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The Kootenay Star Oct 3, 1891

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I\T0. IC.
Rents and Debts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily.
Pacific        " "     16.52   "
Passengers arriving Sundays nnd
Wednesdays will connect with steamers for Robson, Nolson, and points
jn Southern Kootonay,
Cheapest; most reliable and safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St, Paul,
Chicago, New York ami Boston.
Rates $5 to $10 lower than any other
other route,
Passengers leaving Rovelstoko on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
will connect with the muguilioent C.
P. 11. Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
chargo of a Porter, for tbe accommodation of Passengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Hates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save money
by having their freight route! via
fheC.P. R.
Full and reliablo information given
by applying to
Aast. GonT Freight .Ag't, Vncouvor,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't C. P. R, Depot, Revelstoko.
P. 0. Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000 feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eta. All kinds of
lumber on baud. During the season
Of 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of the landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Ocean Time to Europe
Allan White Star
Dominion Cunard
Beaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Halifax, Portland, Boston, New York
Baltimore  are  on  sale at
C. P.  R.  stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
iare.   Great advantages secured by
aking ocean tickets from your local
Great saving effected by taking
round trip tickets.
Berths in any steamer engaged
without charge.
Prepaid passage arranged from
any point iu Europe.
Apply to your nenrost agent; to J.
Hamilton, Revelatoke ; or to
RonuiiT Kwin,
Gon. Pass. Agt., Winnipeg.
*i~**~iim~~im ' '    '��� 'a
Newspaper Regulations.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from tbe I osj OOice,
whether ho has subscribed or not, is
rcsponBiblo for the payment.
2. If a person orders hJB paper
discontinued ho must pay all arrears'
or the pnblis.hrs may oontinue to
send it until payment is made, ami
then collect tlu wbolo amount
whether tho paper is taken from tbe
ollloe or not.
3. In suits for subscriptions, the
auit may bo Instituted where tlie
paper is publishod.
i. Tbe courts havo decided that
refusing to take a newspaper or
periodicals from tho Post Ollioe, or
removing anil leaving them uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is pim.i facio
ovidonco of Intentional fraud.
Divine .Service will he held in the
Revelstoke Ciinroh overy Sunday evening at 7.80, conelnotod alternately
Sunday School ond Bible Class every Sunday afternoon nt 2:80. AH
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of l-'.i'.-lai'd services
will he held in Itovols.oke by tho
Rev J, (i. l), Kemm every lourtl*
Pundtiv in each month,
--/,;'������>. Selkirk Lodge. No iii
'-'^i?-' [OOF Donald BO
Regular Meeting Thursday if caeh
w.-ek at 8 p. m.   All visiting broth
its are cordially invited.
J. MoLeod,     J, 11. .Mathksox,
N. G. R. S.
DpHAtD, B. C.
.Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemon's Hall,
Master,   Arthur Randall.
Secretary,   Joseph Callin.
Collector,   (bo li Govett, Box 49
Roceiver,   James   Falconer,  Can
more, N. W, T.
Magazine Ageni    H J MoSorley
Doxald, B. C.
Meets 1st 2 Sundays, aud last 2 Wednesdays each month,
Master,   J, S. Babbitt.
Seo'y,   W, I?. Ogilvie.
Fine'.-.   Aiagits McLean.
Journal Ag't. E. A. Chesley, Kara-
loops, B, C.
ye Nevve Language.
A new American poet is responsible for this study of English
Krammar :
Dear maid, let me cpnik
Wbai I never yd spoke,
You have made my heart. cquoak
As it ever yet sqnnLe.
Anl for sight of you Outh ray eyes
ache as tbey ne'er before oak.
With your voico my er.rs ring,
Aiad a sweeter ne", r rung,
Like- a bird on the wing
When at morn it has wung.
And gladness to inn it doth bring,
such as never voice bring.
Yes, you I would chouse,
Whom 1 loug a(!0 chose,
And my fond spirit sues,
As it i.evcr yet sose,
And ever on you do 1 tfiusa as never
man mose.
Tragic   Hanging   of   "Jack
The Kip-it-i-."*
At_ llie London theatro, St.
Louis, Mo , a second class variety
bouse, Ilo nice Cone is playing a
"thrillingdrama," entitled "Jack
tbe Ripper," the culminating
scene ol which is tbe execution
of Jack. L'isti Wednesday Jack
was banged in graud ut) le, mil a
big atiiiiii.ee enjoyed his dunce in
the air. But with the dropping
gt'the ourtuit*, the unaoiment of
another seeuo begun, Mr. Cone
bad been cut down and the black
cap removed, bul the mat. was
Insensible and his face was changing color.. His wife, who was
standing by, tainted, and for a
few in,null's lbe greatest excite-,
ment prevailed. Physicians,
who were summoned, applied
restoratives, but it wus nearly
hall an hour before tho man ro*
I gained C0ii6'ji0ijS::css. "I believe
I am all right now," Mr. Co.ic
Said next night, "but my throat
is still sore from Ibo choking.  It
l was all my fault, I negleoied to
fasten one portion of my harness
light enough and tbo result was
that my throat and chin bud to
beiii' all the weight,"
For the Purpose of Kepr<��-
senting BritiBli Columbia
nt llie World's Fair and for
,!'.(. Transport of Exhibits
and Passengers.
The Viotoria weekly Board of
Aldermen at thoir last meeting
reeeivod a communication from
tin- Immigration, Investment a-*.!
Imp-oven.<*���!.( Company of British
Columbia, Limited, which has
beon formed for the purposo ol
getting British Co!nmh|a represented In n fitting manner til the
World's Fair at Chicago in 1893,
and also for the transportation of
exhibits ard passengers frnm any
part nf the province at n reduced
'�����to. The R-nrd heartily up
proved of the objects of the company, t>nd it was suggested that
copies ef tho resolution nnd the
company's communication bo for
warded to the Councils of Van-
couver, New Westminster, and
Nanaimo, and the various Boards
of Trade througlio.it tlie province, asking loom to endorse the
same. Tho communication from
tho company concluded us follows :���
Nearly ail the States nnd Terri
tories of the United States, and
nearly all the nations of the earth,
have mado preparations ami appropriations to jostiro proper representation and i specially to have buildings of tlitir own on lhe Exposition
grounds, to be nsi-d as heailq.iarti.rs
for their o'Ojln, for tbo oflices of
their cnmmi-'.siouers, f- r special vi
bib'its. for ;ho ilhtrjbu.ion of udvor
.isir.g mult-, r and iho dii>S"ininntioii
of information about their re-'peetivi
resources nud localities,
Iu view of the fact tlat luuibei
coi stitnti-s on,'1 of the principal industries of British Columbia, wo
propose tc solicit douutious ai.ei subscriptions for a ''British Columbia
Puiltliii!*," which is to b. built ul
the (iilt'.^Ri.t British Columbia native
woods and other native material
necessary for its coinpl-'tion, te be
designed by a resident architect,
built by British Columbia labor,
furnished by British Columbia industry, and ootijil first bo erected
here, then sent in Sfiotiots to
Chicago, and there re-erected on the
Exposition grounds, aud surrounded
by Britiob Columbiu shrubbery,
plants, and miuorals, etc., serve ils
Vy'o propose to collect the expenses necessary for this object by-
soliciting donations of lumber from
the different lumber mills in British
Columbia, aud other materials from
elill'erent sources and also by popular
suhscriptions, aud wo respectfully
ri ipest your honorable body to encourage this undertaking by passing
a resolution of endorsee.i ut, ami by
requesting the councils of our cities
aim municipalities, tbo different
boards of trade and various societies
and corporations aud individuals
generally to oo-operate with this
company for tho oij:ot named, the
success of whioh will bo for the
bent-lit aud ore lit ' of tbo whole
A certificate is issued by the
company at lbe prico of $125,
which can be paid for in Instalments al the purchaser's option.
