The workmen' are fast clearing
away lhe debris and it is probablo
lhat a great  number  of  bodies
will be recovered before daylight.
The Morden Monitor says: linr
ley aod o.ts have been lulling
before the binder in this district
llirouglio.it the week, whilo many
farmers wbo possess a piece more
forward than others have cut
much wheal. Iiy Saturday the
hai vest will have become general
all over, and next week will be a
heavy one ior w.rk on every
hum within ten miles of Morden.
The trope are simply immense,
���o muiHi so tbat ll.o present
binders | re found lo be almost
j .nei.pi.bk\el tut nil.).' out the Ing
1 eh-MeS.
It Pays Hotter,
Tho Toronto Globe continues
to comment iu the most severe
strain on ihu iniquities alike ot
ihe Conservatives at Ottawa and
iho French Liberals al Quebec.
However partisan it may h ive
been in the past, ll.o Globe is
now practically a free lance iu
politics, hitting a head whenever
one p ips up.
The Globe's Montreal corrcs*
dcnl Siys: Thu notion of [Veinier
Meroicr in so completely ignoring
I he Scandal in which he and Ins
party have become involved is
creating a lot of talk around
lown, not only among his oppo*
cents, but um nig thus', who huve
heretofore been Ins strung supporters.
Uni'leasuiit to sny the Least.
There is n good story told of n
blunt old Hen captain who was
nolcd for his personal plaiunc-s,
Being preset.I at a party, he bad
lake, no part in a dance, us his
hostess hud some ditliuty iu
p.ovidiug him with a jini'tner. At
last she led up to dim a pi u and
aged spinster, al the .-Uii.o time
u Irapoitiii* an apology in bis
car. "Oh, you needn't make
any apology, nial ....' said he,
with alacrity ; " any old thing is
-jooul chough (or uio,"
The perils ,1 daily life in  the
tropics aro nlmest inconceivable
to dwellers in other climes.   In a
Horned vilhge a man und i.is UN
rear ol I S ui  were   sleeping   in
their  bouse   inside   a   m-as-uiio
nulling.   Tbey weie on the floor
near the wall.   In  the middle of
ihe ni^ht the lather was awakened by his son calling out.   It waa
totally   dark,   and    the   lather
passed his baud over his son, but
found noil.in.' amiss, so ho turned
over and   went  lo   sleep again,
thinking tho boy was dreaming,
Shortly   afterwards   the    child
ng.in called out, saving a croco*
���liio w.is taking him.   This limo
tue   father thoroughly  around,
III a lamp, ami found that a snake
had closed ils j ws oil the boy's
head    He shouted, ami lhe snake
I-, based its boll, drew the whole
of its body into  the   house,  und
encircled the body ol ibe lather,
He w ,s rescued by the neighbors,
who were attracted by lbe cries
for help o| Lht terrified couple.
I'he Htiiiko when killed was found
to he 15 le-et long, uinl the    bead
and forehead of the boy was silt',
rounded by u uirclo nl punctured
woun Is oroditued by .bo python's
A U'ble despatch In n Loudon
says tint tin. Culiadiun lootball
leu'll w s buat-ti bv ll" 3l'J
Lanark eleven, Tie L-oark^ had
tlm -{Hiuo in their O'V.i haudg,
ufluliiiig ny three goals lo no ��, ���Xf?�� Itootenay Star
-1 ...ilAU-.e-aa
f"ur page twenty column news
p'iper, is issued from I he office of
publication, ReveJsteke, B. C.
Sul'icriptioi. price %> per year
Rates of advertising given on
Publi.-hei uml I'ropiietor.
ii A IT l.DAY. AI'GUSP 29,  IHPl
Tbe tall Kootenay Indians are
B.io,P"-iiaalon(r the river and are un
interesting study, Their garments
are particularly picturesque, and
often peculiarly limited. They appear to be tolerably happy, and are
said to be very virtuous ; bnt are
not noted for their cleanliness, and
toe-in terribly.
The windings of the river do not
cease, bnt the steamer stops at Bonner's Ferry, where three towu (?) ure
on the continent. Nothing in the
world can beat its falls and rapide
in point of beanty, and it is a series
of these from the one town to the
other, Its pnre waters are the especial home of lively trout, and hero
is Ihe angler's |iarnili-e. For the
e<a��venience of fishing parties the
Canadian Pacific Puilwny bus built
four fishing camps along the river,
at points la.ijieent to tie' best fishing
"grounds."   These (".imps are Sit'-d
ntr.iggli.ig for supremacy  in   the np with alino-t everything a camper
[Con. nt.ul I.o.ii I at week.]
'I be Staii (ravelin', niter revel
Hn-* iu the enjoyments afforded
in the trip down .he Co umbia to
L'tllc O.i.liH und the r, turn io
Robson, where the U V U have
ilearod h ��pl> udid lo-wi-die, not.
jet open foe s le, n>ok train lor
Nelson, The journey over the Columbia iV. Kooti ii.-,j R ilway from
il .bsoil to Nelson is not one ol
t"ii-c-,n.lo.t uml danger, as the
lwiler wus led io believe it W--nld
l'i, S'cvwul st |is were made
vi.h u peculiar ,-innli i.in-es lhat
1(1 some nt the travellers to
niiUgiiiii   sin ciling   hud   gone
V ' imp, bill tlie SlOI-b weie  niCeS.
Hi.iy io allow |uissei'gcre to alight
lit ihe tishihg camps or to obtain
Valci lor the engine.
Alter indulging ia a very short
sleep, ibe- wrticr wended his way
to the G k K S jN (Jo's new
f.earner Nelsn.,,
The Nelsr.i is claimed by many
to be lbe best bout of llie fleet.
Sno is the most eommo lions ves��
silof ibe triii, is siaiit-hiy t-uili,
while tvery provision is uiailc to.
the convenience ol luivcllers,
I'apt.iin aMcMorris, lately I'Ui-scr
dl the Lyiion, is master ol the
vessel, ami associal'd will, him
i.re Pilot. A, Manuclo and <Jh., f
Engineer Charles Mclvendnck
and Assistant Engineer liny
I.'nai man, all ot whom arc Well
known in llevelsioke, Thu Nol-
S"U in   ilea.ily   b.l.lt,   ami   make
deepest dust. Tuey ure all right,
however, if they grow in the same
degree as vegetables thrive iu the
rich ilirt. Though the river is long,
the journey is not fatiguing, for the
scenery is ever changing and tbe
comforts of the boat forbid the up-
proftoh of weariness, Ou the return, Ainsworth is reached only too
Nestling at tbe foot ot the mountains, is a beautiful little spot, as
well as one of the brightest mining
uuuijis in the couutry, and promises
to keep in the van. Considerable
development work is being done,
and the result is most encouraging.
