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The Kootenay Star Oct 31, 1891

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-"- ��� ������;��� aa,"
vol. in.
No. 20.
Rents and Dpbts Collected.
Atlantic Express, arrives 10.10 daily,
Pacift.)       " ��     16.52   "
Passengers arriving Sundays and
Wednesdays will connect with stammers for Robson. Nelson, and points
jn Souther-- I(pRten.ay.
Cheapest, most reliable anil safe
route to Montreal, Toronto, St. Paul,
Chicago, New York and Boston.
Rates $5 to $10 Ipjver than any ptj'er
pther route.
Passengers leaving Eevelstoke on
Tuesdays, Thursdays ani] Saturdays
.will connect with tbe magnificent 0.
P. R. Steamers at Fort William, during navigation.
Specially fitted Colonist Cars, in
charge of a Porter, for the accommodation of PasBengers holding second
class tickets. Passengers booked to
and from all European points at
Lowest Rates.
Low Freight Rates. Quick despatch. Merchants will save money
by having their freight routed via
UieC.P. It
Full and reliable information given
i}y applying to
Asst, GeuT Freight Ag't, Vnconvor,
or to J. HAMILTON,
Ag't O. P. It. Dopot, Rsvelstoke.
P. 0. Address, Nelson, B. C,
Capacity 20,000feet per day. Planer
shingle machine, eto. All kinds of
lumber on hand. During the season
pf 1891 lumber will be delivered at
any of tbe landings on the lake at
greatly reduced prices.
Qq$an Time to Europe
Allan White Star
Sominion Cunard
eaver Anchor
and all other lines sailing from Hali-
' fax, Portjand, Boston, New York
'Baltimore  aro  on  sale at
C. P. R. stations, at
very low rates.
Ask for sailing lists and rates o
fare. Great advantages secured by
taking ocean tickets from yonr local
'  Great saving effected  by taking
round trip tiokets,
berths in any steamer engaged
Prepaid passige arranged from
any point in Europe,
Apply to your nearest agent; lo J.
Hamilton, Revelstoke ; or to
Rodert Kerr,
Gen. Pass. Agt .Winnipeg.
Newspaper  lies'illations.
1. Any person who takes a paper
regularly from the Post Office,
whether he has subscribed or not, is
responsible for the payment.
%. If a person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay all arrears'
pr tbe pablisehrs may oontinue to
(send it nntil payment is made, and
then collect the whole amount
whether the paper is taken from the
oflico or not.
3. In suits for subscriptions, the
suit may be instituted where the
papor is published.
i. Theoourts have decided that
refusing to tako a newspaper or
periodicals from the Post Ollice, or
removing aud leaving thorn uncalled
or, while unpaid for, is piinn mcio
j".v'donoo oi iutontiouul fraud.
Is hereby giyen, that GO ctayt, after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands aud Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in the distriot of
West Kootenny :
Commencing at a post marked "A.
Wells, South-east Corner," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Lake,
about one mile north of the Nakusp
Creek ; thenee uorth 40 chains, thenee
west 120 chains to tbo shoro or the
lake, nnd theuce south following tho
shore of the lake to the placo of beginning, containing CIO acres.
Revelstoke, B.C., Oct. 10th, 1891.
I.-For DIGGING WELL in the
Revelstoke School Block.
FENCE around School Block.
For particulars apply to
Secretary School Trustees.
Fir, Hemlock & Cedar,
WAi%t assPaU3ia.i
To all Paris at Right Pi-iftpg.
[Two Doors West of Post-office),
$9oss & itmona
Divine Service y.'i!l ba held in the
Revelstoke Church every Sunday evening at 7.30, conducted alternately
Sunday Sohool and Bible Class every Sunday afternoon at 2:30, All
are cordially invited to attend.
Church qf England services
will be bold in Iievelstoke by the
Hev. J. C. C. Kem.n overy fourth
Sunday in each month.
^j&fe Selkirk Lodge. No IU
3$|pp lOOF Donald It C
Regular Meeting Thursday jf each
week at 8 p. m.   All visit ing brothers are ,c: .-rdially invited,
J. McLeod,     J. H. Matiieso:,,
N. G. ti. ti.
Donald, B. C,
Meets lst 2 Wednesdays, and 3rd and
4th Sundays, in Firemen's Hall,
Matter,   Arthur llandall.
Secretary,   Joseph Cnllin.
Collector,   Geo B Govett, Box 49
Receiver,   Jan;es  Falconer,  Can
more, N, W. T.'
Magazine Agent     H J McSorley
Donald, B. C.
Meets lst 2 Sundays, nud hut 2 Wednesdays each month.
Master,   ,1, S. Babbitt,
Seo'y,   W. F. Ogilvie.
Fine'r.   ALgus .Mc],eiui.
Journal Ag't, E. A. Ohesley, Kamloops, B. 0,
One day at sohool I told tbo boys
'Twas wrong to chew tobacco ;
A six year-old, grown very bold,
Presumed to give bis veto.
Snys be, " I saw a fellow clmw
Lii-causn he bad the toothache;
'Taint very wrong for any ono
To chew that has Iho toothache."
Tlip school ucreeil with him; indeed.
His logic charmed the urchins.
Quite pnzzled, I could scarce reply
At first to his assertions.
A happy thought however brought
Relief froni Greely's namesake.
���'Horace," I said, "if a girl instead
Should ohance to have the toothache,
And want to chow, what should she
Like older ones bj time unschooled
He scratched hia head, and then he
"She'd orterhave tho tooth pnll'd."
Opening the Ball at Cork.
The Cork contest is becoming exciting. On Sgr-rjay Cinin O'Ma-
hony, while he was pelting mud at
O'Connor, varied the occasion at intervals by daring Rt-dmond and his
friends to venture to Black Rock,
aud tbey accepted the challenge,
Redmond and John O'Connor, M.P.,
with bands and a crowd of partisans wi-ut to Black Rook iu answer
to Canon O'Mahony's onallenge,
They marched boldly into tho parish.
Tbeanti Paruellites were waiting for
tbem with trailing coats and shil
lelahs, Tho meeting of the two
parties was iiUenrt-.-d by great excitement. The aiitLParnelii es showered sticks and stones nud mud on
tli..'-- .a(,p iru'nu. xue I'ariielliti-B,
who were armed with Btout black-
thorns, remaiue.l tirm and sternly
under thg vollsy of mil.1, and after
the Iirst attuok charged and routed
their opponents, Then the victors
heli} their meeting on the field while
thai' enemies skulkei away with
bruised und bloody hea-ls, The
meeting was very enthusiastic, anil
after it the Parncllites reti*ruod jahi
lant to Cork,
John O'Connor, M. P., who ie
canvassing in the interest of J. E.
Red mon, complains of being followed, while calling on voters, by
Canon O'Muliony and other priests,
who openly denounoed him as being
"one of Ivittie O'Shea's men," and
who told the people to hupt f-iin
from their hours.
Mr. Redmond, annoyed at certain
statements made by Mr. Healy, says
if the lutti-r continues to abuse him
he will publicly slup bis face in the
BlreolB of Cork, even if ho gets six
months for doing so.