This cci'tiiic.ito will pntillo tbe
bolder to the following !���Fil'SU
class ticket to Chicago and back,
g"od for not less ibau 3d days,
any time betwoen the lst of Muy
and lbe lbt .Novoiubcr, IW; lo
meals on route belli ways; to a
sleeping berth bulb ways; a room
in Chicago lur six consecutive
du*,s, una also lo IB meal tickets
good at any hotel i-i tho city or
1'ixposiiion groin.els; io six neN
mission tickets to all parts ot the
great lair; to 14.streot.car tickets
io Chicago, and to an accident
iosuranoc policy for $3,000 in oi so
ol death or 815 per week in case
of injury. Those who intend
visiting Chicago will do well lo
gol one of these loi'lifio loi.
Unjust Awards at the New
Westminster Show,
From several letters which have
appeared in tbo columns of the
New Wcstir.i.uilei' pnpors during
the p.'.tl fow days oouoerning the
awards for plants and ferns at
lbe lato exhibition in that city,
it would appear that the diBoi.se
called "doodling" bad made its
���ippuni-uiw,,, ttiM'o, The writers
complain that the energetic seure
i.tn-y of t'.o i-how carried off all the
prizes in the amateur classes for
ferns and flowers, to be gathered
or growii by bona Gdo amateur
e&bibitoi'p. It is complained thai
the genilcniiin who look ull the
honors was not ontilled to tbem,
as thero were better exhibits
shown, and that bad be cot been
an active member of tbo show
he would not have ob'ained first
place. This alone would be a
serious charge; but, tbo writers
also Slate that tho gentleman did
not obey the rules and regulations
which be, as secretary, presumably drew up, which plainly Stated
that lbe ferns should be gathered
and the flowers grown by the
exhibitor, Neither ef Ihe-e rules,
say lbe waiters, was observed by
tho secretary, as I.e bought most
of ihe terns at different times
prior to the show, and tl.o fact
of bis keeping a prof.ssio' al gardener would debar him from competing in the umukur e'ass for
flowers, If these nccus-.lions are
true it iB to be hope I the secretin')
.vill bo taught fair play ; if Iho}
are not true the m-itlccshould be
cleared up at ou-ae, lor i. is engaging tho attention of exiiibiloru I
not ot:-|y iii New Wostmi.,slcr, but I
oven in remote pars of the pro-1
villOO, A letter signed I, K
Peui'son, in ll.o Lalgcr, stateB
tbat a protest has been .handed
iu, but. no official iiclio.i h-is uecu
taken towards reversing the firs.
The Coming Oarsman.
Toronto has another champion
oarsman in training in tho person
cf llui.lan's nephew, wbo livos on
the Island, the homo of the Han��
luns. A mile and a half straight
away single sculling contest look
place thero ono day last week,
iho oompctitoiT. beiug Ed, Due
nan, junior champion of .Mississippi Valley and Northwestern
Association ; Joseph Wright,
junior amateur champion of the
United Slates, and Frederick
Thompson, junior amatouc champion of Camilla. Durnon, who is
said to be tho equal of Hanlan at
his age, won with caso, Thoinp
son seoond uud Wright third,
Another Daring Bobbery,
Nelson is a sort of a paradise
for bold highway mon. Scarcely
a month has elaused s.iuoo tbe
ugcit of tho railway company
was held up for over a thousand
dollars, and, although the provincial govornment has offered a
reward of 81000 for tho appro*,
lionsioii of the robber, no trace
of the parly or pat'tios who committed lhe crime is yot reported.
Anotbor daring robbory was
commillcii to-night, II, ,M. Foster
being held l*p for ��207 in monoy
ami his watch and chain. Mr,
Fester slatcB that ho callod al
tho Tucumseh houso about 9
o'clock to seo Mr. Kobson, who
happened to bo sitting there, A
short timo afterwards ho went to
tho wator-clooct, ami had hardly
not Iho door opon whon someone
clapped a hand over his mouth
and someone else seized both of
hie bnnds end lied them behind
bis hack. His mouth was then
stuffed with paper. Ho was
lilted up and placed in '.if,!i a
position on the sea. of the closet
that be oouM make no rosisti.i.c^
when bis poeltelS Were being
rifle 1. After the robbers escaped
ho managed lo work the paper
from h'B mouth an I gave tho
alarm, tho manager of lhe llOli'l
oouiii.g ti) bia usjiststice, His
hands were bleeding, havir-g
heen lied with wire. Uo could
givo no definite description of
his assoiljuts, and lhe chances
are they will escape arrest,���
A Boston Fish Story
Several months ugo a lady residing on Beacon street took off
a number of rings from her fingers
and laid tbem upon her dressing
table. After washing her ham's
she returned to the room to replace her rings, whon to her
astonishment one of tbem, a
diamond ring, was missing. Sbo
wus certain lhat she took the
ring from her finger, and equally
certain tint no ono coull havo
entered the room without her
knowledge during tbo fi vo
minotes she was in the b ali-room,
A ii.ohI rigid search was msti-.
lilted, but the missing ring,
valued at 82'JU, was not found.
A Ii-w weeks since tho lady was
much aim .yed hy .nice. Almost
nightly they held their revels,
t'he-y not only destroyed ber
deep hut choice l.-c-.-s were muti-
luted, The lady procured a trap,
o'.e of llie old-fashioned kiud,
and having baited it with a temps
ling hitol cheese, pi,iced it near
the scene of il -pred.itions On
tlio following morning she had
threo tine silky mica of various
sizes. One of them wis so peculiarly const ruotcd ihal it attracted
her attention, ag it appearod to
h.jre a string tied around its
body, The servant girl was in-
structeil to drown the captives
and reset tbe trap, and she was
about throwing the dead mice into the dirt barrel when her eye
was attracted by a sparkle from
what proved to bo the lost diamond ring, which was not perceptible when tbe mouse was
alive, but which came to light
after the severe soaking which
tho mouso received. Il is sup.
posed that in his baste to get
away be ran l.is heal through
.he ring, ami subsequent struggles only forced il over his lore-
legs, where it remained. Tbis is
a tough story, but we give as it
was told,
Bomanco In Heal Ufo.
During last week, while at
Moutroal, tho British warship
Tourmaline was crowded with
visitors, Ono of the letter was
a young woman, und she was
shown around by a blue jacket
who during the conversation
which sprung up proved lo be
ber brother. They were orphans
in un institution in London, and
tbo girl bad been sent out here,
where she married, and llio boy
to a li-ainni!" ship. Each believed
the other dead,
A Montana mule standing near
a magazine ol giant powder when
it exploded was bulled end over
end seventy-tivo feet to the bottom ol the dump pile on which be
stood. When iho smoke cloared
away ho stood Quietly pioking
the hunch grass, uot in tbe least
disturbed, lie bad lilted people
like that birasOaf aud kucv dew
it was dooQ tractor
four page twenty-column news.