A huge force of men are ut work on
tiie i'oui'th, ami the uuniber will
probably be increased. The No. 1
in heing vigorously worked, and tbe
ore shipped to Helena. Browner k
Watson have the contract fur hauling this oie to tbe ore house, and are
rushing the work, bringing down
about ten tons a day, Work is also
going on ill the Tenderfoot aud
Ski line, aud on tbe latter tbey exilic, to cross-cut tbe vein at a depth
of 'jWO feet, The Snow Bunk, au ex- j
tiou of No. 1, is looming up well,
and llie Gap, two miles north of the
No. 1, is a recent strike, which assays 187 oz. of silver und is free
milling ore, The On Deck has uow
A four-loot tioily of ore. The Turn
O'Shaiiter, across the lake, bus been
purchased by Irwin, Hopper k Co.,
who propose developing it ou an extensive scale. Tlie Josephine, uear
tbis property, is looking well, and its
owners are sanguine of great things,
Mr. A. E. Bryuus, late ussuyer for
thu Auacouda Copper Co., Butte,
Almituuii, wbo 1ms established an
I'lliue at Ainsworth, says the assays
lm has made there beat anytbiug he
lir.s ever uimle en the other side.
Mr. Jervis, of the firm of Ash-
worlli A Jervis, who recently pur-
chased the Tenderfoot and other
eluiu.s, proposes treetiug ii residence
needs (save tackle), scl all supplies
may be ohtaiiied at the C impany's
-���tore at Robson, The stoiica told of
th- fish caught at the carat's are
wonderful, uud would hardly be
credited were uot the strings ol
h-h produced daily to prove the
truth of the stories. Tlie camps
have beeu well patronised, and every
week parties come from all over the
conntry to engage in the exoitinp
sport of taking out the speckled
beauties. A three-pduuiler was the
largest tbe Scab li��berraun caught.
0, tbo return from iiubsou to
Revelstoke a run through the Arrow
Lakes by moonlight Wiis not the
least pleasing experience, while the
heavily timbered shores of the river
dotted here ami thero with eettlers'
cabins called forth n.uny au exclamation of admiration from passengers.
Eevelstoke is a pleasant ending to
a journey of over 750 miles through
a couutry of wondrous beauty aud
wonderful resources.
Flso'a I>omody for Catarrh Is the
Best, Easiest lo Usenml Cheapest,
Sold by ilruggMj or ��oat by null,!
, E.T. HmuIUbo, Warroa, Pa., U.',
Tenders wanted for Cortrnct to
tatee out from 300 to 500 tons of ore
ore per month for tbe (Hen Iron
Mining Co., from their mine near
Kamloops, 13. 0,, and load same over
company's tram ou cars on 0. P. R.
tvaoi;, to oommepco from lst Sept.
next. Increased quantity in a short
time.   Apply at once to
Manager filch Iron Mining Company, Limited.
Kamloops, Aug1 18th, 1891,
Is hereby given that I intend to
apply to the Honorable Counnis-
n.lich heller lime than any of the jut Aiusworth shortly. Mr. Lend- ! sj(juer of Lands and Wonts, for
ether l-oii.H in ibe Kootenai | drum also contemplates building a [ permission to purchase 320 acres
miteis, doing f.oui Iii lo 15 .nibs
an hour easily.
The scenery along; the urm of
Kootenay Lake is nut unlike tha'
of the ArroW Lakes, with tin
difference that tbe waters arc
Heater mnl lbe shore line mure erratic,
'lhe .owa of Balfour was lh.
first slopping place, It is only a
hamlet as )et. I ut has lots of
moiu to ixiui.d und conditions
are favorable to ils ttrowib, G.
(J, Buchanan's saw mills was the
residence, etc, eto,   Mr. IV Green [more or less I of land on tho west
has just completed a tine residence, ��j* ��'  tlle  ��HP�� F01"'"'��� LBEe<
,,.,   ,, ,       ,  .      .       East Kootenay lhstrjot, 13.0,
lbe Government  roaa  has  been     t,)mmeU(,iu���  nt  ���  poRt  marked
completed fur a mile ami a  qtiuiter ; (lT) K Rer's N. E. corner," on the
I list tli ��� No. 1. and the roail t" Cedar ; Wi-nt shore of said lake, and opposite
Lretk is   being rapidly  completed the 27 mile post ou tbe Government
nuder the muusgenacut ol  Mr. Wil- road from Windermere; theuce west
BUB | forty   chuius;   theuce south  eighty
,   ,      ,r i   ��� -i        .chains;   thence   east   forty   chains,
A recorders  office  and   jail  are ' ,      ...      .,     ���!   ,        ,
* more or leas, to the siuel west shore of
publio buildings the tonu is saely in ,,1Ke| Hm,   thwioo  m^t\yt  nlong
aeed of. i m-A\ WL.6|,  shore,  to  place  of  be-
Busiuess i>  bii-k  and  improve- - giimin
mci.is iu the town ait:   being  made
which is claini'-d to lie   tbe  best  of
D. E. KER.
tho next calling place, Irom . the lake country, is a neat and oom-
wbence the steamer made a live* pgctly built town; but is not-as
ly run to Ainsworth. Alter n lively as it was when the boom was
.hort slay   at   Ibis lovely   and  "o-   Re*' ��t��fe has beeu inflated
lively mining camp the Nelson'1""1   "-'""-J *"e**-ed -u  ���* ����ioh
��� wonlu have done inore good  in  de-
July 27th, 1891,
iiuiiinued on her Ion-; journey to
Bonner's Ferry, in  Idaho,   in a
Is hereby given that I intend to
apply to the Honorable Oommis-
n.ot.i-r uf [innds and Works, for permission to purchase 320 acres [more
i;r less | of land on tho ���vest nie|e of
tl,,- tipper  Columbia   Lake,   East
vein-ing tbe country tributary to the '. Kooteuay IHetiirt, li. C
town. Hut, 'twas ever thua, and now ! Commenoinfl Rt a post marked
bed noted lor its ningnihcent ,_,,��� M.n jg suffering fww a slight ''Jota Wotmlle*' S, E, Comer," on
n-eucry, the   [iooteony lake  can  mAck 0f duiluea.