John Dillon bus ultcrcd his tone
somewhat, as the Liberal party were
alarmed and surprised nt his lust
speech, jn which ho advised the
tenants not to accept auy concession
from the British Government, lie
addressed u demonstration of work-
inginen nt Duiidiiik Saturday, and
made a flattering appeal for their
support. He dilated upon tho
Biupi.)iiv .i',.j,-,u, t,o nnu.rel with
England after ull tho trouble and
time that his been occupied iu
securing her friendship, I.t was a
terrible thing to r/-ik Ireland, with
her steadily dwindling population, to
break with Gladstone at tho risk of
postponing homo rulo another do-
cade. If this spirit of faction is permitted to spread, before two years
were over they would have aa many
parties as there are Irish members
and bo as they wero fifteen years
ago, whon every man was for himself.
The McCarthyitos held a meeting
in Cork on Tuesday, at the close of
whioh a largo body of police esoor-
tcd Dillon and O'Biieu to their
hotel. Every now aud thcu a Pnr-
nellito in tho crowd would bowl and
swing u shillelub ur���mud his hoed
and mako a dash for thu McCarthy-
it-.fl. Tho police would then chargo
aud roBtore order for lho moment,
At length the Purnoliites grew uncontrollable and yolls of "murderers," "English Liokspits," and
other epithets saluted the McCarthy
ites. The latter then turned on
their assailants. Missiles of all
kinds flew through the air and tbe
orien of defiance became louder nnd
louder. The blood flowing from injured heads and l}inbs, the groans
from the wouuded, the fierce fury of
tho combatants and the ebb nnd
flow of tho tido of buttle as the advantage veered to either side, gave a
realistic pi.Uuro rcocmlaliug somewhat the euinmuuist rising in Paris.
The mounted constabulary were
hurriedly formed iu cider for a
charge. It was a dangerous duty,
for deadly missiles were flying on
every baud, and the order was given
to out right between the two parties,
where the pi lice would receive the
volleys from both. N.-t a constable
flinched. They formed as perfectly
ns on parade und sturted on tho gallop on tbe word of commanJ. The
order was f" slrike only with tho
fiats of their sabres and there is
no reason to belinve that, under the
great provocation, is was disobeyed.
As the constaplec spurred forward
the volleys of missiles grew thicker,
for each side was sure that if they
missed each other they would at
least hit a polioeiuau. The police
were peisisteut, however, aud at
length succeeded in breading up the
A Mournful Wedding Day.
There was to have been a marriage ut a house on Pembroke
Street, Victoria, one day thin
week, In the midst of Um plea-.
blint excitement incidental to such
au cvenl the groom w.-.b handed a
.ahl gram Irom Glasgow, the
conteuls of which transformed
the whole eeone from one of
gaiety iulo one of grief, It un��
uounced thut the father, mother,
brother and sister in-law of tho
prospective groom had been iu a
railway accident in Bcoiluod, lhe
three latter being killod instantly,
while thoro was littlo or do hope
of the father's recovery. The
poor follow, (Jen-dyed of all hi?
immediate relatives buvc one
brothor, who had forwarded tho
sad news, on reading lho cubic*
gram, fainted. On returning to
consciousness* ho kept repeating
lho hope that his father at least
had been spared. To etiso bis
anxiety on the point a cablegram
was sent io Glasgow inquiring as
to the fato of tho father, and soon
al'lcrwards cumo tho sad intelligence thai ho, loo, was dead, The
effect of this was to completely
prostriUp tbo poor fellow with
grief, and although cveryono is
full of sympathy, no ono can help
bim just now, iNccdloss to any
tho wedding did not tako placo
ibat day.
Pasteur's Treatment N.G,
On Autrust Gth II. 1). Morton,
an engineer on -,���,, j:i;,.i.���,��,������ ^
Dunvillo Hallway, S.C., wus bitten
by a mud dog,und 25 hours there
ftftop bo was a putiont at the
l'astour Tustituto, New York City.
Ho wus inoculated twioo daily for
fifteen days, whon he was diB-
ohurgod as cured aud relumed to
Lis (lotion. Lust Friday night
while on his engine ho was attacked by sovero pains in lho sido
where ho had been inoci)latod,
and wus nl onco taken home.
During Saturday morning and
evening ho shoyypd evory symptom ol hydrophobia and a whilo
froth full constantly from his lips,
This froth turned to a greenish
color uo tho ond approached, and
ul six o'clock in tbo morning ho
died in terrible agony,
Kootenai's New Town.
Another lively town has sprung
into eiiislanco in Kootenai coun*.
try. Us name is Granite. A
week ago one of tbe hncliist
nnd most desolate spots on Hie
Northern Pacific rai.way was
Granite station, at tbo foot of
Granite hill, twenty seven miles
wost of Kootenai. The lono
operator had nothing to keep bin
company iu his night vipils but
lhe desolato gray bluffs or the oc-
cujuioiial scream ol some wild animal. Now all is changed. A
crowd ol nun swurm around e.ich
train, and a town is springing up.
A half dozen saloons and a store
are in course of erection, and a
restaurant or I wo prospeotives,
The occasion ot ull tbis is the
building of a nine-mile cutoff on
tho Northern Pacific. Tbo work
commences at Granite station
with a tunnel 410 feet long, and
ibo headquarters will tie at.
Granite. Il is reported that 900
will be employed. The work is
very heavy.--Spokane Review.
Difficulties of Surveying in
The following is an extract
from a letter written by Mr.
Mills, who contracted to survey
tho Boiso Moridian, a dislinco of
100 miles jjt 818 per mile, and has
already Buslainod great pecuniary
He writes Surveyor General
Petift that ho Ins expended
82,000 on the work so far, and
b:-.s forty-seven miles yet to run,
which appears quite us difficult as
lhat over which he bus pissed;���
'���Our trip has bjen a very hard
one on both men and hordes,
Uiush, mountains and limber !
The range ie very densely wooded
and broKen by ionomoiablo deep
gulches, 500 to 1,500 deep and
only one-half mile or sj across
from top to top.
"Personally I have had rather,
a rough experience. Goin-;
ahead one day to look up a route
for u trail I got lost in a rain
storm, which lasted three days.
I crossed a divide in the denim
fog and wandered three days and
ibrco nights jn a labyrinth of
gulches, in dense brush, where I
c ulJ nol soo a red soaroly in nny
direction, with no food or shelter,
and tho last night no fire���wel
matches. I reached camp alter
an iihsenco of seventy tivo hours,
This is lho worsl of several rough
experiences, which will serve to
mako mo remoniber tho Co'ir
d'Alcno range"
Brosolytism in I'ublic
Tho  Uuv. G. L. Morrill has
returned to Minneapolis Irom a
trip to Stillwater and Faribault,
where he wont for tho purpose of
Investigating the parochial an4
public Schools,   ilo cypresses lho
o '""' iioli.ro-.iinu  mid says:
���'I first went  to Faribault; tbo
schools have Catholic teachers,
lho teachers are dressed as nuns,
with their beads and rosaries, anil
thoir main object is the conversion uf tho pupils to tbo Catholic
religion. Tho walls wore decorated with Catholic emblems and
over the teacher's desk hung the
picture ol tho Holy Father. The
superintendent snid that he had
previously ordered the pictures
apd emblems removed, bul lho
to ichors had repl iced them again,
All ut tbo citizens with whom I
talked wero of the opinion that
tbo arrangement was an outrageous one, nnd 1 camo lo Iho
oonolusion that the members of
lho board had boon duped by
skilful prksis." mimammwaa^aaamaat^mt��aiemm&mfamm
tli/e Hoot^naij Star
SATURDAY. OCT. 31, 1891.
four page twenty-column nevis
paper, is issued from tho office of
publication, Revelstoke, li. C.