])-,i|)e.-, is issued from I lie e lhce ol
publiittlion, IvoveUloke, li. ('
Subscription price 62 per yenr,
Hates of advertising given o.
Publisher ntnl i'n ptiolor
SATURDAY. OCT. 3, 1801.
Our Natioiral Drawback.
Tt would be quite within the murk
to Bay lhat nine tenths or the news
papers in Canada have disonssed, in
peine shape or form, Iho figures of the
late census, uud the dooadenoe of the
oountry as implied by Uinm figures
Wo have not yet touched the matter
in any way ; lm. we are goiug to
have n go at il uow, Tho Grit paprrs
have h.id the blai-io for this backwardation on onr progression upon the
Conservative N.P., while tho Tories
are equally emphatio that it should
fall on the shoulders of the disloyal
Grits, who are forever disparaging
Camilla as a place of residence. 01.,
Iho blindness of party politics 1 Both
parlies aro unanimous on one point:
Canada has lost nearly a million of
her population, Whero are they
gone? The Grits exultantly point to
onr southern bonier, aud, wiih almost
ccslatical joy, shout: "Thero they
are I pone to the oilier side!"
 -  ,     -"" ' '"-"���   j.\|iies:,  ivas revcrai
'' for l,i job was from Buffalo, : hours Into in reaching R.ivolst, k - ou
;'"' l:l' hroughl ail zon rorkmen Sunday ufturnoon, in coiiseqn nee of
painters,   Qarpeniora,  j,   ,.,- b.ugqrs   '���'��� breakdown iu connection wi h Ihe
'��� -ll 'ntors- from thai city, and   engine when at I'd:.!   Butte, a flag
'ialf as much again ner  s'alion seven mil s past of Region,
could have got men in | Engine 1)1, which wns allaehod to
niid liiein
wei'k as In
'lor " for.    That was a grand od-
v- ;'i. emenl to attract skilled work-
e'en from Toronto to Buffalo, fl did
p<>. Many, to our own knowledge,
went over. Now, we want lo know
why thceo things she
Cunadiaii manufacturer;
take a joaf out of the tool; of their
American confreres and copy them
uot only in tin ',;��� enterprise, but in accepting a smaller profit from thoir
business, Cauad i would become uore
attractive to 11." skilled mechanic,
ami ev. t. the laboring man. Lei Ibis
ii" done and our next census will I...',
u diil'i re.i. story.
is a.
E.  (J.   Brown, dontist
Revelstoke until to-niajkt.
There nro 2G85 ties on theC. P. R,
bridge over tho Columbia at Revel-
Mr. Joseph Andort-on, of Barrio,
Out., is visiiiug Mrs. 0.11. Alloc,
his niece.
Mr. T. M. Millar M.A., stnelont,
..ill couduol the services to-morrow
morning and evening.
1). 11. Unit, formerly editor of tlie
Medicine Hat Times, but nov. editor
of   the  Sacramento   River   News,
i passed  through here on Thursday
bound for Rio V'sta, Col.
MosSl'B. P, M. Walker, George
Spink, Hugh Ross, Lanohlin McDonald and Thos, Downs arrived up
from the Lardeau Ibis week, They
ri-poil things very quiet down the
Mr. Hebert Lewis is going in for
, poultry raising on a lu go sea!'-, a. el
" ,ifl   '" has made a com:in neement hy building a hen coop.   This will l.H- good
news  for   the   R. vilteke   kouse-
Tenders are requested by R-vel-
aloke School Trnstecs for diguing a
veil npd completing the fence on tlie
school block. Particulars may le
obtained from the seci'-tary, Mr. II.
^^^^^^^^^^^^       I ue
Tories  angrily  retort;  "Yes;  nud
your dismal prophecies of' blue ruin >
sent them there 1"   Somo of tbo most
rabid party papers are s'ill at it. We
aro only a small affair, too small to
le affected by tho rank partisanship
which Hoods the columns of most of
cur big contemporaries,
matter appears to lie in a nutshell,
What is the incentive which draws
our artiznns end tnechauics towards
Iho United States?   Tho answer is
simple :   Biggor pay aud ...ore pi ...
til'.il work.   Why should this be so ':
Because tho American mauufitoluror
is content to receive a small porcoul-
i.ge of profit; many a mauutaotiirerIJ, Bourno,
in the States running a lucrative busi-     We hlllH|!ll Sljt. ,,J0 epulemio of
ness at a profit to himself or 10 |)er dullness which has been rampaging
cont., while the Canadian tuanufao- Urontid amongst the cities aud towus
turer wonld close down his establish- along the (J.  J?,  J!,   has  at  lust
ment if he could uut realise 50 or CO reached down river,   Timy seem to j
per cent, us his share,   This is n hat   li ee it pretty ba I in X dson, judging j '
drives our workmen from pur midst   from ihe appeavauoe ol last  neck's
to make their homes  among their Miner.
more genorous kindred ou tho south,      Las! work  [lie Golden Era had a
We know of several establishm        long e il rial en tbo msikfils-orthe
lick of markets��� i r 13 C. 1 a i. We
did intend ... .king n few comments
upon this bo! j ict, b t we buve no
r i for .' this wo ., an . therefi re
are i��� :. lied to bold it over for
- .   bet .   .
ri      ur b in ! at fi king on
The 'I    ��� i, but ju    as we
... p still pool where
p,"   lbe
lown,    Th ive no
laucs to u i fa. tltios
���        weight of
tb.-' Prince Albert train wailing the
arrival of the oxnress, was sent from
Ii -"inn and brought lip tho disabled
engine and train.
A  complimentary  return dinner
,, ,   ���     ,,, , was given to the bovs of tbo sl-'nmer
let lie:     II i
,.      ,     Lvltou at tin Cdii.uliia  House  ol.
would onlv ' ,���,      , ' ���       ...
llnii'sdav.     Pli.i.   for eight  ware
laid at 2,"0, when some of the
cl.oi.-ost chickens and game, served
in tho Columbia's nsual excellent
style, were discussed and a thorough
good time oiij-iyed by the "sailor
boys," Tlie party was a "tony'' one,
and was a semi-private affair,
Believing lh.it n q mnlily of histrionic talent  is lying dormant  in
Rerclsloko, it has been uugga-it-eul
v'V'iS. I thill ID a*7i,t-ur dramatic society be
formed, We are ready to give some
space in our i olumns for lbe furtherance of this object, Any lady or
gi ntl'itini.) desirous of taking a part
in thn formation of such a sooiety
should bund in their names at the
office of this paper at onoe,
Charles Swepnej, manager of tho
Bank of Montreal, Vancouver ; John
W. Folson end W. P. Gospel, part
owners of the Whitewater geld mine;
J, S. Anderson, dis.riot manager for
the Edison Ei-.-iiriiml Company at
Vancouver; Dr. Lefovre, Sheriff
Redgrave, Deputy-Sheriff W, Gesner Allan, P, Bo.lwcll, and Joshua
Davies left Rovelstoke for Nelson on
the steamer Lyltou yesterday,
Tho scenery to be viewed frcm
Revelstoke has boen greatly enhanced during the week, by
tbo mountains which encircle
ns putting on their mantles of
snow, The beary olouds which
curtailod our view, drenched ns for
2 whole days and filled our water barrels with iiq,m purn, which enabled
the small bey to bathe bis boots
in tho mud puddles on tbe streets
and aui-int bis clothes with virgin
soil, winch sat down on the shooting
pnrtv, entirely sqvickod the truth
fn! (ishermitn, and east a damper on
tbe spirits of oven the old-st inhabitant���thesa n.rae clouds had been
working wonders in tho upper bo-
yon 1, aud lo 1 whon they rolled
away tbe beauty of their work was
seen, at grand old MoKonzie, Begbie
and others, which all through tho
j sunriioi   wore   only   white  night-
McDonald & Co,
Cry largo knot* of plain, medium, njmd high-grade furniture
JJuil-looiu sets ran,, ing i��� prjoe r,-iml $13,5,. to Lf5m>
mshod throughout,  Ollloo and bar-room chairs,
mattresses made to order, and woven wire, h
and wool mattresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootenay Lake
points will receive early
and   prompt  attention.