umpave favovahly  with  tiie  most     .s Kerens  buildings  are   being IP08^tbe-8-7 <���ej.l��t 00 the Govern-
the west sbdreol said lake and opposite the 27 mile pi��t on tho Government road from Windermere, thenoe
(annus places ef beauty.   Itjssnr- flulshed, aolftWy ths  new  McCilli-l ffMlt   Mj  ,lm,K,   [hmm   IlorUl
touaded ou all sides by the omni- vray-Tatlow hotel.    Mr, J, Fred, eighty   ohains;  thenoe  east forty
I leseut uiouatanaii of tlio mo��t pic gurus is building a $5,000 residence ohains,   more or less, to said west
Inrssqus   sppearauoe,   from  the up on the hilUnd Is making preps, shore of lake, and thenoe along said
nsggy suow-capped peaks of the rftti0Ds for an addition to bis store, west "how,southerly, taplaoeot be.
l,i-,de��u gi��uts to the lesser and ..\s was stated iu the Staii Wt week K"'!""8
,n.-re vni'daiit  mounds southward, t',s re8j lent-s uf the towu aro worked :
Tli8U eouu'i the river wouding along up 0Ver the umuuer in which money*'.
tlii-'Ugh  T**l  slretoUea of  marsh, uppropriiited    for  Itiflet improve-.!
wi.i.re ffiili.oos of watorfewl make, mnU B1.e t0 be upended, and thej
llo-ir liouie.   which Bsrshatt Mr, eml is not jet,  The town autocrat)
|hillU'Oroh����i' n"1'!6 M effort to an<| liis clique are after after the;
IM-Ul(D, bul he uiisut just as well |,eup|e  who   live ou   Vernon ami
July 27l.h, IHU I,
N O T | C K
Gilker & Wells.
W. at, JOWETT.
Notary Publio.
T. L, HAIfi,
Notary Public
Mining, Tlmbor nnd  Bonl   Kst.it..  Brokors nud Goneral
(.'"iiii.iission A(ronIs.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale. Mining Bonds, eta, d-awn up.
���nts nud Aocmnits Oolleeted ; Mining Claims Bought and Sold . Assess-
jut work em Mining Claims Attended to; Patents Applied for, Etc., Etc.,
IW HUE, I.ivk ami .ve'e'inuNT immUHCJt AOBNTS.
Lots on Townsito of Iievelstoke for Sale and Wanted. Agents forMinina
Machinery, Etc, *
|s t-er-'by giv-'t. that
spply ti) ibe aouorable
I at I,au'.hi mnl Works (ot iwruiissioo
Uj purohase IQQ twres ul laud on
I hereby givti that I Intend to
ply to lb" aouorable Commissioner
Uv�� ��p��ni bis money in trying to Pauley streets,  and   the money
������.��� A..IU M Ui lm*\\%rrm they want for H.| {UE^lTt^J
Hioiia! lhe r.t-r  banks,    hadi or m\ Josephine streets, and so the, ,li(.t> |( i .
Umiie uwnlliug enierpriiM vould j n-atter stands, Commenoing-at n post  marked
'Joseph Hunter, N WMount post,"
n thi) north side uf Findla-f Crwuti
,���,"���;,. i,4tbisi-ideul tha interim-[men ��t work on it, aa lm Usa tJie  ^SiWiaJSlS
-proUblv, Ui�� ��uly k%ktei4i ��^��ng tu w��* pK>ph����i��d iu the iprlug,     lu,,.,,,,, m\, (,���t.v {.[m[[[;, mm
north l.eiY eiimu-1 ..'.vi Ibwce seet
(ni'i.y ('liatH'.i tu pines uf beginning,
boa'*��iW gooseehttfe,' Tue bih'M King mino, the hope
Mr. .1- C. Uvk^'l, who has a nest | of N��l��ou, has only a stuull gaug ot
tiiei-ivt*. iu Oioftdtaa UfrilOi-y- flew
nr,. ii���,uin,l- ol awn ol mwih and
fen villi'.. may
illelaiil tuWN.
���Tin, i.'wieN.w Riven
Boot and Shoe Shop.
EI). PICA III), Proprietor.
Boots and Shoes of all kinds mude to order of tho best stook on short
notice REPAlltlN'O- of Shoos a Specialty, Harness ami othor Leather
work also repaired.   PRICES RIGHT.
2J.m*.-rr.^\%uspx;mWm.  nil I gia.liljJ'.T.'l.gB
Evans Pros,' Pianos
If you thiuk of buying an Organ or I'iauo, send for Catalogue and
Price Lists.
jas Mcdonald & Co.,
REVELSTOKE ���*. -       -        BC
Smelting and Trading
Aro  Prepared to Sniiiiilo   uud  Purchase  all  Kinds of
Prices and all Intormaliou fnrnlshod on application,
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted lo tho BUSINESS,  LUMBERING,  ami AGHI.
CULTURAL, aiirt oH-ieclali} to the
Mining Interests of the
Kootenay District,
btt iwlaliu'.'ci iu tlio p*^'60 Nsltww nod Sptoftt is ona of
Uu u*wi InualUul aUcteiUw ul wuIqi j   jttiy j^, i^u,
luafipn iius'riiu,
) ie, uud eicuuio.-l iu iho tm\ ��V)'l��. 0oittiu��r��l��. Work u I',
! ������
Picked Up in tlie Town and
Sheriff Redgrave, of Donald, was
in town this week on busines,
Mr. J. M. Millar will conduct ier-
vicen in the Methodist church tomorrow.
Evan Johnson, who ig ranching
in the Lardeau, whs ia town .his
week on business.
Owing to pressure of important
matter in our columns this week,
the continuation of last week's leader
is unavoidably held over.
The quarterly open lodge meeting
of the I.O.O.'t, will be held on
Tuesday evening H��pt. lat. Ail are
cordially invited to attend.
The steamer Columbia, nf the
C. k K. S. N. Co., ia ut present disabled through the breaking of the
liugg chains ami remains tied up at
Jus. MeD *nald k Co., has missed
two crosscut saws from their ware
bouse ou tbe top of the hill, the
person who took them will greatly
oblige the owners by returuiug them
Chief Engineer Patterson of (he
C. & K. ti. N. Co., arrived in town
Thursday on the Lytton, after making a trip to Spokane, He brought
machinery from tbat city to replace
the broken piston head on the Nelson's engines, and that boat is now
making her regular trips again.