Subscription price $2 per year.
Kates of advertising given on
Publisher ami Proprietor,
On several occasions lately wo lmvo
noticed in the columns of somo of
onr exchanges that items which havo
Dcen clipped from lho Stab have
been ascribed to come other provincial paper. Twice inst week nud
twice this, in two or three of our
.contemporaries, havo tbo credit of au
article from our columns beon givon
to the Sentinel, one being a long
article winch fills a column in tho
Winnipeg Commercial, nt the bottom
,of whioh tho word "Sentinel" conveys the idea that it was taken from
that paper, But the Sentinel never
published the article. It was the
St..b from whioh it had been out, and
if any acknowledgement was mado at
all, tho Star should have received the
Compliment, AVo often sec our local
paragraphs in tho columns of our
Const oxohunges about two wee is
lifter publication in Ihu Star, nuder
tho hiadjng of "Prom the Inland
Sentinel." We like being copied.
We do not complain of that, as we
do a littlo iu tho samo line, But we
do protest ngainst anything worthy
of reprinting from the Kootenay
Star being accredited to the Inland
Sentinel, or nny other pnper.
To Our Subscribers.
Wc would remind a majority of
our subscribers that their subscription
is considerably overdue. It would be
of the greatest help to us if their
accounts wore settled without delay,
so that wo may bo freed Irom an
incubus wbieh bus fastened upou us
like another " Oid Man of thi Heu."
lu other words, wc have some heavy
payments to meet, whioh, if not met
pretty soon, mny lmvo tho effect ol
paralysing any further efforts on our
pint to make the Star a newspaper,
We huve done our best, nml after
eleven weeks of worry we think WO
pan houestly claim to have mado the
paper more interesting to our ri aders
mnl n better medium for advertising
than heretofore, having added several
olaiins of o.;r health-giving nnd pie-
tnresqna situutiou better than by
means of the local newspaper? It
may he asfced : " Why does not the
editor do nil this himself?" There
ure several le-isons why he does not
but it is only needful to giro one,
and that is���being a uew-oomer to
the distriot ami to the provinoe, he
cannot possibly have tie n quisite
knowledge necessary, and to publish
anything innocurate will only be to
earu the sneers of those who are
better poDieil. We are ut all times
ready to insert nrtioles or letters
giving the opinions of local writers
on any subject which will promote a
healthy ditcussion, We trust our
hint will be noted upon, for wo have
a great desire to see onr citizens
make themselves at home in the
columns of the Stab, and do what
thoy cu11 to creuto u now interest in
its local matti-r, Who will respond
to this invitation ? Gentlemen of
Rovelstoke, let us hear from you
Wo regret to state that Mrs, Beavo
of ihe Columbiu House is dangerously ill, but a change for the better
is iust tow apparent.
Rev. Mr. Ladner will conduct tho
services ut tho Methodist churoh tomorrow, morning and oveninft, at
10.311 and 7.30. All are cordially invite il.
Owing to the heavy rains of the
past week the water in the Columbia
river has rispn s'verul feet, Large
fish have been noliced jumping just
below tbe bridge lately.
The weather to-day is very fine,
clear, cold uud brueing; quite a
ohange from the dripping, gloomy,
mud.ly, drizzly conglomeration we
have been treated to for the past
The Post-office advertise for tenders for carrying the mail betweon
the following places:-Field and
railway station, L&ngley and Short-
rer-il, Mount Pleasant aud Vancouver. Vancouver Poet-office aud street
letter boxes. For further purticu-
lais seo our advei'liseinont colmnus.
Tho excitement is still on the increase concerning the rich strikes at
Sloenu Lake and Kasl> Creek. We
should imagine ikul the finds were
genuine this time,and nut liui'le���like
bo many herctofnre ni.ide in some
districts down the river���to melt
awuy iuto uoihiugucss ou a dose in-
There was a smash on Main street
y08terduy afternoon, A wagon loailtd
with barrels full of impty bottles
was leaving the Stockholm House
[or the brewery, and as it jerked at
the er Bsing, one of the barrels weut
overboard. The Bound ol broken
glass tilled tiie air tor a oo-jsiileruble
distance,  bnt  we  were   not   near
new subscribers to our list.   If our
subscribers will help us now, when j enough to hear tho swearing,
help is most needed, wo hope Boon lo ;    j^r ^erbart, uf the str, Lytton, iB
place the Star in the forefront as the   ,t p^ent touug around a bigger
representative of  Revelstoke and ol   jttw than nature iuteuded  him   to
West Koolenay.   We trust that our   catty.    An ulcerated tooth is the
Subscribers who are in arrears wi     I   ,-...   f the swelling, but the boys
once respond, and g en lh. hearts   .,,,��� it is   mly tbe effects of strained
of our Bluff by I ���-���'.���   mu   I    ��hich have been overworked
[ul ,,;;. ���;  c! j-e oontaot with a certain
' lady's obeek.   If this be true,
To Our Readers.
Thus far mj have been almost entirely unaided by any gentleman in
the town in our tffurts  '      ���   ��� ���
g ii ,i  ri lial 11   i     Dews,    Not
even t letb r I.      i for pub-
lication,   Within      ��     ��   I    '   ?M     '        ^LltFl
���bh-oori-o,. lentsatNel  tile-  �������J���- -  '"-���l''���'"""  '-
��� '.,,-,,      ii .!���.: -I'ii" Brown, J Dover, Helsoo  II.
uilewae  un.   Orilnn Lake, all tne   ,,,,,,,  a ..        ���
i MoLeod   Hit BpnngB.  <>   " ���"������
nvtiolus published in our luoul pug i   (      ,,.,, ,,,.,nv i.ake; K Egertun,
'jiZyiy'lin.^ ,lAi..'o -".Id   Winnipeg;   and  a   number   from
Mr.  A.   wiii have to "lot up" on
[or a while,
The steamer  Lvtton  unived   up
fi nn .own rivor poitn on Thursday.
The water boing oonsidorable higher
than iust week, she mudo guo.l time.
Bhe brought a vM-y largo number of
were :
At a meeting of ladies of tbe
Methodist church last Wednesday,
the Bev. Mr. Ladner presiding, it
was decided to form a Ladies' Aid
Society. The following officers
were elected;���gov, Mr. Ladner, ex-
offioio president; president, Mrs.
Hunch ; vice-president, Mrs. Ladner ; secretary, Mis3 Crowbar; treasurer, Mrs. Howson.