Parlor and
Hotels fur-
.jgaaiuau- igaimHmTgiBugaMmmwUaaxmaamm
���PU D
riio Revelstoke Tin Shop,
wm. kirkup & CO,
Jranite waro,  and    Lamp  Goods.       Tin
iViii-o made lo ordor.    First class work guaranteed
attended to,
,   Popper and, Sheet Iron
Ordors promptly
not a hundred miles from T
where the employers aro rei oh
per cent, from th ir bnsiui    ������, l���:.
having ,na! | a gn al   leal of tn m j
out of them, th y woul :       I could
afford to) shut  down  rather  tl
receive less ; while ut thi    am
paving a minimum of wa^ea,
striking workmen at Hull
working 11 hours  i
a week.   They wal I   I
uud  a  dollar a woek more
bosses are wealtiy be fish we didn't calcb
to close the mills; ..��� (,^m_
fuse the men's
these workmen will di
theStates.   Take a ride I from tl
era  at  Toronto,  at,  Hamill ibitad   by  a     ^^
is, ham ecch ilonuud a robo of
spot ess white, reaching���well, far
below tbeir knees.
All orders by mail oi
express ^irirr.tl.v
All deecr'ptions q
gold and snver
Montreal, i r any 1
Dominion, ai I il
able I    t you v\
legend  over  tho d ���
Brown, Utioa, N.Y.,"
ville .' r Co., i
only last wee
chronicled  the  facl   thai
electric .
s-.ecin.- n ol
.   m
    .  .
Mi   , n has leased
At the Vict uiia���M, A. Whiting,
Berlin, Out.; J, E, Boss, Spokane;
H. fj. Filtoa, New Hampahire; H.
A. Raymond, Olympia; A, D.
Emn ���.-, Winnipeg; B. Evans, C��d-
boro' b.y; A. Walker, New Westminster; E. MoDonald, Ashland,
Wis ; Andrew Lanker, Big Bond;
W. R, Angus, Montreal; Mr. Justice
('re -a ai I Mrs, i'l'cise, Pentrolow,
Victoria; M. CMullarky, Ilamilton;
���!. E divan, Fort l.enton; Hugh
Ross, LarJean; Miss E. Clarey,
!: Mrs, J, P. Alloway, Miss
C. Al ��� ,y, anil Mr. J. J. Alloway.
Sicamous; W. Newman and A, M.
gge, Donald; Miss Bath, K'un-
loops; A Brown aud W, Crawford,
���Seattle; 11. I. liwiu.m and J. Plowman, Sin Francisco; E, P. W.
i, K mil1 ips; Dr. La Jim, 0,
'. .:.;,: ,v Fitzstubbs, T. Ardill,
John   M    i   laon, and  W.  Gentler
I'm,     Ison;   ur.   Lafevre,   (!.
(Close to C. P. R. Depot)
���:                      '   ;'      '    - ���-   ney, G. M, Msb-nan and ,1
":- l!"' .   1   .'. I. Anderson      ic ir; 0, V. Bod-
���' ��� ,,         io . ijvius,  W, J, doe,,..|,
energy will soon mako a perceptible J, A.'J poorten and F. MacOowan,
). Whei ler aud wife,
At j ,-.   Geo. Burki,
iV,  Warren,  Twin
iV,        or, 01. ic igau; ti.
.,,.., Westmin  - "';";
arrived up fn
..    , on ol thiaf ikearcse
build such a thing       .    oi ���
Canada I  I I'Loopon                         irnbio
the States to work for belt. t. 0. G. 1 ,   Redgrave,   Donald;   Mm.   G.   M.
but we have to pay those extra night promi  ,. >,    Lind     ; Philip Wilson, Kingston;
just the same (pine the duty)   :, n in8 "J1'"'1'-    In',to"cl "' tllf) m^   P. M. Walker, Lardeau; D, S, flail,
Kirt all otu oars and most of eDtfirtftinmenk b' ��e��bi�� of ttie  Upppw  .'.now  Like;  0.   !���;. 0.
lintlfactorins ! lodf;0' ihm wl" f,0��1,7!,n ih" """I'm : Brown,   Now   W.v.tmimiter;   Duniel
���a^^^^i^^H     ,  ���    ,, |i'rfiirmanco known to tho world as   Crane and P W, Flctohor, Calgary,
they are goneto work in. One  f the ^ ..,, ^^ , |( ^��� ^ ..^   ,  ,, K,,, ,, ,, ^ ^ �� ^1
largest   printing   establishments   in & Webb. who will civean ,,,ft���i���J I11^.".*1' ''  >^i  "��"���  Ur-.w!,,
Toronto erectod sdx new pr
we imp'
our machinery from the mai
I   l,'   ir���.    aaaaaaaaaM        , ���,i
'��� ���' K, il-r    , i es Lalng, and i bos,
,   ......                     ol        ical nm-,10 m th
cutting machines in tl   i                         ,           ... ; "        '
Front-Ktrocl  lo.   yon               mi    y   |    , h ,   y.   ���. .       ,-. ,    ,  ' rji
chines camo from Now  i  rk,    v.     ., ���      u ,     ,,,,.,, !    .-. .' ���    . i  ,    ,\, [rvl ic, I'. \l.
Oiinuot build  ' n Canada,    A   a,,,,,,,,,,.  r,,,, ,.,,,      ,  ���     rs, III nillmvu t: ll   fjjiig.-a!l,
theatre Hon, IU��I t| 17,30 , and tl.o admission is DO oeuts, .[ '\Z' T^^^i  Sy'u:
^ouge-stroot, Toronto, lasl winter n   childr n 25ui n ,     ,ii.
Importers of tho Choicost Grocorios and Provisions.
Wo carry a scloct and comploto stock of gont's furnishings, ladios' toilet,
aud children's boots, shoos and hose, stationery, patent medicines, eto.,'
requisites and roady-mado clutning.   A   largo   assortment of pipes,
tobaoeo, cigai'etten, iiujiorted auel doiuoslie cigars, lruiis, i'uudy,etc.
Stovo pipes, tipware, crockory, rough apd dressed jumbor.and olhergo<*'is
too numerous io mention, at moderate prices.
Telephone communication.
a-.a-i.-    --?---j.a.giauj!.,a^j-'.'jv).Laa,. j.-ji!jaa.iija,-ia���ui.i   iiib    ~-"^^���iaa-ujaa-naa.L'i,aia a , ��� mamimmaaraaaaaat.