Mr. J. 0. Walsh, the gentlemanly
master mechanic ol the C. P. 11.
workshop at Rogers Pass paid a flying visit to Iievelstoke Wednesday,
''Hberiti" seems to agree with him,
and he has acquired a liking for the
summit of tlm Selkirk j idging from
the shortness of his visit here.
"Peter" Anderson, section foreman on the 0, i K. Ry. at Sproat.
was killed near that town on Monday last. He was working on the
gravel train and must have f alien
unnoticed beneath the car wheels,
and only after the train had passed
over him was he noticed. One leg
was severed from the body, anl he
died shortly after the accident occurred,
Mr. Jos. Newbv. of Grand Prairie
in the Kettle river country is in
town. He complains of the loss ami
inconvenience settlers in thai section am subject to owing ts the
want of a trull from Trail creek, te
Christiana lake. Appropriations for
11uii in that district have been made
for both Yale and Kootenay, but i.o
money bus been spent as yet.
The Western World f"r August is
just to hand. It is a monthly niuca-
zme of 2K pages, illustrated iu ii Iirst
class manner, rue. view, especially���
Long Lake, near Veruoii, B 0 ���
being an exqui.ite bit of urtistlfl
Bi-euery and cip.tally printed. There
is a good article on the Revelstoke
smelter, wiih a quotation from tbe
Ko'teiiay Star, and a gn-ut deal ol
information concerning the mining
outlook iu th- Koolenay district, Its
agricultural news, though, is the
chief leal ure, and farm rs through
out the country will do well to sab
scribe. It is published ut Winnipeg
and Vaucoiiver, aud the price is $1 a
We have just received the Angnsl
number of the Canadian Live S'ock
k Farm Journal. The clearm s* of
its letterpress and the artistic merits
of its outs are so well known that it
would be superfluous to praise them.
An article on "Checking Rot in Potatoes" should be read by all growers
of this iuilispeusable tuber. The
number contains several well-written
articles ou everv subject that goes to
make np a first-class agricultural
niagutjioe, as well as letters from
euiiueut professors and 6oieutitic
writers. We would recommend the
journal'to onr farmers as being just
tne kind of u.agnaine they should
Bilbsoribe for, the publishing ollice
is 58 Bay street, Toronto,
Mnde   in   the   Lardeau   by
Revelstoke Prospccton-.
Charles Holden, Thomas Downs,
P. M. Walker, Johu Staiilvert aud H.
Rose have struck it rich in the Lardeau.     The three first mentioned
genth-men left town  more tksn a
mouth ago to prospect iu the Lardeau, nnd  they returned this week
with   several   specimens   from   two
ledges tbey have located about twelve,
miles from Arrow  LaKe.     The first
ledge they uncovered is one of the
richest diiGoveries made iu the country, an assay by Mr. Iloeser giviug 2i!9
oz. of silver to the ton.   The second
strike, the boys say, heads the S'lver
Kiug,   Tbe ledge is away over 100
feet wile,  mineralized   throughout,
carrying grey ooppsr, silvor, and 75
per cent, lend, three feet of which is
of solid steel galena.   Without doing
work lo any extent other than picking away a few roeks, they have now
300 tons of ore in sight, and are confident that they have the best prospect ever ttruek iu the couutry.    A
slide has Iwred the ledge for fifty
feet.   The trail r-ceutly finished into
the Lardeau has op nod up a now
country tbat promises to come to the
front, and tho news of sevend other
strikes may be expected at any time.
Look Out for Bogus Dollars.
During the past fow days a
number ol counterfeit An.cricun
Hilvcr dollars have leeu pus-en
over bars and in placos ot busi
um in Winnipeg. They were
j,ui in cirsulalion by a gang of
vougbs supposed u> bo following
Ai.unihi!'>il tl'1'"1
For some time past an English
mining syndicate have beeu looking
at the Jumbo mine at Illecillewaet,
owned by Corbin nnd Kennedy.   In
the spring  Mr. A- P. Wilson,  of
Walker, I'eel k Wilson, ot Whitehaven,  Cumberland,   England,  inspected the mine m the iuterosts'of
the company. He was highly pleased
with the appearance of the property,
and was not slow in making the possibilities of the coup known.   As a
result of his reports, Mr. Johu Grant
iad Mr.  Johu   B.   Sanderson,  of
Loudon, Eng., the latter representing
a weal'hy miuing syndicate, accompanied by Mr. Jame-t Beunallack, of
Grass Valley, Nevada County, Cal.,
paid a visit to the camp this week to
examine the Jumbo, with a view to
purchasing the property.   Mr. Beu-
mill.iok is a practical miner of many
years' experience, as well as a professional expert, and after examining
the mine be, without hesitation, pro-
pronounces it a true fissure vein, iu
the right formation to ensure a good
miue,  and  altogether a wonderful
properly.   The formation of rook, ho
deolarcs, are the best be has ever
seen, and if the Illecillewaet mines
were in California they would be producing millions of dollars to-day.
As a result of this examination aud
the recommendation ot Mr. Reuual-
luck, the English syndicate represented by Mr. Sanderson will purchase the Jumbo from Messrs. Corbin
und Kennedy for ��200,000, all the
necessary papers baring been drawn
up and signed.   The syndicate pro-
Spanish Fly, R. S. Gallop and
Jowett i Hsig���silver 20 oz��� gu]<|
Ottawa, Waiter Soott���silver 150
oz., loud 70 per opnt.
Gold Queen, Starkn and Taylor���
silver 288 oz., gold (510.
Elisabeth, Mrs. Scott���silver 139
oz., l-'u.l. 71 pur oent.
Agnes Knox, Sundy McRao���silver
1U4 oz., lead 70 per cent.
Herring Back, Hume k Linioy���
silver 94 us , lead 70 per cent,
Cupper Queen, J. M. Kellie���gold
t$, silver 00 to 100 oz.
Mini,-, G. B. Nagle-gold 88.
Round Hill���silver 20 to 00 oz.,
lead 40 per cent.
Maple, D. Wooliey���silver 20 to
CO oz., hail 40 per cent.
Great Cave, Scott aud Chisholm���
silver- 60 to 80 oz.
Jumbo, Cortiiu aud Keunedy���silver
j (it) to 1300 oz.
Sauguhor, W. Scott���silver 70 to
110 r-z,
Oak Loaf, Jowett and nuig���silver
40 to 4110 oz.
Maylair; John Boyd���very rich iu
grey copper.
Dtiuviigun, Boyd, Bean k Co.���
Bilver 70 to 115 oz., lead 70 per cent.