As will be seen in our advertisement columns, the Department of
Public Works is desirous of reoeiv-
ing fenders for three different undertakings :- The construction of 65
miles of telegraph lino between
Nunaimo and Comox, on Vancouver
Islund, the Bupplying and delivering
of piles to the snagboat Samson on
the Fraser Biver, and the making
und sinking of mattresses at the
mouth of the Fraser lliver.
Three weeks ago we published a
j>ni,iKi���|,h vouueiuiuaj tlao nUcuijJtcil
shooting of a cariboo from the deck
of tho steamer Lytton as Bhe was
(���teaming up the Columbia. This
paragraph is going the rounds of tbe
press, aud we find it has reaohed so
far as Spokane Falls. Last week
we started on its rounds a contradiction of the cariboo Btory, stating
thut tho object aimed at was an unfortunate calf, which had its tail
shot off. It will ooarcoly overtake
the first, though.
Ou Saturday night Mr. Hamilton
of the "Senato" placed a pint of new
milk on a table iu his kitchen and
shortly afterwards was called to attend some business in the barroom.
On his return he was surprised to
find tbe milk jug quite empty.
Thinking it might have been "the
eat," be topk littlo notiee of the loss;
but just then bis attention was
drawn to the dirty murks uf a puir of
huge lips. Now, as tho oat does not
drii k with her lips, it destroyed the
theory as to that maligned felino
being tbe thief. It was evident that
tbo present thief was a inost"dirty"
one, for the uteu-il bore the marks
of the finger tips as well as thn contact of the sweet rosebud of a mouth.
Mr. Hamilton wishes to make it
known to the purloiuer that he can
have another pint of milk if ho will
only corne buek and wash the filth
off the uiilk jiituhfir,
A dog was accidentally present
during divino service in a Scotch
kirk, where the worthy minister
was in the habit of sponkips vory
loud in the sermon, uud, in iact,
when ho tQl warmed with bis
subject, ol shouting almoBt at the
lop of bis voice. Tho dog, who
in tbo early part had been very
quiet, became quite exciled, us is
not uncommon wiih some dogs
when hearing a uoiso; and from
whining and whining, as the
speaker's voice rose luud and
strong, at last began to bark and
howl. The minister, naturally
much annoyed ut lho interruption,
called upon the beadle lo put lbe
animal out. lie rose ut once to
obey the order, but could not
resist lhe icu.piution lo luok up
to the pulpit und say very siguifi
cautly, "Ay, ay, sir; but indoed
il wus yoiirsel' bi-u'im it."
James McDonald & Co,
Carry large lines of plain, medium, a/nd high-grade furniture.   Parlor and
Bed-room sets ranging in prico from $6.50 to $500.    Hotols fur-
mshed throughout.  Office and bar-room ohnjrs.   Spriug
mattressoB made to order, nnd woven wire, hajr
and wool ranttresses in stock.     Mail
orders from Kootonay Lake
points will receive early
apd   prompt attention.
Millinery, Dress and Mantle Making,
And a largo variety of tho most recent novelties in
Together with a fine selection oi the
All orders by mail or-
express promptly
' A
All deBcriptioj.13 of
goloj and suver.
fhere uo oue iu Ibis towu of ours
who has u tuste fur writing? Iu
there no one subject ol bufll .cat iiu-
portanoe lu this distriot to ovqke an
article or a letter from someone who
Notice Is given bv a Viotoria firm
of lawyers, MniiHrs. Wilson, VvVaot-
ton 4 Barnard, thut they intend a\>-
plying to the next session of Parliia-
Ik hereby given, that CO dnys nfter
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for permission to purohase the following dosoribod land in the distriot of
\\> t Kootenay:
Commonoing at a post marked "A.
Wi-IIh, Sputh-oiist Corner," on liio
i      ibore of the Upper Arrow Lake,
.1     .....   ...0..  ill Ul   lUl! IMlllllrip
0ree)i, thenoe north 10 chains, thenoe
west 120 chains to the shore of tlm
lake, and thenee .south following yjo
shore uf lhe lake to tho place ol bo-
ginuiug, eon turning 840 acres,
Revelstoke, B,C���Qot, Kith, 1891,
ia conversant wuh it? I.' not, unruly j ment ior pormibsion to build a railway (loin Kooteii iy Luke, through
Kuslo Pass and ivuslu 'Jreuk to some
point on the Biiuiuit betwoon toota.
nay uud Sloeun Lakes, and powers
io build branoh Hues in any direction tbrgt-gl- the mining distriot
wherever disooverlus may he mado,
thus opening up tho rich ore boar-
ng country  in  Lower  K
lull   b        .  ll . !.i\     .
will follow  tho railway, ai i   th
chances ure :; it withiu a im* yours
tho down ....:.��� country will be ihe
there novor w is buuh auuthei' lu.vu
ho barren ol mttres' or with suoh a
dearth ol writers, Look ut some of
the diminutive sheet* publiuhed in
the Northwest. Tueir oolumus are
gnuerully wul| stocked with letters
ou I i0al topic . Nut so in Revel-
,; . 'i ���,.,,-. r tuinly
i,i. .
UUBSJ   g.    Wo -In Uot In blttttO lo   ..J
tiiut ihore ib a great luck uf publio
Bpir  nhown in luifiluMU Uow uuU no
piped aiiisueiui-.ij |  i i" uotiue
li,o town and its tuuiuniuuiils if wo
scene ol bubiiing proi-|jority hithor'to
think ii Aorth while! unknown iu thin district,   K>o our
i ,,. ii ,  nd vi t'tlbing '.o'.ui.i.iio
Ih hereby given, Ihul (III days after
! date I Intend to opply to the (Ihiof
Commissiuner uf J.-u.'l.s uml Works
i... pi i mi.,.-..un lo purohase the follow-
iug d ribod land in tho <lisliiel of
'., '���: '    I.   a.I    llliy  I
Coiiimeucing at a pout marked it J.
0, tlrahamu, Nurlh-west Cofnor." ou
the in it shore of lho Dppor Arrow
Lake, south o( (.ho Nukusp Cruok;
- : I   11 chaiuH, Ihebco south
'     ��� ill   :     'I     li     'ii.,1,,
Lake, and Lin m   north, followiu
; ii ire "i lhe lake lo lho point ol bo-
, ;,i ij;, coutuiuuig 100 nores, more
or lei.,;,
J. i). 0RAHA1IE.
Kumloops !;.'' Oi . l!; h, ll ll,
(Close tq C. P. R. Depot,)
Revelstoke      -      -     RC
Importers of the Choippst Uroopries and Provisions.
>Vo carry a select and oomploto stock al gent's Ii^ruishings, ladies' toilet,
und children's boots, shoes and hose, stationery, paioni medicines, etc.,
requisites und ready-made clothing.   A   large  aasurimuul ot pipes,
lobucco, cigarettes, imported aud domestic cigars, limits, <-..ndy, etc.
Stove pipes, tinware, crockery, rough uud dressed lumber, uud other goodi*
toe iiuiuci'uii'i tp mciitiuii, at moderate prices,
Telephone communication.
J, Fred, Hume & Co,,
Iievelstoke and Nelson,  $. C,
���--DEALEl.S  IN-^j- ...