J. Fred. Hume & Co,,
Iievelstoke and Nelson,  R. C.
Dry Goods,   Provisions and Hard wan
Tho I'ublic will find it to their advantage to call and
Inspect  Goods and Compare   Prices
Any orders  placed with   Mr. Chabj,es Lindmabk  will havp on*.;
I;    atl.intioii 'and   prompt delivery to any pari of KeVBlstoke.'
I.-Por D10OTXH WELL in the
Revelstoke School lllock.
a '.',
IJ.���For  the  COMPLETION of
'���; /
FENCE around School lllock.
For particulars apply lo
11. .1. BOURNE,
Seeretarv Rchool Trustees.
1/ ���;
Li j'
| Fiioii on: own conREsrouniaKT.]
T i! E
Nelson, B.C., Sept. 30th,
Tbe County Court sits at Nelson
on Saturday, the 3rd, iust.
The Jim Crow, a claim on Toad
Mountain, owned by Ben Thomas,
Chas. Towqsend, Chas. Lunborg,
Pat Grace and John J-dinsnn, has
been sold to E, Mahon, a Vancouver
capitalist, for 82,600 cash.
There is a quiet stampodo to Sjo-
can Luke going on just now, from
whioh place t��o prospectors���Eli
Carpenter and Jack Seaton���lately
returned with glowing accounts of
ledges they located thero, Between
20 aud 30 miners quietly slipped
away by different routes to this new
Eldorado last week, and others will
doubtless iollow. There isno doubt
tbat a rich belt of galena and copper
ores exists iu the mountains between
the Slocan and Kootenay lakes,
Revelstoke County Court.
The business of the Court commenced on Tuesday atolovon o'clock,
before Mr, Justice Crease, presiding
judge. Thero wero only a few cases
on the list, and these were not of
a lengthy character. In the case of
Brown & Clark vs. Gorman West
judgment was given for plaintiffs for
the full amount claimed, with costs
In the Speedy Trials Court, the oase
of Kegina vs. Coursier was heard.
After a lengthy hearing tbo defendant was honorably discharged.
The sitting oconpied two days.
Durin<> the shower last week a
citizen carrying a very wot umbrella entered a hotel to pay a
call to some ono up stairs. Alter
placing bis umbrella where it
might drain he wrotoupona piece
of paper and pinned to it the
*'N. B, This umbrella belongs
to a man who strikes a 250-
pound blow���back in fifteen minutes."
Ho wont his way up stairs, and
after an nbsonco of fifteen minutes relumed to find bis iimhrolla
gono and in its placo a noto reading :
"P. S.���Umbrella taken by a
man who walks Igu miles an hour
won't bo back at all!"
Or- r. ���*���- r r. i ��� T  g ��ft c"" ft TTTT ~""" I"* T""r
\prin slf, r      ! if  '-.��� -;
Will be held on Oo.oliar 14th aid 15th.
$1,500 IN PRIZES.
G ���...:: :'   ' . :��������� CAU 5 Mt St��AK��TO.
raanww^rra^Ta��wr,,    -, ,*...-~*m
ML M &JUS! I Ulka  m y y 1   m �� let -hx
ED. PICASM), Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on shqrt
Tugs, Breast Straps, Ames Buckles, and Snaps, of all kinds
nnd sizes, kept in Qloclc.
Bridget volunteered to settle
the matter, and taking a large
basket her mistress bad lately
purchased, filled it with tho eats
that had become obnoxious and
Ballied forth without furthor explanation. Sho returned and declared : "Arrah, ma'am, sure an'
I've got rid o'them eats."
''But whero's my basket?"
asked tho worthy dame,
'���Sure it's dhroppod down au
airey, cats an' all,"
Tho cats all returned pearly as
soon as Bridget, but lbe baskot
was losl lo .Mrs. Mulgubbina and
her heirs for ever.
A Cleveland man by lbe namo
of Jones has a cow addicted lotbc
uncomfortable habit of switch-
in-,' hor tail in bis fuco while
milking her, Tbo other day
Jones took tho tail and lied it
firmly to his log, Tbo cow, ir-
riti.ti-d by the flies sbo could nol
drive away, stnrtod off and feci,
ing tho curious attachment to he*'
tail bocamo frightened and rap,
Jones is now walking about on
crutches and remarking : "About
tbo tenth timo I bad been hauled
around tbat lot I began to soo
where I missed it. I oughter tied
hor tail to her leg and not to
A lot ol farmers who bad been
listening to a ruilrod land agent's
praise.il' Arkansas Valley soil, at
last tislioil bin) surca.tie-ally, if
there was anything thai wouldn't
grow thoro. ''Ve.-." said the
agent quickly,"punipltiiis wont't"
'"Why nut?' "The soil is so rich
and the vinos grovv so fa81 .1. t
tbey wear oul the pumpkins,
drugging them over llie gr.in I."
$1,000   REWARD.
given, that a reward of one
thousand dollars will be paid by
the Provincial Government for sttfh
information as sball lead to tbo apprehension and conviction of tbe person concerned in tbe robbery of the
Columbia and Kooteuay Railway aud
Navigation Company's safe at Nelson
on Saturday! tbe ��9lh day of August
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Victoria, 21st September, 1891.
Is heroby given, tbat sixty days
after date we, tbe undersigned, intend to apply to tbe Honorable
Commissioner of Lands end Works
for permission to purchase the following described binds situated at
the east end of North Arm of Upper
Arrow Lake, West Kootenny District : Beginning at the South-east
Post marked J. .M. K. nnd A.. M. li.
planted at the month of Pish llivor;
theuce following tho meandering of
tlio river north 80 chains; thence
west 10 chains; thenco south 80
chains ; thenco east 10 chains to
poiut of commencement, containing
320 acres, more or less,
���I. M. KELLIE.
Revelstoke, Aug. 29th, 1801.
Is bereiiy given, that sisfy days
nfter date I intend to apply to the
Honorable Comu iesioner of Lands
ai.,1 Works for permission to purchase the following desoribed lands
situated at the east end of North
Arm of Uppor Arrow Lake, Wost
Kootenay District : Beginning nt tho
South-west Post marked D. A. L,
planted at the mouth of the Fish
River; theuoe following the mean-
deriugs of the r'ver north 80 ohains;
thence east 10 chains; thenoe south
8(J chains; thenoe west -It) ohains to
point of comiu. in ,i nt, containing
'620 acres more or less.
Illecillewaet, B.C., Aug. 8ist, 1891
Sixty clays niter date, I intend to
apply to the Ohief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for the purchase
of eighty acres, commeuciug at a
post on tbe east side of John Bangs
pre-emption, running 20 chains east,
4U chains south, thence 20 ohains
west, thenee 10 chuius north to point
of beginning,
Revelstoke, July 29th, 1891.
Phi'; Both ly forCatarrli la thn P*j
m r" ' ' ������   ll iDiofdChoon :".    '
-'-,'... �����������, .
Ol       .      ;. .. ���,,-.
fj  I' T   '    - ���'���'     - '     ' .-..
Is hereby given that I intend to
apply to tbe Honorable Commissioner of Lands mid Wonts, for
permission to purchase 320 acres
[more or loss | of land on the west
side of tho Uppor Columbia Lane,
East Kootenny District, B. C.