Gladstone, Keuueily k McCarty���
silver 00 to H0J oz., lead 60 per
Crystal, Corbin and  Kennedy-
silver 60 lo 80 oz., lead 60 per ceut.
Maple Leaf, Alex.  McKiuuon���
CO to 80 oz., silver.
HoDjestake, Chas. Taylor���silver
100 oz., leud 40 per cent.
Bluebell, Gallup aud Green���70
oz. silver; aud a number of other
claims to be collected.
James McDonald & Co.
Carry large lines of plain, medium, n^nd high-grade furniture.   Parlor anl
Bed-room sets rauging in price from $0.50 to $500,    Hotels furnished throughout.  Ollice and bar-room okairs.    Spriug
mattresses uiude to order, and woveu wire, hair
aud wool mattresses iu stock.     Mail
orders from Kootonay Lake
points will receive early
and   prompt  attention.
The Revelstoke Tin Shop.
3ranito  waro,  and
Ware made to order.
Lamp  Guols.       Tin,  Copper and; Sheet Inn
First olass work guaranteed.    Or lor* pro mptlj
attended to.
Specimens from the following
claims at Trail Cieek will be shown
at the Toronto Exhibition. Mr. \V.
I. Kirkwood made the collection.
Le IM, Spokaue Mining k Smelting Co., gold and copptr.
Josie, R. E. Lemon, silver an.I
Ore Eagle, Joe Merritt and M.
City of Spokane, E. Haney, gold
and silver,
St. Elmo, Spring anil Oe-iler.
Idaho, Joe Monis,
Iron Port, M. Burgeois and E, S.
Kootenay, P. Aspen wall.
Centre Star, Morris ami Burgeois.
Lily May, Hover aud Beorleaii.
Hosiesliike, Morris and Burgeois.
Druailuaiuou, Stewart aud Purdue,
I. X. L., Eddy and Ci-vie.
Sophia, Hughes ami Toppeu.
.. t..jww
All orders'by mail or
en rose ,pron tl>
All descriptions')
gold and silver.
Prize Plums.
Mr Joseph ll.irr, of Cunning,
ham Bl.eei, brought to our oilier
yesterday, says the New Westminster L"dger, a Simple of plums
grown in his orchard. Tioy were
mum unit In, three of them weighing 10} ounces and their average
circumference beinij (ij ii.oheg,
I'he yield ol the trets Irom which
-hose monsters Were plucked will
be corn."ii8. Each tree literally
hews (lown beneath the mass ol
fruit loading ils  brinches, and
lhe estimated weight of fruit on
pose developing the miue on a very   ^ ^ ,g km ,5() ^ m ^
extensive scale, aud .Mr. Grant will
(Close to C. P. ll. Depot;
return iu October to look after this
port of the programme.
The syndicate has also scoured an
optiou on Alex. Meluuuou's Maple
Leaf for 1*50,000, aud it is probable
other properties will bo secured. Mr.
lioiiuallack considers the Maple Leaf
a good mine, aud that there must be
scores of others iu the camp.
Eighteen claims have boen recorded on the uew strike ut Pish
Work has been going on steadily
in tho Lanark shaft for some weeks
past, aud it is uow dowu sixty fed ou
bolid ore.
Mr. Kellie, M. P. P.. and John
Boyd are busily eugaged in preparing tbe ore exhioit for Toronto
Inhibition. The exhibit from lllo-
cillewaet will represent about thirty
claims, und will discount anything iu
the country.    Excellent specimens
Meteorological Report.
Following are the readings of tho
thermometer at Griflh Lake Station
for the week ending August 22ml,
1891 :-
Monday, Aug. 17th, max 8S, min. (11
Tuesday, " 18ib, wax 75, min. M
Wod. " l'J.h.miu. 73. min. W
Thursday " 20th, mux. 7-t, min, 61
Friday, " 21st, max 7a, min. 02
Saturday   "   22ud,max, 90, uiin.Ul
L. H. LiNonEy.
Burk's tmeuii
uVfl in eireululion in the NorVlicrn I hilYt, !���.��>,, gul,.ur^ tiom tlie following
gluten and ip Southern Manitoba,  (,lmms._
William Wilson-
V"iing Domiuion, 3. M. KajlHo ��
'jhe-y are a very youi .un ii'mii,     l,1.���(>n p(,.���t,
|,ui ure S'lineWbat   Lgbic, and LHver jj oll, gold |H
,|,��� genuine ring, mnl |   YimM hmmnUt j
llOlCalaUll   ll     <-'��U   101.   IS
pave tint
tiro can 7
allH-l 'al'J U.,Hil-l S-t.
HOUSH and LOT, being
Lot 12, Block 18, George Street,
Revelstoke, A coruer lot, 60 feet,
and oight-roomed house, two storeys,
nearly new, and woll built,
lenders will be opened on September 21st at 11 a.in,
Highest or any teuder not ueoes-
earilv accepted,
Tenders to bo sent to, and any
further particulars will be given by
Assiguce, Revelstoke.
Importers of the Choicest Groceries and Provisions.
Wc carry a select and complete stuck of gem's furnishings, ladios' toil t.
and ctiildieii'i, boots, shoes uud huso, stationery, p.item mcdiou.es, etc.,
requisites and roa-iy-inado clothing.   A   largo   uaScl'luioul ut pipon
luuuccu, uigui'uiiboii, imported and duuiuslii- cigars, iiuiiD, ''..iiuy, ei .
stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough aud dressed lumber, and other -jo-"!*
luo numerous to moutlon, al moderate prices,
Telephone ctiimunication.
J, Fred, Hume & Co.,
HeveUto^e ao J Nelson, !?. C.
Dry Goods,  Provisions  anl IIi.\U'.u\5,
Tho Public will llnd It to thoir advaulago lo Dull anl
Inspect  Goods and Compire   Prices.
Any ordors plaood with   Mr. Omat.su Linomuu  will have ov
oarolttl at-Uilio.i   anl  p.M.iipt delivery to any par. nl  Kevslsioks.
'��a>a��-      -a��4 In tl.o Supreme Court, Victoria
REVELSTOKE, AUGUST 29. Ml\Mom Mr, ,T���,tioe Dnike  aBl3 ,
speoial j ry, 't ,e action of Gray vs.