Dry Goods,  Provisions  and Hardware,
��� ��� "���-    i i  mmaam-��^|�������maam I �����
Tho Publio wil! find il to their advantage to call nnd
Inspect   Goods and Compare   Prices.
Any orders  placed with   Mr. Ciiabi.es Linumauk   will havo ou:
UfUuIul Blteutiou  uu J  prompt delivery lo any pull ol Kcvelsioke.
��� ���
(Grand "Hop" at Revelstoke
Last night the schoolhonse was en
fete on tbe occasion of a grand soiree
��nd gala-night, at which the elite of
the town and neighboihood waa well
represented. Invitations hail been
issued early in the week, as it was
intended by the promoters that the
affair should eclipse all tbat hud
gone In-fore. Their expectations
were exceeded; it was the creme de la
mine of the season. The ball opened
with a grand march, in whioh the
mnsioians (Messrs, Vjctor Vian and
E, J. Francis) made a good display,
Dn.icjpg commenced at 9 o'clock,
and was kept up with great spirit
until 3 a.m. Mr, E. E. ^verioo
made an excellent floor manager and
the committee did tbeir best to make
filings glide snoothly. It was a
great success, the clear frosty
weather lending a great deal to tbat
.effect. Tbe members of the com-
mittts were Messrs. F. B. Wells, 3.
O. Burber aud D. Cowan, who are
to be complimented on their effort.
Valuable Mjpa Claim.
Lonis Viok has retnrned to Kam-
lonps from his taioa fljaim np the
North Thompson, where he has
started a gang of ten men to work.
Mr. Vick brought down with bim a
fine blot'- of mica, 13 by 10 inches,
and 3 inches thick, whioh he claims
is a very small piece fo the sizes in
whioh it can be mined. There is
.also said to be an unlimited quantity,
which makes this one of thai most
valuable mines in British Columbia.
Mr. Yiok also reports work progressing favorably on McDonald's and
ether mineral claims..
Proposed   Sale   pf   Mining
We have it on good authority that
Mr. J. W. Haskins, Ksvelstoke, has
.offered his interest���a full half���in
the fallowing olajms to the Eevelstoke Mining Company, who own
the other half:���The Maple Leaf,
Leaver, Crown Point, and Ontario,
all situated in the Lardeau district.
I'he price asked for the half interest
iu tbs four claims ia $3,600, payable
iu two instalments. Mr. Huskies
also oilers the same conipuuy the
Orphun Boy claim for the sum of
#15,000, payable in two instalments.
Both offers will be good uyfil t!;e
15th December, 1891.
At Revolstoke, 04. 23rd, the wife
fit Mr. J. W. Bruwnrigg, of a
At ihe Victoria���J. D. Brook,
���J. D. Breeze, A. F, Stewart, A.
French, Toronto; J. Price, London;
A. L. Friedman, J. C. Johnson,
Montreal; H. Knowles, Njagara
Falls; T. Ardill, H. Boss, Key West,
T. Blackwood, D. Fleming, E. S.
Hill, Winnipeg; Mr.,aud Mrs. Crow,
Illecillewaet; Mrs. Hoverton, J. E.
Griffith, F. Serson, Donald; C, W.
Busk, Balfour; D. B. Boyle, JJ.Pitjj
stubbs, Nelson; G. W. Munuiqg,
O. M. Leishman, Vancouver; J. E.
Kerr, W. C. Ward, W. C. Haywood,
F. C. O. Amble, Victoria; J. Hendry, A. Ewen, F. J, Trapp, New
Westminster; (i. Cane, Kaslo.
At thi Columbia Hocsn-Judge
Walkem, F, C. Wolfenden, Victoria;
Judge Tunstall, Dr, Tunstall, Kamloops; J. N. Auderson, Vernon; Mrs.
Mitchell and child, Albert Cunyou;
Mrs. Oould and children, fijrs.
Evans and obild, Clinton; It. E.
Hylaod, Donald; E. Eagerton, G,
Stott, Winnipeg; F. Walker, Sicamous; D. Ferguson, W. Saunders,
Catamaran; Q. W. Aldous, E. E.
Lemon, J. Dover, J. Brown, G.
Brown, J. Duraout, E. Bell, H. Gr
Taylor, Nelson; H. McLeod, Hot
Springs; Crawford, Arrow Lake,
At thi. Cmmup���A, MoKinnon,
Greely Creek; C, Nilles, London,
Ont.; G. Lawasso, Kamloops; N.
Nelson, N. Fersop, C. Bayer, C.
Yohnson, C. Liudberg, A, Janson,
W. Kirby, T. Kelly, G: Cameron,
J, Wilson, J. McDonald, J. Oepiu,
A. Johnson, Bobson; Irwin Bennett, J. Bennettt, Arnprior, Ontario.
to tbe undersigned and en��
.dorsed "Tender for Telegraph Construction," will be received at the
Department of Public Woi-ks, Ottawa,
up to Tuesday, the 10th day of November next, for the construction of
about 65 miles (more or lees) of Telegraph Line between Nanaimo and
Com ox, on the Island of Vancouver,
British Columbia.
The work to be delivered over complete on or before May lst, 1892,
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque, made
payable to the order of the Honorable
the Minister of Tublic Works, equal
to five per cent, of the amount ot
the tender, which will be forfeited if
tho pnrty declines to euti-i Iuto u oou-
troct when called upon to do so, or if
he fails to complete tbe work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned.
For specifications of construction,
&c, apply to F. C. Gamble, Esq.,
Agent, Department of Public Wo*!*,
Victoria, B.C.
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
E. F. E, EOT,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa, 13th October, 1891.
Tho Woolcom group of mines
in Colorado was sold ou Saturday
under a Ioubo lur 9400,000 lo L,
E, Wilkes, representing an En-j��
)isb syndicate, which ulso con*.
tfpljj the Dcuv-jr'hotel trust.
to tlie undersigned and endorsed "Tender for Fraser River,
B.C.," will be received until Thursday, the 12th day of November next,
inclusively, for making and Binking
Mattresses at the mouth of the Fraser
River, British Columbia, according to
plans and a specification to be seen at
the Post Office. New Westminster; at
the office of F. C. Gamble, Resident
Engineer, Victoria, B.C., and at the
Department of Public Works, Ottawa.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the form supplied and
signed with lhe actual signatures of
.\n accepted bank cheque, payable
to tho order of the Minister ot Publio
'Works, for the sum of three hunoueu
dollars must accompany each tender.
This cheque will be forfeited if the
party decline the contract or fnjl to
complete the work contracted for, and
will be returned in case of uon-aocept-
auce of tender.
The Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
Bv order,
*''     % F, E. ROY,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa, October 10th, 1891.
Is hereby givep, that application
will be .unite at tbe next session of
the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia for liberty
to construct, equip, muintain and
operate a line of Railway from some
point on Kooteuay Lake, by way of
Koslo or other pass, up the North
Fork of Anslo Creek, to some point nt
or near the summit between Kootenay
and Slocan Lakes or the vicinity of
the recently discovered mineB ip that
section, with powers of extending said
Railway in any direction as may hereafter be deemed requisite for the
transportation of oros and other products, with powers of building and
operating Branch Lines from said
Railway to such mines as may now
be or hereafter to be discovered in the
vicinity of 6aid Buihvny.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated 20th October, A.D. 1891.