Commenoing nt a post marked
"D. R. Bier's N. E. corner," on the
west shoro of snitj lake, and opposite
the 27 milo post on the Government
road from Windermere: thonco won!
forty chains; tiienjo South eighty
cliiiinp; theuce -cast forty ohains,
moro or less, to the said west shore of
laite, and thenoe northerly, along
said west shore, to place of beginning.
D. R. KER,
July 27th, 1891,
Is hereby given that I intend to
apply to the Honorable Commissioner of Lapels ahel Works, for permission to purehi.se 320 aores [ more
or lees] of land on the west side of
the Upper Columbia Lako, East
Kootenay Distriot, B. 0.
Commencing at a post marked
"John Niohollos' S, E. Corner," on
the west shore of snid lako aud opposite the 27 mile poet on the (lovern-
ment road from Windermere, thenoe
west forty chains; thence north
eighty chains; thence, 'east forty
chains, moro or loss, to said west
shoro of lake, and theuoe along saiil
west shore, southerly, to place of beginning.
' July 27th, 1891,
fi        YT7*     "J 1
06 VV ullb,
���dbatjers in-
PH9TS9 S^aStSJSIt? - �� SMgHro&STOX-V, B.9
Notary Public
Notary Public-
Mining', Timber n..;!   Real  Estato  Brokers and  General
Commission Agents.
Conveyances, Agreei lente, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, ote, drawn up,
Rents nnd Accounts Collected ; .'lining Claims Bought and S.ilii ; Assessment work on Mining Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied for, Eto., Etc., '
Lot-B on Townsito of Kevolstoko for Salo and Wanted. Agents for Mining
Maohh-fSry, Eto,
n v mm m us, i iSIIOS
' ~':J-i'*'r       - .
IHtt. vat DB ooicmuiiM
If you think of buying an Organ or  Piano, seud for Catalogue and
' i'ioe Lifits. 1     "
_L_   "      "     *      8 c
���** T \ ! ~ I   OTAI/ r
��� -. - �����     .a.-J  i  Uf\E
.Smelting and Trading
Are   Prepared to  Sample   anil   Purchase   all   Kinds  of
Trices and all information furnished on applioati.
Is hereby given that T intend to
apply to the Honorable Commissioner
of Lands nnd Works for permission
to purohase 100 aores of laud on
Findlay Creek, End Kootonay Distriot, B.C
Commonoing at a post marked
"Joseph Hunter, N.W. Corner Post,"
on tho north sido of Fiudlay Orooici
aboul ten ohains from tin- samo, uud
on tbo western slope of 'Thunder Hill
lliilgo, thenoe south forty chains;
thanoe east forty ohains; thoripe
north forty chains; and thenoe west
forty ohains to plaoo of beginning.
July 20th, 1891.
Notieo is boreby given that 00
days lifter elate, we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase 101) acres of land, described an
follows: Commencing nt n stake iionr
tho north west ooruor post of B,
Lowes' pro emption. Fire Valley, und
running north 40 chains, thenoe oast
40 ohains, thenoe south 40 chains,
thonco West 40 clinics to point of
commouei int.
I!. ti. HALL k Co
EovolstoKC July 27th, 1801
lery, Dressmaking
Kootenay Star,
Devoted to Hie IUTS1NESS,   LUMBERING,   nnd AG]{i.
PULTURAL, and ospoelally to the
Mining Interests of the
lootenay District,
?>5 '<_/ ���! > to, and executed in iho best style, Commercial Work a
pootuliy, . -.,.      ?*-n.�� mmvsxarrwssasiaBfmjsawxxsrttKS
���1.K ftootcnay Sk
SATURDAY, OCT. 3, 1891.
anything whilo bo wa* inside, bo   pinned by Devlin and Mr. F. f,
agreed to th n a id went in with Mr, i Cotton.    Grcr met them outside
Cotton.    A fow minutes latlor he   tho housp, and told them not to'pass
came out and c;nvo hirawlf up,     He i u certain mirk.   Un had a collection
accordingly went off with the Sir- ! of old, and mostly nscloss, Sroarma
igennl  nn.l was taken down to ihe; luldont-on a tn1 le near tbo door.
A'''���''"��� ''���*   City Hull.    On Ibe way down he
acted quite qoiotly ami is evidently
sorry for what hn been done.
As soon  ns Mr Greer bad left,
hurt���Greer Surrenders to some of the officers waut up ti Mrs,
the Authorities���His House Greer, who was atari ling in the door
Armstrong not  very   featll]
ijonrtB iu this proviuco is ihnt of
Donnld A. f-'mith andB.B, Aigns
versus Samuel Greer. About eight
years'ago Greer purchased from an
Indian some valuable lend dh English Buy, near the month of False
Creek, Ilo cleared sonm ol this laud
and built a houso, aud lived thoro
with his family.
When fie 0. V. R. Co. changed
their tortninns from Tort Moody to
.Vimoonv sr this land was given thorn
by the Provincial Government, the
litter claiming tbat Mr, Greer had
no right to it, it being an Indian
reservation.   To get possession the
0PR. brought suit, when Gt'cr
produced a bill of sale from the Li-
dian, signed by P. McTiornav, the
Indifln agent, Mr. Mo I'ienau swore
that it was a forgery and th.it he had
never signed tho paper.   Tbe east-
was accordingly decide 1 iu favor of
the C.P.R., but it was appealed ami
carried on from   eouit  to court.
Some months back an ejectment writ-
Was issuod, but exeontion was delayed while tho railway company
endeavored to make au arrangement
with Mr. Greer, offering bim, it is
said, as much as ��5,00!) to give up
possession.   Failing in the.e negotiations, the sl:oriT was ordered to
dispossess Mr. Greer,
A posee, headed by Deputy-Sheriff
Armstrong, went over from New
Westminster for this purpose, and
on neariue; the house Gi'e��r was seen
walking, aloag tho track, He caught
sight of the party, ami evidently
guessed what they had conic for, a<
he rushed to tbe houso and barred
the door. Sheriff Armstrong went
np to tbe bouse, followed by thi
officers, and as he passed the window
he saw Greer pick up a gnu. AT i
knocking, Armstrong said, "Ope:
tho door, Greer." As well ai bt
could mnko out, the reply was, " Oo
away, or I'll make it hot for yon."
The officer again told him to open
tho door, when suddenly n Rim wan
iirod and the ohargo cam i through
the door. Five shots buried them-
aclvcs iu Armstrong's  loft oheek,
Razed, way, but she would not let tbem in.
  Al length th" sheriff and some of lh"
One of thn oldest cases in the lew i officers got in at tho front door, and
ihe fumittira was soon taken out ami
planed in a freight car which bad
been brought along for the purpose,
Mrs. Greer scorned us Ihongh she
had decided to givo way to tho law,
and assisted the men in taking out
the goods, Iu a few minutes the
���"tnl'lca and outbuildings wore raze 1
to the ground, and us noon as everything was out of the house the-,-
started to p-tll it down. Moanwhil"
ouo if the littlo boys bail taken one
of bis father's guns and hi ldeu it in
the bush, Several mon looked for
it, but did uot su'-oeod in finding it.