MeCalliiUi ii.,a bad a twelve days'
hearing. There was alro a counter-
claim by MiiCalluin against Oi-ay,
Johnson, and the Ophir Bed Koek
just siartcd upon their annual Flnme C"' The original action wus
tt-resir  e*cilf-iiiH*,' iffifeij' (if1 Hid -'-"'UghHiy James'Gray, J hu Gray
roUte    Of    vV'llicIi    lie-S    witllill    tfi."   ''mlS   a-a-l-iy Hg-lai.--i Cll|lf. i.^'CllllTl'n,
Travtillinji PreskaMjiiV
The newspaper men of Tllaho,
lViii-bint'tmi anil  Molilalia have
On the application nf thnattorncy-
p-eneral, the court gaVe judgment
iu favor of Capt. McCallum in the
original aotion, the question of costs
to be diseussM hereafter. The
eonrfats.i ordered the injunction
against AKsOallnm'to be discharged,
u..u    ni,i;r
Province of  Miitisb   (,'oluiul-iu.
On Thursday they left Spokane
F lis bv the Liitle J) lbs. ovei
the Spoknno .nol Jftiitn'urn Kail-
iv.;,'. My tlie ''tilifinbill A Kouie������'
���i y Sieatrl Kav'K'at'iou (.'on.piny
i'ii,y pi'!,.',el 'o Ruvolstoki', .....I
then ou to Hand,tho great health
���ind plc.s.it'u ns rt Invitations
have been ex'.i-iiilcl- .<���> BVanj1
British Colivm't ia pfesSlliviJ to
fake part in the Hip.
A Wesri rn Kip Van Winkle.
to have it declared that certain
Irai Biers of shares, amounting to 10-
30ths, in the Ojihir Bed Rock Fill me
Ui-��y��tiyr McC'nHooh's (>eek, Big
.I5e.nl, by1 tiie tiVays' to McCallum
were executed Iiy way of mortgage,
for securing repayment of gG.OuU,
and not by way of ab&irufe Hull),
The ilocumenta in question were
dated April 17th, 18-1), were ub.-o-
lute upou tin; face ul llii-m, iin<: were
- rawn bv Mr. Ei itf, Johnson, who
acted us agent for tho Gratis and
McCallum iu the trausuotiou, ami
iiifliuled the transfer of a q'nmtitv
of stores at tbe mine. Pending the
trial of tho suit, an injunction hail
river which can boast
""Sleepy Hollow" on iis
'i'he  Eraser can
of   a
y claim to a
Huge ej'ii'il'e .-.'.' i.-f-iaied from the
beeu issued by the coui'l, restraining
.Tire* rtilOmoh hi *l6tr tbo ot\\f {-tins defendant MoSalfitm from deal-
in-,' with tho property iu question,
the Grays having paid $5,700 iuto
court to abioe the result ol the
The defendant McCallum, besides
setting up the absolute nature of the
sale, bre.uglit a counter-claim for
damages ag.ii*nst the Grajs ami E.
M Johnson, alleging that thu Grays
aud Jobnsou bad combined for the
purpose of inserting the mortgage,
rifad thereby pjeveutiug McCallum
from working the mine or doalinn
with the property. Mcdllum also
counter-claimed against the Ophir
,.Kod Koek Vlaete ^oinpsi-y tot expenses of running fhe miue for 1889.
The first witness called in support
of the case of the Grays was .Mr. E.
M. Johnson, wbo prep-wed the document, ami who snore positively to
the distinct agreement made by himself with McOal'luta-i thai; they
should operate by way o/ tiiorfguge
only.- J.tnes Oruy and Samu.l
Gray also gave evidence lo the agreement for a mortgage, bnt James
f*.ny aVuS eoUiYouted by u.*fiiavits
made by hiui.-sel'f i'u -v previous suit,
in which he had stated 'but tbe sale
w*�� an absolute oue, uud that E, M.
Johusou h'a\i tried to induce him to
Rustle and tu.ni'ilof the outer
stotld. At least, ibis is the im-
piession givei, by the very ancient
n\ w�� dished up i'n iho (mitltii* Of a
Acckly enterprise publish, d
there, leading one to i'lllw4 lhat
its' only Means of getting news
Mas by the old.fashioned prairie
schooner or the sale aud steady
Ox cart. Here is a pari.graph
from itsis-tie of Aug 22nd :
"Windlhnrst, the leader of the
Pciitre party in the German
.ti'eii hsttij*. is a heritable Glad*
(i'luno. He celebrated liis Sdi I.
Fi.rihdii}' two Weeks ago."
It would n'a-)o Seen .1 feignil,,,'
(���'out eihi'biu'on of ncwapupei* enterprise had tbis enterprising
/uirnal gravely informed us what
form the celebration took, for the
subject is a ' grave" one. It is the
ni>t time on record hat a dead
mat) has taken ai.y part i'n ce!o
Pruting his own birthday, fur
ih-. Windlhnrst died more than
t-tfntYi'&'iitl.sagb'?  Btft
Probmii.y a VVaiTtiniu'RV.���A
Maine lumberman, while piloting
some Iti-iS liiB" I* ccu.i'e--,'l��At bis
A'uicb 0-. orhoaid near*.lie rh'rtij'th
ot the Penobscot lliver,   He in*
i-ateil the s o by lain!.narks ..our
��� the bank, and intended to ilrcib-e
for il the next day, hut the river
froze over ami I.e lull to wait till
���lh" ice broke up.    He waff si>
roi'tuu'ald as to fin'I  tho watce
when he dredged Ior il in the
spring.    When brought to the
rttirliiec it whs still ticking, ami
ot-ly a few ririntttes' behind tiim*. \
I'he owner explains lliis suine-
whai startling laci by Hinting
that the Wuloh lay on the''bed of
the river in such a position that
the ('lib ami iluw of tbe lido bus
wniind it up every day.   Wc remember reading in ourgontci-iip'iy
that the ti lea in that rivor were
very remarkable j now ffo know
What was tlio causo of lis
downfall '!���
A lack of energetic citizens.
I'he people hud an imlea thin
.heir advantages* would push
Ihcin along without effort on
their'pa-t, but they have loiirneil
bettel'' now*.
'tea, it1 fakes.pcrsi-uciit energy
to keep a oily in tbif f'.'bl.t rank
wbi c oilier us| ii'itig  town'-,   are
ptismh*j their advantages an I iho
couht'ry is piiHHlllg tli.iltlg!) the
ilcvc'optnetil period, sni I At'or.
ney Porster, There was L aven-
wnrtli, Iv'.-ii'., for1 exain-.lo, The
niHroad pbnpld went  tlicro  and
[B U TC H E R S;
AKnwitoi.Ks.u.n .vvn'inrtii, dkilkui if-'
I't-nF,   or.*) rrrc
C K V F11V l \mfii>
Conier Vroiit and Hanson Sts.