Ib hereby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to apply kt the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands and WorkB
for permission to purchase the following described land in the distriot of
West Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post marked " F.
J. Fulton, North-west Corner," on the
east shore of the Upper Arrow Luko,
about one mile north of lhe Niikijiip
Creek ; thence east 40 chains, thence
south 80 chuius, thence west 40 chains
tp the shore of the Arrow Lake, and
thence north following the Bhore of
the lake to the place of beginning,
containing 320 acres, more or less.
Kamloops, B.C,, Oct. 10th, 1991.
riso'n nomMjr lor Catarrh Ig tbo
UO-I, I'JUli'St 10 I'.HI'll.'l (VH|��'Sl.
ha. ar a   n i.igp,   ��,
���-** '?r,.c*'^
,,3, ,��? /aa?
8.1W Iiy drusgtiu or ��.',il hy VOM, VV.
1.1, IijiHiUH), VVjrcu,!'��., ���..,
to the undorsignod and endorsed "Tender for Piles, Fraser
lliver," will be received until Thursday, the 12th day of November next,
inclusively, for supplying aud delivering piles to the Snag Boat "Samson,"
nt Ewon's Slough, at the mouth of
tho Fraser River, British Columbia,
according to a combined tender and
specification to be obtained at the
Post Office, New Westminster; at the
office of P. C. Gamble, Resident Engineer, Victoria, and at the Department of Public Works, Ottawa.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the form supplied and
signed with tho actual siguutures of
An accepted bank cheque, payable
to tbe order of the Minister of Public
WoriiR, for the sum of one hundred
dollars [$100] must accompany each
tender. This cheque will be forfeited
if the party decline the contract or
fail to complete the work contracted
for, and will be returned in oase of
non-acceptance of tender.
Tbe Department does not bind
itself to accept the lowest or any
By order,
E. F. E. ROY,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa, October 10th. 1891.
to the Postmaster-General
will be received at Ottawa until noon
on FRIDAY, the 20th November, for
the conveyance of Her Majesty's
Mails in proposed contracts for Four
Years iu each case, each way, between
from ths lBt January nut.
Printed notices, containing further
information as to conditions of pro.-
posod contracts, may be seen nud
blank torn* of tender may be obtained at the above post-offices and
at this office.
P. O. Inspector.
Post-office Inspector's Office, Victoria, 2nd October, 1891.
that Edward Mainwariog
Johnson, having made default in the
payment of an assessment for three
hundred dollars ($300.00) duo from
the sajd Edward Mainwaring Johnson in respect to the one-fifth Interest held and owned by the said
Edward Mainwaring Johnson in the
Ophir Bed Bock Flume Company
(Registered) and its claim, which
said assessment was levied on the
twenty - eighth day ot September,
A.D. 1889, the interest of the said
Edward Mainwuriug Johnson in the
said Company and claim will be
offered for sale, at the hour of 11.30
o'clook in the forouoon of the 19th
day of November, A.D. 1891, at the
Court Houbo at EevolBtoke, in the
district of Kootonay, British Columbia, for tho payment of the said debt
and such further assessment (if uuy)
which may accrue duo thereon up to
tjio day of the said sule, together
witli all costs aud charges occasioned
by tho eaid default of tho said Edward Mainwaring Johuson.
Such sole will be by Publio Auction, and will be oouduoted in the
manner prescribed by the stutute in
that behalf.
Seorotary of the Ophir Bed Book
Flume Co. (Eogistored).
Dated this 10th day of Octobor,
A.D. 1891.
Is horeby given, that 60 days after
date I intend to upply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following described land in tho distriot of
West Kootenay ;
Commencing ' at a post marked
" Peter Genelle, South-west Corner,"
on tho east Bhoro of the Uppor Arrow
Luke, about one mile north of Nakusp
Creek; thenoo east 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chuius, theuoe west 80 chains,
thence south 81) chains to tlie place of
beginning, containing 640 acres.
Revelstoke, B.C., Oct, 10th, 1891.
Gilker & Wells.
���DEALERS   Itf-
mmt 33IUB3S - - ASTOftStraSa 8.9
Notary Fublio
Notary Publio.
im-ilijg, Tliilber  and  Real  Estato  Brokers and  General
Commission  Agents.
Conveyances, Agreements, Bills of Sale, Mining Bonds, etc., drawn up,
Rents and Accounts Collected ; Mining Claims Bought aud Solo ; Assess:
ment work on Mining Claims Attended to ; Patents Applied .'or, Etc., Etc.,
IW FIRE, life and accident insurance agents.
Lots on Townsite of Revelstoke for Sale aud Wanted, Agents for Mining
Machinery, Eto,
Evans Bros.' Pianos
I���<���* WW 01 LOHW *��*.
If you think of buying an Organ or  Piiiuo, send for Catalogue and
Price Liota.
jas. Mcdonald & Co.,
Smelting and Trading
Are  Prepared to Sample   aud   Purchase   all   Kiuds of
Prices aud all informatioii furnished on application.
ED. PICARD, Proprietor.
Boots & Shoes of all kinds made to order on short
Tugs, Breast Strops, Ames Buckles, and Snaps, of all kinds
and sites, kopt iu stock.
The Kootenay Star,
Devoted to tlio BUSINESS,   LUMBERING,   aud AGRI.
CULTURAL, and especially to tlio
Mining Interests of tbe
Kootenay District.
to, aud executed iu tho best stylo,   Commercial Worl: -j ."-.n1*? mm zr-vxT*!**
^^^.^ta.^^^.^^..^^ ..p^^^fa^^j Amm immimidHi i jrr-r
tElje kootenay Stat
Fishing on tlie Columbia
Twenty Yours Ago.
AVo extract the following from
an old newspnper, which shows
how an ingenious conl'lvanoo
scooped tho salmon out of our
river somo years ago:
"Barrels are very pi. ntiiul this
morning, captain. This is the
third we have met during tho last
twonly minutes. Where do thoy
come from'!"
It was Capt, Join II. Wolf, the
veteran master of tiiu Columbin
lliver steamer Wide Wost, which
uffords u much pleasaoler j iiinn-y
limn llio cars from ilotitievilio 10
the Dalles.
"Well, sir," said the captain in
reply, "lliey como from tho Cas
cades. II you should examine
any one of them you might bo
surprised. Sou wouliin'timagitic,
wuuld you. ibat ihose barrels,
though empty, cany a more
valu.blo cargo under than most
c.sks do in them? Ttiosc barrolo
arc buoys. They sustain each
about 2'jO lbs. Weight oi salmon,
alive, strung throught lho eyes,
on their way to llio canneries
down the river. There they have
little steam-launches which pick
lip every one aud tow them in,"
"How aro so many fish caught?
I haven't noticed any nets today."
"Nets aro of no account now,
Co and soo tho snail," said the
captain, as ho bent over and rang
the slowing boll for tlio D.illes.