Mrs. Or-M*? an ! her ohildren loft the
house only a fow moments before it
loll, and then thoy went into the ear,
but tha ohildren wore soon afterwards takou to .bo houso of a neighbour. The officers derided to let
Mrs. Greer go whore she liked, as
long ue she kept off the ground, aud
another went through the neck of
his shirt, while bis coat and ovorooa! (]���, c.ir b ing ,i,
were shot in a number of pLoes, two sIre-.t, while the
buttons being takeu on\   II- was at . , foe City ll ill.
wore goiug to lnave the car with the
goods on the truck near Granville
street.    Suddenly she commenced
throwing the things out of tho car,
and thou jumped  out, saying that
she won ht go and get   her   baby.
They tried to boll h..r. saying thoy
would bring her children to her, but
she resisted tbem, u;,! succeeded in
getting away.    Then  they  had  a
great deal oi trouble, as she refused
to get off the lan-1.    She said  she
-.oul! not move until the fowls were
caught, and after these bad all been
captured and iiliced in crabs in the
ear, she would not go no til tho cow
wus milked.   It wus quite dark by
this time, and si ill she Would not go.
I'h y tuik"il to ber potiently for a
loug time,  bin tu  t:o effect,     She
would uut'g-t hit-) the ear. and the
officers ha I at l��U|<tb to put her iff
the propeit.i  hy loroe,    Thoy took
h-r to the h i is. where the children i
wero, hut .hey i!3 J i i, vioknce, She j
was uoS Iiui't in the iea.it, and the j
officers deserve grout cred
patience in c. rryii.g oi;t tl
By  this  time   a  tent
er.'C'tud au.l three wu wi
!,c-|i posso.-'Si.in of the gl
everything had b' on loaded on the
car, the tr.iiii shrV*! for the city,
Haywood in reply, said ho bid n
warrant for his arrest, end ho meant
tn tako him, 'Stand who"" yon nro
and read it, then,' was Greer's r -
joinder, ami tho of!! "er di.l en
'That's all right,' sail! Greer, ami he
ut once gave himself into custody,
"Ah scon as G"���cor was gone the
wreckers rf'tlinied to tbo scene.
Mrs. Greer told them she hud been
promised by Mr. Cotton that nothing
would bo done to ber homo till Mi'.
Greer returned. There reply was
that he wouldn't be homo for sometime, aii'il she und her little ones
were hustled out of doors; thi'ir
household goods follow,"!.! into Iho
streets, and in a few minutes with
axes and picks the house was razed
to the griiuud, The barn shared a
liko fate, and a paity of throe C. .'.'.
R. men were left cu the seoao iu
oharge. Such a scene as the eviction
I hope never to seo again."
Hamual Greer, charged with (���hooting with intent to kill T, J. Armstrong, was brought beforo Mr. M.
A. MaeLeau, J.P., on Monday, and
was committed to stand bis trial.
In the Supreme Court, New Westminster, on Wednesday Mr. Justice
McCreight refused to graut bail, ou
account of tho seriousness of the
chargo against tho prisoner,
An Elopement in two Colors.
Tho Pctci-son-Du'ch race wil!
take place at Uimoda Mole on
Sunday, October I8'.h, at 2Ao
I'm, It will be over tho ostia1
course, u mile ane! .. half with a
ton. The ormtest \yi)| be for;
Sl 0 10 a side, and in addition to
ibis tho winner is to got 75 per
cent, of iho gate receipts and
llm losoi' io par. cont.
Tho Philadelphia Record says
the low iales for ottrryius offered
by the Nowegian and Swedish
steamship ownc-s nro driving
other vosso!h out of tbo West
[ioli-i trade. An English steamer
which has been plying betveop
Philadelphia and Jnmaicu for four
years has just returned to Eng.
land, and a Norwegian lakes hor
place al a lower figure
A Coeoa (Fla) citizen witr.esBcd
ono day fast weok an exciting
race betwoon a big rat and a
snako of the variety called coach-
whip, The man was silling on
bis front veranda when his at-
lention was attracted to a swiftly
moving object approaching tbe
house. On closer inspection it
proved to be a monster rat purs
sued by a coachwhip. Thoy
dashed under the house, whero
the rat eluded the snake among
somo empty orango boxes.
ANniVIIOL--SAI.lt   AXnB13T.HI, nK.ll.KB3W
Comer Front and Hanson Sts.
Ann.uuMSON Bitos.    -   PnoratETORB
Tho Now York Times' Bridgeport, Conn., special says: Mrs.
P, T. Balaam's high salaried,
imported English maid, Clara
Lewis, and tho old time
Family butler, Wyatt Roberts)
havo both lelt her, and from what
has been learned at the Barnum
household it is a case of
olopomont beyond doubt. Roberts
is a fine looking coloied man, and
waited upon tho great showman
for tbo last fifteen years of his
life. Whenever Mr, Barnum
crossed the Al Int. tic, or wherever
he wont, tbo lailblul body-sor*
vant was wiih bim. Ilo was remembered with a handsome sum
in the will of tho showman.
When Mrs, Barnum went to
Europe in Iho spring, Roberts
'.vent wi.ii ber, Thero sho engaged lhc English maid, apd to-
get hor they travelled through
Europe, ami tho handcorno coN
ored butler and the Etgliah maid
wero thrown in each other's com
p.py a ore il doal. Q he servant!.
] .it Marvina began to notir-o thai
I the maid and valet were on very
a distance of about five feet from the with th m the door of the house, Iricndly terms. It created 8 great
door, and had the gun been aime ttnd the gun which Greer fired
an inch higher it is probable that th thr mgh it.
Sheriff would have been blinded, i. 	
1 for their
-..- law,
had been
re left  to
mull.   As
ipji d at Gianville
oQleerB proceeded
i'bey bad brought
First chips in overy respoot; Nearesji
hotel to 0 I' R dop.it and steamboat
landiug, between post ollico and gov
buildings. Coach to and frenu lejioj
and steamboat. Eiro proof Safe for tho
aooommodation of its customers.
e. p, a. sdiEL
F. MrOittTiiY   ...   -    Prop.
PirGl-ekss Toinporunco House.
Ill)AltO  AND   LooOINO  $5   p-Jit   WeeE.
meals, 25c.    nuns 25o.
This hotel is situated convenient to the
station, iB comfortably furnished, anel
affords first class aooommodation.
not fatally injured, A couple of the ,^-rri* \ DIFFERENT STORY.
shot were lodged in Officer Shirley's ,.,,._; , version of the Greer
nose, drawing bind. Sheriff Arm shooting Case, which pnts the mutter
3-rong at once returned to Men in a diffarent light, is toll by a Van-
Westminster and bad bis ��� ni - . lv.r;'e, who was at tie scone of
dressed by Dr. Wilson. the trouble only a few seconds
OtBoer Peterson   stated  lie  saw ,,.|er the unf irtun .te shot was fired.
amount of talk, and Mrs.' Barnum, to avoid a scandal, deter*
mined to dismiss her maid and
tho old servant of hor bu-band.
Roberts left Bridgeport a lew
days ago. The m.iid wt.a hoard
tossy she couldn't live without
him, and also left. At .Marvina
the nest day it was learned thoy
wero together io New York.   'The
. maid is ?2  years old and quite
Greer raise the gi*n to !,.-    .     I i   ,;  nays "Armstrong it is true had a  H come|y youna woman.
jo shoot, but did not think ho . j| t0 -., r.<-, hut did not go abonl   "���	
going to tire.   H' wi aid have fired j( j,c, r,/.d way.   li he had gone   The Stephenson-Murray Race
at Greer himself after the shot, bn    .;      -    ;     ,        iaa and read his 	
the women ad the obi Ir " ... -, rm Bnra there would Ou Wednesday the raco between
Stan-Hog at ths wiu-lo-v. A war ml , lVj, been ,.. -. oeitaiuly do i Mtefiheoaon, tho AuBtralliuti oars.
for Qwer was obtlined by Sergl ,0ting, Instead he went out with man, and Murray, of New West".