AjHtlAIIiMSOS B��0S.      -     PltOPlilETOBS''
First ofassin eVOry respect; Nearest?
hotel to C 1' R ebpot and Hteamhoat'
landing, between post ollice and ��� giW-'
bftikliugs.'   Coach  to and from ilopot"
An Englishman visiting Lake
Teho asked a native it fhiiro wore
good fishing in the lako'.
" Oli }'cs, strareer."
"What kind of Cdli do you
catch hero ?"
"Oh, all kinds, stranger."
" What was lbe weight of the
largest Ml you cJer eaught
here ?"
" Wl, stranger, we don't take
no weighing machines when wo
l'Ocs fishing, and I'm an honest
man and wouldn't like to say-
how milch liiiu lr.-t tioui I caught
would weigh. But I teli you,
stnnigcr, when I Bulled that fish
out of the water the InfU went
dowu a foot."
A gentleman was complaining
on 'C'haf.gJ Clftiti be had i'nvcs'.ed
a largo sum of molie*^ in stocks
ft generous'     ..
, i,      .   .i     declined to uo
pu III.c would have allowed   the
Above paragraph to pass unnoticed
claim that the arraiigement waa a and lost it. A sympathizing friend
mortgage only, which he had  then  asked him whether he bad been
Iu the eourse of the trial about
lite documents, consisting  priuci-
a '- bull " or a ���' bear."  To which
lis rep.-led : " Jfuithor; I was n
V, MuC.uiTiiir  ..'.-.
iiHkeiTthe p ������oplo if they ceiild | ..nelsteiiiuhoat. Eire proof Hafo for the
raise S^OdjIifK) lor b.iilgitig the ���"<��ommoilathin of its oustoniera
Mi-soni'i river, The people
reckoned not. They bud llm
:loiv.i, uml the ru11 eo ul bud to
come lb'them, Well, it? did run,
The railroiiil people went to Kansas City and pill the same qucs-
tion, and the Kans-is City people1
said "crei'iainly," though when
tlu-y said' it ihcy had no idea
where the money was to come
from; but they raised it all right,
.and* Cho I'aill'tJUd came, and
Kansas Ciiy grew to bo a groin
place, ami Leavenworth went to
growiih grass in the streets and
lias been at it ever since.
. The wesl is lull ot strtih cities,
and the lovn that is loo' oeU.-iv-
liaut or 6* tuSo to take Wai'ning
roni the records of tlie past
ought lo lie sidetracked,���Spokane RevieW.
First-clasB' 'Mriporanoe Houso.
IioAltl)  AND   LotlOIN.I }5- P|,;K. W.'krV
MEALS, 25o.     I.IillS 25e.
THlk hotel 'i situated convenient to lle^
station, is comfortably [iiruisheil, and'
affords first olks^f' UOooiutnodution,
had ii not been immcdiutely fnl-j-bally of 1 Iters, were place,, in ovi-
fuMcd by oho more an'ic*j'uated eieuo'e. The judge referred McOul-
Hlill, evidently a cutting ft\,in last | lum's claim a^aiust tne company to
year's paper,   Read this;
��� Mrs. I'.T. Rnrnum islfl; her
husband is double that age.   She
fcas a ,M.sa Fish, of   Htfry,   Lan
('���a-hil-e, En-aletid; tho   daughter
f.f a pi'i'inintnl cotton  n.u.iuh
i the registrar Ior report, ami all the
| evidence was coucluueil on Moa'.lay
when the ca-,e w;*s Submitted to  the
A  decree h,s been  is'ucd in
Sixty ilaj-B nfter date, I inteiiil to
apply to the Chief Commissioner nf
Lauds and Works for the purchase
of eighty acres, oommenoin}*; at a
post on the east side of John Bangs
pre-emption, running 20 chains cast,
40 chains south, thenco 20 chuius
west, thence 40 chuiuS north to point
of begiunin'g .-
Iievelstoke, July 29th, 1801,
Assay  niiif   Milling'   Ofiicos,
Goldou/ Jit C;
jury, after an eihaustive summiug | wllicl' ,l,u 'i1-'1'"" aunoiri.ces that
up by the j i.ige, wuo left to  them I'be fofaOes the  ri^hl to annex '
the fol)o*iug questions, which, a.ter I Manipur.   The V.ccioy of I'ndi
iurer, and a beauty well known  au absence ot  three hourj,   were | will  eh-uise a unlive  ruler for
answered as indicated
". ��� W���� the  lfatU8cictiofl between
Hit Otfough the County Palatine.'
&e tVi'fffie t.��' coifimeii'la' on this
, ...     ,,��� ���,     ,      lhe defendant an I   the   plaintiff 00
jiurngruph. the thing speaks for ,f
{     ,?     ,' ..   ,    '   ���    , thi-Lthaud   18th  April,   1880, au
l.svlt     iarnnm died at Bridge-   -,���������,,��� ������i���
-    [ aosoiote sale, or was it i���teu led to
jiOtt, Conn.,- last spring '
t'niigiit In the Act
The   Rriti-h Coovernmcnt has
iiotitiu.i the Gveruinent ot China
.hat  from  Ellis time  lorth  no
f be a morlgagi-   Ans.���A sule abso-l Hriiish otfioe.s will be allowed to
I lute. I scive in the Chinese navy,   This
Q ���If you ar.swcr tbat it was a : step was taken en account of the
j sale, did  the  defendant Johnson, refusal of tbe Chinese authorities
F'v'i.cfir ariroe feW of fTnM,   TT?"F^'"l�� "! D''ftelr,i,n  to furnish an explanation of an
fctiilrSl.-r some lew or Unfile that the deeds were only  iotecded > -     ,   .        ���l-
Gain's scalers ate not going lo | fOT a mortgager  Ans.-No. ,M.U!1 \* .C   "��9e ��fficer l0 "
' H-lil'e" from   business without;    Immediately after  the  jury  bad  BritilJ*- ��'"<-0'''
(VftfllB t'flril't to dtfdge M erfliser- retired   .His Honor called ���fumes'   Typhoid fever is epidemio in
I'lilll-e pliitcd ot. diity I y tbe (j, Gray forward and nidi  "Mr. Bher- vari us portions of I'oronto,  The
fl: shd (l. Hi flf'ti.   ft.ii.-'-�� -joe, i(T' s"fl ,b!'* ',''rri*"' (>rHy doM not bonpitalsafe full bt pen-itn tat-
UflhtaillHt.opei-.eOoilBandlngthe !fl8te lh? ronrt   * ^ilee, tlmt ���- iering from it, and almost every
UiSi BU-iiiflship UbHHh) reports
(jforecitioli be taken af-KiiiKt him for
day new oases are rcpnrled.   Vic
toria, alsO, has bud throe bases ol
typhoid  during tlio week.     No
the B-tb'tirlj of the Bcboonef KthDl,    j���mefl Qny ,���v|ng ,JMD token
IF9HI ����n Ibegn, (.'al. Tbfi Klbel \m cn!,M, bv iUt,  n|1(irirfi bi(
W��s, foUlld MJtnpletely flitted for, honor rem-irticl that the question of|('00*-t '-Poro1-11'is indebted to the
9f8l'lll{{| IrllH bdtttS, glitlSi amtntlnl-1 bail might be dlsotined ��ft��r the|Ht,**-""r'1 v"a',r oonfinod in Ash-
linll, iuitj UlUi   fllltl had 'in liOafd i"ry bad rendeto.l their terdlot,       j bridge's Hay lor this diubrenki
win it  i-hinted   111   stilted fHf     The affest, though not altogether " ���
Kul-iki!,., -it) fi'n-ili lur seals-flti.-,M">e*P*0Wi oansed a profound mo-      a Lomoii For us All.