Some timo after I saw the
f'Snuil," and a must ingenious,
successful, detestable engine of
destruction it was, Tlio owner
had admirably planted il just
above tho Upper Cascades, ou
lho north sido oi the rivor, the
soillli bank being impassable lu
tho fish. It was placed jusi
where the swifl edge of lho current mukes a most inviting eddy,
through which llio salmon most
naturally "run" on thoir cay up
stream, llcro tho current Was
iiboul eighl feci deep, The salmon novcr swim lower than four
feel below the suiface.   Kreoicl
tbey   that   few   survive,    Tho
wheel presents a busy scene, and
the profits nnisl to enormous;
for the simplo contrivarco co��ts
hut about $100, and roquires about
half-a-dozen attendants. There
arc four of those wheels on tho
river, and a gentleman engaged
in I lie (idling bueiiicss informed
me that tlio calculation was they
caught about one half the s.ilmon
���hat go up, There is a wheel on
Drtidgord's Island, above Bonneville, the work of which hit) become so noiorious (uol merely
killing merchantable fish, bnt in
so doing destroying a dozen
limes ns ninny of a size as yd too
am.ill for commerce) that the
publio press has demanded its
���'iippi'cs.'i.Hi. But all these
wheels, us I tie been paid, ore "iho
production of a bruin which aims
to live without work.' Probably
from 2,500 to 8,000 salmon (for
tlio proprietors of the wheels
arc very chr��ry about givin ���-
actual figures), large end small,
ire caught every hour, night and
day, of tho week, save from
Saturday to Sunday night. Compute lhc amount. I know ol ono
nomal calch of 0,100 salmon in a
Jay���largo fish, suitable for the
canneries. An experienced fisherman stated it as tho result of
his observation that about one in
ten of thoso caught wero used,
Even of the imn.bor used, packed
aud f-ent, down iu barrels, ono
wheel kept tlie largo cannery at
Warrendule busy all through tbe
season, and tlien tho Cannery
couldn'l tako care of all.
A New Type-Sottiug Machine
Earl Bonis, of .Muskegon, Mich.,
a practical printer, has of lite
years been workin on a typesetting device, which ho thinks he
hus practical'}' completed. His
invention consists ol two separate
machines. Tho firec of those
corresponds to a typewriter, ana
is operated i y a oompo-dtor, who
works from llio copy. This, in-
hioud of being printed as ly a
typewriter, is transferred to a
strip of paper by perforations
mado by striking tho keys on the
linger board, tbe particular Ict'ors
or characters ben-; determined
by the distance of the perforation
over what would he ihe outirol |Vom ft baB0 |ine_ whenthe copy
width of lhe "run" was a huge hjUj ,huj. boen lrauBfe,.rtC| l0 Ll)e
triune,  Suspending within this un |rtrip of papcr tht, |uUel, is ,aken
tn the
worked   automatically   by oloc-
U'icity, and as c.ch lino is corn-
immense wheel revolved, bo adjusted on pulleys as to ris: and
fall with tho changing depth ol
water.   Upon tbo spokes or arms ,  aed impr,g3e8 }-,  ���Uo mutrix
p�� this wheel, eight in number, paper jn a way ibat makes a per-
were fastened as many wire nets, :.'.,,,,;;   E a |jne.   The matrix
thirty feet   in   diam    r .... along aatomatically
6a,d baggy and m v..  i _  . ,     ... are Composod, antil
resembling   iu   appearance   lhcUhe  mM   ia   obtained  for  a
Eight thousand miners, employed in the Worcestershire nnd
Staffordshire mines, on Monday
si ruck against a proposed reduction of 10 per cent, in their
Tho IVooleom group of mines
in Colorado was sold on Saturday
ii miera lease lor $400,000 to L,
E, Wilkes, representing an English syndicate, which also cou-
trolp the Denver hotel trust.
Captain Donnelly, ol the Kincardine, was iu tho hold of his
vessel nt Owen Sound on Saturday, when, without warning, a
load ol wood was dumped down
upon him, Ho wus instantly
ki led.
Thomas I'.-iil"y, nml n young
man named Littlo wore wonting
on the new building of thu Lis-
towel furniture factory, Lislowol,
Ont., on Monday morning, when
a scaffold g.ive way, precipitating
both men to the ground, They
were killed instantaneously.
The Earl of Ahcrdcou's Ohjppfle
cook has asserted the claim thai
ho has just as much right to
shoot on his lordship's Okanagan
estates as the carl himself, Tbis
was the cause of a little friction
fur a time, but- everything has
been amicably arranged and now
they go shooting together.
Secretary Blaine was at his
dusk at the State Department at
11 o'clock Monday morning. During the forenoon ho saw no
millers, but occupied hi'3 time in
acquainting himself with the
staiUB of the numerous mutters
beforo the department. Before
going to the department ho called
on the President.
There are thousands of dead
fish along tho shores of the Mississippi river in Iowa. The l'iv.r
fell lower than for twenty years,
leaving a largo number of fish in
pco:s, which gradually dried up,
um] tlio fidli liuco Hinn'-i dioil on ii
bed of scorching s.-md. This Btnte
of iifi.iirs exists for miles along
the river.
Two boys, aged five and three
years, sons of Robert Mcwham,
who is employed on the railway
at Hirtle, .Man., were bnrnod to
death on Saturday afternoon,
During the temporary absenco of
the mother tbo boys secured a
flask of powder and in somo way
exploded it,    Both woro badly
Immoral* Japanese  Women
in the States.
N, Y. Motogi, a Japanese emissary, speaking of the shameful
traffic in Japanese womon fur immoral purposes.sayshe has visited
all the Coast cities and some in
tho interior,and secured evidence,
which ho will lay beforo his Government, of so shocking a charac.
tor that ho has no doubl steps
will bo at onco tnkou to positively
prevent any more of theso women
leaving Japan, Thero aro over
3,000 Japanese prostitutes living
in America, and go sacoosslul are
thoy that thoy aro ublo to send
homo from $500 to $700 every
six mouth, and he believes nearly
all the money s.iit from the
United SjiUteg to Japan is used to
aid other women to got out bore.
.Molegi will recommend that the
United Statos Government bo
naked to put an embargo on
Chinoso womon, ns measures of
prevention in Japan will lmvo
little effect, the women being
able to secrete themselves oil
outgoing steamers until away
from Lho land.
IW.l'.V,     0I!K,   ETC.
column.   It i- then ready lor tbe
It can be
pouoh of a pelican.   The current
itself is the force that lm - ���; process
wheel like an undershot.    Vety . a8 a type���
f lowly it goes around,   fbegrea    , ,     ffnieh  ,ihfl ,,,���,,.,,,���
scoop-nets spread lazily I I   is   abon    fifty words a
tho water, one after ai  ther, at  ,,,,���������,.,   The automatio aligning
just lho depth  whore they  ir    lD(- \m^rmint machine will be
most fatal.    Thoir arms aim -      ,.      . ,,, handling tie: mutter
pause    and     float    moi     lee   ..,,.,, | 0(j -ron, two or ii,ri;(. ���i
through tbe stream,   But.tboug |   foratore.   Tho capacity ia
Blowly, tbe  great wheel,     led
Irom this   mole 1       1 ' Snail,"
docs move nil 1 with jua th
tardiness,   (or   .it  thoy   e
Ifi in lhe Woter they are eo filled
with the struggling prey that Mr
Williams, owner of ono of the
wheels,    pronounced    80'0   an
econd machine which is  ^'a^ ����d ��"iy 1'wd �� few
The village of Meiringen, in the
canton of Borne, Switzerland, has
been almost wiped out by fire.