Haywood, who with a p*n Dovlio, the C. P. R. deteotivo, and   mi.is.ei-,   took    place   nt   Port
cers started for the scene abuut 2.30 > ,.:>,- Blliug two cars and provided Moody, Stephenson quickly
P-fc. crowbars,   pioks,   eto,   drew to the front al\er tha shot
The affair had by tl en they reach I the place Qreer   Wf<9 flmd, nml at the t'umW buoy
:   wu I50ya.'je ahead,    Thou b0
slackei.od up a little, ami Murray
known to many in tli     and was
tho   general   topic of eon
and on arriving st their  1
D ��� .-������. 'we've
to pnl you - 9 in I tear down
th" party of
.he;   [o  i.Unnrab. ,  .       Ure.-r di.l not wait foi   cuukuI. uji qulukly till, &l tbo hall
m o   from the finish, only five
b .ul lengths separated tho men
nf poople on tha gronud to soe  -li     -, ,r-,   hat  catered his bouse and
would take place,    After getting oil  | eked  tbe door    irwiitrong theu
the engine, Sergeant Haywood,   Ifi       ,,  < ap,  rapped        .-      ,  on   Up to tbi�� time Hlephcnunn bad
cor Devlin and Mr  Cotton went up ', and told Greer that he had   *" "'   r'''"1--' !l!l  '���''���'���' ^ uniform
towards tho hotwo.   There Mr. Greer L ^t, but did not read it.   A male  s!r"l:i'"   ����� to'the miiiuto, and
Lord Ilawko'u English team of
ci'ickotors has been beaten in tho
first match this side the water
which took place in Philadelphia
this week. Tho English team
went first to tbo wickets and
compiled 25!), while tho Americans mado 218. In tho second
innings tho Englishmen put to-
e,etl)Ci' 171, leaving the PhiladeU
pbians with 182 runs to make
to win. Thoso they secured with
tbo loss of two wickets. There
wore abiu. 8,000 spectators, and
grainier play was never scon in
the Quaker City,
An odd result oi1 rivalry botween two tiger-anakos is recorded by D LoSouef, assistant
director of tbe Melbourne Z wlo^i
cal Gardens, One o�� .be snakes
was large, tho other small. Nol
long ago both happened to fasten
on lhe samo mouse, ono at each
end. Neither would givo way,
and the larjier snako not only
swallowed the mouse, but also
tho omaller snako. In about ton
minutes nothing was soon of the
smaller snake but about two
inches of its tail, aad thut disappeared i)c**t day.
The Dominion's export of eggs
to England is, by reaeon of the
excellent refrigerating nrrungo*
motits provided en routo, proving
highly successful, and thus competing fairly with the French
and even tho Irish consignment
of eggs to England. No leos than
9,000,000 Canadian eggs were
thus shipped to tho Old Country
in tho first threo months of the
present season, most of them
going to Liverpool and the .Vorth.
This is, at least, a satisfactory bo-
ginning, though the Canadian egg
consignments represented only
about a thirtieth of lhe total egg
Import of England and Wales
during tbo period in question.
The largost aud most central Hotm n
the city; good aooommodation ; every'
thing new ; table wellsuppliod ; bar and
billiard room attached ; tiro proof snfo.J'
Stockholm Housti
The Dining-room is furnished with the
host tho market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stout
of winos, liquors and cigars,
W. F.Teetzel
Revelstoke k Nelson,
hud made a barrioale with several  voice within,  presumably Greer's,
trunks, and on this fivo guns, already  told him to go away, and at a si cond
.inrrny 3. to th ��� minulp, hut now
both mon spurted, 8u ph nson In.
told him they just wanted to speak ���iIK,h ffoqld not he espoot.iJ to
ti him for a lew minute.., nnd be penetrate a two-plank door. The
agreed to hear the warrant read, shot which entered Armstrong's faoe
Alter Ihe Hergeant had read it. lo v,,.nl through a eraok. As soon us
him, ho was going buck into tl.o i|l0 shooting was done, Armstrong
house, with the intention evidently ��� Wm tnkon Iwk lo tho o;,,y, whore he
of barring himsolf in, when Mr, gwore out a warrant, charging Uroer
Cittnn cumo forward and said he with shooting with intont to kill,
would like to say i few words with ; 'j'hi8 was placed in Sergeant Hay
liim In his bouse.    Upon the promise   Wl������|'��� \,Ml,\H r0|. ��.Xf,0 ti I i< ��n, anil ho
Im tho offloors would not touch I tetaraerl to Groer's bouse, nooom-
1: < '  ���
creasing his stroke to 33.    JJoih
'"!' on Iho door the gnn was fired.   ,���,,   fl ��� ,,���,���������, ,_,,., Wal���,. ���,
-  a iremendous rate, and, i��� the
istonishmciit  "f tho onlookers,
I on
loaded, wore monntVd,   QlBoer Dov
fin was slightly in advance, and as
lu neared thn houso,   Mr. Greer  withjitont to do any barm, an (hi
picked up a gun.   Thoy, however, gnu was loaded with No. f) bird shot,   Murray ih-udiutlly  ereiH in
.    , ,   , ���       .,    ..   :.. ..  1   I,, onainll        ,-...._,, ,     , ,    . . i        . J  , '   .        .
the Ausirailian, nnd at the Quia
Stephenson won by only it hall i.
length.   Tho l-lmu tyim 20 mine,
45 DeCB,,   eleven  iieeoiidy  belter
ib.it. the* time made by O'Connor
at ',hc great l.uat ii.co on lhe
Fraser, lasl Thursday.
Sl.ephoii-.iiii,    lift, r   t|;o    rnoe,
boarded the irain lor Vanconvor,
wli.nco In- lelt on IVodnesdaj
i. ght for Portland to tako part
in the rog.il ia thero.
She '.v.is Iiiiiiini to Have Hi nt.
Prank li. Risoh, ono ol tbe
two broihors who havo botomo
notorious in Toronto for their
profligacy, and Miss Lulu Rolls,
of St. Catherines, wero quietly
mariiod at Suspension Bridge, N.
V , last week, and left in tho
afternoon lor parts unknown.
I in) inni'i'iiige of thoso two was
stopped in a St, Catherines church
throe Ivceks or so ago by tho
arrest of ihe intending bridegroom
[or abduction, Miss R ills being
only sixteen yens of age and her
lUnnliai.s being opposed to the
match, Tbe J'OUug mail was dis-,
missed at the preliminary bears
Ing in tbo St. Catherines police
A Full nnd Complete Line of
Toilet Articles, Wall Paper, ko.
&T- Cigars at Wholesale.
Raymond Sewing Machines kept
iu stock, '
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
All kii.i.s of Turned nnd Scroll work
done neatly and promptly,
and at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
REVELSTOKE  -    -    B.C.
The Biibseribor would intimate
to tho public generally that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
Glass, aud all Building Material}
Picture Framing, &c, '
Coffins, Caskete, Shrouds, ifcc, oar
ried in Stock,


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