U yiihtiiii pup SBttlflltms, t��.b sua "*" iD1100l<Jft< , ,    ,   , L   !
^.m,,,;'-tai��!.....��,..��LstasartL** Mm w.,-. ,,.������,,,-,,.
ZOOll-i id TVhttldbtJhe, hlbhto UbelratteDtioa to the esse ddrftlff Anyeleej Cnl, hafl lately been
aeuiiig tiiM Hibllj tfopt-, Doopsf the iMt tttelrd daysj aad disobarg��d viaitioir old frienjcla in .Spokane.
had WSfliui) tbi Veigul to lBaV��iItbetfli ; Mr. Wode it. an old time pHnto
ami )ef i .i|iich ��f liiit ^uiltJeni'i I In auflffef la Sao, Mr. Pooley, his: and osrrlei a oeriidonte of mom.
profcl.-u.i!!i..i in thai t-ltpct, \m l��i��Wp dWlnrtd tbis to bare been bemhlp in the Notional Tppo-
thanU,iiu|i(ii|i^ltei'i-.i..i|-tH.-'|iig apfOpWlfltMe/oHsptMilaljofyi       arapbibal Union, isstied in Apr.'
Gil Ilia ibplioiliM of Mr. Walker1 ,o-n       n , ,      in'
,,       ,   ' ; Im.;!), and bear ng date of Duvoti<
the  IBtjfi  "'Ini'leil   the   lime   fori j
fflatini uppllcBliofl lof e.Dtty trial to *'"'     '"'"'
seven days "iter tlm eoueliisida of
Jmlgn l��f"Jm tihiSi to ."I'lci ��by
assav rnici; list.
Silver, Gold or Lead. each..-. .-$1 50'
Silver, Gold  an,I   Lead combined   3.00
Silver and Lead  2 50
Silver, Gold and Copper,..,,. 4 Otf
Silver and Gold...-.-.-,...-,-.-...-. 2P.0t>
Silver and Cop.-er  3.50
Silver, Gold, Lead and Cooper. 5,50
Copper by Wet aul Electroylsis
assay  2.50
Copper by Fire Assay i  3,00
Other assay prices on application.
Thumb���Casti with samples. A
discount of *() per cent, when two or
moro afesbiit.
Sales of Ore nogotiatod.
N. B.���Por sovnral yeari* nsfiiiyer
10 Messrs. Vivian' k Sous, SwaU'Seii,-
Agouts Wanted.
m* hcitpi ihmiu m BiIibI) nfid
Whuw l|iu < in win litil'ii tftj vvit on
tier, pint' Hie fcilliel ivuh ii i-clii-iil
pf peals, i'liti| with lowc.i'ci bouts,
the ww ��cie liawght.i.riii'i ihotfi
J-igl'l und left.
Vou leldoUi hi'iir bf DtaTenpoH
now, he sii.ll to n Kevicvv repre-a ��� '^,,y'�� l0���?���?"]agon'
1 II HUMUS, Iievelstoke ; or to
6otttatlvo,��nd ihoto Is no printers | BbbUHt Kimti
Ocean Time to Europe
Allan White Star
Dominion Cunard
Beaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Iloaton, New York
Baltimore  are  ou sale at
0, 1'.  It.  stations, at
very low rates.
Ash for sailing Hals and rates o
fare,   Great advantages secured by
taking ocean tickets from your loeul
(Ireiit saving oinjolsd  hy taking
round trip tieknlu.
Iterths  in  uny Meemfcr  engaged
without charge.
Prepaid  passage arranged from
any point in Europe.
Apply to yonl nearest agent j to 3;
MN*tr lof Ihi: payamut put flf aji,���tj | np|i,H Mtufe rtOwi  hut in   tho<oj] (icH. i'lins. Agt, Winnipegi
W. Cowan,-Prop,
llooms well ai tended j-ftlt/leS unox-/
cell. d. VVint-B and li.juors giniran-a
teed of it' hi-l. (juiilny. r'ire and
sample rooril. Telephone coinniuiii--
cation with (J, I', li, depot. Fire'
proot vault for (lb Convenience'
nUcstS.   Bus' ineevi.irall trains.
$2 PEK DA*
co lum hia [[opsk;
The largest and tribal! central' TTotoa #
the city ; good accommodation ; every ���-
thing Stir ;: table well supplied ; bur mitj
billiard room attached ; IVe pWiof safe,-
- iilaai'VVIN #etABK,   '
Stockholm Hous<i
The Diuing-roor* its furnished with th*
best, the market a'ffoifds.-
The b��f te Siipplied witka choice stock
o* ttinoB/1 iijnors and cigars,
A F��ll ��nd Complete Line of
Toilot Artiolcs, Wall Paper, &c.
iW Cltjars fit Wholesale, j^l
RAYMOND Sewing Machines kept
iu stock,
E, Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
All kinds of Trirned and Scroll worM
done neatly and prtmptly,
aud at right prices,
.fobbing Work a Specialty,
IIEVELSTOKE  -   -    B��<).


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