Tho flamos wero fanned by a gale
and tho fire department could do
nothing to chock tho progrous of
the conflagration. Tho town was
reduced to ashes in three hours.
The wind was so strong lhat
partly burned papers woro car.
ried as far as iniorlan, nino miles
distant. Tho inhabitants of tho
burned town aro in a piliful condition, anl relief parlies havo
started for tho iicono,
equal to ab' ut 20 oorap - tors.
-, Ictorin Infested with Curs
uu.1  Hoodlums.
Cure -"in to be as plentiful in
this, city, says a Victoria exchange,
as  tli", Band on  the sea shore,
Comer Front and Hanson Sts,
Abbaiumson Buos.    -    Piiopnu-Toi*-)
First class in every respect; Nearest
hotel to C P 11 depot and steamboat
landing, between ppst ollico and gov-
buildiugs. Conch to and from ."upot,
and steamboat! Fire proof Safe for the
neeoii'iu,illation of its customers.
c. f. a,
P. McCarthy  -    .    -   .
average amount. At the proper jfosterday, as an old lady was
angle abovo, tho not is mrncd up- passing along Cormorant '..root,
sido down, lis contents areU number of -marling mong
dumped along the arm of the attacked her, and, although tbey
wheel to what might be termod did not bite, they eamo so near it
its huh, striking which ihey re- that they suooeoded in making
along a trough   lo   lho
n stirring but cruel eight,
bull' I
lur [hen.- are many small and un��
marketable lish in every 'ii ml,'
The theory Is lhat thoso are returned to lho water and live, but
it is like lho "rotnrns ol the
killed on I wounded" after 11 but*
,|        ,.|. ni ��� '1 und : ���   . 1 -.' :
the old lady fool decidedly uncomfortable. People wbo keep
mi b quad] npi , should have.
tin in el. 11 ncd. Bul iboro nro far
moro dangerous animals tjian
curs I'oaiuiiig the slrcots of Victoria, especially altor dark, Footpads and highwaymen render lhe
back streets ol that city anything
".luck tlie Kipper " in
1 be horriblv mutilated body ot
an abandonc! lyotpan has boon
found ui ber lodgings iu a squalid
quarter oi Borlin, She waa scon
lo enter the house with a man at
ono o'clock in the morning, and
ton minutes afterwards ho ran
oat, The woman wau found on
tbo floor fully drossod, with hor
throat and abdomen cut open,
Her name was Hedwig Nitsoho.
Portions of tbo bod/ woro cut off
and carried away by the brutal
murderer, Blood was -quit croi)
nil over the ceiling and walls oi
the room, ntld It  seemed   to  have
been Lhe work ol a madman. It
sterns another womiin ntlcinplod
lO iIihMii Ii lhe it.H-inhiiil, iiini ho
rushed out, pushing aside several
who hntl been attracted by tho
woman's son urns, Ho wus pursue!, bul suooooded in escaping.
A clerk, nam d iShulzc, has been
arrested on siiqiicioti ol being the
Fatal Jealousy in a Circus.
During a porformanco of Orll's
circus at Now Iluppin, Germany,
on Tuesday night, Mmo. Bor-
oburdt, a favorito equestrienne,
galloped into lho ring bowing
toward a group of young olficers,
who testified Lheir admiration by
loud applause Hor husband,the
clown of the circus, became wild
with jealousy und drawing a revolver shot the woipan dead in
lho ring. The auditorium was
crowded nnd tl*c spectators of
the tragedy were nearly thrown
into a panic by the horrible sonic.
Thu murderer was quickly removed by the policoaiid the show
was slopped for Lho ni-ht.
A> Di��i!g(ii:'Oi.s Ipettt.
A working party on a southern
railway is made up of mountain-
eors and Georgians, Ono of tho
latter performed a foolhardy font
the other day that mado tho
blood of ibo unaccustomed spectators run cold. Thoy were at
work clearing away the thick
Underbrush in advance of tho em
giacor, when sonic ono shouted,
"Ware of the rattlo3nakeB I" Ho
saw ono of these reptiles about
four foot long and three or four
inches in diameter lying just
ahead. The Georgian cut a chert
stick with a forked end, and
oroaping up to tho snake ho dof't-
ly pinned it to the earth by push*
ing the forked end on oithor side
of his nock, Then, seizing the
tail in his right hand, he ran hio
lcft down tbo snako's body, and
grasping it firmly just back of the
head, ho held it up at arm's length
and called on thn others to "look
at tho voi'tniut's mouth," It was
anything but a ploaaant sight,
and most of tho spectators woro
horifiod. After holding it a fow
momonts for goneral inspection,
ho suddonly swung tbo snako
oyer his bond with his right hand,
letting go of tbo hold of tho left,
and dashed it with groat force
against a rock, killing it instantly.
It was a cool and dexterous font,
but very trying to tho lookorsson,
who censured tho man for his
"loPy," at which he soemod to
bo mightily anitisod,
L'Mlooteur, a Quebec Liberal
newspaper, speaking of the ro-
porls thut tho Mcrcior Govern,
moiit is on tlio ovo of being dis��
rnissod by the Liciitcnanl-Govor-
nur, says that lhc Liberals and
Nationalists arc ready for a fight
and that lhc momitil the signal
Is given lho Conservatives of lho
province will soo lho fiercest fight
and will experienco tho greatest
boating tbey have had since 1836,
First-class Temperance House.
Boaud anp Lodoiw |5 Per Week,
.MEALS, 25c.      UEDS 25c.
Tbis hotel is situated convenient to thtj
station, m 'opmfqftably furnished, uud
affords first, class accommodation,
revelstoke:. b.c.
The largest apd most central Hotel ic
the city ; good accommodation ; everything uow ; tablo well supplier! ; bar aud
billiard room attaohod ; firo proof safe,
StockhoSiri House
The Dining-room- is furnished with thr^
best the market affords.
The bar is supplied with a choice stock
of wiuos,liijuors iindoigars,
W. F. Teetzel
Eevelstoke k Nelson,
A Full and Complete Line of
Toilet Artioles, Wall Paper, &o,
IW Cigars at Wholesale. JgjJ
Raymond Sowing Maphines kept
in stock.
E. Fletcher,
Contractor & Builder
All kinds of Turned nnd Scroll work
done nontly nnd promptly,
and at right prices.
Jobbing Work a Specialty,
REVELSTOKE   -    -    B.C.
The subscriber would intimate
to the public generally that he is
prepared to supply Windows, Doors,
(lliiss, and all Bnildiug Muteriai;
Picturo Framing, &o,
Coffins, Casket,-!, Shrouds, &o��� oar-
ried in Stock,
11 II0WS0X-


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